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SLOAN Christmas 2018

The Christmas 2018 edition features exclusive interviews with Tom Daley, Louise Redknapp, Rowan Cheshire and Rosemary Shrager; Colorado Ski Trips to Steamboat Springs & Winter Park; Luxury Hotels of Ireland & Wales; Luxury Cars from Lexus and David Brown Automotive; The Active Affluent; Pampered Pooch; all-new SLOAN! BABY; Christmas Gift Guides; Festive Fragrances; Winter Tipples, Techtastic Treats; SLOAN! Book Club; Ask The Expert featuring a host of leading specialists in their field; fabulous Prize Giveaways; The 62nd BFI London Film Festival and lots more.

Interview 28

Interview 28 SLOAN! | E-mail us at Tom Daley Becoming a parent for the first time has been a wonderful experience and Lance and I are learning something new each day

Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to new dad and Olympic athlete Tom Daley about surrogacy and fatherhood S far? Congratulations to you and Lance on becoming new dads. What five words describe your experience of fatherhood so Thanks! I think the five words that would T describe our journey so far would be: “Rewarding, amazing (experience), love, responsibility and family” – I’ve loved every second of it so far! You chose to use a surrogate in the States. S What challenges did you face here in the UK to become same-sex parents and how was the experience different in America? My husband is American, so it was either T going to happen in the UK or USA. America currently has better regulation and protection for all involved so we chose to have our child in America. We’re all back in the UK now and love him more than anything else in the entire world. We can’t wait to raise him as a family. When you got the call asking you to partner S with Pampers Pure, how did it feel to become their first gay brand ambassador and what message do you hope this send out? It felt so awesome that Pampers wanted to T partner with a Dad and not only that, a same sex couple. Pampers not only cares for the happy, healthy development of all babies, but is also a family brand, and it’s so great that we are now a part of this. We hope our journey will inspire other families who might be in a similar position. What makes Pampers Pure nappies and S wipes different to others on the market and what special features of the nappies have made your life easier as a new dad? Lance and I don’t want to compromise T on ingredients or performance. The Pure Protection nappies are made from premium cotton and plant-based materials that come from sugarcane, but have Pampers trusted 12-hour dryness at the same time. The wipes are made from 99% water and organic cotton, and are so soft on Robbie’s skin. As a new dad, I love the wetness indicator – it lets me know when it’s time for a nappy change, which is so helpful. The graphics are so cute too; I particularly love the sloth design! S What top three tips would you give new parents from your experience as a new dad? Don’t listen to all the advice – trust your T instincts and you’ll be completely fine. Sleep when you can! Definitely share the nappy changing! S Apart from Pampers Pure nappies and wipes, what other must-have items in your bag when you’re out with Robbie? We’ve realised that actually we don’t have to T carry too much around with us. As long as we have nappies, wipes and milk, then we’re all set. Although I did think the other day, maybe I should carry around a spare t-shirt for me as I seem to always have some spit up marks on my shoulder! As an Olympic athlete, in what ways do you S feel those exceptional skills and experiences might help you with dealing with a new baby and being a dad? I’ve been lucky enough to experience some T amazing things in my career but nothing compares to having Robbie! Being an athlete I have to be organised with training schedules and kit, and perhaps that’s rubbed off my parenting; setting routines and knowing where nappies, wipes and milk are at all times. To be a successful parent you need to be S consistent and have manageable goals. You discuss this subject in your new book Tom’s Daily Goals. How do the seven daily goals help you deal with the challenges of fatherhood and looking after a new baby? I carry out my seven daily goals every day T and they really help me now I’m a parent. Making sure I still meditate and eat healthily makes me feel so much better. At 24 you’ve already achieved many S professional and personal milestones from being an Olympic and 2 times World champion to getting married and becoming a new dad. What ambitions or goals do you still want to achieve in your life and what are you looking forward to doing in 2018/19? I feel so lucky to have achieved so many T of my dreams and becoming a dad, has just topped everything. I’ve just gone back to training and my focus now is Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Tom Daley is the Pampers Pure Partner and UK Brand Ambassador for the launch of the new Pure Protection range. Follow us on social media @sloanloves 29