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20-23 JUNE






Dyrk din haveglæde

Inspirational gardens




Show gardens


Garden humour

Sprouting garden joy


Dyrk din haveglæde

A tribute

to gardening

In June 2017, Valbyparken in Copenhagen was converted

into concentrated garden joy. Everybody involved in the

event were interested in creating a wonderful garden

party. Soon we were asked: “When will you repeat the success?”

It was never really a question of whether we would

do it again, merely a question of when.

The answer is here, and we are proud to present:

Haveselskabets Cph Garden

20th to 23rd of June 2019

Cph Garden is an exhibition created to pay tribute to

life in and around the garden and to share and cultivate

garden joy.

And you are invited to be part of it again, because Cph

Garden cannot exist without the wonderful stands, the

interesting presentations, the fascinating show gardens,

the diverse inspirational gardens – and the good partners.

If you want to join us again, we will once more be able to

provide all our visitors with a very special experience.

We have asked several visitors, exhibitors, volunteers, partners, designers and lecturers from

Cph Garden 2017 to give us their favourable and critical comments, and we have evaluated

their responses to learn what to repeat and what to improve. One modification is that Cph Garden

2019 will run for only four days from 10am to 6pm. Another modification is the ticket price

which will be DKK 200 per day (DKK 125 for members of Haveselskabet) and a special ticket for

all four days.

The concept is basically the same as in 2017: a garden

show made for garden enthusiasts by garden enthusiasts.


We sincerely hope you will join us again – or

maybe join us for the first time. You will find

much more about our thoughts on Cph Garden

2019 in this brochure, and please feel free

to contact us for any and all questions. We

are always open for new ideas.

Yours sincerely

Charlotte Garby

CEO, Haveselskabet




show gardens



The eight show gardens are between 50 and 80 square

metres. They are presented by a commercial partner and

are designed and build in a co-operation between a garden

designer and a landscape gardener. The show gardens are

rewarded with gold, silver and bronze, and one show garden

will become “Best in Show”.

12-16 Inspirational gardens. The inspirational gardens are

a chance for selected partners to present their brand and

products, and the guests at Cph Garden 2019 elect the

most beautiful garden. In 2017, the winner was Fællesskabshaven

(The Joint Garden) designed and created by

Champost and TagTomat. Together, they had made an

unorthodox urban garden.


Dyrk din haveglæde

Garden adventures

Aa a visitor, you can already look forward to a four day long garden

party. The ticket price is DKK 200, DKK 125 for members of Haveselskabet.

The ticket will give access to a flood of garden treats – eight

show gardens and their designers, twelve to sixteen smaller inspirational

gardens and an elaborate program of presentations and workshops. You have

to plan your days in advance if you want to experience everything. We will

provide a large ”hotel” for plants and other goods bought at the exhibition,

and we will help with transporting larger goods and plants .



We have planned an elaborate program for all four days - including exciting presentations

and interesting workshops. In 2017, visitors could experience courses

on fermentation, presentations on tomato growing, workshops on compost,

fertilizers, machines, wickerwork, beautiful garden bouquets and much more.

We have invited a number of chosen

Danish and foreign companies to

present and sell their products. The

stands will be evaluated and rewarded

by both professionals and visitors.

Meet our experts

Specialist societies

Show scene

Come and meet our many experts on

roses, plant diseases, soil, compost

and much more. And meet our landscape

architects who will give good

advice and directions for designing

your garden.

I 2017, Hella Joof from the Danish

TV-programme Hellas Garden and

Charles Dowding from Britain visited

Cph Garden. Charles Dowding talked

about his “no dig” principle in the

kitchen garden. The show scene of

2019 will also present both Danish and

foreign names.

Various garden-related specialist societies

and small special nurseries will join us

to talk about their passions and fields of

interest. In 2017, visitors at Cph Garden

had the opportunity to meet Praktisk

Økologi, Frøsamlerne, Kaktusklubben

and many more.


“We’ll be there the next time”

Soil is not just soil. That’s

the talk I want with


of them 45 years or older – but

there’s been a lot of young people

as well.”

“I don’t think I have ever been

at a garden show with so many

people at the same time who are

so interested in gardening. There’s

been a lot of visitors, the location is

good and the facilities at the show

are very good. This means that I’ve

met a lot of happy people – most

“It’s been wonderful to meet a lot of

people interested in gardening. It’s

very easy to establish a contact with

people because they’re interested in

the things you present at the exhibition.

At other exhibitions, there are

often things like arts and crafts, wine

etc., so a lot of people just walk by

your stand. At Cph Garden, you get

What’s in it for you as a company?

“We get the opportunity to tell

about our products, what we can

do and tell our story. To me it’s

important to look people in the eye

and talk to them. A lot of people

don’t know that there are many

kinds of soil, and they don’t know

either, that plants need a good

“lunchbox”. Soil is not just soil.

That’s the talk I want with people.”

Søren Goul, Managing Director

at Champost. Champost was the

partner at an inspirational garden

presented together with TagTomat.

We will be there the

next time.

the experience that everybody wants

to have a look.”

What’s in it for you as a company?

“We get the opportunity to show what

we can do: at our nursery, we produce

our own plants, and we employ a lot

of trained gardeners, so we’re able to

help our customers. We are also very

satisfied with our sales here. It’s hard

to predict how many plants people

want, but if you take a look around the

exhibition, it looks like the visitors are

keen to buy. I can only say, that we’ll

be there at the next Cph Garden.”

Hans-Jørgen Køppen, joint owner at

the garden centre Thymes Planteskole.

Thymes Planteskole had a big stand at

Cph Garden 2017.

You can feel the interest

the minute you meet the


“It’s been fantastic being here.

The visitors are 100 per cent

interested in gardening, so there’s

a match between them and

the exhibited items. To us it’s

a unique opportunity to reach

our target group, and you can

feel the interest the minute you

meet the visitors. They obviously

think it’s a great event.”

What’s in it for you as a company?

“We’ve made a lot of new

contacts, and we’ve talked

with many of the other exhibitors.

Danish television stations

covering Cph Garden have

been here, and this has given us

good coverage during our time


Katrine Koustrup Søborg, joint

owner of the publishing firm

Koustrup & Co. Koustrup & Co.

had a stand and many of their

authors participated in our



It’s like Chelsea Flower

Show in Denmark.

“It’s really been a good experience.

I’m overwhelmed to be here

because everybody has put a great

effort into everything. Everywhere,

the quality is very high, and that’s

important – it’s really something

like Chelsea Flower Show in Denmark.

I’m really proud to be part

of it”.

“I’m extremely excited. I’m used to attending

garden exhibitions in Britain,

and this is totally wicked! I’ve even

met a British visitor here who said

that the standards here are at least as

high as on the British garden exhibitions.

So that impression isn’t just

mine – it’s the impression of many of

the visitors I meet here. All you need

to do is visit the tents and stands, and

the energy flows from all the super

What’s in it for you as a company?

”People have been very interested

in our stand, and sales have been

good. We’ve talked a lot to people,

and that’s important to us - to

create a network. At the same

time, we’re here to inspire the

visitors and tell them how beautifully

they can decorate with edible

and organic plants – with bloom,

beautiful pots and centrepieces”.

Lene Tvedegaard, owner of the

nursery Gartneri Toftegaard.

Gartneri Toftegaard shared a stand

with Koustrup & Co., and Lene gave

several talks in the workshops, for

instance on tomatoes.

Cph Garden could

become a leading event

in the future

positive people here. I’ll keep my fingers

crossed and wish that Denmark

really gets this. I’ll do what I can to

make this event a success.”

What’s in it for you as a company?

“I’ve brought willow sculptures and

most of them are sold. We have a

turnover, and that’s nice. Cph Garden

is a place for us to show what we do

for a living and present our products

on the high level we wish to. We

simply havn’t had that opportunity

in Denmark before. Of course, there

are loads of lifestyle exhibitions, but

it’s not the same. This is an exhibition

dedicated to garden enthusiasts, and

Cph Garden could become a leading

event in the future.”

Heinrich Braun, owner of Baugaarden

Living Art. Baugaarden Living Art had

a stand, and Heinrich gave talks on

wickerwork and garden design.

I would call this a

festival for garden nerds.

“The atmosphere has been

very positive. I feel, that all the

people from the garden trade,

who are here, love the initiative.

I would call it a festival

for garden nerds with a cool

event programme, where you

can meet people you know, or

whose books you have read. A

place where garden enthusiasts

can be true nerds.”

What’s in it for you as a company?

“This is perfect for our market

segment, and as a company I

experience that we can be part

of raising the interest, creating

dreams and showing people

what we can do. It’s been really

important for us to help creating


“Among other things, we’ve

sold some of our show glasshouses,

and we have a nice

talk with people who are interested

in greenhouses or who’ve

bought a greenhouse already.

These talks are good for creating

an interest that we might

pick up on later.”

Nikolaj Stærmose, managing director

at the glass house company

Juliana Drivhuse. Juliana

was the partner on the show

garden “Dream a little dream”,

which won the gold medal, and

had a stand next to the show



Dyrk din haveglæde

Cph Garden takes place in Ballerup/Copenhagen

Food trucks



Food trucks








6 x 10

6 x 14



Food truck

10 x 10



6 x 15









Plante &

lager hotel

6 x 18

Show garden


Inspirational garden, 4 x 4 m

Pagoda tent, 6 x 6 m

Pagoda tent, 5 x 5 m

Tent stand , 3 x 6 m

Tent stand , 3 x 3 m

Haveselskabet’s stand


Dyrk din haveglæde

Cph Garden is an

exhibition on life in and

around the garden.

Before an agreement

is signed, all interested parties

will be evaluated to determine

if they and/or their products

are relevant to the visitors.

Meet an audience ready to buy

Would you like

to join us?

There are many ways to participate in Cph Garden and get to

talk to an intereted deep-pocketed audience from all over the

country - ready to buy.


Reserve a stand. The size and price will be agreed upon later. All

stands are mentioned in our Cph Garden-paper. You can only reserve

a stand if your products are related to life in and around the garden.


Be the company to present a show garden and obtain a number of

commercial advantages, including tickets, VIP-admission, the possibility

to make a special event with the garden designer, and maybe

even the chance to present some of your products in the show garden.

Partners can take ownership of the show garden’s rating and use it for

marketing purposes. Furthermore, a partner gets a stand. A partner

can be part of the garden industry (or of another industry) and through

Cph Garden get a unique access to an interesting audience.


Present a garden with your own products and brands and get a stand.

The visitors at the exhibition will choose the best inspirational

garden. Partners must be related to the garden industry.


Der kommer et specielt område, der kan rumme små

specialplanteskoler og -foreninger, så Cph Garden viser hele

bredden af havelivet.


Are you eager to tell other people about your passion or the

characteristics of a specific product, this could be part of the comprehensive

programme of activities.


Dyrk din haveglæde

Many opportunities


here are many opportunities and no bad locations.

There will be areas for tent stands, areas for invited

participants (for example special societies), a tent

for smaller nurseries and large commercial areas with

extended opportunities. A few, selected stands will have

the opportunity to create a small garden in front of their

stand. The settings cannot be much better.

Gold, silver and stars for the stands

A selected trade jury will assess the stands and select a

gold and a silver medalist. Furthermore, the stands will be

given zero to five stars.


• Showgarden partner:

DKK 100.000 including a stand. Further

details will be individually arranged.

• Inspirational garden partner:

DKK 30.000 including a stand. Location,

name and contents will be individually

agreed upon.

• Event partnership: DKK 50.000 including

a stand. Contents and terms will be individually

agreed upon.


• Covered stand, 3 x 3 metres: DKK 10.000.

• Covered stand, 3 x 6 metres: DKK 15.000.

• Single tent stand, 5 x 5 metres: DKK 17.000.

• Single tent stand, 6 x 6 metres: DKK 23.000.

• Tent stand, 3 x 3 metres: DKK 4.000.

• Tent stand, 3 x 6 metres: DKK 7.000.

• Stand without a tent: by appointment.

• Table stand in the societies’ tent: only by


The stand prices include insurance, the rental of a tent and the

mounting and dismounting of the tent. The price does not include

a floor and the electricity used. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.


90 %

of the visitors will visit

Cph Garden again*

Happy visitors

and happy exhibitors

*Resultat fra undersøgelse via email til gæster, udstillere og frivillige.

We’ve asked exhibitors, visitors, speakers, volunteers, partners and

designers about their experience at Cph Garden 2017. 100 per cent

of the exhibitors would recommend others to participate, and that

makes us very proud. So does the fact that 67 per cent of the visitors said that

Cph Garden fulfilled their expectations to a very high degree.

It was a very good festival! I sold more than I’d

expected, and because of the busyness, I hardly left

my tent to see some of all the exciting things that were

going on. But I will be there again the next time! So pat

your own backs – I think you are cool!

An anonymous exhibitor said

When exhibitors are happy, the organizers are happy. We have taken in the

favourable and critical comments and are ready to take even better care of

the exhibitors and partners (and visitors?) in 2019. Haveselskabet can only

carry through this arrangement if the garden trade and the many volunteeres,

who made our event in Valbyparken work, will support us in having

a garden party. Fortunately, 88 per cent of the volunteers want to be part

of Cph Garden 2019, so we promise you to repeat the 2017 success of free

coffee and bread for breakfast for all exhibitors. Furthermore, we will

establish a closed eating area for exhibitors and employees, and we are

working on improving the logistics.

94 %

of the exhibitors

reported back that the

profit was in line with

their expectations*


Inspirations from

Cph Garden 2017

We embrace good

ideas for partnerships

and other initiatives.

Tina Thorsby from Havens Kunst (Art of the Garden) has the sales agency

of Haddonstone’s beautiful garden ornaments, and together they had created

a fine inspirational garden named De 4 elementer (The four elements).

The adventure park Universe from Southern Jutland was partner of the

show garden Den blomstrende have (The Flowering Garden) by Lise Bollhorn

og Erik Dal. From the autumn of 2018, the show garden can be seen in the

science park Universe at Als. The park is a large garden – and at the Cph

Garden Award 2017, Universe were lucky to be entitled ‘Garden Experience of

the year’.

Stig Lauritsen from Paradehuset – the Orangerie at Gisselfeld Castle – made the talk

Garden Gossip. He and Greg Corbett had created the inspirational garden Havens

catwalk (The Catwalk of the garden).


Dyrk din haveglæde

In 2017, Cph Garden was presented in collaboration with Silvan. Together with the Danish tv station TV 2 they also presented The Viewers’ Dream Garden, one of the

eight show gardens. Silvan had a large, impressive stand and a lot of exposure on all marketing material.

Happy gold medalists A very proud

design team from the show garden

Dream a little dream. The team was

awarded the gold medal together with

Juliana Drivhuse, Nybo Planteskole,

Tomas Byg and Thomsens Anlæg.

Gudrun Sjödén sponsored the innovative fashion show created by the Fashion Design

Academy. Young, sprouting designers showed their version of future garden fashion.

Gudrun Sjödén had a few presentations also shown to HRH The Crown Princess.

Botanic Couture and beautiful photos Photographer Ann Malmgren gave

“foto walks” and graded photos in an amateur photo exhibition.

Photographer Stine Heilmann and flower artist Annette von Einem had

created the exhibition Botanic Couture, developed in co-operation with Ro’s



Dyrk din haveglæde

20.000 visitors do not

come at their own accord

Haveselskabet has already begun promoting Cph Garden 2019.


to begin with, we talk to our many local volunteer board members. All 750 of

them are passionate garden enthusiasts with established networks.

In 2019, you will see massive marketing in Danish newspapers, lifestyle magazines

and on TV. Furthermore, we will prioritize an extensive press work to tell

the fact, that Cph Garden is a real garden show.

Through our magazine ’Haven’, we will introduce Cph Garden 2019 to our more

than 30.000 members, and we will further present the event on all our other


In Haveselskabet, we will do our best to live up to the visitors’ expectations, and

therefore we will see to it that all events have a professional anchorage to the garden,

that the stands have been carefully chosen among Danish and foreign players

within the trade and that the technical performance is satisfying.


This is why we charge DKK 200 per ticket, only DKK 125 for members of Haveselskabet.

On our opening day, all visitors will receive a goodie bag.


Dyrk din haveglæde



Cph Garden is introduced by haveselskabet, a national non-profit organisation

for garden owners, organisations and companies with an

interest in gardening.

Haveselskabet was established in 1830. Since 1900, we have published the

magazine ’Haven’ for members only. The magazine is well known for its high

professional level and for inspiring all types of garden owners.

Cph Garden will be carried through in co-operation with a team of external

experts within each their field. Haveselskabet knows about plants and gardens.

The experts know how to build a festival from scratch, how to organize

good food areas and toilets, how to sell stands, take care of press work and

many other things.

Read more on: haveselskabet.dk/cphgarden.


Cph Garden 2019 is presented in co-operation with a main partner

who will be mentioned in all marketing material, and as an active part

of our marketing of Cph Garden. A possible main partnership will be

agreed upon with Haveselskabet directly.

If life is nothing more than a passage,

let's at least sow flowers along it.

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592)

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Horticulturel advisor

Tel.: +45 45 27 11 19

Email: lm@haveselskabet.dk



Tel.: +45 25 97 44 50

Email: kl@haveselskabet.dk

Kristina is employed by

FrontMedia but work for

Haveselskabet on this project.



Horticulturel advisor

Tel.: +45 45 27 11 10





Tel.: +45 21 75 81 11

Email: cphgarden


Morten is employed by CR8

but works for Haveselskabet

on the project.

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