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Fah Thai Magazine Nov-Dec 2018


HAPPENINGS CHINA CHENGDU / CHONGQING / GUANGZHOU VIBRANT EXPRESS TO GUANGZHOU A new bullet train service between Hong Kong and Guangzhou on the mainland whisks travellers in a speedy 40 minutes. While more efficient than airport commutes with potential flight delays, travellers must still arrive early for security and immigration. The trains have two classes of seats, Standard Class and First Class. The stations involved are the Guangzhou South railway station, a quick stop in Shenzhen, and on the Hong Kong end of the High Speed Rail line, the futuristic West Kowloon station, conveniently located between the Kowloon (MTR and Airport Express) and Austin (MTR) stations. Timetables can be downloaded via a special High Speed Rail app, which also includes trip planning, advice on which station exit to use, and other practical information. Tickets can be purchased in person, over the phone, and online. The new high-speed railway will travel at 200kph (or 120mph) to 44 destinations in the mainland. A first class ticket on the Vibrant Express train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou costs around HK$370 and a second class ticket HK$247. SPOTLIGHT Almighty Gorges in Chongqing GET READY FOR YOUR PISTE IN XILING The 18th Xiling Snow Mountain Snow and Ice Festival will start on December 20 at Xiling Snow Mountain in west Chengdu’s Dayi County. Tourists can appreciate a beautiful snowscape, go skiing and take part in other colourful events during the Festival, including a music gala, family activities, a theme photography programme, and a flash mob, etc. For night skiing and visits, the ski field in the mountain will open at 19.00-20.00 daily with a professional illuminating system for the trails, decorative string lights celebrating the season, and spotlights that will light up the night sky over the resort. Considered the largest snow mountain skiing resort in China, Xiling Snow Mountain’s location in the Sichuan Province offers visitors its natural beauty and culinary delights. Getting there is just a two-hour bus ride from Chengdu. THE OASIS OF ZHUJIANG PARK Hidden in plain sight, at the centre of Zhujiang New Town, is a nearly 70-acre park filled with interlaced foot paths, jogging tracks, trails, streams, and waterfalls. If you happen to be in Zhujiang New Town, and have at least half an hour to spare, take time to absorb the charming atmosphere. The park is wonderfully diverse, having 8 gardens, namely: Ornamental Forest Zone, Shady Plant Zone, Osmanthus Garden, Magnolia Garden, Palm Garden, Flowers Garden, Lake Area, and the Sparse Lawn zone. Zhujiang Park, Metro Line 5 (Jiaokou–Wenchong) to Liede station. CELEBRATING ANCIENT CULTURE The Tianfu Old Town International Art Festival 2018 will celebrate Chinese cultural and arts & craft creations at Anren Ancient Town, in west Chengdu’s Dayi County. Everything from China’s four famous ink stones, porcelain ware, embroidery crafts, woven bamboo ware, figurines, and lacquer ware will be showcased. Famous old towns in China will exhibit their unique heritage and cultural offerings. Chengdu, the city of hotpot and pandas, is one of the fastest-growing cities in China. Their new Tianfu International Airport expects completion by 2019 as a world-class aviation hub., It’s been said that the Three Gorges served as the main reason why people journeyed to Chongqing. A crucial visit on any China itinerary, Chongqing is either the start or end for most people wanting to journey along the Yangtze River to experience the scenic and historic Three Gorges area. Itineraries include sailing down the Yangtze from Chongqing to Yichang so that you can take in the scenery while passing through the lush valley between mountains. Temples and river towns dot the vast landscape with their stories told to all spectators. The Qutang Gorge is famous for its magnificence and the gateway to the mighty Yangtze, Wu Gorge takes on a quieter beauty while Xiling Gorge held a past reputation as the most dangerous gorge for its treacherous shoals. Tickets (about Y100 for an hour) can be purchased at each dock. Travellers can stop over anywhere along the way. 116