Global Reggae Charts - Issue #18 / November 2018


Inside you can find the latest reggae album, single, and riddim charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.



Cape Verde

global reggae charts

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The second voter we feature this month is Evelise

Gomes aka Locka. She presents her show ”Rockers“ on

a local radio station in Mindelo, Cape Verde.

Global Reggae Charts: Please introduce yourself

and your radio show to our readers.

Locka: Thank you Boomrush Productions for the

opportunity to introduce my passion. My name is

Evelise Gomes, aka Locka, and I am the host of Rockers

radio show.

GRC: What made you fall in love with reggae?

L: I have been in love with reggae since I knew my

name – first it was because of the beat/swing and

then I started to listen to Bob Marley and translating

his lyrics, so I could not help to make it my favorite

genre of music. I feel it in my heart and soul.

GRC: Could you give a little insight into the reggae

scene of Cape Verde?

L: Cape Verdeans in general love reggae music,

especially here in Mindelo. There is not one international

artist that performs here who doesn’t go back

mesmerized by the love they get from the crowd.

We have a few local bands that are doing an excellent

job producing their original work, waiting for

an opportunity to show their skills internationally,

like Black Side and Domu Africa, plus many others

spread all over the world like Mo’Kalamity, Afrika

Rainbow, Rubera Roots Band, Nish Wadada, and Ras

Jahknow, just to name a few.

GRC: If I’m informed correctly, you lived in the US

for a while. When you compare the reggae scene in

both countries – how would you describe the differences?

L: Yes indeed, I lived in the USA for 25 years in

Massachusetts and California – reggae was always

present in my life. Every time I am asked if I miss the

US, my answer is ‘besides my family, I miss the concerts;’

although I listen to all kinds of music, I rarely

missed a reggae show. The difference is in the vibe.

In the US, most of the time it’s just another show for

the locals. In Mindelo, we have one/two roots reggae

shows a year, so we show massive love and appreciation.

The crowd waits patiently till sunrise if necessary

to watch a good reggae show.

GRC: How did you get into radio and what is your


L: When I moved back home I noticed that reggae

was being played on the radios, but it was lacking

a solo time, so I proposed to Radio Morabeza to

volunteer one hour of my time to play my original

collection of hundreds of CDs I brought from the US,

till someone figured he must take them away from

me, so I lost everything. I am struggling to rebuild

my collection but I will keep Rockers alive with the

global reggae charts | issue 18 / nov 2018


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