Slipstream - December 2018


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Oversteer: Letter from the Editor

By Kurt Scaggs, Managing Editor

My story of becoming a shade-tree mechanic starts

many years ago in a suburb outside New Orleans. In my

youth, I had the chance to work on a Porsche 935. It

didn’t end well. Let me explain.

It was beautiful, blue with red, orange and yellow

stripes and the number 49 emblazoned on the doors. My

father brought it home in the hopes that it would satisfy

my quest for speed. He was right on, but it awakened

yet another curiosity. The desire to take things apart.

Little did he know (or maybe he did and never wanted

to admit it) that desire would never leave. Even after I

left the car he brought home in a hopeless pile of parts

he encouraged me to remain curious. Probably after he

shook his head and sighed.

You’ve probably figured out by now, the Porsche

he brought home didn’t come from Zuffenhausen, but

instead from Mattel, assembled in Hong Kong. You see,

it was a Drive Command radio control Porsche 935. And

the memory of ‘working’ on it never left. It was so vivid

in fact that earlier this year I tracked one down, brand

new in it’s box, and it sits in my office to remind me to

remain curious. It also reminds me that things are usually

much more fun when there are no left-over pieces.

Since my beginnings, I’ve become a little better at

getting all of the pieces back together. I’ve gotten so

good in fact that most of my repairs don’t require a

trip to a qualified mechanic. Most of them. As I write

this, on my desk sits a box full of parts that just arrived

today. I’m tracking down a surging idle condition and

instead of paying someone with a vast knowledge of the

car and having it back on the road in 2 days, this brain

of mine thinks is much more fun to have pieces strewn

all over the garage and a car I can’t drive until I get it all

back together. I tell myself I’m saving money (ha!) and

I’ll feel that sense of accomplishment when it’s all back

together, but I think it’s really just that I feel like that

little kid taking apart his first car all over again.

I missed being able to share my first german built

Porsche with my father by about a year, but I’m pretty

sure the first time I sent him pictures of it in pieces he

would have reminded me of that little 935. So, when

your son or daughter (or grandkids) wind up with extra

pieces of something you just gave them, resist the urge

to be disappointed and take a picture instead. One day

you just might be able to show them just how far they’ve

come. Enjoy the drive!

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