Rose Park Neighborhood Association 2019 Directory

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Welcome to rose park

R o s e P a r k N e i g h b o r h o o d &

H i s t o r i c D i s t r i c t s

The neighborhood, the historic districts, the park and

the association.

Boundaries - defined in the early 1900’s from 4th to 10th and

from Redondo to Cherry.

Historic Districts – There are two, started at different times

with different but similar names. Rose Park and Rose Park

South. Having historic districts within our neighborhood preserves

character by requiring all properties in those areas to conform

to guidelines. Go to www.lbds.gov and navigate to historic

district guidelines. If you paint your building or change a window

without an approved COA that is a ‘bad’. Wondering if you are in

an historic district – just check your corner street sign!

The Park – our namesake park at 8th & Orizaba was donated to

the city in 1905 by the Alamitos Land Company.

The Rose Park Neighborhood Association RPNA’s mission includes

reaching out to residents, business and property owners. A

vibrant area is based on a thriving relationship between all three.

History? We have history? Want to identify the next set of questions?

Want to engage with maintaining the character while moving

into the 21st century? Check out E7shp.org

Here is how we build Neighborhood. Light our Night, #alarmyourself2,

Moms for a Beautiful 10th St. At-risk art: fundraising to prevention.

Newsletters and Directories. Get involved at info@rpna.org or

click on volunteer at rpna.org. Follow on Facebook and Twitter.

2 Rose Park Neighborhood Association - RPNA 2019


Directory 2019

4th Street


Westcoast Volkswagen, 2709 E. 4th St., 562-438-6156 -

Volkswagen Repair

Beach Villa Organic Dry Cleaners, 2810 E. 4th St.,

562-522-7037 - Cleaners & Alterations

4th Street Postal, 2436 E. 4th St, 562-343-5344 -

Mail, Ship, Copy & More

East 4th Skate, 2228 E. 4th St., 562-856-2228

Third Eye Records, 2234 E. 4th St., 562-472-4366 -

Records - Buy/Sell/Trade

Moxi Roller Skate Shop, 2132 E. 4th St., 562-434-8488 -

Roller Skates - Accessories & Repair

Trevor Nevets, 2116 E. 4th St., 562-901-0600 - Interior

Design, Fine Art, New & Vintage Furnishings

Artistic Edge, 410 St. Louis Ave., 562-433-5169 -

Art Gallery & Custom Framing

Anandamide, 2040 E. 4th St., 562-438-1427 - Chocolate & Deli

Overseas Garage, 3141 E. 4th St., 562-434-9627 - Car repair

Good Neighbor Fences – More than a metaphor. It’s where neighborliness

begins. If the property is in an historic district and there has

not been a permitted fence before call 562-570-6194 make sure your

desired fence meets the guidelines. If there is a fence on a property

line e.g. you share with your neighbor, the city expects you to discuss

and agree to the fence construction “as neighbors”.

Rose Park Neighborhood Association - RPNA 2019 3


Taqueria La Mexicana, 3270 E. 4th St., 562-433-6389 -

Hole Mole, 421 Obispo Ave., 562-439-2555 -

Mexican, Seafood, Breakfast, & More

MVP’S Grill & Patio, 2742 E. 4th St., 562-439-0809 -

Sandwiches, Burgers, & More

Eddie’s Market, 2444 E. 4th St., 562-343-5144 -

Burgers, Pizza & More

Golden Burger, 2301 E. 4th St., 562-434-2625 -

Sandwiches, Burgers, & More

The Hippea, 2023 E. 4th St., 562-343-7722 -

Falafel, Vegan & Gluten-Free

Salud Juice, 1944 E. 4th St., 562-437-4453 - Juice Shop


Restauration, 2708 E. 4th St., 562-439-8822 -

Finely Crafted Food & Beverage

Aji Peruvian Cusine, 2308 E. 4th St., 562-439-8545 -

Peruvian / Latin American

Number Nine, 2118 E. 4th St., 562-434-2009 -

Noodles & Beer / Vietnamese

Socialist, 2105 E. 4th St., 562-433-5478 - Modern European Tavern

Lola’s Mexican Cuisine, 2030 E. 4th St., 562-343-5506 -

Mexican Kitchen with a Modern Twist


Do Good Donuts, 2707 E. 4th Street., 562-588-9328 - From

scratch mini donuts & soft serve ice cream

Rose Park Roasters, 3044 E. 4th St., 562-683-1818 -

Coffee & Tea, Pastries

Portfolio Coffeehouse, 2300 E. 4th St., 562-434-2486 -

Coffee/Tea, Sandwiches, Vegan, Gelato

Wide Eyes Open Palms, 416 Cherry Ave., 562-386-2031 -

Coffee & Kitchen

Trash or Treasure – On the upside there are fewer couches being left at

the curb but trash cans are being disturbed when filled and unattended.

Try to keep your filled trash can behind a gate or fence and only put out

during pick up hours. Hard to do? Maybe this is when a neighbor can help.


• Shopping with a Vintage Vibe

• Restaurants & Bars

• Coffee & Juice Cafes

• Salons & Barber Shops

• Historic Art Theater

• And much more!

More than 50 independent merchants in a community

bringing business, residents and visitors together in

celebration of independence and diversity.



Rose Park Neighborhood Association - RPNA 2019 5



Songbird, 2240 E 4th St., 562-439-4444 -

Gift Shop & Womens Clothing

Sneaky Tiki Boutique, 2234 E. 4th St., 562-439-2600 -

Vintage & Consignment

La Bomba Vintage, 2222 E. 4th St., 562-433-9112 -

1940s-1990s Vintage

Meow, 2210 E 4th St., 562-438-8990 -

Vintage & Consignment, Costumes

Liberty Vintage Clothing, 2146 E. 4th St., 562-264-5853 -

Women’s Clothing, Vintage

Park’s Antique Shop, 2136 E 4th St., 562-438-3723 -

Vintage Finds & Bric-a-brac

Goldie’s, 2106 E 4th St., 562-433-3904 -

Women’s Clothing, Jewelry

Far Outfit, 2020 E. 4th St., 562-443-7344 -

Vintage & Sustainable Clothing/Gifts

AIDS Assistance Thrift Store, 2011 E. 4th St.,

562-434-6464 - Vintage Clothing

Past & Present | Retroda, 2001 E. 4th St., (562) 434-6464

Vintage Home Decor, Vintage Mens & Womens Clothing,

Collectibles, Record Albums & Gifts


Lil Devils Boutique, 2218 E 4th St., 562-439-0555 -

Children’s Clothing, Baby Gear & Furniture

The Hangout, 2120 E. 4th. St., 562-676-6810 -

Clothing, Housewares, Barber, Events

Port, 402 St. Louis Ave., 562-434-PORT (7678) -

Women’s & Men’s Clothing

Hobo Jane Boutique, 412 Cherry Ave., 562-386-2348 -

Women’s Clothing, Accessories, Vintage

Noise vs Sound – We are sometimes in a cloud of sound. There are rules

but before someone calls 911, see if your music, generator or other noise

machine might be TOO LOUD. If you go outside can you hear the sound

in your alley, down the street? If so, it probably is TOO LOUD.


Is Here


2105 East Fourth Street Long Beach, CA 90814 562.433.5478

check us out on

The Lift

2800 E. 4th St.

Long Beach CA 90814

Corner of 4th and Temple

562) 434-4420




Capt. Jak’s, 3301 E. 4th St., 562-472-5194 -

Barber Shop & Shave Parlor

Seven Hair Studio, 2440 E. 4th St., 562-343-1916 - Hair Salon

Spriros Barber Shop, 2438 E. 4th St., 562-433-9106 -

Barber Shop; Cuts, Shaves & Shines

Hawleywoods, 2234 E. 4th St., 562-434-5405 - Barber Shop

Salon Pop & Barber Shop, 2218 E. 4th St., 562-987-9200 -

Full-Service Beauty Salon

Lux Hair Salon, 3303 E. 4th St., 562-756-2492


O’Connell’s, 2746 E. 4th St., 562-433-5068 - Local Pub

4th St. Vine, 2142 E. 4th St., 562-343-5463 - Wine & Beer Bar

Art Du Vin, 2027 E. 4th St., 562-286-4634 - Wine Bar


Francelli’s, 3404 E. 4th St., 562-434-3441 - Italian -

Pizza & Seafood

Silver Fox, 411 Redondo Ave., 562-439-6343 - Bar & Karaoke

Razorbacks Barber Shop, 3400 E. 4th St., 562-433-4444


Jonas Nakas, Heck Ketchup once again created a map that

navigates the neighborhood. He and his partner Eva Grello lead

Heck Ketchup. An anti-negative home-grown and cage free

enterprise at heckketchup.com

Knox Farrand is a local artist who owns and runs his own studio

and gallery at 1021 E. Broadway. His vintage roses are seen here

on the cover, primarily a figurative artist, who runs weekly workshops

and teaches drawing and painting to all ages and abilities.

www.knoxfarrand.com and Instagram @knoxfarrand_studio

Smoke is in the Air – Practice cannabis etiquette. Public cannabis consumption

is not allowed and illegal. That includes no consumption in parks, on

sidewalks, & at bus stops. The penalty is a fine. Find more cannabis information

at Long Beach Collective Association: LBCollectiveAssociation.com

or email Pam Chotiswatdi, MPH at pamc.lbca@gmail.com. Also check out

the GreenLightLB campaign from the city’s Health and Human Services.





2321 E. 7th Street Long Beach CA 90804


Coffee & Tea, Sandwiches, Vegan, & More

portfolio coffeehouse | berlin bistro I portfolio FIT

long beach ca 90814

562.434.2486 or 562.435.0600




10 Rose Park Neighborhood Association - RPNA 2019

Rose Park Neighborhood Association - RPNA 2019 11

7th Street


The Good Bar & Eatery, 3316 E. 7th, 562-433-6282 -

Restaurant, Bar & Music Venue

Susan European Dress Maker, 3319 E. 7th, 562-439-7435 -

Sewing & Alterations

Bargain Liquor, 3300 E. 7th St., 562-439-8561 -

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Chevron, 700 Redondo Ave., 562-433-5897 - Gas, Panini/Deli

UPS, 3350 E. 7th St., 562-434-8595 - Shipping,

Printing & Notary

KNEAD, 3490 E. 7th St., 562-248-2858 - Donuts, Coffee

39 degrees, 665 Redondo Ave., 562-439-4025 - Sushi Bar

PJ’s Pet Cafe - Doggy Treats, 3412 E. 7th St., 562-386-2348 -

Pet Treats, Pet Sitting, & More

SuperCuts, 3370 E. 7th St., 562-438-1454

Rapid Screen, 507 Redondo Ave., 562-439-7825

Mattalou’s Shoe Boutique, 515 Redondo Ave., #C, 562-343-5548


LB Skate, 3142 E. 7th St., 562-434-5527 -

Shoes, Clothing & Skateboards

Fat Boys Club, 3138 E. 7th St 562-588-7117 - Clothing

Rafaella’s Beauty Salon, 3136 E. 7th St., 562-856-3737

Junk in the Trunk, 3134 E. 7th St., 562-248-2711 - Clothing


Pizzanista, 1837 E. 7th St., 562-591-6929 -

Pizza, Vegan, Vegetarian

Midnight Grind, 2032 E. 7th St. - Coffee/Tea/Pasteries

Haskell’s Prospector, 2400 E. 7th St., 562-438-3839 -


Cantarito Mexican Grill, 2000 E. 7th St., 562-621-0616

Rivera’s, 2901 E. 7th St., 562-434-8489 - Mexican Cuisine

12 Rose Park Neighborhood Association - RPNA 2019




Parking in Back


18+ Medicinal

21+ Adult Use


(562) 218-0021



1735 E. 7th St.

Long Beach CA 90813

East of Downtown Area

Rose Park Neighborhood Association - RPNA 2019 13

Louisiana Fried Chicken, 2405 E. 7th St. 562-433-5359 –

Fried chicken and southern sides

Pizza X Two, 2211 E. 7th St. 562-439-3858 – Takeout pizza,

sandwiches & salads

Thai Charcoal Pit, 2226 E. 7th St. 562-434-9723 – BBQ meats/



Tiny Auto Detailing, 2330 E. 7th St., 562-386-2434 -

100% Hand Car Wash & Detailing

Babou Screen Printing, 2321 E. 7th St.,323-424-8918

Crossfit Belmont Heights, 2304 E. 7th St., 562-666-2423

Daisy Flowers, 626 Cherry Ave., 562-434-7999 - Florist

Daisy’s House of Beauty, 2325 E. 7th Street, 562-439-0000

Dyzzy on Vynyl, 3004 E. 7th St., 562-438-8928

Ramiro’s Hair Salon, 3000 E. 7th St., 562-434-2846

Silver Bear Preschool, 2700 E. 7th St., 562-434-1400

Antiques by the Beach, 2119 E. 7th St., 310-594-2814 -

Antiques/Vintage Collectibles

Healing Key, 2117 E. 7th St., 310-755-4130 - Natural Healing

Michael’s Pet Shop, 2037 E. 7th St., 562-343-5010 -

Animal Food & Supply

Seven Auto Service, 3201 E. 7th St., 562-434-3580 -

Professional Auto Repair

Blue Hills Dental, 2306 E. 7th St., 562-434-0740- Dentist

Urban Styles, 3012 E. 7th St., 562-552-3661 - Barber Shop

Law Offices of Allmeroth & Campbell, 2539 E. 7th St.,

562-434-0991 - Attorneys

Long Beach Green Room, 1735 E 7th St., 562 218-0021

Herb & Red’s Auto Repair, 2337 E. 7th St., 562-433-0765

P&B Liquor 2807 E. 7th Street 562-433-7568

Signarama, 2926 E. 7th St. 562-987-2076 - Sign-making

Soggy Dog Pet Grooming, 2001 E. 7th St. 562-432-6934

Studio Red Salon, 2009 E. 7th St. 323-490-4238 – Beauty

Magic Nails, 2313 E. 7th St. 562-434-9233 – Nail salon

dd’s Discounts, 2300 E. 7th St. 562-433-5432 – Clothing

Junipero Barber & Beauty, 2327 E. 7th St. 562- 856-5646

14 Rose Park Neighborhood Association - RPNA 2019


100% Hand Wash

Interior Detail

Paint Correction

Hand Wax

Clay Bar

Scratch Removal


Shoe Shine

Express Wash

Headlight Restoration

Over Spray Removal

Swirl Removal

Water Spot Removal


Touch Up Paint


10% off

Package 1, 2, or 3

Must present and

surrender coupon at

register. One coupon per

person per day. May not be

combined with any other

offer or discount.

No reproduction. Valid

through May 31. 2019

Follow us on Instagram for

specials and promos


Blue Hills Dental

Rose Park Neighborhood Association - RPNA 2019 15

10th Street

Corner 10th, 3200 E. 10th S., 562-434-0445

MVP’S #3, 937 Redondo Ave., 562-434-6877 -

Sandwiches, Burgers, & More

Thai Curry Pizza, 929 Redondo Ave., 562-987-3297

Royal Cup, 994 Redondo Ave., 562-987-1027

Next Generation Insurance, 2744 E. 10th St., 562-472-0945

Letter from Jeannine Pearce, Council Member, District 2

I started my life in Long Beach in Rose Park! It is a beautiful and

historic place in our city. From small businesses to wonderful architecture,

I want to encourage you to explore and discover what an historic

urban district like yours holds. I invite you to contact my office

with ideas to improve Rose Park or the city at large. 562- 570-2222

or district2@longbeach.gov.

16 Rose Park Neighborhood Association - RPNA 2019


Rebuilding Together Long Beach, 3515 Linden Ave., Suite 43, 562-490-

3802. Our mission reflects what we are all about: repairing homes, revitalizing

communities, rebuilding lives. Through the generosity of our corporate,

government, and individual partners (including Rose Parkians), we provide

free, no-cost repairs and rehabilitation services to the residences of our

home-owning neighbors-in-need in Rose Park and throughout the greater

Long Beach area. We focus our efforts on eradicating unsafe and unhealthy

housing for older people, people with disabilities, veterans, and families with

children so they may live independently and with dignity. info@rtlb.org

The LGBTQ Center, 2017 E. 4th St., 562-434-4455. The Center engages,

empowers and advocates to create a more equitable society and ever-improving

quality of life for the LGBTQ community. www.centerlb.org

Assistance League of Long Beach Thrift & Vintage Shop, 2100 E. 4th

Street , Long Beach, CA 90814 562-454-7121. Purchases made at ALLB

Thrift & Vintage fund our community programs which help children and

families right here in Long Beach. Visit us at allb.org for more information.

Shopping Hours are M 10am-4pm Tue-Sat 10am-6pm…..Donation Hours

are M-S 10am-3pm

Universal Mind Science Church, 3212 E. 8th Street, 562-434-3453. www.

umschurch.org. (UMS) is a non-denominational church. It is open to all people,

irrespective of faith, creed, or life-style. The UMS social hall is available for Rose

Park Neighborhood Association meetings and gatherings and the Rose Park Tai

Chi class has been held at UMS during the rainy winter months. Our space

is also used by various groups for weekly meetings and personal development

courses such as Yoga and Reiki. Rose Park neighbors enjoy the convenience of

walking to classes.

Power4Youth, 5199 PCH #209, 562-386-2428 - Power 4 Youth mentors make

the difference in the lives of at-risk youth through one-on-one mentoring. Power

4 Youth assists struggling middle and high school students to improve their

Rose Park Neighborhood Association - RPNA 2019 17

grades, overcome the challenges in their lives, and acquire the skills necessary

to be self-reliant, successful students and community citizens. Student/Mentor

pairs meet weekly at local sites at no cost to the student or volunteer.

Walk Long Beach - Walk Long Beach is the pedestrian safety and walkability

advocacy organization for Long Beach. WLB organizes regular and special event

walks, creates walking loop cards, advocates for pedestrian plans and policies,

works to create safe pedestrian crossings and street improvements, and promotes

walk to school days and walkable business corridors. WLB is a project of Community

Partners, has a local advisory board, educates walking ambassadors, and

supports other organizations seeking to improve the health outcomes for Long

Beach. Our mission is to make Long Beach more walkable, one step at a time.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

7th Street Church – 668 Obispo Ave., 562-434-3408. 7th Street Church

cares deeply about Rose Park and the surrounding communities in Long

Beach. Every 4th Saturday of the month we provide groceries/food to over

150 families from our community. In addition, we work directly with the

Long Beach Office of Probation, DCFS and Foster Care and others to hold

an annual Young Women’s Empowerment Conference for girls ages 12-18

years called BRAVE: empowers young girls to combat human trafficking

in our city.

The Heart of Ida – 1150 E. 4th St., 562-570-3548. Helping holder adults

preserve independence as long as possible through fall prevention awareness and

efforts, provide cheer when assisted living is necessary. www.HeartofIda.org

Art Theatre of Long Beach, 2025 E. 4th St., 562-438-5435. The Art Theatre

originally opened in 1925 as a single screen silent movie house, complete with

an orchestra pit, and pipe organ. At that time, there were over 50 independent

theaters in Long Beach, today only the Art remains. The Art has once again

VOTE: Remain registered, Engage your elected officials….Mayor Garcia,

District 2 Council Member Pearce, State Congressman Lara, US Congressman

Lowenthal. Go to www.rpna.org for contact info.

ecome the center of Long Beach cinema, showing both first run and small independent

films in a beautiful historic setting at the edge of the Rose Park South

Historic district.

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church - 370 Junipero Ave, Long Beach. ”OSL”

hosts events for the Rose Park Community throughout the year, including Power

for Youth (tutoring and mentoring services), Vegan Cooking classes, Centering

Meditation Meetups, Community Potlucks, and Long Beach City College Music

concerts. Visit us on Facebook for dates and times, and our website: www.


Long Beach Community Action Partnership – 117 W. Victoria St., 562-

216-4600 – We are passionately committed to providing dynamic pathways

to self-sustainability for low income individuals and families through advocacy,

education, and energy assistance. With our collaborative partners, community

resources and strength-based leadership, we coordinate and mobilize comprehensive

training and technical assistance vital to building and sustain an enriched

community. Interested in public access TV – check out our space(s) at


SAFE Refuge, 3125 E. 7th St., 888-476-2743. The mission of the SAFE

Refuge is to provide treatment and supportive services for those seeking

recovery from addiction. We provide individuals the opportunity to learn

life changing skills to remain clean and sober. Our emphasis is on helping

the undeserved. We value the individual rights, confidentiality and dignity

of all those we serve.

St. Matthews – 672 Temple Avenue, (562) 434-6402. The long-time site of

RPNA Board meetings, 1st Thursdays of the month – check at info@rpna.org

to confirm time and agenda.

It’s just a photo! Really ….Just Go LB app—a real stress reducer—take a

photo and—voila—that couch on the sidewalk or graffiti will disappear (in

a few days).

Important Numbers

GO Long Beach App! Download today!

Graffiti? What if I find graffiti and need help removing it?

Call 570-2773 or use the GO Long Beach App.

Large item of mine? I have a large item e.g. sofa, bed or refrigerator - there

are large item pickups at the curb. Free two times a year. Please order a

pick-up. 570-2876.

Items someone left at curb? If you see items of any size - the city will come

and pick up. Call 570-2876 or use the GO Long Beach App.

Abandoned grocery cart? There is a grocery cart on the parkway. 800-


Street light? The street light is out? Get the number on the pole and call

City Light and Power 562-983-2000.

The traffic light is out? Call non-emergency Police at 435-6711

Gas needs to be turned on/off? 570-5700

Animal Shelter? There is a dog/cat that appears lost in my neighborhood

(24-hour call line) 570-7387

Non-emergency concern? Police? 435-6711

Or www.longbeach.gov/whodoicall/

Chronic problem related to illegal activity (in East Division)

email LBPDEast@longbeach.gov

Homeless Response (non-24-hour response): 570-4550

Food Bank: 4th Saturdays at 7th Street Church at 668 Obispo Ave.

Clean-ups – Inquire at info@rpna.org

Senior Police Partners -


Public Works - www.longbeach.gov/pw/

Tree Trimming/Removal - 570-2770

Crime database -


Park Watch – Suspicious behavior call LBPD 562-435-6711 Sprinklers not

working at Rose Park? Maintenance M-F 570-4895, After hours 570-3101

20 Rose Park Neighborhood Association - RPNA 2019

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