Huntingtons Queensland 2017-18 Annual Report


Read the Huntingtons Queensland annual report from the 2017/18 financial year.


Huntingtons Queensland is the only organisation in this

state that is dedicated solely to the support and wellbeing

of individuals impacted by Huntington's disease.

We are a registered charity (public benevolent institution),

governed by a volunteer board comprising family

representatives and skills-based professionals.

We have a small paid team (the equivalent of 4.6 full-time

staff) whose professional backgrounds include social work,

education, finance, administration, marketing, project

management and fundraising, led by a highly experienced

CEO whose career has included the establishment or

growth of several small to medium sized charities over

the past 17 years.

While Huntingtons Queensland is a member-based

organisation, membership is not required to access our

services, which are offered across Queensland.

Our People


Vice President




Chief Executive

Client Services



Service Support

Gerry Doyle

Cate Barrett

Janifer Willis

Jan Szlapak

Jason de Bakker*

Jeff Buchanan^

Gwen Pratten^

Peter Weekes^

Jan Samuels

Lauren Ward

Theressa Byrne

Elena Fontaine

Jennifer Lysiuk

Caitlin Scarr

Cathy Holland


Huntingtons Queensland gratefully acknowledges those

members and others who so generously volunteer their time

and expertise either within the community helping to support

people living with Huntington's disease, or within our

organisation to ensure our business runs smoothly.

Hon. Solicitor


Adrian Rich

Minter Ellison

Paul Gallagher

BDO Audit

We also acknowledge those staff who volunteered their time

outside their paid hours to support our events, assist clients

or represent Huntingtons Queensland in the community.

We estimate that nearly 600 volunteer hours were donated

by supporters, community members and staff over the

2017-18 year. On behalf of everyone impacted by

Huntington's disease we thank you for your service.

* Appointed during the year

^Resigned during the year


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