Cafe Lavista - Business Partner Franchise FAQs 2018 (Screen Ready)


Under what circumstances could I

become liable to further charges?

As a Business Partner Franchise you

will never become liable for any

further charges, other than any

financial loans that you may have

taken out with 3rd parties against the


Who replenishes the cups and

ingredients daily?

The Site Partner where your machine

is located is responsible for stocking

and cleaning the drinks station on a

daily basis.

How much work is required to run a

Business Partner Franchise?

You are purchasing a Lo-Touch

Business Franchise, meaning no time

is spent managing the machines or the

business other than, checking your

financial reports, making ongoing

suggestions and recommendations

(passively or pro-actively) to new Site

Partner locations and introducing

other potential Business Partner

Franchisees where we will reward you

for successful outcomes.

If the CAFÉLAVISTA Drinks Station

needs to be re-located – who pays

the costs?

During the term of the agreement, it is

likely that your Drinks Station may be

relocated. We cover all the costs as well as finding a

new Site Partner for your drinks station.

Is there any financial compensation for a CAFÉ

LAVISTA Drinks Station not working, damaged or


If for any reason your CAFÉLAVISTA Drinks Station is

not working or has been damaged or stolen – we will

pay you compensation at a daily rate of 10% pa of

your original investment for that individual machine.

Is my CAFÉLAVISTA Drinks Station covered for theft

or damages/ fire etc?

We underwrite this risk on your behalf. If after a period

of 5 working days and the machine has not been

repaired or replaced, we will pay you compensation at

the equivalent rate of 10% per annum, of your

purchase price paid daily as loss of income.



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