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November 2018 FORUM

November 2018

November 2018 The American Society of São Paulo the FORUM monthly newsletter Fill Your Plate with Thanksgiving by Maria Augusta Mello Saraiva, AmSoc Member I have been a member of the American Society for a number of years, and everyone knows me as Guta, which is short for Augusta. My full name is Maria Augusta de Mello Saraiva, a typical Brazilian big name that sometimes complicated matters while studying or working in the USA. Overall, I lived in the States for 10+ years, and, since the first time I was introduced to the Thanksgiving celebration, I truly enjoyed it. Since moving back to Brazil, this year will be my first time to attend one sponsored by the American Society. In previous years, a busy working schedule made it impossible for me to join Thanksgiving festivities, despite wishing I could do so. While some may not be aware, Thanksgiving is not exclusive to the USA. It is celebrated in five different countries, and, in some of them, the festivity is observed on different dates. Those five countries include the United States, Canada, Liberia, Saint Lucia, and Grenada. Outside of the official five, countless countries (like ours!) serve as host to expat groups who celebrate to bring a taste of home and holiday companionship to wherever they hang their hats. No wonder— after all, it is a lovely and delicious holiday! When I am asked if I like Thanksgiving dinners, even though I am a Brazilian, my answer is always a resounding “yes!” The Thanksgiving celebration is a joyful gathering between family and friends, full of positive energy, gratitude, and fraternal continued on page 5 SAVE THE DATE Nov 07 Happy Hour Nov 13 WomenWork Nov 22 & 25 Thanksgiving Events Nov 26 Let's Connect Dec 08 Angel Party Dec 09 Holiday Party The Giving Calendar by Kristy Miranda & Sue Banman Sileci, CAC If you’ve sponsored a child for the Angel Party or would like to volunteer, here are some important dates to remember. We’ve sent out emails about bag drop-off points and how to wrap and label the presents. If you haven’t received that, write angelparty. FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE SHOPPING FOR A CHILD • November 11: All bags are due at our handy drop off points around town. • November 14: Final deadline for delivery of your bags directly to the Gerson & Grey truck in Santo Amaro. FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE DONATING SO THAT WE SHOP FOR THEM • Please make sure you’ve made a deposit by November 14 th to facilitate our shopping. MORE IMPORTANT DATES • November 27: Bag organization day at Gerson and Grey – please come volunteer for some messy fun. • December 8: The American Society Angel Party – at Graded School in Morumbi! For further information, contact angelparty. § Cover image: Fruit at Mercado Municipal Courtesy of: Jason Rosenberg

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