Collaboration Incubator *18 Report #1

The Collaboration Incubator is a participatory format, where you can learn about ‚social technologies‘ - mainly group facilitation processes - which integrate activism and intuition. The aim of the program is to figure out ways to support each other in what we are currently working with – as part of a movement, an organization or as individuals. Related to that, we are also using the group's creativity and intelligence to look at a bigger shared question: „How to help building momentum for global grassroots democracy?“. With this idea in mind, we were inviting people who feel dedicated to progressive movements and/or progressive ideas around changing things from the ground up. The report has an emphasis on the most recent incubator in Oakland, California, since a local funding from TRCC enabled it. It builds on and integrates content, learning and experiences of the two previous Berlin incubators. It’s a years’ report. Visit our Website to download this report:

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