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December 2018 / January 2019

The Parish Council Magazine

Directory of Local Services and contacts

The Parish Clerk is Kathryn Staley and can be contacted on 01664 454529.

There is an answering machine for out of hours messages.

Email: somerbyparish@btconnect.com

Address: 20 The Field, Somerby, Melton Mowbray, Leics LE14 2PT

All telephone numbers are the local code (01664) unless

otherwise indicated.

Local Facilities & Organisations

Age Concern Melton Mowbray 410253

Allotments Margaret Glover 454213

Burrough Church booking Sue Measey 454385

Church of England Revd Neil Stothers 841278

Citizen’s Advice Bureau Oakham 0845 1203705

Horticultural Society Angela Fisher 454265

Methodist Hall Michael Bates 454201

Methodist Minister Leo Osborn 01572 720721

Melton Borough Council Switchboard 502502

Melton Times newspaper Switchboard 410041

NHS Direct 0845 4647

Pickwell Hall bookings Shirley Campbell 454231

Police Non Urgent 101

Somerby Hall bookings Rosie Edwards 454698

Somerby School Ian Toon 540888

Somerby Shop Angela Clark 454380

Somerby Surgery 01572 490399

South West Framland Parish Office, Vic Allsop 561909

Cover photo by Amanda Howe

Towards is now available to view online at

www.somerbyparish.org.uk and on the

Somerby Parish Council Facebook page


Parish Council Chat

Already it is December, the end of the calendar year. Originally December

was known as the tenth month of the Roman calendar deriving from the

word “decem” meaning ten. However, the Anglo Saxons called it Yule

Month because of the custom of burning Yule logs around this time. As

many Anglo Saxons became Christians they began to call the month

“Heligh” or Holy Month due to the birth of Jesus being celebrated on

Christmas Day. If you survive the celebration of the 25 th then make the

most of the second day of Christmas known as “Boxing Day”. The origin

of this dates back to the 17 th century where on this day it was the custom

of wealthy employers to give their servants a day off and a box to take

home containing gifts, bonuses and sometimes leftover food.

After the celebrations of the Christmas period there is no rest as it is now

time to see in the “New Year”, and welcome in January named by the

Romans after “Janus” the God of Gateways. Janus had two heads so he

could look in both directions, back at the old year and forward towards

the new year at the same time. However, we only have one head, which

by now may be sore, so the short quiet days of January are a time to keep

to those resolutions made at the beginning of the month and go into

hibernation and say “NO” to all temptations.

So to Parish Council business, and following the Neighbourhood Plan

Open Day in November the feedback provided by parishioners will be

incorporated into the written plan document where relevant. The

Advisory Group together with the Parish Council will then agree a final

draft which will be submitted to Melton Borough Council for validation

following which a six week public consultation period will be organised.

The plan together with all comments received will be passed to an

independent examiner in order to approve the document.

This process will take us well into the New Year so I will now take this

opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous year




Parish Council Meetings

Somerby Methodist Hall


10 th December @ 6pm


Somerby Memorial Hall

9 th January @ 7.30pm

Diary of Parish Events

Date Event Location

2 Dec Somerby School Xmas Fair Somerby Memorial Hall

4 Dec Knit & Natter Pickwell Village Hall

8 Dec Working Party Somerby Horsepond

8 Dec Preschool Nativity St Peters, Knossington

8 Dec Somerby Singers Xmas Concert Somerby Memorial Hall

12 Dec School Christingle Service All Saints, Somerby

15 Dec Leicestershire Chorale All Saints, Pickwell

17 Dec School Carol Service Somerby Methodist Hall

18 Dec School Nativity All Saints, Somerby

18 Dec Carol Singing Pickwell

22 Dec Christmas Tree Festival All Saints, Somerby

24 Dec Nativity Service All Saints, Somerby

12 Jan Working Party Somerby Horsepond

17 Jan Horticultural Society talk Somerby Methodist Hall

21 Jan Community Lunch Bowls Club, Melton

25 Jan Burns Night Supper Somerby Memorial Hall

Bin Collections for December/January


14 Dec, 29 Dec

11 Jan, 25 Jan

Brown & Green

7 Dec, 21 Dec

5 Jan, 18 Jan




Greetings of the Season from Somerby School

We have had a busy half

term in School to end 2018.

We began with a theme

week entitled “The East” and

we celebrated Diwali with a

trip to the Temple in

Leicester and also an Indian

Dance Class which had us all

making the Bollywood

moves. Oak Class even

made some Indian Sweets.

The rest of our term has been based around learning “Footprints from the

Past” with Willow and Ash classes focussing on Dinosaurs whilst Oak class

have learned about Darwin and brought in a set of family photos to show

evolution; and used his methods for observing and studying


By the time you are reading

this we should be very close to

our Trip to The Natural History

Museum in London. Everyone

is really excited about going

and we thank our hard

working committee and

fundraisers of FOSS for paying

towards the transport costs

for us.

We continue to celebrate the

fact that our school has had the best results in its history during this year.

We have had raised scores in Key Stage 1 and Early Years and our Key

Stage 2 results have placed our school in the top 15% of the country as we

had 100% in all areas!! We have already had some great reports back

from the Secondary Schools to say how well our ex pupils are doing. So,


our current band of Year 6’s have taken up the challenge and are already

beginning to come to school for early breakfast on Tuesday mornings and

answer some SATs style questions. Everyone is very proud of our small

school and the really positive attitudes to learning that are being fostered

and adopted by our pupils.

Our close working partnership with Ab Kettleby School continues and we

have competed in many Sporting Activities together including a Tag Rugby

event. In school we have had tasters of many different types of sports

including: Cricket, Sensory Movement, Badminton and Orienteering, and

Mrs Brown is keeping us active with many more sports in the diary

including a football session with West Bromwich Albion!

For Remembrance we made a

field of poppies at Forest

Schools and spent some time

thinking about our links to the

Friends of the 10 th Battalion.

All our children in Oak Class

have linked with a class in

Arnhem and have received

postcards from them. We

have been to photograph

some areas of our Village,

along with Mrs Howe, to be able to create Somerby Postcards to send

replies. Now all we need is to learn our best Dutch!

And so to Christmas…..we are looking forward to singing in Melton

Market Place for the big switch on event. Somerby will be performing on

the morning of Friday 30 th November, we are holding our School

Christmas Disco and then have the BIG FOSS Christmas Fair in the Village

Hall on Sunday 2 nd December. Before we finish we also have a Christingle

Service and our own Carol Concert all to look forward to.

On behalf of all the staff, governors and pupils of Somerby School may we

wish you a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New




Knossington & Somerby Preschool

Over the past few weeks at Knossington and Somerby

Preschool the emphasis has been on caring, and in our

role-play hospital several of us were nursed back to

good health including the babies who had their broken

legs set with plaster casts. The children were

fascinated with how malleable the plaster became once added to water and

how quickly it set again once it was dry. We had many interesting

observations and eloquent descriptions during the entire activity and of

course lots of fun and heaps of mess! It even provided us with a new and

exciting place to mark make!

To commemorate the centenary of the end of World War 1 we recreated a

traditional Trench cake using vinegar, lemon rind, currants, baking powder

and milk as a substitute for eggs and sugar. The children all loved weighing,

pouring and mixing the ingredients together and spent time using their

senses to explain what they could see, smell and feel. If this wasn’t exciting

enough we then welcomed an Army personnel officer into our setting along

with a military training dog and handler to explain what their job entailed.

The children listened eagerly and were enthralled by Dudley’s self control

and discipline when sat before us. Those who were brave enough were

allowed to gently stroke Dudley who sat patiently until it was time to show us

his amazing skills at finding a hidden ball. Later the children were

encouraged to explore some of the equipment, testing out the heavy helmets

and camouflage face paint to their hearts content. Elsewhere in the setting

we continued with the topic of Armistice Day by creating poppy inspired

prints with paint, models with play dough and patterns on the light box to

illustrate the true significance of the flower.


Continuing with our theme of caring this week we supported the annual



in Need



our theme


of caring

in various

this week





are proud




say we

raised Children £70. in Outside Need Charity the children event in pretended various ways. to be We brave are proud fire fighters to say we spraying

bottles raised of £70. water Outside at a house the children covered pretended in foam to and be paint brave as fire a way fighters of spraying

championing bottles of water people at a who house help covered us whilst in foam inside and we paint decorated as a way Pudsey of inspired

biscuits championing and threaded people who Teddy help Bears. us whilst Of course inside we there decorated were plenty Pudsey more inspired

exciting biscuits activities and threaded besides Teddy but Bears. it would Of be course impossible there were to mention plenty more them all!





like to end


by saying

but it




be impossible

and proud

to mention

we were




all our

children We would in the like way to end they by responded saying how to impressed our visitors and and proud their we reactions were of all to our the

sombre children and in the sensitive way they subject responded of Remembrance to our visitors Day. and their reactions to the

sombre and sensitive subject of Remembrance Day.

We will be spending the next second half of this term practising for our

wonderful We will be Christmas spending nativity the next which second will half be of held this term in St Peters practising Church for our in

Knossington wonderful Christmas at 10am on nativity Saturday which the will 8 th be of held December. in St Peters Please Church do come in along

and Knossington support all at of 10am our talented on Saturday young the friends. 8 th of December. Please do come along

and support all of our talented young friends.

Alison, Preschool Deputy

Alison, Preschool Deputy

You are invited to join

You are invited to join

Carol Singing in Pickwell

Tuesday 18 th December

starting from All Saints Church, Pickwell, at at 6pm

concluding with

Carols Around the Christmas Tree

mince pies and a drink at Pickwell Village Hall

Raising funds for


Somerby Singers

“For the love of Christmas”

7.30pm Saturday 8 th December

Somerby Memorial Hall

A selection of songs & music to celebrate

the Festive Season

Minced Pies & Mulled Wine on sale

Tickets £5 per person

On sale Fri 16 th November from

Amanda Jones 07847 746650, Melanie Davies 01664 454101

or The Stilton Cheese Inn

Proceeds to All Saint's Church, Somerby


The Little Shop of Loveliness…

Suggests some desserts you can freeze away until that festive moment

• Lemon Icicle – thickly butter a loaf tin then sprinkle with about 50g

crumbled ginger or digestive biscuits. Whisk 3 egg

whites until stiff gradually adding125g sugar.

Whisk ¼ pt double cream with 3 egg yolks then

fold into the whites with the juice and grated rind

of 2 lemons. Pour into the tin and freeze. Soften

slightly before serving.

• Candle Cake – snip 100g marshmallows and stir into 1L softened vanilla ice

cream together with 125g raspberries (or well drained chopped tinned

peaches). Press into a ring mould or something to give it a nice shape, and

freeze. It is best to line the mould with oiled cling film to ease removal.

Decorate with fruit, chocolate and thin candles.

• Mincemeat parcels – cut a packet of filo pastry

into 24 squares c.15cm. Place 3 squares on top of

each other to form a star brushing each one with

melted butter. Put a heaped tblsp of mincemeat

and a little orange zest in each one. Fold in the

corners and brush with butter. Bake at190C/gas5

for 10-15mins. Freeze. Serve hot or cold dusted

with icing sugar.

• Jamie’s Banoffee cheesecake – prepare a 20cm tin by oiling, parchment

on the base then oiled. Crumble 300g

Hobnobs, mix with 2tbsp oil and 50g

melted chocolate then press into the

base. Blitz 8 over ripe bananas, 500g

light cream cheese and ½ tin dulce de

leche. Pour over and freeze. Soften in

the fridge before serving, decorate

with chocolate - indulgent but good.

Enjoy !





Tickets on sale - £1 a ticket

Draw to take place on Wed 19th December

Prizes – Turkey, Joints of Pork, Beef & Lamb,

Chops, Mince, Liver, Bacon, Sausages

The more tickets we sell, the more prizes we offer !!

Proceeds to Memorial Hall Funds

Superfast Broadband

You will see in this Towards an article from Superfast Leicestershire which explains

where they are with coverage and gives everyone contact details should you

experience any service problems. This is not for problems with your service

provider (Virgin, Talktalk, BT or whoever) but just for specific problems with

overall service/ supply.

I know that, despite what Superfast Leicestershire say, there are still some of you

who cannot get the service and I would like to do everything possible to sort this


I would be grateful if anyone who is in this position and cannot get service, lets me

know and I will chase. If you could email me (hblakebrough40@btinternet.com)

with your name, address and, most importantly, post code please.

Many thanks

Howard Blakebrough


Somerby & District Horticultural Society

For our final meeting of 2018 we had a talk on ‘Everything you always wanted

to know about pruning” by Geoff Hodge. It was a most informative and

entertaining evening thanks to a speaker who really did know about pruning

– not only what, when and how to prune the plants in your garden but also

what equipment to use (mostly not a chainsaw!). We also learned what NOT

to prune. Who knew that gardeners divide into those who are ‘hairdressers’

(snip carefully round the edges of every plants) and ‘butchers’ (cut that plant

down to within an inch of the ground). Apparently there’s a time and place

for both types but the secret of success is know which type to be and when!

We meet again on Thursday 17th January 2019 when our speaker will be

telling us all about community orchards. An idea for our community to think

about for the future?

The garden group has also replanted the containers sited across Somerby,

Pickwell and Burrough with a range of small daffodils, violas and anemones.

Hopefully this winter will not be as harsh as the last one and we can look

forward to a lovely Spring display.

Contact Angela Fisher on 01664 454265 or at angelasfisher@tisali.co.uk for

further details about the society.


The working group have continued to clear some overgrown areas and have

planted wood anemones and wild tulips. The wild Lenten daffodil bulbs have

been ordered but not arrived yet.

If you would like to help with this project the group will be meeting at the

horse pond on Saturday 8th December and Saturday 12th January from 10am

to 12 noon.

All welcome – fresh air and exercise guaranteed!

For more information please contact Chris Fisher at chrisjfisher@tiscali.co.uk


Knit Natter Dec.pdf

You are invited to Craft, Cake, and a Cuppa

Tuesdays 4 th December and 5 th February

(no meeting in January)

Pickwell Village Hall 10am-12noon

Bring your sewing, crochet, knitting, etc.

All ages and abilities welcome

£2 inc refreshments

Enquiries to madeinpickwell@gmail.com

Tel: Caroline 01664 454419 or Hilary 01664 452138

The Pickwell Knit & Natter Group are very grateful

for all the support given to the Handmade Fete held

in November. Over £450 was raised, which has been

divided between Pickwell’s All Saints Church and

Village Hall. Plans are afoot for a fifth Pickwell

Handmade Fete to be held on Saturday 2nd

November 2019 - more details in due course.

Meanwhile, all are welcome in Pickwell Village Hall

on the first Tuesday of each month (except January)

from 10am-12noon – for craft, cake and a cuppa!


Somerby Camera Club Exhibition November 2018

The second exhibition of the year included a selection of new work

together with some from our previous exhibition and made for a very

striking display.

As ever a good selection of cake was on offer to go with the teas being

sold to raise funds for the Memorial Hall.

Cards & prints were on sale and orders taken for the 2019 Calendar which

includes images from Knossington & Owston for the first time, in addition

to views taken throughout the year across Somerby Parish

If you would like to order a copy of the

2019 Calendar,

then please contact

Mel Davies 01664 454101 or Amanda Howe 07736 451699

We only do a limited print run so when they are gone they are gone!


Somerby Christmas Tree Festival 2018

Saturday 22 nd December is the date for the start of the Christmas

Tree Festival, 2pm until 4.30pm. Tea, coffee and mince pies will

be available to purchase, and you can also vote for your

favourite tree by popping any silver coins in the jars which will

be situated by each tree.

Last year we had 14 trees, which was wonderful, but it would be lovely to try

and make it 20 or more this year??? If you would like to provide a tree, or

anything that looks like a tree, and decorate in any way you wish, that would

be perfect. If you haven’t already let me know by phone or email it would be

really helpful if you could as soon as possible, so that we have a good idea of

how many trees to find spaces for!!! Thank you.

Lesley Walker 454802 or e-mail lesleywalker141@btinternet.com


The above will take place at 4pm on Christmas Eve

Please come and join in this Nativity Service with a difference!!

All Welcome

Why not dress up as a Nativity character? (children & adults!!)


Superfast Broadband in Somerby

The Superfast Leicestershire programme is a Leicestershire County Council

led programme, which, alongside partners Openreach, are upgrading areas

across Leicestershire to superfast fibre broadband.

Phase 1 of the project began in 2014 when over 350 properties were enabled

to fibre in the areas of Pickwell, Somerby, Burrough on the Hill and

Leesthorpe. 65% of properties that were upgraded are able to receive

superfast speeds of 24mbps and above.

These properties were upgraded through green roadside broadband

cabinets, located on Somerby Road, High Street, and Pickwell Road.

From the total properties enabled to fibre, Somerby alone saw 200

properties upgraded with 96% of them having access to superfast speeds.

Activity during the current phase (phase 2) has seen a further 3 cabinets

upgraded to fibre serving properties within Pickwell, Somerby and Burrough

on the Hill. These are located on Main Street, Pickwell Road, and Somerby


As part of the build the project has also installed a FTTP (Fibre to the Premise)

structure, where fibre cables are laid directly from the exchange to the

recipient’s property, bypassing the need for a cabinet. This serves the

postcodes LE14 2LJ and LE14 2LQ.

All properties served through these 4 structures can access superfast speeds

of 24mbps and above.

There is still work planned in the parish before the current phase ends this

year. The planning for Phase 3 of the project is currently underway with

internet service providers bidding for the new contract. All areas not yet

served or who are receiving a service of under superfast 24Mbps are eligible

to be upgraded in the future phases.

To check your broadband speed visit the BT ADSL checker and input your

address, if you’re receiving slow speeds your property may be one of the 74%

of properties in Pickwell, Somerby, Burrough on the Hill and Leesthorpe that

are served by the internet provider HERBS.

Residents can find out their options for upgrading by contacting internet

service providers directly, or by visiting a price comparison site. Upgrades to

superfast fibre are not automatic, please get in touch with your internet

service provider to upgrade.

To find out if you can access fibre broadband get in touch with the Superfast

Leicestershire team on - E: broadband@leics.gov.uk

W: www.superfastleicestershire.org.uk P: 0116 305 0023




Villagers from Pickwell & Leesthorpe, together with some residents from

Somerby and Burrough, joined together in the Act of Remembrance at the

War Memorial Pickwell on Sunday 11th November to honour the fallen from

our communities and to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the end

of WW1.

At 10:00 the Pickwell Pealers rang 1400 peals on the church bells in memory

of bell ringers who lost their lives during the conflict. The Remembrance

ceremony at 10:55 was led by Alan Smith and a record number of

approximately 70 people attended. Highlights included one

of Pickwell's youngest residents, Ned Evans aged 11, who played the Last

Post faultlessly on his trumpet. At 12:30 as part of "Ringing Remembers", the

village bells were rung for 30 minutes joining others across Europe, signifying

the end of hostilities.

Following the ceremony, there was an exhibition at the Pickwell Village Hall

telling the stories behind the names on the Pickwell War Memorial. The full

transcript of their story will shortly be available on

http://pickwellvillage.wixsite.com/home/village-hall. Everyone enjoyed

refreshments, particularly the huge selection of cakes made by villagers. We

were also pleased to be joined by some Australian friends who baked special

ANZAC biscuits telling the story of the vital contribution made by the

Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

In total, donations at the event came to £300, which has been passed to the

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.


In my articles for Towards I try to

give a short and snappy insight into

what is happening at the Council. In

2018 there have been a lot of

reforms in which the Council have

streamlined its decision making

processes and as I write, on the 21 st

November, the Council will vote on

moving from the committee system

to a cabinet model. A cabinet will

put in place lead Members who will

be in charge of a portfolio, such as Housing, Waste or Economic

Generation. So when something goes wrong we, as ratepayers, know

who to go to as they are responsible. Under the committee system

decisions can take ages due to its nature and when it comes to a decision

the Lead Member is bound by it regardless of their view or that of the

wider Members not on the committee. So I believe it will make decision

making quicker and more accountable to me as your Ward Councillor and,

importantly, you. As I think it brings the decision maker closer to you,

then this has to be a good thing.

At the moment I am helping residents on a few matters and over the

Christmas period I am always there should you need any assistance or

advice. Please remember to say hello to our elderly neighbours to make

sure that they are ok over the cold months and ask if they need any help


I hope over the festivities you all have a wonderful celebration of family

and friends and with that I wish you, and your family, a very Happy


Cllr Leigh Higgins



Somerby Memorial Hall

Friday 25 th January 7pm

Burns Night Supper

An evening of tradition and the odd surprise.

Look out for posters in January for more

details & book your place early as numbers

will be limited.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

February 2019

An Evening Entertainment


Somerby Memorial Hall

Something to blow the winter blues away

See posters for more details


Somerby Parish Neighbourhood Plan

More than 70 people attended the drop in

event at The Methodist Church on Saturday

17th November. The key elements of the draft

plan were displayed and attendees invited to

respond to each. Comments on specific

matters will be considered but there was a

general consensus that the plan generally reflects the sentiments of

parishioners. This feedback will allow the plan to be finalised before

a formal public consultation and submission for independent

examination to test compliance with “basic conditions”, primarily

with local and national planning policy. The Neighbourhood Plan

Steering group wish to thank all those who have contributed

throughout the process to date and those who attended on



January 2019 Community Lunch

January 2019 - Community Lunch

The Parish Community Hub held its most recent get together for the

Christmas The Parish Lunch Community at Sysonby Hub held Knoll its in most Melton recent Mowbray. get together for the

There Christmas no Lunch Community at Sysonby Lunch Knoll in December. in Melton Mowbray.

There next is no event Community will be the Lunch Community in December. Lunch at:

The next Bowls event Club, will Melton be the Mowbray Community Lunch at:

On The Monday Bowls Club, the 21 Melton st January Mowbray 2019

On Lunch Monday at 12pm the for 21 st 12.30pm January start 2019

Lunch at 12pm for 12.30pm start

If you would like to come and join those who are

If coming you would along like please to come contact: and join those who are

coming Annette along Piper please 01664 contact: 840627 Davina Bates 01664 454201

Annette Vic Allsop Piper 01664 01664 434697 840627 Maureen Davina Bates Coleman 01664 01664 454201 434120

Janet Vic Allsop Norburn 01664 0116 434697 269 5295 Maureen Coleman 01664 434120

Janet Norburn 0116 269 5295

A big thank you to every one of our many valuable volunteers. In

particular A big thank we you thank to every those one who of volunteer our many to valuable drive and volunteers. collect people In

for particular the Community we thank Lunches. those who Do volunteer come and to join drive us…you and collect will be people made

for very the welcome. Community Lunches. Do come and join us…you will be made

very welcome.

The Community Lunch Team

The Community Lunch Team



Chairman's Draw November

Chairman's Draw November

£25 – Alison Wheatcroft 35 £10 – Joe North 78

£10 £25 – Alison Lynne Camplejohn Wheatcroft 35 83 £10 £5 – Ray Joe North Leverton 78 51

£10 – Lynne Camplejohn 83 £5 – Ray Leverton 51

£1 a month or £12 a year – it’s the easiest way to support the village

£1 a month or £12 a year – it’s the hall easiest way to support the village


For more details contact Eileen Tomes 01664 454328

For more details or Mel contact Davies Eileen 01664 Tomes 454101 01664 454328

or Mel Davies 01664 454101

Congratulations to all our winners & thank you for supporting

Congratulations to Somerby all our winners Memorial & thank Hall you for supporting

Somerby Memorial Hall



Sunday services for December & January

2 nd Dec 4pm Circuit Advent Service at Stamford Methodist Church

Preacher – Deacon Eunice Attwood

9 th Dec 3pm Mr Ron Curtis

16 th Dec 3pm Miss Margaret Stones

23 rd Dec 4pm United Carol Service at Somerby Parish Church

Rev. Leo Osborn and Anglican Clergy

25 th Dec 10.45am Christmas Day Service at Oakham Methodist

Church. No service at Somerby.

30 th Dec No service at Somerby

6 th Jan 3pm United Covenant Service led by Rev. Leo Osborn

13 th Jan 3pm Mrs Cheryl Allen

20 th Jan 3pm Mrs Linda Bosworth

27 th Jan 3pm Rev. Ruth Charlesworth – Holy Communion

Somerby Fellowship

There will be no meeting in December.

The next meeting will be on Friday 25 th January at 2.30pm in the

Chapel. The speaker will be Malcolm Britton with a talk entitled

“Journeys through Ministry”.

All are welcome to join in these meetings.

The Open Door

Meets every Wednesday from 10.30am to 12 noon

Come and join us on Wednesday 12 th December to greet

Christmas with Carols and Brunch.

Meet friends old & new




Where to Worship in the

Burrough Hill Parishes

December 2

Advent 1

December 9

Advent 2

10.30am Holy Communion Little Dalby





10.30am Holy Communion Somerby

10.30am Holy Communion Pickwell

December 16

Advent 3

December 23

Advent 4

December 24



December 25



December 30

Christmas 1







Great Dalby


10.30am Holy Communion Burrough




Great Dalby






10.00am HOLY COMMUNION Great Dalby

No Services Today

For other services in the South West Framland Group (SWF)

please contact the SWF Office on 01664 561909 or





Jan 2019 A5.pdf

Where to Worship in the

Burrough Hill Parishes

January 6

The Epiphany

January 13

The Baptism

of Christ

January 20

Epiphany 3

January 27

Epiphany 4


Said BCP

Holy Communion


10.30am Holy Communion Burrough

10.30am Holy Communion Somerby


United Covenant Service

Great Dalby

Methodist Church

4.00pm Evensong Great Dalby

10.30am Holy Communion Little Dalby

For other services in the South West Framland Group (SWF)

please contact the SWF Office on 01664 561909 or



Computer Matters

Computer Matters 2018

Weekly session each Monday 1pm to 3pm

At Somerby Methodist Hall

The sessions are led by volunteers who give basic assistance

with using and understanding computer technology

There are computer laptops and iPads available for use

Other available resources: broadband, printing, WiFi

For Hub information

Contact Trevor Hornbuckle

or Davina on 01664 454201


Pickwell Social Evening

On the evening of Friday 19 th October about 30 Pickwell residents and

guests assembled at Pickwell Village Hall. The plan was for a relaxed

social evening together and they were not disappointed!

The evening began with a travelogue delivered by David Vurley which

focused on County Mayo in The Republic of Ireland. During the

interval delicious ‘nibbles’ provided by residents were enjoyed along

drinks of choice.

The evening ended with a quiz provided by Joanne Ledwell-Clarke.

The theme was Travel with sections on General Knowledge, Travel

and Food, Place Recognition and “Were you listening to the

Travelogue?” The quiz generated intense rivalry and was great fun.

This most enjoyable evening raised £170 for Pickwell All Saints roof

repair funds.


YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs


Suitable for people with chronic lower back pain and

anyone who wants to keep their back healthy

The next Evidence-Based 12 Week Course

starting in Somerby from mid February 2019

Please contact Karen Hamilton to express your

interest and perhaps join her waiting list

Dates, time and venue to be agreed


01664 454054 or 07906961673


Create some delicious Christmas memories this year …

We are now taking Christmas meat orders!

We sell delicious free range Turkeys, Geese and Cockerels for Christmas. Our farm

shop and butchery is open as always for our locally reared Rare and Traditional

Breed Beef, Pork, Mutton and Lamb, together with our incredible

hand-made bacons, gammons, hams, sausages and pigs in blankets … and so much

more besides!


We are now attending the weekly local markets with our full butchers counter at

Oakham Market: Wednesday 8am-3pm in the market place.

Uppingham Market: Friday 8am-3pm in the market place.

Pre-order by phone or email to collect at either market, or come and browse the

selection of delicious meats on our counter display!

Look out for our weekly offers on our social media pages!

Northfield Farm, Whissendine Lane, Cold Overton, Rutland LE15 7QF

01664 474 271 or becca@northfieldfarm.com

Farm Shop Opening Times- Tues-Thurs 9-4pm, Friday 8-5pm & Sat 8-4pm

Facebook - @Northfieldfarmshop/Twitter- @Northfieldfarm/ Instagram- Northfieldfarm




Oakham Vets.pdf

A Complete Veterinary Service

Ashwell Road



LE15 7QH

Oakham Veterinary Hospital is a long established practice with purpose built premises on the outskirts

of Oakham, Rutland. Our experienced and caring team of vets, nurses and support staff are

dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary care and service. We are a clinical associate

of The Nottingham University School of Veterinary Medicine giving us daily access to the expertise of

their veterinary specialists.

Small Animal and Equine departments with

appointments throughout the day

24 hour emergency service on site

Experienced and caring staff

Nurse clinics including dental care, weight

control and puppy preschool classes

Extensive hospital facilities with specialist

diagnostic equipment

In-house laboratory for rapid results

Complete range of veterinary service from

routine vaccinations, micro-chipping and

dentistry to specialist medicine and surgery

BEVA and DEFRA approved Stud Services

24 hour, CCTV monitored foaling service

Weekly remedial farriery clinics

Easy access and parking

Tier 3 RCVS approved hospital

Small Animal acupuncture clinics


Find us on


Equine: 01572 722647

Small Animal: 01572 722646



Your Local Travel


I love to help create memorable travel experiences and

using my own travel knowledge I can tailor your perfect

trip the way you want it. There's nothing better than

hearing all about your holiday when you return home.

If you haven’t already booked anything for the

European Christmas Markets and skiing trips over the

New Year, it’s not too late!

Also, if you are wanting to get away for some winter

sun this January, February & March, I have some great

ideas and options for the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and

the Southern Hemisphere. I am a long-haul specialist

and have some amazing knowledge on most places. I

can research and find the best option for you and your

budget, doing all the hard work for you.

I’ve recently completed my training to be a Rocky

Mountaineer specialist. Have you ever fancied doing

this iconic train journey in the Canadian Rockies? This

April/May time is a great time as the animals are just

waking up from their winter hibernation and the scenery

is breath-taking. Take 2-3 days on the train then

explore for yourself, or as part of a group. A popular

option also is to tag an Alaskan cruise onto the

beginning or the end of your trip.

As your own personal travel professional, I offer a

personalised service and will ensure that everything is

just right and runs smoothly. I am always here to help

right from our initial chat until you return home.

Please have a look at my website (below) to read

what some of my customers have to say about my

service and their travels.

Arranging your holiday couldn't be easier; think of me

as your ‘personal concierge’. I can help with

everything travel related including airport parking,

visas and even restaurant reservations.

Please feel free to get in touch. Happy to help with

everything travel related.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas!

01664 898 460 or 07793 317256

John Christiansen, Travel Counsellor




25% off 1st



this advert

Offering a range of holistic therapies including:

~ Reflexology

~ Massage

~ Reiki Healing

~ Hopi Ear Candles

~ Indian Head Massage



Anxiety ~ Panick Attacks ~ Stress ~ Blood Pressure ~ Fatigue

Insomnia ~Bowel Disorders ~ Constipation ~ Frozen Shoulder

Knee, Neck and Back Problems ~Muscle Tension ~ Hay Fever

Respiratory Problems ~Asthma ~Allergies ~Eczema ~Sinusitis

Arthritis ~Multiple Sclerosis ~Thyroid Imbalance ~Menopause

Fertility ~ Hormonal Imbalances ~ Pain Management

Mobile Service Available

Oakham ~ Treatment Room

South Street Foot Clinic (opposite Tesco)

73 South Street, Oakham, LE15 6BG

01664 454 623 / 07434 941 295



Ruth Garner Holistic Therapist & Reiki Teaching Master


June Feehan Garden Designer

June Feehan – Garden Designer

RHS Gold medal Winner 2014

RHS Gold medal Winner 2014

• Border design/Revamp/Complete garden design/Planting

• Border design/Revamp/Complete garden design/Planting

plans/Planting service/Consultancy/Maintenance

plans/Planting service/Consultancy/Maintenance

Email: gardensbyjune@gmail.com www.gardensbyjune.co.uk

Email: gardensbyjune@gmail.com www.gardensbyjune.co.uk

Call June on 01664 454262 or Mobile 07967506889 to discuss project

Call June on 01664 454262

or garden

or Mobile


07967506889 to discuss project

or garden requirements

Yoga classes

Yoga classes

Wednesday evenings, 7pm - 8.30pm

Wednesday evenings, 7pm - 8.30pm

Somerby Methodist Hall

Somerby Methodist Hall

Mixed Ability - Beginners welcome!

Mixed Ability - Beginners welcome!

£6 per session

£6 per session

Tel: Di Angrave on 01664 840013 or Email:

Tel: Di Angrave on 01664 840013 or Email:

di@ndfurniture.co.uk for any further info

di@ndfurniture.co.uk for any further info




‣ Are you struggling to complete your Self Assessment Tax Return?

‣ Have you received an unexpected tax demand?

‣ Do you think you have overpaid income tax?

You could be due a tax refund!

‣ Do you have any other personal tax problems?

We have over 25 years’ experience advising clients on their

personal taxation affairs.

For a free no obligation appointment please contact

Andrew Cross on 01572 770552 or andrew@arcus-tax.co.uk

Knights Yard, 2b Gaol Street, Oakham




65 Deans Street, Oakham, Rutland LE15 6AF

Preparation of Tax Returns, Financial Accounts,

VAT Returns, Payroll Bureau, Book-Keeping Services

For a FREE, no obligation meeting to discuss your

requirements and the level of fees charged for our services

Contact IAN BAIN

01572 756328

Visit our website at: www.laminandwhite.co.uk

Email: ian@laminandwhite.co.uk



Towards’ is the magazine of Somerby Parish Council. The magazine is

produced by an editorial team of local councillors. Items of local news and

comment, including pictures are always very welcome. There are 10 issues

per year and the copy date is the 18 th of the month preceding publication.

We would prefer editorial by email if possible. Please send any pictures as a

file attachment rather than within text. If you need any help please contact

the Parish Office.


We welcome advertising. Towards is hand delivered to every house in

Somerby, Burrough on the Hill, Pickwell, and Leesthorpe. We print 400

copies per issue. Why not promote your business? Costs are only £20 full

page and £12 per half page. Contact the Parish Office for more information:

01664 454529 or somerbyparish@btconnect.com

Your Parish Councillors

Lynne Camplejohn Chairman - 1 Old Brewery Court, Somerby LE14

2QA - 01664 454124 email lynne.camplejohn@btopenworld.com

Howard Blakebrough - Cheseldyne House, 9 Kings Lane, Burrough on

the Hill, LE14 2JL 454528 email - hblakebrough40@btinternet.com

John Crosby 3 Old Brewery Court, Somerby LE14 2QA - 01664 454595

email jcrosby@btinternet.com

Pat Fynn 18 The Field, Somerby LE14 2PT - 01664 454634

email - patmfynn@gmail.com

Carl Powell 3 Oakham Road, Somerby LE14 2QF – 01664 454193

email – ccaarrll@btinternet.com

David Vurley 37 Stonepit Terrace, Main Street, Pickwell

01664 454443

Printed by B&H Printers, Norman Way, Melton Mowbray

Printed by B&H Midland Services, 1 Norman Way, Melton Mowbray, LE13 1JE


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