Apple iOS 12 Feature: Latest Game Changer Not to Be Missed


Apple iOS latest updates that have been process in the Iphone App development, that are going to make your life so much better. Keep reading to find out more.

While most of you must have received the iOS 12 update on your phones and are already enjoying its

many many privileges. However there is more to this update that meets the eye.

In this article we’re going some of the Apple iOS latest updates that have been process in the ​Iphone


development​, that re going to make your life so much better.

While iOS 12 focuses mainly on performance and stability, it still has many great secret features as well…

Let’s take at some of the best Apple iOSLatest update features​ so far.

In terms of security:- iOS 12 is very agile at creating strong, random passwords within the login screens

and apps. When the user taps the ‘Strong Password’ button in a password field, it generates the password

and adds it to their iOS keychain.

3D Touch:- It may have been hard to improve, but 3D Touch works in iOS 12 with new Camera and Note

shortcuts. With 3D Touch you can hard press the Camera icon and be directed to scanning a QR code,

while doing the same on the Note icon brings up a new shortcut for scanning documents.

Apple Music:- Use the Lyric search feature by typing the lyrics of a song into Apple Music and it will find

what you’re looking for, specific track names have become redundant and no longer used.

Face ID:- With the latest dual Face feature the face ID can support more than one face (two to be exact) for

identification. Just navigate to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > to Set Up an Alternate facial recognition.

Ignore Passcode:- In case of multiple failed Face ID unlocks, iOS users no longer have to enter your

passcode, instead they can just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and try Face ID again.

Messages:- IPhone ​App

Development for Faster codes - iOS (similar to Android) can now automatically

scan the text messages for one-time login codes and copy and paste them for you.

Fast actions:- By Tapping the bubble icon of a contact and FaceTime audio and video call options appear.

Which previously used to take the users to a new page for this information.

Longer, more flexible Animojis:- Animojis can be easily dragged and dropped overt the photos and

messages while messaging and their play time can now last 30 seconds. (Limited to iPhone X, XS, XS Max

and XR).

Notifications:- Do Not Disturb shortcut - advanced DND have been added to iOS 12, but users can also

access them straight from the lockscreen. Just swipe a notification to turn on ‘Deliver Quietly’. You will not

get any pop-ups for that app, but you will still be able to view alerts in the Notification Center.

Do Not Disturb tricks:- everyone knows DND can be triggered at user specified times, but it can also be

triggered based on your location. Great when leaving the office. You can also use 3D Touch (hard press) in

Control Center to turn on DND.

Siri:- Smart suggestions - On the lock screen and Search panel Siri will suggest contextual application

shortcuts, such as messaging ahead when you’re running late. iPhone 6 and older versions of ​iPhones


not be getting this feature unfortunately.

New Voices:- In addition to British and American, you will now find Irish and South African male and

female assistant voices to choose from. Settings > Siri Search > Siri Voice.

Find any device:- ​you can now tell Siri “Play alert on my iPad” from your ​iPhone

(or vice versa) to locate

your device.

More power in low power:- “Hey Siri” now works in Low Power mode, something that was disabled in iOS


That’s it folks!! We hope you fount our take on the Apple iOS Latest Update informative and if you have

any questions please feel free to contact us.

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