Year-End 2018 MMoCA Newsletter


Exhibitions by Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Joel Shapiro, the Chicago Imagists, and Frida Kahlo.





State Street Gallery • Dec 1, 2018–Mar 3, 2019

MMoCA Opening Friday, Nov 30 • 6–9 PM

Nathaniel Mary Quinn: This is Life

features seventeen of the artist’s

mixed-media works on paper from

2014 to 2018. During this crucial

four-year period, Quinn developed

and refined the collage-like technique

now synonymous with his


A figure is seated on a black leather

chair, his body erect and positioned

sideways, his face turned toward

the viewer. The wide-brimmed hat

he wears encircles his head like a

black halo. With its muted background

and the subject’s informal

pose, the image recalls Dutch

Baroque portraiture. But something

is amiss. The man’s oversized jaw

is offset from the upper half of his

mouth, his mismatched eyes stare

in different directions, and his ear,

incongruous in scale and coloring,

appears to have meandered toward

his forehead. The nose of a bull, its septum pierced by a large gold hoop, is wedged uncomfortably within this configuration

of features. Although oddly positioned, these elements depict a real person: the artist’s uncle.

This work, Junebug (2015), is characteristic of the style for which Quinn has become known: complex compositions

that combine imagery culled from disparate sources, but which ultimately converge into portraits of people from the

artist’s life. Although the figures appear to be pieced together from newspaper and magazine clippings, Quinn renders

every element by hand. Using black charcoal and soft pastel over gouache—with careful interjections of oil paint, paint

stick, and oil pastel—he masterfully creates images that reflect his understanding of the human condition. Rather than

replicating a physical likeness, the abstracted and fractured drawings express psychological dimensions of identity.

“It’s important as a people to embrace who we are and

embrace our differences,” said Quinn in a recent conversation

with exhibition curator Leah Kolb. “It’s in our difference that

we can see the similarities we share, which is that we are all

complex. We are all beautiful and grotesque, we are all broken

in some way, and in the midst of being broken we find ways

to embrace our brokenness and carry on life. But we are all

like this. Happiness, grief, joy…this is life.” Favoring complexity

and ambiguity over faithful depictions of appearance,

Quinn’s portraits provide a more accurate truth about the

human condition. The artist portrays the universal messiness

of humanness and thereby opens an important space

to consider alternative ways of imagining, representing, and

understanding ourselves and the world around us.

Generous funding, to date, for Nathaniel Mary Quinn: This

is Life has been provided by Holly Cremer Berkenstadt; Mary

Ellyn and Joe Sensenbrenner; Sara Guyer and Scott Straus;

Betty Harris Custer and J. Corkey Custer; Dynee and Barney Sheafor; Deirdre Garton; Art & Sons; a grant from the

Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts; and MMoCA




Main galleries • On view through Jan 13, 2019

Over the past weeks, the scale, tension, and humor of Joel Shapiro: The Bronzes has engaged visitors. Organized

by MMoCA and curated exclusively for the main galleries, this exhibition connects audiences with the work of Joel

Shapiro, one of the most influential sculptors working today. Joel Shapiro: The Bronzes surveys 16 of the artist’s

bronze sculptures from 1983 to 2015. This is the first presentation in twenty years to fully examine Shapiro’s pivotal

work in bronze and can only be experienced at MMoCA.

On view through January 13, 2019, this exhibition provides an opportunity to introduce Shapiro’s work to a new

generation of artists, students, and museum visitors. The sculptures vary in size, including several large-scale bronze

works that are rarely seen indoors. Through bold geometric form, Shapiro’s works explore the permeable boundary

between the abstract and the figural form. The gravity-defying geometric constructions are suggestive of bodies that

are moving or holding dynamic poses.

Joel Shapiro has enjoyed a long and distinguished career. His work can be found in numerous public collections in

the United States and abroad, including The Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and The

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Tate Gallery in London, and the Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre

Georges Pompidou in Paris. Mr. Shapiro was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1998 and has

been honored with prestigious awards such as the National Art Award for Outstanding Achievement by Americans

for the Arts and the Lifetime Achievement Award in Contemporary Sculpture by the International Sculpture Center.

MMoCA is publishing a hardbound catalogue of the exhibition. Available in January, the 88 page, richly illustrated

book will include images of the installation at MMoCA. This publication contains a foreword by the exhibition’s curator

and MMoCA director, Stephen Fleischman, and features an essay by the art historian and scholar, Peter Boswell.

Support for Joel Shapiro: The Bronzes has been provided by the Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation; and Ellen Rosner

and Paul J. Reckwerdt. The lead corporate sponsor of the exhibition is BMO Wealth Management. Generous support

has also been provided by; The DeAtley Family Foundation; the David and Paula Kraemer

Fund; J.H. Findorff & Son Inc.; Hooper Corporation and General Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.; Marv Conney;

Sara Guyer and Scott Straus; Dynee and Barney Sheafor; Nancy Doll and Michael Bernhard; Sylvia Vaccaro; Dane

Arts; Katie Howarth Ryan; the Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Foundation, Inc.; Lynda and Charles Clark; a grant

from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts;

and MMoCA Volunteers.





Henry Street Gallery

On view through June 9, 2019

The Chicago Imagists were a group of figurative artists who emerged in Chicago in the mid-1960s. They used

vibrant color, bold lines, and their depictions of the human body were grossly distorted and highly stylized. Their

bizarre portrayals of the human body expanded on Chicago’s artistic tradition of the grotesque, established by

artists like Ivan Albright and Leon Golub. Although they were influenced by the encyclopedic collection of the

Art Institute of Chicago, the Imagists were equally inspired by ethnographic collections at the Field Museum and

advertisements in magazines.

In Gladys Nilsson’s A Girl in the Arbor #13, a large woman wraps her fluid body around two blue-green tree trunks.

Cut from one of the artist’s art history books, the woman’s serene face is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci from

the Royal Collection. A sleeping man from a Goya etching uses her round bottom as a pillow, while the rest of her

body is adorned with an absurd number of zippers, belts, buckles, and chains expertly cut from the glossy pages of

Vogue. These accessories hinder her movement and reveal their impracticality: her legs are ensnared by a string

of red beads; one of her ankles is tethered and wrapped in leather belts; and the other is bleeding what appears to

be bright, red nail polish as a butterfly bandages her vulnerable, and poetic, Achilles heel.

Parodying the unrealistic bodily ideals in printed matter resulted in artworks that are a witty commentary on the

extreme modifications necessitated to transform the body into the ideal. Eye Deal highlights the unhinged oddities

of the human form when left to the wild imaginations of this humorous and colorful group of artists.

Exhibitions in the Henry Street Gallery are generously funded through an endowment established by the Pleasant

T. Rowland Foundation.


IMAGE CREDITS • COVER: Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Charles Re-Visited (detail), 2015. Black charcoal, soft pastel, oil pastel, paint stick,

gouache on Coventry Vellum paper. 50 x 38 inches. Collection of Helyn Goldenberg and Michael Alper. Image courtesy of the artist

and Rhona Hoffman Gallery. Photography by RCH. PAGE 2: Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Junebug, 2015. Black charcoal, gouache, soft

pastel, oil pastel, oil paint, paint stick, acrylic silver leaf on Coventry Vellum paper. 41 x 44 inches. Collection of Dr. Daniel S. Berger.

Image courtesy of the artist and Rhona Hoffman Gallery. Photography by RCH. • Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Grown Little Girl, 2016.

Black charcoal, gouache, soft pastel, oil pastel on Coventry Vellum paper. 21 1/2 x 21 1/2 inches. Jones Hawrylewicz Lieber Collection,

Chicago. Image courtesy of the artist and Rhona Hoffman Gallery. Photography by Alex Yuzdon. PAGE 3: MMoCA Opening of Joel

Shapiro: The Bronzes. Photo by Amandalynn Jones. PAGE 4: Gladys Nilsson, A Girl in the Arbor #13, 2013. Collage with gouache,

watercolor, colored pencil, and crayon on paper, 29 3/4 x 41 1/2 in. Collection of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Purchase,

through gift of Mark and Judy Bednar. PAGE 5: Frida Kahlo, Pitahayas, 1938. Oil on aluminum, 10 x 14 inches. Collection of the

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Bequest of Rudolph and Louise Langer. © 2013 Banco de México Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo

Museums Trust, Mexico, D.F. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. • Angel F.T., Untitled, 2017. Print, foam, cardboard. Midvale

Elementary School, grade 1, art teacher Kati Walsh.


Imprint Gallery • On view through Feb 3, 2019

The title of the artwork, Pitahayas, refers to the five, bright, pink fruit in the center of the composition. The work

is painted on metal in the style of an ex-voto—a small devotional painting on tin in the Mexican folk art tradition

typically commissioned by a person giving thanks to a saint or divine entity after experiencing tragedy. The walls

of Kahlo’s home and studio were covered with hundreds of these devotional paintings. As such, Pitahayas can be

read as a personal allusion to her rise from tragedy that culminates in immense gratitude for her life and successful

artistic career. The painting evolved over time. In 1939, she learned her husband, artist Diego Rivera, wanted a

divorce, and Kahlo changed the expression of the skeleton in the painting from a smile to a frown.

Included in the exhibition is a digital experience that shares information about the significance of the painting’s

imagery and the story of how this artwork came to the museum. MMoCA is a partner in Faces of Frida, a digital

art project organized by Google Arts & Culture that is dedicated to commemorating the life and legacy of Kahlo.

MMoCA is one of more than 30 cultural institutions, from seven countries, contributing to this project.

Generous funding for Imprint Gallery programming has been provided by Willy Haeberli in memory of Gabriele



State Street Gallery

Mar 16–Apr 21, 2019

MMoCA Opening

Sunday, Mar 17 • 3–4:30 PM






DEC 8 & JAN 12

Drop by MMoCA for lively and informal discussions of

current exhibitions. Expertly led by MMoCA’s docents,

these free, 30-minute guided tours consider artists’

creative decisions and provide insight into their methods,

ideas, and influences. Meet in the museum lobby.

December 8:

January 12:

Nathaniel Mary Quinn

This is Life

Joel Shapiro: The Bronzes

FRIDAY, NOV 30 • 6–9 PM


Nathaniel Mary Quinn, in his own words, is “…trying

to explore the complexity of humanity. Not just portraits.

The entire fabric of experience that makes this

person who they are.” His deftly crafted paintings and

drawings bring together disparate imagery to portray

the multiple, often complex experiences that define

a human life.

Join us on Friday, November 30, to celebrate the opening

of a solo exhibition of Quinn’s work. Beginning at 6

pm, guests may view works in the State Street Gallery.

At 6:30 pm, the artist will give a talk in the lecture

hall (seating capacity is limited). Music for this event

will be provided by DJ M. White, CEO of Intuition

Productions. Hors d’oeuvres from Fresco will be

passed, and cocktails will be available at a cash bar.

This event is free for MMoCA members/$10 for

non-members. MMoCA Openings are sponsored by

Newcomb Construction Company and The Alexander

Company with additional support from Fresco and

media support from Isthmus.

Programming for Nathaniel Mary Quinn: This is Life

will include:

• Ali Muldrow discusses consent culture and racism

in light of the shared humanity expressed in Quinn’s


• Dawn Crim moderates a Black History Panel discussion

of African-American women, femininity,

and strength as inspired by Quinn’s work Big Bertha

• Dana Maya and Madison Poet Laureate Oscar

Mireles organize a poetry reading inspired by the


• TL Solien gives a gallery talk on Quinn’s work.

Additionally, MMoCA will offer an interactive learning

center, after-school ArtZone workshops, and

teaching resources. See details when announced in

MMoCA Notes. Sign up at



Give a gift that provides memorable experiences all

year. MMoCA gift memberships support the museum’s

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Food Fight restaurants. Purchase a membership

for a friend or loved one and MMoCA will send them

a personalized gift packet. For details, or to purchase

gift memberships, visit the Museum Store or contact

MMoCA staff at 608.257.0158.


ABOVE: Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Miss Chairs (detail), 2014. Black charcoal, gouache, oil-pastel, and oil-paint on Coventry Vellum paper. 50

x 43 1/2 inches. Collection of Andre Des Rochers, New York. Image courtesy of the artist and Rhona Hoffman Gallery. • Artist talk. Photo

by Sharon Vanorny. • MMoCA Opening. Photo by Sharon Vanorny. OPPOSITE: Still from Jafar Panahi’s 3 Faces (2018).


Wednesdays, Nov 14 & 28, and Dec 5 • 7–9 PM

MMoCA’s Spotlight Cinema continues its season of critically acclaimed and award-winning documentary and

feature films. Curated by Mike King, Spotlight Cinema is held on Wednesday evenings throughout the fall; visit for the full schedule and program details.

Admission is free for MMoCA members and $7 per screening for the general public. Ticket sales begin at 6:30 pm in

the museum’s lobby. The series is generously funded by maiahaus; Venture Investors, LLC; and an anonymous donor.


2018, France, 95 minutes • Director: Julien Faraut

A sport film like no other, this radical essay on tennis legend John McEnroe announces its ambition with an epigraph

from Jean-Luc Godard—“cinema lies, sports doesn’t”—quickly followed by its subject slicing through a serve

in super-slow motion to the sound of a roaring Sonic Youth track. Comprised of a bounty of rich, 16mm footage

filmed at the 1984 French Open, this obsessive study of McEnroe (at the time the world’s top-ranked player) spirals

into an expansive reverie on the possibilities and limits of the human body, temperament, and filmmaking itself.

NOV 28 • 3 FACES

2018, Iran, 100 minutes • Director: Jafar Panahi

When famous actress Behnaz Jafari receives a troubling message from one of her fans, she and director Jafar Panahi

(both playing themselves) drive out to rural Iran to track the girl down. Arriving in the girl’s mountain village, they

encounter locals steeped in repressive customs, as well as quietly defiant women finding ways to resist them. In

2010, Panahi, the master auteur behind such films as The White Balloon and Offside, received a 20-year ban from

making new films from the Iranian government. Undeterred, he has continued to produce exciting new work in

surprisingly quick succession; 3 Faces (winner of Best Screenplay at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival) is his fourth

feature since the ban, and his prior film, Taxi, played Spotlight in 2015. In Farsi with English subtitles.


2018, USA, 76 minutes • Director: RaMell Ross

Lyrically depicting five years in the lives of two young African American men in Alabama, photographer RaMell

Ross’s visionary documentary won a Special Jury Award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Ross’s rapturous imagery

and eye for environmental wonder creates a sensory experience that is at once intimate and cosmic, recalling

the best of Terrence Malick. Hailed as “Pure cinematic poetry...a quietly radical challenge to assumptions about

race, class and the aesthetics of filmmaking” (The New York Times).




Saturday, Nov 17 • 10 AM–6 PM

Sunday, Nov 18 • 10 AM–4 PM

Original art and fine craft, gourmet food and wine, and live seasonal entertainment—this and more is what

you can expect at the MMoCA Art & Gift Fair November 17 and 18 in MMoCA and the Overture Center. Enjoy a

fun-filled weekend of relaxed shopping, demonstrations, and creative experiences at nearly 100 booths. To add

to the festivities, the MMoCA Art & Gift Fair will once again kick off Shine on Madison, the annual downtown,

six-week celebration that includes an outdoor market, light displays, and more.

New this year, Fresco Rooftop Restaurant will offer a curated selection of wines and tasty spirits in the MMoCA

Lobby, and Catering a Fresco will offer a range of wines, and more, in the Overture Center Promenade Lounge.

Gather your friends to appreciate art with a drink and lively entertainment!



$6 / Free for children under 12

Buy tickets at the door or online by November 15


$40 per person / $140 for a table of 4

Make reservations by calling 608.257.0158 or online


SATURDAY, NOV 17 • 9–10:30 AM

The Fair weekend begins with The Bubbly Brunch. Join us for

champagne, mimosas, and fresh fare at Fresco, and enjoy this

cheerful fundraiser. You’ll relish the French toast with a twist—

a blueberry compote with mascarpone topping, along with fruit and

bacon served family style. The event will be accompanied by a Wisconsin

Chamber Orchestra ensemble, table prizes, and includes admission to

preview shop nearly 100 booths of art, fine craft, and gourmet gifts at

the MMoCA Art & Gift Fair.


The MMoCA Art & Gift Fair is generously sponsored by Custer Plumb Financial Services, The Century House,

Neckerman Insurance Services, Sitka Salmon Shares, Think Ink & Design, Isthmus Publishing, Magic 98, and

Wisconsin Public Radio. The Bubbly Brunch is sponsored by Fresco Rooftop Restaurant.



Friday, Dec 7 • 6–9 PM

In early December, the Civic Exchange Society will introduce CES-003 Sensible Work Black Tea

Porter, the third and final release in its 2018 line of craft beverages. Join us for a celebratory

tasting event and an artist-led performance at MMoCA on Friday, December 7 from 6–9 pm.

Details about the interactive artist experience and other events activities will be available soon.

Sign up for MMoCA Notes to be the first to hear the plans; visit Tickets are $5

for members and $10 for non-members. Purchase at

CES is a group of local creative producers working together on projects that blur the lines

between art, design, production, and commerce. CES was initiated by artist Meg Mitchell in

conjunction with MMoCA, Art & Sons, and Octopi Brewing. An outcome of CES’s effort has

been the development of limited-release beverages, prints, and glassware, in addition to related

events and performances. Their tongue-in-cheek use of utopian quotes on their products aims

both to satisfy our consumer impulses, and to spark imaginative thought about what a more

civically oriented culture might look like.

CES-002 Liberated Passions Cider is also still available. Find it at grocery stores and select Food Fight restaurants.

Octopi Brewing generously donates a percentage of profits from CES sales to support MMoCA.


On Saturday, November 3, the museum celebrated Valerie Kazamias and her

ongoing commitment to MMoCA. Since 1968, Valerie has been a devoted volunteer,

generous patron, inspiring philanthropist, and exceptional fundraiser.

For 50 years, she has worked to ensure generations are able to experience the

transformative power of art. Her efforts have helped MMoCA reach many of its

goals, including keeping admission free, hosting exemplary exhibitions, and

creating engaging programming for adults, students, and families.

During her tenure as a volunteer, Valerie has served as a member of the Board

of Trustees; an officer of the Art League and of MMoCA Volunteers; chairperson

of the Langer Society, MMoCA Circle, and membership and marketing

committee; and coordinator of the Arts Ball.

More than 160 guests attended the special event, which included a cocktail reception, dinner, and a surprise-filled

program honoring Valerie’s countless contributions to the museum. At the event, Valerie was named a Life Trustee

of the MMoCA Board of Trustees, and the names Valerie and Andreas Kazamias were unveiled on one of the columns

in the main galleries.

Generous gifts made in honor of Valerie Kazamias have been received from Nicole Allen and Kevin Thalacker, Moses Altsech,

Carla and Fernando Alvarado, Rozan and Brian Anderson, Diane Ballweg, Chuck Bauer and Chuck Beckwith, Nancy Bauer,

Sue and Ellis Bauman, Alice, Jeff and Lisa Beneker, Paul Berge, Patricia Bernhardt, Anne Bolz, Marian and Jack Bolz,

Cathie and Jim Burgess, Eliot Butler, Nancy and Shawn Carney, Gina and Michael Carter, Grace and Jack Chosy, Dino

Christ, Marv Conney, Betty and Corkey Custer, Betsy and John Damon, Jan and Bill DeAtley, Barbara and John DeMain,

Joy and Peter Dohr, Pat Eldred and Ralph Sandler, Vikki and Tim Enright, Natalie and Dan Erdman, Sandy Estep and

Gregory Dutch, Joan and Tom Frangos, Pleasant and Jerry Frautschi, John Fritsch and John Cannon, Deirdre Garton,

Tom Garver, Nancy and David Giffey, Dianne and Bob Gomez, Terry Haller, Linda and Jim Heineke, Duane Hendrickson,

Nancy and Jesse Ishikawa, Louise and Robert Jeanne, Barbara Katz and Stephen Fleischman, Darcy Kind and Marc Vitale,

Elizabeth and Ken Kirchstein, Elizabeth, Lisa, and Maria Kochiras, Mary and Scott Kolar, Paula and David Kraemer,

Nancy and Richard Latta, Janet and Doug Laube, Annabelle Lee and John Erickson, Cherie and Steve Levy, Marv Levy,

Susan and Jonathan Lipp, Rona Malofsky, Connie Maxwell, Christy and Hal Mayer, William McClain, Sally Miley, Peter

Milne, Elaine and Nicholas Mischler, Nancy Mohs, Jeanne Myers, Bret and Rachel Newcomb, Kathie Nichols, Dean Olsen,

Kaaren and Steven Oreck, Mary and Gus Paraskevoulakos, Amy Paulios, Rick Phelps and Lyn Ungrodt, Peggy and Tom

Pyle, Beth and Peter Rahko, Amy Recob, Gordon and Janet Renschler, Katie and Doug Reuhl, Joy Rice, Renee and Pat

Richter, JoAnne Robbins and David Falk, Irene and John Ronzia, Ellen Rosner and Paul Reckwerdt, Karen and Harry

Roth, Judi and Bob Rubin, Orange and Dean Schroeder, Sara and Eric Schwartz, Mary Ellyn and Joe Sensenbrenner, Diane

Seder and Bruce Rosen, Georgia Shambes, Ann and Jeremy Shea, Dynee and Barney Sheafor, John Sims, JoAnn Six, Pat

and Jay Smith, Steinhauer Charitable Trust, Kim and John Sylla, Tom Terry, Susan Tikalsky and Al Friedman, Judy and

Nick Topitzes, Carol and John Toussaint, Sylvia Vaccaro, Lee Weiss, Bill White, Carolyn White, Heidi Wilde and Kennedy

Gilchrist, John Wiley, Mary Alice Wimmer, Jim and Jessica Yehle, Theodora Zehner, Peter Zervalis, Jamie Zimmerman

and Nelson Graham, Bronwyn and Robert Zondag





At Kids’ Art Adventures, families are invited to make

art together in MMoCA’s classroom. First, enjoy a lively

discussion in the galleries, then roll up your sleeves

with your favorite young art explorers to experiment

with what you have learned.

Suitable for kids ages six to ten, with an adult; younger

siblings are welcome. Kids’ Art Adventures are free and

begin at 1 pm. Come 15 minutes early to sign up.

SUNDAY, DEC 9 • 1–2:30 PM

In this Kids’ Art Adventures, explore the eccentric

portraits in Nathaniel Mary Quinn: This is Life and

create a wild self-portrait using monoprint and collage




Stop by the museum’s lobby welcome desk and ask

for the MMoCAkids ArtPack, the museum’s hands-on

discovery kit for exploring art. Find the elements of

art (line, shape, color), make a drawing, design a composition,

step into a work of art, and define emotions

felt through art. For further exploration, use the takehome

activity for Joel Shapiro: The Bronzes. Most of

all, have fun!


and MMoCAkids


Designed for use anywhere in the museum, the

MMoCAteens and MMoCAkids art guides provide

young visitors with many ways to investigate art. Find

them in exhibition learning centers and at the entrance

to MMoCA’s State Street Gallery.





MMoCA’s Learning Centers offer families a variety of

fun and engaging resources for exploring MMoCA’s

exhibitions. A range of kid-focused activities promote

imaginative play inspired by works of art. Learning

Centers are available for Joel Shapiro: The Bronzes

and Eye Deal: Abstract Bodies of the Chicago Imagists.

MMoCA’s free family resources are generously funded by the Nimick

Forbesway Foundation.



14 7–9 PM Spotlight Cinema • John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection

17 9–10:30 AM The Bubbly Brunch at Fresco

10 AM–6 PM MMoCA Art & Gift Fair

18 10 AM–4 PM MMoCA Art & Gift Fair

22 Galleries and Museum Store closed

23 8 AM–12 PM Black Friday sale at the Museum Store

28 7–9 PM Spotlight Cinema: 3 Faces

30 6–9 PM MMoCA Opening • Nathaniel Mary Quinn: This is Life

6:30–7:15 PM Artist talk: Nathaniel Mary Quinn


1 Museum Store extended holiday hours begin

(through Dec 23)

5 7–9 PM Spotlight Cinema: Hale County This Morning, This Evening

7 6–9 PM CES-003 beer release and performance

8 1–1:30 PM Drop-in tour • Nathaniel Mary Quinn: This is Life

9 1–2:30 PM Kids’ Art Adventures • Nathaniel Mary Quinn: This is Life

24 10–3 PM Museum Store holiday hours

25 Galleries and Museum Store closed

31 Museum Store closed


1 Galleries and Museum Store closed

12 1–1:30 PM Drop-in tour: Joel Shapiro: The Bronzes

PAGE 8: Ceramic vessels by Chris Leung. • MMoCA Art & Gift Fair photos by Amit Israeli and Zijian Shen. • Necklace by Laurette O’Neil. •

Brunch photo by Fresco. PAGE 9: CES-003 Sensible Work Black Tea Porter. • Photo of Valerie Kazamias at Arts Ball. PAGE 10, TOP: Kids’

Art Adventures photo by Chelsea Weis. PAGE 11: MMoCA Opening of Joel Shapiro: The Bronzes. Photo by Amandalynn Jones.




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Marc Vitale, President

Vikki Enright, Vice-President

Bret Newcomb, Vice-President

Leslie Smith III, Vice-President

Charlotte Cummins, Secretary

Dynee Sheafor, Treasurer


Joe Alexander

Marian Bolz, Life Trustee

Bryan Chan

Karen Christianson

Jennifer DeMain

Jim Escalante

Dave Franchino

Sara Guyer

Cedric Johnson

Valerie Kazamias, Life Trustee and

Chair, The Langer Society

Jason Knutson

Oscar Mireles

Dave Orr

Amy Paulios

Rick Phelps

Jennifer Ridley-Hanson

John Ronzia

John Sims

John Sylla

QuHarrison Terry

Jim Yehle




Harvey Briggs

Kristin Chose

Isabelle Darby and

Benjamin Pauley

William Easton

Meleia Egger

Margie Florek and Adam Premo

Judy Gundersen

Jenny Holtzen and Tyler Hines

Brian Saetre and

Jessica Campbell


Deanna Antony, Yoshinori Asai, Noel Ash, Jim Barnard, Adriana Barrios, Rita Benissan,

Karen Bennett, Justin Bergin, Jay and R.D. Boschulte, Keith Bradley-Hewitt, Jennifer

Braun, Autumn Brown, Paul Bulgin, Johnathan Byxbe, Conley Clark, Sean Clute, Chloe

Darke, Carlos Davalos, Anthony Deibner-Hanson, Alexander Donnelly, Anwar Floyd-

Pruitt, Eva Flyn, Eric Ford, Abrahm Guthrie-Potter, Susan Hadler, Beth Halberstadt,

Susan Hamilton, Max Hautala, Eric Hazeltine, Carissa Heinrichs, Kyle Herrera,

Derek Hibbs, Tzu Lun Hwang, Stanley Jackson and Hannah Keevil, Jamie Jacobson,

Elizabeth and Jonathan Jibson, Tim Jorgensen, Linda and John Kenney, Mariah

Klemens, Taylor Kurrle, Maryam Ladoni, Gloriann Langva, Serena Larkin, Anna

Lehner, Maeve Leslie, Debbie Lipsett, Ashley Lusietto, Taj Matumbi, Josh McMahon,

Jackson Meineke, Ziqin Min, Meg Mitchell, Olivia Mote, Stacy Motte, Kelly Murray,

Andrea Neu, Abrielle Newman, Joy Newmann, Anders Nienstaedt, Lesley Numbers,

Heather Nye, Andrea Olenicak, Andrew Park and T.L. Luke, Steve Paulson and Anne

Strainchamps, James Pederson, Guzzo Pinc, Lucas Pointon, Jon Prown, Emma Pryde,

Bill Rice, Cate Richards, Jodi Robertson, Rishav Roy, Emily Rudolph, Taylor Rushing,

Hannah Schelb, Carrie Schuett, Kathryn and Dominik Singh, Pranav Sood, Sarah

Stankey, Kayla Story, Pierce Sullivan, Robert and Beth Tarrell, Molly Teague, Chelsea

Thompto, Roberto Torres, Ruth Vander Horck, Matthew Vivirito, Juliette Walker, Oudi

Wan, Mae Wilson, Wendy Wink, Anders Zanichkowsky, Rubin Zhang.


The MMoCA Circle honors and recognizes individuals who

have included the museum in their estate plans. By committing

to one of a variety of planned gifts, MMoCA Circle

members ensure that the museum will continue to grow and

flourish for years to come.

In addition to potential tax benefits, MMoCA Circle members

are welcomed as special guests at museum events and are

recognized on the donor wall outside the main galleries.

We encourage you to join the MMoCA Circle and help sustain the financial foundation

of MMoCA into the future. For more information on options for making a planned gift,

contact Elizabeth Tucker at or 608.257.0158 x245.

OPPOSITE: Learning Center for Far Out:

Art From the 1960s. Photo by Sharon

Vanorny. RIGHT: MMoCA Opening for

William J. O’Brien: Reliquary. Photo by

Sharon Vanorny.


MMoCA is very grateful for the following special project underwriters:

A major gift from Pleasant Rowland and W. Jerome Frautschi helps to fund capital improvements at MMoCA.

Brand strategy and design support, including the development of MMoCA’s new brandmark and website, is contributed by


A major gift from the Nimick Forbesway Foundation supports the museum’s school and family education programs.

ArtZone, MMoCA’s afterschool workshop program offered in partnership with Madison community centers, is supported

by Zendesk Neighbor Foundation, U.S. Bank Foundation, the Capital Times Kids Fund, and the Madison Arts Commission.

Internet service is provided by Supranet Communications. Design and technical guidance for MMoCA’s website is donated

by Ajenda Interactive Media.





Elegant dining

with a view.

MMoCA members

receive a 10%

discount at Fresco

and all Food Fight ​


Join today at



With gorgeous spaces such as the lobby

and rooftop sculpture garden, as well

as an elegant and high-tech lecture hall,

MMoCA is the perfect place to host your

next event. Langer Society members,

Business Council members, and nonprofit

groups receive discounted rates. For

information, please contact Bob Sylvester

at or 608.257.0158 x251.

ABOUT THE MUSEUM The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

is an independent, nonprofit organization presenting exhibitions by local,

regional, national, and international artists. A permanent collection of more

than 5,500 works of art is maintained and enlarged through gifts and purchases.

The museum’s education department presents programs to increase public

understanding and appreciation of modern and contemporary art.


* See the back page for special holiday hours.

Support from members of

the Madison Museum of

Contemporary Art ensures

that outstanding exhibitions

and educational programs

remain free for all.


Galleries Store* Fresco

Monday Closed 12–5 pm Closed

Tue–Thur 12–5 pm 11 am–5 pm 5–9 pm

Friday 12–8 pm 11 am–8 pm 5–10 pm

Saturday 10 am–8 pm 10 am–8 pm 5–10 pm

Sunday 12–5 pm 12–5 pm 5–9 pm

ACCESSIBILITY Exhibitions, lectures, tours, and special events

at MMoCA are accessible to people with disabilities. Please contact the

museum at 608.257.0158 regarding accommodations for persons with limited

mobility, sight, or hearing. Relay Service is available by dialing AT&T @ 711.

ABOVE: MMoCA at night. Photography by Nicholas Sadowski.

BELOW: Wedding at MMoCA. Photo by Clear + Quiet Photography.

MEMBERSHIP MMoCA members enjoy many privileges, including free

admission to MMoCA Openings and films; discounts at the Museum Store, at

Fresco and other Food Fight restaurants; invitations to special member events

and previews; opportunities to meet artists; a subscription to MMoCA’s newsletter;

and tax deductions for contributions.

VOLUNTEERING Enthusiastic volunteers are vital to MMoCA’s success.

Visit for current volunteer opportunities.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please notify us about address changes so

that your mailings are not interrupted. Contact Betsy Wyns at betsy@mmoca.

org or 608.257.0158 x224.

JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST MMoCA Notes, the museum’s email newsletter,

keeps you informed about upcoming events, exhibitions, and museum store

specials. Sign up online at


608.257.0158 • •

© Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Artworks © the artist unless otherwise noted.

Artworks may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder.












227 State Street • Madison, WI 53703

Nonprofit Org.

U.S. Postage


Madison, Wisconsin

Permit No. 1143



Shop at the Museum Store for all your gifts and accessories. Every sale supports MMoCA’s exhibitions,

education programs, and local and regional artists. Free gift wrap. Shipping available.



SUNDAY, NOV 18 • 10 AM–4 PM

Meet Maya Madden and Wayne Farra from No Rules Jewelry

during the MMoCA Art & Gift Fair! They will be showcasing their new

designs of rings and cloisonné enamels in the Museum Store.



Receive a 25% discount on one non-consignment item (8 am–12 pm). The

first 12 visitors receive a special gift, with a purchase. MMoCA members

may add their membership discount for additional savings.

Ring by No Rules Jewelry


10 AM–8 PM

Support small businesses when you shop. Enter to win an ornament.


The first 25 customers will receive a special gift, with purchase, to celebrate

this global initiative launched by the Museum Store Association.



Extended hours Dec 4–23

Sunday & Monday 12–5

Tuesday–Thursday 10–6

Friday & Saturday 10–8

Special hours:

Monday, Dec 17 12–6

Tuesday, Dec 18–Thursday, Dec 20 10–7

Christmas Eve, Dec 24 10–3

Dec 25 & 31, Jan 1


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