Pythagoras' Theorem: Worksheet

Pythagoras' Theorem: Worksheet

Pythagoras’ Theorem: Worksheet

Pythagoras’ Theorem

Here is Pythagoras’ Theorem:

‘The square of the hypotenuse (side h) equals the sum

of the squares of the other two sides (a and b).’

h 2 = a 2 + b 2

We have a short cut for writing

squared numbers: a 2

Exercise 1


Side a

Hypotenuse, side h

Side b

Hypotenuse is the name we give to the longest

side of the triangle that is opposite the right angle.

A TV antenna is 16 metres high. A supporting wire is connected to the top from 6 metres

away from the base. This is shown in the diagram. What is the length of wire helping to hold

up the TV antenna? It is marked with ‘W’.

Exercise 2

Work out the length of the bracket for this shelf. It is the length marked ‘b’.

160 mm

300 mm

b mm

W m

6 m

16 m

Exercise 3

What is the height of the upright in the roof of this building? It is the side marked ‘H’.

H m

Exercise 4

6.3 m

5.2 m

What is the distance from A to B on this diagram? It is the side marked ‘d’.

Exercise 5

3.5 m

What is the length of the truss on this building? It is the side marked ‘t’.


1. 17.1 m 2. 340 mm 3. 3.6 m 4. 7.4 m 5. 8.3 m



8.2 m


15 m

3.5 m

t m


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