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Sleepvaart- en Offshore Nieuws -

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dd. 14 Januari 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

New Tug Put to Work on First Day of Job

It didn't take long for the state to make use of a new rescue tug stationed at the northwestern tip of the

Olympic Peninsula. Just before midnight on New Year's Eve, a wooden fishing vessel with two men and

hundreds of gallons of fuel on board was reported drifting near Cape Alava, the scenic beach in Olympic

National Park about 10 miles south of Cape Flattery. The new tug, owned by Crowley Marine Services

and named Gladiator, was not scheduled to take over from a Foss Maritime tug until midnight. But it had

arrived at its new station by 11 p.m. and responded when the call came in. The Gladiator towed the

disabled vessel into Neah Bay and turned it over to the Coast Guard, the state Ecology Department said

Monday in a statement. The state had expected Foss Maritime to keep a tug stationed at Neah Bay

through the winter, but Foss said it could not because of a shortage of tugs in the region. Crowley

Maritime Corp. of Jacksonville, Fla., responded by agreeing to provide a tug for $8,500 a day, plus fuel,

effective Monday. A rescue tug has been stationed at Neah Bay for the past eight winters The vessel

assists disabled ships to prevent them from drifting onto rocks and possibly spilling oil. It's the first line of

defense for the state's inland waters, with the next available resources 60 miles into the Strait of Juan de

Fuca at Port Angeles. Since 1999, the rescue tug service has assisted 30 disabled ships. State lawmakers

provided Ecology $1.4 million with the goal of providing about 200 days of rescue tug service this winter.

(Source: Seattle PI)

Olympic orders two large AHTS/construction vessels from Ulstein Verft

Olympic Shipping in Norway has ordered two large anchor handling/construction vessels from Ulstein

Verft. The vessels are of the ULSTEIN A122 design from Ulstein Design, which will be the largest anchor

handling vessels ever built and delivered by Ulstein. The value of the contract is approximately NKr 1.3

billion. “We are satisfied with the two ships we received earlier from Ulstein, and have two newbuildings

under construction there now. All of these vessels are operating, or will operate, in anchor handling and

subsea operations. Now, as we order two combination vessels, it is to strengthen our skills towards the

market we operate in,” said Stig Remøy, President of Olympic Shipping. “The vessels are environmentally

friendly because they have Clean Design and halve the energy consumption in important operations.

Much labour has been put into creating safer working conditions on deck. These are important focus areas

to us”. Gunvor Ulstein, CEO of Ulstein group, said she was "very happy" that Olympic has once again

chosen Ulstein to build advanced anchor handling vessels. “The new contracts demonstrates that the solid

relationship between Olympic and Ulstein is important when developing vessels for tomorrow’s demanding

marine operations. Ulstein´s strength lies in keeping design, engineering, electronic and production in one

group. Being able to coordinate our resources to create projects like these make us an interesting

cooperating partner,” she said. The vessels will be the first with a hybrid propulsion system developed by

Ulstein Design. The hybrid system allows the vessels to switch between diesel mechanical and diesel

electric propulsion, and to combine the two in hybrid mode in order to achieve maximum pulling power.

This makes the vessels more economical and environmentally efficient. "The ULSTEIN A122 is a multipurpose

vessel for many different operations,” said managing director in Ulstein Verft Karsten Sævik. "A

vessel of this kind spends a considerable amount of time waiting for its next job, and then there is much to

save by using diesel electric propulsion. When the vessel sails in transit, it is an advantage if it uses its

diesel mechanical propulsion as it loses less propulsion effect at medium speeds." “When Olympic gets

the new vessels in March and October 2009, they will receive highly modern vessels to execute

demanding jobs. Both vessels will be equipped with a highly impressive winch from Rolls-Royce with a

huge 500 ton drum and two 450 ton drums. The vessels are prepared for a 250 ton offshore crane and

two different kinds of A-frames. They have DP2 (dynamic positioning) and an ROV garage. The vessels

can accommodate 68 workers," explained Harald Møller, deputy managing director at Ulstein Verft. The

Ulstein group will also undertake extensive work on the electrical side: Ulstein Elektro will deliver

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

ULSTEIN COM, ULSTEIN IAS, switchboards, desks, motor control centres (MCC), engine starters and

navigation and communication components for the newbuilds. The vessels will be 93.8m long and 23m

wide, with bollard pull of more than 250 tons. (Source:Leo Kramer)

Siem Offshore orders another newbuild at Kleven

Siem Offshore has ordered another MT 6017 from Kleven. Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik, Norway, has signed

a contract with Siem Offshore for the construction of a MT 6017 design MPSV. The design was developed

by Marin Teknikk working closely with the yard and owner. The contract is worth NKr 350 million, and the

vessel will be 93.7m long, with a beam of 19.7m, and a working deck of 1,047m2. There will

be accommodation for 68, and the contract includes an offshore crane and helideck. The vessel is a sister

vessel to the yard’s newbuilding number 323, a contract Siem Offshore placed with Kleven Verft in August

2006. The vessel will be delivered in the first quarter of 2009 as the yard's newbuilding number 326. This

is Siem Offshore's 11th contract with Kleven Verft. (Source:Leo Kramer)

Great Offshore takes delivery of another AHTS

Great Offshore in India has announced that it has taken delivery of a newbuild AHTS, Malaviya Twenty

Eight. The vessel was delivered on December 26th 2006. The company's fleet now stands at 39 offshore

vessels and rigs including two rigs, 25 OSVs, 11 harbour tugs and a construction barge. Great Offshore

'demerged' from GE Shipping towards the end of last year and was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange

on December 21st. (Source:Leo Kramer)


In de laatste S & O Nieuwsbrief werd melding gemaakt dat de Lowgarth, zou zijn herdoopt in Jack Plane.

Echter via Lekko kreeg ik het bericht door dat dit echter niet juist is; i.p.v. Jack Plane moet dit zijn Charles

Plane. Zij is inmiddels als Charles Plane uit Lowestoft naar Nigeria vertrokken. (Bron Lekko)

From Owners we can develop the below mentioned tug for sale.

Name : Boa Master (Tug)

Flag : Norwegian

Built : 1994 at Astilleros Armon Nav Spain

Class : DNV

Dimensions : 30.00 x 9.85 x 5.40 x 4.20 Metres (L x B x D x Draft)

Tonnages : 362 GRT

Engines : 2 x Caterpillar 3516 giving 4000 BHP

Propulsion : 2 x Schottel 1212 azimuth propellers

Bollard Pull : 53 Tonnes Continuous / 53 Tonnes Max

AH/Tow Winch : 2 x Drums, 80 Tonnes Brake Load

Capacities : FO 228 M³ - PW 50 M³

Firefighting : 2 Monitors

Owners Asking : USD 4,200,000

Comments : Expected to arrive Stavanger, Norway medio February 2007.

Particulars believed to be correct but not guaranteed.

Lockport Builds Triple Screw Model Bow Tug

Dickie Adams’ at Lockport Fabrication has a triple screw model bow tug building for Russell Plaisance of

Galliano Louisiana. Powered by three six-cylinder Cummins KTA19 engines the boat is being built to a

Frank Basile (Entech and Associates Inc.) design. While a triple engine and triple screw configuration is a

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

common method of maintaining a shallow draft, this boat is interesting in that only the middle propeller is

fitted with a kort nozzles while the two outside props will be open. Basle explains that he has had vessels

built to this design with two Cummins KTA38s for main engines but since this owner will be using the boat

to service near shore oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico the triple engine installation will deliver a similar

bollard pull with a shallower draft. The 84 x 27-ft. vessel has an 11.6-ft., molded depth and will be

delivered in the spring of 2007. (Source: Marinelink)

Bollinger Delivers ATB to Bouchard

Bollinger Shipyards, Inc. of Lockport, Louisiana and Bollinger Gretna L.L.C., Harvey, La., have delivered

the articulated tug/barge (ATB) unit, tug Linda Lee Bouchard and barge B. No. 205 to Bouchard oastwise

Management Corp., Melville, N.Y. The double hull, ocean going asphalt, residual fuel oil Barge B. No. 205,

built at Bollinger Gretna meets the requirements of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA’90) and is rated for

110,000 BBLs of product in sixteen cargo tanks. B. No. 205 measures 430-ft. long, with a 79-ft. beam and

a depth of 34 ft., and is constructed with a flat deck, as are all, of Bouchard double hull vessels. The barge

is certified ABS +1 Oil Tank Barge, USCG Manned Ocean Service, US flagged for grade A and lower

petroleum products. The vessel is outfitted with three John Deere cargo pump engines, three SC

Engineering cargo pumps and three John Deere generator units. Product temperature is maintained with

two 12,000,000 BTU thermal fluid heaters, and tank gauging is monitored with the Bergan Radar system,

and vessel is equipped with vapor recovery. The engineering, fabrication and construction of the barge

were a joint effort between three Bollinger locations, with Bollinger Lockport engineering providing design

support, Bollinger Marine Fabricators providing panel construction, and Bollinger Gretna building the unit.

The B. No. 205 is the thirteenth OPA’90 tank barge to come out of the Bollinger Gretna location. This

addition to the Bouchard fleet will give Bouchard fourteen OPA’90 barges in their fleet. The Linda Lee

Bouchard named in honor of the wife of president and chief executive officer of Bouchard Affiliates,

Morton S. Bouchard lII, is a 6,140 hp, 130 x 38 x 22 ft. oceangoing tug. The vessel is outfitted with the

Intercon Coupler System and tow winch. The vessel is ABS certified for Oceans trade, ABS Class

+A1+AMS Full Oceans and SOLAS. The main engines are two EMD 16/645/F7BA turbo charged units

rated for 3070 horse power each. The four generators, three primary and one emergency, are powered by

John Deere Tier II compliant engines rated at 99kW and 65kW, respectively. The next Bouchard hull

coming out of Bollinger Gretna will be an 80,000 BBL OPA’90 tank barge, B. No. 282, sister to the B. No.

280 that Bollinger delivered in May, 2006. (Source: Marinelink)

Rolls-Royce Gets Icelandic Coast Guard Contract

Rolls-Royce has won a contract to supply the design and a full equipment package for a multi purpose

coastguard vessel to be built by ASMAR in Chile for the government of Iceland. On completion in 2009 the

vessel will perform a variety of tasks, including coastguard duties and management of Iceland’s Exclusive

Economic Zone (EEZ), fishery control, standby and rescue, emergency towing, pollution prevention, oil

recovery and firefighting. To meet Iceland’s requirements, UT-Design in Rolls-Royce has developed the

UT 512 L. The starting point was the Norwegian coastguard vessel KV Harstad, type UT 512, built for a

Norwegian shipowner and chartered to Kystvakt . This ship has proved very successful since it entered

service at the beginning of 2005, and carries out duties comparable to those planned by Landhelgisgæsla

Islands (The Icelandic Coastguard) for its new ship. However, although the Norwegian vessel was the

starting point, the Icelandic one is substantially different. At 93.65m long it is about ten metres longer, and

broader, at 16m beam. The hull lines have also been revised to allow for the higher speed requirement of

more than 19 knots. The result is an easily propelled hull with bulb bow, a long forecastle, a foredeck gun

turret, a large wheelhouse set well back, and a working deck aft. There will be accommodation for 48

people in single and two-berth cabins. Rolls-Royce is to supply a package of equipment and systems. Two

Bergen main engines each rated at 4,500kW will provide the power in a twin screw arrangement with shaft

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

generators on the main gearboxes and CP propellers. In view of the high speed requirement, open water

propellers have been specified, but even so the bollard pull will be about 100 tonnes. A Rolls-Royce

dyanamic positioning system will meet IMO DP1 standard, working in conjunction with a Poscon joystick

system controlling the engines, CP propellers, high-lift flap rudders with independent steering gears and

the four thrusters. Two 450kW tunnel thrusters will be mounted at the bow, together with an 883kW swingup

azimuth thruster. A third tunnel thruster will be installed in the stern skeg. The propulsion system is

designed to provide a high level of redundancy and good maneuverability. The machinery can be run in

several modes, reducing the amount of energy required to satisfy the vessel’s many operating profiles and

so minimising the environmental footprint. Increased tanker traffic, particularly northwest Russia to USA,

along environmentally-sensitive coastlines is one driving force behind Iceland’s investment in a large new

coastguard vessel. The UT 512 L will therefore have a bollard pull of about 100 tons, so that in an

emergency it can tow stricken tankers of up to about 200,000 tonnes deadweight. It will also have tank

capacity for recovered oil and a full outfit of oil booms and skimmers. Iceland has a fleet of three

coastguard vessels at present, Tyr, Ægir and Odin. These are well-respected but are now very old. The

new UT512 L will replace Odin and provide a much increased capability. The new ship will have a large

operating area in a region with challenging weather conditions. Rolls-Royce has drawn on long experience

with more than 500 UT-Design offshore vessels to offer a ship providing a safe and effective platform for

operations in all weathers. (Source:Jan van der Doe)

Larger Crewboat from Breaux’s Bay Craft

In keeping with the trend to larger crew/supply boat, Breaux’s Bay Craft of Loreauville, La., a have

developed a new 175 x 31-ft. design. The first vessel being built to the new design will be for Joel

Brousard’s J&B Operations of Lockport LA. Previously that yards largest boat was 162 x 30. The new

larger design will increase capacities from 17,000 gallons of fuel to nearly 25,000 gallons and rig water will

increase from 40,000 to almost 50,000. Propulsion on the new crew boat will be four V-16 KTA50 M2

engines rated for 1800 hp at 1900 rpm with a heavy-duty rating. The engines will turn 50x54-inch fourblade

props on 5-inch through Twin Disc MG6848 gears with 2.93:1 reduction. Design speeds for the

vessel are approximately 29 knots light ship and 27 knots with 110 tons of cargo. Delivery of the new

vessel, to be named M/V Ms. Caroline, is scheduled for the early spring of 2007. (Source:Marinelink)

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dd. 21 Januari 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Opgelet!! Fotograven

Wij de SmitWijs Singapore hopen de 24e januari in Rotterdam aan te komen, bestemming word de

Waalhaven, bij Smit. Vertrek met de SSP Piranema samen met de SmitWijs London naar Brazilie staat

nu geplanned voor de 26e Januari. Het bijzondere is dat de grote letters SMITWIJS na de dokking in

Tuzla niet meer zijn aangebracht, dit in afwachting van de nieuwe naam welke SvitzerWijsmuller gaat

vervangen. Zijn een nieuwe naam aan het verzinnen om al hun sleepboten worldwide onder te

benoemen. (Source: SmitWijs Singapore)

Offshore Ship Designers Create New Resource

Three offshore, ship and tug design and technical consulting companies have joined forces to provide a

new one-stop resource for oil companies, offshore operators, tug owners, ports and shipyards. Offshore

Ship Designers, based in Ijmuiden, the Netherlands, bring together the skills, experience, innovation and

workforce of naval architects and engineers of Dutch companies Sea of Solutions BV, WorldWise Marine

BV and UK-based IMT Marine Consultants. The formation of Offshore Ship Designers follows the

acquisition of the majority shareholding in IMT by Sea of Solutions and WorldWise Marine, which was

completed at the end of 2006. Current projects underway at OSD include the design of a pipelay/derrick

vessel with a 3,000 tonne lift capability for the Larsen & Toubro Sapura Crest joint venture, the design of

four 60 tonne bollard pull escort tugs for a Turkish yard, and tender support for numerous PSVs and OSVs

for North Sea service. Recent deliveries include four IMT 992 Regional Support Vessels for BP

Shipping/BP Exploration Operating Company built at Yantai Raffles Shipyard, and the fifth in a series of

seven IMT 948 Standby Vessels for North Star Shipping (Aberdeen) Limited built by Astilleros Balenciaga,

Spain. (Source: Marinelink)

Verret Shipyard Building Another for Blessy

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 Ted Verret reports that his family's Plaquamine Louisiana shipyard will be sea

trialing the new Blessey Marine push boat M/V Capt. Lance Dragon next week with a scheduled February

1 delivery. The 76 x 30 x 10-ft. towboat will be powered by a pair of Cummins KTA38 M0 engines rated for

850 hp each at 1800 RPM for a total of 170 rpm. Marine gears are a pair of Reintjes WAF562 with 6:1

ratios. The busy yard already has the keel laid and bulwarks formed for a 116x32-foot towboat for the

same customer. One of the assets of the Verret yard is its full service machine shop where the lathes are

busy working on shafts for the yard's own boats and for other customers that send shafts up to 32 feet by

12 inches for repair. In early December of 2006 machinist Mike Ferguson, with 28 years of lathe work and

related experience, had a pair of seven-inch by 23-ft. shafts ready for the new 76-foot Blessey towboat.

Both of the new towboats will be fitted with Thordon shaft bearings. In December he was shaping the

bearing blanks to the correct dimensions for the new shafts. Because it was cold in the shop, he was

working with the lowest category on a temperature chart supplied by the manufacturer that gave varied

tolerances depending on the ambient temperature. Once he had set up the lathe he let it run and the fine

strands of material peeled off in an arching and spiraling stream that piled up on the floor to be picked up

later with a hayfork. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Sale of Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels MÆRSK LIFTER

18/01/2007 A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S have 17 January 2007 at 13:25 hours local time in Esbjerg, Denmark

delivered AHTS “MÆRSK LIFTER” to new owners International Transport Contractors Management BV.

The vessel has been renamed “Boulder”.

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Stricken Ship in the English Channel Is Being Towed

Bloomberg reported that a container ship that ran into difficulties in the English Channel is now being

towed to the French port of Le Havre, said an official from the company that hired it. An official at

Mediterranean Shipping Co. SA in Geneva, which has hired the MSC Napoli, said the ship was under tow.

Earlier today, British Broadcasting Corp. reported that a vessel was sinking in the sea between England

and France. The U.K.'s Maritime & Coastguard Agency said the vessel wasn't being towed. All 26 crew

have abandoned ship and two Royal Navy helicopters have been dispatched to assist in the operation,

which is being led by the French coast guard, the Maritime & Coastguard said in a statement on its Web

site. Further questions to Mediterranean Shipping were directed to the ship's owner, Zodiac Maritime

Agencies Ltd. in London. Officials from Zodiac declined to comment when contacted by Bloomberg News.

The vessel got into trouble off Lizard, the Maritime & Coastguard said. Source: Bloomberg. (Source:


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dd. .. Januari 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Crowley Expands Tug Business in Northern California

Crowley Maritime Corporation announced today that it has purchased the tug boat business of SeaRiver

Maritime in Northern California, effectively doubling the size of Crowley's tug fleet in the San Francisco

Bay Area. The two new Crowley tugs are the Goliah (4400 BHP) and Resolute (6800 BHP), two azimuth

stern drive tractor tugs built in 1997 and 1996, respectively. The purchase of SeaRiver follows Crowley's

reentry into the Bay Area in 2004 and the subsequent relocation of Crowley's Oakland terminal from 10th

Avenue to Berth 9 at the port in 2006. That move helped put the company's tugs closer to its customers.

(Source: Jan van der Doe)

Fred Wahl Marine building triple-screw tug

From the waterline up, the 72'x30' triple-screw tug being built at Fred Wahl Marine Construction for Ruby

Marine in Nenana, Alaska, isn’t much different from boats that work on the Mississippi River system.

Below the waterline, however, there’s a distinct difference. "She’s missing half a hull," said Matt Sweetsir,

who heads up Ruby Marine. That’s because the boat, which was designed by Entech & Associates,

Houma, La., only draws 3'6". To get that shallow, the 38" props are tucked up into tunnels. "The tops of

the propeller blades are just about at the waterline," said Mike Lee, general manager for Reedsport, Ore.based

Fred Wahl Marine. The shallow draft is necessary because of the rivers the tug and its two

150'x40'x6' barges will ply. The 72-footer will push loads of fuel and freight on the Yukon, Kuskokwim and

Nushagak rivers in western Alaska. Portions of the rivers are particularly shallow in the spring and fall. "If

we don’t have three-and-a-half feet, we are not able to get to all the villages," Sweetsir said. There are a

couple of other aspects to the tug’s operation that aren’t found in the Lower 48. Besides seasonal shallow

water, the rivers quickly freeze during the minus-60º winters. Thus Ruby Marine’s tug will either be tucked

away in a slough or hauled up on the beach for the winter. To prevent pipes from freezing during the

winter layover, the plumbing is designed to be easily drained. "Even if the runs don’t look good, they need

to have slope and cleanouts to get the water out," said Lee. Between freezes, the rivers are navigable for

only about four-and-a-half months. "It goes from the last week of May to early October. Five [months]

would be great, but I’ve never seen it," said Sweetsir. With such a short season, there’s no crew rotation.

The crew that arrives in May stays "until the boat is put away," he said. Thus crew comfort is especially

important. Lee said there’s a recreation room on the boat. The boat is also air-conditioned. Granted, the

temperature only gets to about 85° for a month, but Sweetsir said he wants to do everything possible for

the crew to get plenty of rest, which can be difficult when there is daylight 24 hours a day. To reduce

engine noise, the overhead in the engine room has plenty of sound-dampening insulation. The main

engines are three 500-hp Lugger diesels. There’s also a pair of 55-kw Northern Lights generators, which

will be used mostly for hotel power. On the foredeck will be a pair of Nabrico 40-11-14 five-hp electric

winches, along with one Nabrico 40-11-M hand-operated winch. The all-aluminum house has three levels.

The hull, main deck and trunk on which the house sits are steel. The top of the 3' raised steel trunk is the

engine room’s overhead. Without the raised structure, there would only be 4' between the main deck and

the bottom of the boat, hardly enough space for an engine room. The tug will be delivered by early April.

Ruby Marine’s two 150-foot barges are under construction at Beoufway Contractors’ Louisiana facilities in

Houma and Amelia. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Boatbuilding Bitts

At a ceremony held on the New Orleans waterfront in late November, Florida Marine Transporters

christened three 90'x'32'x12' pushboats. The boats were built at Eastern Shipbuilding Group. The Panama

City, Fla., yard is building a total of 25 towboats for Mandeville, La.-based FMT. Six have now been

completed with the final 19 set for delivery at a rate of one every five weeks. The 25th and final pushboat

will be delivered in 2008. The three boats christened at the ceremony, the Tim Burns, Ronnie Rogers

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

and Chris Pike, are named after FMT employees. All feature twin 1,155-hp Caterpillar 3512s for

propulsion. FMT President John Roberts said the company now has 38 towboats. Some of the older ones

will be sold as the new boats are delivered. In addition, the company is adding 130 new 30,000-bbl.

barges to its fleet, said Roberts. The average age of the company’s tank-barge fleet is only three years.

Conrad Industries Inc., Morgan City, La., has signed contracts with Bay-Houston Towing Co. and

Suderman & Young Towing Co., both of Houston, for the construction of two 98' Z-Tech 7500-class

terminal/escort tugs. The ABS-classed tugs will provide harbor tug services for LNG vessels calling at the

Freeport LNG terminal, which is currently under construction in Freeport, Texas. G&H Towing Co.,

Galveston, Texas, will operate the two tugs, which will be built at Conrad’s Orange Shipbuilding facility in

Orange, Texas. Designed by Robert Allan Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia, the new Z-Techs will be the

second pair built in the U.S. The first two, also for Bay-Houston and Suderman & Young, have been under

construction at Main Iron Works, Houma, La., since the spring of 2005. Hurricane disruption and other

problems have delayed delivery. Conrad also announced a new contract with Foss Maritime Co., Seattle,

for the construction of three 35,000-bbl. double-skin barges to be equipped as bunkering barges for West

Coast operations. The 290'x62'x18'6" barges also will be built at Orange Shipbuilding, which is currently

completing two 26,000-bbl. double-skin barges for Foss. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Tug Will Help Ships Cope With Inlet Ice: PRESSURE: Standby Boat Has Been

Recommended to Avoid Catastrophes.

Jan. 17--A powerful tugboat is headed to Cook Inlet to help shepherd oil tankers in dangerous, ice-choked

waters. The move by Tesoro Alaska Co., which has a refinery and tanker dock at Nikiski, drew applause

from U.S. Coast Guard officers and oil industry watchdog groups. All say a tug could help avert a

catastrophic shipwreck and oil spill by standing by to corral a distressed or runaway ship. Watchdogs

called for a tug and other measures after a Jan. 9 incident in which lines securing the tanker Seabulk

Pride to the Nikiski dock were strained -- with one snapping -- when heavy, tide-driven ice pushed up

against the ship. It was the same tanker that broke away entirely from its moorings in similar icy conditions

last February, allowing the powerless ship to drift onto a beach just north of the dock. Rescuers using tugs

brought from Anchorage and elsewhere mounted a frantic and ultimately successful effort to refloat the

600-foot tanker, which was loaded with nearly 5 million gallons of petroleum products. British consultants

who studied Tesoro's dock and mooring procedures reported in December that "ships using the berth

have an unacceptably high risk of breakaway." They suggested increasing the number of mooring lines

and having a tug stand by as ways to improve shipping safety. Coast Guard Capt. Mark DeVries said

Tuesday he's pleased that Tesoro is bringing in the tug. He said the company told him the tug would be in

Cook Inlet at least through the winter when shifting ice can blanket parts of the Inlet. The 5,500horsepower

tractor tug, operated by Crowley Maritime Corp., is coming up from Seattle and is due in Cook

Inlet this week, ahead of the next oil tanker scheduled to arrive at the Tesoro dock late this month,

DeVries said. "I'm quite excited," he said. "We all can sleep a little bit easier knowing that if something

goes wrong, we've got that extra asset down there." Jim Butler, a Kenai representative for Seabulk

Tankers Inc., operator of the Seabulk Pride and other ships calling in Cook Inlet, said the company

supports Tesoro's move to bring in the tug. "It's an important tool," Butler said. Whether a tug remains in

Cook Inlet in future years is part of a larger debate now going on about shipping safety, he said. Tesoro

spokesman Kip Knudson said his company is paying for the tug, named the Protector, but he didn't know

the cost. The contract is for this winter only, he said. "It's certainly going to add another layer of protection

to our marine operations," he said. Officials with the Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council, a

Kenai-based oil industry watchdog group, praised the decision to bring in the tug. "Tugs play a role

everywhere that oil tankers port in the U.S., and it's time Cook Inlet saw similar safeguards, especially

during winter months when ice becomes such a hazard," said Michael Munger, the group's executive

director. The tug is expected to be used at the Nikiski dock and possibly at the Drift River dock on the west

side of Cook Inlet, the council said. While Cook Inlet has tugs based in Anchorage and other ports, the

one Tesoro is bringing in is much more powerful, said the Coast Guard's DeVries. The tug is similar to

Crowley tractor tugs used to escort the larger oil tankers in Prince William Sound, he said.

Bob Shavelson, with the Homer-based environmental group Cook Inletkeeper, also hailed the tug's

coming. "This is a huge step for industry because historically they have denied tugs make things safer," he

said. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Jaya Shipyard to Deliver AHTS

Sea Supply has announced that it expects to take delivery of its first large AHTS vessel Sea Cheetah

from Jaya Shipyard in Singapore on February 8th 2007. The delivery date is according to the original time

schedule. Deep Sea Supply has also announced that it has entered into a 3-4 month time charter with

Acergy for the vessel. The value of the charter is approximately US$6.5 million including fees for

mobilization and demobilization. The vessel will go directly to West Africa which will be the area of

operation. (Source: Marinelink)

Grote klus voor twee SmitWijsslepers

ROTTERDAM - Dit weekeinde staat er in de haven van Rotterdam weer een ouderwets grote sleepklus

voor de deur. Het Noorse olieproductieplatform SSP Piranema vertrekt dan bij de werf Keppel Verolme in

de Botlek naar zee. Het drijvende platform van Sevan Marine moet een plek innemen voor de kust van

Brazilië waar het in opdracht van de Braziliaanse oliemaatschappij Petrobras ruwe aardolie naar boven

gaat halen en verwerken voor verder transport. Het platform in de vorm van een reuzenkoektrommel met

opbouw wordt eerst door havenslepers van Smit en Kotug uit de haven van Keppel-Verolme gesleept om

daarna te worden overgegeven aan twee voormalige mammoetslepers van Smit Internationale, de

SmitWijs Singapore (1984) en SmitWijs Londen (1975). Beide slepers zijn deze week aangekomen in

Rotterdam. Aanvankelijk zou de sleep al gisteren op weg zijn gegaan maar dit is uitgesteld. Het transport

staat nu gepland voor morgenmiddag. De definieve beslissing daarover valt vanavond. (Source: Antoon


Bijlboeg snijdt en voorkomt paaltjespikken

Oude rotten herkennen er een klassieke bakdekkruiser in en voor wat betreft de contouren van de steven

zitten ze er niet ver naast. De bijlboeg van het opvallende Damen-ontwerp Fast Crew Supplier 3507 snijdt,

net als de toenmalige bakdekkers, het water doormidden. Voordeel is dat het aluminium vaartuig minder

gevoelig is voor golfbewegingen en geen last heeft van paaltjespikken. Op vrijdag 19 januari kreeg een

select gezelschap, bestaande uit potentiële klanten van Damen Shipyards en een ploegje maritieme

journalisten, de kans om aan de Maasboulevard te Vlaardingen kennis te maken met de

vaareigenschappen van de enigszins hoekige maar supersnelle crew supplier Sea Axe. Damen Shipyards

telt ongeveer vijftien productgroepen met elk zijn specialiteit. High Speed Crafts is één van die

productgroepen en daaronder ressorteert de range aan zogenoemde Fast Crew Suppliers. De Fast Crew

Supplier is een baanbrekend ontwerp, bedoeld om de ontwikkelingen in de offshore bij te benen. Jaap

Gelling, directeur van de productgroep High Speed Crafts: De offshore is voor wat dit schip betreft onze

belangrijkste doelgroep. Wij constateren dat de boorplatformen steeds verder van de kust verwijderd

staan en dat de karakteristieke robuuste supplier relatief traag is. Dergelijke vaartuigen kunnen weliswaar

veel gewicht meenemen, maar ze zijn veel langer onderweg. Het komt steeds vaker voor dat op een

platform plotseling materiaal nodig is of dat personeel snel afgelost dient te worden. Wij hebben daar op

ingespeeld door met een ontwerp te komen, dat twee keer zo snel is en ook nog een behoorlijke vracht

kan meenemen. De kracht van de Sea Axe is de bijlboeg, die ervoor zorgt dat de snelheid bij ongunstige

weersomstandigheden op hetzelfde niveau blijft. De wrijving van de bijlboeg is gering en dat garandeert

een snelle doortocht zonder problemen te hebben met het fenomeen paaltjespikken. De Sea Axe is 35,95

meter lang, 7,33 meter breed en heeft een diepgang van 3,30 meter. De bunkercapaciteit bedraagt 28

ton. Aan boord is ruimte voor veertig ton materiaal en de accommodatie is geschikt voor het vervoer van

dertig passagiers. Verder bestaat de accommodatie uit twee eenpersoons en twee tweepersoons hutten.

Uitgerust met drie Caterpillars C32C, goed voor een gezamenlijk vermogen van 4200 pk, haalt de Fast

Crew Supplier 3507 op volle snelheid ruim 22 knopen. Met minder gewicht aan boord bereikt de Sea Axe

gemakkelijk 28 knopen. In een bedrijfstak waar tijd geld kost, is snelheid van belang. Damen biedt zes

verschillende afmetingen in de range van supersnelle crew suppliers. Die varieert van 11,80 meter tot

58,50 meter lange crew suppliers. Recentelijk zijn er zo’n zes supersnelle crew suppliers in de range van

veertig tot vijftig meter lengte aan verschillende opdrachtgevers afgeleverd. De werf verwacht in de naaste

toekomst meer van dergelijke vaartuigen te kunnen bouwen voor de offshore. Het gaat hier om een

groeimarkt, zegt Gelling (Source: Leo Kramer)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

8 e jaargang, nr. 4

dd. 04 Februari 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Two New Tugs for SMIT International

The Rotterdam based towing company SMIT International has ordered for her Terminal division two tugs

in Turkey. The contract for the building of the tugs was signed last week with Bogazici Shipping in

Istanbul. Both tugs will be built at the GeTa shipyard in Tuzla. The tugs will be built under Bureau Veritas

Classification and are from the Cintranaval-Defcar design. Both tugs named SMIT Europe and SMIT

Africa will be delivered May 2007. (Source: Hans van der Ster)

Two for CH Offshore

February 1, 2007, PG Marine in Norway has been awarded contracts for another two cargo handling

equipment packages for vessels building for CH Offshore at Universal Shipbulding's Keihin Yard

in Japan.CH Offshore in Singapore recently declared optional contracts for another two MX-A120 anchor

handlers, and PG's scope of supply is the same as the first two ships and is due for delivery in the third

quarter of 2009. PG Marine has now secured 16 shipsets in total from Universal, and has orders lasting

until 2010. Another four optional contracts are due to be exercised by the second quarter of 2007.

(Source: Leo Kramer)

Widow Files Federal Lawsuit for $30 Million Against Owner of Tugboat

The widow of a commercial fisherman who died after his vessel collided with a barge near the Key Bridge

last year has filed a federal lawsuit against the owner of a tugboat pushing the barge. Linda Lee Jordan's

complaint against Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. comes about two months after Great Lakes sued

her, as a co- owner of the fishing boat Linda Lee, alleging that Vincent Jordan was at fault. "It's a new suit,

it's their own, because the barge killed her husband and almost killed her son," attorney Michael J.

Winkelman said of the complaint. Regardless, the two cases will likely be consolidated by the court, he

said. Jordan and her son, Vincent Jordan Jr., are seeking $30 million in damages plus any amount to

compensate for the loss of the "Linda Lee." An attorney for Great Lakes declined to comment on the

pending litigation. The incident occurred on Jan. 17, 2006. The tugboat "Richard M. Lowry" was pushing

an empty barge from the Hart-Miller Island dumpsite to a dredging operation in the Curtis Bay Channel.

At about 2 p.m., the barge struck the Linda Lee, sinking it and tossing Vincent Jordan Sr., Vincent Jordan

Jr. and Dale Edward Monroe into the channel. Rescue workers were able to pull all three out of the water,

but resuscitation efforts on the elder Jordan failed and he was pronounced dead. The complaint claims the

fishing vessel called to the tug at least twice before crossing the channel but did not receive a response.

The defendants allegedly failed to run appropriate radar, sound a warning, maintain their course or

communicate their position, among other things. Consequently, "their vessel was caused to strike the

LINDA LEE without warning or notice resulting in the death of Vincent Jordan Sr. and serious and

permanent injures to the Plaintiff Vincent Jordan Jr.," according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in

Baltimore. The complaint includes causes of action for wrongful death, personal injury, property damage

and survival. The suit filed by Great Lakes in November accused the Jordans of negligence and of

operating the fishing boat while intoxicated. The company is seeking $250,000 and suggested Linda Lee

Jordan sell the salvaged boat, engines and tackle to satisfy a judgment in Great Lakes' favor.

Winkelman said his clients tried to negotiate a settlement with the company, but to no avail. The U.S.

Coast Guard has not yet released the results of an investigation into the collision. (Source: The Daily

Record (Baltimore))

Ingram Crew Saves 2 on River: Fast-Moving Ohio Searched for 3rd Person From

Sunken Tug

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Jan. 21-- -- The voices in despair sounded as though there were people in the Ohio River, which seemed

unlikely late Friday because no emergency signals had been dispatched from any river vessels. Acting

quickly, crewmen of the motor vessel O.A. Franks followed the sounds of the voices and ran searchlights

across the frigid water until they caught the images of two men in life vests near the Illinois side of the

river, across from the Paducah riverfront at Broadway. The men in the 38-degree water were with the crew

of the tugboat Bruce D, which sank about four miles away in Livingston County on Friday night. Capt.

John Bivens and pilot Shane Brown steered the Franks toward the men, while Capt. Donnie Gifford kept

the motor vessel Terry Gifford to the rear of the Franks. The crews of the Franks and Gifford, both owned

by Ingram Barge Co. in Paducah, were assembling barges for towing when the distress calls were heard

about 11 p.m. Friday. The Franks crewmen threw a line with a life ring to the two men and pulled them

from the swollen river, while the Gifford crew notified emergency agencies, said Ingram spokesman Keel

Hunt in Nashville, Tenn. The rescued men were identified by the Coast Guard as Raymond Alexander

Lang, 33, of Metropolis, Ill., and Steven Fuller, 46, of Benton. However, the third crewman from the

sunken tugboat remained missing Saturday night after rescue agencies searched the river all day from

Livingston to Ballard counties. That person's name was not released. The two rescued crewmen were

taken to Western Baptist Hospital. Fuller was discharged Saturday. Lang remained in stable condition. A

big concern for rescue crews was whether weather would allow the search to continue today. The forecast

called for up to 112 inches of snow by this morning. Conditions on Saturday did not work in the favor of

the rescue crews, who faced swift currents, high water, and massive amounts of logs and other debris

floating down the river. "We're monitoring the weather because that's our biggest problem. It's supposed

to turn bad, but we'll play it by ear," Livingston County Emergency Management Director Brent Stringer

said. "With the debris and the current, we had to suspend the search at dark (Saturday) because at

nighttime we can't see, and it's dangerous with those conditions." Part of Saturday's search included

breaking up large tows that were moored along the Illinois side of the river, Stringer said. The McCracken

County Office of Emergency Management originally organized the search and rescue, but jurisdiction

switched to Livingston County after the tugboat was found there. Some of the questions that remained

unanswered Saturday were what caused the tugboat to sink and why it went down so fast. The tugboat is

owned by National Maintenance and Repair of Kentucky, based in Paducah. It is a subsidiary of McGinnis

Inc. of Cincinnati. The tugboat had been in a fleeting area near Owens Island and was moving barges one

at a time into a large tow when it sank within a few minutes, according to Lt. Jeffery Chapman, spokesman

for the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit in Paducah. "All we know now is that it went down rapidly,"

Chapman said. "We won't know the cause until we can raise it and do a complete investigation." It also

was unclear what time the tugboat sank. Judging from the distance the men traveled and the current,

rescue crews estimated that the tugboat could have sunk around 10 p.m. Friday. The tugboat went down

so quickly that its crewmen said they did not have time to send a distress signal, McCracken Rescue

Squad Chief Bob Wise said. It may take several days to allow river conditions to improve before divers

can raise the tugboat, Chapman said. Hunt praised the Ingram crews for their quick action. "It certainly is

an unfortunate situation, but one of the great traditions in the maritime industry is crews from other vessels

coming to the aid of another crew in distress," Hunt said. Initially, there was some doubt if the third

crewman managed to leave the sinking vessel. The other crewmen were suffering from hypothermia and

trauma when they were pulled from the river and gave conflicting statements before being taken to a

hospital, Wise said. "One said he made it out with a life vest and a life ring, like a buoy, and the other said

he did not know if the man made it out," Wise said. However, Chapman said there were reports that all

three made it into the water. "We have no reason to think he's still on the boat," Chapman said. The

tugboat, also called a harbor tug, is between 50 and 60 feet long and was discovered shortly before 11:30

a.m. Saturday at mile marker 931.4 in Livingston County near Ledbetter. Searchers reported that the

vessel was lying on its port, or left, side in approximately 50 feet of water and about 300 feet off the Illinois

bank, Wise said. It will be National Maintenance's responsibility to raise the vessel, Chapman said.

According to a company Web site, McGinnis operates six subsidiaries, including National Maintenance

and Repair. Efforts to reach the company for comment were not successful Saturday. The Coast Guard

marked the area where the McGinnis tugboat sank with lighted buoys. The river reopened to navigation

about 4:30 p.m (Source: The Paducah Sun)

Varun Shipping

Varun Shipping has signed Memorandum of Agreement to acquire two un-named 2001-built AHTS

vessels of circa 180 tonnes bollard pull. One of the vessels is scheduled to be delivered by end of

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

January, 2007 and the second in April/May 2007. "These modern and highly sophisticated world class

vessels will be used for deep sea oil exploration in the North Sea, Bay of Bengal and Atlantic Ocean off

the coasts of Nigeria, Brazil and Mexico," said the company in a statement. These vessels are of Vik-

Sandvik design and will be among the highest bollard pull AHTS under the Indian flag. With the acquisition

of vessels, the company will have completed an investment of around US$320 million of a proposed

expansion plan of US$400 million. (Source: Leo Kramer)

RUE and Mokster have ordered this MM6 from Westcon.

Riise Underwater Engineering (RUE) in Norway has announced that together with Simon Møkster Rederi,

the company has ordered a 66m, DP-2 multipurpose offshore vessel to be built at Westcon in western

Norway. The subsea vessel will be delivered in the second quarter of 2009, and RUE and Simon Møkster

Shipping will establish a joint company to own and operate the vessel. Møkster is handling the marine

operations, while RUE is responsable for the marketing and operational running of the vessel. The vessel

will be equipped with diving and ROV equipment. Kystdesign in Haugesund will deliver a Supporter ROV

system in August 2007. The vessel will primarily be engaged in air-/nitrox diving and ROV support

operations. All the diving and ROV-equipment will be located in a large hangar below deck. The vessel is

also fitted with a 60t heave compensated offshore crane. Designed by Multi Maritime, the design is

designated MM66. (Source: Leo Kramer)


Market Round-up

Connector’s New Sector

The multipurpose AHTS / Safety vessel Esvagt Connector will depart from the British sectors in the

second half of February 2007. The vessel will go on charter to DPT (Drilling Production Technology) in

support of the MODU Bredford Dolphin, which is currently undergoing upgrades in Poland. It will be acting

as front runner until delivery of the first of Esvagt’s new builds currently completing in Singapore. This is

expected to deliver first week in April 2007. The as yet unnamed new build will remain with DPT and

Bredford Dolphin in the Norwegian Sector for a period believed to be around 3 years. The Esvagt

Connector is currently trading the North Sea spot market.

Awesome Orca Action

Bourbon Offshore were pleased with the announcement that their AX 104 AHTS Bourbon Orca has been

awarded a NOK 250 million term charter with Norsk Hydro. The DP II vessel will begin a three year firm

plus three one year options charter next month, in direct continuation of its current charter with Norsk

Hydro. It is understood that the Orca will join the Bourbon Surf and Skandi Admiral in Hydro’s pool working

out of Mongstad.

Subsea Seven Secures Fjord Fixture

Subsea 7 have chartered the Oestensjo VS 498 multipurpose vessel Edda Fjord for a period of six

months plus one month option. The contract begins around the 1st February and is for subsea

construction work based in the North Sea. The 98m LOA vessel has successfully worked recently for BP

America and Shell Nigeria as a flotel.

“B”s Buzz Back

The Pacific Blade and Pacific Brigand have recently joined the North Sea spot market and will be based

in Aberdeen for the foreseeable future. The two vessels owned and operated by Swire Pacific Offshore

(SPO) are Norwegian built UT720 design AHTS with 12,240BHP generating approx 150t bollard pull. The

sister vessels have recently completed their long term charter to Saipem supporting the Castoro Sei

pipelay barge. Saipem’s three year programmed has seen the vessels work throughout the North Sea, the

Mediterranean and the Middle East covering projects such as the Green Stream pipelay, Dolphin Gas

pipeline and most recently the Tweedsmuir project. SPO own and operate six UT720s all built around

1998. The sister vessels to the Pacific Blade and Pacific Brigand are spread across the globe from

Australia to West Africa and from Singapore to Sakhalin. SPO is excited about the prospect of working the

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Pacific Blade and Pacific Brigand in the North Sea; they have not worked in the spot market since the

early 2000s when the market looked very different! The vessels are excellent workhorses ideal for rig

moves, construction support and supply runs.

REM’s Two Gems

Quick brief on REM Maritime: MT 6000 MK II PSV Rem Fortune has been chartered by ADTI for one well

(50-70 days) starting March. ADTI have also chartered the UT 755 LN Rem Supplier for five months firm

plus opts with commencement around end February.

Seabird Circles Over Mariner

Siem Rovde’s latest newbuild has delivered from Kleven Verft: it is called the Siem Mariner. This fine MT

6000 MK II PSV will probably work the North Sea spot market until the second quarter of this year. It will

then begin a five year firm plus three yearly options bareboat charter with Seabird Exploration who will

convert the vessel to a modern seismic vessel. . It should also be noted that Seabird Exploration also has

a USD 48 million option to buy the vessel upon completion of the charter. Siem Rovde had further reason

to celebrate after ASCO Talisman chartered the VS 483 PSV Ocean Carrier for seven months firm. The

contract began in mid January.

So Far, So Good For Ladies In Waiting

Farstad Shipping has helpfully summarized their latest news on vessel charters: First of all, the UT 722

AHTS Far Sailor and UT 722L AHTS Far Senior were extended for two years with Petrobras IDC of their

current charters which are due to complete in May 2007. Next up, the UT 741 AHTS Far Sovereign will

be firm with Saipem for 210 days from April 07 after the Italian company declared their option. BP Angola

has chartered the newbuild VS 470 MK II PSV Far Spirit for two years firm with a further year’s option.

The MPSV UT 755 Lady Melinda has started to front run for the newbuild which will deliver at the end of

March 2007. Once the newbuild Far Spirit arrives in Angola, the Lady Melinda will begin a six month

charter in Australia to Woodside Energy Ltd. Woodside currently have the UT 755L PSV Lady Grete

working in Kenya, however in June this year the vessel will leave to work on a three year plus one year

option charter for Reliance in India. Peak have chartered the KMAR 404 AHTS Lady Sandra upon

completion of its current Shell Malaysia job in May this year. The Peak charter is based in Australia and

will last for a minimum of 13 months. Last but not least, the 1987 built AHTS Lady Gerda has won a six

month plus options charter from Esso Australia supporting drilling operations in the Bass Strait. Total firm

contract value is around NOK 725 million— so, as we said, so far so good…

FinstaShip Fixtures

Shell have chartered two icebreakers from Finstaship for work up in the chilly conditions of the Beaufort

Sea. A three year contract is in place with the 230 tons bollard pull Fennica and the 202 tons bollard pull

Tor Viking (the Tor Viking is not owned by Finstaship but will be chartered in from Trans Viking

Icebreaking & Offshore.) The workscope of this charter includes oil rig towing, anchor handling and

maintenance in arctic conditions. Start up of the contract will be 2007.

Statoil Dig Deep

Statoil have contracted with DeepOcean for the MPSV Edda Freya to act as an inspection vessel in 2007.

The Edda Freya (already on term charter to DeepOcean) will be outfitted with two ROV systems and

ROV/Inspection engineers for start up in April 2007.

Newbuildings, Conversions, Sale & Purchase

Olympic Heavyweights

Adding to their modern fleet, Fosnaavag based Olympic Shipping have placed an order with Ulstein Verft

for two Olympian sized AHTS. Designated A122 design, these 250 ton + bollard pull vessels will be the

biggest anchor handlers ever built by Ulstein with an impressive LOA of 93.8m and 23m beam.

Complimenting these awesome dimensions will be a massive triple drum winch with one 500 ton drum

and two 450 ton drums. Much effort has been put into the design in respect of environmental friendliness

and crew safety. Of particular interest is the hybrid propulsion system which permits switching between

diesel mechanical and diesel electrical propulsion. The arrangement enhances power management with

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

maximum pulling power achieved by running the two systems in parallel. The specification includes

preparation for a 250 ton offshore crane, two sizes of "A" frame, DP2, an ROV garage plus

accommodation for 68 supernumeraries which will give the vessels considerable subsea support

capability. Charterers will have to wait until the first and last quarter of 2009 to trial the new Olympians.

Deep Sea Supply Have Some Fish To Fry

Deep Sea Supply have now taken delivery of their UT 755L Sea Trout. The 680 m2 deck PSV delivered

from the Cochin Shipyard in India in mid January, two and a half months after the scheduled delivery time.

It is unclear what the plans will be for the vessel. Deep Sea Supply have a further seven vessels due to

deliver from this yard during 2007 and 2008 (with the next vessel due in April this year).

Supply Service Select Solstrand

Faeroe shipowner Supply Service AS are to build a Havyard 832 CD PSV at the Solstrand AS yard in

Norway. Delivery for the 78.5 LOA 800m2 deck vessel will be September 2008. The Havyard 832 CD is

the first design to be built at a yard not part of the Havyard Group AS

Bigger, Better, Balder

No, this is not the working title of Die Hard 4...In fact this story is all about how our Brazilian office was

instrumental in Rem Maritime AS contracting their newbuilding MV Rem Balder to Petrobras for a period

of two years with an option for a further two years commencing in July 2007. The vessel is an AHTS of the

UT 712L design and is due for delivery from the Kleven Maritime shipyard in March 2007. This is Rem’s

first vessel for operation in Brazil and the Owners hope that they will increase their exposure in this area.

Sealion Place Order For Chinese Carry Out

Sealion Shipping Ltd, on behalf of Toisa Ltd, have placed several large orders for vessels at the Chinese

Wuchang Shipyard. The first order is for three VS 4616 anchor handlers. Delivery of vessel one is due in

September 2010 with the following two vessels delivering at six month intervals thereafter. Some details of

these Bahamian flagged AHTS include a bollard pull of 210 tonnes, BHP of 18,800 BHP and an LOA of 83

metres. The vessels will be marketed for world wide operations. The second order is for two DP II ROV

improved support versions of the VS 483 MK III PSV. August 2010 and February 2011 are the target date

for delivery of the first and second vessels respectively. The vessels will have additional accommodation

for 60 persons and will be prepared for the installation of a 50 tonne crane and a helideck, enabling the

vessels to work in both the supply and ROV market. The Wuchang Shipyard seems to be popular with

Sealion as these two orders are in addition to three VS 4612 D Class AHTSs and three VS 483 MK III

PSVs that have delivered or are under construction by the same yard.

Interesting Intervention

African Offshore Service, a Norwegian company, are to build a large well intervention vessel with delivery

scheduled for July 2009. Africa Offshore Service has lined up a ten year charter with the Angolan state oil

company (Sonangol) for the vessel. Norwegian based shipowners Island Offshore will operate this new

well intervention vessel.

Siem Sign For Single Supply Ship

Norwegian based shipowners Siem Offshore Inc. have entered into yet another contract with Kleven

Maritime. The Kleven yard will build a MT 6017 multi purpose PSV in a deal worth NOK 350 million.

Delivery is expected in the first quarter of 2009. The vessel will have an LOA of 93.7 metres, working deck

area of 1,047 square metres, accommodation for 68 personnel, and will be equipped with an offshore

crane and helideck. Siem Offshore have previously contracted with Kleven for a sister vessel back in

August 2006. This latest vessel is Siem Offshore’s eleventh contract with Kleven Verft.

DOF Off The Mark

DOF ASA, through its subsidiary DOFCON ASA, are to build an OSCV 03 construction vessel at Aker

Yards, Aukra Norway. The vessel is expected to deliver in June 2009 and is the second vessel of this

design under construction for the Norwegian shipowners. Details of the vessel include DP III, LOA of 120

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

metres, beam of 23 metres and a large offshore crane. Contract value is understood to be around NOK

500 million.

Volkswerft Durch Technic

Maersk Supply Service has placed an order for 4 multipurpose AHTS, plus two options, with Volkswerft

Stralsund of Germany. These vessels will be updated versions of the well established A class vessels

already in service and also built by the same yard. The vessels are due for delivery from summer 2009

onwards and will join Maersk's offshore fleet of 57 vessels in service plus 12 newbuildings. Meantime it is

reported that the subsea support / cable lay vessel Maersk Defender has been sold to IS Atlantic

Corporation Inc.

Vikings Rampaging In Spain

Trans Viking has ordered 2 + 2 newly designated VS 4622 clean design AHTS from Spain's Astilleros

Zamakona. The vessels will incorporate the latest environment and crew comfort innovations together with

safe deck devices. Designed as multipurpose AHTS / subsea construction vessels they will be prepared

for A-frame and crane installation with accommodation for 45 and extra provision on deck to house special

equipment. Superior winch packages will cater for deepwater operations and fibre rope. Ice class 1A and

de-ice capability will extend these vessels' capability to icebound and harsh environments.

Out Of Harm’s Way

German investment company owned, Harms Bergung managed VS 470 MK II PSVs Aeolus, Cerberus

and Centaurus have been sold. Fellow German company Nordcapital have bought the vessels and will

rename them E.R. Arendal, E.R. Bergen and E.R. Kristiansand with handover at various dates by the end

of February.

Boulder Rocks The Boat

Quick update on the sale of the Maersk Lifter to ITC (International Transport Contractors Management

BV): the new owners have now taken delivery of the anchor handler and have re-named it the Boulder.

The vessel will likely work the North Sea but ITC are open to worldwide employment. Later in February the

sister vessel, Maersk Leader, will also be handed over to ITC and re-named Blizzard.

Boa Loosen Their Grip

Norwegian based Boa Offshore has sold their 17,500 BHP anchor handlers, Boa King and Boa Queen.

These 200 tons bollard pull vessels were bought by Indian Varun Shipping with handover for the King and

Queen at the end of January 2007 and end of April 2007 upon expiry of current contract, respectively. Boa

will however retain management of the Boa King until further notice.

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

8 e jaargang, nr. 5

dd. 11 Februari 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Emergency response vessels for North Sea

Statoil has signed two letters of intent with the Danish shipping company Esvagt AS for delivery of two

emergency response vessels. The deals are together worth over NOK 900 million. The ships, both

newbuildings, will enter service as area emergency response vessels in

the North Sea. One of them will operate in the Sleipner/Volve area,

replacing the current vessel there, in addition to maintaining upcoming

emergency response requirements when the Volve field comes on

stream. The other vessel will operate in the Gjøa area. "With these stateof-the-art,

robust craft, we're strengthening our emergency response

capabilities and safety in the North Sea," says Terje Breivik, head of

maritime operations in Statoil. The ships will be able to take 370 people

each in the event of a major accident. They will also be able to undertake emergency tows of drifting

vessels up to tankers and will be equipped with the latest oil spill prevention equipment. During bad

weather the ships can haul in smaller craft, for example man overboard boats (MOBs), via a special stern

sluice. The Esvagt shipping company, 75% owned by A P Moller - the Maersk group, will deliver the

vessels in the spring of 2009. The contracts have an eight-year duration with options of three times one

year. The vessels will be delivered with an x-bow, formed like a traditional Viking longship, which cuts the

water better. The emergency response vessels will have an overall length of around 76.5 metres and a

beam of 17 metres. They have a crew of 11 and are capable of 17 knots. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Newbuilding for Supply Services AS

Norwegian shipyard Solstrand AS has been awarded a contract to build a Havyard 832 CD PSV for

Supply Service AS in the Faroe Island, for delivery in September 2008. Havyard Maritime describes the

Havyard 832 as being intentionally designed to be between the medium size PSV (with a deadweight

of 3,200-3,500 tonnes) and a large PSV (with a deadweight in the 4,500-5,000 tonnes range). The

Havyard 832 CD has deadweight of 4,000 tonnes, which Havyard Maritime believes will give it

an advantage in the market, since the vessel has significant higher capacities compare to medium size

vessels and a very competitive price compared to larger vessels. The design is also very flexible, and

could be lengthened by approximately 5m if more capacity is required. The vessel's beam would also

enable it to be fitted with a ROV or more accommodation. The vessel will also bear the class notation

required for 'Clean Design.' (Source: Leo Kramer)

Sale of Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel to I.T.C.

06/02/2007 A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S have 5 February 2007 at 12:15 hours local time in Ijmuiden The

Netherlands, delivered the AHTS Maersk Leader to new owners International Transport Contractors

Management BV. The vessel will be renamed Blizzard. (Source: Clipping News)

URS Orders new tugs in Turkey

The Belgian tug operator URS ordered last week at the Dearsan Shipyard in Tuzla-Istanbul two new tugs

which will be delivered during April 2007 and July 2007 by the shipyard. The ASD tugs are of the

ROBERT ALLAN design developing 65 ton bp and are of the DEARSAN AQUILIA series, the tugs will be

used in the port of Antwerp, where the tugs will replace the Union Diamond and Union Sapphire which

then will be shifted to offshore and seagoing towing activities With this order in total the URS is having

now 4 tugs under construction , the first 60 ton bp tug out of a series of 2, under construction at Astilleros

Armon in Navia (Spain) will be delivered next week and is holding the name Union Amber, this “short” tug

is specially designed to operated in Zeebrugge – innerharbour, behind the locks , her sister which will be

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

named Union Jade will be delivered during May 2007 and will also join her sister in Zeebrugge. In view of

the large growth of traffic in the port of Zeebrugge the URS will be operating 7 tugs in this port. (Source:

Clipping News)

New Tugs named Bears

The new, in Tuzla – Turkey built, tugs for the URS (see above) will be named Union Kodiak and Union

Grizzly (Source: Rene de Maeyer)

Oldy for scrap

The famous URS tug FIGHTER was reported enroute from the port of Terneuzen to her last resting place

the breakers at Gent where the tug will be scrapped. (Source: Clipping News)

Ulstein Group gets massive order for well intervention vessel

A newly formed company, Marine Subsea Inc, has signed a contract with Ulstein Verft AS for delivery of a

SX121 well intervention vessel designed by Ulstein Design AS. This is the largest contract for a single

ship awarded to the Ulstein Group, and is worth around NKr 840 million. The ship is scheduled for delivery

in July 2009 and has already been contracted in Angola. “We are very pleased when our new customers

ask for ships with the characteristic ULSTEIN X-BOW. We are frontrunners in developing highly advanced

construction vessels loaded with equipment enabling them to perform demanding marine operations in

deep water,” said CEO Gunvor Ulstein. African Offshore Services, the holding company of Marine Subsea

Inc, is a newly established company that will carry out well intervention and other oil-service-related

operations in West Africa. Managing director Christian Nygaard said: "“We are very pleased to have

signed the contract for building this innovative vessel. The Ulstein Group is highly reputable with regard to

building state-of-the-art vessels and developing innovative design. Island Offshore Management, an

industry leader in well intervention, will be handling operations and management for us. That, along with

our extensive knowledge of West Africa, makes a solid start." Karsten Sævik, managing director of Ulstein

Verft AS, said this will be the third vessel of the type ULSTEIN SX121 to be built at Ulstein Verft AS. ”More

and more oil installations are now sea-bottom facilities, and we’re seeing an increasing demand for

subsea and construction vessels. Supplying vessels for this market will be an important priority area for

Ulstein Verft in the future,” said Mr Sævik. The vessel will be 120m long with a breadth of 25m and

accommodation for 100. The vessel will be fitted with a tower for module handling, a moonpool, ROV

hangar, offshore crane, helipad and a diesel-electric propulsion system. The vessel will also be fitted with

the newly developed ULSTEIN COM and ULSTEIN IAS from Ulstein Elektro AS. The principal

shareholders and founders of African Offshore Services, Mårten Rød and Gian Angelo Perrucci, have

more than 25 years’ experience in both onshore and offshore activities in Angola, Nigeria, Gabon and

Congo (Brazaville). In addition to ordering an ULSTEIN SX121, they recently signed an agreement to buy

three work/accommodations barges at a total value of NKr 580 million. These will be used in conjunction

with the building and maintenance of offshore installations. Board chairman Mårten Rød says the intention

is to further expand the fleet. (Source: Clipping News)

USCG To Hold Final Public Hearing on Tug Valour

The Coast Guard will hold the final public hearing for the investigation into the January 2006 sinking of the

tug Valour, which claimed the lives of three crew members. Coast Guard marine investigators have

recalled the crew of the Valour to obtain statements and finalize the timeline of events leading up to the

sinking. Facts collected at this final hearing will be developed into a conclusion to be presented in the

Coast Guard's final investigative report. Coast Guard marine investigators from Marine Safety Unit

Savannah and Sector Charleston, S.C., have spent more than a year piecing together the events from the

night Valour sank. The Coast Guard held its last public hearing regarding Valour March 1, 2006, in

Tampa, Fla. Valour was towing a fully loaded cargo barge approximately 40-miles east of Wilmington,

N.C., when the master of the vessel sounded the tug's general alarm due to a significant port list at about.

The weather off the coast of Wilmington was extreme that night with 30- to-50 knot sustained winds and

70-knot gusts with seas approximately 15- to-20 feet. One crewmember was swept overboard and

rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter. Six crewmembers were successfully recovered by the tug Justine

Foss, one able-bodied seaman was unable to be retrieved and one passed away soon after being

rescued. The Coast Guard launched an extensive search for the able-bodied seaman covering more than

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

1,700-square-nautical miles over a period of 16 hours using numerous surface and air assets. This search

was not successful. One crewmember is believed to have sunk with the tug. The Coast Guard's

investigation is intended to determine the causes of the accident and obtain information that may prevent

or reduce the occurrence of similar incidents. (Source: Marinelink)

ECO Expands Aggressive Newbuild Campaign

Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) announced plans to build several new anchor handling towing supply

vessels (AHTS), as well as more than a dozen new generation 280-ft. platform supply vessels (PSV) in its

affiliated shipyards in the U.S. All vessels are scheduled to join the ECO domestic fleet within the next

three years. Construction highlights feature seven new anchor handlers: Two (2) 348-ft., 21,600 HP new

generation anchor handlers and five (5) 288-ft., 16,000 HP vessels. Also slated for construction are

fourteen (14) 4,700 deadweight ton PSVs. All the vessels are slated for delivery between February 2007

and mid-2010, and will be constructed at ECO affiliated shipyards: North American Shipbuilding (NAS) in

Larose, LA, North American Fabricators (NAF) in Houma, LA and Gulfship in Gulfport, MS. One year ago

ECO announced plans for the first three AHTS vessels, and has now ordered the equipment for the

additional four. “ECO continues to provide the new generation vessels that meet the requirements of the

deepwater operators,” said ECO President Gary Chouest. The first 288’ x 66’ x 29.5’ AHTS, the Max

Chouest, is slated for delivery in March 2007 from NAS. The Joshua Chouest, the next 288-ft. AHTS

vessel in the series, is due for delivery in November 2007 from NAS. Three more are to follow with

delivery dates at six-month intervals beginning in mid-2008. These vessels feature 200 MT bollard pull,

DP2, increased capacities for both deck and below-deck cargoes and a deadweight tonnage of 4,236 LT.

The ships will also be equipped with a 500 MT three-drum winch, secondary winches, chain lockers, dual

tow pins, shark jaws and stern rollers. The first 348’ x 72’ x 31’ AHTS in the series, the Dino Chouest, is

scheduled for a May 2008 delivery from NAS. An identical ship is slated for delivery in June 2009 from

NAS. These vessels are also DP2, 210 MT bollard pull, new generation anchor handlers similar in size to

the Laney Chouest, a 348-ft. AHTS that has operated successfully for the past three years. These new

larger anchor handlers will be equipped with a 600 MT four-drum winch. To date ECO has delivered

twelve (12) 280’ x 60’ x 24’ platform supply vessels, with the Carol Chouest slated for delivery and

service in the Gulf of Mexico on March 1, 2007. The remaining fourteen (14) PSVs in this class are

scheduled for deliveries every eight weeks afterwards. The 280-ft. PSV series has truly revolutionized the

supply vessel industry in the Gulf of Mexico. Featuring a deadweight of 4,700 LT, these vessels feature

dedicated below deck tankage for 15,000 barrels of liquid mud. The vessels also provide a clear deck area

of 10,251 sq. ft (203’ x 50.5’), with a capacity of 2,700 LT. ECO also continues to add to its fleet by taking

recent delivery of several new 160-ft. fast supply vessels, designed and built by Breaux Brothers in

Loreauville, LA. ECO is also announcing the continuation of that newbuild relationship, with plans for an

additional twelve (12) fast supply vessels, with delivery dates between February 2008 and August 2011.

(Source: Marinelink)

Newbuilding order from Pacific First Shipping

Pacific First Shipping has placed an order with the ABG Shipyard for nine AHTS. The order is for five

vessels with 82 tonnes bollard pull and four vessels of 180 tonnes bollard pull. (Source: OSL)

TS Marine orders in Spain

TS Marine has placed an order for two MT6040 subsea vessels at Astilleros Huelva Spain at a cost of

GBP 130 million. (Source: OSL)

Varius sold

Harms Bergung owned Varius 7,230 bhp (AHT Blt.19 - 7230BHP) has been sold to a Greek Buyer on

private terms. (Source: OSL)

Three PSV’s from Harms sold

Harms Bergung has also sold its three recently delivered PSV's (2006) Aeolus, Cerberus, and

Centaurus to Nordcapital on private terms. (Source: OSL)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Boa sold two royals

AHTS Boa King and Boa Queen (Blt.2001 - 17,000BHP) have been sold to Varun Shipping India on

private terms. (Source: OSL)

SMIT-Lloyd 32 to Ierland

Mainport Ireland has purchased the Smit-Lloyd 32 (Blt.1984 - 4,500 bhp) from Seacor and renamed the

vessel Mainport Oak. The purchase is backed with a three-year charter to Petrobras. (Source: OSL)

Smit Internationale N.V. almost doubles net profit

Rotterdam, 09 February 2007 We herewith inform you that the net profit for 2006 will amount to

approximately EUR 75 million. This is almost twice the net profit compared to the year 2005 (EUR 38.3

million). The expected net profit, which was announced on 26 October 2006, was estimated to be at least

EUR 62 million. During the second half of last year the harbour towage activities in Rotterdam and

Antwerp exceeded expectations. This was mainly due to strong winds. The Salvage division also

experienced an extensive workload during the second half of last year. In addition a number of

settlements have been reached. The Salvage division’s results were substantially higher than the historic

average. The projects ‘Thunderhorse’ and ‘Artic I’ have not been settled yet. In the second half of 2006 the

Transport & Heavy Lift division experienced a high utilization, mainly due to the high workload from the

Salvage division. Further information will accompany the publication of the annual figures for 2006 on 8

March 2007. (Source: Smit)

Havila completes sale of UK rescue recovery operations

Havila Shipping ASA in Norway has announced that it has completed the sale of its UK standby operation

to Ocean Mainport Ltd. The sale of Havila Rescue UK Ltd, including the eight ERRV vessels it owned,

was completed January 31st. (Source: Clipping News)

Baydelta exercises tug option

Baydelta Maritime of San Francisco has exercised an option for a second 100-foot, 6,800-hp harbor tug

from Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, Inc., Freeland, Wash. The yard has also received an order for a

similar tug from Minette Bay Shipdocking, Ltd., of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Nichols expects to

deliver its first Baydelta tug in June, with the optioned tug due in October. Delivery date for the Minette

Bay tug is set for December. The tugs have been designed by Jensen Marine Consultants, Inc., of Seattle

with ship handling as their primary purpose, although they will also be fitted for long-haul towing. The

vessels will mount Markey Machinery hawser winches forward for ship assist and escort and JonRie sternmounted

towing winches for high seas towing service. The tugs will each be powered by a pair of Tier I

compliant 3400-hp Caterpillar 3516C diesel engines. In the Baydelta tugs, the engines will power two

Rolls-Royce 255 Z Ðdrive units. The Minette boat will use Nigata ZP41 drives. Nichols says that the

horsepower ratings will be among the highest posted for z-drive tugs. Increased horsepower is

complimented by a heavy skeg to foster ship handling and escorting. Potential Bollard pull has been

estimated at 85-90 metric tons ahead and 78-82 astern. Both the Baydelta and Minette tugs are arranged

with space for ABS Fi-Fi 1 fire fighting systems and the Minette tug will be fitted with the full ABS system

with two monitors, a deluge system, and foam tanks. This involves two 6,000 gpm pumps running off the

main engines. The Baydelta tugs will be fitted with 900-gpm fire pumps and monitors. Additional

machinery aboard each tug will include two 215 kW Cat C-9 generators and a 27 kW standby harbor

generator. The tugs will have unusually commodious and comfortable berthing; while a normal harbor

crew will include four people, the Baydelta tugs will accommodate up to 10 crew for longer hauls. Facilities

also include a laundry, galley, and a crew lounge. Tanks will hold 71,000 gallons of fuel oil, 1,500 gallons

of lube oil, and 8,000 gallons of fresh water. Tanks will also be provided for 1,800 gallons of waste oil and

1,400 gallons of sewage. The Minette Bay tug will have accommodations for six persons and fuel capacity

will be 69,400 gallons. Nichols Brothers also recently signed a contract to participate in building two 108 x

28-foot, 149-passenger catamarans for the Water Transit Authority in San Francisco Bay for delivery this

year. Nichols Brothers will participate with Kvichak Marine of Seattle in building these vessels. (Source:

Clipping News)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

8 e jaargang, nr. 6

dd. 18 Februari 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

SvitzerWijsmuller mag Adsteam hebben

SvitzerWijsmuller mag zijn Britse branchegenoot Adsteam Marine overnemen. Dat hebben de Britse

mededingingsautoriteiten bepaald. Het sleepbedrijf met Nederlandse wortels, tegenwoordig onderdeel van

het Deense Maersk-concern, wordt dankzij de overname het grootste sleepbedrijf ter wereld met een

wereldwijd markaandeel van 12 procent. In Groot-Brittannië krijgt SvitzerWijsmuller tweederde van de

markt in handen. (Source: Clipping News)

Oil Spill Closes Intracoastal Waterway

The Intracoastal Waterway has been closed for six miles west of Lake Charles, La., due to an oil spill

today initially estimated at 700 gallons. A watchstander at Marine Safety Unit Port Arthur received a call

from Kirby Inland Marine reporting fuel from one of their tugs had overflowed into the ICW. The tug was

transferring fuel from its fuel tank to its day tank while moving along the ICW when the spill occured. The

area from mile marker 257 to mile marker 263 has been closed to all maritime traffic. Crews from MSU

Port Arthur are in the process of locating the leading edges of the spill, and Coast Guard Air Station

Houston crews launched an HH-65C helicopter to fly over the spill. Pollution Investigators from MSU Port

Arthur are on scene.

Intracoastal Waterway Re-opens after fuel spill

The U.S. Coast Guard reopened the Intracoastal Waterway after fuel that had been spilled earlier this

morning dissipated. Pollution investigators from Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit in Port Arthur assessed

the waterway and declared that there was no recoverable diesel fuel. The waterway had been closed for

six miles west of Lake Charles, La., after fuel being transferred from one tank to another on a tug owned

by Kirby Inland Marine overflowed, the Coast Guard said. The Coast Guard was notified by the Houstonbased

company. The area from mile marker 257 to mile marker 263 was closed. Twelve tugs and barges

were delayed by the closure, but are now under way again, the Coast Guard said. (Source: Houston


Kooren Rotor tugs voor Bugsier

The 3 rotortugs of the Kooren design and sold to Bugsier will be named Bugsier 4; Bugsier 5 and Bugsier

6. (bron website bugsier)

Far pair sold

Far Centurion and Far Crusader have been sold and will be named Romana and Nobleman. The new

owner is probably Specialist Marine Services. (Source: Leon de Hoop)

New Rampart for Østensjø

Østensjø has ordered at Sanmar Denizcilik a 85 tons ASD tug of the design Robert Allan's Rampart 3200

for operations at the new Shell Nyhamna terminal in Norway. Delivery July 2008 and for the same contract

are the Silex and two newbuilding mooring launches. (Source: Leon de Hoop)

Four AHTS’s for Pacific

Havyard International in Norway has secured contracts with ABG Shipyard Ltd India for delivery of design

packages for four Havyard 842 AHTS for Singapore-based owners Pacific First Shipping Ltd. This is the

first Havyard design to date to be built at a yard outside Norway. The Havyard 842 is designed by Havyard

Maritime AS, which now has nine vessels under construction. (Source: Leo Kramer)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Blade and Brigand on North Sea Spot market

Seabrokers reports that Pacific Blade and Pacific Brigand have recently joined the North Sea spot

market and will be based in Aberdeen for the foreseeable future. The two vessels owned and operated by

Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) are Norwegian built UT720 design AHTS with 12,240BHP generating a 150

tonne bollard pull. The sister vessels have recently completed their long term charter to Saipem

supporting the Castoro Sei pipelay barge. Saipem’s three year programme has seen the vessels work

throughout the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Middle East covering projects such as the Green

Stream pipelay, Dolphin Gas pipeline and most recently the Tweedsmuir project. Pacific Blade and

Pacific Brigand have not worked in the spot market since the early 2000s. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Havenslepers Smit willen staken voor een betere CAO

SCHIEDAM - Werknemers van Smit Havensleepdiensten in Rotterdam willen staken voor een betere

CAO. Dat hebben leden van de vakbonden FNV, CNV en De Unie tijdens verscheidene bijeenkomsten

laten weten. De bonden stellen de directie van moederbedrijf Smit waarschijnlijk nog deze week een

ultimatum. Gisteren waren er twee ledenvergaderingen op Smit- schepen bij het hoofdkantoor in

Schiedam en in de Scheurhaven in de Europoort. „Ik denk dat acties bijna onvermijdelijk zijn geworden,

zegt bestuurder Cees Bos van FNV Bondgenoten. Nog niet duidelijk is wanneer de eerste protesten te

verwachten zijn. Het CAO-conflict tussen de 240 werknemers van de havensleper en de top van het

maritieme bedrijf gaat volgens de bonden onder meer over de lonen en de wens van de directie flexibeler

te werken. „Als we niet uitkijken, hebben de mensen straks bijna geen vrije tijd meer, stelt Bos.

Woordvoerster Claudia van Andel van Smit beklemtoont dat er volgens de directie geen sprake is van een

conflict. „We zijn met elkaar in overleg. Eigenlijk moeten de onderhandelingen nog beginnen.’’ Ze heeft

geen idee wanneer beide partijen weer met elkaar praten. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Deep Sea Supply takes delivery of Sea Trout

Deep Sea Supply has taken delivery of the UT755L Sea Trout. Seabrokers said the 680m2 deck PSV

was delivered by Cochin Shipyard in India in mid January, two and a half months after the scheduled

delivery time. Seabrokers said it is unclear what the plans will be for the vessel. Deep Sea Supply have a

further seven vessels due to deliver from the yard during 2007 and 2008 (with the next vessel due in April

this year). (Source: Leo Kramer)

Keellaying Damen ASD Tug 2411

On February 3rd the keel was laid for the first of four Damen ASD Tugs 2411 by Song Thu Shipyard in

Vietnam. These four tugs were ordered by Damen Shipyards Gorinchem and will be delivered in 2008.

The ASD 2411 is one of the most successful ASD tugs with more than 25 delivered and under

construction in merely three years. The tugs will be equipped with Caterpillar 3516 engines and Rolls

Royce thrusters and will deliver 70 tonnes bollard pull. (Source:Damen)

Naming 'Adsteam Warang' & 'Adsteam Warrawee'

On January 31st the name giving ceremony of two Damen built ASD tugs 2810, 'Adsteam Warang' and

'Adsteam Warrawee', took place in Sydney (Australia). Approximately 260 guests participated in this

cheerful event that took place on the ferry terminal on Circular Quay. The Damen ASD Tugs 2810 were

built in Vietnam and deliver each an impressive 60 tonnes bollard pull. Both vessels are part of the

Adsteam fleet in Sydney's Bottany Bay and represent the 7th and 8th delivery by Damen to Adsteam out

of 12 tugs ordered. The naming of the tugs was performed by Mrs Ann Corlett (Warang), wife of Adsteam

Marine Chairman and Mrs Clare Martin (Warrawee), wife of Sydney Ports CEO. (Source:Damen)

Union Amber handed over

On the 15 th of February the Union Amber was handed over to her owners URS. The Union Amber will be

operational in the inner port of Zeebrugge. The sister ship Union Jade will join her soon. (Source:Rene de


ACL to Purchase Assets from McKinney Companies

American Commercial Lines Inc. announced that its subsidiary American Commercial Lines LLC (ACL)

has entered into an agreement to purchase twenty towboats and related equipment from the McKinney

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

group of companies (McKinney) for $15 million in cash. The transaction will double the size of ACL’s Gulfregion

operations. The Company anticipates hiring approximately 200 former McKinney employees,

including certified captains and pilots. Commenting on the agreement, Richard A. Mitchell, Senior Vice

President Corporate Strategy, stated "The purchase of the McKinney assets will improve ACL’s vessel

operations in the Gulf region. It is an important step in our strategy to enhance the services we offer to our

customers." (Source: Houston Chronicle)

Hornbeck Announces 4Q Results

Hornbeck Offshore Services Inc., said earnings this year should be between $2.19 per share and $2.68

cents per share. The company said it expects a first-quarter profit of between 42 cents per share and 55

cents per share. Analysts estimate 60 cents per share. Hornbeck Offshore expects operating expense to

rise 25 percent, due to increases in labor costs, insurance and shipyard repair and maintenance costs,

while current rates for its offshore supply vessels and tugs and tank barges will remain constant. (Source:

Houston Chronicle)

Centaurus to Nordcapitol.

The VS470 MkII PSV “Centaurus” of Harms Bergung has been sold to Nordcapital Holding GmbH and

renamed “E.R.Kristiansand”. She began a medium time charter with Talisman Energy.

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

8 e jaargang, nr. 7

dd. ..Februari 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Opnieuw sleepboot naar museumhaven

De Maassluise museumhaven is vanaf zaterdag 17 februari opnieuw

een sleepboot rijker. De sleepboot Krimpen uit 1954 komt dan de

vloot versterken. De Krimpen is een havensleper zoals Smit er in de

jaren vijftig en zestig vele heeft laten bouwen. Ook scheepswerf De

Haas uit Maassluis heeft daarin een aandeel gehad met de bouw van

een aantal zusterschepen. Met hun bekende rode bandje in de

schoorsteen vormden zij jarenlang een vertrouwd beeld in de

Rotterdamse Haven. De Krimpen heeft hier bijna vijfendertig jaar lang

dienst gedaan en zij is met bouwjaar 1954 de oudste uit de serie. De

sleper is technisch in originele staat. De 325 pk sterke sleepboot komt zaterdag rond elf uur aan in de

buitenhaven van Maassluis en wordt feestelijk verwelkomd door de bijna even grote sleepboot Adriaan.

De Maassluise Sleepboothaven bestaat met de Krimpen uit een zestal vaartuigen, te weten de Elbe,

Hudson, Furie, Bruinvisch, Adriaan en Krimpen. (Source: Navigo)

Spain Receives New Coast Guard Vessel

The first of two coastal protection vessels has been delivered to Spain’s Maritime Safety Authority

SASEMAR. The main role for 220-ton bollard pull Don Inda is emergency towing of a tanker, as it is

equipped with a full range of equipment for recovering spilled oil. Rolls-Royce developed the UT 722 L

design -- derived from the anchor handler of the same type number, although they differ from an offshore

AHTS in many respects -- and provided the main equipment. Astilleros Zamakona, based at Santurce-

Bilbao, built the vessels. The SASEMAR vessels have a large installed power and very powerful towing

winches, but are flexible enough to take on many other roles including pollution clean-up, escort towing,

rescue of ships and their crews, emergency co-ordination, firefighting and salvage. Don Inda is 80 m long,

with a beam of 18 m and a draft of up to 6.8 m. Hull depth to main deck is 8.25 m, considerably larger than

the normal UT 722 L. An important feature is the large tank capacity for recovered oil of approximately

1,730 cu. m. The installation of an oil/water separation system is designed to enhance this capacity

further. The recovered oil tanks will be filled with about 95 percent oil and five percent water, the separator

discharging water of a cleanliness meeting environmental regulations back to the sea, whereas normally

oilrec tanks would contain a mixture of about 50/50 oil and water. Because the recovered oil may have a

high viscosity, the tanks are heated, enabling oil to subsequently be pumped to another vessel or ashore.

This feature means that the SASEMAR vessels can act as pumping stations in the event of a massive oil

spill. Four Bergen eight cylinder B32:40 long stroke engines power the vessel, producing a total of 16,000

kW. Two engines are coupled to each propeller shaft turning a CP propeller, and a fire pump is geared to

the forward end of the inner engine of each pair. This propulsion system provides a maximum speed of

17.6 knots and a bollard pull of about 220 tons. Depending on the operating mode, either all four engines

can be run, or just one on each shaft line. In addition, there are powerful auxiliary generator sets, and the

swing-up azimuth bow thruster has its own independent 736kW diesel engine. Maneuvering is enhanced

by high lift rudders, twin stern tunnel thrusters and an additional bow tunnel thruster supplementing the

azimuth unit. The vessels are being built to Bureau Veritas Class and have dynamic positioning notation

AM/ATR, which corresponds to IMO DP2 standard. The towing winch on Don Inda is designed to use the

full bollard pull capability. This main winch is a two drum hydraulic Rauma Brattvaag unit sized for 83 mm

wire and capable of pulling 300 tons with a 550 ton brake holding load. For escort work there is a winch on

the foredeck with a 45 ton pull/250 ton brake load equipped with synthetic rope towlines. A strongly

fendered reinforced bow allows the SASEMAR vessels to push disabled ships. Deck layout aft is designed

to give a clear lead for towlines, but the vessels will be prepared for an A-frame at the stern which can be

put aboard when required, for example to undertake salvage of sunken vessels. (Source: Marinelink)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Maridive 212 Deliverd

ABG Shipyard has delivered a new AHTS, Maridive 212, to Maridive & Oil Services SAE in Egypt.

Maridive 212 is the second AHTS vessel delivered by the company, and the second vessel to be

delivered to Maridive in this financial year out of a total of seven orders received from the company.

(Source: Leo Kramer)

Two Rotor®Tugs for Unterweser

Press release 16-02-07 - Kooren Shipbuilding and Trading B.V. has the pleasure to announce the sale of

two of their RT-80r class to Unterweser Reederei GmbH of Bremen, Germany. These Rotor®tugs are to

be built at ASL Shipyard Pte Ltd in Singapore. The tugs will have a bollard pull capacity of 80 metric tons

each. The high bollard pull, exceptional manoeuvring capabilities and comparable low draft, has been a

decisive factor of placing this order with KST. Delivery of the tugs will be between December 2008 and

February 2009. Unterweser Reederei GmbH also has the option for 1 + 1 RT-80r class additional tug(s)

during the building period. Both tugs will be powered by three ABC –8 DZC engines of min.1700 kW each

at 1000 rpm. The three azimuth thrusters will come from Schottel Propulsion Systems, they are of the

SRP 1215 CP type in 19A nozzles. The tugs will be classed by Germanischer Lloyd and will fly the

German Flag, All tugs will be equipped with fire fighting, foam and spray capabilities in line with the

required FF1 notation. The main dimensions of the tug are as follows: LOA 28.30 meters; Beam 12.00

meters and Draught 5.95 meters Kooren Shipbuilding and Trading B.V. and ASL Shipyard Pte Ltd are

building these tugs to the highest standard with various features not normally incorporated in a tug.

(Source: Europort Maritime Bulletin)

Marcon announces sale of AHTS Fratelli Neri

February 22, 2007 Marcon International in the US has announced the sale of the 6,600bhp AHTS vessel

Fratelli Neri (ex-Asso Cinque, Augustea Cinque, Off Barcelona) from European owners to Middle

Eastern buyers. She was built in 1977 by Maritima de Axpe SA of Bilbao, Spain. Dimensions are 197.6ft

length overall by 42.64ft beam with a loaded draft of 15.91ft. She is currently classed with RINA. The

vessel is powered by a pair of MAK 9M453AK 9 cylinder main engines producing 6,600bhp total at

550rpm. Propulsion is provided by Lips variable pitch props in fixed kort nozzles providing about 87 tons

bollard pull ahead. She is fitted with a Norwinch double drum waterfall towing winch. Vessel had been

working coastal anti-pollution control since 1999, but will now return to service in the oil industry. Marcon

acted as sole broker in the transaction and handled previous deals for both buyer and seller (Source: Leo



Halul Offshore Services Company has announced that it commenced the bareboat charter of Halul 28 on

January 22nd for impending ownership of the vessel. (Source: Leo Kramer)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

8 e jaargang, nr. 8

dd. 4 Maart 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

New contract for Kleven Maritime

Posted: 26.02.2007 Kleven Maritimes yard, Myklebust Verft AS in Sande has signed a contract with Aries

Offshore AS, for the building of one platform supply vessel. The platform supply vessel, type VS 470 MKII

Iis developed in close cooperation between the yard and the owner,

and is designed by Vik-Sandvik, Fitar, Norway. Main operations will be regular supply functions and cargo

transport for the oil industry.The lenght is 73,4 meters, the breadth is 16,6 meters and the speed is

calculated to be 14,5 knots. The accommodation is arranged for up to 34 persons. - We welcome a new

customer and look forward to a fruitful cooperation, says managing director Per Kristian Furø at Myklebust

Verft. Aries Offshore Services (former S. Ugelstad Rederi AS) was taken over by new owners two weeks

ago. – It is a positive signal that we already after two weeks can enter into a newbuilding contract, says

managing director Per Lindseth at Aries Offshroe Services. With this contract included, Aries Offshore

Services will have a fleet of 6 modern platform supply vessels. The contract value is NOK 186 million and

delivery will take place in September 2008. Myklebust Verft AS has now 10 vessels in order, at a contract

value of NOK 1,9 billion. In addition Myklebust Verft is going to outfit three vessels for Kleven Verft, at a

value of NOK 1,4 billion. Kleven Maritime as a group has 30 vessels in order, at a contract value of NOK

9,7 billions. (Source:L.Kramer)

Harms Bergung sells PSVs

February 27, 2007 Seabrokers reports that Harms Bergung has sold the VS 470 Mk II PSVs Aeolus,

Cerberus and Centaurus. Fellow German company Nordcapital has bought the vessels and will re-name

them E R Arendal, E R Bergen and E R Kristiansand. The deal was due to be completed by the end of

February. (Source:Seabrokers)

NOR Offshore secures time charter for Nor Sky

February 27, 2007 NOR Offshore Pte Ltd (NOR), which is 50 per cent owned by Solstad Offshore, and

Veolia Environment have entered into a five-year firm time charter for the vessel Nor Sky. The vessel is

under construction in Singapore (red: at the Jaya Batam Yard) and is scheduled for delivery in April 2007.

The charter period will commence upon the delivery of the vessel.

Nor Sky is a smaller AHTS, equipped with a 20 tonne crane, 50 tonne A-frame and accommodation to 60.

The work scope for the vessel will include ROV support, subsea surveys, air and saturation diving, subsea

construction, inspection, maintenance and repair. (Source:Leo Kramer-photo :Hans van der Ster)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Pelican Offshore to build supply vessels for Middle East

February 26, 2007 Pelican Offshore Services Pte Ltd, the the offshore chartering arm of Penguin Boat

International Ltd, has signed a major shipbuilding contract worth about US$23 million with Abu

Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) on behalf of Penguin Shipyard International Pte Ltd. The contract

with ADNOC calls for Pelican to manage the construction of three 55m high-speed Fast Supply

Intervention Vessels (FSIV) at PSI for delivery commencing in the third quarter of 2008, with an option for

one additional unit. (Source:Leo Kramer)

Bourbon Offshore and Oceanteam sign agreement

February 26, 2007 Bourbon Offshore and Oceanteam Power & Umbilical have signed an agreement

to co-operate in respect of vessels and services. The aim of the agreement is to further expand the range

of Oceanteam Power & Umbilical's services in combination with the wide range of specialised offshore

support vessels from Bourbon. The initial focus to be on West Africa and the Middle East.

Bourbon, through its subsidiary SONASURF, and Oceanteam, have recently been awarded a long term

field support vessel contract by BP Angola for its Greater Plutonium development in Block 18. In a joint

statement, the companies said: "The further development of the relationship, through a combination of

market knowledge, experience, services and resources, will allow both companies to enter into new

market segments and regions." (Source:Leo Kramer)

Bourbon to Expand Fleet with 46 New Service Vessels

Wednesday, February 28, 2007 Bourbon is expanding its fleet with next-generation, innovative and highproductivity

vessels to assist its oil industry clients worldwide in developing their continental and

deepwater offshore fields. Bourbon on Wednesday announced its new order of three series of modern

offshore service vessels, 46 units for EUR560 million (USD730 million) from the Sinopacific shipyards in

China (44 vessels) and West Atlantic Shipyard in Nigeria (2 vessels). --two series based on the GPA

design identical to the 36 vessels ordered by BOURBON in April 2006: --28 AHTS GPA 254 supply and

anchor-handling tugs with 80 tons traction --14 PSV GPA 654 platform supply vessels with 1600 tons

deadweight. All the 78 new vessels are principally intended for the replacement market operating in the

continental offshore in which more than 400 vessels now in service will be over 30 years old by 2010. The

characteristics of the new vessels will also make them excellent additional supply vessels for deepwater

offshore operations. They are all equipped with diesel-electric propulsion, classes DP2 and FiFi1.

Designed to optimize the carrying capacity of various products, they can each transport 640 m3 of liquid

mud. --one series of four PSV, Ulstein PX105 MACS supply vessels, 4400 tons deadweight, 88.8 m long,

with the X-BowTM and the PG-MACSTM system. This new series is the culmination of the optimization of

the design of the P105 and PX105 models, 4 of which are under construction for Bourbon, while 4 others

have already proven their operational value in the Bourbon fleet since 2005. Equipped with diesel electric

propulsion, classes DP2 and FiFi1, and a double hull, this series is "clean design" certified and meets the

highest standards of protection of the environment and comfort. The series includes two major

innovations: the positioning of engine exhaust on the water line, which does away with the funnel thus

allowing a 360degrees panoramic view from the bridge, and above all the MACS(TM) (Multi Application

Cargo Solution) system which increases storage capacity in the hold and enables different types of cargo

to be stored. These vessels therefore satisfy the precise needs of the international deepwater and North

Sea offshore industry while offering extremely profitable technological solutions to customers. With these

additional 46 vessels, Bourbon's Offshore Division has a total of 110 supply vessels on order as of 28th

February 2007. Deliveries will be made up to September 2011, when Bourbon will have the most up-todate

fleet on the market. Christian Lefevre, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of

Bourbon, said: "These orders are strategic because they will allow Bourbon to affirm its leading position in

modern offshore with a multi-purpose fleet adapted for safety, maneuverability, environmental protection

and productivity. The construction of these vessels in series is in line with a proven and profitable

business model to reduce construction and maintenance costs. The success of this model is based on the

high level of industrial know-how that Bourbon has already demonstrated. It is also based on the tested

capability of China's Sinopacific shipyards to produce quality vessels, which has been confirmed by the

success of the 14 vessels already delivered and in operation and which give full satisfaction to our

customers. "With these orders of 2 series of new vessels intended both for deepwater and continental

offshore, and the PSV series dedicated to deepwater offshore, we will, with confidence, satisfy the needs

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

of all our customers for modern vessels." With 4300 professionals and a fleet of almost 250 owned

vessels, Bourbon offers in more than 25 countries a broad range of offshore oil and gas marine services,

towage, assistance, salvage and bulk shipping. By 2010, in line with its strategic plan, Bourbon intends to

become the leader in modern offshore oil and gas marine services by offering the most demanding

international clients worldwide the services of a full line of new generation, innovative and highperformance

vessels. Classified by Euronext in the "Oil Services" sector, Bourbon is listed on Eurolist

Paris, Compartment A and is included in the Deferred Settlement Service (SRD) and the SBF 120 and

Dow Jones Stoxx 600 indices. The Offshore Division offers a full line of offshore oil and gas marine

services for the oil majors and super-majors and the leading state-owned oil companies. With almost 2500

employees, the Offshore Division has a fleet of 190 modern, powerful and multi-purpose vessels and is

preparing for the challenges of tomorrow with a large fleet on order or under construction. Operational in

more than 20 countries, the Offshore Division is expanding its presence in its historic areas of operations,

like the North Sea and the "Golden Triangle," the West Coast of Africa, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico, and

is assisting the growth of its clients in new operating regions like Southeast Asia. In 2006, the Offshore

Division reported revenues of 376.6 million euros, up 35.8%. (Source:Leo Kramer)

Oceanteam sells 50 per cent of North Ocean 101 to Bourbon

March 1, 2007

North Ocean 101 will be re-named Bourbon Oceanteam 101. Oceanteam Power & Umbilical ASA has

announced that it has signed an agreement to transfer 50 per cent of the shares in the singlepurpose

shipowning company that owns its first newbuild construction vessel, North Ocean 101, to

Bourbon Offshore Norway AS. The 50/50 owned company will be renamed Oceanteam Bourbon KS and

Oceanteam Bourbon AS in due course. Oceanteam's first newbuild will be renamed Bourbon

Oceanteam 101. The newbuild is currently under construction in Vigo, Spain and will be 123m long with a

breadth of 27m, has 2,000m² of free deck, a deadweight of 7,000 tonnes, 2 x 100 tonnes heave

compensated cranes and accommodation for 120 people. Bourbon, through its subsidiary SONASURF,

and Oceanteam have recently been awarded a long term field support vessel contract with BP Angola for

its Greater Plutonio development in Block 18. Earlier this week the two companies entered into a

commercial agreement allowing OPU to market its services through the Bourbon network. Two other ships

on order, North Ocean 102 and North Ocean 103, remain 100 per cent owned by Oceanteam Power &

Umbilical through 100 per cent owned single purpose companies. (Source:Leo Kramer)

Seabreeze report February 2007

Incredible, But True...

Fratelli D’Amato ‘s latest newbuild UT 755 L PSV has now delivered from the Rosetti Marino Shipyard in

Ravenna, Italy. The vessel has been named the F.D. Incredible and will be managed by Gulf Offshore

North Sea Limited. The F.D. Incredible is equipped with DP II, FiFi 1, Oil Recovery and has a deck area

of 640 m2 deck, as well as the usual UT 755 L extensive underdecks. The vessel is expected to work the

North Sea spot market for the foreseeable future.

Rolls-Royce Cruise Into South America

A couple of pieces of news came in this month regarding Rolls-Royce’s work in South America. First of all,

Companhia Brasileira de Offshore announced they are to build four UT 715 L PSVs at Allianca shipard

(near Rio de Janeiro) with delivery due in 2009 and 2010. CBO have already secured long term charters

for these vessels with Petrobras. The second bit of news was that the Asnavales S.A. shipyard in Chile

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

are to build two UT 745 CD PSVs for an undisclosed international shipowner. The above orders are in

addition to ten UT-design vessels currently being built in Brazil, and around forty vessels of UT Design

with related packages of Rolls- Royce equipment have been built in Brazil since 2000.

Aries Butts In

Aalesund based Aries Offshore Services are to build a VS 470 MK II PSV at Myklebust Verft AS. Aries

Offshore Services are formerly S. Ugelstad Rederi AS. Delivery of the 73.4 LOA vessel is expected in

September 2008.

Turquesa Turns Up

Brazil Offshore Services’ UT 722L BOS Turquesa (meaning turquoise in Portuguese) delivered from the

Itajai yard in Brazil this month. It has now started its eight year term charter with Petrobras. As we can see

below, the BOS Turquesa is fitted with Fi-Fi. :

Edison Expansion

Edison Chouest Offshore continues its fleet expansion programme by announcing more newbuilds from its

affiliated shipyards in the US. Seven new anchor handlers of between 16,000 HP and 21,600 HP and

fourteen 4,700 DWT PSV's are scheduled for delivery within the next 3 years. Additionally ECO has

recently taken delivery of several 160 Ft fast supply vessels, designed and built by Breaux Brothers in

Loreauville, LA. A further twelve of this class are due for delivery by mid 2011.

A Herculean Effort From Nomis

Nomis Shipping’s latest newbuild from Jaya Shipbuilding in Singapore has now delivered. The GBP seven

million anchor handling tug (the second in a three ship deal from the aforementioned Jaya) has now

started a five year with options contract for Chevron based in the Gulf of Thailand. Dea Hercules will be

operated by Nomis Shipping International of Singapore, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the

Aberdeen company.

TS Marine Take Two

Aberdeen based marine services company TS Marine have invested GBP 130 million in two vessels

designed for the niche subsea market. These MT 6040 vessels will be built at the Astilleros Huelva yard in

Spain. They will be equipped with specially designed subsea decommissioning and intervention support

packages. Fuel consumption on these vessels will be typically around 30% lower than other similar

vessels and will have on board environmental processing systems to safely handle well fluids and solids,

preventing discharge at sea. TS Marine plan to “exploit the burgeoning subsea decommissioning and rigless

intervention market, where global expenditure is forecast to rise by 170% in the next eight years”.

Intervene And Enhance

Well Ops (UK) Ltd have announced the name of their new multi-service DP III dive support / well

intervention vessel: the Well Enhancer. Their parent company Helix Energy Solutions Group will build the

vessel at the Merwede Shipyard in the Netherlands. The vessel should deliver at the end of 2008 will be

capable of working in the North Sea, West of Shetland and the Gulf of Mexico. It will also be designed to

support subsea well intervention including coil tubing, electric line and slick line operations.

Boa Attracted By Magnetor

The 100 tons bollard pull anchor handler Miclyn Magnetor has been bought by Boa Offshore. It will be re

named the Boa Magnetor. It is thought that the vessel will arrive in the North Sea around May and will

probably be available for North Sea work thereafter.

Celtic Kicks Off

The largest seismic vessel in the world has now delivered from the Gdansk Shipyard. The Geo Celtic is

the first in a series of four seismic Skipsteknisk AS design vessels with a length of just over 100 metres, a

beam of 24 metres and a draft of 7.5 metres.

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Cecon Seek Investors

Norwegian based company Cecon may build some large offshore construction vessels. It is understood

that Pareto Securities are looking for investors to build possibly six vessels at Quebec based Davies

Industries. The outline details of the vessels are an LOA of 130 metres, breadth of 28 metres, deck area of

2000 square metres and accommodation for 100 persons. It is hoped that three vessels would deliver in

2009 and the other three in the following year.

Rescuers Renamed

Ocean Mainport Limited have now officially purchased the Aberdeen based UK standby vessel operator

called Havila Rescue UK Ltd. They have now renamed the company Ocean Mainport Rescue Ltd with

operation of the business remaining unchanged.

Monsoon Reigns

Bourbon Offshore’s latest newbuild, Ulstein PX105 Bourbon Monsoon, has now delivered. The Ulstein

Verft built Clean Design PSV has now started her 10 year contract with BP Norway.

Bourbon Buy In Bulk

Sticking with Bourbon Offshore, the ambitious company has now placed a mega order for forty six

offshore vessels. The Sinopacific shipyard in China will build forty four of the vessels whilst the remaining

two will be built at the West Atlantic Shipyard in Nigeria. Twenty eight of the vessels will be GPA 254

anchor handlers, fourteen of them will be GPA 654 PSVs and the final four will be Ulstein PX105 MACS

supply vessels. If one takes into account the above mentioned forty six vessels, Bourbon now has one

hundred and ten supply vessels on order and delivering before September 2011...

He Who Dares, Wins

Sealion Shipping VS4612 anchor handler Toisa Daring has now begun its term charter with Noble Energy

in Equatorial Guinea after delivery in February. The 150 tons bollard pull Wuchang, China newbuild has

been contracted for around eighteen months by Noble.

Foss Maritime to build hybrid tug

Foss Maritime Company announced that it plans to build the world's first true hybrid tug boat, a "green"

vessel that will significantly reduce nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and carbon emissions.

It will also consume less fuel and be quieter than its conventional predecessors. Officials of the Seattlebased

marine services company, say the project must still gain final board approval. But the decision to

move forward with the hybrid tug got a boost earlier this week as the Port of Los Angeles pledged

$850,000 to the project, in association with the South Coast Air Quality Management District, and the

Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners preliminarily approved a $500,000 contribution to the

vessel's construction. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have expressed interest in funding the

tug as part of their San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan. In exchange for funding, Foss would agree

to homeport the new hybrid tug in Southern California for five years. The Foss hybrid tug is scheduled to

go into production later this year and will be delivered to Foss' Southern California operations in 2008. It is

a new-build project, a continuation of the Dolphin-class tug boat series built at Foss' Rainier, Oregon

shipyard. The Foss hybrid tug will look almost identical to its sister Dolphin-class tug boats, but will be

quieter, cleaner and more fuel efficient, using proven hybrid technology. The hybrid tug's drive units will be

powered by batteries coupled with diesel generators and feature a modified engine room accommodating

two 670 horsepower battery packs and two 335 horsepower generators. Although the main engines in the

hybrid tug will have lower horsepower than the existing Dolphin engines, overall the tug will have the same

total horsepower as its sister tugs. The 5,000 horsepower Foss hybrid tug will be primarily used for harbor

assist services. "This is exactly what the Clean Air Action Plan was intended to do--challenge companies

operating in the ports to come up with better, cleaner ways of doing business. And Foss has come up with

a great plan that benefits all of us," said Geraldine Knatz Ph.D. executive director of the Port of Los

Angeles. There are many environmental and health-related benefits to building a hybrid tug, including:

Reduced Emissions. The hybrid tug will reduce all emissions (nitrogen oxide, particulate emissions, sulfur

dioxide and carbon emissions) due to design efficiencies and lower fuel consumption. Initial estimates

show a 44 percent reduction in PM and NOx emissions for the same duty as the current Dolphin tugs in

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Los Angeles/Long Beach. Lower Fuel Consumption. The hybrid tug design minimizes fuel consumption by

using a power management system to match the required power to the most efficient combination of

batteries, generators and main engines for that particular power level. For example, instead of idling the

main engines while in standby mode when alongside a customer vessel awaiting orders from the pilot, the

hybrid tug will run on battery power with the main engines shut down. The lower fuel consumption results

in reductions of carbon emissions, a contributor to greenhouse gas, as well as sulfur emissions. Noise

Reduction. Overall, the hybrid tug will be much quieter than traditional tugs, running on battery power in

standby mode and only bringing the generators and main engines online when higher power is required.

This will reduce noise exposure, protecting crews from hearing loss and reducing noise pollution. The

hybrid tug will be introduced in the Los Angeles/Long Beach market, as hybrid tug technology is best

suited for harbor tugs that need high amounts of power for short periods of time. While performing tug

assist jobs in this Californian harbor, tug boats spend little time at peak RPM, rarely utilizing each tug's full

horsepower. Tugs in Los Angeles/Long Beach spend up to 50 percent of their time idling, with the main

engines on and ready to respond, but with no power actually being used for propulsion. With Foss' hybrid

tug, energy is produced only on demand, so that idling of the main engines will no longer be necessary.

The hybrid tug design will make it adaptable for retrofit of existing harbor tugs. The flexible design of the

tug also has the ability to take advantage of emerging technologies such as improved battery and fuel

advances. Thetug could also take advantage of cleaner, less expensive shore power to charge the

batteries. "Foss is proud to be working with the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles on such an

important project as the hybrid tug," said Gary C. Faber, president and COO of Foss. "This is just the

latest example of how Foss sits at the leading edge of maritime technology, engineering and shipbuilding.

As a company, we're committed to maintaining our natural environment. Foss anticipates there will be a

growing market for our 'green' tugs in the years to come." (Source: Clipping News)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

8 e jaargang, nr. 9

dd. 11 Maart 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Tug sold to Italy

SSG-RINGKØBING. Towing Company Jens Alfastsen in Horsens has sold the supertug Mira A to an

Italian operator, which took over the vessel in Assens this week. The tug joined the fleet only 15 months

ago. “We got an offer we couldn’t refuse”, explains the owner, Jens Alfastsen. We were very happy with

the tug and its performance, but the price we were offered was so good that I couldn’t resist it”, says Jens

Alfastsen. During its time under the Danish flag, the Mira A has worked with a huge stone barge running

from Norway to UK and lately with rig moves and anchor handling on the North Sea spot market. The tug

is the former Yorkshireman, built in 1976, and fitted with a double engine plant developing some 75 tons

bollard pull making it the most powerful tug under the Danish flag. History 1976/641 –Yorksman; 1988 –

Salvigour; 1989 – Comenda; 2005 – Mira A. (Source: Clipping News)

AHTS orders for Aker Yards

Aker Yards has entered into a contract with DOF ASA for the construction of two AHTS vessels, and an

option to build another two vessels. The value of the contract is approximately NOK 750 million (US$

121.8 million) per vessel. The vessels are Anchor Handling Supply Vessels, based on the Aker design AH

04. Delivery is scheduled in Q4 2009, and Q2 2010. The vessels will have a bollard pull in excess of 300

tons, a length of 108 m, a beam of 24 m and depth to main deck of 9.8 m. Each will be outfitted with a

triple drum winch of 500 tons. Accommodations are planned for 90 persons. The hulls for the vessels will

be built at Aker Yards, Tulcea in Romania and outfitting will be at Aker Yards in Norway. (Source: Clipping


Museum belicht het werk van sleepboten op Westerschelde

MAASSLUIS - Bij nacht en ontij voeren ze uit om assistentie te verlenen aan schepen in nood.

Binnenvaartschepen, die waren vastgelopen op één van die verraderlijke zandplaten, vrachtschepen die

met elkaar in botsing waren gekomen en in brand vlogen of uit koers geraakte schepen met gevaarlijke


Union-slepers in actie voor de sluizen van Terneuzen. foto Archief Nationaal Sleepvaart Museum

In 1986 waren die heldendaden op het water voor het Nationaal Sleepvaart Museum in Maassluis al eens

aanleiding voor een expositie, gewijd aan het Slepen op de Schelde. Eenentwintig jaar later vormt het

sleep- en bergingswerk tussen de Westerscheldemonding en Antwerpen opnieuw het onderwerp van een

grote wisseltentoonstelling, die doorloopt tot en met 14 oktober. De tentoonstelling besteedt aandacht aan

de vroegere geschiedenis van de sleepvaart met bedrijven als de Unie van Redding- en Sleepdienst

(Union), Willem Muller, Polderman, Van den Akker, Dijkhuizen, de SHV, de Nieuwe Vlissingse

Sleepdienst en Van Aerde. Woordvoerder Nico Ouwenhand van het museum: ,,De tijd van hevige

concurrentie in het Zeeuwse. Verbaal in niet mis te verstane bewoordingen en een enkele keer zelfs met

de vuist werden meningsverschillen beslecht. Die tijd is gelukkig voorbij en in overdrachtelijke zin is de

regio wat betreft de sleepvaart nu in rustiger vaarwater terecht gekomen.'' De nadruk ligt nu niet op die

roerige periode, maar op de ontwikkelingen en gebeurtenissen in de afgelopen twintig jaar. Op het

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

verdwijnen van het aloude Willem Muller, eerst overgenomen door Wijsmuller, later door de Union en

uiteindelijk helemaal verdwenen, de oprichting en zegetocht van Multraship van diezelfde familie Muller en

de nieuwbouw van de Union. En ook passeert een groot aantal calamiteiten, vooral fotografisch, de revue.

Het museum is gevestigd aan de Hoogstraat in Maassluis en is dagelijks open van 14.00 tot 17.00 uur,

behalve op maandag en op eerste Paas- en Pinksterdag.

Vroon PSV chartered by Oilexco

March 6, 2007 Seabrokers reports that Vroon Offshore Services PSV Rig Express has been chartered by

Oilexco for work in the North Sea. "The Dutch flagged, 663m2 deck Vuyk Kenton design will start work for

Oilexco around April 2007, probably straight after delivery," said Seabrokers. The charter period is one

year firm plus one year option. (Source: Leo Kramer)

DeepOcean wins new contracts from Saipem

UK March 7, 2007 DeepOcean UK, the subsidiary of DeepOcean ASA in Norway, has announced that it

has received a Letter of Intent from Saipem UK for the provision of ROV & Survey services for the Dunbar

Project in UK with Mærsk Responder and Mærsk Recorder. The first part of the job will start in April with

Mærsk Responder and be followed by Mærsk Recorder in May. Total estimated time for the work is about

90 vessel days with a contract value of approximately £5.5 million. Johannes Lie, CEO of DeepOcean

ASA, said: "We are very pleased to be involved in this project with Saipem and for the first time be able to

combine the resources of our subsidiary CTC Marine Projects and DeepOcean in winning more work for

the Group.? . (Source: Leo Kramer)

Sical Torino chartered into Dutch sector

Vessel & ROV News - March 7, 2007 Seabrokers reports that February saw an agreement being reached

between Peterson Supply Link and Troms Offshore to charter the VS470 Mk II supply vessel Sical

Torino. The vessel is currently on charter to Apache supporting drilling and project operations, but she will

head south to the Dutch sector when she completes her charter in April. "The vessel has been hired for a

one year period at a day rate being quoted as agreeable to both parties, however we reckon it is probably

slightly more agreeable to the owners than the charterer based on current market conditions," noted

Seabrokers in the latest issue of its monthly report Seabreeze. . (Source: Leo Kramer)

Deep Sea Supply

Wednesday, 07 March 2007 RAPIDLY expanding John Fredriksen-controlled offshore support company

Deep Sea Supply is to take a 10.800 BHP Anchor Handling Tugs Supply vessel newbuilding on bareboat

charter Java Marine Lines through DSS subsidiary DESS Cyprus. DSS has a 1 year firm bareboat charter

with a purchase option at the end of the year. The vessel is to be delivered by Jaya Shipbuilding &

Engineering, Singapore in September/October 2007. DSS says it will operate the vessel in Asia, Middle

East and West Africa. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Rescue tug brings in distressed reefer

The Far-Eastern Shipping Co-operated reefer vessel Khorol remains under repair at Port Angeles,

Washington state, after it suffered engine failure on Friday. Temporary repairs had been made at sea but

a call was made to the US Coast Guard, which brought a response from the 7,200-hp rescue tug

Gladiator. Costs for the Crowley Marine Services tug are covered by the Washington State Department of

Ecology during the winter months when risks to shipping are greatest. A Coast Guard statement said:

"This incident points out the need for high horsepower tugs to be available to assist ships with loss of

power or other incidents that jeopardise the safety of the crew and the environment." The Gladiator,

which is stationed at Neah Bay to respond to vessels, particularly oil tankers, entering ecologicallysensitive

Puget Sound, will remain in Port Angeles harbour until the repairs are made, or until a relief tug

can be found. (Source: Clipping News)

Tug Tows Disabled Ship to Shore

Mar. 7--The Khorol was flagging. Smoke was billowing out of the cargo ship's smokestack, a sign of

engine distress, and it was slowing down just four miles from its destination, Port Angeles. Then the ship

stopped cold. The engine was dead. Capt. Don Zeagler had to spring into action. Zeagler is one of the

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

captains of a tugboat stationed at Neah Bay each winter to rescue disabled ships in the Strait of Juan de

Fuca and off the Pacific coast. The boat's latest rescue unfolded last weekend with the usual high stakes:

if control of the ship was lost, it could run aground. "The environmental risk is very great," said Zeagler,

57. "It's an important job, and we feel fortunate that we're ... around to protect this coastline." The Khorol,

based in Cyprus, is a 377-foot-long refrigerated cargo ship that was trying to dock in Port Angeles to pick

up a shipment of salmon. It first reported engine problems to the Coast Guard on Friday night, about five

miles from the entrance to the strait. As a precaution, Zeagler and his crew of five took off in their 136foot-long

tugboat, the Gladiator, but were later told the ship was making the necessary repairs.At noon

Saturday, with the Khorol now 25 miles out at sea, the Gladiator returned to the ship and sailed behind as

it lumbered slowly toward Port Angeles. When the engine failed near the port, Zeagler and his crew tied a

600-foot-long, synthetic fiber line to the front of the ship and pulled it into the harbor. Once the ship was

there, Zeagler needed to have more control and tied three lines to the ship's side and pushed the Khorol

the rest of the way. As the ship approached Port Angeles, the sea was calm and visibility was fair, which

made the rescue operation much easier, Zeagler said. "It just went really well for us." Zeagler, who lives in

Ballard, has been a tugboat captain 21 years for Crowley Maritime, an Oakland, Calif., company. He says

he has rescued a dozen ships in his career and towed barges all over the world, from Alaska to the

southern tip of South America. A rescue tugboat has been stationed at Neah Bay each winter since 1999,

first funded by the U.S. Navy and then the state, and has rescued 31 ships. The state pays Crowley

$8,500 a day, plus roughly $1,000 a day in fuel costs, to operate the boat. The company took over the

state contract on New Year's Eve and promptly received a call that night, rescuing a drifting fishing boat

near Olympic National Park. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Tampa Bay Shipbuilding Gets Orders for Articulated Tug Barges (ATB)

Overseas Shipholding Group Inc., the company that bought Maritrans Inc., said it will build three

articulated tug barges, each with a construction value of about $90m. The barges will be constructed at

Tampa Bay Shipbuilding & Repair Co., while the tug boats will be constructed at Bender Shipbuilding &

Repair Co. in Mobile, Ala., according to a release from Overseas Shipholding. Tampa Bay Shipbuilding,

which is an affiliate of Bender and located at the Port of Tampa, previously handled projects for Tampabased

Maritrans, which was sold in November for $455 million. A call to Tampa Bay Shipbuilding for

additional details was pending. The barges will have a carrying capacity of about 290,000 barrels. Each

barge will be connected to a 12,000 horsepower tug boat and will be capable of carrying refined

petroleum products as well as crude oil within the U.S. Jones Act market, the release said. The units are

scheduled to be delivered from late 2009 through late 2010. Overseas Shipholding, based in New York, is

one of the largest publicly traded tanker companies in the world and a market leader in global energy

transportation services for crude oil and petroleum products. (Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal)

Island Offshore newbuild goes to Eni

March 8, 2007 Island Offshore’s latest newbuild anchor handler, which was due to arrive in late February

but slipped back to "early March" will start work with ENI Norway. Seabrokers reports that the newbuild UT

787 CD Island Vanguard has a 180 day plus 90 day option term charter with ENI Norway, beginning

straight after her arrival. The charter?s workscope involves assisting with subsea construction and anchor

handling support duties. It is understood that the contract is divided into three separate programmes and

in between these programmes the vessel may be available for work on the spot market. The Island

Offshore newbuild vessel comes equipped with DP II, moonpool, ROV hangar and accommodation for 54.

(Source: Leo Kramer)

Washburn & Doughty delivers Wilmington tug

East Boothbay, Maine, has been awash with tugs in recent years, as local tug-builder Washburn &

Doughty Associates continues to get more and more contracts. The shipyard delivered two more tugs

recently and a third one was due to be launched Jan. 19. The April Moran for Moran Towing Corp., New

Canaan, Conn., was delivered in October, and the Sonie, built for Tug Sonie, an affiliate of Wilmington

Tug, Wilmington, Del., was delivered in November. The January launch is for another Moran tug. The

Washburn & Doughty-designed 92'x32'x13'9" April Moran is currently performing ship-assist and docking

work in Norfolk, Va. Power to drive the 92-footer comes from a pair of EMD 12-645F7B engines, each of

them delivering 2,550 hp at 900 rpm to a pair of Z-drives with 94.48" stainless steel props. With a pair of

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

monitors, a deluge system, and the ability to work a fire for a minimum of 24 hours, the April Moran

meets FiFi 1 classification standards. The two electrically powered FFS monitors can be controlled from

the pilothouse or at the monitors. A pair of 900-hp Caterpillar 3412C diesels and Nijhuis HGTFI-1-250.500

pumps supplies the water. Designed by Robert Allan Ltd., Wilmington Tug's 80'x32'x16'7" Sonie works

ship-assist and docking jobs on the Delaware River.The 80-footer has a pair of MTU 16V4000 diesels,

each pulling 2,360 hp at 1,800 rpm and turning Rolls Royce US205 Z-drives. A pair of Northern Lights

M99-C2 gensets produces 99 kw each at 1,800 rpm. Except for increased horsepower, the Sonie is just

about identical to the Capt. Harry, another tug designed by Robert Allan and built by Washburn &

Doughty in 1991. The Capt. Harry had 4,200 hp, said Hickman Rowland, Wilmington Tug's owner,

compared to the Sonie's 4,720 hp. Both the Sonie and April Moran have 50-hp Markey DEPC-48 electric

winches. The DEPC-48 winch has a drum capacity of 500' of 9"-circumference soft line. The Markey winch

exerts a maximum pulling force of 16,000 lbs. at 90 fpm. The light-line speed is 182 fpm. Wilmington Tug

is having another 80', Robert Allan-designed tug built at Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding in Somerset, Mass.

Due to be delivered at the end of 2007, it will be identical to the Sonie. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

First ATB for Vane Lines

Vane Lines Bunkering, a subsidiary of Vane Brothers, took delivery of its first ATB in January. The 6,000hp

tug Brandywine (twin EMD 710s), matched with the Double Skin 141, is the first of two 145,000-bbl.

ATB units for the Baltimore-based company. The 123'x38'x22' Brandywine was constructed at

Marinette Marine Corp., Marinette, Wis., while the matching 480'x78'x36'6" barge was built simultaneously

at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. The barge's deep notch is fitted for Intercon's new-generation

coupling system. The ATB can handle all Subchapter O products and will work primarily in the

Northeast (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Newbuildings at Martinac

J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding Corp., Tacoma, Wash., is busy with several tugs, the first of which was about

to be delivered in January to Sause Bros. Inc., Coos Bay, Ore. The Mikiona is the first of two new

oceangoing tugs being built at Martinac for Sause. The 128'x35'x15' twin-screw tug is powered by a

pair of MTU 16V4000 main engines, each rated at 1,875 hp at 1,600 rpm. With 104" props in Nautican

nozzles, bollard pull is anticipated to be 130,000 lbs. Free-running speed should be 12 knots. The

Mikiona will also feature a new towing winch from Rapp Hydema. Martinac is also building a sister vessel

for Sause and a pair of Z-drive tugs for Signet Maritime Corp., Houston (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Katie Gonsoulin delivered to LeBeouf Brothers

Intracoastal Ironworks, Bourg, La., delivered the Entech-designed Katie Gonsoulin, another 72-footer, to

LeBeouf Brothers Towing last fall and was scheduled to complete a sister vessel early this year. The

boats are also powered by 850-hp Cummins KTA38 MO diesels. The mains are mated to 4-bladed

68" wheels through Reintjes 464 marine gears with 6:1 reduction ratios. An Entech triple-screw tug design

is currently underway at Lockport Fabrication for Russell Plaisance, Galliano, La. Powered by three

Cummins KTA19s, the 84'x27' tug will have two open wheels on the outsides and a ducted propeller in the

middle. Entech's Frank Basile said the design will provide the required bollard pull as well as shallow draft.

Lockport Fabrication is also finishing the Warren Thomas, the second of four 166', DP-1 supply vessels for

Supreme Offshore Services. Capacities include 2,500 bbls. of liquid mud and 33,000 gals. of methanol.

(Source: Jan van der Doe)

Entech design under construction at Chiasson

Another Entech triple-screw tug is under construction at Chiasson Welding, Larose, La., for Brice

Construction, Fairbanks, Alaska. The 84'x36' ATB tug will push a 248'x54' fuel barge. The tug and barge

will be connected with an Articouple system from Taisei Engineering in Japan. To achieve the desired

10-knot speed with the required shallow draft for river operations, three of Cummins' new 660-hp QSK19

M engines were selected. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Long term deal for Traveller

March 9, 2007 Seabrokers reports that Gulf Offshore UT 755 PSV North Traveller has been chartered for

a three year firm (plus one year option) term charter. Traveller will begin this work for Drilling Production

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

Technology (DPT) this month. It is understood that the prime reason for the fixture is to support the semisubmersible

drilling rig Bredford Dolphin during its drilling programme in Norwegian waters. (Source: Leo


Smit Europe confess colour

The new build Smit Europe have received her first layer of paint.

The lady in red shows slowly her design shape. It is expected that

this 65 ton bollard pull tug will be delivered to her owners at the end of May, with her sister Smit Africa

follow 2 weeks later. (Source: Hans van der Ster)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

8 e jaargang, nr. 10

dd. 18 Maart 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Turquesa delivered by Itajai

March 12, 2007 Brazil Offshore Services’ UT 722L BOS Turquesa (meaning turquoise in Portuguese) has

been delivered by Itajai yard in Brazil. Seabrokers reports that it has now started its eight year term

charter with Petrobras. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Esvagt Carpathia

It was reported that last week the Esvagt Carpathia has been delivered to her owners by the builders

ASL Shipyard – Singapore. (Source: Ton Has)

Boa acquires AHTS

March 13, 2007 Seabrokers reported in the latest issue of its monthly newsleter Seabreeze that the 100

tons bollard pull anchor handler Miclyn Magnetor has been bought by Boa Offshore. The vessel will

be renamed Boa Magnetor. It is thought that the vessel will arrive in the North Sea around May and will

probably be available for North Sea work thereafter. (Source: Seabrokers)

New charter

Posted: 13.03.2007 Deep Sea Supply has entered into a new charter with Total E & P Congo from 26

April 2007 for `Sea Halibut` (the 2nd PSV vessel delivered from Cochin Shipyard) for a period of 6

months (plus option of 3 + 3 months). The charter value for the firm period is approximately USD 6,2 mill

including mob and demob fee (net of withholding tax). `Sea Halibut` is expected to be delivered from

Cochin Shipyard early May 2007, and the AHTS vessel `Sea Bear` will hence be the forerunner until `Sea

Halibut` will arrive Congo (expected approximately 15 May 2007). (Source: Leo Kramer)

Coast Guard Responds to Rock Barge Incident

Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit (MSU) Port Arthur is responding to a marine casualty on the Sabine-

Neches waterway involving a barge under tow, which became unstable and dumped its cargo of rock into

the water. The Coast Guard received a notice that the towing vessel Kacie Luhr, pushing four rock barges,

was taking on water and one of the rock barges had dumped about 1,650 tons of rock into the navigation

channel. Coast Guard smallboats transported all six crewmembers from the towing vessel safely to a

nearby tug. The Kacie Luhr and two of its barges remain partially in the waterway. Coast Guard

investigators conducted an initial survey of the towing vessel and the two damaged barges, while the two

rock barges that were completely unaffected by the incident were disconnected from the tow. The local

Army Corps of Engineers Office has aided and successfully located the channel blockage with a sonar

scan. In addition, local salvage team T&T Marine is currently on scene getting ready to safely remove the

damaged vessels. A broadcast notice to mariners was issued yesterday and a safety zone is in effect to

keep all vessel traffic a safe distance from the incident. The waterway is currently closed to deep-draft

traffic but open to most towing vessels and small boats. (Source: Marinelink)

Svitzerwijsmuller’s Offer On Adsteam Is Now Unconditional

SvitzerWijsmuller announced today (15th March 2007) that it has decided to waive the final outstanding

condition to its A$2.54 recommended cash Offer for all of the shares in Adsteam Marine Limited

(“Adsteam”). Accordingly, the Offer is now unconditional. Jesper T. Lok, CEO of SvitzerWijsmuller said:

“Now that the final condition to the Offer has been waived, we look forward to bringing the two

businesses together and to realising our vision of creating a global player in, and a preferred provider of,

safety and support services at sea”. “Ahead of us is the important task of integrating the two organizations.

Whereas we feel well prepared, we humbly recognize the importance of the work and are very conscious

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

of not underestimating the task”. “With more than 4,000 Colleagues, operating 500 vessels in some 35

countries around the World, we have a unique and unequalled opportunity to be the preferred provider

globally of safety and support services at sea”. As at 8.00am (AEST) on 15th March 2007,

SvitzerWijsmuller had received acceptances and acceptance instructions equal to 84,78% of Adsteam’s

issued shares. The Offer is scheduled to close at 7.00pm (AEST) on 23 March 2007 and Adsteam

Shareholders are encouraged to follow the recommendation of the Adsteam Board and accept the Offer

without further delay. (Source: SvitzerWijsmuller)

14 Vessel deal with Wilson Sons, Brazil

8 Damen Platform Supply Vessels (PSV’S) & 6 Damen Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) Tugs

Wilson Sons and Damen Shipyards Gorinchem have signed contracts for the construction of one 40 ton

bollard pull Damen ASD 2810, three 40 ton bollard pull ASD’s 2411 and two 70 ton bollard pull ASD’s

2411.All ASD tugs will be provided with Caterpillar main engines and Rolls Royce rudder propellers. A

forward towing winch is fitted on all tugs and an aft towing winch will be included on the ASD tug 2810. In

addition contracts were signed for the new building of six Damen PSV’s 7216 with a deadweight of

approximately 3.000 ton. All PSV’s carry fuel oil, potable water, dry bulk and optional liquid mud.

Propulsion is by means of two 1.500 kW Rolls Royce rudder propellers with controllable pitch propellers in

a diesel electric configuration with Caterpillar generator sets. The free deck area of these vessels is

approximately 600 m2. Furthermore an agreement was also reached for the construction of two Damen

PSV’s 8816 with a deadweight of approximately 4.500 ton and similar dieselelectric propulsion as the

smaller PSV’s, however with an input power of 2 x 1.920 kW. The deck area of the PSV 8816 is

approximately 800 m2. Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC) will provide engineering, components and

logistic support to Wilson Sons in Guaruja (Santos) were all vessels will be built. Completion of this highly

significant new building programme is scheduled for the beginning of 2010. Wilson Sons and Damen

enjoy a very successful cooperation which dates back to 1993 and since then a total of 26 Damen Tugs

have been built by Wilson Sons. Presently one Damen PSV 7216, which was contracted last year, is

under construction at Wilson Sons and is scheduled for delivery in March of this year. The six Damen ASD

Tugs will be operated in various Brazilian ports by Saveiros, the leading operator in Brazil. The eight

Damen PSV’s will sail under the flag of Saveiros Camuyrano Servicios Maritimos and will be chartered out

to Petrobras. (Source: Damen)

Nomis acquires Ocean Service from Oceaneering

March 15, 2007 Nomis Shipping has acquired the DP ROV/air diving/survey vessel Ocean Service from

Oceaneering. Offshore Shipbrokers Ltd (OSL) said in its latest monthly report that delivery of the vessel to

its new owner took place in the Gulf of Mexico on February 27th. OSL said the vessel has been renamed

Dea Surveyor and will go straight to Singapore. (Source: via Leo Kramer)

Fratelli Neri sold

March 15, 2007 Offshore Shipbrokers Ltd (OSL) says Fratelli Neri (built 1977 - 6,600bhp) has been sold

to Middle Eastern buyers. OSL estimated the price to be in the region of US$1,750,000. (Source: via Leo


Coast Guard, Rescue Tug Bail Out Boat at Neah Bay

The Coast Guard and the state-funded rescue tugboat at Neah Bay rescued a sinking fishing boat in the

bay, reported the Seattle Times. The 70-ft. boat Kristena Rose, with up to 5,000 gallons of fuel on board,

was taking on water in its engine room while stopped at Makah Marina. A Coast Guard boat and the

rescue tugboat responded and used pumps to get rid of the water. The pumping allowed some oil from the

engine room to escape, and the Makah tribe is helping with the clean-up. The Coast Guard also had

another rescue Tuesday, helping an elderly couple whose Nordic Tug had ran aground near Bellingham.

The 37-ft. Augenblick got stuck at the south end of the Swinomish Channel.The Coast Guard launched a

boat and transported the couple back to shore. (Source: Seattle Times)

Viking Offshore Welcomes First of Nine New Vessels to Fleet

Friday, March 16, 2007 Viking Offshore Services welcomed the first of nine new emergency response

and rescue vessels (ERRVs) to its fleet. The Viking Discovery was the subject of an official naming

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

ceremony at Aberdeen Harbor, representing the first phase of Viking Offshore's £55million investment

program in enhanced ERRV provision for the energy industry. The nine-vessel deal is the largest ever

single order for ERRVs and signals the company's long-term commitment to providing key field support

services for the oil and gas sector. The vessels will be certified to operate in UK, Norway, Denmark and

Holland. Chief Executive Graham Philip said: "The Viking Discovery is in the vanguard of a new-build

program that sets new standards for the sector in terms of vessel design and the provision of added value

services to customers, and ensures we remain the leading player in the sector. "All the new vessels will

feature a series of enhanced recovery and rescue features as well as class leading capabilities for in-field

logistic services. "We are delighted to welcome the Discovery to our fleet as part of a strategy to provide

added value services to the European offshore energy market in the long term." Aberdeen-based Viking

Offshore Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Viking Supply Ships A/S, which in turn is part of

Kistefos A/S, a privately-owned Norwegian investment company. The naming ceremony was performed

by Tracey Johnston, wife of Brian Johnston, The Royal Bank of Scotland's Regional Director, Aberdeen &

North Scotland. The vessel was blessed by Aberdeen port chaplain Rev Howard Drysdale. Viking

Offshore has established a long-term financing facility with the Bank of Scotland and The Royal Bank of

Scotland that, along with a significant equity investment from Kistefos, both funds the new-build program

and creates a stable platform for growth The investment program will allow Aberdeen-based Viking

Offshore to replace older vessels in its current 31 vessel fleet while increasing the number of multi-role

vessels and thus improving its range of value added services. The 55-meter Viking Discovery, which will

initially work on a contract with BP, is of the new IMT 955 design by IMT Marine Consultants of Montrose,

Scotland. All the new vessels, of similar design, are being constructed at the Astilleros Zamakona

shipyard in Spain and are to be delivered in a rolling program until early 2009. Crew facilities include a

well-equipped gymnasium, sauna, conference facilities and 15 single en-suite cabins, with capacity for up

to 22 berths. Graham Philip added: "The design combines first-class recovery and rescue resources

capable of serving multiple installations and offers the ability to undertake in-field cargo activities, offshore

warehousing and delivery of essential supplies." Viking Offshore's sister company, platform supply vessel

business SBS Marine, has taken delivery of two new vessels in 2006 with a third scheduled for delivery at

the end of March 2007. It currently operates five platform supply vessels in the North Sea and India.

However, the eastern area of Branscombe beach is staying closed as machinery used by contractors is

still there. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Havila Harmony Enters Hydramarine Yard

Posted: 16.03.2007.The Havila Harmony entered the Hydramarine yard for installation of a 150T Active

Heave Compensated crane. Hydramarine have complete facilities for such complex vessel installations,

incl.dry dock, large quay side cranes, accomodation etc. Havila Harmony will enter in a charter for TS

Marine and head directly to Australian waters. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Portos de Madeira verkoopt twee 1100 pk’ers

De Cabo Girao en Ponta do Garajau (beide 1,100 apk, 183/63) zijn in 2007 door Portos de madeira,

Madeira verkocht aan Lutmar, Setubal (Portugal) (Source: Lawrence Amboldt)

Grounding of Bohus on March 16, 2007

Tugboat Bohus suffered black-out and following stop of main engine en route from Wallhamn to

Brofjorden on March 16 at 14.25 hours. It wasn't possible for the crew to restart the engine before Bohus

grounded at the rocks at Härmanö Udde. Shortly after the grounding the crew was evacuated by a

helicopter from the Swedish Coast Guard. All of the 4 crew members are well after the grounding and

evacuation. Shortly after the grounding Bohus started taking in water and listed heavily. Salvage team

from Sweden and Holland has been mobilised. The vessel had at the time of the grounding 95mt of gas oil

and 4 mt of lubricating oil on board. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Danes buys tug in Finland

SSG-RINGKØBING. Danish bulk-operator Britannia Bulk DK A/S has enlarged its tug fleet with the

purchase of the Finnish owned (Alfons Håkans) tug Baus. It has now been renamed Vornaes II and flies

the Panama flag. The tug is unusual as it now has been owned by Norwegians, Swedish, Finnish and now

Danish owners during its 37-year long career. It will be converted into a pusher-tug and then work the fleet

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

of bulk barges owned by Britannia Bulk DK, which took over the SvitzerWijsmuller bulk barge fleet and

pusher tugs in 2006. Since then it has purchased an additional bulk barge from Alfons Håkans and now

also a tug to operate the barge. The Vornaes II was built in 1970 as the Baus by P. Høivolds in

Kristiansand S and is fitted with a MaK engine giving it a bollard pull of 32 tonnes. (Source: Clipping


Hystory: 1971 - Baus (2) Bukser og Bjergningsselskapet A/S –

Oslo, (Nor); 1985 – Hans Oskar Pitea Bogserhats A/B", mng

"Wiren's Rederi A/B" – Pitea, (Swd); 1988 – Hans Oscar A/S

Sydvaranger" – Kirkenes, (Nor); 1997 – Rauma IV Suomen

Merisukellus Oy" – Rauma, (Fin); 1999 – Levator Suomen

Merisukelus – Helsinki, (Fin); 2001 – Baus Alfons Hakans" –

Turku, (Fin); 2007 Vornaes II Britannia Bulk DK A/S, (Den).

(Marcoldatabase: Hans van der Ster)

*** Een J.v.d.Ster – Marcol Production ***

8 e jaargang, nr. 11

dd. 25 Maart 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Baus rectification

The compiler received a mail with following: I just read about Baus in your net magazine.I do not know if

you got book ALFONS HÅKANS 1945-2005 with fleetlist of all owned & chartered vessels of which I am

co-author. There is history of Baus. Baus was sold to Alfons Håkans in 1999 so it should be: 1996 Rauma

IV (Fin), Suomen Marisukellus Oy, Rauma. 1999 Baus (Fin), Suomen Marisukellus Oy, Rauma (Alfons

Håkans Oy-Ab, Turku. LEVATOR is not tug but barge built 1973, 1,970 gross, 4.484 dwt and owned by

Håkans. Risto many thanks for your amendment. (Source: Risto Brzoza)

Abeille Cires and Abeille Dalia on route to Tanger

On Saturday 17th March the Damen – Romania built newbuildings tugs Abeille Cires & Abeille Dalia

made a fuel stop at Valletta, Malta before completing their voyage to Tanger, Morocco. (Source: Lawrence


Indomitable to return to UK

The Adsteam tug ‘Indomitable’ will shortly be leaving the Falkland Islands en route back to the UK. The

‘Indom’ as she was known by many, has been providing towage and support services at Mare Harbour,

Stanley, since 1987 when the contract to provide these services was won by Alexandra Towing Company,

Liverpool. Prior to her leaving Liverpool and heading south, she was partially rebuilt and was equipped

with fire fighting and salvage pumps. A delivery crew from Redwise are to bring her back to the UK and it

is unclear what the future holds for this vessel. The ‘Indom’ was built in 1979 and had a sister vessel the

‘Formidable’. (Source: George Pennington)

Union Kodiak

It was reported that the URS new build tug Union Kodiak sailing out on the 20 th march for some trails.

The Union Kodiak is the first one of a pair Robert Allen design and built at Tuzla’s – Dearsan yard. Her

sister Union Grizzly is still under construction and is expected to be delivered august 2007. (Source:

Hans van der Ster)

Aker stapt uit schepen

OSLO - Het Noorse concern Aker neemt afscheid van de scheepsbouw. Het bedrijf van de miljardair Kjell

Inge Rokke heeft voor 4,6 miljard kroon (565 miljoen euro) zijn gehele belang van 40,1 procent in het

scheepsbouwconcern Aker Yards verkocht aan Noorse en buitenlandse investeerders. Dat maakte Aker

gisteren bekend. Het is niet bekend wie de investeerders zijn, maar volgens Aker gaat het overwegend

om 'belangrijke institutionele beleggers'. Volgens een apart uitgegeven verklaring van Aker Yards zijn nu

22 procent van de aandelen in het bedrijf in Noorse handen en bezitten internationale partijen de rest.

Aker bood de aandelen vorige week te koop aan. Aker Yards is de grootste scheepsbouwer van Europa.

Het bedrijf heeft zeventien werven in Finland, Frankrijk, Noorwegen, Duitsland, Roemenië, Oekraïne en

Brazilië. Aker Yards telt ongeveer 20.000 werknemers. (Source: Navigo)

Hercules Offshore neemt Todco over voor USD 2,3 mrd

AMSTERDAM ( -Hercules Offshore neemt sectorgenoot Todco over voor in totaal $ 2,3 mrd in aandelen

en contanten. Dat heeft de Amerikaanse dienstverlener voor de olie-industrie maandag bekendgemaakt. Hercules

biedt 0,979 aandeel Hercules en $ 16,00 in contanten voor elk aandeel Todco. Het bod biedt een premie van 28% ten

opzichte van de slotkoers van Todco op vrijdag 16 maart. De overname zal naar verwachting in het midden van dit

jaar worden afgerond. Na afronding zullen aandeelhouders Todco zo'n 64% houden in het gecombineerde bedrijf en

aandeelhouders Hercules circa 36%. Hercules verwacht door de overname de concurrentiepositie in de Golf van

Mexico te verbeteren, door meer schaalvoordelen te kunnen behalen en een grotere operationele flexibiliteit te

verkrijgen. (Source: Navigo)

Viking Offshore takes delivery of first of nine new vessels

March 20, 2007 Viking Offshore Services has welcomed the first of nine new vessels to its fleet. Viking

Discovery was the subject of an official naming ceremony at Aberdeen Harbour, representing the first

phase of Viking Offshore’s £55million investment programme in enhanced ERRV provision for the energy

industry. The nine-vessel deal is the largest ever single order for ERRVs and signals the company’s longterm

commitment to providing key field support services for the oil and gas sector. The vessels will be

certified to operate in UK, Norway, Denmark and Holland. Chief Executive Graham Philip said: ‘Viking

Discovery is in the vanguard of a new-build programme that sets new standards for the sector in terms of

vessel design and the provision of added value services to customers, and ensures we remain the leading

player in the sector. All the new vessels will feature a series of enhanced recovery and rescue features as

well as class leading capabilities for in-field logistic services." We are delighted to welcome the Discovery

to our fleet as part of a strategy to provide added value services to the European offshore energy market

in the long term,’ said mr Philip. Aberdeen-based Viking Offshore Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of

Viking Supply Ships A/S, which in turn is part of Kistefos A/S, a privately-owned Norwegian investment

company. Viking Offshore has established a long-term financing facility with the Bank of Scotland and The

Royal Bank of Scotland that, along with a significant equity investment from Kistefos, both funds the

newbuild programme and creates a stable platform for growth The investment programme will allow

Aberdeen-based Viking Offshore to replace older vessels in its current 31 vessel fleet whilst increasing the

number of multi-role vessels and thus improving its range of value added services. The 55m Viking

Discovery, which will initially work on a contract with BP, is of the new IMT 955 design by IMT Marine

Consultants of Montrose, Scotland. All the new vessels, of similar design, are being constructed at the

Astilleros Zamakona shipyard in Spain and are to be delivered in a rolling programme until early 2009.

Crew facilities include a well-equipped gymnasium, sauna, conference facilities and 15 single en-suite

cabins, with capacity for up to 22 berths. Graham Philip added: “The design combines first-class recovery

and rescue resources capable of serving multiple installations and offers the ability to undertake in-field

cargo activities, offshore warehousing and delivery of essential supplies.” Viking Offshore’s sister

company, platform supply vessel business SBS Marine, has taken delivery of two new vessels in 2006

with a third scheduled for delivery at the end of March 2007. It currently operates five platform supply

vessels in the North Sea and India. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Statoil extends Normand Draupne again

March 20, 2007 Statoil has declared its last option for Solstad Offshore's Normand Draupne for one year.

Normand Draupne will be on contract until June 008. The extension is existing terms. (Source: Leo


Lady Hammond sold

The Lady Hammond (ex; Genua – 97; Seaman – 90) 1885/498 has been sold 11-2006 to Marine

Capabilities, Abu Dhabi without renaming. (Source: Leon de Hoop)

Skandi Yare extended by Petrobras

March 21, 2007 DOF has secured an extension to its time charter for Skandi Yare with Petrobras.

The charter is for four years from September 2007. DOF said the rate will provide an increase in EBITDA

of approximately NKr 16 million a year compared with the existing contract. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Bluestream extends Northern River

The Bluestream Group has extended its charter on the Trico Supply-managed Northern River by five

years until May 2012. Bluestream Group said that as part of the deal, the vessel will have moonpool

opened and additional taut-wire system installed during her next dry docking, which is planned for May

2007. (Source: Clipping News)

Zouros buys Bourbon Chieftain

MCT/Zouros Group, after succesfull negotiations with “Bourbon Offshore AS”, proudly announces the very

recent fleet addition of the AHTS/Multirole vessel “Bourbon Chieftain” 12,730 BHP / 150 TNS B.P. Built

1983. The vessel will be renamed “Chieftain” until the completion of her present contract, early summer

2008, with the Norwegian Coast Guard and the management will be carried out by the Norwegian

company “Troms Offshore AS”. (Source: Clipping News)

Gulf Offshore NS orders Aker PSV's

Aker Yards has entered into a contract with Gulf Offshore NS. Ltd. for building of two platform supply

vessels based on the Aker PSV 09 CD design. Gulf Offshore NS is the Aberdeen, Scotland, based unit of

Gulfmark Offshore. The total value of the contract is approximately NOK 530 million (about $86.2 million).

Delivery is scheduled in 4Q 2009 and 2Q 2010. The vessels will be equipped with dynamic positioning,

diesel electric propulsion and will have the class notation Clean Design. The vessels are designed for

good sea keeping performance, low fuel consumption and environmental friendly operations. Dimensions

are: Length 86.6 m, beam 19 m. Cargo capacity dwt is 4,850 tons In the past Gulf Offshore has been

involved in more than 30 contracts with Aker Yards. With this contract, four of the vessels in order by Gulf

Offshore are of Aker Yards design. The hulls for the vessels will be built at Aker Yards in Romania and

they will be outfitted at Aker Yards in Norway.

Lawrence Amboldt reported:

The Champion (ex. Tadami Maru-06, van Fukushima Kisen K. K., Iwaki) was sold by J. P. Knight to

Adsteam, her new name is Adsteam Intrepid. 4,400 apk, 2 x Niigata 6L28HX, 2 x Niigata ZP-31 rudder

propellers 257/05.

The Iide Maru was sold by Fukushima Kisen K. K., Fukuyama in 2007 to J. P. Knight her new name is

Kintore, 4,500 apk, 257/06.

J. P. Knight has sold the pusher Kennet (ex. Terese Marie-95, ex. Argo Knot-84, ex. City of La Crosse-83)

in 2007 to Uruguay. 2,250 apk (2xCaterpillar) 282/81

The Baltic Stevns (ex. Axel-88, ex. Bugsier 26-77) who was sold in 2002 to Ramsgate is in 2006

renamed in Baltic Warrior by Telco Ltd. with London registration, but she is still at Ramsgate. 1,600 apk,


Olympic Elena delivered

March 23, 2007 Olympic Shipping in Norway has taken delivery of the PSV Olympic Elena, a MT 6009

design. The vessel will operate on term charter with BP in Egypt. (Source: Leo Kramer)

SIC's £14m tug spend

SHETLAND Islands Council is to spend £14m on two new tugs for Sullom Voe. The ports and harbours

department has recently signed the contract with the Spanish shipbuilder Union Naval, Valencia to

construct two Voith tractor, escort tugs to be delivered in the spring of 2010. The vessels will be 40m in

length and are described as being among the most powerful tugs in the world. Work on the vessels will

begin in 2009. The reason for the delay, ports and harbours general manager Jim Dickson said, was

because there was a three-year delay for engines worldwide. He said: "We had four shipyards that met

the technical and financial approval and from that we got three replies and Union Naval is the one we went

for." The vessels will be 40m long with a 14m beam and have an operational draft of 6.5m. Both will also

have a contract speed of 14 knots. (Source: Clipping News)

8 e jaargang, nr. 12

dd. 01 April 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Lost barge safely delivered at Harwich

The Norwegian tugboat "Olsen" lost it's tow during bad weather at the Northsea on the trip from Norway

to Iran. The towing wire was broken twice 15 miles offshore Yarmouth. GPS Marine diverted immediately

the tug "Muria" to the scene. Around 0345 hours on the 26th of March the Muria arrived on the position of

the barge. After a few hours the crew successfully connected the barge and a Norwegian seaman,

suffering from hypothermia, was taken from the pontoon on board the Muria. On 25th of March at 15.00

hours lt the Muria delivered the pontoon and Norwegian crewmember safely to the port of

Harwich.(Source: Clipping News)

Dearsan – Turkey contracted for another Aquila serie tug

The third tug of Aquila series is sold to Iskes Towing & Salvage B.V. in Netherlands. Iskes Towage &

Salvage B.V. provides towage and salvage services for the Amsterdam/IJmuiden and North Sea areas.

This RAmparts 3200/65 Class ASD tug, Robert Allen design, has an overall length of 32 meters, a beam

of 11.60 meters. (Source: Dearsan)

Dearsan begins its ”Hercules tug series”

The, Robert Allen design, ASD 34/80E tug is a twin Z-drive, diesel powered terminal support and tanker

escort tug, designed for maximum efficiency in the performance of ship-handling, escort and related

terminal support activities services. The vessel is equipped with a double-drum hawser winch forward and

heavy bow fendering for ship-assist and escort work. The hull, deckhouse, and wheelhouse are of welded

steel construction. The vessel is fully equipped for fire-fighting to a Fi-Fi 1 standard. The hull form

incorporates prominent side sponsons and a deep skeg for maximum escort performance and critically, for

maximum motion damping in a seaway. Named as Yard numbers 2057 & 2058 they have the following

dimensions. Length overall = 33.60 metres; Beam, moulded, extreme = 13.50 metres; Depth, moulded

(hull) = 6.03 metres; Maximum draft = 5.75 metres. Bollard pull, ahead = 85 tonnes (minimum) at 100%

MCR; Bollard pull, astern = 80 tonnes at 100% MCR; Free running speed at full power, ahead = 13.5

knots (minimum). (Source: Dearsan)

More vessels for Nomis Shipping

The company took delivery of the 1977-built medium sized PSV North Prince in January although the

vessel is being managed by Gulf Offshore until late April when the unit completes a 12

month charter with Shell. Consequently Nomis operate around 35 vessels which includes a small

newbuilding AHTS that is due for delivery early next year from the Fujian shipyard in China. (Source: Leo


Sartor acquires Scotsman Sea

March 26, 2007 Sartor Shipping in Norway has acquired the 1982-built medium sized PSV Scotsman Sea

(ME202) from Secunda Marine for around US$ 8 million.The vessel is currently trading the North Sea spot

market and will transfer to the new owners later this month. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Aker Yards to Build Supply Vessel

Aker Yards has signed a contract with GDV Shipping AS in Arendal, Norway, to deliver one Aker

PSV/ROV 06CD Platform supply vessel. The total value of the contract is approximately $65.5m. The hull

for the vessel will be built in Romania and outfitted in Norway. Delivery of the vessel is scheduled for the

4th quarter of 2009. The contract also includes an option for a similar vessel for delivery in the 2nd quarter

of 2010. Aker Yards has delivered, or have under construction, 28 vessels of own design. (Source:


ASL Marine Wins Seven-vessel Contract

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 ASL Marine Holdings Ltd. has secured major shipbuilding contracts worth

S$164 million. These contracts are for the construction of seven vessels involved in offshore oil and gas

as well as port terminal operations. The seven vessels include six units of Rotor tugs secured from repeat

customers in Europe as well as one unit of Heavy Lift cum Pipelay vessel secured from a customer in

India. These contracts are due for delivery by 2009.The Group's shipbuilding order book stood at S$382

million as at 31 December 2006. With these new contracts, the Group's total shipbuilding order book has

increased significantly by S$164 million. These new contracts are expected to keep ASL Marine busy till

FY2009. Commenting on the new contracts, Mr Ang Kok Tian, Managing Director said, "The new contract

of the Heavy Lift cum Pipelay vessel reaffirms the continued demand from the offshore oil and gas sector.

We have been receiving constant enquiries from potential clients in Europe, Middle East and Asia. With

these contracts, our shipyards will be kept busy till FY2009. The industry remains buoyant and we are

optimistic that we will see further contract wins." According to an Offshore and Marine Outlook report by

Merrill Lynch1 published earlier this year, "The outlook for 2007 looks solid and is primed to at least match

that of 2006. Fundamentals remain extremely strong and we are optimistic that growth will exceed that

achieved in 2006." Mr Ang added, "ASL Marine is well positioned to ride on the robust growth of the

industry. These new contracts award marks another milestone achievement of ASL Marine in the area of

offshore projects." (Source: Leo Kramer)

Mitsubishi Makes Smith Maritime Tug Move

For over 20 years, the Elsbeth II, a 110-ft. Smith Maritime tugboat, has done extensive deep sea towing

and delivered military vessels around the world. When it came time for Smith Maritime owner Captain

Latham Smith to replace one of Elsbeth II's three engines, he relied on a Gulf Coast distributor for help.

Laborde provided the perfect fit for Elsbeth II - a Mitsubishi heavy-duty marine engine. "My new Mitsubishi

engine performance far exceeds my expectations," said Capt. Smith. "The maneuverability and

horsepower it provides are outstanding." A 6,000 hp ocean tug with a shallow draft and triple screws, the

Elsbeth II needed the Mitsubishi S16R-Y1MPTA engine from Laborde to complement its heavy-duty

design and operations. At 1,600 rpm, the engine provides 1,568 hp. "I love Mitsubishi's simple design and

power," said Smith. "The engine was easy to install and the crew has no problem servicing it while

underway." Complete with a double drum towing winch, two 7,000 lb. anchors, a two ton hydraulic crane

and an extensive assortment of automatic controls, alarms, electronics, searchlights and spare parts, the

Elsbeth II is well- equipped for any situation. She carries a crew of up to 7 and has berthing for 11. Smith

Maritime was founded in 1968 when Capt. Smith built his first oceangoing boat, the tug Elsbeth, with a

little help from his friends. From the successful operation of that initial boat, aboard which he and his wife

raised their 5 children, his company has grown into an international ocean towing and salvage service.

Smith has since constructed three more tugboats, including the Elsbeth II. For more than 25 years,

Laborde Products has provided the marine and industrial markets with a wide range of high-quality

products and parts. They distribute Mitsubishi, Yanmar and Hatz diesel engines and also package their

own diesel-powered generators, pumps, pressure washers and other custom diesel equipment. "I enjoy

the excellent relationship I have with Laborde," said Smith. "They offer superior service and support." As

Elsbeth II's other engines need replacing, Smith said he plans to use Mitsubishi models from Laborde.

One of the last family-owned salvage and rescue businesses, Smith Maritime vessels operate around the

world, but primarily between the U.S., Caribbean and South America. Their services include ocean and

coastal towing, dock and facility construction, pipe and cable laying, submersible operations, cargo and

dredge operations, salvage and rescue plus harbor, anchor and buoy handling. (Source: Marinelink)

Shipyard Begins Building Tugboats for Dutch Firm

The Da Nang-based Song Thu Co laid the keels for four 5,000 hp tugboats at a ceremony on Saturday.

The 24-metre long, 11-metre wide vessels, known as ASD (Azimuth stern driver) 2411, will be built by the

State-owned company for the Netherlands-based Damen group under a $18.75m contract signed last

year. The Dutch group will supply the design, technologies, and equipment for building the vessels.

Colonel Ha Son Hai, the company’s managing director, said the tugboats would be completed in 36

months. He said this year Song Thu would also build a 3,500 hp rescue vessel for the coast guard,

vessels to respond to oil spills, and multi-purpose vessels for use in the oil and gas sector. (Source: VNS)

Tugs Pull Boat from Sandbar

A 62-ft. commercial fishing boat that had run aground was dislodged early Saturday, Harbor Patrol officials

said. Two tugboats pulled the Emerald Sea to Newport Harbor just after midnight, where Coast Guard

officials will inspect it. The boat ran aground on a sandbar near 36th Street on Friday morning. Preliminary

reports point to operator error, officials said. (Source: LA Times)

SMIT has acquired 25 year contract in Italy

Rotterdam, 29 March 2007 SMIT and her new partner RR Panfido have been awarded a 25 year contract

for services to the Adriatic LNG Offshore Terminal in Italy. This prestigious terminal project will be the first

gravity based offshore LNG import terminal in the world. The contract consists of amongst others: towage

support for LNG Carriers, security watch and collision avoidance during LNG Carrier offloading, fire

fighting and emergency towing. Four new build tugs (70tbp) with a high tech fast render recovery winch

will be employed. Adriatic LNG (Terminale GNL Adriatico S.r.l) is developing this storage and

regasification facility offshore Porto Levante, Italy (North Adriatic Coast) for import of gas. LNG carriers

from Qatar and other potential suppliers will visit the terminal twice a week. (Source: Smit)

SMIT completes acquisition of Adsteam Liverpool

Rotterdam, 29 March 2007 Smit Internationale N.V. announced today that it has completed the acquisition

of Adsteam’s Liverpool towage operation. The two conditions as mentioned in the press release of

February 23, approval by the British Competition Commission and the finalisation of the Adsteam

acquisition by SvitzerWijsmuller, have been satisfied. With the Liverpool operation SMIT establishes its

first activities in the U.K. harbour towage market. (Source: Smit)

Hartmann AHTS orders for Fincantieri

March 28, 2007 LR-Fairplay reports that German owner A Hartmann is reported to have ordered eight

anchor handling tug supply vessels from Fincantieri in Italy for delivery in 2009 and 2010. The 76.5m

vessels will have a bollard pull of 180 tonnes and 600m² of deck space said LR-Fairplay's (Source:Daily

newbuilding News).

GPAI confirms order for GPA 670 MkII Special Products vessels

March 30, 2007

Bourbon has ordered four GPA 670 MkII Special Products vessels. Guido Perla, Chairman of Guido Perla

& Associates (GPAI), has announced that French marine services provider Bourbon Offshore has placed

an order for four GPA 670 MkII Special Products vessels, thereby expanding their well-proven GPA

designed fleet to 96 vessels, including 54 GPA 254 AHTS, 24 GPA 654 PSV and 4 GPA 670 ROV, which

were all ordered within the last year. The 70m GPA 670 MkII Special Products vessels, currently under

construction at Zhejiang Shipyard in China, will be equipped with two Z-Drive, open-water propeller units,

as well as two tunnel bow thrusters. The use of environmentally friendly diesel-electric propulsion results

in excellent fuel efficiency, as well as lower operating cost for the owner. "GPA’s priority is to ensure client

satisfaction. In addition to the fuel efficiency of the vessel, competitive pricing for the GPA 670 series, of

which Bourbon is already successfully operating ten vessels, provides the owner with an excellent return

of investment," said GPAI in a statement. "By applying the highest safety standards and comfort levels,

offshore operations are being conducted without risk to the health or security of crewmembers, thus

providing maximum dependability." The GPA 670 MkII will primarily be engaged in the transport of stores,

materials and equipment to offshore installations in tropical areas and distinguishes itself from other

platform support vessels mainly due to its ability to carry approximately 170 cubic meters of special

products in specially designed tanks located in the aft end of the vessel. Furthermore, the DP2- and FFV1certified

vessel, which can accommodate 23 crew members, also provides the capability to carry 255

cubic meters of bulk material, as well as 1,083 cubic meters of liquid products. Delivery for the first GPA

670 MKII Special Products is expected at the end of May 2008 with the last due in December 2008,

increasing the number of GPA 670 PSVs Bourbon owns to 18. (Source: Leo Kramer)

8 e jaargang, nr. 13

dd. 08 April 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Vroon Offshore Services orders four Platform Supply Vessels.

Den Helder, March 30 th 2007, We are pleased to announce that Vroon Offshore Services has ordered four

Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) at the Cochin Shipyard in India. The new vessels are UT755LN designs

and are scheduled for delivery between October 2009 and March 2010. (Source: Vroon)

Harms took delivery Taurus

On Sunday 1 April 2007 the namegiving ceremony of AHTS Taurus took place at Muetzelfeldt Werft,

Cuxhaven. Taurus is the second of two 200-tons bollard pull tugs built for account of Harms Offshore

Hamburg. Sistership AHTS Magnus was already delivered to her owners in August 2006. During the last

week of March 2007 Taurus performed bollard pull tests in Stavanger and clocked 207 tons continuous.

Mid April she will enter into a long term contract with BP for duties in the Schiehallion field, west of

Shetlands. Two further units will be delivered to Harms during the second half of 2007, the 220-tons

bollard pull vessels Janus and Ursus. Two 280-tons b.p. units will follow in the course of 2008. For

particulars of all vessels see (Source: D. van Dijk)

Stichting zet zich in voor behoud Fighter

TERNEUZEN - De dertig jaar oude zeesleper Fighter van de Unie van Reddings- en Sleepdienst (Union)

is van de sloop gered. De sleepboot, die door de jaren heen werd ingezet bij tal van grote

scheepsongelukken op met name de Oosterschelde en een deel van de Noordzee, meerde begin februari

voorgoed af in Terneuzen.

Eigenaar Union draagt de statige sleper binnenkort over aan de pas opgerichte stichting Behoud Fighter.

Die heeft mooie plannen met de boot. Terneuzenaar Alain Dooms, één van de oprichters: "We moeten het

allemaal nog uitwerken, maar we denken vooral aan een educatieve functie. Als de sleper is opgeknapt,

kunnen we belangstellenden tonen hoe het leven aan boord van een zeesleper is. Ik kan me zo

voorstellen dat ook sleepbootspotters en bijvoorbeeld zeeverkenners veel belangstelling voor de sleper

zullen hebben. Maar er zijn natuurlijk veel meer leuke dingen te bedenken." Vanaf oktober is in de ruimten

aan boord zo goed als zeker ook een kleine expositie te zien, gewijd aan de historie van de Fighter.

Dooms: "Het is ontegenzeggelijk één van de meest aansprekende sleepboten die in het

Westerscheldegebied actief zijn geweest. Denk aan de heldendaden van de bemanning bij de

reddingsactie rond de Herald of Free Enterprise. En zo zijn er nog veel meer voorbeelden." De Fighter liep

in 1977 samen met het zusterschip Boxer van stapel op de werf van Rupelmonde. Jarenlang lag de

sleepboot - met legendarische kapiteins als Piet Oppeneer en Maarten van der Eijk - op station in de

Vlissingse Buitenhaven. Van daaruit spoedde de sleper zich niet alleen naar schepen die 'gewoon'

sleepbootassistentie hadden besteld voor hun reis naar Terneuzen, Gent of Antwerpen, maar ook naar al

die bergingsklussen. De stichting is momenteel op zoek naar een geschikte locatie waar de Fighter

permanent ligplaats kan kiezen. Het lijkt erop dat wordt gekozen voor de voormalige Veerhaven. Het

bestuur roept oud-bemanningsleden op mee te helpen de sleper op te knappen. Ook andere vrijwilligers

zijn welkom, net als sponsors en donateurs. De stichting wil de Fighter tijdens de Havendagen

presenteren. . (Source: Leo Kramer)

Note: Momenteel is nog niet zeker of de Fighter behouden kan blijven. Allerlei instanties lijken dit

ambieuse plan weer in de weg te staan. Ik zou zeggen behoud je verleden en leer er van.

Two New ASD Tugs Ordered and New Pushboat Built

Wednesday, April 04, 2007 Through the auspices of Marcon International, Inc. of Coupeville, WA, two

Dominican Republic based tug and barge operators ordered one newbuild Ulupinar series sister-tug each

from Turkish shipyard and tug owners, Sanmar Denizcilik Ltd. of Istanbul. The first of the two tugs will be

delivered from the shipyard in November 2007 and the second in January 2009. The ASD type tugs were

designed by Robert Allan, Ltd. and are classed RINA C + Hull & Machinery, Unrestricted Navigation.

Principal dimensions are 90' length overall by 30' beam x 13.25' depth with an operating draft of 14.5'.

Power is provided by two CAT 3515BTAs developing a total of 3,300BHP to Rolls Royce US 155

propulsion units with fixed pitch props in high efficiency nozzles. One each Rolls Royce hydraulic tow

winch with 23 tons line pull at 8m/min is mounted fore and aft in addition to 8" hydraulic tow pins and tow

hook aft. The forward winch spools 120m Amstel Blue rope and the aft winch 650m 40mm wire.

Firefighting is provided by a 650m3/h fire pump and Skum fire monitor. The tugs have a speed of abt.

12.5kn free running and expected bollard pull of 40mt. This is the fourth or fifth tug or barge Marcon has

sold these Caribbean Buyers over the years. Another newbuilding brokered was the delivery of a 1,200

bhp inland river push boat. The vessel was built in 2006 at Serodino Shipyard, Inc. in Chattanooga, TN

and was sold on completion to private interests in the U.S. Gulf region. The design is known as the "Tiger

Class", and is 52' x 22.5' x 7.5' depth of hull. She is a typical inland river 3 deck boat design with

twin Cummins KTA19M's providing a total of 1200BHP @ 1800 rpm. The vessel has a height of eye of

roughly 24' and is fitted with quarters for 4 crew on the second deck with a small galley, head and shower

on the main deck. Her plate thicknesses are 3/8" plate hull with ½" plate over wheels & bilge knuckles. win

Disc MG-5202DC 4.06:1 reduction gears drive twin fixed pitch 52" x 40" 4-blade Nibral propellers. The

vessel has two steering rudders and four flanking rudders. She is fitted with push knees forward and

electric barge winches. Two 40kW / Cummins 4B3.9 diesel generator sets provide auxiliary power and

light. Vessel has capacities for 6,000g fuel, 1,500g fresh water and about 165g lube oil. Marcon acted as

sole broker in all three newbuildings. Marcon has concluded a total of 21 sales and one charter to-date

this year - and we are only four months into 2007. We expects to conclude on several additional sales

within the next thirty days including three tugs over 4,000BHP and one anchor handling tug supplier.

(Source: Jan van der Doe)

Vroon Offshore Services takes delivery of MV Supply Express.Den Helder, March 30 th

2007 We are pleased to announce that Vroon Offshore Services has taken delivery of MV Supply

Express, an advanced Platform Supply Vessel (PSV). The new vessel was delivered by Jiangsu

Zhenjiang Shipyard Co., Ltd in China. MV Supply Express has left the yard and is currently en route to the

North Sea. After some spot trading, she is expected to operate under charter out of Aberdeen from July

onwards. (Source: Leo Kramer)

ST Engineering US yard

April 4, 2007 ST Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) has announced that its US shipyard, VT Halter Marine,

has secured a contract to build a PSV for an undisclosed interest. The vessel, which includes owner

furnished equipment, is valued at US$23.5 million and construction is scheduled to begin in the second

quarter of 2007, with delivery planned for the fourth quarter of 2008. The PSV, which measures

some 285ft x 64ft x 24ft, is designed for a deepwater working environment. The completed vessel

will accommodate 3,500LT of deck cargo as well as large amounts of drilling fluids, diesel fuel and fresh

water. . (Source: Leo Kramer)

Another Axe Bow crew supplier delivered

April 3, 2007 Another Damen-designed 'Axe Bow' fast crew supplier vessel has been delivered.Silni

(which translates as 'Mighty' in Croatian) successfully completed sea trials earlier this year. Said Damen:

"Although severe weather at the time caused many problems at sea and on land it was the ultimate

conditions in which to test and prove the excellent seakeeping capabilities of this new Damen Fast Crew

Supplier (FCS) 3507."Damen has already delivered three Sea Axe Fast Crew Suppliers and has three

more under construction, ranging from the 33m aluminium FCS 3307 to the 50m steel hulled FCS 5009.

Silni has now been handed over owner Brodospas of Split, Croatia, and will work servicing various

production [latforms in the Adriatic. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Solstad Offshore could bid for Rem Offshore

Solstad Offshore in Skudeneshavn, Western Norway, has bought 40 per cent of the shares in Rem

Offshore and intends to bid for the remaining shares. Rem Offshore boss, Åge Remøy has close to 40 per

cent of the shares in Rem Offshore and intends to keep the company. According to Dagens Næringsliv,

Remøy and Solstad managing director, Lars Peder Solstad, plan to meet over Easter to discuss the

future. A merged operation would have a fleet of 62 offshore vessels, including newbuildings. However,

the outcome of these talks is by no means certain. Åge Remøy could bid for the company himself to keep

it located in Fosnavåg. Rem Offshore is now valued at NOK 2.0 billion. Published: 04.04.07 15.23

Aker Yards to build supply vessel for GDV Shipping

April 5, 2007 Aker Yards in Norway has signed a contract with GDV Shipping AS in Arendal, Norway, to

deliver an Aker ROV 06CD PSV. The total value of the contract is approximately NKr 400 million. The hull

for the vessel will be built in Romania and outfitted in Norway. Delivery of the vessel is scheduled for the

fourth quarter of 2009. The contract also includes an option for a similar vessel for delivery in the

second quarter of 2010. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Market Round up Seabreeze March 2007

Reliance Rely On Subhiksha

Varun Shipping’s recent acquisition Subhiksha (the ex Boa King) has been chartered by Reliance for a

two year contract. The 2001 Chinese built 192 tons bollard pull anchor handler is expected to begin her

charter in Indian waters upon arrival in early April.

Halibut On The Menu For Total

Deep Sea Supply served up a newbuild for Total E & P Congo, in the shape of the UT 755L PSV Sea

alibut (shown below). The vessel delivers from the Cochin Shipyard in early May, this year but the Sea

Bear will act as a front runner from end April. Total period of the contract is six months firm plus 2 x 3

month options.

Yare Goes Far

Some news from our Brazilian office - DOF UT 755 PSV Skandi Yare has been chartered by the national

Brazilian oil company Petrobras. Contract period is understood to be four years firm from September


Streams, Pools & Rivers

Trico Supply managed UT 745 L PSV Northern River has been extended by five years and will now work

for the Bluestream Group until May 2012. This extension deal also contains an agreement for the Northern

River to have her moonpool opened and additional taut-wire system installed during her next drydocking in

May 2007. There are no further options on the table for the DP II 1998 built vessel at this time.

Magnificent May For Mainport

Ocean Mainport Offshore Ltd UT 705 PSV Ocean Mainport has been term chartered by Acergy for much

of the summer. The vessel will begin the contract between the 10th and 25th May 2007 and is fixed firm

for seventy days with further options up to forty eight days. It will supply the Acergy Piper pipelayer in

Norwegian waters.

Independent Instructed

Sealion Shipping Global 1000 PSV Toisa Independent has been chartered by Statoil for work in

Norwegiannwaters. The charter begins in the first week of April 2007 and has a 100 day firm duration with

one month of options.

Gargano Gets Going

The beginning of March saw the DP2 UT755L vessel “Gargano” complete her long term charter with Shell

Europe. Due to a reduction in activities this year Shell decided to let her go onto pastures new. However

the gate to the new pasture was not completely open as, before she had a chance to do a bit of dabbling

on the spot market, Shell had her spot hired for a few cargo runs which ran into early April. The Gargano

has been with Shell since she delivered from the yard in January 2002. The vessel will shortly head south

to take over the ATP – North Traveller contract, which will then allow the North Traveller to head to

Norway to start her 3 year charter with DPT. The change over is expected to take place in early to mid

April. The Gargano will be kept busy with ATP supporting the drilling rig Ensco 70 till circa 3rd quarter this


Fortune Firmed Up

Boa Offshore UT 706 Boa Fortune has been chartered by the Danish company Altinex. The one well

contract supporting the Noble George Sauvageau began in late March. After that job, which is expected to

complete early May, the vessel will go on charter to DONG for two wells firm. This DONG job is for

support of the Noble George Sauvageau as well.

GDV Get Going

Norwegian based GDV Shipping AS has signed a NOK 400 million contract with Aker Yards for an Aker

PSV / ROV 06 CD design platform supply vessel. The vessel will deliver in the last quarter of 2009 after

construction in Romania and outfitting in Norway. Details of the vessel include LOA of 94.9 metres, beam

of 20 metres and a deadweight of 4,400 tons. Furthermore, it is understood that the deal also contains an

option for a similar vessel for delivery in the second quarter of 2010.

From Service To Survey...

Oceaneering has sold their ROV vessel Ocean Service to Nomis Shipping. The vessel has been renamed

the Dea Surveyor and is currently enroute from the Gulf of Mexico to the Far East.

If Anyone Can, SCAN Can

John Fredriksen’s company Ship Finance International Limited are to acquire three newbuilding 3D

vessels from SCAN Geophysical ASA. This is based on a total price of $210 million, but the agreement

also includes a lease-back over twelve years with purchase options after six, ten and twelve years.

Delivery of these vessels from ABG Shipyard in India is expected at the end of January, April and July

2008. The vessels will have a high streamer capacity of ten tow points and streamer lengths of up to 10

km., corresponding to a total capacity of 80 km. These vessels will start a twelve year bareboat contract to

SCAN upon delivery from the shipyard.

Newbuildings, Conversions, Sale & Purchase

Anchors Aweigh For DOF

DOF ASA has decided to build two Aker AH 04 anchor handlers with the option to build two more at Aker

Yards. These 108 m LOA, 300 ton bollard pull beasts will have accommodation for 90 persons. Delivery is

expected in the fourth quarter of 2009 and second quarter of 2010. Aker Yards Tulcea in Romania will

build the hulls but they will be outfitted in Norway.

Do The Hartmann

German based Hartmann Logistik are to build four Moss 424 anchor handlers at the Italian Fincantieri

shipyard. Delivery is expected in October and November 2009 and February and May 2010. Hartmann

Logistik already have six other Moss 424 anchor handlers on order.

Prestige Prepared

The Gulf Offshore NS Ltd Aker 09 design PSV named Highland Prestige delivered to the North Sea at the

end of March. Built in Soviknes Norway, the DP 1, diesel electric vessel is believed to be fixed for a three

year term charter with a Major for work in the Nor th Sea.

Volstad Vote For Name Change

Volstad Shipping ST 216 L CD PSV newbuild Arctic Viking has undergone a name change to become the

Volstad Viking. This newbuild should have delivered by the time you read this (was expected at end April)

from the Aker Brattvaag yard in Norway. The Volstad Viking is currently uncommitted and available for


Sprite Sight

1987 built Ostensjo Rederii PSV Edda Fram has been renamed the Edda Sprite. This is because Ostensjo

have named their new PSV, currently under construction at Astilleros Gondan yard in Spain, the Edda

Fram. The Edda Sprite is currently front running a five year firm term charter with Shell, with the new Fram

expected to arrive in Aberdeen around the start of July. Incidentally, Edda Sprite was also the name of the

very first Ostensjo PSV taken on term charter by Shell back in 1978.

Once A Scotsman, Always A Scotsman...

Secunda Marine have now handed over their 1982 built ME 303 PSV Scotsman Sea to its new owners

Sartor Shipping. A new owner means a new name and Sartor have decided to rename the vessel the

Ocean Scotsman. It worked the North Sea spot market over the last third of March and is expected to

remain there for the foreseeable future.

BP Gets Bullish

BP UK has fixed the impressive Harms new build AHTS Taurus (19,000bhp / 200tbp) for a period of 3

months firm plus options. The DP2 vessel which is currently completing sea trials had a naming ceremony

on the 1st April 2007 in Cuxhaven. Upon delivery the vessel is expected to trade the North Sea spot

market for a period of two weeks, after which she will deliver to BP for FPSO/tanker assist duties West of


Gulf Sign For Aker 09

Gulf Offshore NS Ltd are to build two Aker PSV 09 CD vessels in a deal worth NOK 530 million. Aker

Yards in Romania will build the hulls, which will then be outfitted at Aker Yards in Norway. These vessels

will have DP, diesel electric propulsion, Clean Design, LOA of 86.6 metres, extensive underdecks, beam

of 19 metres and a deck area of around 1,000 m2.

Chieftain Changes Sides

Bourbon Offshore AS has sold its multi role anchor handler Bourbon Chieftain to MCT (Maritime

Consortium of Thessalonika) /Zouros Group. The 130 tons bollard pull ME 303 MK II AHTS will be

renamed Chieftain and will be managed by Troms Offshore AS. MCT /Zouros Group will take delivery in

early summer 2008.

Spirited Away

Farstad Shipping VS 470 MK II PSV Far Spirit recently delivered from the West Contractors AS yard in

Olensvag, Norway. The vessel, which has a cargo capacity of around 3500 dwt, has been term chartered

by BP Angola upon arrival through to the end of 2008.

Viking Make A Discovery

Viking Offshore’s most recent field support vessel arrived in Aberdeen this month—the IMT 955 Viking

Discovery. The British flagged vessel has UK Class B Survivor Class as well as Danish, Dutch and

Norwegian Survivor Class. The Viking Discovery was built in Astilleros Zamakona, Bilbao, Spain and has

secured a six months firm contract with BP (working principally at the Andrew field and in the Southern

Sector). She is pictured below, upon delivery in Aberdeen, passing the Maritime Opera tions Centre. This

is the first in a nine vessel deal worth £55 million—the largest ever single order for ERRVs.

Dauntless Runs Sakhalin Gauntlet

Sealion’s latest VS 4612 anchor handler Toisa Dauntless emerged from the Wuchang yard in China on

the 21st March. This sister vessel to the Toisa Daring (see last month’s Seabreeze “He Who Dares,

Wins”) has 150 tons bollard pull, DP 1, and 12,000 brake horse power. Other details include an LOA of

69.6 metres, deck area of 483 m2, Fi-Fi 1 and various underdecks. All of these attributes will be useful to

her term charterer, Prosafe, who will use her offshore Sakhalin for around seven months beginning start

May 2007.

Sounds Good To Me...

Farstad’s latest UT 712 L anchor handler Aker Brevik newbuild Far Sound delivered in the latter half of

March. The vessel is equipped with Clean Class, DP II, FiFi II, 175 tons continuous bollard pull and nearly

16,000 brake horse power. At present, the Far Sound is working the North Sea spot market but we will

keep you advised of any changes.

Where There’s A Wilson, There’s A Way!

Wilson Sons are to build multiple vessels after signing a contract with Damen Shipyards in the

Netherlands. The vessels are as follows : 1 forty ton bp Damen ASD 2810 tug, 3 forty ton bp ASD 2411

tugs, 2 seventy ton bp ASD 2411 tugs, 6 Damen 7216 PSV (deck area 600m2) and 2 Damen 8816 PSVs

(deck area 800m2). This exciting contract will complete delivery around the start of 2010. All of the ASD

tugs will work in various Brazilian ports with Saveiros (lead operator in Brazil) whilst all of the PSVs have

been term

8 e jaargang, nr. 14

dd. 15 April 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Towing Solutions Awards Tractor of the Year Award

For 2006, Towing Solutions awarded the Tractor of the Year award to the 5,080 hp “reverse tractor” (ASD)

Dolphin Class designed by Robert Allan Ltd. These boats are owned and operated by Foss Maritime Co.

of Seattle, Wash. When Foss Maritime considered adding more tractors to their fleet, they first evaluated

the vessels in their current fleet in an attempt to identify additional potential towing requirements in the

various Ports that they serve. They quickly recognized that the twin 8,000 hp Voith Schneider true tractors

that they have in Puget Sound more than meet that area’s high speed escort needs. In San Francisco they

also have twin 6,250 Hp. Z-Drive reverse tractors (Foss refers to them as ASDs) that also more than meet

the escorting requirements of that Port. However, they did realize that in all of these areas there was a

common request from the pilots for high horsepower boats of high maneuverability that were small enough

to easily work in tight slips. To address this requirement, Foss turned to Robert Allan of Vancouver, BC

whose earlier “compact” tug design had been successfully operating in Hawaii. The 4,730 Hp. MIKIOI had

been delivered in 2004 but had been delivered as a day boat. As most of Foss’ West Coast ship assist

tugs are manned 24 hours a day, Foss worked with Robert Allan Ltd. and was able to install twin

staterooms in the forepeak of the boat to accommodate this requirement. Towing Solutions has selected

this design as our tug of the year as it takes advantage of the high bollard pull that can be delivered in a

small package using Z-Drives. Rather than build another boat in the 92 – 105 ft. class as had many of

their competitors, Foss elected to build this class as small as reasonably possible. This not only gives the

pilots the small highly maneuverable boat that they want for narrow slips and tight quarters, but it

substantially reduces the construction costs for the boat, giving them a economic advantage over their

competitors. Finally Foss and Robert Allan designed the boat with enough beam (stability) to allow this

“reverse tractor” (or “ASD”) to conduct all of the escorting maneuvers that a pilot might ask of them at

modest speeds (seven knots and below).

Bourbon Dolphin

Four missing after vessel capsize

12 April 2007, 18:15 GMT 19:15 UK Four people are missing, feared trapped inside a capsized oil rig

support vessel in the North Sea. Rescue teams said 10 people had been brought to safety following the

incident at 1700 BST, about 75 miles west of the Shetland coast. They said efforts to rescue the other four

were continuing. Two rescue helicopters and an RAF Nimrod have

been scrambled to the scene. The coastguard has appealed for help from vessels in the area. An RAF

spokesman said the Bourbon Dolphin was thought to have capsized as it turned close to an oil rig.

Michael Mulford told BBC Scotland: "What we know is that a rig support vessel, while moving away from

the rig, has capsized. "A Nimrod which was flying over the Irish Sea training has been diverted to aid in

the search." Mr Mulford said Shetland coastguard scrambled its helicopter and a second North Sea

helicopter was also dispatched. He said: "Clearly this is emerging as a major incident." "Conditions are

not too bad, hopefully the weather won't be a huge factor although you never quite know. This is a fairly

hostile part of the North Sea we are talking about." Little was known about the condition of the 10 who

have been recovered. Norwegian-registered tug supply vessel

Length: 75.2m Width: 17.0m Max draught: 6.5m Deadweight (max): 2,500 t Gross/net tonnage:

2,974t/892t Speed: 17.5 knots (trial) Capacity: 35 personnel Mark Clark, of the Maritime and Coastguard

Agency, said: "At the moment we've got a mayday signal out, with an emergency signal out with all

shipping in the area. "Anybody with diving support crews, dive equipment can get on the scene for us as

quickly as possible. "We're still searching and of course the difficult situation for everybody is if they are

still strapped inside the hull. And therefore we need to get to them as quickly as possible." Neville Davis,

rescue co-ordination centre manager, Shetland Coastguard added: "So far 10 persons have been

recovered. We will continue working with the assets available to us to try and locate the missing crew"

The Bourbon Dolphin, a new vessel, had been working in the vicinity of the Rosebank oilfield. It had a

number of roles in the North Sea, including anchor handling and towing, the installation of subsea

construction blocks and operations involving remote vehicles.

Shetland Co-ordinate search and rescue operation in North Sea

Shetland Coastguard are co-ordinating a Search and Rescue (SAR) Operation 75 nautical miles North,

West of Shetland where the anchor handling supply tug Bourbon Dolphin has capsized. Shetland

Coastguard scrambled the Coastguard Rescue helicopter Lima Charlie to the scene and are in

communication with the following three vessels which are also assisting in the SAR operation; Olympic

Hercules, Viking Victory, and Highland Valour. An additional civilian Rescue Helicopter is also on route

to the scene, as is a dive support vessel, Subsea Viking. The weather conditions on scene are good

visibility with moderate seas. Neville Davis, Rescue Co-ordination Centre Manager, Shetland Coastguard

said, So far 10 persons have been recovered. We will continue working with the assets available to us to

try and locate the missing crew

Eight feared dead in North Sea tragedy

AT LEAST three people died and five were missing, feared drowned last night after an anchor-handling

tug capsized suddenly in the North Sea off Shetland in relatively calm waters. Ten of the 15 on board the

Bourbon Dolphin at the time were rescued, but the Coastguard later confirmed that three of these had

died. Another five crew members were unaccounted for as the search was scaled back for the night, more

than six hours after the boat capsized in temperatures as low as 5C. Divers had been flown to the scene

amid fears the five may have been trapped in the vessel's upturned hull, however hope for the missing

crew members' survival was fading fast as the night wore on. It remained unclear why the state of the art

vessel capsized. It was reported to be turning away from the Transocean Rather drilling rig, 75 miles

north west Shetland, when the incident occurred 5:20 pm. Last night the chief executive of the Norwegian

firm that owned the boat said such an accident "should have been impossible". Rig operators Transocean

said of the 10 people were rescued, eight were recovered initially and another two were winched by

helicopter from the water at about 7pm. The seven were later airlifted to the Gilbert Bain Hospital in

Lerwick, Shetland. Fears that a 15-year-old boy was among those on board were prompted after initial

confusion about whether there were 14 or 15 people on the tug when it overturned. Reports from Norway,

where the boat was based, suggested one of the crew may have taken his teenage son on the voyage

with him. Last night a spokesman for Transocean said all 99 crew members on board the Transocean

Rather rig had been accounted for. The Coastguard confirmed that all those on board the Transocean

Rather were air lifted off late last night, because the Bourbon Dolphin - which had been handling one of

the semisubmersible drilling rig's anchors at the time the accident occurred - was still attached to the rig. A

spokeswoman for Shetland Coastguard said: "We can confirm that there have been three fatalities. "The

rig, the Transocean Rather, has been de-manned, with all non-essential staff being removed from the rig.

"This is due to the fact that the vessel is still floating nearby to the rig and while this poses a minimal risk,

for health and safety reasons the decision was taken to de-man." The vessel, owned by Bourbon

Offshore, is one of the newest supply vessels operating in the North Sea and was launched last year. A

spokesman for the owners confirmed that all members of the crew were Norwegian. The company has

launched an investigation into how the incident happened. Speaking from the firm's Norwegian

headquarters outside Ålesund last night, the company's chief executive, Trond Myklebust, said: "It is

unbelievable. The boat is new and the weather is good, and we are looking for the reason this has

happened. It should be impossible. What actually happened is still speculation at this stage." Mr

Myklebust said: "There are five people still missing and they are local people from this area. "The Bourbon

company yesterday established a place where the families could meet at the office canteen during the

evening. A priest and a doctor are at the place. It's very sad to meet the families without being able to give

them any good answers." Christa Roqueblave, a spokeswoman for Bourbon Offshore's international

headquarters in Marseilles, France, said: "At present the cause of the accident is unknown. Weather

conditions do not appear to be to blame as there were no storms when the ship went down and we do not

know of any collision as yet. Our priority is to assure the security of those aboard, then to protect the

environment and then to find the cause of the accident which will no doubt entail an examination of the

ship." Two rescue helicopters were scrambled to the site of the stricken boat shortly after it capsized

yesterday, together with a Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft from RAF Kinloss. They were joined by supply

vessels and fishing boats in the area also attended the scene after a mayday call went out. Navy divers

were taken by helicopter from Faslane, via Lossiemouth, to the overturned vessel in the hope they could

free any crew trapped inside the hull. Mark Clark, at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency headquarters,

said : "We cannot see the (five crew members), therefore we can only assume they are under the hull.

"We need to get them as quickly as possible. We are making every effort to get to them." Michael Mulford,

a spokesman for the RAF said it would be a "severe test" for the divers. "If there is any possibility that

these people are in there and alive this will be their one chance of getting out." But by 11pm the rescue

operation was scaled back for the night and the five had still not been found. The 3,000-tonne vessel, built

in Norway last year, is 75 metres long and capable of accommodating up to 35 people.

Three dead, five missing in “Bourbon Dolphin” Capsizing

Three crew are dead and five remain missing following the capsizing of the anchor handling and supply

vessel ‘Bourbon Dolphin’ in the North Sea. Search operations are continuing for the five missing crew

and divers have been brought in to work on the vessel. Ten were rescued when the AHTS capsized 75

nm northwest of the Shetland Islands near the Transocean Rather platform.

Bourbon Dolphin update

Royal Navy divers using heat-seeking cameras were April 13th examining the hull of an oil rig support

vessel that capsized off northern Scotland, searching for five crew believed trapped inside. Three people

were confirmed dead after the Norwegian anchor-handling tug, the Bourbon Dolphin, overturned during

a routine manoeuvre 100 miles off the coast of Shetland, shortly after 5pm yesterday. Five more crew

were thought to be trapped inside the hull, possibly inside an air pocket. However, rescue workers said

today the missing crew were most likely not wearing survival suits and it would be "a miracle" if they had

survived. "We are not really expecting to find survivors now," a maritime and coastguard agency

spokeswoman said. "It would be a miracle if they had survived all night in 5C, freezing water. It's very sad.

There is a chance there is an air pocket somewhere, but that chance is ever so slim. We have to be

realistic about it." Jim Sinclair, the watch manager at Shetland Coastguard, said rescuers would send a

remote, camera-carrying vehicle under the boat before deciding whether it was safe for divers to follow.

"It's a fairly complex and delicate operation because the vessel, as you'll appreciate, is upside down and

stability is uncertain so you'd want to make sure of your own safety before going under the hull," he said.

Ten people were recovered from the vessel last night; eight soon after the incident while another two were

plucked from the water by helicopter about two hours later. There were three confirmed deaths among

those picked up, with seven crew taken to hospital in Shetland for treatment. The naval diving unit

continued to search throughout the night but a helicopter rescue operation was suspended at about

midnight. The 75-metre Bourbon Dolphin, which is one year old, had been working alongside the

Transocean Rather oil platform, at the Clair oil field, 75 miles north-west of Shetland, when it capsized

just 1,800m from the rig, at around 5.15pm. The drilling rig is operated by Transocean, the largest offshore

drilling company in the world, for Chevron. The 99 crew from the oil rig were later evacuated by three

helicopters for safety reasons. Of the ship's crew, 14 were from Norway, most of them from the small area

of Fosnavag, and one from Denmark. A Norwegian priest, Jens Jonson, who has set up a crisis group to

help the families involved said: "This is a catastrophe of great dimensions for this local community." A

spokesman for Shetland coastguard said last night that conditions were very calm at the time the vessel

capsized, with a slight swell building up as darkness fell. "I think everyone is a bit worried about how the

hell something as serious as this could have happened in such reasonable conditions." The boat's owner,

Bourbon Offshore Norway, have launched an investigation. Speaking from the company's headquarters

outside Alesund last night, Bourbon Norway's chief executive, Trond Myklebust, said: "It is unbelievable.

The boat is new and the weather is good."

Relatives of dead crew flying in

The families of eight crewmen killed or feared dead after a Norwegian anchor handling tug capsized in the

Atlantic are due to arrive on Shetland. A 15-year-old boy on work experience with the Bourbon Dolphin

and his father are among five still unaccounted for. Ten crew members were found after Thursday's

incident, about 86 miles west of the Shetland coast. Seven were in hospital, but three others died. The

mother of one survivor has described how he jumped from the boat. Staff from vessel owners Bourbon

Norway were also travelling on the chartered flight from Norway. We are not really expecting to find

survivors now The families of the crew had stayed overnight in the firm's offices where they were

counselled by a priest. A service was held for them on Friday morning before they began the journey to

Scotland. The air and sea rescue operation, which started after the incident at about 1750 BST on

Thursday, resumed at first light on Friday. The running of the rescue operation has now been shifted, with

response teams focusing instead on "salvage and recovery". The coastguard has said it would be a

"miracle" if the five missing crew members were found alive. Richard Crowther, regional operations

manager for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, said a decision had still to be made on whether it was

safe for a Royal Navy diving team to enter the ship to search for the missing men. The divers, from the

Faslane naval base on the Clyde, have sent down a remotely operated vehicle to take underwater pictures

of the upturned vessel. Mr Crowther said: "The main risk for anyone going into a vessel like this is the

uncertainty of how stable it is. "There is no guarantee the five people who are missing are actually in the

vessel. To put divers into an upturned vessel that could sink at any moment is very risky and dangerous."

Winds were heavier than they had been on Thursday evening, but conditions were still said to be

"favourable" for the operation. Meanwhile, the mother of one of the survivors told Norwegian radio station

NRK that her son had been forced to jump off the ship as it began to flip over. Turge Drage said her son,

Egil Hafsas, had called her from Lerwick to tell how he and two other crew members managed to pull on

life jackets and leap into the cold sea before being picked up by another ship and airlifted to Shetland.

Two helicopters have been involved in the search west of the Shetlands, An offshore union leader has

said he believed the boat, which is less than one year old, could have been caused to capsize by an

anchor slipping up the side of the vessel. The Bourbon Dolphin had a number of roles in the North Sea,

including anchor handling and towing, the installation of subsea construction blocks and operations

involving remote vehicles. Anchor handling tugs are also used to supply oil platforms, tow them to

location, anchor them up and, in some cases, serve as recovery and rescue vessels. They are fitted with

winches for towing and anchor handling and have an open stern to allow the decking of anchors. A

spokeswoman for the coastguard said: "We are not really expecting to find survivors now. It would be a

miracle if they had survived all night in five degrees, freezing water. It's very sad." The coastguard

confirmed that the ship had still been attached to Transocean Rather rig by an anchor chain. Grampian

Police said they would begin an investigation into the incident once the search and rescue operation was

completed. A marine accident inquiry will also be carried out. The ship, which is less than one year old,

had been working in the vicinity of the Rosebank oilfield with a crew of 15. Trond Myklebust, manager

director of Bourbon Norway, said he could not speculate on what had caused the accident but confirmed

the vessel was carrying out an anchor handling operation with the rig and was connected to it.

Ulstein Verft issues statement on Bourbon Dolphin

Ulstein Verft shipyard in Norway, the yard that built the AHTS Bourbon Dolphin, which capsized in the

North Sea last night has issued the following statement: "We have been informed that Bourbon Dolphin,

delivered from Ulstein Verft in the autumn of 2006, has capsized. We cannot speculate on the reasons for

this accident. Our thougths go to the missing and the families of those involved", said Ulstein Verft's CEO

Gunvor Ulstein. Bourbon Dolphin is an A102 AHTS designed by Ulstein Design and built by Ulstein


14-year-old boy among victims on tug as Royal Navy calls off search

A small Norwegian fishing village was attempting last night to come to terms with the disaster in which

seven men and a 14-year-old boy died when their tug capsized off the Shetland Islands. Oddne Remoy,

44, the captain of the Bourbon Dolphin, and his son, who was on work experience, were standing beside

each other on the tug’s bridge when it overturned on Thursday afternoon. Ten of the 15-strong crew were

quickly picked up from the water, although three had died. Throughout Thursday night and yesterday,

rescuers hoped that by some miracle Captain Remøy, his son and the three other crewmen might have

survived in an air pocket in a watertight compartment of the upturned hull. At 3.30pm yesterday hope ran

out. Royal Navy divers who had entered the deck area of the upturned vessel said it was too dangerous to

go farther into the hull because of the risk that the tug would suddenly sink. Relatives had already been

told there was little chance that the men could have survived for so long in the bitterly cold water.Last

night salvage tugs were preparing to tow the Bourbon Dolphin from the Rosebank oilfield to the Shetland

Islands. Only then could a full search be made for the bodies. The crewmen who had managed to escape

told their rescuers that the tug capsized suddenly while preparing to drop the last of eight anchors for the

drilling rig Transocean Rather. Anje Nilsen from Skittenelv, Norway, called his girlfriend from Shetland

yesterday to explain what had happened. Gerd Sorensen said: “He said it all went very quickly after the

boat started to tilt to one direction. When it happened he was on a tour outside on the boat deck and

grabbed a safety vest. “He just managed to run out and started to climb on the ship’s side. When he fell in

the water he saw a raft floating near by but could not grab it. Then it was hard for him.” Turge Drage said

her son, Egil Hafsas, recalled how he and two other crew members managed to pull on lifejackets and

leap into the sea before being picked up by another ship and airlifted to Shetland. Most of the crew

members came from Heroy, with a population of 1,748, or from other villages along Norway’s western

coast. One of the men came from Denmark. Relatives and friends gathered at Heroy’s church yesterday

to seek comfort and information from Bourbon Offshore Norway, the boat’s owner. Solvi Remoy, head

teacher at the Ytre Heroy High School, said: “It’s very, very sad and very tragic and it’s an awful day here

for us because we are a very tight-knit community. The teachers, the pupils, the staff, everyone knows the

family involved, everyone has been affected by this.” Jens Stoltenberg, the Norwegian Prime Minister,

said that the whole of the country felt involved in the suffering: “We are not many people so when

something like this happens, the entire nation is affected.” Accident investigators say that the capsizing is

unprecedented. The Bourbon Dolphin was only a year old, had an experienced crew and was operating

in relatively calm waters. Reidar Vetvik, who runs the fishing café Havly Center at Lerwick, Shetland, and

is also a Norwegian port priest, met the survivors yesterday. He said that the captain and his son had

been together on the bridge at the time of the accident. Several men did not have time to reach for safety

vests. “In one way or another, the big boat chain tilted to the boat’s side and wind and water powers

started to push the boat around in just a few minutes,” he said. “It went very quick. “They have a hard

time. When you are almost killed by a sinking boat and probably have several friends that are lost, it is

hard. This is all unreal for the men who slowly are realizing what has happened.” Workers on board the rig

said that they saw the 250ft (76m) ship maneuvering the anchor into position for the drop, then suddenly

make a sharp turn. The wire between the anchor and the rig was seen to tighten and run up the side of the

ship, forcing the boat on to its side. Minutes later it capsized, with the anchor cable still in place running

back to the rig. Jake Molloy, general secretary of the offshore workers trade union OILC, said: “They got

the impression that the anchor wire had jumped its stops and ran up the side of the vessel, providing

overturning force.” The vessel was estimated to have been 5,200ft from the rig when it capsized, around

the limit of the anchor chain length. “It was just about on site ready for the drop. We don’t know what made

the boat turn and the anchor chain run up — the boat could have reached the end of the wire, or there

could have been a steerage problem. But whatever has happened, has happened so fast.”

Craig Group launches largest ever vessel

April 12, 2007 The Craig Group’s biggest ever platform supply vessel has been launched in

Spain. Grampian Talisman represents an investment of £12 million by the global shipping and energy

services company and will join its fleet of offshore support vessels later this year. Craig Group division,

North Star Shipping, contracted Astillerios Balenciaga SA of Spain to build the 78.2m PSV. Grampian

Talisman is the ninth vessel ordered from Balenciaga by the group in five years and underlines its

commitment to and confidence in the North Sea. The new platform supply vessel, which was officially

launched by Samantha Craig - the fourth generation of the family in the company - and will go straight

onto a long-term charter in the North Sea. Talisman Energy UK Limited has awarded North Star Shipping

a five year charter for the vessel with multiple options. North Star managing director, Callum Bruce, says:

“We are proud to have launched this flagship addition to the fleet. Our fleet of multi role vessels has been

extensively modernised in the last few years and the addition of this high specification platform supply

vessel clearly demonstrates continued commitment to providing clients with cost effective innovative

solutions.” Designed by IMT of Montrose and measuring 78.2m in length with a 17m beam, the new

vessel will have 740 square metres of deck. Although a PSV, she will also be capable of meeting the

requirements of a 300 class emergency response and rescue vessel and be capable of carrying daughter

craft. Leading providers of emergency response and rescue, multi-role ROV survey and supply vessels,

North Star Shipping, currently operates a fleet of 29 vessels and has recently taken delivery of three newbuild

emergency response and rescue vessels as part of a seven-ship new-build programme to modernise

its fleet. Douglas Craig, managing director of The Craig Group says : “This investment is part of our

overall strategy of diversifying and modernising our fleet, which began in 2001 with two new-build multirole

vessels - Grampian Explorer and Grampian Surveyor. “This additional investment is good news for

the group, our industry and the North Sea in general, as it underlines our confidence in their long-term

future.” The total investment in a range of new vessels by The Craig Group since 2001 now amounts to an

impressive £70 million.

Grounded Barge Capsized

Thursday, April 12, 2007 The barge ITB-260 loaded with 3,324 tons of gravel capsized north of Gig

Harbor, Wash., when the tide came in, causing the load of gravel to shift and eventually spill into the

water. The tug Island Breeze was towing the barge when it reported to the Coast Guard that the barge

was taking on water. Over three hours later the crew of the tug reported they had pushed the barge

against the shore to prevent it from sinking. The Coast Guard is working with the owner of the barge to

ensure the damage to the barge can safely be evaluated before being allowed to proceed. This incident

did not result in the release of any petroleum products. The barge was transporting the gravel from

Dupont, Wash., to Kenmore, Wash.. The Island Breeze is owned by the Seattle-based company Island

Tug and Barge. The Coast Guard has assigned an investigator to this incident and notified the

Washington State Department of Ecology of the event. (Jan van der Doe)

Svitzer – our new Group indentity

Published: 2007-04-11 On 23rd March 2007, SVITZER announced having received acceptance of more

than 90% of the issued shares in Adsteam. Jesper T. Lok, Group CEO, said in that connection: “Now that

we have received acceptance from more than 90% of Adsteam’s Shareholders, we look forward to

bringing our two great businesses together. With more than 4,000 Colleagues, operating 600 vessels in

some 35 countries around the world, we have a unique opportunity to be the preferred provider globally of

safety and support services at sea.” The integration of Adsteam will mark also the launch of a new

common Group identity. Moving forward all towage and salvage activities of the Group will be branded

SVITZER: All Towage activities will be branded SVITZER Salvage will be branded SVITZER Salvage

SmitWijs will be branded SVITZER Ocean Towage Only ESVAGT and Express Offshore Transport will

continue under their current brands. The Maltese cross will be replaced by a four-bladed propeller,

however, used only as a funnelmark in order to allow SVITZER (as written to the left) to become our

known identity. Any questions to the change to SVITZER can be directed to Branding and

Communication Manager, Pernille Heinecke

Bollinger Completes Conversions on Dive Support Vessels

Bollinger Shipyards, Inc., has performed conversions and modifications to three separate dive support vessels

for EPIC Divers & Marine. The first of the three conversions was completed on the 220-ft. x 45-ft x 21-ft

dynamically positioned (DP) Class II Dive and ROV support vessel EPIC Diver at the Bollinger Algiers

location. The EPIC Diver is one of the newest acquisitions to the EPIC fleet and will be their primary DP

and ROV support vessel. While at Bollinger the vessel renewed her regulatory status and documentation,

received DP system upgrades with the installation of the L3 Communications (Nautronix) NMS 6000

Duplex DP System, while taking on the new colors and name EPIC Diver. The vessel is ABS Certified,

DPII, and SOLAS. The second and third vessel upgrades both came out of Bollinger’s Larose facility. The

EPIC Explorer was delivered from the Larose facility after going through a full conversion from offshore

supply vessel to a four-point, 1000’ saturation dive support vessel, with upgraded accommodations for

forty-eight persons, newly installed 1,000-ft. sixperson Saturation Dive system and associated dive

support equipment, EBI 30 ton telescoping deck crane, 10–ft diameter Moon Pool, updated electrical

components, and renewed regulatory compliance meeting all USCG inspection criteria for subchapter I

certification. The vessel measures 210-ft x 40-ft x 14-ft with over 1600 feet of clear deck space. The third

vessel, the EPIC Seahorse, completed a life extension program renewing all regulatory requirements and

reconfiguring the vessel for optimum use of the back deck area, repositioning dive support equipment

below deck. The vessel measures 210-ft x 40-ft x 14-ft and is capable of providing a full range of subsea

project support as a fourpoint vessel.

8 e jaargang, nr. 15

dd. 22 April 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Changes in Nigeria

Jaya Valiant has been renamed Sanko Dolphin by Unknown to me owners.

The Seabulk Washington has been renamed WAO Ethiope by West Africa Offshore.

And only yesterday 15/4/2007 the Tidewater vessel Sea Hero suffered a serious engineroom fire in Onne

Port in which the Ch. Eng. was badly burned and she is now laying in Onne Port awaiting repairs. (Source:

Paul Bore)

Salvors Refloat Grounded Vessels in Scheldt

Salvage and towage companies Multraship and URS have successfully refloated two grounded vessels in

the past week in the River Scheldt. On April 10, the Swedish-flag RoRo car carrier Grande Argentina ran

aground off Terneuzen. The vessel, operated by Grimaldi Lines, was enroute from Antwerp when it

suffered a complete black-out, ironically within view of Multraship’s headquarters in Terneuzen. Having

swung hard to starboard, the vessel grounded on a sandbank. Working together, salvage teams from

Multraship and URS mobilised a total of nine tugs and salvage craft to refloat the vessel in a quick and

efficient operation. The salvors then escorted the vessel to Flushing, where an inspection revealed no

structural damage, and the Grande Argentina was cleared to proceed with its voyage. On April 15, the

same salvors came to the assistance of the Russian general cargo vessel Aleksandrov which, outwardbound

from Antwerp with a cargo of steel and machinery parts, grounded on the ebb tide. Although the

salvors responded immediately, it was not possible to refloat the vessel on the same tide. But the salvors,

mobilising four tugs under an LOF agreement, righted the vessel in the early hours of April 16, and

escorted it to Flushing, where a diving inspection revealed no serious damage. (Source: Marinelink)

ASL Marine Secures New Contracts

ASL Marine has secured new shipbuilding contracts worth $76.6m. The contracts are for the construction

of six Anchor Handling Towing/ Supply Vessels, which are used to tow and anchor oil rig platforms as well

as other support services. Five of the units are expected to be completed in 2009, and the remaining unit

in early 2010. Source: CNA Five of the units are expected to be completed in 2009, and the remaining unit

in early 2010. Just three weeks ago, ASL Marine announced it had secured S$164 million worth of

shipbuilding contracts for one unit of Heavy Lift cum Pipelay Vessel and six units of Rotor Tugs. (Source:


SBS Torrent joins the fleet

April 17, 2007 SBS Torrent, the fifth VS470 MkII to join the SBS fleet, was delivered by Karmsund

Maritime in Norway on April 4th.Torrent is due to depart for the West Coast of India where she

will commence a long term contract with Transocean. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Damen ASD Tug 2411 for Petersen & Alpers Hamburg

Petersen & Alpers has ordered a Damen ASD Tug 2411 for their harbour towages in the port of Hamburg.

The Damen ASD 2411 is a well proven harbour tug of which in the meantime 12 units have been delivered

to various owners world wide and another 12 units are under construction. Due to its high bollard pull of at

least 68 tons ahead and 63 tons astern, the excellent manoeuvrability, and the compact size of the vessel,

the ASD 2411 is a perfect vessel to operate in ports, like the port of Hamburg, were due to the growth in

physical size of calling vessel the space for manoeuvring is limited. (Source: Damen)


De in 1998 bij Astilleros Zamacona – Bilbao (b.388) gebouwde Montsacopa van Soc. Remolcadores de

Barcelona – Barcelona is verkocht aan Odegaard Berging en herdoopt Mega Mammut (2). 269 brt; 4010

pk; lxbxd=25,85 x 9,70 x 2,82.; 2 x 4tew 6 cil. Normo. (Source: Jaap Bijl)

Nieuwe Claus voor Johannsen.

Via Dr. Jürgen Ehlers is informatie ontvangen dat J. Johannsen weer een Claus heeft. In 2006 door

Lindenau te Kiel gebouwd, bouwnummer 255. 5.027 apk 448 brt, paaltrek 64 t. De afmetingen heb ik

helaas niet. (Source: Lawrence Amboldt)

Smit Fibri op weg naar Bonny Island

De nieuwe Alucat 1605 ‘Smit Fibri’ wordt momenteel per schip getransporteerd van Singapore naar

Bonny Island, Nigeria, waar ze pilotschip ‘Smit Warri’ gaat vervangen. De ‘Smit Fibri’ werd gebouwd in

Singapore door Damen. Zusterschip ‘Smit Oloma’, werd in 2005 opgeleverd en is sindsdien actief als

patrouilleschip op Bonny Island. (Source: Smit)

Last Call for Navy's Large Harbor Tugs

Large harbor tug Opelika (YTB 798) and Kittanning (YTB 787) follow

alongside the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Mustin

(DDG 89) as she gets underway on board Commander Fleet Activities

Yokosuka. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman

Bryan Reckard. By Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Bryan

Reckard, Fleet Public Affairs Center Detachment Japan The U.S. Navy

large harbor tugs seem to have all but disappeared from most U.S. ports

over the last decade. But in a few ports around the world the Navy-owned

and operated tug endures as the backbone of port operations. Fleet

Activities Yokosuka happens to be one of the naval bases on which the legacy of the large harbor tug

continues to influence not only the operations of the port, but the Sailors that work aboard these perennial

workhorses of the Navy. A year ago Electrician’s Mate 1st Class Jared Kendrick would never have thought

he would be working on the diesel generators that power the large harbor tugs, or working shoulder-toshoulder

with the boatswain’s mates that make up most of the tugs crew. That all changed seven months

ago, when he was assigned to the Large Harbor Tug Opelika (YTB 798). “I never had to know boatswain’s

mates jobs,” said Kendrick. “Here engineers work side by side [with] boatswain’s mates, that’s the big

thing. I had to learn a lot.” Kendrick has been in the Navy for just over six years, and was first stationed on

the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG 54). Although being assigned to

a large harbor tug is considered shore duty, according to Kendrick, life aboard a tug is considerably

different than your ordinary shore duty. “A lot of ships have emergencies, and they have to come in right

away. We’ll get called up at late hours sometimes,” said Kendrick. “You have to come in and pull the ships

in late at night when they have problems. I like that -- having to stay on your toes.” Many of the large

harbor tugs have been sold and taken out of the Navy Vessel Register over the last several years, making

the few that remain the last of their kind. Talking with the crew members of the Opelika it does not seem

likely that the memory of the U.S. Navy large harbor tug will be easily forgotten, as they reel off numbers

and facts, with the pride of knowing they are the last of a dwindling breed. For Kendrick, it’s the excitement

of the job that keeps him passionate about his assignment to the Opelika. “You are doing something

everyday, pushing the ships and getting them to where they need to go,” said Kendrick. “I like what I do.

You never know what’s going to come along. I like being able to say I actually love my job.” There are

currently five U.S. Navy large harbor tugs in active service status at Fleet Activities Yokosuka, including

the oldest large harbor tug in active service status, the Muskegon (YTB 763) launched in 1962.


Agnes Candies Completes First Saturation Job for Spectra Energy

The Deep Marine Technology, Inc. long term leased Agnes Candies Saturation Dive Support Vessel has

completed its first job in the Gulf of Mexico. Working for Spectra Energy in 315ft water depth at Main Pass

282, the DPII Agnes Candies vessel, working with a 24hr crew on board, safely and efficiently performed

Pipeline Remediation tasks for the Client. The Agnes Candies can be adopted for a large spectrum of

work ranging from Repair and Installation to Inspection and Plug and Abandonment. Other possible uses

for the vessel include platform repairs; riser, anode, and hot tap installations; subsea tree and valve

assistance; and platform and pipeline inspection. (SourceMarinelink)

Petra Perdana Goes Shopping for AHTS Vessels

Petra Perdana Berhad's subsidiary, Perdana Venus Limited, has entered into two separate

Memorandums of Agreement with Nam Cheong Dockyard Sdn Bhd to purchase new Anchor Handling

Offshore Support Vessels. The purchase price is US $29,500,000 each. Both the acquisitions are

expected to complete upon the delivery of the respective vessels, which are to be constructed. One of the

vessels is expected to be ready for delivery in December 2009, and the other in April 2010. The

acquisitions are in line with the fleet renewal plan of Petra Perdana Group in providing the marine support

services to the offshore industry. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Two U.S. Flag Former WWII Tugs Sold Through Marcon International, Inc.

Hannah Marine Corp. of Lemont, IL contacted for the lease-purchase of the U.S. flag, twin screw tug

"Pacific Victory" (ex-Petro Challenger, ex- Marine Challenger, ex-Polar Challenger, ex-LT 789) from

Victory Towing, Inc. of Seattle, WA. The tug was originally built as the U.S. Army "LT 789" in 1945 by

Marietta Manufacturing as Hull 525 at their Point Pleasant shipyard on the Ohio River. She was one of 40

– 50 similar LTs built by Marietta during World War II. Once retired from service, she was converted in

1975-76 from her single screw configuration by Marine Power & Equipment of Seattle, Washington. She

now has triple rudders, twin fixed pitch open propellers of 115" x 90" and carries abt. 180,000 gallons of

fuel. When converted she was re-powered EMD 16-645E2's for total of 3900BHP, replacing the original

Fairbanks Morse 10-38TD-1/8, and fitted with Lufkin 4.39:1 reduction gears. She has a single drum towing

winch and her overall dimensions are 151.5' x 33' x 18.8' depth. She was idle and laid up for about 3 or 4

years in the US Gulf prior to purchase. The new Owner will undertake an extensive overhaul of the tug,

including both steelwork and machinery and renewal of her ABS Loadline. Hannah Marine intends to

place her into dedicated service in the US Gulf towing an 8,000 DWT ocean barge. Hannah currently

owns two similar ex-Marietta built LT tugs "Mary E. Hannah" and "James A. Hannah". Marcon has

handled a number other sales over the years for both the Buyer and Seller. Alaska Oregon Offshore

Marine sold their 3,600BHP, 140' tug "Marine Commander" to overseas buyers. Tug was renamed "Saje

Commander" is towing a 20,000dwt ocean tank barge purchased through Marcon earlier this year from

New York to West Africa. "Marine Commander", along with a sister-tug, were originally built in 1944 for

the U.S. government as the U.S. Navy rescue tug "ATR-128" with 1,500HP diesel electric drive and in

1948 was redesignated as ATA-201 "Challenger" until laid up in the Marad Reserve Fleet in 1961. Marine

Power & Equipment of Seattle purchased the tug, renamed her "Marine Commander" and completely

rebuilt both her and her sister-tug between 1978 and 1982. As vessels were originally very strongly built

with 1/2" and 5/8" hull plating they were good candidates for the rebuild. The propulsion systems were

totally replaced with modern 16 cylinder, 4,000BHP engines and gears with specially designed Coolidge

120" x 94" props. An emergency drive "take-them-home" system was also fitted to operate even with the

main engine shut down. The system is driven off the ship's hydraulic system via chain and sprockets on

the shaft, powered by separate 250HP auxiliary engines. All plumbing/piping was updated, electrical

equipment replaced including a new power distribution panel and towing machinery rebuilt and added to.

The superstructure on the 01 deck (officer quarters & pilothouse) was replaced with a prefabricated

aluminum house with a separate cabin for each crew member. After passing through several hands, the

tug was repowered again in 2006 with a remanufactured EMD 20-645E7 providing 3,600BHP at 900RPM,

rebuilt gearbox and bow thruster, after which she completed three heavy ship tows which were 5,000

miles each from start to finish. This was the fifth tug Marcon sold to Buyers and fourth tug sold either to or

from Sellers. Marcon was the sole broker. (Source: Clipping News)

Greatship (India) Ltd takes delivery of PSV

April 20, 2007 Greatship (India) Limited (GIL), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Great Eastern Shipping

Co Ltd, has taken delivery of the PSV Greatship Diya. GIL has a newbuilding orderbook comprising two

PSVs, six (80 tonne) AHT SVs, and a secondhand PSV contracted for delivery during the second quarter

of its fiscal year 2008. (Source: Leo Kramer)

8 e jaargang, nr. 16

dd. 29 April 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

New Danish towing company

Dan Tug A/S of Fredericia is the name of a newly formed Danish towing company set up by two mariners

and divers, who wanted to start a business on their own. Klaus Dresler and Klaus Kristensen started their

new company by purchasing two tugs from the towing company Jens Alfastsen of Horsens. It is the

Susanne A, with a 40 tons bollard pull, that has been taken over at the homeport of Horsens. The tug will

continue with same name for another three months on a time charter in the Mediterranean.

The other is the small tug Sanne A of seven tons bollard pull. The tug is one of the oldest vessels in

commercial work under Danish flag, built in Göteborg in 1908. Sanne A has changed name to Mads and

will continue working in domestic waters. This week the tug and its owners started on a salvage operation

of a pleasure yacht worth DKK 2.5 million at the port of Hou. At the towing company Jens Alfastsen only

one tug is left in the fleet now, the Luna A, after the sale of the largest tug Mira A in March.

Published: 23.04.07 15.38 (Source: Leo Kramer)

Bharti Shipyard Signs Contract For $43.3m

Bharti Shipyard said that it has signed a maiden contract for $43.3m with UP Offshore Bahamas, for

construction and supply of two platform supply vessels. (Source: Big News Network)

Stolt in Mississippi mishap

A two-mile stretch of the Mississippi River is closed today after a Stolt-Nielsen chemical carrier collided

with a tug towing a salt barge and sent the barge to the bottom on Monday, the Coast Guard said. The

24,000-dwt Stolt Creativity (built 1997) collided with the tug Norb Whitlock near Geismer, Louisiana,

around 1 pm local time on Monday, sending one of the 16 barges under tow to the bottom, the Coast

Guard said. Authorities closed the river between mile markers 182 and 184 pending a search to determine

the location of the sunken barge, and whether navigation is safe through the area. Both vessels were

travelling up river when the accident occurred. There was no report of pollution or injury and the accident

is under investigation, the Coast Guard said. (Source: Clipping News)

Panama Canal Tugs go Z-Tech

With the introduction of three new Z-Tech tugboats, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) introduces the

most powerful tugs in its history. The new tugs will replace aging boats in the Canal’s current fleet,

featuring cutting-edge technology that should lower lockage times by providing greater manoeuvrability

and 82 percent more towing power than the existing tugs. The Z-Tech tugs will assist vessels in the

process of going in and out of the existing locks and are equipped to handle first responder duties in

emergency marine fire-fighting situations. The new Z-Tech tugs, Darien, Veraguas I and Bocas del Toro,

represent the first three of eight tugs that will replace older boats within the Canal’s current fleet of 24

units. The remaining five tugs are scheduled to arrive between November 2007 and February 2008. Built

using the Z-Tech design from Robert Allan, Ltd. and PSA Marine, these tugs combine both the handling of

a tractor-style tug and an Azimuth Stern Drive tug. Each Z-Tech tug measures 89.8 ft. in length overall

and 38.22 ft. in beam, with a bollard pull of 61 tons. Additionally, the engines of the new tugboats have the

capacity to accelerate from standstill to full ahead in less than 20 seconds, without heavy smoking.

(Source: Clipping News)

Solstad sells three

Norway’s Solstad Offshore has offloaded its three most elderly anchor-handling supply vessels to German

and Norwegian owners. The 1,400–gt Normand Hunter (built 1982) will be delivered to RF

Forschungsschiffahrt in July, while Simon Mokster of Norway will take the 500–gt Normand Ranger (buit

1982) and the 1,600-gt Normand Prosper (built 1983) in May. Solstad said the ships were the oldest in

the fleet and have been sold for a price above their market values as assessed by brokers at 31

December last year. It will book a gain of about NOK 135m ($22.61m) from the deal. The sale leaves the

owner with 14 other anchor-handlers, plus supply ships and construction vessels. (Source: Clipping News)

Latest Sealion newbuild starts charter

Seabrokers reports that Sealion Shipping's latest delivery, the VS4612 anchor handler Toisa Daring

recently begun a term charter with Noble Energy in Equatorial Guinea. The 150 tons bollard pull

Wuchang, China newbuild has been contracted for around 18 months by Noble. (Source: Clipping News)

“Bourbon Dolphin”

Bourbon Dolphin Inquiry Underway

According to Rigzone, an inquiry into the cause of the Norwegian anchor handling tug supply (AHTS)

Bourbon Dolphin capsizing started Wednesday. The vessel capsized on April 12 during an anchor

handling operation with the Highland Valour. Anchor handling is known to be hazardous to the deck crew,

but capsizing is rare. According to reports, the Bourbon Dolphin had recovered an anchor from the

seafloor and was about to drop it to a new location when it overturned. The anchor was still attached to

the oil rig. According to reports, Syversen, the sole survivor on the bridge during the accident, added some

insight into the incident. He said the Highland Valour attempted five times to move an anchor. On the fifth

try the anchor chain dragged over the side of the AHTS, and the captain of the Bourbon Dolphin

requested that the Highland Valour move to the northwest. When the Bourbon Dolphin attempted to

release the inner pin of the anchor, the chain ran free and caught the outer tow pin, which caused the boat

to capsize. The emergency release was triggered, but did not perform as designed. Fifteen crew members

were onboard, seven survived, three bodies were found, and five are still missing, thought to be trapped in

the vessel. (Source: Rigzone)

Inquiry raises questions

26 Apr 2007, 15:14 The maritime inquiry into the sinking of the "Bourbon Dolphin" will be followed on

Friday by the naming of an investigative commission that will examine the circumstances around the

tragedy. The inquiry that began Wednesday in Ålesund raised at least as many questions as it answered

about the accident off the Shetlands that resulted in the death of eight persons. Maritime inspector Nils-

Ivar Sørdal had his debut in the position for the nearly 11-hour hearing. "All material from the maritime

inquiry will be given to the commission. In my opinion the inquiry provided much valuable information that

will be very helpful in the investigative commission's further work," Sørdal said. One question that will

need to be answered is why the "Bourbon Dolphin", which was to have been an assisting vessel, operated

as the main vessel during the anchoring operation on the drilling rig Transocean Rather. It remains

unknown who made this decision, and why. The captain responsible for the other anchor handling vessel,

"Highland Valour", owned by Gulf Offshore and registered in London, was not present at the hearing. The

person in charge of the operation aboard the Transocean Rather, owned by the world's largest drilling

company Transocean, was absent. "The inquiry aimed to question some of the survivors as quickly after

the accident as possible. If we were to bring the companies mentioned here in it would be necessary to

take more time," Sørdal told news agency NTB. The first mate of the "Bourbon Dolphin" testified to a

range of errors and failures during the operation. The "Highland Valour" reportedly pulled the anchor chain

in the opposite direction requested, and that this was not the first time the London registered vessel had

made mistakes. The "Bourbon Dolphin" also appeared to have non-functioning emergency equipment and

there have been questions raised about the vessel's stability. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Bourbon Dolphin inquiry gets under way in Norway

April 27, 2007 The formal inquiry into the capsize of the AHTS Bourbon Dolphin got under way earlier

this week. The inquiry heard that the vessel capsized whilst handling an anchor with another

vessel, Highland Valour. Reports suggest that Bourbon Dolphin had recovered an anchor from the

seabed and was about to lower it to a new location when the vessel ran into problems. One of

the survivors of the incident said Highland Valour had attempted five times to move an anchor, and that,

on the fifth try the anchor chain dragged over the side of the AHTS.The survivor, Geir Syversen was

quoted in the Norwegian press as saying that Bourbon Dolphin and Gulf Offshore's Highland Valour "had

almost collided" at one point, and that the Bourbon vessel had put on full power on to prevent a collision.

He also told the inquiry that Bourbon Dolphin had to take the full burden of the chain they were handling

and her thrusters began to overheat due to the increased strain. Highland Valour was, he claimed,

radioed, and told to go northwest, but moved in the other direction. Mr Syversen told the inquiry it quickly

became clear that it was taking a great deal of effort to hold the ship in position. The captain ordered that

the chain be released but, the inquiry was told, the mechanism failed to work properly and the ship could

not get rid of it fast enough. Soon after the vessel heeled over. Other witnesses at the inquiry

said Bourbon Dolphin "was not meant to handle such a heavy task," and that when the job had first been

planned, the idea was that the vessel was to be assisting, not carrying the main load.

Bourbon Dolphin’s role under scrutiny

The role of the Bourbon Dolphin as the main operator in the anchor handling operation has come under

scrutiny as the vessel originally was designated as assistant anchor handler. Two weeks after the

accident, the managing director of Bourbon Offshore Norway, Trond Myklebust, has no idea why the

vessel?s role was redefined. Bourbon Dolphin was contracted to participate in an anchor handling

operation, but such contracts never specify which role is designated to which vessel. Much of the work

was directed from the semi-submersible drilling rig Transocean Rather, but a spokesman from

Transocean, Guy Cantwell, says in a statement: ?I do not want to talk about the accident. We are

investigating the matter, the British authorities will possible investigate and a royal commission is

appointed in Norway. We will talk, but at the right time and to the right people?. P&I club Gard said they

needed more time to assess the possibilities of raising the Bourbon Dolphin from a depth of 1,100 metres,

but the mutual will issue a statement on the matter early next week.Published: 27.04.07 14.28

Stichting Sleepboothaven “Maassluis”

Vandaag 28 april is officieel de Stichting Sleepboothaven Maassluis van start gegaan. Deze stichting is

een samenwerkingsverband tussen de stichtingen van het Nationaal Sleepvaart Museum, van de Furie,

de Elbe, de Bruinvisch en de Hudson, waarbij wordt aangetekend dat ook de eigenaren van de Krimpen

en de Adriaan zover als in hun vermogen ligt meewerken.Het van start gaan van de nieuwe stichting werd

gevierd door middel van een grote "fles" met kennelijk geestrijk vocht die echter ballonnen in de kleuren

van Maassluis bleek te bevatten. Er was veel belangstelling van de zijde van de sleepbootliefhebbers, van

de gemeente en van de provincie. Gedeputeerde Van Hulten was bereid samen met wethouder

Scheerstra de fles open te trekken, waarbij de paardekrachten van de Adriaan goed van pas kwamen.

Met een gezamenlijke maaltijd van een groot deel van de 180 vrijwilligers van de betrokken stichtingen

werd de feestelijke dag afgesloten. (Source: Nico Ouwehand)

8 e jaargang, nr. 17

dd. 06 Mei 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Order of 2 large AHTS

Siem Offshore signs contracts for 2 large anchor handling vessels with Norwegian shipbuilding group

Kleven Maritime Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik, Norway, in cooperation with its sister yard Myklebust Verft, has

signed two contracts with Siem Offshore of Kristiansand, Norway, for the delivery of two large and

environmentally friendly anchor handling vessels by Vik Sandvik design VS 491 Clean Design. Siem

Offshore already has 6 identical vessels under construction with Kleven Verft and Myklebust Verft The

vessels are sophisticated anchor handling vessels with supply capacity (AHTS) by the VS 491 CD design.

The contract value is OK 1,1 billion. The vessels are 91,0 m of length over all, with a beam of 22,0.

Installed power is 19.000 kW (28.000 Hp), capacity on the winch is 550t. Bollard pull is calculated at 300t.

The combination of environmentally friendly design and large capacities make the vessels especially

suitable for operations in the North Sea. The accommodation gives space for 60 people. The hull is

strengthened according to ice class Ice C, and may also work in northern waters. Furthermore they are

prepared for A-frame and ROV garage. The vessels will be delivered in March and June 2010. Siem

Offshore now has in total 12 contracts with Kleven. In total the two yards in Kleven Maritime has and order

book of 31 vessels at a value of NOK 10,5 billion. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Crane Strikes McTeer Bridge

On April 26, a crane being towed by the tug Sara Kaitlin struck the McTeer Bridge on the Beaufort River.

The barge under tow, Mobro 139, was carrying the crane that struck the bridge. The tug and barge were

heading south towards Savannah, Ga. The crane sustained minor damage. The operators of the tug and

barge, Savannah Marine Services Inc. and CML Equipment Company LLC respectively, are fully

cooperating with the Coast Guard. This matter is under investigation by the Coast Guard. South Carolina

Department of Transportation has closed the McTeer Bridge to vehicular traffic. The Lady's Island Bridge

(Wood's Bridge) is open to recreational vessel traffic on a restricted schedule as follows. Commercial

vessel traffic restrictions have not been implemented at this time. (Source: Marinelink)

Tractor Tug Begins Service

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 Boston's newest and most powerful harbor tug has been christened, crewed

up and has started serving customers of Constellation Maritime Co. The tug Leo is a 78-foot, 5,000

horsepower Dolphin-Class vessel built at Foss Rainier Shipyard in Oregon. The brand new ASD-powered

tug arrived in Boston on March 7 along with the Orion, a 3,000 horsepower, 95 foot Voith-powered tractor

formerly in service for Foss Maritime on the Columbia River. Together, the two high-powered tugs give

Constellation, a Foss subsidiary, a one-two punch that amounts to a significant competitive edge in

handling ship assists, harbor work, and future tanker escorts. Constellation deck and engine room

personnel have been working with Foss trainers in Boston and Long Beach, Calif., to become familiar with

operation and maintenance of the two vessels. Massachusetts State Commissioned Harbor Pilots also

have joined training sessions to learn how to best use the tugs. The Leo was christened during a

reception attended by about 150 people at the Boston Harbor Hotel on April 19. Among the guests were

customers, local dignitaries, U.S. Coast Guard and Navy officials, pilots, and representatives of Foss and

its parent company, Marine Resources Group. Constellation was acquired last year by Foss Maritime, one

of the nation's leading tug-barge companies, with harbor services and marine transportation bases in all

major ports on the U.S. West Coast (Source: Jan van der Doe)

First multi-purpose support vessel capable of operating anywhere in the world

launched at OTC

5/2/2007 HOUSTON --C&M Group's $100-million Ice Maiden I offshore support vessel has been officially

launched at the Offshore Technology Conference, the word's largest oil and gas event. Ice Maiden I will

be the first multi-purpose support vessel capable of operating anywhere in the world. Formerly the MV

Paardeberg -- a 14,000-tonne Russian Class ice-breaker -- the vessel is almost as long as two soccer

pitches. The vessel, which is currently berthed in the Atlantic Marine Shipyard in Mobile, Alabama, was renamed

Ice Maiden I by the UK's Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Energy, Lord Truscott, in a

link-up with guests attending a ceremony in the Reliant Stadium in Houston. C&M Marine Services is

converting Ice Maiden I into a multi-purpose construction vessel with state-of-the-art accommodation for

400 people. It will become the first mono-hull flotel to work in the North Sea when it goes on charter later

this year. "When fully-converted, Ice Maiden I will be able to offer accommodation, transportation and

workshop facilities for up to 400 people," says David Kellas, C&M operations director. "Her ice-breaking

capabilities and temperature controlled workshops mean that she will be capable of operating in some of

the harshest climates, including the Arctic Circle, where it is reported that over 30% of the world's

remaining hydrocarbons are located. Given these remarkable capabilities, Ice Maiden I will significantly

increase the window of opportunity for companies operating within the polar regions." The original Ice

Maiden I hull was built for the Russian Navy in 1991. The vessel is 167 m long with a 23-m beam and has

two 25-tonne capacity cranes and heli-deck capable of handling EH101 helicopters and with refuelling

facilities. Not only will the Ice Maiden I have ice-breaking capabilities, it will also include communications,

fiber optics, digital CCTV, passenger on-board control systems, special low-temp cabling, and all galley,

HVAC and PA equipment, the company said. . (Source: Leo Kramer)

Conrad Industries Announces Backlog and New Contracts

Thursday, May 03, 2007 Conrad Industries, Inc. signed six contracts for the construction of seven vessels

and a record current backlog of approximately $97.0 million compared to $84.5 million at December 31,

2006. Bay-Houston Towing Co. and Suderman & Young Towing Company, L.P., for which we are

currently constructing two tugs at our Orange Shipbuilding facility, have exercised options for two

additional 98', Z-Tech 7500 Class Terminal/Escort Tugs, sister vessels for the others under construction.

Settoon Towing has exercised options for the construction of two additional 214'x42'x12' 8,500 bbl. double

skin tank barges similar to two others under construction for Settoon Towing at our Morgan City facilities.

In addition,contracts were signed for one 120'x30'x7' deck barge, one 50'x30'x7' deck barge and one

100'x30'x7' spud barge by two other customers. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Seabreeze April Reports Market round up

Trico Peak In July

Trico Supply’s two ME 303 MK II anchor handlers Northern Chaser and Northern Challenger have

secured term charters with Peak Group. The charter period is one well firm plus one well options (with

each well expected to last between 30 and 35 days). The contract, supporting the Byford Dolphin semisubmersible,

begins in a window between the 1 st and 31 st July 2007.

Prestige Part II

Further to last month’s article on the arrival of the Gulf Offshore NS Ltd Aker 09 design PSV Highland

Prestige (“Prestige Prepared”), we can now announce that the previously mentioned three year term

charter is in fact with ConocoPhilips. The charter is now well underway.

Moho, Bilondo, Congo

Total Congo has chartered the UT 742 offshore construction vessel Normand Progress and UT 718

anchor handler Normand Mjolne. Both vessels are expected to depart the North Sea around May 2007.

The contract itself is for support of the Moho/Bilondo project, which should release both vessels in July.

Anchorman Is No Fluke

The Specialist Marine Services 10,880 BHP anchor handler Anchorman has been chartered by BG for

three years firm work in the Mediterranean. The vessel will proceed from Brazil on the 9th April to Tunisia.

Harmony Hits Right Note

TS Marine has extended the charter of the subsea vessel Havila Harmony from three years to five years,

with two by one year options remaining thereafter.

Gabarus Gets A Go

Maersk Supply Service has been awarded a three wells firm plus one well option charter with Island Oil &

Gas for work in Irish waters. The 125 ton bollard pull anchor handler Maersk Gabarus began this contract

in mid April after moving the Petrolia from its work with Apache in the North Sea over to the Emerald Isle’s

sparkling waters. The base port for this term charter is Cork.

Saipem Secure Ship For Castoro Six

Gulf Offshore UT 705 PSV Highland Champion has secured term work in the North Sea with Saipem.

The 4,800 bhp, 1979 built vessel began the pipehaul work for the company from mid April. The period of

this charter supporting the Castoro 6 pipelayer is ninety days.

Merkur’s Mixture

Seabrokers believe that Venture / BG have issued a letter of intent for the Gulf Offshore NS Ltd managed

PSV Dina Merkur. It is understood that the UT 755L has lined up a two year charter with Venture / BG

supporting the NTVL in the North Sea. Seabreeze will keep you informed over the coming months of more

details on this...

Torrent Makes A Splash !

SBS Marine has now taken delivery of their VS 470 MK II PSV SBS Torrent. On the 4th April, Karmsund

Maritime yard in Norway completed the vessel and SBS then took delivery of her. The British flagged, DP

1 PSV is now on her way to the West Coast of India where a long term charter with Transocean awaits.

This VS 470 MK II design incorporates a welldeck, extensive underdecks, 710 squares metres of deck

area, four tunnel thrusters (providing high station keeping abilities, excellent fuel economy and Fi-Fi 1. The

DP II, Clean Class platform supply vessel has already proved useful to its Egyptian charterers, who have

been putting her six hundred and eighty three square metres of deck area and extensive underdecks to

good effect. Executive Vice President in Chartering and Operations at Olympic Shipping, Bjorn Kvalsund

is delighted with the BP charter, which has been brokered through Seabrokers. The vessel is named after

the daughter of BP Egypt’s Logistic Manager, Mario Solimano.

Thirty Something

Apache were doing a PSV swap around this month. No sooner had the VS470 Mk II PSV Sical Torino

gone off hire, when they hired the UT755L Malaviya 30. The Malaviya 30 has been hired for 3 months

firm plus numerous options, and will primarily supporting platform drilling operations on the Forties field.

Subsea 7 & Siem Sign

Subsea 7 Inc has chartered the Siem Offshore Inc MT 6016L Multipurpose Field & ROV Support newbuild

currently under construction at Kleven shipyard. The five year charter will commence immediately upon

delivery which is expected in March 2008.

Express Delivery From China

Vroon Offshore Service has taken delivery of their advanced 660m2 decked PSV Supply Express after

completion by the Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard Company Ltd of China. The Supply Express is enroute to

the North Sea where it is understood a term charter will commence in early June. Vroon Offshore Services

also had a further announcement this month: they have ordered four new UT 755LN PSVs from the

Cochin Shipyard in India. Delivery is scheduled between October 2009 and March 2010.

On The UP

UP Offshore are to build two DP II PSVs at the Bharati shipyard in a deal worth USD 43.4 million. The

vessels are based very closely on the VS 4408 design of their current vessels, UP Esmerelda and UP

Safira, but with one or two minor improvements gained from the experience these vessel have gained

working in the North Sea. Delivery for these two supply vessels is scheduled 2009. At present they are

uncommitted and available for worldwide work.

Newbuildings, Conversions, Sale & Purchase

Balder Built

REM Offshore UT 712L newbuild anchor handler Rem Balder is been christening. The 78.3m long vessel

delivered from Kleven Verft shipyard in Norway at the very end of March. This fine looking vessel has

around 190 tonnes bollard pull, Fi-Fi 1, 16,000 BHP, around 530 m2 of free deck and various underdeck


A Great Ship Is Handed Over...

Greatship (India) Limited took delivery of the PSV Greatship Diya in April. The 2003 built UT 755L

platform supply vessel was previously known as the Gulf Offshore NS Ltd managed Waveney Castle.

The vessel continues working for Dolphin Drilling in India supporting the Bulford Dolphin.

Champion Checks In

Island Offshore’s latest newbuild UT 776E PSV Island Champion has delivered from the Aker Brevik yard

in Norway. UK charterers TEAM have fixed up the DP II vessel for five years firm plus five yearly options.

This 1030m2 decked vessel is the first ever built to this design.

Good Luck For Talisman

North Star Shipping’s biggest ever PSV, the Grampian Talisman , was launched this month in Astillerios

Balenciaga SA yard in Spain. The £12 million vessel with an LOA of 78.2 metres, has been awarded a five

year term charter with Talisman working in the North Sea. The IMT designed PSV has 740 square metres

of deck and also meets the requirements of a 300 class emergency response and rescue vessel.

Yellowfin Gets Green Light

Rigdon Marine has taken delivery of their Crewboat and Fast Supply Vessel, recently christened Rigdon

Yellowfin. This vessel was built by C & G Boatworks of Mobile, Alabama and is the first and smallest of

nine crewboats currently under construction for the US market. Details include LOA of 155 feet, four 1800

hp engines, capability of 50,000 gallons of water, 35,000 gallons of fuel and over 220 long tons of deck

cargo on a 100’ x 25’ free deck. Rigdon also had another delivery this month: a Rigdon 4000 Class PSV

called First and Ten which has just launched from Louisiana based Bollinger Shipyards Lockport. This is

based on the GPA 654 Class and is, unsurprisingly, the first of ten vessels being built at this yard. The DP

II, diesel electric vessel has an LOA of nearly 58 metres and is able to carry 4,000 bbls of liquid mud and

5,500 cubic feet of bulk.

Solstad Sale Of The Century

Norwegian based Solstad Offshore ASA have agreed to sell three of their circa 9,000 BHP anchor

handlers. The 1982 built 9,800 BHP Normand Hunter (on charter until June 2007) will be delivered to the

new owners RF Forschungsschiffahrt on the 1st July 2007. This German company has belonged to the

Linnhoff shipping group since 2001 (one of the affiliates of this company is URAG Unterweser Reederi

GmbH Bremen). The 1983 built 9200 BHP Normand Prosper (currently not on term charter) and the

1982 built 9200 BHP Normand Ranger (on charter to 2009) have been sold to Norwegians, Simon

Mokster Shipping AS, with delivery scheduled for 15th May 2007. These were the oldest vessels in

Solstad’s fleet but they have still managed to give Solstad a gain of around NOK 135 million which will be

booked in the second quarter of this year.

View Of The Volstad Viking

Volstad Shipping’s newbuild ST 216 L CD Volstad Viking has now delivered from the Aker Brattvaag

shipyard in Norway. The vessel was christened on April 28th and will trade the spot market for about a

month until commencement of a long term charter with ConocoPhilips. The Volstad Viking has 1060 m2

of free deck area, oil recovery, Clean Design, DP II and an LOA of 93.4m. Another two identical but

uncommitted Volstad Shipping vessels will deliver in Sept/October 2007 and June 2008 with all three

being managed by GulfMark.

Two New Stars For Venus

Perdana Venus Limited, a subsidiary of Petra Perdana Berhad, are to build two new anchor handlers at

Nam Cheong Dockyard after signing two separate Memorandums of Agreement. The deal is worth US $

59,000,000 in total with delivery for the first vessel in December 2009 and the second in April 2010.

Aker Yards to build AHTS for REM Offshore

Aker Yards has entered into a contract with REM Con AS a subsidiary of REM Offshore ASA for building

of two AHTS vessels. The vessels are Anchor Handling Supply Vessels, based on the Aker Yards design

AH 12. Delivery is scheduled in Q1 2010, and Q2 2010. The vessels will have a bollard pull in excess of

300 tons, and will be outfitted with a triple drum winch of 500 tons. Accommodation is planned for 70

persons. The hulls for the vessels will be built at Aker Yards in Romania, and outfitted at Aker Yards in

Norway. . (Source: Marinelink)

8 e jaargang, nr. 18

dd. 13 Mei 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

De volgende sleepboten zijn in februari 2007 te water gelaten:

ms. Svitzer Ahvaz 2007 voor Svitzer W.M.E. 2007, 499 brt., Ang Sin Liu (ASL) Shipyard Pte.Ltd.,

Singapore (b.537)

ms. Svitzer Brani 2007 voor Svitzer/Wijsmuller 2007, 818 brt., Unithai Shipyard, Sriracha (b.115)

ms. Adsteam Colac 2007- 2007, 243 brt., Song C., Haiphong (b.512209) Vlag VCT.

ms. Adsteam Otway 2007- 2007, 243 brt., Song C., Haiphong (b.512210) vlag VCT.

Ik vraag mij wel af of de twee ADSTEAM-boten ook onder deze namen in de vaart komen. Ik veronderstel,

dat alle ADTEAM-voorvoegsels t.z.t. zullen worden gewijzigd in Svitzer. Zoals je ook zult hebben gelezen

verdwijnt ook de naam Wijsmuller. Voortaan is het overal Svitzer Harbour Towage. (Source: Jaap Bijl)

Abeille Normandie opnieuw verkocht


bouwjaar 1977, 13000 apk., is dit jaar verkocht aan Tsavliris en herdoopt in TSAVLIRIS HELLAS. De

sleepboot wordt te Kaapstad gestationeerd. (Source: Jaap Bijl)

Aker Yards to build anchor handlers in Vietnam

May 8, 2007 Aker Yards has entered into a contract with Aker Capital for construction of six anchor

handlers at Aker Yards new shipyard in Vietnam. The value of the contract is approximately NKr 1.5

billion. "We are very pleased by this contract as it confirms our strategy to offer state of the art offshore

vessels from our new yard in Vietnam to meet the increased demand in the Asian offshore market," said

Roy Reite, President Offshore & Specialized Vessels. "This contract is an ideal learning curve to develop

the yard going forward." "Being able to create new business with Aker after leaving the Aker group

confirms the strong business potential between our companies regardless of ownership," said Reite.

The vessels are based on the Aker Yards AH 08 design and the first delivery is scheduled for 2010, with

the sixth in 2012. The deal also includes an option to build another six vessels (Source: Leo Kramer)

SMIT Harbour Towage (U.K.) Ltd.- Liverpool

Gladstone (TS Herkules – 94; Herkules – 90) 1977/253 April 2007 to SMIT Harbour Towage UK and

renamed SMIT Gladstone.

Canada 1980/258 April 2007 to SMIT Harbour Towage UK and renamed May 2007 SMIT Canada

Collingwood 1980/259 April 2007 to SMIT Harbour Towage UK and renamed May 2007 SMIT


Bramley Moore 1984/336 April 2007 to SMIT Harbour Towage UK and renamed May 2007 SMIT


Trafalgar 1998/369 April 2007 to SMIT Harbour Towage UK and renamed May 2007 SMIT Trafalgar

Adsteam Waterloo (Waterloo – 05) 1987/301 April 2007 to SMIT Harbour Towage UK and renamed May

2007 SMIT Waterloo

Sanko Angel named at Jaya

May 8, 2007

The Sanko Angel naming ceremony took place at Jaya Shipyard. The President of Japanese shipping

giant Sanko Steamship Co Ltd has overseen the naming of his company’s newest vessel, the subsea

operations vessel the Sanko Angel. Mr Takeshi Matsui, who is both President and CEO of The Sanko

Steamship Co Ltd (Sanko Lines), personally invited Lily Lee to become the lifetime Lady Sponsor of the

new vessel and break the traditional bottle of champagne on the Sanko Angel. Lily, the wife of John

Giddens, the CEO of Hallin Marine (which has taken a long-term charter of the vessel), carried out her

naming duties at the Jaya shipyard in Singapore. Mr Matsui said he was "delighted" with the 76m vessel,

which is being fitted with Hallin Marine subsea equipment including Saturation Diving System; Air Diving

System; and ROV; at the Jaya yard. The multipurpose subsea vessel Sanko Angel boasts full class two

dynamic positioning (DP2) capability and is the newest vessel to join Sanko Line, taking its fleet to 130

vessels. Following the naming ceremony some 100 guests and clients of Sanko Line, Hallin Marine and

Jaya Holdings enjoyed dinner at Raffles Marina Yacht Club. Hallin Chief Executive John Giddens said:

“Hallin is delighted with the new vessel and honoured that Lily Lee was asked to be its Lady Sponsor. Our

long term charter of the Sanko Angel materially extends Hallin’s capabilities and scope." “Sanko Line has

had built a fine vessel that leads the way in design, capability and operation. Technically, Sanko Angel is

very advanced." “Sanko Line is a forward looking, progressive company which has been an excellent

partner and Hallin looks forward to building on that good relationship in the future,” Giddens concluded.

(Source: Leo Kramer)

Wilson, Sons tug sinks in Santos

A tug operated by Wilson, Sons has sunk in the Brazilian port of Santos but the three crew onboard

escaped unharmed. The Pegasus sank at a point between the Fort of Itapema in Guaruja and Warehouse

15 on the right bank of the port. Capt Marcos Nunes de Miranda, of the Port Captaincy department in

Santos, said an inquiry into the accident had already been launched. “Apparently the vessel hit something

submerged in the channel and sank rapidly. This is the theory the inquiry will focus on,” he said. The 30m

Pegasus had left the Wilson, Sons base at Vicente de Carvalho and was en route to Pier Two, near the

Saboo terminal, where it was to participate in the berthing of the Frotabelem, a container vessel owned by

Frota Amazonica e Oceanico and operated by Log-in (the new name for Docenave, part of the CVRD

group). A Wilson, Sons spokesman confirmed there had been an accident, but offered no further details.

(Source: Clipping News)

Rem Offshore to sell Rem Angler

Rem Offshore in Norway has agreed to sell the seismic vessel Rem Angler to Oceanfive Shipping AS.

Delivery of the vessel will take place on June 1st 2007. The sale of Rem Angler will give Rem Offshore

ASA a gain of NKr 70 million in the second quarter of 2007 and a cash contribution of NKr 99 million after

repayment of debt. Oceanfive Shipping is a newly founded Norwegian company operating from offices in

Volda, Sunnmøre. (Source: Clipping News)

Havila inks more AHTS units

Norwegian supply ship owner Havila Shipping has upped its newbuilding order at a Chinese yard to as

many as 10 units. Havila has set up a joint-venture with Singapore’s Pacific Carriers Limited (PCL) to

place two firm orders and a further two options for anchor-handling tug supply (AHTS) units at Yuexing

Shipbuilding, Norwegian business daily Dagens Naeringsliv reported. The price for the latest orders is

believed to be around the $40m per vessel mark. Havila already has six smaller units on order at Yuexing

for delivery from January 2008 at a cost of $18.5m each, the paper said. If all the options are declared the

octet of units would represent a total investment of $270m. Havila is taking 50% of the latest two-plus-two

orders. The newest units are intended to be put to use in the Southeast Asia market once delivered. The

newspaper says Havila will not comment on the mooted deal but contract discussions are believed to be

at an advanced stage. Havila already has eight offshore supply vessels on order at a family-owned yard in

Norway. (Source: Clipping News)

Aker Yards to Build Supply Vessels for Nordcapital

Aker Yards has signed a contract with Nordcapital, Germany, to deliver two UT-776 CD Platform supply

vessels. The total value of the contract is approximately $112.6m. The hulls for the vessels will be built at

Aker Yards in Romania, and outfitted at Aker Yards in Norway. Delivery of the vessels is scheduled for the

3rd quarter of 2009 and 1st quarter of 2010. The contract also includes an option for two similar vessels

for delivery in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2010. (Source: Marinelink)

Rem Offshore orders two AHTS

May 10, 2007 REM Con AS, a subsidiary of REM Offshore in Norway, has entered into a contract with

Aker Yards for construction of two AHTS. The value of the contract is approximately NKr 1.4 billion in total.

The vessels are based on the Aker AH 12 design and will have a bollard pull in excess of 300 tons, and be

outfitted with a triple drum winch of 500 tons. Accommodation is planned for 70 and delivery is scheduled

for the first and second quarters of 2010. The hulls for the vessels will be built at Aker Yards in Romania,

and outfitted at Aker Yards in Norway. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Hornbeck Offshore expands MPSV programme

May 9, 2007 Hornbeck Offshore Services in the US has announced that it has expanded its multi-purpose

supply vessel (MPSV) programme to include a 430ft new generation DP-3 MPSV to be constructed at a

European shipyard with an anticipated third quarter 2009 delivery. This 8,000 deadweight ton vessel will

be equipped with two cranes, a helideck, a moon pool and accommodation for 100 people. The primary

crane will have lifting capacity of up to 400 tons in up to 10,000ft of water depth and the secondary crane

will provide significant additional lifting capacity. The MPSV will be capable of operating globally.

However, the company plans to deploy the vessel in its primary operating market, the deepwater and

ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico. While this foreign-built vessel cannot qualify for Jones Act trade, the

company still intends to US-flag the vessel, which offers certain strategic benefits to the company and

its customers. The new DP-3 vessel to be constructed will be included in the company's MPSV program,

which currently consists of two US-flagged coastwise sulphur tankers that are being converted into 370ft

new generation DP-2 MPSVs. Based on current internal estimates, the aggregate total project budget for

these three vessels, before construction period interest, is now expected to be in the US$250.0 million to

US$270.0 million range, depending on final vessel configurations. The company plans to fund the

incremental cost of this DP-3 newbuild MPSV from current cash on-hand and projected free cash flow.

Hornbeck Offshore also has an exclusive four-year option to construct two additional sister vessels based

on the same DP-3 MPSV design at a US shipyard of its choice, which would qualify for domestic

coastwise trade under the Jones Act. The new vessels are designed to handle a variety of deepwater and

ultra-deepwater roles. They will be excellent platforms to support subsea construction, inspection, repair

and maintenance, well intervention, decommissioning projects and flotel services, as well as pipeline and

subsea wellhead installations with ROVs, saturation diving systems and flexible umbilical and flexible pipe

laying capabilities. Carl Annessa, the Company's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer,

said: "Rather than developing a proprietary in-house MPSV design from scratch, we were able to identify

a highly reputable shipyard in Holland with an existing DP-3 design, which we have adapted to meet

our objectives. More importantly, however, we secured a calendar 2009 delivery, which we believe is one

of the earliest available delivery slots for a DP-3 vessel of this size and capability in the worldwide

shipyard community. Merwede Shipyard has an outstanding track record of constructing its own

proprietary vessel designs on-time and on-budget." (Source: Leo Kramer)

8 e jaargang, nr. 19

dd. 20 Mei 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Polaris sold

The Finnish tug Polaris (Frisoy – 04; Bryteren – 00; Love – 94; Sjollen – 83) built1964, 256 GT owned by

K. Jousmaa Ky, Tammisaari was sold to Rauma Chartering and Towage Agency Ltd., Rauma without

change of name. (Source: Risto Brzoza)

Bourbon Offshore orders 4 Damen ASD Tugs 3213

On the 3 rd of May 2007, Bourbon Offshore and Damen Shipyards Gorinchem signed a contract for the

construction and delivery of four Damen ASD Tugs 3213. This very powerful ASD Tug is the latest

development from Damen and the top of the range with a bollard of in excess of 83 metric tons. The tugs

are well equipped and designed for both offshore and terminal operations including fire-fighting equipment

based on Fi-Fi I requirements. The delivery of the first two vessels is scheduled for July 2009 and the

remaining two vessels will be delivered in December 2009. (Source: Damen)

Varun Shipping Company Limited Acquires AHTS

Varun Shipping Company Limited announced that it has taken delivery of second 16000 BHP Anchor

Handling and Towing Supply Vessel with Bollard Pull in excess of 180 tons. (Source: Clipping News)

Launch Day in Bourg, La.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 Joey Portier, yard manager at Intercoastal Iron Works, annoumced the splashy

launch that they had for Lebeouf Brothers Towing's latest push boat. As in others built to the Frank Basile

design, this 72 x 32-ft. push boat is powered by twin Cummins KTA38 M1 main engines rated at 1,000 hp

each. At Intracoastal Ironworks Joey Portier manages the yard for owner Raymond Viguerie. The yard

delivered one of the Basile-designed 72-footers, the Katie Gronsulin, to Lebeouf Brothers Towing in the

fall of 2006. They launched this one in early May and will deliver shortly. In line behind the Richard

Gonsoulin II are orders for at least one more for Lebeouf and then two for Higman Marine. At the same

time the busy yard is finishing up a 136-foot utility boat and continuing with their barge repair business.

(Source: Jan van der Doe)

Hybrid tug boat will be clean and quiet

A US boat-builder is designing what it claims will be the "world’s first true hybrid tug boat". Seattle-based

Foss Maritime says that the vessel will emit significantly less nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon and

particles than conventional tugs, as well as consuming less fuel and being much quieter. The 5,000hp

(3,73MW) vessel, which has received $850,000 of funding from the Port of Los Angeles, will combine

electric drives powered by two 500kW battery packs and 50kW diesel generators. Conventional tug boats

spend up to half of their time idling with their main engines running and ready to respond, but not using

much of the power they are producing. The hybrid tug’s engines and generators will only run when full

power is needed. At other times, the batteries alone will power the vessel. Foss estimates that the hybrid

tug will produce 40% less particles and nitrogen oxide than a standard Dolphin-class tug (shown above)

on which it is based. The company hopes to put the first hybrid tug into service next year. It is designing

the hybrid technology so that it can be retrofitted to existing tugs. (Source: Clipping News)

Further focus on core activities: SMIT sells inland river operation Gabon

Rotterdam, 17 May 2007 In line with SMIT’s strive to focus on its core activities SMIT announces that it

has sold its inland river operation in Gabon to Ortec Marine. The sale involves 7 tugs and 7 barges. The

personnel engaged in this operation will continue their employment with Ortec Marine.

Concurrent with its strategy SMIT retains its terminal operation in Gabon. (Source: Smit)

Union Kodiak

This morning, 10 th May, URS Belgium officially received, as Gmay 1 built, Union Kodiak from the Turkish

shipyard 'Dearsan Shipyard'. The sister vessel, as Gmay 2 built, Union Grizzly will be expected during

this summer. Both tugs will be active in the Port of Antwerp where they will replace Union Diamond and

Union Sapphire which will go to sea. (Source: URS & Hans van der Ster)

The Union Kodiak left Istanbul port last Wednesday 16 th May at 14.30 hrs, bound for Antwerpen. It is

expected; weather permitting, that she will arrive on the Scheldt river 26 th May. (Source: Rene de Maeyer)

SMIT Africa

The SMIT Africa left last Thursday 17 th May, the newbuilding shed at the Ge-Ta shipyard at Tuzla for

further outside construction. (Source: Hans van der Ster)

Offshore Shipbrokers Ltd. Reported April 2007

Seaways International has ordered from Keppel Singmarine an AHT with 100-tonne bollard pull and DP 2

with delivery due in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Aker Capital has ordered at Aker Yards Vietnam, six AHTS of Aker AH 08 design plus six options at a

contract price of approximately NOK 1.5 billion (around USD 251 million) with first delivery scheduled in

2010, and the last in 2012. The vessels will have a length of 74.7 metres, a beam of 17.4 metres and a

deadweight of 3,000 tonnes.

Aker Yards will build two AHTS of Aker AH 12 design for Rem Offshore with a bollard pull in excess of 300

tonnes at a contract price NOK 1.4 billion (around USD 234 million). Deliveries are in the first and second

quarter of 2010. The vessels will have a length of 95 metres and a beam of 24 metres.

Lewek Shipping has ordered two UT788 CD AHTS from the Pan United yard in Singapore at a cost of

SGD 98 million. The two 30,000 BHP vessels are expected to deliver in the first and second quarter of

2009 respectively.

Great Offshore has signed a contract with Bharati Shipyard for the construction of a multipurpose offshore

support vessel worth USD 64.80 million. The vessel has a total power of 14,000 BHP and will be equipped

to support ROV, Diving, and Subsea operations. The vessel will have a dynamic positioning system with

full redundancy for DP2 operation.

Siem Offshore is to build two large VS491 AHTS at Kleven Verft and Myklebust Verftesign HTS at a cost

of NOK 1.1 billion for delivery in March and June 2010.

Supply Service AS has placed an order for a second PSV of HAVYARD 832 CD design which is

scheduled to deliver from the Fjellstrand yard in Norway during December 2008.

Bharati Shipyard has signed a contract for the construction of two PSVs for UP Offshore. The contract is

valued at USD 43.4 million.

Vroon Offshore Services has ordered four PSVs of UT755LN design from Cochin Shipyard in India to be

delivered between October 2009 and March 2010.

Nordcapital has placed an order with Aker Yard to build two UT-776CD PSVs at a contract value of

approximately NOK 680 million (around USD 113.6 million). Delivery of the first vessel is scheduled for the

third quarter of 2009 and the other vessel for the first quarter of 2010.

Seacor has sold two of its vessels, the Seabulk Carol 5,070 BHP AHTS and the Seabulk Takzim 4,760

bhp AHTS to an undisclosed Egyptian company and Amsbach Marine respectively.

AHTS Crowley Alliance (Blt.1983 - 1240 BHP) has been sold to Femcoborg on private terms. The vessel

has already been delivered and renamed Vengery.

Solstad has sold the Normand Hunter 9,800 bhp AHTS to RF Forschungsschiffahrt and will handover July

1. The UT704 Normand Ranger and UT704 Normand Prosper have been sold to Simon Mokster and will

handover around mid-May. Solstad will book a gain of around NOK 135 million (USD 22.61 million) from

the deals.

8 e jaargang, nr. 20

dd. 27 Mei 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Rederij Vroon neemt Schots bedrijf over

Zaterdag 19 mei 2007 - BRESKENS - De Breskense rederij Vroon bv beschikt sinds deze week over de

grootste vloot van offshore redding- en veiligheidsschepen van Europa. Vroon bereikte woensdag

overeenstemming over de overname van Viking Offshore uit Schotse Aberdeen. Deze redding- en

veiligheidsschepen opereren op de Noordzee. "Door deze overname is onze vloot uitgebreid met 31

schepen voor de offshore", weet Herman Marks, commercieel directeur van Vroon. "Vroon Offshore zelf

heeft er 21 in de vaart, zodat we in een klap niet alleen meer op de Nederlandse markt, maar ook op de

Engelse de grootste aanbieder van veiligheids- en bevoorradingsschepen geworden zijn." Onder de nu 52

schepen tellende vloot voor de Noordzee zijn ook werkschepen kompleet met duikers en

onderwaterrobots. Binnenkort zal dit aantal nog worden vergroot. Er zijn op dit moment voor het

overgenomen bedrijf, dat verder gaat onder de naam Vroon Offshore Services Ltd., negen en voor Vroon

Offshore in Den Helder dertien schepen in aanbouw. "We waren al heel actief op het Nederlandse deel

van de Noordzee, maar dit is niet zo groot", weet Marks. "De afstanden op het Nederlandse deel van het

continentale plat zijn korter. Daardoor hebben we hier aparte schepen voor de bevoorrading en de

veiligheid. In het Engelse deel van het continentale plat zijn de afstanden groter en hebben de schepen

beide functies." Voor de personeelsleden van Viking Offshore heeft de overname geen consequenties. De

650 koppige bemanning en het administratieve personeel blijven ongewijzigd in dienst. (Source; Wilma

Valk-BN de Stem)

MT6022 XL design selected by Gulmar Offshore May

21, 2007 Marin Teknikk, the well known Norwegian naval architects, have secured a contract with Hanjin

Heavy Industries & Construction Co Ltd in Korea for delivery of a design and engineering package for two

new MT 6022 XLs for Gulmar Offshore Midle East LLC in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The new

multipurpose subsea operation support vessels were developed and designed by Marin Teknikk in close

co-operation with the owner over a period of eight months. The vessels are being constructed for

operation in the Middle East and Indian Ocean, in addition to the North Sea. They are therefore designed

for operation in areas with extreme environmental conditions. The vessels have a length overall of 115m

and beam of 22m and a strengthened working deck of 1,120m2 aft of the dive area. The accommodation

is arranged for 120 persons, and the contract includes diving system for 18 of divers, whom can operate in

two different teams at same time. The vessels are arranged with two separate dive moonpools in addition

to a third larger moonpool for construction work. The two MT 6022 XLs will also be equipped with

two large offshore cranes for lifting of modules weighing up to 150 tons. Other major equipment on deck

will be a hangar with LARS system for Work Cla ss ROV and an optional 'A' frame on the stern. The

vessels will also be equipped with a helicopter deck for the Sikorsky S-92 class. The first of the new

vessels will be delivered during in the summer of 2009 and the second will be delivered in the autumn of

that year. (Source; Leo Kramer)

Charter Contracts for two PSVs

Posted: 21.05.2007 Siem Offshore Inc and Electromagnetic Geoservice AS (EMGS) have entered into a

firm 3 years charter for one of the platform supply vessels that are under construction in Norway. The

charter will commence in the third quarter 2007. EMGS has also declared an option to extend the current

charter for the platform supply vessel “Sasha” until first quarter 2010. Both charters are for world wide

operation and the total value of the charters for both vessels is approximately USD 62 million.

Siem Offshore and EMGS have developed an efficient and successful offshore operational concept

through their long-term cooperation. Siem Offshore is very pleased to continue to support EMGS

throughout the new charter contracts. (Source; Leo Kramer)

Two AHTS vessels ordered from Damen Shipyards

Croatian operator orders after successful delivery of previous order. Following the successful building and

delivery of the Damen Fast Crew Supplier 3507 (Silni), Brodospas has now ordered 2 Anchor Handling

Tug Supply (AHTS) Vessels 6315. Construction will take place at Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania

and the delivery of both vessels is scheduled for 2009. Brodospas, the well established Croatian operator

with their main office in Split, operates supply boats, anchor handlers and tugs. The newly ordered vessels

will boost the fleet renewal program which started with the Silni. The vessels will be deployed worldwide

however since the main activities of Brodospas are currently in Mediterranean it is most likely that the

vessels will start there. The AHTS 6315 is one of the latest designs from the Damen Offshore Series. The

Offshore Series include both AHTS and PSV type of vessels covering a bollard pull range from 80 to 160

ton (AHTS) and a deadweight range varying from 2000 to 4500 ton (PSV). The Brodospas vessels will

have the following main characteristics: Length approx.: 64.00 m Breadth: 15.00 m Draft design: 5.00 m

Speed: 15 knots Bollard pull: 120 ton Deadweight approx.: 1525 ton The vessels will be classed by

Bureau Veritas and the Croatian Register. The notation includes FiFi-1 and DP-2. Ample tank capacity is

available for fuel oil, potable water, ballast & drill water, dry bulk, liquid mud, brine and recovered oil.

Accommodation is provided for 29 persons divided over single, double and quadruple cabins. (Source;


Maersk Reliance sold

May 22, 2007 A P Møller - Mærsk has confirmed that it has delivered the cable laying vessel Maersk

Reliance to her new owner, Rubicon MSV Holdings Limited in Singapore. The vessel will be on bareboat

charter to Maersk Supply Service until first quarter 2008 under her current name. (Source; Leo Kramer)

Gulmar behind Hanjin orders

Gulmar Offshore has emerged as the owner behind two offshore vessels ordered at Hanjin Heavy

Industries in a deal worth $200m. The two ships, which were ordered last month, will be delivered to the

UAE-based owner in the second and third quarters of 2009. The order also includes options for an

additional two ships meaning the contract could eventually be worth around $400m. The Gulmar Atlantis

and Gulmar Da Vinci will be DP2 multi-purpose support vessels built to a MT6022 XL design from

Norway’s Marin Teknikk. Designed over an eight month period the vessels are destined for operation in

the Gulf of Persia and Indian Ocean, in addition to the North Sea. Each ship will be 115 metres in length

overall, have a beam of 22 m and a strengthened working deck of 1120 metres sq aft of the dive area. The

vessels are arranged with two of separate diving moon-pools in addition to a third larger moon-pool for

construction work. The two MT 6022 XL will also be equipped with 2 off large offshore cranes for lifting of

modules, weighing up to 150 ton, on and off the seabed. Other major equipment on deck will be a hangar

with LARS system for Work ROV and one optional large A-frame on the stern. Accommodation is

arranged for 120 persons while the vessels will also be equipped with a helicopter deck for the Sikorsky S-

92 helicopter. (Source; Clipping News)

Ezra Awards Contract to Labroy

Ezra Holdings has awarded a contract to Labroy Shipbuilding and Engineering worth $25.1m. The

contract is to build an ultra-large pipe laying, accommodation, well service and maintenance vessel. The

vessel is to be delivered by the first half of 2009. It can be used for all types of deepwater work in

demanding weather conditions. The vessel is expected to broaden Ezra's market reach in the offshore

production and construction segment. (Source: Channel News Asia)

Guarino & Cox Designed ATB Launched

The first of a series of 12,000 hp ATB tugs being built for U.S. Shipping Partners, L.P. was recently

launched. But the occasion was devoid of the usually expected thrill and large splash. The building site

lacked suitable launching ways so a different, somewhat less dramatic, method was devised. Using

multiple tired high capacity transporters the tug was rolled onto a barge, then towed to a graving dock. The

graving dock was drained to allow the tug to be freed from the then ballasted barge. The dock was then

filled with about as much excitement as turning a tap to fill a tub allowing the tug to float free in its element.

Guarino & Cox, L.L.C. of Covington, LA, prepared the design and provided all engineering support for the

construction of the tug series and the accompanying 19,999 tonne DWT double skin tank barges forming

the ATB units. The design, equipment and standard of outfit of the tug and barge represent a considerable

advance in the state of the art of ATB’s. Greg Cox, a principal of Guarino & Cox stated that the owner’s

requirements placed a high priority on efficiency, safety, habitability and low life cycle cost in the design,

construction and outfit of the tugs and barges. Many exterior fittings such as handrails, hatches, water

tight doors and even the mast are fabricated of stainless steel to reduce maintenance. The

accommodations for the crew, officers and tanker men are spacious and outfitted to a high standard

uncommon for tugs. The tug and barge are connected with an Intercon 64 ft. coupler system. The 45.7

meter tug is powered by two Wartsila 9L32 heavy fuel engines rated at 4590 kW (6150 hp) each, more

than sufficient for a speed of 14 knots for the tug and barge combined unit. The remainder of the

propulsion train is also by Wartsila including reduction gears, shafting, 4 meter diameter Wartsila/Lips CP

propellers and HR high speed nozzles. Steering of the 192 meter long combined ATB unit is accomplished

by two Rolls Royce Marine high lift rudders with Tenfjord rotary vane actuators. The tug’s aft body differs

from many in that the shafts are not supported by struts. In lieu of struts it has twin skeg bossings to

organize the flow into the propellers. Extra care has also been exercised in fairing the nozzles and rudder

trunks into the hull to improve efficiency. Electrical power is amply provided by two 500 kW shaft

generators and one 260 kW Volvo Penta diesel generator. A 150 kW Volvo Penta diesel generator set is

also fitted for emergency power. Southcoast Electric Systems electrical boards and switchgear are

installed. Deck machinery, capstans and anchor winch, are electric and manufactured by Coastal Marine

Equipment, Gulfport, MS. The SOLAS rescue boat and davit are both by Schat-Harding. The heavy fuel oil

tanks, with a capacity of 224,200 U. S. gallons, have heating coils installed and an S-Man thermal oil

heating system. The fuel oil is purified, conditioned and boosted by Alfa-Laval units. Capacity of the tug is

224,200 U.S. gallons of heavy fuel oil and there is an additional 28,000 U.S. gallons of diesel oil. There

are also two tanks for fresh water totaling 18,600 U.S. gallons. The barges of the series production are all

identical in size and form and feature relatively fine ship shape fore bodies and the Guarino & Cox

developed ‘Blended Skeg’ after body. The first of the159 meter tank barges is arranged with cofferdams

and compartments for up to ten cargo segregations and equipped to carry up to 140,000 barrels of

chemicals or petroleum products. The other barges are primarily intended to carry up to 155,000 barrels of

oil or petroleum products with up to five segregations of cargo. FRAMO hydraulic pumps are fitted to both

types of barge for cargo and ballast service. Cargos are heated by an S-Man thermal oil system and

inerted by an Air Products nitrogen inert gas system. (Source: Marinelink)

More work for Farstad vessels

May 23, 2007 Farstad Shipping has been awarded a further one year plus one year option contract by

JVPC for the AHTS Lady Cynthia to continue in Vietnam in support of their long term drilling programme.

The vessel has been with JVPC almost continuously since 1995. Far Sleipner has been extended by

Petrobras in Brazil for a further two years from the expiry date of the ship's old contract in May 2007. The

vessel has been working with Petrobras since 1998 (Source: Leo Kramer)

Irving to build Upgraded Escort Series for LNG Terminal

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. of Canada, has announced a contract to build a series of three escort tugs for

Atlantic Reyser for LNG terminal operations. Like all Irving Shipbuilding’s previous tugs, the new vessels

will be based upon the very successful Robert Allan hull. Irving’s East Isle Shipyard has previously built a

number of tugs for escort operations in Saint John, NB and the Caucedo LNG terminal in the Dominican

Republic. More recently, experience (both in operation and design) has been gained in escort work in

Halifax harbour, handling post Panamax containerships. This experience has culminated in the new escort

variant of the popular design (of which 29 have now been ordered). From an operational standpoint, these

reverse tractor tugs are designed specifically for LNG escort and ship assist duties. The entire

superstructure has been moved even further aft to allow for optimal positioning of the forward winch for

indirect towing. The forward deck sports a frequency controlled high tension render-recover winch from

Ridderinkhof with 142 tonnes line pull, 222 tonnes brake. The forward staple is lined with stainless steel

and a stainless steel bulwark top extends around the bow area. Measuring 30.8m x 11.14m x 5.5m draft,

the LR-classed tugs will be powered by a pair of Caterpillar 3516B-HD series II main engines developing

(1,999 kW each at 1,600 rpm), coupled to Rolls- Royce Aquamaster US255 Z drives with fixed pitch

propellers of 2.8m diameter. A bollard pull of about 72 tonnes is expected. The bow is heavily fendered by

three rows of cylindrical fenders, complemented by D fenders aft and tires along the tug sides. Below the

waterline, a large “escort” keel forward provides effective indirect towing capability and enhanced course

keeping, especially when running astern. Auxiliary power requirements to power the escort winch and

other systems will be provided by two Caterpillar C9 gensets developing 250kW each. Irving to build

Upgraded Escort Series for LNG Terminal For emergency towing over the stern, a 75 tonne tow hook is

fitted. Two remote-controlled FiFi monitors supplied by FFS capable of a discharge rate of 1,200 m3/h will

be fitted forward of the wheelhouse. The monitors will be supplied by a dedicated pump of 2,700 m3/h

capacity, driven off the front end of the port main engine. Fire-fighting capabilities are further enhanced by

a water curtain of 300m3/hr and a deck manifold for supplying a shorebased fire fighting installations.

Comfortable accommodations for up to 5 will be provided, and the new tugs will be designed for

exceptionally low noise levels, using features developed in Irving Shipbuilding’s recent series of tugs built

for Nordane Shipping. All three tugs are to delivered by August 2008. (Source; Clipping News)

8 e jaargang, nr. 21

dd. 03 Juni 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Preferred bidder for Tug Malta named

It was announced that Rimorchiatori Riuniti SpA, which operates towage and harbour services in the ports

of Genoa and Salerno, has been selected as the preferred bidder for the government’s shareholding in

Tug Malta Ltd. Negotiations between the Privatisation Unit and the bidder are to commence in the next

few days. The government is selling its 73.72 per cent shareholding in Tug Malta with the aim of obtaining

a strategic partner for the company that will help it to diversify its services. Rimorchiatori Riuniti SpA was

established in 1922 and also provides special towage services and offshore activities, including antipollution

services. In naming it as the preferred bidder, the government said it had accepted the

Adjudicating Committee’s recommendation. Tug Malta was nationalized out of the private companies that

used to run the service before 1980. Its only area of operation was Grand Harbour, which was the only

shipping harbour in use. But 1989 saw the development of the Malta Freeport and Tug Malta began

investing in additional tugs to be able to service the southern port. Last year it took delivery of two new tug

boats. (Source: Clipping News)

New orders from Bugsier

Bugsier ordered two new ASD-tugs from Sanmar, Turkey. The two tugs are of the type "Sanmar Escort", a

Robert Allen Ltd design, and are due end of 2008 and beginning of 2009. The tugs will have an engine

output of 2 x 2,400 kW and provide 80 t bollard pull. (Source: Sanmar)

Rem Etive named

May 29, 2007 On May 19th the naming ceremony of Rem Etive, Rem Maritime's latest vessel, took place

at Kleven Shipyard. Rem Etive is named after a loch on the north west coast of Scotland. (Source: Leo


Fairmount Expedition named

May 29, 2007 On May 21st the name giving ceremony for Fairmount's ocean-going tug Fairmount

Expedition was performed by Mrs Giuliana de Heer, wife of Albert de Heer, Fairmount?s managing

director. The name giving took place at Niigata Shipyard, Niigata, Japan. The vessel will be delivered

on May 31st and like her four sister vessels will be delivered on time and within budget. (Source: Leo


Charter contracts for PSVS

Posted: 29.05.2007 Peterson Supplylink B.V. in Holland has declared an option to extend the charter of

the mid-size PSV `Sophie Siem` for an additional period of 12 months on existing terms. The contract

value for the new period is approximately USD 6.2 million Siem Offshore Inc and Venture Production

(North SeaDevelopments) Limited have entered into a two month charter for the large-size PSV `Siem

Mariner` to be used in connection with well stimulation services. The contract will commence early in July

2007 and the contract value is approximately USD 5.5 million. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Vroon takes delivery of another newbuild

May 30, 2007 Vroon Offshore Services Ltd (VOSL) formerly called Viking Offshore Services has taken

delivery of the second vessel in a £55million newbuild programme. VOSL, which assumed its new identity

following its acquisition last week by Dutch shipping company Vroon Offshore BV, hosted an official

naming ceremony for Viking Explorer at Aberdeen Harbour. The formal naming was performed by Mrs

Marja Doedens, Managing Director of Vroon Offshore Services BV, part of the wider Vroon Group. The

vessel was blessed by Aberdeen port chaplain Rev Howard Drysdale. Also present at the ceremony was

Pieter Vroon, Chairman of the Vroon Group BV Supervisory Board, and Herman Marks, Vroon Group BV

Commercial Director. VOSL Chief Executive Graham Philip said: We are pleased to accept delivery of the

second of nine vessels in what is one of the most ambitious new-build programmes undertaken in our

sector. We were also delighted to have Marja undertake the naming ceremony for us. Her participation

helped to symbolise a dynamic new era for VOSL as part of a group with a long and prestigious history in

the global shipping market. The new-build programme is also testimony to VOSL’s confidence in its longterm

growth strategy in the European offshore energy market. The 55m Viking Explorer is of the new IMT

955 design by IMT Marine Consultants of Montrose, Scotland. It carries a series of enhanced recovery

and rescue features as well as class-leading capabilities for in-field logistic services.

All the new vessels, of similar design, are being constructed at the Astilleros Zamakona shipyard in Spain

and are to be delivered in a rolling programme until early 2009. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Buys Fairmount

After two years of collaboration with Fairmount Marine BV, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs has strengthened its

services to the offshore industry through the acquisition of Fairmount, a Dutch company. the acquisition of

Fairmount Marine. For two years, since the common operation of the Gavea Lifter semi-submersible

heavy transportation barge, the two companies have learned to work together. Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

decided to acquire Fairmount to develop the company in the longer term. Ocean towage is a promising

market and LDA excels in developing niche sectors and added value. A global ocean towage specialist,

Fairmount was established 30 years ago by Mr Henk J. van den Berg. Fairmount delivers know-how and

expertise in ocean towage to operators of drilling platforms, barges and FPSOs (Floating Production

Storage and Offloading). Platforms, drillships and other large units can be docked on its semi-submersible

barges. Fairmount operates five modern and powerful (200 tonnes bollard pull) tugs, all delivered since

2005, as well as two semi-submersible barges capable of lifting 50,000 tonnes. Negotiations with

shipyards for two new semi-submersible barges and several tugs (in the 280 tonnes bollard pull class) are

already in progress. (Source: Marinelink)

Tugboat Captain Sentenced

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 The U.S. Attorney's Office said that Gary O. Burnham, of Michigan City, Ind., was

sentenced to serve 30 months in prison for operating as a ship's captain on a forged license, neglect of

duty by a seaman resulting in the sinking of the M/V Margaret Ann, and negligently causing a diesel fuel

spill in Lake Michigan. He was also ordered to pay $750,000 in restitution to Holly Marine Towing, the

owner of the vessel that sank in Lake Michigan under Burnham's command. The sinking of the Margaret

Ann caused a 250 gallon diesel spill in navigable waters. Commander Paul Mehler, III, Commanding

Officer, Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Chicago "expects that this will send an important message to the

entire marine community." The privilege to operate and maintain a vessel, whether commercial or

recreational, should be taken very seriously by the licensed mariner. The Coast Guard will continue to

remain vigilant and ensure the safety of the general public and the environment. This case was

investigated by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service -

Chicago Office, and was prosecuted by the Asst. U.S. Attorney Donald J. Schmid. (Source: Jan v.d. Doe)

Four new Ulstein X-Bows

The newly formed, Dubai-based shipping company Eastern Echo is building four ships of the ULSTEIN

SX124 design. These will be the first seismic vessels of Ulstein design and will be built with the ULSTEIN

X-BOW®. In total, five shipowners have chosen this new bow concept.

Ulstein Design is a young ship design company that has gained much interest worldwide. The contracts

with Eastern Echo are important for Ulstein Design, as their portfolio also will cover the seismic area. The

engineering department of Ulstein Verft are busy in the development of the project, and for Ulstein Elektro

these contracts are all-time highest. The international focus in Ulstein Design is thus important for the

Ulstein Group in total, says deputy CEO, Tore Ulstein. - My experience is that the most complete and

most knowledgeable environment in seismology and the offshore industry is in Norway. The ULSTEIN X-

BOW®- concept is interesting and an improvement compared to traditional ship designs. We are

convinced this will be a good design for us, particularly with regard to the environmental, says Director

Peter Zickerman of Eastern Echo. - It is very important to us that the crew have good, safe working

conditions, and we believe this design will be an important contribution towards that end.

SEISMOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH Sales manager Lars Stole Skoge of Ulstein Design says the

contracts are a breakthrough for Ulstein Design and the new bow concept in the seismology market.

- We commend the shipping company for the faith they have shown in us by committing to these new

designs, he says, and continues, - Most of the main equipment is also delivered by Ulstein Design. The

contracts amount to approximately NOK 400 million. Many of the project´s financial backers are

Norwegian, as are many of Ulstein Design´s subcontractors. Ulstein Elektro has extensive system

deliveries and ODIM will be supplying a complete handling solution for seismic equipment. TO BE BUILT

IN SPAIN The vessels will be built at the Barreras shipyard in Vigo, Spain. The first ship will be ready for

operation at the end of 2008 and the three remaining ships will be delivered a few months apart during

2009. All four ships will operate worldwide. They are equipped for 3D seismology and have up to 10

streamer winches each. EASTERN ECHO The newly established seismic company Eastern Echo has its

head office in Dubai and its operations office in Cyprus. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Charter contract PSV

Siem Offshore Inc and Five Oceans Services GmbH have entered into a firm three year charter for the

large-size PSV `Siem Carrier` for operation as a world-wide Cable Lay, ROV and Offshore Construction

Support Vessel. The commercial terms of the contract are confidential between the parties.Siem Offshore

Inc expects to invest USD 6 million in upgrade of the vessel prior to commencement of the contract. Siem

Offshore is pleased to have entered into this contract and look forward to build a long-term relationship

with Five Oceans Services GmbH. Siem Offshore Inc is an owner and operator of vessels for the global oil

and gas service industry. The fleet of 37 vessels, of which 16 are under construction at yards in Norway,

includes Platform Supply Vessels, Multipurpose Field- and ROV Support Vessels and large Anchor

Handling Towing Support Vessels. The Company is also a majority shareholder in the subsidiary Siem

WIS AS. Siem WIS is developing new technology that will enable safer, and more efficient, drilling, well

maintenance and well intervention services, including drilling of complex low/high pressure reservoirs. Five Oceans Services GmbH is a global service provider specialised on the

installation, maintenance and repair of submarine cables and offshore umbilical as well as related ROV

and offshore construction support. . (Source: Leo Kramer)

Contract 4 Damen 3213 ASD schepen getekend

Gisterochtend werd het contract voor vier Damen 3213 ASD schepen getekend op het hoofdkantoor in

Rotterdam. Dit nieuwe type schepen beschikt over 85 tbp om te kunnen voldoen aan de groeiende vraag

naar krachtiger sleepboten in verband met de steeds groter wordende zeeschepen. De vier sleepboten

worden gebouwd in Vietnam en zullen worden ingezet voor zowel haven- als terminalactiviteiten. De

schepen zijn volledig uitgerust voor LNG terminal activiteiten. De eerste twee sleepboten worden naar

verwachting in april 2009 opgeleverd. (Source: Smit)

Bharati to build PSVs for Man Ferrostaal

June 1, 2007 Bharati Shipyard Ltd has announced that Man Ferrostaal AG in Germany has ordered

two large PSVs. The vessels will be 105m in length and will be fitted with Voith cycloidal propulsors

and diesel electric propulsion. Classed with Germanishcher Lloyd, the vessels will have a free running

speeds of 17 knots. Bharati is also responsible for detailed engineering for the vessels, which will have

cargo deck of 1,400m2, and deck load of 2,500 tons. . (Source: Leo Kramer)

Seaspan International order 6,500 bhp tug

As part of its fleet revitalization program, Seaspan International Ltd., North Vancouver, B.C., has just

placed an order for what it calls a "Titan of a tug." The new Robert Allan Z-Tech 7500 series design will

generate more than 75 tonnes of direct bollard pull. Speeds will exceed 12.5 knots ahead and 12.2 knots

running stern first. "This tug will be capable of generating in excess of 120 tonnes of line pull in the indirect

mode, which is significant for effective escorting maneuvers," says Doug Towill, Seaspan's VP, Marine

Services. "We will service both our Vancouver Harbour and Roberts Bank shipdocking customers with this

new ZÐTech tractor tug, as well as any other escort opportunities in our local waters." Seaspan says the

6,500 bhp tug will be outfitted with "the most environmentally efficient engines available, which exceed all

standards." Vancouver Shipyards, in North Vancouver, will commence construction on this exciting new

venture in October 2007 with completion scheduled for September 2008. Seaspan and Vancouver

Shipyards are both members of the Washington Marine Group. The newbuild will be the largest, most

powerful tractor tug to service the B.C. coast and will be the new flagship of Seaspan's shipdocking fleet,

which currently incorporates seven tractor tugs and seven conventional shipdocking tugs dedicated to its

local customer base. (Source: Clipping News)

Seabreeze May report

Fortune Has All The Luck

Total E & P has chartered the REM Offshore MT 6000 MK II PSV Rem Fortune. Period of this North Sea

charter, which began in May, is 90 days firm plus two monthly options. The Rem Fortune will

predominantly support the GA II during this charter.

DSS Decisions

There was a number of newbuild charter announcements from Norwegian based shipowners Deep Sea

Supply this month. First of all, they secured two West African three year term charters with Eni Congo

worth around USD 47.5 million in total. The PSV Sea Angler will begin work in mid August whilst the UT

755L PSV Sea Trout will begin in mid July. ENI Congo also has an option to extend both of these

contracts by one year. The next announcement concerned their 6,500 BHP newbuild anchor handler

called Sea Wolverine which is due to deliver around the 1st of October. This vessel will begin a two year

USD 10.8 million contract with Swiber in Singapore upon delivery from the ABG shipyard in India. Finally,

Petro-Canada Trinidad and Tobago Ltd has chartered the 15,000 BHP KMAR 404 anchor handlers Sea

Wolf and Sea Panther for 6—8 months in a deal worth around USD 15-20 million in total. The contract

should begin around October 2007, in direct continuation of present charterers EOG Resources.

Pioneering & Prospecting

Viking’s sixth and seventh newbuild Pan-European Field Support and Rescue Vessels (called the Viking

Pioneer and Viking Prospector) will go on a five year contract with five year options. It is understood that

the vessels will work predominantly at the Alwyn Dunbar area in the North Sea. These IMT 955L design

vessels will deliver in October 2008 and March 2009 respectively.

Vroon Take a Liking To Viking

Further to the above story, Viking Offshore Services have been bought by the Dutch based Vroon Group

for an undisclosed sum. Viking Offshore Services will be renamed Vroon Offshore Services although it is

understood that there will be no loss of jobs or changes to contracts (Viking employ about 685 persons).

This move “will create one of Europe’s largest offshore support fleets.” As a reminder Viking currently

have 31 ERRVs with a further 9 being built, while Vroon has an offshore fleet of 21 vessels (made up of

diving support, PSV and safety standby vessels) with 13 offshore vessels on order. Vroon’s red and white

livery (as well as their trademark large white “V” on the side of the hull) will be added to each of the Viking

vessels as and when they go into dry dock.

Esmeralda Mesmerises Peak

The UP Offshore (UK) Ltd VS 4408 PSV UP Esmeralda has been term chartered by AGR Peak. Period of

this charter is one year firm, with AGR Peak having the right to complete the well. The Transocean semisubmersible

Sedco 704 will be supported by the UP Esmeralda, with the contract beginning in August


Far But Not Forgotten

Farstad Shipping were awarded a one year plus one year option extension by JVPC in Vietnam for the HF

270 AHTS Lady Cynthia. Petrobras also extended the Farstad ME 202 PSV Far Sleipner for a further

two years from May 2007.

A Mars a day

The UT 786 CD anchor handler Havila Mars was christened on the 19th May in Bergen. This fine vessel

is chartered to Statoil for a 3 year firm plus 3 year option period. Sister vessel “Havila Mercury” will

deliver end September and will also embark on an identical charter with Statoil. Seabrokers have been the

broker for both of these term fixtures. The UT 786 CD design has the following merits: · Environmentally

friendly and clean design · Safe anchor handling deck · Economical fuel consumption · Good under deck

capacities · 400t capacity on main winch · Designed/equipped for ROV duties Vessel dimensions: LOA

86m, LPP 73.5m and breadth 19.9m. Great emphasis has been placed on the design having the most

modern anchor handling facilities, so it is robust enough to carry out safe anchor handling in all water

depths. The safety of the crew during anchor handling operations has been given top priority and every

effort has been made to keep the deck crew away from dangerous areas during anchor handling

operations. When the vessel is not in the anchor handling mode, its spacious deck area (660 sqm) and

under deck capacities give the Charterers an AHTS with PSV capabilities. Note that this is also the first

AHTS delivered with a sky lobby. As the old advertisement used to say “A Mars a day helps you work, rest

and play…”

SPEciaL Delivery

ESLP, a Mexican subsidiary of Energy Sea and Land Projects Inc, has chartered the Siem Offshore Inc

DP II Karmsund newbuild Siem Sailor for work in the Gulf of Mexico, with Pemex as their ultimate client.

The Siem Sailor is 51% owned by Siem Offshore and 49% owned by O.H. Meling, and is due to complete

construction in the last quarter of this year. Upon delivery the 1,000m2 decked diesel electric VS 485 CD

Offshore Supply Vessel will go straight onto the aforementioned five year firm USD 82 million term

contract, where she will be modified by the charterer to act as a small FPSO.

Petrobras Grab An Opportunity

Rem Balder will go to Brazil in September to start a long term contract with Petrobras. The Brazilian state

oil company has high expectations for this vessel... It has been agreed that the vessel will be equipped

with new deck handling manipulators from Rolls Royce fitted to cranes which can move along the cargo

rails. For Petrobras this will be an interesting test of equipment that can improve both safety and efficiency

during anchor handling operations. These manipulators were first installed onboard the Olympic

Octopus, and reports have been very encouraging so far. Contract period is for 2 + 2 years.

Siem Secure Several

Siem Offshore Inc PSV Siem Carrier has been term chartered by Five Oceans Services GmbH for

operation as a world-wide cable lay, ROV and offshore construction support vessel. The three year firm

contract begins in the fourth quarter of this year, however, prior to this the Siem Carrier will undergo a

USD 6 million upgrade. The Norwegian shipowner was also pleased with the news that their Sophie Siem

PSV has been extended another year with Peterson Supplylink.

Makeover For Mariner

May saw the contract being agreed between Venture Production (North Sea Developments) Limited and

Siem Offshore Inc to hire the Siem Mariner MT6000 Mk II DP2 PSV vessel. Upon delivery end June, the

vessel will get a major makeover to convert her from supply mode into well fracturing mode. Due to a

shortage of well stimulation vessels, Venture has hired the Siem Mariner and the services of

Schlumberger to carry out this service. Currently Schlumberger are mobilizing equipment from all round

the world, so when the vessel completes her Statoil charter she will undertake her “makeover”. Deck

equipment will occupy all her 950m2 of deck area, and most of her underdeck tanks and pumps will also

be used in this operation. The charter has a firm duration of 6 weeks with numerous options. Whilst the

vessel is performing the well frac. operations she will operate on DP2 and will have a large amount of

Schlumberger specialists onboard. Earlier this year the VS470 Mk II Sical Torino did a frac operation for

Apache. Seabrokers and Promarine (a Seabrokers company) have been involved with both of these

vessel charters, providing brokering and technical support. After the success of the first operation with the

Sical Torino we expectmore use of supply vessels for this type of operation in the future.

I See A Twenty Three

Great Offshore Limited has now taken delivery of their newbuild anchor handler Malaviya Twenty Three.

Furthermore, Great Offshore has announced they are to build a multi purpose offshore support vessel at

Bharati Shipyard. The USD 64.8 million vessel will have a helipad, 14,000 BHP, DP II and will be

equipped to support ROV, diving and subsea operations. According to Bharati, this is the “first time that

such a sophisticated and technologically multipurpose offshore support vessel is being made in India”.

Seabreeze Newbuildings, Conversions, Sale & Purchase

Nordcapital Spend Some NOK

Germany based Nordcapital are to build two UT 776 CD PSVs at Aker Yards. The NOK 680 million

contract also has an option for another two similar vessels for delivery in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2010.

The hulls will be built at Aker Yards in Romania with final outfitting in the Norwegian Aker Yards.

REM Repeat

REM Con AS, a subsidiary of REM Offshore ASA, are to build two anchor handlers at Aker Yards in a deal

worth around NOK 1.4 billion. Delivery of these AH 12 design vessels is scheduled in the first and second

quarter of 2010. Details of the vessels include an LOA of 95 metres, beam of 24 metres, accommodation

for 70 persons and a bollard pull of more than 300 tonnes. As with the Nordcapital story above, the hulls

will be built at Aker Yards in Romania and will be outfitted in Norway.

Good Golly Miss Mollie !

The Siem Offshore newbuild MT 6017 MK II Siem Mollie has been contracted for a three years firm

charter with EMGS. This vessel is expected to deliver in Norway around the start of August 2007. EMGS

also extended the Siem Offshore VS 470 MK II Sasha through to the first quarter of 2010.

No Floundering For Halibut

Deep Sea Supply latest newbuild to deliver, the UT 755L Sea Halibut has now begun a six months firm

plus two three month options charter with Total in the Congo. The Cochin India built vessel is leaving the

yard, enroute for Africa.

Supply’s Surprise

Vroon’s 660m2 decked PSV Supply Express was christened upon arrival in Breskens (Vroon’s

headquarters in Holland) in late May. The vessel was christened by Mrs Carla Peijs, Deputy to her

Majesty, the Queen of the Netherlands. AGR Peak have term chartered this fine platform supply vessel for

work in the North Sea.

Etive Enters Service

The REM Offshore MT 6016 multi purpose field & ROV support vessel Rem Etive delivered from Kleven

Verft yard in Norway towards the end of May. This fine looking vessel has now begun her long term

charter working for TS Marine in the North Sea. Named after the breathtaking sea loch near Oban on the

West coast of Scotland, the Rem Etive has DP II, LOA of 93.5m, heli-deck, 140 ton Hydralift crane, moon

pool and is capable of making 16 knots.

Go, Go Giorgio

Finarge Navegaçao do Brasil Ltda managed anchor handler A.H. Giorgio has been launched and named

in memory of the Past President of Finarge Srl, Mr. Giorgio Parodi, who believed strongly in the Brazilian

market. The 12,240 BHP AHTS was named in Niteroi, Brazil but will not be available for charter until early

next year.

Six Of The Best

Aker Capital are to build six 3,000 ton deadweight anchor handlers at the new Aker Yards shipyard in

Vietnam. These vessels are to be of the AH 08 design with more than 145 tons bollard pull, an LOA of

74.7 metres, Clean Design, and efficient fuel consumption. The first will deliver in 2010 while the sixth will

deliver in 2012. There is also an option in this NOK 1.5 billion contract for a further six vessels.

Brodospas Beauties

Croatian based shipowner Brodospas has ordered two Damen 6315 anchor handlers from Damen

Shipyards Galati in Romania. Main details include an LOA of 64m, draft of 5m, breadth of 15m, bollard

pull of 120 tons, DP II and accommodation for 29 people. These newbuild vessels will deliver in 2009.

Ezra Ease Into Anchor Handlers

Lewek Shipping, a subsidiary of Ezra Holdings, are to build two Rolls Royce 30,000 BHP UT 788 CD

anchor handlers with delivery from the Pan United Marine yard (Singapore) in the first half of 2009 and

second half of 2009. Lewek have also set up an office in Aberdeen to target the North Sea market.

Fjellstrand To Supply Ship To Supply Service

P/F Supply Service are to build a second Havyard 832 CD platform supply vessel. Fjellstrand yard in

Norway will build the vessel with delivery scheduled for March 2009. Details include a deck area of 800

m2, LOA of 78.6m, Fi-Fi 1, DP II, a deadweight of 4,000 tonnes and of course Clean Design notation. This

means that P/F Supply Service have three Havyard 832 CD under construction. All three newbuilds are

presently uncommitted. There was also more news from P/F Supply Service with the announcement that

they are to sell a DP II PSV MT 6009 currently under construction. Siem Offshore are the buyers in this

NOK 219 million deal. The vessel will deliver around May next year.

Commander Commences

Shell E & P’s latest addition to their fleet delivered in the second half of May: the DOF MT 6009 Skandi

Commander. The 74.3m LOA PSV was built at the Fitjar yard in Norway.

S2500 Thunders In

ASL Marine shipyard of Singapore are to build a new generation heavy lift / pipelay vessel for the Larsen

& Toubro / SapuraCrest Petroleum Bhd joint venture. This vessel, to be named the S2500, was designed

by Sea of Solutions, which are part of the Offshore Ship Designers Group. It will have a 10 point mooring

system, 3,000 short ton single post crane and can be upgraded to DP. Delivery is expected to be in 2009.

Sprite Quenches Astrea’s Thirst For Expansion

Oestensjoe Rederi AS 1987 built PSV Edda Sprite has been sold to Greek based Astrea Shipping

Company. Asso Divers will manage the 3,550 dwt vessel for Astrea with handover expected in July 2007

(this is when the newbuild ST 216 Edda Fram will deliver). The Edda Fram will replace the Edda Sprite in

Shell EPE’s fleet of term PSVs.

One Small Step For Man...

It is understood that India’s Bharati Shipyard are to build two large PSVs for Germany based Man

Ferrostaal in a deal worth 76 million Euros. The diesel electric PSVs will have a deck area of 1,400m2 and

will be fitted with two sets of Voith Schneider cycloidal propeller units at the stern.

Oceanteam Team Up

Bourbon Offshore Norway AS and Oceanteam Power & Umbilical are to exercise their option to build a

new construction support vessel at Metalships & Docks in Vigo, Spain. The vessel, which will deliver in

early 2010, will be 50/50 owned between Bourbon and Oceanteam via a new company called Oceanteam

Bourbon 2 AS. The 123m long Bourbon Oceanteam 104 will have around 2000 square metres of deck

area, accommodation for 120 persons and two large heave compensated cranes. Oceanteam are already

building three construction support / cable lay vessels at Vigo, of which the first, to be named Bourbon

Oceanteam 101 will also be 50/50 owned with Bourbon Offshore Norway AS. This vessel is due to deliver

in late summer 2007.

8 e jaargang, nr. 22

dd. 10 Juni 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Garware Offshore Receives New PSV

Garware Offshore Services Ltd announced that it has taken delivery of a newbuild PSV, Kamet, which

was built by Havyard Leirvik in Norway. The vessel, which is a UT 755L with clean notation, DP1 and

FiFi1 left Norway recently and is due in India by the third week of June 2007. The vessel will be deployed

with Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd on a five year contract. (Source:

Western Spirit

After a 8 month refit and upgrade at A&P, Hebburn research vessel Western Spirit headed to sea this

morning (06:30am) 05.06.07. (Source:Kevin Blair)

BOURBON applies the first measures decided following the Bourbon Dolphin accident

Paris, Wednesday 6th June 2007 – 2.30 pm Following the accident of the Bourbon Dolphin on 12 April

2007 off the Shetland Isles, the Norwegian Maritime Directorate has just announced the first measures

designed to prevent any other accident of the same type. On 16 May 2007, the Norwegian Maritime

Directorate announced a series of specific measures applicable to Norwegian registered ships. These

measures were prepared in coordination with maritime parties such as designers, shipyards, captains and

experts in anchor handling. Pending the final conclusions of the enquiry, which will shed light on all

operational consequences of the accident, BOURBON immediately applied these measures to its entire

worldwide fleet of Anchor Handlers:

1. Study and inform about the limits of stability of boats based on the recommendations of the

Norwegian Maritime Directorate,

2. Define the actual bollard pull available during anchor handling operations,

3. Improve knowledge of emergency release system on the winch,

4. Establish procedures on anchor handling operations particularly on those managed in tandem,

based on the recommendations of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. (Source:Bourbon)

Bourbon Offshore Norway creates a Bourbon Dolphin Foundation named “Bourbon Dolphin

Etterlattes Fond”

Paris, Wednesday 6th June 2007 – 2.30 pm In its continued support for the families

of the victims of the Bourbon Dolphin accident, BOURBON is creating a Foundation

specifically devoted to the families of those who perished at sea in order to maintain

their standard of living and in particular guarantee the education of their children.

The Foundation will be managed by a Board of Directors comprising 3 to 6

representatives of the Fosnaväg community (Norway) and Bourbon Offshore Norway who will be skilled in

several domains such as social, administrative, legal or financial. The Board members will be responsible

for of the strict adherence to the rules of governance and the management of the Foundation. The

contribution to the fund was made by Bourbon Offshore Norway, whose involvement will be strong and

permanent. The Foundation is also open to contribution from third parties (individuals or companies) and

is encouraging all public and private contributions to the fund. (Source:Bourbon)

Bourbon Atlas delivered by Bharati

June 6, 2007 Bharati Shipyard in Indian has delivered the MPSV Bourbon Atlas to Bourbon Offshore.

The vessel, which is equipped for oil recovery, will be mainly used for maintenance work in oil and gas

fields on the continental shelf of West Africa for the first charter and for ROV operations. (Source:Leo


Sleepboten varen in lange sliert voor record

dinsdag 05 juni 2007 om 12:41:55 Door met minstens honderd sleepboten 'kop aan kont' in een lange rij

te varen, willen de verenigingen De Binnenvaart en De Motorsleepboot een vermelding bereiken in het

Guinness Book of Records. Volgens de vereniging zijn al 150 boten aangemeld voor de recordpoging in

Dordrecht. De tientallen sleepboten varen zatermiddag 16 juni achter elkaar over de Oude Maas, langs de

kades, richting de Papendrechtsebrug. De sliert boten zal een lengte hebben van zo'n vijf kilometer,

schatten de organisatoren. (Source:Leo Kramer)

Tug sinks off B.C. coast, 4 rescued

Four crew members were rescued early Wednesday after their tug sank in the Nakwakto Rapids off B.C.'s

north-central coast across from the northern tip of Vancouver Island. They had radioed a distress call at

about 3 a.m. that their vessel was in trouble in the narrow channel at the entrance to Seymour Inlet. The

tug had been towing a barge to a heli-logging camp up the inlet. A Cormorant helicopter and a Buffalo

aircraft were dispatched from CFB Comox on Vancouver Island and found the men had managed to

escape on a life line to the barge, which had become anchored by the sunken tug. They were rescued and

taken to Port Hardy. Steve Church of the Victoria Rescue Co-ordination Centre said the strong current

appears to have been the cause of the sinking. (Source: Clipping News)

Two Tugs Christened in Germany

Kotug International BV said that the last two out of a series of four Rotortugs have been christened by

Kotug International BV during a small ceremony in the port of Hamburg last weekend. The 65 tons bollard

pull RT Antonie and RT Zoë were built at the ASL Marine Shipyard in Singapore through Kooren

Shipbuilding and Trading BV the holder of the successful Rotortug patent. The RT Antonie is named after

the nephew of Kotug's CEO Ard-Jan Kooren and was christened by sponsor lady Anne Lusher, wife of

Martin Lusher, partner with SSY in London and representative for Kotug International BV. The RT Zoë is

named after the sponsor lady Zoë Kooren daughter of Ard-Jan and Chrisje Kooren. The RT Antonie is the

7th tug in the Kotug fleet in the port of Bremerhaven. The RT Zoë replaced a less powerful tug of Kotug's

fleet of 4 tugs in the port of Hamburg and is the most powerful and maneuverable tug in that port. (Source:


Afon Cadnant

The tugboat Afon Cadnant has been launched on the 31th May by van der Wees Transport at Dordrecht.

The tug is under construction at the Metaaldraaierij Sepers B.V. at Heerewaarden yard. Delivery will be at

the end of the month. LxWxD = 35x11.5x2.4 mtrs. 5.100 ehp, engines 3 cummins type KTA 50-M2,

Bollardpull 54 ton and speed 12 knots.

Coastal Guardian

The multicat Coastal Guardian was delivered to Neptune Marine Services B.V. – Aalst last April and in

management at Rederij Waterweg B.V. – Den Helder. She is 135 brt and has a length of 21.60 mtrs,

beam 9.04 mtrs and a draft of 1.8 mtrs. 1215 epk Caterpillar C18. Bollardpull 12.5 tons and 9 knots. Call

sign PHKF. She left the yard on 20-04-2007 for Den Helder. In April she left Den Helder for St.Petersburg.

Boston Towing and Transportation Company Wins Offshore LNG Project

Thursday, June 07, 2007; Vincent D. Tibbetts Jr., president of Boston Towing & Transportation, the

Boston division of the Reinauer Companies, announced that Boston Towing and Transportation Company

has been awarded a significant 20 year contract by Suez Energy N.A. LLC to support their Neptune

Offshore LNG Terminal. This contract includes the construction and operation of two additional vessels, a

128 foot, 5400 hp, controllable pitch Z Drive, FiFi 1 Offshore Support Vessel based in Gloucester, Ma, as

well as a smaller 101foot, 5400hp, controllable pitch Z Drive, FiFi 1 tug that will operate in the harbor, as

well as acting as backup to the larger offshore vessel. This will increase BTT's fleet to four tractor tugs in

addition to eight other conventional tugs. BTT has contracted with Robert Allan LTD of Vancouver B.C. to

design both vessels. Robert Allan currently has over 80 of his tugs being built worldwide and is considered

by many to be the most innovative tug designer in the world. The offshore vessel incorporates his latest

hull design, developed for the Marin study last winter, which will optimize sea-keeping, fuel efficiency and

crew comfort. The smaller tug is a proven design of his, of which there are numerous examples currently

eing used around the world at offshore platforms. These tugs will be the first in the U.S. to incorporate

controllable pitch propellers with the Z Drives. This gives the vessels an infinite degree of maneuverability,

and also allows the FiFi Class One fire pumps to be driven off the main engines, saving weight and cost

by eliminating the fire pump engines found on all other FiFi Class One vessels. Both tugs will be equipped

with bow and stern winches and will be capable of remaining on station throughout all LNG discharge

operations. The larger tug will be able to self-load up to three containers for cargo operations, while the

smaller tug will be rigged to handle one container. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Tug sinks, crew rescued

A vessel sunk off Dwarka in stormy sea, but the Coast Guard rescued 14 of its crew. The vessel, Akash,

was towing an empty barge from Sikka, near Jamnagar, to Mumbai when its engine room was flooded on

Monday. The crew could not undertake any repair work, as the sea was choppy. After sending an SOS,

they moved into the barge. The Maritime Rescue Sub Centre, Porbandar, picked up the message and

alerted merchant and Coast Guard vessels in the area, a Coast Guard spokesman here said on Thursday.

Four ships, including Coast Guard vessel Samar, headed towards area. The rescue work was

challenging, as the sea was rough in view of cyclone Gonu that caused havoc in Oman. The Samar crew

struggled almost the entire night of June 4 to pass ropes to the rolling and pitching barge. Finally, they

towed the barge to Port Okha. Another Coast Guard vessel, Meera Behn, monitored the drifting Akash,

as it had 20 tonnes of high-speed diesel. The tug sunk after some time. The spokesman said there was no

oil slick. (Source: Clipping News)

8 e jaargang, nr. 23

dd. 17 Juni 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Maersk Supply Service has ordered new offshore vessels

11/06/2007 Maersk Supply Service has ordered additional two 23,500 BHP multipurpose anchor handling

tug supply (AHTS) vessels from Volkswerft Stralsund in Germany The two vessels will be sister vessels to

the four multipurpose anchor handling tug supply vessels ordered in December 2006. The vessels will be

delivered in 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2010. The above mentioned vessels will join the current Maersk

Supply Service fleet of 55 vessels in operation and 16 new buildings on order. (Source: Leo Kramer)

SMIT obtains contract in Angola

SMIT and her partner Octomar Serviços Marítimos Lda have been awarded a contract for BP’s Greater

Plutonio Development, Block 18, offshore Angola. A new build floating production, storage and offloading

(fpso) vessel will be moored at a water depth of 1310 metres. Amongst others, the contract consists of the

following services: berthing and unberthing of export tankers, firefighting, oil spill control and safety

standby, pilotage, mooring and loading supervision, inspection, repair and maintenance of the offloading

hoses and buoy. A new build offloading support tug, a workboat and a mooring assist vessel will be

deployed. (Source: Smit)


Dit is de nieuwe Kindeace, momenteel onderweg van Japan naar Schotland. KINDEACE (ex. Fuji Maru-

07), 4,400 apk, 2 x Z-pellers, 2 x Niigata motoren, 258 brt, 32m50 x 11m40, 2005 door Kanagawa Zosen

te Kobe gebuwd, bouwnummer 536 voor Fukushima Kisen K. K., Iwaki en eerder dit jaar aan J. P. Knight

Ltd. verkocht. Zal te Invergordon worden ingezet. (Source: Lawrence Amboldt)

Fairplay X

Plantain Marine Ltd. te Falmouth heeft de Fairplay X (ex. Lady Sybil-99) aangekocht en in

MTS Vengeance vernoemd. 1,900 apk, 28 t paaltrek, 156 brt bouwjaar 1988. (Source: Lawrence



Scantug te Malmö heeft de Pioneer (ex. Sandsfoot Castle-03, ex. Elena B-98, ex. Afon Goch-91,

ex. Karet-82), 2,250 apk 231/67 overgenomen van N. E. Murray, Sheerness, eerst op huurbasis

zoals het ook bij de Sun London is gebeurd. Scantug heeft ook de Sea Endeavour (3,150 apk

221/80) op charter genomen. (Source: Lawrence Amboldt)

Petroplus new owner

Targe Towing heeft de drie sleepboten te Coryton van BP nu aangekocht. Ze gaan voor

Petroplus, de nieuwe eigenaar van de raffinaderij te Coryton, verder werken. De 5,310 apk

Corringham, Stanford en Castle Point zijn in 2005 door Damen voor BP gebouwd. (Source:

Lawrence Amboldt)

Damen deliver Stan Tug 1907 to CMS

Clyde Marine Services Ltd. heeft de eerste Stantug 1907, gebouwd bij Damen te Gorinchem,

begin juni in gebruik genomen: de BRUISER. (Source: Lawrence Amboldt)

Two from Northern Island to the Mediterranean

Twee sleepboten uit Noord-Ierland zijn voor de tonijnvisvaart naar de Middellandse Zee verkocht en

richting Malta vertrokken. Het gaat om de Samuel F (ex. Hornby-84, ex. J. H. James-70) van John

McLoughlin & Son (1,300 apk 222/64) en de Coleraine (2,580 apk 245/70) van Svitzer. De Coleraine is

inmiddels in Girl Clara herdoopt. (Source: Lawrence Amboldt)

Nordcapital bestellt vier Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels bei Se Kwang

Heavy Industries

Weiteres Engagement im Offshore-Markt Hamburg, 12. Juni 2007. Die Hamburger Nordcapital hat

einen Vertrag mit Se Kwang Heavy Industries, Ulsan, Korea, für die Lieferung von vier Anchor Handling

Tug Supply Vessels (AHTS) vom Typ UT 786 CD unterzeichnet. Der Gesamtwert des Vertrages beläuft

sich auf etwa 300 Mio. US-Dollar. Die Ablieferung der Schiffe ist für das dritte und vierte Quartal 2009

vorgesehen. Umweltaspekte wie geschützte Tanks und die Möglichkeit zur Ballastwasseraufbereitung und

Ölrückgewinnung werden beim Bau berücksichtigt. Der Vertrag beinhaltet außerdem eine Option auf vier

weitere Einheiten mit Lieferterminen im Jahr 2010. "Mit der Bestellung dieser sehr modernen Anchor

Handling Tug Supply Vessels im Rolls-Royce Design weitet Nordcapital das Engagement im Offshore-

Bereich aus und diversifiziert mit einem neuen Schiffstyp das Angebot an Offshore-Schiffen", sagt Willem

Dekker, Geschäftsführer der OSM Schiffahrt GmbH & Cie. KG, Hamburg. Seit April 2006 hat das

Unternehmen bereits zehn Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) bestellt, die auf der norwegischen Aker-Werft

gebaut werden. OSM Schiffahrt ist ein vor kurzem gegründetes Joint Venture zwischen Nordcapital und

OSM Norwegen und verantwortet das Management aller neuen Schiffe. Das Hamburger Unternehmen

kontrolliert bereits eine Flotte von drei modernen PSVs. Mit der zusätzlichen Bestellung wächst die Flotte

bis Anfang 2010 auf insgesamt 13 PSVs und vier AHTS. Length 86 mtrs; beam 20 mtrs, weigth 3600 tons,

speed 18 knots (Source: Nordcapital)


De duwsleepboot Thom (023.04990) van E.G. v.d.Meer uit Arnemuiden is via R.A.Lastdrager uit Sas van

Gent verkocht aan VOF Margriet uit Urk die haar omdoopte in Margriet. Zij werd in 1930 gebouwd bij

W.Mulder in Stadskanaal als stoomboot Bona Spes II, ze was toen uitgerust met een machine van

VanCapellen van 200 ipk, de stoomketel was eveneens van Van Capellen en had een verwarmd

oppervlak van 52 vierkante meter. De eerste eigenaar was H.Vermeulen uit Dordrecht. Na diens

overlijden in 1952 kwam de boot in bezit van zijn kinderen. In 1956 werd ze gemotoriseerd met 325 pk

Caterpillar, die in 1966 werd vervangen door 385 pk Caterpillar. In 1969 werd ze verkocht aan J.M.van

Dodewaard uit Zwijndrecht die haar omdoopte in Jodi en in 1991 een 425 pk Caterpillar liet inbouwen.

Vanaf 1996 voer ze als Thom, eerst bij Suratho uit Terneuzen, vanaf 2000 voor J.Verboon uit Terneuzen

en sinds 2004 voor E.G. v.d.Meer. Source: Schuttevaer)

Tugboat Towed To Maritime Museum

WPBF reported that before it was retired in 1994, the tugboat, the Huntington moved an estimated 40,000

vessels during a 61-year career at the Newport News Shipyard in Virginia, including the USS John F.

Kennedy and the Queen Elizabeth 2, along with other luxury lines and submarines. Officials said the

tugboat is a fixture in American shipbuilding. Now the 109-ft. Huntington is in Florida for an exhibit at the

Palm Beach Maritime Museum. The Huntington will be used as an exhibit and a classroom for the

museum's West Palm Beach charter school maritime students. The exhibit is expected to open next

month, joining the Kennedy Bunker and the abandoned Coast Guard Station run by the museum on

Peanut Island. (Source:

New "Handysize" tug addresses niche U.S. market

Two hulls now under construction 6/14 - Cleveland - TUGZ International, LLC, the well-known and

successful owner-charterer of the "Z Class", 4,000 hp multipurpose U.S. flag reverse tractor tugs designed

by Jensen Maritime Consultants, Seattle, is introducing a new Jensen designed tug to fill the niche

between the 2,000 - 3,000 hp tug market for harbor work, fireboats, and construction operations

as well as for coastal towing. The newly designed "HANDYSIZE" Class describes the new tug design as

just the right size, just the right power, environmentally sound, fuel efficient and versatile enough to

accomplish most tug jobs at the lowest operating cost, "when bigger is just too big, and smaller is more

than enough." This series of tugs will be built at TUGZ's affiliate Great Lakes Shipyard, Cleveland, Ohio.

The shipyard recently opened new state-of-the-art facilities for tug and barge construction. Not new to

shipbuilding or to tug operations, some of the The Great Lakes Group of transportation companies have

been around since the turn of the 19th century and its tugs operate on all the Great Lakes, all the coasts,

Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. For many years it also owned and operated a Gulf shipyard too. "There

is a real market need and we have had serious inquiries", said Ronald C. Rasmus, President of the

Group. "Studies have shown that there are more than 1,500 U.S. flag tugs over 30 years old in the less

than 3,000 HP range that will need to be replaced over the next few years. Owners of this Handysize

range are looking for a low cost, fuel efficient, versatile workhorse, and our new "HANDYSIZE" Class tug

design just fits the need." The Great Lakes Shipyard will build the "HANDYSIZE" Class tugs for sale, or for

lease-purchase or charter through its affiliate TUGZ. Two tugs are now under construction with deliveries

November 2007 and April 2008. The tugs are available as ASD's or as nozzled Twin-Screw Conventional

models for those operators whose work application makes the Z-drive unnecessary and too

expensive. Some operators believe that the conventional tugs will work better in ice and in debris-filled,

low, and muddy waters.The new tug has some very interesting features in its design to minimize operating

costs. Among them are using an ABS "ice-class" hull standard for sturdiness and icebreaking, if

applicable, the increased 5/8ths inch steel thickness and tighter framing in the bow and stern ensures an

increase in the useful life of the tug beyond the normal or statutory life. Because the tug is less than 79'

and less than 100 gross tons there are several advantages that translate to operational flexibility and

savings including only one (1) Licensed Operator is required - other crewing at Owner's discretion; Crew

not required to hold AB or OS ratings; Designed for two (2) man operation with bridge control of engine

room and deck winches; and high fuel efficiency. Measuring 74.0' (22.6m) in length with molded beam of

30.0' (9.1m) and maximum draft of 11.0'(3.3m) the tug attains a bollard pull of 36 short tons (72,000

pounds est.) and a free running speed of 12.0 knots from a pair of Cummins QSK 38 diesels each

developing 1,400 hp at 1,800 revolutions/ minute. These turn 72.0" diameter Kaplan type propellers inside

Type 37 stainless steel lined nozzles and Twin Disk MG 540 with 5.17:1 ratios. A pair of 65kW generator

sets provides the electrical needs while the standard 2,000 gpm fire pumps, which feeds a single forward

deckhouse-mounted monitor, is driven off one of the generators. Additional fire monitors and foam

capability for a fireboat version of the tug are available as an option. Keel coolers provide a saltwater-free

engine room. Ahead of a well insulated forward bulkhead are two twin-bunk crew cabins and a laundry.

On the main deck, a single cabin for the captain is located on the starboard side of the deckhouse

opposite the mess room, and a toilet/shower room is located portside aft. All the accommodations are air

conditioned. There is a full walk-around bridge deck with steps up from main deck, fore and aft. One

central door aft and internal staircase gives access to the traditionally laid out wheelhouse. Eleven

windows and three lower windows forward provide 360° view. The exhaust casings are cut off a waist

height to ensure good visibility. Amongst an impressive array of wheelhouse electronics is a pair of

radar units, a GPS, autopilot, compass, and an optional Techsol engine room monitoring and alarm

system. The tug is designed for seven-day endurance for coastal service and the tank capacities include

21,600 gallons of fuel and 1,800 gallons of potable water. More details about the availability of this 74-foot

Handysize tug and The Great Lakes Group of companies can be found on

(Source: Jan van der Doe)

Tug's Last Journey: The Huntington, a Part of U.S. Maritime History, Moves

to County

Jun. 13--RIVIERA BEACH -- During its 73 years on this Earth, it's kept company with such celebrated

historical figures as a queen and a Kennedy. It's old now and can't get around on its own anymore -- even

on water, its natural habitat. But even as a grand old tugboat that had to be tugged into port, the

Huntington cut a fine figure pulling into Riviera Beach Marina on Tuesday morning, on its way to calling

Peanut Island home as an exhibit of the Palm Beach Maritime Museum. Looking like an old train caboose

with a black base, old black steam pipe and red bridge deck with white trim, the Huntington is considered

a venerable fixture in American shipbuilding. The 109-foot tugboat was launched on Oct. 11, 1933, by the

Newport News Shipyard in Virginia and converted from steam to diesel in 1952. The tug moved an

estimated 40,000 vessels during a 61-year career, including the USS John F. Kennedy, the Queen

Elizabeth 2, Norway, Oceanic and America luxury liners and every submarine built at the shipyard through

1992. It was retired from service two years later. "They don't make them like this anymore," said Scott

Cowan, captain of the Amanda K., a larger tugboat that pulled the Huntington down to Florida from

its last berth in Norfolk, Va.He pointed to the vessel's black steel bulwark and deck rail: "Look at the

steel on this thing. It's so thick. This would be the hull on another boat." After its retirement in 1994, the

Huntington was converted into a museum on the Norfolk waterfront. Recently, the waterfront bought a

larger ship and donated the Huntington to the Palm Beach Maritime Museum, said museum founder John

Grant. The museum spent more than $100,000 to insure and ship the tug to Florida. Grant, who served on

the USS Iowa out of Norfolk in the 1950s, remembered the Huntington in its heyday.

"Everybody who was in and out of there remembers the Huntington," he said. "It was a really sharplooking

tug." Cowan and co-captain Earl Wedemeyere spent a week moving the Huntington 815

miles from Norfolk at a speed of 5 knots. In addition to its own weight, the old steel boat was loaded down

by oysters encrusted to its bottom during its years in Norfolk. "Never have so many been paid so much to

go so slow," joked Wedemeyere. "We actually brought not just the boat, but the whole seafood market."

The Huntington will be used as both an exhibit and a classroom for the museum's West Palm Beach

charter school maritime students. The exhibit is expected to open next month, joining the Kennedy Bunker

and the abandoned Coast Guard Station run by the museum on Peanut Island. Grant said the ship was a

compliment to the rich history of the island, which was created from the soil dredged to cut the Palm

Beach Inlet. It saw the sinking of ships in World War II, became an Air Force base in the 1950s

and a training base for Marines during the Cuban missile crisis. "I think the kids are going to love it," Grant

added. "Kids love tugboats. That's what we were trying to do, inspire them." (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Safety Board Determines Cause of 2006 Barge Fire

Thursday, June 14, 2007 The National Transportation Safety Board determined that the failure of Athena

Construction to require its crews to pin mooring spuds securely in place on its barges led to an

unintentional release of one of the spuds. This resulted in a pipeline rupture that killed six. On October 12,

2006, the uninspected towing vessel Miss Megan was pushing two deck barges in the West Cote Blanche

Bay oil field in Louisiana, en route to a pile- driving location. Barge Athena 106 was tied along the port

side of barge IBR 234. The Miss Megan was secured astern of IBR 234 pushing both barges. While the

vessels were under way, the aft spud (a vertical steel shaft extending through a well in the bottom of the

boat and used for mooring) on the Athena 106 released from its fully raised position. The spud dropped

into the water and struck a submerged, high- pressure natural gas pipeline. The resulting gas released

ignited and created a fireball that engulfed the towing vessel and both barges. The master of the towing

vessel and four barge workers were killed. The Miss Megan deckhand and one barge worker survived.

One barge worker is officially listed as missing. The Board stated in its final report that Athena

Construction's manual contained no procedures mandating the use of the safety devices on the spud

winch except during electrical work. It was found that if the Athena 106 crew had used the steel pins to

secure the retracted spuds during their transit, a pin would have prevented the aft spud from accidentally

deploying. Furthermore, the spud would have remained locked in its lifted position regardless of whether

the winch brake mechanism, the spud's supporting cable, or a piece of connecting hardware had failed.

Contributing to the accident was the failure of Central Boat Rentals to require, and the Miss Megan master

to ensure, that the barge spuds were securely pinned before getting under way. The Board noted that

investigators found no evidence that the Miss Megan master or deckhand checked whether the spuds had

been properly secured before the tow began. While Central Boat Rentals had a health and safety manual

and trained its crews, the written procedures did not specifically warn masters about the need to secure

spuds or other barge equipment before navigating. The company's crew should have been trained to

identify potential safety hazards on vessels under their control. As a result of these findings the Safety

Board recommended that Athena Construction and Central Boat Rentals should develop procedures and

train the employees of its barges to use the securing pins to hold spuds safely in place before transiting

from one site to another. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Atlantic Hickory sold

De Atalantic Hickory (ex. Irving Miami-95) is door Atlantic Towing (Irving) in de maand april verkocht aan

Island Tug & Barge te Vancouver, B. C. en herdoopt Pacific Hickory. 7,200 apk (2xGM), 912/73, 46.79 x

11.79 x 6.26m (Source: Lawrence Amboldt)

WesternGeco launches Western Spirit

June 14, 2007 Schlumberger has announced the launch of Western Spirit, the seventh Q-Marine vessel

to join the WesternGeco fleet. The vessel will begin work immediately with a high-specification 4D survey

in the North Sea for the integrated oil and gas company, Statoil. Equipped with Dynamic Spread Control

(DSC) - the new WesternGeco automated vessel, source and streamer steering technology - Western

Spirit provides superior repeatability for improved time-lapse studies for reservoir monitoring and

increased accuracy for sophisticated Q-enabled over/under and rich/wide azimuth surveys that help

characterize complex sub-surface environments. "Western Spirit is the first of three new Q-Marine vessels

that will join our fleet over the next two years,” said Dalton Boutte, president, WesternGeco. Q-Marine is

proprietary WesternGeco technology for enhanced reservoir-quality acquisition, processing and inversion.

(Source: Leo Kramer)

Nok 240 million newbuilding contract

Posted: 14.06.2007 Havila Shipping ASA has entered into a contract with Solstrand Verft for building of

a new platform supply vessel (PSV) called Havyard 832 CD. The vessel is developed by Havyard

Maritime in close cooperation with Havila Shipping ASA. The vessel has a length of 80,4 m, breath of 17,6

m and 805 m3 deck-area. In order to meet environmental and comfort demands in the future the vessel

has; clean design class, catalysers, and DP 2. Delivery of the vessel will be during summer 2009, and

the contract price is approx NOK 240 mill. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Havila orders sophisticated dive support vessel

June 14, 2007 Havila Shipping has ordered a Dive Support Vessel of Havyard 858 DSV design at

Havyard Leirvik. The vessel is scheduled for delivery in February 2010 and will immediately enter into a 10

year firm bareboat contract with further option periods. The new vessel will be 120m overall with a 21m

beam and have a 250 tonne crane with accommodation for 120 people. With an ice class hull and Class 3

dynamic positioning, the vessel will be in compliance with the most demanding maritime and nvironmental

regulations worldwide. It will have a 24-man saturation diving system fitted with twin heave-compensated

diving bells certified for Norwegian regulations. The vessel will be jointly owned by Havila Shipping ASA

and a North Sea-based contractor who will operate her. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Acquisition of large-size PSV

Posted: 15.06.2007 Siem Offshore Inc has entered into an agreement with Simon Møkster Rederi AS for

the acquisition of the 1999-built large-size PSV `Stril Supplier` at a price of NOK 280 million. The vessel

is of MT 6000 design and has diesel electric propulsion, a deck area in excess of 900 square meters, and

full under-deck capacities including methanol. The vessel will be named `Siem Supplier` and delivered to

Siem Offshore in July 2007 after the completion of its current charter. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Tug sinks, 4 saved

Four people were rescued uninjured after the tug they were on sank in Seymour Narrows. The tug Glen

Shiel, owned by Moore Marine, capsized in the early morning hours of June 6 while in the process of

turning, says Major Mitch Leenders of the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Victoria. “There are very

significant currents in those narrows,” explained Leenders. “They are considered a dangerous area to

navigate.” The tug was girded by the barge of logs it was towing while trying to turn and sank quite rapidly.

Fortunately the four people on board the tug were able to get to the safety of the barge where they lit a

fire. The JRCC was alerted to the problem when the tug’s emergency beacon was activated and the signal

picked up by the search and rescue satellite. The lifeboat from Port Hardy Coast Guard station was sent

to the scene with back up from the Buffalo and Cormorant rescue aircraft from Comox. “The people had

started a fire on the barge, so it wasn’t too difficult to spot,” said (Source: Clipping News)

Cantwell bill calls for year-round Neah Bay tug

Senator Maria Cantwell introduced a bill Thursday to improve federal efforts to prevent and respond to oil

spills -- including year-round rescue tug at Neah Bay. The Washington Democrat says the measure would

implement long-sought environmental safeguards to protect U.S. waterways from contamination, and

would build on a 1990 law passed in response to the devastating 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska.

Despite a drop in the number of spills since the 1990 law, Cantwell says the volume of oil spilled has not

decreased. Cantwell chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries and the Coast

Guard. In 1992, vessels spilled 665-thousand gallons of oil. In 2004, the figure was 722-thousand gallons,

with 36 spills from tank ships in U.S. waters, 141 spills from barges and 15-hundred-62 spills from other

vessels, including cargo ships. Among other things, the bill would require that a user-funded tugboat be

stationed year-round at Neah Bay to assist any ships that might get in distress near the mouth of the Strait

of Juan de Fuca. The state has provided money for wintertime tug coverage the past few years. (Source:

Clipping News)


Afgelopen zaterdag werd in de Kuijperij in Maassluis het eerste exemplaar van het boek Overhandigd oor

Piet de Nijs, voorzitter van de Stichting “Help de Hudson“, aan Gert Vliegenthart van Vlierodam, het

boek wat geschreven is door Maarten Bezuijen, bevat 43 bladzijden met vele foto’s van het verleden tot

nu van de zeeslepers welke hebben gevaren voor Smit. 11 oktober 2006, een dag om nooit te vergeten

voor schrijver Maarten Bezuijen, die dag overleed zijn moeder, zij was de dochter van Maarten

Hoogendam die gedurende de Tweede Wereld oorlog machinist was op de Zwarte Zee, en na de oorlog

3 e machinist werd op de Thames wat hij bleef tot zijn overlijden in 1962, Maarten zijn moeder groeide in

Vlaardingen op bijna altijd zonder haar vader , want die zat op zee en maakte vaak lange reizen. Dit was

de aanleiding van Maarten om dit boekje te schrijven, ter nagedachtenis aan zijn grootvader, MAARTEN

HOOGENDAM ( 1896-1962 ), in de tweede plaats werd op de bestuursvergadering van de stichting “Help

de Hudson” waar Maarten ook deel van uit maakt, die avond besloten dat de Hudson niet zal worden

uitgerust met een werkende hoofdmotor, in de derde plaats op dezelfde dag werd door Smit bekend

gemaakt dat de nog in de vaart zijnde zeeslepers, waarvan Smit toen nog 50% eigenaar was, zullen

worden overgedragen aan Svitzer-Wijsmuller wat ondertussen alweer vernoemd is in Svitzer Ocean

Towage en hiermee viel ook de Hollandse naam Wijsmuller jammer genoeg weg van het toneel. Dit alles

waren aanleidingen genoeg voor Maarten tot het op papier zetten van gegevens over de sleepboten die

onder de vlag van Smit hebben gevaren. De sleepvaart is zeker een plaats waardig in de maritieme

geschiedenis van ons land, volgens de schrijver in zijn toespraak, heden, anno 2007 wordt het steeds

moeilijker om Nederlanders te vinden die met schepen de wereldzeeën nog te willen bevaren. Men vaart

duidelijk een andere koers dan vroeger, en Maarten hoopt van harte dat de bergingsactiviteiten van Smit

niet dezelfde kant opgaan als de zeesleepvaart, want ook de berging is blijft een oer oude Hollandse

bedrijfstak waar we zuinig mee om dienen te gaan, de schrijver hoopt dat dit boekje mag bijdragen tot de

kennis van hoe groot de Hollandse zeesleepvaart wel is geweest en laten we waakzaam zijn dat we toch

niet alles zomaar te grabbel gooien, d.w.z. via het spuigat in de oceaan ten onder gaat. Het boekje “SMIT

VAART HET ZEEGAT UIT” met daarin vele foto’s is te koop voor 9 Euro aan boord van de HUDSON en

in het SLEEPVAART MUSEUM in Maassluis. (Source: Clipping News)

8 e jaargang, nr. 24

dd. 25 Juni 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Maju Cepat Sold to Finland

Yxpila Hinaus - Bogsering Oy Ab of Kokkola bought ASD-tug from Maju Maritime Singapore, a joint

Venture of SMIT and Keppel. She is the MAJU CEPAT (IMO 9154892) built 1996 in China and of 298

gross tonnage, 32.82 meters long and 2 x Daihatsu engines with total power being 2,354 kW (3,200 hp).

She will be delivered by Redwise Maritime to new owners. The new name is not yet known (Source: Risto


SMIT expands activities in Egypt

Rotterdam, 19 June 2007 SMIT herewith announces that it bought a share of 50% in Ocean Marine

Services in Egypt. Together with its partner for 25 years (the Shilbaya Group) seven work vessels will be

deployed on term charters for the Egyptian petroleum industry. Above mentioned participation is in line

with SMIT’s strive to focus its growth strategy on the pursuit of stability and predictability of its business

activities. (Source: Smit)

Guiness book of records

Het wereldrecord varen in kiellinie is gebroken. Dat gebeurde zaterdag in Dordrecht. In een lint van 6

kilometer zijn 148 duw- en sleepboten over de Oude Maas en Beneden Merwede gevaren. De boten

moesten kop-aan-kont gaan varen op. Tussen de bruggen naar Zwijndrecht en Papendrecht voer een

bonte sliert langs de kades. Er deden zowel historische- als hypermoderne boten mee. Het record komt in

het guinnes book of records te staan. Het oude record is ruimschoots verdubbeld dat stond op 70 boten.

In Dordrecht last weekend the “Guiness book of records” record was broken, in total 148 tugs lined up for

a parade on the river. (Source: Clipping News)

CDL to Launch Tugboat

Colombo Dockyards Limited’s (CDL) launch of the Anchor Handling Tug a boat, built for Great Ship

(India), is scheduled to take place next week, reported the Daily News. CDL had invested much resources

to modernize the previous repair dock No. 2 to a shipbuilding dock with increased tonnage and widening

of the entrance to handle beamer ships, which is at the Colombo Port. This is the first of the two Anchor

Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTSV) with a 80 Ton Bollard Pull capacity for Greatship (India) Limited, a

wholly owned subsidiary of one of India’s largest private sector shipping companies, the Great Eastern

Shipping Company, who are in the business of providing offshore oil field services catering to the oil and

gas E&P domain. Greatship will give some more orders in the near future as well. The keel laying to mark

the commencement of work on the first AHTSV was held on October 23, 2006 and work on the second

AHTSV commenced on December 21, 2006. The first and the second AHTSV’s are scheduled for delivery

in December 2007 and during first quarter of 2008 respectively. (Source: Daily News)

Merwede Shipyard confirms Hornbeck order

IHC Holland Merwede BV has confirmed that its subsidiary Merwede Shipyard received a contract for the

design and construction of a multi-purpose offshore support vessel for Hornbeck Offshore Services in the

US. Merwede Shipyard secured the order because of its ability to design and offer the vessel - including

the integration of cranes -within the required short delivery time and for a fixed price. The vessel will be

built under Yard No 717 and delivery will take place in the third quarter of 2009. The multipurpose

OCV will be capable of operating globally. However, the Hornbeck Offshore Services plans to deploy the

vessel in its primary operating market in the Gulf of Mexico. While this foreign-built vessel cannot qualify

for Jones Act trade, the company still intends to US-flag the vessel, which offers certain strategic benefits

to the company and its customers. Hornbeck Offshore also has a four-year option to construct two

additional sister vessels based on the same Type-22 MPOCV design at a US shipyard, which would

qualify for domestic coastwise trade under the Jones Act. The vessel will be built in accordance with the

Rules and Regulations of Det Norske Veritas, to obtain the following notation: DNV + 1A1, EO, SF,

Dynpos, AUTRO, HELDK, DK(+), ERN (99,99,93) and to the regulations of the Isle of Man Authorities.

The 8,000 deadweight ton vessel will be equipped with two cranes, a helideck, a moonpool and

accommodations for 100 people. The primary crane will have lifting capacity of up to 400 tons in up to

3,000m of water, and the secondary crane will provide significant additional lifting capacity. The ship was

designed by Merwede Shipyard in close concert with Hornbeck Offshore Services and has been based on

an enhanced version of the Merwede Type-22 design, Merwede Shipyard’s versatile 22m beam design. It

will be a fully dynamic positioned DP3 vessel, suitable for worldwide operation. (Source: Maritime Bulletin)

Tug en route for ship salvage operation

Tug boat central to the salvage operation for the Pasha Bulker, stranded off a Newcastle beach, will arrive

in the port city on Thursday. The Pacific Responder is sailing from Queensland to Newcastle ahead of

the big tides necessary for refloating the 40,000 tonne vessel, which is wedged on a sandbar 20m off

Nobbys Beach. The Pasha Bulker grounded during gale force winds and wild seas on June 8, and since

then more than 20 Australian and international agencies have been collaborating on the salvage

operation. Two replacement tug boats will carry out the Pacific Responder's normal duties by providing

emergency towing in the northern Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait for the Australian Maritime Safety

Authority. "The tug is sailing from Cairns and expected in Newcastle on Thursday afternoon or early

evening," NSW Ports Minister Joe Tripodi says. "Pacific Responder is 64 metres in length and will assist in

laying sea anchors and chains as part of the salvage of the Pasha Bulker." The salvage plan also involves

three other vessels -the salvage tugs Woona and Keera, and the oil spill response vessel Shirley Smith.

Newcastle Port Corporation chief executive Gary Webb said the Shirley Smith would remain in Newcastle

as a precautionary measure while fuel oil was pumped from the Pasha Bulker's lower tanks to safer tanks

higher on the vessel. "The pumping of fuel oil is expected to take until Friday and the Shirley Smith will

return to Sydney," Mr Webb said. "It will then sail back to Newcastle for refloat of the Pasha Bulker on

Spring tides later in June." (Source: Leo Kramer)

New charter deals for Solstad

Solstad Offshore has entered into letters of intent related to chartering of two of the company's vessels.

The PSV Normand Carrier has been chartered for a period of approximately 100 days for operations in

the Mediterranean. The contract will start in September/October 2007. The AHTS Normand Master has

been chartered for a period of approximately 100 days for operations in the US Gulf. The contract starts in

November 2007. Both contracts are related to work in the subsea market. The total value of the contracts

is approximately US$19 million(Source: Leo Kramer)

Bourbon Dolphin disaster

Bourbon Dolphin wrong vessel for the job

As the Royal Commission into the Bourbon Dolphin got underway in Ålesund, Western Norway, the

head of Bourbon Offshore Norway, Trond Myklebust, himself an experienced anchor handling captain,

claimed that the vessel should never have been the main ship in the fatal operation. In an open hearing

Myklebust said that the operation should have been stopped when they realised that bigger vessels than

the Bourbon Dolphin were struggling. At one stage Bourbon Dolphin asked for assistance from the

much bigger Olympic Hercules, but that was refused by the town master on the semi-submersible rig

Transocean Rather. The Olympic Hercules has a bollard pull of 270 tonnes against only 194 tonnes for

the Bourbon Dolphin. The owners of the vessel, which sank north west of Shetland on 12 April, were

never informed of the technical difficulties in the anchor handling operation. Deep water anchor handling

operation is often done by moving the anchor first and connecting the chain afterwards.

A slacker wire could have saved Bourbon Dolphin

During the Royal Commission hearing about the illfated AHTS Bourbon Dolphin it was revealed that the

tow master on the semi-submersible Transocean Rather initially refused to give more slack on the wire.

The master of Bourbon Dolphin asked to have more slack on the wire allow the vessels more room to

manoeuvre. At first the tow master refused to give out more wire, but later relented when the captain

insisted. When captain Grim Bergtun, the master of AHTS Olympic was asked if he believed that the

accident could have been avoided had the wire been slackened, he answered “Yes”. The slack on the

wire had allowed Olympic Hercules to get pack in position through strong current and six metres waves.

The tow master appeared to understand that Bourbon Dolphin had difficulties, because he asked

Olympic Hercules to stand by to assist. According to captain Bergtun, the tow master also asked the

Bourbon Dolphin to terminate the job and get out of the area. Seven anchors were already in place and

the situation was not regarded as critical.

Bourbon Dolphin survived previous near-capsize

The anchor handler Bourbon Dolphin, which capsized off Shetland with the loss of eight lives in April,

almost capsized on a previous occassion, last December, it has emerged. According to a report on BBC

News Online, the disclosure was made during an inquiry in Alesund, Norway, set up to examine what led

to the Bourbon Dolphin to capsize. Said the BBC report: "On Monday the commission heard evidence

from Trond Myklebust, managing director of Bourbon Offshore in Norway. He said the decision on whether

or not a vessel was suitable for a job rested with the contractor, not with his company." "Mr Myklebust

admitted that he had since been told that the Bourbon Dolphin was 'marginal' for the job at the Chevron

oil platform and that he now knew it was not the first or even second choice of vessel," the report said.


Siem Offshore acquires Simon Møkster PSV

Siem Offshore has entered into an agreement with Simon Møkster Rederi in Norway for the acquisition of

the large PSV Stril Supplier at a price of NKr 280 million. The vessel is an MT 6000 design built in 1999

and has diesel electric propulsion, a deck area in excess of 900m2, and full under-deck capacities

including methanol. The vessel will be named Siem Supplier and delivered to Siem Offshore in July 2007

after the completion of its current charter.

Statoil extends well intervention contract with Island Offshore

Island Frontier will continue LWI work for Statoil into 2009. Statoil reports that a contract for light well

intervention (LWI) with Island Offshore Management and its alliance partners FMC Technologies Inc and

Aker Kvaerner Well Services has been expanded by Statoil. Worth NKr 600 million, the change means

that Island Frontier – originally due to be replaced next year April by newbuilding Island Wellserver –

will continue under the contract in 2008-09. “Cost-efficient use of LWI will give major savings,” said Tim

Dodson, acting executive vice president for Exploration & Production Norway (UPN). “This method is an

important instrument for achieving our production goal for the Norwegian continental shelf and the target

of a 55 per cent recovery factor on subsea-produced fields.” Island Frontier and Island Wellserver are

due to provide services in parallel on Statoil-operated licences in the Tampen area of the North Sea and

Halten/Nordland in the Norwegian Sea. LWI is a wireline-based system for workovers in subseacompleted

wells, and represents an important tool for Statoil in improving recovery from subsea wells.

Unlike well intervention from a drilling rig, LWI does not require installation of a riser. A ship is also much

easier to move than a moored rig. Leo Kramer

Solvik Offshore declares option

Fearnley Offshore Supply reports that Solvik Offshore AS has declared an option for the construction of

a VS 485 design PSV at Hellesøy Verft in Norway. Delivery is due in early 2009, and the contract value

is NKr 260-270 million

First of BP's Jigsaw ships finally phased into rescue mode

Seascope Offshore reports that BP is scheduled to retain a fleet of five large PSVs for the majority of 2007

– namely Normand Aurora (P105), Maersk Fighter (UT745), Maersk Feeder (UT745), Maersk Fetcher

(UT745) and Maersk Forwarder (UT745). In addition, the first of the company's four Chinese-built RSVs -

Caledonian Victory, Caledonian Vanguard, Caledonian Vision, Caledonian Vigilance – is reportedly

in rescue and recovery mode supporting multi-locations in the Central North Sea as the significantly

delayed ‘Project Jigsaw’ finally starts to be phased in. In the South North Sea, BP have sublet the medium

sized PSV ER Bergen (VS470MkII) from Lundin Petroleum to support a 1-3 well programme on the

Amethyst Field with Ensco 92. The vessel has been on charter to Lundin since April 2006.

Edda Sprite sold

Fearnley Offshore Supply has confirmed that Astrea Shipping Company in Greece has acquired the PSV

Edda Sprite (1987 – 3,550 dwt) for NKr 110 million. The ship's new managers will be Asso Divers.

Bluestream extends Northern River - plans DSV charter

Seascope Offshore reports that The Netherlands-based subsea contractor Bluestream

recently extended Northern River (a UT745L) for a further five years. The contract originally commenced

in May 2006. In addition, the company is thought to be finalising the long term charter of a newbuild DSV

that is under construction in Norway with delivery scheduled for December.

Multrship adds newbuildings

Dutch salvage and towage company Multraship has bought two newbuilding azimuth stern drive tugs for

delivery October 2007 and April 2008. The two multi-purpose tugs will be rated around 70 tonne bollard

pull and are currently under construction at the Vega Denizcilik Sanayi Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti shipyard in Turkey.

“Demand for reliable towage services in the North Sea is strong and we are pleased that we will be able to

expand our fleet of modern tugs by buying these two new vessels for early delivery,” says Leendert Muller,

managing director of Multraship. “We also have two Carrousel tugs building for us in Malaysia, set for

2008/9 delivery, which will together with these two new multi purpose vessels give our River Scheldtbased

fleet a substantial boost to capacity. It is very important for us to be able to deploy good fire fighting,

salvage and oil pollution combating capacity rapidly in the busy Scheldt area.” Both tugs will be 35.7 m

loa, 12 m beam and will have a multi-role capability for harbour, escort and sea towage and also full

firefighting and salvage roles. They will have FF1 fire fighting, Escort towage and Oil recovery notations.

The first vessel will have two Caterpillar Engines, the second two ABC engines, delivering around 70

tonnes bollard pull through Z drive CP propellers. The vessels will have a double winch aft and a single

winch forward and a free running speed of around 13 knots.

SmitWijs Rotterdam & SmitWijs London renamed

The SmitWijs Rotterdam and the SmitWijs London are been renamed by Svitzer in Rotterdam &

London last week at the the Keppel Tuas shipyard in Singapore Both vessels will depart FPSO P-53

(Source: Kees Pronk Jr.)


The tug ZEUS has changed name during drydocking at Antwerp. The tug will be renamed in FAIRPLAY

28. (Source: Peter Andriessen)

8 e jaargang, nr. 25

dd. 01Juli 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

In Memoriam

Sleepvaart- en Offshore Nieuws ontving het droeve bericht dat op vrijdag vrijdagavond 22 juni op 77 jarige

leeftijd is overleden aan een slopende ziekte die hij op bewonderenswaardige en positieve manier heeft

gedragen. PAUL DE SMIT. Paul was voormalig hoofd bemanningszaken Smit-Lloyd B.V. Rotterdam

Namens alle lezers van de Sleepvaart- en Offshore nieuws wens ik Neeltje, Paul’s familie en vrienden

veel sterkte met dit verlies.


12 members of the Maritime Incident Response Group (MIRG National Response), comprising specially

trained Fire Fighters from Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service, are currently aboard the tug 'HT Blade' as

they prepare the vessel with the intention of it being towed to Lowestoft later today. 2 tugs ('Grey Salvor'

and 'Grey Vixen') are now on scene in order to tow the casualty tug to Lowestoft; it is currently

anticipated that the arrival time will be late this evening if all goes according to plan.

A 30 metre tug experienced a fire in the engine room approximately 2 miles northeast of Cromer this

morning (8am) with 3 crew aboard. Yarmouth Coastguard tasked Coastguard Rescue teams from

Lowestoft, Cromer and Felixstowe; as well as requesting the launch of the Cromer RNLI lifeboat to the

scene. A Rescue helicopter from RAF Wattisham transported the MIRG crew to the scene. The crew was

taken aboard the Cromer all weather lifeboat. The lifeboat and a cargo vessel 'RMS Riga' have been

dousing the casualty tug with water. Glynn Young, Watch Manager, Yarmouth Maritime Rescue

Coordination Centre, says: "Extensive boundary cooling has and is taking place around the casualty tug,

though the temperature is steadily dropping. Supplies are currently being taken out to the crews by the

Cromer RNLI Inshore Lifeboat. The Tugs 'Grey Salvor' and 'Grey Vixen' are on scene and will shortly be

commencing a tow of the vessel to Lowestoft Harbour, where they will be met by Suffolk Fire and Rescue

Service to evaluate the situation in a more secure environment for their personnel." (source: Leo Kramer)

Nieuwbouw voor Bouman Marine Services

BMS Holding BV heeft op 12-04-2007 bij scheepswerf Kooiman te Zwijndrecht een nieuwe zeegaande

sleepboot besteld. Deze boot is een kopie van de in het afgelopen jaar bij Scheepswerf

Kooiman gebouwde Meander en Isa met wel enkele uiterlijke en innerlijke wijzigingen. Enkele uiterlijke

wijzigingen zijn: De kop aan de duwsteven zijde 70 cm hoger, Diameter duwstevenrubber rond 80 cm en

doorlopend tot 1 meter onder de waterlijn, Straalbuizen 35 cm vrij hangend van het vlak met daarbij een

zware hakconstructie onder de straalbuizen door


De stuurhut pet aan de voor en zijkant minder breed, Drie grote ramen tot op de vloer van het stuurhuis in

de achterwand en een derde berghout in de zij ter hoogte van de stuurhut. Enkele innerlijke wijzigingen

zijn; Motervermogen hoofdmotoren 1700 pk elk, Boegschroef 450 pk en een iets andere tank en

store indeling. Deze boot zal onder de vlag van de werkmaatschappij BMS Towing BV gaan varen en de

oplevering staat gepland voor begin maart 2008 en zal gebouwd worden bij Scheepswerf Hoebee in

Dordrecht. In deze BMS Towing BV zullen ook de boten Indus en Willem-Bsr gaan varen. De boten Sil-

Jeske-B en Andre-B2 zullen blijven varen onder de vlag van de werkmaatschappij W Bouwman Marine

Service BV. Zie hieronder voor een artist inpression van de nieuwe boot. (source: Wout Bouwman)

Moran To Launch Pushboat

Monday, June 25, 2007 Around the end of June Moran Towing Corp. of New Canaan, Connecticut will

launch the Lisa Moran, a new triple screw push boat at the C&G Boatworks yard in Mobile Alabama. This

will be the third push boat in the extensive and varied Moran fleet. The firm's two existing pushboats were

repowered with Cummins engines earlier this year. Three Cummins KTA38 M0 mains, each one

producing 850 hp at 1800 rpm, will power the 77 x 30-ft. Lisa Moran. Each engine will turn into ZF model

W3310 marine gears with 5:1 reduction and five-inch diameter Aquamet 17 shafts. The hull has a molded

depth of ten feet six inches. Accommodations are designed for a crew of eight. Tankage includes 30,000

gallons of fuel, 5,000 gallons of water and 165 gallons of lube oil. The boat will be fitted with a Markey

TYS-24 towing winch and 65 ton Nabrico deck winches. The Lisa Moran's main engines were furnished by

Cummins Power Systems out of Baltimore and up fitted by Cummins Mid-South L.L.C. for delivery to C&G

Boatworks. Cummins Mid-South is the distributor of Cummins and Onan products for Arkansas, Alabama,

Louisiana, Mississippi, Eastern Missouri, Southern Illinois, the panhandle of Florida, and western

Tennessee. (source: Jan van der Doe)

Bourbon Dolphin Disaster Continue

Bourbon Dolphin job would have been stopped in the Norwegian sector

Published: 2007-06-26 12.29 AHTS Bourbon Dolphin was grappling with a too heavy anchor in six metre

waves north west of Shetland when the vessel capsized on April 12th and later sank, the Royal

Commission sitting in Ålesund heard from crewmembers giving evidence. A Commission member pointed

out that operations in six metre waves would have been stopped in the Norwegian sector, while there is no

such limitation in the British sector. Captain Grim Are Bergtun of Olympic Hercules told the enquiry that

two other vessels were supposed to have done the job that Bourbon Dolphin had to take on. The

operational plan was for the vessel to assist others. But suddenly Bourbon Dolphin became the main

vessel of the operation. The charterer had asked for a vessel with minimum bollard pull of 180 tonnes,

while Bourbon Dolphin had 194 tonnes. However, with the thrusters going, the actual bollard pull was

much less. Bourbon Offshore managing director Trond Myklebust, told the Commission he had no idea

why the vessel was designated the main ship. He said it was up to the charterer to decide if the vessel

was up to the job.

Weitere Schiffe für Harms Bergung

25.06.2007 Die Flotte der Hamburger Harms Bergung Transport & Heavylift GmbH & Co. KG wächst

weiter. Das Neubauprogramm umfasst insgesamt zwölf(12) Fahrzeuge - neun Schlepper, ein schnelles

Crewboat und zwei Plattformversorger. Darin eingeschlossen sind die Schlepper „Primus", „Magnus"

und „Taurus" von der Mützelfeldtwerft/Ferrostaal, die bereits in Fahrt sind. Zusätzlich zu den vier in

diesem und dem nächsten Jahr noch folgenden Schleppern mit 220 beziehungsweise 280 Tonnen

Pfahlzug hat Harms Bergung bei Ferrostaal/Mützelfeldt zwei weitere Schlepper des Typs „Primus" mit 110

Tonnen Pfahlzug zum Stückpreis von 17 Millionen Euro bestellt.

HARMS Offshore orders MACS PSVs to new German design

June 26, 2007 HARMS Offshore, Germany has confirmed contracts for 2 + 2 PSVs of the 1400 MACS

design at Bharati Shipyard, India. The new design was developed at Hitzler Werft, Germany and will

have multi-cargo abilities for all dry- and liquid ulk cargo below deck.

Tug Malta

Tug Malta Ltd. (1980) is overgenomen door Rimorchiatori Riuniti uit Genua. Ze gaan ingaande eind juli

2007 de havensleepdiensten in de Grand Harbour van Valletta en in de Marsaxlokk Freeport voor hun

rekening nemen.

Swissco expands with order for three more vessels

June 26, 2007 Swissco International Ltd in Singapore has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary,

Swissco Offshore Pte Ltd has placed an order for three more vessels worth S$13.5 million. The Group has

placed order for a 70m offshore support workboat from a Chinese shipyard and expects delivery in the

second half of 2008. Prior to deployment, the vessel will be retrofitted in Singapore with specialized and

enhanced equipment. This highly specialized vessel will be able to accommodate up to 100 persons. The

Group has also placed order for another two vessels from an East Malaysian shipyard in Sarawak that

had delivered vessels to the Group previously. The order includes a 26m multi-purpose workboat and a

31m utility offshore support vessel. These two vessels are expected to be delivered by the first half of

2008. (source: Leo Kramer)

Greatship orders two anchor handlers

June 25, 2007 Fearnley Offshore Supply reports that Greatship, India has ordered a pair of AHTS at

Colombo Dockyard, Sri Lanka. The contract price is total US$35 million and delivery will be in January and

April 2009. (source: Leo Kramer)

Halt of Athena due to damage in engine room. The Athena is an MPSV operating under

contract for TOTAL E&P Congo.

Marseilles, 26th June, 7.30 pm This morning at 5.25 am (Paris time) the Athena, a BOURBON fleet Multi

Purpose Supply Vessel operating under contract with TOTAL E&P Congo, reported a technical incident

provoking entry of water in the engine room. It was 15 nautical miles off the coast of Congo, in transit

between the oil fields of Likouala and East Tchibouela. In conformity with BOURBON and TOTAL Safety

Management procedures, emergency committees were put in place immediately, on site in Pointe Noire

and in France. To optimize operations the anchor was dropped to immobilize the ship and the engine

compartments were cut off. The 63 people on board (26 crew members and 37 technicians) were

immediately evacuated onto the TOTAL barge situated in the vicinity. The Athena was then towed by

Achille, a BOURBON fleet Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel also under contract with TOTAL E & P

Congo, to the outer roadstead of Pointe Noire, where it is sheltering and safe since 07.00 p.m. Paris time.

All preventive measures have been taken and no pollution has been reported. Pumping and water

tightness of the hull are in progress before transferring the vessel to a shipyard for dry dock and repair.

(source: Bourbon)

Halt of Athena due to damage in engine room. The Athena is a Bourbon Multi Purpose Supply


Marseilles, 27th June 6.30 p.m. Due to poor weather conditions, pumping and water tightness operations

on the Athena, which was towed and anchored yesterday evening to the outer roadstead of Pointe Noire

in the Congo subsequent to water entry into the engine room, had to be stopped during the night. The ship

is resting on a sandy bed at a depth of 10 metres and is listing over 50°. No lives are at risk. Smit Salvage

has been contracted to proceed with operations to rescue the vessel and to protect the site. Operations

have already started. In conformity with BOURBON Safety Management procedures, the causes of the

incident are under investigation and will allow the necessary conclusions to be drawn. (source: Bourbon)

Bourbon Offshore vessel Athena suffers partial flooding of engine room

June 28, 2007 Bourbon Offshore has announced that at 5.25am European time on June 26th, Athena,

one of Bourbon's fleet of multi-purpose supply vessels (MPSVs) operating under contract to Total E&P

Congo reported what the company described as "a technical incident" provoking entry of water in the

engine room. The ship was 15 nautical miles off the coast of Congo, in transit between the Likouala and

East Tchibouela fields at the time. Emergency procedures were put in place and the ship's anchor

was dropped and the engine compartments were shut off. The 63 people on board (26 crew members

and 37 technicians) were immediately evacuated to a Total barge situated in the vicinity. Athena was then

towed by Achille, a Bourbon AHTS which is also under contract to Total E&P Congo, to Pointe Noire.

No pollution has been reported as a result of the incident and pumping was started, with the intention of

towing the ship to a dry-dock for repair. However, on June 27th, Bourbon said that due to poor weather

conditions, pumping and water tightness operations had been stopped with the ship resting on a sandy

bed at a depth of 10m and listing by more than 50°. "No lives are at risk," said Bourbon. Smit Salvage has

been contracted to proceed with operations to salvage the vessel and operations are already under way.

Athena is a Vik-Sandvik-designed VS 4501 MPSV. (source: Leo Kramer)

Update: Thursday, June 28, 2007

Due to poor weather conditions pumping had to be stopped during the night. The Athena was towed and

anchored yesterday evening to the outer roadstead of Pointe Noire in the Congo. The ship is resting on a

sandy bed at a depth of 10 meters and is listing over 50 degrees. No lives are at risk. Smit Salvage has

been contracted to proceed with operations to rescue the vessel and to protect the site. Operations have

already started. In conformity with Bourbon Safety Management procedures, the causes of the incident

are under investigation. (source: Leo Kramer)

Swire Pacific confirms AHTS order

June 28, 2007 The Havyard 844 AHTS design was developed with a focus on deepwater. Swire Pacific

Offshore has confirmed that the company has placed an order for four 18,250bhp, 200 bollard pull AHTS,

to be built at Pan-United Marine’s shipyard in Singapore with delivery in 2010 and 2011. The company

said the Havyard 844 design was developed in close collaboration with SPO’s technical team with a focus

on offshore deepwater requirements. "These SPO 'D' class vessels are to be built to clean class and ice

class notations, and equipped with powerful 500 tonne Rauma Brattvaag winches. The vessels will have

ample power to support the latest generation semi-submersible rigs operating in deepwater and harsh

environments whilst having adequate tank capacities and clear deck space for other offshore

applications," said the company. The vessels will also adopt the latest DP technology and will carry FiFi 1

classification. The design also takes fuel efficiency and environmental concerns into careful consideration,

taking into account the variety of roles in which the vessels will likely be engaged. (source: Leo Kramer)

Island Valiant delivered by Aker Yards

June 28, 2007 Island Offshore in Norway says its new AHTS Island Valiant was delivered from Aker

Yards Langsten on June 22nd and is now available on the spot market. The vessel is a sophisticated

anchor handler specially designed for deepwater operations. Compared to near-sister vessel Island

Vanguard, Island Valiant has been extended by 7m, and accommodation increased to 60 persons.

Island Valiant has a permanently installed work ROV from Oceaneering and has equipment for deploying

and retrieving large suction anchors and subsea modules safely through a moonpool. A 90 tons subsea

crane with Active Heave Compensation (AHC) can be fitted to the vessel should this be required. The

design is a UT 787 CD from Rolls-Royce. (source: Leo Kramer)

Fairplay Towage charters offshore-tug

Hamburg-based Fairplay-Towage has bare-boated the offshore-tug „ZEUS“ from the Slovenia tugowner

Adria Tow, Koper. The tug has been renamed „FAIRPLAY-28“. The Voith-watertractor „FAIRPLAY-28“,

built by Spanisch shipyard Astilleros Armon in December 2006 is replacing the „Fairplay-27“, which after

1 year’s charter has been redelivered to her owners Bugsier og Berging, Oslo where she will start a

terminal contract for Statoil Hammerfest (Snøhvit-Project). „FAIRPLAY-28“ has already been re-painted in

the typical blue Fairplay-colours and will shortly start her duties in the Northsea within the Euro-Tug-Pools.

Euro-Tugs BV, a Joint Venture between Fairplay Towage und URS Antwerpen, is specialized in Offshore-

Services as well as coastal- and worldwide towages ( The tug will be based in

Rotterdam and therefore also be available for harbour work, especially in Europoort. The slovenianflagged

“Zeus//Fairplay-28” is a 34,5m long and 11,6m wide Voith-watertractor with a draft of 6,1 to 7.2m.

The tug is classed under Bureau Veritas (class-notation: BV I +Hull +MACH – TUG FIFI1 Water Spray –

unrestricted Navigation +AUT –UMS-RECOL). Two MaK 8M25 main engines with each 2640kW and Voith

propulsions of the type 32R5/250-2 provide a bollard pull of 73,5t and a free running speed of 14kn. A

Hatlapa Escort winch (type 900/680) with 700m of a 52mmØ tow-wire, Karmoy towing pins, Caterpillar

auxiliary engines (306 KVA) and a Palfinger crane (type PK 18080) are the main components of this

strong offshore tug. An allround fendering serves especially safe harbour and offshore-work. A Kvaerner

FiFi1-installation produces 1400cbm water or a water/foam mixture per hour and per fire-fighting monitor.

More information about Fairplay Towage can be viewed on

K-Sea to acquire Smith and Sirius

K-Sea Transportation Partners L.P. is to acquire Smith Maritime, Ltd. of Honolulu, Hawaii and Sirius

Maritime LLC of Seattle, Washington ("Sirius"). Smith is controlled by Gordon Smith, who is also one of

the three owners of Sirius and who will join the management of K-Sea. The total purchase price will be

approximately $205 million. The transactions are expected to be completed in July or early August. On a

combined basis, these operations include eleven petroleum tank barges and ten tugboats, aggregating

777,000 barrels of capacity, of which 670,000 barrels, or 86 percent, are double-hulled. The addition of

these tank barges will represent a 22 percent increase in the barrel-carrying capacity of the K-Sea fleet to

about 4.3 million barrels. The total purchase price will consist of approximately $195 million in cash and

assumed debt, plus K-Sea common units valued at approximately $10 million. K-Sea expects to initially

finance the cash portion of the purchase price through additional borrowings, which it expects to refinance

in due course. K-Sea also announced that its management will recommend an increase of $0.02 per unit,

or 2.9%, in the distribution to unitholders for the fourth quarter ending June 30, 2007, to $0.70 per unit, or

$2.80 per unit annualized. This will be the ninth consecutive quarter of increased distributions, and the

eleventh such increase since the company's IPO in January 2004. K-Sea also took delivery last week of

another new, 28,000 barrel double hulled tank barge, which is part of its fleet expansion and upgrade

program. Including the recently announced extension of this program, ten more double hulled tank barges,

totaling 524,000 barrels of additional capacity, are scheduled to be delivered before the end of calendar

2010, at which time K-Sea's total barrel-carrying capacity of over 4.8 million barrels will have more than

doubled from its capacity at the time of its initial public offering in January 2004. By the end of 2010, the K-

Sea fleet should be more than 80% double hulled, depending on the rate of retirement of the remaining

single hulled vessels. Gordon Smith, President of Smith Maritime, stated, "We are excited to become part

of the K-Sea Transportation Partners L.P. group of companies. Throughout the years Smith Maritime has

endeavored to become the leading tank barge operator in the Hawaiian Islands, greatly enhancing our

fleet with new double hull barges, as well as working to become one of the safest and most reliable

transporters of petroleum products in the U.S. We believe that merging with K-Sea will bring greater

opportunities for both our loyal employees as well as our customers in our continued growth and

expansion." Robert Dorn and Wayne Sundberg of Sirius Maritime jointly stated, "We are very pleased to

become part of K-Sea Transportation Partners L.P., a company whose business and culture closely

resembles our own. We are excited about the opportunities that this transaction provides to our

employees and to our customers, and look forward to continuing to strive for safe and efficient marine

transportation of petroleum products while working in the K-Sea family of companies." Timothy J. Casey,

President and CEO of K-Sea, said, "We look forward to welcoming Gordon Smith, Bob Dorn and Wayne

Sundberg, along with the other employees of Smith and Sirius, to our company. Together, we look forward

to continuing to build a high quality marine transportation operation. The management of Smith and Sirius

have built impressive operating teams which will significantly increase our growth potential." (source:

Clipping News)

SEACOR and Nabors in OSV venture

SEACOR Holdings Inc. and Nabors Industries Ltd. announced that they have entered into a letter of intent

to form a new company to own and operate a fleet of twenty offshore support vessels currently owned by

a Nabors affiliate. A subsidiary of SEACOR will be the majority owner of the new company, Sea Mar

Offshore LLC ("Sea Mar"), and will manage its 19 US flag and one foreign flag vessels. Nabors will be a

minority owner of Sea Mar, which will qualify for U.S. coastwise trade. Early termination of the waiting

period under the "Hart-Scott-Rodino" Anti-Trust Improvement Act of 1976 was granted on June 20, 2007.

The transaction is subject to definitive documentation and expected to close on or before July 13, 2007.

SEACOR is a global provider of marine support and transportation service, primarily to the energy and

chemical industries. SEACOR and its subsidiaries provide customers with a full suite of marine-related

services including offshore services, U.S. coastwise shipping, inland river services, helicopter services,

environmental services, and offshore and harbor towing services. SEACOR is uniquely focused on

providing highly responsive local service, combined with the highest safety standards, innovative

technology, modern efficient equipment, and dedicated, professional employees. The Nabors companies

own and operate approximately 640 land drilling and approximately 795 land workover and well-servicing

rigs in North America. Nabors' actively marketed offshore fleet consists of: 41 platform rigs, 14 jack-up

units and 4 barge rigs in the United States and multiple international markets. Nabors markets 25 marine

transportation and supply vessels, primarily in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. In addition, Nabors manufactures

top drives and drilling instrumentation systems and provides comprehensive oilfield hauling, engineering,

civil construction, logistics and facilities maintenance, and project management services. Nabors

participates in most of the significant oil, gas and geothermal markets in the world. (source: Clipping



In Rotterdam the latest newbuilding of FAIRPLAY Towage named FAIRPLAY III was christened by Emily

Hallgarten, the great-grand-daughter of the companies founder Richard Borchard. (source: Clipping


8 e jaargang, nr. 26

dd. 08 Juli 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Albwardy Awarded Tug Contract

Nakilat-SvitzerWijsmuller (the joint venture company set-up by SvitzerWijsmuller and Qatar Gas Transport

Company - Nakilat), has awarded UAE's Albwardy Marine Engineering a contract to build five tugboats. A

keel-laying ceremony for the building of the five boats was held at the Dubai Ship Dockyard in Al Jaddaf.

(Source: AMEinfo)

Swire Pacific Offshore declares option for four V class anchor handlers

July 2, 2007 Swire Pacific Offshore has confirmed that the company has declared an option contract for

Labroy Shipyard to build four additional 8,810bhp 120 tonne bollard pull anchor handlers. The original

six IMT966 design SPO V class vessels were ordered in 2005, the first of which, Pacific Valhalla, will be

delivered in August 2007. She will be joined by sister vessels Pacific Valkyrie, Pacific Vanguard, Pacific

Victory, Pacific Viper, Pacific Vixen, and in 2009-10, the four additional vessels, Pacific Valour, Pacific

Vigilance, Pacific Vigour, and Pacific Vulcan. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Aker DOF Supply formed to own Vietnam-built anchor handlers

Six anchor handlers ordered from Aker Yards' Vietnam yard will be owned by a new joint company

established by DOF ASA and Aker Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aker ASA. Aker and DOF are

listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Owned 50/50 by Aker Capital and DOF, the newly established Aker

DOF Supply will own the six anchor-handlers with DOF in charge of commercial and technical operations.

The contract value of the newbuilding series of six AHTS vessels is approximately NOK 1.8 billion. the

newbuilding order includes an option to build an additional six vessels.The delivery period for the vessels

is 2010-2012. DOF CEO Mr. Mons Aase comments: "DOF and Aker companies have been working

together for many years to develop both offshore vessel types and business opportunities. Aker Oilfield

Services was established earlier this year by pooling the know- how of DOF Subsea, Aker, Aker Kvaerner,

and Aker Yards. A new and even closer working relationship will be seen in Aker DOF Supply." The DOF

group currently has a fleet of 57 vessels in operation or on order. Aker DOF Supply's six anchor-handling

(AHTS) vessels are of the AH08 Aker Yards design. The towing power (Bollard Pull) of the vessels is

approximately 180 metric tons; their main engines are rated at about 16,000 BHP. The vessels will

conform to the strictest environmental standards, Det Norske Veritas Clean Design. (Source: Clipping


U.S. Shipping Partners Takes Delivery of First ATB

U.S. Shipping Partners L.P. announced the delivery of its new articulated tug barge unit (ATB) the pusher

tug Freeport and the parcel barge Chemical Transporter. The Partnership believes the ATB Freeport is the

first IMO I ATB to be constructed in the United States. The ATB Freeport has successfully completed sea

trials and has received necessary certification by the U.S. Coast Guard and the American Bureau of

Shipping. The new vessel departed the shipyard on July 1, 2007 for its first load port in Louisiana, and

following completion of two routine design verification test procedures and arrival at the load port, it will lift

its first cargo, which is anticipated to occur at the end of this week. The vessel is already covered with

contracts of affreightment with major customers of the Partnership. This 19,999 dead weight ton IMO I

ATB is capable of carrying 140,000 barrels of the most sophisticated chemical cargos transported by

seagoing vessels. The ATB Freeport is the first of five ATBs U.S. Shipping Partners L.P. has contracted to

construct as part of its fleet expansion program. (Source: MarineLink)


Op 2 juli is de 346 m lange FPSO "Petrobas 53" achter de "London" vertrokken uit Singapore, op weg

naar Rio Grande - Brazilië. In verband met de beperkte ruimte en drukte binnen Singapore port limits en in

Straat Singapore sleepte de "London" het eerste stuk in Straat Singapore alleen. Na passage van

Horsburgh Light in de Zuid Chinese Zee maakten ook de Chinese sleepboot "De Da" en de "Rotterdam"

vast. Voor de leken onder de lezers, de "London" en "Rotterdam" zijn de ex-Smitwijs London en ex-

Smitwijs Rotterdam, tegenwoordig varend onder de vlag van Svitzer Ocean Towage.

Foto: Kees Pronk Jr.

Om het slechte weer op de Noord Indische Oceaan, veroorzaakt door de ZW-moesson, te ontwijken gaat

de route door de Indonesische archipel en. Via de Java Zee en Straat Sunda, tussen Java en Sumatera,

vaart het transport de Zuid Indische Oceaan in, richting Zuid Afrika. In het noordelijke gedeelte van Straat

Mozambique gooien de sleepboten één voor één los en gaan ze een tankstop maken in Durban, begin

augustus. Waarna de Kaap de Goede Hoop gerond wordt en koers gezet wordt naar Rio Grande in Zuid-

Brazilië. Verwachte aankomst te Rio Grande wordt eind augustus. De foto's van vertrek en overgeven

sleepverbinding van "London" aan "De Da" zijn gemaakt door de 2e stuurman van de "Rotterdam" Kees

Pronk jr. Voor mij is het na 46 jaar varen mijn laatste reis als kapitein. Begonnen in 1961 als afhouder op

de Scheveningse visserij, in 1965 als matroos o/g bij Wijsmuller en na 36 jaar Smit sluit ik mijn

zeemansloopbaan af bij Svitzer Ocean Towage (het vroegere Wijsmuller). Met vriendelijke groet,

Kees Pronk sr.

Note redactie. Kees geniet zo lang mogelijk van dit verlof. Veel gezondheid. Het is je gegund. Je hebt in

ieder geval voor een slepers opvolger gezorgd, dat is aan weinige voorbehouden. – Hans

Farstad Purchases Vessel Under Construction

Farstad Shipping has reached an agreement with Island Offshore to buy their newbuild no. 62 at Aker

Yards Brevik. Farstad will immediately enter into the contract with the yard. The newbuild is an AHTS of

type UT 712L (15.900 BHP) to be delivered in September 2008. The purchase price corresponds to a

vessel value of $68.6m. Farstad Shipping has a similar vessel under construction at the yard for delivery

in March 2008. During the last year the yard has delivered three of the same type of vessels to Farstad

Shipping. (Source: MarineLink)

Aker to Build Anchor Handling Supply Vessel

Aker Yards has entered into a contract with DOF Installer ASA based on the options given in the contract

between the parties of March 5, 2007. This is the first of two possible options in the connection of the

previous contract for building of 2 + 2 AHTS vessels. The value of this contract is approximately $130m.

The vessel is an Anchor Handling Supply Vessel based on the Aker Yards design AH 04 CD. Delivery is

scheduled in Q4 2010. The vessel will have a bollard pull in excess of 350 tons, and will be outfitted with a

triple drum winch of 500 tons. Accommodation is planned for 90 persons. The hull for the vessel will be

built at Aker Yards, Tulcea in Romania and outfitted at Aker Yards in Norway. In the past DOF has been

involved in more than 30 contracts with Aker Yards. With this contract, 14 of the vessels in order by DOF

are of Aker Yards design. (Source: MarineLink)

Washburn & Doughty Delivers Eleanor F. Moran

On March 12, 2007, Washburn & Doughty Associates, Inc. of East

Boothbay, Maine delivered the Eleanor F. Moran, a 92 x 32-ft.,

5100 hp, Z-Drive Firefighting Tug, to Moran Towing of New

Canaan, Connecticut. The vessel is operating at the port of

Norfolk, Virginia. Eleanor F. Moran is classed ABS Maltese Cross

A1 Towing, Maltese Cross AMS, with Escort Notation, Towing

Service, Maltese Cross A1 Fire Fighting Vessel, Class 1. The

Firefighting 1 classification requires two monitors to each produce

5,280 gpm for a distance of 394 ft. at a height of 148 ft., as well as

a deluge system and the ability to sustain firefighting operations for

a minimum of 24 consecutive hours. Firefighting 1 equipment

includes two Caterpillar 3412C engines rated at 900 hp @ 2100

rpm and Nijhuis HGTFI-1-250.500 pumps located in the engine room. The pumps supply two FFS model

IM/FFS-1200LB electric FiFi 1 monitors mounted on the aft upper deck. Controls for the monitors are in

the pilothouse and locally at the monitors. The firefighting system also includes a deluge sprinkler system

and eight (8) fire stations located on the main deck. Eleanor F. Moran is powered by two EMD 12-645F7B

main engines that each produce 2550 hp @ 900 rpm. The propulsion system is completed by Schottel

model SRP 1215 FP Z-Drives with 2400 mm stainless steel propellers. Eleanor F. Moran is equipped with

John Deere model 6068TFM76, Tier 2 emissions certified 1800 rpm marine engines providing 99KW,

120/208 VAC, 3 phase power. One generator is normally on-line while the other is on standby. In the

event that the on-line generator fails, the standby generator will automatically start and go on-line. The

generator experiencing the failure will be automatically shut down. An IPS main switchboard is provided in

the engine room for distribution of 208-V 3-phase power. A Markey type DEPC-48 electric hawser winch is

installed forward and a Markey model CEWC 60 electric stern hawser capstan is installed aft. The sides

and stern of the main deck are fitted with Duramax 12 x 14-in. rubber "D" fender. The bow utilizes Viking

16" soft loop on the lower portion and Schuyler cylindrical rubber on the upper portion. Accommodations

are located in the deckhouse and include a mess/galley, two two-man staterooms, two one-man

staterooms, two heads and an assortment of lockers. Mitsubishi air conditioning systems allow for

independent climate control in individual staterooms. (Source: MarineLink)

Maersk takes option on Havila Princess

Mærsk Olie og Gas has declared an option for a further 12 months charter for the PSV vessel Havila

Princess. Mærsk has an option to extend the charter period for a further 12 months from mid-August

2008. Havila said the contract value "is based on market terms." (Source: Leo Kramer)

Edda Flotel to be built in Spain

Astillero Barreras in Spain will build Edda Accommodation's new vessel. Edda Accommodation has

placed an order for what it claims will be the world's largest purpose-built offshore accommodation and

service vessel at Astillero Barreras in Vigo in Spain. Edda Accommodation, part of the Østensjø Group, is

extending the Group's services by building a purpose-built offshore accommodation and service vessel for

a total of 600 personnel. The vessel will be delivered at the end of 2009 at a price of NKr 850 million. The

vesel - which has yet to be named - has been designed to meet clients' requirements for safety, efficiency,

comfort and low emissions to the environment. The vessel's dynamic positioning system (DP 3) and

five Voith Schneider propellers will provide a precise and stable position, resulting in low fuel consumption

compared to other propulsion systems. Edda TBN - which will be 130m long with a breadth of 27m - will

be equipped with a telescopic gangway installed on the 1,400m2 deck with a heave compensated

knuckleboom crane and two marine deck cranes. The gangway will provide safe passage of personnel

from the vessel to offshore installation. The cabins and offices on board are of executive standard with

additional recreation areas, such as fitness rooms, sauna, swimming pool and cinema. The new vessel

will be particularly suitable for operations in Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and South East Asia, but also in

more exposed areas such as the North Sea, Canada, and the Northern part of the Pacific Ocean. The

accommodation and service vessel will also be suited for transporting personnel to and from offshore

installations Since 2004, Østensjø Rederi AS has provided offshore accommodation by using the PSV

Edda Fjord. Edda Fjord has, with great success, provided accommodation to the Shell's Bonga FPSO

offshore Nigeria with 330 beds, and later 450 beds to the BP's Thunderhorse platform in US Gulf of

Mexico. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Havila Shipping sells Havila Force

Havila Shipping in Norway has, through its wholly owned company Havila Ships, sold the AHTS Havila

Force. The price was NKr 310 million, and the sale will give the group a booked gain of approx NKr 150

million. The buyer is an internal partnership called Viking Troll DIS, established by Fearnley Finans AS.

Delivery will be September 1st 2007. Havila Force is an AHTS vessel of VS 473 design, built in 2000

(Source: Leo Kramer)

Aker DOF Supply to be established

District Offshore (DOF ASA) and Aker Capital in Norway are to jointly establish a shipowning company, to

be called Aker DOF Supply. “Many exciting business opportunities await Aker DOF Supply in a large and

growing market,” said Leif-Arne Langøy, Aker’s Board Chairman and President and CEO. “DOF is an

international supplier of services for the offshore oil and gas industry and a leading provider of supply

vessels. Working with DOF, Aker will actively participate in the development of the new offshore

shipowner, Aker DOF Supply.” Aker Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aker ASA. Aker and DOF are

listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. DOF CEO Mons Aase said: "DOF and Aker companies have been

working together for many years to develop both offshore vessel types and business opportunities. Aker

Oilfield Services was established earlier this year by pooling the know-how of DOF Subsea, Aker, Aker

Kværner, and Aker Yards. A new and even closer working relationship will be seen in Aker DOF Supply.”

Aker DOF Supply is owned 50/50 by Aker Capital and DOF. The newly established offshore shipowning

company will own a series of six anchor-handling (AHTS) vessels to be built at Aker Yards’ shipyard in

Vietnam and marketed to customers in Asia’s rapidly growing offshore market. In a statement, the two

companies said the six vessels will have greater towing capacity and more powerful main engines than

the vessel type presented in Aker’s May 2007 press release and notice to the Oslo Stock Exchange.

The value of the contract for the newbuild AHTS series is approximately NKr 1.8 billion. The ships are

specially designed to perform anchor-handling, towing, and supply services at offshore oil and gas fields.

The delivery period for the vessels is 2010 – 2012. As previously announced, the newbuilding order

includes an option to build an additional six vessels. All of the vessels will meet the strictest environmental

standards. The DOF group currently has a fleet of 57 vessels in operation or on order. DOF will be in

charge of commercial and technical operations for Aker DOF Supply via an agreement with DOF

Management. Aker DOF Supply will be established with NKr 60 million in equity. No decision has been

made regarding bringing in additional Aker DOF Supply shareholders. Aker DOF Supply’s six anchorhandling

(AHTS) vessels are of the AH08 Aker Yards design. The towing power (bollard pull) of the

vessels is approximately 180 tonnes; their main engines are rated at about 16,000bhp. The AHTS vessels

will conform to the strictest environmental standards, DNV's Clean Design. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Deep Sea Supply Takes Delivery of AHTS

Deep Sea announced that it took delivery of the AHTS-vessel

Sea Jaguar from Jaya Shipbuilding and Engineering Pte Ltd in

Singapore. Twin screw Khiam Chuang design Anchor

Handling Tug/Supply Vessel is outfitted and equipped for

anchor handling, towing, fire fighting, dynamic positioning,

rescue , offshore supply and other related duties. The Vessel

will be classed as offshore support anchor handling supply

vessel, fire fighting class 1, DPS-2, ACCU for Unrestricted

Service. Twin maneuvering consoles are fitted in the wheelhouse stations, forward and aft. The Dynamic

Positioning with joy-stick controls provided at the aft controls. (Source: Marinelink)

Ulstein Builds for Marine Subsea

Marine Subsea Inc. signed a contract with Ulstein Verft for building

an offshore construction vessel specialized in inspection,

maintenance and repair operations (IMR/OCV) of the ULSTEIN

SX121 design from Ulstein Design. The value of the contract is

about $154.6m. The ship will be delivered in 2010 and is the fourth

vessel of the type ULSTEIN SX121 from Ulstein Design. The

vessel will be yard number 287 at Ulstein Verft. Marine Subsea

Inc. has previously contracted a similar vessel from Ulstein Verft for delivery in July 2009. ”We have great

faith in the Ulstein Group and are very satisfied working with Ulstein so far. In a pressured market with

many delays in both equipment and deliveries, it is important to have a good dialog with the shipyard. The

Ulstein Group is highly reputable when it comes to building state-of-the-art vessels and developing design.

We feel we’re in safe hands when contracting yet another vessel from Ulstein,” said managing director

Christian Nygaard in Marine Subsea. The ship will have the characteristic ULSTEIN X-BOW. “The vessel

with the new hull type can operate in all weather conditions. The hull shape makes for smoother sailing,

giving the crew a more comfortable and safer work platform. The bow improves the operations the vessel

will perform,” says Nygaard. “The hull design also gives the ship more volume in the forepart and thus

more space for accommodations than a conventional hull.” The vessel will be 120 x 25 m and

accommodate 100. It will be fitted with a tower for module handling, a moonpool, ROV hangar, offshore

crane, helideck and a diesel-electric propulsion system. The ship will also be equipped with ULSTEIN

COM, ULSTEIN IAS and the newly developed ULSTEIN NAV from Ulstein Elektro. (Source: Marinelink)

Eidesvik Orders Seismic Vessels from Ulstein

Eidesvik has ordered two large, state-of-the-art seismic vessels of the type Ulstein SX120 from Ulstein

Verft. The ships will be delivered in spring 2010. The contract total value is about $223.3m. Eidesvik is

known for innovation and a green profile. The ships that Eidesvik has ordered will be contracted by the

world’s largest seismic company, the merged CGG-Veritas. The ships are gentle on both the external

environment and the working environment onboard. We believe the Ulstein X-Bow smooth and gentle

motion in heavy sea makes it highly suitable for seismic operations, says Meling. The bow also helps

reduce fuel consumption, which means less pollution. The ships are classified as Clean Designs, meaning

they have a double hull and control of operational emissions. In oceanic seismic surveys, the sea bottom

is examined with shock waves in the search for gas or oil reservoirs. The seismic ships are equipped with

20 streamer winches with 18 corresponding towing points, and the streamer winches detect signals from

the seismic waves. The ships will be among the world’s largest of their kind, with a length 348 ft. and a

maximum width of 91 ft. (Source: Jan van der Doe)

Seabreeze report June 2007

Prosperous Times

Simon Mokster UT 704 anchor handler Prosper (the ex Normand Prosper) has been chartered by the

Norwegian state oil company Statoil to support the Transocean Leader semi-submersible over the

summer. The vessel has just begun (end June) the ninety day contract.

Neptune extend

Mokster also had further reason to celebrate after their VS 470 PSV Stril Neptun was extended by Statoil

through to 25th July 2008. This represents an extension of one year for the vessel which supports the

Sleipner field.

Island Intervention Good For Statoil

Island Offshore which has specialised in light well intervention, has been contracted by Statoil for work on

subsea wells in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. Together with their partners, FMC Technologies

and Aker Kvaerner, Island will utilise their vessels Island Frontier and Island Wellserver during most of

2008 a n d 2009 to enter and replace equipment in subsea wells to improve production.

Island Valiant christened

The Island Offshore UT 787 LCD AHTS Island Valiant was christened on Saturday the 16th June at

Ulsteinvik. This fine vessel was built at Aker Yards, Langsten in Norway. The day began with the naming

ceremony, followed by lunch and a guided tour of the vessel. Drinks and and a banquet were held in the

evening at the Quality Hotel Ulstein, and a grand time was had by all. Some of the vessels details include:

DP II, Clean Design, moon pool, 200 tons SWL AFrame, ROV hangar, 740 m2 deck, large underdecks,

16,085 BHP and around 230 tons bp. The Island Valiant will work the North Sea spot market until August

2007, whereupon she will sail for Boston in the United States to begin around two months work with APL.

EMAS Enters Aberdeen

EMAS Offshore Limited has recently opened an Aberdeen office. The company, which is a wholly owned

subsidiary of Ezra Holdings Limited of Singapore, are “a provider of truly integrated marine solutions”, not

just “a simple provider of offshore vessels”. Their fleet is one of the youngest, with state of the art vessels

designed and equipped for deep water operations.

Reliance Repeat With Varun

India based Varun Shipping has secured a one year firm plus one year option charter for their 17,500 BHP

anchor handler Sudhaksha (the ex Boa Queen). The recently purchased 180 ton bp vessel has just begun

this term work in Indian waters for Reliance. Their other recently purchased sister anchor handler,

Subhiksha (the ex Boa King), is already on term charter in India to Reliance.

Solstad Secure Two Term Charters

Solstad Offshore ASA (SOFF) have received letters of intent related to the chartering of two of the

Company` s vessels. The PSV Normand Carrier has been chartered for a period of approx 100 days for

operations in the Mediterranean. Contract commencement is September/October 2007. The AHTS

Normand Master has been chartered for a period of approximately 100 days for operations in the US Gulf

with contract commencement in November 2007. Both contracts are related to work in the subsea market

and the charterers, as yet unnamed, are major subsea contractors. Total value of these contracts is

around USD 19 million.

Petrobras Decide On Deepocean

Deepocean and their Brazilian partner CBO have been awarded a 2 year contract with options with

Petrobras. The contract has a value of approximately USD 50 million and is due to commence during the

1st quarter of 2008. Deepocean will use a new ROV/survey vessel which will be delivered in 2008 from

Active Subsea on a bareboat basis.

ONGC Opt For Disha

India based ONGC has term chartered the UT 755 PSV Greatship Disha. The Greatship (India) Ltd owned

PSV has already begun this five years firm contract with ONGC. BP Egypt have had this vessel on term

contract since November 2006 where it received very good reports.

Queen Reigns For 5,000 Days

The crew of the Trico Supply PSV Northern Queen have now reached a quite remarkable milestone—This

vessel has surpassed 5,000 days (or 13.7 years) without an LTI. Peterson Supplylink has had this vessel

on contract since the 2nd July 1998 and were just as pleased as Trico with this safety statistic. To mark

the event, Peterson organised a barbecue on board the vessel at Ijmuiden as well as awarding 1,000

Euros to each of the eight crew members who have served for the full 5,000 days (500 Euros were given

to each of the remaining fourteen crew of the vessel). Each of the crew members were presented with a

Swiss watch from Trico, and, a brass plaque from the Trico board was presented to the crew which will

remain on the vessel. Well done Guys, and here’s to another 5,000 !

Colombians Welcome New Comrade

Continuing on our Trico theme, Petrobras Colombia has chartered the UT 704 anchor handler Northern

Comrade. The vessel has already left the North Sea and is enroute to the Transocean Marianas

semisubmersible which is currently in the Gulf of Mexico. This rig will then be towed to Colombia to begin

work for the aforementioned Petrobras Colombia. It is further understood that the Northern Comrade will

support the rig in these South American waters for circa 120 days..

Subsea 7 Up Their Fleet

UT 705 PSV Mariner Sea has been chartered for a one year firm period by Subsea 7. The vessel, which

has recently changed hands will be used by Subsea 7 for construction support duties from around the

start of August, this summer.

From Simon To Siem

Simon Mokster Rederi AS has sold the MT 6000 PSV Stril Supplier (pictured) to fellow Norwegians Siem

Offshore in a deal worth NOK 280 million. The 1999 built vessel will be renamed Siem Supplier and will

deliver to its new owners in July upon completion of its current charter with Statoil in the North Sea.

Corsairs of the Caribbean

North Star Shipping, a member of the UK based Craig Group, were pleased to view the launch of their

latest IMT 948 UKOOA Class B emergency rescue and recovery vessel—the Grampian Corsair. The

Grampian Talisman PSV is undergoing final outfitting prior to trials and delivery. Both vessels go on

charter to Talisman upon delivery.

Havila Lose The Force

Havila Ships AS has sold their VS 473 anchor handler Havila Force to an internal partnership called Viking

Troll DIS (established by Fearnley Finans AS). The 2000 built AHTS will be delivered on the 1st

September after being sold for 310 million NOK, giving the group a booked gain of around 150 million


OSM’s Orders 6 Newbuildings,

OSM Schiffahrt, a fifty / fifty joint venture between Hamburg based Nordcapital Group and the Norwegian

ship manager OSM, are to build six Rolls-Royce designed offshore vessels with options to build another

six. Four of the vessels will be UT 786 CD DP II anchor handlers with a bollard pull of around 200 tonnes.

These vessels will be equipped with two 6,000 kW engines and will deliver from the Se Kwang shipyard of

Korea in the second half of 2009. The other two vessels will be UT 776 CD platform supply vessels (also

pictured) with delivery from Aker yards , Brevik in Norway, due in the third quarter of 2009 and the first

quarter of 2010 respectively. These two PSV newbuilds will have an optimised hull form designed for

greater fuel efficiency, and will have a deck area of just over 1,000 m2, as well as the usual extensive

underdecks. Total value of the contract to Rolls Royce, excluding the options, is around GBP 83 million.

Ulstein In Seventh Heaven

Solstad’s Ulstein Verft newbuildng the Normand Seven has won the coveted “Ship of the Year 2007” after

readers of Skipsrevyen (a Norwegian maritime magazine) and a select jury overwhelmingly voted for her.

This 130m long VS 4420 OCV is the first purely offshore construction vessel to be built in a Norwegian

yard (expected delivery is July 2007).

Maersk OK Options

Back in January, Maersk Supply Service placed an order at Volkswerft Stralsund for four multipurpose

anchor handlers with two options (see Jurassic January Seabreeze “Volkswerft Durch Technic”.) Maersk

have now declared the two options and will build these 23,500 BHP AHTS’s with delivery in the second

and third quarter of 2010. Maersk currently have fifty five vessels in operation and a further sixteen on


DSV Decision

Havila Shipping ASA are to build a Havyard 858 Dive Support Vessel at Havyard Leirvik’s shipyard in

Norway. The DP III DSV will have an LOA of 120m, 250 tonne crane, accommodation for 120 people and

a unique 24 man saturation diving system with twin heave compensated diving bells certified for

Norwegian regulation. The vessel will deliver in February 2010 whereupon it will immediately enter into a

ten year bareboat contract with further option periods for an unnamed contractor.

Echo Sounds Off

Barreras Shipyard of Vigo, Spain, are to build four Ulstein SX124 seismic vessels for a newly formed

company called Eastern Echo. The Dubai based seismic company will receive their first vessel by the end

of 2008 with the three remaining vessels delivering a few months apart during 2009. Each vessel will be

equipped for 3D seismology and have up to ten streamer winches each. They will be the first seismic

vessels designed by Ulstein and, as you can see below, will have an Ulstein X BOW.

Seconds Out For Secunda

J. Ray McDermott, has signed a definitive agreement to purchase substantially all of the assets of

Secunda International Limited. The $260 million agreement includes Secunda’s fourteen offshore

multifunction vessels and their shore base operations. McDermott are an engineering and construction

company, with specialty manufacturing and service capabilities focused on energy infrastructure. The

transaction is expected to be finalised early in the third quarter of this year.

Desperately Cecon Davie (Not Susan)

Cecon has exercised the first of four options with Davie Yards ASA, regarding construction of a VS 4220

offshore construction vessel. The DP III vessel will have a 400 ton offshore crane, 130m LOA,

accommodation for 100 persons and will deliver in the third quarter of 2009. Cecon already have two

similar, but not identical, vessels on order with Davie. Davie Quebec Inc. (whose parent company is Davie

ASA) also had reason to celebrate after securing a $225 million contract with Cyprus based Ocean Hotels

Ltd for the construction of two multipurpose accommodation vessels. The first of the two VS 4004 vessels

will deliver in the third quarter of 2009. They will have an LOA of 100 metres and accommodation for 400

persons and will also be equipped with a 150 ton crane.

SeaMetric Doubles Up

Stavanger based SeaMetric International AS are to build the first 20,000 tonnes capacity Twin Marine

Lifter (TML) system, pictured below. Using two DP III heavy transport vessels with four 2,500 tonnes

capacity lifting arms (75m long which are extendable by 15m), the system will be used to install and

remove platform topside and jackets weighing up to 20,000 tonnes. ESSCA (Hongkong) Ltd in

collaboration with China Petroleum First Construction Corporation (CPFCC) and the JingJiang shipyard

have signed a contract for this vessel, with CPFCC project managing it. For more info on this vessel go to

Louis And The News

French based Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA) have been very busy recently with both their takeover of

Dutch based Fairmount Marine and the ordering of new semi-submersible barges and tugs. Fairmount,

who are offshore and deep sea towage specialists, have five modern 205 ton bollard pull AHTS, various

smaller vessels, two semi-subs in operation and two under construction. This takeover enables LDA to

“meet the needs of the most exacting clients, notable in the offshore sector”. As regards the ordering of

new semi-submersible barges and tugs, it is understood that LDA are expected to place various orders for

two of these barges and for at least two 280 ton bp tugs with delivery in 2009 and 2010.

Swire Go For Four 844s

Swire Pacific Offshore has ordered four DP, Fifi-1 Havyard 844 design anchor handlers from Pan United

Marine’s Singapore shipyard. Delivery is expected to be in 2010 and 2011. Some of the details of these

vessel include, LOA of 87.5 metres, breadth of 20 metres, AHT winch of 500 ton capacity and a bollard

pull of circa 200 tonnes. The vessels also have Ice Class for work in Arctic waters, Clean Design as well

as good deck and underdeck capabilities. Total contract value is around US$ 267 million.

Delivery of 100th UT 755

Today's delivery of the platform supply vessel Dina Supplier is also the delivery of vessel no. 100 of what

is probably the most popular offshore vessel design ever: UT 755 from Rolls-Royce. Never before have so

many OSV's of the same design been sailing the world's oceans. Although the original UT 755 design is

more than ten years old, Dina Supplier is a very modern ship, equipped with the most current technology

solutions. The UT-concept includes both design and equipment. Dina Supplier is being delivered to

Myklebusthaug Offshore AS of Fonnes, Norway and is the owner's second vessel of the UT 755 LC

design. It is the sixth vessel of this type delivered by the Simek AS shipyard in Flekkefjord, Norway--which

has another four vessels of the same type on its order book. "This kind of tonnage is still attractive in the

market and the UT 755 series may well be the first offshore vessel design to reach 200", said Jørn Heltne,

Vice President of Rolls-Royce, when the contract for Dina Supplier was signed. Shipowner, Roald

Myklebusthaug, says the design was chosen because it is well-proven, simple, does the job and is wellknown

worldwide in the offshore market. The company already one vessel of the same design, Dina

Merkur, in its fleet. "Dina Merkur has functioned exceptionally well during its first year in service. The

bunker consumption is especially low, and we have had purely positive feedback from the crew about

seakeeping qualities and noise/vibration levels", says Myklebusthaug. The UT 755 was conceived in the

early 1990s. The design team at Rolls-Royce predicted the need for a smaller PSV vessel than the

established success UT 705. The UT 755 vessels have proven to be flexible workhorses. The supply

capacity is good, and the vessels can carry out many tasks, including offshore inspections and

maintenance. The UT 755 design has been through a continual development process since the first

delivery in 1996. (Suffolk Supporter for Britannia/Suffolk Marine.) Today's UT 755 LC is 9.6 meters

longer than the first editions. This gives large supply capacity, notably a larger deck area, as well as

increased capacity for liquid goods such as mud, brine, base oil, etc. The vessel meets the environmental

demands of the "Clean" and "Comf-V(3)" notations. (Source: Clipping News)

8 e jaargang, nr. 27

dd. 15 Juli 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Acergy S.A. order $180 million Diving Support Vessel

London, England – July 9, 2007 – Acergy S.A. (NASDAQ NM: ACGY; Oslo Stock Exchange: ACY)

announced today signing an agreement with Havila Shipping for a new build diving support vessel for

Northern Europe operations which will join the Acergy fleet in 2010. This new state-of-the-art vessel is

specifically designed for efficient diving operations in the harshest environments. It will be 120 metres

overall with a 23 metre beam and will be fitted with a 250 tonne crane and have accommodation for 120

people. The vessel will have high transit speed, an ice class hull, Class 3 dynamic positioning and be in

compliance with the most demanding maritime and environmental regulations worldwide. The 24-man,

twin bell saturation diving system will be certified for Norwegian regulations and will utilize the latest

technology. The design will reflect Acergy’s 30 years experience of diving operations in harsh

environments. The vessel will be owned 50/50 by Acergy and Havila and will be operated by Acergy for a

firm period of ten years. Acergy will have options to purchase or extend the charter. A unique feature that

Havila have to offer at a time of high shipyard activity is the ability to both design and build the vessel

within their own associated companies. Bruno Chabas, Chief Operating Officer, said “The addition of this

new diving vessel continues our fleet rejuvenation programme and adds an industry leading asset to our

operations in Northern Europe and Canada. This key asset will assist us in winning challenging SURF

projects and enable us to undertake pipeline tie-in, hyperbaric welding and inspection, repair and

maintenance work from a vessel which will differentiate Acergy from its competitors in terms of safety,

efficiency and productivity.” (Source: Acergy)

Deep Sea Supply Takes Delivery of AHTS

Deep Sea announced that it took delivery of the AHTS-vessel Sea Jaguar from Jaya Shipbuilding and

Engineering Pte Ltd in Singapore. Twin screw Khiam Chuang design Anchor Handling Tug/Supply Vessel

is outfitted and equipped for anchor handling, towing, fire fighting, dynamic positioning, rescue , offshore

supply and other related duties. The Vessel will be classed as offshore support anchor handling supply

vessel, fire fighting class 1, DPS-2, ACCU for Unrestricted Service. Twin maneuvering consoles are fitted

in the wheelhouse stations, forward and aft. The Dynamic Positioning with joystick controls provided at the

aft controls. (Source: Clipping News)

Damen newbuilding

Damen newbuilding hull 509819 arrived in Rotterdam

ONGC vessel sinks, five feared dead

Mumbai, July 9 As many as five persons are feared dead after a supply vessel of Oil and Natural Gas

Corporation (ONGC) sunk off the Mumbai coast today. "We have not yet lost hope and rescue operations

are on. But we fear four to five people may be dead," ONGC Chairman and Managing Director R S

Sharma told newspersons. Samudrika-10, an offshore supply vessel, was carrying 14 people on board

when it sank at 12.30 p.m. While nine were rescued, a search was on for the others. Sharma said there

might be two or three people other than the 14 manifested on board the ship. "We are trying to ascertain

facts," he added. Samudrika-10 was one of the 14 such vessels owned by ONGC, but it was operated by

private agency Seacal and all 14 people on board were its employees. Rescue operations by Coast Guard

and an ONGC team were on. "Helicopters have been pressed into service to locate the missing," Sharma

said, adding that operations of the Mumbai High fields - the country's largest oil and gas field - will not be

affected. According to Commander, Coast Guard Region (West), Inspector General A Rajasekhar, there

was no oil spill on account of the mishap. The accident is reminiscent of an incident in July 2005 when a

similar supply vessel sank after colliding with an oil station of the public sector company in the Mumbai

High fields. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Gulmar comfirms details of new vessels

July 10, 2007 Jean Michel Tissier, Managing Director of Gulmar Offshore Middle East LLC in Sharjah,

United Arab Emirates, has confirmed details of the company's recent order for a pair of MT 6022 XL Dive

Support Vessels (DSVs). Said Mr Tissier: "Gulmar has placed order for two dive support vessels of 115m

x 22m x 7m, with 18-man built-in saturation system with two diving bells of three-men each, two

hyperbaric life boats, a subsea crane of 140 tonnes, heave compensated, with 2,000m cable, a

subsea crane of 48 tonnes, one ROV of 200hp rated for 3,000m and accommodation for 120 persons."

The DNV-classed will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2009. "These two vessels are the latest

generation of multi-purpose DSV they are built taking the latest maritime rules and diving regulations,"

said Mr Tissier. "These vessels will reinforce Gulmar's fleet and development strategy to become one of

the key players in the offshore market," he concluded. (Source: Leo Kramer)

SMIT Elbe arrived in Rotterdam

The brand new ASD 2810 tug SMIT ELBE, yardnumber 511534, arrived from the Damen Poland Yard in

Rotterdam for the first time to execute trials until July 13th and bollard pull tests.

Another Damen Stan Tug 2208 for Trinidad & Tobago

Damen will again deliver a Damen Stan Tug 2208 to Trinidad & Tobago in 2008. In June Allan R. Singh

Contractors signed a contract for a Damen Stan Tug 2208 to be delivered in spring 2008. Allan R. Singh

Contactors is the first privately owned operator in Trinidad to decide for new building. Uptil now operators

in Trinidad were only making use of second hand equipment. This next Damen Stan Tug 2208 will be the

third vessel of this design to be delivered to the Island after the earlier two deliveries to state-owned

National Energy Corporation, the NEC Pride (May 2007) and NEC Spirit (July 2007). (Source: Clipping


ONGC issues updated release on Samudrika 10

July 11, 2007 ONGC in India has issued a further release about the loss of the OSV Samudrika 10.

Samudrika 10 was in standby mode due to bad weather waiting to transfer cargo to ONGC’s drilling rig

Sagar Gaurav, which is operating in Bassein and Satellite field. It started taking water and sank around

12.30hr on 9th July, 2007. Samudrika 10 was operating in the sea at about 56 nautical miles from Nhava

Supply Base of ONGC at the time of the incident. The sea conditions were reported at the time of incident

as 3-4m swell, and 30-35 knots wind speed. The vessel was operated by SICAL Logistics Ltd, Chennai,

under an Operation & Maintenance Contract. Out of the 14 manifested crew members, nine were rescued.

A regional contingency committee consisting of ONGC, the Indian Navy, FODAG, Coast Guard and DG

Shipping were immediately informed and activated for search and rescue operations. In addition to one

ONGC helicopter and three ONGC OSVs and two British Gas vessels became involved in search and

rescue operations. Immediately after the incident, another ONGC helicopter was also pressed into service,

and an OGC support vessel was mobilized for rescue and search operations with divers and doctor on

board. On being apprised of the situation, Hon’ble Minister of Petroleum Mr Murli Deora asked

the Indian Navy to send an additional helicopter for search and rescue operations. All platforms, rigs and

vessels of ONGC in the area have been advised to keep a close watch during the night. Senior officers of

ONGC were rushed to the accident site to oversee the search and rescue operations. The rescued crew

were brought back to Mumbai by an ONGC helicopter after providing necessary first aid offshore and a

medical check up at the helibase carried out. ONGC said the vessel was constructed in 1986 and

completed its last statutory dry-dock in February 2006. Its next statutory dry-dock was due in November,

2008. "The vessel sailed on July 6th from Nhava Supply Base in full sea-worthy condition and complied

with all requisite certifications as per the statutory requirement," said ONGC. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Wilhelm Wilhelmsen sells 50 pct stake in Singapore-based supply vessel JV

Norwegian shipping group Wilhelm Wilhelmsen said it has sold its 50 pct stake in its Singapore-based

supply vessel joint-venture, Express Offshore Transport (EOT), to Macquarie Bank Ltd for an

undisclosed sum. No financial details were given, but Wilhelmsen said that its joint-venture partner,

Svitzer Far East, had also agreed to sell its 50 pct stake in EOT to Macquarie. EOT was established in

February last year by Wilhelmsen and Svitzer, a unit of Denmark's AP Moller-Maersk, to manage a fleet of

about 50 crewing supply vessels. The company specialises in the transportation of personnel and supplies

to the oil industry in the Middle East and south-east Asia. (Source: Clipping News)

Contract Signed for Winter Rescue Tug Coverage

The Department of Ecology (Ecology) and Crowley Maritime Corp. agreed to continue a contract

stationing a company rescue tug at Neah Bay from October 2007 through mid-March 2008. A rescue tug

has been stationed at Neah Bay since spring 1999. The tug has stood by or assisted 33 ships that were

disabled or had reduced maneuvering or propulsion capability while transiting along the coast and through

the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The actions helped ensure the ships didn't drift onto rocks and spill oil. "The

Neah Bay area is sacred to the Makah Tribe and Washington's coast is a world-class treasure," said Gov.

Chris Gregoire. "Having a rescue tug stationed in the area, especially during the stormy winter months,

means we can work to prevent catastrophic oil spills, keeping our beaches beautiful and our industries,

such as shellfish, fishing and tourism, healthy as well." "Flanked by the Olympic National Park along the

coast and the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary where thousands of ships, including oil tankers

loaded with more than 40 million gallons of oil, traverse state waters every year," she said. "It is staggering

just how much environmental damage a large spill in the region could cause." Under the extended

contract, Crowley Maritime will begin stationing a company rescue tug at Neah Bay starting Oct. 1, 2007,

through mid-March, 2008. Lawmakers made about $1.45 million available to fund the tug for 168 days at

$8,750 a day. "We know that having a tug at Neah Bay has and will continue making a difference," said

Oil Spill Advisory Council chairman Mike Cooper. "Last year alone, the Crowley tug was deployed four

times. Every time a ship is disabled at sea, there is a serious risk of a catastrophic oil spill. Due to this risk,

the Council has recommended that a tug be permanently stationed at Neah Bay to provide year round

protection." Gregoire and Cooper noted that U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell is working on a measure to have a

rescue tug stationed at Neah Bay year round. The Senator is still working on her proposal. "It is critical we

have a rescue tug stationed at Neah Bay. The area is one of the most environmentally sensitive and

valuable areas of Washington," said Dale Jensen, who oversees spill prevention, preparedness and

response activities for Ecology. "If oil is spilled, the damage to our environment starts and oil spilled in this

area is all but impossible to contain, even during the best weather conditions." Winter storms present a

higher risk of oil spills from the more than 7,000 tankers and cargo ships traveling through the Strait each

year. Cargo ships can carry more than 2 million gallons of fuel oil, and oil barges or tankers can carry up

to 40 million gallons of oil. (Source: Clipping News)

New charters for Ezra Holdings

Ezra Holdings Limited has announced 10 new charter contracts worth US$127 million. Said Ezra’s

Managing Director Lionel Lee: “Our latest charters at improved rates reflect the continued strength of the

offshore oil and gas sector globally and especially in Southeast Asia. The Lewek Stork will be the second

AHTS for the same client and will be deployed in India, another high growth market we are targeting to

expand our presence.” “Our diverse and highly equipped fleet provides support services from anchor

handling, towing and supply to prefabrication and construction of offshore exploration and production

facilities. Ezra, with its integrated service offering, is therefore well-positioned to ride the sustained surge

in E&P activities,” added Mr Lee. Ezra is chartering five AHTS and three Anchor Handling Tugs from its

existing fleet to various oil majors for operation in Southeast Asia. The charters are worth about US$69

million and are for periods up to five years, with options for extension. Apart from these contracts, Ezra is

also negotiating three-year charters worth US$58 million for two of its new vessels which are due for

delivery in the first half of the financial year ending August 31st 2008. (Source: Clipping News)

8 e jaargang, nr. 28

dd. 22 Juli 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Tug boat runs aground near MMBT

A tugboat ran aground near the Newport News Small Boat Harbor this morning, spilling an unknown

amount of its diesel fuel. The Coast Guard has been on the scene throughout the day, trying to contain

and clean up the spill. The tug was carrying 34,000 gallons of marine diesel at the time of the accident, but

it's unknown at this time how much spilled, said Jerry Crooks, chief of investigations for the Coast Guard's

Portsmouth station. A sheen spotted by a Coast Guard plane near the north island of the Monitor-

Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel measured about a quarter mile long by 200 yards wide, Crooks said.

It's not clear why the Russell B. Murray, a 104-foot vessel owned by Express Marine Inc., ran aground,

Crooks said. Right now the Coast Guard is focusing on responding to the accident, and will investigate

later, he said. (Source: Clipping News)

Alam takes Jaya unit

Malaysia’s Alam Maritim Resources has bought an offshore supply vessel from Jaya Offshore of

Singapore. The move comes just a day after the Kuala Lumpur-based offshore vessel operator tied up two

of its units with shortterm charters. Alam has taken the 3,500-BHP supply vessel Jaya Puffin 3 (built

2005) from Jaya subsidiary Java Marine Lines for $6.65m, the company said in an announcement to

Bursa Malaysia on Friday. The acquisition is in line with Alam’s fleet expansion policy, the announcement

said, and will be funded through a combination of internal funds and a Sukuk loan facility. The China-built

unit will be deployed in waters off Malaysia and Southeast Asia to support exploration and production

projects. On Thursday Alam announced that its 1,470-gt Setia Tangkas (built 2007) has been chartered

to PCPP Operating Company for one year in a deal worth MYR 12.2m ($3.54m). The company has also

chartered its 1,678-gt supply vessel Setia Wangsa (built2007) for three months in a deal worth MYR

3.1m. Carigali Hess has chartered the ship to support its drilling program in Block A18 of the Malaysia-

Thailand Joint Development Area. Alam operates a fleet of about 15 vessels comprising anchor handlers,

supply ships and survey vessels. It also has nine newbuildings on order scheduled to be delivered

between now and 2008. (Source: Clipping News)

Damen Gets Contract for Tug

A contract has been signed with Astinave (Ecuador) for the delivery of a complete material package of a

Damen Stan Tug 1405 to be assembled at their premises in Guayaquil. The tugboat is destined for Suinsa

to assist coastal tankers at their berthing station. The vessel will enter in service in August 2008. (Source:


Swire Orders 4 More Anchor Handlers

Swire Pacific Offshore ordered another four IMT966 anchor

handlers to the IMT Marine Consultants design. These follow six

similar vessels already under construction at Labroy Shipyards,

Singapore. Scotland-based IMT Marine Consultants, partner in the

Offshore Ship Designers Group, was responsible for the design of

these innovative and powerful vessels. The 120-ton bollard pull

vessels are optimized for world-wide service of offshore towage,

anchor handling and logistics support activities in all weather

conditions. One remarkable feature of the design is that the upper

part of the bridge deck can be removed and stored on the main

deck for passage into the Caspian Sea. The vessel’s beam is

optimised for Caspian Sea passage. The vessel is propelled by

two CPP propellers giving it a maximum speed of 14.5 knots. The design features two bowthrusters and

two stern thrusters of 600 kW each for joystick controlled DP operations. The Pacific Valhalla will be the

first vessel to be delivered and is scheduled in August 2007 with subsequent vessels being delivered at

two monthly intervals afterwards (Source: Marinelink)

New building for Sealion Shipping

Sealion Shipping has entered into a charter agreement with Bluestream NL BV in the Netherlands

regarding the newbuild MT6016L diving support vessel Toisa Palladin. The contract has a duration of five

years firm and commences upon delivery of the vessel from the Kleven Yard in the first quarter of 2008.

The Toisa Palladin will be a DP-2 DSV fitted with an 18 man dive system capable of providing saturation

diving to a depth of 300 metres. She is also fitted with a 140-tonnes heave compensated crane and has

accommodation for 100 persons. Kieran Pieters, Bluestream's Managing Director, stated, "We are

delighted to have signed this contract with Sealion Shipping and we look forward to the vessel's delivery in

2008. The availability of the Toisa Palladin will enable us to fulfil one of our key strategic objectives of

having the ability to expand in the diving and subsea markets. With the current strong market we are now

able to offer the exceptional capabilities of this vessel to our clients". Den Helder-based Bluestream also

has a five year charter on the DP2 diving support vessel Northern River, which is used for air diving

operations. (Source: Pas Publications)

Zeesleepbedrijf Henk J. van den Berg verkoopt Fairmount Marine aan Franse


17-07-2007 Rotterdam - Zolang hij het leuk vindt, blijft hij aan het werk. „En ik vind het nog steeds erg

leuk.'' Hoewel hij het misschien best zou kunnen – want hij heeft gecashed, zijn bedrijf Fairmount Marine

bv verkocht – is geboren en getogen Rotterdammer Henk J. van den Berg er de man niet naar om nu te

gaan potverteren. „Ik zou me gewoon gaan vervelen.'' Of hij nu in de Quote 500 van rijkste Nederlanders

staat, weet hij ook niet. „Zit ik ook niet op te wachten. Het zegt me allemaal zo weinig. Je kunt toch maar

één biefstuk per dag eten.'' Sinds begin jaren '90 stampte hij voor de tweede keer in zijn leven een

zeesleepbedrijf uit de grond dat nu beschikt over de sterkste vloot hypermoderne zeeslepers en

halfafzinkbare pontons voor superzware zeetransporten. Vorige maand is hij ingegaan op een

overnamebod van de Franse groep Louis Dreyfus Armateurs. Volgens Van den Berg was daar een aantal

redenen voor. „De eigen opvolgingskwestie op langere termijn, de kinderen zijn allemaal te jong. Je moet

er echt goed inzitten om de continuïteit van de onderneming te kunnen waarborgen. Met een sterke

moeder als Louis Dreyfus kun je ook wat makkelijker verder uitbreiden.'' Maar voorlopig ligt zijn werk nog

hier, op de zestiende verdieping van de Hofpleintoren. Met dat verschil dat hij nu een door Parijs betaalde

directeur is. „Ik ben er zelfs in salaris op vooruit gegaan.'' Hij heeft de afspraak nog zeker twee jaar aan te

blijven als directeur. Henk J. van den Berg is misschien wel de belichaming van de geboren ondernemer.

Hij vertelt hoe hij, toen hij een jaar of tien was, van zijn oom een oude Remington-schrijfmachine kreeg.

„Daarmee speelde ik bedrijfje, Bergolines genaamd. Ik tekende in de atlas allemaal lijnen tussen

havensteden en stelde vaarschema's op. Luchtvaart, scheepvaartlijnen, transport, fascineerde mij altijd al.

Dat bedrijfje spelen is misschien niet zo gebruikelijk. Tegenwoordig zou je rijp voor de dokter worden

verklaard.'' In zijn loopbaan kwam Van den Berg op een gegeven moment terecht bij het grote

Rotterdamse sleepbedrijf Smit Internationale op de afdeling zware lading, het boeken van transporten.

Daar leerde hij ook de Japanners kennen. Toen hij bij het volgende bedrijf in een faillissement zelf op

straat kwam te staan, besloot hij in 1979 voor zichzelf te beginnen op de zolder van zijn huis. Hij ging naar

Japan en verwierf daar het agentschap voor het Japanse Fukada. „Dat liep direct goed. Ik had meteen de

wind mee. Na een jaar konden we al naar een mooi kantoor aan de Veerkade.'' Een paar jaar daarna

kreeg zijn bedrijf de beschikking over een aantal eigen slepers en pontons. Dat bedrijf verkocht Van den

Berg in 1989 aan een Engelse branchegenoot die toen al snel zijn Nederlandse dochterbedrijf leeghaalde

om het failliet te laten gaan. Het personeel werd ontslagen. „Een heel minne streek. Dat werd toen ook al

heel snel een conflict. Veelzeggend is dat het faillissement nog steeds niet is afgewikkeld.''

Van den Berg begon weer voor zichzelf. Opnieuw hielpen de Japanners hem daarbij. ,,Jij moet voor ons

doorgaan, zeiden ze. Japanners zijn in mijn leven heel belangrijk geweest. Ze hebben mij ook geleerd

maat te houden en wat betrouwbaar zaken doen is. En dat je ook wel eens je verlies moet nemen.'' Wat is

het geheim van zijn succes? „Een paar dingen die heel belangrijk zijn: je moet de kans krijgen, kansen

zien, en kansen grijpen. Je moet er op het juiste ogenblik zijn, moet 't zien.'' Zo'n moment was in 2002

toen hij besloot vijf supersterke zeeslepers te bouwen. Hij voorzag dat de behoefte hieraan enorm zou

toenemen met de aanzwellende boom in het opsporen en exploiteren van nieuwe olie-en aardgasvelden

op zee. Henk van den Berg had een meesterzet gedaan. De tarieven die nu voor sleepwerk worden

betaald, zijn inmiddels verdubbeld en Fairmount Marine is met zijn vloot nu marktleider, voor andere

bedrijven, zoals SmitWijs, die de boot hebben gemist door niet op tijd in nieuwe zeeslepers te

investeren. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Expositie bij Damen Gorinchem

door Nico J. Ouwehand

Vanaf heden is in het hoofdkantoor van Damen Shipyards te Gorinchem op de begane grond een kleine

maar fraaie en vooral zeer instructieve tentoonstelling te zien over de ontwikkelingen van de standaardsleepboten

vanaf eind jaren zestig van de vorige eeuw. Bijzonder is dat ook particulieren deze expositie

kunnen gaan bekijken. Het inmiddels tot grote proporties uitgegroeide Damen-concern, met 33 werven en

andere bedrijven op scheepvaartgebied in binnen- en buitenland, is klein begonnen. In 1927 startten de

broers Jan en Marinus Damen hun eigen bedrijf. Niemand heeft toen kunnen voorzien dat mede dankzij

de goede inzichten van latere generaties Damen, waarbij de huidige directeur Kommer Damen een

voortrekkers rol vervulde en nog steeds vervult, de scheepwerven onder zijn leiding zo’n grote

ontwikkeling door zouden maken. Het concern Damen is wereldmarktleider met betrekking tot de bouw

van sleepboten. Zelf is de heer Damen daar bescheiden onder. Kritische figuren onder zijn personeel

beweren volgens hem wel eens “Is het een directiebesluit of is er over nagedacht?”. Het tekent de man

dat hij daar met humor en relativerend over kan spreken. Feit is dat hij zijn bedrijf focust op de

corebusiness: het maken van schepen via een ver doorgevoerde vorm van standarisering. Als de klant

een sterk afwijkend concept wil is dat moeizaam en slechts bij hoge uitzondering bespreekbaar. Wel is het

zo dat nieuwe types worden ontworpen mede aan de hand van suggesties van de grote klanten en

toeleveranciers van het bedrijf. Men spreekt in dat laatste geval liever van “partners”, waarvan sommigen

al meer dan 30 jaar zorgen voor een perfecte aansluiting bij de wensen van de werf. Inmiddels is het al

vele jaren zo dat orders voor de bouw van sleepboten uit alle delen van de wereld komen en de afnemers

juist gefocust zijn op de standaardsleepboten, omdat ze uitgekiend zijn en bij anderen meer dan

uitstekend blijken te bevallen. Bovendien zijn de levertijden redelijk kort, afhankelijk van de

orderportefeuille en het type schip. Casco’s, gebouwd op de buitenlandse werven van het concern, zijn

heel vaak al in voorraad. Voortdurend wordt op details gelet. Zo zijn recentelijk nog de besturingshandles

in het paneel van de stuurhut, links en rechts van de speciale stoel waarin de kapitein kan plaatsnemen,

zodanig ergonomisch aangepast dat er geen vermoeidheid van de spieren in de handen kan optreden.

Overigens is in de expositie een opstelling te zien van de besturing, zoals die plaats vindt in de anno 2007

af te leveren sleepboten. Daarnaast is er een ingenieus werkende opstelling gemaakt van een

stuurhandle en links daarnaast een verkleinde draaiende schroefconstructie met straalbuis, zodat de

bezoeker zelf kan zien wat de handelingen met de stuurknuppel voor gevolgen heeft voor de stand van de

schroef. In de tentoonstellingszaal zijn uiteraard scheepsmodellen te bewonderen. Bijzonder is een model

van de eerste “Pushy Cat”, een sleepvlet speciaal voor de natte aannemerij, waarvan talloze exemplaren

in de loop der tijd werden verkocht. De “Stantug 2600” was de eerste echt grotere sleepboot, waarvan er

in vier opbouwvarianten meer dan honderd werden verkocht. Daar bleek dus wel degelijk goed over te zijn

nagedacht. Begin jaren negentig werd dit type vervangen door de “ASD 3110”, waarvan er ook een kleine

honderd werden gebouwd. Het nieuwste type is de ASD 3213, waarvoor ook alweer orders werden

genoteerd. Wie interesse heeft in de tentoonstelling wordt aanbevolen contact op te nemen met de

receptie van Damen Shipyards te Gorinchem, tel. 0183 63 99 11 of via Normaal

gesproken is men gedurende de reguliere kantooruren welkom. Voor diegenen die Gorinchem te ver weg

vinden: De expositie zal, in al dan niet weinig gewijzigde vorm, vanaf januari 2008 te zien zijn in het

Nationaal Sleepvaart Museum te Maassluis.

Union Grizzly

The URS owned Belgium tug Union Grizzly completed successful her trails last Wednesday, 18 July, at

Marmara Sea – Turkey. The, Robert Allen designed tug, is built as Gmay 2 under Turkisch flag and RINA

class on the Tuzla yard of Dearsan. The delivery to the owners is planned for August 3 after she will be

renamed Union Grizzly and brought under Bureau Veritas Class and Belgium flag. (Source: Hans van der


S&Y’s Newest Tug Completes Sea Trials

Suderman and Young Towing Company, L.P. (S&Y) announced the completion of the sea-trials for its

newest tug Thor. The tug features ZTech drive, and is touted as the first of its kind in the western

hemisphere, with only four other Z-Tech vessels operating in the world. The Z-Tech design incorporates

the best of the design features from standard tug Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) and Z-drive configurations.

With its 360 degree turning wheel the design improves maneuverability while the Thor Z-Tech’s much

larger skeg boosts towing capability and directional stability. This new operational design will enable the

tug to handle tomorrow’s larger container vessels more efficiently. “Because of the deepening, from 40 to

45 feet, and widening, from 400 to 530 feet, of the Houston Ship Channel, bigger ships will call into the

Port of Houston’s Bayport Facility,” said Doyle. Designed to increase power, while providing more

maneuverability, the THOR Z-Tech will be able to “move more water, more quickly,” according to Doyle.

The Z-Tech design was developed by internationally renowned naval architect Robert Allan of Vancouver.

Sponsor Gay N. Greer christened Tug Thor Saturday, July 14, 2007 at the Port of Houston’s Barbour’s

Cut Container Terminal. More than 300 invited guests celebrated afterward in the Cruise Terminal.

(Source: Clipping News)

BOURBON announces plan to sell harbour towage business to Grupo Boluda Corporación


19 July 2007, As part of its Horizon 2010 strategy plan, in which the lion’s share of investment is in

offshore oil and gas marine services, BOURBON has announced the intention of Grupo Boluda

Corporacion Maritima to purchase the harbour towage activity of Les Abeilles. The acquisition plan is an

opportunity for Les Abeilles to grow and expand its harbour towage operations. The size and international

presence of harbour towage operators have become decisive factors for success in a market in which

many cases of consolidation have been observed in recent months. The acquisition plan would therefore

be totally relevant in view of the companies’ complementary geographical fields of operation, added to the

reputation of the buyer, who has clearly demonstrated his intention to invest and become a major player in

harbour towage. The sale of stock in the companies concerned would not have any impact on employees

who would retain their status, seniority and benefits. It should be emphasized that the plan concerns

harbour towage only, and does not include protection of the French coastline by vessels chartered by the

French navy and carried out by Les Abeilles International which will still be part of BOURBON. The project

is currently under instruction and consultation by the staff representative bodies of the companies


About Les Abeilles

BOURBON port towage operations are carried out by Les Abeilles in the leading ports and terminals in

France, the Indian Ocean and along the African coastline. With a regularly renewed fleet of 66 tugs, the

company is acknowledged on an international level for its expertise and boasts a workforce of over 1,000.

Its port operations ensure that the Les Abeilles company guarantees the safety of ship movements and

fulfils an important role in protecting infrastructure, crews, vessels and the environment. About the

potential buyer, Grupo Boluda Corporacion Maritima Grupo Boluda Corporacion Maritima is a European

holding company boasting a growing portfolio which specialises in maritime services. In addition to

harbour towage the group is also present in sea container transport and ship building. Boasting a fleet of

127 modern tugs located in ports in Spain and Latin America (Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Argentina,

Uruguay and the Dominican Republic), the group has a workforce of 3,000 and posted turnover in 2006 of

EUR 490 million. (Source: Bourbon)

Island Offshore christens Challenger

July 18, 2007 Island Offshore has christened Island Challenger, UT 776 E PSV design which is being built

at Aker Brevik. The vessel will be delivered by the yard in a few weeks, and immediately commences a

three year charter with Statoil. (Source: O.S.O)

SMIT Elbe gedoopt in Sleepboot Museumhaven Maassluis

Vrijdagmiddag, 20 juli, is in de haven van Maassluis, onder grote belangstelling, de nieuwe

havensleepboot van Smit, de Smit Elbe, gedoopt door mevr. M.Karssen-Voordouw, de echtgenote van

Burgemeester Koos Karssen van Maassluis, nadat zij de welbekende woorden “Ik doop u SMIT ELBE en

wens u en uw bemanning een behouden vaart”, had uitgesproken viel de fles champagne tegen de beting

kapot. Het Shantykoor “De Sleeptros” zorgde voor een fantastische muzikale omlijsting. (Source: Hans

van der Ster)

Sanmar to build for Østensjø

Norwegian operator Østensjø Rederi has signed a contract with the Turkish company Sanmar for the

construction of an 80-tonne bollard pull ASD tug for delivery in 2008. Based on Robert Allen Limited’s

RAmperts 3200 design, of which Sanmar has built several called the Sanmar Eskort Class, this new

version has been modified by RAL to provide the higher bollard pull including a 400mm increase in

maximum beam. Further modifications to suit Østensjø’s particular requirements include a bow thruster,

increased recovered oil capacity and revisions to the deckhouse to suit Norwegian/North European

Standards. Ali Gurun, project director at Sanmar is confident of meeting these standards and is looking

forward to entering the challenging design modification process with Robert Allan and carl Amundsen,

operator’s special consultants. Sanmar has two more of the new 80-tonne ASD’s in build on a speculative

basis (red.Bugsier?) and negotiations with potential clients are progressing towards a positive conclusion.

The company reports having had a very busy 2006, delivering four tugs to Italian and UK owners, and two

for local operator and as well as a pair for its own fleet. Plans are to deliver 10 tugs and four workboats in

2007, and not less than eight tugs the year after. (Source: I.T.& S.)

Simek delivers Dina Supplier

July 20, 2007 Dina Supplier is the 100th UT 755 to have been delivered to dat. Simek shipyard in Norway

has confirmed delivery of its newbuilding number 114, Dina Supplier, a PSV for Myklebusthaug Offshore

AS, Fonnes, Norway. The vessel is a UT 755 LC, and - as previously highlighted in Offshore Shipping

Online - is vessel number 100 in UT 755 design series. As of today, a total of 134 UT 755 designs have

been built or are under construction worldwide. Myklebusthaug Offshore took delivery of a similar vessel,

Dina Merkur, from Simek in 2006. Experience from Dina Merkur has been put to use in the design of

Dina Supplier to improve the vessel by adding a stability tank on forecastle deck level aft of the

superstructure. This made it possible to increase the fresh water capacity of the vessel by using the

previous under deck stability tanks dedicated to fresh water. The loss in deck space was compensated by

lengthening the stern by 3m. The new stability tank will improve the comfort onboard for the crew by

reducing the movement of the vessel in bad weather. The naming ceremony for the vessel took

place on July 7th. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Labroy to build two PSVs for German concern

July 20, 2007 The Directors of Labroy Marine Limited have announced that the company’s subsidiary has

signed two shipbuilding contracts worth US$23,600,000 each, totaling US$47.2 million, with a German

customer for two 73.6m, 3,240dwt PSVs with DP2. The vessels are scheduled to be delivered in 2009.

(Source: O.S.O.)

THT-Powertium orders two Damen Axe Bow Fast Crew Suppliers

July 21, 2007 Damen Shipyards in The Netherlands has confirmed that THT-Powertium and Damen

Shipyards Gorinchem have signed a contract for the construction and delivery of two FCS 3307 Damen

Fast Crew Suppliers. The vessels are already under construction at Damen Shipyards Singapore. The

vessels, featuring the newly developed Axe bow design, will have excellent seakeeping characteristics

and will be well equipped and designed for fast and comfortable transport of personnel and cargo to and

from the offshore production platforms. Delivery of the first vessel is scheduled for November 2007 and

the second vessel will be delivered in December 2007. (Source: O.S.O.)

Simple yet effective ASD from Turkey

Two type ASD 24/40 harbour tugs have been purchased from Med marine in Turkey by Remolques

Gijoneses SA for the company’s home port og Gijon in Northern Spain. Originally named by the yard Med

Istanbul and Med Eregli, in accordance with Turkish requirements whilst under construction, the new

owner has renamed the vessels Caudal and Cubria after local rivers. The ASD 24/40 is a class of simple

yet effective small ASD tugs which had its origins in the hawk Class tugs built for Seaspan in Vancouver in

the early 90’s. Through several evolutions and iterations of hull form and layouts, these tugs hve been

built in numerous quantities in Canada, Chile, brazil and now in Turkey. Powered by two caterpillar 3512B

diesels, each developing 1,575 hp at 1,900 rev/min, the 24.39 m x 9.15m tugs have stern mounted

Schottel 1010CP rudderpropellers. Electrical power is provided by a pair of 105kVA Caterpillar 3056

driven generator sets. All the cooling is by Bloksma box coolers. The starboard main engine also drives

the external fire-fighting arrangement supplied by Fire Fighting Systems A.S. This consists of a single

pump of 1.200m3/hr feeding two remotely controlled monitors mounted on a rear platform at wheelhouse

level. Virtually all the other pumps on board are by Bombas Azcue. A watertight door in the forward engine

room bulkhead leads to a locker room with wash hand basin. This room has further door forward into a

lobby with twin berth crew cabins either side, and a toilet/shower room ahead. A staircase leads up to

main deck level where the master’s quarters, mess, alley are located. The cabin has wash basin and desk

but does not have en suite facilities but a toilet and shower room is adjacent. Ther is access to the aft

deck, past a wet gear room, via weather tight door. The staircase up to the rear wheelhouse is L-shaped

with a landing at bridge deck level with an external door overlooking the aft deck. Steps from this landing

lead up to the raised wheelhouse floor around two sides of a chart table. The controls and nav/com aids

are located forward. There are similar single drum Data Hidrolic winches fore and aft with spooling gear.

Each has a 90-tonne brake load but the capacities are different. The aft towing winch can hold 600m of

40mm steel wire whereas the foreward unit holds 100m of 60mm polyester rope. Other deck equipment

from data Hidrolic includes a pneumatically controlled 90-tonne towing hook and towing pins. (Source:

I.T.& S.)

8 e jaargang, nr. 29

dd. 29 Juli 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Keppel clinches specialised ship contracts totalling S$350 million

23 July 2007: Keppel Singmarine Pte Ltd (Keppel Singmarine), the wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel

Offshore & Marine Ltd (Keppel O&M), has secured four contracts worth a total of S$350 million (US$230

million) to build six offshore support vessels (OSV) and a derrick pipelay vessel. Delivery dates for these

vessels are expected between the second half of 2009 and the first half of 2010. This is the first time that

Keppel Singmarine is building a derrick pipelay vessel, and for a new customer, Global Offshore

International Ltd (Global Offshore). Mr Hoe Eng Hock, Executive Director of Keppel Singmarine, said,

“Derrick pipelay vessels are highly specialised ships that have to be tailor-made to owners’ requirements.

“We are glad that Global Offshore recognises Keppel Singmarine’s versatility and expertise in building all

types of vessels in accordance with owners’ specifications.” The 163-metre derrick pipelay vessel is a

multi-purpose construction vessel to be equipped with two units of 4500 KW electric propulsion thrusters,

six units of positioning thrusters, a 1200-tonne crane and pipelay equipment capable of operating in water

depths of 3,000m and handling pipes of 60 inches in diameter. These equipment will be supplied by the


The second contract secured is for another first time customer, Greatship Global Offshore Services Pte

Ltd (Greatship), for the construction of two 94-metre, 4,600 dwt, platform supply vessels (PSVs). The

PSVs will be equipped with diesel electric propulsion and dynamic positioning systems (DP-2).

The third contract was signed with repeat customer, Hadi H. Al-Hamman Establishment (Hadi), to build

two 60-tonne bollard-pull Anchor Handling Tug/Supply (AHTS) vessels with dynamic positioning system

(DP-2) for the Middle East. Hadi has placed a total of 16 vessels with Keppel Singmarine since 2001.

The fourth contract is for another repeat customer, LUKOIL-Kaliningradmorneft (LUKOIL), which has

commissioned Keppel Singmarine with the building of two Ice-Class multi-purpose standby and rescue

vessels for the Caspian Sea. These are the sixth and seventh vessels to be built for LUKOIL. Mr Hoe

added, “These contracts reflect the success of our strategy of focusing on offering our experience and

expertise in the design and construction of sophisticated and customised vessels for the offshore logistic

industry, an area where we can add the most value to our customers.” Keppel Singmarine has secured

contracts for over 50 OSVs since targeting its business on designing and building specialised vessels in

2002. Keppel Singmarine, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation Limited through Keppel O&M,

is the specialised shipbuilding arm. Keppel O&M’s near market, near customer strategy is bolstered by a

global network of 20 yards in the Asia Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, the Caspian Sea, Middle East and

the North Sea regions. Integrating the experience and expertise of its yards worldwide, the group aims to

be the provider of choice and partner in solutions for the offshore and marine industry. Global Offshore

International Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Industries Ltd, a company listed in the US. It is a

leading provider of offshore construction, engineering and support services for the oil and gas industry

with its premium fleet of vessels. Greatship Global Offshore Services Pte Ltd is wholly-owned by

Greatship India Limited (GIL). GIL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GE Shipping. Hadi H. Al Hamman

Establishment is one of the leading general contracting, trading and marine service providers to the Oil &

Gas and Petrochemical Industries in the Middle East with its headquarters in Saudi Arabia. LUKOIL-

Kaliningradmorneft is a subsidiary to LUKOIL Oil Company, a leading Russian oil company with main

activities in oil and gas exploration and production, and production and sale of petroleum products. These

contracts are not expected to have material impact on the net tangible assets and earnings per share of

Keppel Corporation Ltd for the financial year of 2007. (Source: KeppeSingmarine)

Cecare Davanzali verkocht

De Cesare Davanzali (ex. Dragone-82, ex. Cesare Davanzali-81) is door Co.Rima - Societa

Cooperativa Rimorchiatori Ancona S.r.L. te Ancona verkocht aan Lutamar in Portugal en in juli

overgedragen. Die nieuwe naam is Guardiao. 2,200 apk (2xB&W) 330 brt, 32 t paaltrek, in

1964 door Cantieri Navale Riuniti gebouwd, 36m96 x 9m02. (Source: Lawrence Amboldt)

Aker Yards to Build PSV for Portosalvo

Aker Yards has entered into a contract with Portosalvo Ltd.for building of one Platform Supply Vessel

based of the design Aker PSV 09 CD. The value of the contract is approximately $53.2m. Delivery is

scheduled in 4Q 2010. Portosalvo Ltd. also has an option for one more identical vessel. The vessel will be

equipped with dynamic positioning, diesel electric propulsion and will have the class notation Clean

Design. The vessels are designed for good sea keeping performance, low fuel consumption and

environmental friendly operations. The hull for the vessel will be built at Aker Yards in Romania and

outfitted at Aker Yards in Norway. (Source: Marinelink)

Super tug tows Pasha Bulker to Asia

26 Jul 2007 The damaged Pasha Bulker freighter has begun its journey to Asia under the tow of a large

salvage tug. The ship left Newcastle today to the sounds of an artillery salute. Four shots fired from the

Fort Scratchley gun installation rang out across the harbour as the city officially farewelled the ship. It has

spent the past three weeks undergoing minor repairs in Newcastle for damage suffered during its threeweek

grounding on Nobbys Beach. The ship is now heading east after being hooked up to Japanese

super tug Koyo Maru, which is described as one of the most powerful salvage tugs in the world. The

Pasha Bulker is being taken to Asia for major repair work to its damaged hull, propellor and rudder, after

Australian shipyards were deemed unsuitable to do the job. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Deep Sea Supply takes delivery of PSV

July 26, 2007 Deep Sea Supply has taken delivery of the third of eight PSV newbuildings it has on order

at Cochin Shipyard in India. Sea Angler, a UT 755L, will go directly to the Congo for a three (plus one)

year time charter with ENI Congo, as previously announced. Sea Angler is the fifth newbuilding delivered

to Deep Sea Supply this year. In connection with entering into longer term contracts, the company said it

is working to refinance some of its vessels in order to improve its dividend capacity. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Smit Internationale NV expects higher profits in 2007

Rotterdam, 27 July 2007 Smit Internationale announces that the results during the first half of 2007 are in

line with those achieved during the second half of 2006. The exceptionally good capacity utilization in the

Transport & Heavy Lift Division has continued, whereas the Salvage Division has also experienced a high

activity level. For the end of the second half of 2007 there is uncertainty about the order portfolios of the

same two Divisions, which makes it difficult to accurately estimate the annual results at this time. Based

on current forecasts Smit Internationale expects a marked increase in profit compared to 2006. Further

information will follow with the 2007 half-year results, which will be published on 16th August 2007.

(Source: Smit)

Smit Europe handed over

On July 26 th , 2007 the Smit Europe (9396220) was handed over to her owners “Smit Internationale

Sleepbootmaatschappij “SMIT Salvor” BV, by the builder Bogazici Shipping in Istanbul.. The Cintranaval-

Defcar designed tug has been build under Turkisch flag as “Bogazici 1” by the Genel Tasarim A.S. yard in

Tuzla under yard number 006. Direct after the handing over she was renamed “SMIT Europe” and

brought under the Bahama flag with call sign “C6WI9”. The tug is planned to sail on the 1 st of August

bound for Rotterdam.

The tug is built under Bureau Veritas Classification with notations of Escorting, Towing, Anchor Handling,

Supply, Salvage, Firefighting 1, Oil recovering & Anti-oil pollution unrestricted area. The main dimension

length over all 32.50 meter, beam overall 11.70 meters and depth 5.60 meters with an average draft of

4.30 meters. The tug has a gross tonnage of 451 metric tons. The power comes from a pair of box cooled

Caterpillar 3516B High Displacement C-rating engines, each of them delivering 2000 kW (2720 hp) at

1600 rpm to a pair of Schottel rudder propellers SRP 1515 CP. This will give the tug a bollard pull of 68

tons ahead, 65 tons astern and a speed of 13.5 knots. A Schottel bow thruster STT 110T-LK gives the tug

an excellent maneuverability. Three Volvo Penta D 7A TA generator sets produce 130 kW each at 1,500

rpm. The spacious engine room has an air conditioned control room with the most modern electronic

power management system and an advanced monitoring system. The engine room is further equipped

with a Facet 15ppm oily water separator and a Facet Sewage treatment installation to meet the latest IMO

regulations. An Alfa-Laval fuel separator circulates the fuel in the daily service tanks to supply the engines

with the highest possible clean fuel. The large fuel bunker capacity and fresh water quantity gives the tug

the possibility for long distance towing. In the oil recovery room are two tanks, installed with heating coils,

available for oil recovery. With a pair of water/foam monitors, a deluge curtain system, and the ability to

work a fire round the clock, the SMIT Europe meets FiFi 1 classification standards. The two electrically

powered FFS monitors can be controlled from the pilothouse or at the monitors. A pair of, main engine

driven, Kumera FVIC 260 75F pumps supplies the water. Further in the engine room there is an oil

dispersant pump connected to the two spraybooms on the fore deck. The tug has a small workshop with

bench and vertical drilling machine to carry out small repairs for own or for salvage purposes. Two electric

driven 6 inch salvage pumps are located on the main deck. The tug has 130 ton brake load hydraulic

double drums towing winches. The DTW-45 winch has a drum capacity of 800 meters towing wire of 52

mm circumference and a drum capacity of 400 meters anchor handling wire of 52 mm circumference. A

reel winder on the upper deck carried an extra 400 meters wire 52 mm circumference. Further, the tug is

equipped with on the forecastle deck a hydraulic 200 ton brake load DMT ATW H900Kn fore towing and

combined anchor windlass for escort duties and anchoring. On the aft deck a DZR 24 chain stopper is

situated with 41 tons holding force. Mounted on the towing bit there is a DTH 65 towing hook with a

standard working load of 65 tons. A stern roller 1000 mm x 3000 mm and 130 SWL are fitted in tugs poop.

On the aft deck with strength capacity 5 tons/sqm are container fixtures to transport 3pcs 20ft ISO

containers. A 15 tons/m lifting capacity deck crane completes the tugs deck equipment. On the boat deck

is a rescue boat with a launching crane. The accommodation has heated and air-conditioned 4 single, 1

double and 1 four person crew cabins. The captains and chief engineer’s cabins have a separated

bathroom with toilet, shower and water basin. Further has the accommodation a mess room, galley,

provision room, store room and linen room. On the main deck are two containerized bathrooms with

shower, toilet and water basin. The modern toilets are fitted with an electric solenoid flushing device. The

mess room has a sofa which is dressed up with soft leather. The dining table and the cupboards are made

from handmade wood. The bridge is equipped with extensive nautical equipment and consist one Sailor

GMDSS, one Sailor Inmarsat-C, one Sailor Inmarsat-Mini-M, two VHF/DSC sets, two Sperry Marine

Master Radars, one Sperry Marine AIS, one Sperry Marine GPS, a Sperry Marine Satellite and Magnetic

Compass, a Sperry Marine Autopilot, a Sperry Marine Echo Sounder, a Sperry Marine Speed Log, a

Seiwa Chart Plotter and a Sailor Navtex. The beautiful good looking tug will be operated in the Rotterdam

– Europort under the SMIT Harbour Towage division and managed by SMIT Vessel Management

Services B.V. (Source:Hans van der Ster – Marcol production)

8 e jaargang, nr. 30

dd. .. Juli 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Hornbeck Offshore to Acquire Sea Mar Fleet From Nabors

COVINGTON, La., July 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc. (NYSE: HOS)

announced today that it has entered into a definitive asset purchase agreement with certain affiliates of

Nabors Industries Ltd. (NYSE: NBR) ("Nabors") to acquire 20 offshore supply vessels ("OSVs") and their

related business (the "Sea Mar Fleet") for cash consideration of $186.0 million, plus the cost of any fuel

inventory on such vessels. The Sea Mar Fleet is comprised of ten 200 class DP-1 new generation OSVs

and ten conventional OSVs. The Company has also agreed to purchase one 285-foot DP-2 new

generation OSV currently under construction at a domestic shipyard with an anticipated fourth quarter

2008 delivery. The expected cost of this newbuild vessel, prior to allocation of construction period interest,

is approximately $34.0 million, of which about $7.3 million will be paid to Nabors at closing. All of the

vessels to be acquired by Hornbeck Offshore are U.S. flagged and qualify for U.S. coastwise trade under

the "Jones Act" except for one of the conventional vessels, which is foreign-flagged. In addition, under a

separate agreement and effective upon closing, Hornbeck Offshore will manage five Nabors-owned

Mexican flagged vessels currently operating offshore Mexico. The Sea Mar acquisition will be funded with

cash on-hand and is expected to be immediately accretive to earnings. Cash utilized for this transaction

will not alter the Company's plans to fund its previously announced newbuild and conversion programs

from remaining cash on-hand and projected cash flows from operations. Closing is subject to customary

conditions, including third party consents and regulatory approvals, and is expected to occur in early

August 2007. Todd Hornbeck, the Company's Chairman, President and CEO, commented, "We are very

excited about not only acquiring a well regarded fleet of new generation OSVs, but also the opportunity to

attract Sea Mar's highly respected mariners and its shoreside management and support staff to become

part of the Hornbeck Offshore team. Sea Mar has an outstanding reputation for quality and safety, and we

believe that its operational culture is very similar to our own." (Source: Hornbeck Offshore)

Siem Offshore Orders Two Large-Size AHTS

30-07-2007 The Company has declared an option for the construction of two additional large Anchor

Handling Towing Supply vessels (AHTS) at Kleven Verft AS. The contract value is approximately NOK

1.1 billion, and the vessels are scheduled for delivery in third quarter 2010. The decision is in line with the

Company’s intention to become a major owner and operator in the segment for large AHTS. Following

this order of two AHTS, the Company has 10 similar AHTS under construction and has an option for

further two vessels. The vessels which are of Vik-Sandvik VS 491 CD design will have 28,000 BHP, a

bollard pull of 300 tons, winch of 500 tons, accommodation for 60 persons, full PSV capacities and are

designed with special focus on safe anchor handling operations. The engine configuration will enable

both diesel mechanical and diesel electric propulsion which, in combination with the hull design, will

represent efficient fuel consumption and reduced emission. (Source: Siem Offshore)


Monday, 30 July 2007 OFFSHORE support specialist Farstad Shipping's wholly owned subsidiary P/R

International Offshore Services ANS sold the 24 year-old Lady Elizabeth to European Venture II AS for

US$10.6m. Farstad says: “Delivery of the vessel to the new owner will take place the first week in August

2007. The sale of the ME 202 design vessel will give a booked profit of about Nkr42.5m (US7.3m) in Q3

(Source: Leo Kramer)

ONGC Hunts for New Offshore Ships

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), has initiated negotiations with shipping companies to keep oil

from its Bombay High oil fields flowing after the Directorate General of Shipping recalled its 27 offshore

supply vessels for safety reasons. The top management of ONGC, led by its Chairman R S Sharma, flew

to Mumbai to meet top Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) officials to procure offshore supply vessels

(OSVs) urgently for deploying into the fields situated 160 km off the Mumbai coast in the high seas. SCI

takes care of operations and management of 22 vessels of ONGC (16 OSVs and 6 specialised vessels).

But the maintenance is outsourced to third parties. ONGC is unlikely to get more than 15 vessels from the

open market at this point of time, industry sources said. In a communication to both ONGC and the DG

Shipping, Sical said it took over 25 vessels for operation and maintenance on May 28 and it was not

feasible to carry out interim SMC audits due to shortage of time. (Source: Business Standard)

Sealink Readies No. 7 in OSV Series

East Malaysia continues to be a world hot spot in meeting the strong demand for oil industry support

vessels. As fleet operators and shipbuilders, Sealink Sdn. Bhd. plays a major role in this success. In early

August 2007 they will deliver the sixth in their 48-meter series of utility/off-shore-supply vessels to their

operations arm. As with the others in the series, the Sealink Vanessa 7 is built to a Conan Wu &

Associates design at 48x11-meters with a molded depth of 3.5 meters. These vessels have port and

starboard midship tankage for 295 cu. m. of fuel and 313 cu. m. water. Accommodation is provided for 24

crew members. The Cummins-powered vessels have a pair of Cummins 6CTA-powered 150 kW

generators, a Cummins VTA28 DM powered fire fighting pump. The main propulsion vessels are a pair of

Cummins KTA38 M2 engines generating 1200 hp each at 1800 rpm. The mains turn in to Reintjes

WAF572 gears with 7.09:1 ratios. The vessel’s four-blade 1.5x1.545-meter Kaplan-type propellers are

fitted with nozzles. An advantage to a yard that builds multiple vessels to the same design is that the build

rate can be very efficient. The Sealink Vanessa 7 was completed in 12 months from laying the keel to

delivery. Earlier vessels in the series include the Sealink Vanessa 3. The Sealink Shipyard currently has a

Cummins powered anchor handling tug under construction as well. (Source: Marinelink)

Siem Supplier delivered

July 31, 2007 Siem Offshore has taken delivery of a MT 6000 design PSV built in 1999, which will

be named Siem Supplier.The vessel was immediately fixed for a 15 day job in the North Sea at a contract

value of NKr 6 million. (Source: Leo Kramer)


Thursday, 02 August 2007 SINGAPORE-based Keppel Offshore & Marine has officially opened its new

wholly-owned subsidiary, Keppel Nantong Shipyard in Nantong, Jiangsu province, China. An inauguration

ceremony this week also the keel laying of two Anchor Handling Tug/Supply (AHTS) vessels for UAEbased

Whitesea Shipping & Supply LLC (WSS), company based in United Arab Emirates and a harbour

tugboat for Singapore-based Keppel Smit Towage Pte Ltd (KST). These vessels are among the 18

offshore support vessels and tugboats that Keppel Nantong is currently building for a broad spectrum of

worldwide clientele. The yard has a capacity to build up to 25 such vessels on its 16-hectare site. Mr Choo

Chiau Beng, Chairman and CEO of Keppel O&M, said, “The addition of this Nantong facility has increased

Keppel’s newbuilding capacity in meeting the growing demand for specialised vessels to serve the

offshore field development market and growth in Liquefied Natural Gas terminals and maritime ports.

China is attractive as a cost efficient and competitive shipbuilding centre. We intend to increase our

investment in Nantong and optimise Keppel Nantong’s facilities to take on more and higher value

projects.” (Source: Leo Kramer)

Repeat order for Bharati

August 3, 2007 India's Bharati Shipyard Ltd has secured a US$44.03 million order from UP Offshore

(Bahamas) Ltd for two unspecified PSVs. UP Offshore (Bahamas) Ltd is part of Ultrapetrol (Bahamas)

Limited. (Source: Leo Kramer)

Departured from Tuzla-Turkey

The, Cintranaval Defcar design escort tug “Smit Europe” and the Robert Allan design tug “Union

Grizzly” departed this weekend from Tuzla from their Tuzla yards Ge-Ta and Dearsan resp. bound for

Rotterdam and Antwerp. It is expected that both tugs will arrive their home base after 10 – 14 days sailing

around 16 and 17 august 2007. Tugspotters has to be alert on the arrivals. (Source: Hans van der Ster)

Seabreeze July 2007 reported

Supplier Goes On Hire

Myklebusthaug’s most recent newbuild delivery PSV Dina Supplier has been term chartered by Norsk

Hydro. The vessel went straight onto Norsk Hydro for a spot job upon delivery back on 14th July and will

go on to a term charter with the same company in direct continuation of this for forty days firm plus 10

daily options.

Skipper Jumps For Joy

July saw Apache North Sea hire the VS470 PSV Siddis Skipper. The vessel is hired on a sublet basis

from Norwegian logistics company MLS. The contract period is 3 months firm with options till the end of

the year. The vessel is doing general support duties for Apache in the Forties field. Following this fixture,

Apache also declared the first of their options on the Malaviya 30 retaining her till the end of August with

further options remaining.

V’s Seize Their Chance

Two of Sealion’s PSVs, the Toisa Voyager and the Toisa Vigilant, have recently commenced work in the

Gulf of Mexico for fresh charterers. The Voyager has been fixed to Canyon Offshore until early

September, before she departs to Brazil for a two-year term with Petrobras. Meanwhile the Vigilant has

been fixed to Subsea 7, firm until January 2008 with options thereafter.

Peterson Pick Pair

Peterson were busy this month chartering both the UT 706 Boa Fortune and UT 755L Malaviya 20 for

term work in the southern sector of the North Sea. These PSVs have been fixed for at least four months

each with commencement expected in the first half of August 2007. Peterson has contracted these

vessels to support their jack up Noble George Sauvageau.

Princess Pushes On

Maersk Oil & Gas Denmark has recently extended the contract of the VS 470 MK II PSV Havila

Princess. The yearly option that has been declared brings the firm date of this contract up to mid August

2008. The Danish company has one yearly option left remaining with this vessel thereafter.

Farstad Fixing Frenzy

Farstad Shipping has confirmed a host of new longterm commitments around the globe. The Lady Valisia

and Lady Gerda will both go to Coogee for a 13 to 15 month drilling campaign off the North West of

Australia with the West Atlas jack-up drilling rig. Both vessels will work in the vicinity until the commitment

commences in October-time. On completion of its current charter in Mexico in August, the Far Swift

PSV/Accommodation vessel will transit to Brazil to commence a two-year charter with Petrobras in

September. Meanwhile, Arrendadora Ocean Mexicana has renewed the charter of the Far Scotia

PSV/Accommodation vessel in support of Pemex activities in the Gulf of Mexico. The new term period will

run for two years firm plus a one year extension option. In November, the Far Supporter will commence a

one year charter, supporting Talisman’s activities in the North Sea. The contract also makes provision for

four six-month extension options. The PSV is currently working for Norsk Hydro in Norway, until being

replaced by Farstad’s newbuild UT 751 E. Finally, from August, the Lady Dawn and the Lady Audrey will

be chartered by Woodside to support the Sedco 703 semi-submersible. However the Far Sky will takeover

from Lady Dawn around March 2008.

Reliance Relinquish Solstad Pair

Reliance Industries has exercised its option to terminate contracts for the Normand Jarl and Normand

Trym, giving 30 days advance notice. Both vessels have been supporting drilling operations in India.

Solstad Offshore has suggested that the decision is reflective of delays in Reliance’s drilling programme.

Queen Continues Her Rhapsody

Trico Supply ME 202 PSV Northern Queen was extended for another year by Dutch Logistics specialists

Peterson Supplylink. The PSV is now firm with Peterson until 2nd October 2008. Peterson has had this

vessel on contract since early July 1998. It is understood that there are no further options remaining after


Champion Gets Charter

Supermajor Shell UK took on a bit of extra supply vessel tonnage in the last third of July. The Gulf

Offshore UT 705 PSV Highland Champion was fixed for five weeks firm plus seven daily options to

primarily support Shell’s cargo operations at Shearwater in the North Sea. This should keep the

Champion busy until early September.

Orders Galore

This month's newbuild section reflects the continued confidence in all sectors of the offshore market.

Despite lack of yard capacity and an ever growing number of orders there is no sign of activity slowing

down...This edition of Seabreeze includes news of 3 DSV's, 2 PSV’s, 4 Construction Vessels, 2 large

seismic vessels, an ultra-deepwater drillship and 12 anchor handlers!

Not “Two” Bad For SNAD

Vroon Offshore Services has acquired two AHTS vessels from SNAD. The Keen and the Kerob were

delivered to their new owners on July 1st and have been renamed the Keen Express and the Kerob

Express. Both vessel are already on long-term contracts in the Mediterranean; the Keen Express

continues with ENI out of Ravenna and the Kerob Express continues with Edison Chouest off Sicily.

CTC Get Out Of A Rut And Into The Groove With New Trencher….

CTC Marine Projects Ltd (a subsidiary of DeepOcean ASA) has announced that their DP II newbuild will

be named the Volantis. This vessel will “form part of a new spread that will include a work / survey class

ROV and the UT-1 Ultra Trencher, which at 2,000 KW will be the world’s most powerful jetting trencher.

The Volantis should be launched in late December 2007 with CTC taking delivery in early 2008.”

Pride Is A Cut Above The Rest

Island Offshore UT 755 LN PSV Island Pride was handed over to its new owners BUE at Fredrikshaven

in the last week of July. The vessel will have its bridge taken off at Istanbul and will then be taken into the

Caspian Sea to work for, amongst others, BP.

Play It Again, Siem / Here’s Lookin’ At You Kleven

Siem Offshore has declared options for two VS 491 CD anchor handlers to be built at Kleven Verft AS

shipyard in a deal worth NOK 1.1 billion. These 28,000 BHP anchor handlers will have a bollard pull of

around 300 tons, a 500 tons winch, accommodation for 60 personnel and are “designed with special focus

on safe anchor handling operations”. Efficient fuel consumption and reduced emissions will also be a

hallmark of these vessels, accomplished by utilizing both diesel mechanical and diesel electric propulsion

together with the improved hull design. Delivery date is schedules for third quarter 2010.

More new DSV orders placed

With the existing fleet of saturation diving vessels being mostly built in the 1970's and 80's it is not

surprising that new orders have been announced. What is surprising is the announcement of several such

ships within a short space of time. Sealion led the charge in March with the declaration that, having

considered various alternatives, they had decided to go ahead with a newbuild large IRM class Saturation

Diving Support Vessel, based on a lengthened version of the well proven MT6016 design. Next the major

subsea contractor, Acergy S.A., announced early July that it had signed an agreement with Havila for a

newbuild DSV. Not to be outdone, this was followed by an announcement from UAE-based Gulmar

Offshore that it had placed an order with Hanjin Shipyard in Korea for two Dive Support Vessels of 115 x

22 x 7m with a 18 man built-in saturation system. These vessels, which are due for delivery in the last

quarter of 2009, will have 1 x 140T heave compensated crane, 1 x 48T crane, 1 x ROV rated for 3,000

meters and accommodation for 120 persons.

Maritime Milestone

This month brought the news that the 100th UT755 had been delivered to her owners. The "Dina

Supplier" is the most recent example of what is arguably the most successful ship design of all time.

Although the design is now 10 years old (Trico's Northern Supporter ex Suffolk Supporter was the first

when delivered to Britannia/Suffolk Marine in 1996), it has continually evolved to incorporate all the latest

technological solutions. Dina Supplier is being delivered by the Simek AS yard at Flekkefjord to Norway's

Myklebusthaug Offshore AS. It is this owner's second vessel of the UT 755LC design. Simek has a further

4 vessels of the same design in their order book. With its popularity assured and global reputation as a

dependable and economic workhorse, its creator, Rolls Royce, is hopeful of reaching the 200 mark.

“X”citing Times for Eidesvik

CGGVeritas and Eidesvik Offshore ASA have entered into 12 years worth of contracts for two new large

Seismic Research vessels, with a total contract value of around NOK 2300 million. As a consequence of

this, Eidesvik Offshore has entered into a Letter of Intent for a shipbuilding contract with Ulstein Verft AS

for building two large Seismic Research Vessels with the innovative X-BOW® design. Length overall will

be about 106 metres and they will be capable of towing 16 streamers. The contract value to Ulstein Verft

is in the region of NOK 1250 million, with delivery scheduled for 2010. With these major contracts together

with the two contracts entered into for delivery this year, CGGVeritas will now have 7 large modern

seismic vessels owned by Eidesvik Offshore, operating on a world-wide basis for seismic acquisition


Seacor & Nabors

SEACOR Holdings Inc. and Nabors Industries Ltd have entered into a letter of intent to form a new

company that will own and operate a fleet of 20 offshore support vessels, currently owned by a Nabors

affiliate. A subsidiary of SEACOR will be the majority owner of the new company, Sea Mar Offshore LLC,

and will manage its 19 US flag and one foreign flag vessels. Nabors will be a minority owner of Sea Mar,

which will qualify for US coastwise trade.

Ahoy From Labroy

Swire Pacific Offshore has ordered four more anchorhandling vessels of IMT 966 design from Singapore's

Labroy Shipyards. The 120-tonne bollard pull vessels will be capable of working worldwide, but were

specially adapted for operations in the landlocked Caspian Sea. The vessels will have a length of 66

metres and breadth of 16 metres and will be equipped with four dynamic positioning thrusters. Swire

already has six of the same class of vessels on order at Labroy, as well as six Havyard 844-design

vessels at Pan United Marine's Singapore facility. The first of the 10 IMT 966 vessels, the Pacific

Valhalla, is due for delivery in August, with the rest of the order to arrive at two-month intervals thereafter.

Aker Accept DOF Decision

The Aker AH04 CD design vessel will be built at Aker’s Aukra yard, Norway. The vessel will be equipped

with a 500 ton main winch and a large offshore crane. Delivery is scheduled to take place in October

2010. Aker Yards will also be building a PSV of Aker 09 CD design, having just entered into a NOK 310

million contract with Portosalvo Limited. The hull will be built at Aker Yards in Romania and outfitted at

Aker Yards in Norway. The PSV will be equipped with DP, diesel electric propulsion and will have the

class notation clean design. Delivery is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2010. Portosalvo also have an

option for one more identical vessel. DOF ASA and Aker Capital are jointly establishing the offshore

shipowning company Aker DOF Supply on a 50/50 basis. The newly formed company will own a series of

six AHTS vessels, which are to be built at Aker Yards’ shipyards in Vietnam and marketed to customers in

Asia’s rapidly growing offshore market. They will all be of Aker AH08 design, with their main engines rated

at around 16,000 BHP and a bollard pull in the region of 180 tons. Delivery of the vessels will take place

between 2010 and 2012. The newbuilding order also includes an option to build an additional six vessels.

DOF will be in charge of commercial and technical operations for Aker DOF Supply via an agreement with

DOF Management. Meanwhile, DOF Installer ASA has entered into a contract with Aker Yards for the

construction and delivery of an additional new high-end subsea installation and construction anchor

handling vessel This was one of the two options that DOF Installer was granted back in February. The

second option has been extended to October 2007. The Aker AH04 CD design vessel will be built at

Aker’s Aukra yard, Norway. The vessel will be equipped with a 500 ton main winch and a large offshore

crane. Delivery is scheduled to take place in October 2010. Aker Yards will also be building a PSV of Aker

09 CD design, having just entered into a NOK 310 million contract with Portosalvo Limited. The hull will be

built at Aker Yards in Romania and outfitted at Aker Yards in Norway. The PSV will be equipped with DP,

diesel electric propulsion and will have the class notation clean design. Delivery is scheduled for the fourth

quarter of 2010. Portosalvo also have an option for one more identical vessel.

Farstad Flip

Island Offshore has sold their newbuild UT 712L anchor handler, currently under construction at Aker

Yards Brevik in Norway. Farstad Shipping are the buyers of this 15,900 BHP vessel which is due for

delivery in September next year. It is understood that the purchase price is around NOK 400 million.

Meanwhile, P/R International Offshore Services ANS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Farstad Shipping ASA,

has sold the 1983 built ME 202 PSV Lady Elizabeth in a deal worth USD 10.6 million. Handover to new

owners, Romania based European Venture II AS, is first week of August 2007. The vessel is then likely to

leave the North Sea for employment in the Black Sea.

Volstad Get In Deep

DeepOcean has entered into an agreement with Volstad Maritime for a newbuild ST-256L type

construction vessel, scheduled for launching in March 2009.The agreement will be a limited partnership

with DeepOcean holding a 51% stake and having an option to purchase the vessel after 5 years. Volstad

will take responsibility for managing the commercial and technical aspects of the build. This is the second

vessel that Volstad will build for DeepOcean through its subsidiary CTC Marine Projects Limited.

Designed to CTC’s requirements, the newbuild will operate as a multi-role support vessel, with cable,

umbilical and flexible product lay capabilities.

Clough Set Off For Rem Offshore

Rem Offshore has entered into a long term contract with Clough Limited, for new building 321 at Kleven

Yard for June 2008 delivery. The contract is for five years firm plus three one-year options. The MT 6022

advanced multi-purpose subsea construction vessel will have an LOA of 117.35 metres, a beam of 22

metres and accommodation for 120 people. It is designed for construction, subsea operations, diving and

ROV services and will have a work deck area aft of the ROV section of roughly 1150 m2. It will be

equipped with a fully integrated diesel electric propulsion system, DP2, a deepwater crane of 200T, an

advanced ROV launch and recovery system for two work class ROVs and a 12-man saturation diving

system. Kevin Cain, COO of Clough’s Offshore Oil & Gas Business Unit, says: “We are excited about the

inclusion of this vessel into Clough’s subsea construction fleet. The vessel is a welcome addition to

Normand Clipper and Clough’s pipelay crane barge Java Constructor, which is currently undergoing a

major upgrade, and Clough Challenge.”

Global Pipe Up

Global Industries has announced the construction of a $240 million new generation dynamically positioned

combination derrick/pipelay vessel. The Global 1200 multi-purpose vessel, is designed for work in deep

and shallow water, with a high bollard pull to allow for pipelay without the need for supplemental tugs. It

will have an LOA of 162.3 metres, be capable of operating in water depths of up to 3,000 metres and

handling up to 60-inch concrete coated pipe. The vessel will also incorporate a 1,200 ton capacity crane

and a deepwater lowering system. It will be classed as DP2 and will be able to transit at speeds of up to

15 knots. Global anticipates that the Global 1200 will be operational by April 2010, as the company tries to

expand its fleet in order to increase its involvement in deepwater Subsea Umbilicals Risers and Flowlines

(SURF) and Engineering Procurement Installation and Commissioning (EPIC) projects.

8 e jaargang, nr. 31

dd. 12 Augustus 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Rodriquez delivers tug to Garber Bros

A particular strength of Rodriquez Boat Builders, Bayou LaBatre, Alabama is constructing shallow draft

model bow tugs. A fine example of this is the Sea Oak, the yard’s latest delivery of thiss class of tug to

Garber Bros, Morgan City. At 75 ft by 28 ft, the Sea Oak has three 600 hp Cummins KTA19M3 main

engines mounted side by side that drive three 64-inch x 51-inch, four blade stainless steel propellers via

Twin Disc MQ5222 reduction gears. Ronnie Totten, Garber’s operations manager, says the Sea Oak is

“The smoothest boat that I’ve got. There is just no vibration.” The Sea Oak’s large beam allows it to

maintain a routine draft of nine feet and if necessary, to get into around some of the shallow water oil

platforms. The bow tug has accomodations for a crew of six and tank capacities of 37,999 gals of fuel,

5,400 gals of water and 550 gals of lube oil. The Sea Oak joins five other boats in the Garber fleet.

(Source:Marine Log)

Bender building two for Trico Marine

Last September, Trico Marine Services, Houston Texas., placed a contract with Bender Shipbuilding %

Repair Co. Inc., Mobile, Alabama, for the construction of two GPA640 class DP2 equipped Platform

Supply Vessels (PSV’s). The contract was valued at about $35 million. The agreement quarantees the

construction costs of the vessels, as well as technical specifications and contains penalties for late

delivery. Trico is funding the construction costs related to each vessel from cash and cash flow from

operations. Except for the ‘paint job,” the vessels are near identical sisters to those built by Rigdon Marine

based on the GPA640 design from Guido Perla ans Associates, Inc., Seattle, Washington. The PSV’s are

diesel-electric, with three diesel-powered generators including two 1,825 kW (2,447 hp) generators

powered by 16-cylinder Cummins QSK60 D(M) engines and one 910 kW (1,220 hp) generator powered by

a Cummins KTA38 D(M) engine. This engine configuration has demonstrated excellent flexibility and fuel

savings as one or more of the generators can be shut down for stand-by or slower moving operations

such as seismic or cable laying that are often required of this type of vessels. The first 210 ft x 54 ft x 19 ft

PSV will be delivered in March 2008, followed by the second in July 2008. (Source:Marine Log)

Nico opts for newbuilds

August 9, 2007 Offshore Shipbrokers Ltd (OSL) in the UK says Nico Middle East Ltd is to acquire two

newbuild AHTS of 5,150bhp. In the latest issue of the broker's monthly report on the market, OSL said

the vessels are currently under construction at Fuzhou, China and are scheduled for delivery in late-2007

and early-2008. The cost is in excess of US$23 million. (Source:Leo Kramer)

Bourbon Dolphin’s stability questioned

Published: 09.08.07 14.37 Two of Bourbon Dolphin’s captains, Frank Reisersen and Hugo Hansen, both

questioned the stability of the vessel, during the resumed hearing of the Royal Commission this week.

They told the hearing that they topped up with bunkers and fresh water as often as they could to increase

stability during operation, and they both said the vessel could be difficult to handle when the bunker tanks

were not full. Hansen also told the enquiry about an incident a few months before the fatal accident in

April. With three other AHTS’s, Bourbon Dolphin was manoeuvring a rig off Mongstad. When the thrusters

were running the vessel developed severe broad wise heeling towards port. Captain Hansen immediately

departed for Mongstad to bunker to improve stability. The commission also questioned how it was

possible to change crew in just one and a half hour when the new captain and two mates was going to

manoeuvre the vessel for the first time. Questions were also asked about the trim tanks, which under

special circumstances, like during sustained broad wise heeling, could exacerbate the heeling.

(Source:Leo Kramer)

Doop Smit Elbe goed voor Restauratie Museumsleper Elbe

De doop van de havensleper Smit Elbe in Maassluis heeft voor de museumsleper Elbe plezierige

gevolgen. Namens Smit, de eigenaar van de Smit Elbe, overhandigde de doopster een cheque van 1500

euro aan voorzitter Hans Hoffman van de stichting Maritieme Collectie Rijnmond, die het geld zal

gebruiken voor de restauratie van de museumsleper. De havensleper heeft 400 pk meer. (Source : PAS


Hornbeck Completes Sea Mar Fleet Acquisition

Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc., has completed its previously announced acquisition of 20 offshore

supply vessels (OSVs) and their related business from certain affiliates of Nabors Industries Ltd. for cash

consideration of $186m, plus the cost of the fuel inventory on such vessels. The Sea Mar Fleet is

comprised of ten 200 class DP-1 new generation OSVs and ten conventional OSVs. The company also

acquired one 285-ft. DP-2 new generation OSV currently under construction at a domestic shipyard with

an anticipated fourth quarter 2008 delivery. The total estimated cost of this newbuild vessel, prior to

allocation of construction period interest, is approximately $34m, of which $7.3m was paid to Nabors at

closing. All of the vessels acquired by Hornbeck Offshore are U.S. flagged and qualify for U.S. coastwise

trade under the Jones Act except for one of the conventional vessels, which is foreign-flagged. In addition,

Hornbeck Offshore now manages five Nabors-owned Mexican flagged vessels currently operating

offshore Mexico. (Source: Marinelink)

SmitWijs Singapore renamed Singapore

De bedoeling is dat de Singapore Dindsdag en Woensdag gaat proefvaren, Dinsdagmorgen rond 8 uur

van de wal in de Waalhaven, dan naar zee en dan Woensdag in de namiddag terug. De Certificaten zijn

inmiddels allemaal op naam van de SINGAPORE. (Source: Capt. Harm Jongman)


8 e jaargang, nr. 32

dd. 19 Augustus 2007


Aankoop, verkoop, nieuwbouw, vernoemingen, etc.

Bisso Launches New Tug

Bisso Marine used the 700 ton capacity D/B Cappy Bisso to lift a new

635 ton tug Z-Drive Tractor tug. The draft of the tug was too deep to be

launched in Houma, LA at the Main Iron Works shipyard, so the tug was

lifted on to a materials barge where it was placed into support cribbing

then delivered via the Intracoastal Waterway to New Orleans, LA. Once

in New Orleans, LA, the D/B Cappy Bisso would again lift the tug from

the deck of the materials barge and place it into the Mississippi River at

the Foot of Walnut Street at the Bisso Towboat fleet.

(Source: Marinelink)

Tug from Forward Marine

Forward Shipbuilding Enterprise Sdn Bhd. is a tug builder from Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. On a recent visit

the yard was typically full of tugs under construction including two boats in the water and a third ready for

the water. Being readied for the launch the 31 x 8.6-meter tug SS 3200 shows a fair hull with a fine bow

merging with a double-chine that sweeps aft in a manner that will bring good water flow to the 2300m/m

diameter props in nozzles. A pair of rolling chocks will contribute to crew comfort at sea. Driving thishull is

a pair of Cummins KTA50 M2 main engines each generating 1600 hp at 1800 RPM. The engines turn into

Reintjes WAF665 marine gears with 5.95:1 gears. Electrical generators are powered by two Cummins

6BTS5.9D(M). Scott & English (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. supplied the vessel's engines. A double-drum towing

winch is mounted on deck. The boat is built to GL class. (Source: Marinelink)

Newbuilding for Unterweser Reederei

In a repeat order, KST B.V., formerly trading under the name Kooren Shipbuilding and Trading, recently

closed contracts with Unterweser Reederei GmbH of Bremen, Germany for the construction of two

Rotor®tugs RT80-28. The vessels, in the past indicated as RT80-r, are expected to have a bollard pull in

excess of 83 Tons. Length of the tugs is 28 meter, and they will be powered by means of three ABC 8DZC

engines of 1760kW each, driving three Schottel SRP 1215CP azimuthing thrusters. The tugs will also be

equipped with FiFi 1, classified by Germanischer Lloyds, and will fly the German flag. Both tugs will be

constructed at ASL Shipyard Pte Ltd in Singapore for delivery to the owner in 2010. At the same shipyard,

KST B.V. presently is finishing the construction of three similar vessels for Bugsier Reederei GmbH of

Hamburg, Germany, and one similar vessel for an investment company in Southern Europe. Both orders

were previously acquired. After delivery of these vessels in the last quarter of this year and the first of next

year, ASL will commence with the construction of the first two Rotor®tugs RT80-28 for Unterweser

Reederei. In addition, KST B.V. is close to sign shipbuilding contracts for the construction of four more

Rotor®tugs of the type RT80-32, a tug with a bollard pull of minimum 80 tons and a length of 32 meters.

The extend of the present order portfolio indicates that the concept of a triangular propulsion configuration

has been acknowledged worldwide in the towing industry. Apart from shipbuilding for a diversity of clients,

KST B.V. is active in management of shipbuilding projects, and presently designing a multi purpose tug,

capable to carry out a wide range of activities. The vessel will be designed for working offshore, including

FPSO support, anchor handling, rig moves and cargo runs, and moreover be capable of carrying out

harbour towage. (Source: via Jaap Bijl)

One More Tug From Shin Yang Shipyard

Photo credit: Alan Haig-Brown courtesy of Cummins Marine. In

2003, Shin Yang Shipyard Sdn Bhd obtained the ISO 9002

certification in shipbuilding and maintenance and related metal

fabrication activities. By 2004 the yard had delivered 178

vessels of which 86 were tugboats. In August 2007 the yard

delivered their Hull #249, the tug Danum 61. Although the yard

regularly builds for export, this 101 x 31