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Fire to INSPIRE!

Mary Grupe Center

Center for Leadership and

Community Engagement

Whether you’re a leader already prepared

to make big things happen or you don’t

even know where to start, the Center for

Leadership and Community Engagement

is here to help you. Attend this session to

gain the knowledge of how to become a

better leader and make a big impact in

your community.

ResNet in Plain English

Black 203-01

ResNet Support - Auxiliary

Computing Services

Learn about computer services that are

provided by CWU. Don't miss this crucial

discussion on ResNet network overview,

bandwidth prioritization, Acceptable Use

Policy (AUP), Peer-to-Peer applications,

Viruses, Spyware, Internet Security and

Identity Fraud Protection in down-toearth,

understandable language. The IT

Help Desk and Networks staff will be

available to answer questions.

Study Abroad 101

Black 150

Office of Int e r n a t i o n al

S t u d i e s & Pr ogram s

Interested in learning more about the

world and yourself, while earning credit

towards your CWU degree? Study Abroad

and Exchange Programs offers study and

intern options in over 50 countries (and

exchanges with over 100 universities in

the United States and Canada.) This workshop

covers the basics which include:

types of programs, eligibility, credit, cost,

financial aid, and more.

Top Ten Reasons to

Pursue the Outdoors

Black 151

University Recreation

Hold on as the Outdoor Pursuits and

Rentals (OPR) staff provides you with the

top 10 reasons to expand your horizons

and get involved with our many outdoor

programs and rentals!

Undergraduate Research

and Scholarship

Black 137

Office of Undergraduate Research,

Office of Graduate Studies and Research

Make the most of your time outside the

classroom by engaging in research and

creative activities with Central faculty.

Learn about the many opportunities and

options for financial support available

for undergraduate research, scholarship,

and creative activities in addition to

presenting your work at Central’s annual

Symposium On University Research and

Creative Expression (SOURCE) in May.

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