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60 Years in the Making!

A Bishop Ryan Renaissance

Recently, a group of Bishop Ryan alumni and friends traveled to Italy on

pilgrimage with a group of people from the parish of St. Leo the Great.

Along the way, we witnessed some of the religious treasures of the Catholic

faith, historical monuments that have stood at the foundations of Christian

culture, and the marvels of the Italian Renaissance. After living in Rome for

four years, I always feel like I am returning to my second home when I travel

back to Italy. Once you encounter the religious and cultural treasures for

yourself, these things forever remain a part of you; they remind you of the

nobility and potential of the human spirit.

What I find so interesting about the Italian Renaissance is that it is phenomena

in which new life and cultural achievement were realized not simply by chronological evolution, but by

intentionally returning to the sources of western civilization, even though they were “old”. No one who looks at

what happened during the Italian Renaissance would call it antiquated simply because it took seriously ideas

that had been around for a long time.

The Italian Renaissance shows that what matters most is not when something is

thought, but what is thought.

The Renaissance was not, as is often argued, a rejection of the Christian tradition up to the 16th century, but

rather a rediscovery of the valuable intellectual sources out of which Christian culture developed in the west.

As the beginning of another school year settles into its rhythm of learning, it is absolutely clear that we are in

the midst of an educational renaissance at Bishop Ryan. What we are experiencing in our school isn’t merely

a regurgitation of old ideas, nor is it completely new and experimental like so much of “innovative” education is

today. Rather, what is happening in our school is the result of creatively adapting wise, time-tested ideas that

align with our mission. And to boot, like the Italian Renaissance, we find that God’s providence has provided

the necessary conditions for something truly beautiful to emerge.

Here are some of the bright spots in the constellation of good things contributing to our renaissance:

We have a bishop and local pastors who prioritize Catholic school education. Our administration and faculty

are vibrant, driven, and dedicated to the mission of Catholic education. Our school is full of families who are

passionate about creating a family-friendly and faith-filled environment for their children. We continue to

operate a debt-free and financially responsible budget. The leadership from our Board of Directors is prudent

and forward-thinking. Our students continue to thrive intellectually and in their activities. Our enrollment

remains strong. Bishop Ryan alumni continue to be successful after graduation. We have created an Alumni

and Friends Association which is re-engaging the wider Bishop Ryan family throughout the region.

The support we receive from the Bishop Ryan Foundation continues to grow. We are in the midst of

completing a comprehensive educational plan designed to meet the most important needs of our students.

We have completed our year-long, highly collaborative Living Our Mission strategic planning process which

has produced wise goals by which we will improve our school over the next five years. And most importantly,

our students and families are growing in their faith, hope, and love of our Lord through our religious formation

program. All in all, by the grace of God, Bishop Ryan is doing very well! The entire Bishop Ryan community

has much for which to be grateful. Take a look for yourself!

Starting the day with Morning Assembly

2017 Homecoming Court

2017 One-Act Play Festival: “Daze of Olde”

Painting pumpkins with Somerset residents

March for Life 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Collecting gifts for The Giving Tree

Our annual Christmas “Las Posadas” celebration

To serve God and His children

by laying the foundation

for lasting happiness

through education in virtue.

Goodness, Truth & Beauty

by Elementary Principal

A couple of years ago, our elementary staff was in the position of evaluating the

materials used to teach English Language Arts at Bishop Ryan, and it seemed

as though something in the materials we had at the time was lacking. Our

students were learning to read, but we felt they could be even better “readers”.

In addition, many of the stories were very basic, used mostly as short stories for

students to “practice reading”. Fr. Nelson started a discussion questioning why

we couldn’t use more wholesome literature with our students; this led our

elementary team down a very intense and serious examination of any new

materials introduced for our students.

The conversation also generated some very important questions to consider across the scope of what kind of

education we intend to offer, namely “What is the purpose of education?” and “Why do we send our children to

school?” The North Dakota Department of Education would say the answer to both questions is to prepare for

college and career readiness. Is that the same reason you would give if you were to answer those two big

questions? It’s safe to assume we all agree that college and career readiness are important factors, but I might

challenge by saying most teachers and parents would have an even loftier goal than that! It might sound

something similar to that of our school mission statement: To serve God and His children by laying the

foundation for lasting happiness through education in virtue. Might we want our children to grow to be virtuous

and wise adults, who emit goodness, seek out truth, and recognize the beauty surrounding them? If so, maybe

this can be nurtured with how we as educators approach curriculum planning, including the literature which we

expose our children to and the manner in which we teach.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is

pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is

anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

–Philippians 4:8

Over the last school year, the elementary team took a huge step implementing new materials for our English

Language Arts curriculum. There was much excitement over some of the titles included, classics like Stone

Soup; Charolotte’s Web; The Lion,The Witch and The Wardrobe; and The Adventures of Robin Hood that many

of us remember reading. These works not only set the stage for meaningful conversation about the characters

and their virtuous behavior (or lack thereof), they offer exceptional literature, the prospect of a stellar phonics

program for our youngest of readers, and carry-over into spelling for all grade levels. In addition, the broader

curriculum devotes time to reading poetry, studying grammar rules, practicing writing and learning Latin!

The students responded well to our new program last year, and we look forward to expanding our opportunities

to provide an education steeped in the good, the true, and the beautiful!

Expanding the Possibilities

by Middle School/High School Principal

Over the past two years, we’ve been making additions to the catalog of course

offerings for our high school students. These academic programming changes

provide more opportunities for our students to challenge themselves academically.

In our list of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, our students are currently taking

AP World History, AP U.S. History, and AP Chemistry. In addition to these

courses, we will be offering AP Biology and AP Physics during the 2019-2020

school year. Our AP offerings are open to our sophomores, juniors and seniors,

and along with the requirement of having completed prerequisite courses,

students must test for acceptance into the AP classes.

So why do students seek out AP classes? While being designed to prepare high school students for the rigor of

college-level work, completed AP classes can also count toward college credits. After students complete their

AP class (where they earn their high school credit for graduation), they can take the official AP exam in May.

Depending on how they score and what college they plan to attend, students can earn academic credit or "test

out" of a college class, meaning fewer assignments to juggle and maybe even some financial savings in higher

ed. (AP classes are free, but there is a fee to take the AP exam.)

Along with the additions to our AP alternatives, we’ve added Latin to our foreign language programing at the

middle school and high school level. Combining the Latin component with our new English Language Arts

materials provides our students a greater understanding of the English language and builds upon their skills in

reading, writing, and speaking.

Our academic assessment trends provide a good snapshot of where our students currently perform and where

they’re headed. At Bishop Ryan, our students take the ACT exam during their junior year, and our sixth,

seventh and eighth graders are assessed in the areas of reading, language, and mathematics with the Iowa

Test of Basic Skills (ITBS).

The latest results show our juniors performing ahead of the North Dakota five-year

average on the ACT, and on the ITBS, our middle schoolers, on average, tested above

their current grade level on each subject measured.

With our curriculum additions, we expect these numbers to continue to improve. Educationally, there are a lot of

exciting things happening, and as an alumnus and parent, I am very proud of the direction we’re heading!

A Call to Give

Growing up on the family farm in rural North Dakota,

Ed Schall learned the value of hard work and an

ordered life. A 1958 graduate of St. Agnes Catholic

Boarding School in 1958, Ed’s wife, Betty (Dufner)

understood the importance of discipline and Catholic

values. In 1971, it was those same values which

contributed to the establishment of NorthStar Steel

in Minot, a successful business which is still flourishing


The Catholic faith has always been an important part of

their lives, and Betty says that was the biggest part of

their decision to choose Bishop Ryan for their family. “We sent our five children to Bishop Ryan knowing that

the school would reinforce the discipline and Catholic values that help to guide us through life.”

Betty also says they can understand how the cost of tuition can be a major factor for families when it comes to

choosing Catholic education, so she and Ed wanted to do something to make that decision less about money.

“God has blessed us, and we wanted to be able to help more families attend Bishop Ryan.”

–Betty Schall

Led by their generosity, the St. Andrews Call Scholarship was established at Bishop Ryan this past spring.

The two-year scholarship opportunity was made available to students from families new to Bishop Ryan who

were entering grades six through nine. During the student’s first year, 60% of their tuition is covered by the

scholarship, and 30% is covered during their second year. The hope was to lessen the burden of tuition while

introducing families to Bishop Ryan and helping them learn how to include upcoming tuition costs when

planning their household budgets

In its first year, the St. Andrew’s Call scholarship helped 14 new students enroll and introduced 14 new

families to what’s so special about the things going on at Bishop Ryan. For Ed and Betty, the gift is just a

legacy of what’s been important in their lives. “Being able to assist these families has been very rewarding to

us. The value of a Catholic education done well is so important.”

When you make a contribution to Bishop Ryan Catholic School, your gift helps fund the school

in one of three areas: operational needs, school improvements, and teacher and scholarship

endowments. You can support the school by making a donation to the BRCS Annual Fund;

including Bishop Ryan in your will or estate planning; naming Bishop Ryan as the beneficiary

on a life insurance policy, charitable trust or qualified retirement plan; or establishing a

charitable gift annuity for the school. For more information, contact Steve Lipp at or (701) 838-3355.

Remember the things that shaped you. Please consider naming

the Bishop Ryan Catholic School Foundation as a tax-free partial

beneficiary of your retirement funds.

-Dean Rubbelke

BRCS Foundation President

In March, we celebrated

the ND State Class B Girls

25-Year Anniversary Championship Team,

our 1993 Lady Lions!

This coming March, we’ll do it again

as we welcome back

our 1994 State Class B

Boys Basketball Champions.

Stay tuned for more information!

Parishes & Diocese: 24%

Advancement: 12%

Miscellaneous Income: 1%

TOTAL REVENUES (FY 2017-2018):




& Fees:


Faculty Endowment: 5%

Foundation & Trusts: 5%

The chart above shows the revenue generated for fiscal year 2017-2018 was largely based on tuition and fees

collected from families with students enrolled at Bishop Ryan. The supplements that we receive annually

from our parishes and diocese, the faculty endowment and trusts, and the fundraising events of our

advancement department are key to keeping our tuition costs affordable.

As demonstrated by the chart below, our greatest expenditure is providing for the salaries and benefits of our

dedicated faculty members. As we look to the future, our emphasis will continue to be paying these teachers

a just and competitive wage that allows them to take care of their own families while they’re providing an

amazing service to all of our students. Generous gifts to our faculty endowment continue to build the

foundation for providing increases in our salary line and, at the same time, free up funding that can be used

to bolster our educational product.

Contributions to Bishop Ryan Catholic School through the faculty endowment, memorial gifts, annual fund

and corporate partnership are vital to the future of our school. We are grateful for the generosity and support

of so many who take part each year. If you are interested in making a gift, please contact Steve Lipp in the

Bishop Ryan Advancement office at (701) 838-3355, ext. 121, or

Educational Costs: 10%

Operational Costs: 9% Reserve Funds: >1%




Salaries & Benefits: 81%

Bishop Ryan Catholic School Endowment

Steve and Kim Albin

Alliance Tire Americas, Inc.

Nathan Amick

Robert and Kim Amick

Don and Joyce Anderson

Rick and Tracey Awalt

Jon and Karla Backes

Orlin Backes

Bauer Built Inc.

Jeffrey and Nancy Beck

Dennis and Wendy Beeter

Raymond and Kathleen Beeter

Bishop Ryan Catholic School Employees

Jim and Twylah Blotsky

Chris and Byron Blowers

Todd and Mary Ann Bodine

Brady, Martz & Associates, P.C.

Agnes Brandt

Mike and Bonnie Brunner

Randy and Jaimie Brunner

Dennis and Bonnie Burgardt

Paul and Gail Busch

Kathryn Bush

Jacques and Diane Butz

Patrick and Sandy Butz

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation

Bill and Marge Chamberlain

Kevin Connole

Bob and Carla Crockett

Gerald and Bev Cushing

Bill and Darlene Demars

John and Katelyn Denne

Marlys Fandrich

Joseph and Alane Ferrara

First Western Bank

Grace Fisher

Kevin and Monique Franks

Steven Fretland

Greg Haga

James Haider

Rhett and Kristy Halverson

Silas and Laurie Harris

Jim and Jonell Hatlelid

Rick and Andrea Hedberg

Helgeson-Norton Agency

Mike and Mary Hemphill

Isaac and Jennifer Henjum

Gayle and Marian Himmerick

Jack Hoiland

Debora Jencsok

David and Barbara Johnson

James and Gloria Johnson

Terry and Gail Johnson

Wayne and Daleen Johnson

Pat and Mary Kay Jones

Adolph and Elaine Jundt

Ken and Dee Jundt

Lisa Jundt

Ronald and Roxanne Klein

Steve and Kathy Klein

Bruce and Lisa Kramer

Chuck and Nancy Kramer

Mark and Michelle Kramer

Timothy and Chris Kramer

Fr. Bruce Krebs

Les and Kim Lee

Alice Leonard

Shawn and Brenda Leuer

Dick and Jean Limke

Mary Lindbo

Mike and Mary Littler

Paul and Susan MacLeod

Cliff and Janet Magnuson

Jeff and Sandee Michalenko

Minot Area Community Foundation

Randall and Cheryl Naze

Ryan and Marlo Nelson

Donald and Irene Ost

David and Karen Rasmusson

Bob and Pat Richter

Thomas and Donna Rovig

Maynard Sandberg

St. John The Apostle Catholic Church

St. Leo the Great Catholic Church

Maynard Sandberg

Ed and Betty Schall

Rory and Janelle Schell

Mike and Inez Schneider

David and Linda Schumacher

Michael and Kristie Smith

Tiffany Smith

Ed and Jenny Steckler

Robert and Tanya Steckler

Tim and Allison Vallely

Richard and Laura Volk

Don and Bertha Wald

Steve and Kathy Wald

Mike and Janet Washek

Richard and Tanya Watkins

Grant and Kathy Wentz

White Spur Enterprises

Tom and Karin Will

Timothy and Diane Zander


Over the past five fiscal years, more than $1.5 million has been earmarked

for the Bishop Ryan Catholic School Faculty Endowment.

The history includes capital campaign pledges collected in 2014 and 2015,

along with a special fundraising effort that took place during the 2017 Hall of Fame event.

The earnings from this endowment are an important part of the effort

to pay our dedicated Bishop Ryan faculty more competitively for their service.

Growing our Faculty Endowment was identified through our strategic planning process

as one of the most important goals of the entire Living Our Mission Strategic Plan.
























In Memoriam

We thankfully recognize the following people and businesses who honored loved ones by supporting

the mission of Bishop Ryan Catholic School during the fiscal year of July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018.

Dean Aberle

Phyllis Abrahamson

Bruce and Carolyn Adams

Steve Adducci

Anthony and Angela Adorno

Advanced Engineering &

Environmental Services, Inc.

Darrel and Kathleen Ahmann

Marilyn Ahmann

Mike and Debra Ahmann

Alstom Power Inc.

Beverly J. Anderson

Don and Joyce Anderson


Scott and Kari Anseth

Jon and Karla Backes

Orlin Backes

David and Elizabeth Bakken

Jeff and Dee Balentine

Connie Ballensky

The Barry Foundation

Gerald and Aileen Behm

Leonard and Karen Behm

Jeff and Lorie Berg

Fred and Leslie Beuchler

Bishop Ryan Employees

Kevin and Carol Bjork

William and Mary Bliven

BNC Sunshine Committee

James and Carolyn Bodell

Todd and Mary Ann Bodine

The Boeing Company

Timothy and Tamela Bohan

Kevin and Dione Bohl

Corey and Val Bohlig

Border States Industries, Inc.

Msgr. James Braaten

Brady, Martz & Associates, P.C.

Kraig and Beth Brandt

Steven and Kristen Braun

Claudia Brendle

Terence and Barbara Brenner

Randy and Jaimie Brunner

Robert and Bonnie Brunner

James and Kimberly Burckhard

Michael and Phyllis Burckhard

Luann Burris

Rick and Kathy Bushee

Patrick and Sandy Butz

Richard and Vicky Campbell

Central Pharmacy

Dan and Tracy Christen

Donna Christen

John and Angela Christen

Don and Patty Clement

Robert and Sandra Clooten

Robert and Geri Cogdill

Paul and Irene Colby

John and Leslie Coughlin

Bob and Carla Crockett

Gerald and Bev Cushing

Jack and Betsy Dalrymple

William and Bonnie Daniel

Blaine and Kathy DesLauriers

Gary and Jennie DesLauriers

Collin and Wanda Dobrovolny

Luke and Rebecca Domres

Kate Donelan

Paul and Catherine Donovan

Elaine K. Dosch

Agnes Eckert

Bock and Terry Eckmann

Engen Eckmann

Iris Eckmann

Education Moorhead

Celesta Edwards

Ray and Carol Ellis

Mike and Deena Elm

Steven and Jean Elsberry

Eldon and Penny Erickson

Duane and Phyllis Espegard

Marion Evenson

James and Jeanne Eykyn

Tom and Barb Falkowski

Dan and Jean Feist

Myron and Kathy Feist

Neal and Virginia Feist

Richard Feist

Jeremy and Mary Finley

First Western Bank

Grace Fisher

Jay and Marlys Fisher

LouAnn Fleck

Brandon and Mary Kay Flemmer

Geraldine Florence

Brenda Foster

Tim Francis

Kevin and Monique Franks

Mark and Char Frost

Virgil and Helen Frost

Michael and Kathleen Gaddie

Corinne Gasal

Richard and Marla Gasmann

Kevin and Ann Gilchrist

Yabo and Donene Gjellstad

Jerry and Karen Goetz

Langer Gokey

Russ and Tani Goodwin

Grand Forks Principals Association

Donald and Jeri Grant

Barbara Greggo

Steven and Anne Gregory

Bill and Catheryn Gumeringer

David and Kathleen Haberlack

Michael and Nancy Hady

Ryan and Rachel Hagen

Larry and Ramona Halvorson

Brian Hankla

Alfred and Sandra Hanson

Kevin and Leisa Harmon

Verna Harmon

Jerry and Mary Hassler

Jim and Jonell Hatlelid

Heatthyr Haugeberg

Kelly and Roxann Hayhurst

Rick and Andrea Hedberg

Mike and Mary Hemphill

Jerald Hendershot

John and Kathleen Henjum

Dennis and Lavonne Hensen

Ron and Donna Hensen

Debra Hoeven

Ronald and Tamera Holte

Home Builders Association

of Fargo-Moorhead

Daryl and Heidi Hornbacher

Viola Huizenga

JW Cattle Company

James and Karen Jensen

David and Barbara Johnson

Brad and MaryAnn Johnson

Chad and Marie Johnson

Colleen Johnson

Denise Johnson

Dennis and Vaune Johnson

Elaine Johnson

Lee and Jessica Johnson

Levi and Peggy Johnson

Sally Johnson

Sharon Johnson

Pat and Mary Kay Jones

James and Cynthia Jorgenson

Adolph and Elaine Jundt

James and Jane Jundt

Ken and Dee Jundt

Lisa Jundt

Chuck and Carol Kasper

Donald and Beatrice Kasper

Jim and Sara Kasper

Mary Kasper

Gregory and Marie Keller

Wayne and Barbara Kemble

Gayla Kittelson

Garth and Rebecca Klein

Ronald and Ruth Knutson

Steve and Sharon Kottsick

Bruce and Lisa Kramer

Chuck and Nancy Kramer

Sandra Krueger

George and Kathie Lach

Richard and Concetta Lancaster

Jay and Denise Landsiedel

Janet Langseth

Agnes Larcombe

Steve and Sue Larson

Les and Kim Lee

Virginia Leidholt

Gerald and Charlene Lelm

Alice Leonard

Dan Lester

Betty Lewis

Patrick and Jackie Limke

Mary Lindbo

Steve and Trini Lipp

Mike and Mary Littler

Dennis and Mary Loikits

Frances Lovelace

Michael and Julianne Luger

Armend and Ranae Lynner

John and Emily Mackner

Cliff and Janet Magnuson

Gregg and Barb Magnuson

Jim Maragos

Dale and Kay Mattern

Doug Mattson

Joan Mattson

Rod and Denise Mayer

Terry and Fay McCarty

Msgr. Tim McGee

McGee, Hankla & Backes, P.C.

Dennis and Bev McMahon

Pat McNally

Chuck Merck

Daniel and Tina Merck

Michael and Gail Merck

Terry Merck

Randy and Nancy Meyer

Henry and Sharon Milkey

Minot Junior Golf Association, Inc.

Robert and Lavonne Mongeon

MDU Resources Foundation

Reggie and Brenda Morelli

Charles and Jane Morgan

Mary Muhlbradt

Patrick and Diane Murphy

Dick and Bernie Muus

Craig and Barbara Nathan

Gerard and Cynthia Neil

Craig and Jane Nelson

James and Lorri Nelson

Diane Ness

Leonard and Gloria Niess

Bill and Nancy Nisbet

Darrell and Carol Nitschke

Merv and Kathleen Odenbaugh

Odney Advertising

Jason and Katie Ogaard

Olson Family Dental

Donald and Julieann Osadchy

Donald and Irene Ost

James and Molly Paszek

Bernard and Eloise Pellenwessel

Kenneth and Monica Perry

Danny and Judy Peterson

David and Diane Peterson

Ronald Peterson

Eloise Phillips

Weslie and Janie Plummer

Gerald and Marilyn Qvale

David and Carla Reiten

Republican Party 12th Legislative District

Darrell and Kathy Richter

Bob and Pat Richter

Steven and Rita Ritter

Trish Roark

Milt and Bonnie Rolle

Benedict and Diane Roller

Dave and Cindy Romine

Rod Romine

Orlan and Mary Rovig

Dean Rubbelke

Richard and Sara Ruliffson

Bruce Ruppert

Curtis and Michelle Saari

Jerry Sahli

Gary and Carmen Samson

Maynard Sandberg

Bonnie Sanders

Arnola Savelkoul

Leonard and Blanche Schaan

Robert and Katy Schaefer

Ed and Betty Schall

Joseph Schan

Fred and JoAnn Schapp

Bob Schempp

Richard and Carla Schilken

Gary Schill

Larry and Ilene Schimmelpfenning

Bradley and Carol Schlossman

Yvonne Schreiner

James and Mary Schuman

Michael and Deb Seminary

Msgr. Joseph Senger

Bert and Anna Marie Shomento

Michael and Marie Sidener

Steven and Audrey Sidener

John and Kelly Simonson

Eileen Skowronek

Mark and Rachel Slater

Jerry and Diane Stai

State Farm Strategic Resources Department

Nancy Steen

Steven and Ellen Steinberger

James and Nichole Stroh

Greg and Beth Stuckey

Janel Sullivan

Scott and Jane Swenson

Doug and Kim Tande

Clayton and Myra Thom

James and Dottie Thompson

Myron and Shirley Thompson

Cal and Dorothy Thorson

Three Affiliated Tribes

Duane and Sharlene Tollefson

Roger and Michelle Tollefson

Rosella Tollefson

Leo and Harriet Toman

Gilbert and Gayle Tompson

Allan and Linda Torrington

Ralph and Laura Towery

Trinity Health Anesthesia Department

Bryan Van Grinsven

John and Barb Van Grinsven

Wouter van Kempen

Gary and Nancy Vannatta

Vardon Golf Club

Dennis Vasek

Steven and Jackie Velk

Jason Vendsel

Gertrude Vennes

Verendrye Electric Cooperative

Clara Vigstol

Terry and Shawneen Voiles

Joyce Vold

Don and Bertha Wald

Leonard and Ilene Wald

Steve and Kathy Wald

Bruce and Diane Walker

Gary and Catherine Walth

Mike and Janet Washek

Anthony and Tanya Watterud

Todd and Nancy Wegenast

Mark Welch

Dwight and Debra Wentz

Max and Shelly Weppler

Western Illinois University

Scott and Susan Weston

Don and Sondra Will

Tom and Karin Will

James and Sharon Wilson

Women’s Health Conference

Mary Wood

Randi Woolley

Drew and Kathleen Wrigley

Norah Wyman

Kay York

Terry and Ann Zeltinger

Bishop Ryan Catholic School Annual Fund

Richard and Rose Aberle

James Ahmann

Dan and Claudia Anderson


Brent and Stacy Askvig

Thomas and Robyn Atkinson

Roger Backes

Tony and Jeanne Bartsch

Russell and Pamela Behm

Bishop Ryan Class of 1995

Duane Block

Charles and Deborah Bodine

Kent and Brenda Bosch

Agnes Brandt

Bradley Braun

James and Kimberly Burckhard

Patrick and Sandy Butz

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation

James and Laurel Carnine

Luvern and Marie Caroline

Caroline Chaves

Thomas and Lynne Christen

Roger Coleman

Dakota Truck and Farm Service

Larry and Shirley Deibert

John and Maddie Dinkel

EOG Resources, Inc.

Susan and Charles Effertz

Enbridge Energy Company, Inc.

Dave Fahy

Grace Fisher

Food Management Investors, Inc.

Thomas Frimpong

Agnes Gaber

Al and Doris Gedeon

Hilary and Sara Gietzen

Christopher and Mary Gomez

Brooks and Wanza Grantier

Ralph and Cheryl Hafner

James Haider

Fr. Fred Harvey

John and Kathy Hebert

John and Kathleen Henjum

Janet and Larry Horton

Ronald and Korie Huettl

Jordan and Katie Huettl

Gene and Sue Jackson

Joseph Jastrzembski

Barbara and David Johnson

Terry and Gail Johnson

Thomas and Marlene Jundt

Joseph and Janice Jundt

Lisa Jundt

Mary Kasper

Cullen and Courtney Keller

Troy Kendall

Mary Klein

Fr. Doug Krebs

George and Kathie Lach

Helen Larson

Virginia Leidholt

Betty Lewis

Patrick and Jacqueline Limke

Steve and Trini Lipp

Roxane Lochthowe

Frances Lovelace

Jay and Jacie Lundeen

Thomas and Cathryn Lynch

Connie Magnuson

Jeanette Mapes

Michael and Donna-Lee Massine

Marney Mathiasen

Terry and Fay McCarty

Steven McDonald

Lance and Ronnie Meyer

David and Sharon Miller

Gary and Jayne Miller

Ralph Miller

Joseph and Nancy Muus

Lucille Nathan

Fr. Jadyn Nelson

Stephanie Ness

Paul and Karen Nitsch

ND Guaranty & Title

Daniel O'Neil

Jerome and Leanne Pennington

Seth and Christine Peter

Paul Plemel

Mary Plemel

Chad Raymo

Dean Rubbelke

Jessica Rush

Maynard Sandberg

Eric and Stacy Schaeffer

Edith Schall

Danny Schall

Nolan Schmitz

Derek and Carmela Seright

Deborah Sessions

Richard and Stephanie Strom

Janel Sullivan

Michael Swanson

TKW Properties, LLP

Randy and Beverly Thom

Leellen Thomsason

Cheryl Trainer

Betty Troite

Gary and Nancy Vannatta

Fred Voeller

Gayle Vogel

Voya Foundation

Roger and Penny Wahus

Jeff and Julia Wald

Aaron and Amy Wald

Doug and Tara Wald

Sims and Aletha Walker

David and Susan Weber

Larry Weber

Western ND Golf, Inc.

Scott and Susan Weston

Damon Wille

David and Ruth Zaback

ZZ Food Group

Bishop Ryan Catholic School Corporate Partners


Copperhead Corporation

I. Keating Furniture World

Ryan Family Dealerships

Tires Plus



Jerome’s Collision Center



Niess Impressions


Beeter Brothers Construction

Dakota Dental Health Center

Dakota Truck & Farm

Edward Jones-

Dean Rubbelke

First Western Bank & Trust

The Grand Hotel


Material Testing Services

Minot State University


Premier Food Services, Inc.

Trinity Health

United Community Bank

Zaback Wealth Management


Bitz PC

Brady, Martz & Associates

Buffalo Wings & Rings

Burckhard Orthodontics

CHI-St. Alexius

Dacotah Bank

Dairy Queen

Integrity Viking Funds, Inc.

Jimmy John’s

Knights of Columbus Insurance-

Michael Vetter

Marketplace Foods

North Dakota Guaranty & Title

Norstegaard Electric, Inc.

Odney Advertising

Paladin Resources

Preferred Restaurants

Raymond James Financial-

Eldon Erickson

Smitty’s Repair

Thompson-Larson Funeral Home

The UPS Store

Val’s Cyclery

Vibeto Orthodontics

2017 Hall of Fame Banquet & Induction

On October 14th, 2017, we honored Orlin & Millie Backes and Cy & Toots Butz as the latest inductees into

the Bishop Ryan Hall of Fame. It was an evening of memories and gratitude, as well as fellowship and fun!

For 2018, the Hall of Fame Banquet was rechristened the Cor Christi Gala and included the inductions of

Pat & Jackie Limke and Monsignor Gerald Walsh. We’ll show highlights of the 2018 event in an upcoming

edition of Lion Tales, but pencil in next year’s Cor Christi Gala on October 12th, 2019, and get ready to

join us for a great evening celebrating the tradition and future of Bishop Ryan!

2018 Carnival

It was another weekend of crazy Carnival fun during the annual

Bishop Ryan Carnival January 26th, 27th and 28th.

Some of the new features that were a big hit this

year included yummy Italian sodas, an escape

room, and keeping the midway games open

through Sunday afternoon. German Night, Bingo,

and the Cakewalk continued to be favorites.

The 2019 Carnival will open its doors for three days of winter fun January 25th-27th.

2018 Springfest in the Den

Our new event debuted May 5th in the Bishop Ryan

gymnasium, borrowing the “MANE Event” theme used

with many of our other successful alumni events.

Springfest is a fun night out for Lion friends and family,

ages 21 and older. The night includes a delicious appetizer

spread and beverages, fun games and a live auction, all set

to a background of great music. It’s a night to let your mane down

and spend some quality time with other Lion pals.

Springfest 2019 is set for May 10th. Tickets are limited and last year, we were close to selling out.

Keep an eye open for more information coming soon, and don’t miss out!

with Joe Muus, BR Class of 1973

Walking the halls at Bishop Ryan in the early 1970s, Joe Muus wanted to be involved in as many extracurricular

activities as possible. He was the president of both his senior class and the student council, he participated in

band, choir, wrestling and golf, he wrote for the school paper, and he served on the

BR Honor Society and the mayor’s youth council for the city of Minot. Those

achievements earned the title of North Dakota’s “Outstanding Teenager,” and as he

walked out of Bishop Ryan after graduating in 1973, he was still looking up… with an

eye on the skies above.

Joe went on to attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where

he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. He was then a

distinguished graduate of pilot training, and after earning his wings, Joe’s

assignments took him around the country and overseas, focusing his flight time in the

T-38 Talon, the EC-135, and the U-2 Dragonlady. The U-2 is an elite single-engine,

high-altitude reconnaissance spy aircraft, and in 1997, Joe became one of a handful

of pilots to record the milestone of flying in the U-2 for more than 1,500 hours.

With all of the accolades, Joe points back to his time at Bishop Ryan in academics and

extracurricular activities, specifically his time in the Lion band and stage band, as keys to his

success. “Bishop Ryan prepared me very well for life after high school, and being in the high

school band allowed me to be involved in the (Air Force) Academy’s Drum and Bugle Corps,

which performed for many different professional sporting events around the country.”

Joe would spend over a decade behind the controls of the U-2, retiring from the US Air

Force in 1997. Joe didn’t keep his feet on the ground, however; he chose to take on a new

career, flying commercially for United Airlines until his recent “second” retirement in 2017. These days find Joe

and his wife, Nancy, living in Castle Rock, Colorado, where his hobbies include golf and traveling.

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At the end of September, the Bishop Ryan Alumni & Friends

group teamed up with members of St. Leo the Great parish for

the first-ever BR Alumni & Friends Pilgrimage! The group of 48

embarked on a 12-day journey into the heart of Italy that

featured a papal audience with Pope Francis, breathtaking

vistas, beautiful churches and amazing works of art, a visit to

the Basilica of St. Francis (home to the Eucharistic Miracle, one

of the longest ongoing miracles in the world), and the

diaconate ordination and celebration for Brandon Wolf, a 2002

BR grad who grew up in the St. Leo’s parish.

Mark your calendars now and stay tuned for more information

on two upcoming Bishop Ryan Alumni & Friends pilgrimages:

As the France pilgrimage will again be in cooperation with St. Leo the Great parish,

space is limited. If you’re interested in being part of this pilgrimage,

please contact Fr. Nelson ( as soon as possible.


Clockwise from the top: Cinque Terre; Sienna; The Duomo of Milan;

Pope Francis greets the crowds at St. Peter’s;

BR Advancement Director Steve Lipp with Deacon Brandon Wolf;

the Lion alums take a break in Assisi

Bishop Ryan Catholic School

316 11th Avenue Northwest

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Mark your calendars for

July 12-14, 2019

Tentative events include:

•a Decades Pub Crawl

Lion Golf Scramble

•Family Day at the Zoo

Lion Basketball Tournament

•Halls of Ryan School Tours

•Hogan Field Party on the Green

Lion Alumni Celebration Mass

•President’s Brunch

We’ve got a whole weekend

filled with Lion Pride in the works,

we hope to see you there!

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