19 NOVEMBER 2018







Senate to work

overtime for GAB

By Mario J. Mallari







The Senate is willing to extend session

for a week and hold marathon meetings just

to avoid a reenacted budget and pass the

2019 proposed national budget, provided the

House of Representatives submits it soon.

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Ties ‘a notch higher’

Rody’s call President Rodrigo Duterte gets a warm welcome from Papua New

Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill prior to the start of the Asia Pacific Economic

Cooperation Business Advisory Dialogue in Port Moresby. Mr. Duterte championed

globalization that is inclusive and empowers smaller economies like the Philippines.


Solons open to longer ML

By Mario J. Mallari

Senators are open to the

possible extension of martial

law in Mindanao but said their

decision will largely depend on

the evidence and justification

DU30 bid deals

blow to Reds

By Mario J. Mallari

that the Armed Forces of

the Philippines (AFP) and

the Philippine National

Police (PNP) can come

up with.

Senate President

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The number of

Chinese tourists to the

Philippines in the first

three quarters of 2018

has exceeded the

full-year total in 2017

Rody: PROC-PH relations hit apex

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s

visit to the Philippines will

bring relations between the two

neighboring Asian countries “a

notch higher,” President Rodrigo

Duterte told Chinese media


The current relations between

Open Up a New

Future Together for

China-Philippine Relations

Xi Jinping

President of the People’s Republic of China

I will soon pay a state visit to the Republic

of the Philippines at the kind invitation

of President Rodrigo Duterte. I am full of

expectations as I am about to set foot on this

beautiful land, an ever-growing nation and home

to an honest and friendly people. I wish to convey

my cordial greetings and best wishes to the

people of the Philippines.

China and the Philippines are neighbors

facing each other across the sea. The

exchange of ships and merchants between

our two countries began more than a

thousand years ago. Over 600 years ago,

Chinese navigator Zheng He made multiple

visits to Manila Bay, the Visayas and Sulu on

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Beijing and Manila have reached

an “apex” and are like a flower

in full bloom, Duterte said.

People’s Republic of China

(PROC)-Philippines relations

have strengthened under

the Duterte presidency and

are gearing up for a stronger

development under joint efforts

of both countries.

The past two years have seen

frequent high-level exchanges

and dialogue and consultation

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President Rodrigo Duterte’s enhanced program

for rebel returnees had lured New People’s

Army (NPA) members to surrender in droves,

thus alarming the Communist Party of the

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awaited visitor

Two awaited visitors are coming to the

Philippines this week. China’s President Xi

Jinping will be in Manila for two days from

20 and 21 November. Xi is visiting the country

for the second time after attending the Asia

Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in

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Valued ally Chinese President Xi Jinping

underlines mutual trust among friends.


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Vol. 18 No. 245

20 pages



Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune

Openness prevails Heads of state including President Rodrigo Duterte assemble during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit that concluded yesterday. China and the Philippines led the call for an open global



Ties ‘a notch


Mr. Duterte urged fellow

heads of state to push

for globalization that is

inclusive and empowers

smaller economies

From page 1

mechanisms between the two

nations have been revived in

areas including foreign affairs,

defense, energy, economy and

trade, agriculture, fishery,

science and technology.

The Philippines is also reaping

the economic rewards of growing

trade with and investments from

China after Duterte’s government

decided to cultivate fruitful ties

with Beijing, according to state

news agency Xinhua.

Wider market seen

“It (PROC) is encouraging

us to send more what we can,”

Duterte said, adding that the

renewed ties resulted in the

lifting of the restrictions on


Figures from the Chinese

government show that the trade

volume between China and the

Philippines in 2017 topped $50

billion, which made China the

Philippines’ top trading partner and

import origin and the fourth largest

export market. Philippine exports to

PROC grew by 10.5 percent to 19.2

billion dollars in 2017.

The tourism sector also

benefited, with government

data showing a growing number

of Chinese tourist arrivals in the

past three years. From 490,000 in

2015 and 675,000 Chinese tourists

in 2016, the number posted a

significant increase in 2017 with


tourist arrivals.

Tourists up

The number of Chinese

tourists to the Philippines in the

first three quarters of 2018 has

exceeded the full-year total in

2017, reaching over 972,000.

Moreover, PROC and the

Philippines have contributed

to regional stability by working

closely to combat illicit drugs,

terrorism and cybercrimes.

Duterte noted that China has

helped the Philippines deal with

terrorists without asking for any

favor, saying China has given

help and support wholeheartedly

with no strings attached.

“We will improve our

relationship in trade and

commerce. Second, close

(defense) relationship. Third,

a cooperation to improve the

conditions of our international

seas to eliminate piracy,” Duterte


More interactions needed

The President also stressed

the need to explore more peopleto-people

interactions, saying

the bilateral relationship has

reached “a positive plateau,” and

he wants it to remain that way.

At the invitation of Duterte,

Xi is set to pay a state visit to

the Philippines on 20 to 21 Nov.

Duterte said he took great pride

in Xi’s upcoming visit, adding that

his little daughter Kitty is studying

Chinese as a foreign language, and

he might ask her to sing a Chinese

song for Xi.

Globalization pushed

Mr. Duterte also urged heads

of state to push for globalization

that is inclusive and empowers

smaller economies like

the Philippines at the

Asia Pacific Economic

Cooperation (APEC)

Leaders’ Summit

in Port Moresby,

Papua New Guinea

that ended


T h e


made this


during the

APEC Leaders’

retreat session as

well as the APEC

Business Advisory

Council meeting

yesterday, Trade

and Industry Secretary

Ramon Lopez said.

Open Up a New Future Together for China-Philippine Relations

Since President Duterte

took office, China and

the Philippines have

reengaged in dialogue

and consultation for the

proper handling of the

South China Sea issue

From page 1

his seven overseas voyages

seeking friendship and

cooperation. The King of Sulu

also made a goodwill visit to

China, bringing with him good

wishes to the Chinese people and

leaving behind touching stories

of China-Philippine friendship.

Many born on the southeast coast

of China sailed across the sea to

settle down in the Philippines

and have since lived in harmony

with the local community. The

ancestors of José Rizal, national

hero and founding father of the

Philippines, came from Jinjiang

of China’s Fujian Province. The

famed Chinese General Ye Fei,

who fought for the founding of

New China, was born in Quezon

in the Philippines. For both our

peoples, these are proud names

to remember.

Trade liberalization and

economic globalization are

an unstoppable trend of

our times.

Since President Duterte took

office, China and the Philippines

have reengaged in dialogue

and consultation for the proper

handling of the South China

Sea issue. Our relations have

now seen a rainbow after the

rain. In just a little more than

two years, China has become

the Philippines’ largest trading

partner, largest export market

and largest source of imports

and the second largest source of

tourists. There has been a surge

of interest for private investment

in each other’s countries and

interactions between our cultural

groups have been frequent.

More and more Philippine fruits

are coming to the dining table

in Chinese households and a

growing number of Philippine

scenic spots are being included

in the itinerary of Chinese

tourists. China firmly supports

the Philippines’ fight against

drugs and terrorism and its postconflict

reconstruction efforts

in Marawi, thus contributing to

peace in the country. In the face

of disasters, our two peoples

have stood together and come to

each other’s help, writing new

chapters of friendship between

our two countries.


President Duterte’s leadership,

the Filipino people are striving

to implement the 10-point

socioeconomic agenda and the

“Build, Build, Build” strategy,

making the country more and

more prosperous. The Chinese

people are working unremittingly

to fulfill their “two centenary

goals” and realize the Chinese

dream of great national renewal.

Our shared aspirations and

dreams have forged a close bond

between our peoples.

I am visiting this time mainly

to have in-depth discussions with

President Duterte on how to

elevate our all-round cooperation

under new circumstances and

make overall plans for greater

progress in our relationship

toward a higher level. There are

many things we need to do if we

are to achieve this goal.

— We need to deepen political

mutual trust to sustain the

growth of China-Philippine

relations. China wishes to

work with the Philippines to

draw up blueprints for our

future relations with a broader

perspective and strengthen

strategic communication on

bilateral ties and major regional

and international issues.

We need to properly handle

differences through friendly

consultations, enhance dialogue

and cooperation on maritime

issues and make the South China

Sea a sea of peace, friendship

and cooperation that truly

benefits our two peoples.

— We need to enhance

practical cooperation to

cement the foundation of

China-Philippine relations.

The Philippines, with its

unique geographical

advantage, is a natural

partner in the Belt and Road

Initiative. China wishes to

work with the Philippines to

renew the legacy of the ancient

maritime Silk Road. China will

work with the Philippines to

enhance synergy between

our strategies under the

Belt and Road Initiative,

deepen mutually beneficial

cooperation in business, trade,

infrastructure, agriculture,

tourism and other fields

and assist the Philippines in

carrying out more livelihood

projects so that through

our cooperation the people

of our two countries will

have a stronger sense of

fulfillment and happiness.

China will continue to

deepen cooperation with the

Philippines in defense, drug

control, counter-terrorism

and law enforcement to

foster a sound environment

for the development of our

two countries and peace and

stability of our region.

— We need to strengthen

people-to-people ties to keep

China-Philippine relations as

strong as ever. China and

the Philippines are very

close to each other in terms

of geographical location,

ancestral ties and cultural

background. Friendly

exchanges between our two

peoples are an endless source

of strength for our relations.

As the saying goes, the flames

rise high when everybody joins

to add fuel. We need to promote

interactions among our

political parties, parliaments,

think tanks and at the local

level. We need to increase

exchanges on education,

science and technology,

culture and between the

youth. We need to encourage

broader participation in

our cooperation. This way,

the friendship between

our peoples will grow from

strength to strength and be

passed on from generation to


— We need to join hands to

deepen East Asia cooperation

for win-win results. This year

marks the 15th anniversary

of China-ASEAN strategic

partnership. The Philippines

successfully hosted the East

Asia leaders’ meetings last

year and has taken over

the noble and important

role and responsibilities as

the country coordinator for

China-ASEAN relations this

year. China firmly supports

the Philippines’ role as the

country coordinator and will

work with the Philippines

to upgrade China-ASEAN

relations and secure greater

achievements in East Asia

cooperation. China will

increase input in the BIMP-

EAGA initiative launched

by the Philippines, foster

new growth drivers for

cooperation with ASEAN

through closer cooperation

with the Philippines and

assist with the development

of Mindanao and other

regions in the country.

China started its reform

and opening-up four decades

ago. Since then, the Chinese

people have worked hard

with unity and perseverance

and written a great success

story in the development of

the Chinese nation. China has

grown into the world’s second

largest economy, the largest

industrial manufacturer,

the largest trader

of goods and the

holder of the

largest foreign


No light job Engineer employed by a Meralco contractor makes sure that a street lamp brightens up a road at night as peak vehicle traffic starts in the runup to the holiday



reserves. China now

contributes over 30 percent

of global growth and has

lifted more than 700 million

people out of poverty by the

UN standard. Now, China is

deepening reform across the

board and opening itself wider

and our effort in reform and

opening-up will never stop.

I am visiting this time

mainly to have in-depth

discussions with President

Duterte on how to elevate

our all-round cooperation.

Trade liberalization and

economic globalization are an

unstoppable trend of our times.

As a major responsible country

committed to win-win cooperation

and greater openness, China stands

ready to share with all countries

the opportunities and potentials

of its market. This commitment is

made abundantly clear by the very

first China International Import

Expo which was just concluded

successfully. China welcomes the

Philippines and other countries

on board the express train of its

development. China will work with

other countries to firmly uphold the

WTO-centered multilateral trading

system and promote the evolution

of the international political and

economic order in a fairer and

more equitable direction.

Several centuries ago, China’s

GDP already accounted for 30

percent of the global total, yet it

never engaged in aggression or

expansion. In the over 100 years

after the Opium War in 1840,

China suffered immensely from

repeated aggression, wars and

turmoil. Confucius once said,

“Do not do to others what you

do not want others to do to you.”

We Chinese believe that peace

and stability is the only way to

development and prosperity. This

is neither a choice of expediency

nor a diplomatic rhetoric. It is our

firm conviction and a guidance of

what we practice on the ground.

China will remain committed to

the path of peaceful development

and will always stay as an anchor

of peace and stability for the

Asia-Pacific and the wider world.

We need to properly

handle differences through

friendly consultations.

As a Philippine proverb goes,

“Seize today, or you will lose

tomorrow.” China will work

with the Philippines to seize the

opportunity and go along with

the trend of our time. Let us

work together to build upon the

Asian tradition of peace, credibility

and good neighborliness and further

consolidate the bilateral relations for

an even brighter future of the two

countries and of Asia as a whole.

(Editor’s note: Presidents Rodrigo

Duterte and Xi Jinping share the

same passion and commitment to

development for their respective

countries. With a converging

aim of peace and prosperity, the

relations of both countries have been

acknowledged as having reached a

golden age. The visit of President Xi

starting 20 November, thus, comes

during the most opportune period

of partnership of the two nations

in the most economically-dynamic

region of the world.)

Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune


MILF’s Murad visiting AFP headquarters

AFP chief of staff Gen. Carlito

Galvez Jr., along with other top

military commanders, went to

MILF’s Camp Darapanan in


By Mario J. Mallari

For the first time, Moro Islamic

Liberation Front (MILF) Chairman Al

By Elmer N. Manuel

Cyberspace is a relatively new frontier,

ushered in by the emergence of the World

Wide Web. The development of this technology

has made the world seem a much smaller

place because of the current span of

interconnectivity unimaginable hundreds

of years ago.

Cyberspace has become the preferred

avenue for almost all sorts of communications

because of speed and convenience. But the

very advantages it brings also pose potential

threats — especially to the youth today — and

the dangers are definitely real.

The advent of social media, be it Facebook,

Instagram or Twitter, had opened to the

youth a wonderful portal that allowed them

to share their thoughts and feelings without

having to reveal their real identities.

Such cloak of anonymity afforded by

cyberspace also allows crooks and criminals

to pose a threat to almost everyone who has

direct access to the Internet, especially the

Filipino youth who spend a lot of time online

using social media.

These are aimed at ensuring the

scope of child protection extends

to the cyberspace.

Last February, the UK-based consultancy

firm We Are Social reported that the Philippines

topped the world in terms of social media usage.

We Are Social said Filipinos spent an average of

3 hours and 57 minutes a day on social media

sites, mainly on Facebook.

In line with the lurking online threat

to the youth, the Department of Education

(DepEd) recently launched an educational

campaign to teach learners, parents, teachers

and school communities to keep children

safe as they traverse the electronic

information highway.

Dubbed “#BeCyberSafe,” the

DepEd project is being implemented

in collaboration with Stairway Foundation

and the Internet and Mobile Marketing

Associations of the Philippines.

It is in line with the aim of the United

Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals

(SDG) — of which the Daily Tribune is a

media partner — which targets sustainable

and resilient technological advancement

in developing countries through enhanced

financial, technological and infrastructure

support. Tremendous progress has been made

internationally in accepting that international

law and the UN Charter apply in cyberspace.

The 17 SDG, otherwise known as Global

Goals, is a universal call to action to end

poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all

By Hananeel Bordey

The House of Representatives has

approved on second reading House Bill 7878,

otherwise known as the “Public Safety Act.”

The proposed measure mandates the

creation of a Department of Public Safety

(DPS) in every province, city and municipality

which will be under the direct control

and supervision of the head of the local

government concerned.

The bill seeks to promote public

order, ensure public safety and further

spur economic development through the

enhancement of local government capability

in addressing safety and security concerns.

As envisioned under the measure, the

task of the DPS is to implement public order

and safety laws and ordinances, help reduce

traffic and address the effects of man-made

and natural disasters.

The DPS is required to “operate a

fully-functional and responsive central

command and control system” as well as

an emergency response and management

Haj Murad Ebrahim will be setting foot

today on Camp Aguinaldo, the general

headquarters of the Armed Forces of

the Philippines (AFP).

Col. Noel Detoyato, AFP-Public

Affairs Office chief, said Murad’s

visit is a clear proof of the trust and

confidence now prevailing between the

MILF and AFP leadership.

Last month, AFP chief of staff Gen.

Carlito Galvez Jr., along with other top

military commanders, went to MILF’s

Shield on for kids in cyberspace

people enjoy peace and prosperity. It builds on

the successes of the Millennium Development

Goals while including new areas such as

climate change, economic inequality,

innovation, sustainable consumption,

peace and justice, among other priorities.

The DepEd project consists of three

major components: Project for Keeps,

Dalir-Eskwela and Chatbot. These

are aimed at ensuring the scope

of child protection extends to the


Aside from educating

young students on the risks

of befriending strangers online,

the project also offers a range

of educational materials, which

discuss key issues on cyber safety

from cyberbullying to online chatting, online

gaming and online pornography.

Recent studies conducted by Stairway

Foundation and the United Nations Children’s

Fund (Unicef), showed around 43.8 percent

or almost half of the respondents aged 13-18

have experienced cyber violence.

Recently, the UN concluded a forum

entitled “Internet of Trust” which brought

more than 3,000 participants from 143

countries together to confront issues ranging

from cybersecurity to ethics, fake news and

the spread of disinformation, hate speech,

data as a cross-cutting issue, regulation of

the internet and people’s rights online.

The forum highlighted trust in its discussion,

noting the fact that society, including a digital

one, cannot function without trust. It also

stressed the need for changes in approaches

to safeguard the public in support of the

Sustainable Development Goals, especially

in today’s landscape of rapid technological


“When it comes to governance, we

must be as creative and as bold as

those who first built the Internet. You

can count on my support in this journey

towards a prosperous, safe and fair digital

future,” said UN Secretary-General António


With over 71 percent of global youth having

online access today, issues such as the digital

divide, the need for increased education on

digital skills and literacy, hate speech and new

technology’s impact on future employment

opportunities dominated the conversations.

The commitment to the 2030 Agenda was

evident in the centrality of the Sustainable

Development Goals in the technology

discussions. Guterres said digital solutions are

transforming lives and can turbocharge our work

to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

He said harnessing the power of the Internet

and ensuring inclusive, equitable and transparent

development strategies are key principles for

reaping the benefits of new technology.

system connecting constituents who need

immediate assistance with the emergency

resources of the government.

Likewise, the department is mandated

to use the most appropriate technologies

and communications, with a fully-operative

call center and dispatch hotline manned

by well-trained staff and run in accordance

with national standards and best practices.

The proposed measure allows

adjacent local government units to enter

into agreements to establish a common

command and control center and emergency

management systems, particularly if some

municipalities and cities have no ability to

put up their own independent system.

In general, the DPS has the power to

prepare, integrate, coordinate and supervise

all plans, programs, projects and activities of

the local government relative to the promotion

Camp Darapanan in Maguindanao.

“It’s the first visit of Al Haj Murad to

GHQ and also his first time to make a

call on the CSAFP (chief of staff AFP),”

Detoyato said.

“The relationship of the MILF and

the AFP has evolved for the better,”

he added.

Detoyato cited Galvez’s stint as

former head of the AFP Coordinating

Committee on Cessation of Hostilities

(CCCH) as a huge factor in closer ties

between the AFP and MILF.

As AFP-CCCH head, Galvez served

as the “peacemaker” at the height of

the 2015 Mamasapano

incident where 44 Special

Action Force commandos

were killed

Abandoned by their Greek employer and

stranded in India for about five months, 15

of the 21 Filipino sailors have finally arrived

home safe.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs

(DFA) welcomed home on Saturday 15 of

the 21 Filipino seafarers stranded in India

since June after they were abandoned by the

shipowner,” a statement from the DFA said.

Ambassador to India Ma. Teresita Daza,

informed the DFA home office in Manila that

the remaining six crew members of the MV

Evangelia M will be repatriated as soon as

their exit clearances are issued.

“The Embassy in New Delhi and the

Consulate General in Chennai worked

closely with Indian port authorities and

the Admiral Shipping Agency, the local

agent in India, for the resolution of the

case,” the DFA said.

By Kuhlin Ceslie Gacula

Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol

on Sunday bared the government of Papua

New Guinea (PNG) has offered to facilitate

the use of its vast uncultivated lands for

rice farming by Filipino groups through

a crop-sharing agreement with the local


Piñol said such arrangement will not only

enable the Filipinos to help develop rice farming

in PNG, in accordance with the directive of

President Rodrigo Duterte but could also help

buttress the Philippines’ own rice supply.

“As agreed, the rice produced by the

Filipino agricultural groups will be sold

locally to satisfy the national rice

Sharing expertise Filipino farmers will share with the people of Papua New Guinea (PNG) their experience in rice farming.

President Rodrigo Duterte has inked an agreement with PNG for stronger cooperation on agricultural production. ROY PELOVELLO

Public Safety Act approved on 2nd reading

The proposed measure mandates

the creation of a Department of

Public Safety in every province,

city and municipality.

The DFA also coordinated with local

manning agency Evic Human Resource

Management Inc. for the payment of their

remaining salaries and the provision of legal

assistance to the seafarers.

While in India, the seafarers stranded in

Kakinada Port were provided with consular

and cash assistance by the Philippine embassy

and consulate.

The DFA gave assurance the department

will continue to look after and assist

distressed overseas Filipino workers (OFW)

in compliance with the directive of President


Under a memorandum circular of

the Philippine Overseas Employment

Administration, the repatriation of an OFW or

a seafarer shall be the primary responsibility

of the principal or agency that recruited and

deployed him abroad.

requirement of PNG of about 400,000-metric

tons,” Piñol said.

In August this year, 19 farmers

from North Cotabato were

deployed in PNG to start the

development of a rice demo farm.

PNG has a population of only eight million

and a land area of 48 million hectares, mostly


The Agriculture secretary added the excess

rice production in PNG could be shipped

back to the Philippines to fill up our national

requirements estimated at 1.2 to 1.5 million

metric tons.

President Rodrigo Duterte had earlier

directed the Department of Agriculture to

pursue the Rice Development Project between

the Philippines and PNG.

“The President personally gave me

instructions during the Filipino Community

Night in downtown Port Moresby on Friday,”

Piñol said.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines said

71 former New People’s Army (NPA) rebels

from Misamis Occidental received financial

assistance from the government on Saturday.

Col. Bagnus Gaerlan, commander

of Army’s 102nd Infantry Brigade, said

Department of National Defense Secretary

Delfin Lorenzana led the distribution of

checks in a ceremony held at the Misamis

Oriental provincial capitol in Oroquieta City.

Gaerlan said each of the former NPA

rebels received P65,000 in check while

the rest, who are “Yunit Militia” members,

received P15,000 in check as part of the

Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration

Program (E-CLIP).

“Sixty-nine out of 71 rebels who

surrendered were regular Communist NPA

terrorist members. The two others were Yunit

during a day-long firefight with MILF, Bangsamoro

Islamic Freedom Fighters and private armed


“As the former head of AFP CCCH, he (Galvez)

expressed his support for the Bangsamoro Organic

Law (BOL) during our visit to Camp Darapanan

last 6 October,” Detoyato noted.

The BOL was the result of the decades-long

peace negotiations between the MILF and the

Philippine government. President Duterte

signed the law last August.

“This reciprocal visit of Al Haj Murad is

to cement the trust that they have in the AFP

leadership and the government in general,”

he added.

During his visit to the MILF headquarters,

Galvez declared the war

between the AFP and

MILF was officially


Returning the favor Moro Islamic Liberation Front chairman Al Haj Murad Ebrahim is expected to arrive today at Camp Aguinaldo,

the headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), reciprocating the similar gesture of AFP chief of staff Gen. Carlito

Galvez Jr. who visited the MILF camp last month.


Sailors abandoned in India back home

and maintenance of peace and order and

the protection of life, liberty and property.

The department also has the duty to

secure the general public and maintain

public order in conjunction with the police

and other national law enforcement agencies

as well as to help auxiliary traffic services in

support of other agencies tasked to enforce

traffic management.

It can recommend the issuance of

temporary terminal permits to public utility

vehicles and manage public utility vehicles. It

has the authority to clear sidewalks, public

parks and other public areas of obstruction,

such as unauthorized structure or fixtures

and unlicensed vendors.

In addition, it is mandated to organize

plans for and undertake evacuation, rescue

and relief operations in times of disasters,

calamities and civil disturbances.

Once the measure is enacted into law,

existing offices within the local government

units whose primary functions were similar

to the DPS would be integrated and included

in the department.

Pinoys to till PNG rice farms

Within 48 hours from notice of the request

for repatriation, the concerned principal or

agency should provide the plane ticket or

the prepaid ticket advice to the Philippine

Overseas Labor Office or the Philippine


The remaining six crew members

of the MV Evangelia M will be

repatriated as soon as their exit

clearances are issued.

However, when the repatriation is

dependent upon the issuance of an exit

visa, the principal or employer has 15 days

from notice to secure such visa.

The global shipping industry, which

carries 80 percent of international trade,

employs about 1.2 million seafarers and

most of them come from the Philippines.


According to him, Duterte is optimistic

the project “will ensure the food security of

the future generations.”

Just recently, the two countries inked a

five-year agriculture cooperation through a

memorandum of agreement which would

allow both countries to boost their own and

each other’s agricultural production.

The agreement lays down the commitment

of both countries to expand and strengthen

cooperation in rice grains and industrial

crops production, aquaculture and inland fish

farming, livestock breeding and improvement

and agri-business development.

In August this year, 19 farmers from North

Cotabato were deployed in PNG to start the

development of a rice demo farm.

Piñol said the farmers have already

developed eight hectares out of the 25

hectares, with PNG farmers already starting

to participate in the farm work.

The first harvest in the demo farm is

expected in the last week of December.

71 ex-rebels receive financial aid

Militia (members),” Gaerlan said.

Misamis Occidental Gov. Herminia Ramiro

said the E-CLIP program has changed the lives

of former NPA rebels and has contributed

to the decrease in the number of rebels in

the province.

“To our former rebels, there is no turning

back, you are now our partners for peace and

development in our province,” Ramiro said.

Alias “Man-Man,” one of the former NPA

rebels, thanked President Rodrigo Duterte

for coming up with the reintegration program,

saying they had to endure hardship while

with the NPA.

“The promise of our government is

different compared to that of the NPA

terrorists. We fulfill our promise of good

governance, they (NPA) don’t,” Lorenzana



Life of peace Several former rebels in Misamis Occidental have decided to lay down

their arms and return to the fold of the law. As promised the government provided them

with financial assistance to help them start their lives anew.



4 Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune




Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Crispin G. Martinez

Chito Lozada

Dinah Ventura

Aldrin Cardona

John Henry Dodson

Jun Vallecera

Jaimes R. C. Sumbilon

Larry Payawal

Komfie Manalo

Patricia Ramos

Board Chair

Willie Fernandez

Publisher and President

Founding Chair

Executive Editor

Managing Editor

Associate Editors

Business Editor

Central Desk

Special Reports

A fake show

The holding of the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

(APEC) Summit in Port Moresby, which just like those that


preceded it were nothing but a social gathering of leaders, was

hosting in

2015 only

more memorable for its venue, which was a cruise ship rather

highlighted than any agreement that would help the global economy.

to the world Chinese President Xi Jinping was the only leader who made

yellow a significant statement urging APEC members to adhere to

Noynoy’s free trade amid the increasing protectionist policies of US

insensitivity President Donald Trump who skipped the gathering.

and APEC gatherings are, however, occasions for the host nation

incompetence. to pull out the stops in flaunting progress, imagined or real.

The Philippines last hosted the APEC in 2015 under Noynoy

and he did Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill

several notches better by putting Manila on a lockdown for

the duration of the meetings and ejecting homeless families

in Manila from its streets.

Some protesting Lumad minorities who were camped out

at the Liwasang Bonifacio were also ordered dispersed.

First to be swept off Manila were the street families who,

according to Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, were

bribed with P4,000 each to leave Manila during the event.

The monies were made to appear as rent doleouts for use by

the homeless to temporarily shelter themselves elsewhere for

one week to clear them off the streets when the 21 heads of

state were arriving.

During Pope Francis’ visit earlier in 2015, Noynoy’s Social

Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman called street dwellers to a

seminar on the conditional cash transfer program.

The Lumad, who are now getting the full attention of

Rody, were simply evicted on orders of Noynoy from

their protest camp at Liwasang Bonifacio

to hide them from APEC dignitaries.

The tribal minority traveled all the way from Mindanao,

mostly on foot, to protest their being removed from their

ancestral domain and the assassination of their leaders.

The Palace exerted pressure on Manila Mayor Joseph

Estrada to clear the Lumad. Noynoy mouthpiece Abi Valte said

it was Erap’s responsibility to clear the streets of obstructions.

Estrada gave a permit well beyond the APEC Summit for

the camp out as a show of support by the city government

in improving the Lumad’s plight. The permit was shortened

due to Palace pressure as the police said the camp out may

interfere with the hosting of the APEC Summit.

As a show of total insensitivity, the Lumad were chased

out of Manila even as the minority group transferred to the

Baclaran Church compound.

In an absurd operation apparently directed



away a


P7.9 billion

into the



from Noynoy’s office, hundreds of policemen

ringed the church to contain members of the

tribal group. The policemen formed a barricade,

along with four passenger buses, to block the

gates facing Roxas Boulevard.

The tragic comedy goes beyond the police

forming a barricade outside the side gate of

the church compound, but also with some of

them confiscating the licenses of the drivers transporting

the Lumad and issuing them tickets because their jeepneys

were out of line.

The pastors and religious leaders of Baclaran Church even

came out to negotiate with the police, but they refused to let

the jeepneys pass.

The Lumad called their protest march Manilakbayan

because they came all the way from Mindanao to bring their

plight to Malacañang.

Aside from the harassment of the Lumad, Noynoy’s Palace

imposed a no permit-no rally policy, canceled some 1,000

domestic and international flights, imposed a no-sail policy

on Manila Bay, suspended classes and work in offices from 17

to 20 November and closed off roads that resulted in people

walking long distances to reach their destinations.

Soliman also defended the removal of homeless families

from the streets as being part of the Department of Social

Welfare and Development’s outreach program.

In all, Noynoy threw away a staggering P7.9 billion into the

weeklong socials.

The APEC hosting in 2015 only highlighted to the world

yellow Noynoy’s insensitivity and incompetence.


with her






and her



had it


“It is still

quite a

hurdle to

prove in

court the

elements of



Should Philippine

vice presidents be

given a permanent

job if and when an

amendment to the

Constitution is made?

While it may sound

good to the present vice

president and other

future vice-presidential

hopefuls, taking away

the power and authority

of the president to hire

and fire any member

of his Cabinet or even those below

Cabinet rank and having his vice

president take on a permanent

Cabinet seat under an amended

proviso, will hardly be good for the

country’s political health. It may

even be a bad idea, even if both

presidents and vice presidents are

elected jointly, for several reasons,

chief of which is that the party

system in this country is a joke and

will remain a joke for many more

years to come, since political parties

in this country are merely used as

vehicles that politicians utilize to run

for elective offices.

What this translates to is the fact

that institutional party loyalty hardly

exists in this country.

It is a fact that on almost every

presidential election year, political

parties that hardly ever had strong

power, as well as political parties

on paper hastily put together for

one’s presidential run, suddenly

become the ruling group during one

president’s tenure. On the other

hand, the previous ruling party under

a different president suddenly loses

all its members both in the Senate

and in the House of Representatives.

The reason for the party

membership loss? Simple. The same

members of the previous regime

all swear allegiance to whoever

is elected to sit on Malacañang’s


A vice president, then, even

if elected together with the

president, can, when

the right election

time comes, be

promptly cut

off from


Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Oftentimes, couples who are

mired in failed marriages try to find

ways to get out of their doomed

marital relationships. However, to

their disappointment, they quickly

realize that there aren’t too many

easy options available for them in

order to achieve such end. The reason

is obvious: marriage is sacrosanct and

no less than the Constitution protects

its sanctity. Therefore, the law has put

in enough safeguards to ensure that a

marriage remains inviolate, no matter

how imperfect it may be. That is not

to say, however, that there are no legal

(and moral) remedies available to undo

the marriage. For instance, apart from

the usual grounds (i.e. lack of essential

and/or formal requisites), a marriage

may legally be declared void and

consequently dissolved on the basis of

psychological incapacity.

Psychological incapacity, as a

ground for the declaration of nullity of

marriage, is governed by Article 36 of

the Family Code. The provision states

that “a marriage contracted by any party

who, at the time of the celebration, was

psychologically incapacitated to comply

with the essential marital obligations

of marriage, shall likewise be void

even if such incapacity becomes

manifest only after its solemnization.”

In an innumerable number of cases

decided by the Supreme Court (SC)

relating to this provision, it has been

consistently ruled that an individual’s

psychological incapacity is confined to

the most serious cases of personality

disorders, clearly demonstrative of

an utter insensitivity or inability to

give meaning and significance to the

marriage. It contemplates downright

incapacity or incompetence to take

cognizance of and to assume the basic

marital obligations — not merely the

refusal, neglect or difficulty, much less

ill will, on the part of the errant spouse.

In the doctrinal case of Republic vs

Molina (268 SCRA 198), the High Court

has laid down definitive guidelines for

the interpretation of Article 36. These

are: (1) The burden of proof to show

the nullity of the marriage belongs to

the plaintiff-spouse; (2) The root cause

of the psychological incapacity must

be medically or clinically identified,

alleged in the complaint, sufficiently

proven by experts and clearly explained

VP slot a dead end

the administration party

and can jump on to

another political ship,

even when that vice

president continues to

be a permanent Cabinet

member who cannot be

fired by the president,

since he has been

divested of his power to

fire his vice president.

There are more

reasons for the president

to have the power to

appoint and fire a vice president,

especially since, as a permanent

Cabinet member who can’t be

fired by the appointing power, he

will always be privy to whatever

plans are being cooked up by the


More often than







not, even a chosen vice

president or one foisted

on the administration

through election or

selection (as it happened

during the Arroyo regime

with then unelected

vice president Teofisto

Guingona) hardly ever gets along after

the so-called honeymoon period — and

even throughout a president’s six-year

term — especially a president who

wanted another six-year term (such

as what happened under the Ramos

presidency who tried getting the

term limits lifted through a bogus

People’s Initiative). Then President

Ramos did all he could to destroy

the election chances of his then

very popular vice president, Erap

Estrada, whom he detested. He failed.

Estrada was elected president

in a landslide. Ramos also

played a major role, along

with the traitorous

in the decision; (3) The

incapacity must be proven

to be existing at the time

of the celebration of

the marriage; (4) Such

incapacity must also be

shown to be medically or

clinically permanent or

incurable; (5) The illness

must be grave enough to

bring about the disability

of the party to assume

the essential obligations

of marriage; (6) The

essential marital obligations must be

those embraced by Articles 68 up

to 71 of the Family Code as regards

the husband and wife, as well as

Articles 220, 221 and 225 of the same

Code in regard to parents and their

children; (7) Interpretations given by

the National Appellate Matrimonial

Tribunal of the Catholic Church of the

Philippines, while not controlling or

decisive, should be given great respect

by courts and (8) The trial court must

order the prosecuting attorney or fiscal

and the Solicitor General to appear as

counsel for the State. No decision shall

be handed down unless the Solicitor

General issues a certification briefly

stating therein his reasons for his

agreement or opposition, as the case

may be, to the petition.

Nevertheless, since

the issuance of these

guidelines in 1997, there

had been at least three

substantial modifications

or clarifications made

which had significantly

affected cases involving

declaration of nullity

of marriage on the

ground of psychological


First, in 2003, the SC promulgated

A.M. 02-11-10-SC which removed

the mandatory nature of an OSG

certification. Thus, while the

appearance of the prosecuting attorney

as counsel remained a requirement;

the Molina guideline on the matter of

certification has been dispensed with

(Padilla-Rumbaua vs Rumbaua, 596

SCRA 157, 2009).

Second, recent decisions of

the SC instruct that the evidence

of psychological malady need not

yellows and the traitorous chief justice

Hilario Davide and his justices in the

unconstitutional ouster of Estrada,

which made Gloria Arroyo president

when the coup succeeded.

After the presidential elections

which saw Rodrigo Duterte — who

ran under the Partido Demokratiko

Pilipino, then a virtual paper party

that is today’s ruling party — seated

in Malacañang, the yellow Liberal

Party (LP) vice president Leni

Robredo was appointed by Duterte

as the Housing chief.

It didn’t take long for her and

her yellow LP to start attacking

Duterte even when she must have

known that, as a Cabinet member,

she shouldn’t criticize the President

publicly. The place to do it was

during Cabinet meetings or a private


Despite her and her yellows’

denial of wanting to succeed Duterte,

whether through death, permanent

incapacitation, resignation and a forced

ouster, but not through impeachment

since the numbers aren’t there, she

and the LP are certainly eyeing the

presidency at this time knowing that

she has no chance of ever being elected


But it didn’t take long either for

Duterte to ease her out as his vice


Truth is, Leni, with her abrupt

removal from Duterte’s Cabinet and

her appointed post, had it coming.

Once out, she continued with her

political attacks on Duterte, here

at home and, worse, abroad doing

the country a disservice by coming

up with false statements, such

as inflating the drug war toll to

make the country appear much too

dangerous for travel and making sure

that Duterte is painted black as a

dictator with her non-stop negative


As for giving the vice president a

permanent position, not even if the

American model is followed, which

gives the vice president the position

of Senate president, the parroty US

Vice President Mike Pence’s is only

needed when there is a tie in the

Senate vote between the majority

and minority, something which does

not come too often.

Pence, as vice president, is

reduced to his unelected job of

heaping almost daily praise on

Donald Trump.

The vice president can do away

with the daily praise for a president,

but no VP can be a tie-breaker, since

majority of the members of both

Houses are all aligned with Duterte.

Too bad for the yellows. But they

can try, try again and fail, fail again.

Musings on psychological incapacity

“The law

has put

in enough


to ensure

that a




necessarily come from

the afflicted spouse

but can come from

the aggrieved spouse

himself/herself or from

persons intimately

related to the spouses,

i.e., relatives and close

friends who could

clearly testify on the

allegedly incapacitated

spouse’s condition at

or about the time of

marriage. In other

words, even the lack of personal

examination and interview of the

incapacitated spouse will not per se

invalidate the findings of the experts.

Third, notwithstanding the

Molina guidelines, an expert opinion

is not absolutely necessary and

may be dispensed with, if the

totality of the evidence shows that

psychological incapacity exists and

its gravity, juridical antecedence and

incurability can be duly established

(Del Rosario vs Del Rosario, 818

SCRA 83, 2017). In fact, the Rule

on Declaration of Absolute Nullity

of Void Marriages and Annulment

of Voidable Marriages provides that

“the complete facts should allege the

physical manifestations, if any, as are

indicative of psychological incapacity

at the time of the celebration of the

marriage but expert opinion need not

be alleged.”

As before, it is still quite a hurdle

to prove in court the elements of

psychological incapacity. To be sure,

statistics show that most nullity cases

based on this ground have been

denied. This is only because the State

(and the Church) presume that the

marriage is valid and the love that once

permeated the marital relationship can

be reignited if all efforts are put into it.

And as a consequence, the mindset is

to preserve, not to destroy the marital

union. But, at least in the cases where

the legal (and moral) grounds exist to

dissolve the marital union, spouses

can somehow be comforted in the

thought that the above jurisprudential

clarifications alleviate the difficulty

that they may face once their cases

go to court.


Dean Nilo Divina

Email: nilo.divina@divinalaw.com

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Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune





away from

drugs boils

down to








that will

help them




For decades, our country has

been plagued with a formidable

disease and that is the problem of

illegal drugs. It is an affliction that

has been slowly destroying our

families, communities, institutions

and our beloved country. And

for years, no one else has boldly

taken a step towards stopping this

disease — not until now.

When President Rodrigo Duterte

took the position as the father of

this country in 2016, he waged a

relentless campaign against illegal

drugs. He strongly pushed for programs that quickly

turned the heads of many people, especially the

opposition. I am happy that the President made this

as a focus of his national governance agenda because,

as far as the numbers show, it gained widespread

acceptance and approval as it has drastically

protected and changed many lives.

Although millions of Filipinos are now living clean

and drug-free lives after turning themselves in and

vowing to never use illegal drugs again, the battle

is far from over. The President still needs help in

sustaining the campaign against illegal drugs and

ensuring the perpetrators will be punished to the

fullest extent of the law.

This issue comes to the fore as we observe this

year’s Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week.

The observance reiterates the need to continue the

It did not come without a warning.

But with less emphasis compared with President

Rodrigo Duterte’s threat and eventual closure of Boracay,

owners of business establishments in Coron and El Nido

in Palawan welcomed news of the rehabilitation of the

islands considered as the country’s last frontier.

Boracay was an overkill.

The military had to be deployed during the initial

stages of the Boracay rehab, surprising if not baffling

not a few who never saw such number of battle-ready

soldiers storming the island paradise’s white beach like

the allied forces did in Normandy.

It was a sight my generation saw only in Vic Morrow’s

and Rick Jason’s Combat or to the younger set maybe

in Band of Brothers. We’ve never seen that number of

soldiers deployed to oversee the plugging of sewage

pipes. Philippine Army Brig. Gen. Pio Diñoso said then

about 200 from the Army, Navy and the Citizen Armed

Force Geographical Unit (CAFGU) were tapped to

maintain peace and order and provide support to police

assigned to handle the island’s security.

There could have been more soldiers deployed for

that operation. They had their days in the sun for sure.

There were boats and choppers and sticks and helmets.

Violent dispersal of protests was also been simulated.

None of these feared events happened, though. There

seemed to be a wide approval of the Boracay rehab.

Boracay was not the cesspool as described by

the President. It could have been exaggerated by Mr.


But it was in the stages of early decay. Its waters

had long been contaminated and showed high levels of

fecal coliform bacteria. Its local government, both past

and present, allowed that to happen in exchange for

high tourism revenues.

Thankfully, tourism areas in Coron and Palawan have

yet to reach that stage. However, intervention is needed

now before they turn into what Boracay experienced

when its popularity grew and grew.

Government seemed to have learned, too, that no

drama of the Normandy kind was needed to emphasize

the need for the rehabilitation of the Palawan islands.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

(DENR) Secretary Roy Cimatu had seen and later

administered Boracay’s rehabilitation. Now, he declares

there is no need for the closure of Palawan’s tourist spots

for their recovery.

Instead of soldiers and the CAFGU, Cimatu said

DENR men will be present during the rehabilitation of

Coron and El Nido.

“We’ll dedicate a large portion of the DENR presence

in Palawan. We have to maintain Palawan as the last

ecological frontier of the country,” he said.

Only those with building, business and easement

violations will be closed down, according to the DENR

chief, giving owners and proprietors of the other business

Building a drug-free future

fight against illegal drugs and

this week’s activities focuses on

the protection of our children.

So, how do we make sure that

our children are living in a safe,

healthy, secure and drug-free


Whenever I go around the

country, I see many of our

children wasting their free time

in unproductive vices while

there are others who do not even

go to school because they cannot

afford it. I have also seen some

children begging in the streets and looking for ways

to earn a living just to fill their empty stomachs.

These are the conditions that make them susceptible

to exploitation as well as expose them to crimes

vices and illegal drugs.

That is why when I decided to pursue my

candidacy for the Senate, one of the priority

legislative agendas I will be pushing is to provide

funding for free school supplies, uniforms and

equipment in schools as well as free school buses in

far-flung areas so that our children and their parents

need not to worry about them anymore.

I will also be pursuing legislative measures that

will establish sports and youth development centers

in every locality. These centers will not only have

instructors, equipment and sports clinics but will

also provide mentoring and training programs to help


Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go

Who’s worried about President Rodrigo Duterte’s power naps

when former President Benigno “PNoy” Aquino was asleep for his

entire six-year term?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with power naps



we now

face were

all planted

while our





when done in the proper context. For those who do

not know, and for those who pretend not to know, the

definition of a power nap is that it is a short session of

sleep, lasting from 10 to 30 minutes, done for the

purpose of revitalizing one’s mental alertness

to prepare and equip him for the rest of the

tasks to be done in an unfinished day. Power

naps are done by professionals during the

day, as they understand that there is

more remaining to be done and

a temporary break, short enough

before one enters a deep prolonged

sleep, shall be more effective than a cup of coffee.

What is clearly wrong is “Noynoying,” equated to

sleeping on the job. This is even an offense for public

officials who do not do anything, since this is a form of

corruption, a waste of taxpayer’s money. We all know that the

root of this now household term is PNoy — finally, he got to achieve

something. In fact, if you search “Noynoying” on Google, definitions

are aplenty, from Wikipedia to Urban Dictionary, pointing to the

humiliating state of one’s unconcerned slouched posture,

inactivity and mental unawareness when there is so much

needed to be done.

PNoy is a natural in doing nothing. Even his colleagues

in the House of Representatives when he was a

congressman could attest that PNoy can be caught

napping during sessions and committee hearings.

Those in Malacañang during his administration can

also talk about his perennial habit of sweeping everyday

problems under the rug, leaving the decision making to

his Cabinet, composed of underwhelming and conniving

idiots. Those in the military can attest to how PNoy took

his time in making decisions, leading to the death of our

soldiers, laying the seeds of more terrorist groups, endangering

the lives of the Filipinos.

As a master of inaction, even when PNoy appears to be doing

something, he is still not doing anything. The media can attest to how

Creating Elysium

Aldrin Cardona



establishments a reason to heave a sigh of relief.

He also revealed the DENR’s Environmental

Management Bureau will check the water quality in El

Nido, like it did in Boracay.

El Nido’s carrying capacity is being checked.

Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat also assured

control of tourist inflow on both groups of islands.

In an exclusive Daily Tribune interview of Bangko

Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Deputy Governor Diwa

Guinigundo last week, he said these islands in Palawan

filled the slack left by the six-month closure of Boracay

from July to October.

His statement also held true for the


is no need

for the

closure of




for their


other tourist beach destinations scattered

all over the country.

In charge of the Monetary Stability

Sector of the BSP, Guinigundo said

tourism money also helped keep the

Philippine peso in strong fighting form

somehow. This was despite Boracay’s

half-year closure.

The Tourism Congress of the Philippines

(TCP) also now sees an influx of foreign

tourists next year. It based its projection

from the positive feedback received by the country during

the recent World Travel Market in London.

TCP president Jose Clemente revealed the group

pushed the previously less-visited tourist attractions in

the Philippines. The recently reopened Boracay is still

the top attraction among foreign travelers.

This is a boon to Philippine tourism seeking to

rebound from the ugly images of kidnappings and

terrorism in the South, top reasons for the negative

travel warnings issued by several countries against the

Philippines in the past.

Other than Palawan, Panglao Island in Bohol and

Siargao in Surigao del Norte are also next on the DENR

list for possible rehabilitation.

They may no longer create much noise like Boracay

did, but we should continue glancing at these projects

with critical eyes.



our children develop their athletic skills and abilities.

I will also lead efforts to amend the Juvenile

Justice Law so that minors will not be used for

illegal activities, especially drug running, by criminal

syndicates. I will also be pushing for the funding of

free rehabilitation and reformation centers for drug

addicts and users and harsher penalties for crimes

involving illegal drugs.

Of course, I am an advocate of



still needs

help in







proper and quality health care service,

such as the Universal Health Law

and the Malasakit Center, a one-stop

center where all the government

agencies will be pooled in to provide

financial aid to patients. I will also

push for a zero-billing policy and free

medicine for all. These measures will

help keep our children healthy and


If we provide these kinds of

program to our people, especially the

youth, I am sure they will choose to stay away from

bad influences and opt not to be contaminated by

the disease that is illegal drugs. Indeed, keeping

them away from drugs boils down to ensuring the

availability and accessibility of programs that will

help them become productive citizens and keep

them away from dangerous vices.

I have always believed in the Filipino

people — their ability to change, adapt

and, most importantly, understand as well

Power nap vs ‘Noynoying’

absentminded PNoy was during his press conferences, never veering away

from his script, talking like a trained lackey. This led to his unconscious

way of saying things that he himself does not comprehend or has no

knowledge of, faking it but, unfortunately, never making it.

Anyone who has been on an international summit would know how

tiring and demanding the schedule is for the head of the delegation,

especially if you’re the President of the Philippines. Unlike

all the other country heads in the

summit, President Duterte had the

added responsibility of meeting

with the local Filipino

communities, so he can

inspire and elicit patriotism

from our overseas Filipino


President Duterte’s

power naps are

Dinah S. Ventura

On the hullabaloo that was the Boracay closure, three

things arise out of the cesspool, to borrow that muchmaligned

description used by President Rodrigo Duterte.

First, the strong words, the perceived overreaction

(both on government authorities side and that of

concerned parties) and “extreme” measure taken of

closing the whole island were just what we needed.

Duterte’s move was a kick in the behind, if we are to

be crass about it. If he hadn’t gotten things going, who

knows what Boracay would be like now?

The last time I was there, which was just a few weeks

before its closure, conditions were already deplorable

in my view. Having seen the island before it became a

tourism magnet, I knew it had become so abused and

taken for granted.

The beach had receded, no longer the vast (and I

mean vast!) powdery, white paradise where one could loll

around all day long. The roots of the few coconut trees

lining the beach were woefully exposed. At high tide,

the waters reached the lounge areas of resorts, which

had never happened before. During rainy season, the

island would get flooded. At any time of day, it felt like

there were always too many people.

Many Boracay residents would talk about how the

island had become so ugly. Most times, I thought so,

too, when I would have to watch my step each time we

took a walk because the ground had become lumpy and

sometimes muddy, a sure sign of neglect.

The Boracay situation shows us on a micro level how

things are in the Philippines.

We have bountiful natural treasures. In that realm,

we are blessedly rich. What happened, then, that we

got so poor?

This brings me to the second point: reminders and

warnings about keeping our natural treasures alive have

been given since we can all remember. Did we listen?

Was it poor management on the part of local

leaderships? Plain ignorance of what should be done to

preserve our resources and let it flourish? Or greed —

ignoring or circumventing laws to line one’s pockets by

giving in to capitalists eager to cash in on opportunities?

Keeping paradise

as support programs for the betterment

of this country. If we want our vision for

a progressive and safe Philippines with

Filipinos being responsible humans who look

after themselves and others to materialize,

then we must continue the battle to stop the

abuse of drugs.

Blast from the past: On 19 November 1850,

Isabelo Tampingco, renowned sculptor, carver and

artist, was born in Binondo, Manila. He traces his

lineage to Binondo-based Filipino-Chinese carvers

and Rajah Lakandula, the last lakan of pre-colonial


He is well-renowned for his works as a talented

carver and sculptor. He won medals and accolades

at the Philippine General Exposition held in Madrid

in 1887, the Universal Exposition of Barcelona in

1888, the Philippine Regional Exposition in Manila

in 1895 and the Saint Louis World Fair in 1904.

His famous works can be seen at Santo Domingo

Church, Laoag Cathedral, San Agustin Church

and the Old Senate Session Hall at the National

Museum in Manila.

Isabelo Tampingco is just one of the many

Filipino artists who made their mark in the field of

art, proving that we have no shortage of world-class

talents here in the country. Let his example inspire

present generation of Filipinos to remain committed

to their art and continue pursuing their passions.

undoubtedly justified if you look at what he achieved in his trips to Singapore

and Papua New Guinea. In Singapore, during the Association of Southeast

Asian Nations (ASEAN), his mere presence and comments on the West

Philippine Sea shook geopolitics, leading to China and the US trading words

on this. Meanwhile, halfway across the world, the Balangiga bells, which are

in Wyoming, were finally and ceremoniously turned over to the Philippines.

Who gained the upper hand? The Philippines.

Also, in Singapore, President Duterte and his

Cabinet signed several memorandum of understanding,

entered into agreements and attended bilateral

meetings like clockwork. He interacted and conversed

with leaders of the ASEAN region and met renowned

leaders from participating countries such as Russian

President Vladimir Putin, Japanese Prime Minister

Shinzo Abe, US Vice President Mike Pence and Chinese

Premier Li Keqiang. Anyone who witnessed these would

say the President was not merely a wallflower in these

powerful get-togethers but a strong, emphatic and

charismatic voice, causing leaders to gravitate

towards him.

This is how we lost mangroves and forestlands. This

is how our mountains became bald or hollow and why

we are distressed by floods and landslides.

This is why Boracay was ordered closed for six

months and probably why government forces expected

a great resistance to the move. It seems we, Filipinos,

know too well how we tend to resent being told how to

do things.

I can imagine the inter-agency task force led by the

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

(DENR) trying to investigate the root of Boracay’s

degradation. An investigative show on television

managed to get interviews with some of the controversial

figures in the Boracay mess. The province’s leaders were

defensive and, in my opinion, downright disgusting, while

one of the businessmen whose resort was torn down on

national TV blustered and puffed about how he only went

ahead with it because he had gained permission to do so.

If I were a great white shark and if I could swim in

tropical waters, I would go straight for these fattened


This, then, brings me to the third point.

For all the drama and sighs of relief,




shows us

on a micro

level how


are in the


“We all

know that

the root of

this now


term is

PNoy — finally,

he got to



At the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Papua New Guinea,

President Duterte and the Philippines’ attendance likewise

attracted attention, especially now that Chinese President Xi

Jinping was present. China and the USA again exchanged

words on the West Philippine Sea. As we all now, the

Chinese President, who will be visiting the Philippines

in a few days, has become an ally of our country — a

political strategy employed by President Duterte,

too complicated for simpletons, such as those

accustomed to “Noynoying,” to understand.

President Duterte capped off his Papua New

Guinea visit with another lively talk with the

Filipino community that welcomed him again like

a rock star, shouting his name as if he were Freddie

Mercury at Wembley Stadium. Filipinos there, like

those in all the other countries he has visited, had to be

subdued and be reminded to calm down, so the President can

deliver his no-holds-barred speech which included his branding of

the Magdalo Group as the ISIS of Aquino’s time. He is correct — the

problems we now face were all planted while our previous President

was “Noynoying.”

this Boracay situation has been a stark

reminder to all our local governments

to be careful and more mindful of their


DENR’s plan to replicate the socalled

Boracay model of rehabilitation in

Palawan province and other top tourist

destinations in the country is getting a

thumbs-up from many of us Filipinos.

Perhaps the departments

of environment, tourism and local

government working together can also serve as a model

for our country’s leaders who tend to want to go solo on

matters that in reality affect all of us anyway.

If government can help keep our beautiful islands

in tip-top shape — and our local leaders, too, in the

process — we salute it.

It can start with the popular ones — El Nido and

Coron in Palawan, then Panglao Island in Bohol and

Siargao in Surigao del Norte. They have about 7,101

reasons to keep going, if we want to go full blast.

Is this an overreaction? I don’t think so. The Philippine

islands had been abused and neglected long enough.

“Since we have already started in Boracay, let’s

continue these rehabilitation efforts for the sake of the

Philippines and the Filipino people, so that they can have

something to be proud of,” DENR chief Roy Cimatu said.

Beyond the tourism bragging rights and the economic

gains that these measures will bring, I feel that

developing a strong and effective system that ensures

we take care of our natural resources is more important.

The most sustainable thing our leaders today can do

is to teach the Filipino people to truly love their own.


Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune

Senate to work overtime for GAB

From page 1

The Senate is scheduled to go on a

break after its 12 December session.

However, Senate President Vicente

Sotto III said senators are ready to

extend sessions for another week or until

19 December to pass the 2019 national


Sotto admitted if the House fails to

pass the general appropriations bill

(GAB) today, Congress will have a very

tight time line to pass the national


“As of now, if they fail to submit it on

Monday, we might run out of time. But if

they submit it on Monday… it will still be

tight, but we can target to have it signed

by the President by 30 December,” Sotto

said over the weekend.

We are quite apprehensive over

the time line.

The Senate President said the

possible extension of session would

only be decided by the Senate and the

House of Representatives.

“We only need to request the House

not to adjourn since it has not yet been

approved in the bicameral,” he explained.

Lead time needed

He cited the long process of

deliberations, interpellations and the 10-

day printing period prior to the bicameral

From page 1

Philippines-National Democratic Front of the

Philippines (CPP-NDFP) leadership.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana

theorized the success of the Duterte

administration’s Enhanced Comprehensive

Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) under

Paoay’s awaited


From page 1

November 2015. The visit is expected

to boost the warming ties of the two

countries and reciprocates President

Rodrigo Duterte’s three visits to China

since 2016.

The other visitor is not a person, but

nonetheless is expected to command a

reception as strong as that prepared for

the Chinese leader. Today, 19 November,

great cormorants are expected to

arrive in Paoay Lake in Ilocos Norte

for their annual winter migration.

Awaiting these black seabirds with

matted feathers are hundreds of local

and foreign birdwatchers who are

already positioned with their cameras,

binoculars and telescopes in view decks

around the 387-hectare lake to have a

closer look at the awesome cormorant

and other bird species that will feed on

Paoay’s fishes.

The great cormorant is the star

migratory bird in Paoay Lake. Locals

even held a festival for the bird in

2008 that had made since then the

lake’s view deck in Nagbacalan village

a favorite destination for birdwatchers.

Having a captured audience in

Ilocos Norte, the feathery visitor to

Paoay definitely steals the show in

this part of the country from the

very important person Malacañang is

hosting on Tuesday and Wednesday.

conference committee approval.

Sotto, however, downplayed a possible

reenacted 2019 national budget as he

banked on the assurance personally given

to him by the House majority last week.

The Senate was expecting to receive

the bill from the House before Congress

went on a break on 11 October to be able

to set a bicameral meeting on the first

week of December.

“We are willing to conduct marathon

sessions so that we can proceed with

the interpellation period, but there is a

possibility that we extend for one week the

session up to 19 December,” he explained.

“We are quite apprehensive over the

time line,” he added.

Reenactment not good

Sen. Chiz Escudero echoed Sotto’s

sentiments, stressing that passing

the budget act is part of the duty of

lawmakers. That is why they have to do

it even if it means extending the session.

“That is part of the job. It is our duty

to finish it. That is the most important

law that we need to pass,” Escudero

said. “If we need to go on a special

session or an extended session, we will

do that. Reenacted budget is not good

to the country’s economy.”

Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito, for

his part, said the budget hearings are

already delayed as the Senate could not

do anything about the GAB being passed

Manna from sea Fishing hobbyists bag a huge catch in Laguna de Bay that secures their lunch for the day.


Solons open to longer ML

From page 1

Vicente Sotto III said security officials

need to convince lawmakers on the need

to extend military rule in Mindanao.

“Why extend it? They have to convince

us what are the reasons and details of

such an extension. What do they need to

do? We are open-minded. They just need

to explain why,” Sotto said.

“If the explanation is clear and the

necessity is justified, then Congress would

have to extend it,” he added.

Sen. Chiz Escudero said he does not

see the need for the extension of martial

law but stressed he is open to listen to the

AFP and PNP and see what evidence they

will be presenting.

Escudero said those who are opposed to

the measure should also be heard.

“Right now, I don’t see the need or

justification for it, but I am open. Let’s

wait for the evidence to be presented by

the AFP and PNP,” Escudero said.

Sentiment positive

For his part, Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito

cited the positive sentiment of Mindanaoans.

“The people in Mindanao are content

with the implementation of martial law,

particularly in the campaign against

private armed groups and loose firearms,”

Ejercito said.

On Friday, AFP chief of staff Gen.

Carlito Galvez cited the gains of martial

rule in terms of peace and order and

economic development in Mindanao,

DU30 bid deals blow to Reds

Task Force Balik Loob has prompted CPP

founding chairman Jose Ma. Sison to order

NDFP negotiators Luis Jalandoni and Fidel

Agcaoili to talk to the President.

The CPP-NDFP realized the government’s

current localized campaign for peace

talks espoused by Mr. Duterte is working,

Lorenzana said.

E-CLIP was belittled by Sison as a scam, but

Lorenzana said it has succeeded in benefiting

thousands of former rebels, providing them

and their families with livelihood, free housing,

medical care, free education for their children

and skills training.

“They want to stall this successful program

by their overtures for the resumption of formal

talks. It is for this reason that Mr. Sison is

sending both Mr. Jalandoni and Mr. Agcaoili

back to the Philippines,” Lorenzana said.

Presidential Adviser on the Peace

Process Jesus Dureza had said localized

peace talks with rebels will continue until

by the House.

“So as not to waste time, we conducted

Mr. Duterte gives clear guidelines for the

peace negotiations.

Local government units may continue

with the conduct of negotiations in their

respective areas, he added.

Bad faith evident

Lorenzana explained the communist

rebels, and not the government, acted in bad

faith that led to the scuttling of peace talks.

The NDFP had sent feelers for the

reactivation of the stalled negotiations.

“The NDFP was the one guilty of bad

faith since the beginning for the simple

reason that, for them, the peace talks are

just a tool to pursue their armed rebellion,”

Lorenzana said.

“(CPP founding chairman Jose

Maria) Sison has been explicit

about this on many occasions,

explaining the primary

objective of the

budget briefings in preparation for the

GAB,” Ejercito said.

NDFP is armed struggle, and anything that

would advance it, including peace talks, was

welcome,” he added.

Lorenzana recalled “a period in the late

’80s until the early ’90s when the Armed

Forces of the Philippines (AFP), through

its ‘Lambat Bitag’ campaign, was able to

decimate the CPP-New People’s Army from

a high of 25,000 active fighters to about

5,000, forcing them to come to the

peace table.”

The AFP had warned Malacañang

about the real motive of the two

NDFP negotiators, Agcaoili and

Jalandoni, in seeking to talk

with President Rodrigo

Duterte to revive peace


The Duterte administration proposed a

national budget of P3.757 trillion for 2019.

China takes trump hand Leaders assemble for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. US President Donald Trump skipped

the annual event which proved positive for Asian nations that rallied behind China’s fight against protectionism and unilateralism. AFP

particularly in the tourism sector.

Galvez toured Mindanao last week as

part of consultations among stakeholders

before the AFP makes its recommendation.

The AFP chief hinted at what the

military would recommend when he said,

“It is imprudent to stop at this time. A lot

more is left to be done.”

Tipping point

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana

cited two major events in Mindanao next

year that are crucial in the military’s

apparent support for martial rule.

These are the January plebiscite on the

Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) and the

2019 midterm polls in May.

Mr. Duterte declared martial law on 23

May last year after members of the Islamic

State-inspired Maute terrorist group laid

siege in Marawi City. The conflict lasted

for five months and ended with the killing

of more than 1,000 terrorists, government

troops and civilians.

The people in Mindanao

are contented with the

implementation of martial law.

Initially, the martial law declaration

only covered six months, but Congress

approved its extension for one year which

is set to expire this 31 December.

Currently, the AFP and the PNP are

conducting assessment and consultations

in Mindanao on whether to extend military

rule. The recommendation is expected to

be announced soon.

Peace not an aim

“Since then, several agreements were

signed with them. Why have we not signed

a final agreement that would end the

communist insurgency? Three decades of

talks and the end is nowhere in sight. It is

not hard to figure out why: they don’t want

peace, except on their terms,” he added.

Lorenzana said that striking a peace

deal with the communists has been elusive

because of their negotiators who did

“nothing but constantly put forward

outrageous demands,” thus allowing them

to regroup.

For several decades, the peace talks

were used by “communist terrorists

to recoup their losses, regroup from

military setbacks and recruit

more into their fold with lies

and deception.”

“We all know that

what they ultimately

want is not peace

but a complete

takeover of

the government. This

objective by the

communists has

never changed,” he

added. Kathleen

Mae Bulquerin

Play feeds ingenuity With a lot of plastic sacks lying around, a group of creative children set up an improvised tent to shield them from the scorching heat of the afternoon sun. RAFAEL TABOY

Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune NATION


Gwen’s camp

hits capitol

over health


Making something out of nothing A homeless man checks some of the items he earlier had collected in Manila Bay to see if he can have something that would help him see

through another day.


Sandiganbayan sends

parole officer to slammer

However, on 9 January1990, Fuentes executed

an affidavit before the National Bureau of

Investigation regional office and admitted to

stealing the money

By Hananeel Bordey

It might have taken 29 years but justice has finally caught up with

a former parole officer, after the First Division of Sandiganbayan

found him guilty of malversation of public funds amounting to

“measly” P51,481.99.

Former Parole and Probation Administration (PPA) Region 10

officer Celso Tan Fuentes was convicted by the anti-graft body after

pocketing the said amount representing the unclaimed salaries of

his fellow employees in their agency.

As a result, Fuentes will serve a minimum of two years and four

months to maximum of seven years and four months in prison.

The case stemmed from a complaint filed by the Office of the

Ombudsman on 24 November 1989, stating that Fuentes, who was

then the disbursing officer II of their office in Cagayan de Oro City,

“take away, embezzle and misappropriate P51,481.99” while performing

his public duties.

The anti-graft court explained that all the elements

required to convict Fuentes of malversation of funds

were sufficiently proven.

It was gathered a fellow employee discovered that the safety vault

where the fund was supposedly kept was forcibly opened and Fuentes

confirmed that P51,481.99 was missing.

However, on 9 January 1990, Fuentes executed an affidavit before

the National Bureau of Investigation regional office and admitted to

stealing the money.

He, however, promised to return it and on 23 January 1990, he

handed over P34,000 as partial payment before giving the remaining

balance of P17,481.99 on 15 February 1990.

In a resolution dated 26 February 2018, Sandiganbayan denied

Fuentes’ challenge questioning the evidence of the prosecution, citing

that a prima facie evidence will sustain a guilty verdict against him,

unless rebutted by the defense.

In its ruling, the anti-graft court explained that all the elements required

to convict Fuentes of malversation of funds were sufficiently proven.

“In unequivocal terms, the accused confessed to having used or

malversed the government fund of his office. The sworn statement

likewise contained the accused’s act of partially restituting the fund

in the amount of P34,000 and his promise to turn over the balance of

P17,481.99 on or before 15 February 1990. To the mind of this court,

the accused’s confession leaves no room for doubt as to his guilt of

the crime charged against him,” the verdict read.

However, there are no civil liabilities assessed against Fuentes

since he had already restituted the full amount of P51,481.99.

The 23-page decision promulgated last 16 November was penned

by First Division Court chairman Efren de la Cruz with Associate

Justices Geraldine Faith Econg and Edgardo Caldona concurring.

‘Terrorists’ prowl

Lapu-Lapu City?

By Rico M. Osmeña

Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza yesterday

urged her constituents to be more vigilant and

immediately report to the police the presence of

suspicious individuals in their respective localities.

Radaza’s call came after she reportedly received

intelligence reports that members of an obscure

terror group Ameerbahr Rajah were spotted in

their city.

The lady mayor told reporters that Ameerbahr

Rajah is mainly composed of former secessionist

rebels who broke away from the Moro National

Liberation Front and opted to continue fighting

the government.

Radaza specifically pinpointed the villages of

Basak and Pajac as the places where the suspects

are believed to be operating.

“We have it investigated and this is not a joke!”

she told reporters.

This developed as she instructed barangay

officials in Basak and Pajac to be more vigilant and

identify everyone, especially the strangers, who are

coming in and going out of their villages.

The information about the presence of terrorists

in her city came shortly after the local police figured

in an encounter during a drug buy-bust operation

with unidentified gunmen last 26 September in

Barangay Pajac.

The encounter resulted in the death of seven

suspects who were all believed to be members of

The National Police Commission (Napolcom)

has promoted to one rank higher eight

policemen for displaying exceptional bravery

against more than 200 New People’s Army

(NPA) rebels who attacked and tried to burn

their post on 3 December 2017 in Binuangan,

Misamis Oriental.

It might have taken more than a year in

coming but the cops would savor just the same

the sweet taste of their promotion, even as the

Napolcom also expressed its deep appreciation

for their heroism.

Promoted to the next higher rank are

Senior Insp. Dante Hallazgo, SPO 4 Lorimer

Cabil, SPO1 Ramonito Zambas, PO3 Alberto

Bernadas, PO3 Crispin Dalugdug, PO2 Necil

Japuz, PO1 Josua Satur and PO1 Laila


the terror group.

“I have checked with my sources from the

intelligence community and they told me that

the members of this terror group also dabble in

drug dealing activities apparently to finance their

operations,” she explained.

Lapu-Lapu City Police Office chief Senior Supt.

Limuel Obon, however, said they are still verifying

the information provided by Radaza.

Meanwhile, two suspected members of the

notorious Kuratong Baleleng gang who were

tagged as the principal suspects in the killing of

a barangay captain in Ozamis City were arrested

over the weekend by the police in Liloan, Cebu


The suspects were identified as cousins Richard

Cabrellos Obagan alias Richie, 48, and Jacinto de

la Cruz Obagan, 29, both natives of Ozamis City.

Radaza’s call came after she

reportedly received intelligence

reports that members of an obscure

terror group Ameerbahr Rajah were

spotted in their city.

The two are the main suspects in the murder

last year of village councilor Jerry Salvador of

Barangay Malaubong.

The arrests were made through the warrant of

arrest issued by Ozamis City Regional Trial Court

Branch 35 Judge Roy Murallon.

Napolcom vice-chairman and executive

officer Rogelio Casurao announced their

special promotion after the commission en

banc chaired by Interior and Local Government

Secretary Eduardo M. Año approved Resolution

2018-569 dated 22 October 2018.

The police officers were recognized for their

steadfast dedication to duty in standing their

ground despite being greatly outnumbered and

outgunned by their enemies.

In recognition of their heroic acts, they

also received Gallantry Award during the 53rd

founding anniversary of the commission last 7


“While the Napolcom remains committed to

continuously cleanse and professionalize the

PNP, we also take cognizance of the outstanding

accomplishments of our police officers by

Cebu provincial board members

aligned with 3rd District Rep. Gwen

Garcia expressed suspicion over

what they described as “extremely

high” the P1.34 billion health budget

proposal by the capitol for next


It is already bad when you

use government money for

your own benefits but it

is worse when you use it

to further your personal

political ambitions.

This developed as they vowed

to question and thoroughly

scrutinize the proposed health

budget, noting that it is more

than 30 percent of the P4.5 billion

suggested total budget of the

provincial government for 2019.

They also raised the possibility

that the capitol could be planning

to use the unusually huge budget

to earn political points and ensure

the victory of incumbent Vice

Gov.Agnes Magpale in next year’s


“We will definitely scrutinize the

proposed health budget because

we have it on good accounts that

the current leadership will use the

same in their bid to secure the

win for Vice Governor Magpale,”

one board member who requested

anonymity said.

“It is already bad when you

use government money for your

own benefit but it is worse

when you use it to further your

personal political ambitions,”

he added.

Local political observers say

Magpale is a heavy underdog

against Garcia in their battle for

the gubernatorial post, but she

could pull off a surprise if she can

utilize the government resources

in her favor.

Dr. Rene Catan, the chief of the

Provincial Health Office, however,

explained that the proposed

budget is divided into three major

components namely: 47 percent

for provincial government-owned

hospitals, 44 percent for PHO

operations and 9 percent for annual

investments. Rico M. Osmeña

Napolcom honors, promotes 8 hero cops

promoting those who truly deserve career

advancement in the police service,” Casurao said.

While the Napolcom remains

committed to continuously cleanse

and professionalize the PNP, we also

take cognizance of the outstanding

accomplishments of our police officers.

Section 38 (b) of RA 6975, as amended

by Section 33 (b) of RA 8551, states that any

uniformed member of the PNP who has exhibited

acts of conspicuous courage and gallantry at the

risk of his/her life above and beyond the call of

duty shall be promoted to the next higher rank,

provided, that such acts shall be validated by

the commission based on established criteria.


Killings put La Union

in poll hotspot

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) is

seriously considering proposals by some groups

and sectors to declare La Union as an election

hotspot following the spate of killings of several

local officials by unidentified armed men.

The latest victim Vice Mayor AlFred Concepcion

of Balaoan town was killed in an ambush on

Wednesday that also left his aide dead.

The vice mayor’s daughter incumbent Mayor Aleli

Concepcion was also wounded during the attack

staged by still unidentified assassins.

Prior to Concepcion’s murder, Mayor

Alexander Buquing of Supiden was also

killed by unknown gunmen on 1 October while

former congressman Franny Eriguel was also

slain last 12 May.

All the killings which were believed to be politically

motivated are yet to be solved by the police.

Joel Gines, Comelec provincial supervisor, said

placing La Union under Comelec control would

ensure the presence of security forces and safety

of residents.

For his part, Noli Pipo, Comelec regional

director, said they are waiting for the

recommendation of the Philippine National

Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines before

making their recommendation.


Earlier, La Union Reps. Pablo Ortega and Sandra

Eriguel said they are also in favor of declaring La Union

as an election hot spot to ensure peace and order in

their province.


‘Samuel’ brings

rains in CARAGA,

Davao areas

Tropical depression “Samuel” has entered the

Philippine area of responsibility (PAR), according to

Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical

Services Administration (PAGASA).

As of 10 a.m. on Sunday, “Samuel” was estimated

at 980 east southeast of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

and is moving west southwest at 15 kilometers per

hour with maximum sustained winds of 55 kph and

gustiness of up to 65 kph.

Typhoon warning signals will be raised by

PAGASA on Eastern Visayas and Mindanao today.

Everyone is advised to take precautionary

measures as moderate to heavy rains will pour on

the areas of CARAGA region, Davao Oriental and

Compostela Valley starting Monday.

The other tropical storm outside PAR with an

international name “Toraji” which is just 945 km west of

Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan is expected to move southwest

towards Southern Vietnam. It will have no direct

effect on the country. Kathleen Mae Bulquerin

Old style A horse-driven cart loaded with various merchandise used to be one of several ways entrepreneurs

market their products to customers.




John Henry Dodson, Editor

Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune

Go goes pulse-gauging

By Miguel Paolo Togonon

Former Special Assistant to the

President Christopher Lawrence “Bong”

Go revealed yesterday that he has many

friends in the private sector supportive of

his outreach programs.

Go issued the statement as he came

from a visit to fire victims in Tondo,

Manila and Barangay Viente Reales in

Valenzuela City.

About 130 families were affected in the

Tondo fire while 15 houses were destroyed

in Valenzuela City, leaving 25 families


“I have friends who are really willing

to help. Instead of spending money

on stuff, I’ve asked them to

chip in to this worthy cause,”

Go said in Filipino.

Says he’s not averse to risks

Go said that while some people had

expressed concern for his safety in going to

slum areas, he stressed he pays no mind to the

risks because he wants to help those in need.

Likewise, he said going around poor

communities helps him to really feel the pulse

of the masses as he seeks a Senate seat in

next year’s midterm elections.

With his friends, Go provided clothes, relief

goods, meals and cash assistance to families

affected in the Tondo and Valenzuela fires.

He encouraged

those who need


assistance to visit Malasakit Centers that

cater to all Filipinos who cannot afford to

avail of medical treatment and medicines.

The Malasakit Center is a one-stop shop

program of President Rodrigo Duterte to

hasten the delivery of medical services and

give indigent patients access to free medicines.

Go vowed to coordinate with national

government agencies to further assist the

victims as he also offered free transportation

to those who wish to go back to their respective


Go’s supporters will also donate construction

materials to help victims rebuild their houses.

If elected to

the Senate, Go said he will legislate laws that

will focus on improving evacuation centers

and fire safety measures across the country

to prevent loss of lives and properties.

Former Duterte assistant cites

need for fire safety legislation.

Go shared a meal with tricycle drivers

of Valenzuela to listen to their concerns. He

also encouraged them to contribute to nationbuilding



staying away from illegal

criminality and


Touching base For Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go, the only way to determine the needs of the masses is to talk to them directly in rural and urban communities.

Kaliwa Dam

gets backing

By Sundy Locus

The two primary water

suppliers in Metro Manila have

thrown their supportfor the

P12.2 billion New Centennial

Water Supply Project of the

Duterte administration.

Concessionaires Manila

Water and Maynilad issued

separate statements over the

weekend in backing the Kaliwa

Dam undertaking that will add

600 million liters of water daily

to the National Capital Region

in 2023.

China-funded project to

add 600 million liters daily

to ANCR’s water supply.

Manila Water president

and chief executive officer

Ferdinand M. dela Cruz cited

the need for the Metropolitan

Waterworks and Sewerage

System to develop a master

water supply plan for both

East and West Zones.

He said ample supply of

water is mandatory to sustain

national development, “given

the 96 percent dependency of

Metro Manila on Angat Dam.”

“We underscore the urgency

of building new water sources,

including the already approved


D a m





By Francis Earl Cueto

An Asian utility vehicle (AUV) reportedly driven by the

father-in-law of Sen. Grace Poe yesterday fell from the

third floor of a parking building in Greenhills, San Juan.

The driver, Dr. Teodoro Llamanzares, 83, was brought to

the Cardinal Santos Medical Center at around 10 a.m. following

the accident which happened as he was parking the AUV.

Llamanzares came from a church service. He was

subjected to a CT scan and other medical tests.

San Juan City police chief Senior Supt. Dindo Reyes

said witnesses recounted seeing the black Toyota Innova

moving fast up the parking structure.

The AUV rammed and went through the railings of

the parking area. It fell to the ground and turned turtle,


Jaw repair up

Roger Herrero, the man who survived an alleged summary execution

attempt by four policemen in Agdangan, Quezon, is scheduled to

undergo an operation today in an undisclosed hospital in Manila.

Doctors will repair his jaw bone shattered by a bullet allegedly fired

by one of the policemen in close range after telling him to



Gun-toter on CCTV

A man in Bacoor, Cavite brandished and fired a gun over a parking

misunderstanding with a neighbor. The incident involving the gun-toting

Rommel Alonzo was caught on closed circuit television footage. Alonzo

was pacified by relatives in front of the house of Megdonia Bermudez,

but not before poking his gun on Bermudez’s sister, Sharrie Gabriel.


PITX update

Jeepneys and UV Express units

will be mandated to make a stop at

the Parañaque Integrated Terminal

Exchange to pick up passengers of

provincial buses coming from

the Coastal Road and Cavitex,

according to Daily Tribute


Poe in-law hurt in AUV fall

startling people around the area. The vehicle and the

parking railings were badly damaged.

Witnesses said they feared the car would explode

because it emitted thick smoke. Police officers and mall

staff responded immediately. No one else was injured.

Meanwhile, the Pasig City Traffic and Parking

Management Office (TPMO) said yesterday they are

strongly considering prohibiting trucks from plying Pasig

Boulevard going to C5 Road.

Mar Lugto, head of TPMO District 1, said they are

mulling the truck ban after a 22-wheeler truck went over

a center island and hit the C5 Pasig flyover last Saturday.

The accident blocked two lanes of C5 and Pasig

Boulevard southbound, resulting to heavy traffic that

lasted eight hours.


AUV can’t fly The black Toyota Innova driven by Dr. Teodoro Llamanzares (top photo) lies crumpled on its roof

after the long drop from the parking structure.


P.4M pot seized outside mall

Accounting PO2 Daniel Ebon inventories the shabu seized from suspected drug dealers Van del Rosario

and alias Jon-Jon following their arrest in a buy-bust operation yesterday in Pasay City.


By Gladys Mae Ablon

Authorities seized over the weekend

P400,000 worth of high-grade marijuana

from six individuals outside a mall in

Mandaluyong City. The drugs came from

abroad and were peddled through the

Internet, the police said.

The suspects were nabbed by police

operatives in a buy-bust operation which had

an asset buying 255 grams of the weed in foil


“We made a Facebook account and then the

buyers contacted us,” one of the suspects said.

The group’s buyers included students and

foreign nationals. They said they earned between

P500 and P2,500 per transaction, according to

the police.

Six dealers trading online collared.

The suspects were aged 18 to 30 years old.

They blamed life problems like poverty and having

broken families for their choice to deal drugs.

Police identified the suspects as Michael

Dangkil, Andrei Pilpil, Tyrone James Reyes,

Anthony Padua, Franz Sumera and Rona


Jun Vallecera, Editor

Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune











MUSHROOM cultivation in China contributes to the sustainable agriculture and food security objectives of its government

while helping empower some 25 million farmers.



Act to open



Finance officials vowed on Friday

to build on the strength offered by

the three-month old Personal Property

Security Act and magnify the impact of

the Financial Infrastructure Development

Network (FIDN) which seeks to create

an interconnected financial ecosystem

that will support both the micro, small

and medium enterprises (MSME) and the

agricultural sectors.

The act was signed into law by

President Duterte only last August,

allowing the MSME to offer movable

assets as machineries, accounts receivable

and inventories as eligible collateral for

purposes of obtaining a loan.

The law bears huge potential to

accelerate the growth of MSME.

With the law in place, the FIDN

is a step closer in furthering its aim

to facilitate MSME participation

in cross-border trading and other

investment activities.

According to Finance Secretary

Carlos Dominguez III, the law was

in accordance with the need for

government to sustain its growth

momentum while attaining financial

inclusion for all.

“The law bears huge potential to

accelerate the growth of MSME,”

Dominguez said.

“Its effective implementation will

mark a big leap to sustainable, robust

and a truly inclusive economic growth.

It will help the Duterte administration

grow the middle class, ensure financial

inclusion and transform the country

into an upper middle-income economy

by 2022,” he added.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)

Deputy Governor Chuchi Fonacier likewise

said they are pleased to witness the

significant milestones in achieving the

goal of more inclusive economic growth.

“The BSP strongly supports

game-changing reforms in the area

of credit access and shall continue

to provide an enabling regulatory

environment for businesses, especially

MSME, to flourish,” Fonacier said.

X and Y are so madly in love. They

could not take their eyes off each other

that they decide to tie the knot. They

rush to city hall and say their vows

before a notary public. Then with hands

clasped together, they happily hop out

of city hall and introduce themselves as

Mr. & Mrs. to the general public.

Getting married is not that easy.

There are certain essential and formal

requirements that should be complied

with before a couple is considered

validly and legally married. As to

essential requirements, the parties, first

and foremost, must be male and female

and have the legal capacity to say “I do.”

Yes, one should be male and the other

female. As of this writing, same-sex

marriages are not yet sanctioned in the

Philippines unlike in other jurisdictions.

Also, both must be at least 18 years old

with no legal impediment to be able to

marry. Thus, even if both are above 18,

if one is currently married, said partner

cannot take his (or her) marital vow

with the other. Even if he (she) does, the

marriage is void. In addition, consent


of both parties must be freely given in

the presence of the solemnizing officer.

Even though all formal requirements

of marriage are observed, if one of the

parties did not consent freely, then that

makes the marriage voidable. And as I

wrote before, voidable means a valid

marriage until declared annulled on

ground of vitiated consent.

To add to the above, there are formal

requirements on the check list as well.

First, the solemnizing officer must have

authority to officiate marriages. The

Family Code enumerates the persons

authorized to do so. A notary public,

who is a lawyer, is certainly not one

of them. So, in the example above, the

marriage is void. The ceremony must be

performed by any incumbent member

of the judiciary within his territorial

jurisdiction. He may be a judge or a

justice (of the Supreme Court or Court

of Appeals) or the solemnizing officer

may be a priest, rabbi, imam or minister

duly authorized by his church or sect to

perform marriages. If performed by said

religious official, one of the spousesto-be

must be a member

of said church. It makes

no sense if neither of the

parties is a member of the

sect. In case parties are

abroad, they may appear

before a consul at the

Philippine consulate of

the place where they are.

Said officer can maritally

bind them together. Other

persons authorized are a

ship captain, airline chief

or military commander (in

the absence of a chaplain).

But these persons’ authority is limited

only under one condition, where one of

the parties is about to die. This is what

is called in law a marriage in articulo


Next, a valid marriage license is

necessary. The parties must apply for

this before the intended ceremony. It

is like a driver’s license. A person must

have a license before he can drive.

Unlike a driver’s license, though, it

will only have a 120-day validity from

issuance. Parties must marry within

the said period.

There are exemptions though from

the license requirement. There are two


Eduardo Martinez






Tying the knot — the essential and formal requisites

One seemingly innocuous oversight might mean a lifetime of

regret, as the marriage may turn out to be void

Publicly-listed international seafood

company Alliance Select International Inc.

reported year-to-date net income after tax

of $3.3 million, almost six times higher

than 2017 year-to-date and only $30,000 shy

of beating its highest recorded full year

net income since inception.

Year to date sales increased by more than

39 percent to $74 million while net income

margin increased by 3.6 percentage points

to 4.5 percent.

The third quarter results contribute

positively as the company recorded net sales

of $26 milion and net income of $1 million.

“I am very pleased with the results,” said

Alliance Select president and CEO Raymond See.

‘PH will regain growth momentum’

We remain among the strongest economies in Asia. We

are poised to recover our growth momentum, aided by

investments in modernizing our infrastructure and strong

inflows of foreign direct investments

By Joshua Lao

There is no doubt that the

Philippines, despite the economic

headwinds both local and overseas,

should weather the buffeting and

rebuild the growth momentum lost the

past several quarters.

This was learned from Finance

Secretary Carlos Dominguez III who

on Friday gave assurance recapturing

the lost momentum is best indicated by

the surge in foreign direct investments

(FDI) and the aggressive disbursement

of public funds in support of the

massive infrastructure program of the


According to Dominguez, the economic

headwinds, particularly the stubbornly

elevated inflation, is only temporary

as domestic supply-side issues as well

as other external factors driving the

phenomenon are not permanent.

“We remain among the strongest

economies in Asia. We are poised to

recover our growth momentum, aided

by investments in modernizing our

infrastructure and strong inflows

of foreign direct investments,”

Dominguez said.

This relates for the most

part to local output

growth measured as the gross domestic

product that has since steadily slowed

from 6.6 percent in the first quarter to

only 6.2 percent in the second quarter

and only 6.1 percent in the third.

Much of the deceleration, Dominguez

and other key personalities making up

the Cabinet economic cluster of President

Duterte state, is owed to what many

analysts suspect as a deliberate effort to

disrupt supply-side efficiencies translating

to substantially higher inflation, particularly

on food.

Food accounts for more than half of

the components making up the consumer

price index the Philippine Statistics

Authority regularly surveys to measure

inflation. Price adjustments in the food

component, regardless of size, necessarily

tell on headline inflation.

Nevertheless, the Finance chief said

Mindanao counts as among the biggest

beneficiaries of the



Seafood firm delivers

strong performance

initiative and has started receiving

big-ticket infrastructure investments

signifying a complete turnaround from

chronic official neglect of the South

in the past. The steady buildup of

infrastructure in Mindanao is key to

unlocking the island’s growth potential.

I trust in the diligence and

industriousness of the people of

Zamboanga. I am sure you will

seize the opportunities offered by

our growth strategy.

The Mindanao Railway System, the

first of its kind in the region, should help

unlock massive economic opportunities

in addition to new power plants that

will help boost Mindanao’s industrial

investments and generate jobs for its


Also, an extensive road and

bridge network is eyed for the

Northwestern Mindanao area that

should help boost the logistical

requirements of the island’s

agricultural sector, among others.

“We are ready to grow. Be

assured that regardless of shortterm

challenges, this administration

is determined to push through

SPECIALLY prepared rice cakes or bibingka begin to appear at food stalls around Metro Manila as the country rushes headlong into the

extended Christmas holidays.


instances: those who have

been living as husband and

wife, without impediment

to marry, for at least five

years prior to marriage. All

they need do is execute an

affidavit to that effect. The

other instance is, again, a

marriage in articulo mortis.

(It would be quite absurd

for a couple to be required

to present one when one of

the parties is already about

to breathe his last).

Finally, there must be

a marriage ceremony where both

parties personally appear before the

solemnizing officer and take their vows

as husband and wife in the presence of

at least two witnesses of legal age (i.e.,

at least 18 years old).

All the requirements above are found

in Articles 2 and 3 of the Family Code.

Now, take special note of what Article 4

mandates, “(T)he absence of any of the

essential or formal requirements shall

render the marriage void ab initio....”

As you can see, getting married is

not as easy as 1-2-3. Rushing to city

hall and asking a judge (not a notary

public) to help the parties recite their


“We are continuing to see the fruits

of our collective hard work and the solid

strategy implemented by our team. We

would really like to achieve a steady and

sustained growth for the company and our

shareholders,” he added

Alliance Select Foods International

Inc. is a homegrown international seafood


It operates in General Santos City,

Philippines and has subsidiaries

in Indonesia, New Zealand and the USA.

The company’s brands sold in Philippine

retail outlets include Akaroa Salmon, Prime

New Zealand, Gold Standard and the recently

launched Bay of Gold Select Tuna.

with its strategy for economic growth,”

Dominguez said. He quickly added parallel

strategies taking advantage of the growth

opportunities in larger regions.

Moreover, Dominguez urged members

of the La Hermandad Zamboangueña

Foundation to help their city realize its

potential as an “important nexus of our

country’s economic progress.”

The foundation, which was

organized almost six decades ago by a

group of



residing in Metro Manila,

can assist in mobilizing private

investments and help boost the city’s

tourism industry.

“I trust in the diligence and

industriousness of the people of

Zamboanga. I am sure you will seize

the opportunities offered by our

growth strategy. I am confident you

will effectively lead in the economic

development of this area,” Dominguez


marital vows will not be availing if the

requirements are not complete.

Getting married is not as easy as


The requisites above clearly

prove that marriage takes maturity,

awareness of what one is getting

into and planning. Hopefully, as one

actually goes through the exercise

above, he (or she) will realize that

marriage is not merely a Mr. &

Mrs. title, but rather a whole new

chapter in one’s life; bringing with

it a world, not only of bliss, but of

responsibilities. If one is not yet that

dead set on tying the knot, the whole

exercise of complying with these

requirements might make him realize

that marital responsibilities might not

yet be for him. Add to this the actual

planning for the ceremonial venue,

reception, invites, sponsors, wedding

gown and entourage and the list goes

on and on and on.

So, the couple must plan well. They

should be mindful of all the requisites.

For one seemingly innocuous oversight

might mean a lifetime of regret, as the

marriage may turn out to be void.


Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune

APEC leaders divided

after US, China spat

SEN. Grace Poe (fourth from left), chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Services, spoke

at the first Aviation Safety Day that the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) organized.

Poe called for better public-private sector partnerships to move the country forward in terms of

air transport facilities. Also in photo are (from left) Kurt Edwards, International Business Aviation

Council director general; Gary Moran and Phil Balmer, AsBAA vice chairmen; Donaldo Mendoza,

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines deputy director general and Benjamin Lopez, AsBAA

Philippine Chapter chairman and INAEC Aviation Corporation president. Aviation Safety Day on

13 November and Pilots’ Day on 14 November were made possible by the following sponsors:

ACTSI, Embraer, Hawker Pacific (now a Jet Aviation company), the Malampaya consortium

Partners, AON, MedAire, Aerolink, Universal Weather and Aviation, Ascent Urban Air Mobility

Inc. and Inaec Aviation.

Building condos in Bulacan

For many hardworking Filipino families and

professionals dreaming of purchasing their own

home, a place not far from the workplace is

ideal. This makes condominium living a smart

investment to make.

Top-of-mind property developer Amaia Land

Corp. makes this dream attainable for more

Filipinos by offering quality yet affordable

condominiums in Mega Manila, one of which is

Amaia Steps Altaraza.

Strategically located on Quirino Avenue

corner Governor Halili Avenue in Barangay

Tungkong Mangga, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan,

Amaia Steps Altaraza is Amaia Land’s first

affordable mid-rise condo development in

Altaraza Town Center, a 55-hectare township

project where urban lifestyles complement the

laidback charms of community life.

Amaia commits to build sustainable

communities that support comfortable

lives today and for years to come.

With Ayala Land’s expertise in building

communities, Altaraza Town Center is seen

as the next growth complex in northeastern

Manila. This urban community, ensconced

within a vast spread of residences and

commercial spaces, is set against a picturesque

backdrop of the Sierra Madre mountains. It is a

small wonder why Amaia Land chose it as the

site of Amaia Steps Altaraza.

The Steps Altaraza will rise near commercial

establishments like SM City San Jose del Monte,

The District by Ayala Malls, Waltermart and

Puregold Tungko; educational institutions

like STI College, Colegio de San Agustin and

APEC Schools; transport hubs like the MRT

and nearby developments like Colinas Verde

Residential Estate and Country Club.

Future residents of Amaia Steps Altaraza

will enjoy leisurely weekends at its first-rate

amenities: a large swimming pool, landscaped

areas, a children’s play area and a cozy


Amaia commits to build sustainable

communities that support comfortable lives

today and for years to come. Amaia CARES for

life, the living and the spaces around it.

Foreign fund


slows in October

Portfolio funds, more know as “hot” or

speculative money, continued to flee the

country on net basis in October, albeit at a

sharply diminished rate of 85 percent to only

$67.83 million.

According to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

(BSP), the flight of foreign capital the previous

September totaled $440.30 million also on net


The bulk of funds exiting the country

were withdrawn from placements made at

the Philippine Stock Exchange aggregating

$301 million. Less than $1 million worth of

funds invested in various peso-denominated

government securities were taken off the

domestic bond market, the BSP said.

BSP data show $1.02 billion in gross portfolio

funds were pulled off the domestic bond and

equities markets in October that contrasted

sharply against gross inflows of only $952.6


This sustained a similar month-ago out-migration

of foreign capital in September gross inflows

totaled only $743.31 million against gross outflows

aggregating $1.18 billion.

As a result, portfolio funds invested in peso

bonds and equities issues totaled less than

$100 million in the first 10 months this year as

$12.319 billion fled the Philippines and went

elsewhere were the returns were larger and the

risks substantially more manageable.

In that 10 month period, the gross inflows

stood at only $12.412 billion, the BSP said.

“Registered investments for the month of

October 2018 amounted to $953 million, reflecting

a 28.2 percent increase from the $743 million

figure in September. In contrast, this represented

a 31.2 percent decline from the $1.4 billion level

recorded during the same month a year ago.

Best of all, owning an affordable superior

quality condo is a dream being brought closer

to hardworking Filipinos through Amaia

Land’s easy payment options: cash, deferred

cash and bank financing.


16 NOVEMBER 2018





ASIA UNITED 58.05 59.5 58.05 59.5 2,081,912

BDO UNIBANK 118 124 118 124 356,521,832

BANK PH ISLANDS 85.25 89.3 85.25 88.9 442,561,958.50

CHINABANK 28 28 27.7 27.7 6,281,415

EAST WEST BANK 10.38 10.8 10.38 10.66 1,801,458

METROBANK 69.55 70.9 69.55 70.3 668,731,561.50

PB BANK 11.08 11.1 11.08 11.1 25,516

PHIL NATL BANK 39 40.7 39 40 1,525,875

PSBANK 73 73 71.5 71.5 118,816

PHILTRUST 105.2 105.2 105.2 105.2 3,156

RCBC 27.95 28.1 27.9 28.1 3,332,950

SECURITY BANK 139.2 146.1 139.2 140 253,211,923

UNION BANK 65.85 65.9 65.85 65.9 119,854.50


BRIGHT KINDLE 1.53 1.55 1.48 1.55 90,050

BDO LEASING 2.35 2.35 2.33 2.35 23,460

COL FINANCIAL 15.66 15.66 15.2 15.2 51,492

FERRONOUX HLDG 3.86 3.96 3.75 3.96 405,500

IREMIT 1.39 1.45 1.38 1.45 354,750

MEDCO HLDG 0.475 0.48 0.455 0.475 257,400

MANULIFE 835 835 835 835 41,750

NTL REINSURANCE 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 3,200

PHIL STOCK EXCH 183 184.8 175 184 443,031



ALSONS CONS 1.23 1.25 1.23 1.25 152,600

ABOITIZ POWER 31.7 31.7 31.4 31.65 83,778,205

BASIC ENERGY 0.223 0.227 0.223 0.226 439,450

FIRST GEN 16.94 17.68 16.9 17.38 91,555,682

FIRST PHIL HLDG 63.9 64.85 63.9 64.35 14,651,098

PHIL H2O 4.5 4.64 4.42 4.55 364,430

MERALCO 381.6 388 376.6 376.6 117,669,404

MANILA WATER 25.5 25.85 25.5 25.7 11,193,050

PETRON 8.13 8.23 7.8 7.84 22,510,337

PETROENERGY 4.07 4.07 4.04 4.05 382,110

PHINMA ENERGY 0.93 0.93 0.91 0.93 394,690

PHX PETROLEUM 10.58 11.06 10.56 11.06 1,937,874

PILIPINAS SHELL 49.95 50 48.5 48.5 65,900,925

SPC POWER 5.25 5.3 5.2 5.27 9,677,510


AGRINURTURE 17 17.5 17 17.36 15,017,466

AZUCARERA 16 16 16 16 16,000

CENTURY FOOD 13.4 14.1 13.4 14 10,597,088

DEL MONTE 7 7 7 7 13,300

DNL INDUS 10.92 11 10.74 10.8 14,704,492

EMPERADOR 6.99 6.99 6.9 6.92 1,938,231

SMC FOODANDBEV 84 84 83.35 83.95 454,371,950

ALLIANCE SELECT 1.04 1.08 1.02 1.07 9,243,480

GINEBRA 23.5 24 22.8 22.8 1,576,760

JOLLIBEE 284.8 284.8 280 282 145,383,724

MACAY HLDG 8.62 9.8 8.62 9.8 10,580

MAXS GROUP 10.6 10.86 10.5 10.5 634,592

PEPSI COLA 1.46 1.52 1.45 1.49 335,170

SHAKEYS PIZZA 10.04 10.04 9.99 10 628,066

RFM CORP 4.65 4.66 4.6 4.66 13,910

ROXAS HLDG 3 3 3 3 3,000

SWIFT FOODS 0.121 0.121 0.121 0.121 2,420

UNIV ROBINA 129 133.5 128 131 102,528,191

VITARICH 1.39 1.44 1.37 1.43 5,972,480

VICTORIAS 2.33 2.33 2.33 2.33 116,500


CEMEX HLDG 1.96 2.01 1.96 1.99 10,578,960

EAGLE CEMENT 15.2 15.4 15 15.4 4,907,716

EEI CORP 8.88 8.9 8.84 8.84 176,600

HOLCIM 6.21 6.21 6.21 6.21 621

MEGAWIDE 17.3 18.3 17.02 17.6 131,513,416

PHINMA 8.3 8.5 8.3 8.5 28,420

TKC METALS 0.87 0.89 0.85 0.88 5,190

VULCAN INDL 1.5 1.54 1.47 1.48 7,177,250


CHEMPHIL 171.8 171.8 171.8 171.8 8,590

CROWN ASIA 1.47 1.47 1.39 1.39 102,200

LMG CHEMICALS 4.7 4.7 4.65 4.65 60,550

MABUHAY VINYL 3.3 3.33 3.3 3.33 19,830

PRYCE CORP 5.12 5.45 5.12 5.2 44,027


CONCEPCION 35 35.2 34.95 35.2 270,490

GREENERGY 1.64 1.64 1.6 1.62 11,982,960

INTEGRATED MICR 8.45 8.9 8.4 8.66 68,213,846(37

IONICS 1.5 1.5 1.46 1.48 250,880

PANASONIC 6 6 6 6 14,400

SFA SEMICON 1.3 1.3 1.22 1.24 237,750

CIRTEK HLDG 36.85 37 36.5 36.9 3,034,580


ABACORE CAPITAL 0.445 0.48 0.445 0.475 11,106,250

ASIABEST GROUP 22.5 23.25 21.5 22 721,025

AYALA CORP 898 915 898 905 367,103,355

ABOITIZ EQUITY 46.5 46.95 45.1 46.3 92,896,345

ALLIANCE GLOBAL 10.42 10.72 10.3 10.7 124,134,826

ANSCOR 6.26 6.26 6.2 6.2 295,190

ATN HLDG A 1.48 1.48 1.4 1.47 29,929,700

ATN HLDG B 1.47 1.49 1.43 1.47 8,263,310

BHI HLDG 1,489 1,507 1,489 1,507 97,165

COSCO CAPITAL 7.07 7.07 7 7.03 10,348,910

DMCI HLDG 12.7 12.88 12.66 12.7 45,326,182

GT CAPITAL 730 815 730 807 250,702,265

JG SUMMIT 45.6 46 44.5 45 114,717,505

LODESTAR 0.52 0.52 0.5 0.51 4,120

LOPEZ HLDG 3.8 3.8 3.74 3.75 7,873,740

LT GROUP 15.98 16.02 15.84 16 29,467,800

MABUHAY HLDG 0.53 0.53 0.51 0.52 920,980

METRO PAC INV 4.55 4.57 4.49 4.5 187,103,200

PACIFICA 0.034 0.034 0.033 0.033 138,400

PRIME ORION 2.42 2.44 2.4 2.44 1,696,270

PRIME MEDIA 1.16 1.16 1.16 1.16 91,640

SOLID GROUP 1.34 1.34 1.28 1.28 114,280

SYNERGY GRID 540 697 496 570 5,012,505

SM INVESTMENTS 890 908 878 890 361,282,490

SAN MIGUEL CORP 169.2 170 168.5 168.5 34,434,507

WELLEX INDUS 0.21 0.219 0.209 0.213 453,810

ZEUS HLDG 0.194 0.194 0.194 0.194 1,940


Asia-Pacific leaders failed Sunday

to bridge gaping divisions over trade at

a summit dominated by a war of words

between the US and China as they vie for

regional influence.

For the first time, APEC leaders were

unable to agree on a formal written

declaration amid sharp differences

between the world’s top two economies

over the rules of global trade.

Chinese foreign ministry official

Zhang Xiaolong denied the

incident, telling reporters: “It’s

not true. It’s simply not true.”

“You know the two big giants in the

room. What can I say?” said host and

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter

O’Neill, conceding defeat.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin

Trudeau admitted the failure came

down to “different visions on particular

elements with regard to trade that

prevented full consensus.”

Sources said going into the meeting

the United States had pressed for the

leaders to issue what amounted to

a denunciation of the World Trade

Organization and a call for its wholesale


ARTHALAND CORP 0.52 0.54 0.52 0.54 385,030

AYALA LAND 39 39.7 39 39.35 638,610,775

ARANETA PROP 1.8 1.8 1.78 1.78 3,580

BELLE CORP 2.19 2.3 2.18 2.23 874,550

A BROWN 0.76 0.78 0.75 0.77 1,698,130

CITYLAND DEVT 0.84 0.88 0.84 0.88 744,610

CROWN EQUITIES 0.21 0.22 0.206 0.22 1,692,940

CEB LANDMASTERS 3.79 3.8 3.7 3.8 7,861,290

CENTURY PROP 0.415 0.415 0.4 0.415 1,082,550

CYBER BAY 0.325 0.34 0.325 0.34 107,300

DOUBLEDRAGON 17.3 18.1 17.2 18.1 22,925,220

DM WENCESLAO 7.55 7.65 7.55 7.6 1,189,615

FILINVEST LAND 1.43 1.47 1.43 1.47 12,575,730

GLOBAL ESTATE 0.99 1.01 0.99 0.99 2,432,990

8990 HLDG 7.19 7.3 7.18 7.3 1,327,856

That demand was a step too far

for Beijing, which would likely get

less preferential treatment under any


O’Neill indicated the WTO had been

a sticking point in agreeing a joint


“APEC has got no charter over the

World Trade Organization. That is a fact,”

he said. “Those matters can be raised at

the World Trade Organization.”

The spat ramps up the stakes for

a crunch meeting between presidents

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping at a G20

summit in Argentina at the end of the


O’Neill denied it was a humiliation for

his poverty-hit country, which was hosting

the annual gathering of the 21 nations for

the first time.

As tensions boiled over, police were

called when Chinese officials attempted

to “barge” into the office of PNG’s foreign

minister in an eleventh-hour bid to

influence a summit draft communique,

three sources with knowledge of the

situation told AFP.

Chinese foreign ministry official

Zhang Xiaolong denied the incident,

telling reporters: “It’s not true. It’s simply

not true.”


IRC PROP 2.35 2.48 2.35 2.44 40,129,160

CITY AND LAND 0.78 0.85 0.78 0.85 331,000

MEGAWORLD 4.51 4.65 4.35 4.35 64,212,770

MRC ALLIED 0.345 0.36 0.34 0.35 11,370,250

PHIL ESTATES 0.45 0.45 0.44 0.44 514,000

PRIMEX CORP 3.6 3.6 3.58 3.6 2,764,630

ROBINSONS LAND 20 20.75 19.9 20.4 29,709,205

PHIL REALTY 0.37 0.37 0.36 0.36 29,200

ROCKWELL 1.94 1.94 1.91 1.93 80,940

SHANG PROP 3.15 3.15 3.15 3.15 3,150

STA LUCIA LAND 1.14 1.14 1.14 1.14 5,700

SM PRIME HLDG 31.9 32.65 31.75 32.65 1,087,232,225

STARMALLS 4.02 4.18 4.02 4.15 967,090

SUNTRUST HOME 0.71 0.71 0.71 0.71 710

VISTA LAND 5.2 5.2 5.16 5.2 9,812,973



ABS CBN 19.8 19.9 19.7 19.86 485,768

GMA NETWORK 5.22 5.27 5.22 5.27 278,067

MANILA BULLETIN 0.39 0.39 0.36 0.36 91,200

MLA BRDCASTING 16.46 16.46 16.44 16.44 21,380


GLOBE TELECOM 1,897 1,929 1,893 1,925 156,467,055

PLDT 1,190 1,225 1,165 1,165 129,507,880


APOLLO GLOBAL 0.037 0.039 0.037 0.039 50,100

DFNN INC 7.51 7.65 7.51 7.65 2,868,210

IMPERIAL 1.87 1.87 1.87 1.87 1,870

ISLAND INFO 0.091 0.098 0.091 0.097 472,370

ISM COMM 7.75 8 7.53 7.81 367,397,600

JACKSTONES 3.44 3.46 3.27 3.45 47,160

NOW CORP 3.01 3.3 3 3.1 26,303,460

TRANSPACIFIC BR 0.335 0.365 0.335 0.36 20,868,900

PHILWEB 3.07 3.29 3.07 3.14 2,149,860


2GO GROUP 10 10.38 9.58 9.65 924,230

CEBU AIR 63 65.75 63 65.25 56,997,916.50

CHELSEA 7.75 7.75 7.5 7.64 30,520,866

INTL CONTAINER 92.3 94 92.3 94 136,303,912

LBC EXPRESS 14.38 14.4 13.84 14.36 49,478

LORENZO SHIPPNG 0.69 0.7 0.68 0.7 96,990

MACROASIA 14.52 14.64 14.14 14.38 30,409,078

METROALLIANCE A 1.12 1.22 1.11 1.21 83,510

PAL HLDG 7.99 8.35 7.99 8 142,799

HARBOR STAR 3.45 3.54 3.21 3.29 13,847,450


WATERFRONT 0.465 0.48 0.46 0.47 560,550


CENTRO ESCOLAR 7.8 7.8 7.8 7.8 191,100

STI HLDG 0.6 0.61 0.58 0.58 1,481,530


BERJAYA 1.58 1.7 1.58 1.67 3,255,960

BLOOMBERRY 7.64 7.79 7.3 7.33 114,466,956

PACIFIC ONLINE 10.26 10.86 10.24 10.24 267,214

LEISURE AND RES 2.69 2.88 2.58 2.78 2,030,550

MANILA JOCKEY 5.66 5.66 5.35 5.5 134,659

MELCO RESORTS 7.14 7.15 7.13 7.13 15,772,041

PREMIUM LEISURE 0.65 0.68 0.64 0.64 2,613,740

TRAVELLERS 5.14 5.14 5.12 5.14 1,375,539


METRO RETAIL 1.95 2.05 1.93 1.98 849,130

PUREGOLD 41.9 42.4 41.9 42 50,363,150

ROBINSONS RTL 75.45 77 75.45 77 42,188,346.50

PHIL SEVEN CORP 110 110 107.5 109.5 151,115

SSI GROUP 2.68 2.74 2.65 2.72 5,344,710

WILCON DEPOT 12.36 12.64 11.84 12.36 98,955,414


APC GROUP 0.365 0.365 0.35 0.36 372,900

EASYCALL 5.4 5.4 5.1 5.29 960,734

GOLDEN BRIA 319 320 319 320 972,760

IPM HLDG 7.2 7.2 7.15 7.15 85,939

PRMIERE HORIZON 0.315 0.325 0.305 0.32 231,700

SBS PHIL CORP 6.82 6.82 6.79 6.79 84,316


Even before the summit started,

tensions between the two big hitters

came to the fore with Xi and US Vice

President Mike Pence crossing swords in

competing major policy speeches.

That demand was a step too far

for Beijing, which would likely

get less preferential treatment

under any changes.

Pence warned smaller countries

not to be seduced by China’s massive

Belt-and-Road infrastructure program,

which sees Beijing offer money to

poorer countries for construction and

development projects.

The “opaque” loans come with strings

attached and build up “staggering debt,”

Pence charged, mocking the initiative as

a “constricting belt” and a “one-way road.”

In a speech to business leaders just

minutes before Pence, Xi insisted the

initiative was not a “trap” and there was

no “hidden agenda” — amid criticism that

it amounts to cheque book diplomacy in

the region.

Xi also lashed out at “America

First” trade protectionism, saying it

was a “short-sighted approach” that was

“doomed to failure.”



ATOK 13.62 15.9 12.6 15.78 600,404

APEX MINING 1.75 1.81 1.75 1.8 8,629,040

ABRA MINING 0.0021 0.0021 0.0021 0.0021 12,600

ATLAS MINING 2.35 2.35 2.35 2.35 2,350

CENTURY PEAK 1.95 1.95 1.91 1.92 163,450

DIZON MINES 6.91 7.03 6.91 7.01 2,212,953

FERRONICKEL 1.71 1.74 1.7 1.74 980,490

GEOGRACE 0.196 0.205 0.196 0.205 83,770

LEPANTO A 0.097 0.102 0.097 0.1 247,770

LEPANTO B 0.097 0.109 0.097 0.109 4,050

MARCVENTURES 1.12 1.12 1.12 1.12 16,800

NIHAO 1.01 1.01 0.99 1.01 3,010

NICKEL ASIA 2.37 2.37 2.29 2.3 9,662,200

OMICO CORP 0.52 0.52 0.52 0.52 3,120

ORNTL PENINSULA 0.91 0.92 0.87 0.9 750,860

PX MINING 2.85 2.9 2.75 2.76 8,958,930

SEMIRARA MINING 25.85 26.25 24.85 26 72,562,960

UNITED PARAGON 0.0059 0.0059 0.0059 0.0059 29,500


ORNTL PETROL A 0.012 0.013 0.012 0.013 124,400

ORNTL PETROL B 0.013 0.013 0.012 0.012 653,600

PHILODRILL 0.011 0.012 0.011 0.011 72,300

PHINMA PETRO 4.11 4.19 4.08 4.08 1,231,540

PXP ENERGY 18 18.26 17.98 18.06 46,924,704


AC PREF B1 465 465 465 465 4,650

AC PREF B2 487 487 487 487 9,740

ALCO PREF B 95.5 95.5 95.45 95.45 954,525

DD PREF 97 97 97 97 184,300

GTCAP PREF A 915 915 915 915 3,742,350

LR PREF 1.03 1.03 1.03 1.03 72,100

MWIDE PREF 101 101 101 101 5,050

PNX PREF 3A 102 102 102 102 102,000

PNX PREF 3B 109.5 109.5 108.8 108.8 4,366

PCOR PREF 2B 1,001 1,001 1,001 1,001 50,050

SMC PREF 2B 75.7 75.7 75.3 75.3 171,728

SMC PREF 2D 71.35 73 71.35 73 144,350

SMC PREF 2G 75 75 74.8 74.8 77,796

SMC PREF 2H 73 73.8 72.4 73.8 550,246

SMC PREF 2I 73.5 73.5 73.5 73.5 77,910


GMA HLDG PDR 5.25 5.25 5.25 5.25 50,400


LR WARRANT 1.69 1.79 1.62 1.72 406,080


ITALPINAS 4.1 4.41 4.1 4.29 5,840,070

XURPAS 1.19 1.22 1.16 1.2 1,617,670


FIRST METRO ETF 104.9 106.5 104.9 106.5 668,665

Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune



Cybersecurity in a networked world

As the dangers mount, current approaches

aren’t working. Cyberrisk management needs a

root-and-branch overhaul

Until recently, financial firms

and governments were the primary

targets of cyberattacks. Today, with

every company hooking up more

and more of their business to the

Internet, the threat is now universal.

Consider the havoc wreaked by

three recent events. From 2011 to

2014, energy companies in Canada,

Europe and the United States were

attacked by the cyberespionage

group Dragonfly.

In May 2017, WannaCry

ransomware held hostage public

and private organizations in

telecommunications, healthcare

and logistics.

Also in 2017, NotPetya

ransomware attacked major

European companies in a wide

variety of industries. And in

2018, Meltdown and Spectre were

exposed as perhaps the biggest

cyberthreat of all, showing that

vulnerabilities are not just in

software but hardware too.

Little wonder, then, that risk

managers now consider cyberrisk to

be the biggest threat to their business.

According to a recent McKinsey

survey, 75 percent of experts consider

cybersecurity to be a top priority.

That’s true even of industries like

banking and automotive, which one

might think would be preoccupied

with other enormous risks that have

emerged in recent years.

But while awareness is building,

so is confusion. Executives are

overwhelmed by the challenge. Only

16 percent say their companies

are well prepared to deal with

cyberrisk. The threat is only getting

worse, as growth in most industries

depends on new technology, such

as artificial intelligence, advanced

analytics and the Internet of Things

(IoT), that will bring all kinds of

benefits but also expose companies

and their customers to new kinds

of cyberrisk, arriving in new ways.

Business units had

put pressure on the IT

department to prioritize

changes they favored.

So what should executives do?

Keep calm and carry on? That’s

not an option. The threat is too

substantial, and the underlying

vectors on which they are borne are

changing too quickly. To increase

and sustain their resilience to

cyberattacks, companies must adopt

a new posture — comprehensive,

strategic and persistent. In our

work with leading companies across

industries and in our conversations

with leading experts, we have seen

a new approach take root that

can protect companies against

cyberrisk without imposing undue

restrictions on their business.

A global insurance company’s

experience indicates the potential.

It budgeted $70 million for a

comprehensive cybersecurity

program. One year later, only a

fraction of the planned measures

had been implemented. Business

units had put pressure on the IT

department to prioritize changes

they favored, such as a sales

campaign and some new reports, at

the expense of security measures,

such as email encryption and

multifactor authentication. The

business units also took issue with

the restrictions that came with

cybersecurity measures, such as

the extra efforts that went into

data-loss prevention and limitations

on the use of third-party vendors in

critical areas.

And despite all the new

defenses, companies still

need about 99 days on

average to detect a covert


To get its cybersecurity program

back on track, the company

took a step back to identify

the biggest “crown jewels.” It

also established a new model

of governance for cybersecurity

that empowered the central team

to oversee all cyberrisk efforts

across the enterprise. Because

business owners were involved in

the analysis, they warmly welcomed

the required initiatives. Not only

did the crown-jewels program

increase buy-in and speed up

implementation, it also led to a

substantial cost savings on the

original plan.

Spinning their wheels

Even after years of discussion

and debate, the attacks continue

and even escalate. Most companies

don’t fully understand the threat

and don’t always prepare as well as

they might. We don’t claim to have

all the answers, either, but we hope

that this recap of the problems and

the pitfalls will help companies

calibrate their current posture on


More threats, more intense

The US government has

identified cybersecurity as “one

of the most serious economic

and national security challenges

we face as a nation.” Worldwide,

the threat from cyberattacks is

growing both in numbers and

intensity. Consider these figures:

some companies are investing up

to $500 million on cybersecurity;

worldwide, more than 100 billion

lines of code are created annually.

Many companies report thousands

of attacks every month, ranging

from the trivial to the extremely

serious. Several billion data sets

are breached annually. Every year,

hackers produce some 120 million

new variants of malware. At some

companies, 2,000 people now report

to the chief information security

officer (CISO) — and he or she in

turn reports to the chief security

officer (CSO), who has an even

larger team.

Paradoxically, most of the

companies that fell prey to the

likes of NotPetya and WannaCry

would probably have said that they

were well protected at the time of

the attacks. Even when a company

is not a primary target, it’s at risk of

collateral damage from untargeted

malware and attacks on widely used

software and critical infrastructure.

And despite all the new defenses,

companies still need about 99 days

on average to detect a covert attack.

Imagine the damage an undetected

attacker could do in that time.

Growing complexity makes

companies more vulnerable

While hackers are honing their

skills, business is going digital — and

that makes companies more vulnerable

to cyberattacks. Assets ranging from

new product designs to distribution

networks and customer data are now

at risk. Digital value chains are also

growing more complex, using the

simplicity of a digital connection to tie

together thousands of people, countless

applications and myriad servers,

workstations and other devices.

Companies may well have a

state-of-the-art firewall and the

latest malware-detection software.

And they might have well-tuned

security operations and

incident-response processes. But

what about third-party suppliers,

which might be the weakest link

of a company’s value chain? Or

the hotshot design studio that has

access to the company’s intellectual

property (IP)? They may have

signed a nondisclosure agreement,

but can companies be sure their

cybersecurity is up to snuff? The

entry point for cyberattackers can

be as trivial as a Wi-Fi-enabled

camera used to take pictures at a

corporate retreat. Some prominent

recent cases of IP theft at media

companies targeted third-party

postproduction services with

inferior cybersecurity.

Billions of new entry

points to defend

In the past, cyberrisk has

primarily affected IT. But as the

IoT grows and more companies

hook their production systems up to

the Internet, operating technology

(OT) is coming under threat as well.

The number of vulnerable devices

is increasing dramatically. In the

past, a large corporate network

might have had between 50,000 and

500,000 end points; with the IoT, the

system expands to millions or tens

of millions of end points.

Worldwide, the threat from

cyberattacks is growing

both in numbers and


Unfortunately, many of these

are older devices with inadequate

security or no security at all and

some are not even supported

anymore by their maker. By 2020,

the IoT may comprise as many as

30 billion devices, many of them

outside corporate control. Already,

smart cars, smart homes and smart

apparel are prone to malware that

can conscript them for distributed

denial-of-service attacks.

By 2020, 46 percent of all

Internet connections will be

machine-to-machine, without

human operators and this number

will keep growing. And of course,

billions of chips have been shown

to be vulnerable to Meltdown and

Spectre attacks, weaknesses that

must be addressed.

Common pitfalls

Corporate cybersecurity is

struggling to keep up with the

blistering pace of change in

cyberrisk. We’ve seen the following

three typical problems:

Delegating the problem to

IT. Many top executives treat

cyberrisk as a technical issue and

delegate it to the IT department.

This is a natural reaction, given

that cybersecurity presents many

technical problems. But defending

a business is different from

protecting servers.

Defending a business requires

a sense of the value at risk,

derived from business priorities;

the business model and value

chain; and the company’s risk

culture, roles, responsibilities and

governance. IT alone cannot tackle


Throwing resources at the

problem. Other companies try

to spend their way to success,

assuming that the threat will go

away if they persuade enough

high-profile hackers to join the

company’s ranks. But even the

finest hackers don’t stand a chance

at anticipating and fending off tens

of thousands of attacks on millions

of devices in a complex network.

Treating the problem as a

compliance issue. Some companies

introduce new cybersecurity

protocols and checklists seemingly

every other day. But these efforts

often bring about an undue focus on

formal compliance rather than real

resilience. Even when all boxes on

the CISO’s checklist are ticked, the

company may be no less vulnerable

to cyberattacks than before.

A new posture

To ready global companies

for an age of all-encompassing

connectivity, executives need a

more adaptive, more thorough,

and more collaborative approach

to cyberrisk (Exhibit 1). We have

observed the following principles

used by some of the world’s leading

cybersecurity teams at global


Cyberrisk needs to be treated

as a risk-management issue, not

an IT problem. Cyberrisk is much

like any other complex, critical,

nonfinancial risk. Key elements

of its management include the

prioritization of relevant threats,

the determination of a company’s

risk appetite (its willingness to

accept some risk) and the definition

of initiatives to minimize risk.

Additionally, companies need to put

in place an organizational structure

and a governance approach that

bring transparency and enable

real-time risk management.

Companies must address

cyberrisk in a business context.

Technical experts cannot solve the

problem without understanding

the underlying commercial and

organizational requirements.

Companies tend to overinvest in

technical gadgets and underinvest

in complexity reduction and

consistent coverage of their whole

value chain, such as vendor risk

management. The result is an

inefficient system.

Companies must seek out

and mitigate cyberrisk on many

levels. Data, infrastructure,

applications, and people are

exposed to different threat

types and levels. Creating a

comprehensive register of all

these assets is tedious and timeconsuming.

Companies should

take advantage of automated tools

to catalog their assets, the better

to focus on those at most risk.

Adaptation is essential. Sooner

or later, every organization will

be affected by a cyberattack.

A company’s organization,

processes, IT, OT and products

need to be reviewed and adjusted

as cyberthreats evolve. In particular,

companies must fine-tune business

continuity and crisis-management

structures and processes to meet

changes in the threat level.

Cyberrisk calls for comprehensive,

collaborative governance.

Traditionally, many companies

distinguish between physical and

information security, between IT

and OT, between business-continuity

management and data protection,

and between in-house and external

security. In the digital age, these splits

are obsolete. Scattered responsibility

can put the entire organization

at risk. To reduce redundancies,

speed up responses and boost

overall resilience, companies need

to address all parts of the business

affected by cyberthreats — which is

to say, all parts of the business, and

suppliers and customers too. While

it may be hard — or even impossible

— to protect a company against the

most advanced attacks, systematic

governance is the best insurance

against the bulk of everyday attacks.

Some companies introduce

new cybersecurity protocols

and checklists seemingly

every other day.

Companies that adhere to these

principles tend to be much more

resilient to most attacks than their

peers. A defense ministry set out

to ramp up cyberresilience across

its entire organization. Scenario

exercises helped increase cyberrisk

awareness and instill a sense of

urgency, by focusing on the mind-set

of potential attackers and the concept

of the weakest link in the chain of


Through an extensive training

program, this kind of thinking was

rolled out to the entire agency,

making sure skills were passed on

from expert to expert. Throughout,

the intelligence unit acted as the

stronghold of cybersecurity expertise

and the catalyst of change. In parallel,

the institution reviewed and adjusted

its IT architecture to increase

resilience against destructive attacks,

such as those that corrupt current

data and backups, leading to a

nonrecoverable situation.

The new approach also makes

better use of cybersecurity resources

and funds. Just refocusing investment

on truly crucial assets can save up to

20 percent of cybersecurity cost. In

our experience, up to 50 percent of

a company’s systems are not critical

from a cybersecurity perspective.

We’ve also seen that the cost of

implementing a given security solution

can vary by a factor of five between

comparable companies, suggesting

that many companies are missing out

on considerable efficiencies.

McKinsey Global Institute




19 November 2018

Daily Tribune

Tossed and

turned Raging

storm surge tossed

this new SUV like a

toy and deposited it

into the chaotic mass

of debris.

Safe refuge The Tacloban City Convention Center,

also known as the “Astrodome,” served as a safe haven

for many terrified city residents when typhoon “Yolanda”

struck and later, as a temporary shelter for the homeless.

Scars of


By Roy Pelovello

Overwhelmed by death “Yolanda” left so much

death and destruction authorities were unable to

properly collect remains of the victims that many body

bags were left in the streets a week after the super

typhoon struck Tacloban.

Five years ago, a storm of apocalyptic proportions tore into the Eastern Visayas early in

the morning of 8 November. With gusts of winds exceeding 305 kilometers per hour, typhoon

“Yolanda” (international name: Haiyan), is one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever


The powerful winds drove a storm surge, a wall of water up to 24 feet high, into

densely populated coastal areas like Tacloban City sweeping away everything in

its path — people, animals, houses and vehicles — leaving a nightmarish and

tangled mess of death and destruction.

“Yolanda’s” wrath left more than 7,360 people dead or missing and more

than 27 people injured. It damaged over one million houses, displacing

more than four million people.

Over the years, the survivors have grieved for their lost loved

ones and started their arduous and lonely journey to rebuild their

lives notwithstanding the unfulfilled promise of the previous

administration for speedy rehabilitation.

A few signs of “Yolanda’s” wrath are still visible but,

undoubtedly, the terrible tribulation must have left an

indelible imprint on the minds and souls of the survivors.

Loving remembrance A mother and her child inscribe

the name of their deceased family member on a wooden

cross among the hundreds of similar markers in the mass

grave where unidentified bodies of victims of typhoon

“Yolanda” were laid to rest in Tacloban City.

Unfamiliar place Another ship was

deposited inland after the tsunami-like

storm surge driven by howling winds


Street patrol The deluge deposited

this police vessel for sea patrol into the

street of Tacloban City.














Aldrin Cardona, Editor

Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune



Jinxed by Jimmy

I wanted it to stop at 60

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — JJ Redick jokingly

bet new 76ers teammate Jimmy Butler on the bench

that he wouldn’t call “game” on the final shot.

Butler responded with “bet.”

Butler, in his third game with his new team,

drained a three-pointer as time expired in overtime

and Philadelphia overcame an NBA season-high 60

points from Kemba Walker to beat the Charlotte

Hornets 122-119 on Saturday night.

“As much as I wanted the shot to go in to win the

game, I also wanted it to go in because I didn’t want

Kemba to give me 70,” Butler said with a laugh.

“I wanted it to stop at 60.”

Walker’s 60 points were a career high and topped

Klay Thompson’s 52 for Golden State against Chicago

on 29 October for most in the league this season.

But the two-time All-Star was noticeably upset after

the game about the team’s third loss this season to

the 76ers, two of which have come in overtime.

“I’m still proud, that’s an unbelievable thing to do

right there,” Walker said of scoring 60 points.

“I’m just mad that we lost. I’m a competitor. It

would have been even better with a win.”

Philadelphia coach Brett Brown called Walker’s

effort “amazing and incredible.”

“We tried double-teaming him, we tried hard-hedging

him,” Brown said.

“The reality of it is, is that you have Joel (Embiid)

and Jimmy in that situation a lot and he is doing that

against two all-league defensive players. He is just

hard to guard and he is really unique. Sixty points in

an NBA game against a pretty good defensive team

is a remarkable effort.”

Walker had 37 and 30 points in his previous two

games against the 76ers, but only shot a combined

33 percent.

This time he was making everything, including

banking in a three-pointer to give the Hornets the

lead with 44 seconds left in regulation after they had

trailed by 17 earlier in the game.

Walker held up his palms and shrugged his

shoulders after the ball went in, similar to that famous

gesture by Hornets owner Michael Jordan many years

ago with the Bulls.

Walker finished 21 of 34 from the field and had

six three-pointers. He made all 12 foul shots and had

seven rebounds and four assists.

But while Walker had the big numbers, Butler made

the big plays.

I’m just mad that we lost. I’m a competitor. It

would have been even better with a win.

Along with his game-winner, he also blocked

Walker’s shot on a drive with 15 seconds left and

then saved the ball from going out of bounds. Walker

thought he got fouled, but it wasn’t called.

“That was an incredible 20 seconds of Jimmy Butler,”

Brown said.

Said Butler: “I didn’t think (Walker) would settle for

a jump shot in that moment. So he did what I wanted

him to do (and drove). I just got a piece of the ball.”

As for the game-winner, he said it’s a shot he practices

often, and worked on it 50 times earlier that morning.

Butler scored 15 points and said he is adapting well

to his new teammates.

“Basketball is basketball to me,” he said.

“We play basketball the right way. We guard and

we are in it together. We are going to have practice

time (coming up) and I will pick up quicker sooner

rather than later.”


Warriors remain solid

That’s not going to happen

DALLAS, Texas — Golden State’s Stephen Curry

knows that the rift between Kevin Durant and Draymond

Green might be viewed as something that can doom the


To them, he has a message.

“That’s not going to happen,” Curry said.

Curry spoke publicly Saturday night for the first time

about the testy exchange between Durant and Green — they

went at each other late in what became an overtime loss

to the Los Angeles Clippers last Monday night, and the

fallout has been a major talking point around the NBA

since — and lauded both players for the way they’re handing

the situation.

“I think the way we’ve handled it as a team, the way

Draymond’s handled it, the way KD’s handled it, it’s been

nothing but professionalism,” Curry said.

Green is getting the weekend off; the Warriors held

him out of their game in Dallas on Saturday because

of an ongoing issue with a toe on his right foot, and he

isn’t expected to play when the two-time defending NBA

champions visit San Antonio on Sunday.

It’s been a rocky couple of weeks for Green.

He hurt the toe against Memphis on 5 November,

missed Golden State’s next two games, returned for the

game against the Clippers — the one where he had the

Ronaldo still with Portugal

There are no questions to ask. Ronaldo is part of this team, just read

the post he wrote today


dustup with Durant — and was suspended by the Warriors

for their next game, against Atlanta on Wednesday.

Green then played in Houston the next night, on a

minute-restriction because of the toe and went scoreless.

“We decided to give him

some time off,” Warriors coach

Steve Kerr said.

“We don’t know how long it

will be, but the toe has been

lingering, the injury has been

lingering. He felt and we felt and

our training staff felt that we’re

spinning our wheels a little bit

if we keep playing him. We’ve got

to get him better.”

Curry missed his fifth

straight game on Saturday with

a strained left groin, and is likely

to miss at least another week

before he’s cleared to return.

He wasn’t in Los Angeles for the

Clippers game.

“It’s been different. It’s been

tough,” Curry said.

“Obviously it sucks not being

able to play, sucks when you’re not

with the team and something like

that happens.”


MILAN, Italy — Portugal coach Fernando Santos insisted Saturday

that superstar Cristiano Ronaldo remains a key part of his national

team despite being left out of his Nations League squad after

the European champion became the first team to advance to the

semifinals of the competition.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner spent much of last month

vehemently denying allegations of rape and was dropped

by Santos for the Nations League internationals amid

accusations by former model Kathryn Mayorga that

Ronaldo raped her in 2009, just before he joined Real

Madrid from Manchester United.

“There are no questions to ask. Ronaldo is part

of this team, just read the post he wrote today,”

said Santos, referring to the message the Juventus

player sent to wish his teammates good luck via


Portugal booked their ticket to the semifinals

next June after holding Italy to a 0-0 draw at

the San Siro on Saturday.

They progressed top of Group A3 with

one match to play, dashing Italy’s hopes

in the process.

“The qualification confirms the quality

of our football,” said Santos.

“I thought it would be a great match

and instead especially in the first half

we had a lot of difficulties.

“After the break I explained to

them what was happening, and the

game became more balanced.”

Portugal host relegated Poland in three

days in Guimaraes, in a match that has no significance

for either side.


KEMBA Walker of the Charlotte Hornets reacts to a play during overtime against the Philadelphia

76ers at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.


GOLDEN State Warriors’ Kevin Durant (right) talks with Draymond Green

after a turnover during the second half of an NBA basketball game against

the Houston Rockets in Houston.


Ogier rules world rally

It’s been an incredible season, so tough and this is

so emotional

COFFS HARBOUR, Australia — Dominant Frenchman Sebastien

Ogier clinched his sixth world rally title Sunday in a gripping final

race of the year at Australia, denying Belgian Thierry Neuville and

Estonia’s Ott Tanak maiden crowns.

In one of the closest seasons of recent times, the M-Sport Ford

driver came to Coffs Harbour with a three-point cushion over

Hyundai’s Neuville and 23 in front of Toyota ace Tanak.

All he needed to do was stay ahead of the Belgian and in touch

with Tanak over the three days of frantic driving along dusty and

slippery roads.

The experienced campaigner and his co-driver Julien Ingrassia

did just that, getting an early edge when Neuville lost 40 seconds

on day one after blowing a tire.

When Neuville swiped a bank and ripped a wheel from his car

and Tanak clipped a tree, forcing their retirements as they took

risks in a desperate bid to make up time on Sunday afternoon,

the title was his before the rally finished.

Toyota (368 pts) won the constructors championship ahead of

Hyundai (341), M-Sport Ford (324) and Citroen (237). AFP

Saturday’s Games

(Sunday in Manila)

L.A. Clippers 127, Brooklyn 119

Indiana 97, Atlanta 89

New Orleans 125, Denver 115

Orlando 130, L.A. Lakers 117

Philadelphia 122, Charlotte 119, OT

Utah 98, Boston 86

Houston 132, Sacramento 112

Toronto 122, Chicago 83

Dallas 112, Golden State 109

Oklahoma City 110, Phoenix 100


Atlantic Division

W L Pct GB

Toronto 13 4 .765 —

Philadelphia 11 7 .611 2½

Boston 9 7 .563 3½

Brooklyn 7 10 .412 6

New York 4 12 .250 8½

Southeast Division

Orlando 8 8 .500 —

Charlotte 7 8 .467 ½

Miami 6 9 .400 1½

Washington 5 10 .333 2½

Atlanta 3 13 .188 5

Central Division

Milwaukee 11 4 .733 —

Indiana 10 6 .625 1½

Detroit 7 6 .538 3

Chicago 4 13 .235 8

Cleveland 2 12 .143 8½


Southwest Division

Memphis 9 5 .643 —

New Orleans 9 7 .563 1

Houston 8 7 .533 1½

San Antonio 7 7 .500 2

Dallas 7 8 .467 2½

Northwest Division

Portland 10 5 .667 —

Oklahoma City 10 5 .667 —

Denver 10 6 .625 ½

Utah 8 8 .500 2½

Minnesota 7 9 .438 3½

Pacific Division

Golden State 12 5 .706 —

L.A. Clippers 10 5 .667 1

L.A. Lakers 8 7 .533 3

Sacramento 8 8 .500 3½

Phoenix 3 12 .200 8


Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune


London drama

ROGER Federer of Switzerland looks dejected after

losing a point to Alexander Zverev of Germany in

their ATP World Tour Finals singles tennis match at

the O2 Arena in London.


LONDON — After pulling off one of the

biggest wins of his career, Alexander Zverev

was left apologizing for an unforced error

he didn’t make.

Zverev denied Roger Federer a shot at a

100th career title by beating the Swiss great

7-5, 7-6 (5) at the ATP Finals on Saturday to

advance to the championship match against

Novak Djokovic.

Federer was leading the second-set

tiebreaker 4-3 and in the ascendancy of a

rally on a Zverev service point when a ball

boy at the back of the court dropped a ball.

Zverev immediately signaled for the point to

be stopped and the umpire ordered the point

to be replayed.

The ball boy dropped the ball so it’s

in the rules that we have to replay the


Zverev served an ace before going on to

close out the match moments later.

“I want to apologize for the situation in the

tiebreak,” said Zverev, who was booed by some

of the crowd during his on-court interview. “The

ball boy dropped the ball so it’s in the rules that

we have to replay the point.”

“I’m a little bit upset about the whole

situation because this is not how I wanted

it to end.”

Zverev is the youngest player at 21 to

reach the final since 2009 and the first from

Germany since 1996. He will face five-time

champion Djokovic, who defeated Kevin

Anderson 6-2, 6-2 to extend his semifinal

win-loss record at the tournament to 7-1.

Federer, 37, was seeking a record-extending

seventh title, but was unable to cope with

the pressure created by Zverev’s power and

precision at the O2 Arena.

“He (Zverev) apologized to me at the

net,” Federer said. “I was like, ‘Buddy, shut

up. You don’t need to apologize to me here.

Congratulations on a great match and a

great tournament so far. All the best for

the finals.’ And you move on.”

An inspired series of shots earned

Zverev the first break points of the

match in the 12th game and Federer

sent a forehand wide to fall behind.

Federer willed himself to a break

for 2-1 in the second set, but Zverev

quickly composed himself to hit

straight back in the following game.

Zverev overcame the freak

interruption to establish a 5-4 lead

in the tiebreaker, and Federer

netted the simplest of forehand

volleys to bring up match point.

He saved the first, but

Zverev confidently put away a

backhand drive volley to set up a

shot at the biggest title of his career

and leave Federer waiting until next

season for his 100th title.

“Overall, I’m happy how the season

went,” said Federer, who picked up his

20th Grand Slam title at the Australian


“There are many positives. So I’m

excited for next season.” AP

Federer plots 2019 season

(Pete) Sampras once upon a time said, “If you win

a Slam, it’s a good season”

LONDON — Roger Federer

trained his sights on next

season after a disappointing

defeat in the Last Four at the

ATP Finals brought his 2018

campaign to a premature halt.

The 7-5, 7-6 (7/5) loss to

Alexander Zverev at London’s

O2 Arena means Federer must

wait until 2019 for a shot at his

100th title — a year in which he

will turn 38.

However, the Swiss was

positive about his season and

Thompson in control

MIAMI, Florida — Lexi

Thompson fired a four-under

par 68 on Saturday to take

a commanding three-shot

lead over Nelly Korda in the

LPGA’s season-ending Tour

Championship in Naples,


Thompson made four of her five

birdies on the back nine at Tiburon

Golf Club to put herself in position

for a first win of 2018.

“Golf is all about momentum,”

said Thompson, who can expunge

the memory of a missed two-footer

that cost her victory here last year.

“I just tried to keep the same

attitude as I did the last two days,”

said Thompson, adding that having

her brother, Curtis, on her bag had

kept things relaxed.

“He’s always cracking jokes out

excited about returning to the

court next year.

The 20-time Grand Slam

champion was out of the blocks

in sensational style this season,

defending his Australian Open

title and at the age of 36

becoming the oldest world

number one in the 45-year

history of the ATP rankings.

“(Pete) Sampras once upon

a time said, ‘If you win a Slam,

it’s a good season,’” he said.

He started the year with a

there,” she said. “It’s been a nice,

relaxing week just having him on

the bag and having all my family

and friends out here supporting


A victory would extend

Thompson’s streak to six straight

LPGA seasons with at least one win.

Golf is all about momentum.

Her 16-under total of 200 put

her three clear of Korda, who had

eight birdies in her five-under 67. It

was a further three shots back to

Spain’s Carlota Ciganda, who had

three birdies without a bogey in her

three-under 69.

World number one and defending

champion Ariya Jutanugarn goes

into the final round 10 adrift, but

she’s still in position to claim the

career-best 17 straight wins,

winning in Melbourne and

Rotterdam before losing to

Juan Martin del Potro in the

final at Indian Wells. Two other

titles followed in Stuttgart and


But there were also major

disappointments — at Wimbledon

he lost to Kevin Anderson

after leading by two sets and

squandering a match point and he

departed early from the US Open.

“So I started great. I played

super well in Australia again.

So obviously I can’t wait to

go back there in a couple of

months. The second half of the

$1 million bonus for winning the

LPGA’s Race to the CME Globe

season-long points chase for the

second time in three years.

The 22-year-old from Thailand,

whose three titles this year

include her second major at the

US Women’s Open, is already

assured of claiming Player of the

Year honors. She’s also closing

season could have been better

maybe. I also have high hopes

to always do well.

“I’m happy I gave myself

opportunities again in that

second half of the season.

I maybe lost a couple (of)

close matches that could have

changed things around for

me a little bit. I don’t know,

Paris or Wimbledon, whatever


“I’m here now. So I’m a little

bit disappointed there because I

believe I was close. Being close

makes me believe I can keep

going, I can win again. That’s

uplifting in some ways.” AFP

LEXI Thompson lines up a putt on the 18th green during the third round of

the CME Group Tour Championship golf tournament at Tiburon Golf Club in

Naples, Florida.


in on the Vare Trophy for lowest

scoring average in 2018.

“I did a pretty good job,” Ariya

said after a round that featured

five birdies but was marred by a

double-bogey six at the 11th.

“I didn’t think about that at

all,” she added of the Globe race.

“Yesterday I (thought) about that too

much, worrying about that.” AFP

Flames torch Oilers

CALGARY, Alberta — Elias Lindholm scored twice, including the

tiebreaking goal midway through the third period, and the Calgary Flames

rallied from two down to beat the Edmonton Oilers 4-2 on Saturday night.

After deflecting Noah Hanifin’s point shot into Mikko Koskinen’s

pads, Lindholm knocked in the rebound at 9:10 of the third. He added

an empty-netter for his 11th goal of the season — his career high is 17.

Sean Monahan, with a goal and an assist, and Derek Ryan also

scored for Calgary.

Connor McDavid and Alex Chiasson scored for Edmonton,

which has lost five of six.

Down 2-1 entering the third period, Calgary tied it at 2:40 when

Monahan rattled home a rebound of Travis Hamonic’s shot.

It was the sixth time the Flames have come back to win

when trailing after two periods, most in the NHL.

They were down 2-0 until late in the second. Calgary

cut its deficit in half at 16:23 on its fifth power play

when Ryan scored on a backhand, his second goal of

the season and first in 15 games.

Until then, the Flames’ listless power play had given

up just as many shots as it had generated, with two of

the three allowed being breakaways.

Standing tall in net was David Rittich, who improved to

6-1-0. Included in his 24 stops were three breakaways — two

for Leon Draisaitl and one by Jujhar Khaira. AP

Hunger fires up NU

By Donnawel Maturingan

Hunger served as motivation

for National University in

clinching the University Athletic

Association of the Philippines

(UAAP) cheerdance title before a

banner crowd over the weekend

at the Mall of Asia Arena.

NU pep squad head coach

Ghicka Bernabe said her

wards competed with chip on

their shoulders after their bid

for five consecutive titles was

denied by Adamson University

last year.

Dancing to their rendition of

Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos,

or Day of the Dead, the Bulldogs

came up with a near-flawless

performance to emerge with 711

points, leaving Far Eastern University

and Adamson University settling for

the second and third places with

655.5 and 638.5 points, respectively.

Bernabe said their hunger and

teamwork fueled their victory.

“We never used the word ‘I,’

we always say “we,’” said Bernabe

following their triumphant

performance witnessed by more

than 20,000 spectators.

“They were really hungry to

bounce back this year.”

Bernabe said their

fourth-place finish last year

served as a wakeup call that

fired them up to do better.

“There were questions on

why we lost. So we healed

ourselves first and accepted

everything before moving on,”

she said.

Aside from the overall title, NU

also cornered the Group Stunts

award while University of Santo

Tomas captured the Best Toss


Howell hangs tough

WASHINGTON — Charles Howell kept his bid to end an 11-year PGA

Tour title drought on track Saturday, firing a two-under par 68 for a

one-stroke third-round lead in the RSM Classic.

Howell started the day with a three-shot cushion and pushed the

lead to five with two early birdies.

But two back-nine bogeys on the par-70 Seaside course in Sea

Island, Georgia, left him little breathing room.

His 16-under par total of 196 put him one clear of veteran Jason

Gore and rising rookie Cameron Champ, who both carded four-under

par 66s.

Webb Simpson carded a 63 to share fourth along with Ryan Blaum,

who signed for a 65.

Howell is a two-time winner on the PGA Tour, but his most recent

trip to the winner’s circle came at Riviera in 2007.

Since then he has notched 53 top-10s and six second-place finishes.

It has been even longer since 44-year-old Gore claimed his lone

PGA title, in 2005. Since then he has seen his career disrupted by

back trouble, but he is making the most this week of a sponsor’s

exemption and played the back nine on Saturday in five-under with

three birdies and an eagle at the par-five 15th.

Champ, the big-hitting 23-year-old who won his first title at the

Sanderson Farms Championship last month, seized his share of second

place with a birdie at 18, where he stuck his second shot less than

three feet from the pin.

His seven birdies on the day included four in a row from the

seventh through the 10th and a birdie from a greenside bunker at

15. AFP

EDMONTON Oilers’ Darnell Nurse (right) fights with Calgary Flames’ Sam Bennett during

the first period of an NHL hockey game in Calgary, Alberta.


Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune




Tams, Archers dogfight

The Soaring Falcons offered little

resistance to the Tamaraws, who

will meet La Salle in a playoff

for the No. 4 spot

By Joel Orellana

Game on Wednesday

(at the Araneta Coliseum)

4 p.m. FEU vs. La Salle


Far Eastern University (FEU) clinched a

playoff for the last Final Four seat after whipping

semifinalist Adamson University, 82-56, in the

final day of the elimination round of Season 81

University Athletic Association of the Philippines

(UAAP) men’s basketball tournament Sunday at

the Mall of Asia Arena.

Already assured of the No. 2 spot and the

twice-to-beat advantage in the Final Four, the

Soaring Falcons offered little resistance to the

Tamaraws, who will meet La Salle in a playoff

for the No. 4 spot on Wednesday.

Wendell Comboy led FEU’s balanced attack

with 11 points while Arvin Tolentino and Hubert

Cani each had 10 markers for the Tamaraws, who

finished the season with an 8-6 win-loss mark,

same with University of the Philippines and the

Green Archers.

But the Fighting Maroons grabbed the No.

3 spot due to a superior quotient and will face

the Soaring Falcons in the Final Four, leaving

FEU and La Salle in a dog fight for the last Final

Four berth.

“Finally, we got the breaks as this was a big

game for us with them missing (Jerrick) Ahanmisi

and (Sean) Manganti. We have one game to play

to make it to the Final Four,” said Tamaraws head

coach Olsen Racela.

Adamson coach Franz Pumaren opted to rest

his 1-2 punch Ahanmisi and Manganti as the game

had no bearing for the Falcons.

FEU took advantage of their absence and

PH gets help

from friends

Yeng Guiao is set to field

14 players out of his 20-man

national training pool

jumped to an early 21-8 lead after the first period

and stretched it to 46-22 entering the break.

The Tamaraws continued to pound on the

Soaring Falcons in the third canto and erected

a 70-40 advantage entering the final period then

Racela rested his starters in the final frame.

Jerome Lastimosa led Adamson with 11 points

while Jonathan Espeleta and Kristian Bernardo

each had eight for the Soaring Falcons, who

ended their elimination round campaign with a

second-best 10-4 slate.

Adamson coach Franz Pumaren opted

to rest his 1-2 punch Ahanmisi and

Manganti as the game had no bearing

for the Falcons.

Ahanmisi (sore throat) and Manganti (minor

sprain) were rested due to minor injuries but will

be ready on Saturday against UP.

In the opener, National University ended its

season with a 79-71 win over University of the

East behind the solid games from graduating

players Troy Rike and Issa Gaye.

Rike capped his one-and-done season with

the Bulldogs with a career-high 17 points and

13 rebounds while Gaye had his best game of

the season with 12 points and career-tying eight

blocks as NU finished with a 4-10 win-loss mark.

“You always like to end the season with a

win but the funny feeling is you end up with the

win but you don’t celebrate. Any win will put a

smile on your face,” said Bulldogs head coach

Jamike Jarin.

“I’d rather lose than win because you were

there with your target which is the Final Four.

But we want to keep moving forward,” he added.

Alvin Pasaol led the Red Warriors with 20

points in what could be his final game for UE.

“I’m still undecided. We will talk with the

management next week,” said Pasaol, who has

two years left for the Red Warriors but is mulling

to apply for the rookie draft in the Philippine

Basketball Association.

Pasaol finished the season with a league-best 24.4

points per game, the highest for a local student-athlete

since the league started computerizing the stats in 2003.

Chris Conner added 19 points and 13

rebounds for the Red Warriors, who finished

dead last in the team standings with 1-13 slate.

All out, all heart

Michele Gumabao kept reminding me that

it was okay to be competitive even if I was

still a rookie

Athletes, especially

volleyball players, are

competitive in nature.

I’m not an exemption.

When I was a rookie for

De La Salle University, my

teammates and coaches

kept reminding me that I

should give my all once I

step on the court.

It wasn’t easy at first.

I was just a newbie

and battling the big girls

of the league from tough

schools like Ateneo de

Manila, University of


Mika Reyes

Santo Tomas and Far Eastern University gave me chills.

But my teammates were there for me. One of them was

Michele Gumabao who kept reminding me that it was okay

to be competitive even when I was still a rookie. She kept

on saying that I should not get intimidated and play our

opponents with all my heart.

It was really heartwarming to hear those motivations,

especially from veteran teammates.

Later on, I developed my competitive nature.

My teammates would say that my competitiveness

rubbed off to them when they see that I’m playing with fire,

confidence and fighting spirit.

I believe that it’s a must to celebrate every single

point — whether it’s my own point or that of my

teammates. It squeezes out the best from us, it makes

us give the extra push and puts us in the zone and the

rest will follow, including the victory.

My favorite parts of being competitive are the trash talking

and staredowns.

For this, I couldn’t forget Remy Palma.

She used to be the middle blocker of FEU and we had a

lot of memorable encounters inside the court. She was the

best in the UAAP in giving staredowns and talking trash to

get into your head and throw you out of your rhythm.

Fans loved it.

And coaches would remind us that there should be no

hard feelings and we should keep our focus because what

she’s doing was just part of their game plan.

But after the game, Remy becomes different.

She would shake my hands and hug me, saying: Nice

game, Ate.

The funniest thing is that Remy, that brave and fierce

blocker whom we loved to hate for her competitiveness and

mind games when we were still in college, is a sweet and

very polite girl who is now my teammate at Petron in the

Philippine Superliga.

By John Bryan Ulanday

Team Pilipinas gets its first test as a

newly-built national squad when it hosts

Jordan in a friendly game today at the

Meralco Gym in Ortigas, Pasig City.

Action begins at 8 p.m. with the Nationals

testing Jordan as part of the preparations for

their respective matches in the upcoming fifth

window of the 2019 FIBA World Cup Asian


The Philippines is in Group F and is

currently preparing for its crucial games

against Kazakhstan on 30 November and Iran

on 3 December while Jordan, which is in Group

E, also builds up for an Asia-Oceania trip with

road games against New Zealand and Korea

on the same dates.

It will be the first of four scrimmages

scheduled for Team Plipinas before its official

games as it is also set to meet Jordan again

on 21 November then with Lebanon on 23 and

25 November.

We’re thankful to Jordan and

Lebanon for coming here just to play

tune-up games with us. It will be

helpful to both teams.

Head coach Yeng Guiao is expected to field

14 players out of his 20-man national training

pool after a first couple of training sessions

this week.

June Mar Fajardo and Jayson Castro are

tasked to spearhead the squad together with

Christian Standhardinger, Arwind Santos,

JP Erram, Beau Belga, Troy Rosario, Gabe

Norwood, Matthew Wright, Marcio Lassiter,

Alex Cabagnot, Stanley Pringle, Kai Sotto and

Ricci Rivero.

“We’re thankful to Jordan

and Lebanon for coming here

just to play tune-up games with

us. It will be helpful to both

teams,” said Guiao.

“We’re going to play each of

them twice. Good for us, at least

we don’t have to go abroad and

play tune-up games.”

Though they are not expected to

suit-up yet owing to lack of practice

this past week, six players in Japeth

Aguilar, Greg Slaughter, LA Tenorio

and Scottie Thompson of Ginebra

together with Ian Sangalang and

Paul Lee of Magnolia are already

anticipated to show up with the

Philippine Basketball Association

Governors’ Cup semi-finals coming

to an end.

The pro-league now enters a

two-week break to pave way for

the preparation of the national

team before the Finals match-up

between Alaska and Magnolia on

5 December.

ADAMSON University defender Jed Colonia (left) harasses Far Eastern University’s Richard Escoto during

their UAAP match at the MoA Arena.


A good menu spoiled

Prior to the conference, a

Ginebra-Meralco trilogy was seen

as imminent

By John Bryan Ulanday

After Magnolia kicked two-time champion

Ginebra San Miguel out of its throne the other

day, Alaska knew it had to do its part in spoiling

what was an expected ending to the Philippine

Basketball Association (PBA) Governors’ Cup.

When the semifinals smoke cleared, the Aces

dispatched the Meralco Bolts in four games

with a narrow 99-92 win late Saturday night to

arrange an unlikely championship duel with

the Hotshots for the season-ending conference


Prior to the conference, a Ginebra-Meralco

trilogy was seen as imminent. But Alaska and

Magnolia shattered that prediction with a

convincing four-game series triumphs to set up

their first Finals face-off since 2010.

Alaska coach Alex Compton could not be any

prouder of this feat by his wards who had to fight

until the last sweat against the Bolts in a series

highlighted by just a 5.25-point winning gaps.

“I’m just a little emotional right now. I’m just

so proud,” said the teary-eyed Compton who finally

towed the Aces back in the championship since

the 2016 Commissioner’s Cup Finals.

ALLEN Durham (right) drives for the Meralco Bolts against Alaska

import Mike Harris.


“I’m so honored to be a part of this team and

this franchise,” he said.

The series victory was no easy job for the Aces

as they had to stand on the way of the rampaging

Bolts who made an astounding run of seven

straight victories all the way to the semi-finals

from a dismal 1-6 start in the elimination round.

“Meralco did one hell of a job. Ranidel De

(Ocampo), Cliff (Hodge) and Jared (Dillinger) are

foundational pieces for them. They didn’t play,”

he said.

“And yet, there wasn’t a single game that they

laid out and die. They fought the whole time.

They just had some injuries and we were able to

close it out.”

The Aces didn’t escape the damages of a gritty

war with the Bolts as they had some casualties,

too, losing Vic Manuel, Chris Banchero and import

Mike Harris at some points — before pulling off a

close series win.

That explained why Compton is embracing

the much-needed break for them to regenerate

especially without a single Alaska player in the

national team.

With the semis over, the PBA now enters

a two-week break to support Team Pilipinas

on its upcoming stint in the fifth window of

the 2019 FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers.

“We don’t have anybody on the national

team so hopefully we can heal up. We’ll

be cheering for them, that’s for sure but

hopefully we can rest a little bit,” he said.

“It’s kind of weird to have a break (going

into Finals) but we have some banged up guys.

I’m glad that there’s a break and the league

is supporting the national team.”

For the third year in row, two-time Best Import Allen

Durham failed to win his dream first championship in the

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

What made it worse was he hadn’t had a chance to

power Meralco against Alaska, losing in four games of

their PBA Governors’ Cup best-of-five semi-final series

late Saturday night.

It was not the ending Durham was expecting especially

as he was a consistent finalist in his first two years with

the Bolts.

“It was hard to swallow but Alaska, it played hard.

I can say that maybe we used to talk trash in college

because playing for your school in the UAAP was way

different than in the professional ranks and international

tournaments. Also, the crowd plays a crucial role in providing

an intense atmosphere and adding spice to the match.

It’s really a great feeling to play with an electric

atmosphere and having your friends, classmates and fans

cheer for you is a good energy-booster.

I think I’m also like Remy.

My teammates would say that my competitiveness

rubbed off to them when they see that I’m

playing with fire, confidence and fighting spirit.

For those who know me well, they can attest that I may look

competitive on-court but I’m really soft-spoken outside volleyball.

I’m the type of person who will be super shy to talk to you if

you don’t make the first move to approach me. Well, at least I

already improved in that aspect and I became a little friendly

in person nowadays (LOL!).

But yeah, honestly, people see me as a little intimidating

just because I’m tall or because I do talk trash or stare down

our opponents.

I respect their opinions.

I know playing with a competitive spirit gives me confidence,

fire and motivation to work hard inside the court.

It fuels me to uplift my teammates and let them know that

I’m here for them no matter what.

Volleyball has been so good to me.

And I vowed to play every game as if it is my last — all out,

all heart.

Downer for Durham

It was hard to swallow but Alaska, it

played hard. It won three games in a

row, it is very deserving of where it is

right now

VOLLEYBALL has been so good to me. So, I promised to repay

it by being extra competitive and celebrate each point as if it

is our last.

It won three games in a row, they’re very deserving of

where it is right now,” a dismayed Durham said. His 31

points and 14 rebounds went down the drain in their

92-99 Game 4 loss.

“It’s not how we wanted to go out but I wish Alaska

the best.”

The 30-year old Durham also refused to blame

fatigue and injuries of their key local guys as a factor

in their foiled campaign, saying Alaska had the same


“We can’t really come up with excuses. Injuries

happen to key players and that’s no excuse,” he added,

referring to Meralco’s key guys Jared Dillinger, Cliff

Hodge and Ranidel de Ocampo who went down with

injuries at different points all conference long.

“There’ a little bit of fatigue because we played so

many games every other day and stuff but Alaska had the

same thing. That’s no excuse.”





Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune

‘Rambo’ on trial

center,” said ICC spokesman Fadi El

Those who think they can claim an

Abdallah of the former army officer, who was

amnesty are mistaken

the target of US sanctions in 2015 for suspected

attacks against Muslims, civilian deaths, and for

THE HAGUE — A former Central African Republic

using child fighters.

militia leader nicknamed “Colonel Rambo” arrived

After being elected to parliament in 2016,

on Saturday in The Hague, where he will stand trial

Yekatom, 43, was arrested in October for opening

for war crimes and crimes against humanity at

fire inside the legislature while its new president

the International Criminal Court.

was being elected.

Currently a lawmaker, Alfred Yekatom’s

ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda welcomed

extradition was the first of its kind from

the extradition, saying it “advances the cause of

the CAR.

justice in the Central African Republic” and promising

“The suspect

that she would continue to pursue her “quest for

arrived in the

truth and justice.”


Pierre Brunisso from the International Federation

of Human Rights watchdog added that it sent “a strong

message to the leaders of armed groups.”

“Those who think they can claim an

amnesty at the negotiating table are

mistaken,” he said.

The ICC said Yekatom would be

tried for “alleged war crimes and

crimes against humanity” carried out

by so-called anti-balaka militias.

The court launched an investigation

in September 2014 into crimes

committed in the country since 2012.

A three-judge bench of The

Hague-based court’s pre-trial

chamber issued an arrest warrant

against Yekatom last Sunday. AFP

Something to hold on to Children wearing masks watch the motorcade of US President

Donald Trump as he drives to view damage from wildfires in Paradise, California.


‘This is very sad to see’

PARADISE — President Donald Trump expressed sadness

Saturday after visiting the wreckage of a California town burned

to the ground by a devastating wildfire.

“This is very sad,” Trump said after surveying the remains

of Paradise, where nearly the only people out on the road were

emergency services workers, surrounded by the twisted remains

of the incinerated town.

Nearly 1,300 people remain unaccounted for.

“They’re telling me this is not as bad as some areas; some

areas are even beyond this, they’re just charred,” he added after

looking at a street lined with melted cars, tree stumps

and the foundations of wrecked houses.

Nearly 1,300 people remain unaccounted

for and the death toll from the

country’s deadliest wildfire

in a century

Argentina ‘lacks means’

to rescue submarine


announcing the discovery of an

Argentine submarine lost deep in

the Atlantic a year ago with 44 crew

members aboard, the government

said Saturday that it is unable to

recover the vessel, drawing anger

from missing sailors’ relatives who

demanded that it be raised.

Defense Minister Oscar Aguad

said at a press conference that the

country lacks “modern technology”

capable of “verifying the seabed”

to extract the ARA San Juan,

which was found 907 meters deep

in waters off the Valdes Peninsula

in Argentine Patagonia, roughly

600 kilometers from the port city

of Comodoro Rivadavia.

Earlier in the morning, the navy

said a “positive identification” had

been made by a remote-operated

submersible from the American

company Ocean Infinity. The company,

commissioned by the Argentine

government, began searching for the

missing vessel 7 September.

It remained unclear what the

next steps could be.

In a statement to The Associated

Press, Ocean Infinity CEO Oliver

Plunkett said authorities would

have to determine how to advance.

“We would be pleased to assist with

a recovery operation but at the

moment are focused on completing

imaging of the

debris field,”

he said. AP

climbed to 76,

authorities said Saturday.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea

pleaded with fire evacuees to check the

roster of people reported as unreachable by

family and friends and to call in if they are

safe. Deputies have located hundreds of people

to date, but the overall number keeps growing

because officials are adding names, including those

reported as missing during the disaster’s chaotic early

hours, Honea said.

“It’s really very important for you to take a look at the list

and call us if you’re on the list,” he said.

The remains of five more people were found Saturday,

including four in the decimated town of Paradise

and one in nearby Concow, bringing the number

of dead to 76.

AFP and AP

Student revolt

ATHENS — At least 12,000

Greeks took to the streets of

Athens on Saturday to mark

the 45th anniversary of a

1973 student revolt against a

US-backed junta, police said.

The march was held

amid tight security with

more than 5,000 officers

deployed and drones and a

police helicopter hovering

over the central Syntagma Square, which

has often become a battleground in previous


Some marchers held banners with slogans

denouncing fascism, imperialism, NATO and US

foreign wars as well as austerity. AFP

XI’AN — When Chinese explorer Zheng He commanded

expeditionary voyages and opened up the Maritime Silk

Road about 600 years ago, it was the stars that helped

him navigate his fleet through the boundless oceans.

The ancient Chinese invented astronavigation and

Zheng He was among the first to use it during many

of his voyages. The position and course of his

fleet were determined by observing the stars

and constellations such as the Big Dipper, the

Southern Cross and the Lyra constellation.

Inhabiting the northern hemisphere,

Chinese people on land also used to

navigate by observing the Big Dipper.

Nowadays, the navigation

satellite system

On your feet A camel performs during the annual Pushkar Camel Festival in India where livestock are traded.


Jet crash


people were killed when a

vintage World War II fighter

plane crashed into the parking

lot of an apartment complex in

Fredericksburg, Texas Saturday,

a state police spokesman said.

Texas Department of

Public Safety

Sgt. Orlando

Moreno said

two people were on board the

P-51D Mustang. He did not identify

the dead.

The Mustang was first built

in 1940 and was used by the US

military in World War II. AP

Lost and found Undated and unlocated photo released by Noticias Argentinas of the ARA San Juan submarine which wreckage was found after being

missing for a year.


Techies assemble Over 60 delegations from more than 40 countries, regions and international organizations

participate in the 20th China Hi-Tech Fair, which opened in Shenzhen on Wednesday, bringing more than 1,000 new

products and technology to the five-day event.


China’s BeiDou to serve B&R nations



developed by China is called BeiDou, the Chinese word

for the Big Dipper.

The BeiDou system opened to China in 2000 and

the Asia-Pacific region in 2012. When the system

is completed in 2020, it will be the fourth largest

global satellite navigation system after the US

GPS system, Russia’s GLONASS and the European

Union’s Galileo.

As one of the core providers of global navigation

services, the BeiDou system hopes to cooperate with

other global satellite systems, providing free research

and being used in rescue services around the world. It

has been recognized by the International Civil Aviation

Organization, International Maritime Organization and

3rd Generation Partnership Project. Xinhua

Chinese theme park

tourism booms

SHANGHAI — China is slated to become the world’s

largest theme park market by 2020, when the number of

tourists is expected to exceed 230 million, according to a fresh

report by US engineering firm AECOM.

The number of tourists to Chinese theme parks have seen

an average annual growth of 13 percent in the past decade

and reached 190 million in 2017. The number is expected to

keep the double digit growth in the following years, according

to the report.

The number of tourists reached 190 million.

The report attributes the rapid growth to

Chinese consumers’ rising income that sparks

greater demands on leisure activities, as well as

more convenient public transportation systems.

Despite the large

number of total

attendance, the report

also finds that China

has a markedly lower

per-capita attendance

compared with developed


“These findings

demonstrate a significant

opportunity for future

growth in the Chinese

market,” said Chris Yoshii,

vice president for Asia

and global director for

Leisure and Culture with

AFP AECOM. China Daily

Stung by stingray

SYDNEY — A swimmer has died after a stab

to his stomach in a suspected stingray attack off

an Australian beach, in a rare fatal encounter

with the fish.

The 42-year-old’s death came more than a

decade after world-renowned “Crocodile Hunter”

Steve Irwin was killed when a stingray barb

punctured his chest while he was filming on the

famed Great Barrier Reef.

The man was in waters

off Lauderdale Beach in

the southern island state of

Tasmania on Saturday when he

“sustained a puncture wound

to his lower abdomen... possibly

inflicted by a marine animal,”

police said.


Case Law


Consolidated Building

Maintenance, Inc. v. Asprec

G.R. No. 217301, June 6, 2018 /

Second Division / Reyes, Jr., J.

Labor Law; Job-contracting; Labor-only contracting.

— Job contracting is deemed legitimate and permissible

when the contractor has substantial capital or investment,

and runs a business that is independent and free from

control by the principal. It is required that the agreement

between the principal and the contractor or subcontractor

assures the contractual employees’ entitlement to all

labor and occupational safety and health standards,

free exercise of the right to self-organization, security of

tenure, and social welfare benefits. The absence of any

of these elements results in a finding that the contractor

is engaged in labor-only contracting. (VOLUME I NUMBER 91)



Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune


Manila noted

another great reason to watch this acclaimed production.

The artistic team, actors and production staff have been actively involved

in the process of creating a brand-new type of theater practice through

workshops, rehearsals and discussions. Lastly, the set design is also a

collaboration by an acclaimed Japanese set designer, Itaru Sugiyama and

select theater practitioners and students in Manila.

To make sure that the Japanese material

communicates well with Filipino audience, Palanca

Hall of Fame writer Rody Vera has been working with

Hirata on the adaptation together with the 20 leading

Filipino actors

Tanghalang Pilipino (TP) and the Japan

Foundation, Manila, in partnership with the

Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)

present Manila Notes, a Philippines-Japan

theater collaboration, staged as a TP 32nd

season production from 30 November to

16 December 2018, Fridays, Saturdays

and Sundays, at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., at the

CCP Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (Little


The play is the adaptation of Tokyo

Notes, written by internationally acclaimed

Japanese playwright and director Oriza

Hirata. The play is one of the most critically

acclaimed works of Hirata, which has been

translated into 13 languages for productions

in many cities around the world. It has also

created artistic collaborations and cultural NEOMI Gonzales.

exchanges through adaptations such as Seoul

Notes (2004), Taipei Notes (2017) and Bangkok Notes (2017).

To make sure that the Japanese material communicates well with

the local audience, the Palanca Hall of Fame writer Rody Vera has been

working with Hirata on the adaptation together with the 20 leading

Filipino actors. Hirata introduced to the actors his acting style called

“contemporary colloquial theater theory,” which is entirely different

from Western acting techniques.

This technique, created by Hirata to counter the traditional loud

theater seen in Japan, has been received by the world to great acclaim.

This, apart from the stellar cast and artistic staff, gives the audience


NEA Crossword Puzzle

© 2018 UFS, Dist. by Andrews McMeel Syndication for UFS


1 Floor

4 Slimy

8 Hear a case

11 Departed


12 Clay target


14 Application

15 Weep

16 Spiteful

17 Waterpower


18 Tropical melon

20 Political upsets

22 Almost grads

23 This, in Latin

24 Garlic juicer

27 Unruly mob

31 State, in Paris

32 Fictional rafter

33 Agent, for


34 Matter, in law

35 Fall mo.

36 One, in Berlin

37 Fine homes

39 Invited

40 Stroke

41 Some MDs

42 Columbus’ port

45 Venomous


48 Gobbled up

49 Scoundrel

51 Package shipper

The story and people behind the play

Adapted from Tokyo Notes — which was inspired by Yasujiro Ozu’s film

Tokyo Story — the story of Manila Notes takes place in the lobby of an

art museum in Manila sometime in the near future. A major war is being

waged in Europe and many paintings have been moved to the various

cities in Asia. In front of such paintings, family members, friends and lovers

continue their fragmentary conversations on taking care of their aging

parents, inheritance, future careers and love, among others.

With the backdrop of a distant war, the

play clearly portrays how Filipinos live their

everyday lives, which reveal a whole range

of problem and crisis of our modern society.

Born in 1962 in Tokyo, Hirata is a

playwright and theater director. He is the

leader of the Seinendan theater company,

as well as the artistic director of the Komaba

Agora Theater and Kinosaki International

Arts Center. He is also a research professor

at Tokyo University of the Arts Center of

Innovation and a visiting professor at Osaka

University and Shikoku Gakuin University.

He is one of the most influential figures in

contemporary Japanese theater, working

regularly with international artists, notably

in France, with Frederic Fisbach, Arnaud

Meunier and Laurent Gutmann.

Born in 1962, in Tokyo, Prof. Oriza Hirata is a playwright

and theater director.

As a propagator

of the contemporary

colloquial theater in

Japan, he wrote nearly

30 plays — among them

Tokyo Notes (1995

Kishida Kunio Drama

Award) and Citizens

of Seoul. Among many

other awards, he was

honored by France’s

Ministry of Culture

with the insignia of

Chevalier of the Order

of Arts and Letters

in 2011.


Manila Notes boasts some of the most versatile performers on the

Philippine stage today: Meann Espinosa, a Philippine Educational Theater

Association actor, and Mayen Estanero, a TP Actors Company alumna, lead

the cast, which also include some of theater’s finest: former TP artistic

director Dennis Marasigan, Gie Onida, Ian Segarra, J-Mee Katanyag,

Neomi Gonzales, Wenah Nagales, Kathlyn Castillo, Randy Villarama and

Elle Velasco.

Together with them are some of the members of the TP Actors

Company: Jonathan Tadioan, Marco Viaña, Lhorvie Nuevo, Antonette Go,

Joshua Tayco and Manok Nellas. The young, talented actors from different

53 Hagen of

“The Other”

54 Warning


55 Prickle

56 Lick up

57 Pole explorer

58 Time period


1 Equator


2 Distort

3 New Age


4 Coveted


5 Approves

6 Sweater letter

7 Up till now

8 “Swan Lake”


9 Host’s plea

10 Roll call votes

13 Wealthy


19 Discreet


21 Harvest moon


23 Slight



24 Pierre’s parent

25 AAA


26 Sunrise


27 Slashes

28 Viking name

29 Actress –


30 Went quickly

32 Units of


35 Beefeater’s


36 Latin I verb

38 PFC mail


39 Tack on

41 Contributor

42 Old Roman


43 James or Kett

44 Tide type

45 Deviate

46 Hayseed

47 Goad

50 Pen point

52 Mexican Mrs.

Answer to previous puzzle

by Ramon Lorenzo

Write a numeral from 1 to 9 in each box so that each

appears only once in each row, column and 3 x 3 box.

Answer for yesterday’s puzzle

GIE Onida.

universities, Micah Musa

from the University of the

Philippines-Los Baños,

Manuel Tinio from De La

Salle University (DLSU)

and Manjean Faldas from

the DLSU-College of Saint

Benilde, complete the

cast. These actors were

carefully selected after

an open audition last

September, conducted by

Prof. Hirata himself.

The play is presented

in Filipino. English

subtitles are available

on the 30 November to 2

December shows.



classic rebooted

Alyas July, the contemporary adaptation based

on National Artist for Literature Bienvenido

Lumbera’s Filipino translation of The Bard’s

masterpiece, will be presented by Dulaang


Through the years, the question of right from wrong and the

constant balance of actions taken always bring a conflict within

society. This study of characters and human behavior will once again

rise onstage, as one of the most renowned historical tragedies of all

time, Julius Caesar, by England’s national poet William Shakespeare,

takes on a modern reimagination.

Alyas July, the contemporary adaptation based on National Artist

for Literature Bienvenido Lumbera’s Filipino translation of The Bard’s

masterpiece, will be presented by Dulaang Filipino, the resident

theater group of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, from 26 to 28

November at the Black Box Theater.

Written by Carlos Palanca Memorial award-winning playwright

Eljay Castro Deldoc and

directed by Riki Benedicto,

Alyas July shares the story

of the theater group Klasiko

Entablado, just some hours

before the critic’s night of their

play Julio Cesar. July, who

left the production during the

early parts of the rehearsals,

is once again invited by the

assistant director to portray

the main character. This

causes conflicts between some

of its members, particularly

Turbo and Asyong, who believe

that the actor is full of himself.

While everyone’s busy with the

final touches of the play, Turbo

and Asyong, through an evil pursuit, are determined to dispose of

the main actor. With flickering lights and ill-fitted costumes, will the

drama still be a success?

Benedicto wishes that the audience is still familiar with the original

story, though the adaptation focuses on a different approach on

Shakespeare’s piece. “I just hope that watching this version would elicit

interest not just for Shakespeare, but classic literature in general.”

Both the director and the playwright veered away from the

prevalent political approach of plays which reflects the current

situation of the country. “I don’t want my stage to be a propaganda

platform. I want to present a literary piece focusing on the behavior

of the characters,” Benedicto noted. “Why are we doing the things

we are doing? We keep on looking for someone to blame to justify

our unjust actions.”

Alyas July will premiere on 26 November at 7 p.m. The show will

then have Tuesday and Wednesday stagings on 27 and 28 November

at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Tickets are priced at P150. For ticket reservations, call +63 230- 5100

local 1528 or 1603 or contact culture.arts@benilde.edu.ph. The Black

Box Theater is located at sixth floor of De La Salle-College of Saint

Benilde, School of Design and Arts Campus, 950 Pablo Ocampo (Vito

Cruz) Street, Malate, Manila.


Monday of the Thirty-second week in Ordinary Time

As Jesus approached Jericho

a blind man was sitting by the

roadside begging and hearing

a crowd going by, he inquired

what was happening.

They told him,“Jesus of Nazareth

is passing by.”

He shouted,“Jesus, Son of David,

have pity on me!”

The people walking in front

rebuked him, telling him to be

silent, but he kept calling out

all the more,“Son of David, have

pity on me!”

Then Jesus stopped and

ordered that he be brought to

him; and when he came near,

Luke 18:35-43

Jesus asked him, What do

you want me to do for you?

He replied, “Lord, please let

me see.”

Jesus told him, “Have sight;

your faith has saved you.”

He immediately received

his sight and followed him,

giving glory to God. When

they saw this, all the people

gave praise to God.



Brother vs brother,

siblings vs supercop

Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune

People will always pit you against

each other. Like I said, I don’t

want to be sidetracked by that

By Kathleen Llemit

Two brothers are going to fight each other

and an “invincible” cop.

Dingdong Dantes and Dennis Trillo are

not only going to outdo each other in the

“family drama with lots of action” show

premiering tonight after 24 Oras on GMA-7.

They are also expected to sway audiences

to their side.

Cain at Abel is butting heads with

ABS-CBN’s FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano which

has been running for three

years now.

Viewers have been joking

about the Coco Martin show

running until he gets as old as

Eddie Garcia and Juan Ponce

Enrile. To the actor’s credit,

his character Cardo Dalisay is

no longer just a fictional hero

but an enduring meme and pop

culture reference. Even more so

these days as it is facing serious

charges of tarnishing the image

of the Philippine National

Police because of its depiction

of the police body in the show

(as baffling as this may seem,

this is really happening).

It has become a running joke among TV

viewers and a humblebrag for ABS whenever a

GMA show is ending and a new one is premiering

on the same primetime slot.

Expect the same memes to surface after

Alden Richards’ show, the Thor-inspired Victor

Magtanggol, ran for almost only five months.

The director of Cain at Abel, however,

chooses not to be sidetracked with the

pressure of achieving a decent, or even high

rating, for his show.

“People will always pit you against each

other. Like I said, I don’t want to be sidetracked

by that. Of course, who wouldn’t want their

show to rate, to be number one? I have

to be honest that’s the goal – to beat the

competition. But at the same time, I don’t

want to lose focus on delivering a solid story

and a solid show,” answered Don Michael

Perez, show director, to the Daily Tribune.

He is quite excited with the promise of

the show that he confessed that it was the

“first time in a long time, it’s a material that

I didn’t write that I really want to do.”

Written by John Roque, Cain at Abel tells

the story of brothers, Daniel and Miguel,

who grew up in two very different worlds. As

children, they were separated by fate. Daniel

(Dingdong Dantes) was raised comfortably in

the city by his father. Miguel (Dennis Trillo),

on the other hand, was taken by his mother

who later changed his name to Elias. They

relocated to a poor fishing village where they

struggled to make ends meet.

Years later, Daniel and Miguel/Elias were

drawn together by their mutual affections:

the father who brought them apart, the

mother they yearn for and the woman they

both love.

The show is an obvious reference to the

story of the biblical brothers but is treated

as soap material for obvious reasons.

Perez is fresh off the unexpected success

of Kambal Karibal, also a show that tackled

sibling rivalry. It was a sleeper hit that starred

Bianca Umali, Kyline Alcantara and Pauline

Mendoza. The youngsters were regularly involved

in soap staples of catfights, bawling scenes and

dialogue-heavy encounters on top of dealing with

a pesky ghost who developed a habit of possessing

unwilling bodies in her aim of living her borrowed

time on earth.

With Cain and Abel, however, Perez

thinks they have a show that would treat

viewers to contrasting acting styles.

“You will see that Dingdong specifically has

really matured as an actor if you compare it with his

previous works. I call it calm, assertive, understated

aggression. He can project strength, anger that he

does not need to do over-the-top acting. Of course,

Dennis is a bravado actor but he can still do subtlety

and nuances,” Perez shared.

Playing vital roles in the lives of the

brothers are Solenn Heussaff as Abigail, the

bold, sophisticated and adventurous lover

of Daniel and Sanya Lopez as Margaret,

the principled, responsible and inspiring

girlfriend of Miguel/Elias.

Also part of the ensemble are: Eddie

Gutierrez as Antonio, the shrewd father and

the founder/chairman of business conglomerate

Destileria Larrazabal; Chanda Romero as Belen,

a loyal homemaker and a loving mother to Daniel

and Miguel/Elias and Dina Bonnevie as Precy, the

seductive and scheming home wrecker who stole

Antonio from his original wife.

Joining them are Ronnie Henares as

Gener, Abigail’s father and the

corrupt city governor who is also

Antonio’s best friend/business

associate; Tommy Abuel as

William, Belen’s mental health

doctor; Bing Pimentel as Linda,

Governor Gener’s wife; Renz

Fernandez as Louie, a Senior

Police Officer; Ervic Vijandre as

Alex, the unscrupulous Senior

Police Officer who does all of

Governor Gener’s dirty work; Marc

Abaya as Ramon, Elias’ enemy

inside prison; Carlo Gonzales

as Ronald, Daniel’s best friend

and confidante; Boy 2 Quizon as

Juancho, Elias’ best friend; Pauline Mendoza

as Pat, Margaret’s younger sister; Vince

Vandorpe as Rafael, Daniel’s half-brother;

Shyr Valdez as Tina and Leandro Baldemor

as Darius, parents of Margaret and Euwenn

Aleta as Sammy, the son of Miguel/Elias and


Featuring in special guest roles are the

following: Yasmien Kurdi as young Belen;

Diana Zubiri as young Precy; Gio Alvarez

as young Gener; Rafael Rosell as young

Antonio; David Remo as young Daniel; Seth

dela Cruz as young Miguel/Elias and Ashley

Cabrera as young Abigail.

The creative team of the TV series

is composed of headwriter John Roque

with writers Anna Aleta A. Nadela, John

Paul J. Bedia, and Brylle Tabora; and

brainstormers Rhoda Sulit-Marino and

Patrick Louie Lim Ilagan.

Leading the team are creative director Roy

Iglesias, senior creative consultant Suzette

Doctolero and creative head Dode Cruz.

Created by the GMA Drama group, this

original series is headed by the SVP for

Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable, VP

for Drama Redgie A. Magno, AVP for Drama

Cheryl Ching-Sy, senior program manager

Cathy Ochoa Perez and executive

producer Michelle Borja.

Known action director

Toto Natividad guest

directs. Show is

under the helm of

Perez and Mark


See Jeju Island with Wanna One

Join Wanna One as

they embark on a special

two-day trip together to

Jeju Island. See the dorky

and cute sides of the

members of Wanna One

in Wanna Travel, where

they travel together for

the first time as a whole

group in a variety show,

a happy, healing journey

that Wanna One always

wanted. Watch them play

PHOTO shows (from left) Solenn Heussaff, Dingdong Dantes, Dennis

Trillo and Sanya Lopez.

DANTES and Trillo are

set to star in a show

about sibling rivalry.

Their show will be pitted

against the long-running

“Ang Probinsyano”

airing in ABS-CBN.

Wanna Travel is a 12-episode, travel variety show

with the members of Wanna One

go-kart, eat good food, drive

around, playing games, be

goofy in their interactions,

fish, have fun at a theme

park and more.

Wanna One is a South

Korean boy band formed

during the 2017 survival

competition Produce 101,

Season 2. The group is

composed of 11 members:

Kang Daniel, Park Ji-hoon,

Lee Dae-hwi, Kim Jae-hwan,

Ong Seong-wu, Park Woo-jin,

Lai Kuan-lin, Yoon Ji-sung,

Hwang Min-hyun, Bae Jinyoung

and Ha Sung-woon.

Out of an initial 101 trainees

representing various

agencies, the final 11 were

chosen through audience

voting and announced via a

live television broadcast.

Wanna One, a project

group unlike other groups,

became one of the most

popular idol groups in

Korea. In the latest group

reputation ranking, Wanna

One is in the top three, and

With Cain and Abel, however, Perez

thinks they have a show that would

treat viewers to contrasting acting


member Kang Daniel ranks

top among individual idols

for 11 consecutive months.

Wanna Travel airs on

K-Plus, Saturday and Sunday

at 9:15 p.m. K-Plus is seen on

channel 11 on Easy TV. Visit

www.easytv.ph or contact

817-7000 for more details.

K-Plus is available on Cable

Link channel 222 in Metro

Manila, on GSAT channel

21 and over 100 provincial

cable affiliates. For more

information on K-Plus, visit

website at http://kplus-asia.


A STILL from the film “Kaming Mga Nakakulong.”

Benilde alumni lead

Urduja filmfest

The short film tells the story of a man who

struggles to face the reality of the present as he

goes on a journey to find peace by reconciling with

the horrors of his past

Capstone projects from

the Digital Filmmaking

program of De La Salle-

College of Saint Benilde

recently dominated the

Urduja Film Festival (UFF)

held at the Sison Auditorium

in Lingayen, Pangasinan.

Film alumnus Michael

Joshua Pagaduan’s Kaming

Mga Nakakulong paved the

way for Benilde by bagging

Best Film and Best Actor for

lead star Matt Daclan. The

short film tells the story of

a man who struggles to face

the reality of the present

as he goes on a journey to

find peace by reconciling

with the horrors of his

past. Fellow thespians

Lui Manansala and

Jill Palencia-Ibuyan

provided support to


The film

previously got the

Best Student Short

Film at the Guild of

Educators, Mentors

and Students Hiyas

ng Sining awards; Best

Film and Best Director

at the 2017 CineMapúa

Student Film Festival,

and Outstanding

Performance by an

Actor for Daclan in the

Maningning category

“DELTA” by James Garcia and Eluigi Macalintal. of CineSB7: The Main


Meanwhile, Delta directed by Benilde film alumnus James Fuentes

Garcia and Luigi Macalintal won Best Cinematography for director of

photography Geo Cahoy; Best Supporting Actor for Jemuel Satumba and

Best Supporting Actress for Chin Jongko.

In Delta, Satumba plays Marco who brings his younger brother,

Lucas, to the river for a

weekend without their

parents to celebrate

his birthday. As they

bond together, Marco

shares with Lucas his

plan to explore the

end of the river. Out of

curiosity, Lucas heads

out to the river alone.

Tim Rone

Villanueva’s Santa

Nena! received

another Best Actor

trophy for Ross Pesigan

and Best Actress for

Elora Españo while

Kim Timan’s Caramel

Child nabbed Best

Actress for Sue Prado

and Best Young Actress

for Angelica Ulip.

Also winning UFF

trophies are actors

Tracy Quila for

Binihag by Regina

Aceron and CJ Villa;

LEONARD, the main character in the film

struggles with the recurring nightmares of

a childhood memory.

“KAMING Mga Nakakulong” by Michael Pagaduan.

Anna Luna for Saglit by Dev Angeo and Tin Medenilla; Dylan Ray Talon

for Ang Mga Turo ng Gabi (The Lessons of the Night) by Christian Rae

Villanueva; Bobby Tamayo for Benny’s Confession by Anderson Co;

Veronica Reyes for Tayo by Ron Dulatre and Elaiza Rivera and Anton

Collantes for Theo by Summer Castro.

Timan, Aceron, Villa, Angeo, Medenilla, Co, Dulatre, Rivera, Castro

and the two Villanuevas are also graduates of the Benilde film program.

SOUTH Korean boyband Wanna One.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune


Giving more to the human experience

through digitized processes

Any organization that still

insists on its applicants or

potential members doing

their business in person,

when almost everything can

be done via the Internet,

should close down

“I like to waste money on bus fare,

sit for six hours in traffic and stand in

queues only to be told at the end that my

papers aren’t complete and my money

isn’t enough,” said no one ever.

Any organization that still insists

on its applicants or potential members

doing their business in person, when

almost everything can be done via the

Internet should close down. Seriously.

This includes banks, government

agencies, schools — any entity with

forms to fill out. (By the way, putting up

a PDF online, requiring people to still

print it out, manually fill it up, scan and

send it back does not count. I’m looking

at you, BIR).

Imagine the relief of the maritime

community, then, when the Maritime

Industry Authority (Marina) launched the

Marina Integrated Seafarer Management

Online (Mismo) System earlier this

month. Now, seafarers can apply for

and receive their seaman’s books, pay

for assessments and certifications and

verify documents online.

There are around 400,000 Filipino

seafarers deployed

overseas, who remit about

$5.8 billion annually.

It’s just right that these

unsung heroes of the

Philippine economy get

some concessions when

looking for employment.

In Metro Manila

alone, there are some

300 manning/crewing

agencies. Every day, every

one of them welcomes

seafarers from far and

near looking for gainful employment.

Only one of them, however, has Embark,

a “global initiative” to improve the

delivery of its crewing service through

tech and digitized processes. This is

V. Group, a leading global provider of

maritime support services, including

crew management and recruitment, ship

management and technical services.

I recently had the opportunity to tour

their facilities and experience Embark


Three things stood out for me. First

was when Allen Falkenberg, group

managing director crew management

of V. Group, credited as the visionary

for this program, said that the idea isn’t

wholly theirs. “To be responsive to clients

needs globally, you have to reach out to

other industries and see what we can

learn from them.” He singled out the big

airlines, who have had for many years

now the technology to manage hundreds


Regina Abuyuan

of movements and staffing

within their organizations at

any given time. “Here (the

maritime industry), we are

(still) quite manual in some

of those processes. Whereby

the airline industry and

others have invested in such

optimization and technology.

This is what we’re doing

now and what we’re excited

about — it’s better for long

term planning and (catching)


It was just refreshing for me to

hear a leader acknowledge that such

a groundbreaking program was by

no means original, but influenced by

existing, working systems.

Imagine the relief of the

maritime community, then, when

the Maritime Industry Authority

(Marina) launched the Marina

Integrated Seafarer Management

Online (Mismo) System earlier

this month.

Second was the V. Group’s unique

“seafarer’s journey”: a jobseeker or

recruit can search for openings or

assignments in person or online that

match their rank and skillset, complete

the application online at home or using

one of the office computers, and — this

is the most impressive — completing the

rest of his application with the V. Crew

Connect mobile app. This mobile app,

made available with a unique ID, will be

the seafarer’s “digital support system”

so to speak, throughout his employment.

“For seafarers,” says Falkenberg,

“this means they can manage their

lives better — (know what they

need to) be fully ready to be

deployed, know where

they’re going next, what

kinds of vessels they’ll

be deployed to.” V. Ships

has 1,700 vessels and

44,000 seafarers — 4,000

of whom are Filipinos.

of V. Group.

The mobile app also includes a payroll

module, which eliminates the need of

having to go through the shipmaster,

agency, bank or recipient, to check on

one’s balance or earnings. “Once it’s there,

you can follow your money in real time — is

it processed, has it been remitted,” says a

representative from V. Ships. “We will be

giving our seafarers accessibility over their

earnings and transparency to see where

their money goes.”

The module will likewise store

historical data of the seafarer’s payroll

in PDF form — very convenient for

those needing the document.

The V. Crew Connect mobile app will

be introduced in phases, with a first

rollout in India this month, and will

go live in other regions in April 2019.

Third is that V. Ships, through a

feedback feature on the app, will be

ALLEN Falkenberg, group managing director crew management

actively seeking “ratings” from its

seafarers about this service. “We are

interested in how we are delivering this

service to them,” says Falkenberg. “We

don’t see our seafarers as customers,

but sometimes (you have to treat it

that way). A highly trained captain can

choose from any of the agencies here

in Manila, but if he has to go there just

to scan a passport and take a bus for

six hours and back again, he will start

looking around and ask if someone can

make the journey a bit better for him.

Our motto is ‘We care’ — it’s kinda corny,

but absolutely true. We look into that

experience for our seafarers so they

can go back to their families and enjoy

their lives.”

Feedback is welcome at vivalogos@


PUERTO Galera’s famous white beach. Tourists flock to this destination for a quick beach getaway.

Search on for Mindoro’s next outstanding venture

This MCCI program will focus on early

stage investment and provide a seed

fund for and mentorship to a unique,

innovative and sustainable business

that finds its roots in Mindoro Island

The Mindoro Chamber of Commerce and Industry

(MCCI) launches the Mindoro Outstanding Ventures

(MOVE) program, a search for youth entrepreneurs

and enterprises from Mindoro. With the vision

of helping develop an innovative, thriving and

sustainable environment of enterprise and business

in Mindoro province and for Mindoreños, the

STOP and appreciate the breathtaking beauty of Tamaraw Falls in Puerto Galera.

program provides young entrepreneurs a chance

to realize their enterprise dreams.

Being the seventh largest island of the Philippines

with a substantial land area for produce, Mindoro is

well known for its thriving agricultural industries.

This is a good complement to its strategic location

on the southwestern coast of Luzon, making it a

teeming bridgeway of sorts between Luzon and

the Visayas.

Mindoro ventures, dreams realized

The MCCI, however, sees that Mindoro teems

with so much potential — beyond agriculture,

beyond the usual. Through the MOVE program,

it seeks to harness innovative local talent and

give potential business

ideas the resources to

scale. MOVE is a funding

and mentorship program

that will discover local

businesses and give them

the tools to level up and

reach their maximum

economic potential.

This MCCI program

will focus on early stage

investment and provide

a seed fund for and

mentorship to a unique,

innovative, and sustainable

business that

finds its roots

in Mindoro

A STATUE of the tamaraw greets arriving visitors at San Jose Airport in Occidental


Island. For this program, the MCCI will

select a promising micro venture and will

lead investment rounds to get it off the

ground, taking a board seat to mentor it

to growth and success.

A chance to get seed funding

For this program, the MCCI is seeking

to invest in promising, innovative,

profitable and sustainable business

ventures across any of these market

sectors: Information technology, agritech,

manufacturing, hospitality,

hotel and restaurant, supply chain

and logistics, health, wellness and

pharma, environment, green tech and

sustainability, social development and

arts and culture.

In order to support the economy of

Mindoro, the MCCI-funded programs

will require that the awarded ventures

be headquartered in Mindoro, which

includes Mindoro Oriental (Baco,

Bansud, Bongabon, Bulalacao, Calapan,

Gloria, Mansalay, Naujan, Pinamalayan,

Pola, Puerto Galera, Roxas, San

Teodoro, Socorro and Victoria) and

Mindoro Occidental (Abra de Ilog,

Calintaan, Looc, Lubang, Magsaysay, Mamburao,

Palauan, Rizal, Sablayan, San Jose, Sta. Cruz and


Being the seventh largest island of the

Philippines with a substantial land area

for produce, Mindoro is well known for its

thriving agricultural industries.

The MOVE program search is open to Filipino

Mindoreño students or young professionals (or with

Mindoreño roots) ages 18 to 35 or students enrolled

(or have studied) in a Mindoro-based school or

university. After a series of pitch and screening

session, the MCCI will select an outstanding venture

that will receive a seed investment of P1 million to

jumpstart the business venture. The search runs

from 10 September to 30 March 2019.

Entries may be submitted from 1 October 2018

to 15 January 2019. Submit filled-up form found

in www.mcci.com.ph to MCCI office at Plaza

Building, Paras Street, Ibaba East, Calapan City,

Oriental Mindoro. Interested parties may fill up

the online form found at www.mcci.com.ph and

email it to move@mcci.com.ph.

For more information, log on to www.mcci.com.

ph or email inquiries at pcr@mcci.com.ph.



Dinah S. Ventura, Editor

Monday, 19 November 2018

Daily Tribune

LOCON ala Zamboanga.


treasures from

the south

PALM Grill is solidifying its position with its niche market. After almost two years of operation, there are plans of

opening a new branch in the Bonifacio Global City area.

Paying homage to the abundance of

coconuts and spices in the food of

Mindanao, the restaurant was named

Palm Grill, with the coconut being a

type of palm tree and the grill being

the usual mode of cooking

By Malou E. Rosal

Photos by Analy Labor

It is not often for Metro Manila foodies to be treated

to the flavors of Mindanao. Most likely, they enjoy such

dishes only during the food festival season or at hotel

events. Or when relatives and friends from the South visit

and delight everyone with their cooking. But since Jose

Miguel “Miggy” Moreno opened his restaurant, Palm Grill,

on Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City, almost two years

ago, the delectable experience of Mindanao cuisine has

not been as few and far between.

“I put this restaurant up about a year and seven

months ago, because I want to paint the South in a

different light,” Miggy says, adding that sadly, Mindanao

has almost always been associated with violence, tourism

and other negative connotations.

Born in Jolo, Sulu, Miggy spent most of his school life

there, as well as in Zamboanga, Basilan, and Tawi-Tawi;

he finished his studies in Zamboanga City.

“I feel that growing up in these islands and these

areas has been a blessing to me, even up to now. And I

would like to be able to share the food and specialties of

the Tausug, Sama, Badjao, Yakan, Zamboangueño, and

Chabacano — flavors that I grew up with — as well as

their culture and heritage, which unfortunately not a lot

of people know about.”

In fact, Miggy reveals the local Mindanao cuisine

dates back to as far as the 13th century, long before the

Spanish colonizers reached the

country’s shores. There was no

Republic of the Philippines then, but

there was the Sultanate of Sulu and

other sultanates around the area.

The spice trade flourished, which

explains why many of the dishes

cooked and consumed in these

islands had similar flavor profiles

with the cuisines of Malaysia, Sabah,

Indonesia and Singapore.

This also accounts for the spicy

palate of people from down South.

Be that as it may, at Palm Grill,

diners are given an option regarding

level of spiciness, as the restaurant’s

feasibility study revealed that people

in Manila are not overly fond of

spicy food.

Another distinction of Mindanao

cuisine is its being savory, as opposed

THE Knicker iced treat which is

Palm Grill’s version of the famous

Zamboanga fruit halo-halo.

CHICKEN pyanggang (Green chicken) with turmeric rice and cucumber salad.

MIGGY Moreno shares Mindanao cuisine through his

restaurant, Palm Grill.

to the sweeter preference of the country’s other regions.

Southern cooking uses a lot of natural ingredients that

are medicinal at the same time, like coconut milk, fresh

coconut meat, ginger and turmeric, which have known

health benefits.

Paying homage to the abundance of coconuts and

spices in the food of Mindanao, the restaurant was

named Palm Grill, with the coconut being a type of

palm tree and the grill being the usual mode

of cooking.

This is most exemplified by

the restaurant’s

signature dish,

the chicken

piyanggang (green

chicken). Chicken

portions are “slow cooked

in coconut milk and seven

Asian spices, then grilled to

perfection.” It was inspired by the

traditional Tausug dish. It is made green

by the seven spices that are mixed to it with

coconut milk and toasted coconut bits. It is

cooked for an hour and 30 minutes with the

spices and the coconut milk, then grilled

to produce the smoky charred taste. The

sauce is reduced and that becomes the

chicken’s topping. The dish is served with

turmeric rice and cucumber salad.

Miggy explains: “Majority of our side

dishes are vinegar-based because most of

our food here are really strong in taste.

So, to cleanse your palate, we

have the side dishes that we

created ourselves.”

While it is a common

staple in Jolo households,

chicken piyanggang is also

tedious to prepare; that is why

it is served only on special

occasions. At Palm Grill, it is

a hands-down bestseller.

Next to try was the tiyula

itum, a beef stew also of the

Tausug. Considered to be the

black bulalo of the South, its

color comes from the infusion

of toasted coconut. Giving it a

modern twist is the addition of

a large torched bone marrow.

Not to forget the seafood

which are plentiful around the

Southern islands, a hefty serving of locon ala Zamboanga

followed. The stars of this dish are fresh large shrimps

cooked in garlic, aligue (crab roe) and coconut milk.

And finally, the Knicker iced treat, which is Palm

Grill’s version of the famous Zamboanga fruit halohalo.

Not as cloying as the usual halo-halo filled with

sweetened beans and other ingredients, this dessert is

delightful and refreshing.

While it is a common staple in Jolo

households, chicken piyanggang is also

tedious to prepare; that is why it is

served only on special occasions. At Palm

Grill, it is a hands-down bestseller.

The rest of the menu is a colorful mix of favorites like

curacha, beef kolma and chicken satti, as well as tributes

to Miggy’s grandmother, local historian Oswalda Cabel

(Oswalda’s Fried, fried chicken the way grandma used

to make), and sister Chabby (Doc Chabby’s Slaw that

uses fruits, turnips and cucumber instead of cabbage,

with apple cider vinegar dressing). But because its diners

also look for the more familiar, the restaurant also serves

pasta and other beef and chicken dishes. There is no pork

on the menu, though, in keeping with Muslim tradition

and halal practices.

The steady road to success

Miggy looks back at Palm Grill’s early days and

confesses, “At first, I was afraid that people from Manila

may have a negative impression because the images

one associates with Mindanao are not really favorable.

But thank God, the reception is really good. I am very,

very happy.”

The restaurant is solidifying its position with its

niche market, which is composed mostly of families on

Saturdays and Sundays. The Friday crowd is mixed,

while weekdays draw in the office crowd working

the Morato area. With a total seating capacity

of 110, Palm Grill has room enough to host a

number of events like birthdays, debuts,

gender reveals and weddings. There

are also blog-cons and presscons

GIVING tiyula itum

a modern twist is the

addition of a large torched

bone marrow.

from nearby TV networks.

Of course, there are plenty of other restaurants on

that popular foodie street, but Miggy says: “I would like

to believe that we are the only ones that specialize in

Southern cuisine at the moment. There are a lot of

Filipino restaurants out there but I am not sure if there

are any that actually serve what we serve.”

“We are now working on our BGC (Bonifacio Global City)

branch,” he continues. “We chose BGC because the biggest

population of Muslims in Manila is in Maharlika Village (in

Taguig City) and situating our branch in BGC will be very

good for them. They are our target clients, like the Chinese

families from New Manila.”

As Palm Grill continues to carve a name for itself

in the restaurant industry, Miggy attributes its ongoing

steady climb to success to three important factors.

He says, “First, I think anybody can open a restaurant

but the number one secret to the success of your

restaurant is having that strong concept that is new and

fresh. So, I’m taking advantage of the fact that I am the

only one at the moment offering this kind of cuisine.

TIYULA itum, the black bulalo of the South.

“Second, I think, are passion and dedication to

your craft. More than anything, I have really worked

hard for this.

“And third, I will not be this successful, of course,

without the grace of God and the support of my

family…And the people I work with here are my

partners, so without them I will not really succeed.

I think that’s what keeps things at a go. In the near

future, all we can do is really plan; but at the end of

the day, it’s all up to Him.”

Palm Grill is located at 179 Tomas Morato Ave. corner

Scout Castor, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro

Manila. For inquiries, call (02)

373-1668, or visit https://



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