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Annual Magazine of Auburn University's Financial Management Association















FMA’s First

Financial Summit

Members, alumni, and guest executives came

together for two days of education, networking

and camaraderie.

Duff & Phelps

Case Competition

FMA team of five takes second place and

wins $6,000 in prestigious international

case competition.

FMA Heads Back

to Wall Street

Members pack a lot into 36 hours, including

some time with FMA grads now working in

the Big Apple.



Moving up, moving on and marrying – a lot

has happened in four years.

5 Director’s Message

6 President’s Message

7 A Look to Next Year

8 Who Are We?

10 What We’re Up To

16 A Look at Our Students

22 Leadership Summit

24 Diversity & Inclusion

26 Case Competitions

30 Awards & Scholarships

38 FMA NYC Trip

42 Where are We

Going Now?

44 Supporter Spotlight

45 Alumni Updates






FMA has made incredible strides over the last four years with the vested and engaged

help of its student members, young alumni and backers. The organization, as I see it, is

a dichotomy: a start-up that has accomplished significant feats with limited resources;

and a growth company that is now faced with a choice between good quality and

excellence. I believe that there are boundless opportunities for FMA to establish itself

as a nationally respected elite finance program. We can do this by building on a strong

foundation and thoughtfully establishing a competitive strategy that identifies critical

areas of focus, creates a curriculum to support each of these areas, and masterfully

integrates the focus areas as a streamlined and integrative program of excellence.

Mission Statement: Provide a fully integrated program at Auburn University that combines

education, career preparation, industry intellectual capital, alumni engagement and

information resources to produce the best trained and prepared students for finance careers.

The critical success areas for an elite finance program include: Industry Exposure,

Technical/Academic, Alumni Engagement, Professional Preparation, and Branding. It

is truly remarkable how far and definite our progress has been in these areas, driven by

student members and alumni with a sense of ownership and abounding drive.

However, when I compare our young organization to elite programs in the nation, I

question, not the worth of what we have accomplished to date, but whether there are

other domains…with which we do not as yet deal effectively. Rapid as our advance has

been, the failure to capitalize on further areas of growth and advancement for our

students would be neglectful. I propose that we use the mission statement to guide

this program toward an integrated and purposeful curriculum that seeks improvement

in areas of weakness and coordinates efforts between students, alumni and faculty.

Target improvement areas are: practical industry and academic integration including

structured supporting coursework and credit, additional focused alumni engagement

and communication, and the addition of a thoughtfully planned elite student

investment lab. These targets only seem wildly aspirational when one forgets the path

that we have forged in the short time since inception.

Finance Rocks!




A Year

of Growth

Once again, it was a year of tremendous growth for FMA as

this year’s group continued to build on the progress of former

students. We actively invested in efforts to increase our

name recognition with purposeful branding – not only of our

student successes, but also of our program in general - taking

ownership of the impressive results derived from four years of

curriculum building, determination and hard work. Another

major focus this year was fostering discussions with the college

and FMA Advisory Board regarding FMA’s strategic mission

and trajectory as we continue to push for additional resources,

integration and infrastructure. As you’ll see throughout this

Annual, our focused efforts paid great dividends.

1. 100% full time job placement for 20 seniors

2. 100% internship placement for 19 juniors

3. 14 sophomore and freshman finance related internships

4. 16 sophomore and freshman leadership program participants

5. Instituted FMA’s Advisory Board that will serve as a

governing body and source of strategic guidance for

upcoming initiatives

6. Hosted FMA’s first annual Financial Leadership Summit

that included a full weekend of events for alumni, students

and executives

7. Established FMA’s first Investment Banking Preparatory

Group that met on a weekly basis to prepare students for IB

recruitment and internships

8. Competed in 7 national case competitions - taking 1 st in one

and 2 nd in two

9. Hosted two open-invite forums for business and

engineering students:

• What is Corporate Investment Banking? Wells Fargo

Executives Walk Through a Live Deal

FMA 2017-2018 President Jordan Carr joined FMA

as a sophomore and recently completed his major in

Mechanical Engineering with minors in Finance and

Business. He initially decided to pursue engineering

professionally and completed an internship with

ExxonMobil in Houston, TX. However, following his

internship and multiple conversations with investment

bankers, Jordan decided to alter his career path and

pursue a career in investment banking. Jordan interned

with Moelis & Co. in Houston last summer and accepted

a full time offer to join Moelis in New York City as an

investment banking analyst.

10. Focused on branding and earlier education of FMA and

finance careers with a visit to Hoover High School’s

Finance Academy

11. Recorded an average starting compensation for 2018

graduating class of $93,600

Knowing the plans that FMA leadership has for the next

several years, I am excited to witness future growth and give

back as an alumnus. As mentioned to my fellow 2018 graduates,

FMA’s goal is to be a resource not only for current students, but

also for alumni as they progress in their careers. Thank you to

the students, alumni, guests and advisers who made this past

year possible. Reaching new heights requires team effort and

could not happen without your help.

• Inclusion in the Workplace: Partnering Together for Success




Looks to

Next Year

Thank you to our outgoing executive team – through

your collaboration and hard work, FMA reached exciting

new milestones in placement, branding, curriculum and

recognition at both the university and national level. These

accomplishments drove the title of this year’s FMA Annual

Magazine: “Reaching New Heights.” Though our young

organization has experienced tremendous growth, with an

eye on the future we will continue to focus on value-added

initiatives for our members.

For 2018-2019, FMA Exec is targeting several key initiatives to

support student development and growth. The first of these

initiatives focuses on the career services we offer our members.

We plan to create and publish an “FMA Career Guide” that

will be available to all existing and potential members as

well as other finance students seeking career preparatory

advice. This formalized guide will lay out a four-year plan for

students including track-specific career opportunities, course

recommendations by year and ancillary training options and

resources. FMA will use this guide in conjunction with insight

from our executive speakers, alumni and peer advisors to

expand the career services offered to our members.

The second primary initiative is the establishment of an

executive mentor program. This program will pair targeted

members with an FMA alum or business professional based

on their targeted career interests. Mentorship on a studentto-student

level has been a core element of our members’

success; the purpose of this program is to expand this element

externally between students and alumni.

We also plan to enrich the content of our shared programming

for all HCOB students and systemically raise the level of

awareness and preparedness within the college. This includes

offering annual informational content though various venues:

FMA Financial Leadership Summit, Fall Information Session

FMA 2018-2019 President Bailey Sullivan joined FMA

as a freshman and is currently completing her degree

in Industrial & Systems Engineering with minors

in Finance and Spanish. Through the resources and

guidance that FMA provided, she received invitations

to participate in diversity programs at multiple firms

including Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and

Wells Fargo Securities. She spent two summers as an

analyst with Wells Fargo Securities with their Financial

Sponsors Group and Equity Capital Markets team in

New York. Upon graduation, Bailey will return to New

York as a full-time investment banking analyst with

Goldman Sachs.

- What is Finance? A focus on industry tracks and career

planning, FMA Diversity and Inclusion Forum, FMA Student/

Employer Meet & Greet (open to all 3.5 GPA finance majors)

and an additional annual open presentation focusing on a

specific area of the financial services industry. With this

shared programming, we will continue to champion Auburn’s

focus on inclusion by actively recruiting and assisting students

from all areas of our campus and community.

FMA has made remarkable progress since its creation in 2014,

and we will strive to reach “new heights” throughout this

next year. Thank you to all FMA supporters who make the

growth of this organization possible – we truly appreciate

your support.




We are Auburn students who pressed

for an organization that could identify

top talent and provide focused

preparation for a career in finance.

FMA Graduation Party 2018

We are a growing base of involved alumni

that continue to give back, both financially and as

mentors and advisors from inside the corporate world.


We are involved ambassadors that continuously push for resources and training. We

are a morning mock interview, an afternoon happy hour and a late night in the Bloomberg room.

FMA Graduation Party 2017

We are a source of honest feedback,

a study partner, a mentor.

FMA Graduation Party 2016

We are a group of dedicated students who want

the best opportunities for ourselves and our fellow members.

FMA Graduation Party 2015




New Heights

FMA On-Campus Presentations

Regions Securities | Charlotte, NC

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey |

Atlanta, GA

Turner Broadcasting | Atlanta, GA

Wells Fargo Government & Institutional

Banking | Washington, D.C.

Wells Fargo Corp/Invest Banking|

Las Vegas, NV, San Francisco, CA

Stifel Equity Research | Atlanta, GA

Welch Hornsby | Birmingham, AL

Vulcan Value Partners | Birmingham, AL


Two Training the Street on campus Bootcamps

Wall Street Prep Online Courses

LinkedIn workshop

Student Mentor Program

Investment banking prep group

Team Building

FMA Member Bowling Night

New Member Social at AU Hotel

FMA Christmas Party

Annual Grad Party

What we’re up to...


Corporate Headquarter Visits

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey | Atlanta, GA

Delta Air Lines | Atlanta, GA

Duff & Phelps | Atlanta, GA

RSA | Montgomery, AL

Goldman Sachs |New York, NY

JP Morgan |New York, NY

MUFG Securities |New York, NY

Events and Engagement

Financial Leadership Summit

• Panel speakers included Raymond Harbert,

Paul Jacobson (Delta CFO) and Steven Aldridge

• Private information session with bankers from

Goldman Sachs

• Alumni and supporter luncheon and

awards banquet

• Supporter | Student tailgate

FMA Meet & Greet – hosted 13 firms for a

private career fair

Inclusion in the Workplace Forum

• Seminar and discussion surrounding diversity

and inclusion in the workplace from Betsy

Bagley with Catalyst New York

• Breakout session for FMA Women followed

Corporate Investment Banking Forum

• Wells Fargo executives walk through deal flow

on multi-company M&A transaction

CFA Forecast Dinner | Birmingham, AL

CSIC Conference | Tuscaloosa, AL

Edward Tufte Data Conference | Atlanta, GA

Power lunches with executives from investment

banking, corporate finance, and private wealth

FMA Meet & Greet – hosted 13 firms for a private

career fair. All finance majors with above a 3.5

GPA invited

FMA Student Leadership Trip - NYC

Members involved in 7 Case Competitions



Work Hard...



Play Hard.




Senior FMA student

David Bucko holds

triple citizenship in

the United States,

Hungary, and Serbia,

and credits much of his success to

his arrival in the U.S. at the age of 12.

David’s move from Hungary instilled in

him a deep sense of appreciation for the

opportunities he has been able to pursue

here in the U.S. “I’m so appreciative of my

experiences; I grew up in a country where

opportunity is often hard to find.” Always

with an eye on his future, David completed

both his Life & Health Agent License

and his Series 6 while still in college and

landed a sophomore internship with

Merrill Lynch.

David’s advice to younger members?

“Figure out as quickly as possible what you

want to do and build your resume around

that. If you have training or experience

in a certain field, you are far more likely

to be selected than someone who is just

‘interested’ in that field.” David will join

Regions Securities in Charlotte as a Debt

Capital Markets Financial Analyst.





With a curious mind and

innate athleticism,

Katie truly exemplifies what it means to be an

Auburn student-athlete. The Dayton, OH native

chose Auburn to continue her soccer career at the

Division I level with a full scholarship.

While at Auburn, Katie and the Auburn Women’s

Soccer Team made four NCAA Tournament and

four SEC Tournament appearances - posting two

of the most successful seasons in program history.

Katie also claimed the prestigious Spirit Award her

senior year for best representing the Auburn Creed

on and off the field. As the soccer season closed

during her senior year, Katie decided to add another

challenge to her resume by joining the Auburn

Women’s Track and Field Team and competing in

the 100m Dash.

Katie’s athletic achievements are only part of the

story. The talented athlete pursued membership

in FMA her freshman year and went on to obtain

an internship with Regions Bank as an investment

portfolio analyst the summer of her junior year.

Katie channeled her grit and determination toward

landing a full time position. She will join JP Morgan

Private Bank in Boston, MA this summer as a wealth

management analyst.

“Stay open-minded

to new opportunities

- small or large. You

never know how

many doors can be

opened by the simple

decision to take

a risk.”





Nick Pope, a junior double

majoring in finance and

accounting, may have grown up in Memphis,

Tennessee, but he was raised a proud Auburn fan. Nick

followed in the steps of his parents and two sisters when

deciding to come to The Plains for college.

Pope started on a pure accounting track but began

rethinking his future career when he took his first

finance class. A conversation with FMA member and

friend Jordan Carr proved to be impactful for Pope and

was a turning point in his decision to pursue a career in

investment banking. Pope added finance as his second

major, joined FMA and began actively networking with

industry professionals. Nick’s hard work paid off when he

secured an internship with Piper Jaffray for Summer 2018

in the Diversified Industrials Group out of Charlotte, NC.

Here, Nick gained valuable experience and worked on a

When reflecting upon his time in FMA, Nick says, “This

organization gave me the opportunity to learn so much

about the finance industry and surrounded me with peers

who are driven to succeed. The older students in FMA

have had a profound impact on me and have pushed me

to pursue a career that I am passionate about.”

In his free time, Nick can be found hiking, mountain

biking or planning his next travel adventure. Prior to his

internship this summer, he participated in the Harbert

College of Business’ “Intern Abroad Program” in

Rome, Italy when he worked as consultant for two local

restaurant entrepreneurs.

Upon graduation, Nick will return to Piper as a full-time

analyst in the Consumer Products group where he will

work on M&A transactions, buy-side engagements and

variety of sell-side M&A deals and pitches.

capital raises.

18 FMA 2018 2017 MAGAZINE FMA 2017 MAGAZINE 18


Lauren Spiwak, a

junior from Sugar

Land, Texas, didn’t

grow up thinking she

would attend Auburn.

But, after touring 22 colleges across the

United States, she knew Auburn was the

place for her. Auburn has given Lauren

so many professional and extracurricular

opportunities during her undergraduate

career. Within the business school,

Lauren is a member of the Financial

Management Association and the HCOB

Executive Society. Outside of the business

school, Lauren has served in a variety

of organizations including the Student

Government Association and in multiple

positions on Panhellenic Council. Lauren

currently serves as the Administrative Vice

President on Panhellenic’s Executive Board

where she leads an 18 member Panhellenic

Cabinet in putting on programs and

initiatives for over 5,000 Greek women.



Lauren joined FMA during her sophomore

year and spent that summer as a

manufacturing finance intern at Shell Oil

Company. FMA provided Lauren with

resources to supplement her studies and

prepare her for the summer. The internship

at Shell solidified Lauren’s desire to work in

oil and gas and the Texas native decided to

pursue an internship in energy investment

banking the following summer. FMA

senior members helped Lauren prepare for

a variety of investment banking interviews

and super days. Lauren accepted an offer

to intern with Bank of America Merrill

Lynch in their Energy & Power group as an

investment banking summer analyst and

received a full time offer at the end of her

internship. Following graduation, Lauren

will return to the bank as a full-time

investment banking analyst in the Natural

Resources group.




Chris Costello, a junior FMA

member, is the owner of BALI Media, LLC and

subsidiary SpectSocial. Both companies aim to help businesses

and marketers grow their brand presence on social media and

online. BALI Media, LLC not only focuses on social media

management, but also on web development, content creation,

app development and digital consulting. Costello came up with

the idea after growing his entrepreneur themed Instagram page

to 101,000 followers in less than 8 months. “That was when I

recognized a market for helping brands and businesses obtain

the optimal exposure,” Costello said. SpectSocial works with

smaller, independent marketers while BALI Media focuses on

small businesses and larger corporations. Over the last year and

a half, Costello’s businesses including LeadFriend, a business

he co-founded, have generated in excess of $600,000.00 in

revenue and have worked with famous musicians, clothing

brands, journalists and comedians.

Costello says the biggest challenge going forward is keeping

the momentum, and continuing to take advantage of updated

technology. What’s next for Costello as an entrepreneur?

Partnering with bigger brands and companies, while marketing

himself into a full time career at a top tech firm.



Jenny Herrell, a

freshman at Auburn

University, discovered

her interest in investing

when she took a

macroeconomics course

in high school. The Madison,

Alabama native enjoyed mathematics

and history and viewed finance as the

intersection between the two - allowing her

to analyze companies both fundamentally

and qualitatively. Intrigued by the field and

wanting to learn more, Herrell found an

internship at a local retirement fund and spent

her senior year absorbing all that she could

about investment strategy. Entering Auburn,

she knew she wanted to major in finance

and quickly became involved in the Auburn

Student Investment Fund. After joining FMA,

Jenny was encouraged to apply to the Girls

Who Invest Summer Intensive Program, an

organization that advocates for greater female

presence in the financial services industry and

seeks to provide women with the tools to make

this initiative possible. Jenny was ultimately

accepted by Girls Who Invest – becoming the

first woman from the SEC to participate in the

program. As a summer scholar, Herrell spent

four weeks completing asset management

training at the University of Pennsylvania

and was then matched with an internship

at Prudential in Atlanta, Georgia where she

worked in mezzanine debt and real estate.

Jenny will be joining Point72, a hedge fund

headquartered in Stamford, CT next summer

and hopes to eventually pursue a career in real

estate investing. “I’m looking forward to the

rigor and growth opportunities the next three

years in FMA will bring and helping other

Auburn women utilize the organization to

explore possibilities once thought out of reach.”

Along with her interest in personal investing,

Jenny loves presidential autobiographies,

podcasts, and cooking – when her HelloFresh

box arrives.







Inaugural FMA Leadership Summit featured guest

panelists, awards luncheon and alumni involvement

Jennie Powers

It was a homecoming weekend, of

sorts, for Harbert College’s Financial

Management Association alumni.

Nearly half of the program’s 48 alums

descended upon The Plains to attend

FMA’s first annual Financial Leadership

Summit – a two-day event that included

the group’s first advisory board meeting,

an alumni luncheon, an executive panel

of distinguished industry leaders, an

investment banking focused information

session, an evening alumni networking

event and a Saturday morning tailgate on

the Lowder Hall Lawn.

“It was great to have our alums back for

the weekend,” said Tracy Richard, finance

instructor and FMA Director since its

inception four years ago. “We established

the Summit in order to increase exposure

for our finance students and to create an

annual event that will bring our finance

alums, supporters, and students together.”

Throughout the year, FMA members have

the opportunity to hear first-hand career

advice from industry professionals, meet

with financial executives and gain insight

on the training necessary for a successful

career in finance. Members also receive

career coaching, resume guidance and

mock interview opportunities.

Jimmy Brewster, a sophomore FMA

member from Atlanta, noted that

providing students with “the proper

framework and guidance” is an integral

part of FMA’s mission. “When a student

comes into the business school and is

willing to put forth the effort to achieve a

successful career in finance, FMA provides

the tools and opportunities that will help

them succeed. The organization provides

not only a framework for success, but also

the mentorship and support.”

The Summit kicked off on Friday with

the group’s first advisory board meeting.

According to Tracy Richard, “Our board

will be a critical source of support for

us and will play an important role in

identifying and addressing students’ needs.”

Current students, alums and industry

executives then gathered for a luncheon,

where the organizations’ first three

student presidents were honored. Later

that afternoon, all HCOB students were

invited to an open panel featuring three

finance alumni and prominent industry

executives: Raymond J. Harbert, CEO of

Harbert Management Corporation, Paul

Jacobson, Chief Financial Officer

of Delta Air Lines, and Steven Aldridge,

an investment banking executive at

Cantor Fitzgerald.

“We’re trying to expose the students that

are interested in a career in finance to

various segments of the financial services

industry from private equity to corporate

finance and to highlight successful and

engaged alumni who can tell that story

best,” Richard said.

“We plan to establish the Summit

as a continuing source of education,

engagement and fellowship for students

seeking a career in finance,” said FMA

President Jordan Carr. “None of this would

be possible without the support of the

Finance Department, the Harbert College

of Business, and our sponsors and alumni.”

The finishing touch for FMA’s inaugural

Summit? Visitors were treated to an

Auburn victory over Georgia.



Diversity & Inclusion

This April, FMA welcomed Betsy Osterling

Bagley (AU College of Business ’88),

Catalyst Vice President of Consulting

Services to campus for an open-invitation

forum on diversity and inclusion in the

workplace. Approximately 200 students

gathered in Lowder Hall for a co-ed session

that was no-holds-barred informative,

honest and relevant.

Catalyst is a global nonprofit

headquartered in New York that works

with some of the world’s most powerful

CEOs and leading companies to build

workplaces that work for women. The

company helps organizations remove

barriers and drive change with pioneering

research, practical tools, and proven

solutions to accelerate and advance women

into leadership. Catalyst focuses on

three areas to drive workplace change:

accelerating women at work by building

inclusive cultures; addressing workplace

issues at the intersection of gender, race

and ethnicity; and engaging men as

champions to help women advance

and succeed.

The co-ed forum addressed relevant

issues for students preparing to enter the

workforce by starting at ground zero –

awareness. Men and women alike were

taken back by the information presented.

Prior to the forum, Ms. Bagley sent a

student survey out to check awareness

and perceptions. Seventy FMA students


esponded; the results sombering, yet inline

with similar surveys conducted across

the nation. When asked if they believe

that men and women have equal access to

career opportunities, 73 percent of men

answered “yes” compared to 44 percent

of women. Responses also indicated

that Auburn men feel more comfortable

approaching faculty for help and speaking

out in class.

Betsy did not hesitate to dig in,

encouraging students to start a dialogue

about the differences and focus efforts

on understanding perspectives. At one

point, the Catalyst maverick drew a circle

on the board and asked students to shout

out positive and negative words associated

with each of the sexes. “It was a great

visual” said one male student. “Words are

powerful, but we don’t really think about

the fact that what’s often seen as a strength

for a guy, like speaking up or taking charge,

has a negative connotation when applied

to a woman. That display really hit home

for me.”

Following the open session, FMA hosted

a women-only coffee-hour and provided

each member with a copy of Sheryl

Sandberg’s book, Lean In. “Sometimes it’s

easier to open up in a women-only setting”

said Betsy. “I wanted to be frank about the

challenges and give the women a chance to

ask questions. This is such a critical time

in their lives - I’m passionate about helping

these young women navigate systemic

disadvantages and launch their careers.”

Betsy Bagley, Catalyst, NYC

Betsy’s message hit home with male and

female students alike. One female student

followed up with Ms. Bagley after the

forum: “Women’s equality in the workplace

is a topic that is not typically discussed

but is crucial that it is evaluated and

talked about. I especially enjoyed the final

point about insuring that you are having a

discussion rather than a debate.”


Reaching New Heights—




FMA TEAM takes second place,

wins $6,000 at prestigious international case competition

Five students representing Auburn

University’s Financial Management

Association took second place

internationally out of 77 teams and won

$6,000 in scholarships Feb. 1 at the

prestigious Duff & Phelps YOUniversity

Deal Challenge in New York City.

“To pursue competitive careers out of

school, students need to express a drive

that extends beyond the classroom,” said

Jimmy Brewster, a sophomore finance

major in the Harbert College. “Auburn’s

team viewed this challenge as an

opportunity to do just that.”

Other team members included Jordan

Carr, a senior majoring in mechanical

engineering and minoring in finance,

Bailey Sullivan, a junior majoring

in industrial systems engineering

and minoring in finance, Ben Yost, a

sophomore majoring in finance and

electrical engineering, and Ty Lamar, a

junior majoring in finance.

“The students that were on the Duff

and Phelps team are incredibly driven

and hard working,” said Harbert College

finance instructor and FMA Director

Tracy Richard, “This competition

was rigorous and required a deep

understanding of all aspects of the

valuation process, including distinct

valuation approaches, and the ability

to build and explain models within

each. These students were required to

use valuation models to value not only

tangible assets, but intangible assets

as well. They immersed themselves in

investment banking and valuation selfstudy

opportunities provided by the

FMA and also relied on their internship

experience within the investment

banking industry.”

The Duff & Phelps case study put students

into consulting roles and gave them a long

list of objectives to meet in preparing a set

of multi-million dollar recommendations

to present before judges.

This year, teams played the role of

investment banking consultants

and were tasked with valuating a

newspaper publishing company (the

team recommended the company

value between $350 and $385 million),

determining what type of buyer it should

be sold to, and then recommending the

precise purchaser.

“There are several different types of

buyers that you might see,” Carr said.

“You might get a strategic buyer, which

is another big company with a similar

operation. That would be like an Exxon

purchasing a smaller oil company. Then

you have financial buyers, which are like

private equity firms looking to invest.”

The team recommended selling to a

strategic buyer.

“What we tried to focus on was how the

entire presentation flowed together,”

Carr said. “It’s real important to have a

common theme that backs up the whole

presentation and ties it together. When

you’re pitching to a board of a company,

you want the theme to run through

everything and creates a story that backs

up what your final recommendation is.”

Brewster noted that meeting a

demanding deadline with a laundry list

of recommendations was just nature of

the business.

“Duff & Phelps looked to incorporate

this theme in their challenge because of

the nature of the investment banking

industry,” he said. “Investment banking

is a very client-facing business, and

therefore the client can be extremely

demanding and ask as many deliverables

as they choose.

“The experience we had in this challenge

helped us prepare for careers in

investment banking because we improved

our multi-tasking, teamwork, and timemanagement


Richard likened case competitions to

‘real-life experiences that challenge

students to go beyond the textbook.’

“Seldom will they encounter a

competition of this rigor where they

don’t have to build on their existing

skills. The skills required for analysis and

presentation are relevant and applicable

to what they will see in the market.”


FMA Mambers At CFA Institute

The CFA Institute Research Challenge is

a global competition, providing university

students with the opportunity to work

with industry mentors and develop

their skills in financial analysis. Over

the course of several months, a team of

Auburn students, along with the help

of professor Albert Wang, crafted an

in-depth equity research report on the

United Parcel Service (UPS). Through the

competition, the students were able to

analyze industry trends, cost structures,

competitive differentiators, and value

drivers for the Company. It was a great

opportunity to apply classroom material

into a real-world scenario, and have the

student’s opinion evaluated by a panel of

CFA-licensed professionals.

FMA members competed in 7 case competitions

in 2017-2018 and brought in $46,000 in

scholarship and corporate funding.

2017-2018 FMA Case Competitions

• Duff & Phelps - $6,000 (2nd)

• eFest 2017 - $25,000 (3rd)

Jenny Herrell, Matt Hultstrand, Emily Kravec, and Gary Gray

represent Auburn in the UGA Stock Pitch Competition.

• EO GSEA Atlanta Regionals (1st) and

Nationals (2nd) - $5,000

• UGA Entrepreneur of the Year - $10,000 (1st)

• UGA Stock Pitch Competition

• CFA Equity Research Competition

• Southeastern Hedge Fund Competition


Chris Maurice and his start-up company

Yellow Card, continued to impress the

entrepreneurship business world this

year, taking top awards in three major

business competitions. Maurice and his

business partner Justin Poiroux took

third place nationally in the E-Fest 2017

competition and brought home $25,000.

E-Fest is the largest undergraduates-only

business plan competition established to

promote and support entrepreneurship

education. Yellow Card also placed first

at regionals and second in the nation at

the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards,

claiming $5,000. Additionally, Chris and

Justin took first place ($10,000) at UGA’s

Entrepreneur of the Year Competition.

In addition to claiming top honors, Chris

and Justin met some influential business

leaders at the competitions and were

invited to speak in April at Gathering

of Titans (

who/), a nationwide gathering of seasoned

investors and entrepreneurs at MIT.




Zachary Spencer

Internship Scholarship

HCOB Graduation Marshall

Bailey Sullivan

W. James Samford, Jr. Foundation Scholarship

McWane Foundation Scholarship (Plainsman Prestigious)

Auburn University Presidential Scholarship

Edward and Catherine K. Lowder Scholarship

Duff & Phelps Case Study Scholarship

Tyler Fraebel

Spirit of Auburn Presidential Scholarship

Alabama Young Bankers’ Endowed Scholarship

East Alabama Medical Center Endowed Scholarship

Summa Cum Laude Graduation

Matthew Duggan

PNC Finance Scholarship

James Brewster

SunTrust Scholarship

Duff & Phelps Case Study Scholarship

Chris Maurice

W. James Samford, Jr. Foundation Scholarship

Harbert College of Business Annual Internship Scholarship

National Merit Finalist Presidential Scholarship

Harbert College of Business President’s Award

University of Georgia Next Top Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs’ Organization Global Student Entrepreneur

Award Winner (Atlanta), Finalist (U.S. Nationals)

Emily Kravec

National Merit Presidential Scholarship

Kench Lee Lott, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

J.W. Triplett Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Alabama Power Scholarship

Rheem Manufacturing Scholarship

Neptune Technology Group Scholarship

Nadine Moussalli

Neptune Technology Group Scholarship

Jordan Carr

American Cast Iron Engineering Scholarship

O’Neal Austin - Best Student Award

Auburn Male Student Leader of the Year (2017)

Duff & Phelps Case Study Scholarship

Caleb Carter

Auburn University Founder’s Scholarship

Edward and Catherine K. Lowder Scholarship

Russell Noletto

Auburn University Founder’s Scholarship

Auburn Athletics Scholarship

Kathleen Leavitt

J.W. Triplett Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Wilda W. And Roy Lee Farish Endowed Scholarship

Joseph McCormick

Spirit of Auburn - Founder’s Scholarship

J.W. Triplett Memorial Endowed Scholarship

James “Hunter” Collier Endowed Scholarship

Lauren Spiwak

Doris Tanquary Memorial Accounting Scholarship

Honors College Compass Bank Honors Endowed Scholarship

Edward and Catherine K. Lowder Scholarship

Chris Costello

Dudley Scholarship

J.W. Triplett Business Scholarship

Trent Baggerly

McDaniel Presidential Scholarship in Business

Brady Johnson

Drummond Company Honor’s Endowed Scholarship

Edward and Catherine K. Lowder Scholarship

Matt Hultstrand

Spirit of Auburn - Presidential Scholarship

John Edward Wiatt Fund for Excellence

Guiles E. Maxwell, Jr. and Jean Fields Maxwell Scholarship

Delaney Kennedy

Edward and Catherine K. Lowder Scholarship

Sam Schuessler

Harbert College of Business Annual Internship Scholarship

Brittany Clark

Auburn University Presidential Scholarship

J.W. Triplett Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Colonel Donald T. Jones Scholarship

P.E.O. STAR Scholarship



Ben Yost

National Merit Presidential Scholarship

E.Z and L.G. Huff Endowed Scholarship

Polly McAdams Alldredge Scholarship

Duff & Phelps Case Study Scholarship

Riley Bell

John and Linda Havron Mengelt Endowed Fund for


Academic Heritage Scholarship

Mengelt Distinguished Honors Scholarship

Ethan Reback

Auburn University Presidential Scholarship

Jack Albert

Alabama Young Bankers’ Endowed Scholarship

Taylor Hardin

Auburn University Presidential Scholarship

Regions Bank Endowed Scholarhsip

Josh Horton

Wilda W. and Roy Lee Farish Endowed Scholarship

Spirit of Auburn University Scholarship

Ty Lamar

Duff & Phelps Case Study Scholarship

Kate Bagley

Aubun University Academic Charter Scholarship

Blanchard H. Stallworth Endowed Scholarship

Nathan Stein

Spirit of Auburn University Scholarship

Auburn University Legacy Scholarship

Nick Pope

Edward and Catherine K. Lowder Scholarship

Jenny Herrell

Spirit of Auburn - Presidential Scholarship

Nelson Endowed Scholarship

Hightower Endowed Fund for Excellence Scholarship

Ari Alexander

Auburn University Board of Trustees Scholarship

Alabama Power/Southern Company Scholarship

Kevin and Kathy Mims Scholarship

Sarah Green Memorial Scholarship

Charles Barkley Scholarship

Dustin Watts

SOA Founders Scholarship

Regions Bank Scholarship

Edward and Catherine K. Lowder Scholarship



How successful was Auburn’s Financial

Management Association chapter this year?


The Auburn chapter was named FMA

Superior Chapter by FMA National.

Add that national recognition to the

fact that they were nominated for

five of the university’s 12 Student

Involvement Awards – and won three.

FMA members participated in seven

national case competitions – and won

more than $45,000 in scholarships and

equity funding. There’s more -- outgoing

chapter President Jordan Carr was

named Auburn University Male Student

Leader of the Year and Tracy Richard, a

finance instructor at the Harbert College

and the FMA Director, earned Auburn

University’s Corey Edwards Organization

Advisor of the Year and Parents’

Association Faculty and Staff Awards.

In addition, Tim Monte, a member of

FMA-Auburn’s advisory board, was

selected as FMA National Finacial

Exceutive of the Year.

Carr, a rising senior in engineering,

reflects on the association’s achievements.

FMA was founded three and a half years

ago when Tracy saw a need to develop and

train top students interested in finance to

be more competitive in the job market,”

he said. “What was created with her

students has grown into an organization

that is far more than just a professional

society – it is a support network for

students that exposes them to different

areas of finance and helps them get to the

area they decide on.”

Members agree that the organization

gives students the tools necessary

to compete with peers from the core

investment banking schools. “The finance

department has an amazing faculty. As we

grow and strengthen FMA, so too are we

focused on tangentially drawing on the

available academic expertise to create an

integrated major – one that includes both

outstanding teaching and excellent career

preparation,” Richard said.

How does FMA succeed? Ownership,

drive, and attitude, Richard said, giving

the students credit. “How can you not be

amazed by a group of students that seek

challenges, work tirelessly to accomplish

their goals and then turn around and

help the next in line?” she said. “Our

seniors spend countless hours helping

our younger members, and it doesn’t

stop there. FMA alumni are incredibly

engaged. They recognize what the

organization provided them, and they

have a vested interest in its future.”



“What don’t you do?”

would be an appropriate

question for FMA’er

Chris Maurice who was

honored with the 2017-

2018 President’s Award

for the Harbert College

of Business.

Chris, who has passionately pursued his love

of entrepreneurship since 5th grade, has

dabbled in just about everything from shoe

manufacturing to search engine optimization

and professional writing services. Then, in his

sophomore year, Chris discovered Bitcoin and

hasn’t looked back (or stopped talking about

it) since.

In 2015, alongside longtime friend Justin

Poiroux, Chris founded Yellow Card Financial

with the vision of making cryptocurrency

readily available to anyone, anywhere. In

the years since, Yellow Card has grown to

accommodate cryptocurrency exchange in 17

countries across Africa, the Middle East, and

the United States, offering exotic currency

pairs and liquidity for local exchanges. They

will be launching their namesake product, the

Yellow Card, in retail stores across Africa

this summer.

Chris has presented Yellow Card and their

vision in Minnesota at eFest 2016, in Dallas

at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization GSEA, in

Boston at the Gathering of Titans Conference

at MIT, and in Lagos, Nigeria, at Blockchain

Nigeria. Chris recently returned from Nigeria

to raise more money, after which you might be

able to catch him in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda,

Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, or South Africa,

in no particular order. Chris plans to spend

the fall in Africa finalizing plans for their

Lagos office and getting things ready to go

across the continent.







Male student leader of

the year, mechanical

engineer finds himself

in investment banking.

Excerpt taken from full article that appeared

in The Auburn Plainsman

In most cases, a rising junior studying

mechanical engineering would think they

had their life all but figured out when they

secured an internship with ExxonMobil.

Jordan Carr found himself in this situation

a few years ago, but he had no idea that

by the end of his senior year, he would

find himself pursuing a career in

investment banking.

After a friend in FMA invited him to

a private information session with a

representative of Goldman Sachs, Carr

started to reconsider what he wanted to

do. He went into the internship with the

mindset that if he didn’t love engineering,

he would pursue investment banking.

Although he enjoyed the experience

and people at Exxon, Carr realized

engineering wasn’t for him. On his

return to Auburn, he decided to keep

the mechanical engineering major and

pick up a minor in finance. “It was either

I stick with something that I liked, and

yes, I’d probably be happy there, or do I

risk it for something an Auburn kid hasn’t

done in the past several years? And I’m

engineering. I’m not the typical finance

kid. And I have no idea if I even have a shot

against these Penn and Harvard kids, but I

really want to do this.”

The story of Carr’s transition to a radically

new career can’t be told without telling

a story of his involvement on campus,

which began with being elected president

of his fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta, his

sophomore year. “I grew up a lot during

that and made a lot of mistakes, but I think



that’s what you learn from,” Carr said with

a chuckle. Carr’s long list of involvements

throughout his time at Auburn also

included serving as a treasurer for IFC,

a director of ODK, member of SGA

Elections Board and member of his

fraternity’s judicial board.

“That’s when I started with the coffee,”

Carr said pointing to his large iced


However, one of his prouder experiences

at Auburn has been getting involved with

Financial Management Association, a

growing student organization meant to

optimize finance students’ pursuit of

their career. FMA is where Carr had the

realization that finance was the career

that he really wanted to pursue. He found

mentors in FMA, which Carr said was key

for him finding his feet.

This past year, he decided to give back

to the organization that had given him

so much, and he was elected president of

FMA. He was ecstatic about being able

to help form an organization that was

still in its infancy. “That made it really

fun — getting to apply what I feel like

I’ve learned from other things and now

getting to make such a substantial change,

hopefully, on the organization,” Carr said.

Through passion and hard work and with

the aid of peers and advisors, Carr helped

bring the organization to new heights,

which recently won him the award for

Male Student Leader of the Year at the

2018 Involvement Awards.

“At some universities, it seems like it’s a

negative thing to be involved, but for me,

I wouldn’t have had the entire student

experience if I didn’t get involved, and I

think involvement at Auburn has radically

changed my experience at Auburn, but

also what I want to do for the next four

years of my life and has taught me more

than the classroom,” Carr said.


Financial Management

Association members

start out with an

average salary of 93K -

The Auburn Plainsman


The following is an excerpt from the

full article that appeared in the Auburn

Plainsman on 4/20/18

Through providing training and business

connections to students, Auburn

University’s Financial Management

Association is in its fourth year of giving

students a head start in their career.

This year, 18 FMA members will graduate

from Auburn, and their average starting

salary is almost $94,000. The average

starting salary for Auburn business

graduates is around $55,000.

“If you think about the difference in

the top students and where the average

finance student is,” Carr said. “I believe

that a large portion of that nearly $40,000

difference is from value that FMA added.”

Tracy Richard, a lecturer for the school of

business and FMA Director, talks highly

of the program: “We had a lot of talented

students that were highly interested in

careers in finance, but we didn’t have

a solid vehicle for getting them there,”

Richard said. “I get a call at least once a

week from an Auburn alumnus who wants

to turn around and help finance students

successfully navigate a career.”

Carr said that FMA focuses on recruiting

freshmen and sophomore students to

have sufficient time to prepare them for

graduation. “They’re interested in finance,

and they’re willing to put in the work to

get to next level – those are the two big

things that we look for in applicants,”

Carr said. “They’re clearly interested in

the topic, they want to put in work to be

successful and be competitive in these

career paths, and also they have the

academics to back that up”

“The resources that we offer includes

training - we bring a company down from

New York twice a year to do Excel training

for our students, we have a mentorship

program, we do case competitions, we

have an advanced modeling class, we

host seminars for the HCOB and arrange

corporate visits for our members” Carr

said. “There’s a lot of stuff that we do

beyond the classroom.”

“With FMA you really receive support in

two ways, there’s the industry exposure

where FMA helps each student figure out

what area of finance they want to pursue,”

Carr said. “FMA then provides senior

mentors and online training courses and

resources that equip members for an

internship and ultimately a full-time job.”

“I joined FMA as an energetic freshman

who had some time to devote toward

something, but I didn’t know what,” said

Jimmy Brewster, sophomore in finance.

Brewster is interning in NYC for the

spring semester, and he has already

secured another internship in NYC for this

upcoming summer. “One of the biggest

things that FMA has given me is they’re

genuinely excited and interested in my

career and my success,” Brewster said. “I

think that’s one thing that is commonly

overlooked - Tracy and Jordan and the

members of this organization care so

much about each other’s success.”



Harbert College

graduation marshal

‘personifies excellence’

When instructors and fellow students are asked about

Harbert College of Business senior Zach Spencer, they

often quickly point out the finance student’s initiative.

“He personifies excellence, hard work, heart and

determination,” said Tracy Richard, an instructor

within Harbert College’s Finance Department

and director of Auburn’s Financial Management

Association (FMA) student honor society. “Never

have I seen a student combine all of these qualities

so masterfully.”

Not only was Spencer instrumental in transitioning

the Auburn Student Investment Fund from virtual

to real money, but he served on the SGA Academic

Grievance Committee, interned at SunTrust Robinson

Humphrey and later served as a White House intern

within the Office of American Innovation.

It’s no wonder that Spencer, who will soon become an

investment banking analyst at Wells Fargo Securities,

was selected as this spring’s Harbert College

graduation marshal.





Spencer offered much credit to his involvement in

the FMA. “I was the only freshman in the inaugural

class and wasn’t sure what area of finance I wanted

to pursue or how to begin preparing for my future,”

he said. “FMA was instrumental in all aspects of my

growth and career preparation, from creating an

impactful cover letter to preparing for investment

banking interviews. Membership also provided

talented peer mentors and opportunities to compete

in case competitions.

“Zach is a driving force not only for the Financial

Management Association, but also for the entire

Harbert College of Business. He was the only

freshman selected to this prestigious group in its

inaugural year, and he continues to inspire and

prepare students pursuing careers in finance,”

said Richard





Incoming FMA president Bailey Sullivan

awarded with Samford Scholarship



Bailey Sullivan’s grandfather sold bonds

on the New York Stock Exchange and her

father is a financial advisor at Morgan

Stanley. It makes sense that Sullivan,

a rising senior from Tampa, Fla., and

incoming president of Harbert College’s

Financial Management Association (FMA),

plans to follow in her family’s footsteps

and pursue a career in investment banking.

Sullivan, who will intern for a secondconsecutive

summer at Wells Fargo

Securities in New York City, credited her

experience with the FMA for “challenging

me to reach my full potential as a

young professional.”

“Through my relationship with the

organization and its members, I have

learned the importance of hard work, in

addition to the skills necessary for success

in my future career,” she said.

Sullivan has served as an SGA at-large

senator, vice president of operations for

the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen, and

is currently FMA’s Director of External

Engagement. As a result of her dedication

to leadership and service, she was presented

with the prestigious W. James Samford, Jr.,

Memorial Scholarship in February.

“When I initially applied for this

scholarship, I was struck by the legacy that

Mr. Samford left behind,” said Sullivan,

who is pursuing a degree in industrial

and systems engineering with a minor in

finance. “He was an honorable Auburn

man who made a lasting impact upon this

university through his hard work, vision

and determination.”

Sullivan, who will participate in the

Auburn Abroad program in China and

a half-marathon in San Diego over the

summer, was a member of FMA’s awardwinning

team at the Duff & Phelps

YOUniversity Deal Challenge, looks

forward to her upcoming role as

FMA president.

“This organization has challenged me as a

leader, student, and individual, and I look

forward to continuing its growth,” she said.




For the second year in a row, FMA sent student members to

New York City for two full days of learning, networking and

immersion in the financial services industry.

Building on last year’s trip, the group got an even closer look

at the intricacies of the New York Stock Exchange. Danny

Cannon, Managing Director at Oberon Securities met our

students on the exchange floor last year and offered to host

this year’s group. With more than 30 years of experience

across multiple sectors, Danny made sure that the students

got a good look at the various players on the floor. “The

stock exchange visit was an eye-opening experience,” said

A.J. Stanley, sophomore. “We were able to talk with market

makers and traders alike. Being on the floor and talking

to professionals in the field helped to make sense of the

transactional process that’s presented in the classroom.”

The group even got to visit with Delta Air Lines’ Designated

Market Maker, John McNierney.

In addition to visiting the exchange, FMA students were

hosted by executive teams from Goldman Sachs, MUFG

and JP Morgan. One of the things that made the visit so

meaningful was that current members and alumni alike took

a vested interest in the programming. Stan Harris and Kelly

Cash, both Auburn alumni, arranged for the students to hear

FMA members with NYSE Host, Daniel Cannon


from several executives across different

groups at Goldman Sachs.

“We’re making moves - thoughtfully,”

said FMA senior Timothy Strader. “As

our students get out and accept positions

at firms where we don’t have strong

placement history, it’s critical to reach

back and widen the door of opportunity

for the next in line.” Strader and Kathleen

Leavitt, both FMA graduating seniors,

arranged info sessions and executive

presentations with their soon-to-be full

time employers, JP Morgan and MUFG.

The visit to JP Morgan included an

invitation to sit in on the morning market

debrief - where JP Morgan executives

across the nation digitally present market

updates, strategy and best practices to

employees across the globe.

“The trip was a whirlwind,” said Leavitt.

“We missed the first day of meetings due

to a bad winter storm - leaving Auburn at

2 pm on a Tuesday and finally arriving in

New York at 1 am Thursday. We packed

a lot into the 36 hours we were there!”

MUFG hosted the Auburn students for

an informational lunch that included

presentations on investment grade credit

sales, debt capital markets and US equity

sales and trading.

The highlight for many was the Auburn

alumni event, which was coordinated to

line up with the FMA student visit. It was

here that students got to connect with

Auburn alumni and former FMA members,

now working full time in New York City.

Seven FMA alums made it to the social,

including Rushton Scott (FMA ‘17), who

works in Atlanta but happened to be in

New York with STRH that week. “It was

pretty impactful to look around the room

and see seven FMA alums - knowing that

number will continue to grow, along with

the FMA program. It makes you feel good

about what we’ve done and where we’re

going.” FMA will add seven additional

members to the NYC population this

summer, between full time starts,

internships and summer training.


The FMA-NYC alumni base continues to grow.


Reaching New Heights






AGC Partners - Boston

Thomas Collier - intern

American Airlines - Dallas

Matt Swedenburg - intern

Matthew Dowd - intern

Angel Oak Capital - Atlanta

Mitwa Patel - intern

Ethan Reback - intern

Arlington Wealth - Birmingham

Daniel Robinson

Ashford Advisors - Atlanta

Abby Gipson - intern

Bank of America Merrill Lynch -


Lauren Spiwak - intern

BASF – Raleigh

Dustin Watts

BBVA - Birmingham

Sam Schuessler

BB&T – Winston-Salem

Braden Pichel

Cobbs Allen - Birmingham

Josh Horton

Cornerstone Investment Mgmt.

David Thomas – intern, Birmingham

Credit Suisse - Houston

Jimmy Brewster - intern 2019

Crestmark – Boynton Beach

Brittany Clark - intern

Delta Airlines - Atlanta

Emily Kravec - intern

Matt Hultstrand - intern

Duff & Phelps - Atlanta

Mark Bergmeister

ExxonMobil - Houston

Kate Bagley - intern

Eddie Neyman - intern

Fenwick Brands - Birmingham

Cole Crumrine - intern

Founders - Birmingham

Nathan Stein- intern

Girls Who Invest

Jenny Herrell - intern

JP Morgan

Timothy Strader - Los Angeles

Katie Gründer - Boston

Tyler Fraebel - Dallas

LP Partners - Dallas

Jack Albert - intern

McKinley & Associates

Russell Noletto - intern

Moelis & Co. - NYC

Jordan Carr - M&A

MUFG Securities - NYC

Kathleen Leavitt - S&T

New Capital - Birmingham

Price Delk - intern

Northwestern Mutual – Jacksonville

Carson King - intern

Office of Alumni Affairs - Auburn

Cameron Rice - intern

Piper Jaffray - Charlotte

Nick Pope - intern


David Bucko - Charlotte

John Tapp - Atlanta

William Cole - Atlanta

Joseph McCormick - intern

AJ Stanley - intern

Annie Gigliotti - DPO, Orlando

Brady Johnson - FDP, intern

Sabre - Southlake, TX

Toby Snook - intern

Southwest Airlines - Dallas

Matthew Dowd - intern

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey -


Madison Langman

Haley McDonnell - intern

Ty Lamar - intern

Stephens Investment Bank

Judson Smith - Dallas

Sysco - Atlanta

Matthew Campbell - intern

University of Chicago - Masters

Ben Morgan

Unum Group - Atlanta

Trent Baggerly

Valence Group - NYC

Jimmy Brewster - intern

Victoria’s Secret - Columbus

Abby Jardine - intern

Wealth Strategies, LLC

Michael Byron - intern

Wells Fargo Securities

Bailey Sullivan - intern NYC

Ari Alexander - intern NYC

Zach Spencer - Charlotte

Yenni Capital - NYC

Jimmy Brewster - intern spring



Joseph McAdory


This year, Auburn FMA nominated

Stan Lewis (Auburn ’05 graduate)

for the Auburn University Young

Alumni Achievement Award. The

following article was written as

part of that nomination. We are

truly grateful for Stan’s support,

mentorship and involvement.

Stan Lewis believes in giving back … to his talented employees

and his alma mater’s top talent. Not only does the chief of staff

and CFO for Goldman Sachs Real Estate Investment Banking

help motivate and retain investment bankers, but he also serves

as a key professional source for Auburn Financial Management

Association students.

“It’s making sure that students can know that they can call me and

a number of other people here in New York or other financial hubs

and ask, ‘Hey, I’m looking into this. What do you think?’ or, ‘What

do I need to know about investment banking or trading?’” said

the 2005 Harbert College graduate. “A lot of students don’t have

access to this information without having access to somebody

who’s been through it.”

Lewis started at Goldman Sachs in New York City in 2008, and

served in executive capacities with Goldman in Hong Kong and

London before returning to New York last year.

“It would be naïve for anybody to think that they have made it on

their own,” Lewis said. “It would be incredibly selfish & shortsighted

not to help other people, as well. Your career is not 100

percent yours. You need people helping you and I’ve had plenty of

people along the way, whether it was conversation or writing an

email to help get me where I am. I enjoy doing that for others.”

Lewis is particularly impressed with Auburn’s award-winning

FMA Honor Society and the recent finance graduates coming out

of the program.

“I think that the caliber of people that I have met through

Auburn’s finance program … I would put them up against

anybody,” he said. “They have some incredibly bright, dedicated,

humble, and inquisitive young people. It will be very exciting to

see where they are five to ten years from now.

“When I was at Auburn, getting to New York as a graduate was

difficult, if not impossible. But what FMA and the Harbert College

of Business has done there is incredible. They have rallied the

Auburn alumni family’s support and done so much, changing

the mindset to ‘You can make it to New York. You can work for

Goldman Sachs. You can work at JP Morgan, or equivalent.’”

Part of Lewis’ everyday challenge at Goldman Sachs is retaining

top-level talent. He said a culture of new undergraduates in the

field have the mindset to transfer “after two years and move on to

something else.”

“We’re saying, ‘Look, this is a long-term career for our best and

our brightest, and we want to make sure that we keep the people

that fit that bill.”

Lewis said part of his job is helping employees figure out for

themselves, and the company, what their goals are, and what can

be done to help facilitate these goals.

“A lot of my time is focusing on how I maximize good will for

our corporation and our clients by giving people what they are

looking for out of their careers and minimizing things that they

are looking to avoid, where possible” he added.




7 Number of case

competitions that members

participated in this year



15 States where FMA grades

are now working full time

(plus Seamus in Dublin!)

93,600 Average starting

compensation for 2018 FMA


101 Applications to FMA this

academic year

23 Number of new members


14 Sophomores with


FMA hosted its first

regional alumni event in

Atlanta this summer.

FMA alums enjoy a tailgate

16 Student diversity

leadership programs attended

35 Finance/career related

books available for FMA

members to read & return in

the FMA library

Garrett Clemons ‘15 joined

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLC

as a Senior Manufacturing IT

Associate in Birmingham. Garrett

has grown to be one of the

leading Subject Matter Experts on

Smart Manufacturing and Digital


697 Cumulative student

hours spent on Wall Street Prep




Blake Martin ’15 married

Kelsey Curet on 6/30/18

Updates cont.

Cory Brinkman ’17 arranged for

FMA to visit with Hoover High’s

Finance Academy this spring

Gehrig Nelson ’15 married Melanie Harris on 12/9/17

Kaitlyn O’Connor

’15 is now attending

Vanderbilt’s Owen

Graduate School of


Krista Alexon ’17

(previously with Wells

Fargo) joined Silicon

Valley Bank in Atlanta

as an associate in their

Credit Solutions Group

Paul Aukstolis ’15 got his

masters at Georgia Tech

and is now with Prudential

Global Investment

Management in Atlanta

Sagar Leva ’16

is attending


Pritzker School

of Law

James Kay ’16 (previously with

Stephens Inc.) is an Associate

at Insight Equity in Dallas.

Insight Equity makes control

investments in strategically

viable, middle market, assetintensive

companies across a

wide range of industries, and

manages approximately

$1.5 Billion


Reaching New Heights—Support

We want

to thank



Alumni Sponsors

We raised $3000 in the 2017-2018

academic year and used the funds to

help offset some of the Training the

Street expenses for our members.

Your donations helped to make these

training sessions more affordable for

our students. This training helps to

set our members apart from other

applicants in the field.

Rachel Abel ‘15

Neil Kinnebrew ‘15

Peter Lund ‘15

Blake Martin ‘15

Kaitlyn O’Connor ‘15

Caroline Clothiaux ‘16

Austin Howard ‘16

Thank you for showing your commitment

to Auburn FMA. The additional training,

programming and opportunities afforded our

student members could not be done without our

amazing alumni. We are especially grateful to

those alums that not only gave financially, but also

reached out to help our members with mentoring

and recruitment. Our graduates in the field have

been critically instrumental in the growth and

recruitment of our current members.

FMA Executive Sponsors

We would like to thank our executive donors, Chris Baker, John Bright, Betsy

Bagley and John Hornsby, who have invested not only monetarily, but also

of their time. These individuals believe in our mission to support motivated

students with the tools that they need to reach their full potential.

Hudson Joyner ‘16

James Kay ‘16

Sagar Leva ‘16

Benjamin McCooey ‘16

Shane Mulqueen ‘16

David Alderman ‘17

Krista Alexon ‘17

Cory Brinkman ‘17

Andrew May ‘17

Jason McKinley ‘17

Kelly Morris ‘17

Drake Pooley ‘17

Daniel Robinson ‘17

Rushton Scott ‘17

Darby Steinberger ‘17

Corbin Tips ‘17

Haley Walraven ‘17



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