CosBeauty Magazine #82

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia.

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia.


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ISSUE 82 NOV-JAN 2019<br />

SPECIAL PRICE $9.95<br />

Let’s get<br />

this party<br />

started!<br />





Christmas<br />

Gift Guide<br />

9 771833 383011<br />

ISSN 1834-383X<br />




The CSA Philosophy<br />



Vitamin C fights free<br />

radicals to help prevent<br />

fine lines, wrinkles, sun<br />

spots and uneven<br />

pigmentation.<br />


80% of skin ageing is<br />

caused by sun exposure.<br />

Fight back with a broad<br />

spectrum sunscreen<br />

applied every day.<br />


Vitamin A resurfaces skin<br />

to fade fine lines and<br />

wrinkles while promoting<br />

a brighter, radiant, more<br />

even-toned complexion.<br />

Discover more today<br />

www.medik8.com.au<br />

@medik8australia<br />

Medik8 is a registered trademark

aox ferulic<br />

by mesoestetic ®<br />

State-of-the-art antioxidant concentrate by mesoestetic<br />

Protects against cellular oxidation & ageing caused<br />

by sun, screens and the environment<br />

Reduction of free<br />

radicals<br />

DNARenewal: THE FOUNDER<br />

Reduction of oxidation<br />

caused by IR radiation<br />

Duration of antioxidant<br />

protection<br />

Firmness & general<br />

improvement of skin<br />

quality<br />

Radiance<br />

Dr. Ronald L. Moy, renowned scientist, researcher, dermatologist, and cosmetic surgeon,<br />

has dedicated his life’s work to understanding the impact of photo damage on skin’s health and aging.<br />

Today, DNARenewal marks the culmination of his passion to create a clinically proven regimen that<br />

Advanced effectively helps antioxidant repair photodamaged and aging cell skin. protective concentrate


Breast surgery from $6999<br />

by a female cosmetic surgeon<br />

Breast augmentation can enhance<br />

the natural size and shape of your<br />

breasts to achieve a more feminine<br />

shape and balanced figure.<br />

Dr Hogan brings a woman’s<br />

perspective to breast<br />

augmentation and this is<br />

particularly helpful with<br />

younger patients presenting<br />

for the first time.<br />

Dr Lucinda Hogan<br />

BSc, BDSc(Hons), Post Grad<br />

Dip(OMFS), MBBS, FACCS<br />

For more information or to<br />

make an appointment call<br />

07 5588 4777<br />

cosmedic&<br />

Southport | Gold Coast<br />

skin clinic<br />

Level 2, Pivotal Point<br />

50 Marine Parade, Southport<br />

www.cosmedic.com.au<br />

cosmedic& skin clinic

&<br />

Radiate<br />

beauty<br />

confidence<br />

Using the latest technologies, our team of experts<br />

is committed to help you achieve natural-looking<br />

results in a relaxed and friendly setting.<br />

Come in and experience the Skin Renu difference.<br />

Our comprehensive treatment menu includes:<br />

world-class wrinkle reduction and<br />

lip enhancement<br />

laser skin rejuvenation<br />

CoolSculpting non-surgical fat reduction<br />

Thermage non-surgical face lifting<br />

medical peels<br />

clinic-only premium skincare<br />

Call us to book a complimentary consultation<br />

02 9555 9506<br />

www.skinrenu.com.au<br />

16B Beattie St, Balmain, Sydney

The first breathable colour corrective<br />

foundation with 12 active ingredients<br />

Design the perfect LOOK for every MOMENT<br />


T: 1800 242 011 E: cs@advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au


44 Fight the Good Fight<br />

Being vigilant about combating<br />

free radical damage is essential<br />

to decreasing oxidative stress<br />

and premature ageing of skin.<br />


10 Editor’s Letter<br />

12 Beauty Insider<br />

114 Ed’s Faves<br />


24 Cocolux<br />

Candles to die for!<br />

Australian brand Cocolux<br />

has revolutionised the<br />

home fragrance market by<br />

combining eco considerations<br />

with luxury design.<br />

62 All About Breasts<br />

Dr John Flynn and Dr Lucinda<br />

Hogan discuss breast surgery<br />

including breast augmentation,<br />

lift and reduction.<br />

72 #BYEBUYBUY<br />

Australian haircare brand evo<br />

continues to shake up the<br />

industry status quo with the<br />

launch of the ‘don’t buy it –<br />

beauty is abundant, not in a<br />

bottle’ global brand campaign.<br />

96 Maintaining your<br />

Insta-ready Smile<br />

Party season is nearly here so<br />

make sure your pearly whites<br />

are Instagram ready.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

34 Pore Obsessed? Play it Down<br />

Enlarged pores affect many<br />

women’s attitude to their<br />

complexion. Stop despairing<br />

and do something about them<br />

with Medik8 Pore Refining<br />

Solution.<br />

52 Let’s Get this Party Started<br />

A party is always more fun<br />

when you know you’re looking<br />

your best. These make-up<br />

goodies are real party starters<br />

and will have you strutting your<br />

stuff for the festive season.<br />

70 Hair We Go<br />

Dust off your tiara - regular<br />

use of these quality products<br />

will make sure your hair is your<br />

crowning glory and not your<br />

worst nightmare.<br />

94 Expert Secrets to Brow<br />

Perfection<br />

Amy Jean, dubbed the Brow<br />

Queen, shares her tips for<br />

perfect brows.

Christmas<br />

Gift Guide<br />

Page 78<br />

SKIN<br />

28 Love the Skin You’re In<br />

Being positive about ourselves<br />

includes self care and looking after<br />

our skin – not just to look our best<br />

but for survival.<br />

38 Block it Out –<br />

Don’t fall victim to sun-damaged<br />

skin or, worse yet, skin cancer. Here’s<br />

how to choose the best sunscreens<br />

for blocking damaging uv rays.<br />

48 Out Damned Spot<br />

Not all spots are made equal, and<br />

as we forge into warmer weather it’s<br />

more important than ever to protect<br />

our skin against the different types<br />

of pigmentation.<br />


58 Ciao Cellulite<br />

A revolutionary new Italian treatment<br />

for cellulite has hit Australian shores.<br />

66 Sexual Healing<br />

This very personal procedure can<br />

empower women to lead happier and<br />

more liberated lives.<br />

102 Beautiful in Santa Barbara<br />

There’s much to do in Santa Barbara<br />

– but its abundance of day spas and<br />

wellness centres make it the ultimate<br />

destination for an extreme self-care<br />

escape.<br />

108 Marvellous Maude<br />

If you do nothing else on your next<br />

trip to Beverly Hills, be sure you visit<br />

Curtis Stone’s intimate fine dining<br />

room, Maude.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 9

From the<br />

EDITOR<br />

I<br />

love this time of year. Everyone is in party mode, the days are longer<br />

and there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to entertain us. Of course,<br />

summer time brings its own unique challenges: too much sun exposure,<br />

dry and scaly skin and the dreaded hair frizz; not to mention the<br />

annual ritual of braving the beach in a swimsuit.<br />

In the pages of this issue we offer you some solutions to manage<br />

the worst of these: Block it Out on page 38 explains how to choose an effective<br />

sunscreen; Love the Skin You’re In on page 28 showcases the best face and body<br />

products to keep your skin hydrated and smooth; and Hair We Go on page 70<br />

has the best-of-the-best hair products for shiny and manageable locks.<br />

We love the new brand campaign #byebuybuy from EVO Hair and on page<br />

72 we feature some of their amazing graphics. In this age of overconsumption,<br />

it’s a timely reminder that most of us already have too much ‘stuff’. Simplifying<br />

and decluttering are important ways to help us feel grounded and more mindful.<br />

It’s also important to take time out for some ‘self care’, and even if we can’t<br />

travel to a spa like those featured in the Santa Barbara article on page 102, we<br />

can create a haven at home by surrounding ourselves with some of our favourite<br />

products and burning some gorgeous candles - whatever makes you feel relaxed<br />

and special.<br />

With the festive season just around the corner, check out our article on page<br />

96 for ways to make sure your smile is dazzling and your teeth are in tip-top<br />

condition, at the ready for those Instagram party pics. On page 52 we have a<br />

piece on party makeup products and our fabulous Christmas Gift Guide starts on<br />

page 78. We have brought together the best-of-the-best for this shopping guide –<br />

you can get some great ideas or make your own list for Santa!<br />

Have a fabulous Christmas and a safe New Year and enjoy some special time<br />

with family and friends. Stay safe.<br />

Issue 82<br />

November 2018 - January 2019<br />

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• The first device to harness microwave<br />

frequencies that target deeper layers while<br />

keeping the skin cool and comfortable<br />

• COOLWAVES deliver 80% of thermal effects<br />

to target tissue with only 20% of heating<br />

affecting the skin surface<br />

• Complete body contouring - Fat, Cellulite &<br />

Skin Tightening in one user-friendly device<br />

• Effective skin-tightening with greater comfort<br />

than other wavelengths<br />

• Achieves cellulite reduction with absolute<br />

comfort & less treatments<br />

• The latest innovation from DEKA, Europe’s leader<br />

in aesthetic medicine technology for over 30 years<br />



Phone 1300 309 233<br />

www.hightechmedical.com.au<br />


@cosbeauty<br />

Beauty insider<br />




International cult beauty brand,<br />

Flower Beauty, will be exclusively<br />

available in over 300 Chemist<br />

Warehouse stores nationally as of<br />

January 2019.<br />

The 100% cruelty-free and<br />

affordable luxe cosmetic brand is<br />

the brainchild of award-winning<br />

actress and entrepreneur Drew<br />

Barrymore and is inspired by her<br />

years of experience in the makeup<br />

artist’s chair.<br />

Flower Beauty is one of the fastest<br />

growing cosmetic brands in the US.<br />

Aimed at empowering women to<br />

embrace their own form of beauty,<br />

each product in the range is imbued<br />

with Drew’s signature soulful style<br />

and optimism.

@cosbeauty<br />


Hot off the back of fashion weeks<br />

globally, international session stylist<br />

and TIGI Brand Ambassador Michele<br />

McQuillan talks through the latest hair<br />

trends to hit the catwalks this season:<br />

‘It was all about gothic referencing;<br />

from drowning witches to being burnt at<br />

the stake. Bringing these themes to life<br />

were gender neutral blunt haircuts and<br />

colours in mainly darker shades. Colours<br />

were the deepest of tones, creating a<br />

high impact statement.<br />

‘A look like this can be achieved by<br />

utilising TIGI Copyright Creative, a<br />

permanent colour collection, allowing<br />

true deep and the ability to offer true<br />

saturation of colour, whilst maintaining<br />

high impact shine.<br />

‘To juxtapose the gothic trend, healthy<br />

haircuts with blanket natural looking<br />

colours marched down the runways.<br />

These are androgynous haircuts, with or<br />

without fringes, designed to emphasise<br />

healthy looking hair. To recreate this look<br />

a personalised TIGI Copyright haircare<br />

regime and in-salon SOS treatment or<br />

booster treatment are perfect to assist in<br />

the healthy hair.’<br />



Pretty Vulgar cosmetics embody<br />

the fact that, as indiduals, we<br />

are beautiful, multifaceted<br />

contradictions. The makeup styles<br />

are motivated by the colorful<br />

diversity of beautiful birdlife.<br />

Just like our elegant feathered<br />

friends, the products are equally<br />

dainty and inspired by an eclectic<br />

vintage aesthetic.<br />

Conceived by a group of industry<br />

veterans, innovators and makeup<br />

artists, these cruelty-free makeup<br />

formulations are developed free of<br />

parabens, sulfates and phthalates.<br />

The choice isn’t pretty or vulgar, but<br />

to blend, blur and mix into colors<br />

that are uniquely you.<br />

Available exclusively in Sephora<br />

www.prettyvulgar.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 13

@cosbeauty<br />



All eyes were on Meghan the<br />

Duchess of Sussex while she and<br />

Harry toured Australia. It was<br />

hard not to notice how incredibly<br />

polished she always looked; not<br />

just in what she wears, but most<br />

importantly her radiant skin!<br />

Her makeup artist, Min Min Ma<br />

chose a product that we can<br />

all easily get our hands on –<br />

Jane Iredale’s Peaches & Cream<br />

Bronzer Refill.<br />

The beauty of this product<br />

is that it’s made up of three<br />

different shimmers and one<br />

matte shade that each work as<br />

individual colours but also look<br />

gorgeous mixed together. Four<br />

complementary shades that can<br />

be swept across lips, eyes and<br />

cheeks to contour and highlight<br />

for the same luxurious look.<br />

www.janeiredale.com.au<br />




BEAUTY<br />

Europe’s number one online<br />

beauty retailer has landed<br />

in Australia. lookfantastic.<br />

com.au is home to over 250<br />

brands, offering global, cult<br />

and exclusive beauty brands<br />

for the savvy Australian beauty<br />

enthusiast.<br />

Gone are the days of Aussies<br />

making the trip overseas to<br />

purchase their beloved beauty<br />

wants. Featuring the best in<br />

skincare, haircare and makeup<br />

globally, lookfantastic AU opens<br />

online with internationally<br />

renowned beauty brands<br />

alongside Australian exclusives<br />

such as Zelens, making beauty<br />

more readily available and easier<br />

to shop on mobile or with a click<br />

of a mouse.<br />

The site offers a shopping<br />

experience that boasts<br />

seasonal edits, expert advice,<br />

and all-time brand favourites.<br />

Establishing lookfantastic in<br />

Australia is a key step in The Hut<br />

Group’s ambition to become<br />

the #1 global online premium<br />

beauty retailer. As part of this<br />

strategy, THG has streamlined<br />

its portfolio, rebranding<br />

SkinCareStore.com.au as<br />

lookfantastic.com.au.<br />

‘We are passionate about<br />

beauty and delivering what<br />

customers want with speed<br />

and agility. Our mission is to<br />

accelerate Australians’ access<br />

to exclusive brands, emerging<br />

innovation and leading beauty<br />

expertise,’ said Caroline<br />

McKenna, Regional Manager,<br />

lookfantastic Australia.<br />


@cosbeauty<br />


Juicy Couture, the company<br />

that set the world on fire with<br />

the ‘designer tracksuit’, has<br />

now launched its own makeup<br />

range. The collection will<br />

include an eyeshadow palette,<br />

lipsticks and eyeliner.<br />

Inspired by their latest<br />

fragrance Oui, each product<br />

in the range echoes the<br />

‘independent spirit’ that is the<br />

fragrance, with accented gold<br />

stoppers, glitter flecks and<br />

rainbow shades to match.<br />

www. juicycouture.com<br />




In celebration of bold and<br />

confident women, Ella Baché is<br />

proud to partner with Australian<br />

artist Kerry Armstrong to bring to<br />

life ‘The Art of Glowing Skin’ this<br />

Christmas. This limited-edition<br />

collection of Skin Solution Gift<br />

Boxes, adorned with exclusive<br />

artworks, brings a fresh new look<br />

to your gift giving this season.<br />

Armstrong’s bold colour and<br />

signature brush strokes capture<br />

the spirit of the festive season<br />

with a playfulness and sense of<br />

femininity – bringing to life the<br />

Art of Ella Baché with confidence<br />

and style.<br />

‘I created the artwork by<br />

painting directly onto Belgian<br />

linen, treating the canvas like a<br />

second skin to express the beauty<br />

and festive energy of the holiday<br />

season. I liken this to using the<br />

right skincare; the right canvas<br />

makes a world of difference,’<br />

explained Kerry Armstrong.<br />

Art meets science in this<br />

creative collaboration, offering<br />

luxurious and results-driven Skin<br />

Solutions. This exclusive collection<br />

and treatments are available<br />

from late October 2018 at all Ella<br />

Baché salons, David Jones stores<br />

nationally and ellabache.com.au<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 15

‘<br />

‘Women who stay<br />

themselves are al<br />

interesting and be<br />

women like Frida<br />

O’Keeffe and Anna<br />

– women who ha<br />

allure and eleganc<br />

submit to any sta<br />

– they defined it.’

true to<br />

ways more<br />

autiful to me:<br />

Kahlo, Georgia<br />

Magnani<br />

ve style, chic,<br />

e. They didn’t<br />

ndard of beauty<br />


elegance<br />

Isabella Rossellini

style, chic,<br />

allure<br />


Frida Kahlo

Anna Magnani<br />

Georgia O’Keeffe



Cocolux<br />





Cocolux candles could quite possibly be<br />

the most beautiful candles in the world.<br />

The fact they are eco-friendly and made<br />

from only the best quality ingredients is just an<br />

added bonus.<br />

The name is derived from ‘coco’, which refers<br />

to coconut and ‘lux’, which is Latin for light.<br />

Inspired by nature, the brand’s luxury scented<br />

candles are made of earth-friendly coconut<br />

wax, at a time when the majority of candles<br />

still contain petroleum derived paraffin and<br />

unsustainably produced soy wax. In addition,<br />

Cocolux candles come in pure copper, brass<br />

and onyx vessels which can be fully recycled<br />

or upcycled once the wax has melted. Repurposed<br />

as containers for flower arrangements,<br />

pens or beauty brush holders, they become chic<br />

home décor collectibles to mix and match.

From November 2018, Cocolux will further<br />

incentivise customers to reuse rather than throwaway<br />

by launching wax refills for its small, large<br />

and grande candles, making it both more costeffective<br />

and environmentally friendly to indulge.<br />

By reconciling environmental values with<br />

luxury, Cocolux has hit a chord with trendsetters<br />

and key store buyers, securing prime shelf space at<br />

major department stores around the world in just<br />

over three years, from its humble beginnings in a<br />

Sydney home garage.<br />

Meisha Strykowski, Cocolux founder and<br />

creative director explains: ‘The idea for Cocolux<br />

came as I was expecting my second child. I had an<br />

addiction to scented candles and cushions, both<br />

of which I was secretly stockpiling without my<br />

husband’s knowledge. It was at that time I started<br />

to look into the composition of the candles I was<br />

burning and discovered wax paraffin was a biproduct<br />

of petroleum hydrogenated. I also learned<br />

about the significant deforestation associated<br />

with the production of soy and palm and decided<br />

to come up with a sustainable, all natural<br />

alternative. It took a year of trial and error mixing<br />

in my kitchen to develop the pure coconut-based<br />

wax for our candles.<br />

‘Organic by nature, coconut wax comes from<br />

its raw material, the coconut flesh. Production is<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 25


sustainable and free from toxins, the use<br />

of pesticides and the need for<br />

deforestation. Cocolux candles are<br />

guaranteed free from soy, palm and<br />

paraffin wax. All our ingredients are also<br />

cruelty-free. Our respect for nature, and<br />

commitment to act responsibly, sits at the<br />

heart of our brand philosophy.<br />

‘All our products are made in Australia<br />

from local and carefully sourced materials.<br />

We research suppliers according to their<br />

ethical track record, as well as the quality<br />

of what they have to offer,’ she says.<br />

After just over three years, Cocolux is<br />

stocked globally across Australia, New<br />

Zealand, UAE, the USA, the UK and<br />

the rest of Europe with new partners<br />

coming on board every day. Cocolux<br />

can be found in leading department<br />

stores including Selfridges UK, Tangs<br />

Singapore, Nordstrom USA, John Lewis<br />

and Bloomingdales in Dubai and David<br />

Jones Australia.

What makes<br />

a Cocolux<br />

candle special?<br />

Meisha Strykowski<br />



Vessels are polished solid brass and<br />

copper, ethically handcrafted in India.<br />


ONYX<br />

All of the onyx pieces are original with<br />

different veining and patterning, which<br />

makes each piece uniquely beautiful.<br />


Cocolux prides itself on using a natural<br />

blend of coconut wax. The coconut<br />

oil is blended with a small amount of<br />

natural beeswax to create the perfect<br />

clean burning candle experience.<br />

4. NO NASTIES<br />

Paraffin wax free; palm oil free; soy<br />

wax free; cruelty free; not tested on<br />

animals; carcinogen free.<br />


Cocolux candles use 100% pure<br />

cotton, lead-free wicks, chosen to<br />

suit each candle size and provide a<br />

seamless clean burning experience.<br />

6. BURN TIME<br />

Due to the high quality of materials,<br />

Cocolux candles sustain an<br />

impressively long burn time when<br />

looked after carefully.<br />


Each candle has a velvet covering to<br />

the base of the vessel to ensure your<br />

surfaces stay protected.<br />

8. 100% RECYCLABLE<br />

True to its environmentally conscious<br />

philosophy, all vessels are 100%<br />

recyclable. Each vessel can be recycled<br />

into a vase, desk organiser,<br />

beauty brush holder... the possibilities<br />

are endless.<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

Online store www.cocoluxaustralia.com<br />

or Dolce Vita Skin 02 4365 1173<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 27


LOVE<br />

THE<br />

SKIN<br />

YOU’RE<br />

IN<br />






Our skin is the largest organ of the body and<br />

is important for protecting us from microbes<br />

and the elements, helping to regulate our body<br />

temperature, and permitting the sensations of touch,<br />

heat, and cold.<br />

It consists of two main layers, the dermis and<br />

epidermis, and it varies in thickness and the number<br />

of hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat glands in<br />

different areas of the body. If our skin isn’t functioning<br />

properly, neither are we.<br />

These specialised products are some of the best on<br />

the market for ensuring the skin of our face and our<br />

bodies is in tip-top condition.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 29

1.<br />

2.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

4.<br />

3.<br />

1. Generation Clay<br />

Purifying Pink Clay Mask, $39<br />

5.<br />

2. Generation Clay<br />

Brightening Purple<br />

Clay Mask, $39<br />

3. Rare Glacial Glow, $160<br />

4. Dr. Spiller Jojoba<br />

Peeling Creme, $68<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

5. Sisley Hydra-Global<br />

Anti-Aging Hydration<br />

Booster, $310<br />

6. Skeyndor My Mask<br />

Fresh Sorbet, $67<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

7. Alpha-H Multivitamin<br />

Super Cream, $75<br />

8. Sisley Restorative<br />

Facial Cream, $210<br />

9. mesoestetic<br />

hydra-vital face mask, $78<br />

8.<br />

10. DNA<br />

Renewal DNA Foaming<br />

Gel Cleanser, $39<br />

11. mesoestetic<br />

Radiance DNA Intensive<br />

Cream, $148.50

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1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

1. Priori Active Cleanser, $66<br />

4.<br />

6.<br />

2. La Mav Gentle<br />

& Clean Hydra-Calm<br />

Cleansing Creme, $32.95<br />

3. Skinceuticals Gentle<br />

Cleanser, $60<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

4. Paula’s Choice<br />

The UnScrub, $37<br />

5. Alpha-H Micro Cleanse<br />

Super Scrub, $49.95<br />

6. Ginger & Me Be Happy<br />

Body Butter, $49.95<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

7. Rejuvaphyl Enzyme<br />

Exfoliating Cleanser, $36<br />

10.<br />

8. Environ Focus Care Clarity+<br />

Sebu-Wash Gel Cleanser, $70<br />

9.<br />

9. Formula 10.0.6<br />

Butter Up Moisturizing<br />

Body Stick, $11.95<br />


50+ Anthelios XL, $29.95<br />

11. Murad Outsmart Blemish<br />

Clarifying Treatment, $70<br />

12. Skinstitut Age<br />

Defence SPF 50+, $49<br />

32 www.cosbeauty.com.au

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />


Toleriane Ultra Intense<br />

Soothing Care Daily<br />

Moisturiser, $39.95<br />


Toleriane Ultra Nuit<br />

Intense Soothing Care<br />

Overnight Moisturiser, $39.95<br />


Toleriane Ultra Intense Eye<br />

Contour, $34.95<br />

4.<br />


Toleriane Teint Corrective<br />

Foundation, $39.95<br />

5. Bio Effect<br />

OSA Water Mist, $59.95<br />

5.<br />

6. Jane Iredale Hydration<br />

Spray Lemongrass Love, $49<br />

6.<br />

7. Priori Brightening<br />

Serum, $165<br />

8. Crocodile Golden 8<br />

Face Serum, $39.95<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

9. Murad Revitalixir<br />

Recovery Serum, $89<br />

10. Bio Effect Micellar<br />

Cleansing Water, $89.95<br />

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SKIN<br />

Pore<br />


play it down<br />




If you’re obsessed with the size of your pores, then<br />

you’re not alone. According to a survey of nearly<br />

2,000 participants in the US, 45 per cent of<br />

women would change the size of their pores if they<br />

could, and almost a third are more worried about<br />

pore size than wrinkles. There’s even a name for this<br />

preoccupation with pore size - ‘porexia’!<br />

There are actually two types of pores in our skin<br />

– sweat pores and oil pores. Sweat glands are very<br />

small, while oil pores are actually hair follicles. Each<br />

hair follicle contains a sebaceous gland that produces<br />

oil (sebum), and these are the pores that are more<br />

obvious and can become blocked – the culprits of our<br />

obsession with our complexions.<br />

On average, we have about five million pores on<br />

our body, with approximately 20,000 on our face<br />

alone. They are dynamic and constantly shift, so<br />

when hormones spike during ovulation, they can<br />

become very large. Then, as hormone levels decrease,<br />

they will shrink again. Hormonal highs and lows<br />

around pregnancy or menopause can also cause pores<br />

to look larger.<br />

The really bad news is the older we get, the<br />

larger our pores appear. When our body’s natural<br />

production of elastin and collagen drops with age, we<br />

gradually lose volume and the skin becomes looser,<br />

making our pores look even larger.<br />

Although we can’t change the size of our pores,<br />

we can take steps to make them appear smaller and<br />

return to their pre-stretched state. Medik8’s new<br />

Pore Refining solution contains 5 high performance<br />

products designed to smooth and perfect the<br />

complexion. Featuring premium actives such as<br />

mandelic acid and red clover extract, it refines the<br />

skin while controlling oil production for pores that<br />

are virtually undetectable.<br />

“There are many different pathways to enlarged<br />

pores. Many people have a genetic disposition to more<br />

visible pores from their genes, and others will notice<br />

that their pore size fluctuates with hormone levels<br />

over time,’ explains Daniel Isaacs, Formulation and<br />

Development Director of Medik8.<br />

‘This is because hormones can change the<br />

amount of sebum your skin is producing. Pores<br />

stretch to accommodate for the oil flowing through<br />

them. Sebum can also harden and oxidise to form<br />

blackheads, which leave pores even more noticeable.<br />

Time is also a major factor that affects pore size; as our<br />

skin loses elasticity, the pore walls lose their structure<br />

and are left enlarged.<br />

The ingredients in the new Medik8 Pore Refining<br />

range change the game for women who want to<br />

improve their complexion by minimising the<br />

appearance of their pores.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 35

SKIN<br />



L-Mandelic Acid Pore<br />

Refining Gel<br />

Deeply clarify pores and remove daily<br />

impurities with Pore Cleanse Gel<br />

Intense. Powered by red clover, a<br />

skin-balancing botanical renowned for<br />

its powerful pore tightening and sebum<br />

controlling properties. The appearance<br />

of pores is reduced, shine controlled and<br />

skin is noticeably refined. The easy-to-use<br />

deep cleanser contains a blend of pore<br />

tightening actives as well as effective<br />

exfoliants and glycerine to decongest<br />

skin. When added to water, the gel<br />

transforms into a soft lather that deeply<br />

clarifies the complexion to leave skin<br />

looking shine-free, hydrated and radiant.<br />


Purifying Modelling Mask<br />

Discover flawless skin with this lift-off modell<br />

pores virtually invisible. Achieve the experien<br />

Activated Charcoal Refining Mask is a liftstrength.<br />

Enriched with sustainably sourced ac<br />

and refining the complexion. Tightening pore<br />

undetectable. The purifying powder activates<br />

effortlessly over the complexion. Enriched wit<br />

skin with moisture as it sets, leaving the face s<br />

lifted with it, leaving you with a clear, radiant<br />

KEY INGREDIENTS: Activated Charcoal, M<br />


Red Clover Extract, Salicylic Acid<br />

and L-Mandelic Acid<br />


Advanced Texture Refiner<br />

Transform the texture of your skin with Pore<br />

Minimising Tonic. This purifying postcleanse<br />

solution works to keep pores clear<br />

and minimised over time. Infused with a<br />

combination of oil-controlling and gently<br />

exfoliating acids, the serum works to refine<br />

and resurface the skin in only a few swipes.<br />

Exfoliating acids flush oil from deep within<br />

the pore, helping keep them clear from debris<br />

while rebooting skin’s natural elasticity. This<br />

allows enlarged pores to shrink back to their<br />

original size. The star of the Pore Refining<br />

solution, red clover extract helps pores stay<br />

clear of blockages. This ensures they remain<br />

tight and refined over time, without causing<br />

dryness or blemishes. Alpha-lipoic acid also<br />

provides essential antioxidant protection,<br />

preventing enlarged pores caused by natural<br />

skin ageing. The refreshing tonic improves<br />

skin tone and texture; leaving a flawless base<br />

and naturally healthy glow. The result is a<br />

smooth and luminous complexion.<br />

KEY INGREDIENTS: Red Clover Extract,<br />

Alpha-Lipoic Acid and L-Lactic Acid<br />


Pore-Minimising Ligh<br />

A matte-finish moisturiser tha<br />

also hydrating and nourishing<br />

day cream that refines enlarged<br />

flawlessly smooth, matte and n<br />

balancing botanical renowned<br />

properties. The hydrating crea<br />

help smooth and clarify enlarg<br />

without pore blocking oils, Re<br />

balance to the skin. With an e<br />

finish yet hydrating formula, R<br />

enlarged pores for retextured a<br />

it can be used alone or under m<br />



ing mask. Refines and purifies the complexion to leave skin instantly radiant and<br />

ce and results of a detoxifying spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.<br />

off modelling mask that empowers skin with its unprecedented pore-refining<br />

tivated bamboo charcoal, it acts like a sponge to soak up impurities, clarifying<br />

s while extracting deep-seated impurities, skin is left flawless and pores virtually<br />

with liquid, transforming into a cool fresh scented gel that can be smoothed<br />

h ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid and deep-cleansing moringa extract, it floods<br />

oft, supple and dewy. As the mask is gently lifted away, excess oil and impurities are<br />

and refined complexion.<br />

oringa Extract and Hyaluronic Acid<br />


Dual-Action Natural Exfoliator<br />

A creamy, dual-action facial scrub that<br />

refines pores, smooths skin texture and<br />

restores radiance. Reveal flawless, radiant<br />

skin with Pore Refining Scrub. This<br />

creamy, dual-action facial scrub uses<br />

a powerful complex of chemical and<br />

physical exfoliants to completely transform<br />

the appearance of your skin. Salicylic<br />

and mandelic acid dissolve deep-seated<br />

impurities and oil to decongest and tighten<br />

pores, while natural jojoba grains gently<br />

slough away dead skin cells to help perfect<br />

the texture of the complexion. Pores are<br />

left virtually undetectable and skin feels<br />

soft, smooth and supple. The velvety<br />

formula enhances the skin’s receptiveness to<br />

the rest of your beauty routine by allowing<br />

follow-up products to penetrate deeper. The<br />

ultimate upgrade to your pore-perfecting<br />

skincare regime.<br />

RISER<br />

tweight Hydration<br />

t targets the underlying cause of enlarged pores while<br />

the skin. Refining Moisturiser is a skin-perfecting<br />

pores and resurfaces skin to leave your complexion<br />

ourished. It harnesses the power of red clover, a skinfor<br />

its powerful pore-tightening and sebum controlling<br />

m also contains gently exfoliating mandelic acid to<br />

ed pores and provide all-day shine control. Formulated<br />

fining Moisturiser is rich in vitamin F to help restore<br />

xpert blend of actives carefully curated into a matteefining<br />

Moisturiser addresses the underlying causes of<br />

nd refined skin. Lightweight and velvety to the touch,<br />

ake-up to give skin a smooth, radiant finish.<br />

ronic Acid, Red Clover Extract and Vitamin F<br />

KEY INGREDIENTS: Jojoba Microexfoliators,<br />

Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

Medik8 is available at select<br />

skin clinics across Australia. For<br />

stockists, visit www.medik8.com.au<br />

or call 1800 242 011.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 37


BLOC<br />


K IT<br />

UT<br />






With Australia’s warm and sunny climate, many of us are<br />

intrinsically drawn to lying in the sun – but be warned.<br />

According to the Department of Health and Ageing,<br />

approximately two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin<br />

cancer before the age of 70. One of the best ways to protect yourself<br />

against the sun’s harmful rays is by using a sunscreen. But it’s important<br />

to know the differences in how they work, in order to choose the best<br />

option for your skin.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 39





Inorganic sunscreens, also known<br />

as ‘mineral’ or ‘physical’ sunscreens,<br />

work by reflecting or scattering UV<br />

rays and radiation. Some sunscreens<br />

combine both organic and inorganic<br />

components. Two types of inorganic<br />

sunscreens available are zinc oxide<br />

and titanium dioxide. Both provide<br />

broad-spectrum UVA and UVB<br />

protection and are gentle enough for<br />

everyday use. Zinc oxide is especially<br />

useful for people with sensitive skin,<br />

as it rarely causes skin irritation.<br />

Organic, or ‘chemical’, sunscreens<br />

are composed of several active<br />

ingredients because no single<br />

chemical ingredient blocks the entire<br />

UV spectrum (unlike inorganic<br />

spectrum). Instead, most chemicals<br />

only block a narrow region of the UV<br />

spectrum – the majority of chemical<br />

agents used in sunscreens work in the<br />

UVB region, but only a few chemicals<br />

block UVA rays.<br />

The choice between organic and<br />

chemical is a personal preference<br />

and may depend on your usage and<br />

skin type.


YOUR LIPS!<br />

Don’t forget to protect your lips<br />

from the sun! Using a sunscreen on<br />

your lips protects you in two ways.<br />

First, because the sun ages skin<br />

(lips included), sunscreen keeps your<br />

lips feeling and looking healthy and<br />

vibrant. Second, skipping the sun<br />

protection in your lip products puts<br />

you at an increased risk of getting<br />

skin cancer or another<br />

skin condition.<br />



The use of sunscreen is an important<br />

preventative measure to help<br />

reduce the risk of developing skin<br />

cancer and premature skin ageing.<br />

Skin is susceptible to attack by the<br />

sun, resulting in the destruction<br />

of collagen and elastin structure,<br />

and more seriously the damage to<br />

cells’ DNA leading to possible<br />

cancer formation.<br />

No matter what level of protection<br />

you choose, therefore, the best advice<br />

is to use your sunscreen properly.<br />

Sunscreen should be distributed<br />

liberally enough to all sun-exposed<br />

areas that it forms a film when<br />

initially applied. If you’re not using<br />

this much — about half a 100g tube<br />

(every time you put sunscreen on your<br />

whole body) — you’re probably not<br />

getting enough protection from UV.<br />

Generally a person about 175cm<br />

tall and weighing about 82.5kg will<br />

require approximately 40g – almost<br />

half a typical 100g tube – of sunscreen<br />

to cover their body to the same level<br />

specified in the Australian Standard<br />

test procedure.<br />

Applying this amount means<br />

you are using the effective level as<br />

stated on the label. Using less means<br />

you are not getting the SPF stated on<br />

the label.<br />

The key is to reapply the<br />

sunscreen at regular intervals<br />

to ensure an adequate film is<br />

maintained; but remember, using<br />

sunscreen is a filter only.<br />

Even when a SPF 30 sunscreen is<br />

reapplied regularly, if the intensity<br />

of the UV radiation is high enough<br />

and if the skin is exposed for long<br />

enough, invisible damage, or even<br />

sunburn, could occur. Reapplication<br />

of the sunscreen does not remove the<br />

damage that has already been caused<br />

by the transmitted radiation.<br />

Remember the sunscreen should<br />

be applied 15-30 minutes before<br />

going into the sun, and it should<br />

be reapplied 15-30 minutes before<br />

entering the water. This time allows<br />

the water in the product to evaporate<br />

and the waterproof sunscreen film to<br />

properly form on the skin surface.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 41


SPF 50+<br />

Despite having the highest rates of<br />

melanoma in the world, Australians<br />

have been slow to adopt the<br />

heightened protection offered by SPF<br />

50+ sunscreen.<br />

According to the Department of<br />

Health and Ageing, Australians are<br />

four times more likely to develop a<br />

skin cancer than any other form of<br />

cancer. So why has it taken so long<br />

to introduce these higher levels of<br />

protection to our shores?<br />

The concern has always been<br />

that people will think, by using a<br />

sunscreen labelled SPF 50, they can<br />

either use less of it or won’t have<br />

to apply it as often. And while an<br />

increase from 30 to 50 sounds like<br />

a lot, in reality the extra protection<br />

offered by SPF 50 isn’t nearly as<br />

significant. Add to this the fact<br />

the average person puts on between<br />

25 and 50 per cent less sunscreen<br />

than the recommended amount,<br />

and you can see why the authorities<br />

may have urged caution over<br />

introducing what merely appears<br />

to be a significantly more effective<br />

level of protection. CBM

WHAT IS SPF?<br />

Sunscreens are merely filters, and all of them will<br />

let some UV radiation through at varying rates<br />

– indicated by the Sun Protection Factor (SPF)<br />

rating. The level of SPF given to each sunscreen<br />

is measured using a complex mathematical<br />

equation, and refers to the amount of ultraviolet<br />

radiation required to cause sunburn with the<br />

sunscreen on, as a multiple of the amount<br />

required without the sunscreen. The protection<br />

given to individuals by a certain level of<br />

sunscreen will vary depending on:<br />

• The amount applied<br />

• The frequency of application<br />

• The skin type of the user<br />

• Immersion in moisture through<br />

swimming or extensive sweating<br />

• Amount of sunscreen absorbed<br />

by the skin<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 43

SKIN<br />

fight<br />

the<br />

good<br />

fight<br />







The terms ‘free radicals’ and<br />

‘antioxidants’ have become<br />

commonplace, especially with<br />

regards to our health and our skin.<br />

But what exactly do these terms<br />

mean? Why are oxidation and free<br />

radicals harmful to our skin and how<br />

can using advanced cosmetic products<br />

containing antioxidants neutralise this<br />

damage and protect the skin against<br />

premature and accelerated ageing?<br />

Oxidation is a natural process,<br />

which takes place all the time in<br />

nature. Yes, oxygen is necessary for<br />

life and is required by every living cell<br />

in order to produce energy and build

proteins. On the other hand, the very<br />

same oxygen causes destruction and<br />

disintegration, and as a result, the<br />

ageing and death of the cells.<br />

A major process of skin ageing,<br />

oxidative stress damages both the<br />

skin’s epidermal and dermal cells and<br />

contributes to their degeneration.<br />

The consequences of skin ageing are<br />

visible, even from a young age, and<br />

include dark spots, wrinkles, signs of<br />

flaccidity, dull skin and dehydration.<br />

Our environment, pollution, solar<br />

radiation and cigarette smoke all<br />

contribute to the oxidative process<br />

and generate free radicals, which<br />

are unstable atoms that can be<br />

destructive with varying degrees of<br />

severity. Proteins such as collagen and<br />

elastin, cellular membrane<br />

lipids and DNA can be damaged<br />

causing disorders that can range<br />

from premature ageing to cancer.<br />

Enter anti-oxidants. These<br />

compounds are chemicals that<br />

lessen or prevent the effects of free<br />

radicals. They donate an electron<br />

to free radicals, thereby reducing<br />

their reactivity. What makes<br />

antioxidants unique is they can<br />

donate an electron without becoming<br />

free radicals themselves.<br />





High Energy Visible Light<br />

(HEV) is the official name for<br />

the blue glare that comes from<br />

phones, laptops and tablets.<br />

Emerging data indicates that<br />

prolonged exposure to blue<br />

light can accelerate the visible<br />

ageing process.<br />

HEV Light makes up the blue<br />

portion of visible light in the<br />

electromagnetic spectrum and<br />

is a natural part of sunlight.<br />

Unlike UVA and UVB light, blue<br />

light is not linked to skin cancer,<br />

but it does share UV’s potential<br />

for accelerating free radical<br />

damage. When exposed to<br />

free radicals, the proteins which<br />

support the skin’s strength and<br />

elasticity, collagen and elastin,<br />

grow weak, which in turn gives<br />

fine lines and wrinkles a chance<br />

to take hold. Continuous<br />

exposure to HEV Light also<br />

impairs the skin’s protective<br />

barrier function, a situation that<br />

can result in inflammation and<br />

hyperpigmentation.<br />

Since blue light penetrates<br />

deep into the skin, sunscreen<br />

will not keep it from damaging<br />

the complexion. With this<br />

in mind, products like<br />

mesoestetic’s aox ferulic are an<br />

invaluable defence due to their<br />

antioxidant ingredients, which<br />

help shield the complexion<br />

from environmental nasties and<br />

limit the extent to which blue<br />

light can penetrate the skin.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 45

SKIN<br />

Powerful antioxidants include<br />

Vitamins C and E, glutathione, betacarotene<br />

and plant oestrogens called<br />

phytoestrogens. While many foods<br />

such as berries, citrus fruits, carrots<br />

and soy found in soybeans are good<br />

sources of antioxidants, it is important<br />

to treat the skin where the damage is<br />

occurring. To help combat the effects<br />

of oxidation of the cells, mesoestetic<br />

Pharma Group has created aox ferulic,<br />

a revolutionary antioxidant and<br />

antiageing treatment.<br />

The aox ferulic is a state-of-the-art<br />

antioxidant concentrate that helps<br />

protect cells with a powerful antiageing<br />

effect, as it immediately inhibits<br />

the oxidative cascade produced<br />

by external aggressions in a longlasting<br />

way. Given its protective and<br />

restorative function, it is suitable for<br />

all skin types and can be used at any<br />

age and on a daily basis, morning<br />

or night. Furthermore, thanks to its<br />

light and smooth texture, it acts as<br />

a base for any treatment and can be<br />

conveniently applied before applying<br />

a moisturiser. Moreover, 100% of<br />

patients who tried the treatment 1<br />

noticed increased firmness and a<br />

general improvement in the quality<br />

of their skin, and 90% noticed<br />

brighter skin.<br />

In vitro studies carried out show the<br />

high efficacy of this treatment, such as:<br />

• A reduction of over 90% in<br />

oxidative cell damage<br />

• 30% less oxidation caused<br />

by infrared radiation<br />

• A 6-fold increase in collagen<br />

synthesis<br />

• 100% fibroblast viability maintained<br />

• An 8-fold increase in the duration<br />

of antioxidant protection<br />

1 Results obtained on efficacy and<br />

safety panels in patients aged between<br />

35-52 years old after treatment with<br />

aox ferulic with one daily application<br />

(morning or night) for 28 days.<br />



OFFER?<br />

Powerful anti-ageing treatment<br />

that helps protect the fibroblasts<br />

and improves the synthesis of<br />

collagen in the skin.<br />

Prevention with regards to<br />

photoageing, as it offers biological<br />

protection against UVB, UVA,<br />

and IR-A radiation, as well as<br />

HEV rays, or ‘blue light’.<br />

Protection of the antioxidant system<br />

and barrier function of the skin.<br />

Immediate and visible<br />

brightness of the skin.<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

mesoestetic aox ferulic is available<br />

at select skin clinics across<br />

Australia. For stockists, visit www.<br />




CONTAIN?<br />

The formulation of the aox ferulic<br />

has the optimum balance between<br />

efficacy and stability thanks to<br />

the synergistic combination of its<br />

active ingredients, which helps<br />

prevent skin ageing and make the<br />

skin brighter.<br />

• It contains a high concentration<br />

of ascorbic acid (15%), the purest<br />

form of Vitamin C and one of the<br />

most powerful natural antioxidants.<br />

• In addition to this ascorbic acid<br />

it contains ferulic acid (0.5%), a<br />

powerful antioxidant that helps<br />

protect the fibroblasts against<br />

radiation and provides protection<br />

from the inflammation produced<br />

by the sun.<br />

• Lastly, the exclusive protech-cell<br />

complex (1.5%), which contains<br />

Vitamin E and a latest generation<br />

synthetic active ingredient,<br />

strengthens the antioxidant action<br />

of the product and helps provide<br />

specific protection against IR-A and<br />

HEV radiation while supporting the<br />

epidermal lipids for immediate and<br />

long-lasting protection.<br />

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out<br />

damned<br />





Many of us are going to notice more uneven<br />

skin discolouration over the next few, sunnier<br />

months. But what kind it is? How do we<br />

prevent it, treat it or at least minimise it? And how do<br />

we distinguish it from something more sinister?<br />

Pigmentation refers to changes in the melanin<br />

(pigment) of your skin, but there are different types<br />

and they do not all respond to the same treatments.<br />

It goes without saying that any brown or black<br />

discolouration that looks out of the ordinary should be<br />

checked by a dermatologist or skin cancer specialist.<br />

But correct diagnosis of the type of pigmentation you’re<br />

experiencing is also essential if you’re to benefit from<br />

treatment protocols.

www.cosbeauty.com.au 49



for Pigmentation<br />

A dermatologist or cosmetic<br />

doctor can correctly diagnose and<br />

recommend clinical treatments such<br />

as laser, Photo Dynamic Therapy<br />

(PDT), Intense Pulsed Light (IPL),<br />

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) therapy,<br />

acid or enzyme peels, along with<br />

appropriate skincare.<br />

If seeking any of these treatments<br />

without medical advice, it is<br />

important to find a clinic or salon<br />

with experienced practitioners who<br />

understand exactly which type of<br />

pigmentation they are treating. A<br />

good practitioner will first discuss<br />

your specific concerns and medical<br />

history, any medications you take and<br />

diagnose your Fitzpatrick skin type<br />

(this is a system used to determine<br />

how people will pigment or respond<br />

to sun exposure).<br />

IPL and LED light therapy is<br />

effective on most people with specific<br />

skin conditions such as pigmentation,<br />

sunspots, broken capillaries, redness<br />

and uneven skin texture. It can also<br />

improve the overall tone and texture<br />

of the skin, as well as treating fine<br />

lines by creating a more plumped<br />

up appearance. A series of four to<br />

six treatments may be required for<br />

optimum results.<br />

Also, the importance of<br />

cosmeceuticals cannot be emphasised<br />

enough. Quality active skincare<br />

goes hand in hand with an in-clinic<br />

treatment plan and, of course, an<br />

SPF30-50 sunscreen that is suitable<br />

to use on the face, neck, hands and<br />



The most common type of<br />

pigmentation is ephelides, or freckles.<br />

These are flat circular light spots on<br />

the skin, about the size of the head<br />

of a nail, that develop after repeated<br />

exposure to sunlight, particularly if<br />

you have a fair complexion. They<br />

appear darker during the sunny<br />

months and fade in the winter.<br />

Heredity also influences freckling, as<br />

witnessed by the striking similarity<br />

in the total number of freckles on<br />

identical twins. Freckles are benign,<br />

but they may sometimes be confused<br />

with more serious skin problems.<br />


A lentigo (plural lentigines) is a<br />

non-cancerous, pigmented spot with<br />

a clearly defined edge. Lentigines may<br />

evolve slowly over years, or appear<br />

suddenly. They may occur anywhere<br />

on the body and vary in colour from<br />

light brown to black.<br />

These spots are caused by UV sun<br />

exposure and the degree depends<br />

on how much UV light these<br />

melanin pigments are exposed to.<br />

These must be monitored as they<br />

may develop into skin cancer and<br />

melanoma. Annual checks with your<br />

dermatologist or skin specialist are<br />

essential.<br />



This is a response to injury of the<br />

skin and can be the result of acne,<br />

burns, friction or overly aggressive<br />

clinical treatments such as chemical<br />

peels, dermabrasion, laser and IPL.<br />

This condition often resolves with<br />

time and generally responds well to<br />

topical products.<br />


Melasma or Chloasma is<br />

pigmentation that is deeper in the<br />

skin’s dermis. It appears on the<br />

face as larger brown patches with<br />

a non-distinct border. This type of<br />

pigmentation is more common in<br />

women. Though causes are unknown,<br />

it is often linked to hormonal<br />

imbalances. The condition is made<br />

worse with UV exposure, overheating<br />

the blood, some medications,<br />

pregnancy and stress.<br />



Often what people think is<br />

solely pigmentation is actually a<br />

combination of pigmentation and<br />

redness (surface blood vessels). This<br />

skin condition is called Poikiloderma<br />

of Civatte (POC), which is the<br />

common weathering change that<br />

affects the skin on the front and sides<br />

of the neck and décolletage.<br />

POC is very common in Australian<br />

women. There are many contributing<br />

factors including the hot climate,<br />

excessive sun exposure, genetics<br />

and hormonal factors. It occurs<br />

commonly on women who neglect<br />

to protect their neck and chest from<br />

sun exposure. While focus has always<br />

been placed on using sunblock on<br />

the face, remember that the neck,<br />

décolletage and hands also need to be<br />

protected. CBM<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Let’s get this<br />

PARTY<br />

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7. Jane Iredale White<br />

Fan Brush, Rose Gold, $18<br />

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Respectissime Volume<br />

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BODYC<br />

iao ce<br />


Cellulite – it’s not pretty<br />

whatever you call it. Common<br />

names for cellulite are orangepeel<br />

skin, cottage-cheese skin, dimples<br />

and hail damage.<br />

While the exact cause of cellulite is<br />

unknown, it appears to result from an<br />

interaction between the connective<br />

tissue in the dermatological layer that<br />

lies below the surface of the skin, and the<br />

layer of fat that is just below it.<br />

In women, the fat cells and connective<br />

tissue in this layer are arranged<br />

vertically. If the fat cells protrude<br />

into the layer of skin, this gives the<br />

appearance of cellulite.<br />

It’s different for men, since their tissue<br />

has a criss-cross structure, which may<br />

explain why they are less likely to have<br />

cellulite than women.<br />

Some other factors appear to be<br />

linked to the chance of having cellulite.<br />

Hormones can play an important role<br />

in cellulite development. Oestrogen,<br />

insulin, noradrenaline, thyroid<br />

hormones, and prolactin are part of the<br />

cellulite production process.

llulite<br />

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BODY<br />

Lower circulation means less<br />

oxygen in the area, resulting in lower<br />

collagen production. Fat cells also<br />

enlarge as oestrogen levels decrease.<br />

These factors combine to make<br />

the fat deposits more visible. As the<br />

fat under the skin protrudes through<br />

weakening connective tissue, the alltoo-familiar<br />

dimpling effect results.<br />

Exercise and diet may help reduce<br />

the appearance of cellulite. People<br />

who eat too much fat, carbohydrates,<br />

and salt and too little fibre are likely<br />

to have greater amounts of cellulite.<br />

It may also be more prevalent in<br />

smokers, those who do not exercise,<br />

and those who sit or stand in one<br />

position for long periods of time.<br />

Most women have it – and all<br />

women hate it. But finally there may<br />

be a solution to this common problem<br />

that will have us diving confidently<br />

into our swimsuits at the start of<br />

summer.<br />

ONDA (Italian for ‘wave’) by Deka<br />

has revolutionised body contouring<br />

with Coolwaves microwave energy.<br />

This is the first device to harness<br />

microwave frequencies that target<br />

deeper layers, while keeping the skin<br />

cool and comfortable. But it doesn’t<br />

stop there – ONDA also treats fat<br />

pockets and skin laxity at the<br />

same time.<br />

Microwaves are part of the large<br />

family of electromagnetic waves<br />

(frequency range: 1-300GHz). Today<br />

they are common in many areas of<br />

everyday life, from the medical field<br />

for diagnostic or treatment purposes<br />

to our kitchens for heating and<br />

cooking food.<br />

However, not all microwaves<br />

are the same! There is no bodycontouring<br />

device that emits<br />

microwaves in the same way as the<br />

ONDA system’s smart handpieces.<br />

Microwaves are absorbed by<br />

molecules in the target tissue, causing<br />

them to oscillate and heat up.<br />

The ONDA handpieces generate<br />

microwaves at 2.45GHz, a frequency<br />

that heats the fat layer at a faster rate<br />

than water molecules. The epidermis<br />

and the dermis of the skin contain a




high percentage of water but little fat.<br />

Therefore, when the Coolwaves<br />

penetrate the skin, they pass straight<br />

through the top layers without<br />

depositing excessive heat (only 20% of<br />

the thermal effect from the microwaves).<br />

The majority of the thermal effect of<br />

the Coolwaves energy is targeted at<br />

the subcutaneous fat (about 80% of<br />

the thermal effect), which absorbs the<br />

energy and heats more rapidly to optimal<br />

treatment levels.<br />

In contrast, traditional radio frequency<br />

(RF) systems, which act in the frequency<br />

range 0.1-40 MHz, deposit energy<br />

mainly on the skin surface, due to<br />

high absorption by water molecules<br />

and a difference in the way they are<br />

emitted. This means they not only<br />

fail to penetrate deep into the body to<br />

treat fat, but they also risk discomfort<br />

and excessive heating of the skin. This<br />

is not the case for ONDA, which has<br />

three main targets: localised fat deposits,<br />

cellulite and loos and sagging skin.<br />

It takes as little as one to four<br />

treatments for lasting and visible results;<br />

so if you get cracking now, you’ll be<br />

beach ready by summer and can say ciao<br />

to your cellulite! CBM<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

To find an ONDA<br />

practitioner in your area,<br />

visit www.likeyourlook.com.au<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 61


All abo

ut breasts<br />






Cosmetic breast surgery involves procedures of<br />

a very personal nature to the patient. It can<br />

involve augmentation with implants, tissue<br />

reduction or a breast lift.<br />

‘The overall aim of breast rejuvenation procedures<br />

is to balance the body’s proportions into a silhouette<br />

that is pleasing to the patient,’ says Dr John Flynn<br />

from Cosmedic & Skin Clinic on the Gold Coast.<br />

‘Although changing your breasts will not, in itself,<br />

change you, it can be effective in improving self-esteem<br />

and body confidence.’<br />

Dr Lucinda Hogan works with Dr Flynn and<br />

together they offer a range of breast surgery procedures.<br />

‘Most patients are simply looking to bring their body<br />

into proportion, perhaps due to underdevelopment,<br />

asymmetry or changes associated with pregnancy and<br />

breastfeeding, as well as the natural ageing process,’<br />

Dr Flynn explains.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 63

BREAST<br />



Breast augmentation is one of the most<br />

popular cosmetic procedures across the<br />

globe and uses implants to add volume<br />

to the breast and enhance the body’s<br />

contours. Dr Hogan mainly works<br />

with patients who are looking for an<br />

enhancement to their breast size due to<br />

underdevelopment. There is no ‘best’<br />

breast implant type, size, shape, texture,<br />

location placement and incision site;<br />

and a thorough consultation is essential<br />

in tailoring the procedure to suit<br />

each patient’s natural body shape and<br />

expectations going into surgery.<br />

‘Much has been written about the<br />

different shapes and styles of implants<br />

available, and the reason there are so<br />

many options to choose from is because<br />

breast augmentation is not a one-sizefits-all<br />

issue,’ she explains.<br />

She adds there are further choices to<br />

be made in terms of the surface of the<br />

implant, for example whether to use a<br />

smooth or textured finish. Each has its<br />

own advantages and disadvantages and<br />

should be addressed in detail during<br />

consultation with the doctor.<br />

Dr Hogan brings a woman’s<br />

perspective to breast augmentation and<br />

this is particularly helpful with younger<br />

patients presenting for the first time.<br />


Women who have breastfed or<br />

experienced extreme weight loss can<br />

experience breast droop. Sagging of<br />

the breasts is a natural part of the<br />

female ageing process. If it causes<br />

concern, mastopexy – commonly<br />

known as a breast lift – restores<br />

height, volume and shape to the<br />

breast. Implants may also be used<br />

in conjunction with this procedure<br />

to achieve the desired result. The<br />

lifted breasts will have a more pert,<br />

youthful appearance.<br />

Dr Flynn says there are various<br />

methods for achieving this, but<br />

patients do need to be aware that<br />

mastopexy involves a different<br />

pattern of approach from breast<br />

implant surgery. ‘Typically this type<br />

of surgery involves an incision around<br />

the nipple, and in some cases there<br />

may also be a vertical scar from the<br />

nipple to the inframammary fold (the<br />

breast crease),’ he says.<br />

A breast lift, whether alone<br />

or combined with augmentation<br />

or reduction, is a popular option<br />

and encompasses a total rejuvenation<br />

of breast tissue. The size and shape<br />

of the breasts are adjusted, excess<br />

skin is removed and the tissue is<br />

remodelled.<br />

‘Certainly, restoring volume using<br />

breast implants is a key measure;<br />

however there are times when lifting<br />

and tightening of the breast tissue is<br />

of equal importance and sometimes<br />

I perform a combination of these<br />

procedures,’ Dr Flynn explains.


Breast reduction (or reduction<br />

mammoplasty) is a surgical procedure<br />

to reduce, lift and reshape the<br />

breast. The procedure is aimed at<br />

removing excessive breast and fatty<br />

tissue, leaving an overall smaller<br />

and better-shaped breast. It may<br />

relieve symptoms caused by very large<br />

breasts, including back and neck pain,<br />

breast tenderness, shoulder grooving<br />

(from bra straps), intertrigo (rash<br />

between folds of skin) and discomfort<br />

in everyday activities.<br />

As well as removing excess bulk<br />

and weight from the breasts, Dr<br />

Flynn says it is also important to lift<br />

the breast to restore a more pert and<br />

youthful appearance.<br />

‘Many articles published about<br />

breast sagging concentrate on<br />

increasing volume by using implants.<br />

But there is also a large number of<br />

women with the opposite problem of<br />

too much breast tissue,’ Dr Flynn says.<br />

‘This can be accentuated as<br />

they grow older, partly due to<br />

genetic background and family<br />

history and partly due to certain<br />

hormonal effects.’<br />

Most breast reduction procedures<br />

call for just one vertical incision<br />

around the areola down to the<br />

breast crease and, in some cases,<br />

along the crease as well. A portion<br />

of fat and excess tissue is then<br />

removed. The nipple and areola<br />

are then repositioned and the skin<br />

under the breast is re-sculpted.<br />

This results in smaller breasts that<br />

have a more aesthetically pleasing<br />

shape and improved support, lift<br />

and overall fullness.<br />

When contemplating breast surgery,<br />

education and realistic expectations<br />

are paramount to achieving a positive<br />

result. Dr Flynn believes women who<br />

are well informed of the procedure,<br />

and realistic in their expectations, are<br />

most likely to be pleased with<br />

the result.<br />

‘We recognise that patients<br />

may differ in what they regard as<br />

ideal body proportions, so this<br />

is something that needs to be<br />

discussed with their chosen doctor<br />

at consultation,’ he says. ‘In an initial<br />

consultation, the surgical options<br />

should be fully explored, including<br />

the risks, limitations and potential<br />

complications. Setting<br />

a realistic expectation of what may<br />

be achieved is most important.<br />

There can be a big difference<br />

between what is desired and what<br />

can be realistically achieved.’<br />

Whether it is to fill volume, reduce<br />

tissue or lift heavy breasts, cosmetic<br />

breast surgery is a highly personalised<br />

process and everything – from the<br />

initial consultation to choosing the<br />

most suitable implant type – should<br />

be a personal decision.<br />

Dr Flynn and Dr Hogan are<br />

very conscious that each woman is<br />

different in their reasons for, and<br />

expectations of, breast surgery. They<br />

emphasise it is important to tailor<br />

a personalised solution to suit each<br />

individual. CBM<br />

FOR<br />

MORE<br />

INFO<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

and Dr Lucinda Hogan<br />

Cosmedic & Skin Clinic,<br />

Southport, Qld<br />

Ph 1300 88 13 88<br />

www.cosmedic.com.au<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 65


Sexual<br />

healing<br />




Sexual health has a huge influence on mental health<br />

and psychological wellbeing. The function and form<br />

of the different parts of the vagina are closely linked<br />

to the female psyche and the perception of ‘self’ in terms of<br />

attractiveness and confidence.<br />

Oversized, elongated or asymmetrical labia minora<br />

can lead to self-consciousness and even embarrassment.<br />

It can cause discomfort during sex and hinder certain<br />

activities such as bike riding and horse riding, and often<br />

makes wearing certain clothes such as swimwear, jeans<br />

or tights uncomfortable.<br />

Vaginal rejuvenation – both surgical and non-surgical<br />

procedures – can help alleviate pain, improve form and<br />

function, and enhance quality of life for many women.<br />

‘Questions surrounding the appearance and function<br />

of the vagina and urinary system can plague women of<br />

all ages, yet talking openly about these concerns can be<br />

challenging for some women,’ says Adelaide gynaecologist<br />

and pelvic reconstruction surgeon Dr Oseka Onuma. ‘A<br />

blanket of taboo means there is a lack of open and honest<br />

public dialogue that makes it difficult for some women<br />

to seek successful treatment – or even know there are<br />

treatment options available.’<br />

Even now, with the relatively recent arrival of laser<br />

vaginal rejuvenation and all its media attention, more<br />

coverage is given to the aesthetic component of the

procedure rather than the improvement to vaginal<br />

function and overall quality of life.<br />

‘The majority of my patients seeking vaginal<br />

rejuvenation are not motivated by the aesthetic but,<br />

rather, a growing dislike of pain during intercourse<br />

or discomfort when participating in everyday<br />

activities,’ says Dr Onuma. ‘I believe in empowering<br />

women through knowledge, choice and access to<br />

the best treatments.<br />

‘As women become more aware that it is possible<br />

to correct potentially ‘embarrassing’ problems, female<br />

genital procedures are increasing in popularity. These<br />

days women are less willing to accept changes in<br />

genital anatomy resulting from pregnancy, childbirth<br />

and ageing. They are less likely to have the attitude<br />

‘it’s just part of being a woman’, he says.<br />

Every organ within the female pelvic floor is subject<br />

to stress – from gravity or from the delivery of a baby.<br />

Muscle, connective tissue and epithelium can break,<br />

tear, stretch and lose their elasticity, resulting in<br />

functional impairments. The organs within the female<br />

pelvic floor that can be subject to prolapse include the<br />

urethra, bladder, uterus, vaginal walls, perineum and<br />

labia minora. All can present as a lump or mass that<br />

was not previously visible or noted by the woman.<br />

Common symptoms of vaginal wall prolapse or<br />

relaxation include a lump, a ‘dragging’ within the<br />

vagina or lower back, urinary incontinence, the need<br />

to empty the bladder frequently and/or with urgency,<br />

pain and/or reduced sensation during intercourse.<br />

Another problem is female stress urinary<br />

incontinence, caused predominantly by an improperly<br />

functioning urethra. When a woman suffers from<br />

this condition, weakened muscle and pelvic tissue<br />

don’t adequately support the urethra. As a result,<br />

the urethra doesn’t maintain a tight seal during<br />

exercise or exertion such as coughing or laughing<br />

and urine may escape. ‘Beyond pelvic floor retraining<br />

and physiotherapy, there is now a range of minimalaccess<br />

surgical options available that can address and<br />

hopefully resolve these problems,’ says Dr Onuma.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 67


Your<br />

Laser reduction la<br />

unequal labial min<br />

conditions that ar<br />

trauma or injury. T<br />

the labia minora,<br />

entrance to the va<br />

enhanced, both fu<br />

Laser-assisted v<br />

vaginal muscle to<br />

Dr Onuma, the la<br />

procedures with c<br />

healing, minimal<br />

for improved sens<br />

a relatively short<br />

An office worke<br />

total healing of su<br />

damaged muscle m<br />

‘Non-surgical la<br />

approach,’ Dr On<br />

traditional or lase<br />

most suitable aven<br />

‘The best appro<br />

doctor who has a<br />

of treatment avail<br />

mode of treatmen<br />

According to D<br />

treatment shows t<br />

symptoms related<br />

in correcting pelv<br />

surgical laser vagi<br />

stress incontinenc<br />

unlikely to cure a<br />

or improve sensat<br />

and the vaginal in<br />

torn muscles and<br />

‘No woman sho<br />

in her relationship<br />

her vagina or phy<br />

of reassuring my p<br />

issues, and that th<br />

of life, cannot be

The Australian Centre for Female<br />

Pelvic & Vaginal Rejuvenation<br />

options<br />

bioplasty can sculpt the elongated or<br />

ora as desired, as well as reconstruct<br />

e a result of the ageing process, childbirth<br />

he structures of the vulva, which include<br />

labia majora, mons pubis, perineum,<br />

gina and hymen, can be surgically<br />

nctionally and aesthetically.<br />

aginal surgical procedures can enhance<br />

ne, strength and control. According to<br />

ser techniques deliver gentle precision<br />

ontrolled accuracy and result in rapid<br />

pain and relatively fast recovery and allow<br />

ation and resumption of daily activities in<br />

period of time.<br />

r could return to work after two weeks;<br />

rface and connective tissues along with<br />

ay take up to six weeks.<br />

ser vaginal treatment is not a surgical<br />

uma explains. ‘It is not the same as<br />

r-assisted labiaplasty and may not be the<br />

ue of treatment for some patients.<br />

ach is to discuss your symptoms with a<br />

clear understanding of all the modalities<br />

able and is able to guide you towards the<br />

t that might offer you the best outcome.’<br />

r Onuma, while non-surgical laser vaginal<br />

he most promise for improving or curing<br />

to atrophic vaginitis, it is of little value<br />

ic organ prolapse. ‘Also, while nonnal<br />

treatment can improve very mild<br />

e or reduce vaginal wall relaxation, it is<br />

ny significant stress urinary incontinence<br />

ion during intercourse, where the vagina<br />

troitus are patulous because of detached or<br />

fascia,’ he says.<br />

uld suffer embarrassment or feel inhibited<br />

with her partner due to the appearance of<br />

sical sexual dysfunction. The importance<br />

atient that she is not alone in her genital<br />

ere are options for improving her quality<br />

over-emphasised,’ he concludes. CBM<br />

Empowering women through<br />

knowlege, choice and access to<br />

world class care<br />

Dr Oseka<br />

Onuma<br />

Gynaecologist & Pelvic<br />

Reconstructive Surgeon<br />

BSc. (Hons), MJur., CCST,<br />




4 Robe Terrace, Medindie SA 5081<br />

08 8344 6085<br />

Facsimile 08 8344 6087<br />

Email reception@dronuma.com.au<br />


BEAUTY<br />

HAIR<br />

WE GO<br />









1.<br />


10.<br />

9.<br />

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3.<br />

1. Moroccan Oil Thermal<br />

Protection and Dry Shampoo,<br />

$26, 2. Evo macgyver multiuse<br />

mousse, $32.50, 3. OGX<br />

O2 Shampoo and Conditioner,<br />

$17.99 each, 4. Schwarzkopf<br />

BLONDME Tone Enhancing<br />

Bonding Mask, $26.95, 5. John<br />

Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous<br />

Recovery Intensive Masque,<br />

$16.99, 6. Remington Air3D<br />

Hair Dryer in rose gold, $199,<br />

7. BaBylissPRO MiraCurl 3 Hair<br />

Styler, $229.95, 8. Lux Aestiva<br />

Aphrodite Hair oil, $42, 9.<br />

Noughty Pumped up Shampoo<br />

and Conditioner, $14.99 each,<br />

10. Marc Anthony Strictly Curls<br />

Styling Foam, $17.99.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 71










This campaign aims to spark an important and honest<br />

conversation. A metaphor for ‘don’t believe it’, evo is<br />

asking consumers to question, think and talk about society’s<br />

seemingly impossible pressures and unrealistic standards of<br />

beauty; the hype, the stereotype, the photoshop dream.<br />

More than ever, brands, media and society are creating<br />

false ideals; you need to wear make-up to look good, you<br />

need money to be happy, you need lots of friends to be<br />

successful…the list goes on. Consumers are increasingly<br />

conditioned to believe that buying brands and products<br />

(buy, buy, buy) will provide the answer and give you a<br />

perfect life. The reality is, perfection can’t be purchased…<br />

because perfection isn’t real. So rather than buying into<br />

unobtainable ideas of perfection, evo is championing the<br />

reality that ‘beauty is abundant, not in a bottle’. To bring<br />

this notion to life, ‘don’t buy it’ raises a cup to those living<br />

outside the restrictive expectations of society, those who<br />

have gone their own way. For them, life isn’t about the<br />

hype, the stereotype, the likes, the dislikes, the instafame,<br />

the game, it’s not about the bul$#!!<br />

It’s time to join the conversation and say goodbye<br />

to marketing hype, stereotypical social norms and<br />

unrealistic ideas of beauty… ‘bye to the buy, buy, buy’.<br />

To get involved, simply hashtag #byebuybuy whenever<br />

you want to show the world something real, honest and<br />

authentic. Pull back the curtain, take off the filter and<br />

inspire positive change. Celebrate the beauty than comes<br />

from within and around. Show the world that beauty is<br />

abundant, not in a bottle.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 73

BEAUTY<br />


ver<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 75


www.cosbeauty.com.au 77


Christm<br />


as<br />

GUIDE<br />








www.cosbeauty.com.au 79



4.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

6.<br />

1. Charlotte Tilbury<br />

Bar Of Gold Palette, $90<br />

8.<br />

2. Organic Nation More<br />

Than Rose Hydration Mist, $59<br />

3. L’occitane En Provence<br />

Castelbajac Shea Butter<br />

Wonderful Rose Hand Cream, $15<br />

4. L’occitane En Provence<br />

Castelbajac Almond Milk<br />

Concentrate Body Cream,$65<br />

5. L’occitane En Provence<br />

Castelbajac Almond<br />

Shower Oil, $39<br />

6. L’occitane En Provence<br />

Castelbajac Shea Butter<br />

Ultra Light Body Cream, $63<br />

7. L’occitane En Provence<br />

Castelbajac Magic<br />

Advent Calendar, $165<br />

8. Mellow Treasure<br />

Chest Palette, $44<br />

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1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

1. MAC Shiny Pretty Things<br />

Brush Party: Face Focus, $105<br />

2. Inika Limited Edition<br />

Ultimate Glow, $129<br />

4.<br />

3. Karen Murrell Lip Set, $55<br />

4. Maybelline Give In To<br />

Temptation Set, $34.95

www.cosbeauty.com.au 83


84 www.cosbeauty.com.au

1. C-Lab & Co<br />

Coffee Essentials Trio<br />

Travel Pack, $34.90<br />

1.<br />

2. Synergie Skin<br />

The Luxe Edit, $269<br />

3. mesoestetic<br />

energy C Pack, $290<br />

4. Dermalogica<br />

Rapid Reveal Peel, $128<br />

2.<br />

5. Dr Lewinns’<br />

Eternal Youth Rejuvenate &<br />

Renew Gift Set, $69.95<br />

6. SISLEY L’Integral Prestige<br />

Sisleya skincare set $885<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

6.<br />

5.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 85

1. Medik8 Daylight<br />

Radiance, $49<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

2. Nu Skin Dividends<br />

Travel Kit for Men, $66<br />


3. Sisley Phyto-Blanc<br />

Trio, $670<br />

4. DMK Gift of<br />

Great Skin, $716.80<br />

5. La Mav Limited Edition<br />

Christmas Gift Set, $35.00<br />

6. Peter Thomas Roth<br />

Get Drenched! Kit, $52<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

7. Medik8 Midnight<br />

Miracle, $159<br />

8. Sisley Hair Ritual<br />

Smoothing Discovery<br />

Set, $110<br />

6.<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />


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1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

1. Elizabeth Arden<br />

My Fifth Avenue EDP<br />

100ml Spray, $82<br />

2. Slip Beauty Sleep To<br />

Go! Pink Travel Set, $135<br />

3. La Perla La Mia Perla<br />

EDP 30ml Spray, $99<br />

4. Palm Beach Christmas<br />

Mini Candle Trio, $34.95<br />

4.<br />

5. Glasshouse White<br />

Christmas 350g Triple<br />

Scented Candle, $46.95<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

6. Bellini Cipriani<br />

The Original Harry’s Bar<br />

Coctail, $29.95<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 89

1.<br />

1. Cloud Nine Wide<br />

Iron Gift Set, $345<br />


2. Moroccan Oil<br />

10 Years Special<br />

Edition Kit, $<br />

3. Éminence Perfect<br />

Lip Duo Gift Set, $55<br />

4. Batiste, Instant<br />

Hair Refresh Dry<br />

Shampoo Set, $9.95<br />

2.<br />

5. White Sands,<br />

Styling Kit, $34.95<br />

3.<br />

6. The Jojoba<br />

Company, Indulgent<br />

Body Pack, $29.92<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />


Beauty<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 91


1.<br />

1. Jane Iredale Kiss<br />

and Tell Gift Set, $75<br />

2.<br />

2. Molton Brown X18<br />

Adventurous Experiences<br />

Trio Gift Set for Him, $99<br />

3. Nu Skin LumiSpa<br />

ageloc device, $356<br />

4. Oil Garden<br />

Ultrasonic Diffuser, $29.99<br />

3.<br />

5. Palm Beach<br />

Collection, Mini<br />

Candle & Diffuser Set,<br />

Winter Pine, $29.92<br />

6. Sisley Eau du Soir<br />

100ml Gift Set, $320<br />

3.<br />

7. Ecoya Christmas<br />

Candle, Fresh Pine<br />

Grand Madison, $99.95<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />


BEAUTY<br />



BROW<br />





There’s one beauty trend every girlabout-town<br />

can rely on for its magical<br />

effect: thick, lush brows.<br />

‘Come rain, hail or humidity, plush brows are<br />

like an Insta filter for your face... so long as your<br />

work is weatherproof,’ says celebrity brow artist,<br />

Amy Jean. ‘A beautiful brow should always<br />

look natural, which means they need to stay<br />

put in any weather, whether it’s a mid- Winter<br />

downpour or a humid Summer’s day.’<br />

Year-round envy-inducing brows are as easy<br />

as opting for a semi-permanent treatment.<br />

‘Advanced techniques such as Feather Touch<br />

Brow Tattoo transform sparse brows into<br />

perfectly symmetrical arches,’ says Amy Jean.<br />

‘It looks completely natural because it<br />

perfectly mimics real brow hair and the effect<br />

lasts for years.’<br />

The hand etching technique means brows can

also be individually customised to incorporate<br />

on-trend effects, such as ombre shading. ‘We<br />

now offer Brow Blend Tattoo, a combination of<br />

traditional microblading at the start of the<br />

brow and our signature Mist Brow tattoo<br />

technique through the body, arch and tail,’<br />

says Amy Jean. ‘It creates an incredibly natural,<br />

airbrushed effect.’<br />

For busy gals who want to get-up-andgo<br />

in the morning, beautiful brows are best<br />

complemented with a semi-permanent lip tint<br />

and lash curling treatment.<br />

‘The Lash ElevateTM with Keratin treatment<br />

is the ultimate time saver as you wake up every<br />

day with lashes that rival a good set of falsies,’<br />

says Amy Jean. ‘Lashes look darker and longer<br />

but they’re also much healthier thanks to the<br />

nourishing keratin boost.’<br />

The last crucial step for makeup -free<br />

mornings is Kiss Me Lip-Tint Tattoo, which<br />

creates the illusion of a fuller, more symmetrical<br />

pout without the need for lipstick, liner or<br />

injectables. ‘All lips need is a slick of gloss or<br />

balm and you’re out the door,’ says Amy Jean.<br />

‘It’s life-changing!’ CBM<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

There are 8 products in the Amy<br />

Jean Privée Collection. Available<br />

online at www.amyjean-collection.c<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 95



YOUR<br />


SMILE<br />





Not only can your teeth affect your<br />

smile, they can also dramatically dull your<br />

appearance, causing your entire face to<br />

appear tired, hung-over and even angry.<br />

It’s been scientifically proven by tracking<br />

eye movement that the most common<br />

places people look when you’re talking to<br />

them are at your eyes and mouth. Due to<br />

this, a bad smile can severely impact your<br />

attractiveness, especially in a photo-op –<br />

with or without filter! A new smile can<br />

knock years off your appearance.<br />

Everyday wear and tear can take its toll<br />

on your teeth. The good news is the shape<br />

and colour of your teeth are problems that<br />

are easy to fix. We take a look at five ways<br />

your smile can make you look less attractive<br />

and how to fix it.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 97


1.<br />



The number-one way that your teeth<br />

can make you look blah is through<br />

discolouration and staining.<br />

As we age, our teeth naturally darken<br />

because of the colours they absorb from<br />

certain foods and drinks such as red wine,<br />

coffee and tea.<br />

The very outer layer of the enamel is<br />

constantly dissolving and re-precipitating.<br />

As this process occurs, any staining<br />

elements in the mouth such as coffee, tea<br />

and red wine can become trapped in the<br />

tooth as it re-precipitates. This causes<br />

the tooth to become darker and darker as<br />

time progresses.<br />

No matter how well you take care of<br />

your teeth, stained or discoloured teeth are<br />

inevitable and they will not go back to a<br />

lighter colour on their own.<br />


Just as the whites of your eyes suggest<br />

youthfulness and health, a shiny white set<br />

of teeth can give your face a whole<br />

lot younger appearance.<br />

The only way to reverse the staining<br />

and discolouring of your teeth is with a<br />

bleaching or whitening treatment.<br />

In-clinic whitening treatments will yield<br />

the best results, but at-home whitening<br />

kits can achieve a good colour change<br />

and are easy and cost effective to<br />

maintain. You can also use these athome<br />

kits to maintain your professional<br />

treatment results.<br />

For dark grey or black stains, whitening<br />

may only do so much, and veneers, which<br />

physically cover up the stains and also act<br />

like a brand new set of teeth, may need to<br />

be considered.

2.<br />



Crowded or uneven teeth not only contribute<br />

to physical stress and strain on your teeth,<br />

but can also make you look much older than<br />

you actually are. When your teeth don’t fit<br />

into place due to shifting, they can crowd<br />

your mouth, causing unwanted attention to<br />

visible imperfections such as chips, staining<br />

or discolouration. Even if you start out with<br />

perfectly straight teeth, something called medial<br />

drift can cause them to shift over time.<br />

Crooked or crowded teeth can make your<br />

smile look narrow, which is the opposite of<br />

what you want as a wider smile is seen as more<br />

attractive and youthful. Crowded teeth can<br />

also chip easily and are prone to receding gums,<br />

premature bone loss, tooth decay and exposed<br />

roots, which make them look long (ever heard<br />

the expression ‘long in the tooth’?).<br />

Remember, you are never too old to<br />

straighten your teeth! Healthy teeth can be<br />

moved at any age and can take 10-15 years off<br />

your appearance.<br />


The most reliable and permanent way to<br />

straighten your teeth is with traditional braces,<br />

Invisalign or the new alternative, Quick<br />

Straight Teeth. The latter is an innovative<br />

teeth straightening treatment that offers both<br />

invisible fixed and removable braces at an<br />

affordable price – and promises to fix crooked<br />

teeth in as little as six months.<br />

3.<br />



You wouldn’t think of your gums as an age<br />

accelerator, but they certainly can be. A<br />

gummy smile, which can occur naturally or<br />

as a result of ageing, shows more of your gums<br />

than teeth. This can create a short, worn-down<br />

smile making you look older than you are<br />

and much less attractive in photos. It can also<br />

affect the proportions of your lips, making them<br />

look thinner.<br />


Excessive gum tissue can be trimmed away in a<br />

fairly quick and minimally invasive procedure<br />

called gingivectomy. This procedure usually<br />

takes around 15 minutes to an hour, where the<br />

gum line is reshaped using a scalpel or laser.<br />

The procedure will make your smile more<br />

attractive, and importantly can also keep<br />

gum disease at bay by helping you clean more<br />

effectively around and between your teeth. In<br />

more severe cases surgery may be required, or<br />

an orthodontic option for teeth that are out<br />

of alignment.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 99


4.<br />


TEETH<br />

While a missing tooth at the front<br />

of your smile can certainly make you<br />

look older, a fact that is less obvious<br />

is that even missing teeth in the<br />

back of your mouth can change<br />

your appearance.<br />

Missing teeth, no matter where<br />

they are located, affect the structure<br />

of the mouth. The primary issue is<br />

bone loss in the jaw, which is an<br />

inevitable consequence of leaving a<br />

toothless gap in the mouth.<br />

Since the teeth and jawbone<br />

provide support for the cheeks and<br />

lips, missing teeth and the results of<br />

bone erosion can cause unwanted<br />

changes to your appearance. Over<br />

time, your lips and cheeks will<br />

collapse inwards due to the lack of<br />

facial support. This results in a saggy,<br />

wrinkled look that can add years to<br />

your appearance.<br />


If you have missing teeth, dental<br />

implants can offer a long-lasting<br />

solution to provide a structure<br />

reflecting that of the natural tooth.<br />

Dental implants replace the tooth<br />

root with an artificial root that is<br />

surgically placed into the upper or<br />

lower jawbone. Implants help protect<br />

against bone loss and the aged look<br />

it creates, and they feel and function<br />

just like natural teeth.

5.<br />



While it’s not an easy habit to crack, teeth<br />

grinding and clenching is a problem for<br />

more than 50% of adults (according to<br />

RealSelf.com) and is a contributing factor<br />

to an ageing smile.<br />

Whether it’s due to stress, irregular<br />

sleeping patterns or nothing at all, this<br />

chronic grinding can wear down your<br />

upper and lower teeth and actually cause<br />

major changes in the structure of your jaw.<br />

This can make you look years older than<br />

you actually are due to a loss of youthful<br />

definition. Your bite can also be affected,<br />

causing a misalignment of the jaw as your<br />

chin projects forward, making the lower<br />

third of your face appear squished.<br />

Experts say grinding and clenching, or<br />

bruxism, will exacerbate the natural wear<br />

of the teeth. Therefore, if someone is 30<br />

years old and a heavy grinder, 10-15 years<br />

can be added to their facial appearance<br />

due to extreme wear.<br />


One of the few actions you can take<br />

on your own is to wear a night guard.<br />

While it will not get to the root of the<br />

cause, it will stop the teeth from excessive<br />

wear and can maintain the soft lines of<br />

the jaw by keeping the muscles from<br />

bring overworked.<br />

Often your teeth become so worn down<br />

by excessive grinding and clenching that<br />

they will need to be restored with crowns<br />

or veneers, which build up the length of<br />

your teeth. If your bite needs adjusting,<br />

orthodontics can reposition it. CBM<br />

Tips TO<br />



The number-one tip is great oral<br />

hygiene, which includes brushing,<br />

flossing/interdental cleaning, and an<br />

effective mouthwash.<br />

Book regular appointments to visit your<br />

dentist and hygienist to keep your teeth<br />

clean and to avoid gum disease.<br />

Wear a night guard or occlusal splint to<br />

prevent nocturnal grinding (bruxism).<br />

This can also act like an orthodontic<br />

retainer, keeping the teeth in position<br />

and resisting unwanted tooth<br />

movements caused by age.<br />

Cut down on red wine, black coffee and<br />

highly coloured foods.<br />

No smoking!<br />

Use sunblock and a lip balm that has a<br />

high SPF to prevent sun damage, which<br />

will intensify and speed up the loss of<br />

elasticity in the lips.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 101


Beautiful in S<br />










102 www.cosbeauty.com.au

anta Barbara<br />

hile today it’s known as the ‘American Riviera’,<br />

Santa Barbara – that glitzy, glamorous city on<br />

California’s Central Coast – has historically been<br />

renowned as a place to seek serenity<br />

and wellness.<br />

This dates back to the 1800s, when US East<br />

Coast families would spend their winters in the<br />

seaside settlement, inhaling the fresh ozonic air that<br />

science has now proven to be so incredibly healing<br />

for the mind, body and soul. Today, it’s one of the<br />

most popular wellness destinations in America with<br />

an array of spas, Pilates studios and yoga rooms to<br />

Wchoose from. Here are a few worth visiting.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 103


Majorelle<br />

Located within The Hotel Californian, this stunning<br />

spa is named for the distinctive ‘Moroccan blue’<br />

found in the traditional tiles, windows and doorways<br />

of Marrakesh, and its décor reflects this.<br />

A sense of serenity will immediately wash over you<br />

as you step through its doors. With an indoor and<br />

outdoor lounge, Women’s and Men’s Steam Room<br />

and singles and couples’ suites, Majorelle offers<br />

everything from Customised Facials to traditional<br />

spa treatments, hair styling services and massage.<br />

A pampering-must, Santa Barbara Entrada Neroli<br />

is a 90-minute customised sensory massage. Built<br />

around the myriad benefits of neroli oil (produced<br />

from the blossoms of orange trees native to both<br />

Morocco and Central California), it promotes<br />

digestive relief, anxiety release, mood enhancement,<br />

improved sleep quality and skin rejuvenation.<br />

Then there’s Tribute Body Ritual, a ‘personalised<br />

experience’ which customises an aromatherapy<br />

blend to suit your needs and applies it during a deep<br />

scrub and massage. Vitality Therapeutic Massage<br />

and Herbal Elixir uniquely combines the therapeutic<br />

benefits of topical and ingestible herbal remedies,<br />

by pairing specialised massage with infused teas,<br />

tinctures and honeys.<br />

Speciality Wellness offerings include reflexology,<br />

private yoga, personal training and<br />

private meditation.<br />

www.thehotelcalifornian.com/santa_barbara_spa<br />

Four Seasons Re<br />

Biltmore Santa<br />

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands, and tucked<br />

Pool, this spa will make real your every relaxation fantasy. I’m ta<br />

Think: Vinotherapy, a custom crafted exfoliating body treatme<br />

body massage; Acai Grapeseed Cocoon, a body wrap that infuses<br />

Seasons In One, a signature ritual that begins with a peppermint<br />

wrap, moves on to a medley of massage techniques and conclude<br />


Ritz-Carlton Bacara<br />

This three-story spa features an adults-only pool, redwood sauna, eucalyptus steam room, fireside<br />

lounges and a rooftop terrace - all directly overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Can you say ‘bliss’?<br />

Signature treatments include the Bacara Massage, which rolls out the hot stones and<br />

handmade heated herbal compresses (made with local herbs and salts) to restore and regenerate<br />

both body and soul. Weather permitting, a Pacific Breeze Rooftop Massage, will lull you into deep<br />

relaxation. The open-air treatment combines the sea breeze with massage and a glass of bubbles.<br />

There’s also an array of facials using Natura Bisse and Emergin C skin care collections, prenatal<br />

massage (great for Baby-mooners) plus hair care, waxing and traditional spa treatments.<br />

www.ritzcarlton.com/en/hotels/california/santa-barbara/spa<br />

sort the<br />

Barbara<br />

serenely between the resort’s Rose Garden and Jungle<br />

lking serious cocooning here…<br />

nt that buffs skin from top-to-toe and finishes with a full<br />

Shea butter and grapeseed extracts into the skin; and Four<br />

and rosemary scrub, continues with a warm Shea butter<br />

s with a coconut hair and scalp conditioning treatment.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 105


San Ysidro Ranch<br />

Named the Number One hotel by Forbes America, unsurprisingly the day spa here<br />

takes luxury to new levels. While it’s temporarily closed for renovation and restoration<br />

following the 2018 mudslides, it will reopen in 2019 - and for the first time, open its<br />

doors to non-hotel guests.<br />

Patrons can expect pampering like nowhere else in the world, from hot stone to<br />

Swedish massage, Reiki to Reflexology and a Spa Soak Tub with the Ranch’s own blend<br />

of healing salts, milk or bubbles; there’s also an array of facial treatments to choose from<br />

targeted at rejuvenation and relaxation.<br />

www.sanysidorach.com<br />

WHERE<br />

TO STAY<br />

Don’t look past The Hotel Californian.<br />

It’s literally dripping in glamour, with its<br />

Spanish Colonial Revival architecture<br />

and modern Moorish themed interior<br />

décor. Seconds to the beachfront, it<br />

boasts panoramas of both the coastline<br />

and Santa Ynez Mountains. It’s King<br />

beds are like sleeping on clouds and it<br />

encapsulates everything you’ve ever<br />

imagined Santa Barbara to be – beachside<br />

opulence, style and ‘miles of smiles’<br />

no matter which way you look. It’s also<br />

adjacent to Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone, a<br />

district famed for boutique tasting rooms,<br />

cafes, art galleries and shops, making it<br />

the perfect location to base yourself to<br />

shop, eat and drink, too!<br />

www.thehotelcalifornian.com<br />

Float<br />

Luxury<br />

Day Spa<br />

A little more affordable but nonetheless luxe,<br />

this downtown beauty haven offers traditional<br />

services, as well as standout treatments<br />

including The Ultimate Body Facial. This<br />

begins with a full body scrub using antioxidantrich<br />

Napa Valley grape seeds and geranium<br />

oil (which stimulates lymphatic drainage).<br />

Following this, you’re cocooned in a green<br />

tea and ginger enzyme wrap and covered in<br />

a steam canopy. It finishes with a protein<br />

lotion massage and application of glycolic<br />

peppermint cream.<br />

www.floatluxuryspa.com<br />

Salt Cav<br />

Quite literally a cave built out of H<br />

her geologist husband Mike. It off<br />

classes, yoga and dance … all in A<br />

The myriad benefits of the salt a<br />

and promoting better sleep. Even<br />

ancient practice known as Haloth<br />


e Santa Barbara<br />

imalayan Pink Salt, this is the brainchild of Santa Barbara local Pam McCasky and<br />

ers salt scrub treatments (of course), massage, aromatherapy, reiki healing, sound<br />

merica’s largest underground salt cave.<br />

re said to vary from regulating the body’s water content to balancing blood pressure<br />

the air is infused with micro particles of salt, so you actually inhale the salt. This is an<br />

erapy - and it’s thought to open the lungs and assist in reducing respiratory ailments.<br />


Santa Barbara is a two-hour drive from Los Angeles, northwest<br />

along Highway 101. I highly recommend renting a car and driving<br />

there, so you can take in the diverse and breathtaking scenery<br />

along the way. However, if driving on the right side of the road<br />

makes you uneasy, you can book a Greyhound Bus for as low as<br />

US$13 one way and still take in the same views.<br />

*Shonagh Walker was a guest of Visit California, Visit Santa Barbara<br />

and The Hotel Californian (and she is desperate to return).<br />

Cat<br />

Therapy<br />

From the Cool Cat Lady Files comes this<br />

brilliant idea from a Santa Barbara local<br />

whose name is, unsurprisingly, Catalina (Cat<br />

for short). The musician and animal lover<br />

decided to open an animal sanctuary that<br />

helps humans heal as well.<br />

The deal is that she fosters between 12<br />

and 16 shelter cats at a time in the hope of<br />

finding them ‘forever homes’ and invites you<br />

in for a bit of animal healing therapy.<br />

The ‘spa’ takes reservations for singles<br />

or small groups of people for 75-minute<br />

sessions, where humans and felines can<br />

interact in a clean and modern space.<br />

Choose from Cat Yoga, where a certified<br />

instructor holds an all-levels yoga class<br />

among all the adoptable cats, or simply sit<br />

and sip coffee or tea and enjoy the healing<br />

benefits that being with a furry friend bring.<br />

www.cattherapy.sb.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 107


Marvellous<br />

MAUDE<br />









how wonderful to be able to close<br />

your eyes, spin a globe and decide<br />

that wherever your finger may<br />

randomly land will be the focus of<br />

your working life for the next three<br />

months. Welcome to the world of<br />

Curtis Stone and his talented team at<br />

Maude, Beverly Hills.<br />

While the process is actually<br />

more intricately planned and<br />

strategised than simply pinning a<br />

thumb tack on a world map, this is<br />

pretty much how the 24-seater fine<br />

dining restaurant has been operating<br />

for the past 12 months.

For the first four years of operation,<br />

the luxe, cosy eatery concentrated on<br />

one ingredient per month, creating a<br />

culinary event around it, with a wine<br />

list meticulously curated to pair back.<br />

These days, celeb chef Curtis takes a<br />

back seat and allows head sommelier<br />

Andrey Tolmachyov to drive the<br />

direction of the four menus produced<br />

each year, each designed around a<br />

different wine region of the world.<br />

‘After doing 48 menus with no<br />

dish repeated, we wanted something<br />

completely new,’ Stone explains<br />

over the jaw-dropping degustation<br />

dinner I was lucky enough to<br />

experience in May.<br />

‘The wine program had really<br />

blossomed, with such amazing and<br />

talented sommeliers, but the pairings<br />

were always done last. We decided to<br />

work backwards; go to a wine region,<br />

be inspired by the wine and the local<br />

regional dishes, then talk to the wine<br />

team about what they wanted and<br />

what would pair well with that wine,<br />

and create a menu from that.’<br />

Their first stop was Rioja in Spain.<br />

Next came Burgundy in France,<br />

swiftly followed by the central Coast<br />

of California, which is the menu I<br />

devoured. Currently the region in<br />

the spotlight is Piedmont in Italy,<br />

possibly the most prestigious wine<br />

region in the world.<br />

The team travels quite close to the<br />

date of menu launch and fastidiously<br />

researches wineries and local growers,<br />

sampling wares and testing recipes,<br />

before returning to Maude HQ in<br />

Beverly Hills and devising a decadent<br />

three-level pairing of wines and 10<br />

course tasting menu to match.<br />

Says Tolmachyov: ‘The Classic<br />

Pairing features wines from the high<br />

acid and tannins found in Nebbiolo<br />

varietals to the more feminine<br />

Barbera. The Reserve Pairing<br />

deepens the tasting experience to<br />

include premium Barolo, Barbaresco<br />

and Dolcetto reds and lends a greater<br />

complexity to the region, featuring<br />

more exclusive bottlings and rarer<br />

vintages. The Grand Pairing is the<br />

most special selection, with some<br />

elusive choices from the most revered<br />

winemakers of Piedmont. From old<br />

houses to more modern estates, back<br />

vintages from the highest quality<br />

producers exemplify these pours.’<br />

As for the food, executive chef<br />

Justin Hilbert has unearthed every<br />

delicacy the region has to offer.<br />

From hazelnuts, cheese, chocolates<br />

and the region’s iconic Alba white<br />

truffles, the tasting menu is decadent<br />

and adventurous. And it’s worth<br />

every single kilojoule. There are<br />

odes to regional favourites such<br />

as bagna cauda, vitello tonnato,<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 109


risotto and of course, plenty of pasta<br />

– from agnolotti and tortellini to<br />

Piedmontese tajarin, a thin, long<br />

pasta that respects the egg yolk.<br />

While a 10 course degustation may<br />

seem an arduous eating task, it’s far<br />

from it. Each serving is perfectly sized<br />

and balanced in such a way that the<br />

flavours of one dish lead the palate<br />

effortlessly to the next.<br />

Towards the end of the meal,<br />

you’re left feeling elegantly sufficed,<br />

but perhaps just wanting that little<br />

something extra. Just as well then,<br />

the experience finishes with a visit to<br />

the climate controlled wine loft that<br />

sits above the restaurant.<br />

With the temperature set to 15<br />

degrees Celsius, the array of<br />

wines on offer is inexhaustible<br />

and the banquet of pastries, desserts<br />

and other such sweets, created that<br />

day by pastry chef Yesenia Cruz, is<br />

the ideal punctuation to a truly<br />

unique experience.<br />

The Piedmont menu completes the<br />

inaugural year of creating menus in<br />

this unique manner, and we can be<br />

sure to expect an even higher level<br />

of excellence in the coming year. At<br />

the time of writing, the team was<br />

unsure which region would feature<br />

for the first quarter of 2019, but there<br />

were murmurs ranging from Australia<br />

to Argentina. Whatever it may be,<br />

Tolmachyov assures ‘some rare old<br />

bottlings, uncovered gems and the<br />

classics that have made the region<br />

one of the best in the world.’<br />

WHERE<br />

IS IT?<br />

Maude<br />

212S Beverly Drive<br />

Beverly Hills, CA.<br />

Open Tuesday to Sunday,<br />

5.30- 9.30PM<br />

+ 1 310 859 3418<br />


Pics of Maude and The Piedmont Menu by Stan Lee<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 111


W<br />

here to stay

The<br />

Montage<br />

Beverly<br />

Hills<br />

If you want modern luxury with<br />

a touch of vintage Hollywood,<br />

abundant comfort and a team of<br />

discreet staff who can’t do enough to<br />

make your stay sensational, do not<br />

look past The Montage Beverly Hills.<br />

Located a three-minute drive from<br />

Maude, with complementary limo<br />

service for all hotel guests, it recently<br />

served as the uber-glamourous façade<br />

for the hotel owned by Jane Fonda’s<br />

character in the 2018 movie The<br />

Book Club.<br />

Sadly, the film didn’t do its<br />

remarkable lobby, stunning rooms,<br />

or its magnificent rooftop pool<br />

justice. Put simply – this hotel is so<br />

wonderful, you will not want to<br />

leave. In fact, during my three days<br />

stay I only left the premises twice<br />

– once to dine at Maude and the<br />

second time to soak up some jazz<br />

at West Hollywood’s hottest new<br />

club Delilah.<br />

To be honest, despite the lure of<br />

Los Angeles around me, I had zero<br />

desire to leave. Arriving flustered and<br />

emotional after a fairly hectic and<br />

stressful work week, The Montage<br />

and its team lulled me into a state<br />

of utter relaxation within seconds.<br />

While my room was being readied,<br />

the manager took me on a tour<br />

through the hotel, which wowed me<br />

to my core, which isn’t easy - I’ve<br />

seen more than my fair share of top<br />

hotels in my time as a beauty, travel<br />

and lifestyle writer and I’m not<br />

easily impressed.<br />

The state-of-the-art spa with its<br />

whirlpool, steam room, sauna, co-ed<br />

mineral pool and fitness centre,<br />

means you can turn your stay into a<br />

wellness break should you choose to.<br />

The expansive yet cosy bar<br />

lounge makes a splendid<br />

meeting place for friends, and stays<br />

open well into the early hours.<br />

Choose to sit inside or make the most<br />

of the agreeable Californian climate<br />

and opt for a table on the outdoor<br />

terrace overlooking the Beverly<br />

Canon Gardens.<br />

Be sure to indulge in ‘15 at 10.15’.<br />

Nightly at 10.15pm, the bar offers<br />

a curated selection of $15 libations<br />

including speciality cocktails,<br />

sommelier-recommended wines and<br />

craft beers.<br />

The restaurant, open for dinner<br />

nightly, serves fresh, seasonallydriven<br />

cuisine set in a garden-style<br />

interior which extends to a lush patio,<br />

while The Café keeps you satiated<br />

all day, serving breakfast and lunch<br />

before transitioning into a wine and<br />

champagne bar with light meals in<br />

the evening.<br />

But it was the Rooftop Grill<br />

that made the biggest dent in my<br />

credit card, and deservedly so. The<br />

expansive eatery sits atop the hotel,<br />

adjacent to the breathtaking pool<br />

area. My partner and I spent all three<br />

days soaking up the sun, sipping rose<br />

and enjoying nearly everything the<br />

menu had to offer, moving only from<br />

table to poolside cabana to relax into<br />

an even deeper bliss.<br />

From check-in to check-out,<br />

my stay was seamless and nothing<br />

was too much to ask. Want a<br />

vegan burger? No problem. Need<br />

a ride to or from dinner? The<br />

luxury town car, complete with a<br />

‘star-encrusted’ interior roof and<br />

delightful driver, was ready within<br />

seconds. Can’t fit all your shopping<br />

in your suitcase? The concierge will<br />

arrange to purchase a second suitably<br />

sized case on your behalf and will<br />

ensure it is suited to your tastes and<br />

matches the rest of your luggage,<br />

without you even asking. They’re<br />

just that good.<br />

As I said, I’ve stayed in some of the<br />

best hotels in the world throughout<br />

my 30-year career and The Montage<br />

Beverly Hills is easily in the Top<br />

Two. In fact, I loved it so much that<br />

I’m considering booking a trip back<br />

soon, simply to spend another week<br />

luxuriating by its pool. CBM<br />

www.motagehotels.com/beverlyhills<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 113

Gucci Bamboo,<br />

Eau De Parfum<br />

75ml, $182<br />

L’Occitane<br />

Aqua Réotier<br />

Thirst Quenching<br />

Crème, $56<br />

Ginger & Me<br />

Be Happy Sugar<br />

Scrub $59.95<br />

Eds ,<br />

FAVES<br />



Medik8<br />

Glow Oil, $89.<br />

Charlotte Tilbury<br />

Hollywood Lips Liquid<br />

Lipstick, Showgirl, $49<br />

Benefit Gogotint<br />

Cheek & Lip Stain<br />

10ml, $55<br />

Inika Baked Mineral<br />

Foundation, $59


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nicole<br />

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but getting started early is a huge advantage. Filling the gap between over-the-counter<br />

treatments and more aggressive laser offerings, Clear + Brilliant creates and defi nes an<br />

entirely new category of laser aesthetic treatments for clients moving along the skincare<br />

continuum. Clear + Brilliant helps prevent and address early signs of ageing, resulting in a<br />

brighter, more even skin tone. Treatments are comfortable, fast, effective and suitable for<br />

all skin types. The results are both immediate and progressive, depending on the age and<br />

condition of the skin. It is also great for those who are looking for short downtime and a quick<br />

skin ‘pick-me-up’. Call Nicole now to take advantage of an opening offer.<br />

02 9327 7728<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

www.nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />


Boosts skin immunity<br />

Improves skin tone and clarity<br />

Regulates oil production<br />

Stimulates collagen<br />

Increases hydration<br />


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