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Slipstream - December 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

PCA Tours Recap :

PCA Tours Recap : MotorSport Ranch Tour By Don Anderson photos by Robert Kirby, Lightspeed Images It’s not very often that a Maverick Region event hits more than one high note, but the latest PCA Tour to Motorsport Ranch achieved just that. Once at the track, 53 drivers charged onto the track, albeit at a relatively sedate pace. While the misting rain rendered the course a bit slippery, everyone emerged from the track safely, and no animals were harmed in the running of this event. Well, except for the BBQ part of the event, but then again . . . who’s counting? After the parade laps, participants were treated to the obligatory all-you-caneat Texas BBQ, featuring five meats with all the fixins’, The event incorporated: • a typical Maverick Tour along the backroads • parade laps at Motorsport Ranch • a substantial donation to a charitable organization • an all-you-can-eat Texas BBQ lunch • a preview of the new 2019 Porsche models The penultimate PCA Tour of the 2018 season was held just a few hours after the autumnal equinox. Participants were greeted with cooler temperatures and a consistent misting rain. It became obvious that summer had left the building. Despite the weather, an incredible total of 93 Porsches and 132 Porschephiles assembled at a clandestine location along the 32nd latitude somewhere in Texas. Final destination: Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX. Working in conjunction with the Maverick HPDE program, Tour Co-Chair Mark Pitarresi arranged for Tour drivers to complete parade laps of the 3.1 mile circuit between DE sessions. A small donation was required to take to the track, with all proceeds earmarked for Patriot PAWS, a group dedicated to providing service dogs at no cost to disabled American veterans. A total of $1,465.00 was collected for the charity. The Tour itself was a short 56.1-mile excursion along country roads southwest of the DFW Metroplex. The drivers were split into nine groups, each departing Ground Zero in two minute intervals. Light rain increased and subsided all along the route, adding a little bit more excitement to the Massey Road part of the route, which already has a pretty high “pucker factor.” provided by Roscoe’s Smokehouse. The catered meal was served inside the new DriveXotic building, with diners sharing space with several brightly colored exotics. A new 2019 Mahogany Cayenne occupied center stage, courtesy of Zorin Gutic of Autobahn Porsche. Autobahn Porsche also supplied three of the four Porsches used to lead the parade lap groups: a Carrera T in Guards Red, a 2019 Panamera Sport Tourismo 4S in Carrara While, and a 2019 Cayenne, also in Carrara White. Chris Sorrells’ striking Miami Blue GT3 4.0 rounded out the parade lap leaders. As an added bonus, Robert Kirby of Lightspeed Images stationed himself along the Tour route to capture high resolution snapshots of participants’ Porsches at speed, and then again at the track. All of this would not be possible without the efforts of a small army of dedicated Maverick volunteers. So, big shout-outs go to: Tour Co-Chairs Mark Pitarresi and Brant Worrell, and Group Leaders Tom Martin, Derrick Tate, Ted Martin, Jay Lynch, Sam Bryant, Scott Garwood, Paul Ozmer, and Ed Martelle. On the track side, thanks to Chris Tabor and his crack DE crew, as well as John Hamilton, Jeff Komenda, Chris Tabor, and Chris Sorrells for leading the parade laps. Props also to Autobahn Porsche for sneak peeks of the new 2019 Porsche models, and Robert Kirby for all the fantastic photos. 28 December

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