23rd November 2018

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23rd November 2018


“Last years total of 157

boxes was absolutely

exceeded, so everyone

should be extremely

proud of themselves!”




Year 7 pupil is Young Charity

Champion 2018 for her

fundraising efforts.

GCSE Awards Ceremony Page 02

Operation Christmas Child Page 03

Young Charity Champion Page 04

Your School Health Team Page 05

King’s Drop-in Support Page 06

King’s Christmas Fayre Page 07

King’s Gardening Club Page 08

This LC in Character Page 09


105 new trees are planted on

the school’s grounds by King’s

Gardening Club.

Parliament Day Page 10

Christmas Decoration Fundraiser Page 11

Christmas Tree Competition Page 12

King’s Twitter Page 13-14

Revision Techniques Pages 15-16

Interview with the King’s Team Pages 17-18

Calendar and Mock Exams Pages 19-20


Pupils celebrate Parliament

Day and hold their own Student



Over 200 filled shoeboxes are

donated to Operation

Christmas Child.


Revision strategies based on

research by the Learning



GCSE Class of 2018

You’re Invited

On Wednesday 28th November King’s Warrington are excited to be holding our second annual GCSE Awards Ceremony to

celebrate the outstanding achievements of our class of 2018 cohort.

All of last years Year 11 students have been invited back, along with their parents and carers to celebrate with us. Current Year 11

students who sat their Statistics exam last year have also been invited. You will receive your official GCSE certificates at the event

and we will also be awarding some special prizes.

Please email awardsceremony2018@kingswarrington.com to reserve your seats.

The dress code for the event is smart and professional.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Miss Taylor and Miss Aldridge



The staff and students of King’s all did an amazing job of

putting together shoeboxes full of toys, toiletries,

stationary and clothes which have now been collected

and are on their way to children less fortunate than

ourselves all around the world. This is part of Operation

Christmas Child, an initiative run by the charity

Samaritan’s Purse.

In total, we all put together 239 boxes and raised

£188.68 to contribute towards their postage which is an

incredible achievement from everyone!

Last years total of 157 boxes was absolutely exceeded,

so everyone should be extremely proud of themselves!

As a thank you and well done, we had a £20 pizza hut

voucher on offer to the form who put together the most

shoeboxes.. This prize will be split between 9 Tudor and

10 Tudor who both handed in 28 boxes! We also had a

£10 pizza hut voucher for Sixth Form, which was won

by Year 13 who handed in a similar amount of boxes.

Chloe Howard from Year 13 deserves a huge thanks in

particular as this is her last year in school and she has

taken a leading role in making this happen for the last

three years!

If you contributed any empty boxes, items to go in the

boxes or even completed shoeboxes then you have

made a massive difference to many children’s lives this

Christmas, and I hope it’s given me time to pause and

think about just how much we have in this country and

how much such a few small things really do mean to

those who receive them.

Let’s look forward to beating this number of boxes next

year so we can change even more lives for the better!

Mr Walker




The Guardian was inundated with nominations for this year’s

winner after she raised thousands of pounds for Alder Hey

Hospital where she has been treated since the age of two.

As a way of saying thank you to the staff who treated her, the

11-year-old asked her head teacher at Woolston Primary if

she could organise a sponsored run.

It became the school’s biggest fundraiser, with more than

£3,000 collected …but her fundraising didn’t stop there.

She has also drawn pictures to sell at school, sold her own

toys at fairs and collected Easter eggs to donate to sick

children at the hospital.

Those who nominated her say she is only happy when she is

giving pleasure to other people and that she never lets her

own disability hold her back.

A little girl with a huge heart and her family could not be

more proud of her.




King’s Drop In Support

If you want to chat about how you’re feeling, friendship issues, low mood or anything else., please come

by and drop in for support. You don’t need to make an appointment, just drop by.

Year Leader Drop in

Name: Miss Aldridge

Days: Monday/ Friday

Time: Lunch time

Location: Brunel (MFL corridor)

Year 12 Aspire Coach Drop-in!

Niamh & Katie our year 12 Aspire Coaches!

They are here to help and support you individually or as a group

Friendship issues- support and guidance to solve those

problems with your friends

Academic support- help with homework.

Organisation- how can you improve your organisation,

using your planner.

Revision support- advice on revision and tips.

Where: The library

When: Wednesday Lunch times


King’s Christmas Fayre

By Jack Robinson

At King’s, we believe that Christmas is all about giving back to

each other and appreciating what others have done for us. It

is important that we give back to each other during this

festive time, as a way of saying thank you and coming

together. We also believe that Christmas is focused on

enjoying the time around us. Because of this, the volunteering

enrichment has planned to organise and host a Christmas

Fayre! We believe that a Christmas Fayre is a great way to

bring the school together and celebrate this exciting time of

the year.

Students have been creating a variety of ideas for their stalls

which will be open on the day. Food and drink will be

available and Christmas gifts and crafts will be sold too, which

you can give to your friends and family to make somebody's

Christmas. With your money, you can buy tokens to purchase

these items or use your tokens to play fun games. All money

paid will be going to charity, so you can have fun whilst

helping others.

“At King’s, we believe that

Christmas is all about giving

back to each other and

appreciating what others have

done for us”.

Morgan Leigh, from Year 9 Tudor, is helping to organise the

event and says, "The Christmas Fayre will be really fun and

get the school together for a good cause." Students have

chosen which charities to fundraise for”.

The event will be held on Wednesday 5th December 2-4pm

and students, Sixth Form and staff will have the opportunity

to visit during enrichment.

We hope to see you there with your Christmas spirit!

Please note that due to GCSE mock examinations, unfortunately

this event is now only open to King’s pupils and staff.



The Year 8 pupils who are currently part of Gardening Club for their Wednesday afternoon enrichment sessions had the

privilege of planting 105 trees on the schools grounds last week! These trees were donated by the Woodland Trust,

though they are currently very small indeed, in a few years time they will be producing fruit that we will the use in the

school kitchen. Pupils learnt how to plant a tree and found out about a few species of edible fruit most had never heard of


Here’s a little about the trees you will see growing in the grounds:

Rowan– this produces berries which are suitable for cooking and putting in jellies for flavouring.

Elder– elderberries are used for making wine, crumbles, jellies and pies and the elderflower is used for wines and


Crab apple– the apples from this tree are usually cooked first and then added to anything which needs an apple


Blackthorn– this tree produces fruit called sloes which are used to make jams or gin.

Dog rose– this produces rose hips which are used for jellies, jam, bread and wines.

Cherry– this one is a little more familiar as we’ve all had many things flavoured by juicy cherries!

Thanks also to Mrs. Bowden, one of our parent volunteers, and a few extra very keen pupils, who, in their own time,

have helped us get a lot of these trees into the ground before they dried out!

We are looking forward to tasting the fruits of our labour (literally) in the future!

Mr. Walker


At King’s we place our ASPIRE values at the heart of everything we do.

This Learning Cycle we focus on our value of SELF AWARENESS.

We will discuss self awareness every day and we endeavour to make this

relevant to our students by relating the values to issues that are affecting

our young people.

Every year group has a lesson a week in Character – here we look at

Personal, Social, Moral and Economic (PSHE) areas. For example, the

topics covered this Learning Cycle include;

Year 7 - Fact vs Fantasy (radicalisation and staying safe online).

Year 8 – Making wise and healthy choices (peer pressure, smoking and the

law around anti social behaviour).

Year 9 – My mental health and identity (gender stereotypes, self harm and

worries, resilience online and face to face).

Year 10 – My community and British Values (democracy, migration,

religion in Britain and human rights).

Year 11 – Self aware of my health (drugs, legal highs, alcohol and stress).

Topics we will also discuss in assemblies include;

1) British Values and my country- Parliament Week

2) Am I kind and self aware? Anti-bullying Week

3) Awareness on the roads in Winter - Road Safety Week

4) Am I aware of those around me? Understanding spirituality and religion

5) Aware of my future- King’s Sixth Form

How can people support our

Character focus?

Discuss the topics above around the dinner

table. What do you all know? Don't hesitate

to ask in school if you want to know more!

Encourage each other to show the values – for

students that could mean completing your

Character Passport (Y7/8) or Duke of

Edinburgh Awards.

If any parents have a field of expertise, through

your job or studies, and you would like to

support Character at King’s, please contact


Pictured left:

Sixth Form

Pupil and





with pupils





This year the UK celebrated the 100 year anniversary of women

successfully securing the vote. To mark this great occasion and

to educate our pupils about Parliament today we hosted

Parliament Day on Thursday.

All staff were asked to attend school in purple, green or white on

Thursday as a mark of respect to the Suffragette cause. This led

to animated conversation amongst pupils and teachers about the

history of the Suffragette party and current women's rights

around the world. The kitchen's also marked the occasion by

creating a special purple, green and white lunch.

7 Normandy blazed the trail ahead by organising a student

referendum open to the entire school. To keep it topical, the key

question posed to pupils and staff was 'Should Britain leave the

EU?'. Needless to say that this topic caused a lot of excitement

and ignited conversation around the school for the week. As the

topic has been widely covered by the press lately, it was a

brilliant topic for our students to research and form their own

informed opinion on.

To make the voting experience as authentic as possible we

replicated the real ballot card which was used in the public in

2016. 7 Normandy also erected a registration desk and voting

booths to ensure that each pupil had one vote (and one vote

only) and could vote privately. All 116 votes were also diligently

counted by 7 Normandy.

The final results were:

88 votes to remain in the EU

28 votes to leave the EU

This was an eye opening experience to all pupils who got to

experience a real vote before they reach 18 and prompted greater

interest in politics and world events around the school. Who

knows, perhaps we have a future Prime Minister in the making!

Ms. Hannah


Spread your Christmas sparkle inter-house competition

Help us to raise money for our chosen charity, Brainwave, by designing and creating your own Christmas Decoration. You can use

a variety of materials including clay, paper, paint, glitter, and be sure to make them as festive as possible! The competition is £1

per entry and will go towards Brainwave Charity.

The deadline for entries is Monday 3rd December and the prize will be a chocolate hamper and 650 monarchs!

You also get 100 monarchs just for entering!

We chose Brainwave charity because we believe that everyone deserves a warm, fun-filled Christmas time. Unfortunately, some

children aren’t lucky enough to have a Christmas like we do. We also chose Brainwave because we want to help children with

disabilities have a great Christmas like we do.

For more information, please speak to Katie Johnson, Grace Collopy or Miss Taylor.

We can’t wait to see your entries!


It's that time of year again when staff compete to win

the departmental Christmas Tree competition! Every

department has the opportunity to create a Christmas

tree which reflects the department who made it and

then the entries will be displayed around school and

pupils will vote on which one they like the best! We had

several great entries last year and the Chemistree (from

the science department) won the vote! I wonder who is

going to win this year... can anyone knock science from

the top spot? We will find out in a few weeks time just

before the end of term so keep reading the newsletter

for this year's entries!

Here’s a reminder of some of last years entries!

Mr. Walker






Revision Guest Article by Mr Barker

Over the next six weeks, we will be featuring an infographic from the Learning Scientists. So who are they?

The Learning Scientists are cognitive psychological scientists interested in research on education. Their main research

focus is on the science of learning and how we can help pass this message onto pupils as well as parents.

Their vision is to make scientific research on learning more accessible to students, teachers, and other educators.

Following a highly successful year 11 & 13 consultation evening, we wanted to share their great work and hopefully,

you can move away from poor revision strategies (reading, highlighting and copying out) and closer towards

those that have been scientifically proven to you learn.

Here is their blog for parents:


Here is their blog for pupils:


Here is there blog for teachers:




This week we spoke to Miss Batley, Geography teacher at King’s…

Did you have a flight path?

I have always known I would like to have a career in education.

I have a passion for learning and knew I wanted to share that

passion with others. From a young age I aspired to be a primary

school teacher and took every opportunity I could to help me

achieve that goal, from workshops run by universities to

co-running catechism classes at my church and volunteering. I

volunteered in a school each summer from Year 10 onwards

and the skills and confidence gained were further embedded

through my part time job. During my GCSEs and A-levels I

was involved in my school charity (Afritwin) where part of the

experience included the opportunity to teach in South Africa.

The experience was invigorating and I began to consider

secondary education due to my passion for geography.

I undertook a geography degree at the University of Hull where

I continued volunteering. Following my degree I continued

with my ambition to become a high school teacher and gained

employment as a Teaching Assistant so I could gain more

secondary school experience and develop my knowledge and

skills for my future career. I became a geography teacher after

undertaking a PGCE at Liverpool Hope University; finally

achieving the dream I had been working towards. I can’t wait to

see what the future holds!

What inspires you?

Every day I am inspired by the pupils and other teachers. Their

aspiration for themselves and others drive the school and is

embedded in their ethos. As an individual it was my grandad

who inspired me the most. He loved the outdoors and

encouraged stretch, challenge and hard work. He taught me so

many things, with the most important being that you should

always look for the positives rather than concentrating on the

negatives. He encouraged me to be brave and strive for what I

want but he also taught me that it was ok to fail. Finally he

taught me the value of respect, integrity and giving back to my

community. Every day I strive to live by his example.

Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities?

I run the Duke of Edinburgh enrichment for Year 8 to prepare

them for Year 9 when they have the opportunity partake in it. I

think it is a great way for pupils to learn new skills, stay healthy

and give back to their community, all of which are valued by

employers. I enjoy walking and travelling. I have a long list of

places I aspire to visit and they are slowly being ticked off. I

have always enjoyed volunteering both in and out of school and

look forward to giving back to my community again soon.


What drew you to King’s?

I was drawn to King’s by the fantastic reputation the school had in the area. After researching the school I was inspired by the

ASPIRE code and the goals that the school had for its pupils. Joining the school as a trainee teacher, I was blown away by the

endeavour and aspirations of the pupils. I knew the ASPIRE code spoke to me on many levels but what was amazing to see was

that all the pupils were invested in the code as well. The best thing about King’s is how dedicated it is in each pupil’s future

beyond what grade they will achieve at GCSE.

What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement was qualifying as a teacher after all the hard work and effort I have invested over the years.

What is your favourite part of the King’s day?

My favourite part of the King’s day is time spent with my form. They are a fantastic group of people and I am so lucky to be

their Form Tutor. I love going to family dining and learning about their day and any interesting things they have been taught.

Family dining and form time is a great way to learn about students’ interests outside of school and see their passion for learning

even after they have left the classroom.

Have you learnt anything new since starting at King’s?

Every day I learn something new, that is the beauty of education. I am constantly amazed by how much I have continued to learn

since arriving at King’s, not just from other members of staff but also students. Through social media, pupils have access to a

whole other platform of skills and knowledge that they gain without realising and it is amazing when this information pops up in

discussions about current topics they are studying.

“Joining the school as a trainee

teacher, I was blown away by the

endeavour and aspirations of the



King’s Term Time Calendar

GCSE Awards ceremony 28th November 2018

Year 11 & 13 Mock Examinations 3rd-13th December 2018

Wednesday 19th December End of Term– school closes for Christmas 12.30pm

Thursday 3rd January School Re-opens


Date Session Subject

Monday 3 rd December

Tuesday 4 th December

Wednesday 5 th December

Thursday 6 th December

Friday 7 th December

Monday 10 th December

Tuesday 11 th December

Wednesday 12 th December

Thursday 13 th December


English Literature

pm History Paper 1

am Maths Paper 1

pm Chemistry Paper 1

am Geography Paper 1

pm Biology Paper 1

am Physics Paper 1





Creative Option

Spanish – Reading/Writing


English Language

pm Geography Paper 2


French – Reading/Writing

pm Chemistry Paper 2

am Maths Paper 2

pm Biology Paper 2

am History Paper 2

pm Physics Paper 2



Date Session Subject

Monday 3 rd December

Tuesday 4 th December

Wednesday 5 th December

Thursday 6 th December


pm Maths Paper 1



Computing & English Language

History Paper 1 & Music


am Drama & Chemistry Paper 1

pm Maths Paper 2


English Literature & PE

pm Biology Paper 1

Friday 7 th December am Physics Paper 1

Monday 10 th December

Tuesday 11 th December

am Chemistry Paper 2


English Literature

am Physics Paper 2

pm Biology Paper 2

Wednesday 12 th December


History Paper 2

Arrangements for the last day of term

This year the Academy closes on Wednesday 19th December at 12pm and students will be allowed to leave the

premises at this time. If students need to stay on site for lunch, the refectory will be available until 12.30pm. After

this time, school will be closed for Christmas and will re-open on Thursday 3rd January.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support this year and wish you a very

Happy Christmas.

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