Pittwater Life December 2018 Issue


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Road upgrade

priority squabble


Local MP Rob Stokes has

questioned community

group opposition to the Roads

and Maritime Services’ scheduling

of the much-needed

Mona Vale Road upgrade

which has given priority to

the eastern section of the

project, between Foley St at

Mona Vale and Manor Road at


Mr Stokes announced the

successful tenderer for the

$140 million job last month,

with works slated to commence

in February with a

completion date in 2022.

The project will involve

building additional climbing

and descending lanes to

improve travel times, and the

introduction of median separation

and a heavy vehicle arrester

bed to help address the

road’s tragic crash history.

Community group Friends

of Mona Vale, while supporting

the upgrading of Mona

Vale Road, have demanded

the western section of the

project be done first, arguing

works will only worsen

the bottleneck at the Baha’i

Temple / Powderworks Road


“Vehicles travelling up

Mona Vale Road will arrive

at that location quicker,” a

spokesman said. “This together

with the existing traffic

coming up Powderworks

Road from Narrabeen will be

a far worse bottleneck than is

presently the case. Additional

traffic delays, driver frustration

and reduced safety will


The group maintain that

their requests for an additional

meeting with the RMS

to discuss the issue were met

with refusal.

“We have also had discussions

with Rob Stokes…

no-one will listen to common

sense that it is obvious that

Mona Vale Road ‘West’ must

be upgraded first.”

Mr Stokes countered: “We’ve

seen too many accidents on

this section of road and it

must be fixed.

“Our community was very

vocal following the petrol

tanker accident in 2013 (pictured)

that this section of the

road be prioritised.

“Both sections of the road

need to be completed – but

we’ve got to start at one end

and this section has the greatest

safety concerns.

“The project is funded, the

contract is awarded and we’re

ready to go… I can’t understand

why some people want

to stop this safety upgrade

from proceeding.”

Further, the RMS has noted

that the western section of the

project also requires a significant

amount of fill to be used

as part of construction, whilst

the eastern section requires

the removal of a significant

amount of fill.

A spokesman said ordering

the project in the current way

would allow the fill from the

eastern section to be transported

to the western section

for re-use, maximising efficiencies

and cost benefit.

– Nigel Wall


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