73 Amateur radio -julio 1975

ER: Photo provided by Alan Bridges WB4VXP, 2881 S. Main, Kennesaw GA 30144, w ho has Bxl C c opies availa ble f or $3 (or 20 I Res). Order from Alan , but make c hecks payable to AMSAT, which gets the proceeds. 16 Caveat Emptor 44 Hamburgl ar 134 Circuits 143 Circuits 146 New Produc ts 150 Social Events 154 Circu its 166 Grrreen 170 Circuits 192 A dver t iser Index 192 Propagation 2 Never Say Die 3 Hotline Headlines 4 Be My Guest 5 MORE Hotline Headlines 6 Ancient Aviator 7 AMSAT 8 Loo king West 9 New Pro duct 10 Repeater Update 12 Letters 13 Correct io ns Rare DX via Oscar? Antennas for Oscar - What Reall y Works? An Oscar Preamp that Works Wonders Shoot Oscar with a Satellabe Oscar - A Certificate Hunter's Paradise Where's Oscar? Oscar RTTY Converter . How You Can Take Oscar's Temperature Reall y Zap Oscar with t his Helic al Automating Sate ll ite Reception Eskimo Pie FM Alignment Oscill ator Master Sync Generator The Audio Synthesizer for RTTY, SSTV and whatever Ham Radio in the Arctic - 1925 Pack Rat Moonbouncing Gee, What's a Zepp? How Gates Work - A TTL Primer Bargain Audio Frequency Source Ve rtical Antennas for the Novice Do Textboo ks PREVENT Learning? A Visit to the CB Store Preventing Regula to r Carnage The Ultimate in Vari able Selec tivity Phone Patchin g - A Public Se rv ice An Svmete r for your Swan-250

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