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Food is more than just fuel. It’s a social centerpiece and provides a foundation for some of our fondest, funniest, and most-talked about memories. And in this month’s issue, we have plenty of pieces focused around it, beginning with our feature, Top Chefs (page 29), where Luna Anona introduces you to 10 of our region’s culinary tastemakers—each with their own signature cooking style and skill set. Though the types of cuisine they dish out vastly vary, all of them share a passion for preparing mouthwatering plates. Learn all about them, including their food philosophies, favorite restaurants, top cooking tips, and how they rose to the top, then stop by their respective eateries to taste the fruits of their labor. Whatever your calendar looks like these next 30 days, I hope it’s filled with good friends, good food, and good times. Cheers!

Food is more than just fuel. It’s a social centerpiece and provides a foundation for some of our fondest, funniest, and most-talked about memories. And in this month’s issue, we have plenty of pieces focused around it, beginning with our feature, Top Chefs (page 29), where Luna Anona introduces you to 10 of our region’s culinary tastemakers—each with their own signature cooking style and skill set. Though the types of cuisine they dish out vastly vary, all of them share a passion for preparing mouthwatering plates. Learn all about them, including their food philosophies, favorite restaurants, top cooking tips, and how they rose to the top, then stop by their respective eateries to taste the fruits of their labor.
Whatever your calendar looks like these next 30 days, I hope it’s filled with good friends, good food, and good times. Cheers!


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E L D O R A D O C O U N T Y F O O T H I L L S<br />

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TOP<br />

CHEFS<br />

ALSO...<br />





<strong>2018</strong><br />

Redux!<br />

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pg 26<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> STYLEEDC.COM<br />


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TUE NOV 13<br />




MON-FRI NOV 19-23<br />



WED NOV 28<br />



THU NOV 29<br />

AN IRISH<br />


SAT-SUN DEC 22-23<br />



MON DEC 24<br />





FRI JAN 11<br />

WIZARD<br />

OF OZ<br />

FRI–SUN JAN 18–20<br />

There truly is no place like home as<br />

the greatest family musical of all<br />

time, the wonderful Wizard Of Oz,<br />

twists its way to Folsom! The entire<br />

family will be captivated as they travel<br />

down the Yellow Brick Road and<br />

beyond with Dorothy, Toto and their<br />

friends the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man<br />

and Scarecrow in this lavish production,<br />

featuring breathtaking special<br />

effects, dazzling choreography, and<br />

classic songs. A spectacular celebration<br />

of the iconic 1939 MGM film, Wizard<br />

Of Oz will blow you away from the<br />

moment the tornado touches down<br />

and transports you to a dazzling Oz,<br />

complete with munchkins and flying<br />

monkeys.<br />

916-608-6888<br />


contents<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong><br />

7 What’s Up<br />

8 Local Matters<br />

12 Calendar<br />

14 Outtakes<br />

24 Home Design<br />

46 Introducing<br />

48 Swag<br />

50 Last Look<br />

departments<br />

6<br />

16<br />

18<br />

20<br />

22<br />


Sofia Sanchez<br />

THE ARTS<br />

Tracy Lauth<br />


16 Holiday<br />

Survival Tips<br />


Raley's Food For<br />

Families<br />


Giving Thanks,<br />

California <strong>Style</strong><br />

eat & drink<br />

38<br />


Amore Mio<br />

Italian Bistro<br />

40 TASTE<br />

3 Autumn-Inspired<br />

Dishes<br />

42<br />

44<br />


6 Best Baked Goods<br />


7 Buzzworthy<br />

Thanksgiving Wines<br />

29<br />

feature<br />

SOUL<br />


10<br />


38 16<br />






<strong>2018</strong><br />

Redux!<br />

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★<br />

26<br />


35<br />

For five years now, I’ve been in a book club with four<br />

fellow females. Back when it began, some of us had<br />

never met and others were casual acquaintances.<br />

Fast forward to <strong>2018</strong> and we’re a close-knit group—<br />

affectionately known as the “Book Club Babes, aka<br />

BCBS”—who’ve been through the birth of a child,<br />

passing of a pet, marriages, breakups, career changes,<br />

and too many bottles of wine together. Though the<br />

books are what initially bonded us—and still act as<br />

the reason behind our monthly meetings—it’s the<br />

laughter, deep conversations, and connections with<br />

one another that have linked us for life.<br />

Just like any gathering, our time together wouldn’t<br />

be complete without food—and wine—and lots of<br />

it. Switching houses and hosts every month means<br />

we’ve gotten to experience<br />

each person’s cooking<br />

style—from the member<br />

who owns a restaurant and<br />

serves wood-fired pizzas,<br />

seasonal salads, and craft<br />

beers from said eatery (yep,<br />

she’s a tough act to follow),<br />

to another who prefers serving heat-and-serve, semihomemade<br />

suppers, and yours truly, who uses it as an<br />

opportunity to get creative in the kitchen, then cross<br />

my fingers, and hope for the best.<br />

But the beauty of our group, and any group of true<br />

friends for that matter, is we’re not judging each other<br />

based on the spread’s success (though, not gonna<br />

lie, my girls can cook!); rather, it’s<br />

the stories shared and socializing<br />

surrounding the meal that bring<br />

us all closer.<br />

My point is, food is more than<br />

just fuel. It’s a social centerpiece<br />

and provides a foundation for<br />

some of our fondest, funniest, and most-talked about<br />

memories. And in this month’s issue, we have plenty of<br />

pieces focused around it, beginning with our feature,<br />

Top Chefs (page 29), where Luna Anona introduces you<br />

to 10 of our region’s culinary tastemakers—each with<br />

their own signature cooking style and skill set. Though<br />

the types of cuisine they dish out vastly vary, all of<br />

them share a passion for preparing mouthwatering<br />

plates. Learn all about them, including their food<br />

philosophies, favorite restaurants, top cooking tips,<br />

and how they rose to the top, then stop by their<br />

respective eateries to taste the fruits of their labor.<br />

Whether you’re playing host or guest at this year’s<br />

Thanksgiving feast, you’ll want to check out Taste (page<br />

40) for a handful of autumn-inspired recipes from area<br />

food bloggers that are easy peasy to prepare, halfway<br />

healthy, and guaranteed to please; and Sip on This (page<br />

44) for 7 local wines that’ll be the talk of this year’s<br />

Turkey Day table.<br />

For some friendly reminders on what to be<br />

thankful for, The 10 Spot by Tara Mendanha (page 10)<br />

has a dozen reasons that revolve around where we<br />

live. Idyllic climate? Check. Top-tier schools? Check.<br />

Easy access to farm-fresh fare? Check. I hope it makes<br />

you remember why our community comes first and<br />

appreciate the people, places, and things that make<br />

it so special.<br />

Whatever your calendar looks like these next 30<br />

days, I hope it’s filled with good friends, good food, and<br />

good times. Cheers!<br />

“Food is the<br />

ingredient<br />

that binds us<br />

together.”—<br />

Unknown<br />

— Megan // megan@stylemg.com<br />

/@meggoeggowaffle<br />

Photo by Bridgette Anglin Maldonado<br />

4 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf<br />


E L D O R D A D O C O U N T Y F O O T H I L L S<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong><br />


Terence P. Carroll<br />

Wendy L. Sipple<br />


Debra Linn, 916-988-9888 x114<br />


Megan Wiskus<br />


Tara Mendanha<br />


Ashleigh Gruenwald, Claire Haupt, Alyssa Mielke<br />


Luna Anona, Jerrie Beard, Heather L. Becker, Amber Foster,<br />

Linda Holderness, Kourtney Jason, Heidi Mayerhofer,<br />

Emily Peter, Lorn Randall<br />


Andrea Holden<br />


Gary Zsigo<br />


Ray Burgess,<br />

George Kenton Design, gkenton@verizon.net<br />


Dante Fontana<br />


Justin Buettner, 916.220.0159,<br />

justinbuettner@hotmail.com<br />


Ken White, Ixystems<br />


Jami Areia, 916.988.9888 x112<br />

Bettie Grijalva, 916.223.3364<br />

Reg Holliday, 916.337.5107<br />

Joanne Kilmartin, 916.607.9360<br />

Debbie Juhos, Newell + Assoc., 916-365-3537<br />

Lisa Warner/Warner Enterprises, 530.306.2011<br />


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Full Service Shop - Factory Maintenance<br />

Alignment - Tires - Brakes - Exhaust - 4x4's<br />

Diagnostic - Smog Test and Repair<br />

Open Monday Thru Friday 8am - 5pm<br />

After hours drop offs<br />

Our Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff is Ready to Serve You!<br />

530-622-2701 • autoxonline.com<br />

4600 Missouri Flat Rd. #14 • Placerville<br />

Local<br />

Shuttle<br />

Service<br />

Available<br />

2008 • 2009<br />

2010 • 2011<br />

2012 • 2013<br />

2014 • 2015<br />

2016 • 2017<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

24 MO WARRANTY<br />

RV Smog &<br />

Service TOO!

get to know<br />

Q &A<br />


YOU GROW UP?<br />

An artist or chef.<br />


Making friends and playing with<br />

them.<br />


Bees and flies.<br />



<strong>El</strong>astigirl from The Incredibles. She<br />

can stretch her body.<br />

“Sofia opened<br />

my eyes to<br />

the beauty of<br />

imperfection.”<br />

—Jennifer Varanini<br />

Sanchez<br />

(Sofia’s mom)<br />

Sofia<br />

Sanchez<br />

favorites<br />

Food<br />

Pasta<br />

Colors<br />

Red, silver, and gold<br />

Animal<br />

Donkey<br />

Do you know someone in the<br />

community who makes a difference<br />

or is particularly interesting that we<br />

should Get to Know? Email their name,<br />

where they live, and why they should be<br />

featured to megan@stylemg.com.<br />

Nine-year-old Sofia Sanchez<br />

wants to change the face of<br />

beauty. Born in Ukraine, she’s<br />

one of many children with<br />

Down syndrome (DS) who are abandoned<br />

in orphanages. Her future might have been<br />

bleak—but one day, fate intervened.<br />

At first, Jennifer Varanini Sanchez had<br />

no intention of adopting a child. She already<br />

had three boys of her own, the youngest of<br />

whom, Joaquín, has DS. But after donating<br />

online to help children with DS get adopted,<br />

she was sent a photo of the child she had<br />

supported: Sofia. “I couldn’t take my eyes<br />

off her,” she recalls. “I thought, ‘we helped<br />

her find a family, but why can’t we be that<br />

family?’” The adoption process proved<br />

far from easy, but in the end, Sofia came<br />

home to Placer <strong>County</strong>—making them “The<br />

Sanchez Six.”<br />

It wasn’t until a few years later that the<br />

Sanchez’ realized Sofia had something<br />

special. Her social media photos started to<br />

garner public attention, and well-known<br />

photographers began asking to take<br />

her picture. Then, she began modeling<br />

for major brands, including Target and<br />

American Girl. A video she posted online,<br />

in which she proudly declares, “I can do<br />

anything I want!” went viral, and she<br />

was even invited to speak on national<br />

talk shows, including The Today Show. For<br />

Sofia, now a spokesperson and advocate<br />

for those with DS, it’s about showing<br />

other kids like her that they can lead<br />

happy, fulfilling lives. “[DS] isn’t scary,”<br />

she says. “We help people to be more<br />

accepting—to be kind.”<br />

And her mom couldn’t be prouder.<br />

“Sofia opened my eyes to the beauty of<br />

imperfection,” she shares.<br />

—Amber Foster<br />

6 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf<br />

main photo courtesy of LIVIE & LUCA; other photo<br />


what’s up<br />


Sierra Wildlife Rescue (SWR) is<br />

offering a Baby Bird Nursery<br />

Class on <strong>November</strong> 10 from 10<br />

a.m. to noon. Teachers Diane<br />

Ishimaru, Marty Owen, and<br />

Judy Monestier will discuss<br />

medical procedures, medicines, and diseases<br />

commonly seen in songbirds to SWR volunteers<br />

and shift leaders. Registration is required.<br />

To secure you spot, call 530-621-2650...Lake<br />

Forest <strong>El</strong>ementary School honored a former<br />

teacher from <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills who passed away<br />

from cancer a year ago with a new reading<br />

area in her name. Christine Barisone was<br />

played a part in the city’s final score of 76.67...A permanent location has been<br />

found for John Adams Academy—EDH. After its first year in the community, the<br />

school doubled its student population and needed more room to serve children in<br />

grades K-8. The new campus—located at 1102 Investment Boulevard—includes<br />

75,000 square feet of space and 22 classrooms...<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Savings Bank, pending<br />

regulatory approval, is merging with Pacific Western Bank. No branches of the<br />

banks are closing, and all employees are remaining through the transition...A<br />

Chick-fil-A was approved for the west side of <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills Boulevard, south<br />

of Saratoga Way; a Habit Burger is also scheduled to open in the Saratoga Retail<br />

Project. What’s more, Saratoga Way is slated to eventually widen to four lanes,<br />

which will help with traffic concerns...American River Conservancy is seeking<br />

adults and older teens who can commit to regular weekly, monthly, or quarterly<br />

volunteering at Wakamatsu Farm. Those interested are invited to attend a<br />

Volunteer Orientation on <strong>November</strong> 10 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. To reserve your<br />

spot, call 530-621-1224...That’s all for now, but check back next month for <strong>Style</strong>’s<br />

Holiday Gift Guide! –Alyssa Mielke<br />

Wildlife Care Association photo by Rita Braley. Other photo courtesy of its respective<br />

company or organization.<br />

a parent, substitute teacher, and staff member<br />

who taught students math and how to read.<br />

Pivotal in helping fund the benches and reading<br />

area was former Lake Forest student Vincent<br />

Sinclair, who was able to work on the task as<br />

part of his Eagle Scout project…The <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong><br />

Irrigation District board received three grants<br />

totaling $1.96 million from Cal Fire’s California<br />

Climate Investments Fire Prevention Grants<br />

program to make the county’s watershed more<br />

fire safe...The Wildlife Care Association (WCA)<br />

is looking for pictures of local<br />

birds for their annual Fall<br />

Photo Contest. Submit your<br />

photo on the WCA’s Facebook<br />

page through a private message<br />

between now and December<br />

31...Those caring for a spouse,<br />

parent, relative, or friend and seeking<br />

practical tips and information on how to make<br />

their caregiving journey successful are invited<br />

to “My Time”—a free support group that meets<br />

the first Friday every month (<strong>November</strong> 2) from<br />

1:30-3 p.m. at the Placerville Senior Center.<br />

For more info, call 530-621-6180...Beginning<br />

<strong>November</strong> 1, Fairytale Town is open Thursday-<br />

Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m...<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills<br />

was recently ranked fourth as the best city<br />

to raise a family in California, according to<br />

WalletHub. Opportunities for recreation and<br />

fun, education, health and safety, affordability,<br />

and socioeconomic environment rankings all<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 7

local matters<br />

Placerville Recreation and Parks<br />

Celebrate the Season by HEIDI MAYERHOFER<br />

Don’t miss Downtown<br />

Placerville’s annual<br />

event, Festival of<br />

Lights—a merry<br />

gathering that<br />

celebrates the official<br />

start of the holiday season with local<br />

entertainment, a traditional tree lighting,<br />

and a Merchants’ Open House—from 5-8<br />

p.m. on <strong>November</strong> 23.<br />

The “honorary celebrity” is a large, lightadorned<br />

spruce tree across the street<br />

from the courthouse that’s aglow with<br />

colorful lights after the public countdown<br />

at 6 p.m. The lights are installed each year<br />

through the generosity of Western Sign<br />

Company; in addition to the main tree,<br />

over 75 additional trees—donated by the <strong>El</strong><br />

<strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> Christmas Tree Growers—<br />

also “come to light” after the countdown.<br />

The tree lighting is followed by a visit from Santa. Photos will be available, but aren’t<br />

required to visit the man in red. A hot cocoa booth will also be set up near Kelsey's<br />

Needle Krafts to warm the hearts of visitors.<br />

Free stagecoach rides from Davey “Doc” Wiser are available before the event from noon<br />

to 3 p.m. and a Merchants’ Open House—where visitors can enjoy goodies from retailers<br />

(who will stay open late), view beautifully<br />

decorated windows, and start their holiday<br />

shopping—are also part of the fun.<br />

For more information, visit placervilledowntown.org.<br />

ASK THE Expert<br />



When choosing tires, it’s important to<br />

consider how many miles you drive per<br />

year, what kind of driving you do, and what<br />

your vehicle requirement is for size, speed<br />

rating, etc. I would recommend seeking a<br />

professional shop to find the best ones and<br />

avail of amenities like free rotation and<br />

tire repair.<br />

Ross Mitchelson, Co-Owner // Automotive<br />

Excellence Auto Repair // 4600 Missouri<br />

Flat Road, Suite 14, Placerville // 530-622-<br />

2701, autoxonline.com<br />


Veterans Day<br />

Happenings<br />

Veterans Day is a treasured holiday by many,<br />

but <strong>November</strong> 11, <strong>2018</strong>, marks 100 years since<br />

the end of World War I, making this year's<br />

extra special. In addition to parades, plenty of<br />

local businesses are acknowledging veterans<br />

and their sacrifice by offering discounts.<br />

The Wayne Spence Folsom Veterans Day<br />

Parade is set to take place on <strong>November</strong> 11<br />

at 9 a.m. at the Target/Home Goods parking<br />

lot before winding through town and ending<br />

at the Folsom Community Center. <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong><br />

<strong>County</strong> Veterans are hosting their annual<br />

remembrance on <strong>November</strong> 11 at 11 a.m. at the<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> Veterans Monument (360<br />

Fair Lane) in Placerville. The Auburn Veterans<br />

Day Parade and Community Ceremony and<br />

Luncheon begins at 10:50 a.m. on <strong>November</strong><br />

11 starting at the corner of Lincoln Way and<br />

Cleveland Street, and ending at the Gold<br />

Country Fairgrounds. The <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills<br />

Rotary Club is hosting Blues and Brews for<br />

Vets at District Church (7000 Rossmore Way)<br />

on <strong>November</strong> 10 from 7-11 p.m. featuring<br />

music, food, and drinks with proceeds<br />

benefitting local projects and programs<br />

that support veterans. Lastly, many Apple<br />

Hill farms are offering specials to veterans,<br />

including Delfino Farms (free á la mode on<br />

any piece of pie purchased <strong>November</strong> 10 and<br />

11), Rainbow Orchards (complimentary hot<br />

apple cider donut on <strong>November</strong> 11), Harris Tree<br />

Farm (10-percent off purchases throughout<br />

the weekend), and Sloan Winters Mountain<br />

Orchard & Garden (discounts and, weather<br />

permitting, tractor rides). However you spend<br />

your weekend, remember to take a moment to<br />

honor the many veterans and their sacrifices<br />

on this important holiday! —Emily Peter<br />

Placerville Parks and Recreation photo courtesy of Placerville Parks and Recreation. Ask the Expert photo ©Vlad Kochelaevskiy - stock.adobe.com. Catch All photo courtesy of its repective company or organization.<br />

8 styleedc.com // OCTOBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

local matters<br />

Love Where You Live<br />

The 10 Spot by TARA MENDANHA<br />

It’s no secret that we live in one of the<br />

best parts of California—dare we say all<br />

of America…? With this land’s bounty,<br />

beauty, and beautiful people, there’s<br />

sooo much to be thankful for—<br />

including you dear readers!<br />

Our towns constantly make the best<br />

places to raise a family list. The recent<br />

report by WalletHub named Folsom,<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills, Roseville, and Rocklin<br />

in the top 15 spots to raise a family in<br />

California. Given that we have top-notch<br />

schools and more than capable public<br />

servants and offices, we’re set for a lifetime<br />

of contented living.<br />

Location, location, location. If you hadn’t<br />

noticed, we’re bang in between the ocean<br />

and the mountains, equidistant from sky<br />

and sea. Picturesque towns, endless forest<br />

with astounding wildlife, azure blue lakes,<br />

and towering snow-capped mountains dot<br />

our landscape. Whether Tahoe, Yosemite, or the<br />

Pacific—they’re all a stone’s throw away!<br />

Gold Country is the portion of land from Sierra Nevada to<br />

Sacramento Valley and we’re living in the heart of it.<br />

Named after the Gold Rush that initiated the largest<br />

mass immigration in the U.S., said Gold Rush made our<br />

little corner culturally diverse and rich in history. It’s<br />

also what catapulted San Francisco into the metropolis<br />

it is today. You’re welcome, SF.<br />

Let’s talk small businesses. Many here live the American<br />

dream, thanks to a market that’s open-minded and<br />

willing to shop small. There are numerous creative and<br />

groundbreaking businesses surrounding us, covering<br />

industries like food, finance, fitness, and more. Whatever the<br />

need, chances are, there’s a friendly neighborhood business<br />

that provides it.<br />

We grow some of the most diverse, high-quality<br />

crops around and enjoy mild temperatures,<br />

thanks to our Mediterranean climate. With<br />

relatively moderate winters, sweltering<br />

summers, fall colors, and spring flowers,<br />

we get a taste of each distinct season<br />

here without too many of the natural<br />

disasters that plague the rest of the<br />

country. Knock on wood.<br />

With over 40 farmers’ markets in the region and<br />

countless farms, ranches, and vineyards, it’s<br />

no wonder we live a farm-to-fork lifestyle. The<br />

Sacramento region produces the majority of the rice,<br />

almonds, caviar, tomatoes, and grapes (many Napa Valley wines<br />

use grapes grown in our region) we consume. The fall foods we’re<br />

now devouring (pumpkins, pears, persimmons, or plums anyone?)<br />

also add to this cornucopia.<br />

Did you know California has the highest number of craft breweries<br />

in the country with more than 900 operating across the state,<br />

including 67 (and counting) here in the region? Local breweries and<br />

wineries consistently dominate competitions like the California<br />

State Fair. Most ingredients are locally sourced to form a selfsustaining<br />

industry that we’re very, very grateful for.<br />

Also noteworthy is our local arts and cultural scene. Craft, heritage,<br />

and music festivals along with county fairs happen year-round.<br />

Literally. Just take a look at our Calendar section each month and<br />

you’ll see what we’re talking about. There’s no dearth of things to do,<br />

see, and experience.<br />

If there are two things we<br />

love, it’s the great outdoors<br />

and our pets. With so<br />

many trails and parks<br />

(thank you, parks and<br />

rec departments!),<br />

pets and people<br />

alike tend to lead<br />

remarkably active<br />

lifestyles away from the<br />

pollution and chaos of big<br />

cities. Biking, hiking, roller<br />

skating—we know how to<br />

keep healthy and happy.<br />

What’s the point of it all if it can’t be shared? Enter our beloved local<br />

nonprofits and charities. We’re proud of each of them and come the<br />

annual Big Day of Giving, our generosity knows no bounds. We’ve<br />

already collectively donated over $30 million to our favorite causes.<br />

Our cups runneth over in every possible way, and we’re thankful<br />

that we get to share it with one other.<br />

10 Spot photo © gagarych - stockadobe.com.<br />

10 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf



FRI-SUN JAN 18-20<br />

A spectacular celebration of the iconic 1939 MGM film, The Wizard Of Oz<br />

features breathtaking special effects, dazzling choreography, and classic<br />

songs. This lavish production will blow you away from the moment the<br />

tornado touches down and transports you to a dazzling Oz, complete with<br />

munchkins and flying monkeys.<br />



TUE–SAT JAN 22–26<br />

Go behind the music and inside the story of Frankie Valli and The Four<br />

Seasons in the Tony Award ® -winning true-life musical phenomenon, Jersey<br />

Boys. From the streets of New Jersey to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this<br />

is the musical that’s just too good to be true. Featuring the legendary Top Ten<br />

hits “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Walk Like A Man,” “Can’t Take My Eyes<br />

Off You,” and “December, 1963 (Oh What A Night).”<br />



FRI–SUN FEB 15–17<br />

Kinky Boots is Broadway’s huge-hearted, high-heeled hit! With songs by<br />

Grammy ® and Tony ® winning pop icon Cyndi Lauper, this joyous musical<br />

celebration is about the friendships we discover, and the belief that you can<br />

change the world when you change your mind. Inspired by true events, Kinky<br />

Boots takes you from a gentlemen’s shoe factory in Northampton to the<br />

glamorous catwalks of Milan.<br />

EVITA<br />


THU–SAT FEB 21–23<br />

Eva Peron enthralled a nation and enchanted the world. Her story unfolds<br />

in EVITA, the Tony® Award winning Best Musical, a high flying theatrical<br />

experience adored the world over. From the geniuses behind JESUS CHRIST<br />


EVITA captures musical gold with its Grammy® Award-winning score<br />

combining Latin music, pop, jazz and musical theatre styles.<br />

916-608-6888<br />


calendar<br />


<strong>November</strong> is National<br />


Month<br />

Notable<br />

Happenings<br />





3<br />


CASA <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> is hosting<br />

its largest fundraiser of the year at<br />

Lakehills Covenant Church from<br />

6-11 p.m. Enjoy a sit-down dinner,<br />

live and silent auctions, a raffle,<br />

live entertainment, and dancing.<br />

All proceeds benefit abused,<br />

neglected, and at-risk children in <strong>El</strong><br />

<strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong>. casaeldorado.org<br />

3<br />


100 YEARS OF MAGIC. With<br />

a cast of over 50 unforgettable<br />

Disney characters, your whole<br />

family is sure to be captivated at<br />

this performance where Mouseter<br />

of Ceremonies Mickey Mouse helps<br />

you relive the magic of Disney’s<br />

Frozen, Toy Story, The Lion King,<br />

Beauty and the Beast, and other<br />

classics through over 30 sing-along<br />

songs. golden1center.com/events/<br />

detail/disney-on-ice<br />

(THROUGH 6)<br />

10<br />

9<br />


TOUR. Over 40 studios<br />

from Roseville and Lincoln to<br />

Auburn and Colfax are open<br />

for viewing at this annual<br />

self-guided driving tour<br />

from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each<br />

day. Browse works of art in<br />

varying mediums, including<br />

ceramics, jewelry, calligraphy,<br />

and painting. placerarts.org/<br />

studiostour<br />

(THROUGH 11)<br />

CRAB AND CHOWDER GALA. Enjoy all-you-can-eat Dungeness<br />

crab, New England clam chowder, pasta, and salad at this gala<br />

that benefits the <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> Fairground’s aging infrastructure. A<br />

no-host bar, live music from Dream and the Dreamer, dancing, a silent<br />

auction, and a raffle are also part of the evening’s festivities. Doors to<br />

the <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> Fairground’s Forni Building open at 6 p.m. and<br />

dinner begins at 7 p.m. eldoradocountyfair.org/gala.html<br />

4<br />


Join Apple Hill for their third<br />

annual run starting at 8 a.m. at Lava<br />

Cap Winery. The nine-mile course<br />

winds through the region’s scenic<br />

neighborhoods and fruit ranches<br />

along moderately undulating, paved<br />

roads. All proceeds benefit the<br />

students of Camino Union School<br />

District. applehillrun.org<br />

9<br />

PETER PAN. Prepare to be<br />

whisked away to a place where<br />

dreams are born and no one ever<br />

grows up at this production by<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Musical Theatre that<br />

features colorful costumes and<br />

sets, stunning chorography, and<br />

exceptional performances. Show<br />

times vary. harriscenter.net<br />

(THROUGH 18)<br />

10<br />


HOUSE.<br />

Take a tour of<br />

America’s last<br />

water-powered<br />

foundry and<br />

machine shop—<br />

established in<br />

1873 by Samuel<br />

Knight—beginning<br />

at 10 a.m. in the<br />

heart of Sutter Creek. knightfoundry.<br />

com<br />

11<br />


Support the <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills<br />

Library from 4-6:30 p.m. and enjoy<br />

live music, food and wine samples<br />

from area purveyors, a silent<br />

auction, DJ, and more. Hollywoodthemed<br />

attire is encouraged.<br />

edhlibraryfriends.org/night-at-thelibrary<br />

16<br />


FESTIVAL. The Gold Country<br />

Fairgrounds is hosting this beloved<br />

fall event where Placer <strong>County</strong><br />

growers sell thousands of bags<br />

of mandarins. Also available are<br />

mandarin-infused drinks, meats, ice<br />

creams, fudge, marinades, syrups,<br />

and more. The 25th anniversary<br />

means new contests and the first<br />

annual Run for the Mandarins 5K.<br />

mandarinfestival.com<br />

(THROUGH 18)<br />

17<br />


This delicious and meaningful<br />

evening raises funds to benefit the<br />

hungry locally and internationally.<br />

The soup dinner, sponsored by<br />

the <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Peace and Justice<br />

Community, begins at 4 p.m. at <strong>El</strong><br />

<strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> Fairground’s Forni<br />

Building and is followed by a silent<br />

auction, bake sale, wine bar, and live<br />

music by Achilles Wheel and Coloma<br />

Celtic. edpjc.org<br />

23<br />


Immerse yourself in<br />

the holiday spirit as Placerville<br />

celebrates the holiday season with<br />

music, entertainment, a visit from<br />

Santa, stagecoach rides, the Holly<br />

Jolly Trolley, and a special treelighting<br />

ceremony. The festivities<br />

are from 5:30-8 p.m. on Main Street.<br />

placerville-downtown.org/events<br />

23<br />



CHRISTMAS. This performance by<br />

Imagination Theater tells the tale<br />

of the night before Christmas when<br />

everyone except brave Madeline<br />

is sick in bed. Taking care of 11 girls<br />

and their teacher, Miss Clavel, is<br />

hard work, but Madeline finds<br />

help from a magical merchant<br />

peddling flying carpets door to<br />

door and goes on a Christmas<br />

journey that makes everyone forget<br />

their sniffles and sneezes. Show<br />

times and performance days vary.<br />

imaginationtheater.net<br />


Pomegranate photo ©Olha - stock.adobe.com. Mountain Mandarin Fest photo courtesy of Kurt Bertilson. PlacerArts photo by Cheryl Lewis. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

12 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

Photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.<br />

more events<br />

2<br />


CRAFT FAIR. Enjoy a Christmas<br />

open house and craft fair at the<br />

Placerville <strong>El</strong>ks Lodge from 10 a.m.<br />

to 7 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. to 4<br />

p.m. Saturday. Proceeds allow local<br />

foster children to avail of a shopping<br />

trip, breakfast with Santa, and<br />

scholarships. 916-804-3013<br />

(ALSO 4)<br />

3<br />



Find great deals on gently used books<br />

from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Main<br />

Library in Placerville’s back parking<br />

lot. The event takes place rain or<br />

shine. eldoradolibrary.org<br />

3<br />



through the Library Room as you<br />

enjoy small bites and sample some<br />

of the winery’s rich history with<br />

Zinfandels and Italian varieties from<br />

11 a.m. to 4 p.m. terradorowinery.<br />

com<br />

(ALSO 4)<br />

4<br />


Explore the farmhouse, barn,<br />

and surroundings of Wakamatsu<br />

with award-winning poet Katy Brown<br />

and <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong>’s first poet<br />

laureate Taylor Graham from 10 a.m.<br />

to noon. After the walk, write a poem<br />

inspired by what you experienced.<br />

Children ages 8+ are welcome<br />

with adult supervision. julie@<br />

arconservancy.org<br />

10<br />


VETS. The Rotary Club of<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills is celebrating and<br />

honoring veterans at District Church<br />

from 7-11 p.m. with blues music,<br />

local craft brews, dinner, dancing,<br />

and wine. edhblues.com<br />

10<br />

WINEFEST. This popular<br />

walkabout wine tasting on<br />

Sutter Creek’s Main Street begins<br />

at 4:30 p.m. After, enjoy dessert<br />

samples, live music, an auction,<br />

and after-dinner wines at the Sutter<br />

Creek Auditorium. Proceeds support<br />

AmadorArts, a nonprofit that<br />

benefits the arts in schools and the<br />

community. amadorarts.org<br />

17<br />


FOR THE KIDS. From noon<br />

to 3 p.m., head to Harris Tree Farm as<br />

they celebrate the upcoming holiday<br />

season with a bonfire, homemade<br />

chili, s’mores, Thanksgiving pies, and<br />

pictures with Santa. harristreefarm.<br />

com<br />

(ALSO 18)<br />

18<br />

FALL BIRD WALK. Join<br />

birdwatchers Tim and Angela<br />

Jackson for a moderate walk at<br />

Knickerbocker Creek in Cool to view<br />

songbirds, raptors, and water birds.<br />

Quiet, mature children ages 8+ are<br />

welcome. julie@arconservancy.org<br />

23<br />


Families are<br />

invited to visit,<br />

share their wish<br />

lists, and take<br />

purchased<br />

photos with<br />

Santa at the<br />

California<br />

Welcome<br />

Center on Post<br />

Street next to<br />

Cold Stone Creamery<br />

in <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills. Hours vary.<br />

edhtowncenter.com/upcomingevents/calendar<br />


1<br />




FASHION SHOW. Virtual<br />

Academy High School in <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong><br />

invites you to join them for a fashion<br />

show and live auction to raise funds<br />

for their student internship program.<br />

Join in on the holiday fun while also<br />

supporting local students in their<br />

education. The show starts at 11 a.m.<br />

in the school’s Commons Building.<br />

530-622-6212<br />

8<br />


HOUSES. From 10 a.m. to 4<br />

p.m. both days, tour 13 of Marshall<br />

Gold Discovery State Historic Park's<br />

buildings—all festively decorated and<br />

filled with costumed docents—at this<br />

old-fashioned Christmas celebration.<br />

Other activities include wreath<br />

making, wagon rides, live music,<br />

holiday beverages, and a visit from<br />

Santa. marshallgold.com/historicholiday-houses<br />

(ALSO 9)<br />

8<br />


TOUR. Visit beautifully<br />

decorated homes throughout <strong>El</strong><br />

<strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> as you sample<br />

decadent chocolates, taste local<br />

wines, bid on designer trees, and<br />

celebrate the magic of the season.<br />

Tour between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.<br />

on Saturday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.<br />

on Sunday. Proceeds support the<br />

Assistance League of Sierra <strong>Foothills</strong>.<br />

sierrafoothills.assistanceleague.org<br />

(ALSO 9)<br />





• Stuff Your Stocking Game - 4PM (First 200 Kids)<br />

• Merchant Open House - 4PM TO 8PM<br />

• Performance by Holiday Caroling<br />

Contest Winners - 6PM<br />

• Santa Arrival &<br />

Tree Lighting - 6:30PM<br />

Be chosen to perform onstage<br />

at the Christmas Tree Lighting<br />

How to Enter Email your video entry to:<br />

Marketing@tcmgroupinc.com<br />

Deadline for Entry <strong>November</strong> 16th<br />

Winners Announced <strong>November</strong> 20th<br />

(See EDHTownCenter.com for Details & Rules)<br />

Santa<br />

PHOTOS<br />

WITH<br />


through<br />



Photos taken at the CA Welcome Center<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 13

outtakes<br />


September 15 // <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Trailhead, Placerville<br />

Proceeds from this inaugural 5K—hosted by Active 20-30 Club Gold Rush #1034—<br />

benefitted a field trip scholarship program for Title 1 schools in <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong>. There<br />

were roughly 70 participants, many in costume, and the event included face painting,<br />

games, live music, and a local “unicorn.”<br />



August 11 // Sierra Vista Vineyards & Winery, Placerville<br />

Guests were treated to award-winning Sierra Vista wines, appetizers from<br />

Diane Wilkinson Catering, music by Cheryll Kent & Hickory Wind, and<br />

raffle prizes at this annual fundraiser for Friends of Seniors—a nonprofit<br />

whose mission is to improve and enhance the quality of life for seniors in<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong>.<br />

1 Laurie Randall, Phoebie Carcot, and Vicki Estrada 2 Hickory Wind performs 3 Cheryll<br />

and Fred Kent 4 Victoria Pertain, Traci Hempel, and Kianna Gerell<br />

Photos courtesy of GERALD LILLPOP<br />

1<br />

2<br />

3 4<br />

14 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf


September 15 // Cameron Park Community Center<br />

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> hosted this 16th annual fundraiser where guests<br />

enjoyed a cocktail reception, catered dinner, and silent auction. All proceeds raised will help BBBS<br />

continue to provide caring, positive adult role models for at-risk children in <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong>.<br />





NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 15

the arts<br />

Tracy<br />

Lauth<br />

Called to Create<br />


Award-winning plein air artist Tracy Lauth has roots rich in California’s<br />

Gold Rush history. Growing up in Salinas—where her family settled<br />

in the mid-1800s to seek their fortune—Lauth continued living<br />

in the Bay Area after graduating from the International Culinary<br />

Center. The former executive chef and owner of Black Tie Fine<br />

Catering eventually traded her pots and pans in for paintbrushes<br />

and turned her detail-oriented, artistic eye to canvas—capturing<br />

majestic cities and landscapes filled with emotion and light. Since relocating with her<br />

husband to Placerville, Lauth has held solo exhibits throughout the area at Marshall<br />

Medical Center and the <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> Board of Supervisors office, and shown her work<br />

at Harris Center’s Bank of America Gallery and numerous juried competitions. “Being a<br />

full-time artist doesn’t mean you paint full-time—people often have an image of artists<br />

artbeat<br />

<strong>November</strong> 15 – Sketch<br />

Night. Enjoy informal<br />

instruction at three<br />

different locales<br />

in the Crocker Art<br />

Museum, relax in your<br />

own favorite spot to<br />

sketch, and pop in<br />

for games and gallery<br />

hunts from 6-9 p.m.<br />

All ages and drawing<br />

levels are welcome.<br />

crockerart.org/<br />

event/1787/<strong>2018</strong>-11-15<br />

as dark, moody, introverts hidden away in a studio surrounded<br />

by unfinished [pieces] where they work 24 hours a day creating<br />

masterpieces,” shares Lauth. “That’s mostly in the movies. I live a<br />

bright, fulfilling life.”<br />


TL: I started in photorealism, [followed by impressionism] with<br />

a bit of abstract thrown in, and was exclusively a studio painter.<br />

When an opportunity arose to enter a plein air competition, I took a<br />

chance. Painting outdoors was amazing; I was seeing everything in<br />

its natural state: colors, shadows, values, tones, and life! I painted<br />

the same scene five times in three days until I got it right and won<br />

Poppy Field After Spring Rain<br />

Mammoth Lakes<br />

Artwork photos courtesy of TRACY LAUTH.<br />

Artist photos by DANTE FONTANA.<br />

16 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

New Patients<br />

Always Welcome!<br />

first place. From then on, I was hooked and<br />

now travel to competitions, paint outs, and<br />

symposiums to study and hone my skill.<br />

I paint with oil and use brushes, fingers,<br />

sponges, and palette knives.<br />


TL: I’m obsessed with skies—clouds, sunrises,<br />

sunsets, fog, and rain. I can sit on my sofa,<br />

look out the window, and see a kaleidoscope<br />

of colors and light. My paintings often begin<br />

with the sky then the foreground. When I’m<br />

feeling uninspired, I just go outside. I live on<br />

three acres at the top of a hill where you can<br />

see for miles, which gives my mind some<br />

breathing room.<br />



YOUR WORK?<br />

TL: The world is a beautiful place filled with<br />

amazing people. My obsession with food and<br />

art has taken me on some great adventures.<br />

Most recently, I spent a month traveling<br />

solo in Greece, going to culinary school in<br />

Athens and Poros, and visiting the ruins and<br />

smaller islands to photograph and sketch for<br />

paintings. The colors of the Mediterranean<br />

were stunning, but the people and cuisine<br />

were even better.<br />



TL: Identifying my own personal style [as]<br />

something that I love and embrace. Plein<br />

air allows me to be me. It’s about painting<br />

outdoors, in person, with your subject. Aside<br />

from the heat, cold, bugs, wind, and rain, it’s<br />

amazing.<br />

lauthfineart.com<br />

Clockwise starting top left:<br />

Waiting Out the Storm,<br />

Lone Cottonwood, Seasons<br />

Mammoth and Sunset Over<br />

Placerville<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 17<br />

Your Smile is Our Business!<br />

Trust it to Dr. Ryan Easterbrook<br />

and his Outstanding Staff.<br />






$<br />



119SERVICES VALUED AT $309.<br />

Ryan Easterbrook, D.D.S.<br />

Cosmetic & Family Dental Care<br />

Office Hours:<br />

Mon-Thurs 8-5pm<br />

493 Main Street<br />

Diamond Springs<br />

www.RyanEasterbrookDDS.com<br />

530-626-5810<br />

MEMBER OF :<br />


health & wellness<br />

Stress<br />

Less<br />

16 Holiday Survival Tips<br />


Not to sound like the Grinch, but everyone<br />

knows the holidays aren’t without a bit of<br />

stress. Thankfully, whether induced by<br />

family, finances, or falling off track with<br />

your health goals, there is a light at the end<br />

of the tunnel. Stay on track with these helpful tips from<br />

local experts on how to survive the holidays.<br />

MENTAL<br />

HEALTH<br />

Don’t Do It All<br />

1 “Simplify any area of your<br />

life that you can and let go of<br />

the idea that you have to be a<br />

superhuman. You don’t have<br />

to do it all and be everything<br />

to everyone.”—Donna Webb,<br />

Instructor, THE STUDIO Martial<br />

Arts & Fitness<br />

A Gift to Cheers<br />

2 “I usually buy mediumpriced<br />

bottles of wine by the<br />

case, decorate them festively<br />

and inexpensively, and gift<br />

them to friends and neighbors<br />

along with a handwritten note<br />

telling them why they’re so<br />

special to me.”—Renae Linder,<br />

MSW, LCSW, Vice President and<br />

Owner, Linder Psychiatric Group<br />

Top Traditions<br />

3 “Make a 'must-do' list of the<br />

activities, events, and traditions<br />

that mean the most to you and<br />

your family and ensure everyone<br />

gets something they enjoy on<br />

the calendar. Then schedule<br />

those events now while you<br />

have control of your calendar.<br />

As other activities and events<br />

pop up, only participate if your<br />

personal and family schedule<br />

allows.”—Ann Vezey, Corporate<br />

Group Exercise Director, Spare<br />

Time Clubs<br />

Moments of Self-Care<br />

4 “Self-care is important<br />

at any time, but even more so<br />

during the holidays, so go to the<br />

gym, read a book, or take a bath.<br />

The possibilities are endless!”—<br />

Kayle Torres, MA, LMFT<br />

Love Your People<br />

5 “Take a moment to remind<br />

yourself that the most important<br />

part of the holidays is the coming<br />

together with the people who<br />

matter the most to you and how<br />

lucky we are to have that gift.”—<br />

Donna Webb, Instructor, THE<br />

STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness<br />


Press Pause<br />

6 “Take some time for<br />

mindfulness. Sit down<br />

occasionally, close your eyes,<br />

do some deep breathing, and<br />

let your mind drift without<br />

demanding any direction or<br />

response. Everything can be go,<br />

go, go, so stepping back once in<br />

awhile can be very helpful.”—<br />

Cary Nosler, Host, “Forever<br />

Young” on SiriusXM Radio<br />

The True Meaning<br />

7 “Lean in to the deeper<br />

part of what the holiday<br />

means, usually it’s based on<br />

something that means peace,<br />

joy, or blessing—which we all<br />

need more of.”—Lance Hahn,<br />

Senior Pastor, Bridgeway<br />

Christian Church<br />

Photo ©Kalim - stock.adobe.com.<br />

18 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

Physiologist, Roseville<br />

Health & Wellness Center<br />

Top photo ©pressmaster - stock.adobe.com. Bottom photo ©aleksandar<br />

kamasi - stock.adobe.com.<br />

Giving vs. Receiving<br />

8 “Give something to<br />

someone with these two<br />

guidelines: First, give to<br />

someone who doesn’t<br />

know you. Second, give to<br />

someone who can’t repay<br />

you. Reciprocal giving is<br />

great—we lean strongly<br />

into that at Christmas—<br />

but giving to someone<br />

who can’t repay you tests<br />

the belief that it is indeed<br />

more blessed to give than<br />

to receive.”—Brad Franklin,<br />

Pastor and Storyteller,<br />

Lakeside Church<br />

Count Your Blessings<br />

9 “Focus on what you<br />

have instead of what you<br />

don’t have to combat any<br />

negative thinking. Express<br />

gratitude for the things you<br />

have, and do something<br />

for those less fortunate.”—<br />

Therese Sorrentino, LMFT<br />


Freezer Meals<br />

10 “Fall is a great time<br />

for fresh fruits and veggies.<br />

Cook and freeze meals now<br />

to enjoy fall’s freshness<br />

during the season’s busiest<br />

times.”—Ann Vezey,<br />

Corporate Group Exercise<br />

Director, Spare Time Clubs<br />

Food is Fuel<br />

1 “Sticking to a healthy<br />

diet is a key component of<br />

managing stress. Giving<br />

your body proper food will<br />

give you the energy you<br />

need.”—Rachael Dardano,<br />

Owner and Holistic Health<br />

Coach, Internal Wisdom<br />

Balance Your Plate<br />

12 “When you do sit<br />

down for a holiday meal,<br />

load your plate with<br />

veggies and protein first.<br />

Hopefully your first round<br />

fills you up, so when you<br />

go back for some carbs, you<br />

won’t overindulge.”—Mark<br />

Cavallaro, CSCS, CPT, Head<br />

Trainer, Roseville Health &<br />

Wellness Center<br />

Dessert Picks<br />

13 “Pick your three<br />

favorite desserts ahead of<br />

time and tell yourself you’ll<br />

stick to only those. This will<br />

help with portion control<br />

and keep you from grazing<br />

the table!”—Kori Polee,<br />

Nutritionist and Exercise<br />

14<br />

Hydrate<br />

“Cool winter air<br />

carries less moisture than<br />

warm air does, so it’s<br />

[imperative] to drink lots<br />

of water. And remember:<br />

Alcohol and coffee are<br />

dehydrating, so drink extra<br />

water if you enjoy an adult<br />

beverage or caffeine.”—<br />

Lauren Mathewson, ND,<br />

Revolutions Naturopathic<br />


Sneaky Steps<br />

15 “If you can’t make it<br />

to the gym, find other ways<br />

to burn calories. Examples<br />

are speed-walking through<br />

the mall while shopping<br />

for holiday gifts, parking<br />

further away, and taking<br />

the stairs instead of<br />

elevators and escalators.”—<br />

Lisa Robinson, General<br />

Manager, Roseville Health<br />

& Wellness Center<br />

Fitness Friends<br />

16 “Find a fitness buddy<br />

or fitness support group of<br />

any kind—whether it’s a<br />

friend who will keep you<br />

accountable, a running<br />

partner, gym buddy, group<br />

to workout with, etc.”—<br />

Jodie Wood, NASM-CPT,<br />

PES, Personal Trainer,<br />

Johnson Ranch Racquet<br />

Club, a Spare Time Club<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 19

cause & effect<br />

Raley’s Food<br />

For Families<br />

Taking a Bite Out of Hunger<br />


You’ve likely seen the small<br />

collection boxes at the<br />

cash registers at Raley’s,<br />

Bel Air, and Food Source<br />

checkout stands that say:<br />

Donate to Raley’s Food For Families.<br />

Have you wondered what happens to the<br />

money given (via cash or card) in this nopressure<br />

appeal for help? A lot, as it turns<br />

out.<br />

Raley’s founded the nonprofit Raley’s<br />

Food For Families 32 years ago to help<br />

feed people designated as “food insecure,”<br />

meaning they don’t have access to enough<br />

food for healthy living. The nonprofit’s<br />

mission is “to end hunger locally by<br />

providing fresh, healthy food to those who<br />

need it most.”<br />

Initially a canned food drive, Raley’s<br />

Food For Families now provides literally<br />

millions of pounds of nutritious food each<br />

year to hundreds of thousands of hungry<br />

families in Raley’s service areas—from<br />

Salinas, Yreka, and Northern Nevada,<br />

to <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong>, Placer <strong>County</strong>, and<br />

beyond. The need is staggering: As of 2015,<br />

in Sacramento <strong>County</strong> alone, more than<br />

240,000 people did not have enough to eat.<br />

The specter of hunger is especially<br />

acute during the holiday season, when food<br />

becomes a focus of celebration. During the<br />

last two months of the year—beginning<br />

<strong>November</strong> 4 this year—the organization<br />

holds their annual Holiday Bag Drive<br />

marked by displays of nutritious groceries<br />

at checkout stands. For a $10 donation,<br />

supplemented by Raley’s, a family will<br />

receive a bag of food valued at $30 and<br />

enough for 20 meals from such items as<br />

fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, canned<br />

tuna and green beans, diced tomatoes,<br />

pasta sauce, whole-grain<br />

pasta, peanut butter, Raisin<br />

Bran, and applesauce. “We’re<br />

very particular about the<br />

products we put into the<br />

bags,” says Becca Whitman,<br />

the program’s executive<br />

director and the community<br />

relations manager for<br />

Raley’s. “We focus on<br />

nutrition and health.” No<br />

turkeys? Not any longer,<br />

because other sources offer<br />

them. These bag donations<br />

20 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

Give Where<br />

You Live<br />

Drive Out Hunger Turkey Drive<br />

<strong>November</strong> 9, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Roseville Auto Mall,<br />

diana@placerfoodbank.org; placerfoodbank.org<br />

> Drop off a frozen turkey or monetary donation; the<br />

goal is to distribute 600 turkeys to families in need.<br />

Make Nine Divine: Friends of Folsom<br />

Turkey Drive and Fundraiser<br />

<strong>November</strong> 10, beginning at noon, FLB Entertainment<br />

Center, friendsoffolsom.org<br />

> Partake in fun activities, win raffle prizes, and drink<br />

for a cause.<br />

Empty Bowls Supper<br />

<strong>November</strong> 17, 4-8 p.m., <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> Fairgrounds,<br />

edpjc.org<br />

> Enjoy homemade soup, bread, and a beverage,<br />

participate in a silent auction and listen to live music;<br />

benefits the hungry locally and internationally.<br />

add up, too. Last year, the Holiday Bag Drive<br />

provided more than 3.7 million meals.<br />

Four years ago, Raley’s Food For Families<br />

introduced Summer Fresh Drive, a program<br />

that raises funds to make more fresh fruits and<br />

vegetables available to schoolchildren whose<br />

summer break also means a break from free<br />

meals. This past summer, the organization,<br />

in partnership with the Sacramento Public<br />

Library, held farmers’ markets at local library<br />

lunch program sites and donated bags of fresh<br />

produce to over 500 families.<br />

The success of Raley’s Food For Families<br />

relies in part on its unique distribution system.<br />

Raley’s doesn’t dole out food. Instead, it<br />

partners with county food banks aligned with<br />

Feeding America—including Placer Food Bank<br />

and Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services,<br />

and the agencies they both support—placing<br />

all the donations into accounts the food banks<br />

can then “spend” (at Raley’s cost) according to<br />

the needs of the agencies and communities<br />

they serve. “We’re a middle man of sorts,”<br />

Whitman says. “We try to leave the decisions<br />

to the experts and provide them with the<br />

resources to do good.” foodforfamilies.org<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 21<br />

Woodstoves - Gas Stoves - Fireplaces<br />

Women’s Boutique - Unique Home Décor and Gifts<br />

Celebrating Over 31 Years<br />

4496 Missouri Flat Rd. - Placerville<br />


in history<br />

Turkey<br />

Talk<br />

Giving Thanks,<br />

California <strong>Style</strong><br />


The First Thanksgiving by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, 1914<br />

Cooler weather, colorful leaves, and Apple Hill traffic<br />

announce the arrival of fall and Thanksgiving. This<br />

American holiday dates back to 1621 when Governor<br />

Bradford of Plymouth Colony organized a feast to<br />

celebrate the survival of the colony during its first<br />

year. In subsequent years, days of fasting and giving<br />

thanks occasionally became a common practice in<br />

New England.<br />

This tradition continued into the coming centuries.<br />

The Continental Congress proclaimed one or more days of “Thanksgiving” a year<br />

during the American Revolution, and the first official Thanksgiving proclamation<br />

by the national government of the U.S. was issued in 1789 by George Washington<br />

when he encouraged Americans to give thanks for the successful end of the war<br />

and the ratification of the Constitution. Succeeding presidents also proclaimed<br />

days of thanks.<br />

In the early 19th century, New York became the first of several states to<br />

designate an annual Thanksgiving holiday. These holidays were not always on<br />

the same day, and many of the southern states had no such observance at all. It<br />

wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln<br />

proclaimed the final Thursday in <strong>November</strong> as a national day of thanks.<br />

In California, Thanksgiving was first celebrated in 1847 by a group of New<br />

Englanders in San Francisco. Captain John Paty of Plymouth presided over the<br />

event, which included other prominent New Englanders. In 1849, a proclamation<br />

by Governor Riley set <strong>November</strong> 24 as a day of Thanksgiving. In addition to<br />

“health, order without law, and wealth accumulating faster than ever known,”<br />

citizens of California also had a newly ratified Constitution to be thankful for.<br />

The following year, Governor Burnett of the<br />

new state of California designated <strong>November</strong><br />

30 as a day to give thanks.<br />

In the years following, proclamations<br />

of Thanksgiving were hit or miss by the<br />

governors of the state, but the citizens rarely<br />

missed the opportunity to celebrate the<br />

bounty of California. In addition to family<br />

dinners, Thanksgiving balls—with good<br />

music and dinner—were routinely held at<br />

Masonic halls and hotels.<br />

While the rest of the nation was in the<br />

midst of the Civil War, the Sacramento Daily<br />

Union of <strong>November</strong> 27, 1862, recounted the<br />

blessings of California:<br />

“Peace has prevailed within the limit of<br />

our State. Our pursuits and our enterprises<br />

have been undisturbed. We have recovered<br />

with wonderful rapidity from the devastating<br />

effects of the great flood. New sources of<br />

wealth have been revealed, and the old have<br />

continued to yield in golden profusion. The<br />

boon of a trans-continental railroad has been<br />

granted at last by national authority…”<br />

And if that were not enough to be thankful<br />

for, the article also noted that “A ten-pound<br />

turkey can be bought for a dollar and six bits<br />

[$1.75], a goose for four bits [$0.50], and ducks<br />

for three bits a pair [$0.37]!”<br />

Apparently, fowl wasn’t always so<br />

affordable, at least not to the editors of the<br />

Mountain Democrat. In the <strong>November</strong> 23, 1855,<br />

issue, the writer notes: “as we are too poor<br />

to buy a turkey and too proud to beg one,<br />

won’t someone invite us to dinner?” In a<br />

postscript to the article, the writer states:<br />

“We can’t accept more than three invitations<br />

to dinner but shall not refuse any number<br />

of turkies [sic].” In 1941, Congress passed<br />

a law that made Thanksgiving the holiday<br />

we all recognize—the fourth Thursday of<br />

<strong>November</strong>.<br />

sources<br />

history.com/topics/thanksgiving/history-of-thanksgiving<br />

Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 24, Number 3646,<br />

27 <strong>November</strong> 1862; Volume 96, Number 93, 22<br />

<strong>November</strong> 1898<br />

Mountain Democrat, <strong>November</strong> 23, 1855<br />

Photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.<br />

22 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf





2802 MALLARD LN.<br />


www.drmcdonald.com<br />

(530)626-8440<br />

Board Certified in<br />

Treatment and<br />

Management of Ocular<br />

Diseases. Member of<br />

Both American and<br />

California Optometric<br />


home design<br />

Home is Where<br />

the Hearth Is<br />

3 Hot Fireplace Ideas<br />


Afireplace is oftentimes the primary focal point of a living room,<br />

providing warmth, comfort, and structure. Still, there can be challenges<br />

when it comes to designing your living space around one. How close<br />

can the furniture be to the heat and flames? Is there a “best” option<br />

for placement of the sofa? What if there are competing focal points,<br />

such as in a room with a terrific view? Here are a few design tips and<br />

tricks that will help when faced with such decisions.<br />

Mendota Hearth DXV45 DT4 Fireplace<br />

A<br />

so symmetrical, this configuration makes<br />

balance fairly easy to achieve and provides<br />

a cozy ambiance to the room.<br />

But what if the room and fireplace is<br />

on a much grander scale? If that’s the case,<br />

you would want to “pull it back,” allowing<br />

for larger furniture arrangements echoing<br />

the larger scale and to avoid having the<br />

space seem cavernous. In room (B), proper<br />

balance is the result of high ceilings and<br />

windows being offset by the extra-large<br />

yet simple, non-fussy furniture selection<br />

and the oh-so-handsome fireplace that<br />

assumes the role of artwork.<br />


A not uncommon dilemma when<br />

it comes to designing your room<br />

around a fireplace is the dueling focal point<br />

issue. This occurs when there’s a second or<br />

even third focus drawing your attention,<br />

such as large picture windows with<br />

breathtaking views. In these instances, it’s<br />

often best to take your cue from the old<br />

adage: “Who says we can’t have it all?”<br />

Mendota Hearth FullView 41 Decor Wide Grac<br />

C<br />


Achieving a sense of balance is<br />

always a primary goal of good design.<br />

Sometimes this is easy to accomplish, as in<br />

the photo above where two comfy chairs<br />

flank the fireplace and the sofa sits directly<br />

opposite the fireplace with a conveniently<br />

placed coffee table in front. Because it’s<br />

B<br />

Mendota Hearth FullView 44i Andover<br />

24 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf<br />

All photos courtesy of KKDL.

60% OFF<br />

Installation Labor*<br />

Best offer of the year!<br />

Mendota Hearth FullView 44i Modern<br />

D<br />

In rooms (C, D & E), it’s easy to see how furniture placement that<br />

allows for a full appreciation of your fireplace, along with spectacular<br />

views, is completely doable. The trick is all in flexibility; there are no<br />

rules. Scoot that chair around at just the right angle to check out the<br />

view while still enjoying the warmth and comfort of your beautiful<br />

fireplace.<br />

Alternatively, if your sofa faces the view while being perpendicular<br />

to the fireplace, try placing a couple of easily moved or swivel chairs<br />

opposite the sofa to allow for the ultimate in viewer options and<br />

comfort.<br />

ThatsByers.com/<strong>Style</strong><br />

Promo code: <strong>Style</strong><br />

916.585.7952<br />

Call for free estimate<br />

* 60% off installation labor offer valid on a minimum 150-foot<br />

new Byers LeafGuard Gutter install. Not valid with any other<br />

offer. No cash value. Offer expires 9/30/18. CSLB#518784.<br />

Mendota Hearth FullView 44i Decor<br />

Layered Grace<br />

E<br />



3TAKE A SEAT<br />

While most often a fireplace does provide the primary focal<br />

point of a room, sometimes one is there “just because,” hidden<br />

away in a small secret nook or adding an extra architectural element<br />

where none is expected. Furniture arrangement may seem like a<br />

moot point in such a case, but the opposite is true. Though the seating<br />

may be minimal, it becomes more important than ever to provide a<br />

“landing pad” with at least one chair or bench so that one or two people<br />

can sit and enjoy such<br />

a treasure.<br />

So, let the fun Kerrie L. Kelly, FASID, is an awardwinning<br />

interior designer, author,<br />

begin, and let common<br />

product developer, and multimedia<br />

sense and comfort be consultant helping brands reach<br />

the interior design community. To<br />

your guide.<br />

contact her, visit kerriekelly.com or<br />

call 916-919-3023.<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 25<br />

916.369.6518<br />

Our 34rd Year<br />

in Business<br />

54 NARI Awards<br />

Proven to be the best…<br />

always a great value!<br />

Lic # 659954




ALL-<br />

M A G A Z I N E<br />

STARS<br />




<strong>2018</strong><br />

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★<br />

Redux!<br />

Presenting <strong>Style</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>’s READERS’ CHOICE AWARD ALL-STARS special<br />

advertising section. For those businesses who missed out on this special section<br />

in our October issues or want to remind folks again of their win, we've offered<br />

them a 2nd chance to thank their customers, clients and our readers for voting<br />

them and showcase why they are considered All-Stars! So once again, we<br />

present Readers' Choice winners and invite you to celebrate them with us!<br />

Ciao Bella Salon<br />

4615 Missouri Flat Road, Ste. 3 | Placerville<br />

530-626-4247<br />

2<br />

YEARS WON!<br />

Ciao Bella<br />

Ciao Bella Salon in Placerville would love to thank all<br />

of our valued clients ,friends, and families for voting us<br />

#1 Best Salon in <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> for 2 years in a row.<br />

Our talented staff has definitely worked hard to earn<br />

your vote and we appreciate the time you took to vote<br />

for us.It is an honor that we humbly accept.<br />

Our staff includes stylists Jody Visconti (owner), Cherie<br />

Balga, Megan Carrigg, Jene Console, <strong>El</strong>ayna WIck (not<br />

pictured), Stacy Humbird, Christine Reece, and our<br />

manicurists Gina Gillihan, Joni Rose, and Nancy Carey<br />

(not pictured).<br />

The staff at Ciao Bella Salon offers all types of hair<br />

and nail services. Everyone on our staff has years of<br />

experience. Ciao Bella salon is one of the largest and<br />

most beautiful salons in <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong>. We are<br />

located at 4615 Missouri Flat Road, Suite 3, Placerville<br />

CA 95667. Our hours vary but we are open Tues-Sat.<br />

Walk ins are welcome but appointments are strongly<br />

suggested. 530-6264247<br />

Ciao Bella Salon currently has stations available for<br />

rent .<br />

26 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf



Green Acres Nursery & Supply<br />

Folsom | 916-358-9099<br />

Roseville | 916-782-2273<br />

Rocklin | 916.824.1310<br />

www.idiggreenacres.com<br />

8<br />

YEARS WON!<br />

Placerville Flowers on Main<br />

318 Main Street | Placerville<br />

530-622-1121 | PlacervilleFlowersOnMain.com<br />

12<br />

YEARS WON!<br />

We’re proud to be a local, family-owned garden center with<br />

roots in the Greater Sacramento Area. Our garden gurus like<br />

to share their tips and have the answers to questions about<br />

plants, irrigation, fertilizers, soils and plant R x .<br />

Our <strong>El</strong>k Grove, Folsom and Rocklin locations offer patio<br />

furniture, grills, fire pits and more!<br />

<strong>El</strong>k Grove | Folsom | Rocklin | Roseville | Sacramento<br />

Thank you to all of our amazing customers who voted us the<br />

"best." We couldn't do it without this amazing community<br />

we call home. We appreciate you and want to thank you for<br />

allowing us to be creative and bring beauty into your lives.<br />

Also, we'd like to thank our amazing local flower growers for<br />

the beautiful flowers they supply us and help us to support<br />

the local economy! In addition to servicing the communities'<br />

daily needs, we also do special events as well. Be on the look<br />

out for our newly released Holiday Class Schedule! Thank<br />

you for all of your support!<br />

Combellack’s<br />

339 Main St | Placerville<br />

530-622-2582<br />

4<br />

YEARS WON!<br />

Placerville News<br />

Company<br />

409 Main Street | Placerville<br />

530-622-4510 | pvillenews.com<br />

5<br />

YEARS WON!<br />

Smith Flat House<br />

2021 Smith Flat Rd. | Placerville<br />

530-621-1003<br />

smithflathouse.com<br />

6<br />

YEARS WON!<br />

I would like to thank everyone for voting<br />

our 130 year old family owned business as<br />

one of your favorite stores. We hope to<br />

continue serving you for years to come.<br />

Come in and say hello to Karen our<br />

newest Combellack to carry on with our<br />

family tradition.<br />

Established during the gold Rush,<br />

our family has owned and operated<br />

the Newsstand since 1912. Thank you<br />

everyone for voting the Placerville News<br />

Company as your Readers Choice. Come<br />

see our newest additions, a Hallmark<br />

Gold Crown Store, and our new Music<br />

Counter featuring D’Addario strings,<br />

reeds, drumsticks, and more.<br />

At Smith Flat House we ensure that each<br />

of our guests has one of the best dining<br />

experiences of their lives. The ambience<br />

combined with a seasonally changing,<br />

locally sourced menu and wine list, and<br />

exceptional service provide our guests with<br />

an unforgettable dining experience. Voted<br />

one of the Best Romantic Restaurants,<br />

Best Outdoor Dining, and Best Rehearsal<br />

Dinner Place!<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 27

Soul<br />

Foodies<br />

10<br />




In the pages<br />

that follow, we<br />

introduce you<br />

to the people<br />

behind the<br />

local plates and<br />

restaurants you<br />

love—each with a<br />

story as colorful<br />

as their culinary<br />

creations. Dig<br />

Photo ©markoaliaksandr - stock.adobe.com.<br />

in and learn<br />

something new!<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 29

10 TOP CHEFS<br />

Dean Hiatt<br />

Poor Red’s Bar-B-Que, 6221 Pleasant Valley Road,<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong>, 530-622-2901, poorreds.com<br />

Dean Hiatt might just be one of the last nice<br />

chefs standing. Most chefs have a story or<br />

two about how fiery the kitchen can get—in<br />

more ways than one. Instead, Dean says he<br />

watched chefs mistreat their employees<br />

as he worked his way through kitchens<br />

and vowed to never do the same. He also<br />

supports what he calls “reverse farming”—<br />

where local farms come to him and ask what<br />

they can grow for the restaurant, instead<br />

of vice versa, which puts less strain on the<br />

environment.<br />

First memory of food: My biological mother<br />

left when I was younger, so it was just me, my<br />

brother, and my dad. I remember watching<br />

Julia Child with my dad—he’d take notes and<br />

then make us dinner later.<br />

Food philosophy: I like my food to tell a<br />

story, especially a story of the landscape—so<br />

if I serve venison, I also serve mushrooms; or<br />

if I serve fish, I also serve nuts from the river.<br />

If I wasn’t a chef, I’d be: I’m currently in<br />

my third dream job—previously, I was a<br />

firefighter and a musician. If I had to move<br />

on from here, I’d be a police officer.<br />

Top cooking tip: Coco Chanel says that<br />

before you leave the house, you should take<br />

one thing off—I think before you send out a<br />

plate, you should take something off. Don’t<br />

overthink or overcomplicate it.<br />

The best thing I ever ate: Barbecue back<br />

home in Texas.<br />

One food I’ll never get behind: Sushi. I like<br />

looking at it, but I just can’t eat raw fish.<br />

Guilty pleasure food: I like to dip a<br />

spoonful of peanut butter in chocolate<br />

chips.<br />

Favorite ingredient to work with: Sage. It<br />

reminds me of home.<br />

For dinner last night, I ate: I made sage<br />

dirty rice with a sage-stuffed, baconwrapped<br />

pork loin, and winter roasted<br />

vegetables, and yes, sage.<br />

Favorite food pairing: Some kind of root<br />

vegetable and ribeye.<br />

Favorite restaurant and dish: I love The<br />

Independent Restaurant and Bar! Every time<br />

I go, I’m always going to get their California<br />

Chicken Sandwich; I have them take the<br />

avocado off though—it’s a texture thing.<br />

You’d never know it, but: I was homeless,<br />

living in my truck in a parking lot in Las<br />

Vegas trying to put myself through a culinary<br />

education working under some chefs for not<br />

a lot of money. I guess the dream was bigger<br />

than anything else.<br />

30 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

John Sanders<br />

Old Town Grill, 444 Main Street, Placerville, 530-622-<br />

2631, otgplacerville.com<br />

Nick Dedier<br />

Milestone, 4359 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 116, <strong>El</strong><br />

<strong>Dorado</strong> Hills, 916-934-0790, milestonerestaurantedh.com<br />

Nick Dedier has traveled<br />

leaps and bounds from his<br />

college days of working as a<br />

casual server and even as a<br />

dishwasher at Strings Italian<br />

Café. From attending the<br />

Culinary Institute of America in<br />

New York and holding varying<br />

positions at numerous Michelin<br />

star restaurants—Daniel Boulud<br />

Brasserie, Gary Danko, Thomas<br />

Keller Restaurant Group—to<br />

working with Auberge Resorts,<br />

it’s safe to say this superstar<br />

has an impressive résumé—and<br />

some serious culinary chops.<br />

Decorative background aside,<br />

however, his true joy lies in<br />

supporting small businesses<br />

by cooking solid, locally<br />

sourced, seasonal food for the<br />

community.<br />

First memory of food: Making<br />

scrambled eggs with my mom<br />

and Aunt Jan. I learned on my<br />

own that the more cream I<br />

added the better they were.<br />

Food philosophy: Always cook<br />

like you're cooking for family<br />

and friends, not customers or<br />

the bottom line. Keep it classic,<br />

not trendy; rich and valuable,<br />

not precious and pricey.<br />

If I wasn’t a chef, I’d be: A<br />

fishing guide.<br />

Top cooking tip: Chefs only<br />

become better by using<br />

better quality ingredients with<br />

diligently practiced techniques.<br />

The best thing I ever ate:<br />

Oysters and Pearls at The<br />

French Laundry in Yountville.<br />

One food I'll never get<br />

behind: Vegan food made to<br />

look like meat.<br />

Guilty pleasure food: Any hot<br />

dog from Ruffhaus Hot Dog Co.<br />

Favorite ingredient to work<br />

with: Great food is loaded with<br />

love; considering I’m my own<br />

boss working with my fiancé in<br />

a New American restaurant, I<br />

get to work with that ingredient<br />

every day and am proud to say<br />

it shows. Also, salt. Developing<br />

a method and a madness<br />

to salt usage really makes<br />

food sing. The famous chef<br />

Jean-Louis Palladin made the<br />

inference that people don't go<br />

to restaurants because [chefs]<br />

know how to cook, they go out<br />

because [they] know how to<br />

use salt.<br />

For dinner last night I ate:<br />

Leftover Chinese food in the<br />

only fashion acceptable—the<br />

dregs from every box, in a bowl,<br />

with white rice heated up and<br />

devoured.<br />

Favorite food pairing:<br />

Sparkling wine and anything; or<br />

pork and fruit.<br />

Favorite restaurant and dish:<br />

“Chip and Dip” at State Bird<br />

Provisions in San Francisco.<br />

You'd never know it, but: I<br />

grew up absolutely loathing<br />

onions.<br />

John Sanders always knew he wanted his own restaurant.<br />

He’s clocked 41 years as a chef (18 at the grill) and while<br />

food will always be his first passion, his other passion is<br />

helping folks develop a solid work foundation right in his<br />

own kitchen.<br />

First memory of food: Coming from a family of nine<br />

children—yes, nine—my dear mother would prepare a<br />

meal for the family and we’d all share the day and enjoy it<br />

together.<br />

Food philosophy: Take advantage of the local resources<br />

and bounty that our area has to offer.<br />

If I wasn’t a chef, I’d be: I’m living my dream job.<br />

Top cooking tip: The three “T”s ensure a finished product—<br />

time, temperature, and taste.<br />

The best thing I ever ate: A perfectly seared and<br />

seasoned chuck-end, bone-in ribeye.<br />

One food I’ll never get behind: Mushrooms—I like the<br />

earthy profile, but I can’t handle the texture.<br />

Guilty pleasure food: My 10 p.m. snack!<br />

Favorite ingredient to work with: Walking through our<br />

farmers’ markets and utilizing whatever came out of the<br />

farms that day.<br />

For dinner last night, I ate: Shrimp fajitas in a cast iron<br />

skillet cooked on an open fire alongside zucchini stuffed<br />

with crab, salmon, scallops, and lobster.<br />

Favorite food pairing: Wild game with a deep, earthy<br />

sauce and fresh herbs.<br />

Favorite restaurant and dish: Cioppino with sourdough<br />

bread at Scoma’s in San Francisco.<br />

You’d never know it, but: I have more than 30 years being<br />

clean and sober, and my passion through food is to help<br />

others who just need a break or a chance.<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 31

10 TOP CHEFS<br />

Mark Berkner<br />

Taste Restaurant,<br />

9402 Main Street,<br />

Plymouth, 209-245-3463,<br />

restauranttaste.com<br />

Mark Berkner serves as the<br />

department chair for the<br />

San Joaquin Delta College<br />

of Culinary Arts, a tasty full<br />

circle from when he was a<br />

student studying culinary arts<br />

at Contra Costa College. The<br />

chef and educator believes<br />

that all chefs are artists, and<br />

after a bite of his foie gras<br />

or seared scallops, we’re<br />

inclined to agree.<br />

Food philosophy: Food<br />

should be prepared and<br />

consumed at its most optimal<br />

freshness and ripeness while<br />

showcasing the natural<br />

flavors of the ingredients. It<br />

shouldn’t be intimidating,<br />

but it should be a nourishing<br />

experience that makes your<br />

taste buds happy.<br />

If I wasn’t a chef, I’d be: Test<br />

driving dirt bikes.<br />

Guilty pleasure food:<br />

Reuben sandwiches.<br />

Favorite ingredient to work<br />

with: Wild mushrooms that<br />

I’ve foraged.<br />

For dinner last night, I ate:<br />

Liverwurst on crackers at 10<br />

p.m.<br />

Favorite food pairing: Toast<br />

paired with anything!<br />

Favorite restaurant and<br />

dish: The Waterboy, and<br />

anything on the menu.<br />

You’d never know it, but:<br />

I’m a professor.<br />

Dan Moore<br />

36 Handles, 1010 White<br />

Rock Road, <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills,<br />

916-941-3606, 36handles.<br />

com<br />

Dan Moore brings his<br />

experience of training under<br />

chefs from New Orleans, San<br />

Francisco, and Sacramento<br />

to deliver a polished pub<br />

experience at 36 Handles.<br />

He loves using seasonal and<br />

local ingredients whenever<br />

possible, which is evident in<br />

the restaurant’s menu that<br />

changes monthly.<br />

First memory of food: BBQ<br />

outings at my grandparents’<br />

house in Folsom.<br />

Food philosophy: Keep it<br />

simple—and seasonal.<br />

If I wasn’t a chef, I’d be: A<br />

firefighter.<br />

Top cooking tip: Salt. Use<br />

more of it.<br />

The best thing I ever ate: A<br />

wood-fired pizza from an old<br />

pizza place in New Haven, CT.<br />

One food I’ll never get<br />

behind: Broccoli.<br />

Guilty pleasure food: Pizza.<br />

Favorite ingredient to work<br />

with: Pork.<br />

For dinner last night, I ate:<br />

A hamburger.<br />

You’d never know it, but: I<br />

have four kids.<br />

32 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf<br />

Julian Perrigo-Jimenez<br />

Julian’s Pâtisserie & Café,<br />

6610 Folsom-Auburn Road,<br />

Suite 7, Folsom, 916-936-4735,<br />

julianscafe.com<br />

Julian Perrigo-Jimenez of Food<br />

Network fame (he just finished<br />

filming a Cake Wars episode<br />

to air next October) is all about<br />

pushing himself and staying<br />

innovative. The California<br />

Culinary Academy of San<br />

Francisco graduate specialized<br />

in baking and pastry arts, and<br />

returned from Las Vegas—after<br />

having worked alongside worldrenowned<br />

pastry chefs with<br />

stints at the Bellagio and Caesars<br />

Palace—to bring the baked goods<br />

home to Folsom.<br />

First memory of food:<br />

Buttermilk pancakes that my<br />

grandma used to make from<br />

scratch. She’d brush each one<br />

with melted butter, and they<br />

were the best pancakes I’ve ever<br />

had.<br />

Food philosophy: Food is an art<br />

and a form of creative expression.<br />

If I wasn’t a chef, I’d be: A<br />

teacher. I love helping young<br />

people achieve their goals.<br />

Top cooking tip: Don’t be afraid<br />

to make anything—everybody<br />

has to start somewhere.<br />

The best thing I ever ate: My<br />

first crêpe in the streets of Paris.<br />

One food I’ll never get behind:<br />

Mushrooms.<br />

Guilty pleasure food: Ice cream.<br />

Favorite ingredient to work<br />

with: Chocolate.<br />

For dinner last night, I ate: A<br />

bacon, egg, and cheese croissant.<br />

Favorite food pairing: Ice cream<br />

and bread pudding.<br />

Favorite restaurant and dish:<br />

Lasagna at The Place.<br />

You’d never know it, but: I used<br />

to be really into skateboarding.<br />

Taro Arai<br />

Mikuni Japanese Restaurant<br />

& Sushi Bar, various locations,<br />

mikunisushi.com<br />

The self-proclaimed happiest chef<br />

ever, Taro Arai learned how to<br />

cook from watching his mother<br />

and reading books. When the<br />

raw fish aficionado and hailed<br />

“Lord of Rice” isn’t rolling delicious<br />

concoctions from the sea, you can<br />

probably find him doing charity<br />

work—or devouring his mother’s<br />

homemade dashi.<br />

First memory of food: I grew up<br />

eating my mom’s home-cooked<br />

meals, so maybe a bowl of rice<br />

with a raw egg, from one of our<br />

own chickens, or furikake, which is<br />

dried fish and vegetables.<br />

Food philosophy: I follow the<br />

three “F”s: fresh, freestyle, and<br />

freaky!<br />

If I wasn’t a chef, I’d be: Working<br />

for a charitable organization,<br />

which I already do part-time at<br />

the Mikuni Charitable Foundation.<br />

Top cooking tip: There are no<br />

rules, so just cook from your heart.<br />

The best thing I ever ate: Tai (sea<br />

bream) sashimi in my hometown<br />

of Amakusa, Japan.<br />

One food I’ll never get behind:<br />

I’ve traveled all over the world<br />

looking for one thing that I didn’t<br />

like, but I haven’t found it yet—I<br />

like everything!<br />

Guilty pleasure food: I never feel<br />

guilty.<br />

Favorite ingredient to work<br />

with: Fresh fish.<br />

For dinner last night, I ate:<br />

Sōmen noodles from Nagasaki,<br />

Japan, with my mom’s homemade<br />

dashi.<br />

Favorite food pairing: Nigiri and<br />

sake.<br />

Favorite restaurant and dish:<br />

I have too many friends in this<br />

field—I like all of the restaurants!<br />

You’d never know it, but: I used<br />

to be very short-tempered, but<br />

now I’m full of joy.

Kara Taylor<br />

The Farm Table, 311 Main Street, Placerville, 530-295-<br />

8140, ourfarmtable.com<br />

Kara Taylor started working<br />

in coffee and donut shops<br />

when she was 13, followed by<br />

a pie-making stint at an apple<br />

orchard. By 15, she was cooking<br />

on the line at a fine dining<br />

Italian restaurant. Today? You<br />

can find her slinging some of<br />

the best duck confit in Northern<br />

California, among other things.<br />

First memory of food: Eating<br />

lobster at a birthday party when<br />

I was four. Growing up in coastal<br />

New England, it was a family<br />

tradition to eat lobster on our<br />

birthdays.<br />

Food philosophy: Less is more.<br />

If I wasn’t a chef, I’d be: Doing<br />

community development work<br />

in the nonprofit or public sector.<br />

Top cooking tip: Don’t rush it.<br />

Dishes cooked “low and slow”<br />

like confits and braises are my<br />

specialty.<br />

The best thing I ever ate:<br />

Lobster in butter, lobster<br />

bisque, lobster roll—I really love<br />

lobster.<br />

One food I’ll never get behind:<br />

I can’t think of anything I’ll<br />

never like!<br />

Guilty pleasure food: Fried<br />

chicken, but I don’t really feel<br />

guilty about it.<br />

Favorite ingredient to work<br />

with: Pork.<br />

For dinner last night, I ate: A<br />

sausage sandwich with grilled<br />

peppers and onions.<br />

Favorite food pairing: During<br />

fall, butternut squash and<br />

chipotle chili.<br />

Favorite restaurant and<br />

dish: Chile Relleno and Blood<br />

Sausage Tacos from Santa Maria<br />

Taqueria.<br />

You’d never know it, but: I<br />

spent a year working as a tool<br />

librarian, lending out tools and<br />

fixing small engines on lawn<br />

mowers.<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 33

10 TOP CHEFS<br />

Michael Liu<br />

Hisui Sushi, 25004 Blue Ravine Road, Suite 107, Folsom, 916-<br />

985-7778, hisuisushi.com<br />

Michael Liu was born into the restaurant industry. His parents owned<br />

Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area, and he often helped out. At 16,<br />

he got his first official job as a dishwasher at a Japanese restaurant<br />

and—after learning and honing his skills from some of the eatery’s<br />

amazing chefs—went on to become the successful owner and chef at<br />

Folsom favorite Hisui.<br />

First memory of food: My grandma’s cooking. Since my parents were<br />

busy with the restaurant business, most of the time my grandma<br />

would prepare homemade meals for my brothers and me. I loved her<br />

beef noodle soup and rice porridge. I still don’t know how she makes<br />

them, but I know no one can make them as perfectly as her.<br />

Food philosophy: Combining traditional cuisine with a creative and<br />

contemporary flair using only the freshest, healthiest ingredients.<br />

If I wasn’t a chef, I’d be: An engineer. I went to school for it and got a<br />

degree but found my passion in food. I love what I do and ended up<br />

being really good at it!<br />

Top cooking tip: Good food is actually pretty simple. It always starts<br />

with the origin of your ingredients; fresh, natural ingredients make just<br />

about everything taste way better.<br />

The best thing I ever ate: When my wife and I visited South Korea,<br />

Taiwan, and Japan, we had the most amazing food experiences. The<br />

street markets during the day, the vibrant night markets, fish markets,<br />

and the food festivals—there’s such a diversity to the food they offer,<br />

and it was a true food paradise.<br />

One food I’ll never get behind: Overcooked cabbage. The smell is<br />

disgusting!<br />

Guilty pleasure food: Ice cream.<br />

Favorite ingredient to work with: Fish sauce. It’s an umami bomb<br />

that gives depth and richness to sauces and main dishes.<br />

For dinner last night, I ate: A perfectly seasoned homemade pork<br />

chop with potatoes and veggies—and, of course, ice cream for dessert.<br />

Favorite food pairing: Sake with sushi. Sake is very versatile and<br />

complements many cuisines.<br />

Favorite restaurant and dish: Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino.<br />

It’s an American steakhouse with a Japanese flair. I love their dry-aged<br />

tomahawk chop, truffle mac & cheese, and complimentary cotton<br />

candy.<br />

You’d never know it, but: I love playing video games.<br />

Christine Ondrus-Lykos<br />

Farmer’s Delicatessen and Bakery, 3952 Cambridge<br />

Road, Cameron Park, 530-672-6800, farmersdeli.net<br />

Christine Ondrus-Lykos thought she might attend the<br />

Culinary Institute of America some 20 years ago, but<br />

instead, the self-taught chef blazed a trail all on her own<br />

by traveling through Europe and gaining an immense<br />

appreciation of what other countries and cultures bring<br />

to the American palate—and plate. Now the native New<br />

Yorker is doing the same at her beloved bakery and deli in<br />

Cameron Park.<br />

First memory of food: I visited Hungary and Romania when<br />

I was four. I remember playing with pigs and chickens on<br />

a remote farm, and I vividly recall seeing a whole animal<br />

being cooked on top of a spit in an open field.<br />

Food philosophy: Keep it simple, take your time, and mind<br />

your energy in the kitchen—energy is an ingredient!<br />

If I wasn’t a chef, I’d be: A rally sports car driver.<br />

The best thing I ever ate: Crème caramel in Barcelona.<br />

One food I’ll never get behind: Escargot.<br />

Guilty pleasure food: Pizza.<br />

Favorite ingredient to work with: Garlic—yum!<br />

For dinner last night, I ate: Chicken salad with avocado.<br />

Favorite food pairing: Clarified butter and garlic.<br />

Favorite restaurant and dish: The Cashew Chicken at Thai<br />

House.<br />

You’d never know it, but: When I was younger, I wanted to<br />

be a dancer.<br />

For more top chefs<br />

visit styleedc.com<br />

34 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf



Thai Unique<br />


Presenting <strong>Style</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>’s Taste of the Town special<br />

advertising section, where some of our area’s creators<br />

of culinary have chosen to highlight their business.<br />

When you visit these eatieries, make sure you tell<br />

them you saw their profile in <strong>Style</strong>!<br />

Thai Unique offers <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong><br />

<strong>Foothills</strong>' Best Thai Cuisine as<br />

voted by <strong>Style</strong> readers every year!<br />

Come enjoy lunch or dinner or even a<br />

take home meal to savor. Indulge your<br />

senses in the freshest seafood, meats and<br />

vegetables perfectly prepared with exotic<br />

spices. Experience true Thai that is indeed<br />

unique!<br />

1160 Broadway // Placerville<br />

530-621-9559 // thaiunique.net<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 35



Voted Best Overall<br />

Restaurant, a<br />

Best Outdoor<br />

Dining, a Best Bar, a Best<br />

Romantic Restaurant, a<br />

Best Cocktail, and Best<br />

Waitpersons Jake Brekke and Tyrel Blankenship! The<br />

Independent Restaurant and Bar offers a refreshing place<br />

for gatherings of family and friends in the Emerald Street<br />

Building on upper Main Street in Placerville. Come and<br />

enjoy the modern rustic setting which includes cozy<br />

indoor dining and a convivial bar. In addition, outdoor<br />

dining is available on the private garden patio.<br />

Now in their eighth year, the Independent remains<br />

focused on its American fusion menu prepared with<br />

the freshest ingredients. The full bar is top tier with<br />

innovative creations featuring fresh-squeezed juices,<br />

infused liquors, and signature cocktails mixed by their<br />

friendly and professional staff.<br />

Operating as a “scratch kitchen” the work begins early<br />

at The Independent, where meats, cheeses, and freshdelivered<br />

produce are all prepared daily for lunch and<br />

dinner service. Creative weekend specials are a hallmark<br />

of the Independent and savvy patrons know they sell<br />

out quickly. Call and speak to the friendly staff for<br />

information and reservations or follow the Independent<br />

on Facebook to see current weekend specials. The<br />

Independent serves lunch and dinner seven days/week.<br />

Also check out their Bloody Mary Bar on Sundays from<br />

11-4, and their Sous Vide Prime Rib on Sunday nights!<br />

The Independent Restaurant and Bar<br />

629 Main Street // Placerville<br />

530-344-7645 // independentplacerville.com<br />

Our team at Outbreak<br />

Brewing Company<br />

has a simple concept,<br />

create an atmosphere where<br />

the community can come enjoy<br />

our creations and feel at home.<br />

Part of attaining that concept is<br />

creating beers that are not only<br />

relevant to the brewing industry,<br />

but also relevant to our local community. We wouldn’t be<br />

anywhere without our local friends, and we can’t thank<br />

you all enough for voting us Reader’s Choice #1 Brewery!<br />

​About the beers. We enjoy brewing all styles but most<br />

importantly our goal is to produce well balanced highly<br />

drinkable beers. Our Amber Lynn is our rendition of<br />

an English/American Hybrid amber ale. She weighs in<br />

at 5.6% ABV she has a subtle toast and mild hop aroma<br />

character. Our Sabotauge IPA is an award winning West<br />

Coast Single IPA. At 6.7% ABV it’s a well-balanced IPA<br />

with the classic citrus pine backbone. Waking the Dead is<br />

our Russian Imperial Stout. Don’t let its 11.4% ABV scare<br />

you, this stout is incredibly easy drinking with coffee and<br />

chocolate notes. We have new creations all the time, so<br />

stay tuned!<br />

​Look out this month for our collaborations with Stash<br />

Brewing, Totem Coffee, Placerville Public House, and<br />

South Lake Brewing!<br />

See you at the Brewery, Cheers!<br />

Outbreak Brewing Company<br />

640 Main Street // Placerville<br />

530-748-3258 // outbreakbrewing.com<br />

36 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf



Tortilla Flats Cantina<br />

The Breakroom has it all! We are a full-service restaurant that<br />

offers delicious American food plus entertainment for the<br />

whole family; from pool tables, dart boards, and arcade to<br />

just a fun game of cards or dice at your table. We use fresh quality<br />

ingredients to create our own twist on everything from a juicy burger<br />

to a delicious French Dip! We take pride in providing a space that is<br />

not only comfortable and inviting, but appealing to anyone looking<br />

for a great time. The Breakroom is where food meets fun!<br />

The Breakroom<br />

4131 South Shingle Rd. #7 // Shingle Springs<br />

530-763-6761 // breakroomeatery.com<br />

New owners have re-opened the former Tortilla Flats Mexican<br />

Restaurant in downtown Placerville adding a lively Mexican<br />

“Cantina” with a craft cocktail program and an exciting new<br />

menu featuring responsibly sourced ingredients.<br />

Originally opened in 1976, the now 40 year old staple on Placerville’s<br />

historic Main Street is still serving up traditional Mexican dishes<br />

with all new recipes, now rich with sustainably harvested seafood,<br />

free range pork and chicken and local eggs. The cocktail program has<br />

a focus on classic cocktails each with a Mexican twist.<br />

Tortilla Flats Cantina is open daily for lunch and dinner.<br />

The Breakroom<br />

564 Main Street // Placerville<br />

530-295-9408 // tortillaflatscantina.com<br />

Seven years old and we’re still having fun. The Bricks family<br />

has made a lot of friends along the way and we enjoy spending<br />

time with all of our patrons and friends each and every day.<br />

A heartfelt thanks for your enthusiasm and support. We’re looking<br />

forward to another wonderful year!<br />



Bricks Eats & Drinks<br />

482 Main Street // Placerville<br />

530-344-7757 // bricksonmainstreet.com<br />

We have had the pleasure of being part of the Placerville<br />

community for eight years now. Cascada continues to<br />

strive to give our patrons the best dining experience<br />

possible. We serve an eclectic mix of Mexican favorites and<br />

California fresh cuisine with a Latin flair in an upscale, urban setting<br />

without the upscale price. Our full bar is anchored with local wines<br />

and specialty margaritas made with premium tequilas and fresh<br />

squeezed lime juice. Our friendly and professional staff serve lunch<br />

and dinner seven days a week. So stop by and have some fun. We<br />

look forward to seeing you.<br />

Cascada Restaurant & Cantina<br />

384 Main Street // Placerville<br />

530-344-7757 // cascadaonmainstreet.com<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 37

eat & drink<br />


By strange coincidence, when I was asked<br />

to review the Gold Country’s newest<br />

Italian bistro, I had been craving the authentic,<br />

rustic cuisine of Northern Italy. I just didn’t<br />

expect it to be in Placerville. As my plus one<br />

and I strolled down a quaint courtyard off<br />

Main Street, we came upon our destination:<br />

Amore Mio.<br />

The bistro is the collaboration between<br />

owners Sigrid and Mari—two personalities<br />

bubbling with gioia e amore (joy and love),<br />

thanks to a passion for their new life in the<br />

foothills, their customers, and each other.<br />

We witnessed the latter when Sigrid brought<br />

Mari flowers as consolation for “a tough<br />

day.” The “awww” factor was palpable.<br />

After a glass of local vino was poured, my<br />

trip back to Tuscany officially began with il<br />

Amore Mio<br />

Italian Bistro<br />

Love at First Bite<br />

by LORN RANDALL // photos by DANTE FONTANA<br />





fritto misto della casa—delicately<br />

fried zucchini flowers stuffed<br />

with mozzarella alongside<br />

arancini (breaded risotto balls)<br />

and a drizzle of balsamic<br />

reduction nestled atop fresh<br />

greens and diced tomatoes. While<br />

it’s possible to find arancini on menus from<br />

time to time, the addition of fried zucchini<br />

flowers is a rarity, making this a must-order<br />

antipasti.<br />

My mother recently blessed me with<br />

a parcel of melanzana (eggplant) from her<br />

garden, so I was excited to see the oblong<br />

purple orb featured in Amore’s di rughetta,<br />

pomodorini e melanzane. Grilled eggplant<br />

strips, rolled and filled with ricotta and<br />

sun-dried tomatoes, accompanied by<br />

cherry tomatoes and fresh-picked arugula<br />

was a salad match made in heaven. The<br />

addition of sun-dried tomatoes gave the<br />

subtle flavors of eggplant and ricotta a<br />

bright burst, while the arugula provided a<br />

palatable, peppery bite.<br />

The entrée round at Italian eateries<br />

always torments me: pasta or protein?<br />

Fortunately, I had already forwarned my<br />

girlfriend that I would be pirating the gnocchi<br />

in liguria from her plate (she will always<br />

order gnocchi in creamy pesto), while I<br />

savored my way through the salsicce e pollo<br />

in coppia. My dish, sausage and chicken with<br />

peppers and onions in tomato sauce, was hearty and satisfying, and I knew I could enjoy<br />

any leftovers later; but the large bowl of pillowy potato dumplings in basil-infused cream<br />

with pine nuts and parmesan could not be postponed. Gnocchi in creamy pesto waits for no<br />

one, and those that pirate from their significant others are soon rewarded—or so the saying<br />

goes…mangia bene!<br />

HOURS: 5-9 p.m.<br />

(Tuesday-Sunday);<br />

closed Monday<br />

TRY THIS: Il Fritto<br />

Misto Della Casa,<br />

Bruschetta, Di<br />

Rughetta Pomodorini<br />

e Melanzane, Giulio<br />

Cesare, Soup of the<br />

Day, Gnocchi in Liguria,<br />

Salsicce e Pollo in<br />

Coppia, Pennette in<br />

Salamandra, Tiramisu<br />

DRINKS: Beer and<br />

wine<br />

TAB: $$<br />

HEADS-UP: Glutenfree<br />

and zucchini<br />

Clockwise starting top left: Di<br />

Rughetta Pomodorini e Melanzane,<br />

Fritto Misto Della Casa, Gnocchi in<br />

Liguria, Salsicce e Pollo in Coppia,<br />

Bruschetta<br />

pasta noodles; daily<br />

selection of desserts<br />

from Bindi in Milano,<br />

Italy; catering and<br />

private events; dogfriendly<br />

patio; happy<br />

to make special, offmenu<br />

dishes upon<br />

request; family-style<br />

dinners available for<br />

groups of 8+; daily<br />

happy hour from 3-5<br />

p.m.; everything is<br />

made to order from<br />

scratch; reservations<br />

are recommended<br />

Amore Mio Italian Bistro, 451 Main<br />

Street, Suite 8, Placerville, 530-303-<br />

3148, amoremiobistro.com<br />

38 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

eat & drink<br />


3 Autumn-Inspired<br />

Dishes<br />

Whether you’re hosting the main Turkey Day event, tasked with bringing a dish to<br />

Friendsgiving, or seeking some easy-to-make fall recipes, the following dishes deliver<br />

big flavors with minimal mess.<br />

Persimmon & Pomegranate Salad<br />

Submitted by Sonya Keister,<br />

Folsom-based blogger<br />

at The Rustic Fork,<br />

therusticfork.com,<br />

@therusticfork<br />

Persimmons and<br />

pomegranates<br />

are both in season<br />

right now and make<br />

a delicious addition<br />

to your fall table,<br />

whether entertaining<br />

for the holidays or just having a<br />

weeknight meal with family.<br />

• 3.5 oz. package greens (mâche or<br />

spring greens)<br />

• 1/4 lb. Humboldt Fog Cypress<br />

Cove goat cheese (or other goat<br />

cheese)<br />

• 1 fuyu persimmon, peeled and cut<br />

into thin slices<br />

• 3/4 cup pecan-cashew mix (Sahale<br />

Snacks) or toasted hazelnuts<br />

• 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds<br />

For the Pomegranate Dressing:<br />

• 1/2 cup olive oil<br />

• 3 tbsp. pomegranate vinegar or<br />

balsamic vinegar<br />

• 1/3 cup diced shallots (1 large<br />

shallot bulb)<br />

• 3 tsp. honey<br />

• 1/2 tsp. kosher salt<br />

• 1/4 tsp. black pepper<br />

Make the dressing. Combine the<br />

olive oil, vinegar, shallots, honey,<br />

salt, and pepper in a bowl and<br />

whisk to combine. Refrigerate until<br />

ready to use (up to 1 week).<br />

Assemble salad. Place greens on a<br />

platter and top with the nuts, goat<br />

cheese, and persimmon slices;<br />

sprinkle on the pomegranate seeds.<br />

Dress right before serving; do not<br />

add too much dressing or salad will<br />

get soggy.<br />

40 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

Acorn Squash with Apple Stuffing<br />

Submitted by Allie and Dan, Sacramento-based<br />

bloggers at Love & Risotto, loveandrisotto.com,<br />

@loveandrisotto<br />

• 2 acorn squash, cut in half<br />

• 2 tbsp. olive oil<br />

• Salt and pepper<br />

• 1 apple, chopped<br />

• 1 box stuffing<br />

• 1 1/2 cups water<br />

• 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, grated<br />

• 1/4 cup dried cranberries<br />

Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.<br />

Halve the acorn squash from each pointy end. Remove<br />

the seeds and rub with olive oil. Season with salt and<br />

pepper. Turn squash halves over and place in a<br />

baking dish. Quarter the apple and put in the<br />

same baking dish. Place in oven and bake for<br />

25-30 minutes.<br />

Mix stuffing and water and cook on stovetop according<br />

to package directions.<br />

With baked apples, stuffing, and cranberries, this<br />

stuffed acorn squash is completely tasty. In a few steps and<br />

with very little time and energy, the perfect bite of fall is ready.<br />

Once the acorn squash is roasted, evenly spoon in the<br />

stuffing. Top with the baked apple, dried cranberries,<br />

and parmesan cheese.<br />

Submitted by Genevieve<br />

Jerome, Folsom-based<br />

blogger at Fitty Foodlicious<br />

and cookbook author,<br />

fittyfoodlicious.com,<br />

@fittyfoodlicious<br />

These bars are similar to<br />

the Cranberry Bliss Bars you<br />

can buy at “that one” coffee shop<br />

but without all of the chemicals, refined sugars,<br />

additives, and oils.<br />

• 1 cup organic flour<br />

• 1 tsp. organic baking powder<br />

• 1/4 tsp. Himalayan sea salt<br />

• 1 tbsp. fresh ginger<br />

• 1/2 tbsp. fresh turmeric<br />

• 1 scoop (add more if you want!) Vital<br />

Protein’s Collagen Beauty Water<br />

(Strawberry Lemonade)<br />

• 1/4 cup organic coconut sugar<br />

• 1 tbsp. vanilla extract<br />

• 2 tbsp. organic coconut oil<br />

• 1 organic egg<br />

• 1 cup fresh organic cranberries<br />

For the Frosting:<br />

• 1 brick softened organic cream cheese<br />

• 1 tbsp. lemon zest<br />

• 1 tbsp. organic coconut sugar<br />

• 1/2 cup unsweetened dried cranberries<br />

Add flour, baking powder, and sea salt to a<br />

medium mixing bowl, then add the fresh ginger<br />

and turmeric and combine. Next, add 1 scoop of<br />

collagen beauty water and combine again.<br />

In a separate mixing bowl, combine the coconut<br />

sugar, vanilla extract, coconut oil, and egg and<br />

whisk together (do not overmix). Combine all<br />

ingredients together with a mixer on low speed.<br />

Remember: Do not overmix or your dough may<br />

Healthy Cranberry Delight Bars<br />

come out in clumps. For the smoothest dough possible, mix everything together<br />

slowly; no need to rush this part.<br />

Once your dough is at the desired consistency, fold in 1 cup of fresh cranberries<br />

until combined. Spread dough mixture evenly into a greased baking pan (I use<br />

coconut oil spray). Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-20 minutes. (Do not<br />

overbake if you want a chewy-gooey middle). Stick a toothpick in the bars to<br />

ensure they’re done; if it comes out clean, your bars are ready!<br />

While the bars cool, make the frosting. Combine softened cream cheese, lemon<br />

zest, and coconut sugar in a mixer until the frosting comes out smooth.<br />

Place the bars in the fridge for 10 minutes to thicken up a bit. Once cooled, cut<br />

them. Top with frosting, dried cranberries, and more lemon zest. The bars will keep<br />

in the fridge for up to one week in an airtight glass container.<br />


NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 41

eat & drink<br />


6 Best Baked Goods<br />

compiled by STYLE STAFFERS // photos by DANTE FONTANA<br />

Who here loves the smell of freshly baked dough and the melting of buttery pastry in your mouth? All of<br />

us at <strong>Style</strong> say “aye.” Read on for a sampling of some of our favorite goodies. In no particular order…<br />

Farmer’s Delicatessen and Bakery<br />

BJ Cinnamon<br />

Julian’s Pâtisserie and Café<br />

Icing on the Cupcake<br />

Starbread<br />

North Star Home Baking<br />

“The Hungarian Apple<br />

Strudel from Farmer’s<br />

Delicatessen and Bakery<br />

in Cameron Park is a<br />

traditional Hungarian pastry<br />

featuring flaky, crisp layers of<br />

buttery phyllo dough, golden<br />

raisins, walnuts, apples,<br />

sugar, and cinnamon. It’s an<br />

extra rich treat that’s become<br />

a fast favorite (I even got my<br />

family hooked). Each strudel<br />

is individually handmade, and<br />

you can taste the attention to<br />

detail in every bite. This treat<br />

is all kinds of wonderful.”<br />

farmersdeli.net<br />

“Folsom’s BJ Cinnamon is<br />

like pastry heaven. I think<br />

I’ve tried almost all of their<br />

baked goods (cinnamon rolls,<br />

sticky buns, donuts, cake,<br />

fritters—name it, I’ve had it),<br />

but I keep going back to the<br />

Cronuts. They’re the perfect<br />

mix of buttery croissant<br />

and sweet donut, and they<br />

NEVER disappoint. The<br />

croissant-doughnut hybrid is<br />

great with just plain sugar and<br />

exceptional with chocolate, or<br />

a maple glaze. They’re best<br />

warmed and had with a cup of<br />

hot coffee.” 916-608-8824<br />

“The Almond Croissant<br />

from Julian’s Pâtisserie and<br />

Café in Folsom is filled with a<br />

delectable almond cream that’s<br />

the perfect consistency—not<br />

too thick and just enough with<br />

every bite. The pastry itself is<br />

nice and crisp and never dry<br />

with layer upon layer of flaky,<br />

buttery goodness. The outside<br />

has a bit of the same almond<br />

cream, topped with toasted<br />

slivered almonds and powdered<br />

sugar. It’s the best thing<br />

outside of Europe! I’m guilty<br />

of having made this a weekly<br />

habit.” julianscafe.com<br />

“Icing on the Cupcake is<br />

famous for their Red Velvet<br />

Cupcake—and for good reason.<br />

I like getting it ‘baby-bite’ size<br />

so I feel less guilty. (It’s warped<br />

logic, I know.) The moist, neverdry<br />

cupcake isn’t overly sweet<br />

and come with a heavenly cream<br />

cheese frosting that makes for a<br />

spot-on confection every single<br />

time. Red sprinkles and a tiny<br />

red heart on top are the icing<br />

on the cake! I’ve also heard<br />

great things about their glutenfree<br />

and vegan cupcakes.”<br />

icingonthecupcake.com<br />

“Starbread in Roseville is the<br />

greatest Filipino bakery in the<br />

region—possibly in existence.<br />

Their signature Señorita<br />

Bread dances lightly on your<br />

taste buds—and your wallet!<br />

What’s more, the customer<br />

service is always on point.<br />

These little finger rolls are<br />

light and airy and slathered<br />

with butter and sugar…it’s<br />

remarkable how something so<br />

simple can be so addictive. I’ve<br />

downed 10 of these babies in<br />

one go. They should seriously<br />

come with a warning!”<br />

starbreadca.com<br />

“North Star Home Baking in<br />

Rocklin is a feast for the eyes.<br />

From artisan tarts and pastries to<br />

breads and savory items, all of their<br />

European and Mediterranean treats<br />

are ‘handmade with love’ as the cute<br />

stickers on their packaging claim.<br />

Owner Metin Emek also shares<br />

his love of baking with everyone<br />

he meets. Fresh fruit galore,<br />

their Fruit Puff cradles a rich,<br />

homemade French pudding topped<br />

with fresh fruits of the day that<br />

sometimes include figs, kiwi, and all<br />

types of berries. I’ve never seen or<br />

tasted anything so gorgeous before.”<br />

northstarhomebaking.com<br />

42 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf<br />







Cascada is your Main Street<br />

Placerville destination for the finest<br />

Mexican Cuisine and Best Cocktails.<br />

Stop by and take in the Bell Tower<br />

views while enjoying an authentic<br />

south of the border delight and a<br />

handcrafted cocktail! See why we<br />

are consistently voted a favorite by<br />

<strong>Style</strong> readers.<br />

Cascada Restaurant & Cantina<br />

384 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-344-7757<br />

cascadainplacerville.com<br />

Celebrating their 12th year in business,<br />

Heyday Café has been voted Best<br />

Overall Restaurant, Best Salad Place,<br />

Best Casual Restaurant and Best<br />

Wine Bar! Heyday Café presents fresh<br />

California cuisine with international<br />

influences. Lunch 7 days and dinner 6<br />

nights a week. Pouring over 40 wines!<br />

Reservations are encouraged.<br />

Heyday Café<br />

325 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-626-9700<br />

heydaycafe.com<br />


BAKERY<br />

Executive Chef Michael Liu unites<br />

traditional Japanese cuisine with unique<br />

and contemporary offerings by bringing<br />

you the very best in tasty ingredients<br />

from the ocean & land to your plate.<br />

Tuesday-Sunday 11am-2pm enjoy our All<br />

You Can Eat (AYCE) menu. It has proven<br />

an unmatched offering enthusiastically<br />

received by our customers.<br />

Hisui Sushi<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Rd., #107<br />

Folsom<br />

916-985-7778<br />

www.hisuisushi.com<br />

Winner for Best Bakery Sacramento-<br />

A-List 2017 and 2016 and Readers<br />

Choice Best Bakery. Unique scratch<br />

bakery/deli specializing in Greek,<br />

Italian, Hungarian and Romanian<br />

Cuisine. Gluten-free and some<br />

vegan options! Take-out/Dine-in.<br />

Amazing!<br />

Farmer's Delicatessen and Bakery<br />

3952 Cambridge Rd.<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-672-6800<br />

farmersdeli.net<br />



A Family of Candy Makers since 1963.<br />

With 3 generations of candy makers,<br />

Snooks continues the tradition of<br />

producing the finest freshly made<br />

confections on site in Historic<br />

Folsom. Come visit us or shop online!<br />

Snooks Chocolate Factory<br />

731 Sutter Street<br />

Historic Folsom, CA<br />

916-985-0620<br />

www.snookscandies.com<br />

HUNGRY? Welcome to Casa Ramos,<br />

enjoy the RAMOS family recipes.<br />

Ranging from authentic classics like<br />

carne asada, chicken mole, and Borrego<br />

(lamb shank) to Mexican-American<br />

favorites like nachos, chimichangas<br />

and oversized burritos! Whichever dish<br />

chosen, you will leave satisfied!<br />

Casa Ramos Mexican Restaurant<br />

6840 Green Leaf Dr.<br />

Placerville<br />

530-622-2303<br />

www.casaramos.net<br />



Great Food and Drink meet at Bricks!<br />

Gourmet crafted burgers, satisfying<br />

salads and hearty dishes will be sure<br />

to delight all appetites! Bring friends<br />

and family to dine in our uniquely<br />

casual atmosphere, or relax at the<br />

bar with a cocktail and a savory<br />

appetizer!<br />

Bricks Eats & Drinks<br />

482 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-344-7757<br />

www.bricksonmainstreet.com<br />

Kobe Sushi & Fusion is under new<br />

ownership with a lively new menu.<br />

Enjoy traditional nigiri sushi with<br />

quality sake or modern fusion<br />

tacos with local wines. Either way,<br />

we hope to bring fresh flavors to<br />

your table.<br />

Kobe Sushi & Fusion<br />

3300 Coach Lane<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-672-9210<br />

kobecameronpark.com<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 43

eat & drink<br />

Sip<br />

on<br />

This<br />

Helwig 2015 Mourvedre<br />

ABV: 13.4%<br />

PRICE: $28<br />

PURCHASE: Helwig Winery, 11555 Shenandoah<br />

Road, Plymouth, 209-245-5200, helwigwinery.<br />

com<br />

Lone Buffalo 2017 “Buffalo Rose”<br />

Sangiovese Rosé<br />

ABV: 13.9%<br />

PRICE: $26<br />

PURCHASE: Lone Buffalo Vineyards,<br />

7505 Wise Road, Auburn, 530-823-1159,<br />

lonebuffalovineyards.com<br />

If you want a great white wine<br />

alternative, go for a rosé! This<br />

particular bottle has fruity, cherry,<br />

and strawberry characteristics and a<br />

tart, dry finish that pairs wonderfully<br />

with ham or turkey. It spends a little<br />

more time on the skins prior to<br />

fermentation, giving it a deep color<br />

(that looks especially nice on a fall<br />

table) and complexity, enabling it to<br />

stand up to the meal.<br />

Distant Cellars<br />

2013 Drifter Red Blend<br />

ABV: 15.2%<br />

PRICE: $24<br />

PURCHASE: Distant<br />

Cellars, 21390 Ostrom<br />

Road, Fiddletown, 209-<br />

245-8687, distantcellars.<br />

com<br />

This unique blend<br />

of Syrah, Grenache,<br />

Alicante Bouschet,<br />

and Zinfandel has<br />

enough red fruit and<br />

berries to pair nicely<br />

with the softer flavors<br />

of Thanksgiving, but<br />

it also has enough<br />

structure and alcohol to help cut<br />

through the richer, heartier items like<br />

gravy and stuffing.<br />

This wine is a perfect match for your Turkey<br />

Day dinner, due to its soft tannin structure<br />

and elegant mouthfeel. It’s also light<br />

enough to complement but not overwhelm<br />

white or dark meat and has unmistakable<br />

tones of red plum and current with a subtle<br />

spice on the finish.<br />

Lava Cap 2016 Grenache<br />

ABV: 15.6%<br />

PRICE: $28<br />

PURCHASE: Lava Cap Winery, 2221 Fruitridge Road,<br />

Placerville, 530-621-0175, lavacap.com<br />

Aromas of rose petal and crushed strawberry open<br />

to a palate of dense cherry and a flinty mineral<br />

component, before finishing with notes of vanilla<br />

and cola. The wild flavors pair wonderfully with<br />

the earthy aromas and flavors of a Thanksgiving<br />

feast. It’s light- to medium-body doesn’t overpower<br />

the delicate, festive flavors of turkey, stuffing, and<br />

sautéed mushroom dishes.<br />

Bogle 2016 Pinot Noir<br />

ABV: 13.5%<br />

PRICE: $11.99<br />

PURCHASE: Bogle Vineyards, 37783<br />

<strong>County</strong> Road 144, Clarksburg, 916-744-<br />

1139, boglewinery.com<br />

Folks who typically stray away<br />

from reds will be a fan of this<br />

lighter-style, extremely elegant<br />

Pinot Noir. It pairs beautifully<br />

with poultry, potatoes, and<br />

Grandma’s stuffing, making it a<br />

perfect bottle to open and share<br />

on Thanksgiving.<br />

7Buzzworthy<br />

Thanksgiving Wines<br />

By Ashleigh Gruenwald<br />

Cheers to stuffing your face, minimal family drama, and an all-day football<br />

marathon. But what’s Thanksgiving without a glass (or three) of wine? Make<br />

this year’s celebration extra special by serving—or gifting your hostess—with<br />

a bottle that’s sure to get guests talking.<br />

Mettler Family Vineyards 2015 Lodi<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

ABV: 14.5%<br />

PRICE: $24.99<br />

Purchase: 7889 East Harney Lane, Lodi, 209-<br />

369-3045, mettlerwine.com<br />

This Cabernet is full of personality and<br />

perfect for your Thanksgiving Day table.<br />

Medium- to full-bodied, it stands up<br />

to hearty stuffings and rich sauces but<br />

is versatile enough to enjoy with the<br />

holiday’s lighter fare like savory roasted<br />

veggies and juicy turkey. It offers inviting<br />

aromas and graceful flavors of cherry,<br />

cranberry, and sweet oak with a rich<br />

mouthfeel and long finish.<br />

Fawnridge Winery<br />

2015 Sierra <strong>Foothills</strong> Pinot Noir<br />

ABV: 14.5%<br />

PRICE: $30<br />

PURCHASE: 5560 Fawnridge Road, Auburn, 530-887-<br />

9522, fawnridgewine.com<br />

This Pinot Noir is rare for the foothills and works in<br />

wondrous ways. Its softer, lighter style is augmented<br />

by a greater fruit style, making it perfect alongside<br />

poultry or served with appetizers.<br />

44 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

Contact the experts at<br />

The Window and Door Shop<br />

for more informaaon on VistaLuxe,<br />

and other Kolbe products.<br />

1717 Bell Street Sacramento, CA 95825<br />

www.windowanddoorshop.com 916.915.5103<br />

Your Trees Deserve<br />

Acorn Quality Care<br />

NOW is the time to have<br />

an Acorn Arboricultural CERTIFIED<br />

ARBORIST inspect and prune for<br />

beautiful, healthy trees!<br />

We wanted<br />

a business<br />

we could wrap<br />

our arms around!<br />

• Insect & Disease Control<br />

• Tree & Shrub Pruning & Removal<br />

• Stump Grinding<br />

• Cabling & Bracing<br />

• Planting All Sizes of Trees & Shrubs<br />

• Fertilization<br />

• Certified Arborist Services<br />

Every tree is a family tree!<br />

Roseville, CA 95678 • www.787tree.com<br />

lic#953007<br />

For All Your Tree Care Needs:<br />

916-787-8733<br />

Acorn Arboricultural Services Inc.

introducing<br />


Describe your business. Did you find it, or did it find you?<br />

Belle Mode is a women’s consignment boutique that carries highquality<br />

clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories and has been in<br />

Folsom since 2002. Prior to purchasing the business earlier this year, I<br />

was a Belle Mode customer. When the owner decided to retire, I offered<br />

to purchase it, and here I am!<br />

What was the first job you ever had, and what did you learn from<br />

the experience?<br />

I began working summers for my grandparents when I was 15. They<br />

taught me what it means to have a strong work ethic and how to be a<br />

responsible employee and reliable person.<br />

How are you involved with both the community and your<br />

customer?<br />

I’m proud that Belle Mode—through its loyal and generous customer<br />

contributions after consignment—donates thousands of items each<br />

year to organizations such as Snowline Hospice, WEAVE, and a local<br />

women’s shelter.<br />

What’s your hidden talent?<br />

I’ve been blessed with a green thumb and love gardening.<br />

What’s your biggest job perk?<br />

The relationships that have developed with so many amazing women;<br />

also, providing beautiful items of quality for each woman’s unique style.<br />

What’s your favorite place to eat out locally?<br />

La Placita.<br />

Belle Mode<br />

Consignment Boutique<br />

Where do you and your family go locally to have fun?<br />

Camping at Union Valley.<br />


1012 East Bidwell Street, Suite 500, Folsom,<br />

916-983-5330, bellemodeboutique.com<br />

What’s your favorite local event that you go to?<br />

Outdoor concerts at Harveys Lake Tahoe.<br />

And finally, customer service is…?<br />

What makes any business successful.<br />

Performance Heating<br />

& Air Conditioning<br />


5011 Golden Foothill Parkway, Suite 5, <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills, 916-933-2683,<br />

performanceheatingandairconditioning.com<br />

Describe your business. Did you find it, or did it find you?<br />

I’m a second-generation HVAC business owner. My father was a<br />

heating and air contractor in Burlington, Vermont, and I worked<br />

for him at a very young age. I ended up moving to Walnut Creek<br />

and starting my own business. In 1995, I moved the business to<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills and have been serving the community—both<br />

commercial and residential—since 1995.<br />

How are you involved with both the community and your<br />

customer?<br />

We’ve been serving 15 convalescent homes up and down the<br />

Highway 99 corridor for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on<br />

knowledge and honesty, allowing customers to make the decision<br />

on how they would like to spend their dollars. We have also<br />

donated time and services to the local chapter of Habitat for<br />

Humanity.<br />

Why is your staff the best in the business?<br />

They’re knowledgeable about the inner workings of HVAC<br />

systems—from large commercial boilers, to complicated controls,<br />

and new communication technology, all the way down to the basic<br />

air flow needs of residential homes. We pride ourselves on being a<br />

one-stop shop for all your heating and air conditioning needs and<br />

are one of the few companies left who will "service" your HVAC<br />

system—not just tell you that you need to replace it.<br />

What’s your favorite place to eat out locally?<br />

Our favorite is The Independent (especially when we get Jake as<br />

our waiter). Bricks, Jack Russell Brewery, and Cascada are also<br />

great.<br />

And finally, customer service is…?<br />

Having the ability to share a friendly voice and handle a customer’s<br />

needs. Also, giving clients value and being available to answer their<br />

questions and fix the problem is imperative in this industry.<br />


In fact, our Introducing and Eat & Drink section reviews are not paid advertisements. If you’d like your business profiled, please email Megan Wiskus at megan@stylemg.com. Once we<br />

determine when your business will be featured, we will contact you to schedule a time to come out and take a photograph. Thank you!<br />

46 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf<br />




916-983-2561<br />


1568 CREEKSIDE DRIVE STE 106<br />

FOLSOM CA 95630<br />


IN A ROW<br />


swag<br />

NOW Ultrasonic<br />

Glass Swirl USB Oil<br />

Diffuser, $49.99 at<br />

Placerville Food Co-op,<br />

535 Placerville Drive,<br />

Placerville. 530-621-<br />

3663, placervillefood.coop<br />

Gratitude=Raditude<br />

Foil Print, $20 at<br />

Swoonable, made<br />

locally in Folsom,<br />

swoonable.net<br />

Herbal Bliss Artisan Loose<br />

Leaf Tea, $9.99, and Sweet<br />

Dreams Soaking Salts, $9,<br />

at Naturiffic, 732 1/2 Sutter<br />

Street, Folsom. 916-586-<br />

9115, naturiffic.com<br />

COOL, CALM, &<br />


16<br />



Goddess Lovely Gift Set, $45 (includes sugar<br />

scrub, natural lip balm, body oil, body mist, clay<br />

masque, and botanical tea) at Tea Xotics, 4356<br />

Town Center Boulevard, Suite 112, <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong><br />

Hills. 916-461-3548, teaxotics.com<br />

You Are Amazing Pillow,<br />

$18.98 at The Shabby<br />

Rabbit, 7533 Green Valley<br />

Road, Placerville. 530-<br />

556-0005, facebook.com/<br />

theshabbyrabbit<br />

Colorado Hemp Honey<br />

Lemon Stress Less, $29.99<br />

(6 oz.) at sBarkles, 850 East<br />

Bidwell Street, Suite 150,<br />

Folsom. 916-984-0102, sbarkles.<br />

com<br />

LifeSeasons Anxie-T Stress<br />

Support Supplement, $34.99 at<br />

Sunrise Natural Foods, 1950 Douglas<br />

Boulevard, Roseville. 916-789-8591,<br />

sunrisenaturalfoods.net<br />

Sacred Earth<br />

Bergamot Essential<br />

Oil, $20.95 at Bodywork<br />

Source, 107 South<br />

Harding Boulevard,<br />

Suite H, Roseville.<br />

916-784-2639,<br />

thebodyworksource.com<br />

Anxious for Nothing: Finding<br />

Calm in a Chaotic World by Max<br />

Lucado, $17.99 at Face in a Book,<br />

4359 Town Center Boulevard, Suite<br />

113, <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills. 916-941-9401,<br />

getyourfaceinabook.com<br />

Lollia Relax Eau de Parfum, $55, and The<br />

Original Buddha Board: Master the Art of<br />

Letting Go, $36.95, at Spin, 417 Roseville Square,<br />

Roseville. 916-784-7746, facebook.com/spingifts<br />

Aveda Comforting<br />

Tea Bags, $20 at<br />

Serenity Spa | Soul<br />

Yoga, 3984 Douglas<br />

Boulevard, Suite<br />

150, Roseville,<br />

916-797-8550; 350<br />

Palladio Parkway,<br />

Suite 1975, Folsom,<br />

916-542-7363,<br />

serenityspaonline.com<br />

Nessa Rose<br />

Diffuser Mala<br />

Necklace, $60-$80<br />

at Nessa Rose,<br />

made locally in<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills,<br />

bynessarose.etsy.<br />

com<br />

Rinse Bath & Body Co. Roll-On<br />

Lavender Essential Oil, $10.99, and<br />

Rinse Bath & Body Co. Lavender Tub<br />

Truffle, $4.99, at Michaelangelo’s, 2030<br />

Douglas Boulevard, Suite 5, Roseville. 916-<br />

608-4216, shopmichaelangelos.com<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

48 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf


last look<br />

Where We Live<br />

SHOOT IT,<br />

SEND IT<br />

Submit your best shots of our<br />

region to info@stylemg.com and<br />

tell us why, in 20 words or less, the<br />

photo showcases “Where We Live.”<br />

The featured photographer<br />

will win a gift card to a local<br />

business. Ready, set, SNAP!<br />

“People travel all over the world to<br />

see the beauty that we’re fortunate<br />

enough to find in our backyard. We<br />

need only take a moment to pause<br />

and admire it.”<br />

Photo by RAY BURGESS<br />




HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: The Perfect<br />

Present for Everyone on Your List<br />

Your Guide to WINTER SPORTS<br />


31 Ways to GIVE BACK in 31 Days<br />

50 styleedc.com // NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

Yes, This is<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Stickley Collector Edition Desk<br />

Dragonfly Desk<br />

The year of the dragonfly.<br />

Inspired by a design from the 1909<br />

Gustav Stickley Catalog of Craftsman<br />

Furniture and the delicate inlay designs<br />

of architect Harvey <strong>El</strong>lis.<br />

The <strong>2018</strong> Dragonfly Desk is an elegant<br />

and practical addition to any home.<br />

12125 Folsom Blvd. Mon – Fri 10am – 8pm<br />

Rancho Cordova<br />

Sat 10am – 6pm<br />

916-351-0227<br />

Sun 11am – 6pm<br />


I want Dad to:<br />

❒✓have friends<br />

❒ ✓laugh<br />

❒✓eat well<br />

❒✓join in activities<br />

❒✓feel secure<br />

eskaton.org<br />

Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park<br />

Assisted Living<br />

530-675-4024<br />

License # 097001275<br />

Eskaton Lodge Gold River<br />

Assisted Living, Pre-Memory<br />

and Memory Care<br />

916-900-1677<br />

License # 347001241<br />

Eskaton Monroe Lodge<br />

Independent Living with Services<br />

Land Park<br />

916-265-0266<br />

Eskaton FountainWood Lodge<br />

Assisted Living and Memory Care<br />

Orangevale<br />

916-900-1680<br />

License # 347003574<br />

Eskaton Lodge Granite Bay<br />

Independent Living with Services<br />

and Assisted Living<br />

916-245-1166<br />

License # 317005628<br />

Eskaton Village Roseville<br />

Multi-Level Community<br />

916-432-5058<br />

License # 315002052<br />

Eskaton Village Carmichael<br />

Continuing Care Community (CCRC)<br />

916-485-2597<br />

License # 340313383 | COA # 202<br />

Eskaton Village Placerville<br />

Multi-Level Community<br />

530-206-3470<br />

License # 097005046

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