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Africa Reformation Overland Mission 2018

Africa Reformation Overland Mission 2018


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NEWS<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>Edition</strong> 4 PO BOX 74 NEWLANDS 7725 CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA ISSN-1018-151x<br />

Africa Reformation Overland Mission <strong>2018</strong><br />

We praise God for His provision<br />

and protection over the fifteen<br />

thousand kilometres travelled,<br />

ministering throughout<br />

Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi,<br />

Tanzania, Namibia and<br />

Swaziland. Thank you to all<br />

those who prayed for our<br />

Africa Reformation Overland<br />

Mission team (Daniel, Tobie,<br />

Talita, Alieske and myself) and<br />

made this mission financially<br />

possible. In total, we conducted<br />

117 meetings, which included<br />

preaching at 8 Sunday services,<br />

19 outreaches (which included<br />

3 outreaches at Old Age Homes,<br />

3 Jesus film screenings, 3 school<br />

meetings, 6 street outreaches<br />

and 4 open-air preaching<br />

outreaches in market places) and<br />

37 children’s meetings.<br />

Back to Biblical Exposition<br />

Ulrich Zwingli brought<br />

Switzerland back to the Bible<br />

through expository preaching<br />

- by preaching verse by verse<br />

through the New Testament,<br />

starting in Matthew one, verse<br />

one on the first <strong>of</strong> January<br />

1519. As next year is the 500 th<br />

anniversary <strong>of</strong> the launch<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Swiss Reformation by<br />

Reformer Ulrich Zwingli, our<br />

team particularly focussed on<br />

conducting Biblical Exposition<br />

Workshops for pastors. We used<br />

the Gospel <strong>of</strong> John to practically<br />

teach participants how to exposit<br />

Scripture and also provided<br />

resources to further guide their<br />

study in John. It is our desire<br />

that pastors will be motivated<br />

to preach through the Gospel <strong>of</strong><br />

John in the coming year.<br />

We conducted four different<br />

Biblical Exposition Workshops<br />

in Zambia, one in Tanzania<br />

and one in Malawi. The team<br />

also conducted two leadership<br />

training conferences in<br />

Swaziland and one in Zimbabwe.<br />

Participants <strong>of</strong> these seminars<br />

received copies <strong>of</strong> our new<br />

Biblical Preaching Handbook,<br />

Old Testament Survey, and<br />

Biblical Principles for Africa, as<br />

well as other books donated to us<br />

for the field such as Nine Marks<br />

<strong>of</strong> a Healthy Church and Taking<br />

God at His Word. In total, we<br />

distributed 1566 books.<br />

Bibles in African Languages<br />

Also, due to a generous,<br />

specifically designated<br />

donation, we were able to<br />

purchase and wisely distribute<br />

Bibles in Afrikaans, Shona,<br />

At this secondary school in Tanzania many muslims attended our presentation.<br />

Memorial FRONTLINE to missionaries<br />

FELLOWSHIP PO BOX 74 NEWLANDS 7725 CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA admin@frontline.org.za www.FrontlineMissionSA.org<br />

who accompanied Dr. David Livingstone.

Teaching the Ten Commandments at a Sunday School in Malawi.<br />

Chichewa and Bemba. We<br />

distributed a total <strong>of</strong> 238 local<br />

language Bibles and 206 English<br />

Bibles. We also donated 39<br />

boxes <strong>of</strong> World Missionary<br />

Press Gospel booklets in local<br />

languages (550 booklets per<br />

box) to pastors and evangelists.<br />

Including other leaflets<br />

distributed, we distributed a<br />

grand total <strong>of</strong> 22 450 Gospel<br />

booklets, leaflets and tracts.<br />

Children’s Ministry<br />

It was wonderful to have<br />

Alieske and Talita on the team<br />

and available to do childrens<br />

ministry. There are always so<br />

many children in the rural areas<br />

where we minister and they are<br />

<strong>of</strong>ten a neglected field. Alieske<br />

and Talita taught them the Ten<br />

Commandments using pictures,<br />

the days <strong>of</strong> Creation and got<br />

the children involved by calling<br />

on volunteers to help “act” out<br />

Biblical stories being taught such<br />

as Jesus raising Lazarus from the<br />

dead.<br />

Children's Biblical Exposition<br />

In one rural area <strong>of</strong> Zambia,<br />

during the three days that we<br />

ministered there, Alieske and<br />

Talita read and taught through the<br />

Books <strong>of</strong> Esther, Jonah and parts<br />

<strong>of</strong> Daniel to the children and had<br />

the children acting it out. They<br />

also had times <strong>of</strong> answering the<br />

children’s questions, looking at<br />

the meaning <strong>of</strong> the stories in their<br />

contexts and how to apply them<br />

to their lives. Although some <strong>of</strong><br />

the children were very young, it<br />

was clear that they were thinking<br />

about what we were teaching.<br />

Teaching the doctrines and application <strong>of</strong> Bible stories in our lives.<br />

During the last morning, Alieske<br />

was explaining the Marching<br />

Song (based on Romans 6:23) to<br />

the children and they ended up<br />

having a long conversation about<br />

sin and salvation. Earlier they<br />

all said they are good people and<br />

some even said we can be saved<br />

through good works but through<br />

us asking questions, we could<br />

see their understanding growing.<br />

Finally they understood: “We are<br />

not good but sinful,” “We cannot<br />

save ourselves through doing good<br />

things” and “Jesus Christ is the One<br />

Who saves.”<br />

“For the wages <strong>of</strong> sin is death,<br />

but the free gift <strong>of</strong> God is<br />

eternal life in Christ Jesus our<br />

Lord.” Romans 6:23<br />

Children in Tanzania receiving Bible story cards.<br />

Ministry in Tanzania<br />

This was my first time in Tanzania.<br />

I was most concerned about this<br />

border crossing, as one <strong>of</strong> our<br />

missionaries had experienced<br />

corrupt <strong>of</strong>ficials at this border<br />

last year. Yet, by God’s grace, we<br />

arrived there (deliberately) on an<br />

evening when the <strong>of</strong>ficials who<br />

needed to give us our paperwork<br />

had already gone home. Despite<br />

a mosquito-infested sleep in the<br />

vehicle at the border post that<br />

night, we got through early the<br />

next morning without our vehicle<br />

being searched!<br />

We ministered in a very rural<br />

area. The thirty pastors who<br />

gathered together for our<br />

seminar were very enthusiastic,<br />

always asking many questions,<br />

expressing their excitement at<br />

what they were learning.<br />

2<br />

FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP <strong>2018</strong> EDITION 4

Acting out the story <strong>of</strong> Joseph at a school in Tanzania.<br />

Acting out Noah and the Ark in a Tanzanian Primary School.<br />

Our hosts, the pastors <strong>of</strong> the<br />

church, were poor but sacrificially<br />

generous. They even bought us<br />

soda drinks at the market and<br />

gave it to us every evening with<br />

meals, as a treat. One <strong>of</strong> the<br />

pastors said to me, “we can see<br />

you love us” because you joke<br />

with us, eat our food with us and<br />

because you don’t act as if you<br />

are more important.<br />

Boxes with Love to Pensioners<br />

Despite Zimbabwe’s new<br />

president, Zimbabweans are<br />

still suffering immensely.<br />

The economy has again taken<br />

another drastic down-turn with<br />

many shops closing in the last<br />

few weeks. In a country with<br />

a corrupt government and a<br />

collapsed economy, the elderly<br />

are among those who suffer the<br />

most. Our team was again able to<br />

deliver 40 “Boxes with Love” (29<br />

different food and medicine items<br />

in each box) to needy pensioners<br />

in two different towns – one <strong>of</strong><br />

which was through new contacts<br />

and to elderly folk we have not<br />

ministered to before. By God’s<br />

grace, these boxes again made it<br />

through several border crossings!<br />

Here are some <strong>of</strong> the grateful<br />

Thank You messages we received<br />

from the old age home that our<br />

team ministered to and from<br />

those who received parcels:<br />

“It was good to meet you and the<br />

team. Our pensioners are still talking<br />

about their visit and how good it was<br />

to have young people visit them. May<br />

our Lord and Saviour continue to use<br />

you mightily.” Manager <strong>of</strong> Old Age<br />

Home<br />

“Thank you so very much for<br />

bringing the three young people<br />

to us. They thoroughly enjoyed<br />

their time with the residents and<br />

it was great to see the residents<br />

being engaged in one on one<br />

conversations.” Matron<br />

“E suffers from dementia. Her<br />

husband died recently. She is looked<br />

after by his family. This parcel will<br />

give her some nice treats and a<br />

variety <strong>of</strong> food. A break from the<br />

staple food they live on.<br />

“Our dear W died on Thursday<br />

night after a brave battle with<br />

aggressive skin cancer. Now his<br />

daughter will no longer benefit<br />

from his pension. She is a good<br />

bookkeeper but our tax department<br />

have made it too hard for small<br />

businesses to keep going, so she<br />

has lost most <strong>of</strong> her clients. I heard<br />

through the daughter’s church that<br />

she was struggling to buy food so<br />

I gave her one <strong>of</strong> the parcels from<br />

Frontline.”<br />

Swaziland<br />

When our friend Leo from Swazi<br />

Vision invited us for two weeks<br />

<strong>of</strong> ministry in Swaziland, I could<br />

not turn him down. Leo knows a<br />

good network <strong>of</strong> church leaders<br />

and last year arranged two<br />

productive leadership seminars<br />

FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP PO BOX 74 NEWLANDS 7725 CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA admin@frontline.org.za www.FrontlineMissionSA.org<br />


Shona Christians in Zimbabwe receive Bibles in their language.<br />

for us to minister at. Even though<br />

this ministry would be tagged<br />

on to the end <strong>of</strong> our two-month<br />

long mission, it was again well<br />

worth the effort. We conducted<br />

two leadership conferences,<br />

ministered at an orphanage and<br />

also at a prison. Pastor C sent us<br />

this encouraging feedback:<br />

“I would like to thank you for<br />

wonderful presentations. I learnt<br />

the following from the workshop:<br />

1. Pastors should point people to<br />

Christ. 2. Passion for reaching out to<br />

the lost. 3. Awareness about human<br />

trafficking. 4. Awareness about<br />

abortion. We really need to teach<br />

our church members the importance<br />

<strong>of</strong> keeping themselves pure before<br />

God. Thank you so much for leaving<br />

us some tools like the Way <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Master to use in Evangelism.”<br />

Discovery Bible Method<br />

How do you teach Biblical<br />

Exposition to people from<br />

cultures that learn by hearing<br />

and telling stories? By teaching<br />

them the meaning <strong>of</strong> the stories<br />

in their Biblical context and<br />

then getting them to re-tell and<br />

learn how to teach the story<br />

with the correct Biblical meaning<br />

and application to those they<br />

are discipling. The tool that we<br />

found most helpful for this task<br />

is the Discovery Bible Method<br />

as presented in the Biblical<br />

Preaching Handbook.<br />

This leader facilitates the<br />

following questions which<br />

members <strong>of</strong> the group answer by<br />

engaging with the Biblical text:<br />

1. Re-tell the Text in your own<br />

words.<br />

2. What did you like about this<br />

passage?<br />

3. What did you find difficult?<br />

4. What did you learn about God?<br />

5. What did you learn about man?<br />

6. How are you going to apply<br />

this in your life?<br />

7. Who are you going to share<br />

this with?<br />

It has been said that we<br />

remember 10% <strong>of</strong> what we hear,<br />

30% <strong>of</strong> what we read and 80%<br />

<strong>of</strong> what we do. As this tool uses<br />

all three, especially because<br />

it is interactive, I believe that<br />

this is one <strong>of</strong> the most effective<br />

teaching tools to use in the field.<br />

At all <strong>of</strong> the conferences, towards<br />

the end, we chose two <strong>of</strong> the<br />

participants to then lead a Bible<br />

Study using this method. This<br />

especially helped those leading<br />

to master this tool and the<br />

participants seemed to enjoy this<br />

part the most!<br />

Encouraging Feedback<br />

Pastor M from Tanzania said: “We<br />

are asking for prayers as we are now<br />

trying to teach Discovery Bible Study<br />

in our church. It is very helpful.”<br />

Pastor S from Zambia said: “Thank<br />

you for taking your precious time to<br />

labour in our midst. Your ministry<br />

was so timely to the Body <strong>of</strong> Christ.<br />

We will forever be reminded <strong>of</strong> the<br />

sweet fellowship and how the Lord<br />

dealt with each one <strong>of</strong> us as we<br />

together looked into the Word <strong>of</strong><br />

God. Our prayer is that the Lord<br />

God Almighty may grant that we<br />

meet again in a similar manner.”<br />

Pastor A from Zambia: “I thank<br />

God for this day. It reminded me<br />

<strong>of</strong> God's amazing grace to learn<br />

how to stick to the text. You helped<br />

us a lot on how to get back to<br />

Reformation.”<br />

Another Zambian pastor said:<br />

“We have seen that this Bible Study<br />

method you have taught us has<br />

really helped us. Because we have<br />

seen that we must not just go here<br />

and there and get distracted when<br />

we read the Bible; and we can’t<br />

just say what we want the Bible to<br />

mean, but we must ask, ‘What does<br />

the passage actually say?’”<br />

In a two or three day seminar,<br />

we were only able to get through<br />

the first three chapters <strong>of</strong> John.<br />

At all the locations, the pastors<br />

asked us to come back again and<br />

continue the study in John. They<br />

even asked us to come for 21<br />

days so that we could cover all 21<br />

chapters <strong>of</strong> John!<br />

Books for pastors.<br />

4<br />

FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP <strong>2018</strong> EDITION 4

Pr<strong>of</strong>ound & Relevant Insights<br />

As we studied the Word <strong>of</strong> God<br />

together, I was <strong>of</strong>ten impressed by<br />

some <strong>of</strong> the pr<strong>of</strong>ound insights that<br />

these rural pastors with no formal<br />

theological training shared with<br />

us. These insights were directly<br />

relevant to needs and challenges<br />

faced by these African churches.<br />

The Word <strong>of</strong> God is always relevant<br />

to every nation and era!<br />

God Was the First Missionary<br />

On John chapter 1:14: “The<br />

Word became flesh and dwelt<br />

among us…” God was the first<br />

Missionary. We must imitate<br />

Him and be missional.<br />

Humility <strong>of</strong> John the Baptist<br />

John the Baptist pointed to Christ<br />

and humbled himself, recognising<br />

“I am not worthy to tie His sandals”<br />

John 1:27. This is also what we<br />

should do as pastors. This is in<br />

great contrast to the many African<br />

pastors who call themselves “man<br />

<strong>of</strong> God” and are full <strong>of</strong> pride.<br />

Follow Jesus<br />

Two <strong>of</strong> John the Baptist’s<br />

disciples became Jesus’ disciples<br />

after John declared “Look,<br />

the Lamb <strong>of</strong> God!” and were<br />

introduced to Jesus. We must<br />

not feel inadequate or be jealous<br />

if we see another congregation<br />

growing. We must be excited if<br />

God’s Kingdom is growing.<br />

SDAs Challenged<br />

At one seminar, some Seventh<br />

Day Adventists participated.<br />

The SDA pastors were very<br />

appreciative. They told us: “We<br />

thought you believed in the Sun<br />

god, because you worship on a<br />

Sunday, but now we know you do<br />

not. We have been challenged to<br />

read the Bible for ourselves and<br />

not just listen to SDA teachers.”<br />

In this case, we did not need to<br />

challenge SDA doctrine directly,<br />

these pastors saw the need to go<br />

back to the Bible themselves.<br />

Jesus is Superior to Mary<br />

At this same seminar, there<br />

were also some Catholic leaders<br />

participating. Simply studying<br />

the Bible, also challenged their<br />

Catholic doctrine. For example,<br />

in John 2, at the wedding in<br />

Cana, Mary says to the servants<br />

<strong>of</strong> the wedding hosts, “Whatever<br />

[Jesus] says to you, do it.” This is<br />

a direct affront to the Catholic<br />

belief <strong>of</strong> Mary as a mediator –<br />

Mary told people to obey Jesus.<br />

True Witness for Jehovah<br />

In many <strong>of</strong> the places that we<br />

minister, the Jehovah’s Witness<br />

cult is a huge challenge to pastors<br />

trying to protect their flocks<br />

from false doctrine. John the<br />

Baptist pointed to Christ and<br />

said “Behold! The Lamb <strong>of</strong> God<br />

Who takes away the sin <strong>of</strong> the<br />

world!” John 1:29. Some pastors<br />

pointed out John the Baptist was<br />

the first true witness for Jehovah<br />

as he pointed to Christ as the fully<br />

Divine, sin-atoning, Messiah.<br />

“Your Word is a lamp unto my<br />

feet and a light unto my path.”<br />

Psalm 119:105<br />

Please Pray<br />

Please pray for these pastors<br />

who have committed to preach<br />

through the Gospel <strong>of</strong> John. I am<br />

in contact with many <strong>of</strong> them via<br />

WhatsApp and am encouraging<br />

them to persevere. Please pray<br />

that the resources we left with<br />

these leaders would be studied,<br />

prayed through and would<br />

impact their lives and ministries.<br />

Reformation Fire<br />

There is still a very long way to go<br />

in urging pastors in Africa to go<br />

Back to the Bible. Pray for more<br />

labourers in this endeavour.<br />

Pray that pastors would<br />

continue to be inspired by the<br />

example <strong>of</strong> the Swiss Reformer,<br />

Ulrich Zwingli and faithfully<br />

preach expositionally through<br />

every Book <strong>of</strong> the Bible with<br />

Reformation fire!<br />

“‘Is not My Word like a fire?’<br />

says the Lord, and ‘like a<br />

hammer that breaks the rock in<br />

pieces?’” Jeremiah 23:29<br />

Abrie Lourens<br />

www.FrontlineMissionSA.org<br />


admin@frontline.org.za www.FrontlineMissionSA.org<br />



The First Battlefield<br />

As Karl Marx declared:<br />

“The first battlefield is the rewriting<br />

<strong>of</strong> history.”<br />

Hypnotised by Deception<br />

“Modern society is hypnotised<br />

by socialism. It is prevented by<br />

socialism from seeing the mortal<br />

danger it is in. One <strong>of</strong> the greatest<br />

dangers <strong>of</strong> all is that you have lost<br />

all sense <strong>of</strong> danger. You cannot<br />

even see where it is coming from<br />

as it moves swiftly towards you.<br />

Socialism <strong>of</strong> any type leads to a<br />

total destruction <strong>of</strong> the human<br />

spirit… to destroy a people, you<br />

must first sever their roots.”<br />

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn<br />

PsyOps<br />

Marxists aim to demoralise<br />

their targeted victims through<br />

psychological warfare (psyops).<br />

Using guilt manipulation,<br />

vilifying the victims and<br />

victimising the villains, their<br />

politics <strong>of</strong> guilt and pity seek<br />

to undermine Christianity and<br />

nationalism.<br />

Distinguish Good from Evil<br />

“The generation now coming out<br />

<strong>of</strong> Western schools is unable to<br />

distinguish good from bad. Even<br />

those words are unacceptable.<br />

This results in impaired thinking<br />

ability.” - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn<br />

Playing the Victim Card<br />

Marxists employ double<br />

standards to enable them to<br />

always play the victim while<br />

demonising the opponents <strong>of</strong><br />

Marxism. Along with demonising<br />

opponents, Marxists seek to<br />

promote hero worship <strong>of</strong> their<br />

idols <strong>of</strong> the New World Order.<br />

Ripping Up the Foundations<br />

“In keeping silent about evil, in<br />

burying it so deep within us that no<br />

sign <strong>of</strong> it appears on the surface, we<br />

are implanting it and it will rise up<br />

a thousand fold in the future. When<br />

we neither punish, nor reproach,<br />

evildoers… we are ripping the<br />

foundations <strong>of</strong> justice from beneath<br />

new generations. In our country, the<br />

lie is not just a moral category, but<br />

also a pillar <strong>of</strong> the state. The timid<br />

civilised world has found nothing<br />

with which to oppose the sudden<br />

revival <strong>of</strong> bare-faced barbarity,<br />

other than concessions and smiles.”<br />

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn<br />

Intimidation<br />

Through politically correct<br />

censorship and intimidation,<br />

cyber bullying and cry bullying,<br />

they seek to mobilise hysterical,<br />

spiteful, vindictive opposition<br />

to silence all dissent. Anyone<br />

daring to express a different<br />

opinion will find themselves a<br />

target <strong>of</strong> malicious slurs and<br />

smear tactics.<br />

“The words <strong>of</strong> his mouth were<br />

smoother than butter, but war<br />

was in his heart; his words were<br />

s<strong>of</strong>ter than oil, yet they were<br />

drawn swords.” Psalm 55:21<br />

Poisoning the Well<br />

They seek to weaponise words<br />

and poison the well, calling free<br />

speech: “Hate speech!” Marxists<br />

seek to silence opposition by<br />

accusing anyone who dares<br />

to introduce facts and reason<br />

into the discussion: Racist!<br />

Anti-Semite! Nazi! Islamaphobe!<br />

Homophobic bigot! and other toxic<br />

labels designed to intimidate<br />

opponents into silence and<br />

retreat.<br />

A Loss <strong>of</strong> Civic Courage<br />

“A decline in courage may be the<br />

most striking feature that an<br />

outside observer notices in the West<br />

today. The West has lost its civic<br />

courage… Such a decline in courage<br />

is particularly noticeable amongst<br />

the ruling and intellectual elite,<br />

causing an impression <strong>of</strong> a loss <strong>of</strong><br />

courage by the entire society.” <br />

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn<br />

The Gramsci Strategy<br />

The Frankfurt School <strong>of</strong><br />

Cultural Marxism utilised the<br />

Gramsci Strategy, otherwise<br />

known as the Termite Strategy<br />

<strong>of</strong> eating the heart out <strong>of</strong> every<br />

pillar <strong>of</strong> Western civilisation<br />

until the entire edifice rots<br />

and collapses. Their goal is the<br />

secularisation <strong>of</strong> society - to<br />

sideline Christianity and deal<br />

with all issues without reference<br />

to the Bible.<br />

“… ‘Should you help the wicked<br />

and love those who hate the<br />

Lord?’ Therefore the wrath <strong>of</strong><br />

the Lord is upon you.” <br />

2 Chronicles 19:2<br />

Marxists identify 5 Primary<br />

Culture Transforming<br />

Institutions for Infiltration<br />

and Subversion:<br />

1. Education<br />

2. Entertainment<br />

3. <strong>News</strong> Media,<br />

4. Religious institutions<br />

5. Political institutions<br />

Marxist Revolutionaries<br />

identify their Stages <strong>of</strong><br />

Operation for Ideological<br />

Subversion:<br />

1. Demoralisation<br />

2. Destabilisation<br />

3. Crisis<br />

4. Normalisation<br />

5. Second Phase <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Revolution<br />

6<br />

FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP <strong>2018</strong> EDITION 4

Subversion and Slander<br />

Everything is designed to<br />

undermine the strength <strong>of</strong><br />

the targeted enemy through<br />

subversion and slander. Straw<br />

man arguments are frequently<br />

used to weaken the resistance <strong>of</strong><br />

targeted individuals, or groups.<br />

Smokescreens & Distractions<br />

Distraction is essential to<br />

provide a smoke screen behind<br />

which Marxist subversives can<br />

destroy everything that could be<br />

a strength in the congregation,<br />

community or country targeted.<br />

The issue focused on is<br />

seldom the real concern. Their<br />

motivation is normally the<br />

furthering <strong>of</strong> the revolution by<br />

discrediting all resistance.<br />

Character Assassination<br />

As Socrates famously declared:<br />

“When the debate is lost, slander<br />

becomes the tool <strong>of</strong> the loser.”<br />

Those who resort to ad hominem<br />

arguments reveal that they are<br />

unable to deal with the issue<br />

at hand without resorting to<br />

name-calling and character<br />

assassination against their<br />

opponent.<br />

Resist the Lie<br />

“The simple truth <strong>of</strong> a courageous<br />

individual is not to take part in the<br />

lie. One word <strong>of</strong> truth outweighs<br />

the world. You can resolve to live<br />

your life with integrity. Let your<br />

Credo be this: let the lie come into<br />

the world, let it even triumph. But<br />

not through me.” <br />

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn<br />

“Confuse, Divide and Conquer”<br />

If a people can be confused<br />

then they can be divided,<br />

which makes it easier to defeat<br />

them. Hence, Marxists aim at:<br />

Disinformation, Division and<br />

Defeat for the country targeted.<br />

“While they promise them<br />

liberty, they themselves are<br />

slaves <strong>of</strong> corruption…” <br />

2 Peter 2:19<br />

“Corrupt and Conquer”<br />

Degenerate entertainment,<br />

defiled art and decadent culture<br />

are part <strong>of</strong> the strategy <strong>of</strong><br />

cultural Marxists to rot the soul<br />

<strong>of</strong> a nation.<br />

Treason from Within<br />

As Marcus Cicero warned:<br />

“A nation can survive its fools<br />

and even the ambitious, but it<br />

cannot survive treason from<br />

within. An enemy at the gates is<br />

less formidable, for he is known<br />

and carries his banners openly,<br />

but the traitor moves amongst<br />

those within the gates freely, his<br />

sly whispers, rustling through<br />

all the alleys, heard in the very<br />

halls <strong>of</strong> government itself. For<br />

the traitor appears not a traitor;<br />

he speaks in accents familiar to<br />

his victims, he wears their face<br />

and their arguments, he appeals<br />

to the baseness that lies deep in<br />

the hearts <strong>of</strong> all men, he rots the<br />

soul <strong>of</strong> a nation, he works secretly<br />

and unknown in the night, to<br />

undermine the pillars <strong>of</strong> the city, he<br />

infects the body politic, so that it<br />

can no longer resist. A murderer is<br />

less to be feared.”<br />

Vulgar Fads Rot the Soul<br />

“European democracy was<br />

originally endued with a sense<br />

<strong>of</strong> Christian responsibility and<br />

self-discipline, but these spiritual<br />

principles have been gradually<br />

losing their force. Spiritual<br />

independence is being pressured<br />

on all sides by the dictatorship <strong>of</strong><br />

self-satisfied vulgarity, <strong>of</strong> the latest<br />

fads and <strong>of</strong> group interests.” <br />

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn<br />

The Soul <strong>of</strong> a Nation<br />

“The strength or weakness <strong>of</strong> a<br />

society depends more on the level<br />

<strong>of</strong> its spiritual life than on its level<br />

<strong>of</strong> industrialisation. Neither a<br />

market economy nor even general<br />

abundance constitutes the crowning<br />

achievement <strong>of</strong> human life. If a<br />

nation’s spiritual energies have<br />

been exhausted, it will not be saved<br />

from collapse by the most perfect<br />

government structure or by any<br />

industrial development. A tree with<br />

a rotten core cannot stand.” <br />

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn<br />

“Who will rise up for Me<br />

against the evildoers? Who will<br />

stand up for Me against the<br />

workers <strong>of</strong> iniquity?” <br />

Psalm 94:16<br />

Dr. Peter Hammond<br />

Gospel Defence League<br />

www.gospeldefenceleague.org<br />


admin@frontline.org.za www.FrontlineMissionSA.org<br />


8<br />

A Ministry <strong>of</strong> Frontline Fellowship


What is Happening in Zimbabwe?<br />

"Rescue those being led away<br />

to death. Hold back those<br />

staggering towards slaughter…<br />

Will He not repay each one<br />

according to what he has done?"<br />

Proverbs 24:11-12<br />

Early Celebrations<br />

Tuesday, 21 November 2017,<br />

Zimbabweans celebrated with<br />

jubilation, cheering, shouting,<br />

dancing and flags waving! The<br />

occasion was the overthrow <strong>of</strong>,<br />

93-year-old dictator, Robert<br />

Mugabe. It was finally the end<br />

<strong>of</strong> 37 years <strong>of</strong> tyranny and<br />

oppression by the Mugabe-lead<br />

Zanu-PF, or so the people thought.<br />

Mugabe’s Replacement<br />

Mugabe was overthrown by<br />

military power, and replaced by<br />

his ex-vice president Emmerson<br />

Mnangangwa. Before his removal<br />

from vice-presidency on 6<br />

November 2017, Mnangagwa was<br />

an ardent supporter <strong>of</strong> Mugabe<br />

and served, periodically, in ZANU-<br />

PF and its militant wing, ZANLA,<br />

for 55 years. He even served as<br />

the assistant and bodyguard to<br />

Mugabe. He led farm attacks and<br />

bombed a train in what is known<br />

today as Masvingo. Mnangagwa<br />

was the minister <strong>of</strong> state and<br />

oversaw the Central Intelligence<br />

Organisation. During his<br />

leadership, the infamous massacre<br />

<strong>of</strong> over 30 000 Ndebele people<br />

occurred. Mnangagwa’s guerrilla<br />

warfare and political tactics earned<br />

him the nickname “Crocodile”.<br />

Zimbabwe’s New President<br />

Mnangagwa was <strong>of</strong>ficially<br />

inaugurated as the third President<br />

<strong>of</strong> Zimbabwe on 26 August <strong>2018</strong><br />

after narrowly winning the<br />

Zimbabwean general election,<br />

<strong>2018</strong>. The election itself has been<br />

called into question by opposition<br />

party, MDC. But, the clearer<br />

controversy occurred after the<br />

election when MDC supporters<br />

began protesting in Harare and<br />

were met with live ammunition<br />

from military and police, at least<br />

6 were killed. People began to<br />

question whether or not this kind<br />

<strong>of</strong> behaviour would typify the<br />

reign <strong>of</strong> Mnangangwa.<br />

Same Party Different Face<br />

After his election as president,<br />

Mnangangwa was asked by<br />

sky news journalist about the<br />

controversial past <strong>of</strong> Zanu-PF.<br />

The new president responded “I<br />

do not regret; Zanu-PF does not<br />

regret acquiring our land again”.<br />

Here is the lesson which so many<br />

people do not seem to take note<br />

<strong>of</strong>. Mugabe was never the problem.<br />

Mugabe did many wicked things,<br />

but Mugabe himself was not the<br />

problem. Mugabe was simply the<br />

face <strong>of</strong> a wicked communist party.<br />

He was the public figure <strong>of</strong> the<br />

devious, Marxist ZANU-PF.<br />

What Is Going On?<br />

Today, many people are wondering<br />

what is going on in Zimbabwe.<br />

After the great celebrations<br />

following Mugabe’s fall from<br />

power and the cheers <strong>of</strong> freedom<br />

after the free and fair elections, has<br />

anything changed for the better?<br />

Hope For the Future?<br />

One <strong>of</strong> our missionaries recently<br />

returned from Zimbabwe and<br />

reported that, positively, one might<br />

believe that Mnangangwa has<br />

made some welcome surface level<br />

changes. The new president has<br />

ordered police not to harass whites<br />

or foreigners at road blocks. He<br />

has said that he wants to reverse<br />

the bad economy. He has made<br />

promises to bring commercial<br />

farmers back into the land.<br />

Life in Zimbabwe<br />

However, life in Zimbabwe is<br />

in a seemingly hopeless spiral<br />

<strong>of</strong> hardships and poverty. Most<br />

places do not have food. There<br />

is no real money to trade with<br />

because <strong>of</strong> circulation <strong>of</strong> “bond<br />

coins”. There are severe electricity<br />

shortages in Bulawayo and<br />

little to no medical supplies for<br />

local doctors. Patients are being<br />

examined with flashlights because<br />

there is no electricity in the<br />

hospital!<br />

One <strong>of</strong> our contacts has rightly<br />

stated: “politically nothing has<br />

changed” “It is a new face, but the<br />

same government”.<br />

Fake Money<br />

Under Mugabe, the bond-coin<br />

was introduced. It was meant to<br />

be one-to-one promissory money<br />

with the US dollar. The only<br />

problem is that Zimbabwe does<br />

not have the American dollars<br />

to accommodate the amount<br />

<strong>of</strong> bond-money out there. The<br />

creation <strong>of</strong> bond-notes has taken<br />

the black market by storm, so that<br />

one can purchase about seven<br />

bond dollars for one American<br />

dollar. This means that technically<br />

one can purchase goods at one<br />

seventh <strong>of</strong> the actual price - if you<br />

have access to US Dollars..<br />

Bankrupt<br />

Zimbabwe has no investors<br />

and struggles to take out any<br />

more loans. The World Bank<br />

and International Monetary<br />

Fund cannot help Zimbabwe out<br />

anymore until Zimbabwe pays<br />

<strong>of</strong>f more than £1 billion in debt<br />

arrears — money it does not have.<br />

10<br />

FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP <strong>2018</strong> EDITION 4

Where Has the Money Gone?<br />

Derek Matyszak said,<br />

“Overspending by the government<br />

is behind the current downward<br />

spiral in Zimbabwe’s economy.”<br />

“The total budget deficit for<br />

the year is expected to surpass<br />

$2.3-billion – quite impressive<br />

for a country with a tiny national<br />

budget <strong>of</strong> $3.8-billion.” Add to that<br />

bloated civil services, practically<br />

no established industries or<br />

agriculture, and you have a<br />

disastrous situation. However, all<br />

<strong>of</strong> this pales in comparison to the<br />

enormous corruption and theft<br />

which is rife throughout the ruling<br />

government. Political leaders and<br />

their friends are living in luxury<br />

homes, driving luxury vehicles,<br />

all while normal citizens are not<br />

being paid salaries and cannot<br />

even afford basic medical and<br />

toiletry supplies.<br />

No Money for the People<br />

People stand in queues for money<br />

almost daily. ATMs limit services<br />

to depositing money only! The<br />

largest bill one can obtain is a<br />

5-dollar bond note. The most<br />

common denomination is 10 and<br />

50 cent coins. Major shops change<br />

prices up to 3 times per day. Many<br />

products are not even priced<br />

because inflation causes prices to<br />

fluctuate too frequently.<br />

Zimbabwean Observer<br />

Cathy Buckle wrote <strong>of</strong> life in<br />

Zimbabwe, “The nightmare<br />

combination <strong>of</strong> no fuel, no bank<br />

notes, no medicine and a growing<br />

list <strong>of</strong> food and toiletries that<br />

aren’t available, has left us wasting<br />

our days in bank, food or fuel<br />

queues, hunting for necessities<br />

and doing outrageous calculations<br />

just to work out how to survive.”<br />

On 26 October <strong>2018</strong>, Cathy<br />

explained further, “Going shopping<br />

after a week is frightening; the<br />

prices <strong>of</strong> almost everything have<br />

gone up, not by a few percent but<br />

by 200 to 300%. In the past three<br />

weeks, rice has gone from $2.40 to<br />

$7.90; a tube <strong>of</strong> toothpaste from<br />

$1.29 to $3.00; a tin <strong>of</strong> fruit or<br />

vegetables from $2 to $5; a jar <strong>of</strong><br />

c<strong>of</strong>fee: $12 three weeks ago, then<br />

$17 and today $23.”<br />

Marxism is the Problem<br />

Two years ago, people were<br />

rioting in the streets, and<br />

calling for international<br />

attention because <strong>of</strong> their<br />

immense suffering. At the time,<br />

I commented on these events:<br />

“What we have now in Zimbabwe<br />

is a situation <strong>of</strong> people who are<br />

sick and tired <strong>of</strong> tyranny, poverty<br />

and lifeless existence. Many are<br />

finding their voice and crying out<br />

for justice. But, the main focus<br />

<strong>of</strong> their negative attention<br />

is on a dying dictator-Robert<br />

Mugabe, and not the secular<br />

humanism and Marxist<br />

ZANU-PF he represents.”<br />

Marxist Methods<br />

It is the goal <strong>of</strong> marxists to keep<br />

people under their dictatorial rule<br />

through suffering, confusion and<br />

false promises <strong>of</strong> hope. The face<br />

<strong>of</strong> the political party may change.<br />

New policies may be instituted and<br />

even seem good. Greater freedom<br />

may be granted to people for a<br />

time. But, these are all distractions<br />

from the very real suffering which<br />

the marxist government has<br />

intentionally caused. By creating a<br />

small glimmer <strong>of</strong> hope, the abusive<br />

government creates a sense <strong>of</strong><br />

dependency within the citizens<br />

they are abusing.<br />

Hope for Zimbabwe<br />

Thankfully, there is hope for<br />

Zimbabweans. We praise God for<br />

faithful ministers <strong>of</strong> the Gospel<br />

who are declaring that there is<br />

peace with God through the Cross<br />

<strong>of</strong> Christ. In Christ we can have<br />

peace with each other. We can even<br />

have peace when we are persecuted<br />

by evil men and women.<br />

Christian Witness<br />

We praise God for Christian<br />

brothers and sisters who remain<br />

positive and show the love <strong>of</strong><br />

Christ to others living in a dark,<br />

sin-soaked world. In Zimbabwe,<br />

I have met some <strong>of</strong> the humblest<br />

and most peaceful people I have<br />

ever known.<br />

Help for the Hurting<br />

There are still people living<br />

outside <strong>of</strong> Zimbabwe who are<br />

regularly praying for and assisting<br />

those who are in Zimbabwe.<br />

Frontline Fellowship has been<br />

assisting suffering people and<br />

ministering to confused Christians<br />

in Zimbabwe for over 36 years.<br />

Please continue to keep these<br />

efforts and the important work <strong>of</strong><br />

other ministries in your prayers.<br />

Zimbabwe’s Need<br />

It is my hope and prayer for my<br />

friends in Zimbabwe that more<br />

people will find their voice and<br />

react to their situation with<br />

Biblical wisdom and prayerful<br />

action. Their desire should be<br />

Reformation and not revolution.<br />

Godly, discerning leaders are<br />

needed. Those who fear God and<br />

keep His commandments should<br />

be those who have the loudest<br />

voices and be the anchor <strong>of</strong><br />

morality and reason in this time <strong>of</strong><br />

confusion.<br />

“Blessed is the one who perseveres<br />

under trial because, having stood<br />

the test, that person will receive<br />

the crown <strong>of</strong> life that the Lord has<br />

promised to those who love Him”<br />

James 1:12<br />

John Clifford<br />

Frontline Fellowship<br />

P.O. Box 74<br />

Newlands 7725<br />

Cape Town South Africa<br />

mission@frontline.org.za<br />

www.FrontlineMissionSA.org<br />

FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP PO BOX 74 NEWLANDS 7725 CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA admin@frontline.org.za www.FrontlineMissionSA.org<br />




ZÜRICH<br />

“…Contend earnestly for the<br />

Faith which was once for all<br />

delivered to the saints.” Jude 3<br />

Zürich 500<br />

Christian leaders and Theologians<br />

will be gathering in Zürich,<br />

Switzerland from 15-20 July for<br />

the Reformation 500 Global<br />

Church Council. In celebration<br />

<strong>of</strong> the 500th anniversary<br />

<strong>of</strong> Ulrich Zwingli launching<br />

the Swiss Reformation in<br />

Grossmunster, Zürich, with verse<br />

by verse expository preaching,<br />

starting with Matthew 1:1, the<br />

Global Church Council will be<br />

held near Zürich, 15-20 July<br />

2019 to affirm 24 Theological<br />

documents applying the Lordship<br />

<strong>of</strong> Christ to every area <strong>of</strong> life.<br />

The Global Church Council<br />

will include a Reformation<br />

Celebration and guided tours <strong>of</strong><br />

historic Reformation sites in and<br />

around Zürich. Church leaders,<br />

representing a denomination,<br />

mission, or college, that affirm<br />

the authority and inerrancy <strong>of</strong><br />

Scripture and are committed to<br />

working for Biblical Reformation<br />

and praying for Revival are<br />

invited to apply to participate.<br />

Church Council Meetings<br />

Since early Church History,<br />

the global body <strong>of</strong> Christ has<br />

convened Church Councils<br />

with representatives from<br />

many nations to determine<br />

by the consensus wisdom <strong>of</strong><br />

their leaders, which side <strong>of</strong> the<br />

controversial doctrinal position<br />

was Biblical and true and which<br />

side was false and worthy <strong>of</strong><br />

condemnation by the churches’<br />

leadership. The first Church<br />

Council was the Council <strong>of</strong> Nicea<br />

in 325 A.D. when the full deity<br />

<strong>of</strong> our Lord Jesus Christ was<br />

upheld. The Church has had to go<br />

through this process throughout<br />

history, periodically clarifying<br />

what it considered to be true<br />

Biblical doctrine, or heresy.<br />

Controversies which Confront<br />

In the 21st century, 24 concerns<br />

have risen to the surface as<br />

controversial issues, all raised by<br />

Evangelical and Bible-believing<br />

sections <strong>of</strong> the greater body<br />

<strong>of</strong> Christ worldwide (such as<br />

the Inerrancy <strong>of</strong> Scripture,<br />

the Centrality <strong>of</strong> Christ and<br />

the nature <strong>of</strong> man). Dr. Jay<br />

Grimstead has gathered<br />

together various groups <strong>of</strong><br />

Theologians from a wide range <strong>of</strong><br />

denominations to discuss each <strong>of</strong><br />

these 24 issues as they merged<br />

into church life. The Theological<br />

teams have boiled down each<br />

issue into its own salient points,<br />

then formulated concise creedal<br />

statements <strong>of</strong> affirmations and<br />

denials as Theological documents<br />

to be presented to the Global<br />

body <strong>of</strong> Christ for consideration.<br />

Global Church Council Events<br />

Following up on the Reformation<br />

500 Church Council Consultation<br />

held in Wittenberg, Germany,<br />

October 2017, two major Global<br />

Church Council meetings are<br />

planned in the immediate<br />

future, including: Zurich 2019:<br />

on the 500th Anniversary<br />

<strong>of</strong> Ulrich Zwingli launching<br />

the Swiss Reformation with<br />

expository preaching in Zürich,<br />

Switzerland, in 1519; Worms<br />

2021: on the 500th Anniversary<br />

<strong>of</strong> Dr. Martin Luther making his<br />

“Here I Stand” speech before the<br />

Emperor at the Diet <strong>of</strong> Worms<br />

in Germany, 18 April 1521. By<br />

God’s grace and leading, we<br />

are inviting representatives <strong>of</strong><br />

denominations, missions and<br />

colleges from around the world,<br />

after having studied all 24 <strong>of</strong><br />

these Theological documents,<br />

to apply to participate in these<br />

events.<br />

Reformation 500 Council<br />

At Reformation 500 Zürich,<br />

15-20 July 2019, participants<br />

will discuss these 24 documents<br />

and the effective mobilisation<br />

<strong>of</strong> Reformation and Revival<br />

worldwide and how to find Godly,<br />

Christian leaders to work for<br />

Biblical Reformation and pray<br />

for spiritual Revival worldwide.<br />

Participation in these events<br />

are only to accredited leaders <strong>of</strong><br />

churches, missions and colleges.<br />

The Church Council will include<br />

various discussion groups<br />

working on a global generic<br />

Statement <strong>of</strong> Faith, Coalition on<br />

Revival’s 42 Articles on Historic<br />

Christian Doctrine and a universal<br />

Biblical Constitution to <strong>of</strong>fer<br />

nations which want to establish<br />

new, more Biblical civilisations.<br />

Topics to be Discussed<br />

If you would like to apply<br />

to participate, you will need<br />

to study and be in general<br />

agreement with all 24 <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Church Council documents which<br />

can be viewed, or downloaded<br />

from www.churchcouncil.org.<br />

They are also included in the<br />

book, Rebuilding Civilization on<br />

the Bible. These documents were<br />

12 FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP <strong>2018</strong> EDITION 4

accepted at the US Consultation<br />

on Theology hosted by Dr. James<br />

Kennedy at Knox Theological<br />

Seminary in Florida.<br />

Rebuilding Civilisation<br />

For a more thorough<br />

overview <strong>of</strong> this<br />

entire Church<br />

Council Project, or<br />

the 24 Theological<br />

documents together<br />

with introductions,<br />

explaining each<br />

document, one<br />

may purchase<br />

the Coalition on<br />

Revival book:<br />

Rebuilding Civilisation on the<br />

Bible. This book can be ordered<br />

from www.nordskogpublishing.<br />

com. In Southern Africa, it<br />

is also available from www.<br />

christianlibertybooks.co.za. “To<br />

the Law and to the testimony!<br />

If they do not speak according<br />

to this Word, it is because there<br />

is no light in them.” Isaiah 8:20<br />

Resources for Reformation<br />

Also 17 Christian Worldview<br />

Documents are available and can<br />

also be downloaded from our<br />

<strong>web</strong>sites: www.reformation.net<br />

and www.Reform500.org. These<br />

documents <strong>of</strong>fer blueprints for<br />

how the Bible can be applied<br />

to every area <strong>of</strong> life to rebuild<br />

civilisation upon the principles<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Bible in the fields <strong>of</strong><br />

law, government, economics,<br />

business, education, science,<br />

media, the arts, family, church,<br />

etc. The Coalition on Revival<br />

Reformation 500 FIRE Manual is<br />

also available in print and online.<br />

Reformation 500<br />

If you are on social media, you<br />

can also find our Reformation500<br />

Facebook page.<br />

Audio Visual Resources<br />

Videos <strong>of</strong> the Reformation<br />

500 Wittenberg events<br />

and the Eurochor concert in<br />

Wittenberg can be viewed on<br />

the www.FrontlineMissionSA.<br />

org <strong>web</strong>site Video Gallery under<br />

Reformation. For copies <strong>of</strong> the<br />

USA and Europe Reformation 500<br />

Mission audio and video boxset,<br />

contact Christian Liberty Books,<br />

admin@christianlibertybooks.co.za<br />

www.christianlibertybooks.co.za.<br />

95 Theses for Reformation<br />

The 95 Theses for Reformation<br />

Today leaflet can be viewed<br />

or downloaded for printing<br />

in English, German, French,<br />

Dutch, Spanish and Afrikaans<br />

from www.ReformationSA.org<br />

Greatest Century<br />

The inspiring lives and<br />

doctrines <strong>of</strong> the Reformers are<br />

available in the well-illustrated<br />

Greatest Century <strong>of</strong> Reformation<br />

book (288 pages with over 200<br />

pictures and maps), available<br />

from www.christianlibertybooks.<br />

co.za.<br />

Contact Us<br />

For more information, or to<br />

apply to participate, contact Dr.<br />

Jay Grimstead <strong>of</strong> Coalition on<br />

Revival, P.O. Box 1139, Murphys,<br />

California, 95247, USA.<br />

Email: jgrim1776@gmail.com.<br />

“Those from among you shall<br />

build the old waste places; you<br />

shall raise up the foundations <strong>of</strong><br />

many generations and you shall<br />

be called the Repairer <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Breach, the Restorer <strong>of</strong> Streets<br />

to Dwell In.” Isaiah 58:12<br />

Dr. Peter Hammond<br />

Reformation Society<br />

www.ReformationSA.org<br />

FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP PO BOX 74 NEWLANDS 7725 CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA admin@frontline.org.za www.FrontlineMissionSA.org<br />


FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP <strong>2018</strong> EDITION 4


FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP <strong>2018</strong> EDITION 4

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