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In this issue: Exclusive interviews with Tom Daley, Louise Redknapp, Rowan Cheshire and Rosemary Shrager; Colorado Ski Trips to Steamboat Springs & Winter Park; Luxury Hotels of Ireland & Wales; Luxury Cars from Lexus and David Brown Automotive; The Active Affluent; Pampered Pooch; all-new SLOAN! BABY; Christmas Gift Guides; Festive Fragrances; Winter Tipples, Techtastic Treats; SLOAN! Book Club; Ask The Expert featuring a host of leading specialists in their field; fabulous Prize Giveaways; The 62nd BFI London Film Festival and lots more.








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17th edition


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Sloan drives the £744k

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Rowan Cheshire










Sloan has worked with rockstars

to royalty and politicians to

CEOs. Her VIP clients include

Hollywood actors, professional

athletes and reality TV stars

Sloan Sheridan-Williams

We discover the woman behind the successful entrepreneur,

media personality and international speaker to find out what

makes Sloan Sheridan-Williams stand out from all the rest!

Sloan Sheridan-Williams is a uniquely talented celebrity life coach who has

worked with rockstars to royalty and politicians to CEOs. Her VIP clients

include Hollywood actors, professional athletes and reality TV stars. She

also works with brands from start ups to global leaders such as Unilever,

BMW, eHarmony and to name a few.


Sloan Sheridan-Williams is known for her work as one of the leading

“diagnostitians in the complementary therapy world” She is often

commended for having the fastest results in the shortest time often tackling

problems that have yet to be solved by others. She achieves this by bringing

together a wealth of experience from over a decade of practice. Sloan is

unique in the fact that she has trained in so many different areas using their

diversity to fix problems that a single qualified practitioner may not be able

to address. She talks about all these area in the press on a regular basis both

in the UK and globally.


Sloan was originally known in her capacity as an experienced therapist and

success coach, but she is impossible to pigeon hole. Over the last 15 years,

she has had the opportunity to work in many different arenas from legal to

political, medical to media, and corporate

to academia. Educated at Oxford University

where she originally read Medicine,

Sloan then attended University College

London before converting to Law. Sloan

has collaborated with some of the finest

institutions and brands in the country, if not

the world and has had the pleasure to work

with some very talented individuals taking

them to even greater heights.

Learn more at


As a respected relationship

expert, Sloan has appeared in

the UK and international media

over 200 times. She is also a

charismatic media personality,

radio host and trained presenter.


Sloan is an engaging and

inspirational world class

international speaker and has

shared the stage with some

of the top business experts

and entrepreneurs in the UK

including John Lee, Vincent

Wong, Andy Harrington and

Shaa Wasmund MBE.


Sloan has a combined social

media following of over 380K on

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and

LinkedIn. She is also the founder

and Editor-in-chief of SLOAN!

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17 th






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Travel & Hospitality


















The festive season is upon us,

some of you are celebrating with

new family members, others with

old, a few of you choose to travel

and others are facing tougher

times. Here at SLOAN! we hope

to have something for all of you

within these pages.

Since our last issue I have had the

pleasure and privilege of travelling

to some amazing destinations for

work, and as always am thankful

to have such an awesome team

whom keep SLOAN! at it’s best.

In addition to working with

inspirational celebrities, insightful

experts and forward-thinking

companies, I have also enjoyed

continuing to speak on stage at

sold-out business events inspiring

and enlightening others to

discover their purpose and achieve

their goals.

We have listened to your feedback

and provided a larger section

on luxury travel and a bigger

Christmas gift guide with presents

catered for all. We have also

continued to bring you popular

regulars like SLOAN! Book Club as

we’re delighted with the response

from our valued readers and love

providing things that you love.

I am also extremely grateful for

all the kind messages and gifts

received after the announcement

that Mr Sloan and I are expecting

our first child - a baby boy!

It was wonderful interviewing Tom

Daley - our cover star of this issue

and a new dad. We also wanted

to provide a larger SLOAN! Baby

feature for all parents and parentsto-be

to complement Tom’s


As always I’d like to thank my

fantastic team who are such a

pleasure to work with and thank

you for your continued support

online, on social media and offline.

I love reading all your lovely

comments about SLOAN!

Be inspired!


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Ask The Expert















36,000 FEET



















Christmas Gifts














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Woodland Wonderland

From foxes and stags to hedgehogs and pheasants, we celebrate

the wonderful creatures of the British countryside with woodland

themed Christmas gift ideas.

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Doe A Deer Liberty Print Shirt



Gamebirds Apron



Diamond Glitz Double

Reindeer Tealight Holder



Sterling Silver Fox Pendant



Pheasant Cushion



At Home Hedgehogs




‘Hoot’ owl bag



Wray All Over Robins Socks



Woodland Print Baby

Sleepsuit, £16


Stag Pin


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My favourite

nights in the

world are sitting

on the sofa with

my two boys

watching a movie


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Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to Louise

Redknapp about her two boys, her three dogs

and working 9 to 5 on her new partnership


You’ve partnered exclusively with

S Harveys, the largest furniture

specialist in the UK, on BOLD by

Louise - a collection of exclusive vibrant

and chic furniture. This is Harveys first

celebrity partnership. What does it mean to


I only design things I would put in

L my own home, and this collection is a

true reflection of my personality and

style. We’ve worked so hard on the shape

and design of each product, and seeing the

final finished range was a truly stand-out

moment for me. I wanted people to have a

focal point in their living spaces that will

be a conversation starter for guests, and

BOLD by Louise really encapsulates this.

Working with Harveys has exceeded my

expectations: the collection is beautiful and

I’m so proud of it.


You’ve got one of the sofas from the

new BOLD by Louise collection in

your house now, haven’t you?

I’ve got the Icon Large Chaise in

L my living room. In the swatch book,

there’s a flannel grey which I call a

man’s suit trouser, which I love, so straight

away I said I wanted that because I want

trousers in it too. I’m really excited I can

actually Instagram it!


The Icon Large Chaise is also the one

you designed so you can fit a couple of

kids in there. Tell us more about that.

I have two kids and two dogs. I

L actually got my sofa delivered on

a Thursday and on the following

Saturday night, my 14-year-old had nine

friends to stay and they said they were all

going to sleep in the lounge. I was like, ok I

have just got a new sofa. I don’t know about

this. I got up the next morning and they

had ordered pizza like they do, 25 boxes

everywhere. I had nine kids on my Harveys

sofa. Sheets and sleeping bags. They are

big stinky boys - what can I say. They are

14 and if there were marks on my sofa I

was going to kill them! I had only had it

two days and it had to look good on my

Instagram but I just got a J Cloth, wiped it

down and it was great. I was very proud of



From all the pieces in the collection

which do you think best expresses you

and has got your personality?

Most probably the L shape. The reason

L I say that is because my favourite

nights in the world are sitting on the

sofa with my two boys watching a movie.

When you have girls or girlfriends over the

kitchen is the hub of your home but I have

boys. They go into the kitchen, go to the

fridge and come straight back out again.

The lounge is where we congregate as a

family so the L shape fits into my lifestyle

the best.


What does your living room actually

look like apart from stinky boys and


It’s quite basic. I have a long unit and

L a big L shaped sofa. I’m slightly OCD

and I like everything to match so I

have two big armchairs and a big central

table then a dining room table behind. It’s

all very studio apartment living.


Can you tell us more about the BOLD

by Louise accessories that are coming

soon to Harveys stores?

Yes, so we have got cushions and

L throws. Everyone loves a throw,

right! I don’t mix colours. I like it

plain and simple but some people love to

add pinks to greys. The whole collection

works together – you can buy a mixture

of throws and cushions. The accessories

range is important – sometimes you want

to dabble in getting small bits to see if you

like the colours and that everything works,

so I think it was important to have smaller

pieces like the armchair and ottoman

because you can build slowly with the

collection and you don’t have to have it all

at once.


What advice would you give to

someone who wants to redecorate their


Do you know what, someone asked me

L this in an interview the other day and

5 years ago I would have said I wanted

it all done. I would have wanted to walk in

and it all be perfect. After going through

this process (with Harvey Furniture) I have

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 9

ealised that it doesn’t have to be

overnight and you can be eclectic.

You don’t have to have everything

there and then. If you like a piece,

go home with it and just keep on

going back and getting other bits.

Don’t be scared to not buy all the

matching bits. I’m really boring

and buy the matching bits but the

more I’ve done this, different shapes

and different colours work really

well together as long as there is

something structurally design-wise

that works together.

You’ve describe the collection

S as contemporary with a hint of

vintage glamour. What is your

favourite colour for decorating?

I like grey. I want a cement

L polished wall that’s really

industrial but I also love the

emerald green in the collection.

You can imagine it in a really

beautiful old Victorian house with

high ceilings and the coral pink is a

lovely pink. I never thought I would

love the cream but we have done

sofa fabric in a cream white neutral

colour. With my boys and dogs, I

could never have my kids sleeping

on that but if you don’t have kids

and dogs it’s a really nice option.


What are your thoughts about

dogs on the sofa? Do you let

your dogs on the furniture?

The rule is no dogs on sofas,

L but everyone who has a dog

knows that the front paws

go up and you just have this one

constant little back leg that tries to

get up. They put so much effort into

getting up there, by the time they

get up I haven’t got the heart to get

them off! So I’m a dogs on sofa

kind of girl.


When it comes to design

choices, would you ever choose

upholstery to match your dog?

Absolutely, I love my dogs!

L They are the inspiration behind

the grey flannel and grey suede

material, they completely match

the dog stuff. I’ve got pics up on

Instagram of the dogs and showed

them to the Harveys team.


What do you think makes a

room and is comfort just as

important as style?

I think I like style, I’ve got

L no shame to admit that, but

ultimately you want somewhere

people feel they’re welcome. I like

people to walk into my home and

feel comfortable and at ease and

when they sit and congregate, it

makes that.

Harveys collaborated with

singer, presenter, fashion

blogger and interiors enthusiast

Louise Redknapp inspired

by her flair for interiors and

effortless styling. Louise is Co-

Founder of fashion blog A Style


Louise was fully involved in the

design process of the exclusive

furniture collection, working

with the Harveys team to ensure

every detail fits her own style

aesthetic. All of the products in

the range are hand-crafted and

made in Britain, with Louise

visiting the manufacturer to

choose fabrics and test designs

every step of the way.

BOLD by Louise is available

now exclusively in 136 Harveys

stores nationwide and online at

Louise stars as Violet in 9 to 5

The Musical featuring the classic

music of Dolly Parton with

Amber Davies, Natalie McQueen

and Brian Conley at the Savoy

Theatre from 28 January 2019.

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Maui Jim Tumbleland


Antler Juno Metallic Large Suitcase


Doc Cotton Men’s Short

Sleeved Shirt




Here are a few stylish suggestions to

take on your adventures as you

journey from A to B

J-pillow Travel Pillow


Joe Browns Heavenly Herringbone

Blazer £99.95 & Eye Catching

Waistcoat £49.95

Below The Belt

Ultimate Grooming Gift Set


Satosense Silk Sleep Gift Set


Bolin Webb Argent R1 razor set


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As k The Ex p e r t

Travel Tips for the Over-Forties

Award-winning travel blogger Kat Burrington shares her top

tips for getting the most out of your travels after the big 4-0

While I have always loved

travelling, I was well into my

forties before I started travelling

as much as I do now, and I was

nearly fifty when I first ventured

overseas alone. If there is one

thing I’ve learned, it’s that you

are never too old to take on new

challenges. I believe travel is

good for you on many levels;

positively impacting your health,

stress levels, creativity and

perspective on life.

Here are my top tips for getting

the most out of your travels.



Travel is a great opportunity to

discover another culture, taste

a new cuisine, watch a dance

display, listen to a traditional band

and chat to the locals. You’ll get so

much more out of a holiday if you

get to know the local culture.

One of my favourite ways to do

this is to time my visit to coincide

with a local festival, especially

something traditional, be it music

in Corsica, wine in Italy or an

initiation ceremony in West



Don’t just taste a new cuisine

- learn how to cook it! Learn a

new language, take a drumming

lesson in Africa or simply learn

how to navigate the Paris metro.

Your brain thrives on processing

information and travelling is a

fantastic way to provide it with

lots of new, engaging input. Give

your brain a workout and keep it

in tip-top condition.

After a few lessons playing the

djembe (hand drum) in The

Gambia, I continued learning once

back in England and even joined

a drumming troupe. Learning

the rhythms and developing the

coordination to play them was

challenging but very rewarding.


Get out into the countryside, take

long walks along the beach or go

kayaking - one of my favourite

outdoor activities. Even walking

around a new city gives our bodies

a good workout. Most of us should

be spending more time getting

physical in our day-to-day lives.

Be it cycling, walking, swimming

or golf, why not use your next

holiday to kick-start the new,

physically-active you?


Be it conquering your fear of

heights or a trek up Kilimanjaro,

never think because you are

over a certain age that you can’t

take on new challenges. Yes,

you have to be realistic but don’t

underestimate yourself either.

When I was in my forties I noticed

that I was developing a fear of

heights, which is not uncommon

as we age. I had never tried ziplining

before the age of 50 and

I had no intention of doing so.

However, when I was asked to zipline

on a press trip, I gave it a go.

And I loved it! At least I did until

I got stuck. Yes, I was scared but I

didn’t die of fright. I pulled myself

back along the wire, exhausting

though that was, and completed

the tree-top course. Having faced

my fears, I am now addicted to

zip-lining. And I no longer get

giddy at the top of an escalator.

Who would have thought!


Women tend to be in their late

forties or early fifties when the

menopause strikes. One of the

most common woes that it brings

are hot flushes. If travelling to

a hot country it is even more

important to wear the right

clothes - light-coloured, loosefitting,

natural fibres work best.

And whether at home or abroad

I always carry a fan with me -

tropical moments can strike even

in an English winter. You can buy

small battery-powered fans but I

prefer the Japanese-style handheld




My first solo trip was a long

weekend in Rome in my

late forties. With age comes

experience and confidence, but I

was still a little nervous. Just how

much I enjoyed being in a new

city alone really surprised me. It

was exciting in a way I had never

expected. I still get a real buzz out

of it, soaking up the atmosphere

and wandering around the streets

with no pre-arranged itinerary.

If you don’t like eating on your

own in the evenings, book a

walking food tour. They’re a great

way to get to know the local food

and drink scene, get some exercise

and to meet other people, plus you

don’t have to sit in a restaurant

alone, feeling like Billy-no-mates.

If you’ve never travelled solo

before a good place to start would

be somewhere in the UK, such as

Belfast, an interesting and very

friendly city.


Travel blogger and photographer

Kat Burrington was the winner

of the British Guild of Travel

Writers’ Award for Excellence

in Blogging. Kat is currently

working with Ryvita and Davina

McCall as part of their Positivity

Panel to inspire women to

#getmoregood in their lives.

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How to sleep at 36,ooo feet

Jo Foster

Want to arrive at your destination

looking as composed as a celeb?

Then you’re going to have to get

some shut-eye while on board.

Here Jo Foster, founder of awardwinning

Kiss the Moon, gives her

eight top tips to help you get your

inflight beauty sleep.


Extra leg room is always a good

idea so if you get the chance to

get it, go for it. Have a look at

the plane layout before booking

so you can suss out the spots

that are likely to be quiet, dark

and with some extra inches. Be

ready and waiting when online

check in opens and do another

quick search then to see if there’s

anything better available before

you commit. Sometimes the best

seats on the aircraft are held back

from general release until nearer

departure time.



Time your flight so you are likely

to be weary when you sit down.

Do some exercise before you set

off for the airport so your body

has had chance to stretch before

being expected to sit still for a

long period of time.


Eat lightly at the airport before

you fly so you can nestle down

straight to sleep when the seatbelt

sign goes off, without having

to wait for the on board meal

to be served. Swap caffeine for

chamomile tea and avoid alcohol

– it will make you feel horrible, I

promise you. Drink water before,

during and after flying. Air travel

is hugely dehydrating and if left

unchecked that alone will make

you look and feel wiped out.


You might want to look glam at

the airport but once on board the

dress code is all about comfort.

Take a pair of tracksuit bottoms

and some cosy socks to change in

to. Add a big scarf that can double

up as something to cuddle under

if it gets nippy or that can be

squished in to a ball to create an

extra pillow.


Flying is hard work on the skin as

the in cabin air is so dehydrating.

So, as soon as you get on

board, cleanse your face and

moisturise to avoid it becoming

uncomfortably dry. Facial oils

are great for night time flights

as they are stacked full of skin

nourishing nutrients. For short

daytime flights opt for a gel based

moisturiser to give your skin a

deep, refreshing drink. If you are

a contact lens wearer, don’t forget

to take them out to avoid sore,

tired eyes when you land.


Block out unwanted noise and

light that might disturb you.

Put down the blinds; put on a

gorgeously soft eye-mask; plug

in the ear plugs. Create your own

bedroom vibe in your airline seat.


Apply your favourite soothing

essential oil to your pulse points.

By applying direct to skin they

will be absorbed in to your blood

stream as well as through your

respiratory system. Choose top

quality oils, grown and produced

for their therapeutic benefits so

you know all their powers to relax

have been retained.


Calm nerves and reduce your

heart rate by taking time out to do

some long deep breaths as you sit

in your seat. Just three slow deep

breaths are enough to change how

you feel and help you relax.Happy



Founded by Jo Foster, Kiss the

Moon creates beauty and wellness

products that tap into the power of

nature’s most soothing ingredients

to help you to sleep beautifully

and wake up looking gorgeous.

Learn more at

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Mr Sloan Gift Ideas

Champagne Balloon Flight

A hot air balloon is the most magical means of transport

so what better way to surprise someone special than with

a romantic champagne balloon flight for two. They will

reach a height of 2000 feet soaring over a beautiful location

of their choice in the early hours of the morning to watch a

mesmerising sunrise, endless fields and quaint countryside

below as they enjoy a glass of champagne as they go up, up

and away for an hour’s ride across the serene sky. £239 from - the UK’s leading online provider of gifts and

experiences for all occasions.

Craft Gin Club

Every month, Craft Gin Club carefully curates a box for

its subscribers and selects a full-sized bottle of one of the

world’s finest small batch gins and sends it to their members

along with mixers, cocktail ingredients, foodie treats and

a club magazine. These gins are often exclusive to Craft

Gin Club and limited edition. Offering gift packages from

£160 - £480, with annual, bi-monthly and quarterly options

available. A lovely Christmas treat for the gin lover and

person who loves to discover gin!

Learn more at

House of Babylon

House of Babylon uses only ethically-sourced, hand-picked,

100% authentic Egyptian cotton, made from long-staple

cotton which is 600 thread count - some of the highest

possible. By offering a selective range of exceptionally

crafted products, sourced ethically without the high markups,

House of Babylon creates the softest, most durable

bedding that’s available at affordable prices.

The Excellence Collection in 600 thread count comes in the

Full Set of duvet cover, fitted sheet and 2 oxford pillowcases

starting from £160 for Single from

Cobra Lithium Ion Powered Leaf Blower

For gardeners who love their gadgets, the Cobra BV6524V

lithium ion powered leaf blower is a must!

It is extremely lightweight so is easy to grab to blast away

leaves.Its battery can give up to 20 minutes of run time

without the need and hassle of finding and storing petrol, or

the limitations of being electric.

£74.99 available from

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Stay Injury Free This Ski Season

Alex Clark, in-house physiotherapist at orthopaedic support specialist,

Neo G, shares his top tips to staying safe on the slopes and avoid injury

on your forthcoming ski trip this winter.

For some, the pinnacle of the

winter months is the long awaited

ski trip. Whether you go for the

après, or are a regular on the black

runs, ensuring you’re equipped to

handle the conditions is essential,

and there’s nothing like an injury

to ruin a winter skiing holiday.

Here are some warm-up exercises

and tips to keeping yourself safe

on the slopes.


Skiing is one of few sports that

you are advised not to stretch

beforehand. Skiing requires core

strength, and static stretching

before exercise actually decreases

your strength; for example, a

weight lifter would be able to lift

less after stretching. Although

static stretching is not advised,

dynamic stretching such as lunges

can help prime the muscles for the

activity ahead.


Just because you shouldn’t stretch

before you hit the slopes, doesn’t

mean it should be off the agenda

afterwards. Stretching should

be saved for the end of the ski

day, whilst your muscles are still

warm. After a long day on the

slopes, it’s important to stretch

the right parts of your body, in

particular; your back, quadriceps

and gluteals. Before jumping

straight into après, a gentle swim

or Jacuzzi post-skiing can also

help to relieve any tight areas and

repair your tired muscles – or Hot

& Cold Therapy Packs are also a

handy addition to your suitcase.


If you plan on skiing every

day you must take this into

consideration in the build up to

the trip. If you haven’t properly

exercised in six-months, it is

unlikely your health and fitness

will be up to scratch. Overexerting

yourself could end with

strain or more serious injuries.

You should tailor your workouts

pre-ski trip to help you prepare

effectively. Aerobic and core

strengthening exercises such as

Yoga and Pilates will improve

your stability. Strengthening your

quads will make them strong

enough to manage your weight

and absorb the shock of the

repetitive movements.


Doing any exercise with poor form

when your posture is incorrect is

a recipe for potential injury, and

skiing is no exception. You should

always ensure your weight is

evenly distributed across your skis

and the alignment of your knees

isn’t effected as you move from

side to side. Ensure you do not

rotate your pelvis or lower back,

or ‘C-shape’ – stick your hips out

in the opposite way – as you turn.


Almost every movement when

skiing puts pressure on your knee

joints as they are left to do all

the work due to your feet being

locked inside the boots, something

they are not used to. A brace

can provide extra support and

control for your ligaments and

will ultimately keep you skiing for

years to come.

16 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Sloan Hits the slopes

Stay warm, dry and comfortable with the Editor’s

Choice of the best high performance skiwear

BLOC Equaliser ER5 Ski Goggles


Dakine - Alero Glove


Salomon - Jacket


Salomon - Pants


Bridgedale Ski Socks £25


Helly Hansen: W MOTIONISTA Jacket


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Steamboat Springs

is Ski Town, USA

If you’re looking for the luxury and

space of a holiday home, combined

with the amenities and conveniences

of a hotel or resort, One Steamboat

Place is definitely for you.

Located with ski-in/ski-out access at

the base of the Steamboat Ski Area,

these stunning 3 and 4 bedroom

luxury residences are ideal for

families and groups seeking the

finer things for their ski vacation.

We stayed in the Farwell Mountain

residence which sleeps up to 10

guests. The open floor plan connects

the living and dining areas to the

professionally equipped gourmet

kitchen with abundant space for the

entire group to be together.

Beautifully furnished and decorated

throughout with 4 deluxe bedrooms

all with en-suite bathrooms, there

is even a home office nook with an

iMac home computer and high speed

Wi-Fi throughout the residence.

Located in northwest Colorado,

Steamboat is 160 miles/267kms

northwest of Denver, an easy

three-hour drive.

Steamboat Ski Resort is one of

the premier resorts in the world

offering 18 lifts, 165 trails and

more than a dozen on-mountain

restaurant facilities, all spread

over 2,965 acres/1,200 hectares.

We stayed at One Steamboat

Place - A Timbers Residence

Club, an inviting and luxurious

mountain resort located slopeside

at the gondola at the foot of Mount

Werner. It’s enviable location

means you can roll out of bed in

the lap of luxury of your condo,

step out of your slippers and into

your ski boots, then hop of the

gondola just across the Square

and onto the powdery slopes, One

Steamboat Place offers a luxury

lifestyle that’s hard to beat this

close to the slopes.

The unique Champagne Powder®

snow is a trademark of Steamboat

Ski & Resort Corp. Local rancher

Joe McElroy coined the phrase

before the ski area opened.

While out skiing one sunny day

in the early ’50s on terrain that

eventually would become the

ski area, McElroy turned to a

few friends and said the stuff

tickled his nose like champagne.

No other ski resort has its snow

trademarked, and there’s no other

place you’ll find Champagne

Powder® snow than in Steamboat.

When winter athletes gathered in

PyeongChang, it was called the

Winter Games. When Olympians

gather in Steamboat, it’s simply

called Friday. Steamboat, known

around the globe as Ski Town,

U.S.A.®, has produced more

winter Olympians, a record 96 and

Steamboat is home to the

longest mountain coaster

in North America at more

than 6,000 linear feet with

dips, waves, turns and

360-degree circles

18 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

counting, than any other town in

North America. In fact, Steamboat

sent more athletes (15) to the 2018

Games than many small countries.

We rented our ski equipment from

Black Tie located within the One

Steamboat Place building. Bill and

Britt took wonderful care of us

and really knew what they were

doing with a tailormade fitting that

left us confident to hit the slopes.

Known for having some of the

best instructors in North America

— including former Olympians,

World Champions and nationally

ranked athletes — the Steamboat

SnowSports School tailors

each class to individual needs

guaranteeing a successful day on

snow. Whether you are putting on

boots for the first time or hoping

to take your skills to the next

level, the SnowSports School can

help everyone achieve their goals.

Our first lunch after a fun-packed

morning with our ski instructor

Adam was at Hazie’s. This

high-Alpine bistro is named

for Hazie Werner, mother of

three Steamboat Olympians

(Buddy, Loris and Skeeter) and

the matriarch of the first family

of Steamboat Springs. Hazie’s

is one of USA Today’s top ten

mountaintop restaurants and we

loved the duck wings and other

moreish appetizers.

With more than 100 bars and

restaurants in and around

Steamboat ranging from classic

From the lap of luxury

at One Steamboat

Place to the powdery

slopes of Mt. Werner

Western American fare to

international cuisine, dining in Ski

Town, U.S.A. ® is truly a culinary


So where does Steamboat get its

name? Three French fur trappers

travelling down the Yampa River

are said to have named Steamboat

Springs in 1865. One man heard

a chugging sound like that of a

paddle wheel steamer. The men

hurried toward the sound and

found it to be a bubbling mineral

spring. The numerous springs

around Steamboat are still popular

today as a source of relaxation and

are rumoured to have medicinal

benefits. We visited Strawberry

Park Hot Springs which had a

rustic charm in a natural setting.

Steamboat is also known for

its Western heritage and we

experienced that cowboy life

when we went horseback riding

through the snow at Del’s Triangle

3 Ranch.

For a bit of fun we went for an

exhilarating ride on the Outlaw

Mountain Coaster - the longest

mountain coaster in North


We also enjoyed an memorable

night in with our own private chef

who prepared a delicious three

course meal.

Our thanks to Moving Mountains,

One Steamboat Place and

Steamboat Springs Ski Resort

who made this ski trip effortless

comfortable and truly memorable.

For more information on

Steamboat Springs, please visit

We flew with British Airways

from London Heathrow Airport

to Hayden Airport in Denver

Colorado. Transfers provided

by GO Alpine. Accommodation

and activities organised by

Moving Mountains (www.

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I grasp every

opportunity with

both hands even if it

is out of my comfort



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Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to World Cup

Freestyle Gold Medallist & double Olympic skier

Rowan Cheshire about life on & off the slopes

Being a Freestyle Skier, self-discipline

S must play an important part of your

training regime. How do you keep

motivated through the ups and downs of


I stay motivated by always reminding

R myself of why I do what I do and my

goals. Especially when things get

tough it is so important to remind myself of

these things and why I do them.

How would you recommend SLOAN!

S readers to keep motivated through your

fitness plans? What aspects of your

plans enables people who are not trained

athletes still get great results?

I think taking photos and

R measurements can really help you stay

motivated. Weight on the scales can

fluctuate but seeing results in the mirror is

super motivating and you can look back and

see the progress.

Diet is a massive part of getting the results

you want, so I have done all the hard work

for you and work out the exact number of

calories and macros you need for to achieve

your goals. While also tailoring a work out

plan specifically for you, so you don’t need

to be an athlete or have much experience to

see great results.




Being in the public eye, how do you

deal with both praise and criticism?

Praise is great and really appreciated,

R especially hearing from people that

have benefited from things I post/do.

Criticism used to bother me as I wanted to

please everyone, but I have come to terms

with the fact I can’t do that, so criticism

doesn’t bother me that much anymore. I’ll

just continue doing what I love.

What is your view of social media?

Do you think it is inspirational or do

you think it is a forum that can create

anxiety and comparisons for people who

perceive themselves to be not as fit as a

professional athlete?

I think social media is a great tool to

R promote yourself and your brand. But

I do think it can be very damaging to

your mental health and wellbeing. It’s so

easy to get consumed by it, so I think it’s

important to have a social media and tech

detox regularly and realize that it’s not real

life so shouldn’t compare yourself.

In the fitness industry everyone promotes

their best selves and when their body is in

the best condition and don’t post about the

bloaty days. Trust me I have bad body days

and everyone does, I have bad eating weeks

let alone days!


Do your fitness plans help the public

love themselves more? If so how?

Yes definitely! I talk to my clients

R about their goals and try and get them

to have a healthy view of themselves

and fitness. I feel very strongly about

mental health so if I can help my clients feel

for confident, happier and more energetic

no matter what that looks like, I’ll be over

the moon.


Having so many successes under your

belt, what is your winning mindset that

achieves this? Do you visualize?

My mindset is that you have one life

R so you better do it right! I always try

and grasp every opportunity with both

hands even if it is way out of my comfort

zone. I love to grow and build on myself, so

I take everything I do as a learning curve

and finding myself. You never know what

doors will open.

Yes, I visualize a lot. Before the Olympics

I’d lie down and visualize my run and

then walk through it with my eyes closed

visualizing it. I also like to visualize my

future and goals and what I’d like that to

look like.



What passion do you align yourself

with? Do you find yourself attached to

an outcome or flexible in approach?

My passions are fitness & wellbeing,

I’m also a very creative person and I

love art, fashion and design.

I’m fairly flexible, I have an idea and I

know what I love plus what enjoy learning


I think about steps I can take to be in the

industry I want to be in and an idea of the

end result, but I’m not fixed to a plan or


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How do you deal with failure or coming second?

Does it inspire you to do better next time?

I deal with failure fairly well (obviously I get

R upset), but I always try and stay positive and

treat it as a learning curve and it really motivates

me to do better the next time.




If you could write a letter to your ten-year-old

self, what three things would you tell them to

help them grow into a best person?

I’d tell her to not care about what other people

think, do what she enjoys and loves most and not

let others put her down.

How do you deal with fear? What is the most

frightening situation you’ve been in?

I’ve found that meditation really helps me with

R dealing with fear and stress. I think my first

competition and being in front of cameras for the

first time was super scary for me as I was pretty shy

when I was younger.

Mental health is an extremely important issue

S at the forefront of the media. What daily habits

do you do to keep your mental health at peak


Like I mentioned before I’ve found meditation

R really helps, I use the app headspace which

walks you through the different steps (I do this

in the mornings). Getting into a routine helps too,

getting up early and having a good night’s sleep.

Self-care and putting yourself first sometimes is very

important, do the things you love and that you enjoy.

Also talking to yourself positively is very important,

telling yourself that you are enough and that you love

you will lighten your day.

As well as these things, diet plays a massive role in

mental health. So make sure you’re fueling your body

right. Healthy gut, healthy mind.

Also asking for help and talking to someone is very

important to help you to feel better.


What’s the hardest move or course you’ve had to

do in competition? How did you tackle it? What

was the result? How did you feel afterwards?

A specific course doesn’t come to mind, as a

R halfpipe pretty much stays the same, but the

weather plays a big part. I remember I was at a

competition in Mammoth, California and it was super

windy on the practise day and loads of the other

athletes were dropping out and refusing to train. We

were getting blown all over the place and was pretty


The competition got pulled forward to the following

day so we all had to compete with barely any practise

and still high winds… terrifying! I came in the top 10

so not the worst result.

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Rowan Cheshire is a Double

Olympic Freestyle Skier and

Personal Trainer. She has

designed three fitness plans

to inspire people to train like

an athlete and realise the

benefits of feeling and being

strong. Learn more at

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Winter Park Resort

Ride the Ski Train from Denver to Winter Park Ski Resort for a

family friendly ski trip in Colorado with great amenities

Winter Park is the closest major mountain destination

to Denver at just 67 miles away. Don’t be fooled by

the convenient location, you’ll feel remotely tucked

away in this high country corner of the Rockies.

With easy access to 765,000 acres of public land,

Winter Park is home to pure mountain adventure

representing the quintessential Colorado experience

– untouched and open.. Winter Park is a world-class

ski destination surrounded by Arapaho National

Forest, Indian Peaks Wilderness and home to Rocky

Mountain National Park. With over 3,000 acres

of skiable terrain, Winter Park Resort offers an

unforgettable experience for any kind of adventurer,

whether you’re just taking in the views or looking to

really get your adrenaline pumping.


The Crawford Hotel is an independent, luxury hotel

located inside the revitalized Denver Union Station.

Opened on July 12, 2014, The Crawford gives a nod

to its rich history while embracing a modern lodging

style. Managed by Denver’s Sage Hospitality and

named for urban preservationist and Union Station

partner Dana Crawford, the hotel fills the upper

floors of the north and south wings of the landmark

train station. Find out more at


Denver Union Station is the centerpiece of the

$500 million redevelopment of downtown Denver’s

transportation hub, with RTD rail lines and

buses connecting downtown to its surrounding

communities, and direct rail access to/from Denver

International Airport.

The Winter Park Express is the only service of its

kind in North America, taking riders from Denver

and dropping them off within feet of the nearest

chairlift in just 90 minutes time.

24 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


We stayed in a 2-bedroom condo at Zephyr Mountain

Lodge - Winter Park Resort’s, ski-in/ski-out Base

Village Lodging, just 110 feet from the Zephyr

Express Lift.

The condo was decorated in a traditional Americana

style and felt quaint and homely. This was relaxed

living at its best and what it lacked in luxury, it made

up for in coziness.


We grabbed rental equipment at the Mountain

Adventure Center before heading out to meet Larry,

one of the best ski instructors we’ve had. He made

the learning process fun as well as educational with

plenty of tips and positive reinforcement along the

way so that we left the slopes on the first day at

Winter Park feeling much happier to hit the green

runs on our own the next day. Top tip from the lesson

was “if in doubt, wedge it out!”.


What we enjoyed most about skiing in Winter Park

was the greater choice of green runs compared to

Steamboat which meant we could really practice our

moves in a variety of beginner friendly conditions

without feeling bored of the same route again and



Located conveniently in the Village at Winter

Park Resort, Vertical offers a relaxed atmosphere

with locally sourced cuisine including delectable

appetizers and sharing plates in addition to satisfying

mains with a good choice of cocktails, wines and

craft beers.


Head out just minutes from Winter Park Ski Resort

to enjoy dinner at Tabernash Tavern which serves

New American dishes in an Old West-style interior.

It’s a favourite with locals and tourists alike and we

thoroughly enjoyed our meal there which included

Antelope Burger from Broken Arrow Ranch in South



The newest tube park in Colorado, Coca-Cola® Tube

Park features four individual lanes, exciting banked

curves, a covered conveyor lift ride back to the top

and the comfortable Hill House warming lodge

serving gourmet hot chocolate, fresh-baked cookies,

snacks, and select bar offerings. Tubing is a fun

activity for all the family and offers something a little

different to do while visiting Winter Park Resort.


The new Village Plaza will be ready early November

and features a brand new stage, chairlift chairs from

the historic Timberline Lift and a crackling fire

creating the perfect hub for quality time with family

and friends.

Opening mid-December, a new 10-person gondola

takes just 5 minutes to whisk you up the hill where

you’ll have easy access to the slopes of Mary Jane

and dining at Sunspot.

Other new improvements for 2018 include better

snowmaking capacity with 40,000 feet of new pipe

and new snowmaking guns allowing more snow

coverage earlier and more runs open for early season

skiing. Also glading is bringing new lines to improve

the gladed skiing experience at Eagle Wind and the

Adventure Concierge is a new resource for planning

activities and getting insider tips from booking a

snowshoe tour to finding the perfect ski run and the

best après stops to enjoy.

For more information about Winter Park ski resort,

go to

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The Active Affluent


The Eco PROOF Jacket is built to last a lifetime. As well as

providing superb protection, the jacket has been designed in a way so

that every small detail – right down to the zipper – can be removed

and easily replaced. Let it accompany you on all of your adventures,

and really put it through its paces: safe in the knowledge that wear

and tear isn’t going to put it out of action. And it’s also genuinely in

sync with nature. To minimize the environmental footprint of the

jacket, the material used in its construction is bluesign® approved,

even down to the smallest details. It’s made from recycled materials

and completely free from fluorocarbons.

Key features we love include cord adjustment at front hood and

elasticated webbing at back to provide great protection in harsh

weather in addition to multiple front storm pockets and one chest

pocket to stow away items.

The Eco Proof Jacket is £270 and is available from the Haglofs

store in London, various outdoor retailers across the UK and

online at

Here’s our pick of

the best of sporty &

outdoorsy for active

affluent lifestyles

this autumn


The fine quality design and craftsmanship that distinguish the

Lexus CT F Sport luxury hatchback have inspired a new, handcrafted

sports trainer produced by premium UK manufacturer

Norman Walsh Footwear. The unisex CT trainers draw on the

design, colour palette and interior materials of the car – a selfcharging

hybrid model – combining cutting-edge style with

comfort, and lasting quality.

£165 available from


Bodyclock Shine 300 is an alarm clock that mimics the light and colour

of a real sunrise so when you open your eyes you feel properly awake

and refreshed. Waking like this helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle

and has even been shown to boost mood, energy and productivity levels

for the rest of the day.

Bodyclock Shine 300 uses improved LED technology to produce

smooth changes of light and colour for a lovely, realistic sunrise and

sunset. Extra customisation options allow you to choose the duration

of the sunset and sunrise, light intensity of the sunrise alarm and add

complementary sleep/wake sounds.

Results speak for themselves. The British Swimming team use Lumie

Bodyclock to get them up bright and early for training on dark, winter

mornings. £125 from

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Razor® Turbo Jetts are electric, motorised heel wheels

giving a one-of-a-kind boost to any pair of trainers. Remoteless,

the Turbo Jetts use an integrated, pressure-sensitive,

power control system to deliver a comfortable ride at speeds

of up to 10mph (16km/h) for up to 30 minutes of continuous

use. Riders simply step into the heavy-duty polymer ‘quickclick’

frame and tighten the hook and loop fastening for a

secure fit, suitable for trainers UK youth size 11 to adult 11.

It’s a futuristic ride like no other.

£129.99 from Harrods, and Argos


Bellabeat’s Leaf Chakra is powered by smart, stress-predicting technology to guide

women on their wellbeing journey. Connecting to the Bellabeat app, Leaf Chakra

tracks activity, sleep and reproductive health while using a unique algorithm

to determine resistance to stress. Made from the latest celebrity craze – energy

harvesting gems and crystals –this new wellness device is a must-have product.

£129 available from


Exclusively made in the UK, the Exmoor

Base Layer from Iffley Road has been

crafted using 100% merino wool to naturally

wick away sweat and regulate body

temperature in all conditions. Guaranteed

to be one of the most comfortable pieces of

gear you’ll own thanks to its soft texture and

seamless design, you can wear it on its own

or underneath another top for extra warmth.

The Exmoor offers the perfect solution for

the transition months of autumn, covering

you on those cool yet sunny days. Available

in Gravel Black, Pebble Grey and Night Sky.

£80 from


This Hybrid Cycling Jacksey from Fat

Lad At The Back is made for guys built

for comfort not speed who still enjoying

the benefits of cycling.

The feature rich premium windproof

jersey, combines a technical Tempest

fabric front with a microfibre fleecy back,

offering improved fit, exceptional comfort

and wicking, ensuring that you stay

warm, comfortable and dry.

The Jacksey combines the superb wicking

qualities and warmth of a microfibre

long sleeve fleecy jersey with a wind and

waterproof membrane fabric front to keep

the wind from bothering you on your ride.

£99.99 available from


This deep-tissue fascia tool

phenomenon opens the fascia -

the “sheets” of connective tissue

that connect and envelope every

organ, joint, muscle, and system

of the body – helping with

issues such as relieving pain,

improving muscle performance

and the appearance of cellulite,

as well as contributing to the

overall improvement of health

and wellbeing. This popular

product is the #1 selling selftreatment

fascia tool for opening

fascia at the deeper layers and

loosening fascial adhesions.

The FasciaBlaster® is

designed to be used

on any area of the

body. £89 from

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Becoming a

parent for the first

time has been a

wonderful experience

and Lance and I are

learning something

new each day

Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to new dad and Olympic

athlete Tom Daley about surrogacy and fatherhood



Congratulations to you and Lance on

becoming new dads. What five words

describe your experience of fatherhood so

Thanks! I think the five words that would

T describe our journey so far would be:

“Rewarding, amazing (experience), love,

responsibility and family” – I’ve loved every

second of it so far!

You chose to use a surrogate in the States.

S What challenges did you face here in the UK

to become same-sex parents and how was

the experience different in America?

My husband is American, so it was either

T going to happen in the UK or USA. America

currently has better regulation and protection

for all involved so we chose to have our child in

America. We’re all back in the UK now and love

him more than anything else in the entire world.

We can’t wait to raise him as a family.

When you got the call asking you to partner

S with Pampers Pure, how did it feel to

become their first gay brand ambassador and

what message do you hope this send out?

It felt so awesome that Pampers wanted to

T partner with a Dad and not only that, a same

sex couple. Pampers not only cares for the

happy, healthy development of all babies, but

is also a family brand, and it’s so great that we

are now a part of this. We hope our journey will

inspire other families who might be in a similar


What makes Pampers Pure nappies and

S wipes different to others on the market and

what special features of the nappies have

made your life easier as a new dad?

Lance and I don’t want to compromise

T on ingredients or performance. The Pure

Protection nappies are made from premium

cotton and plant-based materials that come from

sugarcane, but have Pampers trusted 12-hour

dryness at the same time. The wipes are made

from 99% water and organic cotton, and are so

soft on Robbie’s skin. As a new dad, I love the

wetness indicator – it lets me know when it’s time

for a nappy change, which is so helpful. The

graphics are so cute too; I particularly love the

sloth design!


What top three tips would you give new

parents from your experience as a new dad?

Don’t listen to all the advice – trust your

T instincts and you’ll be completely fine. Sleep

when you can! Definitely share the nappy



Apart from Pampers Pure nappies and

wipes, what other must-have items in your

bag when you’re out with Robbie?

We’ve realised that actually we don’t have to

T carry too much around with us. As long as

we have nappies, wipes and milk, then we’re

all set. Although I did think the other day, maybe

I should carry around a spare t-shirt for me as I

seem to always have some spit up marks on my


As an Olympic athlete, in what ways do you

S feel those exceptional skills and experiences

might help you with dealing with a new baby

and being a dad?

I’ve been lucky enough to experience some

T amazing things in my career but nothing

compares to having Robbie! Being an athlete

I have to be organised with training schedules

and kit, and perhaps that’s rubbed off my

parenting; setting routines and knowing where

nappies, wipes and milk are at all times.

To be a successful parent you need to be

S consistent and have manageable goals. You

discuss this subject in your new book Tom’s

Daily Goals. How do the seven daily goals help

you deal with the challenges of fatherhood and

looking after a new baby?

I carry out my seven daily goals every day

T and they really help me now I’m a parent.

Making sure I still meditate and eat healthily

makes me feel so much better.

At 24 you’ve already achieved many

S professional and personal milestones from

being an Olympic and 2 times World

champion to getting married and becoming a new

dad. What ambitions or goals do you still want

to achieve in your life and what are you looking

forward to doing in 2018/19?

I feel so lucky to have achieved so many

T of my dreams and becoming a dad, has

just topped everything. I’ve just gone back

to training and my focus now is Tokyo 2020

Olympic Games.

Tom Daley is the Pampers Pure Partner and

UK Brand Ambassador for the launch of the

new Pure Protection range.

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Top 20






Ju-Ju-Be, the American changing

bag brand has launched it’s first ever

collection dedicated to men. The XY

Hatch backpack style changing bag for dads is

machine washable and comes with lots of features

including a changing pad, 2 insulated bottle

pockets, key fob, hidden mobile phone pocket, eye

wear pocket and lots more useful compartments!

The bag is made from Teflon and Agion treated

fabrics, which

repel stains,

mould and

mildew. Comes

with a lifetime

guarantee against


£114.99 available




In response to the growing need from mums

wanting to feed their baby breastmilk but not

always able to breastfeed, Lansinoh have designed

a sleek, compact electric breast pump which easily fits into

any expressing-mum’s lifestyle.

The simplistic design features let-down and expression

modes with 5 variable suction levels making it comfortable

for mum. The micro USB port can be used with a mains

adapter or power bank, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

Lansinoh was founded by Rasheda Hagen in 1984. When

mums choose to breastfeed, Lansinoh believes they should

have the support and encouragement they

need to experience all its benefits, and ensure

baby feels the same.

£115 available from



The new and improved Beco Gemini from Beco

Baby is suitable from newborn to toddler (7 –

35lbs) and Hip Healthy certified Incredibly easy

to use, the Gemini offers the comfortable carrying positions

of front facing in, facing out, hip and back carry. Awardwinning

and Lightweight, the fresh and young

Beco Gemini completely embodies the cool

parent aesthetic.

Featuring a supportive waistband, and, wide

padded shoulder straps with two way

adjustability, the Gemini also features a

supportive and foldable head support for

little one. Breastfeeding friendly, the

Gemini is a great baby to toddler carrier.

£99.50 available from



Made entirely in the UK, the Moba Moses

Basket is super stylish and lightweight. Its soft,

flexible material makes it ideal for moving

around the house, whilst ensuring baby is as comfy as

can be! Designed under the advice of leading childcare

professionals including the Lullaby Trust, the Moba Moses

Basket features a breathable design, with over 300 air

holes around the sides and base, and no hood, padding or

frills, ensuring there

is continuous air flow. This

trendy moses basket

is a favourite of both

Kim Kardashian

& Holly Willoughby.

£99 from


The Carrier Mini is the perfect cosy carrier

for newborns for the first few months who

need close contact. The fabric is

luxuriously soft against delicate

skin and the carrier ensures

babies are comfortable and

supported with their back in a

natural c-curve.


Designed to fit the needs of a

newborn baby, the simple design

is easy to put on, even in the

middle of the night. We love

the breathable, cool 3D Mesh

version. £84.99 available from

30 SLOAN! | E-mail us at



Lava Shells have fast become the most sought

after heated massage treatment in the beauty

and wellness industry, becoming a regular

celebrity favourite, having treated the likes of Vogue

Williams with a bespoke post-pregnancy massage. The

World’s first Self-Heating Massage tool uses natural,

biodegradable heat technology to deliver a unique and

innovative therapy that offers a seamless massage of

warmth and touch. While the gentle heat radiating from

the porcelain Lava Shell helps to melt away aches and

pains, the ergonomic design lets you

work naturally with your body’s

muscles to release tension,

stiffness and induce a

feeling of deep relaxation

and calm.

£49 from



These cute hand-crafted lace-up prewalker

booties are made from fine kid

leather with a soft leather lining. They

come presented in a stylish Rachel Riley gift box.

£49 available from



This Disney Baby

dream blanket

has an edgy 101

Dalmatians design depicting

the playful pups in bold

animal prints and London

cityscapes graphics. Made

with four layers of

100% cotton muslin,

this soft plush baby

blanket goes beyond

cuddling to make a

snuggly surface to

lay your little one

on when playing on

the floor. And it’s

machine washable

for easy cleaning.

£46.95 from



A Little Lovely Company was created

by Dutch mums Judith de Ruijeter

and Nikki Hateley with a mission to

transform everyday homewares for babies and

kids into unique pieces with a Scandinavian

touch. This pastel coloured

T-Rex Light looks great in a

dino-loving kids’ bedroom

either on a shelf or on a desk

for some extra light. £45




This Crib Superior Foam Cot Mattress, awarded

the Allergy UK Seal of Approval, is skin

friendly, made of anti-bacterial fabric and has a

heat regulating and removable outer cover for easy cleaning.

Creating a comfortable and safe sleeping environment, it comes

with a sealed core giving added

protection all night long while

your baby sleeps in their

cosy little crib. £45 from

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Proceive is a a range of scientifically

formulated pre-natal fertility supplements

designed to support

the nutritional needs of men

and women trying for a baby.

Its active blend of folic

acid, amino acids, vitamins,

and minerals provide

comprehensive nutritional

support for men and women.

The dual pack is available to

help aid couples’ compliance

and ease of everyday use.

£44.95 from Holland &




Developed by skin and scarring

experts, Solution for Stretch Marks

works by combining active green

tea extracts, highly moisturising natural

ingredients and vitamins C and E to

help reduce the appearance of stretch

marks and to soothe symptoms such as

uncomfortable, sore, irritable-feeling


Combining the most effective ingredients

from science and nature to actively

soothe problem areas where stretch

marks occur including breasts, tummy,

hips and thighs, Solution for Stretch

Marks is also suitable for weight-gain

stretch marks and growth-spurt marks.

£39.99 from



The Made With Love Gift

Set from Inch Blue includes

a 100% cotton footless

babygro with a Union Jack motif and

a matching pair of soft leather baby

shoes. The shoes are all handmade in

Inch Blue’s workshop in Wales, using

Chrome-6 free leather, which is very

safe for babies.

Inch Blue shoes are perfect for babies

learning to walk, as they provide

protection for their little feet, while

also allowing them to feel the ground

beneath them. The soft leather shoes

allow their feet to breathe and grow

without restriction, just as nature

intended! £32 from



Ollie the Owl Light and Sound Sleep Aid is the

perfect sleep companion playing 4 comforting

sounds (Heartbeat, Rainfall, Static White Noise

or Brahms Lullaby) and with a gentle warm

glowing tummy.

Sounds play for 20 minutes with an adjustable volume and

the light shines for 30 minutes creating a lovely soothing

environment for baby to drift off to sleep in.

The built in CrySensor cleverly

listens in and reactivates to help

keep them calm should they

stir. The secure velcro fastening

attaches to cot, moses basket,

pushchair or car seat.

£34.99 available from The Gro




For the wrigglers and the wigglers

that won’t sit still, this stretch

jersey blanket from Australian

brand Boody Baby has a gentle stretch that

will keep baby cosy and comfy without letting

them squirm out. Made for nap times, snuggles,

playtime and more, this luxuriously soft, ecofriendly

blanket is as kind to the planet as it

is to baby’s skin. Made from viscose derived

from bamboo, the result is

a silky smooth base layer

that keeps your baby cool

and comfortable. Boody

bamboo fabric maintains

its shape and is great for

sensitive skin.

£25 from

32 SLOAN! | E-mail us at



The Baby K’tan

Newborn Swaddle &

Toddler Blanket is a

must-have product for

any new parent. Made

of an innovative breathable stretch fabric, the

Baby K’tan Newborn Swaddle & Toddler blanket

provides continuous airflow so that baby doesn’t

overheat while sleeping. As little one grows, the

swaddle can be used as the perfect sized toddler

blanket, nursing cover and so much more.

Available in a 2 pack in teal and grey for £24.99




Pura Kiki is the 100% plastic-free

adaptable feeding bottle that grows

with a child’s needs.

Pura Kiki is the only bottle in the world that

has 0% plastic content and is fully

recyclable eliminating any chance of BPA,

PVC, lead, phthalates, and other petroleum

by-products. It also has a soft silicone

travel cover for the top and the addition

of the silicone sleeve, which makes

handling the cup that much easier.

This insulated version of the bottle

keeps liquids warm or cool for car

journeys and days out.

£22 from



The Bshirt ‘Lift the Flap’ breastfeeding vest top

allows you to pull up the top flap to feed, allowing

maximum access for feeding. It’s ethically made with

organic cotton (95% organic cotton, 5% lycra).

The Bshirt is a social venture founded by two mumpreneurs with

many years of breastfeeding experience between them. Leading

the way to improve new mums’ confidence and help to make

breastfeeding even more accessible, the Bshirt has already won a

number of industry awards including the MadeForMums 2018 Best

Breastfeeding Accessory.

With no clips, zips or buttons, the Bshirt makes for fuss-free and

fashionable feeding.

The Bshirt Original and Bshirt Hide & Seek are both £21.99 each

available from



The Monkey soft sole with chocolate leather

upper featuring a smiling monkey appliqué

design is a fun character shoe. The happy

monkey helps to keep the little ones imagination engaged while

also keeping their feet nice and protected from the elements.

These soft soles are designed with foot health principles

in mind and make sure that children can still move around

totally unrestricted. All classic Bobux Soft Soles feature an

elastic opening designed to be easy to get on and stay on! The

chestnut suede

sole also provides

a great non-slip

surface so your

little one can move

around safely.

£22 from



Papaya Renew is a light, nongreasy

and fast absorbing

cream that helps to reduce the

appearance of scars & stretch marks and firm

and tighten stretched skin.

Renew’s unique and proven

ingredients work to repair &

nourish dry and damaged skin,

featuring a combination of skin

loving ingredients such as Gotu

Kola (Pennywort) Tamanu Oil,

Papaya, Chamomile and Almond,

Macadamia and Rosehip Oils.

P’URE Papayacare RENEW

Cream is £17.99 available from

Holland & Barrett.

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As k The Ex p e r t

Planning The Perfect Baby Shower


Co-founder of PAVE London

Pete Rolfe is a successful London-based businessman

who co-founded luxury Events & Marketing company

PAVE London with former work colleague Victoria

Larder in 2014, who together are a power business

couple. The business offers dynamic, creative and

bespoke end-to-end event planning and marketing

services for leading brands and elite individuals.

Find out more at

In the UK, baby showers are a relatively recent

concept and they have quickly become clichéd.

Therefore, my first rule of planning a baby shower

is…ignore the rules:

In 2018 we can be invited to baby showers hosted by

Mums and Dads, same-sex couples, single parents

and for IVF or adopted babies. The point being, the

baby shower should be as personal as the parent,

or family excitedly on the verge of parenthood.

Forget rules, here are some of PAVE London’s

recommendations to make your baby shower shine!


Some parents will prefer an intimate meal (a brunch

or lunch usually means a pregnant host won’t be

too tired), for some a larger informal celebration

with more guests and light snacks and drinks where

the gift-giving and opening is a focus. Planning a

three-to-four hour event is usually ample time for

the shower in these cases. Some people have a tight

social circle that would jump at the opportunity for

an overnight stay away with luxury pampering and

wouldn’t bat an eyelid at the cost. The key is to be

realistic, everyone knows where their social circle

sits and as long as quality time with guests is built

into the shower, the guests will get as much from the

event as the hosts.


An invitation in the post always sets the tone for

a significant event. My recommended timeframe

for a shower would be six weeks to a month before

the baby is due. What’s the theme or vibe of the

party? Draw inspiration from the time of year, the

parent’s passions or linked to the chosen venue. An

affordable option is using baby photos of the parents

as the design and sending a printed postcard direct to

guests using a site such as For a more

luxury approach have a designer work on a bespoke

invitation and use a local printers to add some foil

flourishes or a deboss/embossed effect.


Only invite your loved ones who will bring joy to the

proceedings rather than guests who feel obliged to

attend, to ensure the right atmosphere.


Avoid a clean-up at home and choose an appropriate

venue or at least a friend or family member’s abode.

Space is the priority here, either hit up your friend

with the luxury penthouse or gorgeous garden, or try

to book a venue with an exclusive area for you and

your guests. For luxury budgets, my recommendation

would be somewhere quickly accessible by car or rail

(or helicopter) from London that does 5-star properly;

consider Luton Hoo Hotel and Spa for an overnight

celebration and pamper with bespoke event elements.


Put yourself in the shoes of your guests and make

sure the shower is enjoyable no matter who you are

and no matter what stage of baby-making you might

be at. Definitely allow time for gifts to be opened but

be aware to limit this as it can be boring or awkward

for guests to sit through for too long. The priority is

making time for fun catch ups and people to mingle.

If you are throwing a shower for a friend or family

member, think about whether the parents would

appreciate a surprise or if this would be stress

inducing, depending on personality.


Whatever the scale of the shower, and whether

34 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

How To Gu ide

home-cooked or catered, food should be a balance of

healthy and really naughty and quality over quantity

as most showers tend to be relatively short. My

advice would be allow your guests to enjoy alcohol

even if the mum-to-be cannot, most guests are

giving up their precious time and still want to enjoy

themselves and ease themselves into a social event.

If budget is tight, there’s also nothing wrong with

billing the event as an afternoon drinks and snacks

affair and asking guests to eat lunch before they

arrive, as long as the drinks are flowing and delicious

guests won’t mind.


A gift registry has become an accepted part of

wedding proceedings and therefore baby shower

etiquette and avoids gift duplication. Department

stores and Petit Bateau offer this service, just be sure

to select a wide range of different priced items to

cater for all budgets. I also love the idea of asking

all guests to bring their favourite baby book as a

child, as a gift to the shower. Personal messages from

guests or an edited video from guests who can’t be

there sometimes makes for the ultimate gift to be

kept from the shower.


I have experienced first-hand too many awkward

or enforced games at baby showers so my

recommendation would be to keep these light and

never download an off-of-the-internet ‘baby shower

game’ suggestion. Talk with your partner or family

about what is relevant to you and your guests,

perhaps you are to reveal the gender to guests and

can add a fun gambling element, suggest the most

awful name combination or have all guests bring a

baby photo of themselves and everyone can have a

laugh at guests at their cutest. Supplying a stack of

disposable nappies and asking guests to write a funny

or motivational message on them, to be discovered by

the parents when the baby arrives. Providing blank

bibs/onesies and fabric paints/pens means comical or

cute personal items can be created by guests on the

day that the baby will use and wear. A photographer

to some is a necessity rather than a luxury, but

ultimately great home photography or old-school

disposable cameras make for a fun element with

budget being focused on gifts and other content.


A colour theme always lends itself to inspiring decor,

consider the venue but this is the one excuse to get

cute with feather-filled balloons, floral arrangements

amongst stacks of nappies and onesies also make

cute table centres and bunting always lends itself to a

shower. Don’t forget people are moving decorations

too, set a simple dress code that’s easy to follow to

fill the room with colour and fabulous photo-popping



Being thoughtful about people never goes out of

style, this applies to planning what guests will enjoy,

but extends to a postal thank you note following the

event; etiquette dictates you have until the baby is 2

months old to get them out so you have no excuse.

For bigger budgets, put together a cute goodie bag

‘thank you’ for adults, I love the idea of a “bag I wish

I could have” with alcoholic treats, cheese and other

fun items from the pregnant mum-to-be.

Soon enough it will seem like the whole world will

revolve around the baby, so a well-planned shower

can help parents get prepared mentally, have one last

fun party before the arrival, as well as physically

being gifted with lots of necessary items.

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Silver Cross

Jet is the all-new, ultra compact lightweight travel

stroller that folds so small it can be used as a piece

of cabin baggage and stowed away in the overhead

locker, even more it can be wheeled like a small

suitcase. Jet also includes a handy cover to keep

everything tidy whilst your on your travels.

Suitable from birth up to 15kg, Jet has a soft padded

lie-flat seat, multi-position recline and adjustable

calf support to ensure your little one is comfortable

whether a baby or toddler.

The fully extendable UPF50+ hood has an air-flow

ventilation system, pop-out sun visor and viewing

window. The flip-flop-friendly brakes are easy to

use, while the lockable front swivel wheels and

dynamic spring suspension provide a smooth

ride for your baby. The five-point safety

harness keeps your little one safe and secure.

With a weight of only 5.9kg, we love

the ultra-compact and lightweight

Jet from Silver Cross and know

you will too!

£275 available from


for more luxury

product reviews on

36 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

We are delighted to

bring you all-new


The only place you

need to look for

all your parenting

needs from bump to

baby and beyond.

All products

featured have

been selected by

celebrity life coach

& mum-to-be Sloan



During the first three years,

infants spend more time asleep

than awake so choosing the

right mattress is paramount

as sleep nourishment plays a

vital role in the recuperation,

growth, immune system, brain

development, learning and

memory of a child.

The luxurious Simba Hybrid®

Cot Mattress (60 x 120 x 10cm)

has anti-allergy sleep surface

woven from the finest handpicked

fabrics and enriched with

sumptuously smooth cloud-like


The Red Castle Cocoonababy nest was created

by a pediatric physiotherapist to help comfort

newborns and aid restful sleep. Its unique,

slightly inclined semi-fetal posture helps

newborns feel safe, secure and content.

The exclusive combination of the shape and

materials of the Cocoonababy enable it to be

used for both day naps and nighttime sleeping.

The high resilience foam is both supportive and

reactive so baby can move freely and safely.

The reassuring tummy band soothes baby by

gently applying light pressure on their tummy,

while giving you peace of mind that little one is

kept in the correct position.

£130 from

quilted pockets, for ultimate

comfort and reduced fabric

pilling. Engineered for optimum

airflow, the mattress promotes

thermo-regulation to help your

baby’s body find the perfect

temperature for an undisturbed

and safe night’s sleep.

£145 from


Babocush is an award-winning ‘tummy time’

technology cushion that safely soothes newborns. It

recreates the atmosphere in the womb with a heartbeat

sound and gentle vibration, the next best thing to being

held in a mother’s arms.

Instead of a harsh transition to the real world,

Babocush is designed to feel like a familiar retreat. As

a result, babies are able to relax,

cry less and settle easily. The

vibration has proven especially

helpful for babies who need to

be constantly held and those

with reflux, colic and gas.

£125 from

Beaba Babycook

Babycook is an easy to use 4-in-1 food processor,

which quickly steams in just 15 minutes, while

preserving essential vitamins and minerals. With

the capability to steam, cook, blend, defrost and

re-heat food, this multifunctional kitchen buddy

can be used for pureeing, baby-led weaning and

cooking solids. It requires no supervision and stops

automatically once the

food is cooked. It can

cook a variety of foods

including fish, meat,

vegetables, fruit, rice

and pasta, so baby can

eat the same meal as

your family.

£120 from

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Beginner’s Guide

To Pregnancy Yoga

Clare Maddalena, founder of LushTums,

discusses the benefits of practicing yoga during

pregnancy and explains everything you need to

know about pregnancy yoga.

Clare Maddalena

LushTums is the UK’s leading expert

in pregnancy, pre/postnatal yoga and

antenatal education. Classes take

place in over 22 locations across the

UK with tens of thousands of women

attending a regular class. LushTums

specialises in yoga during pregnancy,

as well as tailored postnatal

classes, classes with newborns and

WiggleBums – speciality kids yoga

classes carefully and creatively

crafted for children aged 1 year to


Clare is a registered Antenatal

Educator and Birth Doula with

FEDANT and has personally taught

and worked with well over 10,000

women; teaching pregnancy yoga,

antenatal education, postnatal yoga

and women’s yoga. You’ll still find

Clare teaching weekly in several

studios across Brighton today.

Take charge of your

health rather than waiting

until it deteriorates &

becomes a problem

Today, more and more people

understand the importance of

keeping fit – especially when

you are about to have a baby.

Pregnancy Yoga has never been

so popular, offering a chance to

connect with baby and discover

practical breathing techniques

whilst also stretching and healing

those niggly pregnancy ailments.


Explore and research pregnancy

yoga classes in your area. You

may already attend a yoga class,

but your regular teacher might not

be qualified or insured to teach

you while you are pregnant. It is

vital to check they are qualified.


The breath is one of the most

important aspects of any yoga

practice – and it is more essential

than ever with pregnancy yoga.

The breath work and relaxation

at the end of each class gives you

the key tools to help you relax at

home, as well as practice for the

labour itself.


A great pregnancy yoga class will

always include lots of antenatal

education and tips for birth, from

breathing techniques to help you

cope with contractions to ways

to help you relax in between and

conserve your energy.

And if you take time each week to

practice the breathing techniques

then you are more likely to use

them as a matter of course on the

big day.


Optimal Foetal Positioning (OFP)

has been proven to lead to a

smoother and shorter labour so

it is well worth practicing these

specific positions during a class.

The ‘all fours’ will encourage

baby to be in a prime birthing

position whilst being a very

relaxing pose during labour.

38 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


Vibrations and rhythmic

pronunciation have a physical

effect on the body as they

slow down the nervous system

and calm the mind – just like

meditation. Practicing certain OM

sounds in yoga will help when the

day comes to breathe your baby



Of course, any yoga practice is

a fantastic time to connect with

one’s own self but never more

so then in pregnancy can be a

daunting time. Allowing yourself

to check in with your bump

and baby helps process the big

transformational experience you

are about to undertake.


One of the best parts of joining

a pregnancy yoga class can be

meeting and connecting with other

women on the same journey as

yourself. Every Lushtums class

allows time for participants to

chat about any current challenges,

feelings and general wellbeing.

It is a great time to offload

any worries you may have in a

supportive space.

It is so important to make friends

and create a network of support.

So many people that you meet at

this time will go on to become

life-long friends.


A great yoga class can help

provide the tools you need to

support the decisions you make

at this time and help navigate

any difficulties. It will also help

prepare you for the big day in

the best way possible – calm and


And it doesn’t end there, consider

joining a dedicated postnatal yoga

class to help you heal physically,

mentally and emotionally and find

yourself once more, but this time

as a mother.


Clare Maddalena founded

LushTums in 2007. Clare began as

a yoga teacher back in 2003 after

realising the incredible benefits

her own yoga practice had on her

pregnancy, birth and mothering

journey. She decided to share this

with others and LushTums was

born. For more information, please


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Ickle Bubba is known for producing practical

fuss-free solutions for parents at an affordable

price without compromising on style. We loved

the Stomp V3 All In One Travel System and

couldn’t wait to try the new Globe stroller.

The ultra-lightweight and airline friendly Globe

still feels strong and sturdy. The wheels are

small and agile with a smooth push helped by

suspension on all four wheels. The roomy basket

allows you to pack plenty underneath the stroller.

The Globe stroller is suitable from birth as it lies

completely flat for newborns and the recliner

lever is easy to use for changing positions from

sitting up, resting or fast asleep.

The ultra-thin seat fabric helps give the stroller a

really compact fold. The hood is made from the

same thin material as the seat and gives ample

coverage to protect baby from the sun and has a

rain cover but the hood does not come down as

far as others.

The strollers folds down so small that it can be

kept in the boot of a car and it can be carried

easily on the shoulder as it weighs little more

than a typical changing bag.

£199 available from

40 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


Nuna, the premium baby brand and number one

choice for A-list celebrities, brings you the REBL

plus - the first 360° car seat to exceed i-size standards

for safety by making it possible for newborns up to

four years old, to ride rearward facing. Both safe and

comfortable, this ultra-practical car seat ‘grows’ with

your child all the way from birth to 18.5kg or 105cm.

The seat’s 5-point harness is quick and easy to put on

with the one-hand adjustable 7-position head support

working in tandem with the seat’s 7 position recline

to provide a fully tailored position for your child. The

infant head and body inserts are removable as your

child grows and the seat’s 360° rotation also makes

it easier and kinder to your back when putting your

child in and out of the seat.

Nuna’s smart SIP system provides all around side

impact protection and features EPS energy absorbing

foam. Even the seat’s stability leg has a crumple zone,

while an integrated rebound bar diverts the force of

an impact away from the child. Available in Caviar,

Slate, Berry and Indigo at £350 from


Since its launch two years ago, the Ava fertility tracking bracelet, which detects the nine physiological

parameters of ovulation, has helped mothers around the world to conceive with the recently announced

milestone of the birth of over 1,000 babies with an average of 25 new pregnancies from Ava users reported on

a daily basis.

27% of women are now using technological aids in an effort to conceive. Couples who time intercourse

accurately double their chances of conceiving in a given month. Ava Women is leading the trend of women

turning to technology to increase their chances of conceiving by tracking their fertility windows.

The Ava bracelet, which received The Bump “Best of Baby Tech CES 2017” award for fertility and pregnancy

and the Women’s Health “Editors’ Choice” award, uses sensor technology, clinical research, and data science

to precisely monitor a woman’s menstrual cycle or pregnancy.

Ava is clinically proven to detect the very beginning of the fertile window — in real time, as it

happens. This makes it totally different than LH tests, which only detect the last day or two of the

fertile window, and the temperature method, which only confirms ovulation after the fact.

Worn at night, it is a unique and effortless way to track your fertility. The bracelet also tracks your

sleep, physiological stress levels, and resting heart rate—so you can see whether your lifestyle is

supporting optimal health. And when you do fall pregnant, the app provides detailed explanations

about what to expect in each week of pregnancy whilst continuing to track your

sleep, physiological stress, and resting pulse rate, as well as compare your weekly

weight gain to standard guidelines. Using the Ava bracelet has been known to help

women fall pregnant in as little as two months!

The Ava bracelet is £249 and is available from and Selfridges.


SpaceCot is simple to use, lightweight (just 6kg)

and comes with a compact carry case giving parents

the ability to travel easily with baby.

SpaceCot’s unique design means it opens and

closes in under 3 seconds without the need to

bend down, so it is quick and easy to set up as

and when you need. With baby’s comfort in mind,

it is designed with all the strength, safety and

comfort of a permanent cot, giving parents that

extra reassurance. With a detachable upper level

for young babies, SpaceCot grows with baby and

is suitable from birth to 3 years. It is made from

removable, washable eco-friendly fabric, and comes

with a comfortable foldable integrated mattress, and

a protective travel bag.

£139.99 available from


The BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss is a lightweight

and portable bouncer suitable from newborn up

to 2 years with a soft and contemporary look

and feel that suits the style and personality of

modern families in colours that work in every

home. We love the soft mesh anthracite.

The soft & natural rocking motion activated

when the baby moves means no batteries or

cords are required. This encourages babies’

aerobic motion developing their motor skills and

balance. The gentle rocking creates a sense of

bliss and calm. BabyBjörn believe that a baby

who gets a safe, comforting start to life, feel the

benefits for a long time to come.

Providing support for baby’s head, neck and

back, the bouncer

allows them to

watch their parents

get things done,

learning at the same


The BabyBjörn

Bouncer Bliss is

£137 available from

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A Cry For Help

Dr Lin Day (PhD) is one of the UK’s leading

parenting experts and a renowned author within

the field of childcare and education. Here she

explains how recognising different types of baby

cry and reading the signals gives parents a better

chance of working out the source of distress

Dr Lin Day

All babies cry. Crying is one of

the ways a baby communicates

and is simply a means of fasttracking

the parent to respond

to the baby’s hunger or comfort

needs, or to sensations that are too

intense or overwhelming. Babies

cry for a number of reasons and

any one of the following could

be possible reasons. However, if

removing the cause fails to solve

the problem, parents should seek

expert medical advice.


Hunger is probably the first thing

that parents think of when their

baby cries. However, if the baby

leaves the breast or bottle during

a feed, or cries less than an hour

after a feed, hunger is unlikely to

be the reason.

Hunger signs include rooting for

the breast, turning the head from

side to side, opening and closing

the mouth, sticking out the tongue,

puckering the lips, and sucking the

hands or fists.

From birth to three months-old,

the hunger cry is based on the

sucking reflex, in which the

tongue is pushed up on the roof

of the mouth to produce the

sound‘neh’.If the baby is not fed,

the cry will escalate to a strong,

rapid, high-pitched sound.


Some babies become so worked

up that by the time feeding begins

they gulp air with the milk,

which causes more crying. Fast

delivery of milk from a full breast

or fast-flowing teat can make

the baby gulp or swallow air.

Air can become trapped inside

the stomach if the baby slouches

when feeding. When air passes

into the small intestine, it can

cause abdominal distension and


As the diaphragm tightens to

expel trapped air, an intermittent

‘eh’sound is produced. The baby

may also produce a false smile,

scrunch up the face, and roll the

eyes. The best way to disperse

air is to position the baby upright

during and after feeds.


Some babies cry when their nappy

needs changing. A nappy change

gives the parent the chance to

find out if it is too tight, or if

something else is causing the baby

distress. Crying often coincides

with changes in core body

temperature, which can range

from 36 to 37.4°C at different

times of the day.

Babies may be unusually irritable

if they have a gastrointestinal

upset, fever or cold and after a

recent vaccination. Strong smells

can also cause the baby distress.

An uncomfortable baby may

produce a whiny and protracted

‘heh’ sound, which may turn into

a loud bawling cry if his or her

needs are not satisfied; this cry

may be accompanied by facial

grimacing, fist clenching, and


42 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


Skin pinching from a zip, car seat

or pushchair strap, a painful bowel

movement, an ear infection, an

abdominal upset, and teething can

cause pain. Signs of pain include

turning away from a stimulus,

clenching the fists, jerking or

flailing of the limbs, drawing the

knees up to the chest and arching

the back when held. If the baby

is suffering from an abdominal

upset, the stomach may appear

distended and feel hard. If an ear

infection is present, the baby may

pull or grab the ears.

The pain cry may be sudden,

shrill or piercing followed by an

elongated pause during which the

baby appears to stop breathing.

The baby then catches his or her

breath and lets out another long



Inconsolable crying for three or

more hours at the same time each

day, usually in the late afternoon

or evening is generally associated

with colic.

The baby may produce a sudden,

shrill or piercing ‘eairh’ cry and

pull the knees up to the chest to

force out trapped gas. Symptoms

usually occur within an hour after

a feed, peak at six-weeks-old and

decline at four-months-old.

Parents should seek medical

advice before giving their baby

gripe water or medications to

relieve colic.


If the baby has been recently

introduced to formula and cries

immediately after a feed, an

allergic response to cow’s milk

protein could be responsible.

Crying may also be accompanied

by other symptoms such

as vomiting and diarrhoea.

Formula milk, which has been

specially treated or contains no

milk proteins, can be given as an

alternative, but only on the advice

of a health professional.


Growth spurts generally occur

between one and eight weeks, and

between three and nine months

and in short, intense bursts. The

baby may quickly outgrow outfits,

want to nurse more frequently,

wake up sooner after naps, and

cry more often. Massage and

exercise can help relieve stress and

tension in the muscles, joints, and



Babies may cry out in frustration

when they cannot reach a toy or

object, and when they attempt

new skills. Frustration cries are

common in three to six-month-old

babies. When babies are bored, or

in need of a change of activity or

scenery, they may fuss and cry in

a whiny way. Anew toy, getting

out and about in the fresh air and

seeing other babies and people

can make a difference to the

baby’s mood and sense

of well-being




growth spurts,


and exposure to

environmental smoke

or chemical contaminants

can also cause irritability and

poor sleeping patterns. High levels

of artificial light can slow down

the production of melatonin, a

hormone that suppresses intestinal

contractions and induces sleep. A

darkened room will help babies

to develop good sleeping habits.

Tiredness signs include yawning,

fussing, droopy eyelids, rubbing

the eyes, stretching of the arms

and legs, and loss of interest in

people and toys.


Too much attention, noise,

bright lights, and unexpected

or frequent changes in routine

can lead to inconsolable crying,

which generally peaks in the

late afternoon or evening.

Overstimulation signs include

turning away from lights, sights

and sounds, flailing of the arms

and legs, resisting touch by

objects and people, arching the

back, and pushing the parent


different types of

baby cry helps you

work out the source

of baby’s distress

away. Despite cuddling, carrying,

or desperate drives in the car,

an overstimulated baby is very

difficult to pacify. A daytime

routine that includes frequent restbreaks

will rejuvenate the baby

both mentally and physically.


Babies cry when they need

attention or close physical

contact. A loving cuddle satisfies

the baby’s emotional needs

and reaffirms the parent-baby

relationship, which results in a

happier and more content baby.

Numerous studies (e.g. the

theory of attachment) show that

consistency and promptness in

the maternal response leads to

a decline in the frequency and

duration of crying. Research also

shows that carrying the baby

in the parent’s arms or

in a carrier for at least

three hours during the

day can significantly

reduce crying and

fussing that clusters in

the evening.



Inconsolable crying can make

parents feel stressed, exhausted,

and helpless in caring for their

baby. However, the baby will

quickly pick up on tension and

emotions and the crying will

escalate. Close family members

may be able to hold the baby while

the mother takes a break. Putting

the baby in the cot or pram can

give the mother a chance to

unwind and regain her emotional


As time goes on, parents become

more familiar with their baby’s

body language and are better able

to interpret their different cries.

Parents should be encouraged

to seek professional advice if

they feel, however, there is an

underlying health or medical

problem or if the baby continues

to cry excessively in the fourth


Click here to read the full version

of this article by Dr Lin Day.

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Your little one deserves

the best start in life so here

are my favourite baby bits.

- Sloan Sheridan-Williams





5 7


1. Boody Baby Beanie & Bootie Set, £15,

2. Jellystone Rainbow Stacker, £14.95,

3. Johnson’s Baby TOP-TO-TOE® Newborn Gift Set, £11.99, available from major stockists

4. Sad Animal Facts: Baby Talk by Brooke Barker, £9.99,

44 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

The founder of SLOAN! Magazine has chosen her top 10 favourite baby

bits and bobs to recommend to all the mums and dads to-be out there.

We’ve also explored other best buys you will need when setting up your

new nursery. Check them out on the following pages.


to check out the


online reviews and

best buys




5. Twistshake Anti-Colic Baby Bottle 260ml, £9.49,

6. Pampers Pure Protection - Nappies £8 and Wipes £2.70, available from major stockists

7. Matchstick Monkey - Mini Monkey, £7.99

8. Bibetta - Dribble Bib in Blue Stars, £6.99

9. Bibetta - Newborn Plush Bib in white/grey, £5.99,

10.Bobux - Helicopter Soft Sole Pram Shoes, £22,

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How to Stay Fit

& Strong During


Rosie Stockley

Falling pregnant is a huge moment

to celebrate but can also be

daunting to accept and embrace

the changes that take place in

the body. As the baby grows,

the body adapts physiologically

and hormonally to facilitate the

birthing process and recovery.

Rosie Stockley from Mamawell

shares her insights on how to

make your exercise schedule work

for your pregnancy.

It can be difficult to balance work

and family life with exercise, but

making it a priority can really

have a positive effect throughout

your pregnancy and beyond.

Staying strong and fit during

pregnancy has huge benefits


1. Stronger pelvic floor,

abdominals and increased

endurance to aid labour.

2. Increased strength to assist with

aches and pains associated with

pregnancy, labour and post-birth,

for example back pain.

3. Increased vitality and positive

attitude which can greatly help

with mood swings associated with

hormonal changes.

Here are my top tips for staying fit

and healthy during pregnancy:



It is advised not to start a new

exercise routine when you’re

pregnant, but to adapt the moves

you’re already familiar with. Find

something you love as that will

help you stay motivated – whether

its swimming or weights, spinning

or yoga – find your sweaty happy



Classes such as ante natal yoga

and Pilates are designed to

strengthen and prepare you for

birth, so are a great option. These

are classes that can be attended

with no prior experience as they

are formulated to be started

during your pregnancy.



The biggest hormonal changes

come into effect in the first 12

weeks. You may feel sick, fatigued

and also a little anxious about

what is coming ahead. The highest

rate of miscarriage is in the first

12 weeks, so make sure you listen

to your body and don’t push it

too hard. As soon as the second

trimester starts, you will feel

much more full of energy and able

to work out harder again.


The simplest way to stay active

during your pregnancy is to

incorporate it into your daily

routine, with the NHS stating that

30 minutes of exercise at least

4 times per week is beneficial.

When you are busy, finding easy

ways to incorporate exercise into

your daily life is key. Walking

to work, or in your lunch hour is

ideal, jumping off the bus a stop

early or taking the stairs are all

great examples of exercise for

daily living. In addition, finding

a regular time to activate your

pelvic core, for example when

you’re brushing your teeth,

ensures this gets completed daily.



When you’re busy with work and

possibly tired and demotivated, a

group session could be the perfect

class to keep you accountable.

Better still if you can attend

with a friend. If the class is not

specialised ante-natal, make sure

you inform the instructor of your

pregnancy so they can guide you

through adaptations.


As your pregnancy progresses,

many people wonder about how

they can adapt the exercise for

their changing body. Don’t let this

stop you, but maybe try a personal

trainer with an ante and post-natal

specialisation to guide you. They

will make your time in the gym

really productive, and maximise

the positive gains in each session.

They will also put you at ease,

instructing you in the safest and

post effective movements for the

pregnant body. A personal trainer

is a really great option when

you’re time poor – motivating you,

and making every second count.

In conclusion, don’t let time be

a limiting factor in staying fit

during pregnancy. Whether it’s

a class, private session or daily

walk, find a way to prioritise it

for the benefit of your body as it

grows, throughout the birth and to

aid with the post-natal recovery.

Visit for

information on specailsed ante and

post-natal classes and personal



Rosie Stockley is a pre and postnatal

exercise specialist who

understands firsthand the changes

that the body goes through in

childbirth. MAMAWELL postnatal

bootcamps, ballet classes and

private sessions in SW London are


46 SLOAN! | E-mail us at




Check out

these top beauty &

wellbeing products for

marvellous mums-to-be

Gifts for

new mums




For instant stress relief anywhere, the super

soft gel massage nodes combined with a

revolutionary rotatory mechanism help relieve

aches & tension. £99.99 from






A caffeine-free blend of functional herbs

that support mother and baby during

breastfeeding. £2.99 from www.pukkaherbs.

com and independent health food shops


The soothe mama oil & soothe mama balm

made from a blend of natural and organic

ingredients, fragrance free and safe for

expectant mums. £44 from




Foot expertise


This is an expert blend of 14 essential

vitamins and minerals to support your

body’s immune system. £9.95 from Holland

and Barratt &


This rich jelly ideal for heaviness, swelling

and tiredness due to pregnancy for immediate

fatigue relief, improved tone and elasticity.

£13.49 from

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Festive Fragrances

From luscious perfumes and scented candles to home fragrances

and gift sets, here are some of our favourite festive ideas on the

theme of gift fragrances.

48 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

The Perfume Studio

Design Your Own Fragrance

Gift Set contains everything you

need to expertly create your own

bespoke perfume. We like the

Fresh Collection with its vibrant

and breezy aquatic accords. £49

from Not On The High Street, The

Perfume Studio and John Lewis

HERBA London

Naked Neroli is a vibrant

herbal fragrance with top

notes of basil leading to a

heart of neroli, rose, jasmine

and mandarin with base

notes musk, precious woods

and pure amber. £125 from

CLEAN Reserve

Terra Woods captures the

Scandinavian sensibility of

inviting nature into the home,

with bright and elegant florals that

bring the fragrance to life. Crisp

and zesty notes paired with the

creaminess and woody base create

a beautiful and unique contrast.

£82 from

Leighton Denny

LIGHT & DARK Desire is

a woody unisex scent with

citrus top notes balanced by

cedar tempered with spicy

pepper and nutmeg. £43.50


Laura Ashley

Ultimate Bloom Gift Box

contains bath & body care

treats scented with geranium

& neroli, rose & green tea

and daisy & white aloe. £40

available exclusively in Boots

stores and on


This exquisitely packaged luxury

home fragrance set contains an

embellished black glass flacon,

stylish black reeds and blissful

Snow Gardenia diffuser fragrance

to perfume the air with a signature

scent and add style to any space.

£34 from

Taylor Benfield

Inspired by the woody

aromas of Vietnam

& Bali, this Crimson

Rose & Oud candle

blends smoky wood,

spice and floral tones

to create a seductive

sweet scent perfect

as a winter fragrance.

£30 from www.

PureStyle of London

This innovative ‘Home

Fragrance Club’ subscription

service delivers beautiful,

long-lasting home fragrances

to your doorstep We like

the Neroli Rose reed

diffuser. £35 from www.

Beautiful Blends

With a delicate white floral fragrance, this luxurious

gift set is sure to put smiles on faces upon opening!

Containing three Beautiful Blends’ treats to relax the

body and leave you smelling divine. The beautifully

fragranced Shower Gel (100ml) and Body Lotion

(100ml) will leave skin feeling cleansed and smooth,

whilst the scented Bathing Petals (25g) release a

delicate white floral fragrance upon contact with

water.. £18 available exclusively from Waitrose

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Rainbow Christmas


HTX80B wireless headphones


John Lewis


Toniebox Starter Set



Capri Orange Heat shirt



Rainbow Gift Set


Exclusive to Argos


Paint Splashes World Map



Blue Berry Torte Camisole



Organic Pillow Spray



Scented Candles

£15 each


Glitter Gelly


50 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


Scalloped Cosmetics Case



R1 Ultraviolet Metallic Razor



Rainbow Hoodie and Joggers



Rainbow Edition Vodka




£ 24.50


Rainbow Star Navy Shoes



£2.29 per 150g

ASDA, M&S, Sainsbury’s &


Animal Odd Socks



Vitamins A, B, C, D & Multi


Tesco, Asda and Amazon

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Deck The Halls!

Stephen Evans, MD at Christmas Tree World, comments on the top

Christmas decoration trends from artificial trees to outdoor spaces

There is an amazing choice of

artificial Christmas trees on the

market, here are some tips on how

to choose the right one for your




Modern artificial trees are so

realistic they fool even plant

experts. The branches can be

made out of two types of tips,

PVC and PE. PVC tips have been

around for decades and are only

realistic from a distance, whereas

PE tips are relatively new and are

made from moulds of real pine

needles, which means they are

extremely life like, even to the

touch. So now you can have that

traditional ultra-realistic look

without the hassle of a real tree.

Of course, if you have modern

decor in the room you want to

decorate, then a green tree would

look out of place. White trees and

black trees are very popular and

with contrasting decorations can

give the Christmas wow factor.

Flocked trees are becoming very

popular for contemporary rooms.

The flock gives the impression

that it has just snowed, and of

course the tree is all white so

contrasts beautifully with modern

black, grey or silver decor.

There’s always a place for the

funky too in children’s bedrooms

or just an area that needs cheering

up. Iridescent trees look great, but

also consider Fibre Optic trees for

that extra bit of pizzazz.


Once you have decided on the

type of tree, you need to make

sure it is in proportion to the

room. The height is usually easy

as it needs to be a foot lower than

your ceiling and allow room for

a star, but just be careful of the

bottom branch diameter. Many

trees are wide at the bottom

and will look too big, so in this

instance look at slim trees and

pencilimo trees, and if space is

really tight look at half trees or

even corner trees.


Nowadays many trees come with

Pre-Lit options. When they first

came out I wasn’t a fan, but now

with LED lights, which last for

years, I think they are fantastic.

The light strings are made

especially for the design of the

tree and they are professionally

attached to the branches to give

the perfect and optimum effect.

No messing with lights and

perfect positioning gives a superb

lit tree. If the lights flash, then

make sure they have a controller

with a static option as well.


Decorating is down to personal

style, whether you use treasured

baubles or buy the latest colours.

However, when you choose a tree,

make sure there is room for your

decorations to hang; many trees

are very full and it’s hard to get

the baubles to sit right.



We have noticed a big increase

in inquiries for ‘garden’ artificial

trees. The normal artificial

tree you buy for the home will

fade and rust if put outside for

any length of time. So, look for

specific outdoor trees where the

metal is galvanized, and the PE

and PVC are protected from the

UV in sunlight. An easy way to

give your home Christmas cheer

is to place two outdoor Christmas

trees in ornamental pots either

side of the front door. `

Make sure to choose your tree

and decorations in good time,

otherwise the right size for your

home may have already sold out.


The Woodland Pine Christmas

Tree (right) from Christmas Tree

World has decorated festive rooms

everywhere from Blenheim Palace

and Eton to Sandhurst and even


Bushy branches with realistic

plastic moulded tips and

traditional PVC tips fill out any

gaps and there is impressive

choice of sizes from 3ft to a

towering 14ft. What’s more the

natural silhouette and two-tone

green colouring make it hard to

tell the difference between this

artificial tree and the real thing.

7ft Woodland Pine, £159.99 from

52 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Nutcracker Christmas

Traditional gift ideas inspired

by themes from The Nutcracker

Rachel Riley

Fairy Party Dress £89


The Royal Ballet - Tatiana



LED Advent Calendar



Praline Sea Horses


Rachel Riley

Drummer Boy Babygro



Nutcracker Biscuit Tin



Limited Edition Advent Calendar




House Kit

£6.25 Waitrose


Heston from Waitrose

Postbox Cake

£30 Waitrose


Marzipan Fruits



Champagne Cocoa Pod Truffles


Thomas Fudge’s

Thomas’s Tantalising Treats


Green & Black’s

Advent Calendar £10.99


Treasure Chest

Truffle Hamper £59

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Christmas Cornucopia

From sparkling jewellery and luxurious sleepwear to a bit of bubbly

and something all together more practical, here’s a selection of lovely

things your lady will want to have... even if she doesn’t know it yet!


Claggdagh Heart necklace



They Grande Blue & Rose Gold unisex

watch with Italian leather straps


Karl Lagerfeld

Double K Cuff directional

statement gold-plated cuff

adorned with Swarovski crystals



Holly Woven Long Sleeve Brushed

Cream Base Berry Print Pyjama Set



Raspberry Twist Lipstick



Brut Rosé NV hlaf bottle


IMAGE Skincare

AGELESS total resurfacing masque


Institut Esthederm

Intensive Hyaluronic Eye Serum to

hydrate, reduce tear trough volume

and diminish eye contour wrinkles

£33 Feel Unique


Keep track of your keys with

the Chipolo Classic with its

replaceable battery.


Delfy Cosmetics

Haute Couture Nail Collection in

Fireball and Fall In Love


Jam Audio

Zero Chill Bluetooth speaker has 22

hours playtime, is waterproof and

submersible up to one metre.

£59.99 from


The only VPN which allows

unlimited devices for your whole

family. £57.48 for 12 months

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Top Tips For Christmas


With over 600 exhibitors, the Ideal Home

Show Christmas brings together all of the

seasonal essentials to create your perfect

Christmas at home. Next door, the Eat &

Drink Festival offers the ultimate foodie

experience with leading experts sharing

tips and advice for the perfect festive

feast. For more information, please visit


1. Don’t forget the birds.

Making sure we continue

to put out bird seed and

food for birds is especially

important over the colder


2. Cover the soil with

cardboard over the winter

to keep warm and hold

back weeds while you’re

not using it.

3. Make frozen garden

decorations simply using

leaves, string, water and

the lid of a tub of butter.


1. Winter is the ideal

time for planting

fruit trees. I grow the

Worcester Pearmain

variety of apple for

its showy flowers in

spring and delicious

fruits in autumn.

2. Cosy up your

outdoor space with

an on-trend fire pit,

warming outdoor

heaters or garden sofas

with snug blankets.


1. Buy a living tree. Its

sustainable, will last the

Christmas period, and is

reuseable year on year.

2. Decorate your tree

and room in 1 or 2

colours for a simple and

stylish look.

3. Add texture with

luxurious throws,

cushions and rugs.

4. Don’t forget the

garden, especially the

front. Window boxes are

not just for spring.

56 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


1. My home has a

wilderness eco cabin

theme with cast iron

cookware, lots of layered

blankets, hiking boots,

and antlers.

2. Upcycled handmade

decorations for the home

include a pallet wood flat

pack tree, illuminated

stars from scrap wood and

turning an old wooden

crate into a sledge with

copper pipework runners

and rails.


1. Shift your perspective from

personal wants to the needs of


2. Christmas Day is not the time to

sort out deeply rooted issues with

family. Pick your battles and deal

with things privately.

3. Foster a sense of community and

connection by attending a carol

service, show or group celebration.

4. Plan fun activities during the day

designed to keep personality clashes

at bay.


1. For Turkey with all

the trimmings, Rioja

Reserva from Spain is

a tasty bullseye to pour

for Christmas dinner.

2. Save cash and pop a

bottle of sparkling Asti

Spumante with your

Christmas pudding.

3. Foursquare’s Rum

is my winter’s spirit

of choice paired with

Christmas chocolates.

Pi n e s a nd Ne e dl e s

The Deluxe Christmas Decoration

Set from Pines And Needles

comes with opulent glass baubles,

luxury star shaped topper, luxury

poinsettias, elegant picks, ornament

hooks and festive ribbons & bows.

Available in eight colours including

Red & Gold.

The set for 7ft tree is £345.95 from

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Domestic Goddess

Discover your inner Domestic

Goddess with these homeware,

accessories and gifting ideas

kaisa ediate mil magnient

specially selected by celebrity life

coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams

The details are not the details. They make the design.











Neck Pillow & Eye Mask Set





Print by Egle Plytnikaite



Classic Jewellery Box







Flamingo Neon Lamp



XL Teppanaki Grill




Family Starter Pack

Simple Simon Pie Set £34.95



Rose Gold 5 piece Knife Block



Hand-Felted Slippers



Non-electric slow cooker




Winter Assortment Tin



Tyffyn lunchbox & BagMat



Peel Off StripGel Deluxe

Starter Kit £89.99 Boots



360 Surround Hair Dryer

£119.99 Boots & Amazon

Festive Ideas for You & Your Home










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Pampered Pooch


The Travel Wags Tote Bag is made

from premium fabrics and comes

with everything you need for

days out or trips away with your

four-legged friend - pop up bowls,

slim line water bottle, poop bag

dispenser, chiller & emergency

lead. It’s the ultimate dog walking

bag for stylish owners and their

pampered pooch.

Click here to enter for your chance

to win this paw-some prize worth

£114 from

60 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Arty Lobster

A life-like 3D printed

sculpture of your pet makes

the perfect gift for pet lovers

this Christmas



Doze is a boxed pillow dog

bed in cotton canvas that feels

fluffy and bouncy.

From £100,


Drinkwell® Pagoda Pet

Fountain provides a constant

flow of charcoal filtered water

aerated for extra freshness.


Pippa and Company

The Belgravia luxury dog bed

features a soft lambswool fabric in

styles to suit any home. We love the

snuggly faux fur dog blankets too.


This limited edition AGELESS

Throat & Decolletage Crème

features a ‘Kissing Dogs’

crystal design with £5 going to

the Wild at Heart Foundation.



Two toned collar handmade from

quality full-grain leather and solid

brass hardware.

From £40,


The Pet Nail Grooming Kit is a

decidedly different way of looking

after your dog’s nails.



Classic lead handmade from

quality full-grain vegetable dyed

leather and solid brass hardware.



Hand-illustrated, this

personalised tale sees your pet

jet off on a journey of friendship,

fame, loneliness and love.



Doggy Treats Gift Set contains

handmade dog biscuits in Beetroot,

Cheese and Peanut Butter.


World Animal Protection

These cute fluffy dog slippers

will channel your inner

pampered pooch. £15.99,


The Rugged Flyer has been designed

for smaller dogs to withstand even

the most powerful little jaws.


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Top Tips For Interior

Lighting This Autumn

Rebecca Weir, the renowned lighting designer, shares advice on

implementing a new kitchen lighting scheme in your home

As autumn approaches, now is the perfect time to

think about interior lighting. Great lighting will

make or break a room and second chances can be

expensive, so it’s important to get it right the first




Task lighting is one of the most important

elements to get right and is often

misunderstood. Under cabinet and shelf lights are a

great example of task lighting, which can make a real

difference in a busy family kitchen. It’s always better

to have too much light than too little and remember

you can always alter the intensity of the light by

dimming the light source. To minimise dark spaces,

include additional lights under corner cupboards and

be generous with your under-cabinet lighting. When

dimmed this also acts as a soft secondary level of

light, to change the mood of the room. Indirect light

is perfect for sneaking into the kitchen late at night

for a snack! If you don’t have high-level cupboards

or shelves - which many contemporary designs do

not, ensure to use downlights directly above the work

surface. This ensures work surfaces remain well-lit

and safe to use. Try not worry about how ceiling

lights look when designing your space, instead

consider the task they are required to do. Once you

have placed all your layers of light then you can think

about whether the symmetry remains important.



Every room, including the kitchen, requires

a focal point. This could be a fabulous piece

of art, the garden it looks on to or a stunning light

source. Perhaps it’s a chandelier, neon lights or a

unique wall fixture…be brave with your choice –

but remember to mock up the scale first to ensure

accurate placement.Consider wiring lights that

highlight your focal point on an individual circuit, as

this will allow you to showcase your focal point and

the light scheme in each space. An individual circuit

means that you can control the intensity of the light,

allowing your focal light source to be brighter than

the others. Allow the switching and cables to permit

the lighting of the garden and house at the same time

– this function can be added at a later stage as long as

the cabling is in place. This way, the finished space

will not be disrupted.



When designing and choosing lighting

for your home it’s important not to rush.

Lighting design takes time; close your eyes and

imagine the different atmospheres you want to

62 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

create for sultry dinner parties, fun cocktails or

dinner a deux. How would you like the lighting to

play to these moods – soft layered and sophisticated

or pulsating and fun. Flexibility with sockets will

mean that you can utilise plug-in temporary lights, if




Once you have finished designing your

lighting scheme try to build a relationship

with your electrician as he or she will become your

best friend. Make sure they understand what you are

trying to achieve and how important this is for you.

I have seen on many occasions an electrician tidying

up the symmetry of a lighting plan, only for the lights

to disappoint and not accentuate the areas they were

supposed to be highlighting. For example, whether

decorative or architectural, a long kitchen island

requires the lights to be centered and equally spaced

above the island itself, not the whole room.



Lighting technology can appear complex but

there are plenty of resources easily available

Rebecca Weir is Creative Director at Light IQ.

Rebecca’s passion for lighting and her ability to

harness and maximise the creative potential of light,

to explore and push the boundaries of illumination

has led to the successful completion of over 1,000

award-winning residential and commercial projects

both in the UK and abroad.

Rebecca prides herself in establishing relationships,

often over many years, with clients, architects and

interior designers. She knows inherently what will

work and most importantly, is able to effectively

communicate her ideas with clients, developers and


Rebecca Weir - Creative Director at Light IQ

that can guide you through the process. I have written

a book called ‘The Languages of Light’, which

is specifically dedicated to the art of residential

lighting. Technology can make your lighting schemes

so simple to control, taking you from day to night

or even to dinner party or romantic lighting, in an

instant. Some systems are more reliable than others;

and a professionally installed lighting control system,

such as Crestron, can enhance the space and the

capabilities of the lights.


It’s your space so take control with ease and

fluency. Set aside some time to work out the

number of circuits required. Nobody else will care as

much as you do so be sure to think through the tiniest

of details, from use of sheer blinds to control natural

light, position and size of windows and skylights,

lines of site, focal points and position of switch

plates. If you have a large multi-purpose room then

consider using a Crestron home automation system,

as the ease of use will prove to be life-changing once


electricians to ensure a seamless design process and

spectacular end result.

Her wide-ranging experience and qualifications

enable Rebecca to present lectures at ‘KLC School of

Design’, as well as, at design shows such as: ‘Grand

Designs’, ‘Focus’ and ‘Decorex’. Rebecca also

produces and presents a variety of ‘RIBA’ and ‘BIID’

accredited CPD seminars to Architect and Interior

Design Practices across the UK. The Languages of

Light, Rebecca’s first book, explores the creative

potential of light in residential environments.

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5Ways To Create A

Better Home

From cordless vacuum cleaners to interior lighting,

you’re sure to be inspired by these homemaking ideas

1The new Shark DuoClean Cordless Upright

with Powered Lift-Away combines the

versatility of an upright vacuum with the

freedom of cordless technology.

Shark’s unique DuoClean floorhead features not one

but two motorised brush rolls, working together to

remove large debris, small particles and fine dust from

all floor types.

We love the Powered Lift-Away Technology allows

you to convert their upright into a cordless portable

vacuum cleaner making it easy and comfortable to

vacuum stairs, reach curtains and ceilings, and clean

underneath furniture.

Click here to read our review of the Shark DuoClean

Cordless Upright with Powered Lift-Away and TruePet

(IC160UKT) costs £479.99 and is available from

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2Ninja has launched the next generation of blenders using

FreshVac technology. Vacuum blending pumps oxygen

out and locks vitamins in, creating smoothies which

stay fresher for longer, with a smooth texture and less

separation than traditional blending.

Say goodbye to discolouration and separation in your morning

smoothie or post-workout health drink. By removing excess oxygen

before the ingredients are blended the FreshVac process slows

down oxidisation, preserves nutrients and prevents air bubbles

from being whipped into your drink. The result is a visibly brighter

smoothie with a smooth texture, less foam, less separation and

remains fresher for longer.

Click here to read our review of the Ninja SmartScreen Food

Processor with FreshVac Technology (CT670UKV) which costs

£229.99 and is available from

3Joule by ChefSteps is an incredibly powerful, at-home

sous vide tool with a heating element made for partial

water immersion. Controlled exclusively by its groundbreaking

app, water is heated and held at a predetermined

temperature in accordance with the selected recipe. This is done

with absolute accuracy to ensure that the food placed within the

water is cooked evenly. Joule guarantees perfect results, every time,

empowering sous vide veterans and novices alike.

Bluetooth- and WiFi-enabled, Joule offers freedom to cook from

anywhere. Joule is lighter than even the smallest consumer sous

vide device available today and small enough to easily fit in a

top kitchen drawer. Joule can be used with almost any standard

casserole pot or deep pan and is designed for a lifetime of

durability. Unlike all other immersion circulators, Joule can survive

an accidental full immersion in water.

£189 from

4’s clean, simple ‘Lucy’ star light is

a stylish way to give your home a festive feel.

Perfect to light up a table, shelf, or to brighten

a window. White LEDs light up the interior

shape for a sharp silhouette and a seriously cool touch

of Christmas glamour.

The 33cm freestanding light in black aluminium fits

into any interior and costs £117.90 from

5Using a unique Swiss patented technology,

zzysh® Wine preserver replaces the air in

a bottle with 100% food-grade argon gas to

protect wine from oxidation and loss of flavour.

Unlike vacuum systems, zzysh® creates a protective

film on the wine’s surface to preserve a wine’s colour,

aromas and flavours. Enveloped by this argon gas

atmosphere, and shielded by

the innovative zzysh® Wine

Stopper, wine is perfectly

protected. The stopper fits on

all kinds of wine bottles, and

each zzysh® Wine Cartridge

can be used for up to eight


The zzysh® Wine Preserver

is £79.99 and is available


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Gadgets and inspired design to

connect you with technology taking

your life to the next level with options &

possibilities so nothing holds you back



Foobot is the first air quality

monitor which gives you a clear

and visual understanding of

how good the air quality is in

your home and the knowledge

to take small steps to improve it

benefitting the whole family’s

long term health.

Perfect for allergy or asthma

sufferers, the elderly, children

or those of you facing the daily

smog filled commute to work.

£170 from



Enjoy immersive deep bass, amazing

clarity and detailed highs with Amps

Air. Ergonomically simple for maximum

comfort, sophisticated finishes in Rose

gold or Jet black. £74.99 from



Sphero BOLT is an app-enabled robotic ball that provides endless

opportunities to have fun while learning. Program with the Sphero Edu

app, discover community-created activities or just drive and play with

the new Sphero Play app. BOLT was built to shine with an animated 8x8

LED Matrix that displays real-time data and advanced sensors like its

gyroscope, accelerometer, and infrared communications. Sphero BOLT

establishes a striking new way to learn and play.

£149.99 from, Amazon, Harrods, Selfridges and John Lewis



23andMe’s Health and Ancestry Kit allows you to uncover fascinating

insights into your health and ancestry; whether it be finding out what

your genes tell you about your wellness (such as sleep, caffeine intake,

and lactose intolerance), physical traits (such as hair thickness and

skin pigmentation), to discovering more impactful genetic health and

carrier risks such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. £149 from

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The lightweight Q-ADAPT On-Ear

headphones deliver rich, powerful sound,

adjustable noise cancellation, and intuitive

touch controls with modern Scandinavian

design. You don’t need to compromise

on style to enjoy a great-quality music

experience. We really liked the Q-ADAPT

On-Ear’s four-step adjustable noise

cancellation which allows you to let in as

much or as little of the world around you.

£219 from



TomTom GO 6200 is smarter,

faster and better connected to get

you to any destination without

worrying about getting lost.

With voice controlled hands-free

calling, smartphone messages,

updates via Wi-Fi, compatible

with Siri and Google Now,

destination prediction, lifetime

world maps and speed cameras.

£339.99 from



Yeti Nano features legendary

Blue sound quality, a compact

design, and plug ‘n play operation

for instant streaming with your

PC or Mac. The premium finish

looks great on camera and on

any desktop. With a no-latency

headphone output and controls

for pickup pattern selection,

headphone volume, and mic mute,

Yeti Nano is the essential mic for

today’s broadcaster.

£89.99 from



The latest camera from Livestream,

the Mevo Plus has been re-engineered

for faster and stronger performance.

Mevo Plus transforms any event into

a professional live production. Edit

video in real-time and stream live to

every major platform.

£449.99 from



The perfect gift for tea or

coffee loving tech fans.

The Hive Plug links up to

the award-winning Hive

smartphone app via Bluetooth

meaning you can switch the

kettle on from the comfort of

your bed or when you’re almost

home and gasping for a brew.

£39 available from



AlcoSense Excel is designed to use the morning after the night before. Easy

to use and extremely accurate, it uses a smaller version of the identical fuel

cell sensor used in police breathalysers giving it unrivalled accuracy. The

Alcosense Excel senses the volume of breath exhaled during the test and takes

a reading after 1.2 litres of air. It will then alert you not to drive if you are

close to or over the limit. £99.99 available from Halfords online and in-store,

Boots in-store, and

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Driving the new

seven-seat Lexus

RX L feels both

comfortable and

luxurious thanks to its

innovative design

Lexus RX L: Every

Millimetre Counts

On The Road With Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams

Key features: Lexus Navigation with full

European mapping - Reversing camera - Heated

and ventilated front seats - Power-folding third

row seats - Power tailgate - Auto-folding heated

door mirrors with reverse tilt - Triple zone

climate control & leather upholstery as standard

The Lexus RX L range starts from £50,995 OTR

The new RX L opens up new

dimensions in convenience and

customer appeal for Lexus’s luxury

crossover as the brand’s first sevenseat

model to be offered in Europe.

This important addition to the RX

range responds to the priorities of

families for built-in versatility that

provides extra seating when needed

with a third row of two individual

seats, and easily adaptable, practical

load space.

True to Lexus’s principles of superior

craftsmanship and omotenashi

hospitality, the RX L has been

designed for purpose. The 110mm

extended rear body does not detract

from the RX’s cool elegant design

and coupe-like profile, or its highly

manoeuvrable character. Every detail

has been considered in making the

additional seating seamless in its

operation and just as luxurious as the

rest of the car.

68 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Power operation allows the rearmost

seats to be raised or stowed at the

touch of a button, while fine leather

upholstery is also provided as

standard, together with a new triplezone

air conditioning system with

independent controls for third row


The Lexus RX has a proud history

of innovation, not least having

been the pathfinder for a new

class of luxury crossovers when it

was first launched 20 years ago.

With the introduction of the RX

400h in 2005, it also introduced a

self-charging hybrid system to the

premium car market for the first

time, setting Lexus on course for its

hybrid technical leadership among

luxury manufacturers.

With more than 2.7 million global

sales to its credit so far, the RX is

firmly established as a world-class

model at the heart of Lexus’s model

range. The new RX L will further

strengthen its market position as

a vehicle that meets the prime

requirements of modern families in

the premium car market.

On her trip to Wales and Ireland,

celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-

Williams commented on the

ingenious design and packaging

used by Lexus in the new RX L

which ensures that the two thirdrow

seats are easy to access and

comfortable and to use for children

on any journeys and adults on

shorter trips.

She also mentioned how the third

row seats are simple to deploy with

just the press of a button in the boot

to stow them flat into the floor

providing generous flexible load

space when needed for luggage. The

power tailgate also makes loading

and unloading easier.

To learn more about the new Lexus

RX L, go to




5 Star Luxury Resort Nestled In The Beautiful Irish Countryside of Co. Kildare

Ireland’s first AA Red Star Property, The K Club is a grand

Irish country retreat set amid 550-acres of pristine parkland

on a mile long private stretch of the River Liffey in Kildare.

70 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Located only 30 minutes from

Dublin Airport and City Centre,

The K Club is an elegantly

restored 19th Century Georgian

mansion estate, set on the former

site of Straffan House, which

was originally modelled after a

French chateau by Hugh Barton in

1832, the grandson of legendary

winemaker Thomas Barton.

Accommodation is luxurious,

extremely comfortable but also

very individual. Each bedroom is

bespoke with its own individual

soft furnishings, art work and fine


Being a resort property, The K

Club provides its guests with a

wide selection of dining options

ranging from casual bar menus

in the country club to exquisite

tasting menus in the elegant

Byerley Turk Restaurant in the

main hotel.

Offering a true country retreat,

The K Club provides an extensive

selection of activities including

kayaking, horse riding, falconry,

fishing, clay-pigeon shooting,

walking, cycling, wine cellar

tours, whiskey tasting and so

much more. The K Club is also

home to two championship Arnold

Palmer designed golf courses -

The Ryder Cup Course and The

Smurfit Course, which have

hosted numerous international

tournaments including the 2006

Ryder Cup, 13 European Opens

and most recently the 2016 Irish


In addition to two 18-hole

championship golf courses, The

K Club also hosts the luxurious -

20,000 sq-ft K Spa that is noted as

one of the finest spas in Europe.

The K Club pair’s old-world

charm, service and ambiance with

modern comforts in a luxurious

residential setting. Opulent,

classical surroundings reflect

elements of Ireland’s history

and reveal the best of luxury


Click here to read the full hotel

review on

The K Club is a member of

Preferred Hotels & Resorts Legend

Collection. Rates start from £168

per room per night. For further

information or to book, visit www.

The K Club, Straffan, Co. Kildare,

Ireland | +353 1 6017 200

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Irelan d

Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa is

where five star luxury is a way of

life. Nestled among ancient trees,

within the granite walls of one of

Ireland’s most renowned estates,

Powerscourt Hotel curves in an

elegant arc of Palladian grandeur

towards the pyramid summit of

Sugar Loaf Mountain across the

valley, with the rolling landscape

of County Wicklow, what’s known

as the Garden of Ireland, spread

before it.

Powercourt’s striking architecture,

stunningly opulent interiors and

exquisitely landscaped grounds

sets the scene for an effortlessly

romantic country break in Ireland.

Only 30 minutes from Dublin city

centre on the famous Powerscourt

Estate, the historic location sets

hearts racing with Ireland’s tallest

waterfall and the estate gardens

which have been voted number 3 in

the world by National Geographic.

The hotel consists of 200

graciously spacious rooms, with an

average room size of 700 square

feet plus 93 immaculate suites.

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The ESPA Spa covers 30,000-

sq ft with 20 tranquil treatment

rooms, a private couples spa suite

and a Manicure suite. After a

relaxing massage, we enjoyed the

spa’s leisure facilities including

the 20-metre indoor heated pool

illuminated with Swarowski

crystals and the state-of-the-art

Thermal Suite.

Powerscourt’s Sika restaurant

extends its quintessentially

Irish flavour specialising in the

finest locally-sourced seasonal

ingredients. Situated on the third

floor of the hotel, Sika’s dramatic

floor-to-ceiling glass walls take

full advantage of the pyramidal

Sugar Loaf Mountain. We dined

at Sika Restaurant where Head

Chef Marek Sulg tantalised our

taste buds with his superior Irish

contemporary cuisine.

From intimate or lavish occasions,

to secret escapes for couples or

families, the staff at Powerscourt

are on hand to turn dreams into

reality. The resort is also popular

with destination weddings with

a range of spaces in which to

celebrate any special occasion. The

spacious and strikingly elegant

Ballroom boasts spectacular crystal

chandeliers and is accessed through

a private entrance, offering the

utmost privacy for wedding guests.

A secluded Secret Garden provides

the perfect spot for intimate

engagements or champagne


The Sugar Loaf Lounge offers

charming surroundings in which

to sample a quintessentially Irish

Afternoon Tea and the hotel’s

McGill’s bar provides a traditional

Irish pub atmosphere. Add to

this the attention to detail by

its dedicated staff makes for a

truly memorable hotel stay that’s

indulgent, opulent and full of Irish


Click here to read the online review

Powerscourt Demesne,

Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, A98

DR12 Ireland

+353 1 274 8888

Five star luxury

is a way of

life at this


Irish hotel resort

The menu at

Sika tantalises

the taste buds

with superior

modern Irish

cuisine created

by Head Chef

Marek Sulg

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Create your own fairytale in a Grade ll-listed French-style inspired castle hotel in Anglesey

We escape everyday life and retreat to Wales for a unique

hotel & dining experience in this stunning château

74 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Château Rhianfa isn’t your

average country house hotel.

The Grade ll-listed French-style

Château in Anglesey is a fairytale

location whose charming character

is inspired by an enchanting love

story and lives on for guests to


The Château was built in 1849 by

Sir John Hay Williams, Baronet of

Bodelwyddan as a gift for his wife

Lady Sarah. Inspiration and artistic

imagination influenced the design

from the couple’s travels in the

Loire region of France, where they

were particularly enamoured with

the architectural style favoured

in the region during the reign of

Francois I in the 16th century.

Chateau Rhianfa boasts unrivalled

elegance and romantic splendour

set perfectly on the Menai Strait.

The Château also makes for a

perfect wedding venue, with the

newlyweds able to arrive by boat

to the hotels private jetty.

Le Dragon Rouge at Château

Rhianfa is an award-winning

restaurant steeped with romance

and ignited with an enchanting

flair. Chef and his talented team

cook up a treat behind the scenes,

serving delicious dishes from

seasonal menus with wines to

match, handpicked from the

vintage racks in the restaurant’s

atmospheric Wine Caves.

The menus at Le Dragon Rouge

celebrate the best food that North

Wales has to offer served up with

a twist of imaginative genius

taking Welsh flavours and infusing

them with the culinary wizardry

of French cuisine. The enchanting

surroundings and romantic

ambience are the backdrop to

gourmet delights using only the

finest ingredients that showcase

the best of North Wales. Culinary

roots are championed using crabs

and lobsters caught straight from

the Menai Strait to cook you up a

real treat to satisfy the heart of any

seafood lover.

Click here for the online review.

For a standard double room, off

peak prices start from £129 and on

peak prices start from £220.

Beaumaris Rd, Menai Bridge,

Anglesey LL59 5NS

01248 880090

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Bodysgallen Hall

Voted AA Welsh Hotel of the Year, this luxury

country house hotel, restaurant & spa is set in 220

acres with views of Conwy Castle & Snowdonia.

Secluded in over 200 acres of

parkland 2 miles to the south of

Llandudno with spectacular views

of Snowdonia and Conwy Castle,

Grade I listed Bodysgallen Hall

provides all that is best in country

house hospitality.

The house and gardens at

Bodysgallen Hall have a long and

interesting past dating back to the

13th century when it is believed

to have begun as a watchtower to

Conwy Castle.

The beautiful gardens include a

rare 17th century parterre of box

hedges filled with sweet-scented

herbs, a walled rose garden and

several follies.

Hotel guests can also visit the

Spa, which houses a large indoor

swimming pool with spa bath, a

steam room and sauna at one end,

a gymnasium, six spa treatment

rooms and a relaxation room.

The Dining Room restaurant,

awarded 3 AA Rosettes, in the

main Hall overlooks the gardens

and is the perfect setting for

enjoying the imaginative menus

created by Head Chef John


We dined at nearby Dylan’s

Restaurant in Llandudno which

serves delicious seafood in the

old Washington Hotel building in

Crag y Don sitting towards the end

of the stunning Victorian sweep of

Llandudno promenade and bay.

Click here to read the full review.

The Royal Welsh Way, Llandudno,

North Wales LL30 1RS

01492 584466

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Coopershill House

This genuinely romantic Grand Irish Country

House in Co. Sligo offers comfort, character and

charm from owners Simon & Christina O’Hara

2 hours from Dublin in the

dramatic North West, Coopershill

House has been recognised

by Ireland’s Blue Book, Historic

Hotels of Europe, Conde Nast

Traveller Ireland’s 5 Best Country

House Hotels, Sunday Telegraph’s

Best 3 Irish Country House Hotels

in 2016, Restaurant Association

Ireland’s Best Hotel Restaurant

Sligo in 2016, to name but a few

of the many accolades and awards.

A stunning mile long avenue

crossing the River Unshin and

winding through ancient woods

and deer pastures on the 500 acre

Private Estate brings you to this

fabulous Georgian mansion.

Built in 1774, Coopershill has

been the family home to 8

generations and is in immaculate

condition. The personal attention

from the owners Simon &

Christina O’Hara is guaranteed

and privacy at this country

house is total. Inside, warm Irish

hospitality and original antiques

are complemented by bright

spacious bedrooms and views

from every window creating

an oasis of peace, quiet and


Coopershill Country House in

Sligo, is a member of Ireland’s

Blue Book and is open to

overnight guests from 1 April to

31 October. The house is available

all year for Private Parties, House

Parties and Special Events such as

Weddings and Civil Ceremonies.

Click here to read the full review.

Riverstown, Co. Sligo, Ireland

+353 (0)71 916 5108

We travelled from Holyhead to Dublin

with Stena Line Ferries and enjoyed

their luxurious Stena Plus Lounge offering

Premium passengers greater comfort

and convenience with complimentary

refreshments, newspapers and magazines in

addition to free Wifi and comfy seating. For

more information, go to

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Speedback Silverstone

Edition by David Brown

Celebrity Life Coach Sloan

Sheridan-Williams takes this £744,000

car for a spin during her visit to a Relais

and Châteaux country house hotel


Unveiled at the Geneva Motor

Show in March 2018, the David

Brown Automotive Speedback

Silverstone Edition is a classically

inspired, luxury and high

performance grand tourer for the

21st century. Handmade at David

Brown Automotive’s headquarters

in Silverstone, the car is priced at

£744k (inc. VAT) and is built on

a bespoke basis to the customer’s

specification. To match its luxury,

the ‘jet age’ car features 601

horsepower and is capable of

reaching 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds.


Celebrating one year since David

Brown Automotive moved to its

Silverstone base, the new model is

honed for performance, drawing

close links to the aeronautical and

racing heritage of the celebrated

circuit. Delivering 601 horsepower

with 565ft lb of torque, a 0-60mph

time of 4.2 seconds and a limited

top speed of 155mph, the 5.0-litre

twin-scroll supercharged V8

engine fitted to the new model

makes for the most performance

orientated car ever produced by

David Brown Automotive. The

impressive powertrain is mated

to a six-speed ZF automatic

transmission and drive is delivered

through the Grand Tourer’s

rear wheels for assured sports



Limited to a run of only 10

production cars, Speedback

Silverstone Edition is an

example of bespoke British

hand-craftsmanship. Each model

will be made using traditional

coachbuilding techniques at David

Brown Automotive’s headquarters

and build facility in Silverstone,

the home of the iconic racing



The aeronautical- and classic

racing-inspired theme is clear in

the visual identity of Speedback

Silverstone Edition, building on

the unique design language found

only in each car handmade by

David Brown Automotive. The

handcrafted aluminium body

is streamlined with extended

side skirts, a front spoiler and

enhanced rear diffuser, while

larger side vents – badged with

limited edition Silverstone Edition

details – hint to the performanceenhanced

powertrain beneath. Jetinspired

exhaust tips compound

the race-tuned engine note and

compliment the car’s performance



Inside the cockpit, a Sixtiesinspired,

exquisitely brogued and

embroidered interior trim befits

the essence of a performance

Grand Tourer. The ‘Antique’ and

‘Ebony’ leather hides are bound

by contrasting tan stitching, and

the Kvadrat® ‘Remix’ premium

fabric further adds to the quality

78 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

On The Road With SLOAN

You wouldn’t drive

a car only looking in

the rear view mirror so why

live your life only focusing

on the past with regret?

Sloan Sheridan-Williams

and aeronautical personality

within the cabin. The two-seater

configuration – with rear luggage

storage space in the place of

rear seats – features heated and

adjustable sports seats that are

adorned with a stylised Silverstone

Circuit outline embroidered into

the tan leather.

Exclusive aeronautical-inspired

speedometer and tachometer

dials perpetuate the legacy

of Speedback Silverstone

Edition, while a fully integrated

infotainment system is another

proponent to position the car as

a classically styled, performance

Grand Tourer in the modern age.

The in-car technology package

includes satellite navigation,

Bluetooth® connectivity and a

7.1-channel Bowers & Wilkins®

surround sound audio system.


“Ever since David Brown

Automotive relocated to

Silverstone, we have wanted

to mark the significance of

the circuit’s aeronautical and

motorsport heritage,” said David

Brown, company founder and

CEO, “We have developed

Speedback Silverstone Edition

to appeal to a new customer; the

driver who wants the very best

in performance at all times in an

exclusive model which still offers

both comfort and luxury.”

Click here to learn more about

Speedback Silverstone Edition or

go to

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Mallory Court Country House

Hotel & Spa is a magnificent AA

4 red star, 43 bedroom manor

house hotel set in 10 acres of

beautifully landscaped grounds

in Leamington Spa in the heart of


Not far from Stratford-upon-

Avon, the birthplace of William

Shakespeare, Mallory Court

is charming for its understated

beauty and dedicated staff.

A long-standing member of the

revered Relais and Châteaux

group since 1983, this country

manor house cultivates British

elegance down to the slightest

detail, from the perfectly mown

lawns to the organic herb garden

and traditional herbaceous

borders. This is an ideal place to

restore yourself.

Elegance and style personified,

Mallory Court has a pedigree

and history that has long been

associated with the best in great

hospitality. One of the top 200

hotels in the country, Mallory

charms her guests with luxury

accommodation, breath-taking

grounds, unobtrusive service and

simply exquisite food.

Well established as one of the

finest luxury country house hotels

and restaurants in Warwickshire,

Mallory Court has won a host

of awards including four AA red

stars for the levels of comfort

and hospitality, alongside three

AA Rosettes for the Main

House Dining Room and two AA

Rosettes for the art-deco inspired

Brasserie restaurant. Furthermore,

Eden Hotel Collection, which

includes Mallory Court, won the

‘Small Hotel Group of the Year’

The epitome of

a quintessential

English country

house hotel

category at the AA Hospitality

Awards 2014-15 underlining the

exceptional nature of this country

house hotel.

For the ultimate spa experience,

indulge in relaxing treatments at

the Elan Spa. Tucked amongst

the trees in Mallory’s glorious

grounds, the spa is a peaceful

retreat where you can de-stress in

sublime, state of the art facilities

whilst gazing over the English

country gardens.

The Espa Pre Natal Face and

Body Ritual relieves areas prone

to stress and tension during

pregnancy while nourishing the

skin and relaxing the mind with a

prenatal back massage followed

by a nourishing facial tailored to

suit the individual needs.

The nurturing Ila Kundalini

Back Treatment is ideal for

those suffering from emotional

exhaustion, chronic fatigue

or just plain old stress. It has

an extraordinary restorative

effect on the sympathetic and

parasympathetic nervous systems

using ancient marma therapy and

warm herbal poultices which are

massaged into the back of the

body whilst sound healing and

chakra balancing lift away tension.

The grand Lutyen style main

house is the scene for fine dining

with menus created by Head Chef

Paul Evans.

Click here to read the full review.

Harbury Lane, Bishops Tachbrook,

Leamington Spa CV33 9QB

01926 330214


Mallory Court offers a fine dining

restaurant experience in The

Dining Room overseen by Head

Chef Paul Evans. He says, “We

are so lucky to have an extensive

kitchen garden on site – produce

that the gardeners bring into the

kitchen is exceptional. One of

my favourite parts of the day is

walking around the garden picking

and tasting the latest offerings.

With home-grown ingredients and

a team of fantastic local suppliers,

I aim to create menus that deliver

an exciting dining experience

for our guests, ensuring that the

restaurant retains its outstanding

reputation as one of the finest

dining establishments in the area.”

80 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

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As k The Ex p e r t

Tired of Turkey? Try

Something Different

for Christmas Dinner

Claire Holland is General Manager of the Q Guild of Butchers; the

seal of excellence marking Britain’s best independent butchers. Here

she shares five alternatives to turkey for your festive table

It was King Edward VII at the beginning of the 20th

Century who popularised eating turkey at Christmas.

Nowadays it’s estimated that we eat 10 million birds

at Christmas in the UK alone! But even if it’s only

once a year, eating turkey can get a bit dry (no pun

intended); so why not break with tradition and try

something different on your Christmas dinner table

this year. Here are my five recommendations for

alternatives to turkey:


A Beef Wellington always makes for an impressive

centrepiece; the very best fillet steak enveloped

in pastry, it just feels indulgent. A number of our

butchers use pate in theirs, although a duxelle of

mushrooms is often also popular. We recommend one

large Wellington for sharing if you’re expecting lots

of mouths at the table, or individual parcels which

can feel just as special when presented on the plate

if you have smaller numbers. However many you’re

feeding, check your local butcher for readymade

Wellingtons so you can spend more time enjoying the

company than cooking.


Why not borrow a Christmas tradition from Italy

and go for Porchetta? The rolled pork joint is already

a popular choice amongst customers, especially

if they’ve just returned from their own travels to

the country! Porchetta is traditionally seasoned

with fennel, but many butchers will make seasonal

versions using cranberries, apricots and pine nuts.


Ham is almost as classic as the turkey, and our

butchers have definitely noticed a trend in recent

years with customers opting to buy them ready

prepared rather than boiling the gammon themselves.

They’re often glazed with marmalade or cider

which gives it that really festive flavour. It’s a great

centrepiece for carving at the table and lasts well

after the big day itself. Serve it with onion or winter

chutney for a tasty Boxing Day lunch.


This is becoming really popular at Christmas, not

only is it a lean meat and therefore quite a healthy

option, but it lends itself very well to the traditional

cranberry and redcurrant flavoured accompaniment

of the season. There are a ton of options for venison,

but the most popular are haunch and loin cuts. It also

makes a great Wellington as an alternative to the

traditional beef version. Don’t be afraid to ask your

butcher for advice on the best cuts and how to cook



One product which has increased in popularity

recently is the three bird roast. There are a number of

ways for this to be prepared and presented, but one of

the most prevalent is duck with chicken and pheasant

breasts with layers of stuffing. A three bird roast is a

good option if you’re looking for something ready to

carve – plus it has that Wow Factor that Christmas is

all about.

Whatever you go for, you want to make sure that you

source your meat from a reputable source. The Q

Guild of Butchers is a national network of Britain’s

best independent craft butchers, and a symbol of

provenance, quality, craftsmanship and customer


For more information and to find your nearest Q

Guild butcher, please visit

82 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Beef Wellington with

Watercress and Smoked


Ha v e n ofYu mmi n e s s

Four-Bird Roast

Rosemary Shrager’s

Cookery Course

Christmas Turkey Pie

Higgidy: The Cookbook

by Camilla Stephens

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Listen to your

heart and don’t

be afraid to go

against the grain


84 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to Rosemary

Shrager about life in and out of the kitchen and

hosting a stress-free Christmas your guests will love



Christmas is just around the corner and

S we’re looking forward to the return of

the Ideal Home Show Christmas. What

are your top tips to keep things stress free

as the host and interesting for your guests

when entertaining at home?

I always try to do some of my cooking

R about 3 to 4 weeks in advance like the

red cabbage, bread sauce and the base

for the gravy - and then freeze it. I freeze

the stuffed turkey 3 weeks in advance

and then 48 hours before Christmas Day I

defrost it in the fridge. It’s so easy.

This year I’m doing the four-bird roast

that’s in my new cookbook. I absolutely

love it because it’s so simple. The other

thing with a four-bird roast is that on

Boxing Day you have like a terrine with the

leftovers because it’s all layered so is much


For those wanting to move away from

S the traditional turkey this Christmas,

what alternatives do you think will be

popular this year?

I sometimes do a loin or saddle of

R venison. I think an expensive cut

of beef is a nice treat these days as

it’s quite special. Two years ago l did a

mezze/tapas style Christmas with a Middle

Eastern theme and just let people help

themselves. It was magical. I have even

been known to do a Chinese steamboat for

Christmas which is great fun so it doesn’t

always have to be traditional. I think it can

be whatever you fancy but you need to do

something that is a bit special.

You originally were an interior

S designer before entering the catering

profession. What life events steered

you towards the path of being a chef?

I went to Art College for five years and

R studied sculpture and interiors but I

was more buildings like a construction

technician which was quite interesting

but I wasn’t very good at it! After doing a

hotel up in Windmere I thought that’s it I’m

going to do cooking so l took the plunge. To

give it up was huge but I had always cooked

as a hobby non-stop so just went with what

I loved. It took a lot of courage as it wasn’t

an easy thing to give up my career, my

safety net, to then do something I had no

idea about and had never done before in my

life. It took a lot of courage.


What advice would you give someone

thinking about changing career path

and becoming a chef?

When I took that plunge at 27 years

R old it was a huge change. What my

parents must have thought at the time

with me suddenly saying “I don’t want to

do this anymore. I want to go into cooking”.

I just went for it and kept absolutely

focussed on what I was doing. I decided to

take the job seriously and that’s how I did

it. I had to train myself which was a hard

thing to do but I knew I just had to do it.


Describe how you went from owning

your own catering company to first

appearing on television.

There was an awfully nice researcher

R who read about me in a Mail on

Sunday article and l got approached

by BBC Good Food. That’s where it started

and then l was offered two series in one

week. People think I started on Ladette to

Lady. I had been around a few years by

that point. I was the best kept secret! I was

on Channel 5. I was offered a small show

on BBC2 but l chose Channel 5 because

it was primetime and such a new channel.

I also thought if I get it wrong only two

people will be watching! That was my

thought process. So I was very slow on TV

but I was there all the time with shows like

Rosemary Castle Cook in 2001.


Your big break came with Ladette to

Lady. What’s your funniest moment

from the series?

On the diploma day there were three

R tiered cakes which took twelve hours

to make but the columns were added at

the last minute. The cakes were so wobbly.

We all knew what would happen. So the

first one went. Then five minutes later the

second one went. Then the third. I had

to leave the room and I was using all the

swear words under the sun. This was all off

camera. The girls were all very demure not

saying a word. I told them the way you have

us on social media @sloanloves 85

conducted yourself has been admirable so for that

you have all passed. It was so funny. It was TV gold!


You’ve also appeared on I’m A Celebrity Get

Me Out of Here. What three life lessons do you

think you learned from your time on the show?

It was amazing. An incredible experience. I went

R to sleep with the crabs. I put my hands in holes.

God that was horrible but it’s an experience

I will never forget. I was very bossy but not in a

horrible way. My bark is worse than my bite. I’m a

hard boiled sweet with a soft centre!


Your culinary travels include America, India,

China and Japan. What did learn about food and

yourself during those experiences?

It was amazing to experience all the different

R types of cultures and cuisines. I feel very

fortunate and privileged to have experienced it.

I’ve learnt about spices and more about food but also

the culture and the people. The one thing you learn is

never criticise anyone else’s life. It’s their traditions

and culture. I was always careful to respect other

people and what they do. Never worry about having a

go at anything. I embraced it and it was wonderful.


What advice would you give busy professionals

on how to eat properly and enjoy cooking?

I would say cook with the family. Keep it simple

R and don’t try anything complicated. You will be

surprised how much they will want to sit down

and eat it with you. Have conversations at the table

and learn about what people are doing with their life.

Food and cooking together is very important.

What are your thoughts on the way Millennials

S approach cooking with their focus on social

media and Youtube? Do you think such an

approach is improving the profession or not?

That’s an interesting question because today

R it’s all about social media as everything is

instantaneous. Everyone including me is getting

on the bandwagon because that’s our future but it’s

whether you are doing the right thing or not. There is

no stopping anyone and no regulations anywhere. I

think it’s quite scary. I do think we are going to see a

huge change in social media over the next ten years.


If you could write a letter to your younger self,

what advice about living your best life would

you share in hindsight?

Listen to your heart. Listen to what you want to

R do and don’t be afraid to go against the grain. If

you want to do something, go and do it. For me,

I wanted to be an actress badly. All I wanted to do

was act and nothing else. I love performing, it’s in my

blood, so I should have gone to drama school and that

would have suited me down to the ground. So I say if

you want something badly enough, go for it.


What are the most common etiquette faux pas to

avoid when dining out?

The biggest faux pas is eating with your mouth

R open. Also not putting your knife and fork

down in between mouthfuls. That’s important

otherwise you can’t have a conversation. Another

faux pas is the host not making sure everyone feels

comfortable. At the end of the day, the food can be

fabulous but it’s all about the people. As long as you

have a good evening with your friends that’s what

counts more than anything else.


What five things would you never be without in

your kitchen?

Salt. The best olive oil from Tuscany. My paint

R scraper as its so flexible. My artisan Kitchen

Aid and all its add ons which I love. I also love

my old pans - I’m very attached to them.


Name three culinary experiences that are on

your Bucket List.

I want to go to South Africa. I have been invited

R to the food festival but have never made it and I

really want to go because the food is supposed

to be wonderful and the vineyards as well. I would

also like to go to North Africa and experience the

food there – not just Morocco but the whole of North

Africa. Another would be to go to the southern part

of India like Kerala. The food is totally different to

the North with more coconut and fish so I would like

to experience the south of India in particular.


How would you describe yourself and your TV

persona? Are they one in the same?

I do things my way and people in TV got used to

R my eccentricities. I’m a bit bonkers I suppose but

I am just myself. I love being on camera as I am

a natural performer. It’s nothing to do with egotistical

stuff. It’s all to do with the fact I love performing so

that’s why I like teaching so much. What you see is

what you get. Everyone I meet says I am exactly the

same as I am on TV. I’m an open book.


Talking about books, tell me more about your

new cookbook - Rosemary Shrager’s Cookery


Once you have the basic techniques under you

R belt, you can develop on to bigger things. That’s

the thing about teaching people to cook - you

have to give people the confidence and show them

how something works. The trick is not to be ridged

and once you have mastered a technique you can use

it in a number of different ways. That’s what I have

tried to do in my new book. Each chapter of the book

is a progression. For example I teach you how to

poach an egg at the beginning of the chapter and by

the end you are putting a poached egg in a soufflé.

Rosemary Shrager’s Cookery Course by

Rosemary Shrager (BBC Books, £20) Photography

by Andrew Hayes-Watkins

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Pied à Terre

Pied à Terre is an independently

owned West End gastronomic

restaurant located in the heart of

London’s dining district Fitzrovia

As one of the capital’s longest

standing Michelin restaurants, Pied

à Terre offers exceptional gourmet

food, meticulously prepared with

heart and passion. The restaurant

also champions vegetarian and vegan

menus with ingredients sourced from

small, independent suppliers who

live and breathe quality.

Head chef Asimakis Chaniotis

launched a new era of fine dining

when he joined the longstanding

restaurant in October 2017. Having

served his time as sous chef under

both Marcus Eaves and Andy

McFadden, Asimakis, in the timehonoured

fashion at Pied à Terre was

promoted to the top job having come

through the ranks, as all previous

head chefs have done.

Asimakis’ energy consistently brings

an air of excitement to the London

restaurant scene and a fresh vision

for the future of the criticallyacclaimed

French restaurant. Whilst

he has maintained the renowned

standard of the dining experience

at the Michelin Star restaurant,

Asimakis has confidently introduced

his own style, look and feel to

the menu to heighten the culinary


Pied à Terre is one of our favourite

restaurants in London so we were

delighted to sample the decadent

delights of Head Chef Asimakis’

latest menu filled to the brim with

culinary mastery and gastronomic


Click here to read the online review.

34 Charlotte St, London W1T 2NH

020 7636 1178

Click here for

the latest restaurant

reviews from


London is known as

the Food Capital of

the World and these

are just some of our

favourite restaurants

as reviewed by the

SLOAN! team

88 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Emilia’s Crafted Pasta

Emilia’s Crafted Pasta stands out

from the crowd thanks to the passion

of its founder Andrew Macleod

to make pasta the main event and

the authenticity of the pasta bar

he created. The dishes are made

using only the purest ingredients,

with some exclusively sourced

from a handful of local, sustainable

suppliers in Italy. Their famed 4 hour slow-cooked Bolognese is a

must-try. Click here to read the online review.

Unit C3 Ivory House, St Katharine Docks, London, E1W 1AT

0207 481 2004 |

The Petersham Restaurant

The Petersham Restaurant is set

within at The Petersham Hotel – a

luxurious 4* hotel in Richmond.

This stunning restaurant benefits

from panoramic, floor-to-ceiling

views overseeing the River Thames

and Petersham Meadows. With the

best seats in the house overlooking

the famous bend in the Thames

there’s no better place to enjoy a traditional Afternoon Tea with a

twist designed by The Petersham’s talented Head Chef, Jean-Didier

Gouges. Click here to read the online review.

Nightingale Lane, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6UZ

020 8939 1084


Combining the variety of rich flavours

found in the Levant, CERU takes its

customers on a journey across the

Middle East in its South Kensington and

Soho restaurants.

Home to healthy dishes and delectable

treats, the Levant contains some of the

most ancient cuisines on the planet. The

exciting array of dishes are all delicious

and stimulating. CERU’s menu features

over 100 ingredients with more than 20

individual spices.

Click here to read the online review.

11 D’Arblay Street, London W1F 8DT

020 3195 3002

The Montagu Kitchen

The Montagu Kitchen is a modern

British all-day dining destination set

within Hyatt Regency London – The

Churchill, conveniently tucked away

in upmarket Marylebone. Under the

direction of Executive Chef Mark

Sainsbury, the restaurant celebrates

the best of British produce inspired

by Winston Churchill’s former

residence of Chartwell in Kent.

Chef Mark said, “I loved growing

up in the countryside in Kent, and

it has been my lifelong ambition to

take inspiration from the fragrant

woods, meadows and fruit farms and

use it in my cooking. I’m excited to

marry up my personal experience of

Kent with the gardens at Chartwell

to create a truly unique offering.”

Click here to read the online review.

30 Portman Square W1H 7BH

020 7299 2037


Private members club Tramp opened

its doors at 40 Jermyn Street on

18th December 1969 and has been

the leader of the night club scene

ever since, outlasting the many and

varied competitors which have come

and gone in the area. The discrete

entrance has seen the comings and

goings of everyone from Frank

Sinatra and the Beatles, royalty,

Hollywood’s major players and the

highest echelons of international

business and society.

Renowned for being unique in

London’s nightlife, today the

private members club prides itself

on impeccable service, unrivalled

atmosphere, great DJs and the most

sought after tables in London.

Click here read our online review of

their Zodiac Restaurant.

40 Jermyn St, London SW1Y 6DN

020 7734 0565 |

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 89


Alyn Williams at The Westbury

Located within the luxurious setting of the 5-star

Westbury Hotel, restaurant Alyn Williams offers

Michelin-starred fine dining with an emphasis on


Since joining The Westbury in 2011, Alyn and his team

have worked tirelessly to earn the reputation of being

one of Mayfair’s leading dining destinations. Presented

in a modern yet elegant fashion, the food perfectly

reflects the classic setting of the restaurant.

It was such attention to detail that led to the restaurant

being awarded its Michelin star in 2012, the same year

Alyn was awarded the coveted ‘National Chef of the

Year’ title, followed by four AA rosettes.

Supporting Alyn in the kitchen is a young and

enthusiastic team of chefs, led by 25-year-old Head Chef

Tom Booton. Full of creative energy, Tom’s cooking

style is perfectly aligned to Alyn’s, pushing boundaries

yet always showing the upmost respect to the produce.

The youthful energy is apparent even in the dining room

and despite exceedingly high standards in both food and

service, Alyn Williams at the Westbury is relaxed and

welcoming with seasonal dishes constantly changing

across the menus.

Click here to read the full online review.


37 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2YF

020 7183 6426

Smith & Wollensky

Smith & Wollensky, one of London’s premier

steakhouses, have just added the ultimate all-American

bottomless brunch to their autumn menu. Designed

specially by head chef, Tom Cook, the new brunch

menu is set to please with plenty of delicious choices

for everyone, be they committed carnivores or virtuous

vegetarians. Whether you prefer their much-loved

USDA sirloin or a vegetarian breakfast, something

sweet like Buttermilk Pancakes or something a little

different like Bacon Hash with Poached Eggs, the new

All-American Brunch menu at Smith & Wollensky

has options and possibilities for all brunch-loving


Click here to read the full online review.


1-11 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6HT

020 7321 6007

90 SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

HELIX at The Gherkin

Searcys at the Gherkin reimagined dining and bar

concept on levels 39 and 40 of London’s iconic

Norman Foster-designed building sees HELIX

offering sky-high contemporary dining at both

lunch and dinner with majestic views across the city.

A proud celebration of British produce in one of

London’s finest landmarks, Executive Chef Daniel

Loftin delivers menus that put seasonal and local

produce centre stage.

Searcys’ expertise in exquisite champagne, English

sparkling wine and cocktails make every visit to the

IRIS bar a celebration. The unique cocktail menu

draws inspiration from the unrivalled London views

with the list overseen by Head Mixologist Federico

Geniale. Click here to read the full online review.


30 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8AP

0330 107 0816

Heliot Steak House

Heliot Steak House is an award-winning steak restaurant

located inside The Hippodrome, in the heart of London’s

West End. The restaurant enjoys a rare view looking out

into the casino’s three gaming floors and is a great place

to relax and enjoy a meal in a fun environment followed

by a show in the 180-seat music and cabaret theatre or a

drink in one of the building’s six bars.

Head Chef Ioannis Grammenos, oversees the menu,

creating a selection of dishes for each season inspired

by classic American cuisine with touches of lighter

European ingredients used in the starter dishes, grills

and fish main courses. Stars of the show are the

signature 28-day aged USDA prime steaks, which are

available in nine different classic cuts including fillet and

T-bone. Click here to read the full online review.


10-14 Cranbourn Street, London, WC2H 7JH

0207 769 8844

Bar + Block Aldgate

Whether you’re looking for a beefed-up breakfast,

speedy working lunch, post-work drinks or a threecourse

meal with family and friends, at the new Bar +

Block Aldgate steakhouse you can expect a menu that

is truly a cut above the rest. Serving quality steaks at

high-street prices from rump to ribeye, and sirloin to

spiral cut fillet, quality, classic cuts are sourced from

cattle reared across the Pampas in South America,

and dry-aged for a minimum of 28 days before

they’re hand-cut to your size of choice. The rotating

seasonal specials offer something a little different

to all steak lovers. Click here to read the full online



68 Alie Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 8PX

020 8049 0888

Macellaio RC Fitzrovia

Roberto Costa and the team behind the hugely successful

restaurant group, Macellaio RC, have now opened their

fifth London site on Fitzrovia’s Store Street. As with

the other Macellaio RC restaurants, the new Fitzrovia

site combines both restaurant and butcher, with the

renowned Fassona beef dry-aged and butchered inhouse.

Furthermore, at Fitzrovia, Macellaio RC’s

legendary charcuterie, tartare and steak dishes are

served alongside a menu of traditional Italian pizzas.

Once London’s biggest petrol station, the new restaurant

takes inspiration from its past including accessories from

Roberto’s first Fiat Cinquecento on the walls. Click here

to read the full online review.


6 Store Street, Fitzrovia, London WC1E 7DQ

020 3848 7230

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams 91



Born from the whitewashed, sea-splashed vision of

a ‘dreamer from Greece’, Onima brings the spirit

of Mykonos to London. This ambitious hybrid of

bar, restaurant, private members’ club and rooftop

terrace is the singular vision of founder Alexandros


The five-floor Mayfair townhouse in which Onima

resides has been skilfully reimagined by leading

Greek interior designers Archset, to begin the sensory

experience as you walk through the door and into the

ground floor restaurant.

An elegant amalgam of Mediterranean and Asian

flavours lives at the heart of Onima’s superlative menu.

Satisfying and sublime signatures include Beef tartare

with orange ponzu sauce, heritage tomatoes & celery;

King crab salad with seaweed & caviar dressed with

yuzu, spring onion & truffle and Pineapple carpaccio

with cardamom, star anise & coconut panna cotta.

Onima is more than just a place to eat, drink and

socialise; it’s a complete luxury lifestyle experience

designed to captivate and deeply satisfy all five senses.

Click here to read the full review.


1-3 Avery Row, London W1K 4AJ

0207 078 9747 |

Baluchi at The LaLiT London

Pan-Indian dining destination Baluchi offers dining

with a difference - a taste of traditional India in the

heart of London. Located in luxury boutique hotel,

The LaLiT London, this is the perfect escape from the

hustle and bustle of the city combining Indian culture

with quintessential British charm. Executive Chef

Santosh Shah has created menus bringing fresh seasonal

flavours and beautiful presentation to the table. Inspired

by the North-West Frontier, the menu pairs the best of

international culinary concepts with the complex and

innovative flavours of India, each dish rich with history

and authenticity.

Click here to read the full online review.


181 Tooley Street, London SE1 2JR

020 3765 0000

92 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Thomas’s Café

Thomas’s Café at Burberry

offers refined elegance and

a calm escape from busy

Regent Street. Delivering a

characteristic British, all-day

dining experience, Thomas’s

Café at Burberry invites diners

to enjoy favourites such as the

Sutton Hoo chicken salad, Bembridge lobster benedict,

truffle crisps and quintessentially British afternoon

tea. Click here to read the full online review.


5 Vigo St, Mayfair, London W1S 3HA

020 7806 8904

Hankies Marble Arch

Combining the fuss-free,

fresh, light and aromatic small

plates and incredible value for

money that are synonymous

with Indian street food with

the stunning surroundings

of the luxury Montcalm

Hotel, Hankies Marble Arch

showcases relaxed North Indian cooking at its finest.

Anirudh Arora’s reasonably priced dishes encourage

diners to indulge and share dishes with the table to

spark joy. Click here to read the full online review.


61 Upper Berkeley Street, London W1H 7PP

0208 958 3222

Gamma Gamma

Modern Pan-Asian tapas restaurant Gamma Gamma

brings the flavours and colours of the East to the

heart of Soho at 6 Greek Street - the former site of Bo

Drake. Launched at the end of October 2018, Gamma

Gamma serves up a menu of fusion dishes designed

for sharing and including show-stopping dishes of

exotic meats such as zebra, kangaroo and ostrich, all

complemented with bespoke cocktails.

The vibrant menu created by Executive Chef Jonathan

Villar features many gluten and dairy free options

with exotic signature dishes featuring zebra, kangaroo

and ostrich. Click here to read the full online review.


6 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4DE

020 7287 3033

Sake no Hana

In partnership with Belvedere Vodka and Ruinart

Champagne, Sake no Hana - the Japanese restaurant

from Hakkasan Group - is celebrating the change

of season with an Autumn Leaf installation using

autumnal red, orange and yellow leaves that encase

the floor to ceiling glass windows at the front of the

restaurant on St James Street. Executive Head Chef

Hideki Hiwatashi has created a limited-edition menu

utilising seasonal ingredients and flavours for guests

to enjoy whilst sipping on warming cocktails, Japanese

sake, and whisky. The installation offers guests the

chance to experience ‘momiji-gari’, the Japanese

tradition of viewing the maple leaves whilst enjoying

modern authentic Japanese cuisine in the heart of

Mayfair. Limited edition drinks include a warming

Maple Toddy utilising Hennessy Fine de Cognac,

Akashi-Tai Umeshu sake, ginger, maple, chocolate and

edible rice paper art.

Click here to read the full online review.


23 St James’s Street, London SW1A 1HA

020 7925 8988

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Chef Life After Cancer

Chef John Lawson shares his personal journey on his

recovery after being diagnosed with a brain tumour

When it happened, it was a shock.

Waking up in hospital and being

told I had a brain tumour wasn’t

what I’d expected to hear. The

day before I had been living my

life; at the height of my career,

working in a prestigious restaurant

it the largest hotel in Australia, I

had my first chef hat (Michelin

Star) and was working towards

my second. I was an ambassador

for Moët Chandon and so much

more. I, very quickly, became a

brain tumour victim. What I didn’t

realise then was how my life

would change.

After the biopsy and then the

removal of the tumour, I spent

three months in rehab. Following

discharge, I Initially felt free, no

longer an inmate in hospital, I was

able to walk and talk and I was

grateful. But really my recovery

had only just begun.

It was or rather it is a slow

growing tumour, so it can come

back at any time. This, I found

hard to deal with. People kept on

saying how good I looked, and

I did. I was eating super healthy

food to aid my recovery, I had

lost weight, exercising daily and

the staples in my head from the

operation has been removed - I

looked amazing!

When someone breaks a leg and

is walking around with a limp

we have sympathy, we make

allowance for them being slower,

we offer them our chair, we

understand they cannot walk as

far as us. We can see they are

not the same. No one could see

my injury, all they saw was this

healthy, fit version of me. I looked

better and so everyone assumed

that I was.

I suffered brain damage because

of a bleed on the brain during the

biopsy, coupled with the removal

of the mass. I was far from

recovered. At one point I could

not even make a cup of tea, chop

a carrot or fry an egg. Being a

chef who couldn’t cook was hard

for me to deal with. Luckily the

cooking part of my memory came

back. I have been left with long

term brain damage and it’s been

the hardest part of my recovery,

trying to learn to live with it.

Like others who’ve experienced

what I have, I’ve developed new

strategies and tactics to help me

function. The mass was located

in the front left area of the brain,

which is responsible for problem

solving, meaning I find it hard

now to solve problems. I’m not

as sharp as I used to be, I have

to sound out my reasoning and

take my time to think around

situations. My memory is

damaged, meaning that I have to

write everything down so as not

94 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

to forget. I can only do one thing

at a time and listen to one person

talking to me about one subject,

any more than that and I feel lost.

To begin with, I was confused

and frustrated by my injuries. I

was annoyed with myself, always

wondering “why can’t I do it??

Why can’t I rise to that challenge

and execute it like before?”

Time healed and helped me

to understand. I became more

understanding on my own

capabilities and forgiving of

myself if I made a mistake. I

started to learn to live with it

and adapt. I would not be beaten

by this but equally I was not

the same anymore. I could not

handle the same stressful kitchen

environment, so working as hard

as I had been previously was no

longer an option.

I read lots of books to help

overcome my injuries and

understand my condition, I

researched and studied. That

would be my one piece of advice

to anyone living life after cancer,

really try to understand it. There

are other people out there going

through something similar and

talking about your experience

really does help. I accepted

support, the support and love from

my family and friends. I needed

them to help me and they wanted

to help. With their support I was

able to take time to think and find

my path.

Running a large kitchen for a large

corporate company was not good

for my health and simply wasn’t

going to work for the new me.

From my research, I understood

how much stress had played

its part in my brain tumours

development. I had to reduce the

stress in my life to ensure that the

growth didn’t continue.

Cheffing is a huge passion of mine

and I wasn’t willing to let that go.

I was a chef before my injury and

I wanted to stay that way, but I

wanted to be a different type of

chef. I wanted to be a chef who

cooked and served beautifully

plated dishes of healthy food, not

churn out dishes rich in sugar and

bad fats. I decided that I had to try

and help other people understand

the importance of health and food

as well as the connection between

what we eat and how we feel.

As soon as I made that decision,

I knew I was on the right path. It

was no longer about the money

and the prestige, I wanted to

do something more fulfilling.

I opened a small, 26 cover

restaurant in my home town of

Leigh-on-Sea so I could be near

the support of my family. We

open four days a week, so that I

get the right work / life balance

needed to continue on my path

to recovery, and my staff enjoy

a richer balance also. We only

cook and serve healthy food, we

educate our guests and provide

talks and workshops which focus

upon healthy living and living

well balanced lifestyle.

My restaurant became my

recovery. It’s a dream come true

really. From something terrible,

I’ve taken away a huge positive.

I’ve designed a working life

which suits me and the needs of

my health, and I love sharing and

educating people through my


John’s recommended books:

Living Low Grade by Gideon

Burrows; The Mind Gut

Connection by Emeran Mayer

Learn more about John Lawson


Follow us on social media @sloanloves 95


Royal Salute 21 Year

Old Masquerade Ball

Created by Royal Salute Master

Blender, Sandy Hyslop, the signature

21 Year Old whisky is presented in a

visually arresting collector’s edition

festive gift box alongside a miniature

version for collectors to enjoy.

Inspired by the famed royal

Masquerade Balls held at Ranelagh

Pleasure Gardens in the late 18th

century, the exquisite new limited

edition has been created in partnership

with esteemed British illustrator Phil

Wheeler who is renowned for his

colourful and exuberant work.

The Royal Salute 21 Year Old

Masquerade Ball Festive Gift Pack is

$130 (70cl + 5cl miniature bottle) from

prestige whisky retailers worldwide.

Learn more at

Ti p p l

Glen Moray’s

prestigious Elgin

Heritage Collection

of premium Single

Malts encapsulates

“affordable richness”

with their 12, 15

and 18 year old

whiskies. The jewel

in the Heritage

range’s crown, the

18 Year Old “First

Fill American Cask

Non-chill Filtered”

expression is aged to perfection in the finest

American oak casks with beautifully balanced

rich fruit flavours and subtle oak leading to a

lingering finish of mellow vanilla sweetness.

£80 from The Whisky Exchange

Glen Moray



Billecart-Salmon is one of the

world’s most admired Champagne

brands and is renowned for its

distinctive vintages, and iconic

Rosé. Billecart-Salmon is also one

of the few remaining independent,

family-owned Champagne


Captivating and original, the

Brut Sous Bois NV is entirely

vinified in oak, giving it notes

of toffee and brioche and a depth

and flavour worthy of any festive


£65 from Lea & Sandeman and

96 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

e s

Patrón Añejo


The Patrón Añejo tequila is a smooth

and sweet delicate blend of uniquely

aged tequilas, aged in small white

oak barrels for a minimum of 12

months. Each bottle is numbered by

hand, individually numbered and

crafted using mostly recycled glass.

Whilst it is perfect neat, we

recommend mixing it into the

traditional whisky style cocktail, an

Old Fashioned. Make your next Old

Fashioned - a tequila New Fashioned,

a delicious cocktail to enjoy on a

chilly Autumn evening.

£59.75 from The Whisky Exchange


Laurent-Perrier’s limitededition

Cuvée Rosé metal

robe bottle is the ultimate

gift for champagne lovers to

mark Laurent-Perrier’s 50th

anniversary of its highly

acclaimed sparking Rosé. The

elegant bottle is presented in

an intricate monogrammed

mesh ‘robe’, with Laurent-

Perrier’s initials woven into

a stylish rose gold lace.

The luxurious robe cage

complements the iconic shape

of the bottle. £58.75 from



Champagne Taittinger

has unveiled a chic and

modern gifting tin for

its Taittinger Prestige

Rosé NV. Rose gold

in colour, the limited

edition gift tin packaging

is premium, and sports

an elegant design very

much in keeping with the

Taittinger house style.

£50.60 from Fortnum &

Mason, Waitrose, John

Lewis, Fenwick and Asda.


The XECO Sherry Christmas

Hamper features a bottle of

XECO’s Fino sherry, alongside

some delicious tapas-inspired

snacks from artisan suppliers

including Olly’s Olives, British

charcuterie and gourmet crackers

from Cannon & Cannon and

Double Dutch tonic water. £50



Through revolutionary blending

methods L’Orbe has combined

the delicate flavour of caviar with

vodka to create a harmonious

spirit that pushes the boundaries

of taste expectations. Encapsulated

within a unique pearl technology

and sealed in a bespoke crafted

glass vial, the caviar’s subtle

aromas are gradually diffused.

Soft buttery notes mature within

the bottle, gently evolving to

nuttier tones.

£49.50 for a 200ml bottle

Maestro DOBEL

Maestro DOBEL Humito, the

world’s first smoked silver tequila,

emanates the tequila flavours of

the 17th century for the discerning

and curious. Aromatic mesquite

wood is utilised during cooking of

the agave and results in a flavour

delivery extraordinarily balanced

between smoky notes and agave.

The tequila is superb in cocktails

and will also appeal to whisky

drinkers. Find out more at

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Ti p p l e

Here are the best of the rest of our festive

tipples for Christmas & the Party Season

98 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Charles Heidsieck Rosé Réserve

Typically full-bodied in the Charles Heidsieck style, yet retains an

elegance and freshness that makes this a delicious Champagne.

Alongside the silky rich smoothness there are aromas of freshly

picked red fruits strawberries and raspberries with a finish of great

breath, length and a hint of spice. £49.99 from

CÎROC x Moschino

CÎROC Vodka has paired up with Moschino’s creative director Jeremy

Scott. The limited-edition bottle features CÎROC’s signature blue

wrapped in Moschino’s iconic gold chain and dangling letters. Bottle

can be personalised by GetitINKD. £40 from

Chase Distillery Potato Vodka

Created entirely from field to bottle on our Herefordshire family

farm, this truly British vodka has exquisite quality and real

provenance, with 250 glorious Herefordshire potatoes in every

bottle. £37 from

Black Cow Vodka

Made in West Dorset on England’s south coast, Black Cow is the

world’s smoothest vodka, made from the milk of grass grazed cows

and nothing else. The award-winning, super premium, crystal clear

vodka has a unique smooth and creamy character.

£31.75 from Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges & Marks & Spencer.

Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark small-batch Bourbon Whisky is handmade in Loretto,

Kentucky using the same principles Bill Samuels Sr. first used in 1954.

Made from red winter wheat or a sweeter tasting Bourbon with notes of

oak, caramel, vanilla and spice. £30 from Waitrose

Jack Daniel’s Legacy Edition

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Legacy Edition has aromas

of soft, ripe fruit with green apple and warm oak. Flavours of

caramel, vanilla and toasted oak give a rich mouthfeel that finishes

with a peppery spice and warm brown sugar. £30 from Asda


This signature cuvée is lively, subtle and light with notes of

almond and fresh hazelnut leaving a delicious sensation of

smoothness marked by fresh pear and apple and a delicate hint

of citrus fruits. Pairs well with seafood, sushi and cheeses like

Chaource and Parmigiano Reggiano. £30 from Asda & Morrisons


Adnams Copper House Pink Gin

Copper House Pink Gin joins the Adnams range of awardwinning

spirits. One suggested way that gin drinkers can enjoy

the new pink variety of Copper House is served on ice with tonic,

fresh mint and raspberries and it is a drink to enjoy in all seasons.

£29.99 from

Woltz’s Rose Vodka

Tony Conigliaro at Drink Factory uses a low temperature vacuum

distillation technique to capture the true flavour and delicate

nuances of dried pink rose petals distilled into grain spirit to create

this soft floral vodka. £29.99 from

Mac & Wild Yuletide

Mac & Wild’s take on the Hot Toddy, Yuletide combines Johnnie

Walker Gold Label, Pedro Ximenéz Sherry, mince pie flavours and

honey for a cockle-warming tipple best served with hot water, orange

peel and a stick of cinnamon. £29.61 from

Tesco Finest Amarone

Tesco Finest Amarone Della Valpolicella is a classic Italian red

with intense, full-bodied flavours of ripe cherry and wild red berry

concluding on a note of luscious chocolate and sweet spices. It’s

still made today in the traditional artisanal method. £18 from Tesco.

Cointreau Blood Orange

Cointreau Blood Orange is the perfect balance between sweet,

bitter and blood orange peels. Like tasting a ripe fruit, it is both

tangy and rich in aromas. La Maison Cointreau selects intensely

aromatic blood oranges from Corsica. £17 from Waitrose


BACARDÍ Ginger is a golden rum infused with ginger flavours

for a mouth-watering sweet and spicy taste perfect for the cooler

months ahead. Best enjoyed with refreshing mixers such as cola or

lemonade. £16.99 from all major UK retailers.

Laborie MCC Blanc de Blancs

Laborie Méthode Cap Classique Blanc de Blancs Brut 2010 is a

complex South African fizz with hints of lime accompanied by

toasted bread and hazelnut aromas. Well-rounded creamy palate

with explosive acidity and an elegant finish. £15.95 from Amazon

Gospel Green Cyder

Gospel Green Cyder, first crafted in tiny quantities for two decades

by a husband & wife team, is a cyder made in the style of a

Champagne with secondary fermentation in the bottle and 16 months

ageing. Magnums now available. £11.95 from

Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur

New for winter 2018, the Chambord limited edition gift box is

the perfect gift to treat family and friends with the iconic 20cl

bottle of Chambord packaged in a beautiful deep purple box

covered in raspberries. £8 from all major supermarkets

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As k Th e Ex p e r t

Reinvention of Classic Cocktails

Steve Manktelow, cocktail expert and restaurateur of GOAT

Chelsea, discusses the cyclical reinvention of classic cocktails from

the Daisy to the Bramble. Steve is the inventor of the Watermelon

Martini and the Crackbaby – said to be a favourite of Prince

William and Prince Harry.

I remember years ago the edge

of a 1-pound coin read in Latin

‘standing on the shoulders of

giants’ – something attributed

to the great Sir Isaac Newton.

I’ve always been fond of this

quote, as in the drinks industry

throughout the ages we see

example after example of

learning from those before us,

constantly taking successful

recipes, and tweaking them for

the current era.


The Daisy is one of the best

examples of this, starting out

170 years ago as a gin-based

drink. It first crops up in a

book called ‘Gay Life in New

York, or Fast Men and Grass

Widows’ by Henry Llewellyn

Williams, before appearing

in Jerry Thomas’ ‘The Bon

Vivants Companion’ in 1876.

Whenever you watch a cowboy

film/TV series and there’s a

big moustached, waist coated,

diamond encrusted walrus of

a man serving drinks from

behind a bar, that man is

modelled on Jerry Thomas,

and right at the back of his

ground-breaking recipe book is

a whole chapter on Daisies.

The Daisy was a short

refreshing drink with a spirit,

lemon juice, liqueur and often

some sugary syrup. The below

Gin Daisy recipe is from Jerry

Thomas’ book:

To make, fill glass onethird

full of shaved ice. Add

4 parts (1 large shot glass)

Hollands gin, 2 parts Lemon

Juice, 1 teaspoon curacao

and 1 teaspoon gum syrup.

Shake well, strain into a large

cocktail glass, and fill up with

seltzer water from a siphon.

Hollands gin or Genever is

the forerunner of the gin we

know today and tastes more

like an unaged single malt

whisky than a gin. It was by

far and away the most popular

gin in America with almost

9-10 times as much Hollands

as London dry gin being

imported before the 1900’s;

so when all those old cocktail

recipes say Gin, they mean



Heading towards the end of the

1900’s, Brandy was the drink

of choice, especially in Europe.

It was just after Phylloxera

had devasted vineyards

across Europe, and we were

beginning to see stocks rising

again. Brandy had developed

a more expensive image by

this stage as houses increased

prices of their existing stock

to slow demand and increase

return so they could survive,

and it was just beginning to

become more mainstream

100 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

again, only with a luxury image.



A Gentleman called Harry

McElhone opened Harry’s New

York Bar in Paris which became

a drinks factory for modern

classic’s. This is where the Bloody

Mary was invented, the French 75,

White Lady and the Sidecar.

There are numerous stories

regarding the origins of the name

of the Sidecar; as you can imagine

most come from variations

involving a motorcycle sidecar

and regular customer. What Harry

did to design this drink was

take Jerry’s version of a Brandy

Daisy (almost identical to the gin

daisy only with the obvious spirit

substitution) and put it in a martini

or coupette glass without the ice

or soda.



Just after World War I, with

everyone desperately trying to

return to normality , a simple way

of doing this was to get away from

the remnants of Europe on a big

cruise ship and head off to the


Cruise ships would load up with

Gin from Portsmouth and serve

Gin Daisies all the way. Gin

stock would run low and a restock

would happen in Bermuda

so Gin daisies would make way

for Bermudan Rum daisies, then

the boats would head south and

make another restock in Havana.

After that the cruise went down

the windward islands, loading

up on local Rum on the way,

then heading west to stop off at

the Dutch Island of Curacao and

load up with the local orange

liqueur made from its native

bitter oranges, finally curling up

towards Mexico where the Rum

would make way for Tequila, and

lemons would be substituted for

limes. The locals wanted to make

the drink sound more Mexican

so they merely translated the

word Daisy into Spanish, and the

Margarita was born. This recipe

was smuggled over the border by

returning booze seekers during

prohibition and as soon as repeal

happened it seemed to take over

the world.

This drink ruled the roost for a

while and then on the back of a

campaign to get America

drinking Moscow Mules, a love

for Vodka developed. At first

this was all down to it leaving

you ‘breathless’ – the kind of

thing you could breakfast on with

cornflakes and cigarettes and noone

would be able to detect it on

your breath, in the 1950’s, Vodka’s

sales pitch was that you could

drink it and your boss wouldn’t

notice! You can just imagine Don

Draper coming up with that one.


Our love for vodka continued

unabated and started to peak

towards the end of the 1980’s,

early 90’s when a bartender in

New York stumbled across a

drink while on holiday in Miami.

The Chinese whispers of a vodka

impaired memory brought the

drink to New York as something

quite different – a drink called the


This drink sped around the world

in no time; I remember making

them round after round in a small

cocktail bar in Auckland, New

Zealand in 1995 and on arrival

in London a couple of years later

it was ‘the’ drink, appearing all

over popular culture and defining

that era as one of expensive vodka

and colourful drinks in martini

glasses. So what was this drink?

It’s still a gin daisy, without ice,

swapping the Gin for Vodka and

add a splash of cranberry juice

and your new modern classic was



On leaving the 90’s the world

developed a taste for flavoured

vodka, and as our flavoured

Vodka of choice once again

became a juniper and citrus

combo, we’d re-entered the gin


It was also a time when Dick

Bradsell had seemed to single

Steve Manktelow

handedly reinvent cocktails

in London with the Espresso

Martini, Russian Spring Punch,

Treacle, Wibble and the Bramble

appearing on drinks lists UK

wide within a few years. The

drinks were big, bright, creative

and fairly easy to replicate which

considering the expansion the bar

industry was going through, was


The Bramble seems to be one

of the more enduring, as it is

the perfect vehicle for any new

self-respecting gin, and how

did Bradsell come up with this

wonderful new drink? He took a

Gin Daisy, removed the orange

curacao and replaced it with

blackberry liqueur and voila,

we have a thoroughly modern

interpretation of a 19th century


These cyclical reinventions of

classics are not the sole domain of

the Daisy, with most bars looking

at old drinks and working out a

way to modernise them, learning

and improving from the best and

brightest before us – almost every

self-respecting cocktail bar will

have a version, so get out there

and try them out!


Steve Manktelow has a

mind-blowing knowledge of

cocktails and the history behind

our favourite drinks, and is

continuously creating new, unique

cocktails for his chic bars.

Click here for the full article with

recipes of cocktails mentioned.

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Si p s a nd Se r v e s

Whisky Illuminati Candlelight Series

Whisky Illuminati is an

independent whisky bottling

brand created by a top secret

collective of Scotch whisky

industry experts with over 200

years combined experience.

Whisky Illuminati’s members are

a panel of the most discerning

and respected noses and palates in

the whisky industry showcasing

one-off series’ of exceptional,

limited edition malts. The first

collection, Candlelight Series, is

formed of four Highland malts

that offer what the collective

deem to be the best representation

of each distillery’s signature style.

The muscular and bold 19 YO

Spanish Oak Sherry Butt from the

Mortlach Distillery in Dufftown,

Speyside is £260 available from

specialist suppliers worldwide and

online at

White Walker by

Johnnie Walker

The heart of the Bowmore

range, the 12 year old

exhibits some beautiful

coastal notes with a gentle

peat. Floral aromas and

tropical fruit give way to

smoky iodine character

with peppery finish.

£35.95 from The Whisky


Talisker 10 Year Old

Talisker 10 Years Old, with

its smooth and smoky finish,

is one of the most awarded

Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

in the world. This single

malt has a sea-salty nose and

famously rich and powerful

peat-smoke flavour, leaving

a warm peppery taste at the

back of the mouth. £39.95

from The Whisky Exchange

Jenkyn Place

Rosé 2014

A blend of 52% Pinot Noir,

32% Chardonnay and

16% Pinot Meunier, the

Jenkyn Place Rosé 2014 is

an elegant pink fizz with

delicate flavours of rosehip,

redcurrant and cranberry

that will continue to evolve

gracefully over time. £35


Pinkster Gin

Pinkster Gin (£35) is a

raspberry infused gin made

with fresh raspberries

grown in Cambridgeshire.

The natural flavoured pink

gin makes a decidedly

different G&T. We also love

their Boozy Berries (£6.50)

and mildly alcoholic Gin

Jam (£6.50). All available


102 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


40 ml BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho

10 ml Crème de Figue

5 ml sugar syrup

1 dash chocolate bitters


45 ml Grey Goose La Vanille

30 ml single origin espresso

20 ml part of coffee liqueur

Pinch of Fleur De Sel


25 ml MARTINI Riserva Speciale Rubino

25 ml MARTINI Riserva Speciale Bitter

Top with MARTINI Collezione Speciale Prosecco


25 ml 1796

25 ml MARTINI Riserva Speciale Bitter

25 ml MARTINI Riserva Speciale Rubino

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Festive Freebies with

SLOAN! Giveaways

From retro fridges and festive hampers to

boozy aromas and beautiful teddy bears,

don’t miss your chance to win one of these

amazing prize giveaways.

What’s That Smell

What’s That Smell? is the hilariously fragrant party game that grabs

you by the nostrils with over 50 smells from nice to downright nasty.

The party game is designed to put your sense of smell to the test

against friends and family challenging those brave enough to

correctly guess scents ranging from roses to rotting garbage. The

winner gets to pick a player of their choice to suffer the Whiff of

Shame: three big whiffs of one of the four outrageously pungent cards:

Extra Old Toe Cheese, Diaper Blowout, Hot Chunky Vomit, and

Smothered in B.O. Click here for your chance to win one of three of this

smelly prizes.

Click here for more

competitions &

prize giveaways

TOG Hare Board

TOG’s beautiful new chopping

boards are constructed from

British cherry and American

walnut, sourced from sustainably

managed forests. Handmade

in England, their unique stripe

design is inspired by the copper

layers in the blades of TOG

knives. The boards are available

in four different sizes for different

food prep tasks: the Ant, the

Dragonfly, the Hare and the Ox.

The Hare (39 x 29 x 4cms,

endgrain) like its namesake

favours veg, fruit and herbs. It is

a mid sized board and is designed

to handle all common food prep

tasks and can be easily stored in a


Click here for your chance to win

your very own Hare chopping

board worth £100.

Bettys Perfect

Christmas Hamper

SLOAN! has teamed up with Bettys

to offer you the chance to win a

luxurious Christmas hamper worth

£80 filled with festive flavours and

seasonal scrumminess including

Little Rascal Chardonnay (alc. 13.5%

vol. 750ml), Marzipan Fruits, Bettys

Bauble, Bettys Christmas Coffee,

Chocolate Panforte, Yorkshire

Gingerbread and a Toasted Marzipan

Christmas Cake. Click here to enter

the competition for your chance to

win this delicious prize.

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Grin & Bear London

Teddy Bear

Grin & Bear London was born

from a humble teddy bear pattern

and some fabric that ex-fashion

designer Michael Dankwah had in

his sewing box.

After creating the prototype bear

for a friend’s birthday present,

Michael has since gone on to

make hundreds of teddy bears.

Every bear is lovingly hand-made

made from carefully selected

fabric, giving each one its own

whimsical character.

Click here for your chance to win

the £69 Icon Teddy Bear printed

with famous London icons such as

Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, red

buses, black cabs and many more.

Gorenje Retro Refrigerator

Stylish to look at, while delivering exceptional performance,

Gorenje’s ORB153BL retro freestanding refrigerator is a stand-out

product guaranteed to create a focal point in any kitchen.

Featuring innovative IonAir technology, an advanced fan system

which circulates negatively charged ions to purify the air in the

fridge and destroys up to 95 per cent of all bacteria, mould and

odours, the fridge ensures that food remains fresher for longer.

The product also includes a FreshZone drawer, which presents the

lowest temperature in the refrigerator

making it perfect to store meat,

fish, fruit and vegetables – ideal

for preserving food’s freshness and


All Gorenje refrigerators are highly

energy-efficient, with the ORB models

boasting an A+++ energy-efficiency

rating, which uses 60 per cent less

power than those in the A class, whilst

still prioritising style and aesthetics.

You can experience life simplified with

your very own Gorenje ORB153BL

freestanding refrigerator by entering

our competition for your chance to win

this fabulous prize. Click here for more


Whisky Aroma Training Kit

Have you ever wanted to “Nose like a Professional?” Well

now you can be guided on this path by the company which

trains and tests industry professionals globally – the Aroma

Academy. The Academy, based in the North of Scotland, has

a range of Self Learn Training Kits which will allow you to

develop your sensory ability in a fun, systematic manner – at

the time, location and pace that suits you best.

The Training Kits are based on the premise that the vast

majority of the sensory flavour experience is delivered via

the Sense of Smell. SLOAN! has teamed up with the Aroma

Academy to offer one lucky

reader the Aroma Training Kit

for Whisky which comprises of

24 Aromas that are key elements

of the flavour profile of leading

whisky brands, together with an

accompanying booklet which

guides you through the Aroma

Academy methodology and

offers best practice insider tips

- all packaged in an attractive

wooden box. Click here to enter.

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SLOAN! Book Club

Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams recommends

her favourite books on diverse topics from self-acceptance and

sisu to the science of spice and sports psychology

As You Are

This book is a guide to self-acceptance, letting go of comparisons and

celebrating your uniqueness.

By shifting your focus on to finding out what energises you, makes

you tick and makes you feel you belong, you can become a happier

lighter being. The book contains stories and habits which help you

play to your personal strengths each and every day.

As You Are is part of Dept. Store for the Mind created by Sophie

Howarth, co-founder of the School of Life

£12.99 published by Aster

Bullet Grid Journal

The bullet journalling phenomenon is a huge trend with over 1.2

million #bulletjournal Instagram posts. This journal brings together

all the lists, trackers and calendars to keep on top of things in a single

personalized system.

By simply using bullet points and short notes to list appointment

details, tasks and important information, organising your life

becomes a happier and calmer process personalized just for you.

£10 published by Ilex Press

Write Yourself Happy - Megan C Hayes

In Write Yourself Happy, author Megan Hayes shows us how, using

positive journalling, we can journal more consciously, writing in

a way that engages and promotes our most supportive and lifeaffirming


Based on groundbreaking research in positive psychology, and

backed up by extensive scientific studies, the book includes practical

exercises and case studies to inspire readers to shift their focus, use

different words and see the world in a subtly different way.

£12.99 published by Gaia

106 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Happy by Design - Victoria Harrison

This book shows you how you can actively improve your health and

wellbeing through the way you design our living spaces. From the

paint colour that’s been named the happiest, to the science of getting

a good night’s sleep, the book is filled with bite-sized and affordable

design ideas that are accessible to all. By quizzing experts from

NASA scientists to colour gurus, Victoria Harrison has devised a

Happy Home Programme to help everyone transform their living

spaces and put wellbeing at the heart of their homes.

£12.99 published by Aster

Sisu - Joanna Nylund

This book by Finnish author Joanna Nylund is a comprehensive guide

to sisu - the ancient Finnish attitude of courage and determination

in the face of adversity. This key psychological competence enables

extraordinary action in times of adversity. To have sisu confers a

further dimension of doing so with honesty, integrity and humility.

By cultivating sisu you can face life’s challenges, enhance your

wellbeing, find your focus, communicate confidently, resolve

conflicts effectively, achieve your fitness goals and act with integrity.

£10 published by Gaia

Be a Llama / Be a Mermaid - Sarah Ford

Acclaimed author of Be A Unicorn which has sold over 14,000

copies, Sarah Ford returns with two more books to help you get the

most out of life. Be A Llama teaches you how to find calm amidst the

chaos and is full of funny quotes and cute illustrations making it a

wonderful gift for friends and family, as well as a great treat for you.

Be A Mermaid is a little book that packs a big punch, with

motivational sayings that guide you to regain your power and be

independent, powerful and free. It’s a must-have addition for anyone

who needs reminding of their inner mermaid.

£5.99 published by Spruce

The Premonition Code

Science combines with spirituality in this revolutionary book as

best-selling dream author and Cambridge University academic

Theresa Cheung joins forces with cognitive neuroscientist Dr Julia

Mossbridge, Director of the Innovation Lab at the Institute of Noetic

Sciences and Visiting Scholar at Northwestern University, to explain

and examine revolutionary scientific research showing that sensing

the future is possible and that it is not set in stone.

£12.99 published by Watkins Publishing

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MasterChef: The Classics with a Twist

This brand-new recipe collection brings together a decade of

MasterChef champions, as they get creative in the kitchen and

put their unique twist on 100 classic dishes. The secret to being a

MasterChef winner is knowing how to take an ordinary dish and

making it extraordinary, and the ambitious yet achievable recipes in

this collection will show you how to do the same.

MasterChef The Classics with a Twist is £25 published by DK

The Science of Spice

Perfect for adventurous cooks, curious foodies and spice fans, The

Science of Spice by food scientist Dr Stuart Farrimond reveals the

practical science behind the art of cooking with spices. If you’ve ever

wondered what to do with that unloved jar of sumac getting dusty

at the back of the cupboard, why some spices taste stronger than

others, or how to make your own garam masala or five-spice mix, this

inspirational and beautifully illustrated book has the answers.

The Science of Spice is £20 published by DK

Vegan Cakes and Other Bakes

This delicious recipe collection is packed with 80 simple and

delicious ideas for savoury and sweet vegan delights to truly tempt

your taste buds. Written by Jérôme Eckmeier and Daniela Lais, longterm

vegans with a passion for cooking, the recipes in Vegan Cakes

and Other Bakes use easy-to-source ingredients and straightforward

techniques. The recipes range from celebration cakes, cookies, tarts,

and gooey chocolate brownies to savoury breads, dairy-free pizza,

flatbreads, quiche, and tasty party snacks and nibbles.

Vegan Cakes and Other Bakes is £12.99 published by DK

Let’s Get Fizzical

This book is an irresistible cocktail companion featuring over

50 sparkling cocktail recipes, all made using Champagne, Cava,

Prosecco and an array of sparkling wines. Written by Pippa Guy,

the first female senior bartender of The Savoy’s world-renowned

American Bar in over a century, this is the perfect guide for lovers of

all things fizz to impress guests and make every drink a celebration.

Whether you want to learn how to mix classic drinks, something with

a subtle twist, or non-alcoholic variations, Let’s Get Fizzical includes

over 50 recipes from Prosecco cocktails to Champagne spritzers.

Let’s Get Fizzical is £9.99 published by DK

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Star Wars - Be More...

Star Wars - Be More Yoda offers a humorous take on mindfulness

self-help. Whether it be coping with relationship struggles, managing

workplace stress, or trying the save the galaxy from your overbearing

father, this book not only provides tips for mindful thinking, but will

bring a smile to your face.

Star Wars - Be More Vader is a tongue-in-cheek guide on how to

advance your career with guidance on how to assertively deal with

common professional pitfalls, whether that involves building a

rebellion, negotiating a pay rise or simply trying to make the printer


Star Wars - Be More... series are £6.99 each published by DK

Create Space - Derek Draper

Informed by over a decade of hands-on experience at the most senior

levels of business, this book shows how to push back against the tide

and create space in your life to think, relate and act on a deeper level.

Learning to focus, manage time, and take control of your mental

and physical space is the first step in improving productivity and

success. Using real-life examples with both classical and cuttingedge

psychological and behavioural thinking, each chapter contains

models, tools and tips that have been used effectively in some of the

world’s biggest organisation.

Create Space: How to Manage Time, and Find Focus, Productivity

and Success is £11.99 published by Profile Books

Head Start - Ian Price

This business book is great for anyone interested in personal

development, motivation, goal setting and mental toughness &

resilience. The tools offered in the book will help you pursue

your goals with passion and determination, bounce back from the

inevitable setbacks and ultimately help you them succeed using the

same science used by elite athletes such as sports psychology, positive

psychology and neuroscience which can be applied to anybody

wanting to achieve in work or life.

Head Start: Build a resilient mindset so you can achieve your goals is

£10.99 published by Pearson Busines

Oscar: A Life - Matthew Sturgis

In this rich, humane and colourful new biography, the critically

acclaimed biographer Matthew Sturgis considers the paradoxes and

dramatic ironies of Wilde’s life. It is a life that seems to take on

the force and colour of fiction. From his early promise and initial

disappointment via huge triumph and spectacular self-indulged

disgrace to his ultimate pathos-touched end reads like one of Wilde’s

own stories, but the real truth and drama about Oscar’s life lies in its

detail, its awkwardness and its humanity.

Oscar: A Life is £25 published by Hodder & Stoughton

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Fernandez Versini

Fabrizio Zappaterra

Meredith Ostrom

Jean-David Malat


Armand de


Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc

Philip Start

Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc Ignim

ullacca ecatqui acid

esciam, sustius,

Mim Gardiner

Josh Whitehouse

Erdogan Zumrutoglu

Armand de Brignac Art World Dinner

On 2 October 2018, Champagne Armand de Brignac hosted an exclusive dinner to

celebrate the art world with internationally recognised curator and art expert, Jean-

David Malat. This evening brought together international VIPs, socialites and some

of the art world’s most prominent collectors and experts ahead of one of London’s

most exciting art weeks.

The evening started with an intimate Armand de Brignac Gold Brut en Magnum

reception followed by a sit-down dinner in the JD Malat Gallery in Mayfair, where a

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Champagne Armand de

Brignac Celebrates the ART


Erica Pelosini

Daniel Lismore

Ib Oyerinde

Kamiar Maleki

Alexa Dell

Ivana Jakov

May Iconomakis




Lars von Bennigsen

Eric Underwood

Alistair Guy

four-course feast was paired with Armand de Brignac finest champagnes. Guests dined in the main gallery

space surrounded by a solo show, entitled Mirror of Darkness, the first UK exhibition by celebrated Turkish

artist, Erdogan Zümrütoglu.

VIP guests included Erica Pelosini, Alexa Dell, Josh Whitehouse, Matt Whitehouse, Philip Start, Jean-

David Malat, Kamiar Maleki, Meredith Ostrom, Alistair Guy, Eric Underwood, Fabrizio Zappaterra, Jean-

Bernard Versini, Yuri Ureeka Yasuda, Daniel Lismore and IB Oyerinde.

(Photo credit: Nick Harvey/REX/Shutterstock for Champagne Armand de Brignac)

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Viola Davis

Alexander Skarsgard

Michaela Coel

Keira Knightley




Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc

Nicole Kidman

Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc Ignim

ullacca ecatqui acid

esciam, sustius,

Dakota Johnson

Chris Pine

Steve Carell &

Timothee Chalamet

The 62nd BFI London Film Festival

The 62nd BFI London Film Festival in partnership with American Express® took place

from Wednesday 10 October to Sunday 21 October 2018 featuring a diverse selection of 225

feature films from both established and emerging talent. The Festival is the UK’s leading

and most prestigious film festival, representing one of the first opportunities for audiences

to see the very best new films from across the globe. This year, the Festival hosted World

Premieres, International Premieres and European Premieres welcoming a stellar line up of

cast and crew from the films.

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a jewel in the crown of

london’s cultural calendar

Rosamund Pike

Jamie Dornan

Rachel Weisz




Melissa McCarthy

Stanley Tucci

Emma Stone

Mia Goth

Each evening of the Festival held a Headline Gala presentation at Odeon Leicester Square. Academy Award®

winner and BFI Fellow Steve McQueen opened the Festival in pulsating style with Widows - a female-fuelled

heist thriller that features a cast to die for.

As one of the few film festivals in the world to be staged in a production capital, the Festival takes its place as a

jewel in the crown of London’s cultural calendar, channelling the excellence of one of the world’s most vibrant

cultural cities, and highlighting the enormous wealth of talent working in film today, both behind and in front of

the camera.

(Photos courtesy of Getty Images for The BFI)

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