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Volume 24 Issue 3 - November 2018

Reluctant arranger! National Ballet Orchestra percussionist Kris Maddigan on creating the JUNO and BAFTA award-winning smash hit Cuphead video game soundtrack; Evergreen by name and by nature, quintessentially Canadian gamelan (Andrew Timar explains); violinist Angèle Dubeau on 20 years and 60 million streams; two children’s choirs where this month remembrance and living history must intersect. And much more, online in our kiosk now, and on the street commencing Thursday November 1.

Volume 24 Issue 3 - November

PRICELESS Vol 24 No 3 NOVEMBER 2018 CONCERT LISTINGS FEATURES | REVIEWS COVER STORY Behind the Screen Cuphead’s Musical Mastermind ON THE RECORD La Pietà at 20 Angèle Dubeau In Conversation REAR VIEW MIRROR Wagner Revisited In the Age Of #MeToo Kris Maddigan