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December 01, 2018

Publication of

Alton Pool Four

(Flotilla 34)

8th Western

Rivers Region

Issue 04

Vice Flotilla Commander

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Wing Dam is a quarterly publication for the members of the Eighth Western Rivers

Region, Flotilla 34 in Electronic ONLY format and published on the flotilla

web site.

Reprints of articles or pictures may be used in other publication without written

permission provided proper credit is given. Your feedback and contributions would

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Vice Flotilla Commander

Marilyn Aten


By Marilyn Aten VFC, FSO-MT, FSO-PA

Flotilla 34 has been a strong and vibrant flotilla for

many years. This year, it once again has a lot of activities

for which to be proud.

First, we are proud to have Ryan Boyd

from Breese, Illinois as a new member

of our flotilla. Ryan began working on

becoming Boat Crew Qualified back in

the Spring along with 12 other Auxiliarists in Division

3. This qualification takes a long time and many are

still pursuing this qualification.

Next, our flotilla did about 80 Vessel Exams

this year. We traditionally do 100

plus. This year we ran into rain at North

Shore and Port Charles. We also ran into

fewer boats to inspect at John’s Boat Harbor

plus our FSO-VE, Dan Rhoades, handled Yacht

Club himself.

We have six Vessel Examiners including Dan Rhoades,

Barbara Rhoades, Debby Howard, Jay Liss, Larry Miller

and Tom Phipps. We thank them for handling all our

VE Stations.

Finally, the flotilla handles quite a few Public Affairs

Events. Our biggest is the “Let’s Go Fishing Show”

held the first weekend in January. 2019 will be our

fifth year doing this show that has 9,000 guests come

through their gates. We have a good-looking exhibit

manned by Charles and Marilyn Aten, Dan Rhoades,

Larry Miller and Debby Howard. It runs three days.

People love to stop and talk to us about fishing, life

jackets and their fishing boats.

With all our VE Stations, the flotilla has a Public Affairs

Exhibit. Packets of safe boating literature are given

out to all the captains of the boats examined. We

handle questions of all sorts from boaters that come by

for VE’s.

In July, Charles and Marilyn Aten handled the Valley

Park Safety Fair for the 4 th year in a row. This event

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has about 30 vendors and the close to 400 attended this

family event.

This year we added two more Public Affairs Events,

both were with kayakers. Larry Miller was reading the

local Illinois paper when

he saw Maryville Parks &

Recreation were hosting

Kayaking on Drost Lake in

July. It offered free instruction

and a chance to kayak

on the lake.

This turned out to be a great

day. Larry Miller along with Charles and Marilyn Aten

set up our usual Public Affairs Exhibit except this time,

we had all kind of kayaking literature to pass out. This

event welcomed 250 people, adults and kids, to kayak

on the lake. Larry made a lot of connections with the

kayaking community in this area.

Then to round out our PA events for this year, we were

invited by Elks Lodge #9 to set up our display at Creve

Coeur Lake for another Paddlecraft and “Kayak with

a Vet” program. We invited other members of Division

3 to join us. Those from Flotilla 34 were, Tom

Phipps, Debby Howard,

Marilyn and Charles Aten.

Members from Flotilla 38

included Alex Wilson and

Karen and Jim Goulding.

It was a successful event

with about 100 people participating

on a cold and

windy day.

Flotilla Staff Officer-CM

Larry Miller

Congratulations to Barbara Rhoades. Barbara has

earned her Telecommunications Operator (TCO)

certification. Good job!

Is telecommunications an important skill to develop? I

think so. Sector Upper Mississippi River (SUMR) is

concerned about boating safety at Lake of the Ozarks.

This next summer, they will

be stepping up an active duty

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presence at the lake. It would probably be helpful if

the Auxiliary could be able to be at the lake to assist

in the communications between Coast Guard assets

and other activities, including communications to the

sector command center in St Louis. Not all areas on

the lake have good cell phone service, so a good radio

communications path from shore to the boats would be

a tremendous aid for communications to sector, or even

to any needed emergency services.

Get your TCO certification, get a portable radio system

and be ready to fill the communication needs of the U.S.

Coast Guard and Auxiliary when “the big one” hits.

Flotilla Staff Officer-IS

Barbara Rhoades

It is December and the year-end for hours. The cut-off

date for division awards was the first but if you have

hours to turn in, go ahead and send them along. They

will count towards your sustained service award. You

know, the one you get for every 750 hours you do.

Flotilla Staff Officer-PA

Marilyn Aten

Flotilla Staff Officer-CS

Barbara Rhoades

Keeping the web site up-to-date is no easy task. The

activities for 2019 have been added. If you forget when

a meeting or activity is or where/when it is being held,

just check this page, http://a0850304.uscgaux.


If you have pictures of our activities or events, please

send them along. It is always nice to see what we have


Flotilla Staff Officer-FN

Charles Aten

Thank you to everyone for getting your dues in in a

timely manner. We are only losing one member this

year, Veronica Williams. She started a new business in

Illinois and it is taking all of her time. We’re glad she

was able to be a part of our flotilla.


Can you believe it? This will

be out fifth “Let’s Go Fishing

Show” coming up this January

2019. We will set up on Friday

before the show opens on January

4 th at Noon.

This is a fabulous show. The

flotilla has always been well

received and the guests that

come through are fun to talk to

about fishing, life jackets and their fishing boats.

We have our same great location in the main walkway

so we see a lot of people come by. This past January,

they had about 9,259 guests come through their gates.

They had 120 exhibitors from 14 states including Canada.

This has always been a good place for our flotilla to

promote their Public Education Classes. Our FSO-PE

Larry Miller has been talking about our 2019 locations

for us to teach our safe boating course.

If interested in helping in the booth this coming January,

let Marilyn Aten know. The show runs from January

4th through January 6 th . Marilyn will be sending out

details on the times available to work the show exhibit.

Page 4

Flotilla Staff Officer-PB

Barbara Rhoades

Flotilla Staff Officer-VE

Dan Rhoades

Our publication keeps everyone in the loop of what we

are doing and what we are planning to do. Writing an

article is they way that information gets put into the

publication. Photos are another way. You only need a

sentence or two; it doesn’t have to be War and Peace.

If you have information you wish to

share but don’t think your writing is good

enough, write the information down and

send it along to me. I will be happy to

make any changes that it may need.

Flotilla Staff Officer-PE

Larry Miller

I will take this opportunity to thank everyone for your

support this past year and Marilyn Aten, our VFC, for

her support in 2018. We had a very good season holding

VE stations at marinas on pool 26, most with PA

events in consort. We also had excellent public education

classes with more opportunities presenting themselves.

You can’t determine how many people, as a

flotilla, we have helped to have a safe boating season

but I feel with certainty we have. We will continue to

support the Coast Guard and local boating in the coming


I would like to wish everyone

a Merry Christmas and a safe


The flotilla was contacted by Boy Scout Troop 91 in

Troy IL about presenting a Safety Afloat discussion

for the scouts in the troop. On November 5th, Larry

Miller attended a troop

meeting and gave an

hour talk about safety

afloat. Items covered in

the presentation included

personal flotation

devices, importance of

float plans, cold water

immersion and hypothermia and a brief discussion

about rules of the road and vessel lighting. The scouts

were very attentive and appreciative for the session.

We would like to have four ABS sessions next spring.

I have set up a class at Holiday Shores for April 6 and

7 but we need additional venues. If you know of a

location that would be good location to hold a class,

please let me know as soon as possible. I would like

to get some dates set up before the Let’s Go Fishing

show in Collinsville the first weekend in January to

advertise the classes.

Larry Miller and Tom

Phipps discuss a VE.

EXCOM 2019

L TO R: Patrick Hickey, Darrel Kerr, Jeff Geddes, Tracy

DeLaughter, Steven Johnson, John Davison, Bob


Patrick will be D-Capt W, Darrel will be D-Capt S, Jeff

will be COS, Tracy will be DCO, Steve will be D-Capt

N and Bob will be Immediate Past DCO.

Page 5

Congratulations to everyone.

For our friends in the northern

part of the district...

If you ever venture out onto

ice, know what to do if you fall

through. Learn more about ice

picks or rescue claws and other

ice safety tips at www.dnr.


htm @Minnesota Department

of Natural Resources.

Marilyn Aten received an award for 50 years of service.

WOW! There aren’t many of us that can reach that

achievement. CONGRATULATIONS, Marilyn!

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