Global Reggae Charts - Issue #19 / December 2018


Inside you can find the latest reggae album, single, and riddim charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.

global reggae charts


talent regularly, so we decided to start Goa Sunsplash,

a festival to represent all these people who

didn’t have a space in the scene earlier. Reggae

music is such a niche genre in India that by having

different projects, we are able to combine them to

propel this movement further.

changed the game as they have been able to dictate

what music they play and what message the audience

gets from the music outside of a club setting.

The next step really is creating Indian reggae with

singers and producers mixing Indian languages and

sounds into their music.

AM: What cultural and historical realities in India,

and specifically Goa, have helped your success?

GZ: Well, Goa has historically been a place where

alternative culture has thrived in India, so it was always

going to make sense as a hub of reggae music

in the country. I would say that a lot of

Reggae Rajahs success in India has come because

of the party energy that dancehall music carries.

Indians love to dance, so it’s natural that dancehall

would be easy to digest for the masses. However,

the deeper messages in reggae music – for example

fighting for justice and equal rights or reaching

out to a higher power through a state of meditation

– are aspects of reggae that are still beginning

to catch on in India. I think both these message are

very relevant to Indians and once we find the right

way to hit them with it, there will be no stopping


AM: In what ways do you reach the domestic audience,

and why does the music of Jamaica resonate

with them? Can you explain more about the realities

of promoting reggae in India?

AM: Regarding festival programming, what has

been your approach towards booking – to curate a

truly special event? What unique benefits does Goa

provide in contrast to the booking challenges of distance

and accessibility?

GZ: Promoting reggae in India is tough work. Most

people don’t know much about Jamaica except

for [famed cricketer] Chris Gayle and Bob Marley.

Reggae Rajahs have used the party elements in the

music to some success over the last few years. The

dancehall energy has been well received at clubs and

festivals in India. There is also a growing dance scene

with dancehall crews and dancers popping up across

the country. In terms of roots reggae, the sheer

power of 10,000 Lions Sound and Bass Foundation

Roots Sound [based out of New Delhi] have really

GZ: Contrary to popular belief (amongst non-reggae

listeners at least), reggae music is a vast genre that

includes so many different sub-genres. Personally,

I love all styles of reggae so I wanted the festival

programming to reflect this. Everyone should be able

to find what they want at Goa Sunsplash. We have

been lucky to have had the support of many international

singers, bands, DJs, and producers who come

to Goa at their own expense to be a part of this movement.

Being a reggae festival in India, in Goa too,

has its benefits!


global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2018

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