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SLOAN Christmas 2018

The Christmas 2018 edition features exclusive interviews with Tom Daley, Louise Redknapp, Rowan Cheshire and Rosemary Shrager; Colorado Ski Trips to Steamboat Springs & Winter Park; Luxury Hotels of Ireland & Wales; Luxury Cars from Lexus and David Brown Automotive; The Active Affluent; Pampered Pooch; all-new SLOAN! BABY; Christmas Gift Guides; Festive Fragrances; Winter Tipples, Techtastic Treats; SLOAN! Book Club; Ask The Expert featuring a host of leading specialists in their field; fabulous Prize Giveaways; The 62nd BFI London Film Festival and lots more.

S How do you deal with

S How do you deal with failure or coming second? Does it inspire you to do better next time? I deal with failure fairly well (obviously I get R upset), but I always try and stay positive and treat it as a learning curve and it really motivates me to do better the next time. S R S If you could write a letter to your ten-year-old self, what three things would you tell them to help them grow into a best person? I’d tell her to not care about what other people think, do what she enjoys and loves most and not let others put her down. How do you deal with fear? What is the most frightening situation you’ve been in? I’ve found that meditation really helps me with R dealing with fear and stress. I think my first competition and being in front of cameras for the first time was super scary for me as I was pretty shy when I was younger. Mental health is an extremely important issue S at the forefront of the media. What daily habits do you do to keep your mental health at peak performance? Like I mentioned before I’ve found meditation R really helps, I use the app headspace which walks you through the different steps (I do this in the mornings). Getting into a routine helps too, getting up early and having a good night’s sleep. Self-care and putting yourself first sometimes is very important, do the things you love and that you enjoy. Also talking to yourself positively is very important, telling yourself that you are enough and that you love you will lighten your day. As well as these things, diet plays a massive role in mental health. So make sure you’re fueling your body right. Healthy gut, healthy mind. Also asking for help and talking to someone is very important to help you to feel better. S What’s the hardest move or course you’ve had to do in competition? How did you tackle it? What was the result? How did you feel afterwards? A specific course doesn’t come to mind, as a R halfpipe pretty much stays the same, but the weather plays a big part. I remember I was at a competition in Mammoth, California and it was super windy on the practise day and loads of the other athletes were dropping out and refusing to train. We were getting blown all over the place and was pretty scary. The competition got pulled forward to the following day so we all had to compete with barely any practise and still high winds… terrifying! I came in the top 10 so not the worst result. 22 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

ROWAN CHESHIRE Rowan Cheshire is a Double Olympic Freestyle Skier and Personal Trainer. She has designed three fitness plans to inspire people to train like an athlete and realise the benefits of feeling and being strong. Learn more at Follow us on social media @sloanloves 23