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What is Thrill

Adventure Tourism?

Thrill tourism is related to

adventure travel; it is a type of

adventure tourism with lots of

bold activities.

Backpacking, bungee jumping,

hiking, mountaineering and

whitewater rafting are admired

forms of thrill tourism.

All activities have higher risk than

other forms of adventure travel.

These type of tourism is organized by

an established company and these

companies provide various tips,

suggestions, appropriate safety and

training because all activities of thrill

tourism are more risky.

Activities of Thrill Adventure


● Rock Climbing

● Mountain Biking

● Paragliding

● Water Rafting

● Bungee Jumping

● Zip-Lining

Equipment That Are Used during Thrill

Adventure Tourism

● Sunglasses or Snow Goggles

● Plastic Bags and Sleeping Bags

● Flashlight with Extra Batteries

● Personal First-aid Box

● Waterproof Shoes

● Water Bottle

● Notebook with Pen

Why is Adventure Tourism


Adventure tourism is rapidly growing in

popularity, as it offers tourists thrilling

experiences worth remembering for a


Adventure tourism gains much of its

excitement by allowing its participants to

step outside of their comfort zone.

Are you planning to go on an adventure


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