Advocacy Matters November 2018

Keep up to date on what your fellow Society members have to say in Advocacy Matters. In this issue: From the Editor - Lauren Tomasich, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP; TAS Report- Karin Sachar, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP; Construction Law Bar - Max Gennis, Glaholt LLP; The Future Of Advocacy - Brent J. Arnold, Gowling WLG; Interview - Compiled by Laurie Livingstone, Cassels, Brock & Blackwell LLP

Keep up to date on what your fellow Society members have to say in Advocacy Matters. In this issue: From the Editor - Lauren Tomasich, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP; TAS Report- Karin Sachar, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP; Construction Law Bar - Max Gennis, Glaholt LLP; The Future Of Advocacy - Brent J. Arnold, Gowling WLG; Interview - Compiled by Laurie Livingstone, Cassels, Brock & Blackwell LLP


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The Advocates’ Society<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2018</strong>


04<br />

07<br />

14<br />

18<br />

20<br />

From the Editor<br />

Lauren Tomasich, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP<br />

TAS Report<br />

Karin Sachar, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP<br />

Farewell Master Albert<br />

Max Gennis, Glaholt LLP<br />

The Future Of <strong>Advocacy</strong><br />

Brent J. Arnold, Gowling WLG<br />

Interview<br />

Compiled by Laurie Livingstone, Cassels, Brock & Blackwell LLP<br />

Mastering the art and craft of advocacy is a career-long commitment and we are<br />

here to help. The Advocates’ Society has been the premier provider of advocacy<br />

skills training for over 30 years. We are proud to provide lawyers across Canada<br />

with the training and the confidence they need to execute on their feet when it<br />

counts. The Judge will notice…your clients will too.<br />

Editor: Lauren Tomasich, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, Ltomasich@osler.com<br />

The opinions expressed by individual authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the policies of The Advocates’ Society.<br />

Visit www.advocates.ca. Be part of the legacy of extraordinary advocates.<br />



Wrapping up <strong>2018</strong><br />

Lauren Tomasich, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP<br />

A quick review of the list of Advocates’<br />

Society Practice Groups (15<br />

in total!) is an important reminder<br />

of how diverse the litigation bar<br />

is. While we are all advocates at<br />

heart, the diversity in our profession<br />

and our individual practices<br />

is really quite remarkable – we<br />

all might use procedural rules or<br />

the rules of evidence in one way<br />

or another, yet individual practices<br />

are rarely exactly the same<br />

– even within the same firm.<br />

The Advocates’ Society’s Practice<br />

Groups play an important role in<br />

ensuring that members can both<br />

learn from and network with individuals<br />

in their chosen areas<br />

of practice. This edition of <strong>Advocacy</strong><br />

<strong>Matters</strong> is a nice reminder<br />

of this, with features from three<br />

different practice areas on exciting<br />

events and publications.<br />

The Construction Law Practice<br />

Group hosted a retirement event<br />

for Master Carol Albert, and Max<br />

Gennis provides a warm recount<br />

of the event as well as a reflection<br />

on Master Albert’s impressive<br />

career. Karin Sachar shares<br />

an update on the Class Actions<br />

Practice Group’s annual Bench &<br />

Bar reception, where Justice Morgan<br />

provided some sage advice<br />

for class action practitioners. The<br />

big picture takeaway: be strategic<br />

and hone in on key points for<br />

concise, targeted and persuasive<br />

written and oral advocacy. And<br />

finally, our interview this edition<br />

features Brigeeta Richdale who<br />

has a dynamic practice focused<br />

on securities litigation and regulatory<br />

matters in Vancouver. So<br />

there you go – three different and<br />

diverse practice areas in one edition,<br />

which is really just scratching<br />

the surface.<br />

The content of this edition<br />

aptly facilitates a shameless<br />

plug for joining the TAS Practice<br />

Groups generally. Connect and<br />

learn from other TAS members<br />

that share your interests as you<br />

shape your practice. Be inspired<br />

by senior practitioners, judges<br />

and other adjudicators in the<br />

space. Learn about how others<br />

are confronting the practice<br />

challenges you face. Reach out<br />

to Practice Group leaders about<br />

ways to get involved.<br />

And, on a totally unrelated<br />

note, this is the last edition of<br />

<strong>Advocacy</strong> <strong>Matters</strong> for <strong>2018</strong>, so<br />

I’m going to take this opportunity<br />

to boast about our consistently<br />

high “click through” rates – which<br />

is of course attributable to our<br />

stellar TAS member content. Special<br />

thanks to Sarah Armstrong,<br />

Brent Arnold, Jordan Lester, Laurie<br />

Livingstone, Sabrina Lucenti<br />

and Yola S. Ventresca for being<br />

such key content contributors<br />

and thought leaders.<br />

Thank you for reading. Have a<br />

safe and happy holiday season,<br />

and we will see you in 2019!<br />

All-star faculty is an<br />

understatement...<br />

Immerse yourself in excellence and<br />

learn from the best at the<br />

ADR <strong>Advocacy</strong>: Advanced Techniques<br />

program on December 11, <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

The Hon. W. Ian C. Binnie, Q.C., C.C.,<br />

Lenczner Slaght<br />

The Hon. Marshall E. Rothstein. Q.C., C.C.,<br />

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP<br />

The Hon. Warren K. Winkler, Q.C.,<br />

Arbitration Place<br />

The Hon. Dennis O’Connor, O.C., O.Ont, Q.C.,<br />

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP<br />

The Hon. Coulter A. Osborne, Q.C.,<br />

Arbitration Place<br />

Clare E. Burns, WeirFoulds LLP<br />

John A. Campion, Gardiner Roberts LLP<br />

Rosalind H. Cooper,<br />

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP<br />

Andrew Faith, Polley Faith LLP<br />

Stephen Grant, LSM, ASM,<br />

Grant Crawford & Watson LLP<br />

Katherine L. Kay, Stikeman Elliott LLP<br />

W.A. Derry Millar, LSM, WeirFoulds LLP<br />

Lisa C. Munro, Lerners LLP<br />

Terrence J. O’Sullivan, LSM,<br />

Lax O’Sullivan Lisus Gottlieb LLP<br />

Denise Sayer, Paris & Company<br />

Martin Sclisizzi FCIArb,<br />

Arbitrator and Mediator<br />

Kent E. Thomson,<br />

Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP<br />


4 5


(Click on the program to learn more)<br />

DEC 01<br />

Criminal Trial<br />

<strong>Advocacy</strong><br />

DEC 05<br />

Mastering the Art of<br />

Oral Communication<br />

with Steven Stark<br />

DEC 07<br />

Leading Your Case:<br />

Opening Statements &<br />

Examination-in-Chief<br />

DEC 11<br />

ADR <strong>Advocacy</strong>:<br />

Advanced Techniques<br />

DEC 13<br />

President’s Festive<br />

Reception<br />

DEC 14<br />

Exercising<br />

Professionalism<br />

and Civility<br />


A Classy Affair - CAPG<br />

Bench and Bar Reception<br />

JAN 25<br />

Tricks of the<br />

Trade<br />

JAN 30<br />

Cross Examination:<br />

Strategies for<br />

Success<br />

Karin Sachar, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP<br />

JAN 31<br />

Ottawa President’s<br />

Reception<br />

FEB 12<br />

2019 Advocates’<br />

Society Medal<br />

Dinner<br />

The Class Actions Practice Group hosted its inaugural Bench and Bar Reception on<br />

<strong>November</strong> 5th. Despite some stiff competition from student recruitment week, the reception<br />

was very well attended by members of the plaintiff and defence bar. Justices Glustein,<br />

Morgan and Conway attended, with the former two providing some brief remarks.<br />

Justice Glustein, fresh off a flight from Taiwan, resisted jet lag long enough to say<br />

how much he is enjoying working with the class actions bar. He was particularly appreciative<br />

of the fact that counsel generally cooperate to avoid bun fights whenever<br />


CAPG Bench and Bar Reception (left to right):<br />

The Honourable Justice Edward Morgan, Superior Court of Justice; Margaret Waddell, Waddell<br />

Phillips PC, Chair, Class Actions Practice Group; The Honourable Justice Benjamin Glustein,<br />

Superior Court of Justice; The Honourable Justice Barbara Conway, Superior Court of Justice<br />

possible. Additionally, he noted that the<br />

less formal, more frequent communications<br />

between the class actions bar and<br />

the bench facilitates common sense<br />

resolutions of issues.<br />

Justice Morgan agreed that it was a pleasure<br />

to work with the class actions bar.<br />

He took a few moments to provide some<br />

hot tips for class actions practitioners:<br />

• Be strategic when presenting oral<br />

arguments and hone in on your key<br />

points right away. The important issues<br />

and large dollar figures associated<br />

with class actions do not mean that<br />

every issue in the case should be canvassed<br />

by counsel.<br />

• Resist overpleading your case - it is<br />

better to focus on the main legal issues.<br />

If you have a straight breach of<br />

contract case, you should not complicate<br />

it with pleadings of breach of fiduciary<br />

duty, etc, unless those issues<br />

are truly in play.<br />

• Draft facta more concisely, notwithstanding<br />

that the 30 page limit does not apply<br />

to facta in class proceedings. Judges<br />

groan just as much as opposing counsel<br />

when receiving 150 pages of materials.<br />

Be sure to join the Class Actions Practice<br />

Group to receive notifications of future<br />

events!<br />

President’s Festive Reception<br />

Thursday, December 13, <strong>2018</strong><br />

5:30 PM<br />

The Advocates’ Society<br />

2700-250 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2L7<br />

Please join President Brian Gover for an evening of<br />

collegiality and festive cheer.<br />

Click here to register<br />

8<br />



Master Carol Albert<br />

Retirement Dinner<br />

Max Gennis, Glaholt LLP<br />

On October 18, <strong>2018</strong>, members of the construction law bar joined former and current<br />

members of the bench in order to toast Master Carol Albert and wish her well as she embarks<br />

on a well-deserved retirement. The event was hosted by The Advocates’ Society’s<br />

Construction Law Practice Group, and generously sponsored by Driver Trett and Koskie<br />

Minsky LLP. The fact that over 100 people attended is a testament to the impact Master<br />

Albert has had on the legal landscape of construction law in Toronto and beyond.<br />

The event was MC’d by<br />

Christopher Stanek of Gowling<br />

WLG (Canada) LLP, who<br />

serves as Co-Chair of the Construction<br />

Law Practice Group.<br />

He kicked off the evening by<br />

introducing his Co-Chair, Jeffrey<br />

Armel of Koskie Minsky<br />

LLP, who spoke eloquently<br />

about Master Albert’s career<br />

accomplishments and stellar<br />

reputation, and even provided<br />

some insight into Master<br />

Albert’s life and interests<br />

outside the courtroom. In<br />

particular, Jeff emphasized<br />

Master Albert’s ability to effectively<br />

manage complex<br />

multi-party construction lien<br />

references, and guide them<br />

towards a just conclusion. He<br />

was followed by Master David<br />

Sandler, who not only spoke<br />

warmly about his former colleague<br />

and their experiences<br />

working alongside each other,<br />

but also treated the delighted<br />

audience to a ukulele tribute.<br />

These speeches were full of<br />

interesting details reinforcing<br />

just how remarkable Master<br />

Albert’s career has been. For<br />

example, Master Albert was<br />

the first woman to be appointed<br />

a Master in Toronto,<br />

and was made an Honourary<br />

Fellow of the prestigious Canadian<br />

College of Construction<br />

Lawyers.<br />

Finally, it was time for the<br />

guest of honour to reflect<br />

on her distinguished career.<br />

Master Albert took the time<br />

to warmly thank the family,<br />

friends, and colleagues who<br />

provided her with assistance<br />

over the years. She also spoke<br />

of the importance of civility between<br />

counsel, and the degree<br />

to which the construction bar in<br />

Toronto demonstrates this. As<br />

Master Albert moves into this<br />

new chapter of her life, there is<br />

no doubt that her example of<br />

preparedness, mutual respect,<br />

and creative problem-solving<br />

will leave a lasting mark on our<br />

bar for years to come. 393 University<br />

Avenue will not be the<br />

same without her.<br />

10 11


Thursday, October 18th, <strong>2018</strong> | The Advocates’ Society | Toronto<br />

Retirement Reception For Master Carol Albert (left to right):<br />

Jeffrey A. Armel, Koskie Minsky LLP; Retired Master David Sandler; Retired Master<br />

Carol Albert; Michael Firestone; Christopher Stanek, Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP<br />

12 13

1. @jennhunter2: “And now the new season of @serial!”<br />

Serial, a This American Life spinoff, is a podcast about crime and<br />

law. Season One called into question the conviction of a teenager<br />

for strangling his girlfriend in Maryland in 1999. Season Two<br />

follows the story of an American soldier and Taliban prisoner<br />

accused of turning traitor. The current season sees the Serial<br />

team embedded in a Cleveland court, observing the way day-today<br />

justice (or injustice) is meted out to ordinary citizens.<br />

2. @IRPlawyer: “I can’t believe @DrivingLawPod didn’t make<br />

the cut!”<br />

On her Driving Law podcast Vancouver criminal lawyer and DUI<br />

expert Kyla Lee “discusses with guests all things related to the<br />

changing legal landscape on our roads.”<br />


Law Podcasts Redux—<br />

Twitter Mailbag Edition<br />

Brent J. Arnold, Gowling WLG<br />

3. @JonathanESpitz: “Trick question answer is @SCLawPod”<br />

Direct Examination (which clapped back from its own twitter account<br />

@SCLawPod with a gif of disappointed Justin Timberlake)<br />

is hosted by lawyers in South Carolina, covering the law, legal<br />

issues and politics.<br />

4. @michelepoole95: “@NSLpodcast and @FirstMondaysFM”<br />

The National Security Law Podcast presents a weekly review of legal<br />

issues surrounding U.S. national security activities and institutions.<br />

Presented by professors from the University of Texas at Austin.<br />

First Mondays , another SCOTUS podcast, sees law professors<br />

from Harvard and Washington University “talk about upcoming<br />

cases, break down the Term’s major (and not-so-major) arguments,<br />

analyze opinions, gossip about Court intrigue, and make<br />

wildly inaccurate predictions.”<br />

5. @canuckknitter: “@StereoDecisis”<br />

Stereo Decisis discusses current topics in Canadian law. Recent episodes<br />

grapple with whether there’s a constitutional right not to be<br />

blocked on twitter, and Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy’s<br />

suit against Bell Media for refusing to air her campaign ads.<br />

In the October issue of <strong>Advocacy</strong> <strong>Matters</strong> I presented a collection of law-related<br />

podcasts with a Canadian focus. @Advocates_Soc tweeted it out with a poll inviting<br />

followers to pick their favourite. Of Counsel was the fan favourite with 53% of the<br />

vote. The Docket clocked in second at 39%.<br />

More importantly, the twitterverse lit up with other suggestions. So here are some<br />

of your suggestions, dear readers, in the order received:<br />

And TAS Presents…<br />

Watch out in the coming months for a podcast by your<br />

very own Advocates’ Society: a co-production of YASC<br />

and the 10+ Committee featuring insights, entertainment,<br />

and news about Society events.<br />

14 15

Q. During your commute to<br />

work you are ...?<br />

A. ...enjoying a glorious child-free moment<br />

and a Chai Tea Latte with my partner.<br />

Q. Restaurant recommendation for out<br />

of town counsel?<br />

A. Savio Volpe in East Vancouver<br />

Q. Your best advice for young litigators just starting out?<br />

A. If (When) you feel overwhelmed, complete one small task to remind yourself that you have the<br />

strength and ability to continue moving forward.<br />

Q. Pets: Yes? No?<br />

What kind?<br />

A. Hard Pass<br />

Q. Any pre-game rituals<br />

before court?<br />

A. Guns N’ Roses<br />

Q. Preferred social media<br />

platform?<br />

A. Instagram<br />


In conversation with<br />

Brigeeta Richdale<br />

Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, Vancouver, BC<br />

Compiled by Laurie Livingstone<br />

Cassels, Brock & Blackwell LLP<br />

Q. Most embarrassing<br />

moment as a litigator?<br />

A. Misspelling my own<br />

name during appearances.<br />

Nailed it.<br />

Q. A food you<br />

can’t stand?<br />

A. Poutine<br />

Q. How long from the time you wake up in the morning to<br />

the time you first look at your phone?<br />

A. Approximately 8 seconds.<br />

Q. Favourite<br />

vacation spot?<br />

A. Wailea, Maui<br />

Q. Most proud moment<br />

as a litigator?<br />

A. Obtaining my first Worldwide<br />

Mareva Injunction to<br />

freeze and preserve assets.<br />

Q. TV/movie lawyer you most relate to and why?<br />

A. A fun mix of Daniel Kaffee (A Few Good Men) and Elle<br />

Woods (Legally Blonde)...and occasionally Lionel Hutz (The<br />

Simpsons)<br />

Q. What gives you<br />

sanity?<br />

A. Hiking and camping in<br />

the backcountry.<br />

Q. What word or phrase<br />

do you most overuse?<br />

A. “Fack, this file just blew<br />

up!”<br />

Q. Your key to staying<br />

healthy in a stressful<br />

profession?<br />

A. Family Fight Club Night<br />

(although I just broke the<br />

first rule of it...).<br />

Q. Other than files,<br />

name 3 things that are<br />

always on your desk.<br />

A. Photos of my children,<br />

a collection of baseballs,<br />

and my tractricoid top<br />

(my Inception totem).<br />

Q. What drives you insane?<br />

A. People who are late. The thought of getting a parking<br />

ticket (note: I received a parking ticket in July of 2005 and<br />

I still get nightmares).<br />

Q. Podcast<br />

recommendation?<br />

A. Fault Lines and<br />

The Goop Podcast<br />

Using six words, no more, no less, finish this sentence:<br />

What has surprised me the most over the past year is .... that finding joy can destroy fear.<br />

16 17


Wednesday, October 10th, <strong>2018</strong> | Four Seasons | Toronto<br />

E-Discovery (left to right):<br />

Anna-Lee Chow-Lin-On, EY; Esther<br />

Labindao, Director, Ricoh; Rachael<br />

Jastrzembski, Torys LLP; Marina<br />

Bonifacic, RBC<br />

E-Discovery (left to right):<br />

James Swanson, Miller Thomson LLP; David<br />

Outerbrdige, Torys LLP; The Hon. Justice<br />

Frederick L. Myers, Ontario Superior Court<br />

of Justice; The Hon. Master P. Tamara<br />

Sugunasiri, Ontario Superior Court of Justice;<br />

Tanya Walker, Walker Law<br />

Breakfast Near Tiffanys Panel (left to right):<br />

Kate McGrann, Crawley MacKewn Brush LLP;<br />

Jacqueline A. Horvat, Spark LLP; Sonu Dhanju-<br />

Dhillon, Torkin Manes LLP; Carolyn Silver, College of<br />

Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario; Chris G. Paliare,<br />

LSM, Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein<br />

E-Discovery (left to right):<br />

Chuck Rothman, McCarthy Tetrault LLP;<br />

Rachael Chadwick, EY; Marlon Hylton,<br />

Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP; Heather L.<br />

Hansen, Martha McCarthy & Company<br />


Tuesday, <strong>November</strong> 6th, <strong>2018</strong> | The Advocates’ Society | Toronto<br />

E-Discovery (left to right):<br />

Kathryn J. Manning, DMG Advocates LLP;<br />

The Hon. Justice Frederick L. Myers,<br />

Ontario Superior Court of Justice; The Hon.<br />

Master P. Tamara Sugunasiri,<br />

Ontario Superior Court of Justice<br />

18 19


Wednesday, <strong>November</strong> 7th, <strong>2018</strong> – Saturday, <strong>November</strong> 10th, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Laguna Beach, California<br />

Fall Convention (left to right):<br />

Susan Van Der Flier, Fiddes Van Der Flier Law Corp; Megan Savard, Addario Law Group LLP;<br />

Frank Walwyn, WeirFoulds LLP; Jack Graham, McInnes Cooper<br />

Fall Convention Keynote Speaker:<br />

Michelle Bratcher Goodwin, Chancellor’s<br />

Professor of Law, University of California<br />

Fall Convention (left to right):<br />

Brian Pel, Heuristica Discovery Counsel;<br />

Crystal O’Donnell, Heuristica Discovery Counsel<br />

Fall Convention (left to right):<br />

Domenic Marino, PwC Canada; Jennie Chan,<br />

PwC Canada; Joseph Coltson, PwC Canada<br />

20 21

22 23


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