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Issue four is spinning into the Universe.

What a pleasure it is to connect again with

you, our readers, and the most amazing

people who's passion is showcased on our

pages and makes this magazine happen!

Getting married, every woman dreams of

that dress that will turn her into a once in a

lifetime Princess on her special day. We

think we have found the way to make it

happen with Anna Georgina. Not only does

the dress need to be magical but it all starts

with the ring. Again the right person stepped

into our universe - My Morganite with

” Beautiful Shades of Pink”.

Cinderella most certainly needs her day as

well, after stepping out of those Princess

shoes it’s time to slip into your Coast and

Koi’s and take your Prince/ss for the journey

of a lifetime. Take them to a magical land far

far away in the middle of the Namibian

Skeleton Coast where Shipwrecks take on

new luxury. There you will find the most

breath taking accommodation, views,

adventures and moments to treasure for a

lifetime. Imagine sitting on the deck with

clear starlight above, sipping the MCC from

Paul René sending Fairies to sprinkle stars in

a glass just for you.

Our Gin of the month, Hope on

Hopkins will smooth your

troubles away. From sipping it

neat and ice cold or with your

favourite mixer, Barker & Quin,

your perfect mixer of choice.

Tastelab’s Secco Drink Infusion

will take you Gin flavour

experience to new dimensions of

pleasure. For our Gin Lovers and

Gin producers we bring you our

discovery all the way from

Bedfordshire in the U.K. Jo

Wonham, a unique talent for the

art collector. A gift, promotion or

to have as a show piece for your

brand, tasteroom or bar.

An outstanding new idea from

an entrepreneurial company

bringing a restaurant to your

home - Chef & Guests, your

personal - Chef just a Click away,

deserves all our support. For all

our vegan and vegetarian

readers, Chef Kerry Kilpin of

Bistro Sixteen82 at Steenberg

brings you her latest culinary

delights. Enjoy your journey.

from the editor Garry Frasca

Cover Anna Georgina

Anna Georgina

In This Issue

My Morganite

Coast & Koi

Paul René MCC

Shipwreck Lodge

Hope on Hopkins

Jo Wonham


Barker and Quin

Chef & Guests

Bistro Sixteen82

Photographer:Shawn van Eeden

Sensual and cosmopolitan, Anna Georgina gowns are designed for the

self-possessed, confident woman.

Known for high fashion couture, South African designer Kobus Dippenaar

launched the Anna Georgina bridal range in 2012 to an international audience

in London. One of South Africa’s most loved and established fashion designers,

Kobus was best known for his couture evening and bridal gowns – until Anna


A tribute to his mother, the collection grew out of Kobus’ desire to take haute

couture fashion and make it more accessible. Much of haute couture isn’t

wearable, and that was what Kobus sought to change. Anna Georgina

showcases the very best of Kobus’ runway designs with garment construction

that makes each gown fit perfectly.

The collection also grew out of the belief that each woman has a beauty that is

her own, an essence that deserves recognition. Having designed dresses for

women for 30 years, Kobus says that one of the most underplayed aspects of

women is their inherent power and beauty, often unrecognised by the woman


The Anna Georgina collections explore the play between masculinity and

femininity, between structure and fluidity. Full skirts contrast with boning and

corsetry, while Swarovski elements twinkle against figure-defining lines. The

creations draw on the linear textures of silk dupoin, the old-world magic of lace,

the sensuousness of silk charmeuse and the lightness of tulle. Vogue colours

include blush, pale pinks, ivory and gold, nude and champagne.

“Dress powerfully, be powerful, and don’t underestimate the power of the

feminine,” says Kobus.

First discovered around turn of the 20th century on the remote islands of

Madagascar and admired for its soft colours and rarity ever since. Morganite

is the pink variety of the gemstone species known as Beryl and is now mined

in many areas around the world, however the best stones usually hail from

Madagascar, Mozambique and Brazil. Most recently Nigeria has gifted us

with some stunning examples. Other varieties of Beryl include Aquamarine

and Emerald, in fact morganite was even once called "Pink Emerald" and

"Rose Beryl". With all rare gems, a lot of hard work goes into removing tons of

soil and rock to reveal the high quality stones hidden below. Morganite mining

is mostly done with basic mining techniques by locals living nearby to the

gem deposit.

Other varieties of Beryl include Aquamarine and Emerald, in fact

morganite was even once called "Pink Emerald" and "Rose Beryl". With all

rare gems, a lot of hard work goes into removing tons of soil and rock to

reveal the high quality stones hidden below. Morganite mining is mostly

done with basic mining techniques by locals living nearby to the gem


Obtaining the most desired colours in usable sizes can be extremely difficult

and requires highly experienced gemstone dealers and cutters to select and

cut the best quality stones that are worthy of setting into jewellery.

Morganite usually shows its best colour in large stones not generally well

suited for rings or earrings. Well saturated stones in smaller sizes are very rare

and seldom seen at local jewellery stores and gemstone dealers. In fact high

quality smaller stones will fetch a higher price per carat than a large stone of

similar quality. Most of the gem morganite available are a very light shade of

pink, in fact sometimes appearing colourless or a dusty brown. The most

valued hues are a well saturated soft pink similar to the petals of a lotus flower

and of course the beautiful slightly orangey peach similar to a Rose

Champagne, which we describe as "Champagne Peach". As with most

coloured gemstones small inclusions and imperfections can be expected, the

most important characteristic to consider when buying Morganite is its colour

and then secondly the clarity. A stone may have inclusions but if they are only

visible under magnification and very faintly visible to the naked eye then most

of your concern should be with the stones colour.

life.’ –


‘One can shoe



Laura Bosenberg @capetownballerina

Michael Groenewald @oneimagined

wear dreams on one’s


is to begin to give a



reality to one’s

Vivier Roger

your hair is done


and you’re properly

Iris Apfel

anything.’ –

you can

wearing good shoes,

with away get

are the finishing


on any outfit and it


important to complete a


with the perfect pair


Tracy Reese

can never take too much


over the choice of your


Too many women think


they are unimportant,


the real proof of an


woman is what is on


feet. her

Dior Christian

your hair is done


and you’re properly

Iris Apfel

anything.’ –

you can

wearing good shoes,

with away get

transform your body


and attitude. They


you physically and



Christian Louboutin

a shoe is great

‘Craziness in

have much more can you

you can exaggerate


it doesn’t feel stupid.


to have too much


near your face, that


Miuccia Prada

would just feel weird.’ –

From the Robertson wine valley comes a new trend-setting Bubbly enjoyed by

those who appreciate the finer things in life. Expect to find it at exclusive

dinner parties, uptown eateries and the tucked-away deli on the corner.

Farmer and bubbly producer, Henk van Niekerk, believes it is the break away

from the traditional which propelled this MCC from its humble beginnings on

Wonderfontein Estate, to the fridges and coolers of a new generation of

bubbly enthusiasts.

From a young age Henk stole groceries from his mother’s kitchen for his field

expeditions with his fellow boy scouts. His passion and enthusiasm for mixing

various flavours in his style of cooking was already clear at that age. Many

years later it was the PAUL RENÉ MCC experiment that surpassed all his

expectations and is now his life’s passion and living dream.

After several years of research and planning to produce what goes into the

bottle, it was left to his wife Monica to take care of the outside. As a little farm

girl Monica spent days in her Grandmother’s art studio and the creative mind

to create the unique PAUL RENÉ MCC look was no doubt founded there.

The loving couples’ smiles are synonymous with the brand and expect to smile

too if you get the chance to taste Paul Rene.

PAUL RENÉ MCC BRUT is made from

100% chardonnay grapes that are hand

picked in the early morning and then

chilled overnight. Crate by crate they are

passed into the press before the whole

berries are crushed. This is only the

beginning of a 3-year journey of detailed

planning and careful attention to create a

vintage of the PAUL RENÉ MCC BRUT.

Each bottle is fermented for no less than

20 months on the lees, which creates a

vibrant mousse, apricot and green apple

freshness, with emphatic & persistent dry


The grapes for the PAUL RENÉ MCC

BRUT ROSÉ were hand-picked from

our vineyard in the Robertson Valley.

Made from classic bubbly varieties

(75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay),

each bottle was fermented for 24

months on the lees at a consistent

temperature of 14 degrees Celsius,

before disgorgement.

The result: a lightly salmon coloured

bubbly, refreshing in style and

appearance with red, fruity flavours,

floral undertones and silky richness.

It pairs with seafood and white meats,

and is ideal for a sundowner in


Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Located in the famous Skeleton Coast concession between the

Hoarusib and Hoanib rivers in the Skeleton Coast National Park,

Shipwreck Lodge is only 45 km from Möwe Bay. The shipwreckshaped

chalets are nestled between the dunes with a view of the

Atlantic Ocean where the cold Benguela current provides guests

with a refreshing breeze.

Our exclusive clients can look forward to appreciating the harshness

of the desert and the beauty of these solitary landscapes filled with

geological history. Learn about the fauna and flora adapted to

survive in these harsh conditions – all from the comfort of the

restaurant deck.

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

The lodge offers 8 twins/doubles and 2 family cabins, all ensuite and solarpowered.

Each room has a shower, toilet and washbasin complimented with


necessary guest amenities, including a writing desk, bedside lamp and a

wood burning stove.

A small coffee and tea station with hot water flask (delivered to your room by

our staff) are included for your convenience.

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Sundowner drive to

the roaring dunes

This is an afternoon

excursion by vehicle

to the Oasis water

point, which is

complimented by

the smoothly

sculptured roaring

dunes of the

concession area to

conclude the “must

do” sundowner.

Photographer:Denzel Bezuidenhout

Photographer:Martin Harvey

There are day excursions by vehicle to

the Möwe Bay seal colony. Guests will

be shown the remnants of the Suiderkus

Shipwreck, along the beach past the

remains of the Karimona shipwreck,

Photographer:Martin Harvey

abandoned Westies

diamond mine, remains of

the Ventura Bomber, to

the beautiful natural wind

shelter created by the

reeds at the Flamingo


Photographer:Martin Harvey

Photographer:Martin Harvey

Photographer:Shawn van Eeden

Photographer:Shawn van Eeden

Photographer:Shawn van Eeden

Photographer:Shawn van Eeden

hotographer:Micheal Turek

Full day

Huarusib River


A 4x4 trip to the Clay

castles, a natural

geological formation,

where brown hyenas

are often


Fortunate clients

could possibly see the

desert adapted

elephants and lions.

Photographer:Micheal Tu

Photo: Georgia East

Photo:Guy Bubb

Hope on Hopkins Distillery is a micro-distillery in Salt River, Cape Town.

Set up in 2014 by two ex-lawyers, Leigh Lisk and Lucy Beard, who followed

their hearts and turned their hands to distilling, they handcraft three flagship

gins under the Hope brand and have added a vodka and an agave spirit

(aka a ‘tequila’) to the range. They bring out “limited edition” special

release gins from time to time, as well as design and distil gins for other gin

brands including Musgrave Pink, Musgrave 11, Clemengold, Bloedlemoen,

Blossom & Hops and Southern Cross.

The South African couple had been working as lawyers in London for

nearly 15 years before abandoning the rat race to follow the sun. They

eventually found their way back home, to South Africa – after falling in

love with craft gin in the Mediterranean – and refurbished a rundown

warehouse in industrial Salt River, creating the Mother City’s first artisanal


Photo:Georgia East

Photo:Darren Bester

The two of them work

(and live) in this urban

haven, dedicating their

lives to the age old

process of batch

distillation with their

faithful stills – Mad Mary,

Mildred and Maude.

Photo:Michelle Parkin

Gin Beyond Tonic.

Everyone loves a gin and tonic, but not many realise quite how many calories

are in tonic, and some don’t enjoy the bitter sweet combo that tonic lends to

the drink. This is not a reason not to drink gin, however, as there are a myriad

of other ways to enjoy this remarkable spirit, including neat.

Photo:Frank Krummacher

Neat Gin.

Many are not brave enough to drink gin neat, as they’ve had bad experiences

with bad gin. With the recent gin boom, there are now a huge range of

beautifully distilled gins with an interesting range of botanicals, and many of

them are good neat. The best way to serve is with a couple of blocks of ice

and your choice of garnish – the ice dilutes the gin a bit (it is 43% alcohol after

all) and a garnish which either complements or enhance the botanicals of the

gin creates the simplest cocktail in history – perfect for sipping on hot summer


The Perfect Martini

The Martini, first drunk in the

1880s has changed over time

to become a classic dry

drink.So famous, the glass it’s

served in is named after it.

Simply pour a double tot of your favourite

gin into a stirring glass filled with ice.

Add a teaspoon of dry vermouth, stir.

(You stir not only to mix, but to chill the drink as much as possible.)

Strain into a chilled martini glass and serve with a twist of


The Negroni

Only for those who enjoy the

bitterness of Campari, it makes a

perfect aperitif.

Equal parts


Red Sweet Vermouth


Best served on a big

block of ice with a slice of


The Gimlet

Invented as a

method of

addressing scurvy by

the British navy for

their sailors as it

uses lime, it is

another cocktail easy

to make at home.


A double tot of gin

A single of Rose’s lime


A half tot of fresh lime juice

All into a stirring glass of ice

add a single tot of water


strain and serve straight up.

Gin & Juice

Made famous by Snoop Dog,

this is a great way to drink gin.

Choose your juice and then

match your gin to it … Great

combinations include Hope

Mediterranean Gin with

cranberry juice and a little

sugar syrup or Hope Salt River

Gin with grapefruit juice and a

thyme infused sugar syrup.

Red Snapper

Gin’s take on a Bloody

Mary: a delicious

alternative, as the

botanicals go so well with

the tomato juice.

All that’s required is a double tot of gin (Mediterranean or

Salt River Gin are good for this one), then fill up a tall

glass with tomato juice, a dash of Tabasco and some salt

and pepper.

Tasting our Gins

If you’re interested in tasting the range of gins made by Hope, pop

through to the Distillery on a Saturday afternoon: the Tasting

Room overlooks the Distillery Floor, so you get to see where the

magic happens. You can sample gins in a “DIY” style tasting,

where you learn how to pour perfectly served G&Ts

Regrettably no under 18s will be admitted.

If you can’t make it to the Distillery (which is at 7 Hopkins

Street in Salt River, just off Durham Avenue) on a Saturday

afternoon, pop down to the Oranjezicht City Farm Market at

Cape Town’s Granger Bay on a Saturday morning

Photo:Michelle Parkin

Photo:Darren Bester

The Ginfamous


Jo Wonham is a new exciting

artist and illustrator talent

emerging from the UK, and

definitely one to watch in 2019.

Taking watercolour still life and

animal portraiture to the next

level with a strikingly modern

twist, Jo specialises in ‘splash

colour’ which focusses on floods

of translucent paints over a vivid

definition of the subject, capturing

a movement and character which

makes her pieces so unique.

Originating from the county of Bedfordshire, Jo produces her illustrations and

paintings from a specially designed studio in her home, whilst balancing

working full time. She began drawing and sculpting at a young age, going on

to study at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. Whilst at University, Jo

specialised in sculpture and mixed media, later going on to work at a Special

Effects and Model making studio producing and designing film/TV props,

shop displays, window dressing and prototypes for some of the biggest

companies in the world – including televised awards ceremonies, high street

stores and household recognised production companies. Of that time, she

says “working at the studio was such a fantastic time, where every day and

every client was different. We’d be sculpting characters one day, making

awards the next, designing displays, working through technical drawings…

we worked in so many different mediums and it gave me the chance to hone

skills I’d never have got the chance to explore otherwise”.

After a number of years, she left the studio to join the corporate world and

applied her client liaison skills to focus on marketing, but still kept an element

of creativity and design by focussing on experiential activity – sampling, live

demos and roadshows using bespoke designed sets and props. Working with

some of the UKs biggest FMCG brands and products allowed for an expansion

of skills again but did mean her creative outlet narrowed and producing

artworks and pieces became a hobby limited only to free time. Until 2018,

where she began playing with illustrations of a popular subject – Gin and was

subsequently commissioned to produce 14 Gin illustrations for a wedding and

spring boarded her back into the limelight and set alight a passion to create

images more regularly.

A springboard which was quite a step change from the sculptural world she

was attuned to, but one which had always been in the background – just never

publically released. Thanks to Social Media and the everyday use of

technology, her work is now available no matter where you are in the world.

“This year has been pivotal to my artwork launching successfully. The wedding

commission was my first foray into public access illustration for a while, and

really invigorated a passion which I hadn’t explored due to focussing on my

corporate career for so long. My style has developed in those ‘dormant’ years,

and as such allowed me to hit the ground running and has in turn, gained a

following at a feverish pace. I launched my website earlier in the year to allow

affordable access to prints of the Gin collection (named playfully ‘Ginfamous’)

and gave people the ability to access an incredibly popular subject. It couldn’t

have come at a better time – Gin in the UK has gone crazy, it’s really popular

and as a trend shows no signs of slowing down”.

As such, her Ginfamous collection, which now has over 25 illustrations of

bottles available, has been released in limited print editions and can be

shipped worldwide, as well as being featured as collaborations with local pubs

and bars.

She starts by sketching out the design, either live or from printed images, in

pencil before overlaying the detail in ink. Once dry, the watercolours are

layered over creating density, depth and an intensity akin to her popular style.

Each painting takes between 4-10 hours to create.

“I pride myself on using only the highest quality materials; heavy grade archive

standard watercolour paper, high pigment paints and a traditional dip pen and

ink pot, as the density and flow of ink is so much better – you get a true sense

of the work which goes into the paintings and I love that no two would ever be

the same, they are unique in every sense of the word”.

Speaking about accessibility and launching to the world, she says “It’s very

important to me that artworks aren’t pedestalled as inaccessible due to cost –

they should be enjoyed and relished by everyone no matter who you are… in

such a digital age, there is nothing like holding a real painting and feeling the

grain of the paper or the finish of the paint under your fingertips; I want it to

inspire and bring joy to everyone not just the affluent few which is why my

commission and prints are offered in so many different price options".

So what is in store for

2019? Jo now works

exclusively two days a

week accepting

commissions and working

on expanding the

Ginfamous collection,

most recently broadening

appeal by illustrating

animals and pets, with the

aspiration to release

generic animal prints later

in the year.

“Another popular request coming through is wedding venues, which make the

most wonderful gift for first year anniversaries – since the tradition is to give

something made of paper – or to give on the day. It’s a personal and highly

bespoke way of remembering such a beautiful occasion”.

Jo is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the art world and is determined to

expand and grow depending on her audience’s needs – we can’t wait to see

what else comes from this exciting talent in the future.

Taste Innovation

Tastelab is a young, vibrant and modern company specialising in

product design to create innovative food products for every


Creative development

At Tastelab we believe in listening to consumers and combining

needs with trends, to create the best possible food products by

adding our own authentic stamp. Tastelab develops, manufactures

and distributes innovative food products.

Flavour innovation

We believe in the power of good food and the positive impact it

has on human health and the world. With love for people and

passion for food we create the best products to put on the shelves.

Tastelab is the creative brainchild of Cape Town based food

scientist and entrepreneur, Wessel Pieterse, who is the heart and

driving force behind Tastelab.

Wessel completed his degree in Food Science at the University of

Stellenbosch, where after he went on to do food product

development for various retailers and fast food restaurants for three

years. After this he completed his MBA at the UCT Graduate School

of Business, and did courses in Design Thinking, Strategic Brand

Management and Open Innovation at ESADE in Barcelona.

His love for food innovation, product design and entrepreneurship

inspired him to start this venture from his home kitchen in the

charming Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. He is motivated to

provide consumers with tasty, nutritious and innovative food



Secco Drink Infusion

Secco is a blend of specially selected dried fruit and

spices which allow you to naturally infuse a drink of

your choice. The process by which the fruit has been

dried leaves the fruit’s structure open allowing it to

naturally infuse your drink with flavour and colour.

Simply add one sachet of your favourite Secco to a glass

of G&T, cocktail or soft drink and allow to infuse and


Citrus Cinnamon

Zesty lime and sweet

naartjie infused with

accents of earthy


Raspberry Rose


Floral notes of rose and

hibiscus in a crimson blend

of sweet raspberries.

Spiced Fig

Sweet fig complemented by

aromatic star anise, cardamom

and juniper berries.

Pepper Berry

Fruity strawberry and

blueberry, balanced with a

hint of fragrant pepper.


Inspiration can be found in unexpected places. For oenologist Hanneli vd

Merwe, it came on a business trip to Europe in November 2015 where

corporate entertaining led to a personal discovery of the tasty world of craft gin

and designer tonics. Since becoming the first woman to obtain a PhD in

Oenology from the University of Stellenbosch, she had been thirsting for a new

adventure – who would have thought the answer would lie in the cocktail she

was enjoying.

Back in South Africa, she observed the craft gin industry was already

establishing itself and winning the hearts & palates of discerning consumers

with the level of local craftsmanship. Yet amidst this growing excellence and

diversity there was a sorely felt void. South Africa needed a natural, highquality

tonic water to complement its emerging gin industry – she decided to

change this. Today Barker & Quin is a partnership between herself and long

time colleague and friend, Chris Wium.


In our bid to create a superior tonic for the discerning South African gin drinker,

we went to great lengths to source the highest quality, natural products from

Africa. Our citrus flavours and spices are created from distilled essences, and

our quinine harvested from the Chinchona tree bark in the Democratic

Republic of Congo. Combining these ingredients with spring water from the

Breede River in the Slanghoek Valley, we have created a delectable tonic, free

of artificial sweeteners, colourants and flavourants. Barker & Quin tonic water

is delicious enough to be drunk on its own, but add it to a craft gin, and you

create a unique gourmet drinking experience.


Taking our notes from the

tree tops of Africa we

present you with our

Marula tonic water. This

tonic is made with natural

marula flavour and

mountain spring water.

Join us on a journey to the

Bushveld. “My African

dream, there's a new

tomorrow” - Vicky



Take a sturdy tumbler, and add your ice cubes. Add your

gin of choice (50ml). Take a couple of leaves of fresh

mint and drop it into the glass breaking it slightly. Fill up

with Marula tonic, sit back and enjoy the view.


This floral infused tonic is

made with natural

Hibiscus, Honeybush and

real Quinine. This flavour

arrangement compliments

various Gins, but is also

delicious as a refreshing

non-alcoholic beverage.

“The earth laughs in

flowers” Ralph Waldo



This flavourful floral tonic water can either be enjoyed with a handful

of your favourite berries or dried citrus peel. Be playful with this one,

she’s fun! Add to 50ml of your favourite gin on ice, sit back and enjoy

something a little different


Keeping up with the

Barker & Quin tradition

and quality, “Light at

Heart” is an all natural

product. Low in sugar

and calories, mixed with

mountain spring water.

Enjoy a guilt free

refreshment that will

keep you light at heart

for every festive


Serving Suggestions

Take a cold wine glass (or glass of choice). Add ice, the larger the cubes the

better. Add gin (50ml) and squeeze a lime wedge into the gin and drop it into

the glass. Add ice cold Barker & Quin Light at Heart Indian tonic-water and

squeeze another lime wedge and drop it in the glass, stir briefly. Sit back and



A premium tonic

water made from

select natural

ingredients and

quinine, mixed

together with

mountain spring water

to form the perfect

tonic water.

Serving Suggestions

Take a cold wine glass (or glass of choice). Add ice, the larger the cubes the

better. Add gin (50ml) and squeeze a lime wedge into the gin and drop it into

the glass. Add ice cold Barker & Quin Finest Indian tonic water and squeeze

another lime wedge and drop it in the glass, stir briefly. Sit back and enjoy!


A heritage flavour from

South Africa is the key

ingredient that carries

the citrus notes of this

tonic water. This tonic

water will amplify the

characters in any gin

and bring a fullness that

is delectably refreshing.


Honeybunch, you know

that I love you! I can't

help myself, I love you

and nobody else" - Four


Serving Suggestions

Add ice to a long glass. Add (50ml) gin over your ice cubes. Add a beautiful

green sage leaf and fill your glass with the delectable Honeybush Orange

tonic water. Take a cinnamon stick and stir. Sit back and be refreshed!

Laura Bosenberg @capetownballerina

Michael Groenewald @oneimagined

About Us

Do you love fine food and quality time with people special to you?

With Chef & Guests you can hire a private chef to prepare high-quality meals

in the comfort of your own home or at a unique location (exclusive luxury

homes, rooftops, a wilderness location, etc) for an intimate time with your

loved one, a special occasion with your friends, or for a corporate function.

What is Chef & Guests?

An online platform connecting fine dining lovers with private chefs for an

extraordinary culinary experience.

A platform giving exposure to talented and passionate chefs, helping them

use their unique gifts to succeed in their business and giving them true

creative freedom.

A platform seeking to represent a variety of culinary styles and the highest

level of excellence.

Who Are Our Chefs?

All our chefs are auto-entrepreneurs working with us and using our platform

to promote their skills and services to reach clients and increase their

revenues. Each one of our chefs is selected based on their skills and passion

for fine food and people.

We seek to represent a variety of culinary styles among our chefs, and a level

of excellence acquired through culinary schools and/ or experience gained by

working in fine dining establishments.

Chef Devasena Padayachi is a

Johannesburg Born chef. With an

International and National Diploma

in Professional Cookery. She is

passionate about the Art of Cooking

and brings fresh cooking ideas, new

perspectives, diversity, colour and

flavour to any table.

She has worked shifts at high

volume hotels such as Michelangelo,

Radisson Blu, Palazzo Hotel

Montecasino and By word of


Chef Devasena Padayachi


Johannesburg & Pretoria

Cuisine Type:

Mediterranean, Asian and

South African

Chef Devasena then took on a role

at the South African Chefs

Association as a lecturer, where she

trained Young Chefs to improve

there skills in the culinary world.

She then went on to open up a

Catering Company which is making

its mark in the Johannesburg and

Pretoria Areas.

Born and raised in Johannesburg,

Chef Caldon Strimling has a passion

for working with Fresh and Healthconscious

ingredients that are

heartwarming and soulful.

His food is inspired by the

Mediterranean, Asian and South

African Homestyle cuisine- from Fine

Dinning to a creative take on Street


Chef Caldon Strimling


Johannesburg & Pretoria

He has worked as a chef at some of

South Africa’s best restaurants such

as Aurelias @ Emperors Palace,

Punchinello’s @ the Pivot Hotel,

Urbanology in JHB CBD. Also

worked in the Middle East (City of


Cuisine Type:

Mediterranean, Asian and

South African

Chef Lebo Mamabolo is an

exceptionally talented individual

from Pretoria, with an

international and national

diploma in culinary arts.

Chef Lebo has gained work

experience from reputable

establishments such as Four

Seasons at The Westcliff and

was recently given an

opportunity to work in Texas in

the United States of America.

Chef Lebo Mamabolo


Johannesburg & Pretoria

She is very passionate about the

culinary world and is set on

bringing fresh and vibrant ideas

to the hospitality industry, she

ensures that clients get an

amazing and unforgettable


Cuisine Type:

South African,

Indian and American

Born and breed in Umtata

Eastern Cape, Chef Nkosi

Mfundisi is passionate and

loves serving good food.

He worked in top five star

hotels like Twelve

Apostles Hotel, Cape

Grace Hotel and Fairmont

Zimbali Resort. He is a

former member of SA

culinary Olympic Team

and he has cooked for

prominent business people

including the Spanish


Chef Nkosi Mfundisi


Johannesburg & Pretoria

Cuisine Type:

Spanish, Asian, Italian,

French, Mexican and

Indian cuisines

Chef Lungelo Masiza


Southern Suburbs, Cape Town,

Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Claremont,

Fish Hoek, Seapoint, Simontown,

Muizenberg, Camps Bay

Cuisine Type:

Italian, Cape Malay and South African

Lungelo Masiza is a qualified

professional Chef. His skills

where obtained through the

Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel,

where he has learnt the ins and

outs of the Hospitality industry

with more than 11 years of

extensive experience. Chef

Lungelo as he is affectionately

known has now ventured solo

opening up his own food and

beverage called Chef Lungelo. To

allow visitors to experience the

diversity in South Africa through

the food and allowing them to

feel a connection to their home

country as well.

Chef Miyelani Mathebula

Miyelani Mathebula who is known as

Chef Miya is a qualified vibrant and

goal driven chef. He is self taught and

hard working chef. With over 12

years of experience and has worked

in different establishment all around

South African such as Val de Vie Polo

Club, Paarl Valley Golf Estate,

Peninsula Hotel, Holiday Inn, serving

under some off the countries top

chefs, he is your go to guy for all

foodies. He's an ambitious,

hardworking and commercially

driven chef who is striving to build a

successful business career in the food

industry and culinary world. He has a

passion for great food and enjoys

cooking mouth-watering dishes.


Cape Town (all over Cape Town)

Cuisine Type:

Asian, Italian, French,

South African

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Bistro Sixteen82,

Steenberg’s popular cellar

door restaurant in

Constantia welcomes

vegans and vegetarians

this summer with

dedicated menus bursting

with freshness and


Known for uncomplicated

bistro-style food and

tapas that is seasonal and

flavourful, Chef Kerry

draws on experiences

during her travels to find

new inspiration and

authentic ingredients, so

evident in the constant

evolution of the Bistro

Sixteen82 menu.

Chef Kerry’s famous vegetable stack of pan fried veggies, roasted butternut,

assorted mushrooms, tender greens and red pepper, all melded together by

her delicious smoked paprika vinaigrette is one of three choices for mains.

Other options are a warm vegetable quinoa salad of artichoke, courgettes,

peppers, wild rocket and a red pepper coulis, or the avo and wild rocket

Tempura Vegetables. The vegan dessert is a light and breezy bowl of fresh

summer berries, juicy citrus and a berry coulis.

Vegans have plenty to choose from for starters and mains on the lunch menu.

The broccoli tataki of marinated shimeji mushrooms, chilli, corn, spring onion

and wild rocket is a must drizzled with Chef Kerry’s signature soy vinaigrette.

A house salad and delicious marinated artichoke salad with beetroot, grilled

courgettes and pumpkin seeds complete the selection of starters.

The vegetarian menu

features variations of these

dishes as well as a few

extras including a panko

crusted cheese fritter for

starters, followed by a

risotto of the day and

mushroom and gorgonzola

ricotta gnocchi for mains.

Don’t miss out on these delicious

creations and visit Bistro

Sixteen82 before the summer

rush. The outside terrace framed

by water features and

spectacular mountain views is

the ultimate setting for enjoying

Steenberg’s outstanding bubbly

and fine selection of wines.

Please join us on:

We hope that

you have

enjoyed your

visit with us in

our 4th. Issue.

Should you like

to advertise or

be featured in

one of our



Send us an email:

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