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Christmas Through

the Eyes of Santa

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Mary Etta Qualls

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on the cover



Andy Williams sang the now

famous song, “It’s the most

wonderful time of the year!”

It truly is the most wonderful time

of the year. With all the decorations

and gatherings of family and friends,

it is a time when we are all one with

the world. Peace and hope are not

just words, but they are thoughts and

feelings that we actually strive to make

a reality. But Christmas is also a time of

strife and sorrow for many, a time for

worry and stress. For me, well, it is my

busiest time for sure. But it is one that

I would never change, not for all the

candy canes in the world.

Christmas Through

the Eyes of Santa

The spirit I bring during the Christmas

season is one that we should harken back to

all throughout the year. We should be kind

to others and more generous — not only

during this season of giving, but always.

—Conway Santa

My journey started countless years ago.

There was a specific need then, just as

there is that need now. A need for a

new perspective that will change the

outlook for so many peoples’ lives. Let

us be realistic here—most people see

my job as solely the guy who comes

down your chimney on Christmas

Eve bearing gifts. The guy they use as

a weapon to get the best behavior out

of their children when they are not

behaving as they should. But there is

so much more to who I am and what

I do than just that. Santa represents a

spirit of love, and forgiveness, a spirit of

joyfulness and happiness. It is a spirit

of giving and receiving that we can all

share and relish in. I am a beacon of

hope in a desperate, lonely world. I am

a shoulder to cry on, a hug when you

need it the most, and a listener to all

magical wishes and dreams.

I love traveling the world over and

visiting with young and old alike. I

cherish the laughs we share and the

memories we make each year, as these

are the treasures that we will hold

in our hearts and minds forever. The

smiles and hugs are the most genuine,

6 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

and the warmth we share will continue

through a long winter’s night.

As a descendant of Saint Nicholas,

the original gift giver, my legend

spread throughout the world that on

one special night I would travel the

world over, bringing love and gifts to

those who truly believe. But it goes

well beyond that one night in late

December. The spirit I bring during the

Christmas season is one that we should

harken back to all throughout the year.

We should be kind to others and more

generous — not only during this season

of giving, but always. We should

always believe in others and treat them

with dignity and respect. We should

strive in our daily lives to do what is

right, just, and meaningful. We should

put our utmost efforts into making the

world a nicer place to live. It isn’t hard

to do if you put your mind to it. Daily,

we should work on doing one good

deed for somebody else that will make

a difference in their life. The satisfaction

faulknerlifestyle.com 7

that you get by giving of yourself is

the best gift you will ever receive! Not

only that, but giving is contagious. The

joy and goodness that you give will

continue around the world just as I do

on Christmas Eve.

This, my friends is what makes this

season so magical. It is the time that we

spend with each other loving, laughing

and giving of ourselves. I look forward

to this each and every year and I hope

and pray that the love we share is never

upsot. For those traditions I set forth

hundreds of years ago will continue

for today and tomorrow. That is what

makes this time of year the most

wonderful time indeed.

Find more information about Conway

Santa, visit www.ConwaySanta.com


Santa‘s Sleigh Phone




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for Women,

teens &


New Arrivals

posted on

robin stauffer | owner & art director

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Eyelash Extensions

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Headline Goes Here

Met opti sit demquiame suntion

estota cusande llabori dolore pro

et, temperi ut pra digenit aeptium

dignis inisi arci beruptatios am as ipsam

re pos et dolest, aut odit volor acernat

ionsecus acea comnimp eriam, volest

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sum ditatem et re voluptat. Podist lique

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quatquos atem latum re volorem et es

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Ovitis ma inverum nihitatin pla

vendipidit fuga. Itatus molorerem eum

rat aut entestis accum facearum que

rempori onsecabor ant, quati dessint, sit

reium nia iusa quam ut fuga. Pudignis

minimpore molorerum dolorerunt.


Pink Still Matters

10 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

Linda Marie‘s

Linda M. Weaver

Linda Marie‘s Gifts & Fabric

Linda Marie‘as Shoes & More

128 S Mt Olive Rd, Vilonia

Business Hours

Monday–Saturday 10 am–6 pm

How long have you been in business

in Faulkner County?

One year

What do you love most about

your business and why?

I love my customers and my employees.

What sets you apart from other

businesses in your industry?

We try to carry products that are very

different and unique to our area. We also

carry a lot of Arkansas-made products.

We have a “wish list” for our ladies to fill

out, with their birthdate and anniversary

date, and their spouse’s name and phone

number. They fill out the list with their

favorite things, colors and sizes. Then,

a few days before their special day we

give their spouse a call and let him know

what she has picked out, and we have it

all wrapped and waiting for him to pick

up. Men love this!

How are you involved in

your community/county?

We work with our schools and community

on special events and support them

by donating silent auction items, or we

give out gift cards to our teachers for

special occasions.

What do you love most about being

a business owner in Faulkner County?

I just love our community, and the

people are so caring for one another. We

try to help each other when it is needed.

Who is/was your inspiration for

owning a business and why?

My sweet husband is my inspiration.

He supports me and our community so

much. He is just a very giving person.

What plans do you

have for the future?

I just want to be in business in Faulkner

County for the rest of my life. My

employees are just like my family…

as a matter of fact a few of them are

family. We enjoy our customers and

love watching them leave here with the

perfect gift for someone they love. That

smile says it all to me!

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Once, Twice, Third

Time a Champion

Every single one of our players were both

mentally and physically prepared and they all

were on that day. No one had a bad match;

each and every one of them contributed.

—Laura Crow, Coach



One time is chance. Two

times is coincidence. But

three times is a pattern.

That’s what Laura Crow and the Conway

High volleyball team were up against

in the final two matches of their state

playoffs run this fall. They wanted nothing to

do with those patterns, though.

After a bye in the first round and a sweep

of conference rival Cabot in the second,

they ran into a team in Springdale Har-Ber

who had knocked them out of the state

tournament two years in a row in the

12 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

semi-finals. “We’ve been so close against

them,” remembers Crow. And they had,

losing three matches to two both years.

They had fortunately gotten a crack at

Har-Ber during the regular season, and

boy were they successful. Conway only

surrendered one game in their regular

season match with Har-Ber, and they

didn’t give up one during the state semifinals,

exercising some major demons

that Coach Crow said her team couldn’t

help but notice.

“I felt relief because I knew that it would

be a tough match in that area of the

state, and they always bring a great

student section that is loud and tries

to distract teams. I felt joy because we

made it over the hump and were finally

going to have a shot at the championship

in the final match.”

With their perennial nemesis out of the

way, a new foe appeared. Fort Smith

Southside had beaten Crow’s group

two times previously during the regular

season and was the number one seed in

the tournament. They’d gone undefeated

in conference play in the 6A-Central and

had two SEC commits roaming their

front and back court. Not only were they

a new foe, they were the final foe, and

they were ready for a fight.

“Southside is a well-coached program

that traditionally has always been able to

take care of business when they have to,

and the bright lights are on.”

None of that mattered once the championship

match began. The Wampus

Cats nearly swept the Mavericks and

took care of business in only four games

led by tournament MVP Karli Ferguson.

Coach Crow was impressed with the

entire team’s preparation for the final

match of the year, “Every single one

of our players were both mentally and

physically prepared and they all were on

that day. No one had a bad match; each

and every one of them contributed.”

That team effort is something that

carried over to the coaching staff as

well. “My assistant coach, Chelsey

Fason, has been awesome. She played

here at Conway High and was able to

come back and coach. It is an extremely

neat situation to be able to coach one

of your former players that was such a

great leader when she was here. I know

she was excited when we were able to

finally break through.”

There were a lot of people in the

Conway community that were excited

about this breakthrough as well. From

Mike and Peggy Mason, Conway High

Volleyball’s number one supporters, to

Beth Fluesmeier, who helped with all of

the logistics of getting 15 high schoolers

around the state for various matches.

There were countless others including

Clint Ashcraft, Janet Taylor, Dr. Murry,

the district’s superintendent, and the

Lady Cat parents who keep the program

running throughout the year.

Now a new pattern has begun, one that

ends with something all teams dream

of — a trophy, some rings, and memories

that will never fade away. It’s up to the

next round of Wampus Cats to make sure

this pattern isn’t forgotten as just another

chance or coincidence, and Coach Crow

doesn’t see that as being out of the realm

of possibilities, “It will be a challenge, but

we like challenges and that certainly will

be our goal next year as well.”

faulknerlifestyle.com 13

at home

Home for the Holidays

with the Gibson Family

I love unpacking each ornament because I can revisit

the life stages each piece represents in my childrens‘

lives. The joy they have in decorating that tree is

also something I look forward to every year.

—Yanci Gibson

14 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18



Visitors to Brandon and Yanci

Gibson’s Round Mountain

area home are certain to find

themselves walkin’ in a winter

wonderland at Christmastime.

The Gibsons, parents to Cooper

and Conley, deck out almost every

inch of their 3400 square foot, five

bedroom, three and-a-half bath home

for the holiday season. The family has

always gone all-out for Christmas.

Yanci credits her grandmother and her

mother for her love of seasonal decorating.

“My maternal grandmother, Lee

Suttle, and my mother, Donna Grady,

were both known as ardent collectors

of all things Christmas. I was in college

when my grandmother began gifting

me with unique Christmas pieces from

her many travels. I have been fortunate

to inherit several family heirlooms

along with adding my own meaningful

pieces,” she shares.

Over time, work and family schedules

prohibited Yanci from decorating as

she had in years past. “I came to the

realization that the stress of recreating

the perfect home for the holidays was

taking away from the true purpose of

Christmas and spending quality time

with loved ones,” she says. As such, she

enlisted the assistance of designer Anne

Mann. “Anne has helped alleviate that

self-inflicted pressure. What took me

weeks to pull together, Anne can do in a

day,” Yanci says. “I first became familiar

with Anne’s work through her partnership

with Conway Regional. I admired

her passion and felt we had a similar

vision for my home.”

The Gibson family remained involved

in the process, however. Yanci had

specific themes for each room, and

Anne helped make those ideas come to

fruition. “Anne has a gift for taking what

you have and giving it a fresh look.”

Says Yanci. Brandon and the children

also play a part in readying the family’s

home for the holidays. “Brandon has

added just as many unique pieces to

our home as I have, including the Santa

nutcracker, the joy sign, and the wise

men, to name a few. He has continued

my grandmother’s tradition of finding

special pieces for me every year.”

The Gibson home features a total of

five trees, including trees in both kids’

faulknerlifestyle.com 15

ooms. “Cooper has a superhero themed tree to match his

room décor, and Conley loves anything that sparkles. In

addition, we have a family tree in our kitchen we decorate

together. It is comprised of the kids’ handmade ornaments,

ours from childhood, and ornaments to memorialize

our travels.” This tree is Yanci’s personal favorite. “I love

unpacking each ornament because I can revisit the life stages

each piece represents in my children’s’ lives. The joy they

have in decorating that tree is also something I look forward

to every year.”

In addition to the family tree in the kitchen, “Our formal living

room tree includes most of the Christmas decor given to me

by my mother and grandmother. The den tree is very whimsical

while using the traditional red, green, and white palate.

My daughter helped me choose the ornaments for this one.”

Yanci and Anne ensure the artwork blends with the seasonal

additions. Specifically, the Santa painting is the focal point

for the den decor. “Literally every piece of furniture and

Christmas decor in the formal living room I inherited

“I have been fortunate to inherit

several family heirlooms along with

adding my own meaningful pieces.

—Yanci Gibson

16 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

from my grandmother, with the exception of the framed

photograph of my daughter. Even that closely resembles the

painting of my cousin that hung over her same buffet table

for years. I also tried to emulate an arrangement she had

with the Fitz and Floyd nativity collection and the golden

Christmas trees,” she says.

Her eclectic ornament collection is from all over. “I travel a

lot with my job and, when possible, I bring home ornaments

for the kids to add to our family tree. I also try to shop local.

We are extremely lucky to have so many great stores here in

Conway. The Kitchen Store & More, Park Hill Home, and

faulknerlifestyle.com 17

Conway’s Classic Touch are some of my very favorites. Dazzle

Daze is another great event to find unique handmade pieces

and supports an organization near and dear to my heart!”

Yanci’s heirloom ornaments are also a precious part of her

holiday décor. Some of her most treasured pieces include a

hand-carved wooden Santa collection by artist G. DeBrekht

that belonged to her mother, the Fitz and Floyd nativity

scene, Santa cookie jars that were her grandmothers, and an

elf ornament Brandon made in first grade.

Brandon also gifted Yanci with the welded metal wise men

next to the main tree for their first Christmas as a married

couple. Their home’s entry is adorned with a garland of

greenery featuring red bows, and the “joy” gift boxes in the

entry are a metal light installation, also a gift from Brandon.

Yanci adds, “Christmas for us has always been a huge

celebration of family, friends, and our Savior’s birth. My

aspiration has been to recapture the same spirit of the

holiday season that my grandmother so brilliantly encapsulated

in her own home.” And we believe she has.

Holiday Order Deadline

Christmas - 12/21/18 @ 8pm

501.205.1969 | @patticakesar | PattiCakesBakery

patticakesbakery.com | 2016 Robinson Ave. Conway, AR 72034

18 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

We love them like you do.

1238 McNutt Road • Conway • 501-358-6598 • HoundsHideaway.com

2521 College Ave. • Conway 501-358-3498

faulknerlifestyle.com 19

the look

Warm up this winter with

fashions from local retailers

20 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

the look

faulknerlifestyle.com 21

the look

22 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

the look

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Sharon reads her story to

Lydia and Giuliana Howard.

Unicorns & Make Believe


Why would a widowed grandmother

write a children’s

story about a unicorn? Well,

she would have to be whimsical and

creative. She would have to know

children and have, to a significant

extent, the spirit of a child. That’s me.

I’ll tell you why that’s me. I grew up in

an incomparable place and time, with

loving parents who did not stifle my

curiosity, creativity, or imagination.

Conway was the place, and the time

was long ago.

In Ancient Conway, when I was

growing up, we didn’t have the fear of

internet stalking, child trafficking, or

gangs that are so prevalent nowadays.

This meant I could be on my own at

times and explore. We didn’t have a

television for a long time, so I read a

lot. I read books of facts and books of

fiction. Either way, it sparked a current

of thought and imagination. I loved

going to the movies, which was easy

for me because my dad worked at the

theater. I lost myself in the characters

on the screen, and it was good for me.

I loved music, including popular songs

whose lyrics were another means of

travel into the imaginary.

All of this led to the development and

avid use of my imagination. I served

mudpie meals to my family of dolls,

caught cherry fish, and made houses

from leaves. I pretended I was a movie

star, a singer, a ballerina, a musician. I

made up stories. I was a daydreamer.

And, of course, I became a writer.

Because of my idyllic youth, I never

totally outgrew my penchant for

fantasy. I added to my feel for childishness

and whimsy when I raised my two

children and when I played with my

five grandchildren. All this gave me the

fuel I needed to write.

I love writing for children. I can put

myself in their place easily, because

my childhood was not something to

suppress, but to hold onto with both


I know children love Santa, and they

love unicorns. What if Santa and a

24 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

unicorn were in a story

together? Hmmm, there’s a

thought. But what use would

Santa have for a unicorn? Or

what use would a unicorn

have for Santa? “How

Santa Got a Unicorn for

Christmas” will answer

those questions for you.

It will also point out that, sometimes, difficulties

arise in life that you must overcome and you need

help from an unknown and surprising source. But

the main impact of the story is that you can have

fun reading it, and maybe think about it later with a

smile. Children should be allowed to fantasize. It’s

natural and fun. At times, I am in my own world

of make-believe, where my imagination can soar,

sometimes to another planet or another time. The

beauty of reading and writing is that a writer can go

on a journey to a thousand different places and, best

of all, is that the reader gets to go along for the ride.

faulknerlifestyle.com 25

good taste


Easy & Elegant

Holiday Appetizers


simple recipes come together quickly,

leaving you more time to celebrate!

26 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18




Deck the halls with these easy

and elegant holiday appetizers.

With three ingredients or less,

they come together quickly, leaving

you more time to celebrate the

season with family and friends. Add

a signature cocktail, and it’s a party!

faulknerlifestyle.com 27




This hearty recipe is too easy and

delicious not to try!


½ cup barbecue sauce

½ cup crushed pineapple, undrained

16 ounces meatballs


Add barbecue sauce and crushed

pineapple to a medium pot. Mix well.

Add meatballs and stir until all coated.

Bring to boil and simmer 8 to 10

minutes if meatballs are thawed or 14

to 16 minutes if meatballs are frozen.



This simple appetizer is the perfect cocktail

party snack that is a crowd pleaser.


12 dates, pitted

2–3 slices Applewood smoked bacon,

cut into 3-inch strips


Preheat oven to 400° F. Line a baking

sheet with parchment or a silicone

baking mat.

Wrap each date lengthwise with a strip

of bacon. Place all dates in a single

layer on prepared baking sheet.

Bake dates for 10 to 20 minutes,

or until bacon is done.

Cool before serving. Store leftovers

in the refrigerator.

28 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18




Say cheers to the holidays with vanilla

cranberry mimosas! This mimosa recipe

is the perfect cocktail for any holiday



1 ½ ounces vanilla vodka

1 ½ ounces cranberry juice

Champagne or prosecco

Accredited preschool

and Pre K program


In a cocktail shaker, combine the vanilla

vodka, cranberry juice and ice. Shake

vigorously, then strain into a champagne

flute. Fill the glass to the top with

sparkling wine. Garnish if desired.

2130 Spring Valley Drive

in Conway



faulknerlifestyle.com 29




This combination of sweet and savory

looks beautiful on a platter and is a

perfect bite-sized appetizer.


2 packages mini phyllo shells

(15 to a pack)

1 ½ cups pimento cheese,

homemade or store bought

½ cup pepper jelly


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Remove shells from freezer

and fill with pimento cheese.

Bake for 10 minutes and then

remove from oven and top with

a dollop of pepper jelly.

Serve warm or at room temperature.



This is another phyllo appetizer that

pairs beautifully with the Pimento

Cheese Pepper Jelly Phyllo Cup recipe.


24 mini phyllo shells

1 round of brie, cut into 24 pieces

(about the size of a quarter)

Raspberry jam


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Place phyllo shells on a rimmed

baking sheet. Place a piece of brie

in each shell.

Bake for 5–7 minutes, until brie

begins to soften.

Top each cup with a teaspoon

of raspberry jam.

Return to oven for 3 – 5 more minutes.

Remove from oven and place on a

serving dish.

Conway residents Leah Ashby and Linda Mars are

longtime friends who love entertaining family and friends.

Leah is a business analyst at Acxiom Corporation, and

Linda is a registered nurse at Circle of Friends Clinic at

Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

30 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

The one size fits all gift........

portraits that last forever!

Purchase any gift certificate by December 20th

and we will add 25% to the amount you spend!!

1025 Parkway....Downtown Conway.....501-329-6455


Willow Bend

Located 2 miles from the Buffalo River in Gilbert,Ar

Now Booking Spring & Summer

Cabin has 3 beds, kitchen,1 bath, and living area. Fun wrap around deck & screened in porch.

A true hidden treasure in the Ozarks! Perfect for a quick weekend getaway from Conway.

$150 per night (4 people) TWO night minimum stay

Nancy @501-269-6458


faulknerlifestyle.com 31

pet care

Winter care tips for your pet


• Keep cats indoors and shorten exercise

walks for dogs when the temperature falls.

Safe outdoor temperatures for pets vary by

breed and size. Ask your veterinarian for a

specific recommendation for your pet.

• If your pet must be outside at all, provide

adequate shelter. A dog house should be no

more than three times the dog’s size. The door

should face away from the wind—usually

south. And avoid blankets and straw—they

can harbor fleas. Use cedar shavings for

bedding instead. Provide similar shelter or

access to a building for outdoor cats.

• Never allow your dog to walk on a lake

or pond that looks frozen. The appearance of

ice can be deceiving and pets can fall through

and drown.

Parasite prevention

• Continue using monthly flea, tick, and

heartworm preventives. Pets should take these

preventives year-round. Remember, it’s often

easier and cheaper to prevent parasites than

treat them when a pet’s infested or infected.

• Take your pet for fecal exams for internal

parasites at least yearly, and keep your yard

clean of feces.

Motor vehicles and antifreeze

• When the weather cools, cats like to sleep

near a warm car engine, curling up on or

un- der the hood. So be sure you know where

your cat is and honk the horn before starting

your car.

• Antifreeze can be lethal. It tastes sweet

to pets and contains ethylene glycol, a toxic

agent. Always clean up any antifreeze if it spills.

Contact your veterinarian immediately if you

suspect your pet has consumed antifreeze.

Diet, food, and water

• Like people, outdoor pets can burn

more calories in the winter. However, most

indoor pets don’t need their diet adjusted for

different seasons. Your veterinarian can help

determine whether your pet’s diet is adequate

and balanced.

• To prevent dehydration, be sure your

pet’s water supply doesn’t freeze. And use

a non-metal water dish to keep your pet’s

tongue from sticking.

• Candy, especially chocolate, can make

pets sick. A stomachache is the milder side

effect, but chocolate poisoning—caused by

theobromine, a compound found naturally in

chocolate and related to caffeine—can be fatal.


• Rock salt, used to melt snow and ice, can

irritate paw pads. Clean pads thoroughly

after a trip outside.

• Uneven, icy surfaces can slash dogs’ paw

pads, so keep your dog on a leash or dress

him in canine booties.

• Without hard surfaces to act as a natural

file, dogs’ toenails grow longer in winter, so

regularly clip your pet’s nails.


• If you have a tree-climbing cat or large

dog, consider securing your holiday tree by

anchoring the top of the tree to a wall using

strong cord or rope. Make sure any presents

accessible to pets are securely wrapped, and

don’t use ribbon or raffia.

• Frequently check the ground around

holiday trees. Ingested pine needles can

puncture pets’ intestines.

• Keep all tree ornaments, yarn, ribbon, and

garlands well out of pets’ reach by hanging

them high on the tree. Don’t use tinsel.

• Keep lit candles out of pets’ reach.

• Puppies and kittens like to chew, so keep

electrical cords out of reach.

• Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants

are poisonous when consumed. Enjoy their

beauty while keeping pets safe by placing

them well out of pets’ reach.

• Be sure guests know these and other

household rules that help keep your pet safe.

32 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

2725 COLLEGE AVE • CONWAY • 501-329-2940


"Thanks for an amazing first year

Faulkner County!!

We love you!!”

Dr Amanda Bledsoe

Giving Hope

Through Healing

1155 Front Street Ste 1 • Conway • 501-504-6999


faulknerlifestyle.com 33

at home

34 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

Ellis Christmas

is Vintage Fun



Rhonda Ellis of Conway has the wonderful skill of taking

vintage, modern and fun holiday décor and creating Christmas

memories to last a lifetime.

When asked about her style, Rhonda espoused it as traditional but not

formal, leaning toward farmhouse style. “My style, truthfully, is about

who I am. I am very sentimental. I like vintage things that remind me

of my grandparents and great-grandparents. I have a lot of vintage

items in my décor that remind me of Christmas.”

Each year, Rhonda makes changes in the décor to keep it fresh and

alive. “I have changed out a lot of my décor over the last four or five

years. Now I make most of my things and decorate my trees and

mantle. Four years ago I did a red and lime green theme. Now I’ve

gone with more of a simple theme. And I decorate just about every

faulknerlifestyle.com 35

part of the downstairs.” Rhonda has used diverse

items in her décor, such as china plates on the walls,

and a birdhouse fashioned into a centerpiece for her

dining room table

The newest creation in Rhonda’s home is her

music room, which she has wanted to do for years.

Because the house in Applewood Cove is on the

Junior Auxiliary Holiday Home Tour, she had a

“kick in the pants” to get the room done. “Everything

in the room is musical,” she said.

“Sentimental and personal” items make up a large

part of this room’s décor, such as a collection of

music books. The décor especially includes musical

instruments — an old autoharp that belonged to

her maternal great-grandfather, a ukulele that was

brought home to the United States by her paternal

grandfather after his World War II service at Pearl

Harbor, and her grandfather’s harmonica. “I come

from a very musical family, and it’s an important

part of me,” she said.

The piano in the room is not particularly old, but

is a family piece nonetheless. “I had an old upright

piano that my granddad redid. It was a player piano

and he took the roll out of the player,” Rhonda said.

“My grandmother wanted me to have a new piano,

and she bought me this piano before she passed

away. My mother’s side of the family was very

musical, so I grew up around it. I started singing

when I was 3 and playing piano at age 5.”

Call us to build your

own personal oasis!

Jerrell’s Pools

Over 50 Years Experience | Since 1962

Concrete & Vinyl Pool Construction

service | pool chemicals | parts | accessories

36 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

4106 Prince St in Conway | 328.5760

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm | Sat 9am-12pm

Rhonda said she made the signs on

either side of the music room door

using an old screen door, and she has

also framed vintage antique sheet music

to use as accents. Lyrics to her favorite

songs and carols have been printed

and framed throughout the room. The

music room tree is special, as it displays

ornaments that were given to her by

students during her 15-year stint as an

elementary music teacher.

When it comes to a traditional favorite

room, Rhonda would choose her dining

room. “I love my dining room. It’s more

like a family room because we are very

open people and have company for the

holidays,” she said. The dining room

includes many items — lots of dishes

and décor — some are old and others

“you just like.” The overall design is

in red and white, with holiday china

and crystal, plus arrangements of holly

berries and bows.

Another tree in Rhonda’s home is the

first thing you see when you enter —

and it is highly decorated. “My husband

says ‘good grief’ when he sees that tree.

He asked ‘is there a tree under there?’

So my family calls it ‘my tree’.” This

tree has cute Santas peeping out of the

branches, white flocking, pine cones

and red and white ornaments.

The family tree is in the living room,

and is a sentimental favorite. A new

ornament is purchased each year for

this tree, with favorites being Hallmark

specials. “This tree is not necessarily

pretty, but it’s sentimental,” she said.

Other cultural icons depicted on this

tree include Harry Potter, Star Trek,

Star Wars, and Rhonda’s favorite, her

Charlie Brown piece.

This year, Rhonda is adding to a tree

in her bedroom. This tree has items

that relate to her marriage, including an

ornament that is the first one she and

her husband John had from their first

Christmas together in 1990.

faulknerlifestyle.com 37

One cool item in Rhonda’s décor is a green

ceramic tree with multi-colored lights

— something that many families have

in their décor, thanks to a grandmother

or great-grandmother. “My grandmother

had one of those. I saw one in an antique

store in Little Rock, and it looked so much

like hers I said, ‘I have to have that tree’.

It reminds me of my grandmother.”

Even as a child, Christmas was about

making memories. “My family was poor,

and when my mother and grandmother

had time to decorate for Christmas, they

made everything they had. The women

in our family worked so hard to make

it special. They enjoyed the holiday

and that’s ingrained in me. That’s why I

love vintage touches of Christmas past.

Someday I will have grandbabies, and

I want them to have the same type of

memories of me.”

Rhonda’s family includes her husband

John, her son and daughter-in-law Ethan

and Allison, who live in Fayetteville,

and her son Austin, who is a student

at John Brown University. The Ellises

are definitely “a family of faith,” being

active in the music ministry at Central

Baptist Church.

Rhonda also has a booth called “Southern

and Sassy” at The Painted Tree market

in Sherwood. She enjoys seeing new

trends and old favorites come through the

market, and she is able to order special

items from different companies. “This

keeps me busy since the boys are grown.

I’ve learned to do some new stuff,” she

said. As for her Christmas decorations,

the family can be outspoken. “The kids

tell me when they don’t like something,

or if I change something that they DID

like, they’ll say,” she laughed.

38 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

Come in for a

get registered to

win a flat iron!

My family was poor,

and when my mother and

grandmother had time to

decorate for Christmas,

they made everything

they had. The women in

our family worked so hard

to make it special. They

enjoyed the holiday and

that’s ingrained in me. That’s

why I love vintage touches

of Christmas past.

—Rhonda Ellis










and more!

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Faulkner County Real Estate Companies Faulkner County Real Estate Companies

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Source: 2017 Arkansas Business Book of Lists

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Where did you grow up and get your education?

I grew up and graduated from Cabot, and attended UCA.

What brought you to Faulkner County?

College and my husband brought me here.

How did you end up in this business?

I’ve always worked in the customer service industry in

some way, working at department stores while in high

school and college. I began working in the Mortgage

Servicing industry in 1985, and moved to the Mortgage

Origination side a few years later. I started out processing

and closing, and later became an underwriter and now

do loan origination.

What do you love most about working/living here?

Faulkner County and the communities inside it have a lot

of service organizations. I love seeing people help people.

I love helping people in a place I call HOME.

To what do you attribute your success?

Customer service and the ability to listen to people and

try to discern what they need. Also being available when

they need me. I have a good knowledge of the industry

guidelines, but I’m always open to learn more.

How are you involved in your community?

I am a member of Bethlehem Baptist Church, where I

serve as a Deacon’s wife and the church treasurer. I am

a member of Conway Regional Women’s Council and

serve on the Dazzle Daze Committee.

Tell us about your family.

I am married to Allen Bristol, and just celebrated our

34th anniversary. We have two adult sons (Bryan and

Brandon) who both work and live out of state.

Valari Bristol

Bank of England Mortgage

Sales Manager/Loan Officer

We aren’t in the business

to tell people no — we want

to help people if we can.

—Valari Bristol

What does the future hold for you here?

Faulkner County is my home and I hope to continue to

serve for many years to come. People come to Faulkner

County for its colleges and stay.

Any advice for someone just starting out?

If you are starting out in the mortgage business, stay tuned

into the changes. Be willing to learn, and ask lots of questions.

Develop personal relationships with your business

partners. With any business, seek the advice of others

before you. Strive for wisdom and be honest. Be willing

to go deep in the guidelines and research for the customer.

There is usually a loan out there for most everyone, if the

Loan Officer and customer are willing to work hard for it.

Remember we aren’t in the business to tell people no —

we want to help people if we can.

faulknerlifestyle.com 41

the arts

Arkansas Shakespeare

2019 Bard Ball Fundraiser



It’s hard to

know where

to begin with

regard to Brad

Lacy and Lori

Quinn. They

are dynamos

and leaders in

their respective

professions, and

somehow manage to get more done in

one day than others do in several weeks.

They love Conway. They love UCA.

And, thankfully, they love Arkansas

Shakespeare Theatre. You see, Conway,

UCA, and AST have similar visions—to

reach higher, to aim for excellence, to be

extra (as my kids might say).

So when deciding on the 2019

Co-Chairs of AST’s annual Bard Ball, our

largest and most significant fundraising

event of the year, naturally Brad and Lori

sprang to mind. Who better to be the

ambassadors for AST, to simultaneously

raise awareness of our organization and

plan a fantastic party.

“Broadway in Conway” will be our

theme for the evening, with Fergie L.

Philippe, star of Broadway’s Hamilton

tour, as our emcee and featured

performer. We will roll out the red carpet

for our guests to move around onstage

and backstage of Reynolds Performance

Hall, enjoying both a live and silent

auction featuring unique items, a

delightful and elegant buffet served

onstage, plus socializing and fun.

Proceeds will benefit AST’s mainstage

shows and our family-friendly touring

show. For more information about

tickets and tables for Bard Ball, visit

AST’s website at www.arkshakes.com or

call Mary Ruth Marotte, (501) 269-9428.


For info about tables or to

tickets for Bard Ball 2018:

Call Mary Ruth Marotte

at 501.269.9428 or visit


Follow Us on Social Media:

@arkshakes @arkshakes

42 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

I can no other answer

make but thanks,

And thanks; and ever


—Twelfth Night, III, iii

The crowd and entertainment from the

past Bard Ball in January 2018. Michelle

Alves, the entertainer last year, is the

star of Broadway’s On Your Feet and

is currently playing Anita in the national

tour of West Side Story.

Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre

thanks the sponsors and donors

that make our mission possible.

arkshakes.com • 866-810-0012



Jenny and Houston Davis (2018 Bard

Ball co-chairs)








truth on the go

For Nothing is

Impossible with God

44 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18


The gospel of Luke records the story

of Jesus’ birth. The angel Gabriel

appeared to Mary, the mother of

Jesus, delivering the shocking news that

she, a virgin, would give birth to a child.

“How will this be, since I am a virgin?”,

Mary asked. (Luke 1:34, New International

Version.) Gabriel responded, “The

Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the

power of the Most High will overshadow

you. So the holy one to be born will be

called the Son of God.” (Luke 1:35)

Place yourself in Mary’s position. You

are young, engaged to be married, and

living your life when all of a sudden an

angel appears and delivers life-altering

news. I wonder how any of us would

have felt? Thankfully. Scripture states

that Mary was troubled by the angelic

encounter. I would have been too!

Probably one of the most powerful

truths in the gospel of Luke is found

in six words that are spoken to Mary

during her angelic conversation. Luke

1:37 states, “For nothing is impossible

with God.”

For just a moment, think about this

truth. I am certain that by the end of

Mary’s life she knew deep in her heart

that absolutely nothing is impossible as

long as God is at work. Today we have

the opportunity to know and experience

the same truth. With God in the middle

of our lives, no mountain is too high,

no valley is too deep, and no obstacle

is too great. Simply put—with God

the impossible things of life become

possible every single day.

Although Mary was troubled and

found herself in an unknown situation

and facing an unknown future, she

did not run. Instead Mary remained

and surrendered to God’s plan. This

surrender came in the form of a powerful

statement recorded in Luke 1:38. “I am

the Lord’s servant, Mary answered. “May

it be to me as you have said.” I love

this statement! Mary did not present a

list of “other options” for the angel to

consider and she did not respond with a

list of clarifying questions. Mary simply

surrendered to God’s plan for her life.

This Christmas do you need to know and

experience the truth that nothing is impossible

with God? Maybe you are facing an

unknown situation or an unknown future.

If so, talk to the Lord about it. No matter

where you are or what is going on around

you, stop and surrender to the Lord’s

plan. Voice your desire to experience His

powerful work by praying, “Lord, I am

your servant. I invite you to do whatever

is necessary to make the impossible

obstacle that I face possible with You!”

As you surrender to God’s plan, you will

begin to experience peace right in the

middle of your uncertainty.

I love the rest of the story. Mary gave

birth to Jesus and the world was forever

changed. Jesus brought peace to earth.

This peace is real because it is tied to a

Savior who died on a Cross and rose

again proving that with God nothing is

impossible! Jesus came as a baby so He

could die for us as a man. How sweet to

remember that Jesus paved the way for

the “impossible” power of God to live

inside of us. Jesus, He is the reason we

celebrate Christmas, and He is our peace.

With God in the

middle of our lives, no

mountain is too high, no

valley is too deep, and no

Andrea Lennon: An “on the go” kind of girl who loves Jesus, Andrea’s life

calling is to teach women to know the truth, live the truth, and share the

truth. Her passion is honest conversation about the topics that drive our

lives and how we can weather the storms through the love and power of

our Lord and His Word. Connect with Andrea at AndreaLennonMinistry.org.

obstacle is too great.

faulknerlifestyle.com 45

at home

The Harwells Celebrate

the Wonder of the Holiday

Thanks to her decorating ability, Lori Harwell

receives the best Christmas present

each year — the gift of happy memories.

46 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18



As is her tradition, Lori has

turned her home in Vilonia

into a dazzling Christmas

wonderland. From elves to nutcrackers

to snowflakes, a variety of holiday

favorites are included.

“Christmas has always been my most

favorite holiday! It embraces all my

favorite things … giving, joy, love and

grace,” Lori said. “I start decorating for

Christmas in early October in hopes to

have it done by Thanksgiving.”

Lori said she has been decorating for

Christmas “as long as I can remember,”

and 2018 includes six trees and other

décor throughout the home. “I’ve always

had one to two trees and now up to eight

each year … then the front porch and

mantles.” Each tree comes with its own

theme and special meaning, and items

are purchased throughout the year to

add to the trees. However, “well loved”

ornaments are still used year after year.

“My son has collected nutcrackers since

he was very little. We add a special one

each year that has something to do

with our family that year … maybe a

vacation taken or big event. Some of

them have one eye or an arm missing,

but they all have special meaning,”

she said. “I buy things everywhere! If

it jumps out at one of us we grab it! It

makes each tree more special. Like last

year my daughter and I attended The

Nutcracker … so naturally we bought a

nutcracker there to add to our tree!”

faulknerlifestyle.com 47

Christmas has always

been my most favorite

holiday! It embraces all

my favorite things … giving,

joy, love and grace.

— Lori Harwell

Among Lori’s favorite items is her

collection of Mark Roberts elves.

“There’s something about being a child

that makes it all magical! I’ve collected

Mark Roberts elves for a long time ...

I love their facial expressions!”

The trees for 2018 includes:

• The front porch. “I wanted it to be

warm and inviting like I felt as a child

when we would go cut down our

family tree. The buffalo plaid and

vintage ornaments make me think of

hot chocolate and loading the perfect

tree on top of the ole minivan.”

• The entry tree is red and turquoise.

“It’s fun and whimsical, kind of like

our family!”

• The living room nutcracker tree is

more traditional.

• The bedroom tree “is gold and

champagne and embraces my favorite

things of Christmas — joy and grace

— with the hymn ornaments.”

• The hunting/fishing tree “is what it

is! My son and husband love to hunt

and fish.”

• New this year is the dining room tree

“because I lost my mom in March,”

Lori said. “Snowflakes are my favorite.

I’ve worked on this tree for a few years

now. I’ve collected snowflakes in all

shapes and sizes so no two would be

the same. There is something about the

snow that reminds me of being a kid

…and my mom. I always loved cutting

snowflakes out of folded paper, making

snow angels and snow ice cream.”

With all her Christmas décor, Lori is

able to build memories for her children

that hopefully will match those she has

from her childhood. “I grew up with

very little. We made the most of what

we had. I have several fond memories

of a three-foot tabletop tree and

unwrapping bubble gum,” she said.

“I know it sounds silly and I don’t say

that for anyone to feel sorry for me. I

say it because sometimes we can get

caught up providing the biggest and

best toy/item for our kids (I have done

it!) and it can bring stress and anxiety.

And that isn’t what Christmas is about

... it’s about the memories and excitement

of being together, reminiscing on

the year and embracing traditions. Most

48 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

of all it’s a time to Praise the Lord for

our many blessings big or small.”

“I love having friends and family in our

home to enjoy the decor as well! They

always become conversation starters … Voted One of the Best

especially my elves! You either love Faulkner ‘em County Real Estate Companies

or think they are creepy. I’ve heard Voted both, One of the Best

and I have a few friends that Faulkner haze me County Real Estate Companies

year-round about them!” she laughed.

Lori is the owner of Harwell Designs

Boutique in Vilonia, so decorating

is her life’s calling. She attended the

Rick Green, Broker

University of Central Arkansas 501.276.1081 and

is a Conway High School graduate.

Rick Green, Broker


Elizabeth Hall


Gary Hogan Velda Lueders

Velda Values Your Business

501.450.0807 501.730.2857

Gary Hogan


Velda Lueders, Realtor • 501.730.2857

Nikki Hawks Jones


Tami McConnell


Velda Lueders:

ARPAC Crystal R

2018 President Arkansas Realtors

Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)

Graduate Becky Realtor McGinley Leadership Polly Academy Miller (GRLA) Raegan Miller


Accredited Buyer

Polly Miller 501.336.4759




Miller 501.472.5988

501.336.4759 501.472.5988

Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI)

Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES)

Seller Representative Specialist (SRS

Military Relocation Professional (MRP)

Becky McGinley


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1210 Hogan Lane | Conway

I think unwrapping each ornament is my

favorite. While they are packed away, I always

forget about several. Then when I unwrap, it brings

back memories, and even tears sometimes!

— Lori Harwell

Simply Sweet Kids

Faulkner County has always had my

heart,” she says. “I am married to a

wonderful man, Kevin, and we have

two children, Baylea (20) and Brandon

(18). They are both full-time college


The rest of the Harwell clan loves Lori’s

Christmas décor, but they have other

things on their minds at Christmas.

“They prefer enjoying the finished

product more than anything else. Baking

is more their style. They love Christmas

treats! Cookies and candies are plentiful

around here during the holidays.”

Due to time constraints with owning a

business, Lori doesn’t decorate for other

holidays as extensively as she does

with Christmas. “I used to decorate full

time (22 to 25 houses per season) but

now with the boutique, I can’t make it

all work. I still do two to three, though,

and enjoy bringing some holiday spirit

to their homes!”

That holiday spirit is what keeps Lori

creating her Christmas wonderland

each year, no matter the emotion it

evokes. “I love all of it! Well maybe

not the work,” she laughed. “I think

unwrapping each ornament is my

favorite. While they are packed away, I

always forget about several. Then when

I unwrap, it brings back memories, and

even tears sometimes!”

50 faulkner lifestyle | december 2O18

faulknerlifestyle.com 51


What are Peptides

and How Do They Work?

Science has proven that peptides

can reduce wrinkles in your skin

and reverse the signs of aging. So

how do peptides in skin care products

make your skin look younger? Many

skin care products contain them, so just

what are peptides?

Peptides are tiny protein fragments (or

small chains of amino acids that are the

building blocks of proteins in the skin)

that increase cellular communication

within the skin. Various types of

peptides exist with a multitude of functions.

When peptides form a long chain

of amino acids, they become proteins.

When they are in a short chain of amino

acids, they are able to penetrate the top

layer of our skin and send signals to our

cells to let them know how to function.

One important protein in our skin is

collagen. Collagen gives our skin its

thickness and suppleness. When collagen

breaks down in the skin (from age and

environmental factors like the sun and

stress), smooth, young skin slowly

becomes thinner and over time wrinkles

form. As collagen deteriorates, it produces

certain peptides, these peptides send a

“message” to your skin that it has lost

collagen and needs to generate more.

Peptides help promote natural elements of

healthy skin including collagen production

(which helps plump the skin), and neuropeptides

help relax repetitive facial muscle

contractions (which softens wrinkles).

When skin care peptides are applied topically,

your skin “thinks” that it’s a collagen

break down product and that your body

needs to manufacture new collagen. So

you can successfully minimize wrinkles

and give your skin a more youthful

appearance with the application of skin

care peptides that trigger the production of

collagen. It is therefore important to use a

good peptide wrinkle cream.

When will I begin to see results?

Peptides go to work immediately within

the skin, but their results are not seen

until after the collagen has a chance to

plump and thicken the under layers of

skin. This process may take 28 days (for

younger skin) and up to 56 days (for

older skin). While you’ll see immediate

changes in texture and tone, give

peptides a good evaluation with three

months of continued regular use.

In battling the signs of aging, it’s

important to incorporate peptide

creams and peptide serums in order to

help encourage the skin to rebuild lost


Studio SKIN offers several professional

grade, corrective skin care lines. We also

offer an introductory mini facial that

incorporates peptides. Please stop by, or

call Angela Jackson, Licensed Aesthetician,

for a private skin care consultation.

Angela Jackson, Licensed

Aesthetician, offers

microcurrent facials and

other anti aging facial

treatments at Studio SKIN

in downtown Conway.

1315 North St, ste 102

Downtown Conway

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Nasal Polyps


What Are Nasal Polyps?

Nasal polyps are soft, painless growths that

form on the lining of the nose and sinuses.

They are usually due to chronic inflammation

from allergies, infections or nasal irritants.

They can occur at any age but are much

more common in adults. No one knows for

sure why only certain people develop nasal

polyps, but it is thought to be the result

of how an individual’s immune system

responds to nasal inflammation. Polyps are

more common in patients with a history

of asthma or other allergic conditions. Of

note, nasal polyps are unrelated to colon

polyps and have completely different causes,

treatments and implications.

What Are Symptoms of Nasal Polyps?

Small nasal polyps may not be noticeable

or cause any symptoms. However, medium

to large nasal polyps can cause significant

problems. The most common symptom is

persistent nasal congestion, either on one

or both sides. You can also have symptoms

found with sinus infections such as nasal

drainage, facial pressure or upper tooth pain.

Nasal polyps are frequently associated with

a loss of smell and taste. If polyps are large

enough, they can be visible from the front

of the nose. Very large polyps can erode

or distort the bones in the nose, sinuses or

around the eyes.

How Are Nasal Polyps Diagnosed?

Nasal polyps are diagnosed by examining

the inside of the nose. Larger polyps can be

readily seen with a light and nasal speculum.

Small to medium size polyps often require a

nasal endoscopy. This is routinely performed

during an ENT office appointment and

allows the doctor to see further back in the

nose and sinuses than otherwise possible.

CT scans are often done to determine the

extent of the nasal polyps, help determine

the cause, or plan for surgery. Biopsies are

sometimes performed if there is concern for a

nasal tumor.

How Do You Treat Nasal Polyps?

Nasal polyps are managed by Ear, Nose, &

Throat doctors. They are generally treated

with a combination of medications and

surgery. Unless the polyps are very small, it is

unlikely they will go away with medications

alone. Common medications used to treat

nasal polyps include antihistamines, steroids,

nasal sprays or inhalers. These act to control

the inflammation causing the polyps. The

most effective medication for polyps is an

oral steroid such as prednisone. However,

the polyps will often return after completing

treatment and long-term oral steroids are

avoided unless necessary.

Sinus surgery is usually necessary to remove

the nasal polyps. If there is an underlying

infection, such as Staph or a fungus, this

can also be cleaned out during the surgery.

Dissolvable steroid stents are commonly

placed in the sinuses during surgery to

decrease the chance of polyp recurrence.

Another benefit of sinus surgery is to allow

direct delivery of medications into the

opened sinuses. For example, nasal rinses

containing antibiotics or steroids can be used

following surgery to deliver prolonged high

doses of medications directly into the sinuses

without the side-effects of oral medications.

Will the Polyps Come Back?

Treating nasal polyps can be frustrating for

both patients and physicians. Because polyps

are largely the result of a person’s immune

system, they have a tendency to come back.

However, proper treatment with medications

can decrease the likelihood of them recurring

or how long it takes them to come back.

Almost all patients will need to remain on

a nasal steroid spray such as Flonase. Many

patients will also need to remain on one

or more of the other medications noted

above. If the polyps do recur, they can either

be treated with repeat sinus surgery or a

new long-acting nasal steroid implant that

dissolves the polyps.

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Conway Office:

1210 Hogan Lane

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faulkner fam


Our Faulkner Fam:

the Beene Family

Parenting is like the

world’s largest roller

coaster — many ups and

downs, and a few big

twists along the way,

but the most exciting

ride of your life!

—Amanda Beene

Your Names

Chad, Amanda, Abbie (8th grader

at Vilonia Middle School), and Ava

(kindergartner at Vilonia Elementary)

Where are you from?

Chad: Cabot

Amanda: Lonoke

Where do you work?

Chad: His family owns Conway

Collision Center and he is the

owner of Beene’s Baggers.

Amanda: Conway Financial Services

and owner of Blessed Boutique.

How did you two meet?

Amanda: I had just gone for my hair

appointment, and Chad had his business

in the same shopping center. He

followed me to let me know ‘he loved

my shoes.’ We chatted while I was

getting my hair done, and I went ahead

and left my number. The rest is history!

How long have you lived

in Faulkner County?

We moved to Vilonia in July 2003,

and we love this area!

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If you had to live somewhere

else in the world where would

it be?

Nowhere else. Our family is here and

we love Vilonia.

Describe parenting

in one sentence:

That is a hard question! Parenting is

like the world’s largest roller coaster

— many ups and downs, and a few

big twists along the way, but the most

exciting ride of your life!

When you get a date

night where do you go?

Mike’s Place or Pasta Grill — after

dinner we either shop or go to the


When you shop local

(for fun) what stores

are always on your list?

Chad: Buckle or Sports Academy

Amanda: There are not many stores

that are not on my list. I love to shop!

What is your favorite

thing to do as a family?

If we are staying home we love board

games, and having two girls, there are

many dance parties. We enjoy doing

things outdoors! Of course vacations

~ who doesn’t love that!

What do you love most about

living in this community?

The people — our church (Friendship

Baptist Church, our businesses,

sporting events, and community

activities. There are many opportunities

to serve people!!

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810 Amity Road Ste. 201 in Conway


St. Joseph School

Community Open House

January 27 2:00-4:00

PreK-12th ~ Meet our teachers and staff

Refreshments provided.

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Bobby Batson in the News

Bobby Batson is at it again. This 10 year

old actor and Arkansas native is awaiting

the release of his newest film, “The Ghost

Beyond,” which releases on December 4th.

This latest endeavor will be the forth movie

for this young man, and his first time being

cast in the lead. The project, which filmed

in Kentucky, cast Bobby as the son of actors

Trevor Donovan and Vail Bloom. Bobby

was previously in the screen adaptation of

the book “90 Minutes in Heaven” and the

TV show “Good Behavior” just to name a

few. He began his acting career at the age

of five, appearing in national commercials

and local television productions. When not

making movies and television shows, Bobby

enjoys playing sports and video games. He

is active in his school and community, loves

basketball and football, and is an up and

coming star on his school’s chess team. He is

looking forward to new and exciting roles in

the future.

Bobby is the son of Dr. John and Rachel

Shipman Batson, and the younger brother of

Maggie and John Jr. His father is an oral and

maxillofacial surgeon practicing in Conway

and Russellville. Dr. Batson is also a veteran

of the Iraq war.

His actor profile is IMDB.me/BobbyBatson

Merry Christmas from

our family to yours!

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Kitchen Store Fundraiser Sets Record

The Kitchen Store & More raised

Voted One of the Best

$20, 057.93 for the Conway

Faulkner County Real Estate Companies




One of the



Program, Faulkner during County the Real Holiday Estate Companies Preview

Event on Oct. 25. In addition to

after-hours shopping the event

included a raffle for three different

baskets, all valued at more than


Rick Green,



is the





Nikki Hawks Jones

501.276.1081 501.730.8966 501.472.4689


Rick Green,



the event

Elizabeth Hall







501.276.1081 501.730.8966 501.472.4689

The store donates 100 percent of

gross sales from the festive shopping

event to the Conway Regional Health

Foundation to help fund the program.

The Perinatal

Gary Hogan


Velda Lueders


Tami McConnell



a personal,


long-term approach


Gary Hogan Velda Lueders Tami McConnell

to serving




touched by


the tragic

Results that move you!

loss of an infant during pregnancy,

stillbirth or during the first few months

after birth. Through the program,

the Conway Regional staff provides

supportive care in the hospital as well

as follow-up care after loss.

Special thanks to the event hosts:

Bryan and Jennifer Cook, Dr. Adam

and Dr. Katie Cox, Jamie and Melissa

Gates, Brad and Dr. Amy Johnson, Dr.

Greg and Jenifer Kendrick, Ryan and

Kirsten Kravitz, Dr. Debra Lawrence,

Trey and Dr. Brandie Martin, Travis

and Amanda Mulhearn, Chase Bender

and Dr. Lauren Nolen, and Tony and

Dr. Courtney Sick.

Becky McGinley

Becky 501.626.6008 McGinley


Lori Quinn

Lori Quinn



Polly Miller

Polly 501.336.4759 Miller Raegan 501.472.5988 Miller

Raegan 501.336.4759 501.472.5988 Moore

Realtor ®


Jonna Shaw

Jonna Shaw



Raegan Miller

Emily Walter

Emily Walter



Providing Real Estate Solutions Since Since 1955 1955

Conway Office: 1210 1210 Hogan Lane Lane

501.329.1011 • CBRPM.com • Questions, comments or

for more information about

Faulkner Lifestyle magazine, email

us at FaulknerLifestyle@gmail.com

or follow us on social media.

Everlasting Smiles

Coldwell Banker RPM Group of

Conway recently helped pack

shoeboxes for BMA Missions.

BMA Missions sponsors shoeboxes

through their small association of about

1200 churches. They target two missionaries

to receive the boxes each year. They

each receive about 6000 boxes to give

out in the communities they work in.

The boxes are filled with toothbrushes,

hair brushes, coloring books, crayons,

small toys, and a Bible in the child’s

native language. This year the boxes are

going to Uruguay and Puerto Rico.

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Cheer Force Arkansas

Cheer Force Arkansas held their 21st

season showcase at Buzz Bolding Arena

on November 3, 2018. Almost 200

athletes and 16 strong teams for Cheer

Force took the floor to perform their

routines for the fans and judges. There

were also special guest routines from

Sparklers Cheer Classes, Sparkle and

Shine, Storks Parent team, and a Coaches

routine to end the day!

“Our main goal for all of our athletes

is to have fun, work hard, and feel good

about their routine once they are done

performing.” Toya MCleod, Director of

Cheer Force Arkansas. These athletes

work hard all year and then perform

in different states such as Texas,

Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, Missouri,

and of course Arkansas just to name few.

“What‚Äôs so great about this sport

is that it teaches you important lessons,

positive characteristics , and so much

more than just a back handspring. It

teaches athletes team work, it helps grow

confidence, it teaches fitness and good

health, it teaches strong work ethic, it

teaches compassion and so much more.

We are not just teaching athletes how to

cheer at Cheer Force Arkansas, we are

teaching them life lessons and how to

grow as people.” Toya McLeod, Director

of Cheer Force Arkansas

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Minority Enterprise Development Awards

The annual Minority Enterprise

Development Awards recognize the

achievements of minority entrepreneurs

and business leaders in the Conway area.

The Conway Area Chamber of Commerce

established the MED committee to foster

growth and sustainability of minority businesses

and as a way to recognize minority

businesses and their supporters.

This year’s honorees were celebrated on

October 23 at an awards reception held at

the Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center on

the campus at UCA.

Attendees enjoyed an awards ceremony,

hors d’oeuvres, and words from award

winning actress, Rita Moreno, followed

by a public lecture held in Reynolds

Performance Hall after the reception.


Actress, Rita Moreno

AWARD SPONSORS (L to R): Drew Gainor, of Northwestern Mutual (Presenting Sponsor)

and Scot Erwin of Sam’s Club (Award Sponsor). Nabco was also an Award Sponsor, but

was not able to attend event

AWARD WINNERS (L to R): Outstanding Minority Business of the Year: Treehouse Cleaning,

LLC (pictured is Tenecia Roundtree, owner); Advocate for Opportunity: Dr. Angela Webster,

University of Central Arkansas; Lifetime Achievement Award: Ken Patel, Conway Management;

Outstanding Young Minority Professional: Jimmy Warren, Pulaski County Youth Services

Drew Gainor of Northwestern Mutual with

guest speaker, Rita Moreno

Stop Hunger Endowment Grant

The Faulkner County affiliate of the Arkansas Community

Foundation is proud to support these excellent programs

fighting hunger. These grants are awarded annually through a

competitive process and selected by members of the advisory

board. Board members present a check for $1250 to The

Ministry Center in Conway.

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United Way Turkey Trot 2018



260 HIGHWAY 65 N, CONWAY, AR 72032


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Voted One of the Best Faulkner County Real Estate Companies

Kim Alexander

(501) 514-5858

Courtney Bordeaux

(870) 723-2015

Paula Davis

(501) 428-3868

Rick Green, Broker


Wade Griffin

(501) 733-2363

Elizabeth Hall

(501) 730-8966

Casey Hawks

(501) 269-3340

Courtney Hartwick

(501) 581-9138

Nikki Hawks Jones

(501) 472-4689

Gary Hogan

(501) 450-0807

Rachel Johnston

(501) 733-1689

Freda Lawless

(501) 730-1155

Velda Lueders

(501) 730-2857

Tami McConnell

(501) 269-3757

Becky McGinley

(501) 626-6008

Polly Miller

(501) 336-4759

Raegan Moore

(501) 472-5988

Michelle Nabholz

(501) 450-2686

Lori Quinn


Beth Sample

(501) 697-6510

Jonna Shaw

(501) 908-3838

Harry Sylar

(501) 779-1317

Jordan McKay

(501) 733-1290

Emily Walter

(501) 269-8688

Linda Roster White

(501) 730-1100

Brittney Williamson

(501) 428-9628

Providing Real Estate Solutions Since 1955

Conway Office: 1210 Hogan Lane • 501.329.1011 • CBRPM.com

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Kari Chronister

Russellville, AR


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Get back to



With the new Mako Robotic Technology,

replace your knee or hip with more precision.

When you need a hip or knee replacement, know that Conway

Regional is the only hospital in Conway to offer the Mako Robotic-

Arm Assisted Technology. With the Mako System, your surgery is

less invasive and more precise than traditional methods.

And only at Conway Regional will you have the personalized care of

RecoveryCOACH to guide you through your surgical journey from

pre-op to recovery. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

ConwayRegional.org/Mako 501-513-5569

Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology

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