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Slipstream - November 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

SPROCKETS: A Little Rain

SPROCKETS: A Little Rain Won’t Hurt your Porsche By David Robertson, Region President It doesn’t seem like it has stopped raining in the last couple of months. This has been challenging for all types of outdoor activities including the driving events hosted by our club. DE, Tours, and Mavs & Mochas have continued to press on, rain or shine. I have been impressed (if not amazed) by the turnout for these events in the rain. This really points to the passion our members have for driving and coming together. As I have mentioned previously, Porsches are meant to drive in all conditions! For those of us who use our Porsches as daily drivers, we have no choice but to brave the elements and drive in varying weather conditions to get to work or other obligations that transportation requires. Often, if I don’t stop by the grocery store on my way home from the office in my 911, it’s going to be the pickles and ketchup from July 4th for dinner. I know that I should have these things planned out but many times when I look out the window at 6 pm and the rain is pounding down it dawns on me that I have a few errands I have to run before I can get the car into my dry garage. As I write this page it looks to be another very rainy day. The forecast is ugly, and everything is soaked from previous rain. I will be getting in my 911 within the hour and heading out perhaps a little more cautiously than usual to a car show where I know that even in the rain I am going to have a great time with my fellow Maverick members! MAVS OF THE MONTH: TJ Kroele, Chris Sorrells, Mark Schnoerr We are very lucky in our club to have so many talented individuals with such a diverse set of backgrounds and experience that are always more than gracious with their time and expertise wherever it can add value to one of our programs. TJ, Mark, and Chris have teamed up and spent countless hours over the past few months to develop a proposal to make sure that the DE program remains competitive with other groups’ DE events and relevant for the future. Even though our club is a non-profit organization, 2 November we still have to think like any other business to keep up with the shifting demographic environment and competition from other driving programs in the area. Many of these challenges are new and we cannot waste any time getting in front of them. These three individuals have combined expertise in building successful businesses, a lifetime of racing, DE Instruction and many, many years of participating in, and running driving programs both in the Maverick region and other car clubs. Chris, Mark and TJ, we appreciate all of the time and effort that you have put into ensuring the continued success of the Maverick Region DE program!

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