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When faced with overflowing toilets, or even bathtubs and sinks, or probably leaky pipes, your costly carpet may experience huge damage in the process. When you act quickly it becomes possible to reduce the extent of damage to all your affected carpets. Call our experienced water carpet cleaners in Melbourne on 1300 726 524 if you need quick help. visit our website - http://www.carpetwaterdamage.com.au/water-carpet-cleaners-melbourne.html

You all know what a pain in the butt is when you home is flooded. Water damage can be

pretty damaging to your carpets and belongings. If your carpet is experiencing water

damage, it is always wise to call your nearest water carpet cleaners in Melbourne.

Rain water that has flooded the carpets generally is not as big of a health risk, if carpets are

cleaned properly and dried prior to any mould has a chance to develop. On the other hand,

sewage water that has flooded a carpet area is a major health risk & carpeting must be

discarded. Carpets that have been flooded with sewage pollutants should not really ever be

a DIY project, and if you’re set on keeping the carpets then a professional must be

appointed to deal with the issue.

Mould is perhaps the biggest concern when house has water damage. When water isn’t

completely evacuated from the carpets, it is rather easy for mould or mildew to find a site

to nourish. Mould lead to poor indoor air quality prompting respiratory issues including

asthma, and other severe health issues. Preventing mould expansion is very essential to

keep your home’s air clean & healthy.

Once your home is flooded with water, your primary goal should be to extract water from

everything. The extraction of water from the carpet must be done with a commercial water

extraction unit.

If you are thinking that water damaged carpets can be cleaned effectively by home

cleaning & drying methods, then you are absolutely wrong. The truth is you can’t clean

the inner sides of the carpets effectively regardless of how hard you try. Dirt, soil, dust

and contaminants dwell deep inside the layers of your carpets. Henceforth, when you

clean the surface of the carpet they stay unaffected. These pollutants, when left

overlooked, can prompt severe health problems like red eyes, runny nose, itchiness,

sneezing, coughing and even deadly asthma.

Therefore you should always look for water carpet cleaners in Melbourne that have the

necessary tools and ample expertise to extract even the minutest of contaminants from the

deepest of the layers. Professional cleaners also have the expertise to dry your water

damaged rooms and prevent secondary damage such as mould creating health issues to


Do, don’t be too late! Call your nearest water carpet cleaners in Melbournebefore they

cause mould development or other serious health issue.


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