Global Reggae Charts - Issue #19 / December 2018

Inside you can find the latest reggae album, single, and riddim charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.

Inside you can find the latest reggae album, single, and riddim charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.


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issue #19 | december 2018

artist of the month

Dennis Brown

featured voter

Charli Urrego -


Thorben Noß & Zoë MacTaggart -


global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2018


global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017


Welcome to the latest issue, and the final edition of 2018, of the Global Reggae Charts magazine!

This month we tip our proverbial hats to one of the legends of the genre, Dennis Brown, whose

work has been re-contextualized by plenty of talented guests on “King Jammy Presents: Dennis

Brown – Tracks Of Life”; topping the album charts made for an easy decision. We also feature an

exclusive conversation with General Zooz of the Reggae Rajahs, who shares a business-minded

perspective on the role the group’s 10,000 Lions Sound System and Goa Sunsplash festival have

played in the expansion of reggae across India. As always, we also hear from our voters: Hanover,

Germany, duo Zoë and P-Nut of the monthly radio show “Wha Gwaan,” plus Charli Urrego from

Bogotá, Colombia, who is the founder and host of the “Legado Africano” radio show.

Moving on to the charts, other notable releases on the album side include Protoje, down two spots

at #3, before Beres Hammond’s “Never Ending” debuts at #4. Groundation and Agent Sasco both

remain in the top ten for the second month, while Manudigital’s “Bass Attack” brings a retro digital

style to #8. Further debuts come from the supergroup Kingston All Stars, the heavyweight force

of Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah, and the latest from the UK group Capital Letters featuring JB. Black

Uruhu climbed seven spots to #12, Dubmatix’s “King Size Dub Special” reentered at #19, and Etana’s

Reggae” Forever at #15 has now charted for an impressive eight months!

Beres Hammond’s “I’m Alive” leads the singles chart, with Lila Iké’s “Second Chance” and the

irrepressible Koffee’s “Raggamuffin” rounding out the top three. Two Chronixx collabs come next,

with Alborosie and Protoje, respectively; Mortimer also makes an impact with “Careful” debuting

at #9. Perennial act Third World’s new “Loving You Is Easy” is #11, just ahead of Bulby York, who fell

slightly to #12. Macka B – “Bad To Your Own” – and Tarrus Riley – “Guess Who” – also show up in

the latter half. Overall, Alborosie edges out Protoje and Beres Hammond with three tracks on the

chart to their two apiece.

The “Peng Peng Riddim” remains atop the riddim charts for the second month, with the reentry of

the “Wizzle Riddim” runner-up. Giddimani maintains a presence at #3, and Green Lion Crew contributes

the only new listing, the “Militant Step Riddim” at #4, just ahead of the “Artibella Riddim.”

It’s definitely my honor and pleasure to be taking over writing this opening editorial, just as it has

been to edit the magazine since the sixth issue. I hope my increased role goes as seamlessly as

possible, and I look forward to welcoming you to many issues to come! Since the Global Reggae

Charts magazine is ultimately about providing reggae radio hosts and DJs a platform to share their

taste-making voices, I want to thank all of our voters for their continued effort and support – we

truly couldn’t do this without you.

All the best from Colorado, USA,



global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2018

Album single Charts | top 20


Ending 31/10/2018

Contributing voters: 47

# LM 2M PK Mo Artist Single Label

↑ 1 6 7 1 1 Beres Hammond I‘m Alive VP

↑ 2 3 3 2 3 Lila Iké Second Chance In.Digg.Nation

↑ 3 8 1 1 10 Koffee Raggamuffin Frankie Music

4 1 6 1 6 Alborosie & Chronixx Contradiction Greensleeves

5 4 2 2 6 Protoje & Chronixx No Guarantee Mr Bongo

↑ 6 20 - 6 2 Mojo Morgan

Be Free feat. Stephen Marley,

Gramps Morgan

Heritage Grown

+ 7 - - 7 1 Beres Hammond Land Of Sunshine VP

+ 8 - - 8 1 Manudigital Bad feat. General Degree X-Ray

+ 9 - - 9 1 Mortimer Careful Easy Star

10 9 4 3 6 Kabaka Pyramid & Damian Marley Kontraband Ghetto Youths International

+ 11 - - 11 1 Third World Loving You Is Easy Ghetto Youths International

12 7 - 7 2 Bulby York

13 10 11 5 5 Yaadcore

Lots of Signs feat. Christopher Martin,

Beenie Man

No Fenke Fenke feat. Shanique Marie

& Kabaka Pyramid

Bulby York

12 Yaad

14 11 12 11 3 Capital Letters The Roots Sugar Shack

15 12 - 12 2 Protoje Like This Mr Bongo

16 13 - 13 2 Macka B Bad to Your Own Chinelo

+ 17 - - 17 1 Tarrus Riley Guess Who VP

18 2 15 2 4 Alborosie The Unforgiven feat. Raging Fyah Greensleeves

19 5 10 5 4 Groundation Fossil Fuels Baco

+ 20 - - 20 1 Alborosie Too Rock feat. Beres Hammond Greensleeves

Mojo Morgan Manudigital Third World

Mortimer Beres Hammond

# = this month’s position on the chart LM = last month’s position on the chart 2M = position two months ago

PK = peak position MO = months on the chart ↑= signifies upward movement + = new entry

global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2019 2

Album Charts | top 20


Ending 31/10/2018

Contributing voters: 42

# LM 2M PK Mo Artist Album Label

↑ 1 6 - 1 2 Dennis Brown

King Jammy Presents:

Tracks Of Life

2 2 2 1 5 Alborosie Meets The Wailers United Unbreakable Greensleeves


3 1 1 1 5 Protoje A Matter of Time Mr Bongo

+ 4 - - 4 1 Beres Hammond Never Ending VP

5 3 3 1 6 Kabaka Pyramid Kontraband Ghetto Youths International

↑ 6 7 - 6 2 Groundation The Next Generation Baco

7 4 - 4 2 Agent Sasco Hope River Diamond Studios

+ 8 - - 8 1 Manudigital Bass Attack X-Ray

9 5 12 5 3 Alpha Blondy Human Race Wagram

10 8 - 8 2 Bitty McLean feat. Sly & Robbie Love Restart Tabou 1

+ 11 - - 11 1 Kingston All Stars Rise Up Roots & Wire

↑ 12 19 - 12 2 Black Uhuru As The World Turns Black Uhuru

+ 13 - - 13 1 Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah The Great Elephant Steppas

↑ 14 15 - 14 2 Common Kings One Day Mensch House

15 11 9 2 8 Etana Reggae Forever Tad‘s.

16 12 4 4 4 Reemah Breaking News Feel Line

↑ 17 20 13 3 6 Mellow Mood Large La Tempesta Dub

+ 18 - - 18 1 Capital Letters Judgement Day Sugar Shack

+ 19 - - 15 3 Dubmatix King Size Dub Special Echo Beach

20 14 5 5 3 Mr. Vegas ISM Germaica

Alpha Steppa &


Capital Letters


Kingston All Stars

Bitty McLean

# = this month’s position on the chart LM = last month’s position on the chart 2M = position two months ago

PK = peak position MO = months on the chart ↑= signifies upward movement + = new entry


global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2018




global reggae charts

featured voter


Two voters we feature this month. First we have Zoë

and P-Nut, who presents their show “Wha Gwaan -

Reggae & Dancehall” at radio Leinehertz 106.5 in

Hanover, Germany.

Global Reggae Charts: Please introduce yourself

and your radio show to our readers!

Thorben & Zoë: We are Zoë and P-Nut from Sound

System Frontward International, and have been

doing the monthly radio show “Wha Gwaan -

Reggae & Dancehall” broadcast by Radio Leinhertz

106.5 since 2009 from Hanover (Germany). We shall

soon celebrate the 10th anniversary of our show.

GRC: What made you fall in love with reggae?

Zoë: I have known reggae since childhood, because

my parents had some records of Jimmy Cliff and

Bob Marley at home. Later, a friend gave me a tape

recording of Steel Pulse, and thus I started listening

to more and more reggae. But I really got hooked by

the first parties I went to - dancehall by Mr. Vegas,

Beenie Man, Lady Saw …

Thorben: I grew up with hip hop. I first heard reggae

at the beginning of the nineties, when I gave a friend

a reggae record as a birthday present. Subsequently,

my friends and I kept recording tapes. I also travelled

to German cities, which had large record stores to

sample and buy discs, as there was no internet then.

What I particularly like about reggae is that it carries

a positive message.

GRC: How did you get into radio and what is your


Thorben: I made a radio show about reggae as early

as 1998. I always wanted to pass on the positive

vibes of the music, present new songs, and share

with others the pleasure this gave me. I also enjoy

discovering and supporting new artists.

Zoë: I was intrigued by the medium of radio, the

peek behind the curtains. Besides which, I like to

learn new things. But I never thought that we would

stay for so long.

GRC: What spectrum of music do you play in your

show and which artists have you found most inspiring


Zoë: We try to include all genres belonging to

reggae in our show, ranging from ska to dancehall.

We place particular emphasis on presenting current

songs and new releases from all over the world.

Though we focus on the German and European reggae

scenes, we never let Jamaica out of our sights.

We also try to provide background information about

the music, and we conduct interesting interviews

with the artists. My favorite artists at the moment

are Shenseea, Razor B, and Javada.

Thorben: Of course we also give our listeners information

and tips on and about interesting events.

At present, I am fascinated by the new generation of

Jamaican women such as Aza Lineage, Lila Iké, and

Koffee. But Germany also has new artists such as

Rico, Jahfro, CARL, and the Berlin Boom Orchestra.

global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2019


global reggae charts

featured voter

And, of course, Bonez MC and RAF Camora, who are

ruling the charts in Germany right now.

GRC: Thank you for your time!

short FACTS

Station: Radio Leinehertz 106.5

Location: Germany - Hanover

Show: Wha Gwaan - Reggae & Dancehall

Host: P-Nut (Thorben Noß) & Zoë MacTaggart

On air: every 2nd & 5th monday of the month




Album Riddim Charts | top 5


Ending 31/10/2018

Contributing voters: 21


# LM 2M PK Mo Riddim Label

1 1 - 1 2 Peng Peng Riddim Boomrush

+ 2 - - 2 3 Wizzle Riddim TJ

↑ 3 4 - 3 2 Old Jack Plug Riddim Giddimani

+ 4 - - 4 1 Militant Step Riddim Green Lion Crew

5 3 - 3 2 Artibella Riddim VibesCorner

Militant Step Riddim

Old Jack Plug


global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2018



global reggae charts



AM: Related, how did you know the time was right

to expand beyond the Reggae Rajahs brand?

This month we feature some business insights – on developing

multiple brands, reaching the right audience, and promoting

reggae far from Jamaica – courtesy of General Zooz,

a member of leading Indian reggae act the Reggae Rajahs.

Over the past few years, the Rajahs have created a hand-built

sound system and organized an increasingly-popular reggae


GZ: Well, I don’t really see it as expanding beyond

the Reggae Rajahs brand, but more as an extension

of the Reggae Rajahs brand. Reggae Rajahs started

as a group of reggae music lovers in India committed

to playing and spreading reggae around the country.

Both the sound system and Goa Sunsplash are tools

that enable us to further this mission.

Anderson Muth: You’re nearing your tenth anniversary

as the Reggae Rajahs, a journey that includes

touring abroad and domestically. Two projects – the

10,000 Lions Sound System and Goa Sunsplash festival

– both emerged in 2016, with the festival’s fourth

incarnation scheduled for the 12th and 13th of January,

2019. How did

you know the time

was right to create

a sound system and

develop a festival?

Which came first, and

what is the relationship

between the two?

AM: What are the advantages of having multiple

overlapping brands within India’s reggae market?

GZ: Well I guess the biggest advantage is that these

brands are helping us create our own scene. Clubs

and bars in India had a problem with roots reggae

General Zooz: Well,

both had been in

the works for a long

time. It so happened

that everything came

together in those few

months (late 2015/

early 2016) and we

were able to complete

building the sound

and host the first

edition of the festival

within days of each other. I would say 10,000 Lions

Sound System and Goa Sunsplash are intrinsically

linked. Both are community projects with a crossover

in terms of team members, and 10,000 Lions

has always had its own stage at Goa Sunsplash (in

2016 it was the only stage).

because it was too slow. Now, with 10,000 Lions

Sound System, the true power of roots music is

there for everyone to see, to the point where the

sound system now has a stage at one of the most

popular festivals in India, VH1 Supersonic. Venues

and festivals in India were not booking our reggae

global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2019


global reggae charts


talent regularly, so we decided to start Goa Sunsplash,

a festival to represent all these people who

didn’t have a space in the scene earlier. Reggae

music is such a niche genre in India that by having

different projects, we are able to combine them to

propel this movement further.

changed the game as they have been able to dictate

what music they play and what message the audience

gets from the music outside of a club setting.

The next step really is creating Indian reggae with

singers and producers mixing Indian languages and

sounds into their music.

AM: What cultural and historical realities in India,

and specifically Goa, have helped your success?

GZ: Well, Goa has historically been a place where

alternative culture has thrived in India, so it was always

going to make sense as a hub of reggae music

in the country. I would say that a lot of

Reggae Rajahs success in India has come because

of the party energy that dancehall music carries.

Indians love to dance, so it’s natural that dancehall

would be easy to digest for the masses. However,

the deeper messages in reggae music – for example

fighting for justice and equal rights or reaching

out to a higher power through a state of meditation

– are aspects of reggae that are still beginning

to catch on in India. I think both these message are

very relevant to Indians and once we find the right

way to hit them with it, there will be no stopping


AM: In what ways do you reach the domestic audience,

and why does the music of Jamaica resonate

with them? Can you explain more about the realities

of promoting reggae in India?

AM: Regarding festival programming, what has

been your approach towards booking – to curate a

truly special event? What unique benefits does Goa

provide in contrast to the booking challenges of distance

and accessibility?

GZ: Promoting reggae in India is tough work. Most

people don’t know much about Jamaica except

for [famed cricketer] Chris Gayle and Bob Marley.

Reggae Rajahs have used the party elements in the

music to some success over the last few years. The

dancehall energy has been well received at clubs and

festivals in India. There is also a growing dance scene

with dancehall crews and dancers popping up across

the country. In terms of roots reggae, the sheer

power of 10,000 Lions Sound and Bass Foundation

Roots Sound [based out of New Delhi] have really

GZ: Contrary to popular belief (amongst non-reggae

listeners at least), reggae music is a vast genre that

includes so many different sub-genres. Personally,

I love all styles of reggae so I wanted the festival

programming to reflect this. Everyone should be able

to find what they want at Goa Sunsplash. We have

been lucky to have had the support of many international

singers, bands, DJs, and producers who come

to Goa at their own expense to be a part of this movement.

Being a reggae festival in India, in Goa too,

has its benefits!


global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2018

global reggae charts


AM: There’s nearly a month of official pre-party

events held across India prior to Goa Sunsplash.

What are the goals of these?

GZ: The pre-parties are essential to give us visibility.

In previous years, we have used pre-parties to help

increase awareness about the festival across India

and especially in Goa. This year, we have organized

pre-parties in London and Paris as well. Goa Sunsplash

is a destination festival where people come

from all over the world to attend and perform. It is

vital for us that our outreach continues to expand so

more and more people across the globe get to know

that we are flying the reggae colors in India!

AM: What were your key considerations when booking

this year’s festival?

GZ: There were many things to consider when

booking for this year’s festival. Firstly, it was vital for

me to involve more Jamaicans in our programming.

Due to our proximity to Europe/ UK, it has historically

been easier for us to bring down acts from those

countries. However, I feel that the Caribbean energy

is quite different and we are very excited to have

Anthony B, ZJ Liquid, and Craig Black Eagle representing

Jamaican culture at the festival this year.

Sound system and live reggae bands remain an

important aspect of the festival, so we have invited

Channel One Sound System, and also have House of

Riddim, Forelock & Arawak, and Blackbird Hum performing.

Finally, I wanted to open up the festival a bit

in terms of the audience we attract too, so we have

booked DubFX to give us some crossover appeal.

global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2019

Dennis Brown

& King Jammy

Dennis Brown is one of the most important names in reggae history,

often times referred to as “The Crown Prince of Reggae”.

Nearly 20 years after his death he tops the album charts again with

his King Jammy reworked album “Tracks of Life”. This definitely

makes him a proper choice for the artist of the month feature.

global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2018




global reggae charts

featured voter


The second voter we feature is Charli Urrego from

Colombia. He presents his show “Legado Africano” at

UPTC Radio 104.1 FM in Tunya, Boyacá.

Global Reggae Charts: Please introduce yourself

and your radio show to our readers!

Charli Urrego: High vibrations for all the sisters

and brothers who read the GRC, my name is Charli

Urrego from Bogotá, Colombia. I’m the founding

member, producer, and DJ of Legado Africano

Reggae Beat“ (African Legacy) – a radio show that

has aired for 11 years on UPTC Radio 104.1 FM from

the city of Tunja, Boyacá – a space dedicated to

sharing and promoting the knowledge and history

of Africa through the sounds mainly of the island of

Jamaica, as well as other sounds of the Caribbean

and African roots such as blues, jazz, and Afro-Latina,

and also the promotion of national and international

reggae groups.

GRC: What made you fall in love with reggae?

CU: It all started in 2002, when friends from my

neighborhood and school began to listen rap, punk,

and less-commercial music; I remember listening to

groups like Wu-Tang Clan, Born Jamericans, Gotas

de Rap, or even Vico C, little by little the first Alpha

Blondy cassette, then UB40. One day Peter Tosh,

Bunny Wailer, and Robert N. Marley arrived, with

“Get Up Stand Up,” “Stir It Up,” “Buffalo Soldier”,

and “One Love” part of the first reggae songs that I

heard. It was an indescribable connection that I keep

learning from every day, his message and sounds

were what brought me closer not only to want to listen

to more reggae, but also to look at it as a path of

life, with hope, joy, and a lot of gratitude. Today, I’m

sure that the reggae is an epidemic connection that

can continue to improve the whole world.

GRC: Could you give a little insight on the Colombian

and South American reggae scenes?

CU: Reggae in Colombia has grown tremendously

and will continue to do so. In 2004, I heard the

first bands from the country‘s central area, such as

Alerta Kamarada, 116 Roots, Nawal, Kilimanjahro,

Ras Jahonnan, CRC, Artefacto, and Orador MDC – the

ones that by now I can still remember; 14 years later

there are more than 200 musical groups, cultural

collectives, DJs, singers, dancers, who have found

themselves in reggae, dancehall, dub, ska, and even

blues – an important link to build their lives around

these urban movements. South America already has

an important reggae festival, the Jamming Festival

in Bogotá, Colombia, and I must emphasize a very

significant connection that emerged in previous

versions of Rototom Sunsplash when they opened

the doors to Latin artists with the Rototom Latino

Contest: in this process that lasted close to two or

three years we met many groups from every Latin

country. Argentina has the highest number of active

reggae bands, followed by Colombia now, Chile,

Uruguay, Venezuela, and Peru. Tiano Bless and Royal

Rudes performed in Bennicasin, Spain, a few

global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2019


global reggae charts

featured voter

years ago during the Rototom. I can’t forget another

great protagonist in Colombia of the sound system

culture, El Gran Latido, the first handcrafted sound

system of the capital city.

GRC: How did you get into radio and what is your


CU: In 2004, everything started at school – there

was a radio station and I played reggae during class

recesses every day. I was also a DJ at Roots Bar in

Bogotá. Years later, I started college studies in Tunja

and there I got to UPTC Radio 104.1 FM, the college

radio station and one of the most important radio

stations in the city. As a student, I presented a

project to open a space that would spread the

rhythms of the Caribbean, the islands and the African

continent and that’s when Legado Africano was

born. We went on air in October 2007, on Mondays at

9:00 pm, COT. And that’s when we began our night

date with our listeners; now 10 years later, it is still

a joy to go every night to share music with positive,

cheerful messages that keep the voice of many

people of the world. Music motivates me, the people

who listen to Legado Africano and all those we have

met during this time. Kathleen Murrain, producer of

the section “Blues Time” as part of our show, and

Mahavisnu Bonza and Andrés Sanchez, who were

the first co-founders, also have an important role in

the maintainance and production of the show.

GRC: What spectrum of music do you play in your

show, and which artists have you found most inspiring


CU: We have played from reggae roots classics, like

Robert N. Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Toots &

the Maytals, and Israel Vibrations, going through the

base of rocksteady and dub just talking about island

rhythms. We promote reggae, new songs and artists

from local groups, Latin America, and all continents

where artists are influenced by Afro-descendant

rhythms; and thanks to GRC, our list of artists has

been greatly enriched. Also connected with Pirata

short FACTS

Station: UPTC Radio 104.1FM

Location: Tunja, Boyacá Colombia

Show: Legado Africano ”Reggae Beat“

Host: Charli Urrego

On air: Mondays 9pm (COT)




Boing in Finland and Santiago Palazzo with the

Radio Rebelde Network in La De Dios Radio in

Argentina, we have had the possibility to retransmit

the shows, increasing our audience from these countries

(Finland and Argentina), helping other artists to

expand their audience spectrum, and also increasing

our listeners‘ knowledge of other sounds around the

world. Inspiring artists like Adelking Farmer from

Venezuela, La Tifa and The Makonnen Soul from

Colombia, Zion Riddim, just to mention some groups

with fresh energy – the dub academy has taught

us a lot with important artists such as Channel One

Sound System, Kebra Ethiopia Sound System, and

Kibir La Amlak: their new sounds and humility have

given us much to learn.

GRC: Thank you for your time!

CU: Thanks for the connection, to Felix and the entire

GRC team, we are grateful for the opportunity to

share the work we have done from Legado

Africano in Colombia for 11 years to promote the

good feelings and sounds of old and emerging artists,

with the conviction of contributing to a musical

educational connection from reggae, blues, and

other African sounds from a university radio station.

Jah Bless


global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2018



global reggae charts



Dub In The Control Radio

Combustion Lenta

La De Dios

Music Director

Santi Palazzo

La De Dios


Martin Quispe


2BOB Radio

Roots’n’Reggae Show

Bobbie Philp


Ital Galore

Ian Pillar

Radio Fremantle

I&I Sounds

Corby Howell


Radio Centraal

Back 2 Bass

Tim Ianna & Kenneth Oyen


Radio Bumerang 99.00 FM

Music Director


Radio Regent

ItaL rOOts RaDio

Sweet T

Radio Regent

ItaL rOOts RaDio

MAdCast Fuji

Rootz Reggae Radio

Riddim UP - Fridays

Tonie Smith

Cape Verde

Radio Morabeza


Evelise Gomes


UPTC Radio 104.1 FM

Legado Africano

Charli Urrego

Costa Rica

Radio Urbano 105.9FM

Di Docta Show

Marco Villalobos


Radio Student

Zion Radio

Ivo Balen


Station Amager

Reggae Moods



Blaka Blaka Show

Selecta Andor


La Grosse Radio

Reggae Program Director

Simon Chamfroy

World A Reggae


Fred Reggaelover


Antenne Münster 95.4

Cool & Deadly

Wolfgang Hickmann


Forward The Bass

Karsten Frehe

Radio Leinehertz 106.5

Wha Gwaan – Reggae & Dancehall

Thorben Noß

Radio Regentrude

Music Director

Brigitte Reinert

Radio StHörfunk

Sluggish Radio Show

Daniel Kielczewski

Radio Top 40


Marius Finger (DJ Marious)

Radio Z 95.8


Philipp Kause

Radio Z 95.8


Crystal van de Rastashock

Outta Mi Yard Radio

007 FM



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Gardy Stein



Karsten Zick


Radio Xanthi One

Music Director

Nick Giannakopoulos


Kol Hanegev 106.4 FM

Ba Ba Reggae

Asaf Nahmias


Atom Radio


Giuseppe Bellobuono

Jammonite Radio

Reggae New Releases

Marco Fregnan

Radio Magenta FM 92.2

Reggae Corner

Teo Riccardi

Radio Popolare Network

Reggae Radio Station

Vitowar Fiorentino

Radio Web-Base

Reggae Music

Louis Knight


Cabina420 Radio

Music Director

Misachael Solis

global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2019 12

global reggae charts



Centraal FM

Reggae Connection

Camiel Vugs

Impact AM

Music Director

Henk van Ulden


Radio Harstad

Tommy Vandelsvik

Radio Nova

Oslo Reggae Show

Dominic Reuben


Radio Kampus

Dancehall Masak-Rah

Pawel Szawczukiewicz


Do The Reggae Romania


Nedelcu Sebastian


Daily Vibes


Vladimir Zavialov

South Africa



Lee Phiri

United Kingdom


Venum Sound Show

Kris Lewis

fuzion live

Reggae Takeover

Judge Knott

Reggae Roots Review

Toby Whittacker-Cook

Swindon 105.5

Andy V’s Random Reggae Show

Andy Vater

Vibes FM


Sarah C

World A Reggae

Irie Jamms Show

DJ 745


Caribbean Dance Radio




101.5 FM KTKE

Positive Vibrations

DJ Treez

Reggae Music Forward


Tomas Palermo

Reggae Nation Radio

Program Director

MJ Flores


Island Stage Magazine


Susan Underwood


Heart Beat of Zion

Rasta Stevie


Dub Palace / Reggae Transfusion

The Groove Thief


Foundation Radio Network

Real Rockaz

Marlon Burrell

Reggae King Radio

Reggae Rhapsody

Keith Rowe


The TikiPod

Program Director

Eric Przybylski


WZBC Boston College Radio 90.3FM

Raggamuffin International

Robin Walther




Rey Azucar


KPOV 88.9 FM

The Coop / High Desert Co-op

Tristan Reisfar


KAZI 88.7 FM

Reggae Evolution



WORT 89.9 FM

Tropical Riddims

Tropical Riddims Sound System

DJ -F.R.P.


global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2018

ON Air


Estación La De Dios



with Santi Palazzo

Sundays 3:00 pm ART


Radio Cantilo


with Georgia and Santi

Wednesdays 10:00 pm ART


Radio Regent

ItaL rOOts RaDio

with Sweet T & MAdCast-Fuji

Tuesdays - 3:00 pm EST


Rootz Reggae Radio


with DJ Klient

Fridays - 6:00 pm

Costa Rica

Urbano 106


with Docta Rythm Selecta

3. Tuesday - 8:00 pm CST


Antenne Münster


with Roots Operator Wolle

4. Saturday - 8:00 pm


Radio Regentrude


with Brigitte Reinert

1. Friday - 8:00 pm CET

global reggae charts

radio shows



Visador Radio

Black Country Radio

Global Reggae Charts


Wednesdays - 5:00 pm CET

with Kevin Moore

Fridays - 1:00 am GMT


Radio Kol Hanegev 106.4 FM




with Asaf “Baba G“ Nahmias


Mondays - 8:00 pm IST

with Judge Knott

Sunday 6pm GMT


Radio Popolare Network


with Vitowar

Last Sunday - 11:45 pm CET


Atom Radio


Sundays 5:00 pm CET


Radio Nova


with Dominic Reuben & Selecta Harmony

Last Tuesday 9:30 pm CET




with DJ Kris Snakes

4. Sunday 4:00 pm GMT


99.8FM KCC Live


with MJRuckus

3. Tuesday - 10:00 pm GMT


Radio St. Austell Bay 105.6 FM


with Mark Norman

Last Sunday - 4:00 pm GMT


Vibes FM


with Sarah C

Last Wednesday - 6:00 pm GMT


World A Reggae


DJ 745

On Demand


Radio Nacional de Venezuela


with George Dread

2. & 4. Saturday - 11:00 am VET



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Kalandstr. 15

38118 Braunschweig


Art Director:

Solvey Schönknecht

Photo Credits:

Tim O‘Sullivan


Felix Rühling



Felix Rühling


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Anderson Muth




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