Slipstream - December 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America


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Discover the 2019 Cayenne at Porsche Grapevine.

1280 Texan Trail

Grapevine, TX 76051



©2018 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.





Jason drives a 944?

Photo by George Luxbacher


6 | Maverick DE Program Evolves to Fill a Void

8 | Maverick Tech Session: Insurance

12 | Park Place Supercar Showcase: Member Perspectives

14 | Cars, Coffee & Conversation

17 | Maverick Marktpreis: Porsche Values

22 | A New Porsche Dealership: Hamburg Germany

23 | Autocross: Event #9 Lone Star Park

24 | Mavs&Mochas: Pearl Cup Coffee

24 | Member Story: My Wife is Always Right, Always Right

27 | Maverick Halloween Rally: 2018

28 | Maverick Tours Recap: MotorSport Ranch Tour


17 | Board Meeting

17 | Motoring Mavs at Mayo

17 | All Member Party

18 | Maverick Lunch Series

18 | Maverick Social

18 | Tech Session

25 | Mavs&Mochas


2 | Sprockets (President’s Column)

2 | Maverick of the Month

4 | List of Officers and Board Chairs

4 | Zone 5 Presidents

11 | New Mavericks

11 | Member Moments

20 | Porsche of the Month

20 | Porsche Trivia

34 | Advertiser Index

34 | Anniversaries

36 | Oversteer (Editor’s Column)


See more details and check for event updates via the QR code

here or our online calendar at http://mav.pca.org/go/calendar


Mavs & Mochas and People’s Choice Car Show............................(Sat) 1

Maverick Toy Drive.......................................................................(Sat) 1

Maverick Founders Day Celebration.............................................(Sat) 1

Board Meeting.......................................................................... (Wed) 5

Lewisville area lunch.................................................................(Tue) 11

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 15

Southlake area lunch................................................................(Thu) 27


Board Meeting.......................................................................... (Wed) 2

Lewisville area lunch................................................................... (Tue) 8

Mavs & Mochas: ?..................................................................... (Sat) 12

Maverick Social: BJ’s Dallas......................................................(Thu) 17

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 19

Southlake area lunch................................................................(Thu) 24

Maverick Tech Session: Understanding Lubricants.................... (Sat) 27

Last month’s cover car 1985 Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar sold at

RM Sotheby’s for $5,945,000.

Photos credit Sotheby’s

On the Cover

Maverick Tour to MotorSport Ranch.

Photo by Rober Kirby, LightSpeed Images

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SPROCKETS: Driving Year Round

By David Robertson, Region President

I recently spoke with a friend of mine in New

York who was prepping his new Cayman for

winter storage. Aside from being very sad that he

would not be able to enjoy driving his Porsche for

the next 5-6 months, he detailed the ritual that

takes place every year in November.

• Detail the car

• Fill the tank

• Add fuel stabilizer

• Put the wheels in cradles to prevent flat spots

• Arrange silica gel packs strategically to

absorb moisture

• Cover the car

• Get the latest version of the Forza video

game to at least simulate the ability to get

out and drive

That seems to me like a lot of wasted time,

energy, and heartache when you can just live

in Texas where we enjoy driving our two-door

Porsches any season!

I lived many years in Boston, and now that I

am back in DFW, I wonder why anyone would

put themselves through this yearly misery! Many

of you have lived in areas of the country where

this was on your yearly checklist and will probably

agree that we have it pretty good down here for

year-round driving.

Although there have been a few times in past

years here in DFW that I have not been willing to

venture out in the rare ice and snow, for the most

part it has been pretty good. Since there are usually

no chemicals or salt on the roads, with a little sun

things are usually back to normal pretty quick.

After having the conversation with my friend

in New York I decided to take advantage of some

good weather and go for a drive in my 911 to

experience the thrill that I always get on a good

twisty road. I don’t need much of an excuse to get

out but this time I appreciated it just a little bit

more than usual.


Mark Pitarresi and Brant

Worrell, Tours Co-Chairs

Have you been on one of our tours recently?

If so it is no surprise that the team of Mark and

Brant are well deserving of our recognition.

These two work tirelessly to insure the Maverick

Region has a safe and fun Tours program. Our

Tours have become one of, if not the most well

attended Tours program of any region in PCA!

Mark and Brant have added innovation and well

thought out logistic design to these events to

make them safe and enjoyable for everyone and

our members are giving them rave reviews! There

is a ton of behind the scenes work that goes in

to each of these events, from route creation and

pre-drives (to make sure there are no surprises

such as closed roads or unacceptable pavement)

to setting up destination venues and organizing

a team of fantastic volunteers to make sure every

base is covered. Mark and Brant, thank you for

your tireless efforts to make the Maverick Region

Tour program so great!

2 December

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2018 Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs


David Robertson



Vice President

Jim Falgout



Carey Spreen




Deborah Fike



Autocross Chair

Mark Schnoerr


Charity Chair

Chris Hamilton


Club Race Co-Chair

Pat Heptig



Club Race Co-Chair

Joel Nannis


Coffee Meets Co-Chair

Derrick Tate



Concours Chair

Mike Mahoney



DE Co-Chair

Chris Tabor



DE Co-Chair

TJ Kroehle


DE Chief Driving Instr.

John Sandusky



DE Hospitality

Rose Gohlke


DE Registrar

Jason Brodigan


DE Marketing Director/

Event Planning

Chris Sorrells


Goodie Store

Chris Flaugh



Region Historian

Carey Spreen



Marketing, Social

Media Chair

Bill Orr


Membership Chair,

Jim Hirsch



Monthly Social Co-Chair

Clark Randall


Monthly Social Co-Chair

Vanessa Fernandes


Online Calendar

Karl Poulsen


PCA Tours Co-Chair

Mark Pitarresi



PCA Tours Co-Chair

Brant Worrell


Rally Co-Chair

Don Sebert



Rally Co-Chair

George Luxbacher


Registrar, Club Race

Wendy Shoffit



Ken Chandler


Safety Co-Chair

Wayne Elliott


Slipstream Editor

Kurt Scaggs



Social Chair

Debi Kruder


Trivia Chair

Jerry DeFeo




Tuffy von Briesen


Safety Co-Chair

Bob Kramer


Slipstream Event Ad Design

David Tierny


Tech Sessions Chair

Michael Baynton



Volunteers Chair

Landon Stogner




Scott Spradley



Eric Costello


Slipstream Advertising,

Coffee Meets

Bill Kruder



Slipstream Mailing

Andy Mears



Time Trial Chair,

(AX/TT Rules)

Travis Howard



Web Site Chair

James Shoffit



2018 PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative

Slipstream Content Ed.

Carey Spreen



Slipstream Printing

Fran Ussery

972--438-8344 (W)

817-481-8342 (H)


TT Registrar, AX/TT

Schools, Swap Meets

Robyn Howard



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Jason Tollison



Bryan Kerrick



Steve Bukoski



Mikel Matthews



David Robertson



Jim Woolly



Stan Labat



Leonard Zechiedrich



Jon Jones



4 December
















2520 Tarpley Rd. Suite 700

Carrollton, Texas 75006

(972) 418-1996




Maverick DE Program Evolves to Fill a Void

By Mark Schnoerr

photos by Robert Kirby, LightSpeed Images

PCA was one of the first organizations to offer race

track driver education events. The membership was

already doing autocross, so it was natural stepping stone

for many to learn the skills and to experience even more

of what their Porsches were designed to do so well.

Naturally, we needed instructors, presentations, and safety

rules, and the program grew while spawning other car

clubs and organizations to enter the arena. If you want

to drive fast, there are now many organizations running

track day drivers’ education programs, Time Trials, and

Club Racing.

but mostly on-track driving sessions that focused on the

elements of track driving: acceleration, hard braking,

low and high speed slaloms, lane change exercises, and

learning the proper line around the track. We even had

use of the skidpad to teach the nuances of controlling

understeer, oversteer, and steady-state cornering using

combinations of braking, steering, and accelerating. At

the end of the day, we did some lead/follow exercises to

combine all the skills, still without putting tires, brakes,

or drivers at risk by limiting speeds and enforcing a nopassing

rule. Our instructor corps stepped up to make

Some organizations require autocross experience, a car

control clinic, or skidpad training to prepare the student

(client) for the race track driving experience. Those clients

are much more prepared for what they will experience

on track and can learn very quickly. They have magnetic

numbers for their cars, own a helmet, and can’t wait to

graduate to ever-faster run groups as they work their way

through the program. However, there are others who are

looking for a less risky way to get more than a few touring

laps on track without all that risk to the car, tires, and

brakes of a classic DE participant.

Some of our local Porsche dealers have been looking for

something the more exciting for their 4-door customers

and fledgling enthusiasts to try to get more enjoyment

from their amazing cars without jumping all the way into

DE. So the club took a chance to modify the last event of

the season to make this happen.

On Saturday, October 20, the entire program was

focused on coached race track training. The instructor

group was the only other group on track all day. We added

a Car Control Clinic program to the usual beginner and

intermediate Green and Blue Group instructed sessions.

On Sunday, we did the opposite, with no instruction

and a solo-approved-only track day for those who are

totally committed to DE.

The Car Control Clinic on Saturday was to include no

passing, moderate speeds, no numbers on the cars, and no

helmets, to experience what was essentially a deconstructed

Green run group. There were multiple classroom sessions,

this happen, and the CCC clients were full of smiles while

enjoying the experience. The Park Place Porsche team who

brought clients to the CCC were equally impressed with

the pilot program.

Here are a few of the writeups we received after

the Car Control Clinic:

I wanted to test and enjoy my 964 in an unrestricted

way, so I signed up for the PCA Drivers’ Education Car

Control Clinic at MotorSport Ranch. Since I’ve never

even felt the ABS kick in, I thought this group was a good

place to start. No helmet or car numbers were needed, and

speeds were reasonable, which is actually fast for an aircooled

car. There was a braking exercise, instructed laps

where I learned about cornering, a slalom course, and

some classroom instruction mixed in, all of which was

high yield. Driving the 964 in its natural environment also

allowed me to test and verify my car’s systems. I had so

much fun, I’m going to sign up for the next event so I can

drive my Porsche the way it was designed to be driven. The

saying that it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast might be

true but I wouldn’t know; my 964 is fast. - Jason Bentow

On Saturday, October 20, at my husband’s urging, I got

up way too early to make my way over to a racetrack in

Cresson, Texas for a day of learning – learning about my

car and seeing firsthand where my husband has spent so

many weekends away from home over the past five years.

My car is a 2016 Cayenne Diesel named Blanche. I

6 December

was told this would be an opportunity to find out how my

car performs on a track, including some special exercises

involving high-speed maneuvers. Get me some coffee, and

bring it on!

We arrived in Cresson a little before 8:30, registered,

and got prepped by some sharp young men from Park

Place Porsche. Although numbers weren’t required for this

group of beginners, my husband insisted that I wear my

newly assigned 528 in black on my white Cayenne. I could

have spent that $30 on wine for after the Clinic, but he

wanted me to look the part for my first event.

At about 9:30, and for the next hour and a half, we

put our cars through their paces: full acceleration followed

by full stop several times on each of two laps. I had no

idea how well Blanche could come to a controlled stop!

Instructor Rick seemed to be having as much fun as I

was. From there, we moved on to the next segment to

see how many cones we could hit in the slalom. I’m still

apologizing to Robin Howard for taking down so many of

her “children.” The final morning exercise was the Mosh

Pit, known to those at the event as the Skid Pad, showing

us how small changes in the accelerator pedal translate

to big changes in the turning radius. Instructor Tom was

great about teaching through my eccentricities. After a

handful of circles in both directions, we paused for lunch

and to let some other groups out on the track.

After lunch, we had another hour and a half scheduled,

including braking to a full stop with the electronic

emergency brake, high-speed lane changes, and the final,

ultimate session: putting together all that we’d learned

through the day in a Lead/Follow group. Several groups of

four or five of us got behind an instructor for lots of laps

around the track, by ourselves, no instructor in the car

and at speeds that let you feel how the car really handled.

Instructor Peter started the afternoon but couldn’t eject

himself from the passenger seat fast enough. It’s possible

he was unnerved by Bête the stuffed Bat hanging from the

rear seat grab handle.

Instructor John closed out the day with a steady hand

and solid advice. Classroom time throughout the day, led

by Instructor Mark Schnoerr, did a great job of augmenting

our on-track activities.

I knew I’d had a good time when I started talking to

a couple of girlfriends the next day about joining me in

Cresson in the future.

Thanks for the introduction. - Lisa Mitchell

We got a lot of feedback on ways to improve the Car

Control Clinic, incorporate elements, work more closely

with the dealers, and take advantage of this low-risk

stepping stone approach to bringing new participants into

our organization while teaching essential Car Control

Skills they can use every day regardless of their DE



Maverick Tech Session Series: Insurance

By Michael Baynton, Region Tech Session Chair

Think back—how much time did you spend researching the

purchase of your Porsche(s)? Deciding on the specific model, the

“must have” options, the color, even the dealership or private

seller from which to purchase. And that’s before you even sit

down and consider the selling price and what you are willing

to pay for your new toy. All that time spent to get just the right

car at just the right price. And then most people just call their

current insurance company to add the additional vehicle to their

policy—probably with the exact same coverage as the family

SUV or grocery-getter. And that last decision might the right

one. Or it might be all wrong.

Does your Porsche have ACV (actual cash value) coverage?

Or maybe a “Stated value” or “Agreed value” policy?

If you drive your 911 through Fancytown

and happen to bump into a new Ferrari

488, do you have enough coverage to

pay for the damages?

And if you have special “Classic car” insurance on your

garage queen 356, when exactly can you drive your baby and

still be adequately insured?

These topics and more were covered during our latest tech

session, held on November 3 at Park Place Porsche. Justin

Husman from Phoenix Insurance provided a comprehensive

overview of the various types of coverages available, and

touched on the pros and cons of each. While the focus was

primarily on car insurance, he also covered homeowner and

umbrella policies as well as track insurance. (Fun fact: if

you purchase track insurance for a weekend HPDE day and

somehow manage to make contact with another car on track,

you are out of luck! The coverage you purchased typically

only covers damage to your car if you make contact with a

barrier or wall. Who knew?)

In addition to highlighting the differences between the

various policies, Justin also delved into the differences between

the types of insurance providers and independent brokers. He

provided great advice and “insider” insight into the insurance

business, and a healthy Q&A session from our 40+ members

in attendance turned out to be very enlightening. Suffice it to

say that quite a few will be doing additional research on their

current insurance policies!

A big thank-you goes out to G.M. Patrick Huston and Liz

Shafton at Park Place Porsche, who graciously allowed us to

use their training room for this tech session. As he always

does, Patrick greeted our members and made himself available

to our members to show them around the dealership. Also, to

Justin Husman for presenting the info and providing donuts

and coffee. And lastly, lots of appreciation for the MAV PCA

volunteers who came early to help set up and leave late to

help with clean-up! Stay tuned for an even better slate of tech

sessions coming in 2019!!

Your mind’s been racing.

Catch up.

Decades of dreaming, fulfilled instantaneously. The iconic 911 Carrera. Legendary

handling, immediate power, and decades of motorsport heritage. It is the full

measure of a sports car. Found only in a Porsche. Porsche. There is no substitute.

The 911 Carrera.

Porsche Plano

5924 W Plano Pkwy.

Plano, TX 75093

(214) 579-1911


©2018 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of traffic laws at all times.

8 December

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10 December

Welcome Our New Mavericks!

By Jim Hirsch, Region Membership Chair

New Members October 2018

Cameron Baynard Dallas 2017 Cayman S

Cody Cowan Tyler 2018 718 Boxster GTS

Louie Devega Plano 2000 Boxster

William Duffy (Virginia) Allen 2000 911 Carrera

Valerie Duque Fort Worth 2018 718 Cayman

Joshua Garee Roanoke 2005 911 Carrera S

Daniel Garza Frisco 2006 911 Carrera S Cabriolet

Michael Hays Plano 1988 911 Carrera Targa

Charles Honea Arlington 2012 911 Carrera S

Craig Isham McKinney 2015 911 GT3

Eric Kraft Dallas 2003 911 Carrera

William Kuhn Dallas 2014 Cayman S

Thuong Le Frisco 2017 Macan Turbo

Jeffrey Lierly Dallas 1978 911 SC Targa

James Mitchell Hurst 2016 Macan S

Todd Petelski Van Alstyne 1983 911 SC

Jake Ramsey Dallas 2018 718 Cayman

Jed Siddle (Christy) Murphy 1978 911 SC

Keith Spring Dallas 1990 928 S4

Taylor Stilovich Allen 2011 911 Turbo S

David Van Buskirk Grapevine 2016 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Nathan Wagner Lewisville 1981 911 SC

Mas Watanabe Savannah 2001 Boxster S

William Weisiger Richardson 2016 Boxster

Transfers In

None this month.

Please give a Maverick Welcome to these new members when you meet them!

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, contact Jim

Hirsch at membership@mavpca.org

Member Moment

Don Breithaupt

(joined 2/1987)



First Porsche

1983 924

Current Porsche(s)

1986 911 (purchased new), 2013 Boxster,

2013 Panamera S

Favorite Porsche

Carrera GT

Favorite Maverick or PCA event

Porsche Parade

Best thing about owning a Porsche

The many lasting friendships we have

made all over the United States & Canada.

Member Moment

Jim Runyon

(joined 8/2018)


Virtual Design of

commercial and industrial

mechanical systems

Primary reason for joining PCA

Networking with other Porsche owners

Current Porsche(s)

2010 Cayenne GTS and 2012 Panamera Turbo

Favorite Porsche

970 Turbo S

Best thing about owning a Porsche

Besides the actual driving aspect, the

best part about owning a Porsche is how

rewarding it is when I complete service or

maintenance on one. After hours of work,

when everything is clean and all the beauty

panels are back in their place, it is always

back to feeling like a new vehicle again.

Hobby interests

Small and light High Performance Boats,

maintaining, modding, and detailing my

cars, building off road trucks, EFI tuning,

working on my TIG welding, and learning

anything I can that’s mechanical in nature.

Maverick Membership Statistics as of November 1

Members: 1921 Affiliate Members: 940 Total Membership: 2861


Park Place Supercar Showcase: Member Perspective

By Our Members

pphotos provided by Micheal Durovick and Bill Middleton

Park Place held their second Supercar Showcase on October 13th. With over 100 million in

vehicles on display, it was memorable, and wet. We asked some our members to share their

impressions of the show with us. It’s not just the cars, it’s the people.

My Dad once told me, “Son, when

Rob Adams

you see a hog running around with a

stick in its mouth, it’s going to rain . . . .” That was his

reaction to seeing me for the first time with a cigar in

my mouth. What in the heck does that have to do with

the Park Place Luxury and Supercar Showcase? Well,

maybe nothing, but judging from this article’s picture,

maybe everything, because it was surely raining . . . a

lot . . . almost all day.

But torrents of rain did nothing to deter diehard

gearheads of all types who brought their cars out in the

weather to participate in the second annual event. A

few adjustments to the layout, a large and well stocked

pavilion, sponsored suites, and a lot of avid autophiles

ensured another successful show. By mid-afternoon, the

rain had dissipated and the crowds were at full strength.

In my opinion, the Car Corral was even better than

last year’s, as there were some seldom-seen exotics

such as the De Tomaso Mangusta, one of my all-time

favorites. And of course, the Park Place show cars

provided something special for anyone.

And let’s not forget the catered suites and samplings

from some of the finest restaurants in the area. Delicious

bites and an open bar made for an excellent experience.

Once again, Park Place showed how to put on a firstclass

event in first-class style. I had second thoughts

about showing my car in the rain, but in retrospect, I

wouldn’t trade the day’s adventure for anything.

Weather notwithstanding, the

Kimberly Turner

2018 Park Place Luxury and

Supercar Showcase gives the Dallas/Fort Worth market

a glimpse of the sophistication and grandeur of the

Monterey/Pebble Beach experience. The combination

of people-watching, car-spectating, and edible delights

within the country club venue gives Park Place an event

they can be proud of.

Our favorite moment was getting to talk to

the owners of a 1972 Citroen SM, with whom

my husband discussed the finer points of the

amazing hydraulic system and its ability to assist

in changing a tire without a jack. Both the Citroen

SM and next year’s event are high on our bucket

list. We would like to thank Park Place Porsche,

The Four Seasons Resort, all of the volunteers, and

especially the PCA Maverick Region for extending

the invitation to include our car in the event.

12 December

Obviously this was not the best

Paul Charsley

day for such an event, and the way

the cars ended up being displayed was not the planned

arrangement. That being said, it must have taken a lot of

quick thinking to make it work, keeping the cars accessible

for guests and cars safe and clean for owners. I think the

general image of the tents and the display cubicles was

very nice and fit for a high-end event such as this.

We enjoyed the off-area hospitality in the rooms, a

nice place to chat and get away from the weather and

crowd. The food/beverage area was well laid out, and

options were so numerous that everyone must have

been able to find something they liked. I’m sure a lot of

entrants were scared away because the concours area

was a little sparse, so I appreciate those that did make it

in (I think I’ll enter the fun next year)!

The event seems to be a growing entity, so I think a

more organized parking program should be instituted.

The events going on in the tent were a little confusing

to me (perhaps more car-oriented vendors?) and sound

could have been better, but as I said, I’m sure if weather

had played nice it would have been less manic in there.

Staff were all very helpful and would definitely return

in 2019 and encourage others to do so!

Opposite page: Local restaurants

brought some fancy fare, Robert Caglia,

Sarah Wilson and Yann Cortina., Porsche

through the generations (1969 E, 993

turbo and 918). 1st in Class winner 2015

918, 1993 Jaguar XJ220.

This page: Andy Kay and Peter Wen

discuss (the weather?), Becky and Tom

Gomer with Mike Mahoney, 918 on

display, 1936 Cord Phaeton, 959 in

the rain, Bentley with bonus Porsche

content, Bill Kruder, Peter Wen and Bill

Orr, Lego McLaren 720S.

I have to say that the Luxury

Chantel Tennyson

and Supercar Showcase’s name

certainly does it justice. The Showcase was SUPER!!

(Anybody having a 70s slang flashback? Cue the go-go

dancers.) There were super cars, super food and drinks,

super people, and oh yes --super amounts of rain . . . .

In today’s vernacular I’d say everything was “extra.”

My love affair with cars goes way back and so did

some of the cars. I thought I knew cars, but there were

makes and models there that I’d never heard of. The

display was truly amazing. And the rain was kind

enough to finally let up, so we could all go out and

look at them without having to wear our life jackets. In

addition to the cars and food was the entertainment,

and no, I don’t mean the fashion show . . . there was

people-watching at its finest. Yep! I had a fantastic

time. A big thank you to all who made it possible. I

can’t wait for next year!


Coffee, Cars & Conversation

By Bill Kruder

photos by Brant Worrell

This month, once again, has an

interesting winding road. We first

met last May at the Frisco Rail

Yard Mavs & Mochas, but this

would not have happened had he

first not met our mutual friend

Mitch. Mitch was dropping off a

package at the UPS store months

earlier and Brant walked up to

Mitch and told Mitch that he was

driving Brant’s dream car… a white

911 Turbo S. From there these two

strangers started talking about

Porsches. They part ways without

thinking to get a number, so like

any good stalker Brant turned

to the Maverick Region’s Yahoo

email board and asked if any one

knew this guy in a white turbo

cab wearing suspenders. Well our

good friend James Shoffit quickly

figured out that it’s Mitch. James

connects these two together, Mitch

introduces him to Mavs & Mochas,

and as they say the rest is history.

So here is the next in my series of

“conversations” I would like to

share with you . . .

Brant Worrell, Enthusiast since 1976,

Owner 2003 996 turbo, 1988 944, and

2006 Cayenne Turbo S

Bill Kruder: You sound like you

might be from here?

Brant Worrell: No, I’m actually from

Colorado Springs, Colorado. I

didn’t move here till 1998, when I

moved to Plano, before moving on

to Frisco, before stopping off for

a short break in the Valley Ranch

area in Irving, before finding my

way to McKinney in 2014!

BK: What about college? I always

see you wearing a Buffalo cap?

BW: Oh yes, I went to University of

Colorado Boulder. I have a Poly Sci

degree, for the lack of anything else.

I really didn’t know what I wanted

to do other than own Porsches and

that needed a degree (laughing).

BK: What brought you here?

BW: Like so many, a job. I was

working for a company in NW

Arkansas and was looking for a new

opportunity, and it was in DFW.

BK: And what type of work do you do?

BW: Well after college I went to

culinary school in Hyde Park, New

York. I like to joke I went into the

CIA, which I did, just not that one in

Langley, Virginia (laughing). It was

the Culinary Institute of America. I

always thought I had a passion for

cooking, but what I learned is that

I had the skills to cook, just not the

passion to work 60 hours a week,

seven days a week and holidays for

very little money. So after a short

stint in hotels and country clubs

I went into being a research chef

for Simmons Poultry in Northwest

Arkansas; think Tyson Foods, just

much smaller. After “getting my

legs under me” on the research side

of cooking, I joined Illes Seasonings

& Flavors here in the Dallas area

as their first research chef on staff.

After thirteen years as Director of

Culinary I moved into sales for

Illes about seven years ago. We

make flavor systems for the food

industry. We don’t make the end

foods consumers buy -- we make

them taste better!

BK: Now you talk about passion.

What did you discover you had a

passion for?

BW: Don’t get me wrong: I like what

I do. However, I figured out I had a

passion for Porsches very early on

in my life. I was the kid who had

every square inch of his bedroom

(including the ceiling) covered in

Porsche posters -- not music or

girl posters (wish I still had a lot of

those posters), and if I was going

to be able to pursue that passion I

had to have a good job. So as they

sometimes say, you can live to work

or work to live, and my work allows

me to enjoy owning Porsches.

BK: Where did this “passion” for

Porsches come from?

BW: I like to say I was born into

the Porsche club; it’s in my DNA.

Both my parents were Porsche

enthusiasts, especially my father.

14 December

BK: What’s your first memory of being around the cars

that made you realize this is what you wanted?

BW: That’s easy: it was 1976. I was nine years old and

my parents took me and my brother to the Parade in San

Diego. Porsche introduced the 924 at the Parade and I

thought it was the coolest car (laughing)! Remember, I

was nine.

BK: So Mom and Dad were active in PCA?

BW: Oh they were more than active they lived and

breathed it. My dad was President of both the Alpine

Mountain and Rocky Mountain Regions in Colorado

and mom held several positions in each region as well.

Dad was also the Zone 9 rep for years. Matter of fact

he was the Chairman for the 1988 Colorado Springs

Parade and Treasurer of the 1998 Steamboat Parade.

BK: What about Mom?

BW: Well she of course supported him throughout all

this, but her passion was the track. She once got top

track time of the day at an event. I remember it clearly:

it was in La Junta, Colorado; I don’t think my father

was happy about all the ribbing from the guys that day,

and she was a DE instructor too.

BK: What did they drive back then?

BW: They tracked an incredibly fast 914/6 but over the

years had several cars. One of my favorites was a white

1980 SC with red interior; matter of fact that’s why I

love white 911s today. They also had several 928s, a

1972 911T, a Carrera, and a 968.

BK: What was your first car?

BW: Wish I could say a Porsche but it was back in 1985

and it was 1976 VW Scirocco. It was kind of a mess but

it was a great car.

BK: So what was your first Porsche?

BW: It was a 1981 SC, pewter metallic; I bought that in

1997 and had it for about three years.

BK: I think you told me you have had several since?

BW: That I have. We had a white 968 coupe, a 928 GTS,

and a 1988 924 SE. And of course today we have the

996 turbo, the 944, and our daily driver, a Cayenne

Turbo S.

BK: Let’s switch gears for a minute. I had the pleasure

of meeting your wife Leigh Anne recently. How did you

guys meet?

BW: Well as it happens, life gets complicated, and I

was going through a divorce. Leigh Anne was working

for a company who sold to our company. There was

a business lunch set up that I was suppose to attend

but I could not make it at the last minute. I called to

apologize for missing the meeting and that’s when I

learned she had been through a rough divorce so we

started talking a lot. We were talking one day when, out

of the blue, she said, “you know I REALLY like you.”

I was like “what?” as I turned bright red (laughing).

She’s this pretty woman and I’m this mess of a guy who

never dreamed of dating someone as beautiful and kind

as Leigh Anne. So after my divorce was final, we started

dating. It took me nine years to convince her I was THE

ONE, but she finally agreed to make me the happiest

and luckiest guy in the world and married me in April


Every month as I write the interview I think the same

thing, what if:

Brant and Mitch never said hello?

Brant never took the time to find the guy in the white

turbo cab?

James didn’t bother to respond to the Yahoo post?

And if Mitch never introduced his new friend to me?

So if and when you meet someone new, don’t miss out

on “Driving Friendships!”

Contact me to learn how you can get

the most out of retirement.

Lisa D. Ward, MBA

Agent, New York Life Insurance Company

777 Mains Street Suite 3800

Fort Worth, TX 76102




Insure. Prepare. Retire.

We’ll give

you an

assist on

your future


SMRU1710429 (Exp.10/21/2018)

©2018 New York Life Insurance Company,

51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010


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World’s Finest Timepieces

Precise, sleek, distinctive and exceptional. de Boulle is a family-owned business

established in 1983. Along with de Boulle Motorsports, both are a living and moving

illustration of the passion for excellence for jewelry, watches and racing. de Boulle is an

uthorized Dealer for major brands including: Patek Philippe, Rolex, Bell & Ross, Blancpain,

Corum, Girard Perregaux, Greubel Forsey and Tudor. de Boulle also provides the options

of pre-owned timepieces, which includes vintage watches of notable brands.

Visit deBoulle.com to view our extensive collection.

6821 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75205 214.522.2400

River Oaks District Houston, TX 77027 713.621.2400


16 December

Maverick Marktpreis is proudly sponsored by:

Maverick Marktpreis: Cayman GT4

by Peter Wen

In 2007 Porsche introduced the Cayman, much to driving

enthusiasts’ delight. Essentially a hardtop Boxster, the Cayman

was a true driver’s car. With the rigidity of its chassis and the

ideal engine placement, the car handled brilliantly. By the time

the 2nd gen Cayman (981) was launched, it was so good, it

legitimately challenged the flagship 911. Then in 2016, Porsche

did the unthinkable. It gifted the Cayman with GT treatment

and a powerful 911 S engine. The Cayman GT4 was born.

All Porsche GT (Gran Turismo) cars are special. These street

legal race cars have a loyal following. The one-year only, limited

production GT4 is no exception. Since its introduction, GT4

routinely sells at a premium above MSRP. With the 991.1 GT3

only available in PDK, and the 991.2 911 going all turbo, people

speculated the GT4 may be one of the last Porsche with a proper

6-speed manual and a naturally aspirated engine.

Today, these concerns have largely subsided. Porsche once

again offers GT3 (991.2) with manual transmissions. The

upcoming 718 Cayman GT4 will still be powered by flat-six

naturally aspirated engines. As the result, the 981-gen GT4 price

has retracted to a more reasonable level. If you dream of owning

a 911-powered, mid-engine, 2-seat sports car, the timing maybe

right to check out a GT4 this holiday season.

Excellence’s Porsche Buyer’s Guide

offered these price ranges for the Cayman GT4 (981):

2016 - $95,000-$115,000

Fun Fact: GT4’s 3.8L flat-six was from the 911 S. It has 35 more ponies than the base 911. It’s

entire front suspension is lifted from the GT3. Yet, it weighs nearly 400 lbs and 180 lbs less than

the 911 S and GT3, each respectively.

2016 Cayman GT4

Sold for $80,000 + $4,000 buyer fee (Oct.)

11k miles

Guards Red/Black

3.8L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

1 owner, carbon fiber bucket seats, Sport

Chrono, XPEL clear film, $102k MSRP

2016 Cayman GT4

Sold for $96,000 + $4,800 buyer fee (Mar)

7k miles

GT Silver/Black

3.8L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

1 owners, ceramic brakes, bucket seats,

Sport Chrono, numerous 3rd party

performance upgrades

2016 Cayman GT4

Sold for $84,750 + $4,238 buyer fee (Sept.)

13k miles

Racing Yellow/Black

3.8L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

2 owners, CPO ‘til 2022, carbon fiber

bucket seats, Sport Chrono, new tires

2016 Cayman GT4

Last bid: $75,357, reserve not met (Feb)

18k miles

GT Silver/Black

3.8L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

Track prepped with numerous performance

upgrades: roll bar, racing harness, brakes

2016 Cayman GT4

Sold for $85,500 + $4,275 buyer fee (Aug)

11k miles

GT Silver/Black

3.8L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

2 owners, ceramic brakes, bucket seats,

Sport Chrono, numerous 3rd party

performance upgrades

2016 Cayman GT4

Sold for $84,000 + $4,200 buyer fee (Dec ‘17)

15k miles

Guards Red/Black

3.8L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

1 owners (Pete Stout, editor/writer

Panorama, 000, Excellence),

minimally optioned

With over 50 years of experience, Dallas Motorsports

offers a unique blend of inventory including some of the

most desirable performance and exotic vehicles available.


Upcoming Maverick Region Events

18 December


Upcoming Maverick Region Events

Porsche of the Month

Selected by Bill Orr, Region Marketing Chair

Sapphire Blue Metallic 2018 Porsche 911 GTS “It’s not raining!!” •Photo by Joe Ferraro

You can test your

knowledge (or Google

search ability) of all

things Porsche by

participating in the

monthly trivia contest

posted online at http://


Answers are due by the

last day of each month.

The winner of the trivia contest receives a $25 gift

certificate from our sponsor, Zims Autotechnik. In the case

of ties, a random drawing determines the winner.

Here are the questions and answers with the winner for

the October 2018 Trivia. The winner this month is William

Beck, getting all five of five correct. Honorable Mention

also goes to Tom Gomer who also got all five Correct. The

tie was decided by a random drawing.

Answers: 1)d, 2)c, 3)b, 4)a, 5)a

20 December

For instruction on how to submit your Porsche photos in the

POTM contest go to: http://mav.pca.org/photos/POTM/

Maverick Trivia: Are you a Porschephile?

Jerry DeFeo

sponsored by Zims Autotechnik

1. We all know that many predict that electric vehicles will replace our

beloved gasoline burning road monsters, be they Porsches or anything

else. In fact, _________ , a country very friendly with the USA, is so

sure of this that they have passed a new law that says any new home

built in that county must have EV charging capability built into the

new home’s electrical system.

a. Australia b. France c. Germany d. United Kingdom

Source: Porsche Panorama, Sept 2018, p 30

2. The 356 had four generations: the original 356 (aka “pre-A”), then

the 356A, then the 356B, and finally the 356C. So we find ourselves

asking where we are in the 911 generations, as the next, being the

_______ will be out in early 2019.

a. sixth b. seventh c. eighth d. ninth

Source: Porsche Panorama, Sept 2018, p 20

3. What color were the Porsche lettering and 912 numbers on a 912?

a. Gold b. Silver c. Black d. Chrome

Source: Excellence, Feb 2013, p 59

4. In 1998, color selection had been pared down a bit to keep the assembly

lines moving rapidly. In addition to the standard Black and Glacier White,

which of the following colors was NOT a standard of the line color?

a. Irish Green b. Pastel Yellow c. Blue Turquois d. Guards Red

Source: Porsche 911 Red Book 1965-1999, p 137

5. In 1965, when the 911 was first introduced for sale, it had 130 hp and

weighed 2380 lbs; the 1967 911S was only 2272 lbs, and the 911R

was only about 1800 lbs. By 1999, creature comforts, and safety

equipment brought the weight up to _______ lbs. a. 2910 b.

2976 c. 3068 d. 3122 Source: Porsche 911 Red Book 1965-1999, p 135

MarvelousHomeMakeovers.com | 972.951.1932 | Botond@MarvelousHomeMakeovers.com


A New Porsche Dealership Just Opened!

By Joel Nannis, Club Race Co-Chair

photos provided by author

Now don’t get too excited because it’s not in the

Dallas Fort Worth area, it’s in Hamburg, Germany.

During the summer, Erika and I were in Germany

for a month visiting her relatives. On August 6 her

cousin Soeren told us that a new Porsche dealership

was opening that day. Knowing how much I am into

Porsches, he asked if I would like to go to the opening.

That day we went to the Elbe, the new performing

arts center in Hamburg. It is a huge building that has a

walkway (about 15 stories high, accessed by the longest

escalator I have ever seen) around the outside of the

building which offers a great view of the city. Then we

took the train to the dealership.

The dealership had around 80 new cars inside. There was

every model that Porsche makes. They had all sorts of food

and drink. I went up to one of the salesmen and said that I

had come all the way from Dallas just for their opening. The

salesman did not even smile and returned to his computer

screen with no acknowledgment. I tried another salesman

with the same result. I asked someone if they had any

Porsche shirts with the dealership name and city on it and

was told no, but they had the standard Porsche shirts that

every other dealership has. They had a huge video display

showing Dr. Porsche with one of his cars.

We looked around and noted that a new GT3 was

only 117,000 euros and a standard 991 was 127,000

euros. For some reason Erika would not let me purchase

the GT3. We spent about an hour looking at the cars and

finally it was

time to leave. I

had never seen

so many

Porsches in a

show room. It

was great to see

so many great

Porsches! I left

drooling . .

From the exotic to

the everyday driver,

we’ve got you covered.

• Preventative Maintenance & Scheduled Service

• Repairs on Electrical Systems, Engine and Drivetrain

• Full Restorations

• Paint Protection Film and Detailing

Factory level diagnostics for

Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi,

Porsche and BMW

serving north dallas since 1989

13595 Floyd Circle #400

Dallas, TX 75243


22 December

Autocross Event 9: Lone Star Park

By Mark Schnoerr, Region Autocross Chair

photos provided by Author

On Sunday, October 28, 110 participants

arrived and found an incredibly fast course

laid out on the vast and rolling Lone Star Park

parking lot.

There were 14 official Porsche entries, and one

who could not stay for his work assignment so is not

included in the official results. More on that later . . .

Class P1 saw the Amir El-Baghdady / Carolle Liu

P1 - 'PCA 1'

Total Entries: 3

1T P1 7 Amir El-Baghdady Maroon 944 S2 67.633

2 P1 168 Carolle Liu White Boxster 987 75.216

3 P1 59 Jesse Garrett White Porsche Boxster DNS

P3 - 'PCA 3'

Total Entries: 3

1T P3 73 David Valdez White Porsche 911 S 65.943

2 P3 6 Mel Stanley Black Cayman S 69.223

3 P3 98 Dawn Marie Gray Yellow GT4 69.408

P4 - 'PCA 4'

Total Entries: 6

1T P4 915 Mark Schnoerr Green 914 63.111

2T P4 914 Sigrid Schnoerr Green 914 65.422

3T P4 906 Carey Spreen Red 924S 66.391

4 P4 5 Edward Mayo Blue/Orange 911S 67.669

5 P4 90 Sue Crimm Red 924S 72.163

6 P4 9 Julia Underwood Blue/Orange 911S 74.724

P6 - 'PCA 6'

Total Entries: 1

1T P6 56 Scott Wolthuis Blue 911 66.445

P7 - 'PCA 7'

Total Entries: 1






1T P7 7 Douglas Edney Black 996 68.351

fight to the class championship extend to the final event

number 10. Amir took the win this time. We will see

how that one unfolds soon.

Class P3 saw David Valdez in his beautiful white 991

take the win over both Mel Stanley in his Cayman S

and first time autocrosser Dawn Marie Gray driving her

yellow GT4. Based on her progress and her background

racing bicycles, she is going to be a challenger to

everyone in this class.

Class P4 saw the six drivers in three cars fighting it

out again: 911, 924S, and 914 2.0. The top four drivers

were pretty close until yours truly put in a real flyer on

the last run, in an effort to unseat Porsche FTD from

the surprise “unofficial” Porsche entry we had that day.

Scott Wolthuis had fun with his 300,000-mile 1975

911 Outlaw in class P6, and Doug Edney, still waiting

to install his sport suspension in his 996, was flying in

class P7.

The mystery participant was PCA Club Racer TJ

Kroehle. No, he did not bring his 991 Cup Car, but

his White 991/2 C4 GTS PDK Cabriolet. TJ has not

autocrossed for about 40 years, but jumped right in to

the fray. Like all fast courses, especially in autocross,

there are turns and plenty of them. It was a new-tech vs

old-tech battle for first quick Porsche time, even though

TJ would not be in the final results.

The final event of the season took place the next

weekend, Nov 4. More on that in a separate article!


Mavs & Mochas: Pearl Cup Coffee

By Pat Carmichael

The frost was literally on the pumpkin this morning.

When I arrived, thanks to the sun being out, it was up

to 33 degrees from 30 when I got up. Brrrrr . . . . But

despite the weather, this month’s Mavs & Mochas was

amazingly well-attended, with over 125 cars, and,

considering the weather, it would certainly qualify as a

gathering of the faithful. Coats, hats, and gloves were

the uniform of the day, but a few hardy souls were in

light jackets and maybe a cap. I did notice that, once

they got parked, almost all scooted over to the Pearl

Cup Coffee Shop for a warm beverage and treat, as the

line was about out the door. All, after stocking up with

something warm, it was back out to join the crowd of

enthusiasts first accumulating around the 16 or so 964s

and then exploring the diverse collection of P-cars. Of

special note, was a new GTS Club Coupe (blue and

awesome), the first I have seen in person. All were fun

to see and we experienced lots of great camaraderie;

another great Mavs & Mochas!

photos by Bill Orr & Michael Durovick

Member Story: My Wife is Always Right, Always Right

By William Shirk

Up until about a year and a half ago I admired

Porsche from afar. As chance would have it, at that time

my wife Cindy and I found our search for a new SUV

had taken us to the showroom of a Porsche dealership

looking at Cayennes. While we waited for the salesman

to bring one around to test drive, I walked the floor

(this is as bright as petting puppies). Standing next to a

brand new Cayman S, I admired her and yes, lovingly

stroked her haunches imagining what could be. While

I stood there my wife walked up to me and asked what

was on my mind. I said that what I REALLY wanted was

this lovely example of German engineering. Without

hesitation she said, “So buy one.”

Now we all have events in our lives (dependent on

length) for which we will remember where we were

when they happened. When Kennedy was shot, when

Neil Armstrong stepped out on the moon, when our

daughter was born, when I was told it was OK to buy a

Porsche mid-engine machine. I wasn’t sure I had gotten

her comment right, and sheepishly I asked her to say it

again. She said, “If you want a Cayman S, buy one,”

only this time she added a qualifier of “a nice used one.”

Our friend Tatiana has a Panamera, and Cindy has

gone with her on a few road rallies, after which she

mentioned that we ought to get a Porsche and join in

the fun. Well, she says that she said it, but IF I heard

that in the past, I must have passed it off as just an

offhand comment. But here I was with a green light to

join the club!

Fast forward about 10 days and we had adopted a

2007 Carmine Red Cayman S, and she (yes, all things

of strength and beauty are feminine; the same goes with

aircraft and ships) rests in our garage and gets taken

out on weekends to stretch her legs and participate in

various driving events.

Something I earned in the Marines: when they

tell you your jet will go 1.8 times the speed of

sound, you are duty-bound to check it out.

When Porsche says your car will go 173 mph, you

are duty-bound to confirm it. Thank God for some of

those stretches of roads in west Texas around Marfa.

And yes, we did pick up a Cayenne as my daily driver

a month or two later as well!

24 December


When all HAIL breaks loose...

Roofing Solutions

By Darren Houk

Impact Resistant Roofing Options Including:

Metal, Tile, and even COMPOSITION shingles.

SAVE up to 28% on insurance premiums



Showroom by Appointment

5500 Meandering Road Fort Worth 76114

26 December

Maverick Halloween Rally 2018: Recap

By Tom Martin

photos by George Luxbacher

Somewhere deep within the contiguous parking lot

that is the Plano – Allen – Frisco - McKinney continuum,

the 4th Annual Halloween Gimmick Rally, aka the

Halloween Hair-Raising Road Rally, was held on the first

Saturday morning of November.

After a night of driving rain engulfed the DFW

Metroplex, a dry blustery wind swept throughout the area

in the early morning, providing a cool, refreshing climate

for the 2018 version of the Rally.

Start point was the expansive parking lot of the

now defunct Gander Mountain outdoor sports store in

Frisco. The largest turnout to date attended this Rally:

86 Mavericks in 41 Porsches gathered to participate.

Rallymeisters George Luxbacher and Don Sebert

composed a route that challenged the drivers and

navigators with a series of 18 perplexing questions and

16 unique and distinctive photographs.

In keeping with the spirit of the Rally, over 60% of the

participants dressed in inventive costumes, ranging from

the weird to the sublime.

The first of 41 teams departed the start point around

10:00 am, headed on an 82-mile voyage on backroads

throughout Collin and Grayson counties. One couldn’t

have asked for a more picture-perfect sunny autumn

day. Traversing the wide open roads surrounding Ray

Roberts Lake, one would imagine that Porsche drivers

would be tempted to explore the upper regions of the car’s

performance. But this being a Rally, the tortoise, rather

than the hare, seems to excel at this type of event. In fact,

one team was stopped by the local constabulary to ask

why they were going so slow.

A few hours later, the first of the Porsches landed

at the Hula Hut in Little Elm. After an eclectic lunch,

participants were asked to vote to determine the Best

Costume winners.

After Rallymeisters George Luxbacher and Don Sebert,

along with their dedicated crew, tallied the teams’ scores, the

final results were announced. Sparkly medals were awarded

to the top three winners of the best costume contest, plus

the top three finishers of the Rally, and of course, the highly

coveted DLBF (Dead Last But Finished) team.

Overall Rally Winners were: (driver/navigator)

1st Mary Anderson and Tom Cundari

2nd Jena Graf and Joshua Egly

3rd Mathew and Jena Krebs

Top: Tom and Becky Gomer Middle: Louie De Vega and Alvin Cando

Bottom: Costume contest winners.

In the Best Costume category, Michael Graves garnered

third place dressed as Waldo, but most people had a hard

time finding him. Carey Spreen and Sue Crimm secured

second place in a sort of voodoo priest/day of the dead motif,

and Tom and Beckie Gomer captured first place medals as

Mario and Luigi of the classic Nintendo video game.

Louie De Vega and Alvin Cando piloted their X-Wing

Starfighter to scoop up the coveted DLBF (Dead Last, But

Finished) medal.

George Luxbacher always stressed that the idea of the

Rally was to have fun rather than be competitive, but

one couldn’t help but notice that the medal winners were

having more fun than the rest of the group. Just sayin’ .

. . .

Congratulations and many thanks to organizers

George Luxbacher and Don Sebert for hosting another

successful Rally.


PCA Tours Recap : MotorSport Ranch Tour

By Don Anderson

photos by Robert Kirby, Lightspeed Images

It’s not very often that a Maverick Region event hits

more than one high note, but the latest PCA Tour to

Motorsport Ranch achieved just that.

Once at the track, 53 drivers charged onto the track,

albeit at a relatively sedate pace. While the misting rain

rendered the course a bit slippery, everyone emerged

from the track safely, and no

animals were harmed in the

running of this event. Well,

except for the BBQ part of

the event, but then again . .

. who’s counting?

After the parade laps,

participants were treated to

the obligatory all-you-caneat

Texas BBQ, featuring

five meats with all the fixins’,

The event incorporated:

• a typical Maverick Tour along the backroads

• parade laps at Motorsport Ranch

• a substantial donation to a charitable organization

• an all-you-can-eat Texas BBQ lunch

• a preview of the new 2019 Porsche models

The penultimate PCA Tour of the 2018 season was

held just a few hours after the autumnal equinox.

Participants were greeted with cooler

temperatures and a consistent misting

rain. It became obvious that summer had

left the building.

Despite the weather, an incredible total of 93 Porsches

and 132 Porschephiles assembled at a clandestine location

along the 32nd latitude somewhere in Texas. Final

destination: Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX.

Working in conjunction with the Maverick HPDE

program, Tour Co-Chair Mark Pitarresi arranged for

Tour drivers to complete parade laps of the 3.1 mile circuit

between DE sessions. A small donation was required to

take to the track, with all proceeds earmarked for Patriot

PAWS, a group dedicated to providing service dogs at no

cost to disabled American veterans. A total of $1,465.00

was collected for the charity.

The Tour itself was a short 56.1-mile excursion

along country roads southwest of the DFW Metroplex.

The drivers were split into nine groups, each departing

Ground Zero in two minute intervals. Light rain increased

and subsided all along the route, adding a little bit more

excitement to the Massey Road part of the route, which

already has a pretty high “pucker factor.”

provided by Roscoe’s Smokehouse. The catered meal was

served inside the new DriveXotic building, with diners

sharing space with several brightly colored exotics. A new

2019 Mahogany Cayenne occupied center stage, courtesy

of Zorin Gutic of Autobahn Porsche.

Autobahn Porsche also supplied three of the four

Porsches used to lead the parade lap groups: a Carrera

T in Guards Red, a 2019 Panamera Sport Tourismo 4S

in Carrara While, and a 2019 Cayenne, also in Carrara

White. Chris Sorrells’ striking Miami Blue GT3 4.0

rounded out the parade lap leaders.

As an added bonus, Robert Kirby of Lightspeed Images

stationed himself along the Tour route to capture high

resolution snapshots of participants’ Porsches at speed,

and then again at the track.

All of this would not be possible without the efforts of

a small army of dedicated Maverick volunteers. So, big

shout-outs go to: Tour Co-Chairs Mark Pitarresi and

Brant Worrell, and Group Leaders Tom Martin, Derrick

Tate, Ted Martin, Jay Lynch, Sam Bryant, Scott Garwood,

Paul Ozmer, and Ed Martelle. On the track side, thanks to

Chris Tabor and his crack DE crew, as well as John

Hamilton, Jeff Komenda, Chris Tabor, and Chris Sorrells

for leading the parade laps. Props also to Autobahn

Porsche for sneak peeks of the new 2019 Porsche models,

and Robert Kirby for all the fantastic photos.

28 December

Engine Restoration

• Restore, Rebuild to OEM Original

or Modified Spec

• Partial or Complete Car

Preservation Restoration

• We Manufacture NLA Parts to

OEM Original Condition

• Specializing in 911 930 928

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At APEX, your unique, personalized service program is crafted to meet your

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goes above expectations to create an unparalleled client experience.

To Ensure that you and your Porsche enjoy an unmatched standard of care,

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Using cutting-edge processes and

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detail techniques consistently

deliver an unsurpassed level

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Expert Paint Correction | Professional

Detailing | Paint Protection Films (Clear Bra)

Ceramic Coatings | Window Films | Vinyl

Vehicle Wraps & Accents

Ceramic Pro Certiied Installer

The World’s #1 Ceramic Coating

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Detialers Alliance


Monthly on the 3rd Sat.,

Mar.-Nov., 9AM - 11:30AM

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We have the knowledge and experience

required to truly enhance your

Porsche’s aesthetics and

performance with

customized and proven upgrades.

Automotive Customization | Performance

Parts Sold & Installed | Intake/Exhaust |

Wheels/Tires | Suspension/Brakes | Custom

Methanol Injection Kits | ECU & TCU Tuning |

Racing Fuels and Methanol Sales | CEL/Code

Clearing & Diagnostics | Light Bodywork,

On-The-Go Hand Car Cleaning,

Reenishing & Respraying | Powder Coating

Automotive Customization &

Services | Integrated Radar/Laser Systems

Automotive Gifts

We indulge the needs of the connoisseur who values unsurpassed expertise

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German Car

Service & Maintenance

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30 December


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Since 1971

Providing personalized service

on all Porsche automobiles.

• Complete servicing and repairs

on all air or water cooled models

• In-house machine shop

• M96/M97 reconditioning

• Performance and track mods

2530 Tarpley Road • Suite 700

Carrollton, Texas 75006

(972) 417-0997

32 December

The Art of Paint Protection



Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Coating

Full Detailing

Window Tinting


Maverick December Anniversaries

30 Years

James Buckley

Anthony Eggers (Janice)

20 Years

John Janbaz (Hilda)

15 Years

Richard Bradley (Robin)

Howard Kimbrough (Karen)

Robert Kuykendall (Robert)

James Milton (Sharon)

Michael O’Connor (Geoff)

Kent Rayl (Leigh)

10 Years

Belinda Bush (Michael)

Lincoln Moss (Linda)

Kyriacos Panayides (Gillian)

5 Years

Edmund Baczynski (Peter)

Richard Burk (Vicki)

Andrew Cernicky (Stacey)

Phil Hanson (Leah)

Khalil Jivani

Dennis Mason (Linda)

Bruce Moulton

Darin Okuda

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Member Moment - 25th PCA Anniversary, October 2018

Lee and Dixie Oneacre


Retired Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

First Porsche

Bahia Red 1970 911T. I bought this car after having visited the Porsche

factory in Stuttgart during a European college summer staying in 3 dollar

per day youth hostels.

Current Porsche(s)

I have owned at least one Porsche continuously since 1970 and currently drive a GT Silver

Metallic 2010 997.2 Turbo with only 22,000 miles on the odometer

Most memorable Maverick or PCA event

I have been an “armchair” car nut and Porschephile for over 50 years. I attend most Mavs and

Mochas. I fondly remember when the PCA National Meeting was in Fort Worth many years ago.

Best thing about owning a Porsche

I enjoy everything regarding Porsche. The technical excellence of the cars, the many publications

related to Porsche, and the congeniality of fellow Porsche drivers make ownership worthwhile.

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Parts and Service for: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, and Smart Car.


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Hey Maverick Region, Reward Yourself!

European Luxury Driving Tours since 1976

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Our PORSCHE driving tours for 2019 combine fun,

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Oversteer: Letter from the Editor

By Kurt Scaggs, Managing Editor

My story of becoming a shade-tree mechanic starts

many years ago in a suburb outside New Orleans. In my

youth, I had the chance to work on a Porsche 935. It

didn’t end well. Let me explain.

It was beautiful, blue with red, orange and yellow

stripes and the number 49 emblazoned on the doors. My

father brought it home in the hopes that it would satisfy

my quest for speed. He was right on, but it awakened

yet another curiosity. The desire to take things apart.

Little did he know (or maybe he did and never wanted

to admit it) that desire would never leave. Even after I

left the car he brought home in a hopeless pile of parts

he encouraged me to remain curious. Probably after he

shook his head and sighed.

You’ve probably figured out by now, the Porsche

he brought home didn’t come from Zuffenhausen, but

instead from Mattel, assembled in Hong Kong. You see,

it was a Drive Command radio control Porsche 935. And

the memory of ‘working’ on it never left. It was so vivid

in fact that earlier this year I tracked one down, brand

new in it’s box, and it sits in my office to remind me to

remain curious. It also reminds me that things are usually

much more fun when there are no left-over pieces.

Since my beginnings, I’ve become a little better at

getting all of the pieces back together. I’ve gotten so

good in fact that most of my repairs don’t require a

trip to a qualified mechanic. Most of them. As I write

this, on my desk sits a box full of parts that just arrived

today. I’m tracking down a surging idle condition and

instead of paying someone with a vast knowledge of the

car and having it back on the road in 2 days, this brain

of mine thinks is much more fun to have pieces strewn

all over the garage and a car I can’t drive until I get it all

back together. I tell myself I’m saving money (ha!) and

I’ll feel that sense of accomplishment when it’s all back

together, but I think it’s really just that I feel like that

little kid taking apart his first car all over again.

I missed being able to share my first german built

Porsche with my father by about a year, but I’m pretty

sure the first time I sent him pictures of it in pieces he

would have reminded me of that little 935. So, when

your son or daughter (or grandkids) wind up with extra

pieces of something you just gave them, resist the urge

to be disappointed and take a picture instead. One day

you just might be able to show them just how far they’ve

come. Enjoy the drive!

Porsche Specialists - Experienced Enthusiasts

Dealer-Like Service at Independent Prices


Excellent Service Maintenance & Repair Sales

•All Porsches’ Serviced

•Fast Turnaround Times

•Same Day Service In Some


•Serving DFW Area For Over

14 Years

•Family Founded, Owned &


•100+ Years of Porsche Tech Experience

•11,000 sq. ft. State-Of-The-Art Facility

Equipped with the latest Diagnostic


•Comfortable Waiting Area with

Free WiFi & Coffee Bar

•Same Services and Capabilities as the


•Consignment Sales performed

on a case-by-case basis

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36 December

Hiram Saunders, Slipstream

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Southlake, TX 76092

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