Digital Digest - November - Edition 44 (2)


6 tips on writing

content that converts

By Simran Bhogal

One of the most important things we’re told

in the digital world is that content is king.

It’s one of the best – and most costeffective

– ways of reaching out to your

target market as well as raising awareness

of your brand online.

It’s not just brands and marketers that are

seeing the benefits of great content online.

9 out of 10 B2B product/service buyers

reported that online content has a

significant impact on their decision to

engage with a brand.

How to write effective content

· What keywords and phrases you need to

use for SEO – including SEO-friendly

keywords and phrases that are relevant to

the topic you’re writing about will help the

page rank better on search engines and

keep visitors engaged. Try to think about

what someone would type into a search

engine when they’re looking for something

– remember that people are quite literal

when they search so be as specific as you

can. So, if someone is looking for a venue

for a birthday party they’ll probably search

for ‘birthday party venues in [location]’.

Having these keywords on your page will

then help visitors find you online!

Once someone lands on your page, you’ve

got a short space of time in which you can

persuade them to engage with your hotel.

When you’re writing fresh content or

updating existing copy, it’s helpful to put

yourself in the shoes of your target market

and think about:

· Why someone is visiting your site – why

do you want to attract someone to this

web page – for example, are you promoting

an event or special discount? Keep your

end goal in mind throughout the process of

writing your content.

· Creating original copy – have a little fun

with the copy you create, especially if it’s

for an event or an offer. If you need a little

inspiration, you can check out what the

competition is doing but remember that

you shouldn’t copy any content directly

from another site! Search engines don’t

like duplicate content and they’re less likely

to send traffic your way if they think you’ve

copied it from elsewhere.

· Using the right images – don’t

underestimate the power of images

when it comes to securing that

booking. Use your hotel’s photography

along with stock images to make your

web page as interesting as possible.

· Whether you have enough information on

the page – it’s important to find a middle

ground when it comes to the amount of

content on a web page. Having only a few

short sentences won’t help your content rank

on search engines and visitors to your site

might leave if they can’t find the information

they need. On the other hand, if there’s a lot

of copy visitors might lose interest. It’s a

good idea to include key information on the

page like any USPs, contact information,

dates/prices and of course some great


· Cross-selling the hotel’s other

facilities – think about whether you

can promote any of the hotel’s other

facilities in your content and include

links to relevant pages on your website

as well as hotel photography. If you’re

promoting an event like a Christmas or

New Year’s party, your copy (and

images) can encourage bookers to stay

the night or come to your

restaurant/bar before their party


When content is written well, it can be

one of your most powerful selling

tools. Keep the tips above in mind

when you’re working on your next

piece of copy and you’ll create

something spectacular!

Interstate Top Tips

Social Media Inspiration

October 2018

Black Friday – 23rd November

Bonfire Night – 5th November

It’s that time of year where guests will be

shopping around for the best discounts and

deals, and you want to be in the forefront of

their mind. Start early by creating a buzz around

Black Friday – this could be via a countdown or a

sneak peak of your special offer – the most

important thing is to be vocal about the fact

you’ll be taking part in Black Friday, so your

audience know to check your social

platforms/website on the day itself.

However, Black Friday doesn’t have to be all

about offering your audience discounts. Many

of our hotels are in prime shopping locations,

so encourage your audience to book an

overnight stay with you so they can sit down

and relax after a long day of shopping in the

sales. This is a great opportunity to tag your

local shopping centres or other local


Don’t just think about your social platforms –

with Black Friday it’s important to make sure

your message is consistent across all your

channels, so update your website, send out an

email campaign, and pop a poster up in your


Are there any firework displays

happening near your hotel? If so, make

sure you post about the event on your

channels and highlight USPs the

potential guest will be looking for:

- Proximity to the event

- Public transport options

- Parking at the hotel


Have you decorated your hotel yet? If

not, make sure you get snapping when

you do! Take short videos of your team

putting the tree up and post these on

your socials – it’s a great way to show off

your hotel’s personality, your team, and

show your audience that you’re getting

into the festive spirit.

World Kindness Day – 13th November

What a great day to interact with your guests!

What could you do to brighten someone’s day?

Maybe it’s a guest’s birthday and you leave a

cake in their room, or perhaps you can write an

inspirational quote on your guests' bathroom

mirror or offer your guests a complimentary

hot drink when they arrive.

Or this Random Act of Kindness from the

team at Holiday Inn Edinburgh:

This day is all about the little gestures, and

make sure you take a picture of every single

one! Not only will this brighten your guests'

day and encourage positive reviews, but you

can show everyone on your social platforms

how lovely you are!

Here’s a great example from Holiday Inn

Maidstone–Sevenoaks - a small and simple

gesture of handing out crunchies to their


Just get creative! And if your guest is

happy to have a photograph, then even



Highlighting best practice from

around the portfolio

Hampton by Hilton Aberdeen Westhill

A great use of user-generated content

from Hampton by Hilton Aberdeen

Westhill here – a stunning image of a local

attraction posted by another user that

gained plenty of engagement!

Holiday Inn Express Birmingham Snow Hill

Competitions are a great way to

encourage engagement from your

audience. The team at HIEX Birmingham

got a staggering 421 comments on their

competition post that ties in nicely with

the time of year.


Hotel Indigo Durham

This is fantastic example of

getting your staff involved

on your social platforms

and giving your hotel a

personality behind the

name. A simple post about

their new Head Chef, with a

short quote, generated 261

reactions and 58 comments

– have you got any new

starters? If so, feature them

on your channels!

Hotel Indigo Newcastle & Durham

Another two examples of using user-generated content; both hotels simply

searched for pretty pictures in their location and voila, lots of likes for little

effort! The great use of hashtags will also ensure these hotels are seen across

multiple accounts who may not follow their channel.

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