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The Principal's Report 2<br />

Staff 3<br />

Haere Mai 5<br />

Haere rā e te piki kōtuku,<br />

Hone Green<br />

Ka kite anō au i a koutou 8<br />

Head Boy’s Report 10<br />

Student Leaders 11<br />

Year 13 Photo 12<br />

Prizegivings 13<br />

Polyfest<br />

Cook Islands Group 20<br />

Kapa haka 21<br />

Niuean Group 22<br />

Samoan Group 23<br />

Tongan Group 25<br />

School<br />

Activities<br />

Refugee Activities 27<br />

School Garden 29<br />

Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary<br />

Award<br />

7<br />

30<br />

Library Activities 32<br />

Sports Council 34<br />

Student Council 35<br />

Health Council 36<br />

Sea Cleaners Hawaii 37<br />

Senior Ball 38<br />

Brainwave Workshops 40<br />

Pacific Island Leaders of<br />

Tommorrow<br />

Departments<br />

Art 45<br />

Commerce 46<br />

English 48<br />

ESOL 50<br />

Languages 52<br />

Maths 57<br />

Performing Arts 58<br />

PE and Health 65<br />

Science 69<br />

Social Science 69<br />

Technology 71<br />

Sports<br />

Sports Awards 76<br />

Basketball 80<br />

Darts 81<br />

Soccer 82<br />

Rugby 83<br />

Tag Football 85<br />

Touch Rugby 86<br />

Volleyball 87<br />

Form photos 88<br />

41<br />

Tough Mudder 42<br />

<strong>MC</strong> Photo Project 43<br />

Sponsors 100<br />

Featured Artwork:<br />

Please note: All artwork labels are to be read clockwise from top left.<br />

Front Cover: Zahra Ibrahim<br />

Back Cover: Irene luafatasaga<br />

Inside Front: Chynna Tohilima, Ioane Ioane, Zahra Ibrahim, Zahra Hussain, Abdul<br />

Ahmadi<br />

Inside Back: Zahra Ibrahim, Isiyiah Ahmadi, Julienne Niko, Ioane Ioane, Saviour<br />

Shree<br />

Production:<br />

Editing and Design<br />

Joanne Latif<br />

Proofreading<br />

Deb Ward, Keir Whipp,<br />

Milo West, Alison Blackwood<br />

Mangere College - 2018 1

The Principal's Report<br />

2018 has been a<br />

watershed year for<br />

Māngere College with<br />

changes in the staffroom,<br />

an Education Review<br />

Office report and some<br />

significant visitors to the<br />

school.<br />

The year started off with us<br />

welcoming 13 new teachers to the<br />

school. This is a significant number<br />

for us and meant a lot of change in<br />

the staffroom. They each brought<br />

a different level of experience<br />

from first year teachers to very<br />

experienced teachers and each<br />

made a huge contribution during<br />

the year.<br />

One of our key areas to focus on<br />

this year has been to improve our<br />

teaching practice using a new<br />

appraisal process and the Teachers<br />

Council’s new professional standards<br />

and code of conduct for teachers.<br />

This work was reflected in a<br />

comment that ERO made during<br />

their visit when they said that a<br />

strength of the school was “the<br />

capability and dedication of the<br />

teaching team who are open<br />

to learning and committed to<br />

improving professional practice.”<br />

These two aspects - being open to<br />

learning and improving practice<br />

- are very important to me. In our<br />

work: we all make mistakes and<br />

perfection is an unrealistic goal<br />

but we can always learn from our<br />

experiences and strive to get better<br />

in what we do each day.<br />

Another important aspect of the<br />

school that was commented on by<br />

ERO is the environment that we<br />

create for our students around the<br />

school. ERO said that this strength is<br />

the “inclusive and positive learning<br />

and working environment where<br />

students’ diverse languages, cultures<br />

and identities are fostered and<br />

their religions respected”. It is this<br />

environment that our students need<br />

and deserve to be able to learn<br />

successfully and to achieve to their<br />

potential.<br />

This was the first ERO review during<br />

my time at the school and it was<br />

very rewarding to see the work that<br />

we have been doing over the past<br />

three years being recognised in<br />

this way. As well as commenting<br />

2 Mangere College - 2018<br />

on the quality of the teaching<br />

staff and the environment of the<br />

school they also made reference to<br />

these changes when they said “The<br />

school’s leadership and strategic<br />

change management processes<br />

and practices, together with the<br />

prioritising of Māori success and<br />

student wellbeing, are effectively<br />

contributing to achieving equity<br />

and excellence and the acceleration<br />

of learning.”<br />

Of course they also pointed out<br />

areas for improvement and the<br />

most important of these for me<br />

is the achievement of our Māori<br />

students. We are not doing well<br />

enough in this area as a school<br />

and it is something that I am<br />

committed to changing. This<br />

school should be a place where all<br />

students succeed and we need to<br />

continue to work hard to ensure<br />

that our results are equitable as well<br />

as excellent.<br />

At prizegiving this term we<br />

announced our Student Leaders for<br />

2019. This is an excellent group of<br />

young people who are excited about<br />

leading the school and having an<br />

impact in the wider community as<br />

well. So many of our students are<br />

passionate about the society they<br />

live in and particularly their local<br />

community of Māngere. This was<br />

particularly evident to me when<br />

we hosted two politicians, the<br />

Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard<br />

and Minister Aupito William Sio,<br />

to launch a virtual reality tour of<br />

parliament. This gave our students<br />

a chance to have their voices heard<br />

by national politicians and to ask<br />

questions of them. They certainly<br />

expressed their views strongly.<br />

Allowing students to have a voice<br />

in the running of the school<br />

through our different councils is an<br />

ongoing focus for us at school. We<br />

want to provide all students with<br />

an opportunity to grow their own<br />

leadership and develop into the<br />

future leaders for our community.<br />

We have continued to work<br />

closely with our local schools in<br />

our Community of Learning, the<br />

Māngere Kahui Ako, which I am<br />

proud to lead. We have a vision as<br />

a group of schools of strengthening<br />

education in the Māngere<br />

community and of working together<br />

for the benefit of our students. We<br />

will see more positive outcomes<br />

of this collaboration in the years to<br />

come.<br />

Of course the year has not been<br />

without its difficulties and the loss<br />

of a student and an ex student<br />

during Term 3 was a real shock<br />

to the school community and a<br />

traumatic time for students and<br />

staff. At Māngere College we talk<br />

a lot about the importance of our<br />

<strong>MC</strong> family and when you lose two<br />

of your family it affects everyone.<br />

What was important to me was<br />

seeing the strength of the family to<br />

pull together and overcome these<br />

difficult times.<br />

I was humbled by the strength and<br />

resilience of our students and how<br />

they supported each other and<br />

I took pride in seeing the school<br />

come together to face this together.<br />

Our strength as a school is in the<br />

community that we have and the<br />

way that we can face difficult issues<br />

together and support each other<br />

through difficult times.<br />

- Tom Webb<br />


Māngere College Staff<br />

Back Row: Arihana Hakiwai, Soteria Samu, Sally Hay, Catherine Thomson, Neville Padavatan<br />

4th Row: Asariah Potini, Huni Fifita, Laurence Earl, Paul Campbell, Milo West, Ruth Luketina, William Tupou, Daniel Wong, Melissa Tualaulelei,<br />

Satend Sharma, Mohammed Zaim, Ta’i Uamaki<br />

3rd Row: Elizabeth Tupua, Brian Aubrey, Emma McCosh, Joanne Latif, To’asavili Telea, Mohammed Sameem, Thomas Pearson, Kevin Davis, Aisake<br />

Tuitupou, Bruce Breetvelt, Fuatino Nuusavili, Alisi Tatafu, Frances McIntosh, Subrail Naidu, Angela Kuo-Yu Yen,<br />

2nd Row: Samer Hormes, Malae Aloali’i, Rosalie Kwan, Pauline Kumar, Raselin Imraan, Parwati Reddy, Nalini Singh, Kathleen Beaton, Nicky<br />

Haeata-Ruwhiu, Abtesam Salim, Kirita Leniu, Amera Franso, Alexandra Ana Marsters, Alison Blackwood<br />

Front Row: Mike Christo, Savitri Nadan, Michael Darragh, Ben Euden, Vivian Maskell, Keir Whipp, Deborah Ward, Tom Webb, Melegalenuu Ah Sam,<br />

Helen Faamoe, Katalina Ma, Viliami Bloomfield, Lynn Keating, Henry Fesulua’i, Christina Smith<br />

Mangere College - 2018 3

Staff List<br />

SenIor LeAderSHIP TeAM<br />

PrInCIPaL<br />

T Webb, BA (Oxon), PGCE, MEdLd (Hons)<br />

dePuty PrInCIPaLS<br />

M Ah Sam, PCT, ACTD, Dip T<br />

K Whipp, MEdLM (Hons), Dip T, Dip Dr, BA<br />

D Ward, MA (Hons), MProfStuds (Ed) (Hons), Dip T<br />

oPeratIonS ManaGer<br />

R O’Neil (Term 1)<br />

H Faamoe<br />


achievement centre<br />

E Wilson, BA, Dip SpEd, Dip Guid St,<br />

Cert ConRes, LTCL, Dip T (Term 1)<br />

N Haeata-Ruwhiu<br />

art<br />

M Christo, MFA, Dip T<br />

careers R Luketina, BSc, Dip T<br />

commerce S Nadan, PGDE, BA, Dip Ed<br />

english L Keating<br />

e.s.o.l<br />

Sally Hay, BA, Dip T, PostGrad<br />

Dip Language Teaching<br />

languages H Fesulua’i, BA, Dip T, PGDED<br />

library<br />

A Blackwood, BA, Dip T<br />

Mathematics K Ma, BSc, Dip T<br />

Performing arts<br />

B Euden, BMus, PGCE<br />

Physical education & health<br />

M Darragh, BA, PGTC<br />

A Potini, BPhEd<br />

science V Bloomfield, BSc, Dip T, MEdL,<br />

PGCertAP<br />

D Wong, BSc, Dip T<br />

social sciences<br />

C Smith, BA, Dip T<br />

A Tatafu, BA, Dip A, PGDT, PGCertAP<br />

student services<br />

K Barclay (Term 1)<br />

P Campbell<br />

technology V Maskell, TTC, Dip SS<br />

deAnS<br />

Year 9<br />

Year 10<br />

Year 11<br />

Year 12<br />

Year 13<br />


B Aubrey, B.Ed, Dip T<br />

F Bloomfield, BA, Dip Ed, Dip T<br />

B Breetvelt. Dip T<br />

K Davis, BSc, Dip T<br />

L Earl, BICT<br />

H Fifita, BA, Dip T<br />

S Folau, BCA, Dip T<br />

A Franso, Dip T<br />

J Good, BCA, Dip T<br />

A Hakiwai, BA<br />

S Hormes, BSc, Dip T<br />

N Padavatan, HEDip, FDip Ed<br />

E McCosh, BEd, Grad Dip OEd<br />

E Tupua, MA(Hons), Dip TESL, Dip T<br />

C Smith, BA, Dip T<br />

A Tatafu, BA, Dip A, PGDT, PGCertAP<br />

H Fesulua’i, BA, Dip T, PGDED<br />

A Blackwood, BA, Dip T<br />

M Aloalii, B.Ed<br />

D Pene, Grad Dip CD, Sp TD, DipT<br />

R Imraan, PGCE, BSc, Dip T<br />

A Marsters, Dip T, TTC<br />

F McIntosh, MSc(Hons), Dip T<br />

S Naidu, BA, Dip T<br />

F Nuusavili, Dip T<br />

T Pearson, BMus, Dip T (Term 1 & 2)<br />

P Reddy, BCom, Dip T, Grad Dip TESL, PGDip AT<br />

M Sameem, PGDip AT, BEd Tech, Dip T<br />

N Samu, MProfStuds (Ed) (Hons), BA, Dip T<br />

S Sharma, B Ed, Dip T<br />

S Sharma, B Ed, Dip T<br />

L Sebastian, BCApSc, Grad Dip Anth, Dip T (Term 1)<br />

N Singh, B.Ed<br />

T Telea, BCA<br />

C Thomson, BSp Rec, Grad DT<br />

M Tualaulelei, BPE<br />

A Tuitupou, BSC and PG Dip T<br />

R Wade, BVA, Dip T<br />

M West, MA, BA (Hons), DipT<br />

A Yen, BA<br />

F Wilkings, MBA, Dip BIA, Dip T, Grad Dip TESSOL (Term 1)<br />

M Zaim, BA, Dip AS, Dip T<br />

SuPPorT STAFF<br />

careers administrator<br />

L Reade<br />

caretaking team<br />

B McMaster<br />

A Beazley<br />

communications Manager J Latif, BCMS, Dip T, Dip CA<br />

community liaison officer W Browne (Term 1)<br />

K Leniu<br />

Data Manager<br />

J Lafo’ou<br />

kaimanaako<br />

M Nuku<br />

librarian<br />

P Kumar<br />

Mandarin language assistant Li Lu<br />

nurses C Cullinane (Term 1 & 2)<br />

F Fouche (Term 1, 2 & 3)<br />

H Laxon (Term 1, 2 & 3)<br />

E Hunt<br />

L Williams<br />

office administrators<br />

K Beazley<br />

Performing arts technician E Heeney, LTCL, AIRMT<br />

Principal’s Pa J Maitland (Term 1)<br />

& school administrator F Wong<br />

receptionist<br />

A Leonard<br />

& office administrator<br />

refugee bilingual tutor M Akhlaqi<br />

& liaison support worker<br />

refugee support worker R Kwan<br />

resource room<br />

A Salim<br />

science technician<br />

K Singh<br />

student services’ administrator K Beaton<br />

social worker<br />

W Tupou<br />

sports’ coordinator<br />

T Uamaki<br />

staff support technician R Siulangapo<br />

teacher aides<br />

H Arp, C Masoe, S Moyle,<br />

N Palelei, N Ramsey,<br />

P Tamihana (Term 1 & 2)<br />

Tuckshop contractor<br />

L Jacobs<br />

volunteer<br />

R Parkinson<br />

Year 11 Dare to Dream coach P Isaako<br />

ITInerAnT TeACHerS<br />

brass tutor<br />

Drum tutor<br />

Piano/strings tutor<br />

vocal/woodwind tutor<br />

Guitar tutor<br />

L Filimoehala<br />

T Doyle<br />

E Allen<br />

E Heeney<br />

N Loo<br />

4 Mangere College - 2018

Haere mai<br />

to new staff<br />

Malae<br />

Aloali’i<br />

We welcome Malae<br />

from Aorere College<br />

to the English<br />

Department at<br />

<strong>MC</strong>. Malae is an<br />

active member<br />

of the Māngere<br />

community,<br />

participating<br />

in both Church<br />

leadership and<br />

Polyfest groups.<br />

bruce<br />

breetvelt<br />

Bruce joins <strong>MC</strong><br />

from Hebron<br />

Christian College<br />

where he was a<br />

Deputy Principal<br />

for 15 years. Bruce<br />

is enjoying the<br />

friendly staff and<br />

students and is the<br />

new Engineering<br />

workshop teacher.<br />

paul<br />

campbell<br />

We welcome Paul<br />

to <strong>MC</strong> as the new<br />

Manager of Student<br />

Services and as the<br />

school Counsellor.<br />

He joins us from<br />

Aorere College<br />

where he was the<br />

counsellor.<br />

Paul is part of a<br />

tramping club and<br />

he is enjoying being<br />

at <strong>MC</strong>.<br />

laurence<br />

earl<br />

Laurence is the new<br />

Digital Technology<br />

teacher here at<br />

<strong>MC</strong>. He previously<br />

worked at Datacom<br />

and is a first-time<br />

teacher this year.<br />

Laurence is enjoying<br />

being part of the<br />

community at this<br />

school. His interests<br />

include gaming,<br />

cars and politics.<br />

helen<br />

faamoe<br />

Helen has recently<br />

come from<br />

Australia to take<br />

on the position<br />

of Operations<br />

Manager. She is<br />

a Queensland<br />

Maroons fan. Helen<br />

is enjoying the<br />

supportive and<br />

friendly staff here<br />

at <strong>MC</strong>.<br />

Siosaia<br />

folau<br />

Siosaia has come<br />

back to <strong>MC</strong> to teach<br />

Music after being<br />

a student here 10<br />

years ago.<br />

He has previously<br />

come from De La<br />

Salle College. When<br />

Siosaia isn’t busy<br />

gigging, he loves<br />

spending time<br />

with his family and<br />

friends.<br />

amera<br />

franso<br />

We welcome Amera<br />

from Sir Edmund<br />

Hillary Collegiate<br />

as our new Food<br />

Technology teacher.<br />

Amera enjoys<br />

cooking, walking<br />

and reading the<br />

Bible. She is loving<br />

her new <strong>MC</strong> family.<br />

including<br />

colleagues, senior<br />

management and<br />

the students.<br />

nicky<br />

Haeata-<br />

Ruwhiu<br />

We are excited to<br />

have Nicky back<br />

to <strong>MC</strong>. She had<br />

previously taught<br />

at <strong>MC</strong> for 12 years<br />

beforehand.<br />

Nicky has taken on<br />

the role as Manager<br />

of the Achievement<br />

Centre.<br />

Arihana<br />

Hakiwai<br />

Arihana joins <strong>MC</strong><br />

as our new Te Reo<br />

Māori Teacher.<br />

She has a passion<br />

for Kapa Haka,<br />

sports & enjoys<br />

whanau time,<br />

‘Ko te pae tawhiti<br />

whaia kia tata,<br />

ko te pae tata<br />

whakamaua kia<br />

tina!’<br />

Erin hunt<br />

We welcome<br />

Erin to <strong>MC</strong> from<br />

her previous<br />

nursing position<br />

at Auckland Girls<br />

Grammar School.<br />

Erin is enjoying<br />

working with a new<br />

team and she likes<br />

to play basketball,<br />

listen to music and<br />

spend time with her<br />

young daughter.<br />

Lynn keating<br />

Lynn is the new Head of English here at <strong>MC</strong>. She previously worked at Aorere College.<br />

Lynn has a passion for running and is really enjoying the fantastic students at this school.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 5

angela<br />

Kuo-Yu Yen<br />

Angela comes<br />

to <strong>MC</strong> as a<br />

new TeachFirst<br />

participant and<br />

Mathematics<br />

teacher. She likes<br />

to dance and listen<br />

to music and is<br />

enjoying getting<br />

to know all of the<br />

students and staff<br />

members in such a<br />

tightly connected<br />

whanau.<br />

kirita leniu<br />

Kirita has joined<br />

us this year as<br />

the Community<br />

Liaison Officer and<br />

Mentor. She is a<br />

proud ex-<strong>MC</strong> and<br />

Viscount student<br />

and is enjoying<br />

being back to serve<br />

in her hometown of<br />

Māngere.<br />

In Kirita’s spare time<br />

she loves spending<br />

time with aiga.<br />

katalina ma<br />

Katalina is the<br />

new Head of<br />

Mathematics<br />

here at <strong>MC</strong>. She<br />

previously taught<br />

at Southern Cross<br />

Campus.<br />

Katalina likes<br />

travelling and<br />

hanging out with<br />

family and friends<br />

and is enjoying the<br />

collegiality amongst<br />

staff and the classes<br />

she teaches.<br />

maehe Nuku<br />

Matua Maehe has<br />

been with us from<br />

the beginning of<br />

term 2 and how<br />

lucky we are. Matua<br />

brings a wealth of<br />

knowledge and is<br />

here to tautoko,<br />

manaaki and to<br />

āwhina our staff and<br />

our tamariki<br />

as a Kaimanaako<br />

(mentor and<br />

teacher aid).<br />

mohammed<br />

sameem<br />

Mohammed<br />

has come from<br />

Aorere College to<br />

the Technology<br />

Department at<br />

<strong>MC</strong> where he is<br />

the Hard Materials<br />

teacher.<br />

He likes spending<br />

time with his<br />

family and is<br />

finding the staff<br />

here friendly and<br />

accommodating.<br />

To’asavili<br />

Tele’a<br />

To’asavili has joined<br />

us at <strong>MC</strong> this year<br />

teaching English.<br />

She loves to read,<br />

write, eat and chill.<br />

To’a is enjoying the<br />

students here at <strong>MC</strong><br />

and thinks they are<br />

‘amazing beings!’<br />

She can see the<br />

positive impact her<br />

students will have<br />

on the world.<br />

Aisake<br />

Tuitupou<br />

Aisake is a first<br />

year teacher who<br />

is joining the PE<br />

Department as a<br />

Physical Education<br />

and Health teacher.<br />

He is a devoted<br />

Christian and<br />

a competitive<br />

Olympic<br />

Weightlifter. Aisake<br />

is enjoying being<br />

part of the PE<br />

Department.<br />

milo west<br />

We welcome<br />

Milo to <strong>MC</strong> as a<br />

first-year English<br />

teacher.<br />

She likes birdwatching<br />

and<br />

thoroughly<br />

enjoyed being<br />

involved in Polyfest<br />

this year.<br />

laura<br />

williams<br />

Laura has joined<br />

us at <strong>MC</strong> from<br />

Kidz First Surgical<br />

at Middlemore<br />

Hospital. She is<br />

loving meeting<br />

all the students<br />

and is enjoying<br />

the welcoming<br />

community. Laura<br />

likes baking and<br />

cooking and doing<br />

Zumba.<br />

faye wong<br />

We welcomed Faye<br />

to <strong>MC</strong> in term 2<br />

as the Principal’s<br />

PA. She previously<br />

worked in Sales<br />

and Marketing, and<br />

recently graduated<br />

from Te Wananga O<br />

Aotearoa, studying<br />

Manaaki Tangata<br />

- Bi-Cultural Social<br />

Services.<br />

Faye thinks the<br />

<strong>MC</strong> students are<br />

awesome and the<br />

staff are supportive.<br />

yuying yang<br />

Yuying has come to <strong>MC</strong> from Beijing, China! She is here as the new Mandarin<br />

Assistant.<br />

Yuying enjoys reading, writing, walking and making food.<br />

She is finding her colleagues very warm and is enjoying her students.<br />

6 Mangere College - 2018

Haere rā e te piki kōtuku,<br />

Hone Green<br />

It is with great sadness<br />

that the Māngere College<br />

community has received<br />

the news of the recent<br />

passing of Matua Hone<br />

Green in Opotiki, and<br />

this deep loss cannot go<br />

without acknowledgment.<br />

Hone started at Māngere College<br />

in 1972, the year the school was<br />

officially opened, as an Assistant<br />

Teacher in Social Studies, English,<br />

Māori and Polynesian Studies. In<br />

1973 he was appointed Head of the<br />

Māori Department and in 1974, the<br />

Dean of Form 3.<br />

Hone was integral in establishing Te<br />

Reo and Tikanga Māori at the school<br />

and promoting it in the wider<br />

community, as well as exposing<br />

the students to a world outside<br />

their own backyard. This resulted<br />

in Te Reo being taught by Māori<br />

students to Arahanga Intermediate<br />

classes and at night school for the<br />

community. The Māori Club went<br />

on the road which took them to<br />

Tongariro and Opotiki in 1974 and<br />

the South Island in 1981.<br />

Hone also played an important role<br />

in setting up the Polynesian Club<br />

which grew in numbers to 180<br />

under his guidance and travelled<br />

the North Island. In 1976, the<br />

club gained 1st place in the first<br />

ever Auckland Secondary Schools’<br />

Polyfest at Hillary College and again<br />

in 1977 when Māngere College was<br />

the host school. At the time both<br />

schools were acknowledged for their<br />

leadership in multiculturalism.<br />

Hone went on leave to complete<br />

his University Studies in 1977,<br />

returning in 1979. Then in 1988,<br />

he left Māngere College to take<br />

up the position of Principal at Nga<br />

Tapuwae College.<br />

In the 1977 magazine, the following<br />

was written of Matua Hone Green:<br />

‘His voice is seldom raised, he is<br />

never seen posturing or gloomy<br />

and there is no entry for ‘cruelty’<br />

or ‘whining’ in his dictionary. His<br />

strength is of an unassuming kind,<br />

a blend of spirit and experience,<br />

of being a good community man,<br />

one who will take a microphone<br />

without rehearsal and be the master<br />

of ceremonies or a guitarist and join<br />

the chorus. With equal willingness,<br />

he will pick up a shovel and help<br />

pour concrete into a neighbour’s<br />

foundations, he is a man of two<br />

cultures - a true New Zealander. ‘<br />

Hone Green was a mighty figure,<br />

a man of mana and quiet dignity.<br />

When he spoke one felt compelled<br />

to listen. He was one of the <strong>MC</strong><br />

greats and will be sorely missed. The<br />

Māngere College family remembers<br />

him with love and offers deepest<br />

condolences to his whanau.<br />

Nō reira e te matua, haere atu ki a<br />

rātou kua taka i mua i a koe.<br />

'Hone was<br />

integral in<br />

establishing<br />

Te Reo and<br />

Tikanga Māori<br />

at the school<br />

and promoting<br />

it in the wider<br />

community'<br />

Mangere College - 2018 7

Ka kite anō au<br />

i a koutou<br />

L-R: Erica Wilson and Jocelyn Maitland<br />

jocelyn<br />

maitland<br />

Jocelyn Maitland has<br />

been the mainstay of the<br />

Māngere College office for<br />

almost 40 years.<br />

In that time she has worked<br />

alongside five principals, including<br />

the founding principal, Ivan<br />

Armstrong, and supported countless<br />

staff members and students.<br />

They have all benefitted from her<br />

dedication and diligence.<br />

Jocelyn’s responsibilities have<br />

been many and varied –performing<br />

secretarial duties for the principal<br />

and others, as well as making sure<br />

that students were outfitted in the<br />

<strong>MC</strong> uniform, operating the school<br />

stationery shop, managing the piles<br />

of photocopying staff required,<br />

completing administrative tasks<br />

for the Board, collecting money for<br />

various activities, organising the<br />

management of the school vans -<br />

the list could go on and on.<br />

Jocelyn has been essential to<br />

the smooth running of the office<br />

and the school. Her superb<br />

organisational skills and super<br />

efficiency have meant that she was<br />

always one step ahead of us and<br />

those who hadn’t followed proper<br />

procedures knew that Jocelyn will<br />

always catch us out.<br />

Efficient she may be but Jocelyn<br />

has a lighter side as well. When<br />

there are gales of laughter<br />

emanating from the office we knew<br />

that she was probably the instigator<br />

of the hilarity. Jocelyn is also the<br />

fountain of knowledge of just about<br />

every sport you could mention and<br />

Melbourne Cup Day would not have<br />

been the same without her.<br />

Jocelyn will be greatly missed. It<br />

is the end of an era for Māngere<br />

College. We thank her most<br />

sincerely for her dedication and<br />

commitment to the college, its’ staff<br />

and students.<br />

erica wilson<br />

After a wide variety of<br />

teaching experiences<br />

including that of visiting<br />

teacher, Erica Wilson<br />

joined the staff at<br />

Māngere College in 1997<br />

as Guidance Counsellor.<br />

In 1999 she was instrumental in<br />

setting up the Achievement Centre<br />

at Māngere College, one of few<br />

Alternative Education Centres that<br />

operate from within a school setting<br />

and which has since been held up<br />

as a model for other such ventures<br />

in the community.<br />

It is due to Erica’s vision and<br />

leadership as Manager of the<br />

Achievement Centre that many<br />

young people have been able to<br />

re-enter mainstream education<br />

and realise their potential. She<br />

has created a welcoming and safe<br />

environment there where students<br />

can work independently as well<br />

as take part in scheduled classes<br />

for their year level. The centre<br />

epitomises the concept of the <strong>MC</strong><br />

family.<br />

For the work she did with students<br />

and families of the Achievement<br />

Centre at <strong>MC</strong>, Erica received a Local<br />

Hero Award in 2017 as part of he<br />

Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year<br />

Awards.<br />

Not only have students benefitted<br />

from Erica’s care and expertise<br />

but also staff, who have valued<br />

her support, wise advice and good<br />

humour.<br />

We thank Erica and offer her our<br />

best wishes as she leaves <strong>MC</strong> and<br />

look forward to hearing about her<br />

travels and adventures.<br />

8 Mangere College - 2018

Walter<br />

browne<br />

kathryn<br />

barclay<br />

heather<br />

laxon<br />

thomas<br />

pearson<br />

For 19 years, Walter Brown served our school as the Community<br />

Liaison Officer.<br />

He helped bridge the gap between school and home for students and<br />

parents alike. If not seen, one could hear Walter playing his Cook Island<br />

drums either in the staffroom or in his office. He was such a valued member<br />

of staff that he was allowed to have his very own carpark space, complete<br />

with bright orange cones.<br />

Mr Brown is now happily enjoying his retirement<br />

Kathryn Barclay left Māngere College during term 1 – she has been<br />

the school guidance counsellor and lead<br />

the Student Services team for the last 11 years.<br />

Kathryn was instrumental in setting up the It’s Not OK – saying no to family<br />

violence campaign that the school has been involved with over the last five<br />

years. She has supported many of our students during her time here. Kathryn<br />

has moved to a lecturing position in the counselling degree at the Manukau<br />

Institute of Technology.<br />

We say farewell to Heather, our Nurse who worked at <strong>MC</strong> for 10<br />

years.<br />

Heather enjoyed being able to share in the lives of the young people and she<br />

also loved being part of the <strong>MC</strong> family.<br />

She is now working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist Youth Health at Counties<br />

Manukau Health. Heather’s new role involves supporting school nurses who<br />

work in school-based health care in South Auckland.<br />

We say farewell to Thomas Pearson, Music teacher who worked at<br />

Māngere College for almost 7 years.<br />

We would like to thank him for his work promoting music and musicianship<br />

at <strong>MC</strong> and for his involvement behind the sound boards at Performing Arts<br />

events. Thomas leaves us to live and work on the North Island’s sunny East<br />

Coast.<br />

Fiona is leaving <strong>MC</strong> after being here for 4 years as a school Nurse.<br />

fiona<br />

fouche<br />

She is sad to leave but has enjoyed being part of the supportive and caring<br />

<strong>MC</strong> family. Fiona has loved working with the students and feels privileged to<br />

be a small part of their <strong>MC</strong> experience.<br />

She is moving to an eye correction clinic in Mt Wellington.<br />

chantal<br />

cullinane<br />

Chantal Cullinane has worked at Māngere College for the last 3<br />

years as one of the part time Registered Nurses in the Health Clinic.<br />

She left at the beginning of term 2 to take up a nursing position at Wesley<br />

College. She was a much appreciated member of our nursing team and we<br />

wish her well for the future.<br />

piri<br />

tamihana<br />

rowena<br />

o’neil<br />

Piri Tamihana came to Māngere College as a temporary specialised<br />

teacher aide mid-year in 2015.<br />

He coached the 2nd XV rugby boys in 2016 before turning his attention to<br />

the 1st XV. Two weeks into term 2, he decided to put his young daughters<br />

first and bid farewell to full-time teacher aiding. His encouraging words<br />

towards students and staff alike will be missed.<br />

Rowena O’Neil finished as our Operations Manager in February to<br />

move to Canterbury to be closer to her family.<br />

Despite only being in the role for a short time Rowena made a significant<br />

contribution to the school, helping with the day to day running and<br />

improving systems to make it easier for teachers to do their jobs.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 9

Head Boy's Report<br />

First of all, I would like to<br />

give praise to our Heavenly<br />

Father for his continued<br />

love and guidance<br />

throughout this year<br />

and our many years of<br />

education. 2018 is slowly<br />

coming to an end and<br />

what a year it has been.<br />

As year 9s, we arrived at Māngere<br />

College with different backgrounds<br />

and different life experiences. It<br />

took some of us time to warm to<br />

each other but the years of ups and<br />

downs, tears and laughter, good<br />

times and bad have brought us<br />

closer. And now we have made it,<br />

together as ‘family’.<br />

While at <strong>MC</strong>, we have gained<br />

new experiences and expanded<br />

our learning capacity. We have<br />

strengthened old friendships and<br />

forged new friendships.<br />

We have shared many moments<br />

this year, like during Polyfest where<br />

we demonstrated our love and<br />

passion for our own cultures and the<br />

cultures of others.<br />

In our sports teams: Volleyball,<br />

Soccer, Netball, Touch, Tag, Rugby<br />

etc - win or lose - we remained<br />

humble and grateful.<br />

I will miss the school atmosphere,<br />

the feeling of being at home when<br />

you walk through those gates and<br />

the diversity of culture which is like<br />

no other.<br />

Next year some of you will move<br />

up to Year 12 and embark on your<br />

second year of NCEA doing Level 2,<br />

where things will get more difficult<br />

than they are now. Others of you will<br />

be moving up to Year 13 and your<br />

final year in high school, where the<br />

staff and younger students will look<br />

to you, to help lead the school.<br />

After we leave school, we are free to<br />

do what we want with our lives and<br />

to make our mark on this world. This<br />

‘...the feeling of<br />

being at home<br />

when you walk<br />

through those<br />

gates...’<br />

is what our 13 years of school have<br />

been preparing us for.<br />

I commend those who have worked<br />

hard, stayed on task and have<br />

consistently been focused on their<br />

learning till the end, in spite of the<br />

obstacles. I especially congratulate<br />

those whose outstanding efforts<br />

were recognised during our prize<br />

giving. You should be proud of<br />

yourselves.<br />

I thank the Māngere College<br />

teachers and staff for their patience<br />

and support over the years.<br />

Thank you for giving up your spare<br />

time and pushing us to achieve the<br />

best we could.<br />

All of you have played a positive part<br />

in our education and our growth<br />

these past few years.<br />

There is nothing we can say or do<br />

that will appropriately show our<br />

gratitude for all you have done but<br />

I hope you realise how much we<br />

appreciate you.<br />

To you, our parents and caregivers,<br />

without whose wise words,<br />

dedication and provision, have<br />

helped us to make it to the end of<br />

Year 13, I say thank you.<br />

On behalf of the student body,<br />

I honour you all for the love and<br />

guidance you have given us.<br />

And now my brothers and sisters of<br />

<strong>MC</strong>, thank you all for the memories<br />

and strong friendships we have built<br />

and for a fun and exciting few years.<br />

It has been worth it.<br />

I am grateful to have spent these<br />

five years with you and I hope our<br />

paths will cross again.<br />

I hope all of the seniors do well<br />

in their exams and whatever you<br />

choose to do next year.<br />

I have so much love and respect for<br />

you all.<br />

When we walk out those gates, I<br />

ask you all to go out and make your<br />

presence felt in the world.<br />

Do what you love and love what you<br />

do.<br />

Remain hungry, remain humble,<br />

remain grateful and continue to<br />

seek the heights!<br />

- Mark Leleifi<br />

10 Mangere College - 2018

Back Row: Jacinta Ringi, Hannah Pio, Cee-Jay Maitai, Jane Malau’ulu<br />

2nd Row: Deborah Ward (Deputy Principal), Izadine Ahmat Abdallah, Edna Mann, Matthew John, Isaak Samoa,<br />

Tom Webb (Principal)<br />

Front Row: Jasmine Strickland, Sili Tongotongo, Mark Leleifi, Levi Teleiai, Mary Maea<br />

Inset: Paul Lesoa<br />

Student<br />

Leaders<br />

The Student Leaders have been a responsible group<br />

of students that have worked as a team throughout<br />

the year.<br />

They are well respected by both staff and student and have<br />

always been available to respond to the needs of the student<br />

body. The student leaders are always a welcoming presence<br />

in Senior Assembly. They are a delightful bunch to work with<br />

and be around.<br />

- Debra Pene<br />

Mangere College - 2018 11

Year 13 Students<br />

Back Row: Jasine Leo’o Olo, Sitashree Minati, Lima Pene, Nikita Tata, Manakia Maro, Laura Wong-Tung, Lydia Paane, Lauryn Peauvale, Sesiona Faamausili,<br />

Danielle Sale, Tara Teopenga, Sandy Channing, Hannah-Lily Tohilima-Franklin<br />

4th Row: Nora Tekena, Suanne Vahe, Ofa Tongotongo, Dannielle Funaki, Fatai Loamanu, Maranna Miri, Samira Wilson, Puna Levao, Daisy Ropati, Holly Rapana,<br />

Tiare Purea, Finau Falefo’ou, Anerosa Tulilo, Melody Sefulu, Ruaama Akaiti, Ana Salaikeni<br />

3rd Row: Codi Mataiti, Niuma Apineru, Jason Pullen-Burry, Junior Tongia, Ezra Salu, Daniel Tongia-Lennon, Cameron Tairea, Derek Iulio, Tau Lagaaia, Abraham<br />

Tongotongo, Charnce Ngawaka, Ky Duong, Stephen Taylor, Lee-Joe Tamihana, Sharee Sauni<br />

2nd Row: Lavannah Pritchard, Pearll Arama, Kayla Ikinepule, Tipora Teingoa, Marina Manapori-Tongia, Shane Prasad, Tamara Aukuso, Siniva Pio, Leigh Tumai<br />

Totorewa, Ngaire Felise, Platinum Marsters, Esther Meleke, Shavaughn Michael, Seriah Terepita, Vanessa Kepa, Hinano Tekena<br />

First Row: Rosaline Peraua, Jacinta Ringi, Matthew John, Jasmine Strickland, Izadine Ahmat Abdallah, Edna Mann, Isaak Samoa, Mark Leleifi, Sili Tongotongo,<br />

Mary Maea, Levi Teleiai, Hannah Pio, Cee-Jay Maitai, Jane Malauulu, Vi Duong<br />

12 Mangere College - 2018

Year 11/12 Prizegiving<br />

Sports' Awards<br />

Patricia Beazley<br />

Aniket Chand<br />

Julienne Niko<br />

Kamehameha Anae<br />

Suliasi Tupou<br />

Ru Terry<br />

Victory Tilo<br />

Victory Tilo<br />

U17 Girls Basketball Player of the<br />

Year<br />

Football Boys - Player of the Year<br />

Netball Senior Girls - Player of the<br />

Year<br />

Rugby 1st XV - Player of the Year<br />

Rugby 2nd XV - Player of the Year<br />

Tag Football Senior Boys - Player of<br />

the Year<br />

Volleyball Senior Girls - Player of the<br />

Year<br />

Sports Girl of the Year<br />

student leaders for 2019<br />

Abdul Ahmadi<br />

Jacob Leleifi<br />

Wayne Magalogo<br />

Julienne Niko<br />

Soana Afu<br />

Jason Taufa<br />

Zahra Ibrahim<br />

Nicholas Ingram<br />

Aniket Chand<br />

Julia Luamanu Kilipati<br />

Zahra Hussaini<br />

Marietta Mailo Slade<br />

Caleb Chan-Ting<br />

Sasa Lelenoa<br />

Tumema Soti<br />

attendance<br />

Year 11 - 100% Attendance for 2018<br />

Chu Moo Paw<br />

Diana Pio<br />

‘Etina Kaliopasi<br />

Tiulipe Palenapa<br />

Reupena Kilipati<br />

Asena Panuve<br />

Rosemary Felauai<br />

Joell Fuimaono<br />

Theresa Maluatoga<br />

Sweetie Neria<br />

Kaisa Faamausili<br />

Year 12 - 100% Attendance for 2018<br />

Abdul Ahmadi Aniket Chand<br />

Zahra Hussaini Irene Luafatasaga<br />

Sasa Lelenoa<br />

Nicholas Ingram<br />

Year 12 Full Attendance for 2 Years<br />

Julienne Niko<br />

Year 12 Full Attendance for 3 Years<br />

Jacob Leleifi<br />

Sara-Lee Sigglekow<br />

Soana Afu<br />

Zahra Ibrahim<br />

Year 11 100% Attendance for 2 Years<br />

Blessing Taituave Fuimaono<br />

Year 11 100% Attendance for 3 years<br />

‘Unaloto Leleifi<br />

Mangere College - 2018 13

YEar 11 subject prizes<br />

Logopati Mataafa<br />

Joela Napaa<br />

Leo Akeripa Sa<br />

Reupena Kilipati<br />

Diana Pio<br />

Olathe Taumihau<br />

Eneleata Pulemau<br />

Olathe Taumihau<br />

Kiwi-Tamaki<br />

Thompson<br />

Multi Level 1 ESOL<br />

Level 1 Accounting<br />

Level 1 Art<br />

Level 1 Building Construction<br />

and Allied Trades<br />

Level 1 Fashion Focus<br />

Level 1 Geography<br />

Level 1 Health<br />

Level 1 History<br />

Level 1 Māori<br />

Kahdel Leilua Level 1 Mathematics Band 1<br />

Sunnie Mataiti Level 1 Mathematics Band 2<br />

Younis Ahmat<br />

Abdallah<br />

Level 1 Mathematics Band 3<br />

Grace Ah Chong Level 1 Mathematics Band 4<br />

Kalavite Fukofuka<br />

'Unaloto Leleifi<br />

Aaron Koiatu<br />

Blessing Taituave<br />

Fuimaono<br />

'Etina Kaliopasi<br />

Aaron Koiatu<br />

Aashantaey Iosua<br />

'Etina Kaliopasi<br />

Younis Ahmat<br />

Abdallah<br />

Level 1 Mechanical Engineering<br />

Technology<br />

Level 1 Music<br />

Level 1 Physical Education<br />

Level 1 Samoan<br />

Level 1 Science Biology<br />

Level 1 Science Physics<br />

Level 1 Sports Science<br />

Level 1 Tongan<br />

Level 1 Building Construction<br />

and Allied Trades<br />

YEar 11 form prize<br />

11FI<br />

11HA<br />

11IM<br />

11NA<br />

11SA<br />

11EU<br />

Pj Campbell<br />

Rosemary Felauai<br />

Aaron Koiatu<br />

Vaioleti Leiataua<br />

Patricia Beazley<br />

'Etina Kaliopasi<br />

YEar 12 form prize<br />

12DA<br />

12DV<br />

12GO<br />

12MI<br />

12ND<br />

12AL<br />

Sara-Lee Sigglekow 12DA<br />

Soana Afu 12DV<br />

Zahra Ibrahim 12GO<br />

Tumema Soti 12MI<br />

Nicholas Ingram 12ND<br />

Irene Luafatasaga<br />

YEar 12 subject prizes<br />

Tram Nguyen 12AL<br />

Abdul Ahmadi 12AL<br />

Sateki Tuitupou 12DA<br />

Aniket Chand 12AL<br />

Kamehameha Anae<br />

12AL<br />

Dominic Little 12ND<br />

Zahra Ibrahim 12GO<br />

Tram Nguyen 12AL<br />

Grace Mataafa 12AL<br />

Zahra Ibrahim 12GO<br />

Tauta Matita 12MI<br />

Tarepeta Rio 12MI<br />

Todd Pullen-Burry<br />

12MI<br />

Wayne Magalogo 12AL<br />

Lealofi Sanelivi Pio<br />

12DA<br />

Zahra Ibrahim 12GO<br />

Ritia Viniki 12DV<br />

Irene Luafatasaga<br />

12AL<br />

Mai-Rose Lesa 12MI<br />

Soana Afu 12DV<br />

Tram Nguyen 12AL<br />

Urau William 12DV<br />

Tram Nguyen 12AL<br />

Julia Luamanu Kilipati<br />

12AL<br />

Lealofi Sanelivi Pio<br />

12DA<br />

Level 2 Accounting<br />

Level 2 Art<br />

Level 2 Printmaking<br />

Level 2 Introduction to<br />

Automotive<br />

Level 2 Building and<br />

Construction and Allied Trades<br />

Level 2 Building and<br />

Construction and Allied Trade<br />

Skills<br />

Level 2 Biology<br />

Level 2 Business Studies<br />

Level 2 Catering<br />

Level 2 Chemistry<br />

Level 2 Cook Islands Māori<br />

Level 2 Dance<br />

Level 2 Digital Studies<br />

Level 2 Design and Visual<br />

Communication Technology<br />

Level 2 Economics<br />

Level 2 English Academic<br />

Level 2 English<br />

Level 2 English Literacy<br />

Level 2 Fashion Focus<br />

Level 2 History<br />

Level 2 Hospitality<br />

Level 2 Māori<br />

Level 2 Mathematics and<br />

Statistics<br />

Level 2 Mathematics Band 2<br />

Level 2 Mathematics Band 3<br />

Saviour Shee 12AL Level 2 Mathematics Band 4<br />

Saviour Shee 12AL Level 2 Mechanical Engineering<br />

Technology<br />

Haris Ahmed 12AL Level 2 Mechanical Engineering<br />

Technology<br />

Tumema Soti 12MI Level 2 Music<br />

Zahra Ibrahim 12GO Level 2 Physics<br />

Julia Luamanu Kilipati Level 2 Samoan<br />

12AL<br />

Josephine Fa'asisila Level 2 Sport Leadership<br />

12MI<br />

Julienne Niko 12DA Level 2 Sports Science<br />

Raymond Vea 12AL Level 2 Tongan<br />

Marietta Mailo Slade Level 2 Tourism Studies<br />

12DV<br />

Sasa Lelenoa 12GO Level 2 Career Development<br />

Lealofi Sanelivi Pio Level 2 Geography<br />

12DA<br />

Saviour Shee<br />

Multi Level 2 ESOL<br />

14 Mangere College - 2018

special awards<br />

Vera Wilson<br />

Johnathon Lemalu<br />

Aniket Chand<br />

Entered by TA Cecilia<br />

Ngani<br />

Entered by TA Ramona<br />

Mafileo<br />

Zahra Hussaini<br />

Toto Moeai’a Toleafoa<br />

Renouf Cup for Musical<br />

Performance<br />

Thwaites Cup for the Most<br />

Improved Senior Music Student<br />

Trades Academy Level 2 Core<br />

Carpentry<br />

Year 11 Speech Award<br />

Year 11 Speech Award<br />

Library Prize<br />

Most Improved Student in the<br />

Learning Centre<br />

Aaron Koiatu<br />

Zahra Ibrahim<br />

Saviour Shee<br />

Sateki Tuitupou<br />

Patricia Beazley<br />

Abdul Ahmadi<br />

Julienne Niko<br />

Outstanding Achievement in<br />

the Arts - The Pedder Cup<br />

Ryders Cup for Achievement<br />

with Distinction in the<br />

‘Gateway’ Programme<br />

The Pedder Cup for Most<br />

Progress in the Achievement<br />

Centre<br />

Puhoro Student of the Year<br />

First Foundation Scholarship<br />

First Foundation Scholarship<br />

student of the year<br />

Diana Pio<br />

Year 11 Student of the Year<br />

Tumema Soti Year 12 Student of the Year<br />

Zahra Ibrahim<br />

top scholars<br />

Aaron Koiatu<br />

Year 11 Top Scholar of the Year<br />

Zahra Ibrahim<br />

Year 12 Top Scholar of the Year<br />

Mangere College - 2018 15

Year 13 Prizegiving<br />

attendance<br />

sports' awards<br />

100% Attendance for 2 years<br />

Hannah Pio<br />

100% Attendance for 3 years<br />

Esther Meleke<br />

Full Attendance for 2018<br />

Shane Prasad<br />

Sesiona Faamausili<br />

Jasmine Strickland<br />

Tipora Teingoa<br />

Platinum Marsters<br />

Platinum Marsters<br />

Shane Prasad<br />

Sili Tongotongo<br />

Sili Tongotongo<br />

Isaak Samoa<br />

Cameron Tairea<br />

Cameron Tairea<br />

Tag Football Girls – Player of the Year<br />

Hall Award for Sportsmanship<br />

Johnson Cup for Outstanding Personal<br />

Achievement in Sport<br />

Knight Award for Outstanding<br />

Contribution to Sport<br />

Aldridge Award for Sportsmanship<br />

Volleyball Senior Boys – Player of the Year<br />

Touch Rugby Mixed – Player of the Year<br />

Sports Boy of the Year<br />

Full Attendance for 2 years<br />

Maranna Miri<br />

Full Attendance for 3 years<br />

Levi Teleiai<br />

Full Attendance for 4 years<br />

Mark Leleifi<br />

Year 13 subject prizes<br />

Izadine Ahmat<br />

Abdallah<br />

Dannielle Funaki<br />

Dannielle Funaki<br />

Dannielle Funaki<br />

Dannielle Funaki<br />

13FR Form Class<br />

Vocational Pathways English<br />

Vocational Pathways Mathematics<br />

Vocational Pathways Technology<br />

Year 13 Work Smart<br />

16 Mangere College - 2018

Year 13 subject prizes cont...<br />

Jasine Leo’o Olo Level 3 Digital<br />

Technology<br />

Jasine Leo’o Olo Level 3 Hospitality and<br />

Customer Service<br />

Cee-Jay Maitai Level 3 Māori<br />

Cameron Tairea Level 3 Design and<br />

Visual Communication<br />

Technology<br />

Laura Wong-Tung Level 3 Accounting<br />

Sesiona Faamausili 13MA Form Class<br />

Fomai Muavae Vocational Pathways<br />

Careers<br />

Jasmine Strickland Level 3 English<br />

Academic<br />

Lee-Joe Tamihana Level 3 Dance<br />

Junior Tongia Level 3 Sports’<br />

Leadership<br />

Daniel Tongia- Level 3 Technology<br />

Lennon<br />

Matthew John Level 3 Mathematics<br />

with Calculus<br />

Puna Levao ARA Award for Work<br />

Experience<br />

Hannah Pio Level 3 Geography<br />

Hannah Pio 13SE Form Class<br />

Tiare Purea Level 3 Catering<br />

Dannielle Sale Level 3 Music<br />

Dannielle Sale Level 3 Tourism<br />

Studies<br />

Finau Falefo’ou Level 3 Economics<br />

Derek Iulio Level 3 Art<br />

Printmaking (Digital)<br />

Derek Iulio Level 3 Sports Science<br />

Mark Leleifi Level 3 Business<br />

Studies<br />

Mark Leleifi Level 3 History<br />

Mark Leleifi Level 3 Tongan<br />

Edna Mann Level 3 Chemistry<br />

Edna Mann Level 3 Mathematics<br />

with Statistics<br />

Esther Meleke Level 3 English<br />

Rosaline Peraua Level 3 Physics<br />

Lavannah<br />

13TU Form Class<br />

Pritchard<br />

Niuma Apineru ARA Award for Work<br />

Experience<br />

Ky Duong<br />

ARA Award for Work<br />

Experience<br />

Jane Malauulu Level 3 Samoan<br />

Sitashree Minati Level 3 Career<br />

Development<br />

Maranna Miri Level 3 Cook Islands<br />

Māori<br />

Tipora Teingoa Level 3 Art<br />

Nora Tekena Level 3 Fashion<br />

Levi Teleiai Level 3 Mathematics<br />

Levi Teleiai 13WG Form Class<br />

Zarea Kaweroa Level 3 Biology<br />

special awards<br />

Shuaib Subbir<br />

Isaak Samoa<br />

Lee-Joe Tamihana<br />

Ky Duong<br />

Levi Teleiai<br />

Jasmine Strickland<br />

Daisy Ropati<br />

Jason Pullen-Burry<br />

Matthew John<br />

Samira Wilson<br />

Izadine Ahmat Abdallah<br />

Isaak Samoa<br />

Mark Leleifi<br />

Mark Leleifi<br />

Mark Leleifi<br />

Courtney Prize for Commerce<br />

Opeloge Ah Sam Award for Senior Music<br />

Composer of the Year<br />

Outstanding Achievement in the<br />

Performing Arts<br />

Robson Cup for Achievement in<br />

Vocational Pathways<br />

The Senior Samoan Oratory Trophy<br />

(sponsored by 5 Star Motors)<br />

Writers’ Award<br />

Mike Pero’s Entrepreneur of the Year<br />

Award<br />

Mike Pero’s Entrepreneur of the Year<br />

Award - Best Production Manager<br />

Mike Pero’s Entrepreneur of the Year<br />

Award – Student who showed the most<br />

growth in Business<br />

Mike Pero’s Entrepreneur of the Year<br />

Award – Best Marketing Manager<br />

Leadership of Student Council<br />

Leadership of Student Council<br />

Board of Trustees Student Representative<br />

Principal’s Prize for Head Student<br />

Outstanding Contribution as a Student<br />

Leader<br />

student of the year<br />

Hinano Tekena<br />

special presentations<br />

Māngere College Leavers’ Scholarship<br />

Sesiona Faamausili<br />

Daisy Ropati<br />

Hannah Pio<br />

Edna Mann<br />

Esther Meleke<br />

Waikato University Pacific Excellence Scholarship<br />

Daisy Ropati<br />

Waikato University Te Piringa – Faculty of Law Endeavour<br />

Scholarship<br />

Daisy Ropati<br />

Massey Business School Future Leaders Scholarship<br />

Daisy Ropati<br />

Otago University Pacific Excellence Scholarship<br />

Daisy Ropati<br />

2019 Manukau Institute of Technology Partnership Scholarship<br />

Tua Levao<br />

2019 Manukau Institute of Technology Partnership Scholarship<br />

Zarea Kaweroa<br />

Glenys Erickson Memorial Cup<br />

Ruaama Akaiti<br />

For the senior student who has best demonstrated throughout their<br />

time at Māngere College a high standard of achievement, participation and<br />

perseverance.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 17

special presentations<br />

cont....<br />

Elizabeth Ellett Memoral Prize for<br />

Meritorious Achievement<br />

Mark Leleifi<br />

For the senior student who has achieved to a high level in one or<br />

more areas of the school<br />

David Gock Cup for the Spirit of Rotary<br />

Junior Tongia<br />

For the senior student who upholds the Rotary Four Way Test: Of the<br />

things we think, say or do, is it the TRUTH, is it FAIR to all concerned,<br />

will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS and will it be<br />

BENEFICIAL to all concerned?<br />

The following Awards<br />

are decided by the staff<br />

of Māngere College:<br />

Stan Kepa Prize for Leadership in Cultural Activities<br />

Hannah Tohilima-Franklin<br />

For the student who has shown leadership and role model qualities in<br />

one, or across a range of cultures.<br />

Williams and Cunningham Prize for Courtesy<br />

Hannah Pio<br />

For the student who is polite, courteous and cheerful; showing respect for<br />

others yet retaining their own personal strength.<br />

Watson Prize for Service to the Community<br />

Paul Lesoa<br />

For the student who puts themself forward to help out in the school and<br />

the wider community.<br />

Benson Award for Service to Others<br />

Levi Teleiai<br />

For the student who cheerfully helps staff and other students in a range of<br />

activities without being asked.<br />

Lambie Prize for Leadership<br />

Edna Mann<br />

For the student who demonstrates leadership qualities and is looked up to<br />

by the student body as a role model.<br />

Bader Award<br />

Laura Wong-Tung<br />

The recipient will have overcome a significant hurdle in their life to become<br />

a model citizen of the school and make considerable progress in their<br />

education.<br />

Māngere College Scholarship<br />

Levi Teleiai<br />

This Scholarship has been made possible by an anonymous donation to the<br />

school. It covers the fees, up to $6000, for the first year of tertiary study.<br />

Elizabeth Ellett Scholarship Recipient 2019 – 2021<br />

Jasmine Strickland<br />

This Scholarship is made possible by a bequest from the estate of Elizabeth<br />

Ellett, a long-time supporter of the College. The Scholarship is $4000 per<br />

year for 3 years of University study.<br />

Top Academic Award<br />

for 2017:<br />

Senior Scholar<br />

Jasmine Strickland<br />

This cup is awarded to the Year 13 student who has achieved the best<br />

results in NCEA assessments this year.<br />

Otago University Dux Scholarship 2019<br />

Jasmine Strickland<br />

18 Mangere College - 2018


Cook Islands’ Group<br />

Iriiri mai koe iakoe.<br />

Kia iriiri atu au iaku.<br />

‘Let your beauty in our cultural traditions and costumes<br />

define who you are and where you come from.’<br />

Kia Orana and warm greetings from<br />

the Māngere College Cook Islands<br />

Polyfest Group 2018.<br />

Māngere College Cook Islands<br />

group started this Polyfest year<br />

with humility and ended with an<br />

awesome win.<br />

A very organized cultural committee<br />

consisted of families who were<br />

supportive, dedicated and loving.<br />

Through their commitment and<br />

long nights, they raised enough<br />

funds to ensure we had amazing<br />

costumes.<br />

We were the overall winners<br />

at Polyfest 2018 Competitive<br />

Section for the Cook Islands<br />

stage again!<br />

It was the first time in Polyfest<br />

history for our <strong>MC</strong> Cook<br />

Islands group to win all of<br />

these prizes which was very<br />

humbling.<br />

We were also<br />

privileged to<br />

perform at the<br />

Cook Islands Village for<br />

Pacifica, and as a result<br />

for winning the<br />

Costume section,<br />

our Costume Team<br />

were lucky to get the<br />

Display Hut- Fare<br />

Pora to showcase our<br />

winning costumes<br />

and Arts and Crafts.<br />

We would like to<br />

extend our sincere<br />

gratitude to the Cook Islands Village<br />

Co-ordinator Bernard Tairea for<br />

giving us this wonderful opportunity.<br />

Finally, I praise God for his many<br />

blessings, our students and teacher<br />

in charge Tai Uamaki of <strong>MC</strong> for your<br />

patience and resilience. We wish our<br />

year 13’s the very best for your future<br />

endeavours, our team, our family<br />

and friends for your<br />

never-ending love<br />

and support<br />

through the<br />

composition,<br />

choreography,<br />

costumes<br />

and financial<br />

assistance in<br />

whatever way big<br />

or small Meitaki<br />

Autupaka! Because<br />

without each and<br />

every one of you<br />

this journey would<br />

not have been as<br />

successful.<br />

Thank you to: Temanu<br />

& Moe Temanu Jnr,<br />

Patrice Temanu, Mr &<br />

Mrs Mark Pora, Mr &<br />

Mrs Maru Ngametua,<br />

Ms Kura Taruia, Pai<br />

Toru & Denise Rairi,<br />

Topa Davida, Ruby<br />

Ngavavia, Niva Tuteru-<br />

Maroroa, June Teara-<br />

Charlie, Jay Kaokao,<br />

Keani Pora, Tatryanna Eden- Lacroix,<br />

Vera Lauchlan, Honey Teinakore,<br />

Angelyse Heitiare-Armstrong, Teniva<br />

Samuel & Cedrick Toru, Ben Toru<br />

& Lyah Taikakara, Phylesha Brown-<br />

Acton, Renee Holtom, Irene Moeau<br />

Critchley, Tai Uamaki, Rahui Tautape<br />

Samson, Teariki Tarae-Natua, Kenzo<br />

Rima, Mareta Angene, Mataina Orika,<br />

Nan Pita, Bernard Tairea, Gerardus<br />

Verspeek, Ernestina Bonsu-Maro,<br />

Inangaro Tupuna & Sabel Tupuna.<br />

Until next year, from us to you, Kua<br />

Kite!!<br />

Kia Orana e Kia Manuia<br />

Te Atua te Aroa,<br />

- Mr & Mrs Tai Temanu<br />

<strong>MC</strong> Cook Islands Polyfest Head<br />

Tutor and Leaders.<br />

Cook Islands<br />

Group results<br />

Speeches:<br />

1st - Harry Taia 10AU<br />

1st - Teava Tonitara 11FI<br />

2nd - Maranna Miri 13WG<br />

Performances:<br />

1st - Best Composition<br />

1st - Best drummers<br />

1st - Best Rakei<br />

1st - Perepere Tane<br />

2nd - Perepere Vaine<br />

1st - Imene Tuki<br />

1st - Ute<br />

1st - Kapa Rima<br />

1st - Peu Tupuna<br />

1st - Rangatira – Ruama Akaiti 13MA<br />

1st - Ura Pau<br />

Overall 2018:<br />

1st place Cook Island Stage

'...it gives<br />

me an<br />

opportunity<br />

to show my<br />

family who<br />

I am...’<br />

Kapa Haka<br />

Group<br />

‘Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te<br />

rangatahi’<br />

‘As an old net withers,<br />

another is remade.’<br />

ASB Polyfest is a big part of Māngere<br />

College, many cultures are involved<br />

in this festival.<br />

I am Rehia Patuwai a Year 12 Māori<br />

Student here at Māngere College.<br />

I have participated in Polyfest for<br />

3 years now. Polyfest has changed<br />

throughout the years. Polyfest is a<br />

competition which encourages you<br />

to be the best at what you do.<br />

From my perspective, Polyfest is<br />

a festival that brings all cultures<br />

together, to laugh, to cry and to<br />

enjoy performances.<br />

It is an opportunity for friends<br />

and families to witness the hard<br />

work that performers put into<br />

the performances. As a performer<br />

it’s inspirational, it gives me an<br />

opportunity to show my family<br />

who I am and it gives me a chance<br />

to show people how much I love<br />

kapa haka, my culture and how<br />

much I want to make my whanau<br />

proud.<br />

This year our kapa haka was mostly<br />

year 9 and I am so proud of them.<br />

Our kapa performed on the stage<br />

in front of many, representing <strong>MC</strong>,<br />

and enjoyed themselves. That’s the<br />

best part about it. So I encourage<br />

all to join the kapa next year to<br />

experience standing on the kapa<br />

haka stage at Polyfest a part of the<br />

<strong>MC</strong> ropu.<br />

- Rehia Patuwai

Niuean Group<br />

The Māngere College<br />

Niuean Group was a<br />

success.<br />

It was a hard year for me. Not only<br />

because we almost didn’t have a<br />

group, but because it was very hard<br />

to take the role of being a leader<br />

because I had other responsibilities.<br />

Other than that, I still got a group<br />

together to compete in Polyfest<br />

2018.<br />

Throughout our rehearsals, it was a<br />

relief to see how many people were<br />

committed to our group and I loved<br />

how much passion, love, and energy<br />

the students had for the culture.<br />

Picking our leaders for this group<br />

was a hard decision but at the end, I<br />

chose Hannah-Lily Tohilima-Franklin<br />

because I saw how much love she<br />

had for her culture, and seeing her<br />

take charge of everyone made me<br />

want to make her a leader because I<br />

needed someone bossy. She is also a<br />

good leader in other areas of school<br />

so I was confident with her being a<br />

leader for our group.<br />

Coming to the last week of practices<br />

it was emotional knowing all our<br />

hard work is coming to an end, and<br />

it was a blessing to see what we had<br />

22 Mangere College - 2018<br />

achieved in the short time we had<br />

together. Our last run through our<br />

performance was the best I’ve seen.<br />

All I saw was hard work from all<br />

students.<br />

The morning of Polyfest we all had<br />

to be at school before 6:30 am, I<br />

was glad to see our performers up<br />

and ready looking really amazing.<br />

Just being together that morning<br />

was an experience I’ll never forget.<br />

Seeing everyone encouraging each<br />

other saying it’s going to be alright<br />

or just hyping everyone up was a<br />

big highlight for me. The dances we<br />

performed were; Entrance, Ta Me<br />

(Action Song), Meke, Lologo Tapu<br />

(Church hymn), Takalo (War Dance)<br />

and Exit. Every dance we did was<br />

done to the highest standard. I<br />

can’t explain how proud I am to be<br />

a part of the Māngere College Niue<br />

group. All the blood, sweat and tears<br />

that had gone into rehearsing just<br />

for that one day was all worth it in<br />

the end.<br />

Thank you to all the tutors;<br />

Rissa Polima-Tapatau, Kaleb Samoa,<br />

Luke Maiko, Tearataua Taviona, Pila<br />

Kolonga, and to all the teachers incharge;<br />

Mike Darraugh, Sally Haye,<br />

Deb Ward and Aisake Tuitupou.<br />

Fakaue lahi kia mutolu oti.<br />

- Isaak Samoa<br />

‘All the<br />

blood, sweat<br />

and tears<br />

that had<br />

gone into<br />

rehearsing<br />

just for that<br />

one day was<br />

all worth it in<br />

the end.’<br />

niuean Group<br />

results<br />

Lologo tapu tuai:<br />

3rd - Māngere College

Samoan Group<br />

E muamua<br />

lava ona si’i<br />

le vi’iga ma<br />

le fa’afetai i le<br />

Atua aua ua tatou<br />

fesilafa’i i pu’e o<br />

manu ae le o pu’e o<br />

mala.<br />

Ae oute le’i utufia le vai toloa<br />

ma le vai moea na mo’omo’o i ai<br />

Tagaloalefolasa, ae muamua ona<br />

ou taia le tutafa’itoa ma ou fa’apoi<br />

fa’ala’au tu vanu aua le pa’ia ma<br />

le mamalu o Samoa. First and<br />

foremost, I would like to give thanks<br />

to our Heavenly Father for his<br />

everlasting love, support<br />

and guidance throughout<br />

our Samoan group 2018.<br />

The theme for Polyfest this<br />

year was ‘Thread the fibres<br />

of humanity, Thread the<br />

fibres of spiritual wellbeing,<br />

Bind together<br />

the essence of cultural<br />

identity, Weave together<br />

the diversity of cultural<br />

awareness.’ ‘Feso’ota’i<br />

i le tino, Feso’ota’i i<br />

le agaga, Maua’a i<br />

lou fa’asinomaga,<br />

Lalaga i le matagofie<br />

o aganu’u eseese.’<br />

This represented who<br />

we are as people and<br />

defines our culture and<br />

heritage.<br />

Our Samoan group went through<br />

the same process as previous years.<br />

We started with trials that were held<br />

in the auditorium. Each student<br />

chooses what to perform whether it<br />

be singing a song, doing a dance or<br />

both, but in the Samoan language<br />

or culture.<br />

Our group this year was blessed<br />

with intelligent and passionate<br />

tutors who sacrificed precious<br />

time for our benefit: Iulia Ioane,<br />

Melania Agaimalo, Siata Ah-Chong,<br />

Musuiaigaatoa Tapu, Numia<br />

Toomata, Clarence Soti and Mike<br />

Pio, who worked alongside our loyal<br />

and dedicated teachers Mr Fesulua’i,<br />

Mrs Smith, Ms Nu’usavili and Mrs<br />

Ah Sam. We are very grateful for<br />

their continuous support and<br />

management leading up to Polyfest<br />

2018.<br />

The Samoan group was also under<br />

the leadership of Jane Malau’ulu,<br />

Jasmine Strickland, Esther Meleke,<br />

Holly Rapana, Sesiona Faamausili,<br />

Hannah Pio, Tai Perez, Paul Lesoa,<br />

Italy Nglam and Ezra Salu.<br />

On the third week of school, we<br />

started rehearsals. Beforehand, we<br />

would always start with a greeting<br />

and prayer. For the first few days<br />

when practices started, the leaders<br />

had to come up with moves for<br />

the Sasa due to not knowing if the<br />

tutors were going to turn up to<br />

Mangere College - 2018 23

practices for the first few weeks.<br />

Luckily our leaders had come up<br />

with a few moves to get the group<br />

started on something instead of<br />

waiting for our tutors to show up.<br />

Practices from Monday to Friday<br />

went from 3:40 pm to 06:00 pm.<br />

On Saturdays, it was from 10:00 am<br />

onwards.<br />

As weeks went by practices started<br />

getting more challenging. Students<br />

were starting to feel the pressure<br />

from the tutors and teachers<br />

were being more strict than<br />

usual, especially when it came to<br />

polishing our performance from<br />

the beginning to end. During these<br />

tough practices, we learned our<br />

Ulufale (entrance), Ma’ulu’ulu, Sasa,<br />

Pese (songs), Taualuga (final dance),<br />

Ulufafo (exit) and finally perfecting<br />

our transitions on the way.<br />

Lunchtime practices were organised<br />

to help those who were lost and<br />

slow on learning moves or the lyrics<br />

to the songs. Students knew they<br />

had to sacrifice free time and study<br />

hours to practice in order for the<br />

whole group to look like one and to<br />

be ready for when that special day<br />

comes. The intensity of practices<br />

lifted even more as students and<br />

tutors felt the performance drawing<br />

near. Although emotions were<br />

running high, we managed to<br />

remain strong and continued to<br />

push and encourage each other<br />

to overcome these barriers we<br />

encountered through our journey.<br />

The day we had prepared and<br />

practised for finally arrived. Nerves<br />

and butterflies were a common<br />

feeling backstage. We were all<br />

scared and terrified but no emotions<br />

could ever beat how nervous we<br />

all were being the sixth school to<br />

perform on Friday morning, 16th<br />

March 2018 in front of hundreds of<br />

people in the crowd. As we walked<br />

up that stage, everyone knew it<br />

was either give it your all or go<br />

home with regrets. That day we<br />

performed with all our hearts. We<br />

sang till you could barely hear our<br />

voices and dance like there was no<br />

tomorrow. That day we performed<br />

like a family and we left the stage<br />

as brothers and sisters. We walked<br />

off that stage as one. We left the<br />

stage smiling proudly due to the<br />

excitement within us and knowing<br />

that we had performed to the best<br />

of our abilities. Saturday 17th March<br />

2018 we anxiously waited for the<br />

results. Our prayers were finally<br />

answered and we were blessed with<br />

numerous placings in the categories.<br />

This year may have not been<br />

the year we took it out, but in<br />

appreciation, we all agree that this<br />

year was also another successful year<br />

for the Māngere College Samoan<br />

group. This year will be the last time<br />

the year 13s will ever experience<br />

the feeling of preparing for Polyfest<br />

and performing on the Samoan<br />

stage. But what I can say is that we<br />

year 13s will leave with our heads<br />

held high knowing that we have<br />

accomplished our duties as not only<br />

year 13s but also as leaders and that<br />

we will continue to embrace the<br />

Samoan culture.<br />

Through sweat and tears, hard work<br />

and determination, commitment<br />

and sacrifices we have made, we<br />

know that we have left behind a<br />

positive, open-minded and loving<br />

atmosphere for the future <strong>MC</strong><br />

Samoan Polyfest groups.<br />

No words can explain how thankful<br />

and appreciative we are to not only<br />

the members of this year’s group<br />

but also to our hardworking tutors<br />

and teachers. We are grateful for<br />

their continuous support, words<br />

of wisdom and their never-ending<br />

love for our group. A special<br />

acknowledgement to our leadership<br />

team and well-done on the effort<br />

you all put in. We leave Māngere<br />

College’s future Samoan group with<br />

a little advice: “There will be times<br />

where it will become too much<br />

for you and you will feel like giving<br />

up due to the pressure. You have a<br />

leadership team for a reason. They<br />

are there to help you, they are a<br />

shoulder for you to lean on when<br />

you need support. Never give up no<br />

matter what because at the end of<br />

the day it’s not just ‘I OR ME’ it’s ‘WE<br />

AS A TEAM.” We wish you all the<br />

best of luck and always remember:<br />






Se upu ua le tautamalii i lou<br />

fa’afofoga’aga, alofa fa’amagalo mai,<br />

aua e poto le tautai ae e iai le taimi<br />

e sasi iai. Soifua ma ia manuia.<br />

samoan Group<br />

results<br />

Performance:<br />

1st - UlufaleMauluulu<br />

2nd - Sasa<br />

2nd - Pese o le Aso<br />

2nd - Taualuga<br />

3rd - Ulufafo<br />

1st - Taupou – Sandy Channing<br />

13WG<br />

1st - Fuataimi – Jane Malau’ulu<br />

13WG<br />

Speakers:<br />

Year 9 – Loreal Urika Filifilia 2nd<br />

Year 10 – Mele Asolelei Fretton 3rd<br />

Year 11 – Blessing Taituave<br />

Fuimaono 3rd<br />

Year 12 – Julia Luamanu Kilipati 2nd<br />

Year 13 – Jane Malauulu 1st<br />

Impromptu – Levi Teleiai 1st<br />

Overall 2018:<br />

2nd - Māngere College<br />

24 Mangere College - 2018

Tongan Group<br />

Tongan Group<br />

Results<br />

Performance:<br />

3rd - Soke<br />

Speakers:<br />

Year 11 - Elisapeti Filimoehala

school<br />


Refugee Activities<br />


On Tuesday the 19th of<br />

June, some other refugee<br />

students from Māngere<br />

College and I went to the<br />

Henderson Trust Stadium<br />

to play some sports.<br />

It was Refugee Olympics Day so we<br />

all played a lot of different sports<br />

like basketball, hockey, and football.<br />

Some other students from Mixit<br />

prepared a dance. We all really<br />

enjoyed and it was fun playing<br />

sports and making new refugee<br />

friends from other schools.<br />

- Madina Salam Khel<br />



DINNER<br />

A great night was had by<br />

all at the Refugee Careers<br />

Dinner.<br />

This is the third year that we have<br />

held this event at school and it<br />

has been well received by families<br />

and friends. Providers from AUT,<br />

University of Auckland and MIT<br />

came and informed us about<br />

opportunities and scholarships<br />

at their tertiary institutes. Former<br />

students came and Ilham Akhlaqi<br />

spoke about her first year at AUT.<br />

We also had an inspiring guest<br />

speaker who spoke about<br />

overcoming barriers to achieve in<br />

education.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 27

We sold apples for 50 cents, and<br />

the sandwiches were sold for $1.<br />

We did a fantastic job and we are<br />

doing this because we are trying to<br />

help people in the Pacific Islands<br />

who had their homes damaged by<br />

Cyclone Gita and also new refugees<br />

in New Zealand to buy tools for<br />

their gardens at home. This will<br />

help the families stay healthy and<br />

safe including the new refugees in<br />

Auckland.<br />



On Wednesday the 21st<br />

of February at Māngere<br />

College we made<br />

sandwiches at lunchtime<br />

for the students at school.<br />

Firstly we spread the butter on the<br />

bread and the sandwiches had<br />

tomato, lettuce, sliced cucumber,<br />

grated carrot and cheese on them.<br />

We sliced the tomato and the<br />

lettuce. We had to cut the lettuce<br />

small so we could make it equal for<br />

everyone.<br />

Refugees are important to Red Cross<br />

and to everyone in our fundraising<br />

team. We were helping them and<br />

we needed <strong>MC</strong> students to help. I<br />

thought to myself, ‘please, people<br />

come and help make a difference’.<br />

I was glad that we made $30 on the<br />

first day, but we needed to make<br />

more. The refugees were going to be<br />

so happy when we could give them<br />

the garden tools.<br />

We did this for three days, and we<br />

raised $129 by the end of it. It was<br />

good to see students supporting<br />

this fundraising event. We needed<br />

everyone’s help and we are the <strong>MC</strong><br />

Family so we were able to ‘Seek The<br />

Heights’ and help refugees to be<br />

healthy at home.<br />

- Oumaima Ahmat Abdallah<br />


Fortunately, I have been involved in the AUT mentoring programme for the last two<br />

years, and I had a mentor who guided and helped me prepare for school assessments,<br />

goal setting and have better control on my career.<br />

Having the guidance,<br />

encouragement and support of a<br />

trusted and experienced mentor<br />

provided me a broad range of<br />

benefits, which ultimately lead to<br />

improve my performance in my<br />

assessments and exams. In addition,<br />

28 Mangere College - 2018<br />

this programme helped me improve<br />

my communication skills and<br />

self confidence. This programme<br />

provided an opportunity to be<br />

challenged, supported, explore my<br />

career options and plan for future<br />

actions. I was very grateful to be<br />

involved in this programme and<br />

would like to continue with it next<br />

year as I benefited a lot from it.<br />

- Abdul Ahmadi

Students harvesting kiwifruit.<br />

Gardening<br />

Club<br />

Students helping to spread mulch under the feijoa<br />

and lemon trees.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 29

DUKE OF<br />

Edinburgh’s<br />


The Duke of Edinburgh is a<br />

youth awards programme<br />

that recognises<br />

adolescents and young<br />

adults for completing a<br />

series of self-improvement<br />

exercises.<br />

It challenges young people to<br />

dream big and discover their<br />

potential. In the programme there<br />

are three levels; Bronze being the<br />

first, Silver being the second and<br />

Gold being the last.<br />

We had 18 students participating in<br />

the Duke of Edinburgh programme<br />

this year. We were doing the bronze<br />

award that takes a total of six<br />

months to complete. The goals for<br />

the award were to learn a new skill<br />

(or develop an existing one), get<br />

physically active, give service to their<br />

communities, and take part in an<br />

adventure.<br />

The aim of the Duke of Edinburgh<br />

Award is to help challenge young<br />

students to leave their comfort<br />

zones. It helped us build confidence<br />

in ourselves and have greater<br />

resilience.<br />

The most exciting part of the<br />

award was going on an adventure<br />

where we had to walk up to the<br />

Pinnacles Hut in the Kauaeranga<br />

Valley, located all the way in the<br />

Coromandel. We learnt about the<br />

important equipment we had to<br />

take, the clothing and shoes we had<br />

to wear in certain environments and<br />

where we were going to walk.<br />

The walk turned out to be more<br />

exciting once we started the hike.<br />

It took three to four hours to get to<br />

our destination.<br />

These 14 students have<br />

completed the bronze<br />

section of the Duke of<br />

Edinburgh award:<br />

Abdul Ahmadi<br />

Younis Ahmant Abdullah<br />

Zahra Hussani<br />

Zahra Ibrahim<br />

Hania Javed<br />

Sasa Lelelnoa<br />

Marietta Slade Mailo<br />

Julienne Niko<br />

Cho Moo Paw<br />

Madina Salem Khel<br />

Lealofi Sanelivi Pio<br />

Sara-Lee Sigglekow<br />

Asinate Sinani<br />

Chynna Tohilima<br />

30 Mangere College - 2018

On the first day of the hike,<br />

there were a lot of stairs which<br />

made the walk harder and more<br />

challenging, but with the support<br />

and encouragement from the Duke<br />

of Edinburgh team, we all managed<br />

to keep going. The place we stayed<br />

in was a bit cold and we had to<br />

eat from already packaged food.<br />

Although it was challenging and<br />

hard, we all pulled through and<br />

came out of our comfort zone.<br />

After that experience, I learnt how<br />

to survive in certain environments<br />

and how to read a map. Personally, I<br />

also learnt what difficult things my<br />

body can take and how self-esteem<br />

can really help me in challenging<br />

situations in life.<br />

Well done to everyone who<br />

completed this award and who<br />

committed to the adventure. Also a<br />

big thank you to the teachers and<br />

staff who organised this opportunity<br />

for us. Thank you very much.<br />

- Julienne Niko<br />

Mangere College - 2018 31

Librarians getting ready for Daffodil Day collections<br />

Display for Māori Language Week<br />

Display for Music Week<br />

Library<br />

Author Helen Tau’au Filisi<br />

The school library plays a<br />

huge role in our school. It<br />

is integral to the teaching<br />

and learning process.<br />

This year has been another<br />

amazing, yet successful year for our<br />

phenomenal student librarians.<br />

We have had more and more<br />

students wanting to become<br />

librarians. Our collaborative student<br />

librarian group works alongside<br />

Mrs. Kumar and Ms. Blackwood<br />

to ensure that all members of the<br />

school have equitable access to<br />

books, computers, equipment,<br />

research materials and a safe<br />

learning environment. All librarians<br />

are rostered on once a week to<br />

complete duties, either sitting<br />

behind the issue desk, clearing and<br />

shelving books, being in charge of<br />

the workroom or serving our peers<br />

who need assistance.<br />

Throughout this year our library<br />

has been a happy, busy place with<br />

many events such as celebrating<br />

the cultural language weeks. For<br />

Samoan Language Week, Mrs<br />

Kumar dressed our mannequins in<br />

beautiful Samoan attire to showcase<br />

the traditional costumes as well as<br />

setting out display books to capture<br />

student interest in learning about<br />

the different cultures and languages.<br />

This happens for all other language<br />

weeks including Tongan, Cook Island<br />

and Māori. During lunchtimes the<br />

library runs cultural activities.<br />

For Māori Language Week, students<br />

came in and made poi. This helps<br />

engage students to participate in<br />

celebrating the importance of the<br />

diverse cultures in our school.<br />

During Samoan Language Week<br />

the library hosted a special author<br />

visit. We were fortunate enough<br />

to have author Helen Tau’au Filisi<br />

and Samoan Translator Tofilau Fritz<br />

Filisi visit with their inspiring and<br />

informative talk.<br />

Every year the library is responsible<br />

for supporting and helping to<br />

raise money for cancer awareness.<br />

Librarians come in the morning to<br />

sell daffodils around the school for<br />

Daffodil Day. This year we raised<br />

$430.00.<br />

The library is always a welcoming<br />

place for everyone. Each year we<br />

have our Intermediate students<br />

from schools such as Viscount, Koru,<br />

Sir Douglas Bader, Robertson Road<br />

and Māngere Central come in each<br />

day to experience the astounding<br />

environment and opportunities<br />

Māngere College has to offer for<br />

their up and coming journey into<br />

secondary school. It was great to see<br />

the intermediate students surprised<br />

to see the variety of books that our<br />

library can offer.<br />

Being a student librarian is fun and<br />

enjoyable. We have the opportunity<br />

to gain responsibility, develop our<br />

work ethic and confidence to help<br />

and provide a library service for our<br />

peers and school community. It has<br />

been a great year and I’m sure the<br />

library team has many more great<br />

things planned for our library in the<br />

new year.<br />

- ‘Etina Kaliopasi 11EU<br />

32 Mangere College - 2018

Librarians 2018<br />

Sitting on the floor: O’Shay Murphy, Ali Ibrahim & Makarios Siuoalili Ielemia<br />

Sitting on chairs: Abdul Rahman Ahmadi, Zahra Hussaini, Zahra Ibrahim, Mrs P Kumar, Soana Afu, Hania Javed,<br />

Nicholas Ingram<br />

Standing: Tala Senitofo, Asena Panuve, Erana Heta, Alec Ah-Lam, Adyhana Urika Filifilia, Ethan Sigglekow<br />

Standing on chairs: Mahdieh Ahmadi, Oumaima Ahmat Abdallah, Anahera Heta, Krizzia Quinones, Paw Chu Moo,<br />

Fatima Hussaini<br />

Absent: Ms A Blackwood, Emanuel Faasavalu, Joshua Havili, Alosina Moeai’a Toleafoa, Lua Omoregie, Katherine Pio,<br />

Tehillah Siamomua, Wisdom Baker, Jordan Mauu, Abigail Panuve, Sina Sivaa Talimalie, Abraham Utaatu, Abdirazak<br />

Abdulmanan Ahmed, Younis Ahmat Abdallah, Rosemary Felauai, ‘Etina Kaliopasi, Reupena Kilipati, Natalie Nguyen,<br />

Madina Salam Khel, Blessing Taituave Fuimaono, Olathe Taumihau, Aniket Chand, Irene Luafatasaga, Julia Luamanu<br />

Kilipati, Grace Mataafa, Thu Nguyen, Lealofi Sanelivi Pio, Saviour Shee, Sara-Lee Sigglekow, Vera Wilson, Izadine Ahmat<br />

Abdallah, Hannah Pio<br />

librarian<br />

module<br />

certificates<br />

Ethan Sigglekow, Jordan<br />

Mauu and Paw Chu Moo have<br />

completed their six librarian<br />

modules. Tom Webb, principal,<br />

presented them with their<br />

certificates.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 33

Sports Council<br />

The Sports Council<br />

consists of an active group<br />

of students where we<br />

work together to identify<br />

several areas in which to<br />

make a difference in the<br />

school.<br />

The role of the Sports Council is<br />

to assist in the delivery of sport<br />

within Māngere College to enable<br />

all students to access a high quality<br />

sporting experience.<br />

I believe that we have helped create<br />

a successful sporting environment<br />

at Māngere College this year, which<br />

encouraged student participation,<br />

achievement and enjoyment while<br />

fostering community involvement.<br />

Towards the end of term 2, we<br />

organised a project where the<br />

school has been generously donated<br />

over 25 pairs of rugby boots for the<br />

rugby season by Best Foot Forward<br />

(a partnership with BNZ and Blues<br />

Rugby). The boots definitely allowed<br />

more students to play more rugby<br />

and made it easier for those who<br />

didn’t necessarily have a pair of their<br />

own. It was a fruitful event where<br />

we had three rugby players from the<br />

Blues team including ex <strong>MC</strong> student<br />

Ofa Tu’ungafasi among the guest<br />

speakers, with a lot of questions<br />

answered and many were inspired.<br />

In term 3, we worked alongside the<br />

Student Council to run a fun filled<br />

action packed week of sports in the<br />

school and it was a whole school<br />

event. Each of us were allocated<br />

jobs to do, as well as being given<br />

the role of organising a sport each<br />

day with the assistance of the team.<br />

There were activities across every<br />

interval and lunchtime as well as<br />

competitions, quizzes and staff<br />

vs students events. Overall, with<br />

great teamwork and better student<br />

participation each day, we were able<br />

to raise over $400 for World Vision.<br />

We also helped with the<br />

organisation and running of a<br />

Sports Awards evening where we<br />

recognised and celebrated along<br />

with students who were outstanding<br />

in their sports performances.<br />

- Sasa Lelenoa<br />

34 Mangere College - 2018

Student Council Leaders left to right: PJ Campbell, Isaak Samoa, Olathe Taumihau, Krizzia Mae Quinones<br />

Inset: Izadine Ahmat Abdallah<br />

Student Council<br />

This year the Māngere College Student Council has been doing a lot to be as active as<br />

possible around the school and the community.<br />

One of our biggest events was the<br />

Worldvision Sports Week we held<br />

here at <strong>MC</strong> for both teachers and<br />

students to enjoy.<br />

During the course of Term 2 we<br />

started planning how to fundraise.<br />

Everyone had great ideas and we<br />

all came to the conclusion that<br />

we would host a sports week with<br />

one of the days being a Teacher vs<br />

Student game day.<br />

During the rest of term 2 the<br />

Student Council teamed up with<br />

the Sports Council to work out the<br />

details of what sports we wanted<br />

and when we should have the sports<br />

week.<br />

In the beginning the Student<br />

Council was divided into small<br />

groups that would lead different<br />

‘One of our<br />

biggest events<br />

was the<br />

Worldvision<br />

Sports Week...’<br />

parts of the project; such as<br />

advertising and fundraising.<br />

The Sports Day was a great success,<br />

with both students and teachers<br />

actively competing.<br />

2018 has been a great year for<br />

the Student Council and we have<br />

managed to accomplish a lot in the<br />

course of a year.<br />

I would also like to take mention<br />

of the 2 teachers in charge of the<br />

Student Council, Ms. Ward and Mr.<br />

Earl who have been great advisors<br />

and great mentors in helping with<br />

the Student Council.<br />

Thank you all for a terrific year<br />

and let’s make sure 2019 is even<br />

better and from everyone on the<br />

Student Council thank you and<br />

may everyone have a very Merry<br />

Christmas and a Happy New Year.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 35

Photo: Healthy Families Manukau, Manurewa-Papakura<br />

Health Council<br />

Māngere College Health<br />

Council is a committed<br />

team of students which<br />

aim to provide a voice<br />

for students promoting<br />

decisions and projects<br />

that affect the health<br />

and well-being of our<br />

community.<br />

Our Health Council is made up<br />

of junior and senior students<br />

who advocate on behalf of other<br />

students. The Student Health<br />

Council forms key relationships<br />

with organisations such as Healthy<br />

Families and Youthline.<br />

A key initiative with Healthy Families<br />

this year was promoting the school<br />

as a water-only school. The Health<br />

Council students design the <strong>MC</strong><br />

water bottle with the statement<br />

‘H2O is the way to go’ to encourage<br />

students to drink more water at<br />

school.<br />

‘A key<br />

initiative<br />

with Healthy<br />

Families this<br />

year was<br />

promoting<br />

the school<br />

as a<br />

water-only<br />

school.’<br />

We also run free breakfast during<br />

interval on Mondays and Thursdays<br />

at Student Services. All students<br />

are welcome to come and enjoy<br />

breakfast and socialise with other<br />

students.<br />

36 Mangere College - 2018

Cee-Jay’s<br />

Hawaiian<br />

experience<br />

O’ahu,<br />

Hawaii<br />

A lot of people think of Hawaii as a<br />

holiday destination, but for a first-timer<br />

in Hawaii it was overwhelming seeing<br />

the state that place is in.<br />

One small village had the same population as New<br />

Zealand living there. Being an ambassador for the Sea<br />

Cleaner’s association taught me about the terrible<br />

state that Hawaii is in.<br />

In one week we collected 4.1 million tonnes of rubbish.<br />

The currents in Hawaii are very strong which means<br />

that rubbish will be washed ashore. Students in local<br />

schools and teachers did not know that they had such<br />

a tragedy. Our mission was to make a change, and I<br />

think a lot of people will make changes in their lives,<br />

It was Cee-Jay’s cleaning up at her local area of Ihumatao<br />

which helped her get noticed by Sea Cleaners.<br />

Photo: Stuff<br />

not knowing that it impacts a lot of other people who<br />

see the actions they take.<br />

I came away from Hawaii with a strong purpose to raise<br />

awareness here in Auckland, New Zealand. I just want to<br />

say a special thanks to the many supporters in and out<br />

of school and especially to Sea Cleaners and Makaurau<br />

Marae.<br />

- Cee-Jay Maitai<br />

Mangere College - 2018 37

'great gadsby'<br />

Ball Committee:<br />

Mark Leleifi<br />

Paul Lesoa<br />

Jasine Ah Leo’o Olo<br />

Sili Tongotongo<br />

Ball<br />

Ball Prizes:<br />

Queen of the Ball – Holly Rapana<br />

King of the Ball – Daniel Tongia-Lennon<br />

Best Male Dancer – Lee Joe Tamihana<br />

Best Female Daner – Samira Wilson<br />

Cutest Couple – Jeffrey Taulanga & Ruaama Akaiti

Brainwave is a charitable<br />

trust who educates<br />

students, parents and<br />

professionals about<br />

brain development from<br />

conception through<br />

the early years and into<br />

adolescence.<br />

Brainwave<br />

Workshops<br />

A child’s brain grows more in<br />

their first few years than it will<br />

at any other time in their life; we<br />

understand very clearly that early<br />

experiences can help set up strong<br />

or fragile foundations for later<br />

learning, behaviour and health.<br />

Adolescence is also a time for<br />

significant brain development.<br />

All Brainwave programmes are<br />

backed up by solid science and<br />

research and delivered at Māngere<br />

College by two educators; a teacher<br />

and a paediatric nurse with over 30<br />

years’ experience.<br />

Many students have younger<br />

siblings; some are beginning to<br />

babysit. Many will be the parents<br />

of the future. The knowledge that<br />

they absorb through this engaging,<br />

interactive programme is very<br />

empowering. Each and every one of<br />

them can make a real difference.<br />

Ask your son or daughter what they<br />

have learned. And please visit the<br />

website for more information:<br />

www.brainwave.org.nz<br />

Feedback<br />

from some Māngere College students:<br />

Very important<br />

for future<br />

generations to<br />

live a happy and<br />

healthy life.<br />

This programme<br />

has made a huge<br />

difference to me.<br />

It was good<br />

because it made<br />

me think about<br />

how I can take care<br />

of my own brain.<br />

It has made me<br />

more aware of how<br />

fragile a baby is.<br />

I loved this<br />

experience and<br />

didn’t want it to<br />

end.<br />

40 Mangere College - 2018

Pacific Islands<br />

Leaders of Tomorrow<br />

This term, some of our<br />

Year 11 students were<br />

selected to represent<br />

our school at the P.I.L.O.T<br />

(Pacific Islands Leaders of<br />

Tomorrow) programme<br />

held at Ignite College, Wiri.<br />

Around 100 students participated<br />

from several neighbouring South<br />

Auckland schools.<br />

This was a great opportunity for<br />

these <strong>MC</strong> Year 11 students to<br />

reconnect and build on their<br />

confidence and understand what<br />

their strengths are. There are many<br />

ways to navigate ‘the ocean’ for<br />

students to build on their identity<br />

and resilience and to explore the<br />

ocean currents navigate the fickle<br />

winds, traverse changing tides and<br />

to follow the plethora of secret<br />

pathways hidden in the stars.<br />

Well done to ‘Etina Kaliopasi,<br />

‘Unaloto Leleifi, Diana Pio, Aaron<br />

Koiatu, Herilla Salu, Olathe<br />

Taumihau and Sweetie Neria who<br />

represented our school with respect<br />

and responsibility.<br />

Tautoko Hauora<br />

This year, the partnership<br />

between Māngere College<br />

and TOKO Collaboration<br />

Charitable Trust together<br />

hosted Toko Peau #4<br />

event at Māngere College<br />

on Friday 31 August 2018.<br />

'Supporting Wellbeing'<br />

The evening was a celebration of life<br />

and TAUTOKO HAUORA (supporting<br />

well-being). Once again there was<br />

a display of art work from Māngere<br />

College students. Guest speakers<br />

included former <strong>MC</strong> students Dr<br />

Ana Justine Mesui, Salome Wright,<br />

Ernestina Maro, and Mary Aue.<br />

Amongst the performers at Toko<br />

Peau were the <strong>MC</strong> Kapahaka<br />

group, former <strong>MC</strong> student Romeny<br />

Fukofuko aka Konecs, Jacob Filipe,<br />

and one of our current teachers, Mrs<br />

Telea.<br />

It was a family and community<br />

event and Matua Nuku kindly<br />

offered to have the Kapa Haka<br />

group open the event. Thank you<br />

to the school principal Mr Webb,<br />

school counsellor Mr Paul Campbell,<br />

staff and our <strong>MC</strong> family for the<br />

support.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 41

Tough Mudder<br />

Anne Tupou, Alexis Fenton, and Xaviar Rehu (above)<br />

completing the Tough Mudder along side Olympian<br />

Caitlin Ryan and her partner Nick (far left).<br />

The run was 18kn long filled with many obstacles. Thank you to Ness Rogers<br />

and the iSport Foundation for the great experience.<br />

- Aisake Tuitupou<br />

Above 4 images: Examples of what<br />

contestants have to go through for<br />

Tough Mudder<br />

Kids with Character<br />

In Kids with Character,<br />

we are developing<br />

leadership skills and<br />

growing our confidence<br />

as individuals.<br />

This group is lead by Simon<br />

Kent who works for the iSport<br />

Foundation. During our time with<br />

Kids with Character we have class<br />

sessions which teach us how to be<br />

a leader for tomorrow, we discuss<br />

our plans for the future and our<br />

careers.<br />

We also attended an iSport<br />

Foundation Leadership Day where<br />

we listened and learnt from sporting<br />

leaders such as Louisa Wall, Fiao’o<br />

Faamausili, David Letele, Mike<br />

McGuire, Richie McCaw, and others.<br />

David Letele (aka The Brown Butta<br />

Bean) shared his story and taught<br />

us not to let excuses get in the way<br />

of us achieving great things, and<br />

most of the speakers taught us<br />

the importance of making good<br />

choices and how that helped<br />

them be successful.<br />

The Kids with Character group is<br />

helping us gain confidence and<br />

the ability to face problems headon<br />

and solve them efficiently.<br />

- Jordan Mauu & Ethan Sigglekow<br />

42 Mangere College - 2018

<strong>MC</strong> Photo Project<br />

This year we have<br />

embarked on a project<br />

with local professional<br />

photographer and<br />

ex-<strong>MC</strong> student Vinesh<br />

Kumaran, aiming to<br />

build a collection of<br />

promotional photos for<br />

the school.<br />

Photographer:<br />

Vinesh Kumaran<br />

We have covered cultural groups at <strong>MC</strong>, sports, the<br />

Technology Department, the Performing Arts Department<br />

and the Art Department. We will be concluding with an<br />

academic shoot at the end of term 4.<br />

Many thanks to Vinesh for volunteering his time for the<br />

5 days of shooting, the students for being such amazing<br />

models, and the school would like to acknowledge the<br />

Māngere Markets Trust for helping partially fund this<br />

project.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 43

44 Mangere College - 2018<br />


Senior Art students putting the finishing touches on their Art Portfolio’s before they are sent away in the beginning of Term 4.<br />

Pictured here: Platinum Marsters 13SE. Pictured below: Brendalee Pouwhare 11FI<br />

Art<br />

Department<br />

Art by Irene luafatasaga<br />

Art by Julienne Niko<br />

Art by Zahra Hussain<br />

Art by Zahra Ibrahim<br />

Mangere College - 2018 45

Some of our Year 12 Business students at the ‘Business is Awesome’ workshop<br />

Commerce Department<br />

This year has been an exciting year for the Commerce Department.<br />

In Term 1, our Year 12 Business<br />

students were given the opportunity<br />

to attend a workshop organised by<br />

the Rotary Club called ‘Business is<br />

Awesome’.<br />

Ten Year 12 students took part in<br />

a whole day workshop where they<br />

were grouped with students from<br />

other schools. This gave our students<br />

exposure to working with other<br />

students to come up with an idea<br />

for making a product, marketing it<br />

and finally selling it. At the end of<br />

the day, the winning team included<br />

our students, Taylah Robinson and<br />

Adrienne Lavea.<br />

commerce trip to wellington<br />

The Wellington Trip was<br />

full of learning experiences<br />

for our senior students.<br />

We flew to Wellington and for a<br />

few of our students, it was their<br />

first flight ever. We stayed in a<br />

hotel, and for many that was<br />

also a new experience. For most<br />

students, it was also their first<br />

time visiting Wellington. During<br />

the trip, we visited the Reserve<br />

Bank and learnt how and where<br />

money is manufactured, how<br />

money works in the market, the<br />

OCR and interest rates. We also<br />

visited Parliament House, sat in<br />

the debating chamber and saw<br />

questions and answers debated.<br />

We also visited Te Papa museum<br />

and students had the freedom<br />

to see the museum at their own<br />

pace. They enjoyed Peter Jackson’s<br />

wartime display. Lastly, we had<br />

a city tour and students also did<br />

some shopping.<br />

rainbows End<br />

adventure<br />

Our Year 11 Business<br />

students went to<br />

Rainbow’s End.<br />

This trip was based on their<br />

assessment about Human<br />

Resources. They did some research<br />

work first and then spent the rest<br />

of the day on rides and other fun<br />

activities.<br />

46 Mangere College - 2018

Young<br />

Enterprise<br />

Scheme<br />

This year we had some very exciting business<br />

ventures and products. The businesses developed<br />

by students were all a great success.<br />

‘manea aqua’<br />

group<br />

One business group<br />

with the company name<br />

‘Manea Aqua’ worked with<br />

Auckland City Council and<br />

created a fish habitat for<br />

Tararata Stream which is<br />

located near our school.<br />

Students created a fish habitat from recycled<br />

pallets and used cement slabs. They sold each<br />

habitat to Auckland City Council for $150.<br />

They also got $100 from SEED Funding for<br />

their excellent performance in presenting their<br />

business idea (called a ‘pitch’).<br />

Selling their product at the Night Market at<br />

Manurewa High School are Daisy, Lydia, Samira<br />

and Hannah.<br />

‘DHLS’ Group<br />

DHLS had 6 members in<br />

their group. They created<br />

neck warmers from travel<br />

pillows. Auckland Airport<br />

collects all of the travel<br />

pillows that tourists leave<br />

behind at the airport.<br />

They are collected by ‘ME Family<br />

Services’ and Peter Sykes who is the<br />

CEO of the company and also one of<br />

our mentors who provided us with<br />

used travel pillows.<br />

The students altered the product<br />

and developed neck warmers from<br />

them. They used their own cultural<br />

patterned material and made covers<br />

for the neck warmers. They then<br />

created their own wheat bags and<br />

attached them to the neck warmers.<br />

Year 11 & 12<br />

market days<br />

Students successfully<br />

undertook their market day.<br />

They learnt how to make a business<br />

plan and carry out business<br />

activities. They carried out their<br />

own survey of the product and<br />

analysed it. They also learnt how to<br />

carry out the market day with full<br />

responsibility and independence<br />

as well as working as a group. Over<br />

the year students carried out two<br />

business activities and made profits<br />

for their business. They were able to<br />

donate part of their profits. Year 11<br />

also did their market day and made<br />

profits.<br />

I wish all my year 13 students best<br />

of luck and hope that they have<br />

bright and fruitful futures.<br />

Mrs Savitri Nadan<br />

HOD Commerce<br />

Mangere College - 2018 47

English: Creative Writing<br />

Her Husbands Betrayal<br />

Ice balls fall from the<br />

mountaintop as the wind<br />

lifts strands of her hair.<br />

At this very moment, she’s standing<br />

alone thinking about how wonderful<br />

and remarkable this life can be.<br />

Her red heels duplicate the colour<br />

painted on her lips and attracts the<br />

attention of her black Adidas t-shirt.<br />

Her ripped jeans favour the public’s<br />

tastes and her smile is brighter than<br />

the stars in the sky. Her cosy coat<br />

delivers more comfort and wraps<br />

her warm from the bristling wind.<br />

People see her as Rapunzel, not<br />

because of some evil stepmother,<br />

or because she was trapped up in<br />

a castle but because of the long<br />

glowing hair that brings out the<br />

beauty in her. Her eyes turn lighter<br />

brown when it attracts the sun, until<br />

one night when she was just freely<br />

walking to her house she witnessed<br />

a scandalous matter!<br />

DUM...DUM...DUM... “WHO’S this?”<br />

“What is she doing with my<br />

HUSBAND?” “Why is she HERE ?”<br />

Difficult questions trace through<br />

her head as she drowns in a sea of<br />

grief. Her face fills with hate and<br />

torture; she can’t think but to be the<br />

bystander in this cruel view. Why?<br />

Why? How can someone who vowed<br />

will spend the rest of his years with<br />

her do something so horrible and<br />

disgusting?! She wipes the pain<br />

and tears off her face and stumbles<br />

down the stairs.<br />

She packs everything and puts all<br />

her clothes in a suitcase, and as she<br />

walks to the door, her husband runs<br />

to grab her. She drops the suitcase<br />

and the room abruptly turns quiet,<br />

he loosens his hand a bit, but this<br />

time she throws her emotion into<br />

his face before she left without a<br />

word or sound. As she drove away,<br />

her husband screams out her name<br />

with so much anger and contrite.<br />

The man she thought she loved<br />

turned out to be the monster in her<br />

dreams.<br />

About a month later, she’s living at<br />

her best friend’s house. She’s in the<br />

process of trying to forget the past<br />

and move on, but the pain always<br />

hits her.<br />

‘Her cosy coat<br />

delivers more<br />

comfort and<br />

wraps her<br />

warm from<br />

the bristling<br />

wind.’<br />

This hurt that she is carrying is<br />

so remorseful she can’t bear this<br />

burden. She feels abandoned and<br />

deceived from what’s happened,<br />

that a girl who people thought was<br />

so perfect and so beautiful would<br />

end up to be the one who suffers.<br />

After several years, she is now<br />

enjoying life with her best friend;<br />

she is trying to forgive herself for the<br />

blindness that let others betray her<br />

because sometimes a good heart<br />

cannot see the bad. She smiles<br />

through the pain and suffering but<br />

she will never forget that life is like<br />

a bicycle, to keep your balance you<br />

must keep moving on.<br />

- Herilla Salu<br />

48 Mangere College - 2018

Selina Tusitala Marsh is a<br />

Pasifika poet-scholar and<br />

the current New Zealand<br />

Poet Laureate for 2017-<br />

2019.<br />

In her poem, Fast Talkin’ PI, she<br />

writes about the different ‘faces’ of<br />

Pacific Island people; some may<br />

not be too good but many are<br />

quite amazing. She challenges the<br />

stereotypes that influence how PI<br />

are perceived and treated in society.<br />

She wants everyone to know that PIs<br />

do NOT fit into a box any more than<br />

other ethnic groups.<br />

I’M AN<br />

<strong>MC</strong><br />

PI<br />

These poems, written by Ms Tupua’s Year 13 English class in Term 1, are<br />

based on this poem and celebrate what it means to be an <strong>MC</strong> PI.<br />

I’m a PB4L <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a hard-working R2 <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a head down, pen speaking, ‘Seek the<br />

Heights’ <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a catch and pass <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a run it straight <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a side step, ankle breaking, steam rolling<br />

<strong>MC</strong> PI.<br />

-Sili Tongotongo<br />

I’m a quiet <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a positive, gaining<br />

NCEA level 3 PI<br />

I’m a hard-working <strong>MC</strong><br />

student PI<br />

-Maranna Miri<br />

I’m a work hard <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a stay focused <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a go for gold and never fold cause I<br />

seek the heights <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a show up to class on time <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a have a pen and paper ready to<br />

learn <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a have correct equipment, correct<br />

uniform and a focused mindset <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

-Holly Rapana<br />

I’m a wake up at 7.30am <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a “Mum, where’s my pen?” <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

I’m a walk-the-talk, never-stand-short,<br />

get-out-of-here <strong>MC</strong> PI<br />

-Matthew John<br />

Mangere College - 2018 49

ESOL Department<br />

These pieces are written by students from the ESOL Department. ESOL stands for<br />

English as a Second Language and is also known as EAL (English as an Additional<br />

Language).<br />

These students are on a journey with their English - beginning from little or no English at all.<br />

These poems are specifically about their countries of origin and culture. Some have chosen recipies, some have<br />

chosen a hero from their country of origin.<br />


Instructions:<br />

1. Put the finely diced<br />

watermelon into a large bowl<br />

and gently mash without<br />

breaking it up completely.<br />

2. Add the finely diced<br />

pineapple, grated coconut,<br />

coconut milk and coconut<br />

water.<br />

3. Stir in the juice of one lemon<br />

and the juice and zest of one<br />

lime.<br />

I eat and drink otai for lunch<br />

and dinner.<br />

- Harold Utaatu<br />

Samoan umu<br />

They make with taro and<br />

breadfruit and a banana and a<br />

pig.<br />

And some ufi and taamu.<br />

First, we make a fire and then<br />

make the rocks hot. After that<br />

put the vegetables and meat on<br />

the hot rocks.<br />

Cover with banana leaves so<br />

everything is covered and you<br />

wait for 5 to 10 mins.<br />

Bring coconut leaves and make<br />

a bag with the coconut leaves.<br />

After that take the banana<br />

leaves off and put the food in<br />

the coconut leaves bag.<br />

Then take to your house and eat.<br />

We eat that for lunch on Sunday<br />

- Peniamina Siaki<br />

Samoan food<br />

Oka i’a is a Pacific traditional dish.<br />

Most of the Samoan people eat it for dinner.<br />

I like it because the food always tastes sweet when<br />

it is ready to eat.<br />

My parents always made it for dinner when we<br />

were in Samoa.<br />

OKA I’A<br />

instructions<br />

Ingredients:<br />

raw fish, coconut cream<br />

salt, spring onions, lemon,<br />

tomato<br />

Method:<br />

Marinate the snapper and onion in lemon juice<br />

and leave in the fridge until it turns white and<br />

opaque (this will take about 3 hours or it can be left<br />

overnight in the fridge).<br />

Just before serving, drain off the juices and mix in<br />

the diced tomatoes, spring onion, and salt to taste.<br />

Pour over 1/4 cup of coconut milk.<br />

It can be served immediately or put back in the<br />

fridge to chill for a little while.<br />

After that you eat it for dinner.<br />

- Hinemoa<br />

50 Mangere College - 2018

Africa<br />

Sudan<br />

Sudan<br />

Sudan is a big country<br />

made up of a lot of cities.<br />

It is located in the Northern<br />

Hemisphere.<br />

It is a country that has lots of<br />

different languages spoken.<br />

Sudan has lots of animals living<br />

there.<br />

The population of Sudan is about<br />

41,441,846 people.<br />

There are many different people<br />

living in Sudan and many cultures.<br />

The two languages in Sudan is<br />

Maslity and Arabic but in Sudan and<br />

Chad some people write in English<br />

but not in the same way as other<br />

countries’ schools.<br />

The main industries in Sudan are; oil,<br />

sugar, shoe assembly. Sudan makes<br />

$8.464 million (in 2019) from these<br />

industries and more things they<br />

make. Sudan is a beautiful natural<br />

country to go to.<br />

People come to Sudan to see the<br />

city and family that they miss and to<br />

look at the beach.<br />

Sudan has a bigger population than<br />

many other countries and it’s so hot<br />

like fire. In Sudan you can eat lots of<br />

food and still be skinny.<br />

- Oumaima Ahmat Abdallah<br />

Trung Trac and Trung Nhi<br />

What is the name and birthplace of<br />

this person?<br />

Trung Trac and Trung Nhi who are<br />

twin sisters. Born 15 September 14<br />

AD, Mê Linh District, Vietnam.<br />

What is the main challenge that<br />

they overcame?<br />

They rebelled against the Chinese<br />

occupation of Vietnam and they<br />

ruled for three years.<br />

What did they do that made them<br />

famous/successful?<br />

They gained support of about sixtyfive<br />

towns and settlements. They<br />

were truly respected. It is believed<br />

they died around 43 AD after a<br />

battle against an army led by Ma<br />

Yuan.<br />

Why do you think that they are<br />

important as an inspiration?<br />

Because they are the top women,<br />

have risen up against the invaders.<br />

This is the first time in Vietnam<br />

history to stand up for their<br />

independence and pride.<br />

What words could you use to<br />

describe them?<br />

Strong, brave, sacrifice. Today, The<br />

Trung sisters are powerful symbols of<br />

Vietnamese resistance and freedom.<br />

- Phuong Nguyen<br />

Mangere College - 2018 51

Languages<br />

Te Reo Māori<br />

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2018<br />

Tēnā rā koutou katoa.<br />

I tēnei tau i whakanuia<br />

te wiki o te reo Māori ki<br />

te Kāreti o Māngere me<br />

te huhua o ngā kaupapa<br />

pēnei i te ako karakia, ako<br />

waiata, te nui kata me te<br />

kai.<br />

Ko te kaupapa matua o te tau nei<br />

ko te ‘Kia kaha te reo Māori’ ā, i<br />

tērā tau ko te ‘Kia ora te reo Māori’.<br />

I rawe te wiki, i ako ngā kaiako i<br />

tētahi karakia, i tētahi waiata anō<br />

hoki ā, i kite hoki rātou i te pao kai<br />

me te harihari kai.<br />

I kīkī rawa te whare pukapuka i te<br />

Rātū me te Rāpare nā te nui o ngā<br />

tauira e hiahia ana ki te hanga poi.<br />

I te Rāmere i haere ngā pakeke o<br />

te akomanga reo Māori ki te hikoi<br />

mo te reo i tū ki Te Mānukanuka o<br />

Hoturoa.<br />

This year at <strong>MC</strong> we celebrated<br />

Māori Language week with prayers,<br />

singing, laughing and eating. The<br />

theme this year was ‘Kia Kaha te<br />

reo’ which follows from last years<br />

‘Kia ora te reo’.<br />

The week was full of things to do:<br />

staff learnt a karakia, a waiata and<br />

witnessed a Pao kai and a Harihari<br />

kai. Meanwhile, the Library was<br />

busy on Tuesday and Thursday<br />

with poi making and on Friday the<br />

senior students of the reo Māori<br />

class also participated in the Māori<br />

Language Hikoi which was held in<br />

Manukau.<br />

52 Mangere College - 2018

Kapa haka<br />

“Ehara taku toa i te toa<br />

takitahi, engari he toa<br />

takitini”<br />

“My successes are not mine<br />

alone, but of many – the greatest<br />

successes we will have are from<br />

working together.”<br />

Kapa haka has now started to<br />

progress at Māngere College, led by<br />

our new kaiako, Maehe Nuku, who<br />

is also working in the Te Reo classes<br />

with Whaea Arihana.<br />

I am Cee-Jay Maitai a Year 13 Māori<br />

Student Leader here at Māngere<br />

College. I have participated in<br />

the kapa haka throughout my<br />

schooling here at <strong>MC</strong>. Throughout<br />

my journey as a participant I have<br />

learnt to improve in all aspects<br />

and become a stronger leader<br />

within the school community. My<br />

ambition is to inspire and develop<br />

many students who come through,<br />

also to strengthen students in<br />

learning their culture. Our school<br />

was very lucky to have a haka<br />

written for our school and a haka<br />

so unique to our school, created by<br />

Matua Maehe and our students.<br />

We welcome all students to join the<br />

kapa haka group.<br />

Nau mai, Haere mai.<br />

Mandarin<br />

chinese<br />

new<br />

year<br />

To celebrate Chinese<br />

New Year this year, we<br />

had origami lessons<br />

in the library by Miss<br />

Yuying Yang our<br />

Mandarin Language<br />

Assistant.<br />

chinese language week<br />

Mangere College - 2018 53

qi gong workshop<br />

As part of celebrating Chinese culture during<br />

Chinese Language Week, we had a Health Qi Gong<br />

workshop open to all our Juniors.<br />

Health Qi Gong is a practice to cultivate and balance qi (“life energy”).<br />

The Year 10 Mandarin class made posters to publicise the workshop<br />

and Qi Gong master David Wong came in to run the workshop.<br />

Thirty students attended the workshop, learnt foundational<br />

movements, performed a 20 minute practice and learnt about keeping<br />

our bodies and minds healthy.<br />

chopsticks<br />

workshop<br />

Food is a central part to<br />

understanding different<br />

cultures, and the way we<br />

eat is different in all our<br />

different cultures.<br />

Students learnt and practiced<br />

using chopsticks, and competed<br />

for prizes with picking up drawing<br />

pins. Pins are small and slippery,<br />

so the students had a good<br />

challenge!<br />

54 Mangere College - 2018

fa’amatalaina,<br />

Le faasamoa, o fa’alapotopotoga,<br />

aoga aemaise o aiga.<br />

Ae e fa’amamafa la’u talanoa i le<br />

alofa fa’atino i totonu o a’oga,<br />

Le tomai ma le poto salalau lele ua<br />

saoasaoa lona fa’aaogaina.<br />

Le alofa fa’aali i totonu o aoga, o le<br />

a lona uiga,<br />

Lima foa’i, tautua punoua’i ma lou<br />

alofa le fa’atuaoia.<br />

E moni lava o alo ma fanau mai atu<br />

motu eseese o le pasefika,<br />

Peita’i o le alofa fa’asamoa e le<br />

fa’apito lona fa’atinoina.<br />

Vaiaso o le<br />

Gagana Samoa<br />

Talofa, talofa talofa lava.<br />

O le viiga ma le fa’afetai i<br />

le Atua e le fa’aitiitia ona<br />

o mea matagofie ma le<br />

matalasi ua ia faia. Ae<br />

fa’aagatonu se tautalaga i<br />

le autu ma le manulauti o<br />

lenei tusitusiga.<br />

E ese le matagofie o tapenapenaga<br />

a alo ma fanau mai aoga<br />

maualuluga eseese i totonu nei<br />

i Aukilani. Sa fa’ate’ia le va’ai,<br />

na lagona f’o’i le fiafia ma le<br />

fa’agae’etia ona o le finafinau o<br />

alo ma fanau ia ina ia fa’aolaola le<br />

gagana i totonu o aoga aemaise o<br />

lenei atunu’u.<br />

I le Aso Sa 27 Me, na tatala aloa’ia<br />

ai le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa<br />

i le Kolisi o Southern Cross. Na<br />

fa’atumulia i aoga eseese, aemaise<br />

o matua i le latou pitola’au o le<br />

lagolagosua. Sa matagofie le vaaiga<br />

i lea aso, sa fa’agaeetia foi le to’atele<br />

ona o le maualuga o le tulaga na<br />

o’o iai le fa’asoa a alo ma fanau. E<br />

moni lava na tutupu ma fananau<br />

a’e i Aotearoa nei, peita’i olo’o<br />

tumau pea ia te’i latou le loto o<br />

le finafinau ma le sogasoga ina ia<br />

mautu le gagana.<br />

I tapenapenaga o le vaiaso, i<br />

totonu o si o’u laumua nei, matou<br />

te fa’amanatu lava ma taumafai<br />

e saili se isi ituaiga fa’atinoga e<br />

fa’alauiloa ai le vaiaso. Sa matou<br />

tapenaina mea’ai Samoa mo le<br />

malu taeao mai le Aso Gafua seia<br />

paia le Aso Faraile, ae le gata i lea<br />

o le fa’amatalaina o nisi o vaega o<br />

le aganu’u mo le fa’alauteleina o le<br />

malamalama o nisi o faiaoga mai<br />

isi atunu’u.<br />

Ao le aso Faraile 1 Iuni, na tapuni<br />

aloaia ai le vaiaso o le gagana<br />

Samoa, ma fa’ailogaina fo’i i le aoga<br />

a teine o le Kalama. Sa va’aia foi<br />

le tumu ma ese fo’i le tapenaga<br />

o lea aso. Sa vaevae i kulupu ma<br />

faia ai ni galuega fa’atino aua le<br />

fa’alauteleina o le malamalama o<br />

tamaiti i le oa o le gagana. O se tasi<br />

foi o sui mai le kolisi o Magele sa<br />

fa’atino se solo faitaga e fa’atatau i<br />

le autu o le aso e fa’apea “ Alofa atu<br />

nei, alofa mai taeao”<br />

Alofa atu nei, alofa mai<br />

taeao<br />

Se’eane laia i ou se’etaga malu,<br />

Ae se’i ou tautala e fa’ailo ma toe<br />

fa’amanatu.<br />

Le autu po’o le manulauti lele ua<br />

fa’ata’atia<br />

O sou manatu ma so’u lagona o<br />

le’a folasia.<br />

Le upu alofa e talalasi lona<br />

O lou alofa fa’aali ma se mea lelei e<br />

te faia i totonu o lou si’osi’omaga,<br />

O le’a le galo lea i o matou loto ma<br />

agaga.<br />

I totonu o aoga o se siosiomaga<br />

malu puipuia ma toe saogalemu,<br />

O faiaoga i le latou matafaioi o le<br />

a’oa’o, ina ia maua le poto e tautua<br />

ai atunu’u.<br />

Alofa atu nei,alofa mai taeao,<br />

Le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa ina ia<br />

uli ma sao.<br />

Tama a tagata e fafaga i upu ma<br />

tala,<br />

Aua o le Samoa moni lava e<br />

tauama i ana tu ma ana aga.<br />

A’o se upu ua le tautamali’i i lau<br />

fa’afofogaaga,<br />

Fa’amagalo se leo vaivai o le<br />

auauna.<br />

Talosia ia maua se ai o lenei<br />

fa’atasiga,<br />

Aua tupulaga fai a’e, ae tainane o<br />

nuu, ekalesia ma aiga.<br />

E eseese lota mimita ae vaai atu<br />

o sagisagi fiafia fanau e fia iloa le<br />

ta gagana, aua fai mai upu a le<br />

atunu’u, “A leai se gagana, ua po le<br />

nu’u.<br />

O se fa’amatalaga pu’upu’u lena e<br />

tusa foi ma lea fa’amoemoe taua<br />

na feagai ai nisi o aoga maualuluga<br />

i totonu nei i Aukilani. Ou te<br />

fa’amoemoe i le tama o i le lagi<br />

na te fa’amatala ma fa’apupula le<br />

aoga ma le taua o lea vaiaso i alo<br />

ma fanau i totonu o Niu Sila nei i<br />

ooutou loto ma finagalo. Se fai mai<br />

e iloa lava le Samoa i ana tu ma<br />

ana aga, a lea na fa’atino e alo ma<br />

fanau ia i lea aso.<br />

Se upu ua le tautamali’i i sau<br />

silasila, fa’amagalo le auauna, leaga<br />

fai mai e poto lava le tautai, ae iai<br />

lava le taimi e sasi ai. Soifua ma ia<br />

manuia.<br />

Tusitusiga / Article - Jane<br />

Malauulu, Yr 13 student Māngere<br />

College<br />

Solo / Poem - Hannah Pio, Yr 13<br />

student Māngere College<br />

Mangere College - 2018 55

Cook Island<br />

Language<br />

Week<br />

Tuatua tauturu – Helpful words<br />

The team at Blackboard Jungle, based in Havelock North, has created some awesome resources featuring everyday Cook Islands Māori tuatua (words) that<br />

can be used in classroom and workplace settings. The full selection is available to view (and purchase) on their website. Debbie and her team are really<br />

open to creating new resources too, so feel free to contact them with your ideas or requirements.<br />

Reo has been drawn from a Ministry of Pacific Peoples (MPP) resources and Cook Islands community leader, Teremoana MaUa-Hodges.<br />

7<br />

Tongan<br />

Language Week<br />

56 Mangere College - 2018

Math<br />

Week 2018<br />

Math Week 2018 was<br />

undeniably one to<br />

remember.<br />

Casio Mathex<br />




2018<br />

Gillian Frankcom<br />

Mathex Coordinator<br />

Mangere College<br />

Students modelled responsibility<br />

when choosing their prizes from<br />

the daily quiz whilst the teachers<br />

took more of the ‘High Risk –<br />

High Rewards’ approach.<br />

In addition to this was the<br />

annual Māngere College Mathex<br />

competition where 9BM won the<br />

Year 9 section and 10PO taking<br />

out the highly contested Year 10<br />

section.<br />

A group of students were then<br />

selected and represented the<br />

school well at the Auckland<br />

Mathex competition held at the<br />

Barfoot and Thompson stadium<br />

in Kohimarama.<br />

Well done to everyone who<br />

participated in Math Week and<br />

we look forward to what 2019<br />

has in store.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 57

Performing Arts<br />

2018<br />

Music<br />

Succes Stories:<br />

Noteworthy at Stand Up Stand Out 2018<br />

Noteworthy at Performing Arts Night<br />

‘Noteworthy’ Junior Choir:<br />

Noteworthy started this<br />

year with a small group<br />

of talented Year 9 & 10<br />

students and has grown<br />

to become a tight-knit<br />

and committed group of<br />

young vocalists who have<br />

grown immensely in their<br />

short time together.<br />

Only a few months after first<br />

forming, they were invited to<br />

perform at the Māngere Town<br />

Centre Library as part of our NZ<br />

Music Month celebrations. The<br />

following month, they performed<br />

at the annual Māngere College<br />

Performing Arts Night to a packed<br />

out crowd; performing both as<br />

an individual group, and also<br />

providing vocals for multiple dance<br />

performance items. Not long after<br />

this, they took a leap of faith and<br />

entered the Vocal Group category<br />

of the prestigious Stand Up<br />

Stand Out competition, receiving<br />

excellent feedback from the judges,<br />

who commented on a ‘great<br />

performance’ that featured ‘lovely<br />

Junior Drumline<br />

harmonies, beautiful tones and<br />

strong leads’.<br />

After a busy and rewarding couple<br />

of terms, Noteworthy closed out the<br />

year performing at the end of year<br />

school prize giving ceremonies, as<br />

well as being invited to present a<br />

mini-concert at the annual Māngere<br />

Bridge Santa Parade.<br />

[2018 Noteworthy Members: Ilisapeti<br />

Filimoehala, Adyhana Urika Filifilia,<br />

Lexus Walters, Loreal Urika Filifilia,<br />

Manoa Teata, Payton Golotoa,<br />

Mele Lelenoa, James Wilson, Kiana<br />

Webster, Monique Webster, Paul<br />

Tovio]<br />

Junior Drumline in practice with<br />

their percussion rig<br />

Junior Drumline is a highenergy,<br />

unique performance<br />

group that showcases<br />

the talents of our Junior<br />

drummers.<br />

Their stunning item at the<br />

Performing Arts night had the<br />

crowd cheering them on as they<br />

played not only in a group, but<br />

also as soloists. These creative<br />

percussionists have also created<br />

a custom-made rig for their<br />

‘Junkyard Percussion Project’ –<br />

where they take ‘found’ items<br />

and turn them into percussive<br />

musical instruments. Their final<br />

performance for the year at Junior<br />

Assembly was exceptional.<br />

[Junior Drumline Members: Rihari<br />

Scrivener, Ondre Campbell, Tai<br />

Neilsen, Emanuel Faasavalu,<br />

James Wilson, Tuanui Herbert]<br />

58 Mangere College - 2018

Adyhana competing in the<br />

SUSO Solo Vocal Heat<br />

Ilisapeti competing in<br />

the SUSO Solo Vocal<br />

Semi-Finals<br />

VIA performing at the SUSO Finals at the Vodafone Events Centre<br />

VIA at SAPACS with their<br />

awards VIA’s masterclass with Bella Kalolo Vera’s showcase at Soul Lounge<br />

VIA Girls Vocal Ensemble<br />

Our vocal trio ‘VIA’ has<br />

seen much success this<br />

year through the hard<br />

work and determination<br />

of our girls.<br />

They began the year by performing<br />

for NZ Music Month at the Māngere<br />

Town Centre Library, followed by<br />

entering in the South Auckland<br />

Performing Arts Competition<br />

(SAPACS), with the addition of<br />

Lexus Walters. They entered into<br />

two of the Vocal Group Categories,<br />

competing against many wellseasoned<br />

performers and large<br />

choirs, however they were awarded<br />

high marks and won 2nd place in<br />

both their categories, taking home<br />

certificates, ribbons and prize<br />

money!<br />

Following on from this, VIA also<br />

entered the Group Vocal Heat at the<br />

Stand Up Stand Out competition.<br />

Adyhana, Vera and Ilisapeti also<br />

entered the Solo Vocal heats, with<br />

Ilisapeti progressing to the Solo<br />

Vocal Semi-Finals, placing in the<br />

top 36 vocalists out of over 160. VIA<br />

brought the house down at the<br />

Vocal Group heats, with the judges<br />

commenting on their ‘beautiful<br />

vocal blend, interesting arrangement<br />

and thoughtfulness of approach’.<br />

VIA progressed straight through to<br />

the Finals, placing them in the Top 5<br />

vocal groups overall. As part of this,<br />

they had the opportunity to attend<br />

a private masterclass with renowned<br />

soul-singer, Bella Kalolo. Their final<br />

performance was at the Vodafone<br />

Events Centre on 1st September,<br />

and was live-streamed on Māori<br />

Television.<br />

‘beautiful vocal<br />

blend, interesting<br />

arrangement<br />

and<br />

thoughtfulness<br />

of approach’<br />

On Wednesday 15th August, VIA<br />

trio were profiled on Niu FM as part<br />

of Pacific Youth Week. They were<br />

interviewed about their musical<br />

journey, recent success, music<br />

competitions and what drives them<br />

to succeed. They also performed<br />

two beautiful songs live-on-air.<br />

Their interview and songs were also<br />

streamed live on Niu Fm’s Facebook<br />

page, with people tuning in even<br />

from overseas! Their videos were<br />

shared online, with one gaining a<br />

spectacular 10,000 views in the first<br />

week!<br />

One of our VIA girls, Vera Wilson, was<br />

also handpicked by the illustrious<br />

TJ Taotua to perform solo at the<br />

exclusive ‘Soul Lounge’ evening at<br />

Māngere Arts Centre. It was a soldout<br />

concert that featured R&B and<br />

soul music from established local<br />

artists. Vera had the opportunity to<br />

perform two songs, one solo and<br />

one with the house band, ‘Ministry<br />

of Tone.’<br />

[VIA Girls Vocal Ensemble Members:<br />

Vera Wilson, Adyhana Urika<br />

Filifilia, Ilisapeti Filimoehala (Lexus<br />

Walters)]<br />

Mangere College - 2018 59

Te Rehu and Miracle with <strong>MC</strong> Staff at Heads Held High<br />

Wayfinder Te Rehu Karaka<br />

Heads Held High<br />

Two of our Year 12<br />

students, Te Rehu Karaka<br />

& Miracle Tonga, were part<br />

of a cohort of promising<br />

young leaders selected<br />

from South Auckland<br />

schools who were given<br />

the chance to creatively<br />

re-story the world they live<br />

in, in collaboration with<br />

the Blackfriars Theatre<br />

Company.<br />

The project, which was showcased<br />

in June at the Māngere Arts<br />

Centre, challenged stereotypes and<br />

explored themes of alofa, reciprocity,<br />

resilience and respect. Te Rehu was<br />

chosen as the Māngere College<br />

Wayfinder for the project. Wayfinders<br />

were chosen as fierce changemakers<br />

who advocate for change.<br />

Te Rehu writes, “I want change<br />

in our learning, in education and<br />

job opportunities. I’m fighting for<br />

freedom. I want our people to think<br />

for themselves and decide what’s<br />

best for our communities.”<br />

Leading on from her involvement<br />

in Heads Held High, Miracle Tonga<br />

was chosen to join “Voices of South<br />

Auckland” – a collective of four<br />

promising high school students with<br />

a talent for spoken word and poetry,<br />

Intermediate students enjoying workshops with Miracle<br />

and a heart for their community.<br />

In association with Springboard<br />

Trust, Miracle delivered empowering<br />

workshops to students at Bruce<br />

McLaren & Takanini Intermediates,<br />

which encouraged and enabled<br />

students to open up and give voice<br />

to their lives, struggles, emotions<br />

and hopes through spoken word,<br />

poetry, games and discussion.<br />

Miracle was deeply inspired by<br />

the bravery and resilience of these<br />

young students, saying of the<br />

experience, “you’d be surprised to<br />

see what a kid can hold. Even the<br />

smallest people carry the heaviest<br />

things in life. But that only inspires<br />

you to do better and to help make a<br />

change.”<br />

Boys Quartet at Performing Arts Night<br />

Performing at Sports Awards Night<br />

boys quartet<br />

The newly formed <strong>MC</strong><br />

Boys Quartet had the<br />

opportunity to perform at<br />

various school events this<br />

year, showcasing their<br />

strong vocals and soulful<br />

four-part harmonies.<br />

Their performances at the annual<br />

Performing Arts Night were a<br />

highlight of the night, igniting the<br />

crowd. As well as performing as an<br />

individual group, they also provided<br />

the music for dance items, and<br />

then closed the night out with<br />

another song which saw the crowd<br />

up on their feet, dancing the night<br />

away. They were also featured at the<br />

Sports Awards Night, performing<br />

two standout songs that were<br />

enjoyed by all. Closing out the year,<br />

they performed a rousing rendition<br />

of ‘Sometimes it Takes a Mountain’,<br />

backed by the Noteworthy Junior<br />

Choir.<br />

[Boys Quartet Members: Unaloto<br />

Leleifi, Spencer Moli, Johnathon<br />

Lemalu, Lopi Papau]<br />

60 Mangere College - 2018

2018 performing arts<br />

Highlights<br />

Presentation by TJ Manuel from Rep FM<br />

Volume South<br />

Exhibition<br />

In February, our Year 11 Music Students were<br />

visited by representatives from Auckland<br />

Museum, RepFM, OMAC and MIT, who<br />

introduced our young musicians and artists<br />

to Volume South Exhibition’s composition<br />

competition, and offered them advice and<br />

encouragement on their musical journey.<br />

As a part of the presentation,<br />

Rocky Misiepo, a<br />

motivational speaker and<br />

rapper, talked to students<br />

about his path to success,<br />

his music career, and the<br />

value of being committed<br />

to your work. TJ Manuel, one<br />

of the founders of RepFM<br />

also spoke about his journey<br />

throughout his school<br />

years and then into his<br />

professional career, sharing<br />

how he had such a passion<br />

for music, in particular music<br />

in South Auckland. He set<br />

up his own radio station<br />

and recording studio, and<br />

this became the platform to<br />

work with many successful<br />

artists. He explained the<br />

importance of surrounding<br />

yourself with motivated<br />

friends who will encourage<br />

you to succeed and that if<br />

you find something you love,<br />

work at it and don’t give up<br />

- it’s worth investing time in<br />

your passion. The afternoon<br />

was concluded with a special<br />

performance by upcoming<br />

rapper, Lukan Rai$ey and DJ,<br />

Crème Manuel.<br />

Queen Shirl’e with Year 11 music students<br />

Queen Shirl’e<br />

On 26th February, music<br />

students were visited by talented<br />

rapper, performer, musician and<br />

songwriter, Queen Shirl’e.<br />

She talked about her Pathways to Performing<br />

Arts Programme at the Māngere Town Centre<br />

Library, a programme for high schoolers to<br />

develop their songwriting, film acting, beat<br />

making and performance talents.<br />

She spoke of the importance of staying in<br />

school and following through in your studies,<br />

as it forms a firm foundation for the rest<br />

of your life. She also shared her musical<br />

journey and in particular her rapping and<br />

song writing career path and the doors it<br />

has opened for her to get involved in the<br />

community and share her gifts with others.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 61

Year 10 students enjoying the concert<br />

Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra in action<br />

APO Discovery Concert Trip to<br />

Auckland Town Hall<br />

On Wednesday 2nd May,<br />

thirty Year 10 music students<br />

had the opportunity to<br />

travel to the Auckland Town<br />

Hall to hear the Auckland<br />

Philharmonia Orchestra, live<br />

in concert.<br />

This concert was a special showcase<br />

which followed the journey of<br />

orchestral music, looking at how<br />

it has developed from the 16th<br />

Century to today.<br />

The concert kicked off with the<br />

sensational ‘Four Seasons’ by Vivaldi;<br />

a profile of one of the earliest<br />

examples of storytelling. Following<br />

on from this was a journey through<br />

musical history, with pieces by<br />

Mozart, Mendelssohn, Dvorak,<br />

Rachmaninov and Bernstein.<br />

Interests were peaked as the last<br />

piece was announced, a new work<br />

by the APO’s Young Composer<br />

in Residence, Kirsten Strom.<br />

The piece, ‘Wake Up Call’, saw<br />

orchestra members start the piece<br />

whilst on their phones, seemingly<br />

uninterested in beginning the piece<br />

– how bizarre! One by one they<br />

‘woke up’ and the piece came to<br />

life. It was rhythmic, exciting, and<br />

somewhat suspenseful, and even<br />

included clapping, tapping and<br />

stomping sections. Within the space<br />

of two hours, students were taken<br />

on a journey of musical discovery<br />

which opened their eyes to the<br />

possibilities in music – whether as a<br />

performer, composer, conductor, or<br />

even a committed music enthusiast!<br />

NZ Music<br />

Commission<br />

Scholarship<br />

Mentoring<br />

ACE Brass Presentation<br />

APOPS Brass &<br />

Percussion Visits<br />

Our Year 10 music students<br />

were treated to a special<br />

presentation by brass and<br />

percussion members of the<br />

Auckland Philharmonia<br />

Orchestra.<br />

As well as performing a variety of<br />

interesting pieces for our students,<br />

including classical, jazz and<br />

contemporary styles, they talked<br />

about the mechanics, history and<br />

technique of their instruments, as<br />

APOPS Percussion Showcase<br />

well as giving students an insight<br />

into their lives as professional<br />

musicians. They encouraged the<br />

students to think hard about<br />

choosing a career that they feel<br />

passionate about and to put the<br />

groundwork in by being motivated<br />

and consistent. They all spoke of<br />

how playing music with others,<br />

whether it be in bands, ensembles<br />

or orchestras is really enjoyable and<br />

brings out the fun of music, and<br />

that practice is key for achieving<br />

your goals as a musician.<br />

Malcolm Lakatani with Year 11 Music<br />

Composition students<br />

Over five weeks in Term 2, our<br />

Level 1 & 3 music students had<br />

the opportunity to work with<br />

performer, recording artist, vocalist<br />

and multi-instrumentalist, Malcolm<br />

Lakatani.<br />

The Mentoring in Schools<br />

programme supports teachers<br />

and students with NCEA Music<br />

Achievement Standards – allowing<br />

students to potentially earn four<br />

to six credits through their work<br />

with their mentor. Our students<br />

thoroughly enjoyed being mentored<br />

by Malcolm, who assisted students<br />

in their music composition work.<br />

62 Mangere College - 2018

performing arts night<br />

Our <strong>MC</strong> Auditorium was<br />

packed to the brim on<br />

Wednesday 20 June as our<br />

Performing Arts students<br />

starred in our annual<br />

Performing Arts night.<br />

The programme featured<br />

performances by Year 11, 12 and 13<br />

dancers, many of whom showcased<br />

stunning original hip-hop and<br />

contemporary choreography.<br />

Highlights included a rousing<br />

introduction from our kapa haka<br />

group, who introduced our new<br />

school haka, and some wonderful<br />

collaborations between our<br />

‘Noteworthy’ Junior choir singers<br />

and the dancers. The night included<br />

performances by our Year 13 Band,<br />

Year 11 & 12 Vocal Groups, and our<br />

Junior Drumline group who brought<br />

the house down with their energetic<br />

routine.<br />

Exceptional vocals and harmonies<br />

were showcased by our Girls Trio<br />

and Boys Quartet and we were<br />

treated to a lively, fantastically<br />

costumed Year 11 dance to the<br />

theme song from ‘Hairspray’.<br />

Ruby Winter:<br />

“It was a great<br />

experience because we<br />

got to learn different<br />

types of dance. It was<br />

awesome working<br />

with the University<br />

instructors because<br />

they helped us relate<br />

how we express<br />

emotions through<br />

dance.”<br />

Dance students enjoying the Activate<br />

workshop<br />

Activate<br />

2018<br />

In Term 3, our Dance students<br />

were visited by facilitators from<br />

the Unitec Institute of Technology,<br />

who delivered their Activate 2018:<br />

Dance Performance Workshop.<br />

They were treated to an interactive<br />

and action-packed Dance<br />

class, with the awesome opportunity<br />

to share moves with Dance<br />

University students.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 63

2018<br />

Dance<br />

report<br />

Dance in 2018 started<br />

out with a great focus on<br />

composition.<br />

Students in years 11, 12 and 13<br />

spent all of term 1 focusing on their<br />

identity and developing creative<br />

movement pieces that highlighted<br />

who they are and where they come<br />

from. Apii and Una in year 11, Tare,<br />

Rehia and Erana in year 12 and<br />

Sharee, Holly and Izadine in year<br />

13 all worked collaboratively to<br />

make amazingly<br />

creative pieces. This<br />

composition work<br />

led perfectly into<br />

the term 2 extracurricular<br />

event<br />

of Gen X, where<br />

several of our year 13 students<br />

worked together to develop a piece<br />

that represented the theme of<br />

Purpose.<br />

During terms 2 and 3 all Dance<br />

classes focused on performance<br />

work, developing their skill and<br />

technique across a variety of<br />

genres. Topping off term 2 with a<br />

spectacular Performing Arts night,<br />

which was highlighted by two class<br />

performances of Hairspray (year<br />

11) and Dive (years 12 and 13).<br />

In addition to this, at the start of<br />

term 3 we were very lucky to have<br />

a team of students from Unitec<br />

come in and run a performance<br />

and composition workshop with<br />

Dance students from years 10-13.<br />

As a result of that day, one of our<br />

talented junior dancers Anne has<br />

been regularly training with Unitec<br />

as part of a youth contemporary<br />

dance group.<br />

Year 10 Dance has had a great<br />

year, highlighted particularly by the<br />

collaborative piece we developed<br />

with the year 10 Music class, which<br />

concluded with the students<br />

performing amazingly well in front<br />

of their peers and an exclusive<br />

audience of Mr Webb and members<br />

of the ERO team. Another highlight<br />

of the year 10 class has been our<br />

musical theatre class dance which<br />

has shown the skill and enthusiasm<br />

our junior students have towards<br />

dance in general.<br />

Overall 2018 has been a great year<br />

for Dance. Each year the ability of<br />

the students increases and they<br />

inevitably rise to the new challenges<br />

placed before them.<br />

Gen X 2018<br />

A talented group of our<br />

Dance students created a<br />

uniquely choreographed<br />

performance piece for Gen<br />

X 2018.<br />

This innovative secondary school<br />

competition fuses various forms<br />

of the arts to bring a message of<br />

hope and love - and this year’s<br />

theme was Purpose. The audience<br />

was treated to a combination of<br />

spoken word, music, dance and<br />

multimedia, to be used as a voice<br />

for our young people.<br />

<strong>MC</strong>’s talented Gen-X performers<br />

64 Mangere College - 2018

Physical Education and<br />

Health Department 2018<br />

It was a busy and fun-filled year within the PE dept this year. Here are<br />

just some of our highlights from this year.<br />

junior PE<br />

Our junior PE<br />

programme<br />

is about<br />

developing and<br />

improving skills,<br />

while learning<br />

to work within a<br />

team.<br />

This year we had an<br />

emphasis on using<br />

and developing<br />

our interpersonal<br />

skills to help others<br />

and ourselves, to<br />

understand the<br />

importance of physical activity<br />

and how it relates to our hauora<br />

(well-being).<br />

Throughout the year our<br />

students have participated in a<br />

variety of different sports and<br />

activities including; athletics,<br />

fitness, games, gymnastics<br />

and swimming.<br />

Our focus in athletics is<br />

all about being the best<br />

we can be. We take<br />

part in different athletic<br />

events such as sprinting, middledistance<br />

running, long jump,<br />

and throwing and consider how<br />

we can improve our own<br />

personal scores through good<br />

techniques.<br />

In fitness, we look at how the<br />

body responds to exercise and<br />

ways to improve our fitness.<br />

We consider different training<br />

methods and the best ways<br />

to meet our own personal<br />

needs. We also consider how<br />

regular exercise and good<br />

eating habits can improve our<br />

hauora.<br />

In games, we explore how<br />

different strategies and<br />

tactics can be used to<br />

gain an advantage over<br />

our opponents. We look<br />

at offensive and defensive<br />

strategies and how creating<br />

space, marking and losing a<br />

player, and good techniques<br />

all play a part in helping our<br />

team succeed. We look at<br />

different games including<br />

invasion games, striking<br />

and fielding and net and<br />

wall games. We also look at<br />

different games from around<br />

the world and consider how<br />

these differ from what we<br />

are used to and the influence<br />

they have on society.<br />

junior health<br />

This year our junior health<br />

program has had a facelift,<br />

by including new units<br />

such as ‘Ko wai au’ and<br />

‘Net Safety’ in year 9.<br />

As the world is ever changing so<br />

is the content of our programmes.<br />

Students are given the opportunity<br />

to explore aspects about their<br />

culture, values and how to<br />

become responsible decision<br />

makers. The aim of these<br />

new programmes is to<br />

build resilience through<br />

strengthening their personal<br />

identity and sense of selfidentity.<br />

Through this we hope<br />

that students will be able to<br />

make a significant contribution<br />

to the well-being of themselves<br />

and others beyond the<br />

classroom.<br />

‘...students are given<br />

the opportunity<br />

to explore aspects<br />

about their<br />

culture, values and<br />

how to become<br />

responsible<br />

decision makers.’<br />

Mangere College - 2018 65

senior<br />

PE<br />

In our senior PE<br />

programme we<br />

are able to offer<br />

4 achievement<br />

standards all<br />

looking at building<br />

and improving<br />

on the students’<br />

knowledge from<br />

years 9 and 10.<br />

In our first standard, we<br />

focus on our interpersonal<br />

skills and the students<br />

create and work within<br />

teams to coach and<br />

officiate each other. This<br />

really challenges our<br />

students to listen and<br />

understand each others’<br />

views.<br />

In our second standard,<br />

we challenge the students<br />

to participate in a variety<br />

of different games<br />

and activities many of<br />

which they have not<br />

experienced before or are<br />

not familiar with such as<br />

archery, bowls or soccer.<br />

Students are then asked<br />

to consider some of the<br />

factors that influence their<br />

participation and how and<br />

why they participated.<br />

We also have a<br />

performance standard<br />

where students are<br />

required to perform an<br />

activity or sport to a high<br />

standard on a regular<br />

basis.<br />

Our final standard is a<br />

health standard looking<br />

at promoting positive<br />

sexuality. Although this is<br />

a difficult and sometimes<br />

embarrassing subject<br />

we feel that it is vitally<br />

important for all our<br />

students to learn and<br />

understand about this<br />

subject as they mature<br />

into adulthood.<br />

Tongariro camp<br />

During week 9 our<br />

Student Leaders and<br />

other Year 13 students in<br />

Leadership roles went to<br />

Tongariro National park for<br />

a 5 night camp.<br />

The camp had a focus on<br />

developing their leadership skills<br />

and allowing them to consider<br />

what they as a group would like to<br />

achieve this year.<br />

All leaders were given the<br />

opportunity to challenge themselves<br />

both physically and mentally.<br />

The students participated in a<br />

variety of different activities, which<br />

gave them the chance to practice<br />

some of their leadership skills.<br />

They represented themselves and<br />

Māngere College very well and we<br />

look forward to seeing what this<br />

group of students can do into the<br />

future.<br />

66 Mangere College - 2018

sports leaders<br />

The Year 12 Sports<br />

Leadership class<br />

started the year with a<br />

bang, with the group<br />

organising and running<br />

the big day out for the<br />

year 9 students.<br />

This was a fun filled day of games<br />

and activities aimed at helping<br />

the year 9 pupils get to know each<br />

other. Activities included team<br />

building games such as magic<br />

stick and spiders web as well as<br />

traditional games.<br />

Year 13 Sports Leadership class<br />

had a focus on different leadership<br />

strategies in term one and<br />

considered the strengths and<br />

weaknesses of each. In term two<br />

they had an opportunity to put<br />

some of these into practice when<br />

they planned and ran coaching<br />

sessions for our Junior PE classes.<br />

big day out<br />

On Friday 16th of<br />

February, the Year 9s had<br />

their Big Day Out where<br />

they all participated in<br />

activities organised by the<br />

Year 12 Sports Leadership<br />

class.<br />

It took place on our own fields<br />

where everyone involved<br />

participated in the games including<br />

the Student Leaders. The purpose<br />

of this event was to give the Year 9s<br />

a fun and competition, develop the<br />

<strong>MC</strong> way and build team-work within<br />

each form class. It was well worth a<br />

day out of the classroom!<br />

We played a game called ‘Scenarios’<br />

where each form class presented<br />

a short skit displaying the values of<br />

Māngere College, which are Respect<br />

and Responsibility.<br />

All classes were very committed<br />

to their acting and portrayal of<br />

what the <strong>MC</strong> Way is which made<br />

everything more enjoyable. The<br />

day was finished off with a sausage<br />

sizzle put on by teachers.<br />

- Jasmine Strickland<br />

‘...build<br />

team-work<br />

within<br />

each form<br />

class.’<br />

Mangere College - 2018 67

sports<br />

science<br />

The main<br />

purpose of<br />

sports science<br />

is to assist<br />

those that have<br />

a passion for<br />

sports to help<br />

maximise their<br />

potential.<br />

This is done through<br />

teaching methods and<br />

principles of training,<br />

which then have to be<br />

applied in a training<br />

program created by<br />

our students.<br />

sports science go to<br />

woodhill forest<br />

The Level 2 Sports<br />

Science classes went to<br />

Woodhill Forest as a part<br />

of their mountain biking<br />

assessment looking at<br />

risk management in an<br />

outdoor setting.<br />

The main focus was to plan a<br />

mountain biking trip and look at<br />

some of the possible risks associated<br />

with it. The students had to prepare<br />

a Safety Action Plan (SAP) outlining<br />

the risks, what could be the major<br />

cause of these risks and how they<br />

were going to minimize these risks.<br />

The students got a good insight<br />

into how risk can be managed and<br />

how to determine some potential<br />

dangers in outdoor activities.<br />

Many of us enjoyed ourselves a lot<br />

despite the minor injuries that we<br />

got along the unbalanced ride. It<br />

was a really fun but a scary first<br />

experience for most of us. It was<br />

awesome with all the students<br />

taking part in this new activity and<br />

pushing themselves.<br />

The ride was mixed with tracks<br />

that were downhill and uphill.<br />

One highlight was when some<br />

people accidentally let go of the<br />

bike handles while riding and<br />

ended up crashing into the trees or<br />

bushes, another highlight was going<br />

through the steep down-hill tracks.<br />

Well done to all students and a<br />

special thank you to our sports<br />

science teacher for all your hard<br />

work and commitment.<br />

-Julienne Niko<br />

Classes also look at<br />

sport from a<br />

socio-ecological<br />

perspective and<br />

how that can have<br />

an impact on<br />

participation in<br />

physical activity.<br />

Students then take<br />

action to enable<br />

others to participate in<br />

a planned activity.<br />

In 2019, these<br />

activities will be<br />

aquatic-based.<br />

‘...another<br />

highlight<br />

was going<br />

through the<br />

steep downhill<br />

tracks.’<br />

68 Mangere College - 2018

Auckland Science and<br />

Engineering Challenge<br />

This term, we sent a<br />

group of Year 9 and 10<br />

Māori students to the<br />

Science and Engineering<br />

Challenge at the Franklin<br />

Pool and Leisure Centre in<br />

Pukekohe.<br />

Social Science<br />

The challenge is presented by The<br />

Univeristy of Newcastle and in<br />

partnership by the Āmua Ao & The<br />

Pūhoro STEM (Science, Technology,<br />

Engineering and Maths) Academy.<br />

It was a fun and action-packed day<br />

for the students, and the ultimate<br />

aim of the day was to give the<br />

students a positive experience of<br />

science and engineering.<br />

Our students came 4th out of 8<br />

schools.<br />

Year 9 Geography<br />

Year 9 Students embark on a hikoi of Te Pane o<br />

Mataoho (Māngere Mountain) at the beginning of term<br />

2. This involved a ‘Walk and Cook For Life’ workshop<br />

encouraging students to grow and cook their own<br />

vegetables.<br />

1 Geography trip<br />

The 1GEO trip to Ihumatao was a Geography<br />

Contemporary Issue assessment. We were<br />

joined by Pania Newton, who is one of the<br />

key members of SOUL advocating to save<br />

Ihumatao from a large housing development.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 69

2 geography<br />

hunua falls trip<br />

The Level 2 Geography class spent a day in the native forest at<br />

Hunua Falls learning about our climate. They worked as a team to<br />

research the many things in the environment that affect the temperature<br />

where we live. They also got to experience our country’s<br />

beautiful nature.<br />

1 geography<br />

hikoi<br />

The 1GEO Hikoi was the Geology<br />

walk of Te Pane o Mataoho. It<br />

was a collaborative Science and<br />

Geography assessment.<br />

3 geography<br />

karekare trip<br />

For most students in Level 3 Geography, their field trip<br />

to Karekare was the first time they had experienced<br />

Auckland’s wild west coast beaches. They enjoyed<br />

walking across the wide open sand dunes surrounded<br />

by high cliffs and to learn about the power of the open<br />

ocean and our natural environment.<br />

70 Mangere College - 2018

Technology Department<br />

Architectural Project Brief:<br />

Design a Pavilion for the <strong>MC</strong> school swimming pool.<br />

Student Work: Cameron Tairea 13FR<br />

Design and visual communications<br />

engineering<br />

Mr Breetvelt’s year 11 class<br />

project is a heavy duty, long<br />

shank screwdriver.<br />

This project involves threading the shank,<br />

working an acrylic and brass handle<br />

on the engineer’s lathe, heat and press<br />

a flat head, mill a slotted handle and<br />

tempering the flat head tip.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 71

fabric technology:<br />

Flag Making<br />

The Heritage Rescue<br />

flag-making workshop<br />

was on the 9th of<br />

February and was held<br />

in the D-Block Fabric<br />

workshop.<br />

It was a fantastic opportunity<br />

for our Level 3 Fashion students<br />

to get involved with protecting<br />

heritage land at Ihumatao.<br />

The students, Mrs Maskell and<br />

Ms Singh worked alongside<br />

SOUL (Save Our Unique<br />

Landscape) and a team of<br />

specialists from TV documentary<br />

series “Heritage Rescue”. The<br />

students and teachers have<br />

created dozens of bright<br />

flags to draw attention to<br />

the historic site and to the<br />

community’s fight to save it<br />

from destruction.<br />

The students’ work will be<br />

featured on ‘Heritage Rescue’<br />

on Choice TV.<br />

Students loved sewing the<br />

colourful flags and designs<br />

on the flags. It was a great<br />

and interesting learning<br />

experience for Level 3<br />

Fashion students.<br />

esol<br />

sewing<br />

class<br />

72 Mangere College - 2018

food technology<br />

Variety of Chefs<br />

visit <strong>MC</strong><br />

Every year before the SkyCity<br />

Variety of Chefs event, the chefs<br />

visit a local school and spend<br />

the morning cooking with a<br />

special group of Variety kids.<br />

This year, celebrity Chefs Nic Watt, Monique<br />

Fiso and Hayden McMillan came to<br />

Māngere College, where they foraged with<br />

our refugee students in the garden before<br />

cooking some amazing omelettes.<br />

The final results were delicious, using a few<br />

vegetables from our school garden and<br />

eggs.<br />

On Friday morning, we met 3 variety chefs<br />

who taught us how to cook Japanese<br />

omelettes and lettuce wraps with<br />

vegetables in a square frying pan.<br />

- Fatima Hussaini Year 9<br />

italian<br />

restaurant<br />

experience<br />

Mangere College - 2018 73

wood technology<br />

Tic Tac<br />

Toe<br />

Project<br />

Krizzia Quinones 9TI<br />

In term 2,<br />

the 2BCT<br />

woodwork<br />

class made a<br />

small coffee<br />

table.<br />

Dominic Little 12ND<br />

Ioane Ioane 12DV<br />

Reupena Kilipati, 11HA<br />

Daniel Esera, 11HA<br />

For the 1BCT class in term 1, students<br />

made a Seedling Tray with dove tail and<br />

rebate joints.<br />

Tamera Sale<br />

Ping<br />

Pong Bat<br />

Project<br />

74 Mangere College - 2018

sports<br />

Mangere College - 2018 75

sports<br />

awards<br />

2018<br />

Basketball<br />

Player of the<br />

Year<br />

Most Improved<br />

Player of the<br />

Year<br />

Players’ Player<br />

U17 Girls Patricia Beazley 11SA Mara Vaifale 10HS Christina Soosemea<br />

11NA<br />

Football<br />

Boys Aniket Chand 12AL Kamehameha Anae 12AL Shuaib Subbir 13MA<br />

Netball<br />

Senior A Julienne Niko 12DA Herilla Salu 11IM Joela Napaa 11IM<br />

Year 10 Anne Tupou 10SI Pesi Tevaga 10WE Anne Tupou 10SI<br />

Year 9 Pulotu Kaifa 9BF Noah Finau-Mose 9FO Te Amorangi Nuku 9FO<br />

Rugby<br />

U15 Nehemiah Mafi 11IM Sitiveni Tongotongo 11SA Oikomene Futi 11EU<br />

2nd XV Suliasi Tupou 12DV Ru Terry 12DV Suliasi Tupou 12DV<br />

1st XV Kamehameha Anae 12AL Fomai Muavae 13MA Fomai Muavae 13MA<br />

Tag Football<br />

Senior Girls Platinum Marsters 13SE Pairi Enua 11FI Sharee Sauni 13SE<br />

Senior Boys Ru Terry 12DV Jason Taufa 12GO Ru Terry 12DV<br />

Touch Rugby<br />

Senior Mixed 1 Cameron Tairea 13FR Platinum Marsters 13SE Cameron Tairea 13FR<br />

Senior Girls Ilaisanne Taufa 10RE Anne Tupou 10SI Ilaisanne Taufa 10RE<br />

Volleyball<br />

Senior Boys Isaak Samoa 13FR Jeff Kelemete 13MA Isaak Samoa 13FR<br />

Senior Girls Victory Tilo 12ND Josephine Fa'asisila 12MI Julienne Niko 12DA<br />

76 Mangere College - 2018

egional<br />

& national<br />

representatives<br />

Darts<br />

New Zealand Women<br />

Dart team<br />

Auckland Youth Dart<br />

team<br />

Taylor-Marsh Kahaki 9BF<br />

Taylor-Marsh Kahaki 9BF<br />

Rugby<br />

Auckland Divisional<br />

Rugby team<br />

Auckland Divisional<br />

Rugby team<br />

Fomai Muavae 13MA<br />

Jason Taufa 12GO<br />

Rugby League<br />

Kiwi Rugby League U16<br />

team<br />

Counties Manukau 16<br />

Rugby League team<br />

Auckland Vulcan Rugby<br />

League U16 team<br />

Tonga Rugby League U16<br />

team<br />

Jason Taufa 12GO<br />

Jason Taufa 12GO<br />

Jason Taufa 12GO<br />

Jason Taufa 12GO<br />

Touch Rugby<br />

New Zealand U18 Boys<br />

team<br />

Counties Manukau U18<br />

Boys team<br />

Cameron Tairea 13FR<br />

Cameron Tairea 13FR<br />

Volleyball<br />

Auckland Secondary<br />

School tournament team<br />

Oceania Orcas Secondary<br />

School<br />

Victory Tilo 12ND<br />

Victory Tilo 12ND<br />

Mangere College - 2018 77

senior sports girl<br />

Victory Tilo 12ND<br />

senior sports boy<br />

Cameron Tairea 13FR<br />

student officials<br />

Basketball Patricia Beazley 11SA Student<br />

Coach<br />

Volleyball Victory Tilo 12ND Referee<br />

Knight Award<br />

for outstanding<br />

contribution to sport<br />

Sili Tongotongo 13SE<br />

Aldridge Award<br />

for sportsmanship<br />

Sili Tongotongo 13SE<br />

hall Award<br />

for sportsmanship<br />

Platinum Marsters 13SE<br />

Manager<br />

of the Year<br />

Mel Tualaulelei<br />

Girls Senior Volleyball & U15 Boys Rugby<br />

Coach of the Year<br />

Jo Collins<br />

U15 boys rugby<br />

team of the Year<br />

1st XV Boys Rugby<br />

Johnson Cup<br />

Shane Prasad 13FR<br />

78 Mangere College - 2018

Basketball<br />

Coaches, managers and staff<br />

Coach Managers/TIC Role<br />

U17/ Y9 & Y10 Girls Nathan Samu Kathleen Beazley Manager<br />

Football<br />

Milo West<br />

Teacher-in-charge<br />

Boys Mike Darragh Shane Prasad Student lead<br />

Netball<br />

Year 10/Seniors Tai Uamaki Tai Uamaki Staff<br />

Year 9 Emma McCosh Emma McCosh Teacher-in-charge<br />

Rugby<br />

7’s Rugby Piri Tamihana Henry Fesulua’i Teacher-in-charge<br />

Dee Marsters<br />

Manager<br />

U15 Rugby Joe Collins Jon Pearse Assistant Coach<br />

Melissa Tualaulelei<br />

Teacher-in-charge<br />

2nd XV Rugby Willie Marsters Parwati Reddy Teacher-in-charge<br />

1st XV Rugby Piri Tamihana Dee Marsters Assistant Coach<br />

Caroline Masoe<br />

Manager<br />

Tag Football<br />

Senior Girls Cassandra Tere Platinum Marsters Assistant Coach<br />

Senior Boys Aashantaey Iosua Student lead<br />

Touch Rugby<br />

Senior Mixed 1 Cameron Tairea Huni Fifita Teacher-in-charge<br />

Junior Girls Tee Leaula Volunteer support<br />

Volleyball<br />

Senior Girls Nancy Palelei Vai Palelei Assistant Coach<br />

Rod Stevens<br />

Manager<br />

Melissa Tualaulelei Teacher-in-charge`<br />

Junior Girls<br />

Nancy Palelei &<br />

Nathan Samu<br />

Melissa Tualaulelei Teacher-in-charge<br />

Junior Boys Nathan Samu Aisake Tuitupou Teacher-in-charge<br />

Mangere College - 2018 79

U17 Mixed Girls<br />

Basketball<br />

This year our girls’<br />

basketball team consisted<br />

of students from Years 9<br />

to 11.<br />

Competing weekly in the Counties<br />

Manukau Zone captained by<br />

Patricia Beazley who also had the<br />

role of coach for the first seven<br />

games.<br />

Supporting the team was<br />

teacher-in-charge Milo West<br />

and myself as manager.<br />

We were gratefully privileged<br />

to have Mr Samu take over<br />

the role of Coach.<br />

Team success included<br />

placing second in our<br />

section and gaining<br />

entry to the Auckland<br />

Champs. A great<br />

experience for our team.<br />

Results for the season<br />

was played 11, won 8<br />

and lost 3.<br />

The progress of our<br />

team was rewarded<br />

with the development<br />

of Year 9 and 10s. An<br />

exciting group who will<br />

go from strength to<br />

strength.<br />

Year 11s have come<br />

through since Year 9<br />

and their supporting<br />

role with the juniors<br />

has been one of<br />

their strengths.<br />

I would like to<br />

acknowledge<br />

the staff<br />

who<br />

supported us.<br />

Miss West – our reliable driver,<br />

making sure we had our belts on<br />

before she turned the key on and<br />

providing the team with snacks.<br />

Mr Samu – our trusting coach who<br />

not only shared his coaching skills<br />

and knowledge but also his food.<br />

Tai Uamaki – for her behind the<br />

scene role in the participation of the<br />

team. Thank you Tai.<br />

Special thanks to the<br />

team, a great bunch<br />

who I encourage to<br />

return for another<br />

season in 2019.<br />

Nga mihi tino nui<br />

ki a koutou katoa.<br />

- Kathleen<br />

Beazley<br />

Manager<br />

Kia ora koutou.<br />

On behalf of our mixed<br />

U17/Year9 and 10 Girls<br />

Basketball team, I am<br />

privileged to share our<br />

journey for 2018.<br />

This year we had one basketball<br />

U17 girls’ team consisting of<br />

players from years 9 to 11.<br />

We competed in the U17<br />

Counties Manukau Basketball<br />

Tournament playing against<br />

other schools in that zone.<br />

During practices there were fun<br />

times, times we trained hard and<br />

times we played well…this also<br />

came through in our games.<br />

Being successful in coming<br />

second in our section, this<br />

allowed us to gain entry to<br />

Auckland Champs.<br />

This was a great experience for<br />

our team.<br />

The progress of our team<br />

has been rewarding with the<br />

development of our Year 9 and<br />

10s.<br />

Our Year 11s has been a team<br />

who has come through from<br />

year 9. They have grown from<br />

strength to strength each year.<br />

On behalf of the team, I would<br />

like to acknowledge the great<br />

staff who has supported us.<br />

Miss West, Mr Samu and Mrs<br />

Beazley, thank you for all your<br />

support which has meant<br />

everything to us. Thank you,<br />

thank you, and thank you.<br />

Last but not least from me,<br />

special thanks to our 2018 Girls<br />

basketball team. Bring on 2019!<br />

- Patricia Beazley<br />

80 Mangere College - 2018

Darts<br />

Taylor-Marsh Kahaki<br />

(9BM) is currently New<br />

Zealand’s top Junior Girls<br />

Darts champion and she<br />

has held this title for 3<br />

years.<br />

She also holds the Junior Girls pairs<br />

with Sharmane Walters for 2 years<br />

and she has won this title three<br />

times. She has also won the junior<br />

mixed pairs two times.<br />

In the first week of the July holidays,<br />

Taylor-Marsh travelled to Invercargill<br />

to play in the Clubs NZ Nationals<br />

July Invercargill 2018 competition.<br />

Taylor won the New Zealand Junior<br />

Girls singles, and she also made the<br />

North Island team to play South<br />

Island, which North Island won,<br />

Taylor-Marsh played in the Senior<br />

ladies singles and came 3rd.<br />

Taylor-Marsh Kahaki travelled to<br />

Whakatane in the second week of<br />

the July holidays where she played<br />

for the New Zealand dart council.<br />

She was also named captain of<br />

Junior Tournament team.<br />

In August Taylor-Marsh Kahaki<br />

travelled to Rotorua representing<br />

the Auckland Darts team,<br />

was successful in a few of the<br />

competitions and was named in the<br />

New Zealand team as a reserve.<br />

Taylor-<br />

Marsh’s<br />

Achievements<br />

for the year:<br />

Jan<br />

Feb<br />

May<br />

May<br />

June<br />

June<br />

July<br />

July<br />

July<br />

July<br />

July<br />

July<br />

Aug<br />

Aug<br />

Aug<br />

Whangarei Ladies open (3rd place)<br />

Northern Island Junior Girls<br />

ADA single women – 2 x 180 highest point<br />

APD single women – 1 x 180 highest point and a 170 point finish<br />

Nikao Tri-Series team – (Runner up) 2 x 180 highest point<br />

Jack Smith mixed fours – 1 x 180 highest point<br />

Clubs NZ Nationals - NZ Junior Girls singles (1st place)<br />

Clubs NZ Nationals - Senior Ladies singles (3rd place)<br />

NZ Dart Council - Junior Girls pairs (Runner up)<br />

NZ Dart Council - Junior Mix pairs (Winner)<br />

NZ Dart Council - Junior Girls singles (Winner for 3 years in a row)<br />

NZ Dart Council - Auckland Region Youth team (Winning team)<br />

Rotorua Competition - Pairs (3rd equal)<br />

Rotorua Competition - Women Singles (3rd equal)<br />

Rotorua Competition - Mixed pairs (Winner)<br />

Netball<br />

We had a committed<br />

group of players this<br />

year.<br />

However we were unable to<br />

enter the Papakura Netball<br />

Centre competition due to<br />

unforeseen circumstances for<br />

term 2 & 3.<br />

However, we were able to<br />

secure some games with<br />

the neighbouring schools<br />

Southern Cross Campus and<br />

Mt Roskill Grammar, for which<br />

we are very grateful.<br />

We hope to meet up with<br />

Seventh Day Adventist<br />

College, Te Kura Kaupapa<br />

O Māngere and Aorere<br />

College in the near future.<br />

The teams are looking<br />

forward to play Summer<br />

League Netball at Howick<br />

Pakuranga Netball<br />

starting in October every<br />

Wednesday after school.<br />

– Emma McCosh<br />

Mangere College - 2018 81

Soccer<br />

We had one boys<br />

team of committed<br />

players this year.<br />

They played in the Senior<br />

Manukau B division<br />

despite having many boys<br />

from the junior school. It’s<br />

fair to say that this team<br />

is full of big characters<br />

and some great players,<br />

although not the most<br />

organised group or team<br />

I’ve ever seen.<br />

We had a good start to our<br />

season, putting in a solid<br />

performance in our round<br />

robin games, winning 5 of<br />

our games and finishing<br />

3rd overall. This put us<br />

into the plate competition<br />

where we went on to<br />

finish 5th.<br />

A special mention to<br />

Shuaib and Shane who<br />

are both in their last<br />

season with us having<br />

played for the boys soccer<br />

team for all of their 5<br />

years at <strong>MC</strong>. These boys<br />

both stepped up to roles<br />

of responsibility this year,<br />

running some training<br />

sessions and coaching,<br />

while Shane was our<br />

captain.<br />

Once again well done<br />

on a great season<br />

- you guys really<br />

represented<br />

yourself and our<br />

school with great<br />

passion and pride.<br />

Well done and thank you.<br />

- Mr Darragh<br />

Boys soccer coach<br />

As always there were<br />

lots of fun and laughter<br />

around this team and I<br />

would like to thank all the<br />

boys for their hard work,<br />

commitment and great<br />

sportsmanship throughout<br />

the season.<br />

82 Mangere College - 2018

Rugby<br />

Firstly, let us thank all the<br />

players who took part in this<br />

year’s rugby teams, from our<br />

young bucks in the under 14’s<br />

and 15s, the girls in the 10-a-side<br />

team, to Māngere College’s<br />

future rugby stars in the 2nd<br />

XV, to our unstoppable 1st XV<br />

who led the way with their<br />

hard work and dedication. Most<br />

importantly let’s thank all the<br />

coaches and managers, because<br />

without them there would be no<br />

teams.<br />

1st XV Rugby<br />

Our 1st XV team<br />

played in the 1C<br />

competition this<br />

year and had an<br />

unprecedented<br />

season, going<br />

through the entire<br />

competition<br />

without losing a<br />

match.<br />

defeated Mt Albert<br />

Grammar and then took<br />

out our fellow Māngere<br />

rivals, Southern Cross<br />

Campus in the final<br />

to be crowned 1C<br />

Champions for 2018.<br />

The team played a total<br />

of 12 games and didn’t<br />

taste defeat all season.<br />

The side were a class<br />

above all opponents,<br />

going through the<br />

round robin unbeaten,<br />

finishing on top of the<br />

table and qualifying<br />

for the playoffs. In their<br />

semifinal, the first XV<br />

Such a successful year<br />

wouldn’t be possible<br />

without the hard work<br />

and the sacrifices of our<br />

coaches Piri, Dee, Vi and<br />

our manager Ms Masoe.<br />

- Sili Tongotongo<br />

Captain<br />

This year 1st XV rugby<br />

competed in 1C grade, they<br />

were the contender and<br />

a force to reckon with in<br />

school rugby.<br />

Coach Piri Tamihana, alongside<br />

Dee Masters worked hard this<br />

year with the boys and came<br />

out with a great achievement<br />

for Māngere College.<br />

Participation in the team has<br />

been a great opportunity<br />

for these boys, they<br />

demonstrated hard work,<br />

comradery and commitment.<br />

The 1st XV should be proud of<br />

their result in this competition<br />

of 10 games, being<br />

undefeated with 10 wins<br />

for the season and making<br />

us the proud winners of the<br />

Auckland Secondary Schools<br />

Rugby 1C.<br />

- Caroline Masoe<br />

Manager<br />

Mangere College - 2018 83

2nd XV boys<br />

rugby<br />

Our 2nd XV team played<br />

in the 2B competition and<br />

played a total of 9 games,<br />

winning 7.<br />

These boys stormed through<br />

the round robin matches, going<br />

on a 6 game winning streak.<br />

As one of the top sides, they<br />

easily qualified for the playoffs<br />

before finally succumbing in<br />

their semifinal. This team was<br />

coached by Willie Marsters and<br />

their manager was Ms P Reddy.<br />

- Sili Tongotongo<br />

It has been an<br />

extraordinary<br />

season for our 2nd<br />

XV Rugby team.<br />

They played with an<br />

outstanding style, set a<br />

high standard of play<br />

and showed a calm<br />

determination during<br />

high pressure moments<br />

to finish 2nd overall in<br />

their grade. There were<br />

plenty of personal bests,<br />

praying, singing, lots of<br />

laughs and great team<br />

spirit and so we are all<br />

looking forward to next<br />

season.<br />

The team is very<br />

appreciative of their<br />

coach, Mr Willie Masters,<br />

who took on the huge<br />

task of guiding the<br />

side, their manager<br />

Mrs Parwati Reddy and<br />

their amazing group<br />

of faithful supporters.<br />

Congratulations to the<br />

players, coaches and<br />

management on a<br />

successful season!<br />

- Parwati Reddy<br />

Manager<br />

u15’s boys rugby<br />

Our under 15 team<br />

played in the 15B<br />

competition and<br />

played a total of<br />

9 games, winning<br />

5, losing 3 and<br />

drawing 1.<br />

This year we had a<br />

composite team (2<br />

schools combined).<br />

Marcellin College had a<br />

coach and players but<br />

no team was available to<br />

play at their school. On<br />

the other hand, we had a<br />

team but no coach.<br />

These boys played well<br />

throughout the round<br />

robin games and qualified<br />

for the top 8 knockout<br />

rounds, going down in the<br />

quarterfinals.<br />

This team was coached<br />

by Joe Collins and Jon<br />

Pearse, their manager<br />

and Teacher-in-Charge<br />

was Miss Tualaulelei and<br />

the captain was Nofoaiga<br />

Sefulu.<br />

u14’s boys rugby<br />

girls (10-a-side) rugby<br />

Coach: Matapo Nipu (exstudent)<br />

Co-coach: Dee Marsters<br />

(community)<br />

Staff in charge: Ms A<br />

Potini<br />

Captain: Jasine Leo’Olo<br />

The team was small in<br />

numbers but not short on<br />

talent, with injuries and<br />

other commitments, the<br />

players have found it very<br />

frustrating and difficult<br />

to cope within the winter<br />

season of rugby.<br />

Coach: Mr A Tuitupou<br />

Staff in charge: Mr P<br />

Campbell & Ms E McCosh<br />

Captain: Josh Havili<br />

The U14 rugby season<br />

started with a hiss<br />

and a roar with a large<br />

squad toughing it out<br />

at trainings. The pack<br />

showed plenty of<br />

humour and enthusiasm,<br />

but a lot of new faces<br />

also meant they had<br />

plenty to learn.<br />

84 Mangere College - 2018

Tag Football Boys Team 1 Tag Football Boys Team 2<br />

Tag Football Girls<br />

In March our<br />

teams entered<br />

the South East<br />

Secondary Schools<br />

Tag Football<br />

competition at<br />

Ngati Otara Park,<br />

Otara.<br />

The teams entered<br />

were: Senior Girls Tag<br />

football team (Division<br />

2 Girls), Senior Boys<br />

Tag Football team<br />

1 (Division 1 Boys) &<br />

Senior Girls Tag Football<br />

team 2 (Division 2 Boys).<br />

The Senior Boys Tag<br />

Football team 1 has<br />

qualified for the<br />

Auckland Senior Tag<br />

Football competition on<br />

Wednesday 11 April at<br />

Ngati Otara Park, Otara.<br />

Overall Results:<br />

Senior Girls were placed<br />

5th in Division 2.<br />

Senior Boys 2 were<br />

placed 6th in Division 2.<br />

Only the teams in<br />

Division 1 were able to<br />

qualify for the Auckland<br />

Champs.<br />

Tag Football<br />

Youth World<br />

Heritage Cup 20/20<br />

Congratulations<br />

to the following<br />

students who made<br />

the U19 Girls Tag<br />

Football team,<br />

representing the<br />

island nation of<br />

Tonga.<br />

The students travelled<br />

to Melbourne, Australia<br />

from Thursday 29<br />

November – Monday 3<br />

December.<br />

Players:<br />

Platinum Marsters,<br />

Anerosa Tulilo, Sita<br />

Minati, Jasine Leo’o Olo,<br />

Ruaama Akaiti.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 85

senior girls touch<br />

The Senior Girls Touch<br />

team played in the<br />

Counties Manukau<br />

Touch Zone competition<br />

at Bruce Pulman Park.<br />

The team were made of two year<br />

10 and four year 9 girls. The junior<br />

girls who dedicated their time<br />

and patience to form this team<br />

during the season were placed<br />

5th with 2 wins, 5 losses.<br />

It was a highlight to see the<br />

potential of our future senior<br />

players.<br />

Coach: Tai Uamaki<br />

Touch Rugby<br />

senior mixed touch<br />

The Senior Mixed Touch<br />

team was coached by Piri<br />

Tamihana.<br />

They played in the Auckland Touch<br />

Premier Season competition at<br />

Cornwall Park in the Senior A grade.<br />

The team were placed 5th Overall<br />

with 3 wins & 3 losses.<br />

The team also entered the Counties<br />

Manukau Zone at Bruce Pulman<br />

Park on Tuesday afternoons to get<br />

more trainings under their belt, as<br />

the team were not eligible to play<br />

in the Counties Manukau Zone<br />

competition, due to the team<br />

playing the Premier grade on the<br />

Monday afternoons.<br />

86 Mangere College - 2018

Our Senior Girls Volleyball<br />

team 1 entered the East<br />

& South Zone Volleyball<br />

competition and were placed<br />

3rd in this competition.<br />

The team continued to the Auckland<br />

Secondary Schools Volleyball<br />

championship to be placed 6th.<br />

The Senior Girls Volleyball team<br />

1 were able to attend the New<br />

Zealand Secondary Schools Volleyball<br />

competition in Palmerston North.<br />

Our team welcomed the funding<br />

from Trillian Trust who were able to<br />

help with our accommodation. The<br />

team also had to fundraise to pay<br />

their own way to Palmerston North,<br />

by travelling on the Coachline bus to<br />

Palmerston and back to Auckland.<br />

Nancy Palelei who is the coach and<br />

teacher in charge was able to travel<br />

with the team on the bus.<br />

Senior Girls Volleyball - team 1<br />

Volleyball<br />

Our Senior Girls Volleyball team 2<br />

entered the Southern Zone Volleyball<br />

competition and were placed 6th in<br />

this competition. The team continued<br />

to the Auckland Secondary Schools<br />

Volleyball championship to be placed<br />

42th place.<br />

Our Senior Boys Volleyball team<br />

entered the East & South Zone<br />

Volleyball competition and were<br />

placed 8th in this competition. The<br />

team continued to the Auckland<br />

Secondary Schools Volleyball<br />

championship to be placed 12th<br />

place.<br />

Mangere College - 2018 87

Form Group Photos<br />

Faiane, Gideon Folasaitu, Kerriose-Apolimafou Ford, Marion Funaki, Ethan Harris Riwhi-Moihi, Keri Heta, Legacy Ieremia, Zac Ieriko Sepu, Alofa<br />

Kahaki, Taylor Kaifa, Pulotu Katuke, Vaine Kaufusi, Lilyan Kaweroa, Skye Koiatu, Tapuarorangi Kopa-Taylor, Peneha Lafaele, Trent<br />

Lagaaia, Vaoa Manu, Leah Matia, D'nadcyn Osman, Bonnie-Ray Solomon, Hayley Taunga, Kylie Tonga, Mathew Tongotongo, Nelly<br />

9bf<br />

Tulikihakau, Uasi Tupou, Atunaisa Wehi, Lincoln<br />

Ah Chong, Hinemoa Ahmat Abdallah, Oumaima 'Ahomana, Benjamin Aleni, Hoparonee Amopiu-Baker, Tymeah Angaa'elangi, Christian Anthony, Sallyrita Apineru, Elizabeth<br />

Baker, Brandon Davida, Ernest Dean, James Fabian Thomas, Glassie Filimoehala, Amanaki Filipine, Troy Fineaso, Crystal Fuimaono, Frencesca<br />

Hunia, Max Lalahi, Ofa Mafi, Kaufoou Pasi, Cecile Terepai, Grace Thomas, Devyn Tooala, Susana Tovio, Paul<br />

Tuakore, Merita-Jade Vaatiuola, Jordan Vaatofu, Tepa Webster, Monique<br />

9bm<br />

88 Mangere College - 2018

Avauli, Lana Brown, Albert Finau, Daniel Finau-Mose, Noah Ikiua, Lilly-Anne Iona, Lucy Julius Daniels, Cornelius Lavea, Doreen<br />

McIvor, Demitrious Mulipola, Lani Neria, Isaleli Nimeti, Aravi Nuku, TeAmorangi Omoregie, Lua Opai, Lza Palu, Sifila<br />

Pekepo, Maruata Peo, Martha Pio, Katherine Poaru Raki, Kadara Poko, Genesis Pompey, Maria Puiri, Makarini Scrivener, Rihari<br />

9fo<br />

Spence, Solomon Tafengatoto, Mele Tonorio, Tautiare Waa, Selui<br />

Amituanai, Hamyoni George, Anna-Tetapu Hala'ufia, John Hopoi, Mereanna Kiel, Kalos Lal, Jason Leilua, Aaliyah Leleifi, Will<br />

Lemoa, Gardenia Maea, Lakai Mafileo, Siobahn Manuel, Kaloni Masi, Loseti Mateo, Nelio Miri, Dangel-Rae Moeai'a Toleafoa, Alosina<br />

Ormsby, Tiara Petaia, Suli Puiri, Tai Puiri-Tuia, Makel Rewha, Liana Tafengatoto, Sosefina Tamua, Constantine Taufa, Raylanny<br />

Taylor, Te Mahara Tokotini Nanua, Te-Mauri Tumai, Xavier Vili, Charlotte<br />

9mk<br />

Mangere College - 2018 89

Alatina, Loretta Anae, Lua Baker, Tuhi Biddle, Ngaire Faasavalu, Emanuel Fonise, 'Aki Goodwin, Samuel Havili, Joshua<br />

Hussaini, Fatima Kaufusi, Vani Manu, Kuini Matangi, 'Alamoni Pene, Alofasau Quinones, Krizzia Rani, Pandora Reihana, Indi<br />

Rio, Metuangaro Roberts, Tavailau Sale, Tamera Sameem, Saleha Schaumkel, Edgar Selu, Daniel Siamomua, Tehillah Siloi, Keilani<br />

Sinani, Temaleti Siuoalii Ielemia, Makarios Tafa, Roselyn Tamo'ua, Neomai<br />

9ti<br />

Dawson, Mara Faiva, Feloki Golotoa, Payton Iosefa, Johnathan Iosua, Pamata Joseph-Kaitani, Lui Lelenoa, Mele Lynch, Honora<br />

Maki, Izaiah Mani, Tereapii Nielsen, Tai Pulemau, Tony Siaki, Peniamina Taukiri, Janet Teata, Manoa Tere, Marcel<br />

Tereda, Kimotea Tohilima-Franklin, Pypher Toiu, Ashley Tusi, Ausage Unga, Siaosi Urika Filifilia, Loreal Utaatu, Harold Vili, Ceasor<br />

Vui, Suaesi Walters, Lexus Webster, Kiana Wilson, James<br />

9za<br />

Ah Mann, Sa'i Anderson, Mark Atu, Talita Campbell, Ondre Funaki, Rueben Grant-Te Ruahanga,<br />

Tarleaa<br />

Kingi, Tru<br />

Luamanuvae, Vaimanino<br />

Mikaele, Lagi Moukite, Peter Pairama, Katherine Prescott, Jennifer Rako, Leylane Scrivener, Sonny Sood, Bobbie Sue Taia, Harry<br />

10AU<br />

Takiaho Fuahetau,<br />

Noah<br />

Tarai, Ngametua Tawhi, Mythayus Tiavaasue, Cleo Wehi, Paul Winter, Ruby<br />

90 Mangere College - 2018

Ah Sue, Vincent Ahmadi, Mahdieh Akama, Teina Ali, Faaiza Asolelei Fretton, Mele Felauai, Sefo Fetokai, Brian Filipine, Tupou<br />

Ibrahim, Ali Isitolo Lui, Adam Liuanga, Gwen Mauu, Jordan Perks, Mia Petersen, Bryniah Pua, Pita Samuels, Paerata<br />

Sigglekow, Ethan Su'a, Janet Tanu Talapa, Faith Tariau, Vaevae Tau, June Tau Taupau, Tame Urika Filifilia, Adyhana Vaifale, Mara<br />

10hs<br />

Aerenga, Jorjane Ah-Lam, Alec Aneterea, Tererei Atonio-Seiuli,<br />

Prettisha-Mei<br />

Ayak John, Sebit Chan-Ting, Mason Enua, Aaron Falanaipupu, Jeremaiah<br />

Henry, Savanna Limoni, Tasi Maitai, Nuhaka Malcolm, Te Hinengaro Manusina, Jordyn-Nirel Marsters, Te Aroha Niuila, Jizavier Niutao Tafale, Danielle<br />

Poha, Izzy Rehu, Xaviar Salaikeni, Miita Sefulu, Nofoaiga Talataina, Agnes Teinaki, Veronica Toomata, Leleo Tufuga, Jerimiah<br />

Walters, Tori<br />

10PO<br />

Mangere College - 2018 91

Davis-Ratumu, Likaan Fidow, Romeo Fuimaono, Harold Fuimaono, Vaokaho Gafa, Meqados Ikinepule, Bella Johnson, Sam Lavea, Elizabeth<br />

Leaupepe, James Magalogo, Agnes Mani, Hermon Mataafa, Lealofisa Moananu, To'o Ofisa, Julia Pange, Junior Panuve, Abigail<br />

Stewart, Detroit Taufa, Ilaisaane Tavai, Levi Tavita Hall, David Thomson Hyland-Webster,<br />

Devaan<br />

Tu'akalau, Mele Tuaeu, Lb Viniki, Vi<br />

10RE<br />

Ah Sam, Henry Alofaki, Makeleta Baker, Wisdom Erai Latule Mailisi, Sifatagloa Fehoko, Loti Fenton, Alexis Fiu-Kata, Saviour Fonise, Afu'alo<br />

Gaga, Viane Kumar-Lui, Theresa Maluatoga, Felea Mataki, Noelani Murphy, O-Shay Ngakiau, Junior Senitofo, Tala Siulangapo, Dave<br />

Stehbens-Kennedy, Jakob Taione Motuliki, Moses Taumalolo, Luseane Teofilo, Eirene Terry, De'Vante Tuahine, Ruapani Tupou, Anne Yorke, Riana<br />

10si<br />

92 Mangere College - 2018

Ah Chong, Shaun Andrew, Esther Faireka, Louisa Fredrick, Junior Kaho, Suli Mau'u, Salealii Maybir, Jahriena Muavae, Jeaniro<br />

Ngauamo, Teresa Nguyen, Phuong Reh, Kwae Reh, Me Siaki, Mark Tapuosi, Faye Taufahema, Nathan Tere, Jas<br />

Tevaga, Pesi Tinei Fili, Nuulelei Tonga, Mele Utaatu, Abraham<br />

10WE<br />

'Ahomana, 'Ofa Atiau, Tiri Faasisila, To'oa Fehoko, Amelia Filipo, Christian Futi, Oikoumene Ioane, Sanele Kaliopasi, 'Etina<br />

Leleifi, 'Unaloto Mafi, Cecilia Mauala, Juliette Palenapa, Tiulipe Paw, Chu Moo Pio, Diana Pulemau, Eneleata Robinson, Darrian<br />

Samuel, Tererei Taia, Memory Tau, Jenney Thompson, Caela Toluono, Sai John Tuilaepa, Benjamin Williams, Christian<br />

11EU<br />

Aigaalii, Levy Akeripa Sa, Leo Avauli, Donavan Ben, Makaila Campbell, Pj Enua, Pairi Epi Mana, Ngatokorima Fukofuka, Kalavite<br />

Hafoka, Taitusi Himone Henry, Kayleb Lagaaia, Aunuua Leha'uli, Petissa Manuel, Taylor Marsters, Tiare Pouwhare, Brendalee Selu, Monalisa<br />

Siaki, Felise Tavioni, Apii Tere, Cassandra Tereapii, Maui Tiotala, Joyce Toetoe, Parani Tokotini Nanua, Te Aroha Tonitara, Teava<br />

11fi<br />

Vaihu, Tina<br />

Mangere College - 2018 93

Ah Chong, Grace Ahmat Abdallah, Younis Clarke Terekia, Briannah Esera, Daniel Faasavalu, Samuel Faingaanuku, Sylvia Felauai, Rosemary Fosita, Peter-John<br />

Fuimaono, Joell Heta, Anahera Isaako, Isaako James, Aaron Kilipati, Reupena Levi, Kristina Mataafa, Logopati Myar, Poe<br />

Nguyen, Natalie Nguyen, Thu Panuve, Asena Pasa, Euangelion Pohahau, Siaosi Salam Khel, Madina Salam Khel, Zabiullah Samuelu, Suia<br />

Siaki, Esther Taituave Fuimaono, Blessing Taufahema, Folau Vaifale, Savannah<br />

11HA<br />

Afualo, Lee Akaiti, Benjamin Brown, Shyanne Bureta, John Chand, Marc Eteuati, Noelle Faleapa, Ene Filimoehala, Ilisapeti<br />

Henry, Quileena Hepi, Jamiroquai Karika-Lole, Malachi Kavana, Josh Koiatu, Aaron Mafi, Nehemiah Mataiti, Sunnie Napaa, Joela<br />

Pio, Siti Ru, Lucy Salu, Herilla Samoa, Logan Tanu Talapa, Blessing Taualai, Isaiah Taumihau, Olathe Tikinau, Rozlyn<br />

Ueni, Atalia Yipouli, Ella<br />

11IM<br />

94 Mangere College - 2018

Abdulmanan Ahmed,<br />

Abdirizak<br />

Aleki Su'emai, George Anae, Vinia Aria, Shakwon Delamere, Harmony Filipine, Patalione Iosua, Aashantaey Leiataua, Vaioleti<br />

Leilua, Kahdel Maki, Sonny Maluatoga, Theresa Maro, Shalom Nehoa, Maka Neria, Sweetie Pailegutu, Afe Robson, Saphire<br />

Soosemea, Christina Tavita Hall, Tyrone Teinaki, Marcel Teingoa, Temera Tohilima-Franklin,<br />

Jasmarie<br />

Vaka'uta, Kilisitina Whakatane, Teina Wilson, Joelian<br />

11NA<br />

Aleluia, Tevita Andrew, Abigail Angaa'elangi, Alex Bailey, Chris Beazley, Patricia Faamausili, Kaisa Filimoehala, Ane Fisiiahi, Lupe<br />

Lemalu, Johnathon Mafileo, Ramona Manuel, Nickayla Manukuo, Anasta Marama Tautu, Sokoau Mokeni, Anisha Ngani, Cecilia Niko, Otila<br />

Ratumu-Wharton,<br />

Cezanne<br />

Rimatuu, John Sanerivi, Faamanu Taufa, Nika Taulanga, Jeffery Thompson, Kiwi-Tamaki Tiavaasue, Sapela Tongotongo, Sitiveni<br />

Ulunga, Ofa Vaatofu, Epenesa Wehi, Mackie<br />

11sa<br />

Mangere College - 2018 95

Ahmadi, Abdul Ahmed, Haris Anae, Kamehameha Apineru, Jesse Chand, Aniket Faumalo, Tina Heta, Erana Hussaini, Zahra<br />

Leleifi, Jacob Limoni, Sauni Luafatasaga, Irene Luamanu Kilipati, Julia Magalogo, Wayne Makisi, Mercy Mataafa, Grace Mau'u, Fuli<br />

Moeai'a Toleafoa, Toto Nguyen, Tram Shee, Saviour Tonga, Sioeli Vea, Raymond<br />

12AL<br />

'Ahomana, Veronica 'Alofi, Sepiuta Aria, Paulo Filimoehala, Isikeli Folasaitu, Mavianne Isaako, Simati Lau, Ruanjua Manapori-Tongia, Antonio<br />

Ng Chok, Tatiana Niko, Julienne Nukunuku, Sinai Pirihi, Karauria Sanelivi Pio, Lealofi Sigglekow, Sara-Lee Tangiaere, Lennox Taufahema, Maika<br />

Tonga, Miracle Tuitupou, Sateki Wilson, Vera 12DA<br />

Afu, Soana Aitogi, Isiyah Akatere, Rosealy Ariki, Ina Crowther, Lisa Dixon-Stowers, Zion Folasaitu, Malianne Ioane, Ioane<br />

Jackson, Tennessee John, Kulai Mailo Slade, Marietta Mikaele, Liaina Nau, Ofila Spence, Aaliyah Terry, Ru Tofilau, Shannan<br />

Tupou, Suliasi 'Ufi, Mate'aki Viniki, Ritia William, Urau<br />

12dv<br />

96 Mangere College - 2018

Arama, Mauroa Chan-Ting, Caleb Enua, Jean Fetokai, Naisa Ibrahim, Zahra Kulitapa, Makusi Leaupepe, Sofia Lelenoa, Sasa<br />

Ma Chee, Amerika McDonald, Unique Moeroa Akama,<br />

Veronica<br />

Patuwai, Rehia Puaavase, Kara Roberts, Amaamalele Sauni, Tauvela Sinani, 'Asinate<br />

Tapuosi, Campbell Taufa, Jason Tohilima, Chynna Tumai, Dimetrious Tupou, Fusi<br />

12go<br />

Fa'asisila, Josephine Ikimaka, Marklin Karaka, Te Rehu Kavana, Pauline Lamese, Evelyn Lavulavu, 'Uluaki Lesa, Mai-Rose Matita, Tauta<br />

Palu, Epalahame Pullen-Burry, Todd Rimoni, Ailima Rio, Tarepeta Soti, Tumema Ta'ufo'ou, Folau Tahana, Wairata Tokotini, Tonorio<br />

Tulilo, Isalily Tutai-Amiri, Benjamin<br />

12MI<br />

Afualo, Levaoatuamaana Gasu, Naomi Ieremia, Tony Ingram, Nicholas John, Nga Kaufusi, Cicilia Lavea, Adrienne Little, Dominic<br />

Moli, Spencer Nelson, Tana Papau, Lopi Purcell, Ethan Ratumu, Vae Robinson, Taylah Samasoni, Faith Sisifa, Leiona<br />

Talakai, 'Anakava Tasi Apineru, Heseti Tekeu, Tama Tereda, Fainu Tilo, Victory Tumai, Lyrikal Wuatai, Marukore<br />

12ND<br />

Mangere College - 2018 97

Ahmat Abdallah,<br />

Izadine<br />

Arama, Pearll Aukuso, Tamara Funaki, Dannielle Grivelle, Tremayne Leo'o Olo, Jasine Levao, Tua Loamanu, Fatai<br />

Maitai, Cee-Jay Maro, Manakia Prasad, Shane Ru, Shirley Samoa, Isaak Tairea, Cameron Tongotongo, Ofa Tongotongo, Sili<br />

13fr<br />

Tupou, 'Iteni<br />

Wong-Tung, Laura<br />

Akaiti, Ruaama Amosa, Manaa Faamausili, Sesiona Harrison, Langcree Ikinepule, Kayla Kelemete, Jeff Kepa, Vanessa Manapori-Tongia, Marina<br />

Michael, Shavaughn Muavae, Fomai Ngawaka, Charnce Paane, Lydia Peauvale, Lauryn Pullen-Burry, Jason Ropati, Daisy Strickland, Jasmine<br />

Subbir, Shuaib Tamihana, Lee-Joe Tekena, Hinano Tongia, Junior Tongia-Lennon, Daniel Wilson, Samira<br />

13MA<br />

Felise, Ngaire John, Matthew Lemoe, Michael Lesoa, Paul Levao, Puna Maea, Mary Marsters, Platinum Mataiti, Codi<br />

Perez, Tai Pio, Hannah Pio, Siniva Purea, Tiare Rapana, Holly Sale, Danielle Sauni, Sharee Sefulu, Melody<br />

13se<br />

Taylor, Stephen Tongotongo, Abraham Tulilo, Anerosa<br />

98 Mangere College - 2018

Ah-Chong, Sarah Brown, Paris Falefo'ou, Finau Fifita, Soni Fredrick, Fuller Iulio, Derek Lagaaia, Tau Leleifi, Mark<br />

Mahe, Nili Makiiti, Memory Mann, Edna Meleke, Esther Nglam, Italy Opara Koi, Zarius Peraua, Rosaline Pita, Tevita<br />

13tu<br />

Pritchard, Lavannah Ringi, Jacinta Tohilima-Franklin,<br />

Hannah-Lily<br />

Apineru, Niuma Channing, Sandy Duong, Ky Duong, Vi Faingaanuku, Sione Fuasino, Steven Javed, Hania Malauulu, Jane<br />

Minati, Sitashree Miri, Maranna Opuu, Ioane Pene, Lima Salaikeni, Ana Salu, Ezra Teingoa, Tipora Tekena, Nora<br />

Teleiai, Levi Thompson, Gineeva Vahe, Suanne<br />

13wg<br />

Avauli, Donavan Falanaipupu, Jeremaiah Gafa, Meqados Hafoka, Taitusi Heta, Legacy Kulitapa, Makusi Limoni, Tasi Ru, Lucy<br />

Taufahema, Nathan Tuitupou, Sateki<br />

Achievement<br />

centre<br />

Mangere College - 2018 99

Māngere College<br />

Supporters<br />

Māngere College continues to be very grateful to our local businesses and individuals who provide<br />

financial support to our students. This commitment helps Māngere College students achieve to their<br />

potential.<br />

The artistic talents of Māngere College students continue to be used to help recognise our major<br />

sponsors. Framed artworks are gifted to our major sponsors each year. The artworks, which now hang in<br />

boardrooms, foyers and the offices of leading businesses, give clear recognition to the support provided to<br />

Māngere College students.<br />

Financial support allows us to provide three groups of scholarships each year:<br />

• The Māngere College Entrance Scholarships cover most of the costs associated with starting as a<br />

Year 9 student at Māngere College.<br />

• The Māngere College Senior Scholarships are awarded to deserving Year 10 students. These are<br />

worth $500 and are used by the recipients to cover the cost of NZQA fees, uniform and other school<br />

costs over their senior years.<br />

• Year 13 students can apply for the Māngere College Leavers' Scholarships. These awards are valued<br />

at up to $1500 to assist students to meet the costs of tertiary study.<br />

Autographs<br />

100 Mangere College - 2018

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