Website Designing Features Must for Modern Website


The important web designing features like Video backgrounds, typography and responsive designs are responsible for interactive website designing. Avail best web designing services and solutions at Qdexi Technology at nominal costing and get your website growth on internet. Read more:
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4 Website Design

Features Must For

Modern Websites

Importance of Website Designing

Every year, we witness new web

designing solutions and trends

that emerged to make the plan

looking websites more attractive

and interesting. While it is not

necessary to add every single

web design trends to your

business website.

4 Website Designing Features Must For


Responsive Designs



Video Backgrounds

Responsive Designs

Responsive Web design is the

approach that suggests that

design and development should

respond to the user's Behavior

and environment based on

screen size, platform and


The typography drops a hint

to customers telling them

who you are. You can choos

e from serious or fun,

non-functional or functional

fonts but regardless of what

font you choose.


Video Backgrounds

When user visit a website with video backgrounds my whole attention is

focused on the video playing in the background.

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