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Inside you can find the latest reggae album, single, and riddim charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.

global reggae charts

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years ago during the Rototom. I can’t forget another

great protagonist in Colombia of the sound system

culture, El Gran Latido, the first handcrafted sound

system of the capital city.

GRC: How did you get into radio and what is your


CU: In 2004, everything started at school – there

was a radio station and I played reggae during class

recesses every day. I was also a DJ at Roots Bar in

Bogotá. Years later, I started college studies in Tunja

and there I got to UPTC Radio 104.1 FM, the college

radio station and one of the most important radio

stations in the city. As a student, I presented a

project to open a space that would spread the

rhythms of the Caribbean, the islands and the African

continent and that’s when Legado Africano was

born. We went on air in October 2007, on Mondays at

9:00 pm, COT. And that’s when we began our night

date with our listeners; now 10 years later, it is still

a joy to go every night to share music with positive,

cheerful messages that keep the voice of many

people of the world. Music motivates me, the people

who listen to Legado Africano and all those we have

met during this time. Kathleen Murrain, producer of

the section “Blues Time” as part of our show, and

Mahavisnu Bonza and Andrés Sanchez, who were

the first co-founders, also have an important role in

the maintainance and production of the show.

GRC: What spectrum of music do you play in your

show, and which artists have you found most inspiring


CU: We have played from reggae roots classics, like

Robert N. Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Toots &

the Maytals, and Israel Vibrations, going through the

base of rocksteady and dub just talking about island

rhythms. We promote reggae, new songs and artists

from local groups, Latin America, and all continents

where artists are influenced by Afro-descendant

rhythms; and thanks to GRC, our list of artists has

been greatly enriched. Also connected with Pirata

short FACTS

Station: UPTC Radio 104.1FM

Location: Tunja, Boyacá Colombia

Show: Legado Africano ”Reggae Beat“

Host: Charli Urrego

On air: Mondays 9pm (COT)

Boing in Finland and Santiago Palazzo with the

Radio Rebelde Network in La De Dios Radio in

Argentina, we have had the possibility to retransmit

the shows, increasing our audience from these countries

(Finland and Argentina), helping other artists to

expand their audience spectrum, and also increasing

our listeners‘ knowledge of other sounds around the

world. Inspiring artists like Adelking Farmer from

Venezuela, La Tifa and The Makonnen Soul from

Colombia, Zion Riddim, just to mention some groups

with fresh energy – the dub academy has taught

us a lot with important artists such as Channel One

Sound System, Kebra Ethiopia Sound System, and

Kibir La Amlak: their new sounds and humility have

given us much to learn.

GRC: Thank you for your time!

CU: Thanks for the connection, to Felix and the entire

GRC team, we are grateful for the opportunity to

share the work we have done from Legado

Africano in Colombia for 11 years to promote the

good feelings and sounds of old and emerging artists,

with the conviction of contributing to a musical

educational connection from reggae, blues, and

other African sounds from a university radio station.

Jah Bless


global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2018

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