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SLOAN Christmas 2018

The Christmas 2018 edition features exclusive interviews with Tom Daley, Louise Redknapp, Rowan Cheshire and Rosemary Shrager; Colorado Ski Trips to Steamboat Springs & Winter Park; Luxury Hotels of Ireland & Wales; Luxury Cars from Lexus and David Brown Automotive; The Active Affluent; Pampered Pooch; all-new SLOAN! BABY; Christmas Gift Guides; Festive Fragrances; Winter Tipples, Techtastic Treats; SLOAN! Book Club; Ask The Expert featuring a host of leading specialists in their field; fabulous Prize Giveaways; The 62nd BFI London Film Festival and lots more.

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Louise Redknapp My favourite nights in the world are sitting on the sofa with my two boys watching a movie Intervi 8 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to Louise Redknapp about her two boys, her three dogs and working 9 to 5 on her new partnership ew You’ve partnered exclusively with S Harveys, the largest furniture specialist in the UK, on BOLD by Louise - a collection of exclusive vibrant and chic furniture. This is Harveys first celebrity partnership. What does it mean to you? I only design things I would put in L my own home, and this collection is a true reflection of my personality and style. We’ve worked so hard on the shape and design of each product, and seeing the final finished range was a truly stand-out moment for me. I wanted people to have a focal point in their living spaces that will be a conversation starter for guests, and BOLD by Louise really encapsulates this. Working with Harveys has exceeded my expectations: the collection is beautiful and I’m so proud of it. S You’ve got one of the sofas from the new BOLD by Louise collection in your house now, haven’t you? I’ve got the Icon Large Chaise in L my living room. In the swatch book, there’s a flannel grey which I call a man’s suit trouser, which I love, so straight away I said I wanted that because I want trousers in it too. I’m really excited I can actually Instagram it! S The Icon Large Chaise is also the one you designed so you can fit a couple of kids in there. Tell us more about that. I have two kids and two dogs. I L actually got my sofa delivered on a Thursday and on the following Saturday night, my 14-year-old had nine friends to stay and they said they were all going to sleep in the lounge. I was like, ok I have just got a new sofa. I don’t know about this. I got up the next morning and they had ordered pizza like they do, 25 boxes everywhere. I had nine kids on my Harveys sofa. Sheets and sleeping bags. They are big stinky boys - what can I say. They are 14 and if there were marks on my sofa I was going to kill them! I had only had it two days and it had to look good on my Instagram but I just got a J Cloth, wiped it down and it was great. I was very proud of myself! S From all the pieces in the collection which do you think best expresses you and has got your personality? Most probably the L shape. The reason L I say that is because my favourite nights in the world are sitting on the sofa with my two boys watching a movie. When you have girls or girlfriends over the kitchen is the hub of your home but I have boys. They go into the kitchen, go to the fridge and come straight back out again. The lounge is where we congregate as a family so the L shape fits into my lifestyle the best. S What does your living room actually look like apart from stinky boys and dogs?! It’s quite basic. I have a long unit and L a big L shaped sofa. I’m slightly OCD and I like everything to match so I have two big armchairs and a big central table then a dining room table behind. It’s all very studio apartment living. S Can you tell us more about the BOLD by Louise accessories that are coming soon to Harveys stores? Yes, so we have got cushions and L throws. Everyone loves a throw, right! I don’t mix colours. I like it plain and simple but some people love to add pinks to greys. The whole collection works together – you can buy a mixture of throws and cushions. The accessories range is important – sometimes you want to dabble in getting small bits to see if you like the colours and that everything works, so I think it was important to have smaller pieces like the armchair and ottoman because you can build slowly with the collection and you don’t have to have it all at once. S What advice would you give to someone who wants to redecorate their home? Do you know what, someone asked me L this in an interview the other day and 5 years ago I would have said I wanted it all done. I would have wanted to walk in and it all be perfect. After going through this process (with Harvey Furniture) I have Follow us on social media @sloanloves 9