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SLOAN Christmas 2018

The Christmas 2018 edition features exclusive interviews with Tom Daley, Louise Redknapp, Rowan Cheshire and Rosemary Shrager; Colorado Ski Trips to Steamboat Springs & Winter Park; Luxury Hotels of Ireland & Wales; Luxury Cars from Lexus and David Brown Automotive; The Active Affluent; Pampered Pooch; all-new SLOAN! BABY; Christmas Gift Guides; Festive Fragrances; Winter Tipples, Techtastic Treats; SLOAN! Book Club; Ask The Expert featuring a host of leading specialists in their field; fabulous Prize Giveaways; The 62nd BFI London Film Festival and lots more.

How to sleep at 36,ooo

How to sleep at 36,ooo feet Jo Foster Want to arrive at your destination looking as composed as a celeb? Then you’re going to have to get some shut-eye while on board. Here Jo Foster, founder of awardwinning Kiss the Moon, gives her eight top tips to help you get your inflight beauty sleep. 1. PRE-SELECT YOUR SEAT Extra leg room is always a good idea so if you get the chance to get it, go for it. Have a look at the plane layout before booking so you can suss out the spots that are likely to be quiet, dark and with some extra inches. Be ready and waiting when online check in opens and do another quick search then to see if there’s anything better available before you commit. Sometimes the best seats on the aircraft are held back from general release until nearer departure time. 2. ARRIVE AT THE AIRPORT TIRED Time your flight so you are likely to be weary when you sit down. Do some exercise before you set off for the airport so your body has had chance to stretch before being expected to sit still for a long period of time. 3. EAT AND DRINK SMART Eat lightly at the airport before you fly so you can nestle down straight to sleep when the seatbelt sign goes off, without having to wait for the on board meal to be served. Swap caffeine for chamomile tea and avoid alcohol – it will make you feel horrible, I promise you. Drink water before, during and after flying. Air travel is hugely dehydrating and if left unchecked that alone will make you look and feel wiped out. 4. GET COMFY You might want to look glam at the airport but once on board the dress code is all about comfort. Take a pair of tracksuit bottoms and some cosy socks to change in to. Add a big scarf that can double up as something to cuddle under if it gets nippy or that can be squished in to a ball to create an extra pillow. 5. LOVE YOUR SKIN Flying is hard work on the skin as the in cabin air is so dehydrating. So, as soon as you get on board, cleanse your face and moisturise to avoid it becoming uncomfortably dry. Facial oils are great for night time flights as they are stacked full of skin nourishing nutrients. For short daytime flights opt for a gel based moisturiser to give your skin a deep, refreshing drink. If you are a contact lens wearer, don’t forget to take them out to avoid sore, tired eyes when you land. 6. TUNE OUT Block out unwanted noise and light that might disturb you. Put down the blinds; put on a gorgeously soft eye-mask; plug in the ear plugs. Create your own bedroom vibe in your airline seat. 7. USE ESSENTIAL OILS Apply your favourite soothing essential oil to your pulse points. By applying direct to skin they will be absorbed in to your blood stream as well as through your respiratory system. Choose top quality oils, grown and produced for their therapeutic benefits so you know all their powers to relax have been retained. 8. BREATHE Calm nerves and reduce your heart rate by taking time out to do some long deep breaths as you sit in your seat. Just three slow deep breaths are enough to change how you feel and help you relax.Happy adventures! ABOUT THE EXPERT Founded by Jo Foster, Kiss the Moon creates beauty and wellness products that tap into the power of nature’s most soothing ingredients to help you to sleep beautifully and wake up looking gorgeous. Learn more at 14 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

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