Forest School Year 3 Newsletter Week 1 06112018


Year 3: Survival

This was the first Survival session for this Year 3 so we started

by getting ourselves sorted properly, socks on, wellies on the

correct feet, coats outside trousers and waterproof trousers

over the wellies (to stop any water dripping inside the wellies).

It is worth taking the time

to make sure everyone is


Dr Collins took the opportunity to

point out how much dew was on the

grass and how in a survival situation

you roll in the dew to wash first

thing in the morning. The children

didn’t believe her, so she suggested

that they roll on the grass to see

how wet they got.

We started the session

talking about what a hostile

territory was. It might be

where there are unfriendly

people, dangerous animals

or dangerous terrain such

as a marshy area. The

children practised following

a tracker, keeping to their


Making a risk assessment

can tell you what might be

a potential hazard and what

you might do about it.

Damage probably

caused by a

plant virus.

Here a trip hazard had been hidden by the trees.

The more you know about your surroundings the more you can

recognise a possible hazard.

The children thought this was Fox pooh, but it was a worm cast, or

earth worm pooh and just a rich fertilizer for the soil.

Next we explored how

well the children could

control their breathing.

They each took a big

breath and ran while

screaming. They

stopped when they ran

out of breath. With

practise the children

were all able to run


Next we talked about fire safety. Before we lit the fire we

cleared the leaves from the fire circle.

If you are going to have a fire you

should have the correct safety kit

and be organised.

The children

learnt how to

toast a


Next the children developed their survival skills further by learning

how to tie a simple knot.

The more you practise doing

something the easier it gets.

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