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Slipstream - November 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

When all HAIL breaks

When all HAIL breaks loose... Roofing Solutions By Darren Houk Impact Resistant Roofing Options Including: Metal, Tile, and even COMPOSITION shingles. SAVE up to 28% on insurance premiums 817.692.8496 Showroom by Appointment 5500 Meandering Road Fort Worth 76114 26 November

Bucket List: Banff By Wendy Shoffit Two years ago, when the PCA Treffen committee announced that Banff would be the destination in fall 2018, James’ eyes got wide! For years he had seen photos of the area and knew he wanted to go! Then a year ago he had a stroke and I was unsure if we would make it. First, HE had to make it and then we’d see. Thankfully, he lived and I knew I had to do everything to make this bucket list item happen. So, we bought tickets we needed and made important hotel reservations. The rest we would fill in as it came along. The 31-hour drive (one way) was daunting because James had ALWAYS done ALL the driving (his choice). He loves to drive! Me, on the other hand . . . not as much (I get sleepy). I decided to leave plenty of time and drive each day until I got tired and wanted to stop. We spent parts of five days getting there (first and last days were three hours each). Approaching the hotel, we knew we’d made the right decision! The area was spectacular. We checked in to the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, which looked and felt like a castle. We grabbed a delicious lunch in their restaurant and later that afternoon went to the Treffen check-in. Everyone was welcoming, had great information, and gave us a goodie “bag” complete with winter vests for each of us. That evening was a meet and greet with hors d’ouevres. We enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It was a “free night,” so we went off property with friends to a delicious and very “foodie” restaurant nearby with stuff like foam and Canola crisp. Fancy schmancy. Overnight temperatures dropped, and we awoke to snow. Bright and early we drove to the nearby tour launching area. Many were concerned they had the wrong car and tires for the snow. We were smart to bring our Macan with All Season tires (thanks to my smart husband)! After the drivers meeting we set off on an amazingly beautiful “Yoho Loop” tour while whistling “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” We’d planned to see the beautiful greens of the trees, we found it more special to see them snow-covered but still drivable. We saw great sites like the Takkakaw Falls and stopped at breathtaking Emerald Lake for lunch. We’d tried to view the spiral tunnels, but the snow was so heavy we couldn’t see them. We were glad to have the extra vest layer under jackets, as we were NOT properly prepared for snow. That night we had a “Hoedown Dinner” featuring amazing fiddlers from a local group. Friday we again were up early (why does PCA not want you to SLEEP?) to go on the Highway 40/Kananaskis (ask me how to pronounce THAT in person) tour. Again, more snow, slippery roads, but breathtaking scenery! This tour we stopped at a local museum and saw (at a distance) a few black bears. Another great dinner that night featuring interesting foods from different provinces of Canada. Saturday was “Navigator’s Day Off,” during which they had bus tours available. We’d purchased tickets for one tour, but we were running late that morning and literally “missed the bus.” Regardless, we went into the photos provided by the author The Shoffit’s Macan in the mountains of Canada and requisite Porsche photo content. Fairmont Banff Springs. Wendy and James (center) with some fellow Treffen friends. town of Banff and enjoyed walking along main street, shopping, and eating Beaver Tails (pastry – look it up). Others who went on the tours truly enjoyed themselves and were glad they made it! Most tours all weekend went off without a hitch from what I knew, except for the Columbia Ice Fields, which were too rough for most people to attend. Other than that, it was all good! The final dinner Saturday night was a “Night at the Castle” and it was great, like the others. The best part of the evening for me was the presentation by two Canadian RCMP “Mounties.” While we were skeptical about being bored, when they started talking, we were quickly entertained by his stories and explanation of why they wear those funny shaped pants. Awesome guys and an amazing time! We were thankful to be there with fellow Mavericks Jerry and Myra Sutton and Madhu and Roshni Rao (now living in NYC). Sunday morning we were sad to leave, but anxious to get on to the next leg of our trip… Lake Louise and then to Rennsport Reunion VI in Monterey, CA (a week and a half later)! Ahhhhh… what a journey. 27

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