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Made In Scotland

My Grand Adventures in a Wee Country

By Billy Connolly

All roads lead home. ‘After my knighthood was announced a

woman from the BBC came to Glasgow to interview me. We

sat down in a lovely hotel in a nice part of town, and she hit

me with her first question- “This must mean a lot to you, with

you coming from nothing? “I looked at her, and I laughed

“I did? nae come from nothing, “I told her. “I come from

something. “I grew up in the tenements of post-war Glasgow.

I am very proud to be working class, and especially a

working-class Glaswegian who has worked in the shipyards.

I come from the working class. And, most of all, I come

from Scotland. Scotland is a unique and wonderful place. Its

national motto says a lot about it- Nemo me impunelacessit.

A decent translation might be- ‘By all means punch me in the

nose but prepare yourself for a kick in the arse? I did? nae

come from nothing- I come from Scotland. And this book is

about why I will always be happy and proud that I do.?

Whiskey in a Teacup

What Growing Up in the South Taught Me About Life,

Love, and Baking Biscuits By reese Witherspoon

Academy Award-winning actress, producer, and entrepreneur

Reese Witherspoon invites you into her world, where she

infuses the southern style, parties, and traditions she loves

with contemporary flair and charm.

Reese Witherspoon’s grandmother Dorothea always said that

a combination of beauty and strength made southern women

“whiskey in a teacup.” We may be delicate and ornamental

on the outside, she said, but inside we’re strong and fiery.

Reese’s southern heritage informs her whole life, and she

loves sharing the joys of southern living with practically

everyone she meets. Reese loves sharing Dorothea’s most

delicious recipes as well as her favourite southern traditions,

from midnight barn parties to backyard bridal showers,

magical Christmas mornings to rollicking honky-tonks.

It’s easy to bring a little bit of Reese’s world into your home,

no matter where you live. After all, there’s a southern side to

every place in the world, right?

Blowing the Bloody Doors Off

And Other Lessons in Life By Michael Caine

With over 100 movies to his credit over six decades,

Hollywood legend and British national treasure Michael Caine

shares the wisdom, stories, insight and skills that life has

taught him in his remarkable career - and now his 85th year.

One of our best-loved actors Michael Caine has starred in

a huge range of films - including all-time favourites - from

the classic British movies Alfie, Zulu and The Italian Job to

the Hollywood blockbusting Dark Knight trilogy, Dirty Rotten

Scoundrels, Hannah and Her Sisters and Cider House Rules.

Caine has excelled in every kind of role - with a skill that’s

made it look easy.

He knows what success takes - he’s made it to the top of

his profession from the toughest beginning. But as he says

‘Small parts can lead to big things. And if you keep doing

things right, the stars will align when you least expect it.’

Now in his 85th year he wants to share everything he’s

learned. With brilliant new insight into his life and work and

with his wonderful gift for story, this is Caine at his wise and

entertaining best.

No Spin

By Shane Warne

Everyone knows the story, or thinks they do. The leg-spinner

who rewrote the record books. One of Wisden?s five cricketers

of the twentieth century. A sporting idol across the globe. A

magnet for the tabloids. But the millions of words written and

spoken about Shane Warne since his explosive arrival on the

Test cricket scene in 1992 have only scratched the surface.

The real story has remained untold. In No Spin, Shane sets

the record straight. From his extraordinary family history to his

childhood as a budding Aussie Rules footballer in suburban

Melbourne. From the legendary ‘Gatting ball? to his historymaking

700th Test wicket. From the controversy surrounding

the diuretic pill in South Africa to his high-profile relationship

with Hollywood star Elizabeth Hurley. Nothing is off limits,

and Shane tackles it all with his trademark directness and

humour. These days an incisive, charismatic TV commentator

and analyst, the ‘Sultan of Spin? also lets us in on the

mysterious art of leg-spin bowling, revealing the secrets of

some of his deadliest deliveries.

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