Fah Thai Magazine Nov-Dec 2018

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has been speculated its popularity<br />

received an average of 200 boats and<br />

4,000 tourists daily. Unfortunately,<br />

because of excessive tourism, there<br />

has been environmental damage to<br />

this once unspoiled area.<br />

Due to extensive destruction<br />

of the coral reef and marine life<br />

of Maya Bay, <strong>Thai</strong>land’s National<br />

Parks and Wildlife Department<br />

decided to close the bay. Locals<br />

and tourists alike are hopeful that<br />

Maya Bay will be restored to its<br />

former beauty when it reopens.<br />

Meanwhile, there are numerous<br />

hidden beachfront escapes for a<br />

more private experience. These<br />

‘secret’ beaches boast a laidback vibe<br />

tempered with an indulgent dash<br />

of luxury.<br />

Ao Sane Beach is ideal for<br />

snorkelling and lounging during the<br />

day. Its beachside restaurant serves<br />

54<br />

Top Left & Right<br />

Nui Beach and its<br />

quiet side.<br />

Big Buddha sits tall<br />

at 45 metres high.<br />

Bottom<br />

Banana Beach’s<br />

clear, blue waters<br />

and verdant<br />

surroundings.<br />

Not only are you guaranteed unobstructed views<br />

(at Big Buddha), the 6-km drive up also gives you a<br />

peek into the authentic, non-touristy side of Phuket.<br />

up tasty <strong>Thai</strong> fare and fresh fruit<br />

smoothies with a stunning view of<br />

Koh Man.<br />

Ao Yon Beach for a fun, relaxed<br />

ambiance and the best nature has<br />

to offer, all in one place. Choose to<br />

blissfully unwind at this pictureperfect<br />

beach oasis.<br />

Banana Beach (more details<br />

in Happenings Phuket, p. 110) for<br />

an exotic virgin beachfront. Vast<br />

stretches of azure waters and<br />

pearlescent sands on a crescentshaped<br />

beach are enough to captivate<br />

one’s attention. Banana Beach<br />

is jaw-droppingly beautiful on<br />

a calm day. Take in the scenic<br />

locale as you soak in the serenity and<br />

exquisiteness of this hidden beach.<br />

Nui Beach for beach activities<br />

such as snorkelling, beach volleyball<br />

and sea kayaking. Also known as<br />

Water Beach Club, this beach has<br />

its own luxurious spa along with a<br />

trendy restaurant and bar. Nui Beach<br />

is perfectly maintained by the Water<br />

Beach Club staff and is great for<br />

indulging in activities away from the<br />

crowds in an exclusive setting.<br />

Khao Kad Beach also known<br />

as Panwa Beach has been able to<br />

maintain its natural beauty and not<br />

be overridden by tourists. Only 8km<br />

east of Phuket Town, this beach<br />

exudes its own unique feel and is a<br />

world apart from the rest of Phuket.<br />

At the culturally rich and<br />

charming capital - Phuket Town, it<br />

has its own unique personality and<br />

history and time should be set aside<br />

to explore it. Its rich past is visible<br />

in Buddhist and Chinese temples,<br />

old-world shops, charming cafés,<br />

quaint museums and grand Sinocolonial<br />

mansions.<br />

Wat Chalong and the Big<br />

Buddha are two of the island’s most<br />

admired cultural destinations. A<br />

multitude of glittering pieces of<br />

glass adorn Wat Chalong, a revered<br />

Buddhist temple, thereby creating<br />

reflections on its many pagodas.<br />

Big Buddha, which at 45 metres<br />

tall, rests at the top of the Nakkerd<br />

Hills. The 6-km drive up reveal<br />

unobstructed views, giving you<br />

a peek into the authentic, nontouristy<br />

side of Phuket.<br />

The sight of Phuket’s sparkling<br />

waters and towns should put you<br />

in immediate holiday mode. With<br />

every trip, the island shows you just<br />

enough to be satisfied, yet creates<br />

the desire to be back for more.<br />


Tucked in a desirable spot in Phuket’s Bangtao/Laguna area and just minutes away from everything<br />

you need – Botanica Luxury Villas property boasts 21 custom-built elite residences of large open plans,<br />

bespoke design and sophistication in a tropical climate setting. Completed by January 2020, enjoy<br />

nearby beaches, restaurants, boutique shops and numerous activities for the family.<br />

In <strong>2018</strong>, the <strong>Thai</strong>land Property Awards selected Botanica Luxury Villas as the winner for Best Villa<br />

Development (Phuket), also coming in highly recommended in the category of Best Housing Architectural<br />

Design (Resort). Botanica Luxury Villas is now ready to create your dream home. Three standard designs<br />

offer spaces from 265 to 700 sq. metres with a signature feature of a covered terrace that seamlessly<br />

interconnects all spaces. Other amenities include smart home technology along with 24-hour security.<br />

The Botanica Luxury Villas are also an ideal investment for short term rental accommodations<br />

vacations. Enjoy the remaining duration for your family. For a visual tour and discussion of your<br />

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