Austrophy Cups 2018


CUPS AUSTROPHY CP - AT - 18 - 11 - 01 YEAR PAGE 11 ITEM 01 Single items are given a component number eg. MT109 Multi-component items are given a catalogue code number eg. CPAT181101

2 Luxury Cups MT100 18cm 23cm 37cm 20cm 33cm 41cm MT102 14cm 20cm 17cm 24cm MT104 13cm 18cm 26cm 15cm 22cm

3 Luxury Cups MT109 17cm 27cm 22cm 35cm MT122 14cm 21cm 17cm MT201 11cm 18cm 30cm 13cm 22cm 33cm 16cm 26cm

4 Luxury Cups MT202 14cm 19cm 16cm 24cm MT203 40cm MT204 15cm 35cm 45cm 20cm 42cm

5 Luxury Cups MT205 16cm 24cm 21cm 28cm MT209 23cm 33cm 26cm MT211 19cm 24cm 22cm 32cm

6 Luxury Bowls MT300 11cm 19cm 13cm MT301 30cm MT302 31cm

7 Luxury Bowls MT303 13cm 30cm MT304 19cm MT500 15cm 23cm 18cm

Luxury Salvers & Bases MT603 25cm 35cm 30cm High Gloss Rosewood Base *HB900RW 229x229mm HB800RW 205x205mm HB700RW 175x175mm HB600RW 153x153mm HB525RW HB475RW HB425RW HB375RW 135x135mm 120x120mm 110x110mm 95x95mm High Gloss Black Base *HB900K 229x229mm HB800K 205x205mm HB700K 175x175mm HB600K 153x153mm HB525K HB475K HB425K HB375K 135x135mm 120x120mm 110x110mm 95x95mm 8 (*New item HB900RW & HB900K available from DEC 2018)

Prestige Cups Engravable Gold Cup MC4420G 420mm MC4340G 340mm MC4290G 290mm MC4240G 240mm MC4200G 200mm MC4180G 180mm Engravable Silver Cup MC4420S 420mm MC4340S 340mm MC4290S 290mm MC4240S 240mm MC4200S 200mm MC4180S 180mm 9

10 Economy Cups Metal Gold Cup MC3180G 450mm MC3160G 395mm MC3140G 355mm MC3120G 335mm MC3100G 280mm MLG180 180mm MLG160 160mm MLG140 140mm MLG120 120mm MLG100 100mm Gold Lid Fits Figurines Silver Lid Fits Figurines MLS180 180mm MLS160 160mm MLS140 140mm MLS120 120mm MLS100 100mm Metal Silver Cup MC3180S 450mm MC3160S 395mm MC3140S 355mm MC3120S 335mm MC3100S 280mm

11 Plastic Cups CT300 235mm CT310 205mm CT320 185mm CPAT181101 355mm CPAT181102 320mm CPAT181103 270mm CPAT181104 215mm CPAT181105 270mm CPAT181106 230mm CPAT181107 190mm CPAT181108 160mm CPAT181109 140mm

High Quality Italian Cups & Marble The Rome Collection TR0016.12 300mm TR0016.10 275mm TR0016.08 245mm TR0016.06 215mm TR0016.04 195mm TR0016.03 180mm TR0016.01 155mm TR0011.12 300mm TR0011.10 275mm TR0011.08 245mm TR0011.06 215mm TR0011.04 195mm TR0011.03 180mm TR0011.01 155mm 12

High Quality Italian Cups & Marble The Milan Collection TR0024.03 205mm TR0024.02 185mm TR0024.01 175mm TR0027.03 205mm TR0027.02 185mm TR0027.01 175mm 13

High Quality Italian Cups & Marble The Florence Collection TR0040.03 190mm TR0040.02 170mm TR0040.01 155mm TR0033.03 190mm TR0033.02 170mm TR0033.01 155mm 14

High Quality Italian Cups & Marble The Venice Collection TR0085.03 175mm TR0085.02 155mm TR0085.01 140mm TR0093.03 175mm TR0093.02 155mm TR0093.01 140mm 15

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